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Issue 1 / 08 March 2013

From the Principal A Positive Start to 2013 2013 has begun with a flurry of activity, and it is hard to believe that Term 1 is more than half over. I am pleased to report that right from day one our students have settled in, and been focused, engaged and intentional in their studies. Typical of St Andrews students, their endeavours are not just limited to the classroom. There has been fundraising for flood victims, community involvement with the local Lions Club, after school study sessions, Junior School Musical rehearsals, German and Canberra Trip preparations and sports training to name but a few of the myriad of activities and opportunities that is St Andrews. Our students have set the bar high for themselves. Typical of some of the feedback received was a conversation that a parent had with the Drinks Vendor at the recent swimming carnival. He told the St Andrews parent, that our students were ‘some of the best behaved and well-mannered students that he encounters’ and that ‘the family and community spirit was amongst the best he had seen’. He said in his estimation “St Andrews is top notch”.

I can only concur with his final sentiment. Thank you to you the parents of our students for the example that you set your children. Along with St Andrews’ teachers and staff you are instrumental in helping to build a positive culture. Our children and young people are clearly watching, learning and absorbing what is going on around them, and pleasingly, living it out. 2013 Strategic Priorities (Teaching & Learning) Each year as a College we identify a number of strategic priorities to guide and focus our work. This year we have 6 strategic foci in relation to teaching and learning across the College: 1. High Expectations - As a College we are intentionally focusing on holding high expectations of students in terms of achievement, effort, behaviour and dress. A critical part of this is helping students to hold high expectations of themselves, as when students expectations of themselves rises, so to does academic achievement. 2. Know Your Students - Our teachers will be focusing on knowing the students in their care so that they can best enhance their learning. 3. Literacy - Literacy is ‘an every century skill’. It is a key to successful participation in society. Every teacher when they are teaching their classes are encouraged to see themselves as a teacher of literacy, and not just something that is the domain of English teachers. 4. Higher Order Thinking Skills – Higher Order Thinking Skills are a 21st century skill. The best jobs in the ‘knowledge economy’ rely on higher order thinking skills such as decision making, problem solving, analysis, evaluation and synthesis. For our students it is about intentionally teaching them the steps involved in the various higher order thinking skills. 5. ICT for Learning - This strategic focus is about how we use IT to enhance student learning. It is about using the most appropriate tool for the task required. It is not about using IT simply for the sake of it.

6. Building Student Well-Being - This is an intentional focus on proactively building student well-being and resilience through the evidence-based approach of Positive Psychology.

of Sydney has done a lot of work with PBs, engagement and academic achievement. (Like Drs CarrGregg and Fuller, I hope to get Dr Martin to work with the College sometime in the near future).

Positive Education An important part of our strategic focus on building student well-being is Positive Education. Positive Education makes use of the science of Positive Psychology. It focuses on building the skills of well-being and resilience, as well as learning. Improved well-being is synonymous with good learning. In order to implement Positive Education we are using a framework known as P.E.R.M.A. PERMA is a world class framework developed by Dr Martin Seligman, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Martins’ research has found the following in relation to Academic PBs….when a student strives for an Academic PB the following occurs: • Increase in the student’s self-belief • Increased intrinsic motivation in the student • Students are more likely to be self-regulated learners, and therefore more likely to be interested and engaged in their learning • Increased enjoyment of school • Increased participation in class • Increased persistence on tasks • Increased Academic Buoyancy (increased capacity to deal with academic setbacks e.g. a poor mark) • Improved academic achievement • Improved relationships with teachers (as they see the teacher as crucial for their self-improvement) • A higher homework completion record

PERMA stands for: • Positive Emotion • Engagement • Meaningful Relationships • Meaning & Purpose • Achievement & Accomplishment When we increase our levels of positive emotion; when we increase our engagement with others and with school, when we build meaningful relationships, when we increase meaning in our lives, and when we achieve goals, the research shows that we enhance well-being and learning. There are a number of evidence based strategies that can be utilized to develop different aspects of PERMA. One that we have been utilizing this year has been what is known as the ‘3 Good Things’. The ‘3 Good Things’ are when we once or twice a week, perhaps daily, list the 3 good things that have happened to us that day or week. This simple strategy has been shown to increase the levels of positive emotion that a person experiences, and has been shown to improve among other things, a person’s sleep. I would encourage you maybe once a week as a family to sit down and share the three good things that have happened to you during the past week, and see what happens. A Focus on Personal Bests (PBs) Another of our initiatives this year is a focus on Personal Bests (PBs). PBs link strongly with our Strategic Foci of High Expectations and Positive Education. Personal Bests create specificity and challenge. They do this by reducing ambiguity about what is to be achieved and the level of challenge prescribed must be higher than that of the previous best level of performance. Personal Bests are competitive (relative to previous bests) and self-improving (success leads to enhanced performance). Dr Andrew Martin, a psychologist from the University

Focusing on achieving a PB, is very different from simply saying ‘I’m going to do my best’. Just doing your best is very general and non-specific. PBs are very clear and specific, and about achieving better than you have previously. For example, if a Year 8 students previous best in English was a C+, it is about setting themselves the goal of achieving a B- on their next assessment task, and then putting place a plan or strategy to achieve this. PBs are therefore intentional. Students are being encouraged to set goals that enable them to achieve PBs. Tim Kotzur Principal

20th Anniversary Logo

The 20th Anniversary Logo was designed by Mrs Kristen Gorry, the College Receptionist. After coming up with the initial design, feedback from the 20th Anniversary Committee and Senior Management saw the logo tweaked. Following this tweaking, College Council, approved the logo for use this year, our 20th Anniversary.

The 20th Anniversary Logo is designed to communicate a number of things:

and to each other as members of the St Andrews Community.

Firstly it communicates the College’s Mission Statement; ‘Celebrating the Gospel; Nurturing the Individual; Empowering Lifelong Learners’.

The positioning of the Motto is also significant. It is at the base of the logo, signifying that it is foundational to all that we do at the College. Our College Culture is built upon what Semper Fidelis represents.

Central Blue Cross – “Celebrating the Gospel of Christ”. In shape the cross resembles the St Andrews cross and reminds us that Christ gave his life to give us life in joyful abundance. It is central in the logo, because the cross is central to all that goes on at St Andrews. Blue also reminds us of the peace we gain through reconciliation with Christ and with each other. It also reflects the natural Tallebudgera Valley environment characterised by the creek and the sea. Green Leaves – “Nurturing the Individual”. These remind us of the commitment of everyone in our community to care for each other as special individuals and to encourage the growth of each person’s special gifts. Green is the colour of growth and is reflective of the bushland environment that surrounds the College. Gold and Red Feathers – “Empowering Lifelong Learners”. The feathers are reflective of the rainbow lorikeets which are characteristic of the southern Gold Coast area. They are also reminiscent of the sun, and therefore, of our vision to inspire and empower young people to be the best learners they can be, now and in the future. The Logo is also designed to reflect the four College colours – red, yellow, blue and green. Each of these colours represents a colour of each of the four College Houses – Wardjam (Blue), Binging (Yellow), Gowandi (Green), and Jubi (Red). The College’s motto ‘Semper Fidelis’ is at the base of the Cross. Semper Fidelis is Latin for ‘Always Faithful’. Semper Fidelis means sticking faithfully to your studies and giving your best. It also means to always act with integrity, and do the right thing even if no-one else is looking. It means to always act in a trustworthy way. It means to act and behave in such a way that you uphold the values and ethos of the College, exemplified by courage, hope, compassion, forgiveness, love, and service. It also means faithfully using the gifts and talents that you have been given to help others and make a difference. It is exemplified by selfless service, not expecting anything in return. At St Andrews, when we demonstrate commitment, act with integrity and serve and help others we are being ‘Always Faithful’. Semper Fidelis - commitment, integrity, service. At St Andrews Semper Fidelis also has a spiritual dimension. As Christ is always faithful to us, so we desire to be faithful to Him, to His word in the Bible

The words ‘St Andrews Lutheran College’ proudly stand out in the logo. It reminds us of who we are. Not only does it remind us of who we are, also whose we are. The symbolism of the stars is threefold. Firstly, they symbolize reaching for the stars. At St Andrews we strive for excellence, to do our very best in all that we do. Secondly, they represent that each member of our community is a star. Each member of our community is a child of God, and therefore unique and special, and has something to contribute to our community. Finally, the stars are like fireworks exploding as part of a celebration, representing our celebration of 20 years of existence. Finally, the words ‘Celebrating 20 Years’ reminds us that we are 20 years old. Having been established in 1993, with 52 students and a handful of staff we have grown significantly in that time to be a community of 1120 students and 130 staff today. God has blessed us richly during the past 20 years. Good facilities, beautiful surroundings, wonderful staff, an excellent curricular and cocurricular program, great students and families. 2013 will be a year to celebrate 20 years of God’s goodness to the St Andrews Community and give thanks to him, for all good things come from Him. We will celebrate and give thanks in lots of ways - through concerts, fetes, whole College photographs, reunions, and worship services. We pray for God’s continued blessing on the College as we go into the future, knowing that He has a plan for our school. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11

Junior School News The New Guy It has just passed the midpoint of my first term at St Andrews Lutheran College and what a start it has been. I would like to share with you some of my initial observations. 1. St Andrews is a school that cares for its teachers. Before the students arrived back, the College provided professional development that catered for the professional needs, physical needs and spiritual needs of the teachers. We had a world class presenter, Kath Murdoch share some ideas on best practice relating to inquiry based education. Some of these ideas have been incorporated into the teacher’s lesson plans. Mark Bunn shared with the teachers very practical strategies on how to keep healthy. Finally we communed together and prayed for the year ahead. 2. The parent community is the most supportive group of parents that I have had the privilege of working with. We have parents who are heavily involved in organizing the College Fete. Some are working on community building events such as year level gatherings. Others are giving up their afternoons to be Traffic Service Attendants. As well as those mentioned earlier, the parents are very supportive of the programs and look for ways to get to actively involved in their child’s education. 3. St Andrews has a group of hardworking, dedicated and professional group of teachers who are very loyal to the College. They are often there late after school, take work home on the weekends and always go the extra mile. However, the most enduring qualities of the teachers are their very real and genuine in their care and concern for the students in their care. 4. The thing that has impressed me the most at St Andrews has been the students. The students are very caring and look out for each other. They are very respectful of their peers, other adults and their school. They work hard to keep their environment clean and wear their uniforms with pride. We have had many comments from members of the public informing us how polite and respectful our St Andrews children are. I feel so blessed to be the “New Guy” in a College that cares so deeply for the teachers, parents and students. Darrin Schumacher Deputy Principal/Head of Junior School

Middle & Senior School News At St Andrews we are focused on developing the whole person. We want our students to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually throughout their schooling years. Our Lutheran ethos underpins all that we do and this year, we are focusing on using Positive Education techniques that support that ethos; including a strong focus on Character Strengths and the power of gratitude in promoting wellbeing amongst our students. Throughout the term, students have been discovering and exploring their character strengths and how best to use them to; achieve success, promote resilience and develop self-awareness. They have also been encouraged to reflect on ‘3 Good Things’ each week and to spend time goal setting with a focus on striving for their Personal Bests in all endeavors. Ensuring each student feels a sense of belonging and connection to their friends, classmates, year level and to St Andrews is a crucial part of what makes this College a place “Where Everybody is Somebody”. In Christian Studies and in other classes, students have been engaging in activities that encourage empathy and ‘other-centered’ thinking. The addition of Community Service captains and a Leo’s club this year has certainly heightened the opportunities for our students to serve others beyond our College community. This week is Australian Lutheran World Service Awareness Week and a group of our Senior Students (Years 11 & 12) and some of our Year 6 leaders attended a forum last week to explore some of the work of this outreach arm of the church is helping the global community and have come back to share their learning with others. In discussing the secrets of happiness, Philosopher Dan Dennett once said, “Find something more important than you are, and dedicate your life to it.” How, exactly, do we help our students to find that? I believe faith, curiosity, choice and self-knowledge are the key steps on the highly individual dance of discovery. At St Andrews, we will continue to look for diverse opportunities for our students to explore their faith; elicit their curiosity; and offer choice and reflection to enable the development of their self-knowledge. This term alone we have seen students extend their learning in all realms of development from participation in physical activities such as the swimming carnival and various sporting training groups, to involvement in a

vast range of performing arts activities, to attending church led activities such as the Middle School fun night and worship services, through camps and excursions, social lunch picnics, involvement in various service groups and by being part of a community that values individuality and nurtures wellbeing and an ‘other-centered’ view.

This experience is always of great value to both the Junior School class but also the Senior students who get the opportunity to mentor the younger students.

Clearly we are very blessed to be part of a community where faith and curiosity in action abounds. As the remainder of the term and the College year unfolds may our students continue to enjoy their dance of discovery. Virginia Warner Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

Priscilla Scott Head of Arts

Art News P and F Picnic Performance On Friday 15th March some of our very talented Middle School and Senior School musicians will be providing entertainment for the P and F Picnic. Featuring our favourite guitar group “Fellows Made” and some of our Music Extension students. The Middle School is also well represented by guitarist Zac Irwin, and vocalists Nathan Lindsay and Jonathon Aiello. So come along and enjoy the entertainment provided by some very talented musicians. Seussical Reminders Reminder about our upcoming Sunday Rehearsal on Sunday 10th March from 10am – 2pm in RBT. This is a full company rehearsal. Bring lunch and a waterbottle and those with cast shirts please wear them. Any parents interested in coming along to this rehearsal to assist with undercoating or fitting costumes please email me at Year 5 Drama Workshop Last week Year 5 came up to the RBT for a Drama Workshop focusing on body language and basic stagecraft as part of their current PYP Unit of Enquiry. The Year 5’s were assisted by the Year 10 and Year 12 Drama Classes.

Sport News Congratulations to all students involved in the Swimming Carnivals last week. Both Junior and Senior Carnivals were a great success, with results listed below: Junior School House Champions First








Junior School Age Champions First



9 Yr girls

Saoirse Harding

Laura Mackenzie

Tayla Lawless

9 Yr boys

Daniel Craig

Thomas Warth

Tyran Lang

10 Yr girls

Sarah-Anne Hornsey

Ruby Di Sandro

Anisha Muncie

10 Yr boys

Jack Read

Ryan Sergi

Matthew Gabriel

11 Yr girls

Lucienne Billett

Alexandra Holloway

Clare Verschuure

11 Yr boys

Max Indriawan

Naithanial ThomsonSmith

Hayden Anderson

12 Yr girls

Misha Varley Caitlin Gabriel

Lili James

12 Yr boys

Jenson Burford

Perry Keatley

Indigo Spinks

Middle / Senior School House Champions First








Middle / Senior School Age Champions First



12 Yr girls

Mia Jenkins

Holly Burnett Ella Atkinson

12 Yr boys

Oliver Wheeler

Finlay Wardop

13 Yr girls

Jacinda Mul- Shanea holland Pagels

Ava Gardner

13 Yr boys

Bailey Scott

Alexander Blackborough

Aiden McNeill

14 Yr girls

Monique Holborn

Taeley ThomsonSmith

Chloe Blake

14 Yr boys

Jackson Gisinger

Fraser Eller

William Atkinson

15 Yr girls

Natalie Roberts

Yasmin Mor- Mia Roman rison

15 Yr boys

Benjamin Beggs

Finn McLynskey

Zak Taylor

16 Yr girls

Ashleigh Blake

Chloe Ivak

Taylor Garlick

16 Yr boys

Connor Dougherty

Dylan Jenkins

Kye Wylde

17 Yr girls

Amy-Lee Holborn

Tahlia Derry

Talia King

17 Yr boys

Christopher Graudins

Ryan Janetzki

Matthew Reimer

Jordan Kenn

Student Achievement Kieran Croker - Year 7 Kieran recentley competed in Hervey Bay at the State Nipper titles. Kieran had another great carnival winning silver medals for U12 Beach Sprint and Beach Flags event (as photo shows), Bronze in the Male Age Relay and Gold in his pet event the U12 Male Board race. A big congratulations to Kieran!

Dates to remember March Tuesday 12th Yr 12 University Showcase RBT 1.30pm to 3.10pm SE QLD Futsal Comps Yr 8-12 Boys SLAPS Yrs 4-7 Swim Carnival Wednesday 13st Years 4 and 6 Camps to Friday 15th SE QLD Futsal Comps Yr 8-12 Girls P & F General Meeting 7.30pm CRC Girls with a Purpose program Yrs 8 & 9 CRC 3.15- 5.00pm Thursday 14th Fete Meeting JS Staff Room 1.30pm to 3pm All Welcome Year 5 Parents dinner 6pm Burleigh Town Tavern Friday 15th P & F Picnic in the Park 5pm to 8pm under the MPH Jumping Castle, BYO picnic. Come and meet and welcome Darrin Schumacher our new Deputy Principal / Head of Junior School and Tom Casey our new Head of Middle School Sunday 17th Year 3 Family Chruch Service WC Year 1 Mums coffee morning Monday 18th Carnival Book Fair Week Tuesday 19th JS 3 Way Conferences, 3pm to 5.30pm Wednesday 20th Girls with a Purpose program Yrs 8 & 9 CRC 3.15- 5.00pm Monday 25th JS 3 Way Conferences, 3pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 26th JS 3 Way Conferences, 3pm to 5.30pm Wednesday 27th St Andrews Cross Country Carnivals (Yrs 4,5,6 morning) (Yrs 7-12 11.50am to 2.45pm) Brisbane 2013 National Young Leaders Day Girls with a Purpose program Yrs 8 & 9 WC & CRC 3.15pm to 5.00pm Thursday 28th All students end Term 1 Prep-Yr 12 Easter Service MPH 9am Parents Welcome

P&F News Welcome back to school and to all new parents we hope you have settled into life at St Andrews. The next General Meeting for Term 1 will be held on Wednesday 13th March at 7.30pm in the CRC. If you have any agenda items for discussion please email the Secretary at pandf@ by Friday 8 March. It is a great opportunity to have input into school projects which the P & F fund. Everyone is welcome so please join us for drinks and nibbles and to meet other parents. There are a number of vacant positions still on the P & F including fund raising and grants officer. If anyone is interested both of these roles are an integral part of how the P & F helps to raise funds for improvements around the College. In 2012 the P & F contributed towards new seating in the Senior School, water bubblers and painting in the Junior School and a number of other projects around the College. Further funds have been allocated for goal posts, furniture, the upgrading of the sound system in the MPH and a Year 12 common room. If you would like to find out more information about one of these roles contact Daniel Renneberg (0409729676) or Julieanne Andrews (0421795411). If anyone has any suggestions or comments and cannot make the next meeting please email the P & F at Picnic in the Park The annual picnic in the park is being held on Friday 15th March starting at 5pm, with jumping castles for the kids, music for the adults and a relaxing atmosphere for parents to meet the new head of schools. A flyer is attached, so come along and meet other parents who are part of the St Andrews College community. Fete The biennial St Andrews Fete is being held on 25th May. Volunteers are still needed for a number of stalls, so contact the Fete convenor Steve Dignan on 0417733547 or email to see how you can help out. This is an important event for St Andrews as it not only raises valuable money for the College but is also a chance for us to showcase how our College operates to the community. We still need sponsors for this event, so if you have a business and are interested in advertising as a sponsor with a special 2 year offer then please contact Daniel or Steve. Julieanne Andrews

Celebrations Art Exhibition St Andrews School Fete May 2013

What does Celebration mean to you? Painting and Drawing Photography Mixed Media Ceramics and Sculpture Wearable Art

Medals and prizes to be won!

GET CREATIVE! Entry forms will be available from Middle and Senior Receptions or Art Room. Entry $5 or 3 or more for $12 and handed in Monday 20 May 2013. Further details Cathy Osborne 0407406650 on entry form.

Please ring pastor Kevin if you are able to attend or send an RSVP to the PO Box provided in this leaflet.

On those evenings we will meet at the Cecile Ryan Centre (Library) commencing 7.15pm (doors open at 7.00pm) and concluding at 9.00pm with coffee.

The Alpha Course meets every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks, starting on May 1st 2013.

We would like to invite you to attend our next Alpha Course.

Join us and discover what a difference it makes when you include God in your life!


Telephone 5522 5244 or 5535 1188

PO Box 438 West Burleigh 4219

St Andrews Lutheran Community 111-175 Tallebudgera Creek Road

Winter Alpha Course 2013

tion is regarded as too simple or to hostile.

Ask anything. Alpha is a place where no ques-

a chance to discuss issues raised in the talks.

Helping one another. The small groups give you

to know each other and to make new friends.

People meeting together. An opportunity to get


about the Christian faith and have fun at the same

Learning and laughter. It is possible to learn

How can I overcome evil? Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die?

  

the topics he covers are:

Gumble from Alpha UK. Some of

a series of DVD talks given by Nicky

After some light refreshments there is

What’s Involved?

the basics.

Those who want to brush up on

Christian faith.

Newcomers to the St Andrews

tian. community.

Those who feel that they have

never really got going as a Chris-

New Christians.


Those wanting to investigate

Who is Alpha For?

Anyone interested in finding out more about the

Alpha is for:

How do we deal with guilt?

What relevance does Jesus have for our lives today?

What happens when we die?

What is the point of life?

What Is Alpha?

After each talk there is time in smaller groups for everyone to discuss any issues or questions they have, giving them opportunity to get to know each other and learn together.

What about the Church?

Does God heal today?

 

How does God guide us?

What about the Holy Spirit?

Why and how should I pray?

How does God guide?

read the bible?

Why and how should I

Whole School Newsletter Issue 1, 08 March 2013  

Whole School Newsletter Issue 1, 08 March 2013