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Issue 14 / 01 November 2013

Middle & Senior School News Presentation Night A reminder to all families that our Annual Presentation Night is to be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Tuesday 12 November. Presentation Night is the only evening event in the College’s calendar that is compulsory for all students in Years 4-12. Awards for excellence in the academic, sporting, citizenship and cultural arenas across the various year levels will be presented on the night. Students who are not directly involved in the proceedings will sit with their class, supervised by members of staff. Please remember that everyone needs to be seated by 6.45 pm at the latest for a prompt 7.00 pm start. Students who are involved on the evening (Awardees, Performers and Year 12 students) will be attending rehearsals at the Convention Centre throughout the day on the Tuesday. Sports uniform is to be worn. Award recipients will receive a letter from the College next week. Year 12 Formal On Saturday 19 October I had the great pleasure of attending the Year 12 formal. The students not only looked sensational, they were sensational. Thank you to Mrs La Porta for her work behind the scenes and also to Brittany Watson, Caitlin Lister and Lani Carruthers who spoke on the evening.

World Staff Day If one wants extraordinary things to happen in a school one must fill it with extraordinary people! Here at St Andrews we are most certainly blessed with wonderful, diverse and extraordinary staff who work tirelessly towards providing the best possible environment for our students to enjoy. Friday 25 October was World Staff Day and we celebrated our wonderful staff with a special morning tea. Students wrote lovely affirmations and thank you notes to their teachers that were received with great appreciation. Orientation to Middle School - “Day with a Difference” On Friday 1 November the Year 7 class of 2014 (including current Year 6 students, 2013 together with new Year 7 students 2014), and their parents were invited to attend a morning session from 8:30am – 12:00pm to experience what lies ahead next year. This special opportunity is designed to provide students and their parents the opportunity to come in and ‘try out’ life in the Middle School. Parents will be involved in sessions aimed at helping them prepare for their child’s adolescent years, and how to encourage digital citizenship and safety while students will glimpse what lies ahead in the next phase of their exciting learning journey – Middle School! The Edge The Year 9 girls are now midway through their GOOGA experience. Having returned from GOOGA last Friday, the Year 9 boys and have spent this week reflecting on their

experiences and preparing for their presentations this Friday evening. ‘The Edge’ is a very important part of what we do at St Andrews and I am looking forward to listening to the students reflections. Senior Art Exhibit The senior students’ art exhibition opens this Friday 1 November at the Kirra Community and Cultural Centre. The show runs until the Friday 15 November. Year 12 Final Few Weeks - Farewell to Year 12 Students By the time the next bulletin is sent home, our Year 12 students will have finished their College Journey. Personally and on behalf of the staff and students across the College, I would like to wish all Year 12 students every blessing for the future. Year 12, as you go about your final two weeks as a St Andrews student, know that we have appreciated the gifts and talents you have shared with this community and that we will miss you. Your support and leadership of the College has left a lasting impression. Our community is richer for having had you with us. Best wishes to each of you as you enter your final exams and then your final week.

As you prepare to graduate and say goodbye on Friday 15 November, I pray that you will enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved by God and that you are well prepared to face life’s challenges beyond school. Every blessing to you and please stay safe and in touch. Remaining Year 12 farewell events Please familiarise yourself with the exam schedule and your schedule for the last week. Events to note: Monday 4 November - Exams start Tuesday 12 November - Presentation Night Thursday 14 November - Valedictory Dinner at Bond University (Princeton Ballroom) 6.30pm Friday 15 November - Final Chapel / Farewell Assembly and Guard of Honour 8.30am Every blessing, Virginia Warner Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

Senior School News Gold Coast City Junior Council 20th Anniversary Four St Andrews students have been involved in the Gold Coast City Junior Council in 2013. They include John Hamstra,who was elected to the Council Executive earlier in the year, Chloe Ivak, Thomas Marshall and Morgan Atkins. Recently, we attended the 20th Anniversary of the Junior Council on the Gold Coast and I would like to share with you the reflections of Thomas and Morgan. “What is the use of an idea if you do not act upon it,” the wise words of Mr Ian Yarker of Ashmore Rotary Club. This belief is also supported by Mrs Heather Yarker, Rotary member and founder of Junior Council which is still running strong after 20 years. In this time Ashmore Rotary Club has supported Gold Coast City Junior Council with Mr and Mrs Yarker as one of the key ingredients to its success and longevity. One idea, one commitment and 20 years of encouraging the youth of the Gold Coast to stand up, have a say and to share their views with over 30 schools and multiple councillors. The younger generation are clearly speaking out loud as over 1000 Gold Coast students have been involved in this 20 year montage. Some joined for the food, the socializing or even just to get time off school, but the Gold Coast City Junior Council really does speak out through the younger generations as it provides and expands the opportunities for future leaders to create a healthy and stable environment. “When something has been done for 20 years, you know it works.” This was clearly evidenced at the 20 year anniversary celebrations as past members of this program reunited and shared their journeys with the current generation of young Councillors. Recognizing the youth and developing leadership skills, young citizens shaping a beneficial future for the Gold Coast, and for each other. Mayor Tom Tate left one last word of encouragement. “We need the next generation, to take this city forward.” By Junior Councillors Morgan Atkins and Thomas Marshall Congratulations to: • Kye Wylde, who is not only physically gifted but has a creative talent as well, Kye was a finalist for the Sports Action Category and Outstanding Achievement at the Capture Awards recently. • Ellie Brooks who recently placed 2nd in the State Surfing Championships. • All our Year 12’s who will soon walk out of the school gates for the last time on Friday 15 November. We look forward to celebrating the Presentation Night, Valedictory Dinner and Final Chapel with you and your parents. • John Hamstra, Dakota Leschke, Josh Prince, Jason Ryan, Ashleigh Blake, Kelsey Caruana, Virginia Guthrie, Chloe Ivak and Annika Schache who addressed the student

body at the recent Captaincy Speeches for 2014. I can safely say our College is in very safe hands regardless of the outcome of the leadership process. If you have any concerns or queries please contact me on Tania Stewart Head of Senior School

Middle School News The Acronym Maze Gone are the days when parents dropped their children off at the bus or the school gate and travelled blissfully unaware through twelve years until something (easily translated) called a ‘TE’ Score appeared in the mail. In particular, recent governments have made significant efforts to encourage parents to be informed and engaged about their child’s school and its curriculum. Unfortunately this has led to an abundance of ‘edu-speak’ acronyms which can sometimes cloud the water. In this article I will endeavour to provide some clarity to the new(ish) areas of interest in schooling. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is a national independent authority established about five years ago with responsibility for the three key terms in its name; curriculum, assessment and data collection/reporting. In order to streamline the variety of school curriculums which had sprung up since Federation, part of its responsibility was the creation of a national curriculum. The writing process was started about five years ago and last year saw the implementation across Australia of curricula for Maths, English and Science. This year History was implemented and 2014 will see the introduction of Geography. In future years Languages, HPE, The Arts and Technologies will be rolled out. The curriculum in each of the subject areas details not only what content areas should be covered in each year level but also what academic skills should be taught. These documents are readily available on the ACARA site should you wish to see how the development is progressing, or alternatively, view subject area documents in their entirety ( Associated with the assessment/data collection/reporting elements of ACARA has been the development of a National Assessment Program. The main element consists of a series of tests in the fundamental areas of literacy and numeracy. Hence we have the annual NAPLAN tests (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy). Again these have been in action for approximately five years and take place annually in May for Years 3 ,5, 7 and 9. Additionally, every three years other subject areas are tested but only in some randomly selected schools. The NAPLAN tests were devised as a means of providing parents/carers with a ‘snapshot’ of their children compared to national benchmarks in these two fundamental areas. As a College we use the data from these tests to inform our teaching practices for future years. In the near future there will be technological changes to

these tests which will allow for feedback to be provided far quicker than the current system. Once students leave the Middle School they will become more acquainted with another of our educational bodies known as the QSA (Queensland Studies Authority). It informs and regulates our senior subjects. Our Director of Learning and Teaching (Mrs Wrigley) will provide more information on this area. As always, regardless of educational authorities, the education of your child is most heavily influenced by you and the school you have chosen. I hope that you feel confident in our ability within the Middle School to provide an education that is engaging, age-specific and age-focused. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss anything further. Tom Casey Head of Middle School

Student Development Learning through discomfort Watching the Year 9 boys at Googa was revealing as I saw how many of them responded to discomfort. Each of them was learning to manage and cope with new stresses and develop resilience. For some it was the physical heat, discomfort of not washing regularly, or a hard days hiking that made them push to the edge of their comfort zone and beyond. These boys were learning to be patient and to remember that they were part of a team and needed to fulfill their responsibilities. For some boys it was an adjustment to living with friends or having to remain with their team, when their natural impulse was to head off on their own. These boys had to learn to communicate and listen to ideas, to negotiate and compromise to find amiable and often better outcomes. Some boys began the two week experience totally concerned with avoiding discomfort, but by the end of the two weeks were really starting to learn the value in the experience they returned knowing that life is tough, that the world doesn’t revolve around them and that they can adjust, learn, cope and even contribute to other people’s wellbeing and ability to cope.

Spending the last week or so at Googa Outdoor Education Centre with our Year 9 boys reinforced to me a range of lessons that are so valuable for my wellbeing as I journey through life’s ups and downs. I became so aware of how much I seek out comfort and how uncomfortable I am without my routines for food, friendship, sleep, washing, etc. It was only through managing the changes and some discomforts imposed by communal living in a rural setting that I was able also able to learn and grow. Many of the adjustments I am now trying to turn into habits at home. Some parents attest to similar changes and growth in their children after experiences like Googa. Of course, the students are not adults yet and so need adult help and guidance regarding the establishment of pro-social habits and contributing to family life. As such, parents can help their children learn and grow from outdoor education by reflecting on their learning and offering opportunities for them to continue to contribute and maintaining habits that foster better living (in community and/or family) – whether it is helping out with meals, playing cards instead of TV or Facebook, encouraging each other with regular morning runs or walks, writing weekly routines around study, household chores, reading and leisure time. James Nelson Director of Student Development

Careers News Year 12: QTAC Applications: Although the on time deadline has now passed, it is still possible for Year 12 students to apply for university for 2014 via the QTAC website as well as make changes to their list of preferences at a cost of $34 or $104 for new applications. Any student who believes that their Year 11/12 studies have been adversely affected by circumstances beyond their control is encouraged to consider applying for special provision for their university applications through the QTAC Educational Access Scheme(EAS). Students/ parents can find out about this in the QTAC guide or by contacting Mrs Wrigley. Griffith University New Offerings for 2014 Information Pages Griffith University has a series of 5 website pages explaining the new degrees offered in 2014 including: Bachelor of Environmental Design (Landscape) – Gold Coast Bachelor of Occupational Therapy –Gold Coast Bachelor of Science – Gold Coast and Nathan Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice – Gold Coast Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice – Gold Coast To find out more about these degrees visit:

Commonwealth Scholarships There are a number of University Scholarships offered by the Commonwealth government. These include ABSTUDY, Austudy, Youth Allowance, Fares Allowance, Education Entry Payments and more. For more information and to find out if you’re eligible visit the Centrelink Website: Energize Oz Electrical Apprenticeship Program Anyone interested in a career as an electrician is invited to take part in the Energize Oz Electrical Apprenticeship Program. Applicants will sit a readiness assessment which will allow them to be matched with an employer. apprentice-project-overview Electives for 2014 Following student selections, the “lines” for Year 10 and Year 11 elective subjects have now been released and students have been updated about their selections. Any students wishing to modify or to simply enquire further about their selections are urged to meet with Mrs Wrigley as soon as possible. Year 11 students and parents wishing to review their Career Plan and Year 10 students and parents wanting to update their Career Plan are reminded that they may meet with Mrs Wrigley to discuss career pathways. There will be a further DESTINATIONS session for all Year 10 students later on this term to give all students the chance to complete their Career Plan. Students considering including a SCHOOL BASED TRAINNESHIP in their 2014 Year 11/12 studies should see Mrs Wrigley during this term to explore the many varied opportunities for paid workplace experience and training. Traineeships in hospitality, commercial cookery, business and retail are examples of positions offered by various local recruitment and training providers. Other careers news.... Year 10 HEADSTART DAY at Bond Uni is on Monday October 21st. Visit the Bond uni website or contact Mrs Wrigley to register for this event which gives Year 10 students the opportunity to find out about Bond and uni study options. DesignWorks Information Night Wed 23 October, 6:30pm: 19 Tallebudgera Ck Rd, West Burleigh QLD, 4219 Find out about how to enroll in the full-time graphic design course offered, starting in February 2014. PLEASE NOTE THAT DESIGNWORKS WILL NOT BE OFFERING THEIR ONE DAY A WEEK SCHOOLS CERTIFICATE III Graphic Design course for 2014. UN Youth Australia Aotearoa Leadership Tour 2014 In July 2014 UN Youth Australia will take 9 Australian students in Years 10 to 12 across the Tasman to discover Maori culture and learn skills to lead and develop communities. It’s a two week trip in which students will meet with Maori elders, speak to members of parliament and Indigenous youth groups, visit the Waitangi Treaty grounds and

see the famous hot springs at Rotorua. For more information and to apply visit: IEP Working Adventures Worldwide Information Sessions Work Canada Information Session: Wed 20 November, 6:00pm – 6:30pm: STA Travel Store, Brisbane Work USA Information Session: Wed 20 November, 6:30pm – 7:00pm: STA Travel Store, Brisbane Summer Camp USA Information Session: Wed 20 November, 7:00pm – 7:30pm: STA Travel Store, Brisbane To RSVP for these events visit: Projects Abroad Information Session Tue 29 October, 6:30pm – 8:00pm: Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane Register your attendance at: information-evenings/ Flying Fish: Ideas for a Successful Gap Year Flying Fish offers a range of gap year programs. These include qualifying as a professional yacht skipper, super yacht crew or as a watersports instructor. Following qualification, participants can then spend the rest of their gap year travelling the world while getting paid to do so. break/a_successful_gap_year/default.asp Antipodeans Abroad Information Nights These online information nights are about the overseas programs offered by Antipodeans Abroad Tue 29 October, 6:00pm – 7:00pm: Online Webinar – UniBreak Information Night Mon 11 November, 6:00pm – 7:00pm: Online – GapBreak Information Night Register for these online presentations by visiting: Chrissie Wrigley Director of Learning and Teaching

Mathematics News Mathematics Competition Results 2013 Results from the various Mathematics competitions that students of the College took part in throughout Term 3 have recently arrived. Both competitions (Australian Mathematics Competition & ICAS Mathematics Competition) have hundreds of thousands of students entered throughout many countries. Students from St Andrews performed extremely well and all students are to be congratulated for their efforts. Australian Mathematics Competition: High Distinction: Luke Silveira (12). Distinction: Joanna Loudon (7), Amara Butterworth (8), Emily Burnell (8), Luke Butterworth (10), Spencer Brown (10), Jake Burnell (10) & Harry Veivers (12). Credit: Hayden Verschuure (7), Ben Allan (7), Nicole Richards (8), Keely McVay (8), Jessica Palfreyman (8) & Harry Clancy (11). Proficiency: Jett Crossley (7), Isabella Austin (7) & Kieran Croker (7). ICAS Mathematics Competition: Distinction: Luke Silveira(12). Credit: Ashleigh Blake (11), Thomas Heckler (11), Chloe Ivak (11), Luke Malcolm (11), Sebastian Matters (11), Danielle McCappin (11), Jason Ryan (11) & Zach ThomsonSmith (11). High Distinction: Luke Butterworth (10). Distinction: Spencer Brown (10), Harrison Forbes-Dowd (10), Jacinda Pagels (10) & Lara Santi (10). Credit: Morgan Atkins (10), Elijah Barber (10), Madeleine Clark (10), Carly Desfosses (10), Ashleigh Kemp (10), Madeline Mitchell (10), Clare Spicer-Brown (10), Jackson Stafford (10), Eboni Strickland (10) & Zachary Trotman (10). Credit: Maddison Good (9). Distinction: Amara Butterworth (8), Shane Futcher (8), Teagan Mills (8) & Bailey Scott (8). Credit: Kara Batchelor (8), Emmeline Best (8), Alex Blackborough (8), Emily Burnell (8), Jarred Connolly (8), Olivia English (8), Ben Fitzsimmons (8), Jesse Hinton (8), Keely McVay (8), Jenna Mobberley (8), Liam Nash (8), Jessica Palfreyman (8), Mitchell Poile (8), Nicole Richards (8), Joshua Stadler (8), Charlotte Sutherland (8), Mackenzie Thomas (8), Charlotte Trebilcock (8) & Ben Watson (8). Distinction: Ben Allan (7). Credit: Harrison Craig-Ward (7), Kye Fielder (7) & Joanna Loudon (7). Shane Edwards Head of Mathematics

ICT News Robotics Workshops This term a series of Robotics Workshops has been introduced as a cocurricular activity. At our first workshop we had one laptop but given the level of interest more computers were loaded with the program. At our second workshop we configured our breadboards with 2 sets of LEDs (Red, Amber and Green) and programmed them to model non-concurrent traffic lights. So much fun was had; with red working instead of green, green instead of red and, amber not working at all. In week 3 we are hoping to have made enough progress with our lights that a beeper can be introduced to detect when a sensor is activated. (Modeling a vehicle going through a red traffic light). If your child is interested in Robotics ask them to see Mrs Polentas.

Visual Arts News As the year draws to a close, the season for exhibitions and awards begins. Over the past couple of weeks there have been opportunities for our students to get their artwork out there into the public domain. Firstly, Congratulations to Emily Gill and Claire Dalton for having their work exhibited as part of the Energies Youth Art Exhibition at the Gold Coast Art Gallery. Once again, this has been the most popular exhibition at the Gallery, and some of the feedback received congratulated the students on their high standard of work, technical skill and thought provoking responses to complex issues. In addition to this, I had the great pleasure in attending the Gold Coast Bulletin Txt4U Capture Photography Awards. Once again our students scooped the prize pool. Congratulations to Jarrod Yates, Kye Wylde, Luke Workman, Oliver Waddingham, Nicole Richards, Alexandra Murray, Marcus Kalman, Emma Gibson and Gene Huang for their stunning entries.

And the winners are: Kye Wylde - Finalist - Sports Action Category Nicole Richards - Finalist - Manipulated Category Oliver Waddingham - Finalist - Photojournalism Category Development Award for young Photographers who show outstanding potential - Marcus Kalman Capture Outstanding Achievement Award 2013 - Kye Wylde Creative Industries Gold Coast Industry Award - for the stu-

dent whose work is most professional - Oliver Waddingham Well done to these students on a fantastic achievement. Finally, on Friday night the 1st November, the Year 12 Visual Art students have their graduating Art Exhibition Flux. These students have worked hard this year to produce artwork that is technically competent, conceptually interesting, compositionally exciting and aesthetically pleasing. They have worked on developing their own personal aesthetic in a variety of different media, including film, watercolour, ink and sculpture. Their exhibition is on at the Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre, 1 Garrick Street, Coolangatta until the 15th November. Go along and see what our graduates are worried about, interested in and make art about.

Sport News 12 Years and Under Girls Rugby League Invitational Carnival 14 teams from across Queensland competed at the 2013, 12 Years and Under Girls Rugby League Invitational Carnival in Hervey Bay from Saturday 21st September to Monday 23rd September. The competition comprised of Regional, Zone, District and Invitational teams who played in two Divisions.

A special thankyou to Nicole Howell and Kerry Spence for their hard work in organising and hanging the exhibition and assistance with the Opening Night. Ngaire Harman

Art News Student AMEB Results Congratulations to the following students on their recent AMEB results Clare Verschuure - Preliminary Grade Clarinet - Awarded Honours (A) Sarah-Anne Hornsey - Preliminary Grade Clarinet Awarded Honours (A) Finn McLynskey - 5th Grade Saxophone - Awarded Honours (A) Rory McLynskey - 4th Grade Saxophone - Awarded Honours (A) Thomas Marshall - 4th Grade Clarinet - Awarded Credit (B) Priscilla Scott Head of Arts

St Andrews had 3 girls play for the Gold Coast team and they were Mackenzie Bru, Mollie Hobbs and Ellie Foster. The team was coached by Mrs Leanne Pett and managed by Ms Carmel McHenry. Congratulations to Capricornia Region who won A Division beating Metropolitan West Region 18-0 in a great Grand Final. Gold Coast District won B Division beating Hervey Bay Zone 20-0 in the Final. The scores: Round 1- Gold Coast District Vs South Burnett Zone, 42 0 to Gold Coast Round 2- Gold Coast District Vs Hervey Bay Zone, 24 - 4 to Gold Coast Round 3- Gold Coast District Vs Toowoomba city district, 36 - 0 to Gold Coast Semi Final- Gold Coast District Vs NRL all-stars 2, 12 – 12 Draw Final- Gold Coast District Vs Hervey Bay Zone, 20 - 0 to Gold Coast Student Sport Achievements Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding sporting achievements; Millisen Nyssen recently competed at the AASCF ( Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation) National Championships in Sydney. Her team, the Currumbin Cheetahs Club came 2nd in Australia, an outstanding achievement indeed.

Jessica Palfreyman has been selected in the Queensland team for ice skating and is going to Nationals in December. Will Atkinson and Max Indriawan have been nominated for the Future State Great Sporting Awards. Mikayla Van Kampen was awarded champion rider for the 12 years and under at the Queensland Equestrian State Championships, and is now on her way to represent Queensland at the Nationals in December. Ben Castle went to Darwin to compete in the Northern Territory State BMX Titles. Ben won every heat, the semi-final and came second in the final by four tenths of a second. He now races with the 2NT plate on the bike. Kye Wylde has been selected into the Triathlon Queensland Junior Talent Squad Team 16-19 years for the 2013/2014 season. This squad is the Junior Performance Pathway Program that assists athletes develop to the National Talent Academy, QAS/Elite teams. Kye will be attending the ITU Australian Junior Triathlon series this year and next. Fraser Eller was selected in the Queensland Soccer team to compete at the National carnival. The boys finished 4th out of 7 state teams and Fraser’s coach was extremely pleased with his performance.

Finn Hazir & Angus Renneberg Year 6 played in the U11 boys futsal team were successful in the finals. They played fantastically in an great final. Andrew Manion Head of Sport

Netball News The weekend of Saturday 26/27 October saw 10 girls from Years 6 and 7 travel to Redlands to play netball at the Mission Primary Schools Cup. There were over 700 participates totaling 78 teams. Our girls performed extremely well finishing in the top 16. We went down in the first round of finals to the eventual Runners-up- Matthew Flinders College.

Brooke Chown was selected in the U16 Queensland Rep team for Queensland Touch. Brooke will be competing in Melbourne in December. Max Indriawan came 3rd in his Individual Medley event at the National Swimming Championships in Adelaide. Max was extremely happy with his bronze medal. He swam the freestyle leg and was competing in the age group up. Brady Bastin, Connor Dougherty, Tia Faulkner, Lachlan Irvine, Isabella Leary and Natalie Roberts are all representing South Coast at the State Track and Field Championships from 24th to 27th October.

The most exciting game was against Sienna Catholic College. We were down by 2 goals at half time. But with determination and a lot of grit, the girls fought back to win the game by 2.

Abbie Hawkins has made the Gold Coast u/13s Tennis team. She will compete at the Queensland Junior Teams Carnival in December.

I was very proud of all the girls. They all performed and behaved exceptionally well throughout the entire 10 games. A big thank you to the parents who supported their daughter over the weekend. Another thank you to Mr Kotzur for coming to see the girls play. They appreciated your support. This carnival sees the end of Netball for 2013. It has been our most successful year since I have been here. The senior team achieved runners-up in their division at the QISSN carnival in Townsville, our U16 team won a premiership in the AGCC competition and then the recent success of the yr 7 team.Every year sees Netball at St Andrew’s growing, and I know that 2014 will be just as enjoyable. Well done, girls!

Angus Renneberg, Finn Hazir and Matthew Gabriel have been offered selection in the Futsal Australia teams to tour Malaysia and the USA. These boys performed exceptionally well at the recent National Schools Futsal Championships in Sydney. Ben Castle went to Darwin to compete in the Northern Territory State BMX Titles. Ben won every heat, the semi-final and came second in the final by four tenths of a second. He now races with the 2NT plate on the bike. Matthew Gabriel (4B) was selected for the Futsal QLD City team, to participate in the National School Championships in Sydney. The U10 team went through undefeated. A wonderful achievement for the U10 team. Matthew has been selected from this to participate in the Australian U11 boys Futsal USA tour in 2014.

Lisa Roper Netball Coach

Tuckshop News

Gift of Grace

We are looking for volunteers to help out in the Tuckshop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. If you can help out please contact me on was hungry… Eggs provide Vitamins A, D and E. They’re also good sellers in the market (creating egg-stra family income to buy food). When you support mothers in Cambodia to raise chickens, you really help improve children’s diet and health. Provide 5 hens and 1 cock.

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Summary: Envelope Paper Requirements: weight of 65 to 100gsm; thickness of 0.08 to 0.18 mm; Summary: Envelope Paper Requirements: stiffness: machine direction of 3 mN; and, weight of 65 to 100gsm; stiffness: cross direction of 1.5mN. thickness of 0.08 to 0.18 mm; stiffness: machine direction of 3 mN; and, stiffness: cross direction of 1.5mN. -



Storage silo


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accepted and welcomed.




Little ones like Baby Jeanette from Burundi urgently need the healthy food you can help families grow!

Denise, from Burundi, is very excited. “Before we had this kitchen garden, we did not eat carrots. It is only after being taught the importance of using vegetables as food that we started this… We can grow cabbage, tomatoes and egg-plant too… I want my daughter to finish school and have further education.” Help teach families to grow vegetables for their children.

Kitchen garden

Refugees fleeing war must travel light. When they finally reach safety, they know no one and need ‘everything’. Welcome them with a set of four sleeping mats for a family.

Sleeping mats

3 ... AND MORE!

Poor families in Cambodia were recently granted 1.5 hectares of land by the government. You can support 15 families to develop their new land, using a Kubota hand tractor. Ploughing is more efficient and effective, thus increasing harvest. The tractor can be converted to transport produce to distant markets where crops command better prices.

Hand tractor

The Dalit community in Nepal suffer rejection and discrimination. Support them to stand up for their rights, and win justice, so they can be


Foster Family Kit


have food.

Each morning at Kakuma Refugee Camp, hundreds of pre-schoolers line up for a cup of high protein maize porridge. It’s often their best meal of the day. You can provide a year’s supply

Porridge for a year

Justice Action


When the Lutheran-supported team showed farmers in Mozambique how to improve their maize production, there was a new challenge – where to store the crops safe from pests and damp? You can help teach farmers to build improved storage silos like this one. Maize (still on the cob) is stored off the ground. The area underneath is useful for storage and cooking. Silos help make sure families can always

for a child.

Maburuku is a refugee from Somalia. At Kakuma Refugee Camp, she fosters three children who lost their parents. She says, “To me, even though I am poor, my feeling is I can do something. I see these children have nothing…My wish is these children will not be any different to my own three children.” Support a foster family to take in a refugee child. Provide food, sleeping mats and training.




Each year at Presentation Night we give the opportunity for guests to contribute to Australian Lutheran Jesus me - World did it for I You egg-cellent value! I was a stranger… Service Christmas Appeal. harvest hope The Junior School ice block stall will re open on Friday! This As can be seen from the is only for years Prep – 3. Ice blocks are either 50c or $1. brochure by clicking here 40 This will be available until end of term. or on the image below, a tractor attraction a-maize-ing Meal 425 small donation can go a very Trina van der Kamp long way to help save or 5 Tuckshop Manager benefit a life in such poverty 3,178 carrots to college elcomed me rejected no more …you w stricken countries as Burundi reap and them seed you are my or Cambodia. The brochure family now 25 also offers you the opportu33 y and sick ... 15 sleep safe “Befo re the children were hungr treatment.” nity to personally sow into the Give gifts now! e this garden will be the mayb me …you gave 15 lives of those less fortunate eat something to 13 1300 763 407 8 37 than our own and may well Uniformshop News provide you with ideas for Christmas presents. A few years ago I was personally touched when a colleague gave me a Christmas card which included a little note that said she St Andrews 20th Anniversary Drink Bottles had donated $2 towards a well in Cambodia. If you would now available at the Uniform Shop, 750ml like a hard copy of this brochure it can be obtained from Stainless Steel in Red or Blue. Only $8 each Main Reception or I can post one to you. (while stocks last). $


In Cambodia provide seeds for water spinach, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, long bean, tomato, Chinese radish.

Vegetable Seeds



If you’re a farmer, you can donate grain to directly help farmers with support like the hand tractor or storage silos. As you manage your grain in your bulk handler, simply transfer an amount to ALWS. You can do this at the silo using the ALWS NGR # 13363329 (Buyer Name – ALWS) OR on-line using a ‘Warehouse to Warehouse’ grain transfer form. Call ALWS – 1300 763 407 – to find out more!


Provide a farming family in Cambodia with a kit that can contain axe, curving knife, saw, hoe, shovel, kettle and spade.

Farm Kit


PO Box 488 ALBURY NSW 2640

Denise, Burundi

Kitchen Garden

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Volunteers Thank you Libbey Nussey for volunteering to help out on Thursday mornings (as well as your usual Monday). We are still desperately seeking a volunteer for Friday mornings from 8am to 9am. No experience is necessary but you must love helping people. Please contact Jacqui or Fiona during shop hours on 5568 5933 or drop in and see us. If you have any questions please email us at uniformshop@ Second Hand Clothing Please submit your second hand uniforms before the end of term if you wish to use your credit in January. Sorry, but all items received in January will not be processed until after the back to school rush. All items must be freshly laundered and ironed. Blazers must be dry cleaned and the receipt shown. (Please note that the proceeds from the sale of blazers will now be credited only after the blazer is sold). Jacqui Desfosses Uniform Shop Manager

Jenny Gooch (PA to Principal)

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Parents and Friends Association

St Andrews P & F News This term is certainly flying by and my son kindly reminded me last week there is only 2 months until Christmas. The final meeting of the P & F for 2013 will be the AGM which will be held on Wednesday 6th November at 7pm, so mark it in your calendar. All positions will be open for nomination, so if you need any information on any of the roles, please contact one of the members of the current P & F, details are available on the website. Please come along, as we require a quorum for the AGM and it is important for us to have as many as possible involved for next year. Funding and Projects There have been many happenings in the school which the P & F has funded recently. The AFL posts should be installed as we speak. The P & F is looking to fund high jump mats and other sports equipment for next year. Hopefully everyone has noticed the extension to the school bus shelter, which was built during the recent school holidays. The P & F has fully funded this project which hopefully will make more room for pickups when the weather is not good to us. The Year 12 common room has a new kitchen and glass doors to make it a dedicated area. These are only a few examples of suggestions from parents attending P & F meetings which have come to fruition. Another important reason why you should get involved and have input into how the funds you help raise are put towards projects within the school. Further information on the Grandstand should be available at the AGM. Plans have been prepared, and the school is awaiting quotes to determine the cost. Approval for the expenditure will be sought at future P & F meetings. Pink Ribbon Morning Tea The COLA provided the venue for the start of our event where market stalls were set up. Guests then entered the pink decorated theatre, greeted with a glass of Sirromet “Love” to commence morning tea which was provided by Subway Coolangatta and Fentons Coolangatta Bakery. Mr Kotzur, Mr Schumacher and Mrs Warner joined around 60 ladies to be entertained throughout the morning by talented Middle/Senior students. A big thanks to Secondary

School Students Nathan Lindsay, Natalie Roberts and Yasmin Morrison, Vocalist: Sam Grantelli, Pianist: Ali Petschler, Trio: Kelsey Caruana, Nikita Stokes and Lindsay Jones and Junior School students Susie Cox and Grace Catherwood for providing the entertainment. A fashion parade also provided more entertainment as did our MC’s for the day Karen Martin and Sandy Gooley. However, the most inspirational highlight came from our two guest speakers, our intrepid and brave crossing lady, Charmaine and a confident and passionate former student Isabella, who shared with us their very personal experiences with breast cancer.

It was a great morning and I thank all those who supported the event as well as those who helped with the organisation leading up to it in particular - Karen English, Sharon McVay, Krissie Butler, Jane Chant, Karen Martin and Sandy Gooley and my fellow P&F ladies Nicole Ainger and Julieanne Andrews. We are proud to say we raised about $1,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to host a similar event next year and be joined by even more ladies from the College as everyone is always welcome at P & F functions. Michelle Brown Sponsors The P & F would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support of our school. Please show your support for these businesses.

Middle / Senior School Bulletin Issue 14, 1 November 2013