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Has your contact information changed? Send your name, class year, and updated information to The Office of Advancement and Alumni at advancementalumni@stmarkshs.net to connect with your Spartan Family. CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS: Richard A. Bayhan, Francis Corrigan, Guy Townsend ‘85, Peter V. Curcio, Danielle Bowen , Brian Murray ‘75, Rev. Timothy M. Nolan ‘84, Rev. Glenn Michael Evers ‘01

Saint Mark’s High School 2501 Pike Creek Road • Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 302.738.3300


2018-2019 Administration


Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Richard A. Bayhan, Principal Francis Corrigan, Assistant Principal, Mission and Academics Guy Townsend ‘85, Assistant Principal, Student Affairs Peter Curcio, Director of Advancement & Alumni Danielle Bowen, Director of Marketing & Communications Alissa McGrisken, Director of Admissions

Saint Mark’s Legacy Continues

ADVIS0RY BOARD MEMBERS: Mrs. Mary Liz Biddle PNC BANK Mrs. Patricia M. Curtin White, MD ‘76 Christiana Care Health System Mr. Michael Freda EDiS The Reverend Glenn Evers ‘01 Diocese of Wilmington Mr. James Groff Brandywine Chrysler Jeep Car Dealership Mr. Stephen Hyde H.F.M. Investment Advisors


Mr. Stewart Lee First Mariner Bank Mr. Christopher Locke, Esq. Lang Development Group

Saint Mark’s Alumni Living the Gospel

Ms. Monica Moore, RN ‘86 Delcastle Technical High School Mr. Robert Mosch Retired CPA Mr. Brian Murray ‘75 Brian T. Murray, P.A. Ms. Charisse Rodgers ‘86 Independent Consultant

12 From Student to Volunteer

Mr. Robert Teeven ‘82 Self Employed

Saint Mark’s, a co-educational, college preparatory Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility and integrity.

Message from the Principal

Dear Alumni, Parents, Students, and Friends of Saint Mark’s, As I write this letter, we are in the middle of a post-Labor Day heat wave. While we are craving cooler temperatures and fall colors, we are getting high temperatures and oppressive humidity. By the time you actually read this, however, it should feel like autumn and all will be well with the world. Our biggest news, of course, is the significant increase in the number of freshman students entering Saint Mark’s this fall – an increase of over 50% from last year! In this group, we see a number of young men and women who are “legacies” – students whose moms or dads (or both!) are alumni. We are always excited when alumni choose to carry on the Saint Mark’s tradition with their own sons and daughters. At the same time, families new to Saint Mark’s have the opportunity to begin their own legacies for years to come. As the Diocese of Wilmington winds down its sesquicentennial celebration later this year, we at Saint Mark’s are poised to begin our quinquagenary (50th or golden anniversary) celebration during the 2019 – 2020 school year. We are so excited as we look forward to this milestone in our history and prepare to celebrate the impact that Saint Mark’s High School has had on its students, families, and the community. In this issue of PostMark, we are proud to profile two of three men who graduated from Saint Mark’s and went on to be ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Wilmington. Fathers Glenn Evers, James Nash, and Timothy Nolan not only proudly serve in parishes in the diocese, they continue to bring honor to Saint Mark’s by living the gospel message we so strongly believe. We also recognize another alumnus, Brian Murray ’75, who shares his journey from his graduation from SMHS, through his successful career as an attorney, and, as he nears retirement, his reasons for becoming active in the life of Saint Mark’s and its alumni. As I begin my fourth year at Saint Mark’s, I continue to be impressed by the centrality of our mission statement and its importance to the school. I’ve never before been in a school in which students can actually recite the mission statement! More importantly, our students believe it and live it as they prepare to “create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility, and integrity.” As we get close to Thanksgiving, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of you who continue to be a part of the Spartan tradition. Your support of Saint Mark’s – as students, parents, alumni, donors, and friends – will guarantee that our alumni will continue to make their way into the world as successful men and women who positively impact their communities and the world. For that, I can only say thank you and God bless you for making a difference. Sincerely in Christ,

Richard A. Bayhan Principal

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Meet Saint Mark’s New Staff Kaitlyn Connell – Social Studies Teacher Brittany DiFilippo – Social Studies Teacher Allen Hansell – Director of Technology Eileen Harrington – English Teacher Karl Honma – Social Studies Teacher Colin McGuigan – Theology Teacher Kaela Revell – Guidance Counselor Rebecca Rose-Howell – College Placement Counselor Helen Snyder – Student Records and Data Management James Spamer – Mathematics Teacher Cory Zolandz – Theology Teacher

Front Row: Brittany DiFilippo, Kaitlyn Connell, Cory Zolandz, Eileen Harrington Back Row: Allen Hansell, Colin McGuigan, Karl Honma 03

Saint Mark’s Legacy Continues Alumni who send their children to attend Saint Mark’s create a legacy, sometimes through generations. Saint Mark’s Class of 2018 added many to our Spartan legacy.


Gene Alessandrini ‘82 & Natale Alessandrini ‘18

Lisa Adamovage ’83 , Ashley Adamovage ‘15, & Andrew Hoback ’18

M. Scott Baylis ’82 with Brittany Baylis ’14 & Kyle Baylis ’18

Lynne Kayatta ‘88 with Sophia Kayatta ’18 & Nicholas Kayatta ‘18

Karen Beeson ’86 & Laura Beeson ‘18

Julie Lorang ’87 & Angelique Lorang ’18

Ann Bonk ’85 & Kaitlyn Bonk ‘18

Christina O’Neil ’87 & Gabrielle O’Neil ‘18

Mary Beth Bonvetti ‘83 & Kaylee Bonvetti ’18

Mary Agnes Padovani ‘80 & Cassandra Kathleen Padovani ‘18

Ted Brackin ’88 & Abbie Brackin ’18

Bob Rush ’90 and Lisa Rush ’90 with Bobby Rush ‘18

Gerald (Jerry) Brannen ’85 & Amanda S. Brannen ‘18

Eric Russell ’83 & Nadine Russell ‘83 with Emma Russell ‘15 &

Jason Butler ’92 & Rebecca Butler ‘18

Mollie Russell ‘18

Michael Casey ’81 & Tom Casey ‘18

Mario Scalora ’89 & Olivia Scalora ‘18

Len Creswell ’83 & Kate Creswell ‘18

Dr. Michele Karpovich ’80 & Rachel Staib ‘18

Kristen Davis ’96 & Kaleigh Davis ‘18

Tom Steenkamer ’76 & Elizabeth Steenkamer ‘18

Joe Dawson ’73 & Elizabeth Dawson ‘18

Kathy Swain ’82 & Rachel Swain ‘18

Patty Murch ’84 & Daniel Derick ’76 with Erin Derick ‘18

Joe Wagner ‘86 & Jack Wagner ‘18

Anne Frati ’86 & Grace Frati ‘18

Karen Warrington ’87 with Austin Warrington ‘18 &

Kellyann Simonsen ‘96 & Emily Hendron ’18

Hunter Warrington ’19

Lisa Rush ’90 , Bobby Rush ‘18, & Bob Rush ’90 Eric Russell ‘83, Emma Russell ‘15, Mollie Russell ‘18, & Nadine Russell ‘83

Olivia Scalora ‘18 & Mario Scalora ‘89 Nicholas Kayatta ‘18, Lynne Kayatta ‘88, & Sophia Kayatta ‘18

Daniel Derick ‘76 , Erin Derick ‘18, & Patti Murch ‘84 Brittany Baylis ‘14, Kyle Baylis ‘18, & M. Scott Baylis ‘82



first to college, and weigh our various interests. This was good

seventh grade at Holy Rosary School in Claymont. Although

advice for me, and I pursued another deep avocation, studying art

throughout the years to follow, I would pursue other interests, this

and working for several years as a professional illustrator.

calling never left me. Saint Mark’s High School certainly encouraged my vocation, as the Catholic faith was always a strong presence

When I became a member of Christ Our King Church in Wilmington,

when I was there. I recall my junior year, when priests and sisters

I became much more active in my faith, serving as an extraordinary

came and offered vocation talks to our class; as I listened to them

minister of holy communion at Mass and visiting the sick and

speaking, it felt as though they were speaking directly to me. There

homebound, as well as being a member of the parish council. It

was no coercion in these talks; in fact, we were encouraged to go

was during this time that the calling to the priesthood became irresistible to me, leading to my entry into the seminary in 1996. It had been twelve years at that point since I had graduated from Saint Mark’s, yet the excellent academic and faith formation that I received in high school still proved to be most helpful. Not only did Saint Mark’s leave me well versed in sacred scripture, Catholic morality and social justice, but I was also quite familiar with literature, and well-developed my writing skills. My favorite gift of being a priest is the ability to celebrate the Eucharist every day. There is little to compare with having the grace to share the true presence of Christ with others over these last sixteen years. This sacred trust has given me the opportunity to get to know countless fine people, to journey with them through their greatest joys and deepest sorrows. It has personally benefited me, as my prayer life has matured, so also my relationship with God has grown. I find that faithfully living out the promise of a lifelong vocational commitment provides a potential to give and receive love the magnitude of which could not otherwise be experienced; this holds true not only for the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but also for all sacred religious professions and the Sacrament of Marriage.

Fr. Nolan in the annual Saint Anthony Procession that goes through the streets of historic New Castle. 06


ASSOCIATE PASTOR OF ST. MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION AND THE DIRECTOR OF THE OFFICE FOR CULTURAL MINISTRIES FOR THE DIOCESE OF WILMINGTON Could you tell a little about your vocation story? I felt the call from God to be a priest while I was still in college at the University of Delaware. In my early years at UD, I did not stop believing in the Catholic Faith, but unfortunately I did stop practicing it. As a result, over time I began to feel very empty inside and came to realize this was because I had removed God from my life. I went back to church and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist in a state of grace. I started going to daily Mass and began to develop a life of prayer and much spiritual reading. I read books on theology and the lives of the saints. One saint I came across was St. Padre Pio, my current favorite saint. As I read about his life, it felt like I was reading about my own. As I was reading I remember a question that came up from within my soul, “Lord, are you calling me to do what St. Padre Pio did... are you calling me to be a priest?” After I asked that question, I had perfect peaceful silence in my heart, and I have known ever since that God’s calling for me is to be a priest.

How did Saint Mark’s High School influence your faith and spiritual life? What I liked about my time at Saint Mark’s is the influence it had on my faith and spiritual life. While my faith was certainly reinforced at our school Masses, retreats, and theology classes, it was also nurtured well beyond where one would ordinarily expect to be spiritually fed. It was found at large in the faculty and the staff, in how they comported themselves, what they demanded, and in what they brought to the fields, halls, and classrooms.

What do you most remember about your time at Saint Mark’s? I first remember the really good friends I made, some of whom I carried with me through college and still keep in contact with today. I also value having gotten a very good education at Saint Mark’s which made the transition to college seamless. I remember finding my niche in sports and Saint Mark’s was good for me in helping me to find my place. It provided the space for me to discover that if something does not work out for you, keep trying and you will succeed – we are all meant to do something, but not to accomplish everything.

What is your favorite part of being a priest? My favorite part about being a priest is celebrating the sacraments. Giving souls new life in Baptism, forgiving people’s sins in Confession, and healing and preparing souls to go home to God in the Anointing of the Sick are all powerful moments for me. But perhaps most of all, I love celebrating the Holy Mass and consecrating bread and wine

into the Body and Blood of Christ. But then even better is to be able to share Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist with others. To be able to offer people the absolute best by giving them God-Present in the Holy Eucharist is one of the greatest blessings I have and one of the reasons I love being a priest.

What do you wish more people knew about the priesthood? The one thing I wish more people knew about the priesthood is what the priesthood truly is. The work of a priest was once best defined as to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus. Hence, the priesthood stands as an amazing reality and blessing – that we can have access to God through these ordained men who stand as Jesus in our midst. However, the best part of the priesthood is that it offers us the ability to be with God. In the celebration of the sacraments the priest is in persona Christi capitis, meaning “in the person of Christ the head.” What this means is that by the mystery and power of God, in priests we can directly interact with God, Himself. And so I love to share the Good News that the priesthood changed my life forever when I experienced Jesus in a priest. And now as a priest I have the blessing and the challenge of returning the favor, in trying to be Jesus for others. 07

Saint Mark’s Band The Saint Mark’s High School Spartan Marching Band under the direction of Mr. Arthur Bookout, assisted by Mrs. Krysia Tramont are proud to offer “Hits Of The 80s” as their halftime performance this year. Captains of the Dance Team are Ms. Chloe Grieshaber and Ms. Claire Wadman. Captain of the Guard is Ms. Olivia DiSabatino and Twirler is Ms. Amelia Matt. The band is led on the field by Drum Major, Ms. DaMara Arrington. The band would like to thank the administrative team and all our band boosters for their unending support.


Color Guard left to right

Sibyl Roosen , Stephanie Anderson, Olvia DiSabatino, Chloe DiFilippo, Kirah Ruffin

Dance Team Back Row left to right

Sidney Manal, Elena Ziccarelli, Jasmine Pasicolan, Madi Holland Middle Row Natalie Gane, Reaghan Press-Jones, Abigail Marks Front Chloe Grieshaber, Claire Wadman

Drum Line left to right

Heriberto Cintron, Ian Duffy, Joshua Schippers, Connor Duffy, John Reigner

2018 09

Sports News

Saint Mark’s Matt Smith Makes Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame Saint Mark’s coach Matt Smith was featured in The News Journal article “Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame to induct CR grad Snell, St. Mark’s coach Smith.” Matt is among this year’s inductees to the Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame. He is in his 21st season as the baseball coach. In his 20 previous seasons, Saint Mark’s has won 10 state titles and finished second twice. His 366 career wins rank sixth in Delaware high school baseball history. He was inducted on June 25, 2018 at Frawley Stadium before the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ Carolina League game against the Lynchburg Hillcats.

Nick Sanna Boys Basketball Coach of the Year


Lori Schweizer Girls Lacrosse Coach of the Year

Spartans Help Delaware Win American Legion World Series On August 21, 2018, Delaware Post One made history as they became the first American Legion team in Delaware to win the World Series. The team was made up of several players from Catholic high schools, including clutch play by the Spartans. Graduate Chris Ludman ’17 pitched all 8 innings in the final. Chris was named the George W. Rulon American Legion Player of the Year. Graduate Austin Colmery ’17 drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 8th, breaking a 0-0 tie. The team was made up of many Spartans: Chris Ludman ‘17, Austin Colmery ‘17, Jack Dubecq ‘18, Eric Ludman ‘19, Jake Meisel ‘19, Nick Muzzi ‘20, and JT Tomovich ‘18.

Girls Lacrosse Makes School History Saint Mark’s Girls Lacrosse team celebrated a 15-1 season last spring finishing State Runner-up. Their undefeated season until the very end was a first in school history!

Saint Mark’s Students Recognized at Women and Sports Day Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Dover, DE - Grace Sawyer (2018) and Savannah Seemans (2020) attended the Delaware Women’s Alliance for Sport and Fitness (DWASF) luncheon at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover, DE. Grace received the DWASF 2018 Outstanding Female Athlete for Saint Mark’s along with a scholarship for her contributions to sports at the varsity level and for academics. Savannah received the DWASF 2018 High School Athlete of Promise for Savannah Seemans (left) and Grace Sawyer (right)

Saint Mark’s. This is given to an up and coming 9th, 10th or 11th grader who shows promising athletic ability along with strong academics.

11 21

From Student to Volunteer An Interview with Brian Murray ’75


aint Mark’s alumnus Brian Murray ’75 has been calling Saint Mark’s his home in many ways. As a member of the third class to graduate back when Father Cini was principal, he has been at Saint Mark’s since the school’s opening and remains active today. Murray was first a student, then alumnus, and through time, a Saint Mark’s parent, volunteer, and current advisory board member. Murray went to public school in New Jersey until fifth grade, then moved to Delaware where he attended Wilmer E. Shue middle school. When a riot occurred in his school, his parents decided they wanted to seek a private education for Brian. When it was time to choose a high school, he had three choices: Salesianum, Saint Mark’s, or Sanford.

I felt this would be a good place and it ended up being the best choice for me. Saint Mark’s offered him the big campus, and a fresh new school feel that he was after. He liked that it felt like a college campus. He stated, “I felt this would be a good place and it ended up being the best choice for me.” Murray graduated from Saint Mark’s in 1975 and continued his education at the University of Delaware. While at the University of Delaware, he met his future wife Karla. Upon graduation, Brian and Karla went to Springfield, Massachusetts,


where Brian attended law school. They returned to the area to raise a family and have two children, Brandon and Alexa. When his son was in seventh grade and the time came to discuss high school, Brandon shadowed at Saint Mark’s and made the decision to attend, making Murray a Saint Mark’s parent. His daughter also attended Saint Mark’s because she wanted the bigger, coeducational school with more people and opportunities. Murray joined the Spartan Athletic Club (SAC) when his kids started at Saint Mark’s and stayed for the entire eight years of their educations, and then he didn’t stop. He has remained active with SAC and recently joined the Saint Mark’s Advisory Board. When asked what made him choose to become more active in the school, he replied, “It was an alumni thing that got me active. I joined the alumni association after seeing the bonds that happen here. It’s a family.” Murray currently works in real estate law for commercial and residential properties. When asked about any highlights or famous clients, he stated he was in the office one day and met a woman who was in need of help with some properties. She happened to be the spiritual mother of New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera. Brian’s work with Mariano Rivera has included multiple real estate projects including a church and work with several charity organizations.

Murray’s time volunteered shows his commitment and love for his alma mater. His favorite Saint Mark’s memory is “Seeing both kids graduate from Saint Mark’s, knowing that they enjoyed their four years. Saint Mark’s did a great job for me and my children. When you graduate from Saint Mark’s, it means something.”

Seeing both kids graduate from Saint Mark’s, knowing that they enjoyed their four years. Saint Mark’s did a great job for me and my children. When you graduate from Saint Mark’s, it means something.


Student News Saint Mark’s Economics Team Wins State Title at Delaware Personal Finance Challenge On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, selected students from Mr. Simpson’s and Mr. Hannagan’s economic classes participated in the 10th annual Personal Finance Challenge held by University of Delaware’s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship. While it was only the first time Saint Mark’s participated, Mr. Simpson’s team took first place while Mr. Hannagan’s team took 6th. Teams from 22 different Delaware schools competed in 3 rounds of written tests about personal finance and economics, and the top two teams competed in a final quiz bowl, where 25 questions were given and the first team to buzz in and answer correctly was awarded points. Saint Mark’s beat Archmere 11-7, ending when it was mathematically impossible for Saint Mark’s to lose. Each student and Mr. Simpson won $500 and earned the title of state champion in personal finance, ending Smyrna’s streak of 6 years in a row. The winning team consisted of Nick Kayatta, Will Hoffman, David Suddard, and Drew Koense.

John Riegner ‘19 Wins Common Wealth Awards Essay Contest On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Saint Mark’s junior John Riegner ‘19 attended the Common Wealth Awards Ceremony as one of three winners of this year’s PNC Bank Common Wealth Awards Essay Contest. The black-tie, invitation-only gala at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington is a prestigious event where honorees are recognized for their lifetime achievement. John was invited to participate in a photo session, dinner, and awards ceremony introducing the 2018 Common Wealth honorees: Vice President Joe Biden, historical biographer Ron Chernow, and filmmaker and journalist Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. The Common Wealth Awards Essay Contest winners are publicly acknowledged at the ceremony as well and have an opportunity to meet and talk with the honorees and get their photo taken with the honoree they wrote about. They also participated in a group photo with all of the honorees. John had his photo taken with Joe Biden, the subject of his winning essay.

Jelani Bryant ’19 Offered Internship by Delaware Lieutenant Governor On Thursday, April 19, 2018, Saint Mark’s Jelani Bryant ’19 visited Legislative Hall as part of Local Government Day. The day consisted of all of Delaware’s government officials being present. Jelani’s mentor for the day was Jermaine Hatton, President of Delaware League of Local Government and Townsend Councilman. During his visit Jelani went into the chambers, stated his name and where he resides, had a photo taken with the governor, and was able to speak with Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long. During his conversation Jelani was offered an internship by the Lieutenant Governor.


Saint Mark’s Offers Service at Marydale Retirement Village From Tuesday, July 17 through Thursday, July 19, 2018, fourteen Saint Mark’s High School students sacrificed their time so that they could offer service to the residents of Marydale Retirement Village in Newark, Delaware. Marydale, run by the Diocese of Wilmington, provides rental housing for seniors in need and persons with disabilities. Participating in the Summer Service were: Kelly Barker ’22, Faith Dowling ’22, Andrew Fuska ’22, Aditya Gill ’22, Abigail Marks ’21, Kirah Ruffin ’21, Brandon Wiggins ’21, Ethan Kacmarcik ‘20, Tommy McCarty ‘20, Zoe Bonitatibus ’19, John Daly ’19, Madison Saunders ‘19, Emma Saxton ’19, Madison Angotti ‘22, Anastasia Stanley ’22, and Kacey Tramont ’19. For the residents, the students washed windows, cleaned ovens, cleaned kitchens and bathrooms, weeded, pruned, and mulched --to name some of the work they did to assist the residents. For their center, students cleaned the main kitchen and washed and detailed the bus. In all this, the students worked joyfully reflecting Christ’s love in their service to others. Sr. Sandra Grieco, IHM, Pastoral Care, organized the Summer Service and worked alongside the students and was assisted by faculty members Mrs. Pat Daley, Mrs. Krysia Tramont, Mrs. Anne Smith, Mrs. Diane Kuczmarski, Mrs. Barbara Morrell, Mrs. Heather McCarty, Mrs. Maria Merritt, and Mr. Kris Bonitatibus.

Hannah Daneker ’18 Featured in The News Journal Saint Mark’s senior Hannah Daneker ’18 was featured in The News Journal article “Compelling 2018 grad: Saint Mark’s student Hannah Daneker competes to cope with cancer.” The story showcases Hannah and her love for the equestrian competition of eventing after surviving surgery for a brain tumor.

15 21

Student News John Mouser Receives the St. Timothy Award Saint Mark’s High School senior John Mouser was awarded the St. Timothy Award at a Diocesan Recognition Dinner on May 9, 2018. The St. Timothy Award is the highest recognition from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry that a diocese may confer on a junior or senior high school youth who lives as a disciple of Christ, sets a positive example for other youth, witnesses to his or her faith by exhibiting Catholic morals and integrity, demonstrates Gospel values through service, and exhibits Christian leadership in parish, school, and/or community settings.

Delaware Young Playwrights Festival In March two talented Spartans earned recognition in the Delaware Young Playwrights Festival sponsored by the Delaware Theatre Company. Victoria Woehr, Class of 2019, received a Certificate of Achievement for her play titled Harmony. Mollie Russell, Class of 2018, also wrote a play titled The Roots Beneath Her Feet. Mollie received additional recognition with an Honorable Mention certificate. In this year’s competition, eighty students from throughout the state wrote an original play and made revisions after having their first draft critiqued by the judges. This is the third year that students from Saint Mark’s have participated in this contest, and we congratulate and thank Victoria and Mollie for representing our school through their writing skills.

Water for Kenya On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Saint Mark’s Yvette Drazich ‘81, Wynne Esbitt, Isabella Ciabattoni ’20, and Mrs. Ciabattoni did the Water for Kenya walk to raise money to build wells and provide water for people in areas of Kenya that have to walk long distances every day to get water. Many women walk miles daily to fetch water for their families, leaving little time for anything else. Water for Kenya helps raise funds to build wells to make water more accessible. Saint Mark’s commends our teachers, students, and parents in helping to make a difference!


Saint Mark’s Sells Daffodils for a Cause The Saint Mark’s National Honor Society raised more than $2000 selling daffodils to benefit the American Cancer Society. Retired Spartan math teacher Jack Baldino and his wife Sandy once again led the NHS fund raiser.

Photo: Emily Gildea ‘18, Mrs. Sandy Baldino, and Kaleigh Davis ’18

Liz Dawson ’18 in Delaware All-State Theater’s 2018 production of ‘Evita’ This past summer in June and early July, Saint Mark’s Elizabeth Dawson ’18 performed in The Delaware All-State Theater production of Evita. With lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Evita, a winner of seven Tony Awards, remains one of Broadway’s most historically fascinating stories. Evita is a musical about a woman who finds fame and power by aligning herself with the Argentinian working-class poor and eventually becomes its first lady in a culture and political system run by men. Liz performed in the DAST professional caliber theater production, an achievement that only a small number of students from Saint Mark’s have ever enjoyed. To become a cast member of a production for Delaware All-State Theater, one must pass rigorous solo singing, acting, and dancing auditions in February, usually followed by multiple callback dates in early March. Liz, a veteran of numerous theatrical productions and a long time student of vocal teacher, Jessica Graae, received her invitation to join the cast of Evita on March 21, 2018. This cast included 60 students from more than 30 Delaware schools.

Legislative Day 2018 On April 25, 2018, Delaware 4-H youth and adults participated in the Delaware 4-H Legislative Day. 4-H’ers visited Legislative Hall in Dover, participating in different workshops throughout the day. Saint Mark’s Andrew Shaffer ‘18 addressed legislators at the Legislative Day event.

17 21

Alumni News

Hannah Falchuk ’14 Featured in The Columns Article Saint Mark’s alumna Hannah Falchuk ’14 was featured in The Columns article “Falchuk ’18 Awarded Fulbright to Teach in Slovak Republic.” Hannah has received a grant to work as an English teaching assistant in the Slovak Republic for next school year, where she hopes to improve her cultural understanding and language proficiency.

Two Alumni Earn Doctorate Degrees Saint Mark’s alumni Christopher P. Mitchell ’10 and Amanda Nieves ’11 are now Christopher P. Mitchell, M.D., and Amanda E. Nieves, J.D.

Dan Price ‘06 Speaks to Economics Class On May 17, 2018, alumnus Dan Price ‘06 came back to visit Saint Mark’s to speak with Mr. Hannagan’s Economics class. Dan spoke about his love for art which started by drawing on his friends at Saint Mark’s and eventually led him to find his passion as a tattoo artist in college. Through his career, Dan has had the opportunity to travel around the world and share his talent with thousands. He’s worked with professional athletes and also musicians, like Justin Bieber. In 2015, he opened his own shop called The Lab and has recently moved back to the area to continue to pursue his career.


Alumni News Jefferson Lead 360 Award Saint Mark’s Bernadette Bautista ‘17, Noah Bautista ‘20, Nicolo Bautista ‘16, and Max Downey ‘17 won the Jefferson Lead 360 Awards Top Project for Newark for their project Children Helping Children. Their work raises funds for music and art programs for children with disabilities in Delaware. They went on to compete on April 23rd at the Baby Grand Theatre against other projects in the state.

Photo: Bernadette Bautista ‘17, Noah Bautista ‘20, Nicolo Bautista ’16, and Max Downey ’17 with Newark Mayor Polly Sierer

Saint Mark’s Alumni Attend Haiti Mission Trip In June 2018, Saint Mark’s alumni went on a medical mission team with the Notre Dame Haiti program to see patients in clinics in remote villages and mountains, a school, and orphanages in Leogane, Haiti. Of the 32 members, a total of 8 Saint Mark’s alumni were involved! Alumni included Mary White ‘13, Ann White ‘15, Joseph White ’17, Meredith Fish ‘17, McKenzie Schurman ‘17, Payton Applegate ‘17, Lauren Connolly ’16, and Patricia Curtin White, MD ’76. Dr. Curtin White led the group on what was her 15th trip. Some have been there several times, while this was the first trip for others.

Kevin Flanigan ‘08 Inducted into Neumann 2017 Hall of Fame Saint Mark’s alumnus Kevin Flanigan ‘08 was inducted into Neumann University’s 2017 Hall of Fame for baseball. During his four years, he helped bring the Knights to their first NCAA appearance, was a big part in four straight CSAC playoff appearances and three ECAC appearances, and received CSAC All-Conference awards and school accolades. Kevin holds the school record for most games played and most career hits with 192. He sits fourth on the career list in runs scored and holds the overall record for most RBIs.

19 21

Alumni News

Billy Sullivan ‘17 Featured in The News Journal Article “Sullivan adds combined one-hitter to Delaware freshmanyear exploits” On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Saint Mark’s alumnus Billy Sullivan ’17 was featured in The News Journal article “Sullivan adds combined one-hitter to Delaware freshman-year exploits.” The article discusses how the University of Delaware pitcher added a combined one-hitter in which he threw 6.67 hitless innings to the start of his college career. Billy’s freshman year at UD also included some big game moves including a game in which he struck out 16 batters. By the end of the season Sullivan was 7-3 with a 2.97 ERA and struck out 95 batters in 72 innings. Photo: William Bretzger, The News Journal

Katie Jacoby ’08 Featured in The News Journal Article “The Who tour coming to Philadelphia will feature Delaware violinist Katie Jacoby” Saint Mark’s alumna Katie Jacoby ’08 was featured in The News Journal article “The Who tour coming to Philadelphia will feature Delaware violinist Katie Jacoby.” As a student, Jacoby performed The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” to win the school’s Battle of the Bands competition. Now she is sharing the stage with the group’s front man, Roger Daltrey, as they perform the rock opera “Tommy.” The 12-date tour made a stop in Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 19 at the Mann Center. Photo: SUCHAT PEDERSON/The News Journal


Alumni News Class of 2015 Highlights Friends from the class of 2015 who are all currently attending separate colleges joined together again in DC as roommates for summer 2018 while taking on new jobs and internships. Katie Lee ’15 went to UVA, Caitlin Mannering ’15 went to Georgetown, and Andrea Ludman ‘15 attended UD. Caitlin Mannering ’15 is a senior at Georgetown University where she majors in Biology of Global Health and minors in English. This summer she worked at Save the Children as a humanitarian communications intern and at Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. She lives in the Georgetown area. Photo: From left is Katie Lee, Andrea Ludman, and Caitlin Mannering enjoying a Washington Nationals game in DC

Andrea Ludman ’15 is a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Biochemical Engineering and Economics. This summer she interned at the AstraZeneca-MedImmune site in Gaithersburg, MD. She worked in the Manufacturing Sciences group and focused on a project related to the raw materials used in manufacturing medicines for clinical trials. Katie Lee ’15 is a senior at the University of Virginia, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Studio Art. This summer she interned with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, designing mechanical systems for buildings and interior spaces.

Saint Mark’s Alumni Marriage Featured in The News Journal Two Saint Mark’s alumni were married on Saturday July 14, 2018 after meeting in high school. Marra Taylor ’10 and Tim McDonald ’10 met in September 2006 as freshmen and were recently featured in The News Journal’s wedding story “He proposed. ‘Are you sure?’ she asked. ‘Pretty positive.’” The story details how they met at Saint Mark’s, their first date, first kiss, proposal, and wedding details.


Alumni News

Steve Sinko ’94 Featured in The News Journal Article “Loving push: Sinko warms up for Boston Marathon with Caesar Rodney run” Saint Mark’s alumnus Steve Sinko ’94 was featured in The News Journal article “Loving push: Sinko warms up for Boston Marathon with Caesar Rodney run.” Sinko made the front page of the Sports section with the story discussing his qualifier run at the 55th Annual Caesar Rodney Half Marathon while pushing Nick Scarberry in a Fusion Inclusion racing chair. He was one of eight qualifiers in the mobility-impaired category. Qualifying allows Sinko to attend his sixth Boston Marathon where he will be pushing Preston Buenaga, who has mitochondrial disease. Photo: Steve Sinko, right, with Fusion Inclusion pushes Nick Scarberry during the 55th annual Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington. (Photo: Jerry Habraken, The News Journal)

Kristy Craig Anderson ’94 Earns Awards for Dwell Home Staging Company Saint Mark’s alumna Kristy Craig Anderson ’94 started Dwell Home Staging three and a half years ago out of her garage. She was in arts education and an Assistant Principal for twelve years before taking the leap and starting a business that fueled her creative passion. Her company stages vacant homes through furnishing and decorating before they hit the Tampa Bay, Florida real estate market so they sell faster for more money. After much success they are now in a 9,000 square foot warehouse with a team of 8 people and have received numerous awards including nine national awards, most recently as Top 10 Home Staging companies in the US. They’ve also been featured on HGTV, in local and national design and real estate publications, and in books on real estate. Dwell Home Staging and Kristy were recently featured in Good Life Tampa Bay, the local lifestyle TV show of the Tampa area. Kristy stated, “Saint Mark’s robust arts program and disciplined, rigorous academic classes prepared me for both living my passion and running a business.”


Alumni News Billy Sullivan IV ’17 and Calvin Scott ’14 Receive Post Season Honors Saint Mark’s alumni Billy Sullivan IV ’17 and Calvin Scott ‘14 were featured in the Delaware Blue Hens article “Sullivan IV Earns Co-Rookie of the Year, Six Blue Hens Earn All-CAA Postseason Honors.” They were two of five individuals placed by the University of Delaware baseball team to the Colonial Athletic Association. Sullivan IV was named the Blue Hens CAA Rookie of the Year. He pitched to a record of 6-3 this season and struck out a team-high 84 batters. He was a two-time CAA Pitcher of the Week (Mar. 26; Apr. 17) and Rookie of the Week (Feb. 20; May 7) selection, in addition to being selected to the third team and the CAA All-Rookie Team. Sullivan IV was joined on the CAA third team by outfielder Calvin Scott ‘14. Scott recorded 16 multiple hit games and drove in at least two runs seven times for the Blue Hens. The left fielder stole six bases in eight attempts, recording an on-base percentage of .376.

Saint Mark’s Alumna Fostina Dixon ’74 Helps Homelessness Awareness

Rick Silanskas ‘75 returned to Wilmington to perform at The Baby Grand

On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Delaware Art Museum

On Saturday, March 31, Saint Mark’s alum Rick Silanskas ‘75

hosted HerStory Ensemble, a community-based organization

returned to Wilmington to perform at The Baby Grand. Along with

comprised of women experiencing homelessness, who

internationally acclaimed vocalist Josh Leggett, they are known as

are formerly homeless, or at risk of homelessness. It is the

The Music Factory. The show was high-energy and featured some of

only community-based organization in Delaware primarily

the best music in the industry. The musical adventure encompassed a

focused on homeless legislation.

wide variety of genres that appeal to all types of audience members.

Saint Mark’s alumna and saxophonist Fostina Dixon ’74 was

The stage repertoire included hits from artists such as: Ed Sheeran,

there with HerStory Ensemble members for a presentation

Disney, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Simon & Garfunkel, Bryan

lifting social justice concerns, advocacy efforts, and remedies

Adams, John Legend, Journey, The Eagles, Andrea Bocelli, Trans

addressing homelessness and its emerging issues.

Siberian Orchestra, Men at Work, Eric Carmen, Sting, Toto, Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Michael Buble, Van Halen, Christopher Cross, Jackson Browne, and Kansas.

If you are a Saint Mark’s alum and have a life event or story to share or have a story about a Saint Mark’s alum, please send the name, graduation year, high quality photo, and story to: pcurcio@stmarkshs.net for consideration in future Postmark issues.

23 21

2018 Saint Mark’s Retirees Congratulations and many thanks for your years of service at Saint Mark’s High School. You will be greatly missed. Happy Retirement and God Bless. Marianne Brown

Catherine Culnane

Theresa DeMatteis




Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Thomas DeMatteis

Marion Gebhart

Richard Houtz




Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Bruce Ingram

Dcn. William Johnston

William Melis




Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

David Patch

Wayne Smeigh

Sr. Mary Ann Schroeder, SSND




Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Saint Mark’s Remembers Lillian Jarry

Marcella Morea Wilson

Paige Clemm, Class of 2012

Sean Locke, Class of 2012

Byard Reed Widdoes

Anna Curran, Class of 2007

Rick Houtz’s mother-in-law

Former SMHS theology teacher

Kari Fitzgerald’s grandfather

Paulo Francisco Soares Patrice Soares’s grandfather

Suzanne Milligan

Former SMHS teacher Leslie Healey’s mother

Matthew Janicki, Class of 1983 Jane Warrington

Former SMHS Driver’s Education teacher

Peter John Good Sr.

Former SMHS teacher Pete Good’s father

Charles Curtis Staropoli, Class of 1983

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

If you know of a Saint Mark’s alum who has died, please send the name and graduation year to: pcurcio@stmarkshs.net. In the last issue Ian Hercus ‘93 was erroneously listed as deceased. 24





On December 8, 2017, the Lawrence H. Hyde Jr. Charitable Trust and the family of Stephen Hyde, President of HFM Investment Advisors, gave a gift of $1.5 million to Saint Mark’s. Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington stated: “It is important for alumni and friends to step up and support our schools. I am grateful for Steve and Lisa’s many efforts on behalf of Saint Mark’s over the years. We are blessed by their generosity and enthusiasm. The spirit, sense of community, unity and Catholic identity at Saint Mark’s have never been better than it is today, and this donation will go a long way to assure that this optimism continues into the future.” We are most grateful for the support of the Hyde family and the generosity of all of our donors. Thank you! Bishop Hyle Founders Society $10,000 + Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James Groff Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde Trust Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGrath Bishop Mardaga Benefactors Society $7,500 - $9,999 Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. Horizon Services, Inc. Bishop Saltarelli Society $5,000 - $7,499 Ms. Katherine Margaret Bushey Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly Mr. Robert D. Mosch Jr. Mr. Brian T. Murray Rush Uniform Inc. The San Francisco Foundation Father Delaney Leadership Society $3,500 - $4,999 Dr. Kaz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Mey Mr. A Spartan Club $2,500 - $3,499 Mrs. Kathleen Degli Obizzi Ms. M. Kathleen Phillips-Giles Pinnacle Sports Productions Progressive Software Computing Dr. Anne Marie Smith Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sonchen Saint Mark’s Patron Society $1,000 - $2,499 Mr. Eduardo G. Agra


Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini Mr. Martin Booth Ms. Sarah A Burkhard Mrs. Ann Carney Mr. Ross Christoph Church of the Good Shepherd Dr. Lynn M. Collins Mr. Michael D. Connelly Mr. Thomas DeMatteis Mr. Joseph N. DiStefano Rev. Glenn M. Evers Mr. Peter Ferrante Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fisher Mr. Gregory H. Gac Mr. Shawn M. Garvin Mr. Joseph Grey Mr. David B. Greytak Mr. John J. Hannagan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hartwick Mr. Donald J. Hofmann Jr. Mr. Gregory E. Homan Ms. Lisa M. Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kacmarcik Mr. Jonathan F. Kolle Ms. Mary L. Lanshe Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lee Mr. Christopher R. Locke Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Marcelo Mr. Joseph A. McNesby Jr. Mr. Michael S. Michlovich Mr. Daniel J. Monagle Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nyland Mr. and Mrs. James Paoli Mr. Michael Pohlen Mr. Pablo Rodarte Mr. Thomas N. Rosa Mr. Dennis M. Salter Mr. Jeffrey A. Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Swasey Mr. Gary Watkins Mr. James R. Willson Mr. Jeffrey Raymond Wolters Mrs. Angela Woo Rachael Ali Club $500 - $999 Acme Supermarkets Mr. Robert A. Ballas Mr. Marc Chapdelaine CulinArt, Inc. Ms. Catherine Culnane Dr. and Mrs. William N. Cummings Ms. Eileen Curtin Mr. Daniel Davis Mr. Stephen J. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Day Mr. John D. DelCollo Mr. Martin G. Desmond Mrs. JoAnn C. DiOssi Mr. Lucas James Dominica Mr. and Mrs. Richard Drazich

Ms. Mary F. Dugan Mr. Gerard Falls Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harkins Mr. Donald S. Hicks Rev. Msgr. Steven Hurley Mr. Donald R. James Ms. Julianna Jerger Mrs. Cathleen Kleinschmidt Ms. Diane Kuczmarski Mr. Brock Madison Long Dr. Kevin McCardle Mr. Andrew Mendenhall Mrs. Theresa Ann Morrin Mr. Thomas E. Morrin Mrs. Lynne Paller Mr. Ken and Mrs. Kelly Ralsten The Rockets Band Mr. and Mrs. Ming Shao Mr. John R. Sinko Mr. Matthew W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Francis Spagnolo Mr. Guy Townsend III Mrs. Patricia M. Westergard Mr. James L. Whitney The Wills Group Mrs. Valerie B. Wright Principal’s Club $250 - $499 A-1 Sanitation Service, Inc. Mr. John Baldino Mr. James Baran Mr. Michael Barlow Mrs. Lindsey Bart - Slijepcevic Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bauernschmidt Mr. Richard A. Bayhan Mr. Richard M. Bea Mr. Mark Blake Mr. Randal Coleman Mrs. Sarah Collins Dr. James A. Cook M.D. Rev. Gregory M. Corrigan Mr. Peter Crivelli Mr. William Cummings Ms. Darlene Cummings Mr. Peter Curcio Mr. Vincent A. D’Ippolito Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Day III Mr. and Mrs. Douglas De Hart Mr. Mark A. DegliObizzi Sr. Mr. Mark Delmonte Mr. Neal J. Donaldson Mr. Michael Donlon Mr. Drew A. Dorak Mrs. Anne Marie Eanes Mr. William Eichinger Ms. Rebecca Farabaugh Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fish Mr. John G. Fleming Follett’s St. Mark’s Bookstore Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freda Mr. Edward Freel Mrs. Betsy Gibb

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Mr. Claude Faulkner Ms. Heather Renee Ferris Mrs. Christine M. Fiorelli Mr. and Mrs. John Fiorelli Mrs. Anne M. Frati Mrs. Monika S. Fulton Ms. Victoria Z. Gagnon Ms. Eva Gannett Mrs. Marion Gebhart Rev. Daniel W. Gerres Mr. David Gilardi Dr. Tom and Mrs. Nancy Gildea Ms. Patricia Anne Glenn Mr. Frank W. Grant Ms. Sandie Grieshaber Mrs. Christianne Haggerty Mr. Michael J. Hamill Mr. George G. Harding Jr. Mr. William F. Harkins Mr. Thomas Higley Mr. Kenneth Hines Ms. Lisa Hoback Mr. Johan Hohman Mr. William K. Hohman Mr. W. Preston Hubbard Mr. Theodore Joachimowski Mr. Edward F. Kafader Mr. Paul W. Kaufman Esq. Mrs. Alicia A. Keller Kelly’s Sports, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly Mrs. C. Victoria Kitchell Mrs. Dolores Kmiecik-Graham Ms. Christy Koense Mrs. Clarice Kwasnieski Mrs. Marcella Lavelle Mr. Thomas J. Lemon Mr. Steve Lenderman Ms. Michelle Leone Mr. Gary M. Logan Mrs. Karen Lord Dr. Edward R. Lucente Ms. Catherine Lungen Mrs. Victoria Madden Ms. Kristi Mahan Mr. Roger J. Malatesta Ms. Tara Manal Mrs. Sandy S. Manno Mrs. Linda Manthey Mr. Glenn Martin Ms. Mary E. Maslar Mr. William G. Matt Mr. and Mrs. William McCabe Ms. M. Diane McCormick Ms. Alissa McGrisken Mr. Buchanan Megargee Mr. Stanley P. Meleski Mr. William Melis Jr. Mr. Edward Mendez Mrs. Maria Merritt Ms. Margaret Ann Mitchell Dr. Daniel J. Monagle Jr. Mrs. Jeannette Moore


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Mr. Doug Kautz Mr. James M. Kelly Mr. Daniel Kirk Mrs. Mary Komdat Mr. Joseph Kopec Jr. Mrs. Lynn M. Leffet Ms. Brittany Ann Lennon Ms. Maria Lougheed Ms. Laura Mackler Mr. Robert Maegerle Mrs. Lisa A. Magnuson Mr. Oliver G. Major Mr. Paul M. Maloney Mr. Steven Marascia Ms. Stella Markel Ms. Gina Renee Marsilii Ms. Judith Martelli Mr. Mark D. Matthews Ms. Bessie McAneny Ms. Heather McCarty Dr. Timothy J. McCormick Mr. Dennis J. McCullin Mrs. Carol McGee Mr. Thomas J. McGinn Mrs. Annette H. McHugh Mr. Michael F. Melloy Mrs. Erica Lynne Meme Mrs. Sharon K. Merriman-Nai Ms. Mimi Micale-Panchisin Mrs. Laurie Miriello Ms. Tessa Lynn Montini Ms. Carol Moore Ms. Lauren Morales Ms. Danielle Morrin Mr. Timothy Morris Mrs. Elizabeth Mousley Ms. Colleen Naccarato Rev. James Nash Mr. and Mrs. John Neill Mrs. Theresa B. O’Boyle Mrs. Yvette Anne O’Donnell Mr. Joseph O’Donnell Mr. Michael G. Oller Sr. Mrs. Doris Ormsby Mr. Raymond James Otlowski Mr. Anthony Panchisin Ms. Maria Panellla Mrs. Maria C. Pautler Ms. Christine Pelillo Ms. Brittany Pemberton Mr. Joseph Pence Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pepeta Mrs. Lisa R. Perry Mr. F. Dale Phillippe Jr. Ms. Jamie Phillips Mrs. Lori Pike Ms. Alexa S. Pinera Ms. Kelsey Nicole Powell Ms. Elizabeth Mae Powell Mr. Michael Puhl Mr. William Rapposelli Mrs. Marie Rathell Mr. John Raytick Mr. William R. Reidinger

Mrs. Barbara Reilly Mrs. Raelynn E. Remy Mr. Henry J. Restaino Mr. Joseph E. Roach Jr. Mr. Jorge Rosas II Mr. Dan Rosen Ms. Christina Lynn Ruggiero Saint Mark’s Psychology Club Mrs. Flordeliza M. Salindong Ms. Christie Sanderson Mr. Theodos Sandukas Mr. Guido Schiavi Mrs. Lynne Seydell Mr. Siddharth Shakamuri Ms. Lilyan Weilyne Shu Mrs. Faith Marie Shure Mrs. Michelle R. Simmons Mr. John Simmons Mr. Gordon N. Slivinski Mr. Michael Smagala Sr. Mrs. Charlotte Snyder Mrs. Terry Spadaro Mr. Joseph P. Spadaro Mr. Andrew James Spagnolo Mrs. Meri Ann Spears Mr. Felix M. Spitelle Mrs. Rita Stahl Mr. William James Starkey Mr. Thomas Strab Ms. Toni A. Swan Sr. M. Redempta Sweeney Mr. Andy Tarburton Ms. Lori Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Tim Theodorakis The Kula Foundation Mr. Robert Thompson Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson Mrs. Patricia L. Tigani Ms. Shannon Alexandra Tomanovich Mrs. Alissa Torres Ms. Kristin Tripp Mr. Brian Venti Ms. Diana Vieyra W.L. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner Mrs. Liisa A. Walker Mr. Paul C. Warrant II Ms. Maria Welsh Ms. Keri Lynn Wilkins Mr. Jack W. Williams Ms. Sheryl Wilson Mr. Thomas Peter Wirt Mr. Robert T. Wisniewski Ms. Katelyn Wright Mr. Stephen Zane Mr. Evan Griffin Zechman Mr. Stephen E. Zerenner Legacy Gifts The following donors have pledged support beyond the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 and are members of the Saint Mark’s Legacy Society Ms. Celeste Barr

Mr. Richard A. Bayhan Mr. Travis L. Ciriaco Mr. Michael D. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Francis Corrigan Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. Dr. Louis P. DeAngelo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeMatteis Mr. Doug Deveney Rev. Charles C. Dillingham Mr. Peter Ferrante Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freda Mr. Johan Hohman Rev. Msgr. Steven Hurley Mr. Stephen L. Hyde Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lee Mr. Thomas J. Lemon Mr. Christopher R. Locke Esq. Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly Mr. Joseph A. McNesby Jr. Mr. Jeffery and Mrs. Lyn Mey Mr. Robert D. Mosch Jr. Mr. Brian T. Murray Mrs. Lucy M. O’Donnell Mr. Jeffrey A. Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sonchen Dr. Stephanie J. Traynor Mr. Gary Watkins Ms. Mary Bridget White Ms. Ann Marie White Tribute Gifts These individuals were honored or remembered by contributions to Saint Mark’s during the 2017 -2018 fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini Ms. Rachael M Ali Mr. Jack Carney Mr. John P. Clatch Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Curtin Mrs. Deolinda Freitas Ms. Julie Groff ‘84 Ms. Ramona Jaeger Mr. Douglas S. McGrath ‘86 Mrs. Margaret McKinley Mr. Bernard McKinley Mr. Joseph O’Neill Mr. Nello Paoli, Sr. Mr. David Patch Mr. Sean Pelillo ‘22 Ms. Sophia Pelillo ‘18 Mr. Robert O. and Mrs. Elizabeth M Phillips Mr. James Michael Pohlen ‘84 Ms. Mary O’Neil Rush ‘76 Mr. Napoleon Salameda ‘84 Mr. Robert Louis Stevens Mr. Mark Weaver ‘05 and Mr. Matthew Weaver ‘03


Gifts by Class 1973 Dr. Anne Marie Smith Ph.D. Mrs. Peggy Marie Morrissey Dr. Kevin McCardle Mr. Thomas J. Lemon Mrs. Lynn M. Leffet Mr. James R. Hedrick Mrs. Marie C. Graney Mr. Gregory H. Gac Mr. Joseph A. Dawson Mr. Anthony M. Cristofich Mrs. Lucy M. O’Donnell 1974 Mrs. Meri Ann Spears Mrs. Anne Smith Mr. John J. Samluk Mr. John Raytick Mr. Lee L. Jamison Ms. Patricia Anne Glenn Mr. Drew A. Dorak Mr. Martin G. Desmond Mr. James F. Coverdale 1975 Mrs. Monica Sneddon Mr. James Pugh Ms. M. Kathleen Phillips-Giles Ms. Donna M. Myers Mr. Salvatore Anthony Muzzi Mr. Brian T. Murray Mr. Patrick D. McKeefery Mr. Donald J. Hofmann Jr. Mr. Michael J. Hamill Mr. Frank W. Grant Mrs. Terry Ann Episcopo Mrs. Anne Marie Eanes Mr. John T. Donovan Mrs. Sarah Collins Mr. Ross Christoph Ms. Patricia Ann Cerchio 1976 Mr. Thomas G. Steenkamer Mrs. Michelle R. Simmons Mr. Richard D. Sanderson Mrs. Sharon K. Merriman-Nai Mrs. Lisa A. Magnuson Mrs. Joanne E. Husfelt Mr. Joseph Grey Mr. David P. Gregg Mrs. Margaret Grande-Hohman Mr. John D. DelCollo Mr. Douglas De Hart Mrs. Monica De Hart Mr. Stephen J. Dawson Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. Dr. James A. Cook M.D. Mr. Neal Christoph Mr. Michael P. Cavazzini Mrs. Michelle A. Beale Mr. Richard M. Bea


1977 Mr. Robert T. Wisniewski Ms. Judy Valladares Mrs. Mary E. Powell Mr. Joseph Pence Mrs. Carol McGee Mr. Steven Marascia Mrs. Clarice Kwasnieski Mrs. Mary Komdat Mr. Robert J. Howell Mr. Gregory E. Homan Michele Guenveur-Short Ms. Edie Gambacorta Mrs. Monika S. Fulton Ms. Patty Elliott Ms. Linda Curry Mrs. Susan T. Browne Ms. Coleen Bristow Mr. James Baran Mr. Dante Angelini Mrs. Lisa M. Hyde 1978 Mrs. Patricia L. Tigani Mr. Michael Smagala Sr. Ms. Michele M. Rossi Gildea, MSW, PhD Mrs. Jeanette Payton Mrs. Cathleen Kleinschmidt Mrs. Maryanne Holzapfel Mrs. Constance deJuliis Ms. Eileen Curtin 1979 Mr. John R. Sinko Mr. Dennis M. Salter Mrs. Lisa R. Perry Mrs. Laurie Miriello Ms. Regina A. Iorii Mrs. Laurie K. Durbano Mr. Michael Donlon Mrs. Lisa Becker Mrs. Denise Adams 1980 Rev. James Nash Dr. Daniel P. Moore M.D. Mr. Daniel J. Monagle Dr. Michele Marie Karpovich Ms. Lisa M. Jaeger Mr. George G. Harding Jr. Dr. Lynn M. Collins Mrs. Margaret Fish Mr. Mark Delmonte 1981 Mrs. Kelly Ann Wascheck Mrs. Charlotte Snyder Mrs. Kathleen Smith Mrs. Kathleen S. Skinner Mrs. Faith Marie Shure Mrs. Barbara E. Rose Mrs. Maria C. Pautler Mrs. Margaret M. O’Neill

Mrs. Carolyn Lohr Ms. Lisa A. Goss Mrs. Yvette Drazich Mr. Martin Booth Mr. John J. Baldo 1982 Mr. Stephen Zane Ms. Carole Urbston-Meth Mr. Christopher S. Tansley Mrs. Susan M. Ryan Ms. Mary L. Lanshe Mrs. Susan Crisp Mr. Philip T. Chicosky Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini 1983 Mrs. Liisa A. Walker Mr. Robert A. Phillips Mr. Donald R. James Ms. Maureen Donovan Mr. Michael D. Calvetti Mrs. Lisa A. Adamovage 1984 Mr. Jeffrey Raymond Wolters Mrs. Michele Kacmarcik Savin Mr. James F. Paoli Rev. Timothy M. Nolan Mr. Anthony V. Muzzi Mrs. Kathleen M. Lee Mrs. Marie Holliday Mrs. Betsy Gibb Mr. Shawn M. Garvin Ms. Rebecca Farabaugh Ms. Barbara Evans Mrs. Elizabeth A. Cusack Ms. Darlene L. Cartwright 1985 Mr. Guy Townsend III Mr. James M. Thompson Mrs. Karen Lynn O’Brien Mrs. Linda Manthey Mr. Scott Lechner Mr. James M. Kelly Mrs. JoAnn C. DiOssi Mr. Gerald R. Brannen 1986 Mr. Stephen E. Zerenner Miss Charisse L. Rodgers Mr. George Theodore Milyo Jr. Mrs. Victoria Madden Mr. Daniel Kempski Mrs. Anne M. Frati Mrs. Theresa A. Dzik Mr. Christopher J. Blum 1987 Mrs. Patricia M. Westergard Mrs. Krysia Tramont Mrs. Virginia Ruthellen Tibbett Mrs. Terre A. Taylor

Mr. Scott R. Stevens Mrs. Colleen Seemans Mr. Jeffrey A. Santoro Mrs. Raelynn E. Remy Mrs. Lynne Paller Mrs. Annette H. McHugh Mr. Robert Maegerle Mrs. Kimberly Anne Cirillo Mrs. Nicole S. Bruce Mr. James Courtney, Jr. 1988 Mr. Gary M. Logan Mr. Robert Harper Mr. Joseph F. Day III Mrs. Pamela Colmery Ms. Patricia Carlson Ms. Amy E. Carello 1989 Dr. Stephanie J. Traynor Mr. Michael Charles Smyth Mr. Lance Lenire Howard Mr. Daniel J. Hahn Sr. Mrs. Christianne Haggerty Mr. Doug Deveney Mr. Paul Collier

Dr. Adrienne M. Yourek Ms. Toni A. Swan Mr. Paul W. Kaufman Esq. Mr. Jack Neill 1997 Mrs. Laura W. Yost Mr. Andrew Day 1998 Mr. John Nicolas DeCaire Mr. Robert A. Ballas 1999 Mrs. Valerie B. Wright Mr. Peter Santoro Mr. James Sam Mrs. Erica Lynne Meme Mr. James Forester Mr. Arthur Bookout 2000 Mr. Stephen Mayer Mangat Mr. Peter Ferrante Ms. Sheila M. DiCostanza Mr. Daniel Davis

1990 Mrs. Agnes M. Saxton Mrs. Ann Marie Paoli

2001 Ms. Lilyan Weilyne Shu Mrs. Sherry Leigh Fagin Rev. Glenn M. Evers Mrs. Lindsey Bart - Slijepcevic

1991 Mr. Andrew Mendenhall Mrs. Karen Lord Mr. James Michael Lennon Esq. Ms. Mary F. Dugan Mr. Neal J. Donaldson

2002 Mr. Joseph P. Spadaro Ms. Elizabeth Ann DeFelice Ms. Katherine Margaret Bushey

1992 Mrs. Alissa Torres Mr. Timothy Sturmfels Mr. William James Starkey Mr. Jorge Rosas II Mr. Alexander Rice Mr. Glenn Martin Ms. Cyndy Fanning Ms. Bernadette Craig 1993 Mr. Marc Skurla Mrs. Alicia A. Keller Mrs. Kristin Corbett 1994 Mr. Ting Pui Lai Mrs. Kristin Crawford Mr. Aneel Matthew Alvares 1995 Ms. Colleen Naccarato 1996

2003 Ms. Kari Ann Widdoes-Fitzgerald Mrs. Tavenner Anne Bonsall 2004 Ms. Laura Mackler 2005 Ms. Christine Marie Whitfield Mr. Kevin Perry Turner Ms. Christina Lynn Ruggiero Mr. Lucas James Dominica Ms. Jessica B. Beebe

Mr. Raymond James Otlowski Ms. Lauren Morales Ms. Kristi Mahan Ms. Brittany Ann Lennon Mr. Hunter Nicholas Hines Ms. Jasmine Briana Hilton Ms. Shirelle Alexandria Hicks Ms. Lindsay A. Hamilton Ms. Heather Renee Ferris Ms. Carolyn Fay Ms. Carolyn Casey Behrens Mr. Andrew Michael Baker Mr. Thomas William Abbott 2008 Ms. Rachel Anne Rurak Dr. Timothy J. McCormick 2012 Mr. Andrew James Spagnolo Ms. Christie Sanderson Mr. Michael Puhl Ms. Kelsey Nicole Powell Ms. Emily Lauren Nowell Ms. BreAnn Lynn Janvier Mr. Christopher Hyderkhan Ms. Emma Katherine Grey Ms. Anna Catherine Green Ms. Victoria Z. Gagnon Ms. Natalie Anne Clark Ms. Kristina Nicole Andrews 2013 Ms. Mary Bridget White Mr. Brock Madison Long 2014 Mr. Siddharth Shakamuri Mr. Sam Karr Freda Mr. Luke Thomas Duchemin Ms. Brittany Nicole Baylis 2015 Ms. Ann Marie White Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Pettoruto Ms. Megan Jean Dickerson Mr. Allan Edgar Carlsen 2016 Mr. Basilio Bautista III

2006 Ms. Maria Clyde

2017 Ms. Katelyn Wright Mr. Joseph White

2007 Mr. Evan Griffin Zechman Ms. Keri Lynn Wilkins Ms. Diana Vieyra Ms. Kristin Tripp Ms. Shannon Alexandra Tomanovich Ms. Elizabeth Mae Powell Ms. Jamie Phillips

Faculty & Staff Ms. Celeste Barr Mr. Raymond F. Barto Mr. Richard A. Bayhan Mr. Kristian Bonitatibus Mr. Arthur Bookout Mr. Martin Booth Ms. Danielle C. Bowen


Mrs. Misty L. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Francis Corrigan Ms. Catherine Culnane Mr. Peter Curcio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeMatteis Mrs. Yvette Drazich Mrs. Anne Marie Eanes Mr. William Eichinger Mr. and Mrs. William Eichinger Mr. James Brian Eller Ms. Wynne Esbitt Mr. and Mrs. John Fiorelli Mrs. Dale Freund Mrs. Marion Gebhart Mr. Peter Good Mrs. Maribeth M. Hoelmer Mr. Michael Holland Mr. Richard Houtz Deacon Patrick Johnston Ms. Diane Kuczmarski Mrs. Anna M. Madonna Mr. Robert Maegerle Ms. Heather McCarty Ms. Alissa McGrisken Mr. William Melis Jr. Mrs. Maria Merritt Mrs. Bonnie Moore Ms. Barbara Morrell Mr. David Patch Ms. Alexa S. Pinera Mr. Pablo Rodarte Mr. Nicholas Francis Sanna Mr. Wayne S. Smeigh Mr. Matthew W. Smith Mrs. Anne Smith Ms. Patrice Soares Mrs. Terry Spadaro Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Swasey Mr. Guy Townsend III Mrs. Krysia Tramont Mr. Brian Venti Ms. Kari Ann Widdoes-Fitzgerald Mr. John Phillip Wilson Mrs. Valerie B. Wright Saint Marks’ Advisory Board Mr. Richard A. Bayhan Mrs. Mary Liz Biddle Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. Rev. Glenn M. Evers Mr. Michael J. Freda Mr. Stewart Lee Mr. Christopher R. Locke Esq. Mr. Robert D. Mosch Jr. Mr. Brian T. Murray Miss Charisse L. Rodgers Spartan Athletic Club Ambience HVAC Ambient Heating Back Creek Brandywine Brewing Cafe Napoli


Café Pomodoro Camp Bow Christ the DE Rush Deerfield Wines Delcastle Golf Dove Run Dr. Jeanette Dr. Kaz Ed Porky Essential Balance Fair Hill Grain Craft Hartfield National Henry’s Bicycle Hockessin Athletic Kirkin Roofing Kirkwood Soccer Mr. William Mr. John Nathan Speare Navigate Financial Nickle Electric NKS Distributors Pala Brothers Pike Creek Rawlins Orthodontics Salon Pasca Teksolv, Inc. Valle Cucina Washington College Waste Management Sponsorships Alpine & Rafetto Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza ATI Physical Therapy Mr. Daniel Davis Dr. Kaz Horizon Services, Inc. Mr. Brian T. Murray Seasons Pizza & Restaurant Shone Lumber Co. Shone Lumber Company Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sonchen WSFS Bank The following donors provided Gifts in Kind to Saint Mark’s during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. Acme Supermarkets Ambience HVAC Back Creek Golf Club Brandywine Brewing Company Cafe Napoli Café Pomodoro Camp Bow Wow Ms. Cathy Culnane Ms. Darlene Cummings Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. John Nicolas DeCaire Deerfield Wines Delcastle Golf Club

Dove Run Liquors Ed Porky Oliver Golf Club Essential Balance Fair Hill Liquors Ginger Farrow Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen Mr. William B. Harman Jr. Hartfield National Golf Course Henry’s Bicycle Shop Hockessin Athletic Club Ms. Jan Kavanaugh Ms. Lorraine Keane Kirkin Roofing & Exteriors Kirkwood Soccer Club Mrs. Maria Merritt Mrs. Bonnie Moore Navigate Financial Aid NKS Distributors Inc. Pala Brothers Furniture Pike Creek Pub Ms. Gina Mirarchi Psenicska Rawlins Orthodontics Salon Pasca Teksolv, Inc. Valle Cucina Washington College

The Honor Roll of Donors includes gifts received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the list. If your name has been omitted or it was spelled incorrectly, please accept our sincere apologies and contact the Advancement Office so we can correct our records.

Calendar Dates

December 2018 12/1 & 12/2

8th Grade HSPT


Saint Nick at Saint Mark’s


Christmas Concert

January 2019 1/27 - 2/1

Catholic Schools Week

February 2019 2/26

Blood Drive


Spring Musical

March 2019 3/1 & 3/2

Spring Musical

3/19 & 3/21

7th Grade HSPT Prep Course

3/22 & 3/23

Blue Gold Fashion Show


7th Grade HSPT

April 2019 4/13

SAC Event


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Saint Mark’s 50th Anniversary is Almost Here! www.saintmarkshs.net ACADEMICS


The number of Ivy League schools Spartans have attended

Clubs and organizations


Percentage of students who participate in co-curricular activities


The first in the state to offer its students courses in the College of Health Sciences through a partnership with the University of Delaware




Percentage of students who take AP courses 98% Percentage of students accepted to college (2% entered the military) Academic championships




ARTS Number of students who participate in the musical arts All-State Chorus Singers since 1974

60 300+

Minimum hours each Spartan spends 60 Alumni Weekend: Varsity Football vs. Archmere 9/30 serving 47% OF STUDENTS RECEIVE the community prior FINANCIAL SUPPORT to graduation 10/1 ATHLETICS


Alumni Weekend: Multi-class Reunions at Saint Mark’s ’76, ’81, ’86, ’91, ’96, ’01, ’06, ’11

State athletic championships 100 since 1969 Alumni Weekend: Alumni Mass 10/2 Percentage of students who participate in sports


Number of sports teams

26 @SaintMarksHS

Look for more information as time gets closer