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Issue 03 / 29 August 2013

From the Principal Student Achievements St Andrews offers a myriad of opportunities beyond the classroom for our students. The raft of opportunities and experiences available to our students is impressive. In the past few weeks alone St Andrews students have been involved in and achieved success in diverse fields. 13 of our Year 12 students have been participating in the Griffith University Business Studies workshops, and as a result of their achievements in this program, all 13 have been guaranteed entry in any Business Degree Course that Griffith offers next year after they graduate from the College. A group of Year 7 students competed in the National Science Week Competition and were placed first in their section against other schools on the Gold Coast. In the Gold Coast Language

Championships. The College’s Dance Troupe achieved a first for St Andrews by winning the Contemporary Dance section of the Gold Coast Schools Eisteddfod, whilst several of our Musical Groups have received Very Highly Commended participating in the same Eisteddfod. Our Years 4-7 Athletics Team had an outstanding carnival winning the ‘small schools’ division of the Lutheran Schools Track & Field Carnival. Congratulations to all involved. The College is enormously proud of their achievements, but even more important than their success, was the way that they conducted themselves in these endeavours. Education at St Andrews is much more than what takes place inside the four walls of the classroom. Involvement in co-curricular activities is an important part of being a student at St Andrews. The role that co-curricular activities like the ones listed above play in developing the character, values and qualities of our young people cannot be underestimated. Such activities play a crucial part in developing balanced young men and women. Thank you to staff who provided our children and young people with these opportunities. Enhancing Pastoral Care at St Andrews One of the strengths of the College is the quality of Pastoral Care that it provides. Whilst it certainly is a strength, I am pleased to announce two further developments that will only enhance the effectiveness of our Pastoral Care. At the beginning of this term the College employed a Nurse to look after the acute first aid and medical needs of our community. The College was fortunate to secure the services of an experienced School Nurse, Mrs Corina Sills to be our first College Nurse. Nurse Sills joins us from TSS, after heading up their Health Clinic for the past 7 years. The Health Clinic is still being finished and will be located underneath the Junior School Administration Building.

Teachers Association Speaking Competition a Year 9 student won the speaking Japanese section, and a Year 5 student placed 4th. Our Middle and Senior School Chess Teams continued the fine tradition of previous years and both won the recent AGCC

This year we appointed Year Level Coordinators for the first time in Middle School. The Middle School Year Level Coordinators have oversight of the Pastoral Care in each of the Middle School year levels. They

provide another significant adult who knows and cares for the children in that year level. Following the success of the Middle School Year Level Coordinators, next year (2014) in Senior School the College will introduce Year Level Coordinators. The College is pleased to announce that Mr James Nelson (Year 10), Ms Megan Yeo (Year 11) and Mrs Shirley Washington (Year 12) have been appointed to these important Pastoral Care positions. Kindergarten Planning for the Kindergarten continues. Design plans are busy being finalised and the various levels of ‘red tape’ are slowly but surely being ticked off. At this point it is looking like that it will be a triple room Kindergarten, offering educational programs for 3½ to 4½ year olds in 2 of the rooms, and education for 2½ to 3½ year olds in the third room. Unlike some community kindergartens, the St Andrews Kindergarten will be staffed by qualified Early Childhood teachers. Construction is scheduled for 2014, and it will be located on the land adjacent the Prep Building, overlooking the Junior School Oval. Floor plans for the Kindergarten are available for viewing on the College Website. Design plans for the Lower CRC are also available on the College Website. Growing Good Men Project During the month of August the College rolled out the first instalment of a new initiative the ‘Growing Good Men’ Project. Each Thursday afternoon a group of Year 9 and 10 boys and a number male members of staff met. Together, side by side they engaged in a meaningful project where they developed seating for the garden outside the Art room. The end result will be an enhanced facility for students to use

during their breaks. More important than this was what the boys experienced. Working side by side with older men, through hands on experience and incidental conversations, the boys were able to gain a sense of the journey into manhood, and experience positive models of masculinity. Through engaging in

a significant project, insights into what it means to be a ‘good man’, what it means to be ‘a man built for others’ were able to be formed. Part of the project involved Action Research into the impact this sort of project had on the Emotional Intelligence of the boys involved with some promising initial results obtained. The Growing Good Men Project, like the Girls with a Purpose Program, will be become an ongoing feature of a St Andrews Education, and be made available to different year levels at different times. Thank you to Mr Nelson for leading the project, and the other members of staff who gave of their time to be involved. Positive Education Parents will be aware that the College has begun a process of embedding Positive Psychology into our programs. Positive Psychology through its focus on building positive emotion, engagement, meaning & purpose, relationships and accomplishment aims to proactively build well-being and the skills of resilience. Positive Psychology isn’t ‘Happyology’ or a ‘Pollyanna’ approach to life. It isn’t about cocooning our children and young people from pressures, difficult situations or failure. Rather it is about equipping them with the skills to deal with these, persist and bounce back. The more adept we are at a young age at dealing and coping with the stressors and disappointments of life the more likely we are able to cope with the challenges which inevitably feature in life ahead. There is a tendancy in society to shield our children from failure and pressure so at times we allow them to take the soft option, not turn up and withdraw from commitment. Cocooning from failure is such an understandable parental response. Martin Seligman the renowned Positive Psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania, argues ’children need to fail. They need to feel sad, anxious or angry. Such strong emotions exist for a purpose: they galvanize you into action to change yourself, and by doing so terminate the negative emotion. When we impulsively protect our children from failure, we deprive them of learning coping skills, and skills of resilience and persistence’. As we work toward enabling our children and young people to experience the fullness and richness of life, we need to encourage participation, commitment and the development of coping skills, which in turn develop persistence, resilience and allow us to manage our fears better. Tim Kotzur Principal

Junior School News I am a self-confessed AFL footy tragic. I used to play it when I was younger, I enjoy going to watch a game live and I love watching a game on television. On Saturday, Kevin Sheedy was involved in his 1000th game of AFL football as a coach and a player. They showed a clip of Sheedy (the ultimate mentor) and a young player going through some video footage of a game of football. The young footballer was listening intently to Sheeds. He was giving this young footballer instruction on where to stand, what to look out for and what to look out for if he is in a similar situation again. The conversations were honest, delivered in a respectful manner, that encouraged the footballer rather than belittle him because of his mistakes. He was able to grow from this conversation and become a better footballer as a result. At St Andrews Lutheran College we have a very talented team of teachers. They are amongst some of the best teachers I have ever worked with. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to try and improve our teaching performances. We do this in a number of ways: 1. We ask the teachers to reflect on their teaching performance, reflect on ways to improve the curriculum that has been taught to the students and look for ways to collaborate with their peers. 2. We have mentors who observe the teachers in the classroom and then give them feedback on what was observed. 3. We provide teachers with the latest research and training. 4. Each year the teachers undertake an annual review of their performance. This is an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about the year that has been and set goals to improve and grow as an educator. We encourage the students to be life-long learners and the teachers live and breathe this too. The teachers at St Andrews are constantly looking for ways to improve what and how they teach. This is the difference between a really good teacher and a truly great teacher and St Andrews Lutheran College has lots of truly great teachers. Darrin Schumacher Deputy Principal Head of Junior School

Middle & Senior School News Visioning for a Positive Future – Growing Good Kids! At St Andrews we focus on the development of the whole person. We want our students to explore their gifts and to approach their learning and life with a positive and persistent approach. We also run programs to promote the development of resilience through setting goals that require students to ‘stretch’ themselves towards achieving their goals. In my article this term, I’ve decided to ask a number of staff to share their reflections on some of the diverse programs of support on offer at the College. An open space to be creative – Why the Art room is open at lunch. ‘Having students from different year levels work in the art room at lunch time allows them to see each other’s work, to learn new techniques, ask questions about the reasons for doing certain things, or making certain design choices. It is constructive criticism in action, without kids even realising that they are analysing and offering opinions to others who they might never talk to in another context’ – Ngaire Harman (Head of Visual Art) Growing Good Men Project This term a number of our male staff have been involved in a mentoring project with our boys called, Growing Good Men (GGM). Coordinated by Mr James Nelson, this project enables our young men to get their hands dirty on a real project, learn life skills, understand their own values, have a stronger conviction and commitment to the kind of man they are becoming.

“Young people need opportunities to create worthwhile contributions, need a real connection with others and need to know who they are. Growing Good Men offers young men of St Andrews a chance to build a positive self-concept and skills to be more ‘others centered’. ” – James Nelson (Director of Students Development)

Through this program students gained confidence in their emotional intelligence, teamwork and leadership skills and we now have a new garden areas adjacent to the Art rooms. GGM is a deliberate attempt to give young men a clearer sense of their identity, their dignity, their values, their potential in the context of a physical challenge and creative work project which aims to build resilience.The intention is for these projects to run a few times each year and I would like to thank all of the male staff involved and the boys who took part. Girls with a purpose Two weeks ago, a group of Year 8 and 9 girls from the Girls with a Purpose Program in Term 1 reunited for a visioning session with some Year 12 mentors. The girls created their vision boards by selecting words, quotes and pictures and pasting them onto a canvas. The floor was scattered with magazines and print outs from quote websites, along with inspiring pictures of people and places. The aim of visioning is to create positive images of what you want in your future and to place it somewhere to remind you of your goals and aspirations. It was also a time for the girls to share their stories and their dreams for the future.

‘Girls with a Purpose’ program, developed to provide a relevant life skills program to young women. Girls with a Purpose sessions are focused on issues such as communication, team work, resilience and positive self-worth.’ – Mardi Frost (Student Counsellor) Academic Assistance – There is a tutorial for that! Each week tutorials are run at lunchtimes and after school in all academic areas and, wherever possible, teachers avail themselves to students to offer support. The times and dates for tutorials are published on Moodle and in the daily Students Notes. If your child is having difficulties with a subject asking their teacher for extra help and attending tutorials is the best place to start. One way parents can help their children to build resilience is by reinforcing that learning is meant to be hard…. If we are to grow in our sense of achievement and success, we have to work hard and struggle to learn new things. My favourite word for encouraging persistence is yet! You can’t do it yet. Each term, compulsory studies sessions are held for students in Year 11 and Year 12. These are wonderfully collaborative ‘peer learning’ sessions with teachers on hand to be the experts to help students prepare for exams. The Year 12 session was held this Wednesday as a final preparation time for the QCS tests which are next week. The Year 11 student session is next Wednesday. This year it has been wonderful to see our Seniors mentoring Middle School students on Wednesday afternoons in the CRC. “Tutorials give individual students an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of content and processes and to have that one-on-one time with me where they can ask questions about their learning without worrying about peer pressure. Sometimes students need to hear the content broken down or organised in a different way and to make a more of a personal connection to the content through a tailored explanation that is appropriate to their learning style. During tutorials the learning is customised for the student based on their needs so it is very effective.” Lynda Galway (Head of Business Studies) QCS Tests Our current Year 12 students will sit the QCS tests next Tuesday and Wednesday (September 4 – 5) in the Ruth Butler Theatre. As a College we hold every confidence in our Year 12 students and their ability to perform to their full potential while completing the testing. They are well prepared and have been working hard over an extended period of time to ensure they achieve to their highest possible standard. I encourage all Year 12 students and their families to keep these tests in perspective and to try to maintain

a positive and healthy approach to the final few weeks in the lead up to QCS. There is a saying, ‘worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you far.’ My advice to students is; try to eat well, sleep well and work productively. Switch off Facebook and remain positive in your approach. Good luck, Year 12! Resilience – A final note Resilience can refer to the ability to bounce back or to persist with grit through the hard times such as exam and assignment pressure, friendship issues, failure and emotional ups and downs. Australian Psychologist Andrew Fuller defines it as, ‘the happy knack of being able to bungy jump through the pitfalls of life’. There is evidence to suggest that resilience skills, attitudes and behaviours can be refined, developed or learnt from scratch. And so, as a College, we will continue on making resiliency a key focus in our ambition to grow good kids. The five elements that contribute to resilience are: Optimism, Solution Orientation, Individual Accountability, Openness and Flexibility and Managing Stress and Anxiety. Having recently visited the Year 11 camp, where all of the students were pushed to and at times beyond their perceived limits and then spending last Friday with them in Christian Studies classes, it reaffirmed to me that the diversity of activities on offer that promote the development of the whole self are incredibly important aspects of the St Andrews experience.

Art News MS Performance Showcase Tuesday 10th September, 6.30pm This evening is a special showcase of our talented MS Performers. The night will feature Concert Band, MS and Combined Dance Troupe, MS Dance Elective, MS Music Makers and invited soloists. All welcome. Upcoming Music Events “Twilight Classics” September 2nd 4.45 – 6.00 p.m Parents and friends are invited to hear an hour of classical music in the Staff Common Room in the new administration building. Refreshments will be provided. Please note, it is important to RSVP Miss Moore for catering and seating purposes. gendim@salc.qld. Cultural Awards Evening 2013 Friday 11th October 6.30pm This year our Cultural Awards Evening will be held at the end of Week 1, Term 4. Letters have been sent home to the JS students who are eligible to receive an award. If your child has been involved in Arts Activities outside of the College, please email Also if your child meets the criteria below but has not received a letter please also email us. In MS/SS students are to complete the Cultural Surveys and return to Miss Scott. Below is the Criteria for Cultural Awards for students Years 4 – 12. Essential Criteria for all levels: Active Participation in school cultural activities. Please note criteria is applicable from Years 4 - 12.

Virginia Warner Deputy Principal Head of Secondary School

Bronze Award This is awarded to students who have been involved in several ( 3 – 4 ) cultural groups/activities throughout the year OR Passed Grade 5 or above in Music, Dance or Speech & Drama Exam OR Are nominated for outstanding contribution to a school ensemble/activity

Silver Award This is awarded to students who have been involved in 5 or more cultural groups/activities throughout the year OR Passed Grade 5 or above in Music, Dance or Speech & Drama Exam + involvement in cultural groups/activities throughout the year OR Major Award at Regional level (GC Drama Festival / Eisteddfod Championships etc)

Summary of results is as follows: Contemporary Dance – Combined Troupe – 1st Place Rory and Finn McLynskey – Instrumental Duo – 2nd Place Semitones Choir - Infant Choir – VHC Intermediate Concert Band – Primary Schools Concert Band B Division – VHC Mini Musos – Novice Band – HC Jazz Dance – Senior Dance Troupe – HC Finn McLynskey and Thomas Marshall – Instrumental Duo - HC

Gold Award Representation at State level or equivalent in chosen discipline OR Major Award (eg. Top of State in Speech & Drama Exam)

Priscilla Scott Head of Arts

Eisteddfod Wrap Up Congratulations to all students who represented St Andrews at the recent Gold Coast Eisteddfod.

Sport News Track and Field Term 3 is traditionally focused on Track and Field Carnivals and once again, students from St Andrews have produced some outstanding performances. In week 1 we had our own Carnivals on the top oval. Congratulations go to every student who participated and gave their best efforts for their respective house groups. From there, we had teams of students go to District Carnivals. We had a record 20 St Andrews students qualify for Primary Championship Day and then Satine Masiar and Jack Read qualified for the Primary Schools Regional Championships on August 26th. In the Secondary competition, Kieran Croker, Shanea Pagels, John Ramsay, Molly Schaefer, Will Atkinson, Isabella Leary, Natalie Roberts, Chelsea Blockey, Kye Wylde, Lachlan Irvine, Brady Bastin and Tia Faulkner have all qualified for the Regional Championships on September 9 and 10. Our St Andrews teams also competed valiantly at the respective Inter Lutheran Carnivals. Our Junior team continues to show the value of our Run Club sessions by winning the B Division trophy at the Southern Lutheran Associated Primary Schools Carnival on August 21st. In an outstanding effort, all but one of our age group teams achieved 1st place. Our Senior team also competed well, coming 4th in the B Division at the Queensland Lutheran Schools Carnival on August 26th. Touch Football St Andrews has teams entered in a number of upcoming carnivals:

1. SQBD Carnival at Runaway Bay on August 27th. 2. ALL SCHOOLS TOUCH, 10th – 13th October . 3. PRIMARY SCHOOLS TOUCH – Mixed Championships at Cleveland Showground, 2nd – 3rd November. Student Achievements Congratulations to; Fraser Eller who has been selected in the Queensland under 14 Metro Soccer Team for the 2013 FFA National Youth Championships. Alyshia Jut was part of the Queensland Sport Aerobics team of 7 girls who became the National Champions at the FISAF Championships in Melbourne. Andrew Manion Head of Sport

Born to knit campaign 2013 Last year, Save the Children received 4,844 blankets for children in need programs across Australia and overseas. 37 of these blankets were made with love by our St Andrews community. It is time to start knitting again. Thank you to our knitters who continued through the summer; this has provided a head start on the blanket tally for this year. Please enlist your friends, family and neighbours to knit or crochet blankets. Blankets will keep children warm and help to save lives. Save the Children request the size to be 80cm square. Make whole blankets or knit 80cm x 20cm strips. If you require wool, needles or instructions please contact

Dates to remember August / September August Friday 30th Gold Coast Show Day September Monday 2nd GC Eisteddfod Dance JS Troupe & Animi 3.30pm & 5.30pm Spotlight on Classics Music Week “Twilight Classics” performance, Common Room Main Administration 4.45pm to 6pm. Parents, Staff and College Council very welcome Tuesday 3rd QCS Testing Wednesday 4th QCS Testing GC Primary Schools QLD Interschool Chess, 8.30am registration Carrara Basketball Stadium Yr 11 Compulsary Study Session Friday 6th Energies Opening Exhibition (will run to 4th Oct) St Andrews Kids Club /Youth Yrs 4-6, 6pm to 7.30pm Yr 6 students Brisbane Writers Festival Excursion 7.15am3.10pm Yr 1 Comparing Generations Year 2 Mum’s Night Out, Pointbreak Burleigh 7pm Sunday 8th Yr 6 Parents High Tea, Royal Pines Resort Tuesday 10th MS Performance Showcase RBT 6.30pm Wednesday 11th Service Learning pre placement excursion to Musgrave Hill Special School–Selected MS students TBA 8.30am to 11am Friday 13th Year 11 & 12 Exams Prep Disco 6pm - 8pm, RBT Yr 1A Mums Night Out, Willow Dining Room Burleigh Sunday 15th Year 2 Family Service Monday 16th Year 11&12 Exams Yr 7 Canberra Trip Year 8 Real Game Year 11 Energies Visual Art Excursion to Swell Sculpture Festival 8.30am to 11am Tuesday 17th Year 11&12 Exams Yr 7 Canberra Trip Year 8 Real Game Wednesday 18th Yr 7 Canberra Trip P-3 Mini Olympics Year 8 Medieval Day 9am to 3pm RBT students to wear Medieval costumes Year 3 Excursion to GC Arts Centre / Theatre Performance 9.45am to 12.40pm Thursday 19th All Students End Term 3 Yr 7 Canberra Trip King of the Hill fun run MS/SS 1.30pm to 3.00pm Champion Basketball School Tournament Friday 20th Student Free Day / Teacher Only Day Yr 7 Canberra Trip Champion Basketball School Tournament

Parents and Friends Association

St Andrews P & F News The next meeting of the P & F will be the AGM held in Term 4 on Wednesday 6th November at 7pm, so mark it in your calendar. All positions will be up for nomination, so if you wish to get involved, contact one of the committee members for details. Funding and Projects This year the P & F has funded many projects within the school community, including seats on the Village Green, Water coolers in the Junior and Middle school, AFL goal posts for the back oval, and a new sound system for the MPH should be installed by Term 4. Banners which will encourage student’s creativity and sense of wellbeing in the College will be seen around the College Campus shortly. Funds to finish the Year 12 Common Room were also provided by the P & F, which all students at St Andrews will eventually be able to utilise. During the September School holidays an extension to the Bus Shelter will be built which has also been solely funded by the P & F. A climbing wall for the MPH has been approved as well as an E-library for the College, which includes over 400 book titles for use by all students. A further donation has also gone towards funding a Lego Robotic Club which we are sure will benefit many children. These are only a few examples of suggestions from parents attending P & F meetings which have come to fruition. Another important reason why you should get involved and have input into how the funds you help raise are put towards projects within the College. Further information on the Grandstand should be available at the AGM, plans have been prepared, and the school is awaiting quotes to determine the cost. Approval for the expenditure will be sought at future P & F meetings.

Sponsors The P & F would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support of our College. Please show your support for these businesses.

Whole School Newsletter, Issue 3, 29 August  

Whole School Newsletter, Issue 3, 29 August