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Issue 2 / 21 February 2014

From the Head of Junior School Parent Teacher Information Nights It was great to see a large number of families represented at the recent parent information nights. Together in the MPH we talked about differentiation and the importance of giving every student what they need to be successful rather than all getting the same thing. Later in the night we talked about growth v fixed mindsets. Someone with a growth mindset, won’t mind if they fail. They will see it as an opportunity for growth. This is why we encourage children to take a risk with their learning and step outside of their comfort zone and try and learn something new.

From the Deputy Head of Junior School (P - 3) It has been exciting to see the high levels of enthusiasm and commitment across our Junior School as the 2014 school year rolls into action. Thank you, Parents, for your engagement with the Parent Information Nights recently and to our amazing staff who provided helpful insights into life in each classroom. There is a deal of research that highlights the importance of the relationships between parents and teachers and we are truly blessed at St Andrews to see evidence of this day by day …. and lately night by night!!!

Through having a growth mindset the children have the courage to have a go at the tasks that they are confronted with, even if they appear difficult. After the relative luxury of the hall the parents were invited back to classrooms where they had the privilege of sitting in chairs that were designed for their children. Here they listened to their child’s teacher outline the events for the year ahead. It was a very successful night. Extra-Curricular Activities There are a range of extra-curricular activities that your child can participate in, including chess club, dancing, PAT (Performing Arts Tuition), soccer academy to name a few. If you are interested having your child participate in any of these activities, please make contact with the College, watch out for the flyers or go to the College website. Mufti Day Our first mufti day will be on Tuesday 25th of February. The theme is Cambodia, so we encourage the children to wear red, white and blue. The children will need to bring along a gold coin donation and this will be donated to Lutheran World Service (Cambodia). Darrin Schumacher Deputy Principal/Head of Junior School

Right across the P-3 land students are actively engaging with their first Units of Inquiry within our Primary Years Program. For children in these early years of school, it is not surprising that these first units in Prep to Year 3 fall under the transdisciplinary theme - Who We Are. This allows students to inquire into the nature of self, their families and their communities as they adjust to a new school year, a new class, new friends and learn to live and learn together. Year Two has been investigating the rights and responsibili-

ties of children around the world. They have experienced what it is like to walk “a long way” to the top oval to collect drinking water from a well. How blessed we are to have the wonderful support of our Grounds Staff who willingly constructed a well from which the students could wind up a bucket of water.

pening, and we encourage all parents to share this journey with us as we together build and strong and vibrant learning community. Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24 Joy Schloss Deputy Head of Junior School P-3

Chaplains Chat The Getting of Wisdom…. David’s actions seemed anything but wise, three thousand years ago as he stood before Saul, the king of Israel and announced that he would face the giant Goliath. But the wisdom of his confidence was soon there for all to see as he confronted the giant and claimed the victory for God and so saving the Israelites from slavery to the Philistines. God was the source of David’s confidence. David had been sustained by God in previous encounters with bears and lions and so he knew that if his God would protect him against such beasts, He would surely protect him against a lumbering, ungainly giant.

Through a series of outside activities, small groups of Year Two students discovered what it was like to wash clothes and dishes in tubs, sweep dirt floors with palm branches instead of brooms, pan for gold, carry loads on their heads over a distance and shovel “snow” from driveways. These life-like provocations have generated lots of questions that will be explored further in their classrooms.

In our Units of Inquiry right across the Junior School teachers are structuring new experiences for children and supporting their understanding as they develop new knowledge, concepts and skills. It is exciting to see this hap-

David went on into life trusting God’s leading in all he did. God’s love sustained him but David also received untold help through the wisdom he found in sharing his life with God. Ultimately, it is God’s love that rescues us from our giants in life, as we trust His unwavering commitment to us. But there is great wisdom to be gained from sharing our life with the One who designed us and always has our best interests at heart. Senior/Middle School worship times have focused on wisdom and how it played out in David’s life. The truth we have discovered is that ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ which for us can be translated to – living in a relationship with God that accepts His rule in our lives is the beginning of wisdom. David appeared silly to confront the giant as a boy and our society can look at us as Christians as being silly too, but we know just as David did that our God has provided for us in the past and that he is a promise keeping God and will continue to care for us in the future. Let us all continue to have open hearts, minds and hands to receive the promises of God’s care and love and share this with all whom we meet. Graeme Schache Chaplain

ICAS News International Competitions & Assessments (ICAS) For Junior Schools 2014 Your child is invited to take part in the 2014 Australasian Schools Competitions. A letter to all parents can be found in the TASS Parent Lounge. To book please follow this link to TryBooking or via the College Website. Parents have until Friday 4 April to register and pay. PLEASE NOTE: Entries cannot be accepted after this date. COMPUTER SKILLS (Years 4-10) Tuesday 20 May, $9.20 per student. SCIENCE (Years 4-12) Wednesday 4 June, $9.20 per student WRITING (Years 4-12) 16-20 June, $19.30 per student SPELLING (Years 4-7) Tuesday 17 June, $12.55 per student ENGLISH (Years 4-12) Tuesday 29 July, $9.20 per student Note that all Year 12 students will be entered for this with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional.

MATHEMATICS (AMC) (Years 7-12) Thursday 7 August, $6.35 per student MATHEMATICS (ICAS) (Years 4-12) Tuesday 12 August, $9.20 per student Note that all Year 8, 10 & 11 students will be entered for this with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional but highly recommended. Parents should note that prices include credit card and booking fees.

The competitions take place each year in schools throughout Australia and the South Pacific Region. They provide opportunities for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. All students receive a Certificate and an individual Results Letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for their state. The documents are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. The Results Letter is also useful for highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics. Certificates are awarded to each year level as follows: High Distinction - to the top 1% of entrants in the state Distinction - to the next 10% of entrants in the state Credit - to the next 20% of entrants in the state Achievement - to the students who are placed in the top 20% of their Year Level at their school, but do not qualify for one of the above state Certificates Participation - to all students who do not qualify for one of the above Certificates. Medals are awarded to the top student(s) in each Year Level in each state. Schools receive valuable statistics which enable them to compare their achievements with the rest of the state. Please note that a large percentage of schools, like our College, make all of the papers optional. This means that

students who demonstrate an exceptional aptitude in a disciplinary area are generally the ones who register to compete as it is a competition. Therefore when you receive and view your child’s results, the comparison to the cohort who completed the paper is not a true indicator of where your child is ranked in Queensland. Jacqueline Faulkner Deputy Head of Junior School PYP Coordinator

Art News Getting Involved in The Arts at St Andrews There any many opportunities in both MS and SS for students to get involved in the Cultural Life of the College. Below are a list of some of our groups and programs and the relevant teacher contact. Choirs Mrs Kristine Dennis Semitones (Years 1 – 3) Wednesday 7.45am JS Music Room Golden Clefs (Years 4 – 6) Tuesday 7.45am JS Music Room MS/SS Choir Thursday 7.45am J17 Bands String Ensemble Kate Oakley-Grant Thursday 3.15 – 4pm Utilities Room Mini Musos (Years 5) Matt Pearson Paul Oakley-Grant Wed nesday 7.45am RBT Intermediate Concert Band (Years 5 – 7) Anthony Simmonds Thursday 7.45am RBT Concert Band (MS/SS) Paul Oakley-Grant Jazz Band (MS/SS) Anthony Simmonds Wednesday 3.15 – 4.30 RBT Dance Troupes JS Troupe Paula Guild Thursday 3.10-4pm RBT

It is wonderful to see our performers out in the Theatre Community and performing at such a high standard. Well done and chookas for a wonderful season.

Contemporary Troupe (MS/SS) Kim Reynolds Wed Lunch RBT Jazz Troupe (MS/SS) Paula Guild NB Dance Troupe is by audition only College Musical (MS/SS) Cilla Scott Year 5 Drama Workshop Last week some of our Year 10 Drama students had the opportunity to work with the Year 5 classes – teaching them some of the fundamentals of stage craft to assist with their upcoming assignment. It is always wonderful to watch the Senior Students taking leadership and mentoring the younger students.

Priscilla Scott Head of Arts

Uniformshop News Annie Congratulations to the Isabella Leary, Lucy Hourn and Anita Munro who are currently involved in Spotlight Theatre Company’s production of Annie (Directed by our very own Kim Reynolds and Vocally Directed by our PAT Singing Teacher, Mrs Kristine Dennis). In particular, special mention to Ebony Pitchers (Year 7) who is playing the role of Annie and Charlee Cosgriff (Year 4) who is playing the role of Molly.

Formal Hats - Recall Reason for recall: The ‘semper fidelis’ on some formal hat bands has been printed in reverse. If you have a formal hat with this problem please hold onto it, but email and we will arrange to have it fixed during the next holidays. 2nd Hand Clothing All 2nd hand clothing that was submitted up to Week 3 has now been processed and we are getting more 2nd hand items every week! If you are looking for 2nd hand clothing now is the time to drop in and check out our stocks, or email us and we can check for you. If you have submitted clothes, you should have received an email detailing the amount of credit you now have and if any items were not accepted.

Volunteers A very big welcome to Fiona Guest and Kristine Merrick who have kindly volunteered to help us on Thursday & Friday mornings. Thankyou ladies and welcome to our Team! Jacqui Desfosses Uniform Shop Manager

Tuckshop News

Dates to remember February / March

Friday 21 Year 6 Swimming Tuesday 25 Coast Hospital & Health Service Gold Coast Hospital & Health Assembly Service – Multi Purpose Hall –Gold 2.00pm Child and Adolescent Oral Health Service Child and Adolescent Oral Health Service Mufti Day - Gold Coin Donation - Wear white, red and blue to support Cambodia.

Thursday 27 17.02.14 Year 6 Excursion to Synagogue, Mosque and Cathedral Friday 28 Just a friendly reminder, any IOU payments can be made on Years 4-6 Swimming Carnival Flexi School. Go to once signed March To the Administration Staff, in, scroll down and find the IOU payment and click to open Monday 3 To the Administration Staff, window. Click onto the denominations to make up the Young Leaders Day - Brisbane Convention Centre (involving Child and Adolescent Oral Health Serv amount owed and confirm order. Once this is done a conJS Leaders) Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services would like to request you: • Include the following notice in firmation will be sent to you from Flexi School submitting Year 3 Parents Coffee Morning – Plantation House – after Emailnewsletter. GCSchoolDentalRecord the following notice in the next edition of your• school you payment. Thank you for updating •yourInclude child’s new class drop off you haveconfirming received this offer of details on Flexi Schools, it has been greatly received. • Email Wednesday 5 you have received this offer of care. Please specify the classes received. Volunteer Induction Thank you for your assistance. Coasta Hospital Health Service WeGold are after volunteer&who would be available to help P3 Parents Coffee Morning – Side Walk Café – after drop and Adolescent Oral Health Service outChild on Fridays. Duties will include; packing bagged orders, Thank you for your assistance. off. Yours Sincerely, the packing Tuckshop boxes and collecting ordered items. Thursday 6 Time needed would be from 9.00am until 11.30am. If you Yours Sincerely, P2 Parents Coffee Morning – Teavine House – after drop off are 17.02.14 available to help out please contact me. Child & Adolescent Oral Health Servi Gold Coast Hospital & Health Service Progress on the new Tuckshop below:

To the Administration Staff,


Child & Adolescent Oral Health Service Gold Coast Hospital & Health Service

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Wild after School Art Classes

………………………………………………………………………………………..... Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services would like to request you: Students in grades (2,3,4,5) have been Newsletter Article • Include the following notice in the next edition of your school newsletter. examination card to take home. • Email confirming Students grades (2,3,4,5) have provided with an offer of oral health care you have received this offer ofincare. Please specify thebeen classes received. examination card to take home. If your child is enrolled in one Thank you for your assistance.

Learn to Create Draw and Paint..... Useschool your imagination it receiv to the and did not is fun for everyone!

to arrange forare your child to rec If your child is enrolled in one of the grades listed above or new the Oral Health Call Centre 13 Yours Sincerely, Mondayan 3:00pm - 4:30pm - Meet Room 12B. like to the school and did not receive examination cardatand would – 4.30 pm Excluding Public Ho to arrange for your child to receive oral health care please contact Most art materials are supplied, If expert tuition artist/teacher your requires disability theService Oral Health Call Centre 1300 300 850. Monday tochild Friday 8.00 am and free snacksrequirement supplied. Child & Adolescent Oral Health with the Call Cent Trina vanCoast der Kamp 4.30 pm Excluding Public Holidays. Gold Hospital & Health– Service Tuckshop Manager Cost:please Available on request If your child requires disability access identify this Don’t miss out, Book Now! ………………………………………………………………………………………..... . requirement with the CallText/Call Centre- Operator 0402 328 987 or 5577 3293 after 7pm Newsletter Article

Students in grades (2,3,4,5) have been provided with an offer of oral health care examination card to take home.

If your child is enrolled in one of the grades listed above or are new to the school and did not receive an examination card and would like to arrange for your child to receive oral health care please contact the Oral Health Call Centre 1300 300 850. Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Excluding Public Holidays. If your child requires disability access please identify this requirement with the Call Centre Operator. Insert – Newsletter Offer of Treatment – Rev 18.04.13

Insert – Newsletter Offer of Treatment – Rev 18.04.13

by Michael Grose - No. 1 parenting educator

Parent involvement – the secret ingredient to children’s school success Positive parent participation demonstrates to children that you value learning as well as holding their school in high regard. If you want the best outcomes for your child or young person then it’s important that you become involved in as many aspects of your child’s education as practical.

Support a broad, balanced curriculum that offers children a variety of educational experiences rather than a program that focuses narrowly on the traditional 3 R’s.

The involvement of parents helps break down the mystique about school that can exist for some children. Their chances of success are better when they see school as an extension of home rather than merely an institution for learning.

Direct conversations through the correct channels such as your child’s teacher, the principal or the school’s governing body. Gossip or thoughtless criticism within the general community can easily tarnish a school’s reputation.

Positive parent participation demonstrates to children that you value learning as well as their school. Children copy many of their parents’ views so your positive attitude to school and learning is catching. Parent involvement takes energy Many primary schools offer parents classroom jobs such as hearing kids read, taking small groups in elective activities and assisting children when writing stories. Unfortunately, finding parents who are willing to take part in these activities is increasingly difficult. Many parents find themselves worn out from working too hard or being involved in a variety of activities. They find themselves with no energy left to be involved in their child’s school.

Become an advocate for your child’s school and promote its positive features throughout the wider community. Encourage your child to take pride in their school through your example. Attend school activities such as open days, concerts, sports events and celebrations. Invite other members of the community along as well. Consult with your child’s teacher about practical ways that you can assist both at home and at school. Positive parent participation in school and learning is a proven contributor to student success. One practical way to assist your child as a learner is to become actively involved in his or her school life.

Make sure kids are school ready every day Participating as a parent can be much broader than helping out in the classroom. There is a range of simple things you can do at home that will assist teachers to maximise the learning of your child. These include: talking with your child about their day, hearing young learners read, helping with homework and making sure kids go off to school happy, healthy and having had plenty of sleep. Here are some more ideas to help you participate in your child’s education in positive ways: Find out what your school is trying to achieve for your child and show your support for its aims. Discover what sets your child’s school apart from others.

Parentingideas just got better! Parentingideas Club has just been launched and has all the answers you need. There are 100’s of articles, videos, guides, how to’s, book reviews and more available for members. Become a member today at

Michael Grose Presentations PO Box 167 Balnarring Vic 3926 p + 61 3 5983 1798 f (03) 5983 1722 e All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges please visit our website. 2014 Michael Grose

Prep to Year 12

Picnic in the Playground Please come and join the College community for our Term 1 social event. Bring everything you need to have a BBQ or picnic - all food, drinks, chairs, plates, cups…..

Friday 14 March Multi Purpose Hall | Junior School Playground

5:00pm - 8:00pm

• Jumping Castle • Entertainment • Coffee Van

• Sausage Sizzle $2.50 • Undercover Area • Playground

St Andrews Lutheran College - P&F Association Please RSVP by Saturday 8 March

St Andrews Junior School Bulletin Issue 2, 21 February 2014  

St Andrews Junior School Bulletin Issue 2, 21 February 2014