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Issue 4 / 21 March 2014

From the Head of Junior School I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Year 4 camp at Tyalgum Ridge Resort. It was fantastic to see the children enjoying camp activities such as the flying fox, waterfall hike, low ropes course and archery. The night time activities were a great way to spend time with their mates and once again enjoy some games with friends. Thank you to the teachers Mr Buddee, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Jorgensen, Mrs Bristow, Mrs Walker and the parents who attended the camp as well. A good time was had by all and there will be stories to tell for years to come.

Picnic in the Park Thank you to the Parents and Friends committee who organized a very successful picnic in the park. St Andrews families were able to enjoy the music and fine food (well sausages are fine food in a child’s eyes) under a starry night on the Junior School oval. I am continually impressed at the talent of the students who performed throughout the night.

Kiss and Ride Just a reminder to be courteous to other families when collecting and dropping off your children in the Kiss and Ride section of the car park. It has been reported to me that there are a number of parents who are dropping off their children at the gate, rather than using the Kiss n Ride area. This causes problems for other cars and disrupts the flow of traffic. Year 5 Family Service I really enjoyed the family service that was led by the Year 5 students last Sunday. It was great to see so many students getting involved in the worship life of the congregation. They sang the songs, read bible verses and acted out simple plays added to our worship. Early Learning Centre We are doing a lot of work getting ready for the opening of the St Andrews Early Learning Centre in January 2015. We are holding an information session for all potential parents on March 27th 2014 at 6:30 pm in the MPH. If you or you know of families who have children who are approximately 2.5 – 3.5 (pre-kindy) or approximately 3.5 – 4.5 (pre-prep) years of age in 2015 and would be interested in attending our Early Learning Centre, please come along to the information session in the MPH. Cyber Safety No program my child will want to use is essential to their development, treat all programs as an added extra, a privilege. Darrin Schumacher Deputy Principal/Head of Junior School

ICAS News International Competitions & Assessments (ICAS) For Junior Schools 2014 Your child is invited to take part in the 2014 Australasian Schools Competitions. A letter to all parents can be found in the TASS Parent Lounge. To book please follow this link to TryBooking or via the College Website. Parents have until Friday 4 April to register and pay. PLEASE NOTE: Entries cannot be accepted after this date. COMPUTER SKILLS (Years 4-10) Tuesday 20 May, $9.20 per student SCIENCE (Years 4-12) Wednesday 4 June, $9.20 per student WRITING (Years 4-12) 16-20 June, $19.30 per student SPELLING (Years 4-7) Tuesday 17 June, $12.55 per student ENGLISH (Years 4-12) Tuesday 29 July, $9.20 per student Note that all Year 12 students will be entered for this with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional and you will be required to cover the cost yourself.

MATHEMATICS (AMC) (Years 7-12) Thursday 7 August, $6.35 per student MATHEMATICS (ICAS) (Years 4-12) Tuesday 12 August, $9.20 per student Note that all Year 8, 10 & 11 students will be entered for this with entry fees paid for by the College. All other years this competition is optional but highly recommended. Parents should note that prices include credit card and booking fees.

The competitions take place each year in schools throughout Australia and the South Pacific Region. They provide opportunities for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. All students receive a Certificate and an individual Results Letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for their state. The documents are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. The Results Letter is also useful for highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics. Certificates are awarded to each year level as follows: High Distinction - to the top 1% of entrants in the state Distinction - to the next 10% of entrants in the state Credit - to the next 20% of entrants in the state Achievement - to the students who are placed in the top 20% of their Year Level at their school, but do not qualify for one of the above state Certificates Participation - to all students who do not qualify for one of the above Certificates. Medals are awarded to the top student(s) in each Year Level in each state. Schools receive valuable statistics which enable them to compare their achievements with the rest of the state. Please note that a large percentage of schools, like our

College, make all of the papers optional. This means that students who demonstrate an exceptional aptitude in a disciplinary area are generally the ones who register to compete as it is a competition. Therefore when you receive and view your child’s results, the comparison to the cohort who completed the paper is not a true indicator of where your child is ranked in Queensland. Jacqueline Faulkner Deputy Head of Junior School PYP Coordinator

Counselling Update This is a recent post by author and child psychologist Tina Bryson. It may seem confronting and difficult to imagine but believe me when I say this approach to your child’s inappropriate behaviour does work. I say this as a parent of a seven year old who is prone to mega-meltdowns. It requires calmness, patience and control on your part and a united front if working alongside your partner. Have a read and see what you think. At the very least next time you are confronted by challenging behaviours give it a try. “Got a young child threatening you or acting out with disrespectful behaviour? Maybe you should forget about the behaviour in that moment. Here’s some advice I shared with a mom about this topic: I think he’s talking about all kinds of calculated acts of planned aggression “next time I’m going to run you over and bury you!” and “I’m going to push you out of a tree!” in order to make himself more powerful, because I actually think he feels pretty controlled by his emotions and very vulnerable. I also sense that what he really needs is not really for me to arm you guys with “strategies”, but more to encourage a shift in how you think about him and his behaviour. Specifically, I’d encourage a shift from thinking about what the main goal is with him. I think our goal is not to control his behaviour in the moment - I know it feels like it’s our goal and responsibility to teach him that his behaviour is not acceptable or appropriate, but I think if we approach with this perspective, the way we respond to him will escalate things. Instead, I think our goal in the moment is to forget about the behaviour and focus on providing him support for emotional regulation. The behaviour will be able to be addressed more effectively once he’s calm and comforted and regulated. If our goal is to teach, then we are not effective disciplinarians when we address the behaviour when he’s in a reactive state of mind. To get him to the receptive state of mind where we can effectively address behaviour, we must first calm and connect and comfort and see things from his point of view. Nurture, nurture, nurture. We can really validate what he is feeling (something more than “I can tell you’re angry, but . . . “ which doesn’t really validate), let him tell his story, comfort, offer help and support and a safe haven to help him when he’s feeling internally chaotic and reactive. Something like (in a quiet comforting voice with an empathic facial expression and nurturing body

posture) “You’re having a hard time right now. What do you need? How can I help you? What can we do to calm down?” This does not reinforce negative behaviour. That is a common fear but it’s a misunderstanding of how behaviour works. What you are doing is reinforcing that you are a safe, predictable person who will help him when he needs help. Just like you’d comfort him (and not blame him) if he’s physically suffering, we want to comfort him (and not blame him) when he’s emotionally suffering. Once he’s back in control of his own emotions (without us trying to control him), then we can effectively talk about good choices and behaviour. He knows already what is right and wrong. He doesn’t need us to teach him that something wasn’t OK or appropriate. He already knows, but he can’t do it in the moment, so our job is to provide the emotional and relational support that allows him to do what he already knows is right.

Chaplains Chat Life at St Andrews is so varied – ranging from the Academic, to the Arts, Sport, Service and everything else in between. There is never a dull moment – a cliché, I know, but true. It is such a privilege to work in such an environment. Being involved with students working so well in the classroom, on the futsal court and making music is a great source of joy for me personally. Dare I even say it – maybe I should be paying to be here – rather than the school paying me? In amongst the good stuff though can be all manner of challenges. It seems to me that circumstance can plot against us to steal our joy and contentment away. We can misconstrue a comment made by someone and before we know it, we maybe questioning our own abilities and whether we are doing a good job. It is at this time that it is so assuring to be reminded of some ageless wisdom that I encountered over the holidays. Take a quick check for yourself – ‘What or who is the source of your joy and contentment?’ Is our personal well-

The more we address the behaviour in the moment by telling him what to do or reprimanding him or controlling his body or communicating control, punitiveness, anger, or any kind of threat/fear, the more he’ll escalate. I know there will be times where you are super comforting and he may still escalate, but I wonder if we approach this way, and then move on, instead of focusing on the bad behaviour, if these situations might not escalate into incidents. I know how unpleasant it is to deal with him when he’s reactive, but keep in mind how awful his internal chaos feels to him. He feels that he’ll consistently have someone there to nurture him through the internal storm and that he can use you as a tool to calm his inner chaos. Create safety and comfort; that’s the key.” Mardi Frost School Counselling Team

being subject to the whim of others and their treatment of us. Is it based on how many jobs we can get done or even on how well we complete a task? Bottom line is – who or what is the source of our joy and contentment? If our wellbeing rests solely on these aspects of life, then chances are, our joy can be snatched away from us. In contrast, if our joy ultimately rests in the fact that we are claimed by our loving God as His child then our joy is untouchable. We will still be subject to challenges in our life – we will still second guess ourselves but when troubled and perplexed, God speaks His truth into our lives and this restores our joy as we celebrate our position in His care. Our joy and well-being is untouchable when it is reliant on our God’s love and care. This fact places us in a position to always love others, no matter what may come. Graeme Schache Chaplain

Art News P&F Picnic Performance Many thanks to our students who performed at the P and F Picnic last Friday. It was a wonderful evening and great to see such a range of students sharing their gifts with the audience.

Junior School Arts Week – Week 5 This week is a celebration of the Arts and an opportunity for students to engage in a range of Arts Based Activities. There will be a Visual Artist in Residence, Lunchtime Dance Classes and Art Club as well as workshops in Dance, Music and Drama related to Units of Inquiry. There will also be a Big Day Out and JS Gala Concert on Friday 23rd May. Evening of Drama Tuesday 3rd June Featuring Performances by our Year 10 and Year 12 Drama Classes Priscilla Scott Head of Arts Last Tuesday, students and teachers from the Junior School were treated to some very special entertainment, courtesy of a travelling group of very talented musicians. The concert band from St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie is currently touring and St Andrews was lucky to be able to host the visitors and be entertained as they performed a special concert for us.

Many thanks also to Paul Oakley-Grant for his technical support! Twilight Classics Concert Friday 21st March 5.30pm Staff Common Room As the highlight to our Focus on Classics Week, we have our Twillight Classics Concert featuring our Senior Musicians performing pieces with a Classical Focus. All are welcome. Evening of Drama Term 1 Tuesday 1st April 6.30pm Featuring performances from our Year 10 and Year 11 Drama Classes. There is a wide variety of scenes from “The Crucible”, ‘A Doll’s House” and “The Glass Menagerie” as well as “The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay” and “Living With Lady Macbeth” Starbound Eisteddfod Saturday 5th April At the start of the holidays our Jazz and Contemporary Dance Troupes will compete in The Starbound Entertainers festival in the schools section on Saturday 5th April. Full details regarding this event will be loaded on to Parent Lounge this week. Any enquires can be sent to performing (Contemporary) or paulag@salc.qld. (Jazz) Term 2 Date Claimers We have some exciting events coming up in Term 2 in the Arts. Here are some date claimers: A Showcase of Senior Music Students Senior Music Evening Thursday 8th May 6.30pm, RBT

The group, comprised of students from Years 7 to 12, performed some great numbers from well known movies such as “Toy Story” and “Transformers”. The concert also featured some impressive soloists. The highlight of the concert came when some of our students got the opportunity to join the band up on stage and play some very interesting instruments. It was indeed a treat to be entertained by this talented group of young musicians and we are grateful for the opportunity St Columbia Anglican School gave our students to see the quality of live music performance that comes with commitment and enthusiasm for the study of music. I loved seeing the enthusiasm of all the students watching this performance, and especially loved the dance moves I saw! Miss Lauren Washington Music Teacher

Band Notes Persistence is a key concept we brandish around at schools these days. It makes sense, if you want to improve than you must persist in your efforts. As you know I am a true believer that talent is overtaken by exposure and effort. In other words a talented student will not perform as well as the student who immerses themselves in their task and who ‘persists’ with regular practice. As we enter week 8 and student’s lives are being overtaken by assessments it is time to ask how their practice is going. Run a concert at home, which can be videoed for future reference. (We will come back to it later to compare improvements). Remember it is not ‘how much’ you practice each week, but ‘how many times’ you practice that gains the greatest improvement.

Tuckshop News The new Tuckshop area is coming along quite well. We are now starting to see the framing for the walls and pipes going in. Looking forward to the finished product!

All of us in the Music Department look forward to seeing you at this weeks, focus on classics concert ‘Music for Twilights’ being held in the teachers lounge in the Main Administration building at 5.30pm on Friday. Paul Oakley-Grant Senior School Music Teacher Junior School Music Coordinator

Uniformshop News Discontinued Stock Sell Out - In store and via Flexischools. All items are brand new and still permitted to be worn to school. Sorry no returns unless faulty. Sports shorts size XS similar to Size 16 but longer in the leg, discontinued taslon fabric $16. Girls Blouse size L/16 poly/cotton, discontinued supplier $37 Wardjam Shirt size 10 discontinued supplier $15 Navy Opaque Tights 40 denier sizes 10-12 years, Mids and XTalls $3 (current stock is 70 denier $7-7.50 each). Jacqui Desfosses Uniform Shop Manager

We have now added sorbet to our range of products served in Tuckshop. They meet the “Smart Choices” eating range and are available in Lemon, Pomegranate & Lemon, Orange and Orange-Mango. They retail at $2.50 Hot X Bun Fundraising This year we will be holding a Hot X Bun Fundraising Event. All profits will go to “Go Team” which proceeds will help provide essential farming and village equipment much needed in Cambodia. Costing $5.50 per pack (6). Go to Flexi Schools to place your order. Did you Know….. Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water. Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. Trina van der Kamp Tuckshop Manager

Puberty, Things are Changing! Parent information Night Year 6 students will be commencing a personal development program in Term 2. This will consist of 2 x 45 minutes lessons that cover aspects of puberty and development. Year 6 parents are invited to an information night about the “Things Are Changing” program on Thursday 3rd April at 6.30pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall. On this night, course objectives will be explained and questions answered. The program aims to provide parents with the opportunity to be equipped and educated with the information and confidence necessary to teach their children about puberty. Each parent will be given a booklet that outlines what the children will be learning at school and gives good leading questions and discussion starters for the home environment. Oral Health Students in Years (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) have been provided with an offer of oral health care examination card to take home.

If your child is enrolled in one of the year levels listed above or are new to the school and did not receive an examination card and would like to arrange for your child to receive oral health care please contact the Oral Health Call Centre 1300 300 850. Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Excluding Public Holidays. If your child requires disability access please identify this requirement with the Call Centre Operator.

Dates to remember March / April Friday 21 Year 1 Excursion to Fleays Wildlife Park Monday 24 Carnival Book Fair Three-Way Conferences 3.00pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 25 Carnival Book Fair Assembly – MPH at 2.00pm Three-Way Conferences 3.00pm to 5.30pm Wednesday 26 Hosting Japanese Visitors Carnival Book Fair P-3 Cross Country – Lower Oval 12.30pm to 3.00pm Thursday 27 Carnival Book Fair Mini Muso’s open rehearsal – Ruth Butler Theatre 3.30pm to 5.00pm Thursday 28 Carnival Book Fair April Wednesday 2 Years 4-6 Cross Country – Schuster Park 9.00am to 12.30pm Thursday 3 P-12 Easter Service – Multi Purpose Hall 8.45am Year 6 Personal Development Program – Multi Purpose Hall 6.30pm

We are selling the Entertainment Books again this year!! New this year, you have a choice: The traditional Entertainment Book Membership that comes with the Gold Card and vouchers or The brand new Entertainment Digital Membership that puts the value of the Entertainment™ Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone. Entertainment Memberships contain thousands of valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more! The price is $55.00 per book and $11.00 from each book goes to fundraising for the College. Books are available from Reception, Junior School Administration and the Uniform Shop. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ONLINE NOW

by Michael Grose - No. 1 parenting educator

Managing kids who won’t take no for answer Kids can be very strategic at getting you to agree to what they want. But two can play at that game! Ever had a child who keeps asking for a favour or a treat over and over until they get the response they want? These kids generally use one of two strategies. They may either nag or hound you until they get an affirmative response or they seek out another adult who will give them the answer they want. Pester power wears you down! From a kid’s point of view, the first method, which is based on persistence, is generally very effective with tired parents and sole parents who are more vulnerable to this type of behaviour. “All right have the ice cream. Anything for some peace and quiet,” is a response that most people who have spent time around children are familiar with. The same applies to adolescents: “Okay, you can go to the party. Just stop nagging me about it!” Playing one parent off against the other The second method is a little more devious but very effective and usually occurs in dual parent families. You know the situation. A child’s request for a treat, favour or outing is turned down for good reason (“No Jessica you can’t have an ice cream now. Wait until after dinner”). The child then goes to the other parent (without sharing the conversation they’ve just had with you!) in the hope that he or she may well give them the positive answer they are looking for. These situations can drive parents crazy and are indicative of two people operating on different parenting planes. If it happens every now and again then it is no big deal. However, if one parent is always granting a child his or her wishes without consultation or thought about what the other parent thinks, then it’s probably time to step back and reflect on how you can both work better together. One “no” is enough Be firm with a child or young person who goes to another parent in search of a ‘yes’ after they have received a knock back. “Where did you get that ice cream from? I already said no.” “Daddy said I could have it.” “I am sorry but you should not go to Daddy after I said ‘No’.” If in doubt, defer The other technique that you can use when one parent tends

to give in more often is to agree to defer to each other whenever a child or young person asks something tricky. “Okay Jessica, I’ll just check with Dad and get back to you.” This strategy can be wearing and even artificial but it’s helpful in bringing the other parent into the picture and it also demonstrates that you are double act. It’s the smartest way to manage teens as they have a propensity to corner you into making quick decisions. The principle here is to control the timing of your responses and not be railroaded into snap decisions. Take it in turns saying “no” Most dual parents play good cop/bad cop, with one being the disciplinarian or hard-line manager and the other more the play director. That tends to be the way of families. This is wearing on the bad cop so it helps if you can swap roles (or even backbones) occasionally so that the ‘bad cop’ parent gets a break. Sole parents play both roles, which is draining. Managing children who won’t take no for an answer demands teamwork, a willingness to hold your ground and, most importantly, good communication skills. The aim is to reach a point that when you say “No, not this time” (or however you say it), your kids actually believe what you say. Stay one step ahead of your kids with great ideas & expert advice from Michael Grose. Join Michael’s NEW Parentingideas Club today at You’ll be so glad you did.

Michael Grose Presentations PO Box 167 Balnarring Vic 3926 p + 61 3 5983 1798 f (03) 5983 1722 e All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges please visit our website. 2014 Michael Grose

St Andrews  Lutheran  College  Outside  School  Hour  Care  –  Easter  Vacation  Care  2014  

175 Tallebudgera  Creek  Road  Tallebudgera      7.00am-­‐6.00pm          Contact  OSHC  Phone:  55225762      or  

Vacation Care  Fee  $47  per  day  plus  activity  cost:  Fee  Reduction  Available   Even  if  you  do  not  receive  CCB  you  are  generally  still  eligible  to  receive  50%  of  out  of  pocket   fees  back.  To  receive  Child  Care  Benefits  for  Vacation  Care  please  provide  OSHC  with  Customer  Reference  Numbers  and  register  your  child  with  the     Family  Assistance  Office—Ph.:  13  61  50      Payment  to  be  received  at  the  start  of  each  week  to  confirm  and  hold  bookings.  2014  Enrolment  Fee    $27.50  per  family.        Late  fee  applies.    

My Time  Our  Place      Every  day  the  children  are  able  to  choose  from  a  variety  of  activities  e.g.  Board  games,  drawing,  sports  and  construction  sets,  computers   Monday  7th  April   Tuesday  8th  April   Wednesday  9th  April   Thursday    10th  April   Friday    11th  April   Creative Arts Incursion Creative Arts Day of Balloon Fun Be Active     Mini Sports Carnival Balloon  Volleyball   All  Children   CONSTRUCTION  CHALLENGE   Easter Story – Mural   Jumping Castle Build  a  Castle  from  ancient   Balloon  stamping   Egg and Spoon Races Cost -$15 times  out  of  Blocks       Balloon  animals   3 legged races Fashion  Designer     NEWSPAPER FASHION DESIGN

Sack Races

Ball Games

Monday 14th  April   Art  And  Craft  

Hama Beading     Jelly  bean  brackets  

Celebrate with Fruity Icy Poles

Tuesday 15th  April   Art  and  Craft     Create  a  3D  Easter  Animal  

Wednesday 16th  April   Creative Arts  



Kids in  the  Kitchen  

Coloured Salt  Bunnys  

And  Easter  Baskets     Cooking:  Easter  Bunny  Bread   Rolls      

Thursday  17th  April  

Easter Cupcakes Decorate your cupcakes And take one home

Friday  18th  April   EASTER  FIRDAY  



See if  you  can  hop  through  the   challenge  and  get  to  the  end  of  the   obstacle  course  

St Andrews  Lutheran  College  Outside  School  Hour  Care  –  Easter  Vacation  Care  2014    

175 Tallebudgera  Creek  Road  Tallebudgera      7.00am-­‐6.00pm          Contact  OSHC  Phone:  55225762      or  

Vacation Care  Fee  $47  per  day  plus  activity  cost:  Fee  Reduction  Available   Even  if  you  do  not  receive  CCB  you  are  generally  still  eligible  to  receive  50%  of  out  of  pocket   fees  back.  To  receive  Child  Care  Benefits  for  Vacation  Care  please  provide  OSHC  with  Customer  Reference  Numbers  and  register  your  child  with  the     Family  Assistance  Office—Ph.:  13  61  50        Payment  to  be  received  at  the  start  of  each  week  to  confirm  and  hold  bookings.2014  Enrolment  Fee  $27.50  per  

family. Late  fee  applies  and  Cancelations  needs  to  be  received  24  hours’  notice  or  charges  will  apply.  All  Previous  outstanding  monies  need  to  be  brought   up  to  date  for  bookings  for  vacation  care  to  proceed.   My  Time  Our  Place      Every  day  the  children  are  able  to  choose  from  a  variety  of  activities  e.g.  Board  games,  drawing,  sports  and  construction  sets,  computers    

Monday 7th  April  h    

Tuesday 8th  April   INCURSION   $15 per child jumping castle

Monday 14th  April  

Tuesday 15th  April  

Wednesday 9th  April  

Wednesday 16th  April  

Thursday  10th  April  

Thursday  17th  April  

Friday  11th  April  

Friday 18th  April  

St Andrews  Lutheran  College  Outside  School  Hours  Care   2014  Easter  Vacation  Care  Booking  Sheet  Phone:  55225762  or   Please  tick  the  days  that  your  child/ren  is  coming.  One  tick  for  each  child  please  uses  your  child’s  initials  e.g.  Z,  B.  if  different  child  coming  different  days.        Bookings  must  be  paid  in  full  at  the  start  of  each  week  to  confirm  booking        Vacation  Care  Fee  $47  per  day  plus  activity  cost          2013  Enrolment  Fee  $27.50  per  family   Bank  Details  St  Andrews  Lutheran  College  Outside  School  Hours  Care:    Bank  Westpac  Queens  Street  Brisbane:    BSB  034-­‐002  Account  Number  748050.    Identify  with  name.  

I  have  read  the  St  Andrews  Vacation  Care  Program  and  conditions  and  fully  understand  all  requirements.  I  will  ensure  that  my  child/ren  is/are  fully   equipped  as  specified  on  the  program.  I  agree  to  abide  by  all  requirements  including  payment  of  fees.  The  program  may  vary  due  to  the  requirements  of   the  children,  weather,  staff  and  availability  of  Sites  within  the  college.  Any  queries  please  email        Late  Fee  applied  after   closure  of  service  at  6.00pm  please  call  55225762  if  delayed  

Name of  Children  :  ___________________________________  Year  Level:  ______________  Date  of  Birth:  ___________________    

                                                                     ____________________________________                                            ______________                                                    ____________________       Parent’s  Name:  _________________________________  Parent’s  Date  of  Birth:  _________________  Contact  Number  :  ______________________________________     Email  address:_________________________________________________________________________  Parent’s  signature:  __________________________________  

Vacation Care  Notes:    

All Children  required  to  Wear  Closed  in  shoes  and  Wide  brim  hat

Please  bring  a  backpack  and  bottle  to  fill  with  water.      Please  label  all  of  your  children’s  belongings  

Healthy Food:    A  piece  of  Fruit  or  Vegetable  Sticks  for  Fruit  Break  plus  Morning  Tea  and  Lunch  to  be  provided  for  children  and  Water  bottle  by  families.    Please  keep  treats  to   minimum.    Anaphylaxis  Children  attend  OSHC  Please  no  NUTS  in  Food  brought  into  Vacation  Care.     Afternoon  Tea  is  provided  by  the  service  for  the  children  at  Vacation  Care.  Menu  displayed  on  Whiteboard  each  day.  

All children  need  to  wear  suitable  play  clothes/sun  safe.  Including  WIDE  BRIM  HATS  NOT  CAPS  thank-­‐  you.  Please  pack  a  light  jumper  for  cool  mornings  and  afternoons.  

Sun screen  applied  to  children  before  arrival.      Sunscreen  is  available  at  the  OSHC  service  or  children  can  bring  their  own  labelled  sunscreen  50+.  

Medication if  required,  needs  a  medication  form  completed.  This  form  is  available  at  the  OSHC  service  near  sign  in  and  out  attendance  roll.  Please  speak  to  OSHC  Educators.  All   Medication  needs  to  be  handed  into  OSHC  Educators  with  medication  form  completed.  Please  do  not  leave  any  medication  in  Children’s  Bags.  

Technology: -­‐  Please  note  that  if  children  bring  in  any  technology  such  as  IPADS,  DS,  IPODs  they  need  to  be  responsible  for  looking  after  these  items.    OSHC  does  not  take  any   responsibility  for  loss  or  broken  items.  Please  name  all  such  items  including  games.  Please  ensure  that  no  M  rated  material  including  games  or  songs  are  brought  into  OSHC   Vacation  Care.  The  children  have  limited  time  on  technology  each  day.  Mobile  Phones:  -­‐  children  are  not  to  make  phone  calls/text  from  personal  mobile  phones  whilst  in  the  care  of   OSHC.  If  children  need  to  call  Parents  -­‐  they  can  for  important  matters  call  from  the  OSHC  landline  with  the  permission  of  the  OSHC  Coordinator.  Parents  can  leave  message  on   55225762  and  OSHC  Educators  will  communicate  to  the  children  any  changes  in  pick  up  or  who  is  collecting  the  children  for  you.  


MY TIME  OUR  PLACE  Outcomes:  

Outcome 1:  Children  have  a  strong  sense  of  Identity   Outcome  2:  Children  are  connected  with  and  contribute  to  their  world   Outcome  3:  Children  have  a  strong  sense  of  wellbeing   Outcome  4:  Children  are  confident  and  involved  learners   Outcome  5:  Children  are  effective  communicators     Our  OSHC  service  offers  a  wide  range  of  age-­‐appropriate  programs  that  reflect  an  understanding  of  the  importance  of  childhood  and  the  value  of  play.  Using  a  holistic   approach,  we  work  closely  with  school/  communities  to  develop  our  capacity  to  provide  OSHC.    Please  do  not  hesitate  to  email  or  phone   55225762  any  queries  or  concerns  that  you  may  have  to  the  OSHC  Coordinator  Robyn  Fuller     Looking  Forward  to  a  Terrific  Fun  Filled  Vacation  Care.  Bye  from  all  OSHC    Vacation  Care  Educators.  

Junior School Bulletin Issue 4, 21 March 2014  

Junior School Bulletin Issue 4, 21 March 2014