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Celebrating 20 years 2013

Issue 8, April 2013

May 25th is fast approaching & your help is vital towards making the 2013 Fete a success! Thank you for all those who volunteered so far. We do still need a lot of volunteers for most stalls, especially between 12pm-4pm. Trash & Treasure, Devonshire Tea, Crazy Hair, Face Painting. Fete information, Thai, Sushi, Souvlaki, German Sausages, Supersoaker, Traffic, Setup and Cleanup are just some of the events that require volunteers. Please contact Jolien on 0466 343 933 or fill in the volunteer forms, available from the College website.

Cent Auction Tracey Wright is running the Cent Auction and has asked for the following items: > Wine > New Toys > New kitchen appliances > BBQ Packs

> Beach gear packs > Sporting packs > Beauty products > Jewellery

Tracey has also asked if you could approach your favourite restaurant, golf club, hairdresser, personal trainer etc to see if they would be interested in donating a prize. Tracey can be contacted on 0448 885 195 and organise collection of the donation if required. Other areas that require donations include: • Prizes for Art Exhibition • Art Products – brushes, paint, pencils, books and frames • Books - Children and Adult Novels – no magazines, recipe books or encyclopedia’s • Chocolate (take advantage of the sales after Easter) chocolate chocolate and more chocolate required. (Note: can also be handed in at the Bus

Donations are required in several areas and any donations can be handed in at the P&F office on Tuesday and Wednesday between 8-9 am.

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Shelter Tuesday and Thursday’s between 7.458.30am or the P & F Office Wednesday 8-9 am) Crazy Hair Products – spray, ribbons and ties. Face Painting products – skin friendly Giftware and Craft Lucky Dip products (erasers, stickers, tattoos, small toys, wrapped lollies, balloons) Preloved Clothing - clean Toys (not broken) Soft toys for Teddy Town Trash and Treasure Plants, seedlings, pots, & potting mix

Please note: All donations need to be clean, complete and in sellable condition. Please donate items you would like to buy.

Fete Newsletter Issue 8, April 2013  

Fete Newsletter Issue 8, April 2013