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Issue 03 / 1 March 2013

Middle & Senior School News Inter-House Swimming Carnival Congratulations to all of the students for their wonderful participation and spirited competition at the Inter-House Swimming carnival. A special congratulations is extended to Jubi House; led by the House Captains, Zoe Schultz and Chris Graudins (Senior School) and Hannah Nance and Fraser Eller (Middle School) on their hard-fought win, and to all of the competitors for their spirit, enthusiasm and participation. You were sensational!

Sincere appreciation is extended to Mr Manion and the Sports Department team for the organisation and oversight of the day and to the MS/SS staff, and parent helpers for their assistance, and to the parent supporters who were able to be at the pool. Age Champions will be listed in the next Bulletin. St Andrews Service in Action Students have been actively involved in a number of service activities already this term. From giving blood to giving time on the weekends, there has been no shortage of volunteers eager and willing to give back to the local and international community. In the last fortnight, our Student Council and our Community Service Captains, sold roses and spiders, raising $395 to go to the students and families at Faith Lutheran College who have been impacted by the recent floods. Neon for Nepal – Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) On Tuesday, our first Mufti Day for the year (Neon for Nepal) brought our focus on helping to ensure we work towards improving Health Standards for those in poorer countries such as Nepal. We raised $1355 through gold coin donations. Next week, the students who will be travelling to Cambodia at the end of this year are attending an ALWS Awareness Week student information session, which highlights the work of one of the welfare arms of the Lutheran Church.

Homework and Study Tips: Over the past few weeks, our senior students have been involved in organised year level study sessions in the CRC and both teachers and the students themselves have been helping one another with their study. Peer tutoring and collaborative learning sessions have a very positive impact on academic results. As we are currently in the ‘busy time’ of term and students are needing to complete assessments and study for tests, I’ve included study tips that can help students to establish good homework techniques and routines. Homework Tips for Students: 1. Get yourself and your stuff ready. Ensure that you are not distracted, thirsty or hungry. Try to get settled quickly in a clean, well lit area where you can concentrate. 2. Prioritise your work and start with the most difficult tasks first. Set up a priority list and work your way through the list, tackling the most challenging work first. It is a good idea to set a time limit. (Eg. Math Problems on Page 58 . . . . . 15 Minutes) When you reach the time limit move on to the next piece of work and return to the work that is incomplete after you finish the rest of the list. 3. Break down large assignments and activities into manageable chunks. Meet all of the assignment deadlines for planning and drafting your work. 4. Take a break after every 15-20 minutes of homework. This is good because you get stressed from doing large blocks of homework you can cool off and start fresh again. This will only be useful if you work hard without distraction for the 20 minute chunks. 5. Always ask for help when you get stuck. Teachers, parents or your peers are always on hand to assist you. 6. Don’t waste time! There is absolutely no use staring at a page while your mind wanders. Make a real decision to keep your mind on the job. This might mean switching off electronic devices, as scary as that might seem. 7. Reward yourself when you finish. If you give 100% then you are sure to be less stressed and you are likely to find you have more time for the activities you really enjoy. Parents & Friends Activities The P & F Association at St Andrews is an active group of parents who are committed to fund-raising and friendraising for the benefit of the wider community. While there is an elected Executive Committee of hard-working volunteers, all parents and friends associated with the College are in fact members of the Association. Attendance at functions such as the P & F Picnic in the Playground, on Friday 15 March (5.00 – 8.00 pm in the JS Playground), is an opportunity for parents to meet Mr

Schumacher, Mr Casey and Mr Nelson as well as other staff and a great way to meet other parents and establish firm friendships. I look forward to seeing you there. Every Blessing Virginia Warner Deputy Principal Head of Secondary School

From the Chaplain Napoleon Bonaparte the French emperor who was defeated at Waterloo had this to say as he reflected about his life: Alexander (the Great), Charlemagne and myself founded empires; but what foundation did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force! Jesus Christ founded an empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him. His reflection confronts the fact that there is no figure in human history who has exerted such influence and continues to do so 2000 years after his death. He can’t be ignored. His self- sacrificing love and his commitment to be with us always are the pivotal point in the lives of millions of people who find meaning, purpose and comfort in his death and resurrection. As we move toward Easter and the last part of this term, Jesus, who he said he was and his claim on our lives is the focus of our worship. We will be celebrating the events of Easter with a whole school worship at 9am on Thursday 28th of March in the Multipurpose Hall. You are warmly invited to attend. Mosque Visit Recently Year 6 students visited the mosque as part of their Christian Studies program in which they have been looking at the monotheistic (that is belief in one God) religions. While learning about others is helpful in defining what you believe, another significant reason is to help break down stereotypes that are portrayed in Australian media. A couple of comments from the Imam (the leader of the mosque) are informative. He said: “Islam means “peace” the extremists that the media presents are no more indicative of true Islam than Christian fundamentalist represent main stream Christian opinion. The media is generally only interested in extreme positions.” His second comment was in response to a question of mine relating to the fact that because he is in Australia his mosque is attended by a very diverse group of Muslims from many branches of Islam: “As in the Australian community we value the right to worship but must respect the right of others to worship in their way so it is in this mosque. We do not have the right to impose our practise on others.” The visit to the mosque is an important exercise in understanding Australian society, democracy and the freedom we value. Pastor Terry Unger

Senior School News Positive Psychology Grit Continued Grit is defined as perseverance and passion toward longterm goals (Duckworth et al. 2006). Gritty people tend to persevere, self-regulate and push themselves toward success. Barriers to Grit: Attention – in our world of options there are so many things to take our attention and focus away from our real purpose, goal or task. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online shopping, online gaming, music, DVD’s, TV and the World Wide Web, the list is endless. But, focusing on multiple things makes it difficult to maintain interest and grit. As I point out to my students you won’t see a neurosurgeon in the operating theatre about to perform a delicate operation while they are texting their friend, playing World of Warcraft, listening to MC Hammer, looking up the latest Porsche on the internet and posting a photo to Instagram. Their patient hopes that they are focused and interested in the operation and willing to persevere to ensure a successful outcome. Effort – the success of anything depends on talent and time. Grittier people tend to use their strengths to achieve their goals and put significant effort into improving through embracing challenges and seeking opportunities to learn. Last week at Senior School Assembly we watched a beautiful story about a young man and his father. The boy suffered from Cerebral Palsy, however, through embracing a challenge, grit, determination, time and effort he and his dad completed many marathons, ironmans and physical challenges. I’ve attached the link but I suggest you get the tissue box. Team Hoyt – they are real heroes: http://www. Source: Congratulations John Hamstra of Year 11 competed in the Lions Youth of the Year and experienced the pressure of responding to impromptu questions in front of an audience of 40 adults. John then had to give a 5 minute prepared speech. John represented the College admirably and gained valuable publice speaking experience in the process.

Expectations - Academic and Behavioural Last week I canvassed all the Senior School teachers for feedback on how the students have settled into learning thus far. As a result of this there may be a number of students who will be placed on a Yellow Monitoring Card based on either academic or behavioural concerns. This is monitored by the HOSS over a 2 week period with feedback to parents on a daily basis. The aim of the card is to support those students who are having difficulties adjusting to the Senior Phase of Learning. If a student is placed on a card parents will be contacted by the HOSS. Please reinforce the need for your child to wear the College uniform with pride. There are a number of students who are wearing coloured runners. It was made very clear to all students in 2012 that this was not appropriate. If your child has coloured runners please ensure they are replaced with predominantly white runners, as per the Uniform Policy, at your earliest convenience. Club red Recently, Courtney Whitty, Tahlia Derry and myself attended an Ambassador Training Day at the Robina Red Cross Donation Centre, and what an eye-opening experience it was! We were joined by ten schools from the Gold Coast District, who all had brilliant things to share about their blood donating journeys. The day began with an emotional real-life story from a guest speaker, Mark, telling us about his involvement and appreciation of the Red Cross Blood Donor Service. His daughter fell extremely ill with two forms of leukaemia and was dependant on blood donor’s to account for the numerous transfusions she was required to have. After many wiped the tears that spilled over, the fun begin and brainstorming. While split into school groups we were asked to come up with ideas and ways in which we, the ambassadors, could promote blood donation in our school. Our ideas extended from assembly presentations, to guest speakers like Mark, to hiring banners to hang around school. We then faced the nerve-racking task of sharing our ideas to the other schools and Tahlia did an outstanding job. It was definitely an insightful opportunity to hear some of the innovative and brilliant ideas put forth by all the schools, some of which we are thinking of implementing in our promotion of blood donation. All in all, it was a fantastic day that really taught us a lot. We learned that blood donation is not just about the scary needles and the short-lived pain; its about rolling up your sleeves and sacrificing one fragment of your day to save 3 lives. By the way SALC has saved 8 lives already this year. Ashleigh Blake - SALC Club Red Ambassador If you have any concerns or queries please contact me on Tania Stewart Head of Senior School

Middle School News Year 7 Orientation Camp While it may not have been the two days of sunny weather and crystal clear water activities for which we had planned, the Year 7 Orientation Camp nonetheless achieved its desired outcome of bringing together our newest cohort and creating bonds which will last for the remainder of their schooling. A huge congratulations should go to the ‘7s’ for their enthusiasm and adaptability in some trying weather conditions. An enormous thank you to the staff for their tireless efforts and (sometimes) enforced insomnia. We were fortunate enough to have Mr James Nelson and some of the Year 12 Leaders along on the Monday night to present a range of team-building activities and the Year 9 Leaders came along on the Tuesday to assist in our rockclimbing adventures. I look forward to the adventures that our Canberra experience will bring in Term 3.

The Little Things Whilst the ‘feel’ of a school is an elusive and amorphouslike thing to classify there is no doubt that it is made up of an enormous number of minute details. One such detail is how our students present on a day-to-day basis. As such, what might seem minor transgressions in uniform whilst getting ready at home can amplify when compounded by three hundred other similar lapses. Can I ask that you remind your child of the importance of such little things like correct earrings, shined shoes, appropriate ribbons and other ‘little things’ when you watch them getting ready for school in the mornings? I have been greatly impressed thus far by the manners that our students display and their general presentation but it is only through a consistent and persistent approach from both school and home to these ‘little things’ that our students will continue to present an image of St Andrews of which we can continue to be proud. Tom Casey Head of Middle School

Student Development Zest It was a joy for me in this last week to witness a team of Year 12s show interest in coming to Year 7 camp to lead and to serve. There was no incentive, nothing for the resume, no accolades, simply mature students who understood their responsibility to ‘give something back’, to offer their time, creativity, zest for life and service for the Year 7s starting their Secondary School journey. Middle School students are so full of energy that it can be hard to direct them but our Seniors did a fantastic job interacting at dinner, singing some 1980s rock classics, aiding the Year 7s in the construction of their own song and leading the school war cry with gusto. To witness the event where senior students willingly went out of their way for younger students was a real privilege. Several staff relayed to me a sense of pride in how well the seniors handled themselves. Of course, it wasn’t too many years ago that those same Year 12s were participating in their Year 7 camp, full of beans, full of potential and less than five feet tall. The Year 7s had a fabulous time getting to know one another in wet conditions, group activities which varied from SUP (Stand up paddling), to raft building and the student’s favourite, tubing. A key emphasis from Mrs Roper was courage in new relationships, physical challenges which were new for each student and a sense of fun and enthusiasm for the activities. For the Year 12s the character strengths they worked on were courage and zest. These charismatic traits were role modeled to the Year 7s to help them adjust to the next step in their schooling. Zest, passion and enthusiasm partly heritable traits of personality, are qualities that can be fostered, taught and practiced. From what we saw on camp it is obvious that our leaders are working on building their character strengths and even more pleasing, they are willing to share these strengths with others, through service.

James Nelson Director of Student Development

Cyber Smart and Cyber Safe The start of a school year is an excellent time to reassess routines and practices. Our students’ use of ICT is intertwined with everything they do and it is essential that the practice of online safety, appropriate adult presence and open communication occurs not only at school but at home. “A 2011 survey by social media monitoring service Reppler found 91 per cent of employers use social media networks to screen candidates with “inappropriate photos”, “inappropriate comments” and “drinking” among the reasons they were rejected.” (Kidd, 2013). The recent Courier Mail article “New university students warned inappropriate use of social media could harm careers” (Kidd, 2013) is a timely reminder that our digital footprint is something that may have an impact on future career directions and job placements. Obviously, this message is primarily directed at beginning university students, yet the message is relevant to all users of ICT. It is essential that we prepare our children and young adults to be strong digital citizens, who reflect on how they interact online, as this may impact not only their safety but future career choices. Where to go to get advice? Australian Government resources Cybersafety advice for parents A Safe Place Moodle course Focus on cybersafety and bullying prevention Source Kidd, R New university students warned inappropriate use of social media could harm careers,The Courier-Mail, February 18, 2013, viewed online < au/news/technology/new-university-students-warned-inappropriate-use-of-social-media-could-harm-careers/storyfn5kfsdd-1226579821620> Julia Boulton Teacher Librarian

Art News PAT Enrolment As we settle into another year of PAT Tuition, a reminder to email any queries re: timetables, enrolments or cancellations to Our Performing Arts Assistant, Kim Reynolds will be able to assist. Ensembles All music ensembles are now up and running. If your child is learning an instrument and not playing in a group, encourage them to participate, as playing in an ensemble is essential to the development of musicianship. If you are unsure of which group is most suitable, speak to your child’s PAT Teacher or email Our Bands run on the following schedule: Wednesday 7.45am RBT Mini Musos (Year 5’s only) – Mr Matt Pearson ( 12:40pm J17 MS Rock Group (Audition) – Mr Anthony Simmonds ( 3.15 – 4.30pm RBT Jazz Band (Advanced) – Mr Anthony Simmonds ( Thursday 7.45am RBT Intermediate Concert Band (Year 6/7) – Mr Anthony Simmonds ( 3 – 3.45pm Utilities Room – String Ensemble (JS/MS) – Mr Paul Robinson ( Friday 7.45am RBT Concert Band (MS/SS) – Mr Paul Oakley-Grant ( Priscilla Scott Head of Arts BASIL SELLERS ART & SPORT PRIZE Students from Gold Coast schools are invited to submit works in any medium that encompass Art and Sport combining. (Think about the swimming carnival, school sport, plenty of photo opportunities coming up). First prize is $2000 for the individual and $7000 for the school. Highly Commended works receive $500 each. Entries open 9/2. Delivery of work to Gallery 18/3. Exhibition 23/3- 14/4. Winners announced 22/3. For more information see Mrs Harman or (more info can be found at the end of this bulletin) Ngaire Harman Visual Arts

to join the Queensland Talent Identification Squad. JK was also a Gold Sport Award winner at the College for 8 consecutive years. Currently, he’s in his third year of studying a Bachelor of Sports Management at Bond University.

Sport News Triathlon Another successful state triathlon event for our St Andrews boys was held at Redcliffe during the break on another windy and wet weekend. Results were as follows: Junior Male – Will Atkinson 5th place Individual - Qualified for Nationals, Kieran Croker 29th place – a great first year effort. Intermediate Male - Kye Wylde 5th place Individual – Qualified for Nationals – Won gold medal in the Team Relay Connor Dougherty 18th place, Lachlan Richards 61st place Senior Male - Kane Richards 7th place – 1st reserve for Nationals – Won Gold medal in the Team Relay Kane was also selected to be the South Coast Team Captain, and as South Coast WON the overall championship, Kane accepted the winning trophy and gave a great speech.

Running Club members will require an information note which will include a registration and permission form. These are now available from JK and Mr Manion. We hope to see an impressive turn out this year to train for the Cross Country and Track and Field Carnivals and the Kokoda Challenge, as well as generally improving your health and wellbeing. Running Club is for all families of students in Years 4-12 no matter what your needs and abilities are. Parents are most welcome. AGCC Sports Uniform - Shoes A reminder to parents and students that correct coloured footwear is required for all sports activities at St Andrews College. It clearly states in the College Student Diary that sports shoes must be predominantly white. Our first games against other schools are next week for years 8-12. Please ensure that all students have the correct footwear. I would also highly recommend having a water bottle for sport each week. Students with incorrect uniform (which includes shoes) will receive appropriate consequences which may include missing sport. Andrew Manion Head of Sport

District Sport Trials Dates are in notices and on College web page and it is best to email Mr Manion at to express your interest and then go and see him in the MPH to collect forms and register for the trials. Regional Swimming Trials St Andrews has 6 students competing at the Regionals as I write this. We will have results in the next publication. Best of luck to Max Indriawan, Mia Jenkins, Thomas Atkinson, Amy-Lee Holborn, Dylan Jenkins and Kieran Croker. Club Swimming Misha Varley (Year 6) recently competed at the QLD State Swimming Sprint Championships and had a fantastic day of racing. Her best result came in her 50m Freestyle event in which she did a 2 second Personal Best time of 33.5sec. Misha is now placed 70th in the State of Queensland which is an excellent result given that she has only just turned 11 years of age. Running Club Running Club will be held on Mondays and Thursdays beginning Week 6 – Monday 4th March. Members should meet at the Top Oval at 7am. Sessions will go for approximately one hour. The coach for 2013 will again be JK Faulkner. JK is a past student of the College who graduated in 2010. Whilst a student of the College, JK represented Queensland for both Cross Country and long distance running as a Track and Field team member, competing in the National Junior Championships. He was the Queensland record holder for the 2000m Steeplechase, 16 year old boys, and was invited

LOTE News We are excited to welcome two new staff members joining the Languages Team in the next few weeks. We welcome Mr Arnold Appelhof as teacher of German for Middle and Senior School. Mr Appelhof comes to St Andrews with over 30 years of teaching experience and with an infectious love of the German language as well as soccer and futsal also! Sadly we bid farewell to Mrs Diane Smith who taught German here at the College for over 7 years. Mrs Smith has been accepted into a Masters of Speech Pathology at Griffith University at short notice at the start of the university academic year. We wish Mrs Smith all the best with her new career! Ms Ayako Iwasaki joins us in Week 6 as Mrs Pratt moves to Junior School Japanese while Mrs Taki is off this year on maternity leave. Ms Iwasaki has over a decade of experience in teaching Japanese in Australia and we look forward to learning more from her over this coming year. While transitions can be difficult in the lives of adolescents, parents can help by showing interest in their child’s learning and by making contact with the teacher if needed. You will be able to contact Mr Appelhof at arnolda@salc. and Ms Iwasaki at from March 4. Rebekah Hill Head of Languages P-12

P & F News Welcome back to school and to all new parents we hope you have settled into life at St Andrews. The next General Meeting for Term 1 will be held on Wednesday 13 March at 7.30pm in the CRC. If you have any agenda items for discussion please email the Secretary at pandf@salc.qld. by Friday 8 March. It is a great opportunity to have input into school projects which the P & F fund. Everyone is welcome so please join us for drinks and nibbles and to meet other parents. There are a number of vacant positions still on the P & F including fund raising and grants officer. If anyone is interested both of these roles are an integral part of how the P & F helps to raise funds for improvements around the School. In 2012 the P & F contributed towards new seating in the Senior School, water bubblers and painting in the Junior School and a number of other projects around the college. Further funds have been allocated for goal posts, furniture, the upgrading of the sound system in the MPH and a Year 12 common room. If you would like to find out more information about one of these roles contact Daniel Renneberg (0409729676) or Julieanne Andrews (0421795411). If anyone has any suggestions or comments and cannot make the next meeting please email the P & F at Picnic in the Park The annual picnic in the park is being held on Friday 15 March starting at 5pm, with jumping castles for the kids, music for the adults and a relaxing atmosphere for parents to meet the new head of schools. A flyer is attached, so come along and meet other parents who are part of the St Andrews College community. Fete The biannual St Andrews Fete is being held on 25 May. Volunteers are still needed for a number of stalls, so contact the Fete convenor Steve Dignan on 0417733547 or email to see how you can help out. This is an important event for St Andrews as it not only raises valuable money for the school but is also a chance for us to show case how our school operates to the community. We still need sponsors for this event, so if you have a business and are interested in advertising as a sponsor with a special 2 year offer then please contact Daniel or Steve. Julieanne Andrews

Tuckshop News Welcome back to Term 1 We will be continuing this term with last year’s Term 4 menu. For those who do not have a copy, you can obtain one by downloading a copy through the College’s website or by picking up one from us at Tuckshop. This year Wednesday, Thursday & Friday will be Flexi School only ordering days. You can join flexi schools by visiting Also Flexi Schools have a new option now by allowing you to inform us at Tuckshop that your child has an allergy. When an order is placed, an “Allergy Alert” warning will be printed next to your child’s name. If you would like more information, you can contact Flexi School’s on 1300 361 769 or We are looking for volunteers this term. If you are interested in helping out for a couple of hours a week, drop by Tuckshop or alternately send me an email at tuckshop@ We look forward to meeting you. This year we will be offering a large range of freshly made dishes, smoothies, freshly made juices and Gluten Free products. Be sure to check the specials board daily. Trina van der Kamp Tuckshop Manager

Uniform Shop News Second Hand Clothing Most of the 2nd hand clothing submitted in January has now been processed and is available for sale. (Sorry, we are still working through February items.) If you submitted uniforms for 2nd hand in January please check with the Uniform Shop that all your items were accepted or if you have some to collect. If you have been waiting for the 2nd hand racks to fill up, now is the time to come in and grab a bargain. Beat the Rain St Andrews Umbrellas (for parent and senior student use). Small $15. Golf $25. Navy Rain Jackets in sizes 4 -16. $24. In Stock Now Tracksuit Jackets size 2-22 $60 Tracksuit Pants size 2 - 14 $35 (sizes 16&18 due in next month) Girls Navy Tights 70 Denier $7-7.50, Boys Formal Shorts size 10, MS/SS Sports Socks size 11-14 Out of Stock Boys formal shorts - size 12 & 14 (supplier out of stock) Jacqui Desfosses Uniform Shop Manager

Volunteers Induction Dates to remember March Tuesday 5th March Volunteers Induction 1pm CRC Wednesday 6th March Girls With a Purpose Program Years 8 & 9, 3:15pm Thursday 7th March International Womens Day Breakfast 8:30am, Gold Coast Convention Centre Saturday 9th March Scholarship Day CRC 8:30am to 12pm Tuesday 12th March Year 12 University Showcase RBT, 1:30pm to 3:10pm Wednesday 13th March Years 4-6 camps Thursday 14th March Fete Meeting JS Staff room 1:30 to 3pm Friday 15th March P&F Picnic in the Park 5pm to 8pm, MPH

Our next Volunteers Induction will be held at 1.00pm Tuesday 5th March 2013 in the Cecile Ryan Centre. Everyone who volunteers in the College is requested to have attended this workshop which covers such issues as Valuing Safe Communities, Child Protection, Privacy and Fire Evacuation. Please register with Karen Deacon either by emailing or by phone 5568 5901. A reminder to all existing volunteers we request that you sign in and wear your name badge at all times while volunteering in the College. If you do not have a current name badge then once again, please contact Karen Deacon. We value highly the wonderful support all Volunteers offer the College in their various roles either in the classroom, on excursions, in the Library, Tuckshop, Uniform shop or as Traffic Controllers. These are just a few of the places where we find you helping out and we thank you for all you do. Afternoon tea will be provided at the Induction.

n i c i n c i P the d n u o r Playg Prep to Year 12 g: What’s happenin

Please come and join the College community for our Term 1 social event. Bring everything you need to have a BBQ or picnic—all food, drinks, chairs, plates, cups…..

 Jumping Castle  Entertainment  Coffee Van  BBQ’s provided  Undercover Area  Playground

Come and welcome Darrin Schumacher our new Deputy Principal / Head of Junior School and Tom Casey our new Head of Middle School

Location: Multi Purpose Hall undercroft Junior School playground—plenty of room for the children to play and have fun while the parents enjoy a chat and socialise. Rain, hail or shine—It will be on—plenty of undercover area. St Andrews Lutheran College - P&F Association rsvp— by 8 March 2013

FRIDAY 15 MARCH—5.00pm to 8.00pm

1st March 2013 Dear Parents INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS & ASSESSMENTS (ICAS) FOR SCHOOLS 2013 Years 4 - 12 Your student is invited to take part in the 2013 Australasian Schools Competitions: COMPUTER SKILLS (Years 4-10)

Tuesday 21May

$9.60 per student

SCIENCE (Years 4-12)

Wednesday 5 June

$9.60 per student

WRITING (Years 4-12)

Monday 17 June

$19.50 per student

SPELLING (Years 4-6)

Tuesday 18 June

$12.90 per student

ENGLISH (Years 4-12)

Wednesday 31 July

$9.60 per student

Note that all Year 12 students will be entered for English with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional but highly recommended. MATHEMATICS (AMC) (Years 7-12)

Thursday 1 August

$6.60 per student


Tuesday 13 August

$9.60 per student

Note that all Year 8, 10 & 11 students will be entered for Maths with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional but highly recommended. The competitions take place each year in schools throughout Australia and the South Pacific Region. They provide opportunities for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. All students receive a Certificate and an individual Results Letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for their state. The documents are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. The Results Letter is also useful for highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics. Certificates are awarded to each year level as follows:

High Distinction Distinction Credit Achievement Participation

to the top 1% of entrants in the state to the next 10% of entrants in the state to the next 20% of entrants in the state to the students who are placed in the top 20% of their Year Level at their school, but do not qualify for one of the above state Certificates to all students who do not qualify for one of the above Certificates.

Medals are awarded to the top student(s) in each Year Level in each state. Schools receive valuable statistics which enable them to compare their achievements with the rest of the state. You can access the UNSW Educational website: http;// to help prepare your child for competition papers. There is a section that provides practice questions . If you would like your student to participate, please book and pay on line via the College website. You will find the information under “News” on the left hand side of the Home page. The closing date is THURSDAY 28 MARCH Yours faithfully



Parents & Friends Association Fete 2013 To Whom It May Concern, We are currently seeking expressions of interest to sponsor the St Andrews Lutheran College P&F Association. We are looking to partner with a limited number of sponsors to assist us to develop events and facilities for the students of the college. One of our major events is the bi annual Fete that is set to be held on the 25th May 2013. This is a major event in the area and attracts many thousands of people on the day and is a great opportunity for our sponsors to promote their businesses. We appreciate that the allocation of funds towards advertising is limited and we are looking to offer a long term partnership that is beneficial for all parties. With this in mind we are offering the following sponsorship package over a 2 year term Major Sponsorship Package (3 only) - $1,500       

Advertising on the St Andrews P & F Newsletter which is distributed to over 750 families of the College every term for a 2 year period. Advertising on the front page of every Fete newsletter. These newsletters are distributed to every College family monthly increasing to weekly as the big day approaches. Your business name will be featured on any raffle tickets which are sold by College families. Your business will appear on the Fete programme which will be distributed to all College families and on the day of the Fete. Your business will appear on flyers which will be distributed to local businesses leading up to the Fete. Availability of a stall to use in conjunction with a promotional activity on the day of the Fete (requires approval from Fete Committee). First right of refusal as major sponsor for the next 2 year period.

We will only have one of any single type of business on a first in first served basis. We feel that the extended term of the arrangement and the exposure to a captive market is great value and we would appreciate your support. If you would like to apply for one of these sponsorship packages please email with your package preference. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0417 733 547 or on the above email. Yours faithfully, Steve Dignan Fete Convenor

Fete Newsletter

Semper Fidelis

Celebrating 20 years 2013

Issue 6, 01 March 2013

It’s getting closer!!!


Its Getting Closer - Put 25th May in your calendar now and cancel all other engagements !!! All of your favorite rides, stalls and events will be there, as well as some new surprises. The raffle prizes are looking exciting, and the Art Exhibition has the theme ‘Celebration” to recognize the 20th Anniversary of St Andrews. We still need your help to make this event successful, so if you want to join the Fete team, have a look over the page for details on the stalls that still require help, either by running or volunteering on a stall.

Major Raffle Prizes

Once again we will be holding a major raffle. Last Fete we were fortunate enough to obtain some amazing prizes from school family businesses with our lucky winners heading off on holidays to Bali and Turtle Beach Resort. If you have a business (or know of one) and you would be interested in donating a prize for our major raffle, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Liz Hanlon on 0498 945 021.

Volunteer request forms have been distributed. If you are interested in volunteering for a particular stall or helping out in any way, please contact our Volunteer Cooordinator, Jolien Hornsey by email at

Can you run a stall? Sure you can.... We are still in need of people to take on some stalls. Stalls available are below: > Cake Stall > Souvlaki Don’t forget if you have an idea for a stall please contact us. New ideas are always welcome!

The Middle/Senior Creative Writing Group is again running the Plant Stall. We would love it if anyone has any spare pots (any size will do) or potting mix, or even plants would be a great help to our stall. We can store plants here at school. Or you can save them till the week before then drop them in. Please organize a time for drop off at school (outside the room next to the Uniform Shop please) with Debby Burnell or if you have any enquiries please call 5568 5900 ext. 285 or my email address is

Fete Donations Donations will be accepted on Wednesday’s between 8am and 9am at the P & F Office, which is located next to the Uniform Shop. Please consider donating any of the following items: • Books - Novels for adults and teenagers and kids – and children’s books – all great. Please note that magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, maps or recipe books are not required • 2nd Hand Toys • Good quality pre-loved clothing • Cent Auction prizes • Raffle Prizes • Hair ties, ribbons, clips, cultured hair spray etc. • Face paint, glitter • Art Products – paints, brushes, pencils, books, frames • Lucky Dip – stickers, tattoos, small toys, wrapped lollies, erasers, and balloons. All items must be new (not used). While you are at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or butcher, having your car serviced or at your local vet, if you could ask the provider if they would be willing to donate a voucher that could be used as a prize to be offered at the Fete.

The Art Exhibition The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Celebration” and the categories include • • • • •

Painting and drawing Photography Mixed media Ceramic and sculpture For the Middle and Senior Schools – Wearable Art

So get the left side of your brain active, and start creating your own piece of art. More information will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Contact Us If you would like further information regarding the Fete please give us a call and have a chat on the numbers below Fete Convenor Steve Dignan – 0417 733 547 Stalls Sandy Gooley – 0417 911 105 Food Stalls Julie Catherwood – 0405 533 725 Entertainment Melissa Sharp – 0408 700 058 Logistics Ian Garlick – 0438 765 616 Cent Auction Tracey Wright – 0448 885 195 Rides/Raffles Liz Hanlon – 0487 259 883 Sponsorship and Advertising Steve Dignan – 0417 733 547 Volunteer Coordinator Jolien Hornsey – 0466 343 933

Stall Convenors Names & Contact Details Natalie Palmer Books Jane Chant & Jolien Hornsey Chocolate Bed Cathy Osborne Art Exhibition Tania Stewart House of Horrors Lynda Galway Giftware/Craft Judy Schooley Sushi Maria and Greg Perkins Bar Magda Marais Face Painting Debby Burnell Plants Melissa Sharp Rachele Castle Crazy Hair Vicki Butterworth Devonshire Tea

We need to fill this page with stall holders! Please contact us if you can help!

Middle / Senior School Bulletin Issue 3, 01 March 2013  

Middle / Senior School Bulletin Issue 3, 01 March 2013

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