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Behind the Scenes of Les Misérables John Fiorelli Basketball Hall of Fame Joe Dawson ‘73: A Reflection on those Early Days

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Pregaming at Saint Mark’s


Saint Mark’s Sisters in their Own Words


Behind the Scenes of Les Misérables


John Fiorelli Basketball Hall of Fame


Joe Dawson ‘73: A Reflection on those Early Years


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Has your contact information changed? Send your name, class year, and updated information to The Office of Advancement and Alumni at to connect with your Spartan Family. CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS: Richard A. Bayhan, Francis Corrigan, Guy Townsend ‘85, Peter V. Curcio, Danielle Bowen , Joe Dawson ‘73 , Sister Ruth Harkins I.H.M. ‘76, Sister Kelly Schuster ‘06, John Fiorelli, Nick Sanna, Ashley Thompson Saint Mark’s High School 2501 Pike Creek Road • Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 302.738.3300


2018-2019 Administration Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Richard A. Bayhan, Principal Francis Corrigan, Assistant Principal, Mission and Academics Guy Townsend ‘85, Assistant Principal, Student Affairs Peter Curcio, Director of Advancement & Alumni


Danielle Bowen, Director of Marketing & Communications Alissa McGrisken, Director of Admissions

Behind the Scenes of Les Misérables Misérablesables

ADVIS0RY BOARD MEMBERS: Mrs. Mary Liz Biddle PNC BANK Mrs. Patricia M. Curtin White, MD ‘76 Christiana Care Health System Mr. Michael Freda EDiS Very Rev. Joseph J. Piekarski, V.F. Pastor, St. John the Beloved Parish Mr. James Groff Brandywine Chrysler Jeep Car Dealership Mr. Stephen Hyde H.F.M. Investment Advisors


Mr. Stewart Lee Howard Bank Mr. Christopher Locke, Esq. Lang Development Group

John Fiorelli Basketball Hall of Fame

Ms. Monica Moore, RN ‘86 Delcastle Technical High School Mr. Robert Mosch Retired CPA Mr. Brian Murray ‘75 Brian T. Murray, P.A. Ms. Charisse Rodgers ‘86 Independent Consultant

14 Joe Dawson ‘73: A Reflection on those Early Days

Mr. Robert Teeven ‘82 Self Employed

Saint Mark’s, a co-educational, college preparatory Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility and integrity.

Message from the Principal

Dear Alumni and Friends of Saint Mark’s, Schools use the words alumnus (male) and alumna (female) to define a male or female who attended or graduated from a given school. The word in Latin means “pupil” or “foster son” but that word stems from yet another Latin word meaning “to nourish.” The implication is that a school helps to nourish the minds and souls of its students. (Another school expression, alma mater, which means nourishing mother, also stems from these root words.) Don’t worry – this isn’t a lesson in Latin grammar. These thoughts came to me as I reflected on the results of a recent survey of Saint Mark’s High School alumni. One of the things that struck me is that, in a sample of over 100 alumni, 96% of respondents believe their experience here was positive or very positive. In other words, they were nourished by the Saint Mark’s community. I choose my words carefully because it is not just the “institutional” school that nourishes students – it is the entire community that grows up around the school. This survey speaks not only to academic preparation but also to friends, teachers, coaches, activities, and the entire high school experience. When I speak to our current students, I never let them forget that they are part of a tradition that is almost 50 years old. They walk the same hallways their predecessors walked, they wear the same class rings, and they bear the responsibility to carry on the Saint Mark’s experience for yet another generation. Though the world has certainly changed in the past 50 years and schools must change with the times, the very soul of Saint Mark’s, as formed by the Class of 1973 and sustained and nourished by every class since then, remains a strong foundation of our beloved school. As we make our way to next year’s quinquagenary (fiftieth anniversary – I had to get a last shot of Latin into this letter), it’s important that our alumni and our friends know that they are in our thoughts and prayers as we are ever grateful to them for making Saint Mark’s High School what it is today! Sincerely in Christ,

Richard A. Bayhan Principal

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Pregaming at Saint Mark’s On January 18, 2019, the Saint Mark’s Alumni Association hosted a mixer before the Spartans took on Sallies in boys varsity basketball. This annual event brought together alumni, current parents, grandparents, and parents of alumni to enjoy Spartan spirit and camaraderie before this rivalry game. The Main Office Lobby was the venue for the event which featured appetizers, soft pretzels, sliders, and


desserts in addition to light refreshments. To kick off the event head basketball coach Nick Sanna stopped by to welcome everyone in attendance. The Saint Mark’s Alumni Association hosts several social gatherings throughout the year and all are welcome to attend.

Wendy O’Connor, Mary Holmburg, John O’Connor, & Leeann Cadics

Mike Freda, Sam Freda ‘14, Stewart Lee, Kathy Lee ‘84, Maureen Monagle ‘88, & Marilyn Freda

Dan Swasey, Kara Swasey, & Tom Rosa

Deanna Marcelo & Patti Westergard ‘87 and friends

Margaret Fish ‘80, Dennis Fish, Maria Merritt, Bob Sonchen, & Christina Sonchen

Neal Donaldson ‘91, Nancy Lennon ‘84, Maria Lennon, Jim Lennon ‘91, & Deanna Marcelo


Saint Mark’s Sisters in their Own Words Sr. Ruth Harkins, I.H.M. ‘76

of Professional Studies. I also have the blessing of working with our 23 student leaders who minister to students in the residence halls. I have also taught a theology course on the Theology of Mission as students prepared to journey to the border of Texas and New Mexico

Could you tell a little about your

during spring break during the past five years. The Congregation of

vocation story?

the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a group of

Growing up and attending Saint

320 Catholic women who have vowed to follow Jesus as a community

Catherine of Siena grade school,

of disciples. We choose to be clear witnesses to the unconditional

I remember vividly the joy of the

love of God in the world. Often known simply as the IHM Sisters, we

Benedictine sisters in our school. I

serve where we are called and live and work lovingly among all people

also remember visiting the convent

– eleven states, 25 archdiocese/diocese and Peru and Mexico. Many

in eight grade every Friday to help

of our sisters are educators, administrators, health care providers,

the sisters clean the chapel. When I

communications and technology experts, social workers, justice

attended high school, the desire to become a sister only deepened.

advocates, and pastoral and spiritual care ministers.

After graduating I decided to attend the University of Delaware and spent more time visiting the IHM Sisters at Saint Mark’s High School,

What is your favorite part of being a sister?

Saint Matthew’s Grade School Convent in Wilmington, DE, and in

My favorite part of being a religious sister is finding God in new and

Mt Holly, NJ. I entered the Congregation of Sisters, Servants of the

exciting ways each day as revealed in and through – creation, children,

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA during my senior year at UD.

the poor, the immigrant, the young adult, the elderly, the sick, and

I student taught with the sisters in a high school in Scranton and made

those with whom I share community. I especially cherish having the

my first vows in June 1982 in Scranton, PA and my final vows at Saint

sacred space and time for prayer each day, celebrating the liturgy with

Catherine of Siena Church in 1986.

young adults, and growing deeper in my own faith through the witness of others.

How did Saint Mark’s High School influence your faith and spiritual life?

What do you wish more people knew about being a sister?

Saint Mark’s helped to nurture my faith and spiritual life through

I have been a religious sister for over 35 years and those years

the 38 religious sisters that I encountered over the four years and

have overflowed with so many graces as I have taught high school,

the wonderful priests who served as principal. Daily I witnessed the

ministered to those with HIV/AIDS, served as vocation director for

presence of God through the religious sisters and lay faculty in their

my religious congregation, and now serve as a campus minister with

passion for education, their daily witness to prayer, and the Eucharist.

young adults. Being a sister is simply one way to grow in holiness

Their joy, compassion, and dedication to loving God by striving to

by walking with others who share the same values and passion for

bring out the best in their students provided me with the unique

witnessing to the unconditional love of God.

opportunity and environment to ask questions and search out God’s will in my life. What do you most remember about your time at Saint Mark’s? For me the most meaningful experiences that I encountered during my four years at Saint Mark’s included being involved in the marching band, chorus, and spring musicals. There was such an experience of family and community among all the students who were involved in these musical events. The school spirit was so vibrant and infectious that it created a spirit of unity among us. Can you describe your current ministry and your congregation? Currently I am the Associate Campus Minister for Graduate and Professional Students at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. This includes working closely with students from our Columbus School of Law, and the adults in our Metropolitan School 06

Sr. Kelly Schuster ‘06 Could you tell a little

is having had Mrs. Reilly teach me how to write a paper. That served

about your vocation

me so well in college and in the way I teach my students now.

story? I felt that God had given

Can you describe your current ministry and your congregation?

me a big heart to share

The Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco (also known as the Daughters

with many, not just a

of Mary Help of Christians) work with young people, wherever they

family of my own.

may be, and seek to bring Christ to them. Here in the Eastern half of the United States that mainly means working in schools, both

How did Saint Mark’s

elementary and high school, but also looks like retreat ministry, parish

High School influence

catechesis, and, of course, in the summertime, camp! I am currently

your faith and spiritual

serving at Corpus Christi Holy Rosary School in Port Chester, NY. I


am the Middle School Religion teacher and I have the Seventh Grade

Saint Mark’s created an environment where my faith was challenged

Homeroom which means I teach them English Language Arts and

but also flourished. Theology was always my favorite class and I

Social Studies. I also am in charge of the Drama Club, the moderator

was lucky enough to have Ms. Susan Peiffer for two years. She had a

for the Builders Club (which is the Middle School version of Key Club),

great impact on my journey of faith because she made the faith real

I coordinate and lead the music for the school Liturgies, and I am co-

and showed me how to put it into action through the Mission Trips

responsible for the yearbook.

in the summer. On those trips I connected that my faith and service are inexplicably linked and learned how to use them both in tandem.

What is your favorite part of being a sister?

The variety of Religion classes strengthened my knowledge of the

My favorite part about being a sister is community life, prayer life,

faith while the school Masses, the Senior prayer group, the Monday

and interacting with the young people. The Salesian Charism includes

morning Mass, which I started to attend my Senior year because one

what we call the “family spirit” which means that our communities are

of my friends invited me to, all aided in the development of my faith.

not just sisters that happen to live together in the same house but are a group of women, consecrated to God, who form a family. The young

What do you most remember about your time at Saint Mark’s?

people we serve and our families of origin are also incorporated into

My fondest memories are by far the ones from the Saint Mark’s

this wider Salesian Family.

auditorium; I participated in every play that was offered in my four years and took all of the acting classes that I could. Mr. Patch made a

What do you wish more people knew about being a sister?

home for us there where we weren’t just putting on plays but making

Being a sister means being joyful and free in who you are! When you

friends and forming a community. I was also involved in the Silks

follow God’s call in your life, there will be challenges and the daily

Squad for Marching Band for three years and in Key Club for four

taking up of your cross, but our Charism is one of joy and optimism

years. My world revolved around academics, my friends, and those

rooted in Christ.

activities. I must say; however, one of the things I am most grateful for


Behind the Scenes On March 1st and 2nd Saint Mark’s presented their spring musical Les Misérables. The students created a wonderful production in a short amount of time that included set design and construction, costume creation, props, and building the barricade all while learning the show staging, musical numbers, characters’ lines, and also getting into their characters. There are also sound, lighting, and stage crew members hard at work doing their part to make the show what it will become. When the audience saw Les Misérables, it was the culmination of weeks of behind the scenes effort with many pieces coming into place. Some of the things the audience may not know include: The sets were mainly comprised from repurposed materials found within the theatre. There were many palettes donated for the construction of a boat in the fall play. Those palettes were repurposed into creating the wagon and different elements on the barricade. Creating the barricade was a labor of love that required every hand on deck. The barricade was constructed on six large flats that had castors concealed underneath to allow them to roll. Sturdy, smaller set pieces from past

productions were painted brown & black to create the base structures on the flat that allowed the actors to perform at varying heights. An element of the set that allowed the actors to perform at different heights was the use of the scaffolding. The two scaffoldings were re-used to add dimension to scenes such as the factory in “At the End of the Day,” the docks of “Lovely Ladies,” and the streets of “Look Down.” There was a lot of 08

paint in every color in the rainbow. Since Les Misérables requires rustic, period set pieces the brighter colors of paint were mixed to create the many gallons of brown paint used. The first step of creating the barricade was to create small collages crafted from found objects, wood scraps, hot glue, wire, twine and tacks. Upon completion, the small pieces resembled abstract art pieces and were used as embellishments in the final step of construction. Many of the design decisions were dictated by the supplies that were on-hand. The costume room had several large rolls of fabric; that led to the decision that the factory in “At the End of the Day” was going to specifically be a textile factory. The fabric was instrumental in the set dressings, actor props, and stage business. Utilizing the supplies in the costume room for the base of most costumes allowed the opportunity to focus on period-based embellishments and detailed focus on the iconic costumes traditionally associated with Les Misérables. Cosette’s wedding dress needed to be especially stunning and was constructed by a parent from three different wedding dresses. The goal of the costume design was to hold true to the authenticity of the story, honor the iconic images associated with the musical, and to add personal presence from this particular cast. The use of the curtain was instrumental in the staging

of Les MisĂŠrables choices. By isolating scenes between curtains, it allowed the cast and crew to pre-set the next scene without impacting the action on-stage. Another intention of the staging choices was to utilize all the structural details of the performance space; students entered and exited from the platform on the apron of the stage, jumped off and on the stage, utilized all four sets of stairs to the stage, and entered from a variety of spaces throughout the theatre.

The wedding scene provides a brief moment of levity before the heart-breaking finale. This required the set and costumes to be distinctly different from the aesthetic from the rest of the production. The color scheme was peach, pale pink, and lavender; the set was comprised of a long table at the back of the stage with two circular tables towards the audience. This scene was comprised of the majority of the cast and required a large, open performance space with large, visible set dressings to convey the joy of the wedding. One of the round tables held an ornate wedding cake that was crafted from hat boxes, lace from a hemmed dress, spray paint, and hot glue. There was also an abundance of brightly-colored flowers made from coffee filters, a realistic-looking ham comprised of wire & paper machĂŠ, and real cupcakes that were enjoyed by the cast & crew after each performance.


John Fiorelli

Basketball Hall of Fame On January 26, 2019, Saint Mark’s John Fiorelli was inducted into the Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame at the thirteenth annual ceremony. John has been a part of the fabric of Saint Mark’s High School for many years. During his illustrious coaching career he coached Saint Mark’s High School Girls Basketball Team to a 356-139 record over 24 seasons, including a 6-0 record in state championship games, winning titles in 1991, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2002. He has coached numerous AllState players during his tenure. Many of his players have gone on to star in their college basketball programs. He also coached the Saint Mark’s Boys Basketball team, and most recently returned to help assist the boys’ program. He continues to inspire his students in the classroom here as an English teacher, and he is the moderator for the National Honors Society and serves as the Spartans golf coach, winning the school’s only state championship in 2009. His legacy continues on today in the athletes he has coached and students whom he has taught. His influence on Saint Mark’s High School continues to grow.

Photo: John Fiorelli with captains of the boys’ basketball team Andrew Bianchino ’83 and Kevin Monagle ’83 at the 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony 12

“Fio is the best. He is a man of class. He is an excellent role model for young people. You see people come up to him that he coached or taught 25 years ago and he lights up. The impact he has had on the kids he has taught and coaches goes way beyond wins and losses. He loves the school and loves his job. His passion for teaching, coaching, and our school is on display each day when he steps foot on campus. St. Mark’s is a better place because of John Fiorelli. The world is also a better place thanks to his influence on the numerous kids he has coached and taught. He is not only a dear friend, but like many he is someone I look up to and admire. He is a hall of fame coach and a hall of fame human being.” Nick Sanna

“As both his point guard and later as his assistant coach, I learned that Coach Fiorelli always got the most out of his teams. Every drill at practice had a purpose within the context of our offense or defense. Our success was mostly a result of the hard work and preparation from scouting, film sessions, and most importantly, staying consistent with our offensive and defensive principles. The memories of playing under the guidance of Coach Fiorelli, Coach Mike Riley, and Coach Val Karch will always be cherished and the induction of Coach Fiorelli into the Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame is a well-deserved honor to cap off an outstanding coaching career.” Michelle Delle Cave ‘01

13 21

Joe Dawson ‘73 A Reflection on those Early Years at Saint Mark’s Joe Dawson received his diploma with Saint Mark’s inaugural graduating class of 1973 and has been a part of the Saint Mark’s community for a very long time. Joe will assume the role of President of the Saint Mark’s Alumni Association for the upcoming school year. His goals for the Alumni Association are to expand on the work that the Alumni Association has accomplished, to have an open dialog among all alumni, and to bring everyone back home to rekindle the spirit that surrounds Saint Mark’s. In August 1992, Joe founded the Spartan Alumni Jazz Band and continues to lead it today. Originally it consisted of all Saint Mark’s alumni, and throughout its 26 years the band has evolved to include 18 very talented musicians, alumni and others, who excel at performing modern big band jazz. As we approach our 50th anniversary, Joe reflects on those early years at Saint Mark’s.


Why did you choose Saint Mark’s? I went to grade school at Saint Joseph on the Brandywine and Father Delaney came to visit our school. Father Delaney, the first principal of Saint Mark’s, went to every local grade school and gave a presentation on the new high school, which would be the only school sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. His presentations got people excited about this new school. I was the 6th child of 8 in my family. My older brothers went to Sallies and my older sisters went to public school. I chose Saint Mark’s basically because it was new, an unknown challenge, and coed. My sister Karen and I started at Saint Mark’s and were followed by our cousin Liz, our younger brother Steve, and numerous cousins and nieces and nephews.

was next followed by the gym and the theatre. One of my most vivid memories was the smoking area, which was located where the Main Offices are now. Back then many smoked, and they would lean against the outside wall to smoke and the walls had footprints all over them. (By the way, the original address for Saint Mark’s was Henderson Road. I am not sure when it changed to 2501 Pike Creek Road).

How were the first days at Saint Mark’s? Well, when I made the decision to attend Saint Mark’s there was no physical school. Construction had not been completed. So, our first days at Saint Mark’s were actually spent at Saint Catherine of Sienna. We used modular classrooms to accommodate our 300+ classmates. I should note that backpacks weren’t fashionable back then. Since there were no lockers for us to use we carried all of our books throughout the entire day. We spent about three weeks at Saint Catherine’s before moving into Saint Mark’s.

When did sports begin? In my first year at Saint Mark’s all sports were Junior Varsity level including football under Coach Burawski because we weren’t yet eligible to be varsity players. After all, the entire student body had just left 8th grade. Our football teams’ home games were played at Baynard Stadium and basketball tryouts and practices under Coach O’Neill were held at Ferris Industrial School. By my sophomore year (1974) Saint Mark’s offered a full slate of sports, which of course is nowhere near the number of high school sports that Saint Marks has today.

What was it like when you finally got to Saint Mark’s? The building was still under construction. There were no lockers, no carpeting, no paint on classroom walls and many hallways. There was no theater, no band room, no cafeteria (we ate lunch in classrooms), no gyms, and no showers. Some PE and Health classes were held in the 110 corridor and the cafeteria. We carried all our books and lunches with us every day. Gradually things came into place. The library was the first area to be opened since academics (as is true today) was a priority. The cafeteria

When did the arts come to Saint Mark’s? In my freshman year there were two plays. The first was co-written by Sister Rose Louise (aka Miss Rachel Ali) and Miss Citro (Mrs. DeAscanis). It was titled A Glorious Refrain and it was performed at John Dickinson High School. In this musical we included the school’s first band, referred to as Citro’s Follies. Later in the spring of freshman year we performed Bye Bye Birdie in the cafeteria. In my sophomore year Saint Marks’ first band director Mr. Clatch got the band into full swing. I am

Was there a dress code? Yes. Guys had to wear jackets and ties. I remember my first day and I had no jacket. That would be the only time at Saint Mark’s when I did not wear my jacket. The girls wore dresses in pastel colors.

proud to say that I was involved in all theater and band activities for my entire four years at Saint Mark’s. How was religion present at Saint Mark’s? There was a Chapel and Mass was offered every day. All denominations were invited to attend. We also had retreats called “Shaloms” that were conducted by the Theology Department under the leadership of Father Ralph Martin. What are your favorite Saint Mark’s memories? First, we were Seniors all the time, for our entire four years at Saint Mark’s. Thus, our class motto “Always remember those who came first.” Our class and those that immediately followed still share that bond and class pride so many years afterward. But the best memory for me was last June when my daughter Elizabeth graduated

with the class of 2018. She and I posed for a photo in the Alumni Courtyard, 45 years after I graduated in June of 1973. Joe graduated from the University of Delaware and lives in North Wilmington with his wife Janice. Joe is a real estate professional and professional musician, and Janice is a nurse for Main Line Health. Joe and Janice have played in the pit for most Saint Mark’s theater productions. Joe plays electric and string bass and Janice plays violin. Joe and Janice have two daughters. Margaret is a Graduate student at Case Western Reserve University working toward a Master of Science in Business Analytics. Elizabeth ’18 is a freshman at the University of Delaware and is a teacher’s assistant for theater class.


Student News Evan Johnson ’20 Featured in The Dialog Saint Mark’s junior Evan Johnson ‘20 was featured in The Dialog article “St. Mark’s Evan Johnson makes most of his scholastic experience.” The article discussed Evan’s passion for music and all the musical activities he is involved in. He currently plays tenor saxophone and is a member of band, choir, and musical theatre at Saint Mark’s. Evan is also a member of the Delaware Youth Wind Ensemble, and he traveled to the University of Delaware over the summer for the Governor’s School for Excellence, a weeklong workshop where rising juniors receive college-level instruction in academic, artistic and leadership development. In addition, he helps out at Christ the Teacher on occasion.

Saint Mark’s Improv Troupe Begins and Receives UD Improv Group Workshop This year, Saint Mark’s started a new club, an Improv Troupe called The Robot Dinosaurs! The improv club is a place for students interested in performance art to come together after school once a week to develop team building while doing fun, creative games. Will Kinna ‘19 requested to start the club last year and is currently the president. In December, the University of Delaware improv group, The Rubber Chickens, presented a workshop to the club. Saint Mark’s alumna Maddie Breske ‘16 is a member of The Rubber Chickens and was one of the UD students who presented the workshop. The workshop provided students with a few more skills so they can confidently perform during future functions.

SEAS Toy Room For the past several years, Saint Mark’s Student Council has held a Spartan Strong Day and sold raffle tickets to raise money for the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Toy Room (SEAS). The tickets are raffled off and the winners get to go shopping for clothing items for those in need. Over $1,500 was raised for the fund this year and much excitement was had by the winning students who went shopping for the items to give to the kids of SEAS Toy Room.


Saint Mark’s Participates in Homers for Heroes Saint Mark’s participated in Homers for Heroes to help raise money for a good cause. Maddie Saunders ‘19 arranged the event which included baseball games and a home run derby event. Saint Mark’s team played two games and consisted of Eric Ludman, Matt Sinko, Marcus Kindervater, Ricky Gannett, Nick Muzzi, Jimmy Paoli, Lance Ralsten, and Owen Boyle. Student volunteers and teachers Ms. Esbitt and Mr. Simpson were also in attendance to support the cause. The event raised $4,510 for Kay’s Camp for children with cancer.

Shakespeare Contest 2018 Will Kinna ‘19, Stephanie Anderson ‘22, and Evan Johnson ‘20 competed on December 12th in our annual ESU Shakespeare Contest. All three students prepared a challenging Shakespearean monologue for the contest. Will Kinna’s spirited portrayal of Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing earned him the honor of representing Saint Mark’s in the ESU Delaware Shakespeare Contest. Will won the stae comtest on February 8th.

17 21

School News Christ the Teacher Visits for Art Project On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Saint Mark’s hosted Christ the Teacher’s 8th grade class. Students participated in an art project where they each made a clay tile of their own portrait while learning some new art skills. In addition, they took a tour of the school with current students and saw the different classrooms and offerings while learning about school life from a student’s perspective. The day concluded with a brief presentation and students leaving with free goodies, including the famous Saint Mark’s cookie.

Frozen Frogman Swim On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Saint Mark’s participated in the Frozen Frogman Swim, an event to raise funds for the Travis Manion Foundation which benefits veterans and their families who were injured or killed in service to our country. Each swimmer did eight laps in the outdoor pool and helped raise $340; the two day event raised over $20,000.

Academic Challenge On January 31, 2019, the Saint Mark’s Academic Challenge team defeated Salesianum to capture its fifth consecutive Diocesan League Championship. Academic Challenge is a quick recall general knowledge competition consisting of four rounds. The Diocesan League is made up of the six Catholic high schools in New Castle County. Congratulations to our Spartans on being undefeated!


Saint Mark’s Students Honored at the 2018 Boys Soccer All-State Banquet On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Saint Mark’s students Matt Ziomek ‘20 and Mike Ranegan ’20 were honored at the 2018 Boys Soccer All-State Banquet. Matt earned 2nd team All State honors for the second straight season and Mike was selected to the 3rd team All State team. Both Matt and Mike had tremendous seasons for the soccer team and will be key leaders next season.

Saint Mark’s Teacher’s Essay Accepted for Publication Saint Mark’s theology teacher, Colin McGuigan’s essay “Wonder Opens the Heart: Pope Francis and Lisa Sideris on Nature, Encounter, and Wonder” was accepted for publication in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering religion and science. Mr. McGuigan previously presented his essay at the 2018 General Conference of the American Academy of Religion. In his work he discusses the relationship between science and religion and the importance of wonder in Pope Francis’s theology, especially how Francis believes human beings relate to each other, to nature, and to the divine.

Saint Mark’s Students Honored at the 2018 Girls Volleyball All-State Banquet On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Saint Mark’s students Savannah Seemans ’20 and Abigail Thibodeau ‘20 were honored at the 2018 Girls Volleyball All-State Banquet. Savannah earned first team All-State honors for the second straight season and Abigail was selected to the 3rd team All-State team.

19 21

Alumni News

Saint Mark’s Bautista Family Concert Fundraiser On Saturday, September 29, 2018, several members from the Bautista family put on a fundraiser concert for the Little Sisters. Saint Mark’s alumnus Nicolo Bautista ’16 performed “Claire de Lune” on the piano and Bernadette Bautista ‘17 sang “Pie Jesu” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and “Ave Maria” by Schubert. Current student Noah Bautista ’20 performed on sax “Girl from Ipanema” and “What a Wonderful World.” Several other performers from the community participated, including priests and an international flutist. At the event Noah received a Jefferson Award for his third year of community service.

Caitlin Mulrine ’09 Featured in The Daily Record Saint Mark’s alumna Caitlin Mulrine ’09 was featured in The Daily Record for her role as deputy director of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Metropolitan Baltimore. The article discusses how she has helped with mental health organizations, including creating a dramatic growth in the number of people served from about 4,000 to nearly 10,000 since she joined.

Gray Trainer ’14 Represented GHS Guitar Strings and Battle Creek at the NAAM Show Saint Mark’s alumnus Gray Trainer ’14 represented GHS guitar strings at the annual NAMM show this year. Gray came to Saint Mark’s as an exceptional guitar player. He was in Battle of the Bands as an 8th grader and blew away the competition. With an incredible ear for music and so much drive and talent, he was one of only a few students to receive early admittance at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After graduation he moved to California to make his mark on the music industry.


Alumni News Father Glenn Evers ’01 Appointed Catholic Diocese’s Associate Moderator of the Curia On December 5, 2018, The Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, appointed Rev. Glenn M. Evers to the post of Associate Moderator of the Curia. In this role, Father Evers ‘01 will assist the Moderator of the Curia, Rev. Msgr. Steven P. Hurley, as the chief administrator of the Diocese. Father Evers’s new responsibilities are in addition to his current positions as Associate Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption in Hockessin, Delaware, and Director of the Office for Cultural Ministries for the Diocese. According to Canon Law, the Moderator of the Curia, under the authority of the bishop of a diocese in the Catholic Church, coordinates the exercise of the administrative duties and oversees those who hold offices and minister in diocesan administration.

Saint Mark’s Alumni and Students Featured in The American Legion Article “Delaware Post 1 players savor experience at MLB World Series” Former and current Saint Mark’s baseball players of the American Legion team who won the American Legion World Series attended game four of the Major League World Series at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 27, 2018, as special guests. All Saint Mark’s team members traveled to reunite and watch the game. While visiting the city they attended a Play Ball event, a program that helps kids play baseball with different drills. Saint Mark’s team members in attendance included Eric Ludman ’19, Chris Ludman ’17, Jack Dubecq ’18, Justin Tomovich ’18, Nick Muzzi ‘20, Jacob Meisel ‘19, and Austin Colmery ’17.

Bonnie Mayfield ’76 Earns Best Lawyers Recognition, Two Appointments, & Trial Victory Saint Mark’s alumna Bonnie Mayfield ’76 was recognized by Best Lawyers and Michigan Super Lawyers. She was appointed to be the Chair of the International Association of Defense Counsel’s (IADC) Employment Law Committee and reappointed as Chair of the IADC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Mayfield has put an exclamation point on the IADC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by creating a Quote Initiative (that promotes thinking and discussion about the benefits of diversity and inclusion), a Webinar Series (interviewing leading individuals in the legal and other arenas), and enlightening programming for national and international audiences. Bonnie’s latest trial was the second of two back-to-back wins for the same client and under the same trial-circumstances in which Bonnie, on moment’s notice, stepped in and made trips from Detroit to Florida to try and win two fact-intensive cases.


Alumni News

Liz (Neal) Lyons ‘07 Accepts Development Director Position Liz (Neal) Lyons ‘07 accepted the position of Development Director at the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware. During her time at Saint Mark’s, Liz was involved with Blue Gold and worked as a camp counselor at United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware. Prior to joining the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware, Liz worked in the development departments of several Greater Philadelphia-Area nonprofits addressing a variety of issues including domestic violence and dementia.

Rob DeMasi ‘09 Wins 2018 Delaware Business Times 40 Under 40 Award Saint Mark’s alumnus Rob DeMasi ‘09, Founder and President of the Muscle Movement Foundation., was selected as the 2018 Delaware Business Times (DBT) 40 Under 40 Award Winner! The DBT40 Awards program recognizes 40 of Delaware’s most accomplished leaders under 40 years old, for their professional accomplishments, community service, leadership, and vision.

Hubbard Wedding Preston Hubbard ‘01 was married at the Outer Banks in May 2018. Saint Mark’s classmates who attended the wedding were Bryan Bookout ‘01, Kate Hubbard Pedone ‘97, Elizabeth Hubbard ‘02, Jenna R. Weaver ‘02, Courtney and Preston Hubbard ‘01, and Jon Reifschneider ‘01. Preston and Courtney currently reside in Charlotte, NC.


Alumni News Jennifer Walsh Means ‘82 Publishes Book Saint Mark’s alumna Dr. Jennifer Walsh Means ‘82, a current Associate Professor and Clinic Director in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at West Chester University, published a book, with co-author Dr. Jean Blosser, titled: School Programs in Speech-Language Pathology: Organization and Service Delivery with Plural Publishing. During her thirty-year career, Dr. Means has taught courses in clinical methods, clinical supervision, school speech and hearing programming, and fluency disorders, as well as served as a school-based speech-language pathologist. In addition to her university position, she consults with school districts regarding policy and program services. Her research interests, presentations, and publications include focus on school-based service delivery, supervision literacy, educational law, and fluency disorders. Her book focuses on service delivery, program design, and how to organize and manage an effective program. Additionally, this resource covers meeting state and national standards, following federal mandates, and how to relate to and communicate with colleagues and parents.

Madeline Reynolds ’13 Featured in The News Journal On February 14, 2019, Saint Mark’s alumna Madeline Reynolds ’13 was featured in The News Journal article “Transplants bring life and love, Couple meets, falls in love and gets married after bonding over battle with cystic fibrosis.” The story discussed Madeline and her now husband Josh who both have cystic fibrosis and met through their treatment. February 14th is a day to celebrate love and also National Donor Day, a time to celebrate and promote organ and tissue donation in the U.S. Madeline and Josh shared their one-of-a-kind love story with the world to promote the cause.

If you are a Saint Mark’s alum and have a life event or story to share or have a story about a Saint Mark’s alum, please send the name, graduation year, high quality photo, and story to: for consideration in future Postmark issues.

23 21

2019 Saint Mark’s Retirees Congratulations and many thanks for your years of service at Saint Mark’s High School. You will be greatly missed. Happy Retirement and God Bless.

Wayne Trimble

14 Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Saint Mark’s Remembers Ronald Charamella

Father of Krista Charamella ‘14

Cathleen Kennedy

Former Saint Mark’s Language teacher

Diane Reksten

Former Saint Mark’s teacher

Blake DiIorio, Class of 2007 Johanna (Mazza) Trenner-Anciaux, Class of 1998 Christopher Paul McClafferty, Class of 1993 Stephanie Dawn Rann, Class of 2006 Sister Kathleen Brabson Former Saint Mark’s teacher

Marge Christoph

Retired Saint Mark’s Science teacher

Alex Dombrowski, Class of 1988 Elaine Amigo

Mother of Dana Amigo Shannon ‘90

Patricia Daley

Saint Mark’s Administrative Assistant/Discipline

Joseph Roselle

Uncle of Patrice Soares

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

If you know of a Saint Mark’s alum who has died, please send the name and graduation year to: 24

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