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Issue 1 / 28 February 2014

From the Principal Teaching & Learning Strategic Focus At the beginning of every school year at St Andrews, staff begin with a Retreat. On the first morning, the Strategic Foci for the year are clearly laid out for all staff. This is important because it guides our efforts throughout the year, and helps us focus our energy, attention and resources as a College. At the heart of our strategic foci is effective Teaching and Learning. As a College we are always seeking to improve this, and so our work is driven by research and evidence, grounded in the collective experience of our teachers. One of the key strategies we are implementing this year involves the introduction of a Teaching and Learning Framework in the secondary school. The framework is known as Dimensions of Learning, and complements the PYP framework of the Junior School. Among the reasons for adopting a Teaching and Learning Framework is to provide greater coherence to the already strong Pedagogy in place. In addition, such frameworks mean that as a College we are constantly focusing on improving teacher practice, enhancing student learning, and developing an engaging curriculum. It brings together what we know about effective learning. As a Framework, Dimensions of Learning has five key elements - a focus on creating an effective learning environment, developing strong and positive learning dispositions in students, an emphasis on the fundamentals such as literacy and numeracy, and an emphasis on higher order thinking skills. If you would like to read a brief summary of Dimensions of Learning, it can be accessed at

Dimension 1: Attitudes and Perceptions Dimension 2: Acquire and Integrate New Knowledge Dimension 3: Extend and Refine Knowledge Dimension 4: Using Knowledge Meaningfully Dimension 5: Habits of Mind

Growth Mindset In relation to teaching and learning, one of the key goals of the College is to help our students to be the best possible learner that they can be. One of the important strategies to assist our children and young people to do this is to help them to develop what is known as a Growth Mindset. The development of a Growth Mindset is linked to what we now know about intelligence, learning and the human brain. We now know that the human brain is malleable, and as a consequence intelligence is not something that is fixed, but rather with hard work, persistence and the right strategies it can be developed. This approach to learning and intelligence is known as a Growth Mindset. When we adopt such an approach, effective learning is enhanced. It means when we encounter difficult or challenging topics or subjects, we are more likely to persist, learn from our mistakes or errors, try new ways of learning, and eventually make progress with our learning.

As parents one of the most effective things you can do to help your son or daughter develop a Growth Mindset revolves around how you praise them. When you praise their intelligence e.g. ‘you’re very smart at Maths’ we’re reinforcing a Fixed Mindset (that intelligence is fixed). When as parents you praise your child’s efforts, hard work, persistence, and their use of different strategies to solve problems, you are helping to develop a Growth Mindset, and giving them the best possible opportunity to become effective learners. The key difference between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset when we approach our learning is one wordYET. The student with the Fixed Mindset says ‘I can’t do this’; the one with the growth mindset says ‘I can’t do this yet’. The latter is more likely to result in our children and young people making good progress in their learning. Building Projects I am pleased to report that the Lower CRC Project (under the existing Secondary School Library) is progressing well, and is on track for use from the beginning of Term 3. The Project consists of 2 new Classrooms for languages, spaces for Student Services, a Flexible Learning Area which will enhance the way learning is delivered, and a new Tuckshop, with outdoor and indoor eating areas. In talking with Senior School students, it seems that it is the prospect of a new Tuckshop that is foremost in their thinking, and the thing they are most looking forward to!

The other building project scheduled for this year, the Kindergarten Project, will now be known as the Early Learning Centre, has gone out to Tender, and assuming things go to plan, builders should be onsite by the end of Term 1. The Early Learning Centre will offer two rooms of Pre-Prep (3.5 to 4.5 year olds), and one room of Pre-pre-Prep (2.5 to 3.5 year olds). The College Architects have designed a facility that will enable the College to deliver an excellent early learning program that will complement the College’s existing educational offerings.

Year 12 Lunches I have embarked on my annual hosting of Year 12 students for lunch this term. I always look forward to this - in fact it is generally the highlight of my day. It enables me to get to know our Seniors just a little bit better. I always ask them ‘what do the like about St Andrews?’ One of the constant themes of their responses is – ‘the teachers; they genuinely care about us, and go above and beyond to help us with our learning’. On more than one occasion, students who have joined our community from other schools in the last few years point out that this is often not the case in other places. The quality of teachers remains one of St Andrews great strengths. I often leave these lunches optimistic about the future of our community and nation. From the conversations it is obvious that St Andrews young people are ‘good’ young men and women – they are modest, respectful, purposeful, engaged and caring, and the College is proud to have played its’ part in their formation. Tim Kotzur Principal

Junior School News We are all born equal, but we all have our own individual God given skills and talents. This is quite a challenging statement when you are confronted with 28 students in a class. Each of these students is a precious gift from God and we are challenged to provide for their individual needs. In order for us to meet their individual needs we endeavor to differentiate. To do this we try to get to know our students really well. We need to collect relevant data that will give us a good insight into how they learn, the child’s strengths and any gaps in their learning. Through this knowledge of the child we endeavor to design an engaging and relevant curriculum that will meet the set objectives and cater for their individual needs. We all learn differently. Some children need to listen to music while they are working, some like to work independently, others like to talk about their ideas, some are really skilled at writing their ideas down, others are better at verbalizing their ideas, some can hear a new topic once and can instantly apply it, while others need multiple repetitions of the one concept before it is understood. Teachers try to take into account all of these things when designing their lessons and differentiate their approach accordingly. Our end goal is prepare students to be lifelong learners, but the way that the children will get there will often be different. A statement that is really good for us to remember is “Fair is not everybody getting the same

thing, fair is everybody getting what they need to be successful.” So when you see other children doing work that is different to what your child is doing, be assured in the fact that the teacher has made an assessment and designed learning experiences that will help your child to be successful. Darrin Schumacher Deputy Principal/Head of Junior School

Middle & Senior School News The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference. — Aristotle At St Andrews we are committed to educating the whole person and we take every opportunity to remind our students that they should aspire to grow their God-given gifts and to pursue excellence by focusing on achieving personal bests. We want students to strive to be the best student, the best brother or sister, son or daughter, musician or athlete, and the best citizen they can be. As a College, we too, aspire to continually improve and for our actions and words to mirror our aspirations to educate the hearts, minds and hands of our students through Celebrating the Gospel, Nurturing the Individual and Empowering Lifelong Learning. To that end, this year, across the Secondary School we will continue to embed the wellbeing model of PERMA (Positive Emotions, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) through our teaching and support of students. We are also starting the process of implementing a Teaching and Learning Framework called Dimensions of Learning which incorporates within its’ dimensions, Habits of Mind. Habits of Mind were originally developed by Art Costa. He identified 16 habits that intelligent people call upon when they are confronted with problems, to which solutions are not immediately apparent. Research has since gone on to acknowledge ‘great thinkers’ as those who can skillfully and mindfully employ these habits. The Habits of Mind compliment the IB program of the Junior School, the Australian Curriculum and our PERMA approach to promoting wellbeing. While many of these habits have been a natural part of the professional practice of our teachers for many years, implementing Habits of Mind across the campus gives us a common language and raises both awareness and self-reflection in our students. In short it promotes mindfulness. Four Habits will be explored, and celebrated each term across Years 7-12 and in Term 1 we are looking at the

Self-Regulating Habits of: Managing Impulsivity, Persisting, Thinking Interdependently, and Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision. A brief description of each is to follow: Managing Impulsivity - Effective problem solvers are deliberate: they think before they act and can manage their impulses. They intentionally establish a vision or a goal before they begin. Persisting – Successful people stick to a task until it is completed. They are able to analyze a problem, and develop a system, structure, or strategy to solve it. They have a range of alternative strategies and collect evidence to indicate whether their problem-solving strategy is working. If it isn’t, they use a different strategy. Thinking Interdependently – The sum is more powerful than its parts. Together we are more powerful, intellectually or physically, than any one individual. In our global society we find ourselves increasingly more interdependent and sensitive to the needs of others. No one person can consider as many alternatives as several people. Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision - Language and thinking are closely entwined; like either side of a coin, they are inseparable. Striving to communicate accurately in both written and oral form, taking care to use precise language; defining terms; and using correct names, labels, and analogies. Supporting statements with explanations, comparisons, quantification, and evidence is thinking and communicating with clarity and precision. To see these approaches to life and learning modelled is indeed a powerful way to learn. At home, parents might like to reinforce the benefits of these habits and look for opportunities to acknowledge their children when they are demonstrated. Please contact me at the College if you are interested in more detailed information about Habits of Mind. Virginia Warner Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

Chaplains Chat St Andrews is a Christ-centered community. “Does God care?” “Where is He when I need him?” “If God is a loving God why does he allow…… (such terrible things to happen).” “If God is loving then he is not all powerful, or if he is all powerful then he can’t be loving!” Our experience of life can’t answer these questions. It just drives us deeper into the confusion of the last statement. Some Christian thinkers have described the experiences that lead to these questions an experience of a “run away God.” For people of faith these questions can be even more painful because of a profound sense of a betrayal of our trust in Him and the feeling we have been abandoned by our source of hope and security. Our attempts to find God in our experience alone are doomed to failure because our experience is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, joys and sorrows. God does not want us to be in darkness and confusion and nor does He want us to think he has run from us in our darkest hours. So he shows himself, a revelation of his commitment to us. God comes to us in Christ – God’s only begotten Son who suffers dies and returns to life. He cares. We matter so much God in Christ enters our confusing and troubled world and he embraces human experience with all its’ suffering and pain. In Christ we know God who is with us and for us, a personal God who seeks relationship with us and commits himself to journey with us. The writer of Psalms* knows this when he says: “even the darkness is not dark to you, the darkness is as light as the day.” So why is St Andrews a Christ centered community? The answer is because in Christ we meet God who knows and understands suffering first hand, is concerned for us, committed to us and who sticks by us. In Christ there is hope in times of adversity, courage in time of fear, comfort in sorrow and forgiveness in failure. A former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser made the comment: “Life wasn’t meant to be easy.” Maybe he’s right, but life is easier when we know that the creator of the universe is committed to us, no matter what. *(a book of the Bible that contains prayers, that are conversations with God) Pastor Terry Unger

Sport News Student Sporting Achievements Already in 2014 we have some amazing sporting achievements to celebrate. District Swimming St Andrews students performed very well with the following students being selected in District teams to swim at the Regional trials: Tom Atkinson Saoirse Harding Jack Read Max Indriawan in 6 events Mia Jenkins in 6 events Ieuan Watkins in 7 events and Ieuan also broke 2 District Records in the 50m and 100m Freestyle for 13 year Boys. District Sport Trials Don’t forget to email Mr Manion if you are interested in attending District Sport trials in 2014. Reminders are in students’ notices and on various College News sites. Run Club Our RUN CLUB coach is again ex-St Andrews student JK Faulkner. Run Club will again be held on Mondays and Thursdays beginning week 6 on Thursday 6th March. Members should meet at the Top Oval at 7am. Sessions will go for approximately one hour. Members will be able to purchase the running club singlet and receive achievement awards for attendance and kilometers run. You will require an information pack which will include a permission form. This will be available from Mr Manion or at Running Club. Just come along and sign up! We hope to see an impressive turn out this year to train for the Cross Country, Track and Field Carnivals and Kokoda as well as generally improving your health and wellbeing. Run Club caters for families of all students in Years 4-12 no matter what your needs and abilities are. Hinterland District Teams Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the Hinterland District Sports teams to compete at Regional Championships: Yasmin Morrison - Open Netball Brooke Chown – Open Touch Jenna Mobberley – 15 years Touch Flynn Bergman – 15 years Touch

Horse Riding Nationals Mikayla van Kampen competed in Australian National Titles in horse riding in Melbourne in December 2013. Mikayla won the event after competing against the best riders in her age category in Australia, she is now the best in Australia! Queensland Triathlon Seven St Andrews students competed at the State Triathlon Championships recently. Kye Wylde (6th place) and Kane Richards (3rd place) were selected in the Queensland team to compete at the National Championships next month.

Art News PAT Staffing News Due to family commitments, our Strings PAT Teacher, Mr Paul Robinson will not be continuing in 2014. Kate Oakley – Grant, who already runs our Hey Presto Program will be taking on the role of Strings PAT Teacher in addition to some PAT Piano Tuition. Kate completed a 4 year Bachelor of Music Violin Performance, with second study on piano from Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney University She then moved to Germany to accept a full time position as a Principal Violinist with Junge Philharmonie Koln. Whilst there Kate also played casually with many other professional orchestras.

Taekwondo Jack Willsher is travelling in the USA at the moment, competing in Taekwondo tournaments with his team. He often competes in Brisbane and Interstate, and this is another outstanding opportunity that Jack has earned through his dedication and ability. Gold Coast South District Sports Teams Kye Shield and Darby Scott recently represented the GC South District at the Regional Cricket Trials. Futsal Lachlan Anderson recently represented the Gold Coast for U10s in Futsal. His team played 28 games over the season, and won every game....undefeated. Champions! In2Cricket Our In2Cricket program started on Wednesday 26th February. It starts at 3.00pm in the MPH. It will run each Wednesday after school until April 2nd. (6 weeks) You can register online or turn up to a session and join up. Andrew Manion Head of Sport

Upon her return to Australia she completed a Bachelor of Education from Charles Sturt University. Kate continued to teach violin and piano, and work as a freelance violinist in Sydney until she got an offer to teach at a prestigious International School in Singapore, where she stayed for 5 years. Kate moved back to Australia after having children and have been doing home duties, teaching violin and piano privately, casual classroom teaching and doing casual violin work. Kate can be contacted at Term 1 Date Claimers Twilight Classics Concert - Friday 21st March Focus on Classics - Week 8 Week 8 is our Focus on Classics Week, the highlight of this week will be our Twilight Classics Concert Friday 21st March 5.30pm in the Common Room in Main Admin. All are welcome to attend this afternoon featuring performances from our Senior Musicians. For further information please email: Mini Musos Open Rehearsal - Thursday 27th March 3.30pm RBT Parents of our Mini Musos are invited to attend this open rehearsal – this is a great opportunity for you to meet the Mini Musos teachers and see how a rehearsal runs.

Any enquiries regarding our Mini Musos can be emailed to Mr Matt Pearson at Evening of Drama Year 10 and Year 11 Performance Tuesday April 1st 6.30pm RBT This evening is a presentation of assessment performance pieces from our Year 10 and Year 11 Drama Classes. Those Middle School students considering taking Drama in Senior School are particularly encouraged to attend. Jesus Christ Superstar Rehearsals are underway for our 2014 College Musical, Jesus Christ Superstar which will be presented on the 24-26th July (Term 3 Week 2). Our leading Cast is as follows: Jesus – Nathan Lindsay Judas – Jonathon Aiello Mary – Kelsey Caruana (Lindsay Jones US) Pilate – Elliott Baylis Herod – Dakota Leschke Apostles/Apostle Women Jason Ryan, Alex Evans, Max Gray, Dylan Jackson, Thomas Marshall, Nikita Stokes, Lindsay Jones, Anabel Lamburd, Jessica Dean, Chloe Schembri, Melissa Maessen This leading cast is supported by a very talented Ensemble and Dance Troupe. The Council will be played by some of our very talented staff. This will be a fantastic production – so save the date and make sure you don’t miss out. Priscilla Scott Head of Arts

P&F News Welcome back to school and to all new parents we hope you have settled into life at St Andrews. The next General Meeting for Term 1 is Wednesday 12th March at 7pm in the CRC. We welcome any new parents to come and find out what the P & F is all about. If you have any agenda items for discussion please email the Secretary at by Friday 7 March. It is a great opportunity to have input into College projects which the P & F fund are working on and find out about the overall College education philosophy. The P&F is always looking for suggestions that may help raise funds to allow much needed capital projects to be completed for the kids benefit. If anyone is interested please send us an email. During 2013 the P & F contributed towards new seating on the Village Green, water bubblers and painting in the Junior School, AFL goal posts, furniture, upgrading of the sound system in the MPH and a Year 12 common room and a number of other projects around the College.This year we are looking at a grandstand on the main oval, fitout of the new canteen and also a playground for the new Early Learning Centre. If you would like to find out more information about the P&F please contact either Daniel Renneberg (President) (0409729676) or Julieanne Andrews (Vice President) (0421795411). If anyone has any suggestions or comments and cannot make the next meeting please email the P & F at pandf@ Picnic in the Park The annual picnic in the park will be held on the 14th of March from 5pm to 8pm. There will be jumping castles for the kids, music for the adults and a relaxing atmosphere for parents to meet the some of the teachers at the College. Further details will be provided in the next Bulletin. This is a great way to meet other families in a social environment. It is a BYO event. Daniel Renneberg

Volunteers Induction

Dates to remember March Monday 3 Young Leaders Day Regional Swimming Carnival Yr 3 & Yr 6 Parents Coffee after drop off Plantation Cafe Tuesday 4 P3 Parents Coffee after drop off Side Walk Cafe AWLS (selected students) Wednesday 5 Volunteers Induction 9am Regional Swimming Carnival Thursday 6 P1 & P2 Parents Coffee Morning after drop off Teavine House Friday 7 Total Football academy top oval 7am Kids Club Years 4 - 6, 6pm-7:30pm Year 12 QCS Workshop Saturday 8 Scholarship Testing Yr 1 Parents Social Dinner, BSKT, Nobby Beach, 7pm Monday 10 Year 7-12 Curriculum Leadership Team Meeting in CRC 3:30:00 pm to 5:00:00 pm Tuesday 11 SE Qld Secondary Futsal Titles Yrs 8-12 Boys Yr 2 Parents Coffee Morning after dropp off Sidewalk Cafe Wednesday 12 Years 4 Camp 12 - 15 March, Tyalgum Ridge Retreat P&F General Meeting - All Welcome 7pm - 8pm, CRC Friday 14 Picnic in the Park 5 pm - 8pm, MPH grassed area Whole school community invited (see flyer attached) Sunday 16 JS Family Service - Year 5, 9am - 11am, Worship Centre

Our school community wouldn’t be the same without the many volunteers who generously give of their time to help out around the College. Here are the areas you can volunteer in: · · · · ·

Classroom Library (Junior or Senior School) TSA (Traffic Safety Attendant) Tuckshop Uniform Shop

For new Volunteers & renewal attendees our first induction this year is coming up in March. Existing volunteers this induction needs to be completed every 3 years (Please check your VSC expiry date on your name badge) Our next induction is on Wednesday 5th March, 9am – 10:30am in the CRC – (Seminar Room 2). Please register for the Volunteer Induction with Karen Deacon at JS Administration: 07) 5568 5901 OR Light refreshments will be served and we look forward to welcoming you.

Become A  Volunteer  Host  Family  

  Make  Your  Place  Their  Second  Home   World  Education  Program  (WEP)  is   inviting   Australian  families  to  experience  another   culture   within   their   own   homes   by   becoming   volunteer   host   families.   Choose   a   student  from  Italy,  Belgium,  France,  Switzerland,  The  Netherlands  or  South  America   and  get  a  glimpse  into  the  life  of  another  culture  without  having  to  leave  the  comfort   of   your   home!     Our   exchange   students   are   just   as   excited   about   sharing   their   own   culture  and  life  experiences  as  they  are  about  becoming  a  member  of  an  Australian   family.     Arriving  in  July:   Sixtine  (16)  from  France  is  full  of  excitement  about  discovering  a  new  school  system,   a  new  culture  and  a  becoming  a  member  of  an  Australian  family.  Sixtine  has  a  wide   range  of  interests,  including  horse-­‐riding,  reading,  painting/drawing,  spending  time   with  friends,  watching  movies  and  playing  boardgames.       Kalle  (17)  from  Finland  is  an  accomplished  cellist  and  pianist.  He  enjoys  school  and   hopes  to  become  a  lawyer.  Also  a  keen  sportsman,  Kalle  loves  running,  golf  and   skiing.    Both  of  his  sisters  have  been  exchange  students  and  Kalle  can't  wait  to  have   his  own  exchange  experience  in  Australia.   +  MANY  MORE   Find  out  more!   Getting  to  know  your  student  before  he  or  she  arrives  brings  fun  and  joy  to  everyone   involved.     Take   the   next   step   and   contact   WEP   today   to   receive   a   full   information   pack  for  your  family,  including  student  profiles.         Sylvia  Kelly   Manager  -­‐  Inbound  Exchange  Programs     Phone:     1300  884  733   Email:   Online:     Open  your  home  and  hearts  to  an  international  exchange  student!   It’s  easier  than  you  think  and  a  fantastic  experience  for  all!  

Prep to Year 12

Picnic in the Playground Please come and join the College community for our Term 1 social event. Bring everything you need to have a BBQ or picnic - all food, drinks, chairs, plates, cups…..

Friday 14 March Multi Purpose Hall | Junior School Playground

5:00pm - 8:00pm

• Jumping Castle • Entertainment • Coffee Van

• Sausage Sizzle $2.50 • Undercover Area • Playground

St Andrews Lutheran College - P&F Association Please RSVP by Saturday 8 March

St Andrews Newsletter, Issue 1, 28 February 2014  

St Andrews Newsletter, Issue 1, 28 February 2014

St Andrews Newsletter, Issue 1, 28 February 2014  

St Andrews Newsletter, Issue 1, 28 February 2014