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he intense Summer heat is impossible to ignore, including the effect it has on our eating habits. As usual, in Malta we are somewhat plunged into full Summer weather with little warning, after the briefest of Springs - and this year I was particularly conscious of how that transition affected my eating and cooking habits. Cravings shift towards sweetly refreshing fruits, light meals that don’t leave you feeling more fatigued than we already are in the heat. Lunches are a mix of cold plates, and dinners are later than usual and therefore kept on the lighter side too. This issue is a compilation of Spring

and Summer recipes, of BBQed roasts, light summer salads and delicious cocktails. Of course, it is also an ode to a most treasured Summer ingredient - the lovely tomato, with plenty of inspiration for using the ingredient in food and drinks! Chef Kieth Abela shares some insightful historical facts on the origin of the fruit to Malta and the Mediterranean in his feature article on this issue’s seasonal star. The overall intention for the Spring/ Summer issue was to focus on healthy, balanced dishes, that provide inspiration for those meatfree meals, catering to a variety of dietary requirements. Healthy, yet balanced at the same time, with

a selection of tea-time treats and picnic-friendly dishes to inspire for more time spent out in nature. Special features include a balanced meal plan by nutritional coach Faye Zammit, Kieran Creevey’s cooking tips for the hungry adventurer, and our insider’s guide to food and drink shopping in Malta!

Editor: Julia Ripard

On behalf of the whole Served team and all our wonderful contributors - we wish you a fantastic Summer! Enjoy the holidays with family and friends, outdoors, by the sea and, of course, around plenty of good food!


With love, Julia

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Art Direction: Chris Psaila Photography: Julia Ripard Adria Martinez Lisa Paarvio

Keith Abela Gabriella De Gaetano Kieran Creevy Julia Ripard Faye Zammit

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Get into the full swing of summer by trying your hand at these seasonal specials

15. "In the know"

72. Join The Joy

18. Chef's Cellar: Organic Wines

Nate, Frank and Rossi, Malta’s renowned entertaining trio, visited Venice’s romantic city to enjoy the real Aperol Terrazza Experience.

4 fabulous organic wines you should be stocking up on this season!

78. Summer Desserts

Highlights from our hotlist and other fooodie updates

Zesty summer blood orange curds, drizzle cakes and delicious orange blossom meringues to try for yourself.

20. Seasonal Star:The Tomato In this issue we discover the somewhat surprising origins of the most loved ingredient of the Mediterranean, the tomato.

85. Tettiera® Sparkling Teas Tettiera® sets the stage for a truly sparkling Mediterranean Summer!

24. Wake+Bake From stunning poached eggs and homemade jams to naughty bloody Mary's, these are the recipes definitely worth getting up for.

28. Rise & Shine Faye Zammit shows us how to achieve a balanced diet through the consumption of a variety of foods which cover all food groups.

36. Keeping it Light Seasonal Summer sides, salads and dips to enjoy all summer long.

43. A Tettiera® Themed Picnic Enjoy the outdoors with these sweet and savoury picnic treats, with Tettiera's sensational hot and cold teas on the side.

46. Chef's Cellar: Rosé The 4 Rosé wines making big waves this summer –take your pick or try them all!

86. Chef's Pantry 51. Elegantly Contemporary Served HQ checks out the fabulous Leonardo Puccini wine glasses collection at Hometrends.

52. Make it a Roast! Sunday lunch done right with Gabriella De Gaetano serving up roast lamb and all the sides.

Summer is here and BBQ season is in full swing! We've got a selection of the some of the best sources for quality meat, fresh fish and pre-prepared BBQ goods on the island. From local to imported meat, organic and free-range – these butchers and fish mongers have all the goods you need for a top notch Summer BBQ feast.

56. Adventure begins when things go wrong Kieran Creevy & Co, feast on slow cooked Catalan rabbit stew under the moonlight, while off the beaten track somewhere in Spain.

64. Sea-Inspired Chef Kieth Abela shows us three amazing ways with seafood you haven't tried before.

Scan the QR code and find hundreds more delicious recipes to sink your teeth into.


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with a post-workout breakfast smoothie bowl and all the berries.

A fresh summery option with Keith's zesty and sweet octopus salad!

38 REDUCE FOOD WASTE! This gorgeous Panzanella salad makes use of stale bread that would otherwise be thrown out.





Gabriella's delicous Sunday Roast with all the sides - ideal for feeding a crowd

Kieran Creevy's Catalan Rabbit stew cooked and enjoyed in the wild

69 SPICY MICHELADA Make it a Mexican fiesta with the delicious Michelada recipe featuring CISK beer!



cooks / chefs Faye Zammit

Julia Ripard

Gabriella De Gaetano

With a 20-year background in ballet and jazz achieving a Diploma in Dance, Faye’s passion for health and fitness drives her to motivate others around her and boosts her own mental-wellbeing. Complimenting a healthy lifestyle, Faye is a fully certified Nutrition Coach (Level 4) and Weight Management Coach, and a qualified fitness instructor.

Julia values the simple pleasures in life; good food shared with good company, frequent travel, and plenty of time with a book by the sea. Her experience as a chef has taught her the fundamentals of preparing food properly, that not only tastes delicious but is well-balanced nutritionally and fully satisfying and sustaining. Julia’s creative skills combine writing and photography to portray her views and stories on good food and sustainable living here in Malta.

Gabriella is a selftaught home cook who enjoys eating, experimenting and learning in the kitchen. She started working as a private chef in London and has since catered for private clients, parties and events, film catering and weddings. When she’s not cooking, Gabriella can be found in her workshop or searching for unique vintage pieces which she displays in STORJA STORE; a curated online lifestyle store for the conscious consumer.

Kieren Creevy

Keith Abela

An expedition, performance and private chef, mountain instructor and adventure travel writer with more than twenty years experience cooking and leading on mountains around the world. Kieren explores and forages remote locations, cooking up clever and delicious dishes with mothernature as his inspiration.

Keith has always had interest in science and the natural world. Being a chef, forager, fisher, farmer, lecturer and a food preservationist, his focus lies on understanding the science behind the whole process of food production; from the growing of plants to how the mind perceives foods’ flavour. He now makes naturally preserved foods for Natural Preserves.

"This issue is a compilation of Spring and Summer recipes, of BBQed roasts, light Summer salads and delicious cocktails."




ham met t ’s

local • sustainable • organic


Hammett’s Monastik Land’s End Hotel, 42 Tigne Seafront, Sliema +356 2600 8999 •


'in the know'

Top ingredients on our hotlist and other fooodie news! FDV Mozzarella Light Shredded Cheese Enjoy your favourite cheesy dishes with a little less guilt! Fior Di Vita Light Shredded Mozzarella contains 30% Less Fat than regular shredded mozzarella, making it perfect for all cheese lovers looking for a healthier option. Fior Di Vita also offers a Light Fresh Mozzarella ball option. Distributed by: Quality Foods (Marketing) Ltd., 21463600,

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DEHYDRATED CELERY A.K.A CELERY SALT MAKE YOUR OWN CELERY SALT – By Gabriella Degaetano Ingredients: 1 stalk leaves only Method: Dehydrate for 10min on the lowest temperature of your oven. They should be dry and crispy when you take them out. Crush them with your fingers and pass it through a sieve to remove any touch bits and store in a small jar.


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It’s time for another Thursday evening extraordinaire with Chameleon75 events at the historic Phoenicia Hotel. The entertainment for the night will kick off with the projection of scenes from The Blues Brothers onto the ancient bastions, while the open bar flows with Minuty Prestige Rosé, Rosé et Or and Minuty M Rosé, all by Chateau Minuty provided by Charles Grech. Music follows the 50s-70s theme with performances by ‘Strictly Commercial’, and finally resident DJ Don Peltrinsky to close off the night.


Organic Wine & Why We Love It

Milder or non-existent hangovers, fewer chemicals, and better for the environment – no wonder organic wine is booming in Malta and around the world! Thanks to the gradual rise in the slow-food, organic trend, young wine-makers are pioneering the shift to more natural, innovative yet ‘how it used to be done’, environmentally kinder ways of growing grapes and producing wine. And it tastes divine! If organic wine is a new world for you, but you’re tempted by the idea of delicious wine that doesn’t punish you the day after - below are some great options to start with!

Le G de Château Guiraud, Bordeaux Blanc Sec (Dry) Probably one of the most gourmet dry white wines in the Bordeaux appellation. A pioneer of sustainable and organic practices in the world of the 1er Grands Crus (the estate has been using them since 1996), the 2020 vintage is their 10th successive organic vintage and has established itself as one of the sure values of the Sauternes 1er Grands Crus Classés. Made organically, the wine is both dense and fresh. The hint of hazelnut butter combines with peach, tangerine and citrus notes, ending in a lively and seductive finish on the palate Imported & Distributed by Vintage 82 T: +356 7928 8036 E: W:



Fresco Di Masi Bianco, Verona Fresco di Masi is a new line of handcrafted organic wines, with a low alcohol content and authentic flavour profile. These are wines made with the simplicity of former times, but to today's high quality standards. Made from grapes harvested at the coolest time of day and immediately vinified, Fresco di Masi Bianco has an attractive nose of fresh fruit, with pineapple and citrus notes, and delicate wildflower aromas. This wine serves best as an aperitif and complements simple yet contemporary food. Distributed by Attard & Co. Food Ltd T: +356 2123 7555 E: W:

Miguel Torres – Las Mulas, Organic Sauvignon Blanc This is a fine example of sustainable winemaking. Pale yellow colour with aromas reminiscent of ripe tropical fruits and touches of citrus fruit. It is silky on the palate, with good acidic structure and a lovely long finish. The wine pairs excellently with the likes of octopus, prawns, shrimp and salads, making it a fantastic summer choice. Imported & Distriubited by P. Cutajar T: +356 21444364 E: W:


Seasonal Star of the issue...


All About Tomatoes!



ou can’t think about summer in the Mediterranean and not think about tomatoes. Tomatoes have become a staple ingredient in Maltese, southern Italian, Spanish and French cuisine, however this hasn’t always been the case. Tomatoes along with their cousins potatoes and chillies only made their way to the Med from the New World a few hundred years ago and they were vastly different to the tomatoes we eat today. The tomato plant and berry (yes tomatoes are actually berries), are native to central America, more specifically Mexico and come in hundreds of strange and wonderful varieties, colours and flavours. So when Columbus and his crew arrived in Mexico they were so impressed at how well these crops grew they decided to bring a few of them back down to Europe, just a little add on, they also brought with them potatoes, corn, pumpkin, squash, chillies, vanilla, chocolate and a bunch of other exotic fruit and veg. At this point the tomato plant had shaken up Europe. People were petrified of it as we only had a few edible nightshade species in Europe at the time, mainly aubergines. The rest of the nightshade that grew, like Belladonna and deadly Nightshade, were, and still are, very toxic and were known to kill those who ate them.


For 400 years, tomatoes grew in the Mediterranean climate in different terroirs, giving rise to new varieties and genotypes. Tomatoes began filling up with new chemical compounds like lycopene and lutein, giving rise to a very red tomato. Colder climates gave rise to new mutations like green and purple and the yellow tomato began to change as time went by. “Don’t store tomatoes in a fridge as any cold temperatures cause some of the flavour compounds to disappear.” Now Belladonna and Nightshade look very similar to the tomato plant, and their fruits - although smaller, are almost identical in both shape and colour. This didn’t help the reputation of tomatoes at the time, and horticulturists only grew them for their exotic reputation, but never for food as they were still considered to be toxic. However, they spread around the high courts of Europe at the time and the fruits decorated the table of exotic feasts and banquets. The first tomato varieties to arrive weren’t red as we know them but more of a yellow-golden colour, giving rise to its original Italian & French names, Pomodoro and Pomme d’ór (the golden apple). In Malta we also took over part of this tradition and originally named it Tuffieh ta’ Adam ( Adam’s apple) referring to the forbidden apple Adam had eaten from in the Bible. This was then abbreviated to the much simpler ‘Tadam’. Spain however kept true to the Aztec name Tomato or Tomate. It's only from the early 19th century that we began seeing recipes using tomatoes. One of the first being a sauce that was used to create the first Pizza for Princess Margherita of Italy.



The red tomato however became the favourite, not because they’re sweeter, (they are actually less sweet then the yellow varieties), but because psychologically we are drawn to the red colour in food because it indicates sweetness meaning a more enjoyable taste. In fact nowadays tomatoes have been bred for a consistent red colouration rather than for flavour, so much so that tomatoes aren’t recommended for home preservation, and any tomato product without preservatives is considered unsafe as a shelf stable food. It used to be safe up until 20 years ago, before which tomatoes had enough acid and sugar to be completely shelf stable once processed. Further to this, tomatoes used to contain up to 250 flavour compounds with high amounts of furaneol and ionone, the same compounds that give roses, raspberries and strawberries their flavour. Nowadays most tomatoes contain less than 200 flavour compounds due to selective breeding for colouration and yield. You can still find very flavourful tomato varieties, heirloom varieties as an example have undergone very little change and thus are usually much more flavoursome.



Tomato plants are fascinating in the world of flavour sciences, they’re carnivorous for one, their little hairs on the stem and leaves attract insects who drink the toxic sap and die right onto the soil, fertilising the plant with important nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which then bind to the flavour compounds in the fruit giving them a more pronounced flavour. That’s why greenhouse tomatoes or nonorganic tomatoes don’t taste as good, and that’s why tomatoes grown under a volcano are so well renowned for their flavour. Volcanoes tend to release loads of sulphur into the surrounding soils, those sulphur compounds then bind to sulphuric based compounds that give tomatoes their meatiness, that’s why San Marzano are so good. In either case, tomatoes are delicious. They are the perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter, and are jam-packed with umami making them even more tasty. Just please don’t store tomatoes in a fridge as any cold temperatures cause some of the flavour compounds to disappear. Finally, we can't forget the leaves of the tomatoes which are brimming with a unique compound called tomatine which gives tomatoes this super fresh aroma. But that’s not the interesting part - by adding just a few tomato leaves to your cooking, you can naturally reduce your body’s cholesterol. Cooking the leaves extracts tomatine, and when this compound is ingested, it binds to cholesterol in the bloodstream and removes any excess! Be sure to collect a few tomato leaves to add to your next tomato sauce!












040105_Abela_235x325_02.indd 1

02/03/21 12:00


The Classic BLOODY MARY Makes: 2 cocktails – Prep time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (per serving) 1 shot vodka, 200ml of tomato juice, A cups worth of ice, Juice of 1/2 lemon, A few drops tabasco

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tsp celery salt 2 celery sticks tops Pinch of black pepper

Method: Fill the glasses with ice, add a shot of vodka and tomato juice in each. Season with Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce, a pinch of celery salt, and squeeze half a lemon in each. Finish with a pinch of black pepper, and serve with a stick of celery. Tip: You can wet the rim of the glass and coat in celery salt as well for added flavour!



By Gabriella De Gaetano For the jam: 800 gr strawberries 600gr caster sugar 1 Tsp Chilli Flakes 1 Tsp Salt Method: Wash and cut the Strawberries in 4 pieces. In a pot add all the ingredients. Boil for 20min, skim the jam and bottle in a sterilised jar and seal with a lid. For the scones: Makes 12 Ingredients: 350g self-raising flour, sifted 100g butter, softened 100-115ml milk 1 tbsp poppy seeds Method: Preheat the oven to 190C. Grease two baking trays. Rub the fats into the flour, working as quickly and lighty as possible with cold hands. Add enough milk to give a soft, bread-like dough. On a floured board, roll out to a thickness of 1.5cm and cut into rounds with a 6cm cutter. Place on the prepared trays and bake for 15-20 minutes until lightly golden and well risen. Remove from the oven and lift on to a wire rack to cool.






Serves: 2 – Start to finish: approx 30 mins




Potatoes 400g Sunflower oil 3 tbsp Rosemary 1 sprig Eggs 2 Beer 250ml Flour 1 tbsp Milk 300 ml Butter 1 tbsp Garlic 2 cloves Bay leaves 2 leaves Salt & pepper to taste Chopped parsley to taste Grated cheddar 200g

Grate the potatoes through the largest setting on your grater. Once grated season with a little salt and pepper (to taste) and place in a bowl. Squezze out any excess moisture that might be left in the potatoes and split the grated potatoes in half.


Place a pan on a low heat and add the sunflower oil, wait a little for the oil to heat up and add the grated potatoes to the pan, preferably in a ring mould. Cook for 10 minutes on each side or till golden brown and delicious.

Add the butter to a pan and add the flour at the same time, cook down till the flour becomes golden brown. Once golden brown add the beer to the mixture, little by little till it starts thickening a little. Add the garlic cloves, chopped parsley and bayleaves to the mixture, bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes. Add the milk to the mixture and bring to the boil, cook for a further 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Times may differ depending on the protein content of the flour.

Once the mixture has thickened add the grated cheese and whisk in, leave the mixture to settle a little before use. Separately bring a pot of water to a boil, add some salt and crack the egg in. and reduce the water to a gentle simmer. Cook the egg for around 3 minutes. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon once cooked. To serve add the potato cake at the base, egg on top and top with the cheesy mornay.



#rise + shine A healthy, balanced diet is the consumption of a variety of foods from all food groups. On average males should consume around 2,500 Kcals and females around 2,000 Kcals per day. If we want to lose weight we should go into a calorie deficit or if we want to gain weight we need to consume more. Our body requires all nutrients to function properly, those being proteins, fats and carbohydrates, classified as macronutrients, and micronutrients, which are vitamins and minerals. Macronutrients are consumed in larger amounts than micronutrients. The requirements vary depending on age, gender, pregnancy, fitness activity and climate. The recommendations for macronutrients are 10-15% Protein, 30-35% Fat and 50-55% Carbohydrates of their total energy intake. This sample menu is for an average adult with standard daily requirements of all nutrients with no food intolerances, allergies or special requirements. The menu ensures all requirements are consumed in the following way: Carbohydrates are our main source of energy. These are included in every meal and always as whole grains or whole wheat for higher fibre. Fibre controls appetite as it fills you up and takes long to digest aiding weight loss; it also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, thus managing blood sugar levels and it also helps with regular bowel movement. The average requirement is 30g per day for adults. Protein is needed for structure and repair and is also satiating. This is also split into every meal: breakfast in the form of almonds and peanut butter, lunch in the form of chicken, and dinner in the form of salmon as well as cottage cheese and greek yoghurt as snacks. Fats are important for transporting vitamins and insulation, needed in moderation and mainly consumed in olive oil and salmon. Fruit is high in vitamins and are full of antioxidants. One should aim for 2 portions per day.


#rise + shine

Both available at Holland & Barrett


For the Smoothie: 2 tbsp of oats 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (Holland & Barrett) ½ frozen banana 1 serving of ACAA powder (for post-workout recovery)

For Toppings: ½ banana 1 tsp peanut butter 1 handful walnuts 1 handful mixed berries 1 tbsp ground linseeds

Method: Blend the smoothie ingredients together until smooth, and pour into your breakfast bowl Decorate with your topping ingredients and enjoy!

10.30AM: MORNING SNACK (103kcals) • 2 brown rice crackers • 1 tbsp cottage cheese






#rise + shine


Ingredients: 150g cooked chicken breast (skin off) 1 medium baked sweet potato (65g) 1 cup steamed broccoli (100g) Steamed spinach (100g) 1 handful of lettuce 1 medium tomato 1 tbsp olive oil 1 lemon, juice only Method: Season the chicken with za’atar, salt and pepper. Pierce the sweet potato all over with a knife and coat with a tsp of olive oil. Place both into the oven on a skillet or roasting tray to cook at 170 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. In the meantime, steam your broccoli and then spinach, and season with the lemon juice and more pepper.

3.30PM: SNACK (188kcals) • Greek yoghurt (150g) • 1 kiwi (medium)

Once the chicken has cooked, leave it to rest for 10 minutes before slicing it up to serve over the remaining ingredients, dressed in the remaining olive oil. >>

LOCATIONS Sliema | Valletta | St Julians | Attard St. Paul's Bay | Fgura | Ibrag | Gozo


#rise + shine


DINNER: PAN–FRIED SALMON ON BROWN RICE – (656 KCALS) To Start: 1 small portion vegetable soup (150g) Ingredients: 1 portion wild salmon (120g) Boiled brown basmati rice 50g (uncooked weight) Chopped potatoes (150g) Fresh (or frozen) peas 50g 1 tbsp chopped dill 1 tsp olive oil Pinch of salt and pepper 1 lemon, juiced Dessert: 1 portion strawberries (100g)

Method: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Place the salmon on a roasting tray and grind some pepper over the top. Place the potatoes in an oven dish and drizzle with the olive oil, salt and pepper. First put the potatoes in the oven to cook alone for 20 minutes before you add the salmon. Place the salmon in the oven to bake with the potatoes for a further 20 minutes.

Total Calories: 1,837 Fat: 59g Protein: 150g Carbohydrates: 195g Fibre: 29g

Meanwhile, add the rice to a pot of boiling water. After 15 minutes, add the fresh or frozen peas to the pot with the rice for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

These recipes where made using Holland and Barrett’s rice cakes, oats, ACAA powder, ground seed topping, brown rice, nut milk and nut butter.

Strain them out together and serve with the salmon, potatoes and garnish with dill. (The cooking time of rice varies depending on the type you use).










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Bites + Sides we Love.

#bites + sides

Whipped Tofu Garlic Dip With Roasted Cherry Tomato & Crackers Ingredients: 2 packets of Holland & Barretts firm bio tofu 1/4 cup olive oil Salt and pepper 400g cherry tomatoes 6 garlic cloves Rosemary Deliciously Ella crackers Serves: 4 portions Prep time: 30 minutes Method: In a cast iron skillet, place the cherry tomatoes, rosemary and garlic. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and place in a hot oven set on fan and grill at 190 Degrees Celsius, to roast for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, place the tofu in a food processor with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Blend till smooth. Spoon the dip out into a bowl, and top with the tomato and roasted garlic. Served with Deliciously Ella’s crackers, available at Holland & Barretts.


#bites + sides

Recipe: Debbie Schembri

PA N Z A N E L L A :


Serves: 4 portions Prep time: 15 minutes Ingredients:


A handful of torn day-old bread 800g tomatoes, roughly chopped 1/4 cup cider vinegar 1 red onion, sliced 6 anchovy fillets 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil Generous pinch of salt Ground pepper 1 tbsp capers, chopped

In a large salad bowl, mix the chopped tomatoes with the vinegar, onions, olive oil, salt and pepper, let that marinate for a few minutes. In a small bowl mix the chopped capers with anchovy fillets together with a fork. Add to the bowl with the bread, and toss well to coat the bread in the marinade. Finish with some torn mint.


#bites + sides

Couscous Tabbouleh Ingredients: 400g couscous 900ml boiling water 2 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper 1 cup chopped parsley 1 cup chopped mint

1 red onion, diced 1/2 cucumber, diced 2 medium tomatoes, diced 1 tsp of za’atar or dried thyme 2 tbsp labneh Juice of 1 lemon Serves: 4 portions Prep time: 30 minutes

Method: In a medium sized bowl, add the couscous and tomato paste and cover with the boiling water. Loosely cover the bowl, and let that sit for 20 minutes. In the meantime, prep all remaining ingredients except the labneh. Fluff the couscous up with a fork, drizzle with olive oil and season to taste. Mix the couscous together with the prepped ingredients and served with a spoonful of labneh, and a squeeze of lemon over the top. 039

#bites + sides

Gbejna & Beetroot Topping Serves 2 Prep time 5 minutes Ingredients: 1 gbejna 150g Fresh Cream 200ml Beetroot & onion chutney 100g

Grilled Marrow & Mint Dip: Serves 2 – 4 Start to finish: 25min Method: Blend the gbejna and the fresh cream together pulsing the blender lightly. Transfer to a bowl and serve with the beetroot and onion chutney on top.

Ingredients: Small, fresh marrows 400g 3 Garlic cloves peeled 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp Lemon juice 4 Sprigs Fresh mint 1tbsp Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp Ground coriander seed Salt & pepper

Method: 1. Cut the marrows lengthwise in half and season them with just a little salt and a brush of oil. 2. Either roast them or grill them till they are fully cooked and have a nice char on the outside. The marrows should lose around half of their weight by then. 3. Once cooked, place the marrows along with all the other ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth consistency. 4. Serve with warm bread and crackers

Ta’ Qali, ATD4000 Tel: +356 2141 3550 • Email: Winery Tours & Wine Tasting by appointment

Wine & Spirits Merchants

Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR1301 Tel: +356 2133 0447 • Mob: +356 7909 3197 • Email:

Meridiana Wine Estate

#light bites

GRILLED BREAD Ingredients: Strong wheat flour 400g Wholemeal flour 100g Warm water 420g Yeast 20g Salt 10g Sunflower oil 40ml Sugar 20g

Serves 4 Prep time 2 hours Cooking time 20 min Add the salt and sugar to the water and mix in, till both have fully dissolved, next add the yeast and the flour to the mix. Using a dough hook on the planetary mixer knead the dough for around 10 minutes or till it begins to cling away from the side of the bowl. Once kneaded, fold the dough a few times and cover with a damp cloth to prevent the dough from drying out. Leave the dough to double in size, once doubled drop the dough again and wait till it doubles in size one last time. Add the oil to the dough and oil your hands well, divide the dough into 4 equal parts, then place the dough on a tray and leave them to rise for 15 minutes. On a grill pan or BBQ cook the dough over a medium to low heat. Cook the bread 15 minutes on one side, flip over and cook for an additional 5 minutes. Serve warm 041

#light bites

Serves: 3 portions – Prep time: 30 minutes


For the salad:

3 egg yolks 200ml vegetable oil 200ml olive oil 1 garlic clove, crushed Juice of one lemon 1 tsp wholegrain mustard 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill Salt and pepper to taste

1kg new potatoes 3 eggs 2x 160g cans of RedElmar low fat tuna chunks in brine 3tbs of homemade dill mayonnaise Small bunch of fresh dill and mint 1 tbsp capers, roughly chopped

Method: Start by preparing the potatoes, placing the scrubbed whole potatoes into a pot of salted water, and bring to the boil. These will need roughly 20 minutes to cook through (test by pricking with a fork - if you can break the potato easily, they're done). Meanwhile, boil a separate saucepan for the eggs. Once the water is boiling, place the 3 eggs (for the salad) into the water and cook for 6-7 minutes for a jammy yolk. Meanwhile, prepare the mayonnaise. Start by separating the yolk from the white of the other 3 eggs, adding only the yolk to a food processor. Add the garlic, salt and pepper and mustard, and start the food processor. While it’s running, add the oil very slowly to start (only a fine drizzle), and increase as you see the egg mixture thickening. When all the oil is added, add the lemon and dill and mix for a few seconds more to combine. Season further to taste. To serve, spread some of the dill mayo onto a plate, top with the halved potatoes, halved egg mixed herbs, tuna, capers and finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive and a pinch of flaked sea salt.


#outdoors Serves: 6 Prep time: 1 hour 15 minutes

The Pastry:

The Filling:

1 cup teff flour ¾ cup oatmeal 90g cold butter, diced Pinch of salt 4 tbsp iced water

1 cup fresh peas, shelled 1 cup of fresh broad beans, peeled 3 eggs, whole 4 fresh gbejniet 1 leek, thinly sliced 4 steamed artichoke hearts, roughly chopped Salt and pepper 1 tbsp olive oil

Primavera Tart With Teff & Oatmeal Short Crust Pastry Method: The pastry can be made in advance and kept in the fridge for a week or in the freezer for long-term storage. Place all pastry ingredients in a food processor, and mix until the dough starts coming together (about a minute). Pull it out onto a clean counter top and bring the dough together with your hands. If it’s very crumbly, add some more water. Shape into a neat dough, and place into a zip-lock bag into the fridge for an hour, or in the freezer while you prepare the next steps (if you’re trying to speed things up). Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 170 degrees Celsius on convection, and prepare a tart tin by coating the base with butter. Into a mixing bowl, add all remaining ingredients, breaking up the eggs and cheese lightly with a fork. Season well with salt and pepper and set aside. Bring your pastry out onto a well floured surface (use the oatmeal if you’re keeping this a gluten free recipe). Naturally, this is not going to hold together as easily as wheat pastry would, so you may need to patch it together once you’ve placed it in the tin, but that’s fine! Roll the dough out using a rolling pin, into an evenly shaped circle as best as possible, dusting with more flour and flipping it over once or twice so it doesn’t stick to the surface. Once you have rolled it out enough to an even thickness, roll the pastry up onto your rolling pin and transfer it to the tart dish. Patch up the pastry where pieces may have broken off, and trim the ends that hang over. Press the pastry gently into the tin with your thumb. Pour the filling into the tin, drizzle with some olive oil and place into the oven to bake for 25-30 minutes, or until lightly golden and set.


A Rosè Wine For Every Occasion In the past rosé wine has been dismissed by the connoisseurs as a headache inducing, overly-sweet choice, but rosé has come a very long way in the past decade and has emerged as a versatile, food-friendly and exciting wine ‘for every occasion’. Rosé wines of today can be delicate and dry, enjoyed all year round, and versatile enough to mix into a number of popular cocktails. Below are four perfectly delicious reasons to fall in love with rosé wine. All ideal for serving alongside fish, BBQed meats and light salads. Make it a rosé summer!


Argali – Chateau Puech-Haut The Argali Rose is produced by the highly respected Chateau Puech-Haut from the South of France and is now available exclusively at Cleland & Souchet in Portomaso or online at The Argali Rose is superbly refreshing with fabulous fruity sensations and a touch of citrus. Price €26.50 Imported & Distributed by Cleland & Souchet T: +3562138 9898 / E: W:

Livio Felluga Rose Venezia Giulia IGT Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy Livio Felluga is an Italian estate nestled in Friuli-Venezia Giulia at the northern tip of the the Adriatic Sea. The estate takes its name from its founder, Livio Felluga, who came to the region in the 1930s. Today, it is famous for its blended white wines made from the region's most planted white varieties, including Friulano and Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is elegant, crisp and dry, made using Pinot Noir grapes. It pairs well with tomato dishes as it balances the acidity of tomato very well. Vini e Capricci, Gozitano Agricultural Village, Mgarr Road, Xewkija, Gozo T: (+356 ) 21563231 E:



Miraval 2021 – Cotes de Provence Rosé Château Miraval is located close to the ancient town of Correns, just to the north of Brignoles right in the heart of Provence. Its history goes some way to explain the magical aura which pervades the valley; located close to the Roman road Via Aurelia, Miraval was the site of a monastery in the Middle Ages, thereafter a refuge for the Bourbon kings. The latest incumbents are no strangers to fame and fortune; not only was Miraval the summer retreat of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but it is also the winery where they launched a joint venture with the Perrin Family of the renowned Château de Beaucastel in the Rhône Valley. Imported & Distributed by: Philippe Martinet Fine Wines, T: +356 2097 8604 E: W:

Domaine de l'lle 2020 – Côtes de Provence French fashion house CHANEL embraced their latest fine wine endeavour, acquiring Domaine de l’Ile back in 2019: a prestigious estate on the exclusive island of Porquerolles. The organic Rosé expresses the balance of the island, its sunny and pure atmosphere, bursting with nuance. Harmonious, with white-fleshed fruit, citrus, and an unexpected persistence for a Provence Rosé, the signature of a strong winemaking ethos. The wine is carried by a saline note and a hint of bitterness that prolongs the tasting, like long summer days ne wishes would never end. Imported & Distributed by Farsonsdirect T: +35623814444 / E: W:



Côtes de Provence Clos Mireille Rosé The Clos Mireille’s 124 acres of vines are planted in schist and clay soils within view of the sea. This wine is reticent at first, though a magnetic hint of salted cherry paste suggests what’s to come, Indeed, with a day of air, pithy grapefruit flavors and cinnamon spice come out to play, sliding into sea-salt and floral notes in the finish. It certainly shows it, complexity, but the intensity of the flavours doesn’t pull it away from restraint. The tannins seem to stick to your teeth, making your mouth water for simple, fatty pork carnitas, shredded and re-crisped, pulled off the hot iron with fresh corn tortillas. Imported & Distributed by Charles Grech & Co T: 21444400 E: W:

11 Minutes – Rosé Trevenezie 11 Minutes is a fine blend created from the most noble native varietals like Corvina and Trebbiano of Lugana and varietals like Syrah and Carménère. In 11 Minutes, the skin contact time from which it takes its name, the most noble qualities of the grapes and the slightly rosy shade that characterise this wine are extracted. The Corvina varietal, which dominates in terms of percentage, was chosen for the floral aromas as well as the significant acidity it gives to the wine. Trebbiano brings elegance and a long finish; Syrah gives fine fruit and spice notes to the glass and finally, Carménère creates structure, ensuring stability over time. This a fresh, enveloping rosé with an intense and complex bouquet, created to accompany spring or summer evenings and more. Imported & Distriubited by P. Cutajar T: +356 21444364 W: 049

Giuseppi's Bar & Bistro, S a l i n i R e s o r t , S a l i n a B a y, Na x x a r, M a l t a B ookings: T: (356) 2157 4882 E:


Elegantly Contemporary. The fabulous Leonardo Puccini wine glasses would grace any dinner table. Perfect for family meals, entertaining and special occasions, the stylish glasses enable you to beautifully present your wine and would look fabulous on display in a cabinet when not being used. Puccini glasses are of exceptional quality, crystal clear and dishwasher safe whilst their contemporary look lends style to any occasion. Leonardo is a fabulous Glaskoch brand. Glaskoch has been producing fine glassware in Germany since 1859 and is a family run business to this day. The Leonardo collection conveys a sense of Italian style, design and finesse whilst offering practical solutions for everyday life. The Puccini range at Home Trends, San Gwann, gives you everything you need to create a stunning home and entertain your guests. Chic, simple and elegant, the Leonardo Puccini wine glasses make for an excellent investment!

Leonardo Puccini is a German brand bursting with Italian flair and lifestyle. It offers high standards that are expressed in a number of subtle ways. Modern design, high quality and great diversity are the hallmarks of the unique world of Leonardo. Glass products that are simply different. LEONARDO is a philosophy and stands for design and joie de vivre! This is how we inspire through glassware and ensure extraordinary collections with a lifetime of memories in mind. Quality, innovation and design are closely linked with each new development. LEONARDO offers the innovative technology and quality as well as an extensive range of diverse product concepts, and has received multiple design award thus far. LEONARDO is a collaboration of work from many well-known designers, to ensure all standards of innovation and unique style are met. Each product has its

own soul, embodies the brand philosophy and conveys this to the outside world. LEONARDO - BRAND OF THE CENTURY Strong brands make statements, are leading trendsetters and influence current affairs. LEONARDO has proven to be one of those brands within its industry. On November 14th, 2018, the specialist in glass design was voted “Brand of the Century” again, confirming its place as one of the country’s business elite. The ‘crème de la crème’ of the German brand world gathered in the Palais in Frankfurt on November 14th for the prestigious award ceremony. The full LEONARDO range is available at the large HomeTrends showroom in San Gwann, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. For more details visit the HomeTrends online shop on:


#sunday lunch

Make it a Roast!

Melqart DOK Malta is made from carefully selected hand-picked, locally grown Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot grapes. The wine is aged in used French oak barrique for a period of 6 to 8 months. It has a deep, ruby red colour, an aroma of ripe berry fruits with spiced notes and rich blackberry flavour with silky tannins with a long finish. For more info about Meridiana’s range of wines Trade Enquiries S. Rausi Trading T: 21330447 email:

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Slow Cooked Lamb with Lemon Verbena Sauce & Asparagus, Parsley and Wild Rocket Salad: Serves 4 Ingredients: 1.4Kg Lamb Shoulder 2 Garlic Cloves 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil 1 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Cracked Black Pepper 2 Rosemary Sprigs Method for the lamb: Preheat the oven to 150°c. Cut a piece of Baking paper to completely wrap your Lamb Shoulder. Cover the Lamb Shoulder with the Rosemary, Salt, Pepper, Oil & Garlic. Cook in the oven at 150°c for 4hr 30 minutes. Take it out of the oven and strain all the juices leftover in the tray into a pot and reduce to half. Turn the heat up to 175°c and place it back into the oven unwrapped and for the last 30 minutes. Once cooked leave to rest for 15 minutes and serve with the reduced jus and the Lemon Verbena Sauce below. Lemon Verbena Sauce: 3 Sprigs Parsley 3 Sprigs Mint 3 Sprigs Lemon Verbena 1/2 Cup Vinegar 1 Tbsp Honey 1 Tsp Salt 3 Tbsp Honey Method: Take all leaves off the mint and lemon verbena. Add all the ingredients into a high-speed blender. Serve with Lamb. Parsley, Wild Rocket, Asparagus, Roasted Hazelnuts & Zesty Dressing

For the Roasted Hazelnuts: 1/2 Cup Raw Hazelnuts with Skin on

Add all the ingredients into a bowl and serve fresh. All individual Cooking of each ingredient below.

Method: Preheat the oven to 200°c and roast for 10 min. Once cooked and cooled remove the skin and gently smash them.

For the Dressing : Ingredients 50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Lemon Zest and Juice 1 Tsp Sea Salt Method: Mix all together in a bottle and shake before serving.

For the Asparagus, Parsley and Wild Rocket Salad with Roasted Hazelnuts:

Method: Cut each asparagus in 6 pieces by cutting down the middle and splitting it in 3. Place in a pan with oil for a minute. Add the water and cook on high heat for a further 4 minutes. Pull the leaves of the parsley and place them in a large bowl. Keep the stalks, chop them finely and add them to the bowl too. Finally add the separate wild rocket leaves to the bowl.

Bunch of Asparagus 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4 Cup Water Bunch of Wild Rocket Bunch of Parsley 053





#sunday lunch

Ingredients: 4 Sea Beet Leaves 400gr. Flour 250ml Water 1 packet Yeast 1 tsp Sugar 1 tsp Sea Salt 2 Tbsp Yoghurt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ingredients for the pink peppercorn yoghurt:

Method: In a blender add the sea beet, yoghurt and water. Once blended add all the ingredients except the flour and salt. Now slowly add the flour and salt mixture and form a soft dough. Cover and rest for 1 hour or until doubled in size, in summer it will be quicker and winter slower. Divide the dough in 8 pieces and place in a well-oiled tray, cover and let them rise a further 20 minutes. Now prepare a small pan with some oil. Shape the dough by pressing your fingers in the dough like a focaccia. Cook for a few minutes on each side making sure you have a lid on the pan as this will cook the dough through. Cook all pieces the same way. Let them cool slightly and top with Pink Peppercorn Yoghurt and a sprinkle of Celery Powder. Recipes for these below. For Pink Peppercorn Yoghurt: Crush the peppercorns in a pestle and mortar or spice grinder. Once Ground mix into whisked yoghurt. Dehydrated Celery (see pg 13)

20 Pink Peppercorns 1 Cup Full Fat Greek Yoghurt


#adventure Climbing photos by Adria Martinez

Adventure begins when things go wrong. Scrambling down the steep slope, our heavy packs force us to choose our footing with care. At the bottom, river mud is baked and cracked on the surface, but fragile and insubstantial. Our first steps break through, sinking to our knees occasionally. Leaving some essential snacks with the river team, I shoulder my pack, departing on foot to our planned rendezvous later. Ahead of us lies the stunning Congost de Montrebei national park. As I hike uphill, I can hear the whistling of air being pumped into paddle boards. Dancing around the team is Eko, a massive branch clutched in his jaws, pleading for someone to play with him.


I’m barely at the edge of the canyon before I hear shouts of joy from high above. A hundred meters away on the Aragonese side of the canyon, ribbons of green and orange flicker in the sunlight. The climbers, hidden in the various folds and curves of the wall. Soon, many of the climbing areas will be clear of human voices, instead a refuge for a host of nesting vultures and eagles. Deeper into the canyon, the cliff face curves over my head, as the path narrows. Wire cables anchored to the wall, providing reassurance and a lifeline for those who fear the void mere metres away.>>





#adventure Far below the water turns into glorious shades of Prussian Blue as the sunlight finally clears the ridgeline. Snippets of Catalan words echo up the walls from the river. Voices blending together, becoming muddled, their original meaning lost. Far below me, moving at deceptive speed, the SUP team dip their paddles in rhythm. The trail widens, and bends towards the forest again, I turn to stare in awe at the beauty of the landscape. This rough hewn hiking track, constructed by hand pales in comparison to the majesty of the canyon. Its walls carved into wondrous shapes, all smooth lines and curves, banded with colour. The bands displaying geological forces and timelines beyond most of our comprehension Unfortunately this beautiful landscape, like so many others are in danger. All around are the signs of massive drought, none more stark than the water level. Where normally, the river rises almost to the forest edge, now it’s almost 20 metres lower.

With the river far below its normal level, I descend on a fixed rope to a floating pontoon, anchored in a cove. Gingerly, I place my backpack on the Tandem SUP, our food for the journey carefully stashed inside. As Chuan paddles us out into the slow current, we hear a splash behind. A sleek dark shape flows underneath, chasing carp in the depths. We find a giant wave of stone, formed into a small cave around the next corner. The perfect place for our lunchtime refuel. Firing up the stove, and unpacking insulated containers, we soon have our simple tapas of Trinxat.

Climbing photos by Adria Martinez

While cooking, some of the team is at the river edge, filtering water for the next leg of the journey. Bellies full, hydrated, and water bottles topped up, the team deposit me on the bank once more to continue my hike. As the sun wanes, I’m outside the national park, waiting for the team at the rivers edge, but something has changed. >>



..."Tonight we feast on slow cooked Catalan stew, and sleep under moonlight"...

This morning the river was placid, slow moving, shifting in colour from clear to green to light blue. Now it’s grey brown, with tiny rapids starting to form. Far upstream, one of the power companies has opened sluices, the currents carrying mud, stones and small bits of debris.Then the call comes over the radio. The team has had to beach their SUPs far downstream, unable to paddle against the increased current. With the water levels far below the norm, between the team and I now lie kilometres of soft mudflats. Post-holing and crawling through hip deep mud, while dragging a twenty kilo SUP is exhausting work. What should have been an easy paddle now becomes an adventure.


For now my job is to check in with them at regular intervals to make sure they’re safe, and have food and water ready for when they arrive. Hours later, they round the corner, on the opposite side of the river. We’re only thirty metres apart, but first they have to ferry-glide across a much faster current. Faces and hands streaked with dried mud, the team pull their paddle boards up the last few metres and crumple to the ground. Chests heaving, but with mile wide grins, the flip over onto their backs, elated. Tonight we feast on slow cooked Catalan stew, and sleep under moonlight, ready for whatever tomorrow brings. (recipes) >>


TRINXAT Ingredients:

1 head cabbage, cut into 4 1kg potatoes, peeled and diced 8 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp nutmeg Sea salt Olive oil

Drain and mash together roughly. Season with salt and pepper to taste Allow to cool slightly. In a frying pan, heat up a little oil. Add the garlic slices, cook for 1-2 minutes. Add the mash and fry until there’s a good colour to the potatoes.


4 Fatty bacon slices, finely diced 1 leek, finely diced Baby lettuce leaves to serve on the trail.

If you’re using bacon, add it after the garlic but before the mash. Serve on a plate with Spanish Jamon, grilled black pudding or Bottifarra.


In a big pot, bring salted water to the boil. Cook the cabbage for 10 minutes. Add the potatoes and cook for another 20 minutes.

If you leave out the bacon, this is a great dish to chill then have on the trail for a hot lunch as it doesn’t have any animal fat.

SLOW COOKED RABBIT STEW Ingredients: 1 whole rabbit, cut into 8 (ask your butcher to do this) Or 1.2 kg rabbit loin (left whole), plus 1 whole roasted chicken carcass. 4 tbsp olive oil 8 cloves garlic, peeled 4 banana shallots, peeled and quartered 1 leek, cleaned and diced 1 jar roasted tomato puree 1 jar grilled red peppers 2 large potatoes, peeled and diced 4 carrots, peeled and sliced 1 glass red wine 1.5 litres good vegetable or chicken stock Sea salt 4 tsp ground black pepper 4 tsp smoky paprika To serve: Pimentos de padron, roasted and salted. Method: In a large frying pan heat the olive oil. Season the rabbit with salt and 1 tsp black pepper Fry the shallots, garlic and rabbit until the rabbit is lightly caramelised. Spoon into a slow cooker set to medium. If you’re using rabbit loin and chicken carcass, add both to the cooker.

If you don’t have a slow cooker, use a large stockpot, set on the lowest heat setting. Add the rest of the ingredients to the cooker/stockpot. Simmer for 6 hours until the rabbit is falling apart. Allow to cool then remove as many bones as possible as rabbit has a lot of small bones which can be a choking hazard. When cool, store in the fridge if eating at home and reheat the next day. If you want to eat this meal on the trail: When cool, transfer the rabbit to insulated food containers (with the lids off) freeze hard overnight. Cap with the lids, and take with you on the trail. A good insulated food container should keep the stew frozen for 5-6 hours, so on a full day’s hike, it should be thawed by dinnertime.



Grilled Octopus Salad With Orange + Date Dressing

Ingredients: Octopus, cleaned, whole 600g Maltese oranges 2 Carrot 1 Whole onion 1 Whole bay leaf 3 leaves Fennel seeds 1⁄2 tsp Green onion 1 whole Black pepper Pinch Dates 5 pitted Honey 50g Olive oil 100ml Salt to taste Method: In a pot full of water place the octopus, carrots, onions, bay leaves, and fennel seeds and bring to a boil. If the octopus was frozen prior, boil it for 1 hour over high heat. In the meantime remove the rind from the oranges and segment the oranges. Try to do this over a bowl to reserve some of the juice. Finely chop the dates and green onions and add them to the bowl with orange juice. In the bowl add the honey, olive oil and black pepper and mix well.


Once the octopus is tender, remove from the liquid, and cook on the grill till golden brown. Serve the octopus with the orange segments and dressing or toss together for an awesome salad. >



Sea Bream Saam



Wine Pairing: Isis DOK Malta is made from hand-picked, locally grown Chardonnay grapes. It has a fresh, complex bouquet of exotic fruits with gentle floral notes, and a well-structured, citrus taste with a long, pleasantly acidic aftertaste. For more info about Meridiana’s range of wines Trade Enquiries S. Rausi Trading T: 21330447 E:


Sea Bream Saam (Left) Serves 2 Prep time 1 hr Cook time NA Sea bream fillets, skin removed 300g Sugar 20g Salt 20g Sesame oil 1 tsp 6 large leaves Butter or romaine lettuce leaves For the slaw: Cabbage 150g Onion 100g Carrots 100g Soy sauce 2 tbsp Olive oil 1 tbsp Honey 1 tsp

Garnishes: Cucumber slice (15 slices) Onion slices (15 slices) Radish slices (15 slices) Dill leaves (10 sprigs) Coriander leaves (10 leaves) Parsley leaves (10 leaves) Mint leaves (10 leaves) Method: Cut the seabream fillets into long strips and add the sugar and salt. Mix well and leave this in the fridge for 2 hours to marinate. After the 2 hours have elapsed, remove from the bowl and rinse in some fresh water. Add the sesame oil and reserve for later.

For the slaw, chop the cabbage, onions and carrots into thin strips. Add the soy, olive oil and honey and mix well. Leave the mixture to sit at room temperature for 1 hour. Prep your garnishes and leave aside. To serve, place the slaw in the middle of the leaf and top with the seabream. Add a few slices of the garnish vegetables and a few leaves to every leaf. You can choose to either leave them as a ‘taco’ or wrap them in a traditional manner. You can also leave everything separate and let people put their own together for an awesome dinner party meal.

Jacket Potatoes with Prawn Topping Serves 5 as a snack Prep 30 minutes – Cooking 1 hour Peeled king prawns, de-veined 10 Small potatoes 5 each Cucumber 100g Spring onion 2 each Lemon zest grated 1 tsp Egg, yolk 1 Olive oil 1 tbsp Mustard 1/2 tsp Salt Watercress to garnish Method: Boil the potatoes in heavily boiling water, this should take around 30 minutes. Once cooked remove and leave to cool to room temperature. Gently roast the prawns over a medium heat, roughly 2 minutes on each side, giving little colour. Leave to cool and chop into small cubes. Transfer to bowl. Chop the cucumber also into small cubes and slice the spring onions into thin strips, greens and all. Transfer these into the bowl with the prawns. Cut the potatoes in half and slightly hollow out the inside with a teaspoon. Place the insides of the potatoes into the mixing bowl with the prawns and such. Add all the other ingredients to the mixture and mix well. Stuff the potatoes with this mixture and place them either in the oven at 180 celcius for 20 minutes or on a BBQ grill on a low heat and covered for around 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh watercress and serve.




en m i n a mp

cco a t c rfe e ean p n e a r r Th edite M ly u r t for a er! m m u s Represented in Malta & Gozo by ® Tettiera . Trade enquiries: +356 99929376

Discover the whole collection of 0% & 5% alcohol on

100% organic



MICHELADA Ingredients: Ice Tajin (or mild chili powder mixed with salt) 400ml Clamato juice (or tomato juice) 1 half pint of Cisk lager 2 limes 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp soy sauce 2 tsp Mexican hot sauce Serves: 2 cocktails Prep time: 5 minutes Method: Place some tajin onto a saucer. Cut one of the limes into wedges, and run a lime wedge around the rims of each glass. Then dip the glass rim into the tajin to coat well. Fill the glass with ice, divide the ingredients into each glass, and serve with a squeeze of lime, and pinch of tajin into the glass.



BBQ LUCERTO STEAK SANDWICH Makes 8-10 sandwiches Start to Finish: 1 hour 1.2kg Lucerto (Beef) London Butcher Mosta 4 sprigs of Rosemary Salt and pepper 2 loaves Maltese bread, sliced 1 green lettuce, leaves picked 1 cucumber, sliced 1 jar (120g) of horseradish, chutney or Dijon mustard

Method: Bring the meat to room temperature and season with salt and pepper, while you prepare your BBQ. Toss the rosemary onto the hot embers to flavour the meat while it roasts. Grill the whole cut of meat for 12-15 minutes on each side, about 35-40 minutes of total cooking for a mediumrare finish. Leave to rest for a further 15 minutes before slicing. Prepare your sandwiches with the slices of cucumber, lettuce leaves and helpings of your sauce of choice. Fill with a few thin slices of the beef - and enjoy an easy outdoor BBQ lunch to feed a crowd!



JOIN THE JOY...WI Aperol Treats Nate, Frank and Rossi with the Genuine Spritz Experience in Venice


ate, Frank and Rossi, Malta’s renowned entertaining trio, visited Venice’s romantic city to enjoy the real Aperol Terrazza Experience in the traditional Venetian environment as part of the buildup of a unique summer campaign in Malta. Touring all the city’s historic locations, the Aperol Spritz brand ambassadors in Malta experienced the traditional Italian aperitivo’s genuine orange vibes via a range of guided activities.


Born in 1919 in Padova, just a stone’s throw away from Venice, Aperol’s orange joy has spread worldwide, growing into the Italian aperitivo heritage everybody knows today. The perfect infusion of herbs and roots in Aperol results in a simple balance of the vibrant, bittersweet taste enthusiasts have all grown to love in the past century. Once again, Nate, Frank and Rossi are joining Aperol Spritz Malta as brand ambassadors for the summer. They are promoting the most astounding alcoholic beverage

to complement spending quality time with friends, enjoying some Cicchetti and great culinary experiences in sweet togetherness. As part of the authentic Venetian adventure, Nate, Frank and Rossi visited the Terrazza Aperol to encounter the one-of-akind Aperol mood in its hometown. “Designed after a traditional Venetian bar, or bacaro, Terrazza Aperol welcomed us with a genuine cosmopolitan feel. The vitality that vibrates in the inspirationally social environment here is accompanied by the



most perfect Aperol Spritz in the globe. Naturally, the Cicchetti served here is absolutely exceptional,” said Frank Zammit. For such a versatile and vibrant drink, the Aperol Spritz recipe is, in fact, as easy as one-two-three. “You only need a glass full of ice to start. Then you add three parts of Prosecco, two parts of Aperol, and one splash of soda. Last but not least comes my favourite ingredient: a slice of orange. This is how you create the perfect Aperol

Spritz wherever you are,” said Valentina Rossi. Aperol Spritz traverses well beyond being a simple alcoholic beverage—it is a ritual. “A glass of Aperol Spritz lays the foundations for sharing a mix of experiences with your best friends in a special atmosphere of new togetherness. Wherever you are, the Aperol Spritz ritual will invoke the traditional, sassy spontaneity of Venice—the character we all love,” Nate Darmanin said.

Similarly to previous years, Nate, Frank and Rossi take part in a unique Aperol Spritz campaign in the island nation during the summer of 2022. Stay tuned for the memorable photos popping up across Malta and Gozo, both in the digital space and offline in various locations. Aperol is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.



Orange, Pumpkin & Coconut Soup (image right) Serves 2 Ingredients: 5 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Tsp Turmeric 2 Tsp Smoked Paprika 2 Tsp Sea Salt ½ Tsp Black Pepper 2 Garlic Cloves ½ Tsp Chilli 500gr. Pumpkin 250ml Water 1 Orange 2 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds 1 Can Coconut Milk 2 Sprigs Parsley Now open.pdf












New location, thousands of products to choose from! GREENS.COM.MT 074

Method: Peel and chop the pumpkin and garlic cloves. In a large pot add the oil, turmeric, smoked paprika, salt pepper, garlic, chilli and pumpkin on medium heat for a few minutes. Add the water and orange juice and cook for a further 15minutes. In the meantime, in a small pan toast the pumpkin seeds for a few minutes till you hear them popping and set aside. When the 15 minutes are up add the coconut milk to the soup and reduce the soup on high heat for 10minutes. Finely chop the parsley. Once it is ready, blend the soup and serve topped with the Pumpkin Seeds and Parsley.


By Gabriella De Gaetano (Recipe: Left)


Brewdog‚ Hazy Jane, Guava Discover the tropics as you sip on this juicy, hazy IPA (India Pale Ale) a.k.a an exotic fruit bomb for the senses! The dominant flavour of guava leads the way with notes of pineapple, mango and stone-fruit following on. This is brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth, fruity journey. The perfect Summer beer for Malta! Importer & distributed by Brew Haus E: Retail outlet: Beer Head bottle shop and craft tasting room Also available in leading bars (incl. La Bottega, Babel, The Chalice, Thirsty Barber, Paradise Exiles, La Luz, Mosaico Beach Club and many more) And in these supermarkets (Greens, Welbees).

Bellfield Craft Beer Malta's own Farsons brings a delicious range of craft beers from the award-winning UK brand Bellfield, with their ëbohemian pilsnerí, two IPAs and a lager. Based on Edinburgh, Bellfield was set up to make exceptional beers that everyone could enjoy drinking. ìWe love good food, so we brew beers that complement it.î The brewery are focused on simply delicious, classic IPAs, hoppy ales and crisp, refreshing and perfectly balanced lagers and pilsners that everyone can enjoy (theyíre gluten-free!) Bellfield beers are all certified by Coeliac UK and Registered with the Vegan Society. Imported and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Co. Ltd. T: +356 2381 4400 E:

Pjazza Gelateria Malta’s gourmet, artisanal gelato and pastry producer, made by internationally recognised galataio Miguel Gatt who works with only the freshest ingredients and a whole lot of love! Not your average ice cream - their adventurous flavours range from Biscoff to cherry cheesecake or for a winning classic, try their delicious vegan pistachio gelato.

2, St Anne Square, Sliema, Malta E: T: 9964 4835 Opening Hours: 8am Monday to Saturday & Sunday 11am owards.

Fior di Latte – Gelato Artiganale Fior di latte offers mouth-watering, home-made gelato and sorbets that are incredibly smooth and creamy. Using only the best ingredients sourced from around the world, flavours range from their signature Fior Di Latte or San Germain elderflower gelato to the classic Pistachio, Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla classics. Providing something for everyone - Fior Di Latte offer a vast variety of lactose free flavours. 21, Villegaignon Street, Mdina (Mdina Bastions) and Howard Gardens, Mdina Main Gate. Opening Hours: 10:00am till 10:30pm T: 9949 4309.



Serves 6


+ Zest & Wild Borage Flowers

Ingredients: • 600ml Double Cream • 150gr. Caster Sugar • 2 Oranges Zest and Juice Method: Place the double cream and the sugar into a large pan over a low heat and bring to the boil slowly. Boil for 3 minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to cool. Add the orange juice and half the zest and whisk well. Sieve the cream into a jug and pour the orange cream mixture into six bowls or one large one. Refrigerate for 3 hours and serve with the orange zest and wild borage flowers. 078


Tableware by Storja Store 079


Serves: 8-10 – Prep time: 1 hour 30 minutes

ORANGE BLOSSOM MERINGUE Whipped Mascarpone + Orange Curd Ingredients:

Flourless Orange and Almond Drizzle Cake

5 eggs 200g Caster sugar 2 tsp Corn starch 2 tsp Cider vinegar 2 tsp Orange blossom water

Serves: 12 portions Prep time: 1 hour 15 minutes Ingredients: 2 large oranges 3 eggs 3/4 cup caster sugar 3 cups ground almond 1 tsp baking powder

Method: In a large dry bowl, seperate the whites from the yolks. Prepare a small bowl with the starch and cider vinegar mixed together, and another with the sugar. Using an electric whisk, whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks. Then gradually add the sugar, a tablespoon at a time, alternating between adding the sugar and the starch/vinegar mix. Take this stage as slowly as you can, in all it should last about 10 minutes. Finally, add the orange blossom water at the end and mix through. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius on convection. Line an oven tray with baking paper, and spoon your meringue into fist sized portions gently so as to keep some height to them and not paste it down. Keep each portion a few inches apart. Place into the oven and reduce the heat down to 100 degrees Celsius. Bake for 2 hours and then turn the heat off, leaving the meringues to cool completely inside the oven, with the oven door cracked open.


For the Glaze 2 tbsp icing 1 blood orange, juiced For orange curd by Gabriella De Gaetano Ingredients: 3 orange juice and zest 70 grams sugar 3 tbsp rice flour 3tbsp water 1 tbsp olive oil Method: Zest and squeeze the oranges and add to a pot including the Sugar and cook on low heat till the sugar melts. In a separate bowl add the water, olive oil and rice flour and make a paste. Whisk the paste into the pot and keep and boil on high heat whilst whisking for 5 minutes. Bottle in a sterilised jar and seal. Leave to cool and store in fridge for 2 weeks.

Method: Put the oranges in a pot of cold water and bring to the boil. After 10 minutes of boiling, pour out the hot water, and fill with cold water and repeat the process. Do this 3 times in total to help remove the bitterness from the peel. Finally, once cooled, roughly chop the oranges, and place them (skin and all) into a food processor with the remaining ingredients and mix to combine. Grease a cake tin, and pour the mix in. Bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. In a small bowl, whisk the sugar and juice together to form a glaze. Pour over the cake to serve.





Yoghurt parfait with a berry compote Serves 4 – 6 Prep time : 30 minutes Cooking time : 2 minutes Ingredients: Natural or Greek yoghurt 200g Fresh cream 250g Milk 50g Sugar 150 g Gelatine leaves (Bronze grade) 2 leaves Salt Pinch Frozen berries 100g Honey 2 tbsp Method: Start off by soaking the gelatine leaves in some cold water. In a small pot add the milk and the sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat once the sugar has dissolved Remove the gelatine from the water and squeeze to release any extra water. Add the gelatine to the pot and whisk in. leave to cool to room temperature. Separately whisk the cream to stiff peaks and add the yoghurt to the mixture. Do not whisk too hard as it will separate. Next add the milk/sugar mixture and whisk in well. Place this mixture in a container of your choosing and place in the freezer for 12 hours. Mix the honey and frozen berries together and leave them to defrost - the honey will dissolve naturally. Remove the parfait from the mould and slice evenly, serve with a generous helping of the berry compote. Note the parfait will keep in the freezer for up to 3 months.


# Tr e n d i n g

Copenhagen Sparkling Teas – brought to you by Tettiera® For a truly Sparkling Mediterranean Summer describe as ‘exuberant enjoyment of life’. Although many may think that Sparkling Tea is to be served as an alternative to dessert wine, think again! If you’d like to serve up something refreshing, give the usual Rosé or Sparkling wine a break, and try this out. We’d love to hear what you and your guests think about it. How to Serve Copenhagen Sparkling Tea It’s time to bring out your chilled flutes. Serve the chilled Sparkling Tea with cooked or raw seafood for the ultimate, classy combination. Otherwise, if you’re not into fish, with some soft cheeses like brie cheese as the bubbly cuts perfectly through the fattiness in the cheese. We promise you and your guests won’t be disappointed.

RØD(5% Alcohol), is our alternative to sparkling Rose. The hibiscus provides a ruby red colour with pleasant bitterness and crisp tones of red berries. It’s a perfect match for appetisers, seafood, fish and white meat. It is not as sweet as the others and slightly bitter and dry, thanks to the defining hibiscus with a longer aftertaste from the black teas.Pairs fantastically with light and white fish, meat and seafood in particular.

We love everything about summer. There’s always something happening, and the hot weather calls for chilled beverages to accompany those laid-back summer mornings, afternoons, nights or early mornings too! Have you tried Copenhagen Sparkling Tea? If you fancy bubbly and are after the finer things in life – this could be your new summer drink.

Low alcohol, uncompromised heavenly experience When it’s hot, we sometimes consume more alcohol than we would like to. Gulping down your drink may leave you lightheaded and unable to consume more with bad consequences the day after. Copenhagen Sparkling Tea offers two options – one which is low in alcohol and the other with no alcohol at all – perfect for all the family, expecting mothers or those who would rather skip alcohol altogether. Serve your guests something uniquely fresh Just like Christmas, Summer calls for catch ups with loved ones who we invite over for the traditional barbeque or terrace get-together. Sparkling Tea is not only refreshing but a sheer celebration. The bubbles play beautifully on the palate whilst the tea provides earthy umami, inspiring, ‘joie de vivre’… what the French

Another Sparkling Tea, BLÅ (o% Alcohol), starts out with delicate aromas of Jasmine, chamomile, and a hint of citrus. This is followed by a round taste from the careful selection of white teas and accompanied by good complexity and depth from the green teas. It ends in a long finish joined by comfortable tannins created by the Darjeeling First Flush. The colour is light green with yellow nuances. BLÅ is the perfect alcohol-free aperitif. It also pairs beautifully with various starters, vegetarian or light mains, and most desserts.

Summer is here – the sun is bright, just like our wardrobes, smiles and our golden tans! Days are longer and there’s just so much to do, where to go, where to be seen and whom to meet.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, brought to you by Tettiera, combines Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions, presenting an organic low or nonalcoholic sparkling drink based on the careful selection of exclusive tea sorts.

which contributes with an almost seaweed kind of aroma and taste. You must be gentle when pairing food with this sparkling tea in order not to overpower its subtle notes.

GRØN (5% Alcohol) has crisp notes of citrus and green tea. The addition of white tea creates a freshness that makes it ideal as an aperitif, paired

The ultimate bottle for that sneaky midweek romantic beach date Stock up your fridge with some sparkling tea because you never know when an opportunity might hit! As it takes longer to get dark, stepping into the car for an impromptu date with your love interest, or simply getting together for a casual catchup with friends by the sea, is what summer is all about. The lower alcohol is gentler on the stomach, but also guarantees you can keep up those intellectual conversations for longer, whilst ensuring you are fresh as a daisy the next day for a productive day at the office. Take your pick from our selection of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea LYSERØD (o% Alcohol), the lighter and more aperitif-like of the options out there. The various types of tea from different locations in Asia give LYSERØD a rather Asian character. LYSERØD’s presents floral and herbaceous notes from the Darjeeling and Oolong teas, an almost smoky berry character from the hibiscus and the subtle umami character coming from the Japanese tea,

with sushi and other dishes from the Asian kitchen. It provides a fresh and crisp experience with a comfortable level of acidity, balanced with the softness from white tea with a lovely underlying hint of umami from green tea. Shop now on, and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Stock up, it’s going to be a long summer ahead! 085


Making the Cut Summer is here and BBQ season is in full swing! We've got a selection of some of the best sources for quality meat, fresh fish and pre-prepared BBQ goods on the island. From local to imported meat, organic and free-range – these butchers and fish mongers have all the goods you need for a top notch Summer BBQ feast.

Purveyors of Superior Meat Brass&Knuckle is a stylish ‘counter to table’ concept restaurant run by trend-setting 7th generation Butchery & Delicatessen experts. The produce is sourced from the most sought after suppliers from around the world and carefully curated in a pared back menu, designed to highlight quality and authentic taste of premium cuts at affordable prices. Brass&Knuckle also served as a one stop BBQ shop, offering raw and cooked BBQ platters with rustic sides, at great prices! 5 Triq L-Oratorju, In-Naxxar, Malta. E: T: +356 2722 2722 Winter Opening Hrs: 10:00 - 15:00 & 17:00 - 23:00 Summer Opening Hrs: 17:00 - 23:00 Weekend 10:00 - 23:00 (left) Brass&Knuckle Raw BBQ Pack 6 Including 2x Angus Ribeye of 250g, Marinated BBQ Chicken Wings with a side of Potato Salad, Couscous and Corn on the Cob. Price 35.50eu



Victory Butcher – Delicatessen Victory Butcher is centrally located in the heart of bustling Naxxar. With years of experience and a reputation for quality service, the team at Victory Butcher continue to provide customers with a vast variety of daily fresh meats, homemade products, deli items and every day needs. 1, Victory Butcher, Toni Bajada Square, Naxxar T: 2141 0292, E: W: Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 07:00 - 19:00 Saturday 07:00 - 14:00

Ta' Paris - More than just a butcher Ta' Paris have tailored their service to adapt for their customers needs and constantly work towards providing better quality and fresher produce. From classic cuts of meats to pre-mixed marinades for BBQs, events and parties - Ta Paris butcher caters to all. Ta' Paris butcher, 19, Triq Ic Cezalpina, Ta' Paris, Birkirkara, Malta T: 2149 2065, E: W: Opening Hours: 08:00 - 12:00 and 16:30 - 19:00



Bottarga Gourmet Fish Shop Owned by Chef Saviour Deguara, Bottarga is situated in the picturesque village of Balzan. Whether you are a fish lover or simply too busy to prepare a good meal, their team of chefs are on hand to assist you. Every day, they serve the freshest fish on the market which they take pride in choosing personally, to ensure on delivering the best available fish to customers. From the display counters one can choose whole, filleted, smoked, marinated, stuffed fish or other freshly prepared dishes that can be easily cooked at home. Save Time. Shop & Pay Online W: Opening Hrs: Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00 Saturday: 9:00 - 14:00

Cassar Gourmet Fish Shop At Cassar's Gourmet Fish Shop you can find local, imported, wild or farmed fish, frozen items, shellfish and other complementary products. Each morning the fish counter is restocked with a wide range of fresh fish depending on the local fish landings being available from the fishermen and season availability. The fish display is often shared on Facebook to notify their customers the catch of the day from the sea. Chef Shane Cassar who provides cooking methods, to staff members who know exactly every detail about each fish type, everthing they do is about improving their customer’s experience and pass on their knowledge. 266, Triq il-Kbira, Mellieha, Malta T: +356 7920 0452 Opening Hrs: Tuesday - Friday 08:00 - 18:30 Saturday 08:00 - 15:00 & Sunday 8:00 - 12:00 088


Sunnara gourmet fish shop situated in Naxxar, with the aim of presenting its customers with superior quality fresh fish and gourmet products. In just two years, they have already established a cohort of esteemed clientele who value the company’s consistency in the quality of products and services offered. The owners were able to establish an alliance with local fisherman who offer quality fresh fish on a daily basis. Furthermore, through the owners’ expertise and experiences working as a chefs in various local and international businesses, they were able to create meticulously homemade gourmet products, with a resolute commitment to the highest- quality ingredients. Sunnara Gourmet Fish Shop 21st September avenue (next to local council) Naxxar T: 2099 9612 - E: Opening Hrs: Monday - Friday 08:30 - 19:00 Saturday 8:30 - 14:00 & Sunday 8:30 - 11:30

At Mareblu Gourmet fish shop Here you can find an array of daily fresh and frozen fish as well as live shellfish, and ready-tocook homemade gourmet dishes. More than just a fish shop - Mareblu also caters for BBQ and party essentials including delicious goods from the delicatessen counter and flaked or cubed ice! Mareblu Gourmet Fish Shop, 26, Triq Tal-Gonna, Iz-Zurrieq, Malta T: 9946 4440 Opening Hrs: Tuesday - Friday 07:00 - 12:30 & 16:00 - 19:00 , Saturday 07:00 - 13:30



CONVENIENT FOR YOUR STAFF - EFFICIENT FOR YOU! Bid a fond farewell to worries over lost revenue and one of the catering industry’s greatest concerns yet; the scarcity of reliable staff! Finally seeing the light at the end of the proverbial ‘covid tunnel’, hindsight allows us to look back and pinpoint large gaps that leave industries vulnerable to the changing and unpredictable nature of the world. Take the pandemic and subsequent shortage of staff over the past couple of years, as an example. How can we tweak the system in such a way, using the past as a tool to innovate for better solutions, to help get over the obstacles that brought our industry to a standstill? Enter ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution - a revolutionary tool for the hospitality industry and a great supporting technology for serving staff and bar/restaurant managers to increase their revenue. What is ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution? A helping hand to floor staff and front of house to take pressure off of situations where they find themselves short-handed or there is a sudden influx of customers. It provides greater accuracy

- eliminating those tricky and awkward situations of wrong order processing and incorrect money handling that often lead to a damaged reputation and bad customer experience. It is also a way for customers to order in their own time, without needing to grab the attention of a member of staff.

With the use of a simple QR code, where customers can not only view the menu, but also order and pay through their personal device, you can turn this loss of revenue and reputation into a thing of the past.


• Increase sales revenue • Get the most affordable transaction fees on the market • Provide a safe environment, increase footprint • Keep your already-stretched staff safe, reduce pressure due to staff shortages • Local Support - no talking to call centres or automated chatbots/emails • Satisfied Customers!

What ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution is not! It is not a replacement for your existing workforce, rather it is a complementary ‘helping hand’ to improve the quality of service you can provide to your customers, while also maximising the daily impulse sales potential of an establishment – a win-win situation. How Does It Work? Imagine you’re at the beach, craving that icy cold beer, cocktail or ice-cream. You’ve been trying to catch someone’s attention to take your order but there’s no one in sight, and the only option you have is to walk all the way to the bar and wait to get served. Or you’re seated at the table of a busy restaurant, already hungry and bothered, wondering if the waiters have forgotten all about you.

Key Benefits To Restaurant Owners/Managers

Helps your staff with: • Safety! By reducing unneces sary customer contact. • No further pressure on multi-tasking to handle vari ous requests at one go! You will receive orders directly on the device in the bar. • No payment handling • Fully focus on customer experience! “Hospitality is changing. Don’t get left behind. Your Digital Waiter is here.”

Helps your customers with: • Instant ordering, no wait er-waiting time - just scan the QR Code from any mobile phone • Clean, simple user – experience • Select, Order & Pay from the comfort of your table or sunbed! • No unnecessary waiter and cash contact • Get Served!

Contact ZeroBubble for a free quotation on hello@zerobubble. mt or call 7933 7777. ZeroBubble Outlet, 1, Marina Street, Pieta.


750ml Bottle Trade Enquiries: +356 21 463 600 / /


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