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Fall/Winter 2017

Never Leaving Home A New Journey at Saint Mark’s Tradition & Changes

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A Message from the Principal


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Under the Tent 2017


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Never Leaving Home


A New Journey at Saint Mark’s


Tradition & Changes


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Has your contact information changed? Send your name, class year, and updated information to The Office of Advancement and Alumni at advancementalumni@stmarkshs.net to connect with your Spartan Family. CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS: Richard A. Bayhan, Francis Corrigan, Guy Townsend ‘85, Peter V. Curcio, Danielle Bowen, Lucy Barranco O’Donnell ‘73, John Wilson

Saint Mark’s High School 2501 Pike Creek Road • Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 302.738.3300


2017-2018 Administration


Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Richard A. Bayhan, Principal Francis Corrigan, Assistant Principal, Mission and Academics Guy Townsend ‘85, Assistant Principal, Student Affairs Peter Curcio, Director of Advancement & Alumni Danielle Bowen, Director of Marketing & Communications Alissa McGrisken, Director of Admissions

Never Leaving Home

ADVIS0RY BOARD MEMBERS: Mrs. Mary Liz Biddle PNC BANK Mrs. Patricia M. Curtin White, MD ‘76 Christiana Care Health System Mr. Michael Freda EDis The Reverend Glenn Evers ‘01 Diocese of Wilmington Mr. James Groff Brandywine Chrysler Jeep Car Dealership Mr. Stephen Hyde H.F.M. Investment Advisors


Mr. Jonathan Kolle Smithbridge Asset Management Mr. Stewart Lee First Mariner Bank

A New Journey at Saint Mark’s

Ms. Monica Moore, RN ‘86 Delcastle Technical High School Mr. Robert Mosch Retired CPA Ms. Charisse Rodgers Independent Consultant Mr. Robert Teeven ‘82 Self Employed

12 Tradition & Changes

Saint Mark’s, a college preparatory Catholic high school, inspires young men and women to create a better world, one more pleasing to God and more helpful to others, by modeling faith, excellence, humility and integrity.

Message from the Principal

Dear Alumni, Parents, Students, and Friends of Saint Mark’s, Autumn colors, football, and crisp morning air – it must be fall and time for the latest issue of PostMark! I don’t know many people who don’t love the fall season and I can’t help but think that the beginning of a new school year is an integral part of the fond memories we have of autumn. Speaking of fond memories, I hope that this issue of PostMark will bring back great memories of school days at Saint Mark’s whether you are part of the first graduating Class of 1973 or have just entered as a member of the Class of 2021. It’s hard to believe but we are already beginning to plan for our 50th Anniversary Celebration to take place beginning in the fall of 2019. It was truly an act of faith when Bishop Michael Hyle announced the plans for a diocesan high school and, since the doors opened in the fall of 1969, Saint Mark’s has served as the flagship school of the diocese. In the coming months, we will be reaching out to the Spartan community to invite your participation in the planning of activities for this important occasion. Don’t wait for our 50th, though, to show your Spartan heritage and spirit – there are plenty of events for you to enjoy right now. Athletic competitions, theater productions, and concerts provide a great evening out for alumni and current families alike. It is so important that our current students and families come to know the alumni that helped to make Saint Mark’s High School the great place that it is and that our alumni know that they are not only an integral part of Spartan history and tradition but also that our “new” Spartans are wellprepared to carry our spirit into the future. Together, we are Spartan Strong! Wishing you God’s blessings,

Richard A. Bayhan Principal

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Interview with the Principal You are beginning your third year at Saint Mark’s. Your thoughts on the journey thus far?

of 2017? Of course – but that doesn’t mean that the heart and

This place can really capture your heart! Our campus is one of

difference they would note is less congestion in the halls.

soul of the school have changed. If alumni of the mid-1970s could be magically transported to today’s student body, the only

the finest I’ve seen in my career, we are blessed with a committed faculty and staff who really believe in the school and its mission

What about alumni?

and, most of all, we have an outstanding student body. Combine

Many of our alumni are fiercely loyal to our school – a great thing!

that with the legacy of the Spartans who have walked our halls

Others, who may not have been back to the campus for a while,

since 1969 and you create an impressive picture of a great school.

are concerned about the future of the school. Those are the men and women we hope will visit the campus and see for themselves

In July, the News Journal ran a story about the challenges many Catholic schools in our area, including Saint Mark’s, face – especially with regard to enrollment. What is your reaction to that article?

that the school they love is still here and filled with students who

When the reporter, Jessica Bies, contacted me as she prepared

become donors – we depend on the generosity of others – but

to write the article, she wanted to address the rumors that

that is secondary to having alumni continue to be a part of the

Saint Mark’s High School is closing. I welcomed the opportunity

Spartan community – to sit in the stands at football games, to

to speak to that, but I was disappointed that our hour-long

share the good times at reunions, to sit in the theater to watch

conversation seemed to shrink to a few comments.

those who have followed in their footsteps perform the great

are continuing the great Spartan tradition. Too often, alumni feel that they are seen only as potential donors. Of course, every Catholic high school hopes that alumni will

Broadway plays. 2501 Pike Creek Road ought to be the “other I’m very frustrated that these rumors persist. Despite the

home” of every alum in the history of the school.

decrease in enrollment over the last twelve years, Saint Mark’s based on a solid faith foundation. In any other community, a

What’s coming up for the Saint Mark’s community?

Catholic high school of over 500 students would be considered

In just two short years, we will be celebrating the 50th

a great institution. The fact that our enrollment is less than that

anniversary of Saint Mark’s High School. It is my dream, before

of our peak years doesn’t mean that our program is of a lesser

that celebration begins, that many of our alumni will strengthen

quality. In fact, a number of teachers who have been on our staff

their connection to our school – or even reconnect if necessary –

during those years believe that Saint Mark’s is a better institution

in order to celebrate this milestone with their friends, classmates,

now – we know the students better, our academic program is

and families. This is a celebration for every Spartan student,

quite strong, and students are deeply involved in the life of the

alumnus, parent, teacher, and friend of the school. In the coming


months as we prepare for the anniversary, I hope many will

has a very vibrant program of academics, athletics, and activities

accept the invitation to become involved.

Is it still really Saint Mark’s High School? Of course it is! Let me give you an example. In my hometown

Any final thoughts?

of Detroit, there are several Catholic high schools that were

Current families and students as well as alumni and their parents

once in the city itself but have moved to the suburbs. Despite

know that Saint Mark’s is an exceptional place. I strongly believe

changes in enrollment and even their physical location, they

that we have a sacred obligation to care for this school while it

carry on the traditions of the original schools – and their alumni

is in our hands so that we can pass it on for many generations to

embrace that. Change in Catholic schools is more prevalent than


many people realize. Is Saint Mark’s adapting to the realities


Under the Tent 2017 Saint Mark’s welcomed visitors on Friday, September 8th for the annual Under the Tent event. The event serves as an opportunity for new parents to socialize and meet. This year it began with speeches by organizers and Saint Mark’s principal Mr. Bayhan, followed by prayer by Sister Sandy. The event had a warm welcome and performances from the Saint Mark’s Marching Band, Cheerleaders, and Football team throughout the night. The event was followed by the first home football game of the season against Newark. Saint Mark’s came home with the win! Several Saint Mark’s alumni were also in attendance with the next generation of Spartan hopefuls.



Can you describe your progress from Saint Mark’s student, to teacher, to now our new Assistant Principal?

Do you feel it’s different as an alum working here? How?

As a student Saint Mark’s was an important part of my life. I

greater insight into the workings of the school than teachers

had great teachers and great friends. I never anticipated my

who have not graduated from here. You also have stronger

life’s journey would keep me literally “...linked to Saint Mark’s

bonds/connections because the people you work with you may

through time.” When I became a teacher in 1989, it was a

have also had in class as a student.

It is somewhat different as an alum working here. You have a

dream come true. To be able to teach alongside the very people

was going to transpire. When Mr. Bayhan approached me about

What unique insights can you bring to your new role as a result of the other work you’ve done?

taking the position of Assistant Principal, I was in shock. To be

The greatest insight that I can bring to the position is I have

asked to lead our school during this most critical time is the

had the pleasure of pretty much doing it all. In 29 years I have

ultimate compliment.

coached Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, and Softball. I

who educated me was awe inspiring. When I left in June of 2017 to attend the Student Council retreat, I never knew what

was even on the Boys Lacrosse coaching staff briefly. I have

What interests you about Saint Mark’s?

been involved in Student Council now for 25 years. I have been

The long standing tradition of academic excellence rooted in

Senior Class moderator since the Fall of 1993. I’ve worked

the Catholic Faith has always been a great asset. The many

summers for the maintenance crew cutting grass for over 20

sports and activities that we offer is something that has always

years. I have been both a teacher and department chair. I can

interested me. The fact that we offer so many activities and

bring all of that experience into this position.

classes to our students really mirrors our message “All Things Possible”.

What are your plans for the future of the school in your new position?

Why did you decide to return to Saint Mark’s for your career?

My plans for the future are to continue the strong tradition of

I decided to return to my Alma Mater because I wanted to

in the future. However, for the first year keeping enrollment

give back to a community that gave me so much. Many of our

stable and the entire program essential is first and foremost.

excellence. I have a few ideas of some things I would like to see

alumni return annually in the form of their Annual Giving, or by sending their sons/daughters here. I was fortunate enough to be able to give back by staying here and delivering the message of Saint Mark’s. To be able to help a student to get into the college of his or her choice is the greatest feeling in the world.

The school has a strong alumni return rate. Why do you feel that is? I am one of a number of alumni who have returned to our great school. It is a testament to how much Saint Mark’s impacts the young people who go here. There is a connection that remains strong with many of us.


Never Leaving Home Saint Mark’s Alum turned Staff in their own words




lose to 25% of the faculty at Saint Mark’s are graduates. They have been teaching between three and forty years spending most, if not all of their professional career on the Pike Creek campus. We recently asked them to share some of their thoughts about a place that they call home.

What is your best memory of being a student at Saint Mark’s? The welcoming environment Mr. Fiorelli’s Creative & Critical Class senior year and our round table (desk) discussions and share days when we would read our stories and essays out loud to the class. Senior year spirit week and pep rally. The school felt like home since I was highly involved with academics, activities, and sports. I remember great friends and caring teachers. It’s hard to pick my best memory because there are so many good ones, but one of my favorites was winning the Spirit Stick my senior year. There was such an incredible amount of school spirit and it was just great to be a part of that with all of my classmates

Why did you choose to work at Saint Mark’s? I had such a great time my 4 years at Saint Mark’s I wanted to come back and help create those great memories for future students. Saint Mark’s has always been home! I chose Saint Mark’s because it gave me the opportunity to return to a great school with a wonderful tradition of excellence in a faith-filled environment.


I chose to work at Saint Mark’s because I wanted to give back to the community that gave me such a great education. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I wanted to be mentored by the same teachers who gave me that passion, so Saint Mark’s was the only place for me.

What is your favorite teaching moment? Having flexibility in my classroom Teaching chemistry to 15 and 16 year old sophomores every day. Sophomores might be my favorite age to teach. I get to watch them grow-up and totally transform within the span of a school year---both physically and their maturity level. I get the most satisfaction when my students reveal through their writing that they feel confident about how to approach a writing assignment and they are able to express themselves well and with good supporting details. My favorite teaching moment is watching collaborative student interaction, such as students teaching other students the concept they learned.

What do you love about Saint Mark’s? Current students share their thoughts

You can go to school almost anywhere and take the same basic classes, but only at Saint Mark’s can you experience the feeling of becoming part of a true family. -Cameron Johnson I love Saint Mark’s because it encompasses such a vast community of people ranging from students, faculty, alumni, and families. As soon as I first set foot into SMHS, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. - Ben Korleski Saint Mark’s has given me the opportunity to excel in academics, athletics, and service. One thing I love about Saint Mark’s is how united and welcoming the student body is. Saint Mark’s truly is home. –Madison Saunders I like going to Saint Mark’s because the amount of extracurricular activities allows me to find clubs that I really enjoy. -John Reigner I love being a Saint Mark’s Spartan because of the opportunities it provides me with that other students across the country might not get. Not to mention the welcoming teachers, faculty, and students who couldn’t be more supportive and understanding. -Brittney Tillman

I love how Saint Mark’s has been a second home to me. It has prepared me for college and has given me great opportunities through sports and different clubs. -Eric Ludman

Alum’s Turn: What did you love about your time at Saint Mark’s? Send an email to dbowen@stmarkshs.net to share your thoughts and possibly be included in our next issue. 09

A New Journey at Saint Mark’s by Lucy Barranco O’Donnell ’73 and Coach John Wilson


aint Mark’s outperforms the SAT state average every

that many additional resources and support will flow to the

year. 100% of graduates pursue higher education


with over 52% receiving scholarship support. Our

students are committed to community service and leave

One of the pillars of the Benevon model is to offer

a measurable impact on seniors, children, sick and the

informational sessions on a regular basis to members of the

disabled statewide. At the core of it all is a safe, values based

Saint Mark’s community and prospective supporters. The

environment encouraging diversity and excellence surrounded

informational sessions at Saint Marks are called All Things

by a breathtaking campus.

Possible Tours. The tours are offered twice per month by invitation only. Each tour covers three major points about

Despite this profile of excellence and our continued

Saint Mark’s in an attempt to tell the real story about the

commitment to nurture students of all faiths throughout our

school. By design each tour lasts just one hour from start to

Diocese, the school faces persistent rumors questioning its


sustainability and future. To address these issues and highlight a history of achievement while being flexible to meet current

The first stop on the tour highlights Academic Excellence.

trends, Board Chair Steve Hyde believed that it was time

At Saint Mark’s the core curriculum is at the base of the

to change the direction and focus of the Advancement and

very strong academic programming that is available to all

Alumni department at Saint Mark’s and deliver a new message

students. In total Saint Mark’s has over 30 academic electives

to the community.

and a challenging array ofAdvanced Placement courses. This past year Saint Mark’s entered into a partnership with the

Becoming a Spartan has come to mean more to me than I thought possible my freshman year.... I thank Saint Mark’s High School for giving me the opportunity to become a Spartan.

University of Delaware where students receive college credit for classes taken at Saint Mark’s. The end result is that Saint Mark’s has very strong academic programs at all levels of ability. Faith and service are the cornerstone of a Saint Mark’s

Brianna Jubb ‘17

education and the focus on the second stop of the All Things Possible Tour. At Saint Mark’s, our community stands out as

A national model called Benevon was selected. This past year

a people of faith, from the classroom to the playing fields to

Saint Mark’s embarked on the Benevon program to reach our

our service opportunities. The Chapel located in the center

alumni, donors and future supporters. After reviewing the

of the school is the hub for faith on our campus. The Chapel is

Benevon model, Steve offered to fund the implementation of

open all hours of the school day, and it is used by students for

the program. Through his generosity a small leadership team

prayer and reflection. As a school community Catholic Mass is

was established and sent to Washington, DC for training to

offered monthly in the gymnasium.

implement the Benevon model at Saint Mark’s. Loosely translated, Benevon means “of benefit,” and according to the Benevon organization the name was chosen to represent the “benefit, beneficence, and benevolence of the nonprofit organizations that they serve and their work in the world.” The goal of the Benevon model is to engage individuals in the organization’s larger mission. The program is designed not only to generate funds, but also as a program

The school puts so much emphasis on the importance of service, so I became influenced to help those in need.... Saint Mark’s also made me realize how important academics are, and I was pushed even more to strive for academic excellence. Overall, I think Saint Mark’s helped me to become a better person.

of awareness, delivering a consistent message, with the hope

Anna Sonchen ‘17 10

Our students are provided the opportunity to help others through community service. Community service allows Saint Mark’s

Saint Mark’s remains the only diocesan high school in the

students to experience another aspect of the world in which they

Wilmington area and Principal Bayhan is committed to ensuring

live. Through community service our students step outside of the

that all students in the diocese have the chance to earn a Catholic

classroom and the Saint Mark’s campus to help others in need.

high school diploma and feels that to do so is reasonable,

Opportunities for students to participate in community service

attainable, and integral to the mission of Saint Mark’s.

can be found in many venues such as the local senior centers, area hospice, and local churches.

The Saint Mark’s family is a community of students, faculty, staff, parents, graduates, and friends who are united behind our

At Saint Mark’s we are bound by a love for God and for each

shared belief in working together to provide an environment that

other, and we are respectful of the diversity of beliefs found on

exemplifies excellence in education and encourages our students to

our campus. The dedication and commitment that our students

achieve their best in mind, body, and spirit.

have for the community in which they live separates Saint Mark’s students from other high school students throughout the State of Delaware. The final stop on the tour exemplifies how students at Saint Mark’s are driven to achieve their full potential. A high school journey is meant to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. The faculty of Saint Mark’s High School is dedicated to helping each and every student thrive and gain the full benefit of his or her high school

I have excelled academically and athletically, made good friends, and received a great education. Saint Mark’s has taught me the meaning of responsibility and given me a sense of accomplishment. Jacob Henry ‘17

education. At Saint Mark’s we are family; we support and care about our students and help them reach their full potential in all

All told, this past year over 200 people were involved in the All

areas from athletics to the arts.

Things Possible program at Saint Mark’s. The strength and impact of those involved was exhibited at a celebration breakfast in May.

My life has been forever affected by attending Saint Mark’s High School. When I transferred in sophomore year, I thought I was all on my own. In reality I was entering a relationship with a new family.... Saint Mark’s has forever made a great impact on my life.

Bishop W. Francis Malooly was present at the event that included students, alumni and friends. At the celebration event the concept of a Legacy Donor was introduced. Legacy donors show their faith and dedication to Saint Mark’s by pledging support for the next five years to provide a predictable and stable base of income. At the celebration event the future of Saint Mark’s became very clear generating over $300,000 in legacy gifts as well as numerous offers

Zach Palmer ‘17

of other resources and volunteerism.

While many Saint Mark’s students come to us with great life

Saint Mark’s invites each of our community members to renew

advantages, we are committed to serving all students regardless of

your commitment and understanding of a Catholic high school

the resources that have or have not been available to them up until

education by experiencing the All Things Possible program.

this point. The Benevon model is helping to identify new resources

Together we can raise awareness of the outstanding resource

and new opportunities for the current and future students at Saint

available to our entire Diocese and extended community.

Mark’s. At the beginning of each All Things Possible Tour, Principal, Rick Bayhan provides his vision for the future of Saint Mark’s as we

You will not be asked for anything – the tours are strictly

continue to build this base of support.

informational. You will be pleasantly surprised at the gem of a school nestled in the Pike Creek valley.

Principal Bayhan believes that Saint Mark’s has a long and important history in the greater Wilmington area and an equally important role in the future. Though Saint Mark’s is not the high school of 1600 students as it was twelve years ago, it is still deeply committed to the values that have been present since the school was founded and that have followed each graduating class into

The following are dates for the new year: January 4 and 17, February 7 and 22, March 6 and 22, and April 11 and 26. To reserve your spot, call Pete Curcio at 302.757.8728. Bring a friend and share your Spartan spirit!!!

successful careers and achievements.


Tradition & Chang Library Renovations Changes and strides for the future are occurring at Saint Mark’s. Over the summer the library was renovated with the help of staff and students. New carpets, fresh paint, and new furniture are some of the great alterations to create a more modern feel. The new look is more in tune with the times and creates a place to foster learning for years to come.

Mary Statue We have had a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our library for a number of years, an outward sign as Catholics of our devotion to her. The statue is moved as needed to the gym or theater for Mass or prayer services. While it looked great from afar, the statue was showing signs of wear from years of use – including broken fingers and chipped paint. After looking into options we took matters into our own hands. Thanks to the hard work of art teacher Maria Merritt and science teacher Paul Wysocki, the Mary statue has been beautifully restored to better than original condition and will provide service to our school for many years to come. 12


Saint Mark’s has changed throughout the years, but has always maintained its history

Original Tree from 1969 With all the changes throughout the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is an original tree still located on the premises. The tree sits at the back of the parking lot by the fields. Through all the years it has grown and sits there today for all to see.


FISH HALLWAY A Saint Mark’s Favorite was Restored and Continued Fish Hallway has been a point of interest for visitors ever since its creation. Last year art teacher, Maria Merritt, along with some of her students fully restored the painted hallway. The images first created were kept with a new brightness added.


Along with the old images, a new section was painted to add to the hall and give current students a chance to showcase some original art. They focused on the coral reef, to bring attention to global warming and the plight of the coral reefs. The students who worked on the new addition did a true collaboration piece. They designed the mural to scale and determined who was painting what so that there would be diversity of sea life, but cohesion and depth to the mural. Along with the new wildlife, a statue of the Risen Jesus was added. The Risen Jesus was the idea of Cameron Cupples ‘17. She drew and started painting and Julia Kogut finished it. This statue actually exists in a coral reef off of Key Largo, Florida, and that is how it came to exist in our coral reef.

The new wall painters were: Laura Beeson, Bobby Rush, Clare Estes, Cameron Cupples and Julia Kogut. Alumni Class of 2016 who worked on part of the conservation and repainting of the pirate ship wreck wall were: Sean Beeson, Luke Diana, Jacob Shepers, Holly Stevens, and Ryan Fisher. 15

Current Student News

4 H Alumni Aubrey Plaza Shares a Day in the Life with Saint Mark’s Senior Andrew Shaffer Current Saint Mark’s student, Andrew Shaffer, recently participated in the 4-H Alumni Share a Day Program. This program invites 4-H alumni to share with current 4 H members a behind the scenes look at career paths and show where their experience can take them. 4 H is a youth development organization that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. Kids complete hands-on projects in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on leadership roles. 4 H empowers young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. Andrew was paired to Delaware 4-H Alumni, Aubrey Plaza. She has recently been making a name for herself in the film and television industry and through the program brought Andrew to events promoting her new film.

Saint Mark’s Soccer Team Aiding Hurricane Harvey Relief Delaware sports teams have rallied to collect shirts to send to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Saint Mark’s soccer team is one of the many teams giving back to the community.


Current Student News Saint Mark’s Teachers Come in First Place On June 17, 2017 Saint Mark’s High School teachers Tim Neal and Wynne Esbitt competed and won in a duathlon and triathlon respectively. The events occurred at Lums Pond State Park in Bear, DE. Mr. Neal, who teaches social studies, did the sprint duathlon which involves a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike ride, and another 2 mile run. He came in first in his age group for males and 31st out of 55 overall including males and females. Ms. Esbitt, who teaches science, did the sprint triathlon which involves a 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride, and a 2 mile run. She came in first in her age group for females and 67th out of 194 overall including males and females.

Saint Mark’s Seniors Sophia and Nicholas Kayatta achieved the rank of Third Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate Since 2005, Sophia and Nicholas Kayatta have trained at American Karate Studios in Newark, DE. This year they achieved the rank of third degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. They mastered self-defense techniques, choreographed katas, and physical fitness, as well as learned invaluable life skills and character development. Core values, such as perseverance, discipline, focus, humility, and leadership have guided them to conduct themselves with humility and respect both in the martial arts and in school. They strive for excellence and integrity, the hallmarks of Saint Mark’s, in everything they do.

17 21

Alumni News

Margaret More ‘74 Receives Jefferson Award Margaret More received the Jefferson Award from Governor Chris Christy for her relentless volunteer efforts for helping those in need in Monmouth County, NJ. Margaret, better known as “Tootz” to friends, family, and former faculty and coach members, was a 1974 graduate of Saint Mark’s High School. She has always done volunteer work on some level, even dating back to the Newark, DE Holy Angel’s carnival days in the early 1970’s. Saint Mark’s had a hand in promoting volunteerism to her when she was a participant in the Blue/Gold All Star Football Game. The first Delaware Blue/Gold All Star football game was played for the purpose of spreading awareness about intellectual disabilities in children, while raising funds for programs that serve these children. She continued to volunteer for the Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens organization that supported these efforts for the next 20 years until she moved to New Jersey.

Michelle Freeman ‘85 Named in Delaware Today’s “The Most Intriguing Delawareans” Article Saint Mark’s alum Michelle Freeman was named in Delaware Today magazine’s “The Most Intriguing Delawareans” article. She is featured in the September issue and speaks about her past and the pains she went through that inspired her to pay it forward to her staff. She is now the CEO of the Carl M. Freeman Companies.

Jessica Morgan ‘04 Inducted into Wesley College’s 2017 Athletics Hall of Fame On October 13, 2017 Jessica Morgan, SMHS c/o ‘04, was inducted into Wesley College’s Class of 2017 Athletics Hall of Fame. Jessica played softball while attending college and graduated in 2009. She is one of thirteen individuals selected to receive the honor. We congratulate her on her success and achievement.


Alumni News Joseph Curtin White ‘17 Awarded NHS Scholarship Joseph Curtin White ’17 was awarded the National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship. He was one of 400 National Semifinalists, chosen from more than 9,000 applicants and the first known Saint Mark’s student to win the award. In addition, Joseph was one of six area students to receive the Thomas P. Bentley Scholarship. Joseph spoke about his trips to Haiti when receiving the award, which is based on demonstrated service. This fall he started at Penn State University as one of 50 students in the Smeal College Sapphire Leadership/ Academic Honors program.

Ellen Nigro ‘09 Appointed a 2017 Fulbright Scholar Saint Mark’s Alum Ellen Nigro ’09 graduated with a degree in Art History and Art Conservation with a minor in art. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Art Conservation at UD. She was awarded a Fulbright grant for research in the Netherlands.

Eugene Young ‘00 Appointed to New Position Eugene Young, Saint Mark’s Class of 2000, will be the new president and CEO of Wilmington Urban League. Young will be the fourth president of the National Urban League, an organization dedicated to economic empowerment and social justice for people of color. Community outreach will be among his priorities when he starts his tenure on September 5th.


19 21

Alumni News

Mark Coleman ‘75 Mark Coleman is currently the VP of engineering and operations for Spectrum Sports. He was involved in the start-up and operation of Satellite News Channel and Home Team Sports, now Comcast Sports Mid-Atlantic. He also helped with the growth and operation of Fox Sports Net/FX, Golf Channel, and Comcast Programming Group. He was part of the acquisition and merger into NBC Universal. Coleman has been instrumental in the development and launch of the Cisco Live event controller, Evertz Dreamcatcher, and led his team in the first 4K lens to home distribution of a live Lakers game in 2014. He has received seven Emmy Awards for his work.

Eileen Starr ‘80 Eileen Starr received a PhD in social work/philosophy from Widener University in 2015 and is currently a tenure track assistant professor in the Social Work Department at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. Her dissertation research focused on the effectiveness of cross community programs (Ulster Project Delaware) on Northern Irish adolescents. This was completed in Northern Ireland where she also facilitated seminars as a visiting professor while living there for the term at Queens University in Belfast.

Steve Sinko ‘94 Steve Sinko is Chair to the Fusion Inclusion Racing Team, a nonprofit that purchases adaptive running chairs and pairs runners with a disabled partner who wishes to participate in races. Sinko also participates as a runner in the program. At the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon he ran with a very special running partner, Preston Buenaga, who co-captained from his adaptive running chair. Sinko was named Coach of the Year for Delaware Cross Country in 2016.


Alumni News Greg Mionske ‘06 Greg Mionske is a freelance photographer based in Colorado who specializes in sports and active lifestyle photography. With his appreciation for subtleties and fleeting moments in life and his ability to capture these details, he has created his own style that has helped him land commissions from The North Face, Adidas, and Red Bull. His editorial work has also been published by clients including National Geographic, Bloomberg, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, Runner’s World Magazine, and The Red Bulletin. He was most recently nominated as a Category Finalist in the Red Bull Illume 2016 Image Quest.

Quinn Hedges ‘97 Quinn Hedges graduated from Saint Mark’s in 1997. Currently, Quinn is a professional musician living in Sacramento, California, and recently he released a new album titled “Slightly South of Stormy Clouds”. Quinn is recently married and has a six-month-old son named Liam James.

Sean Foster ‘87 & Michelle Connell ‘87 Wedding On August 13th, Sean Foster (‘87) and Michelle Connell (‘87) were married with their children Arlee, Cavan, and Jillian by their side. In attendance were fellow Markmates, Nicole Terpening Hughes (‘91) Nichol Connell Mangino (‘89), Tracy Soisson (‘89), Susan Heesters Kreps (‘87), and William Kelly (‘87). The couple resides with their children in Middletown, Delaware.


Alumni News

Tyler Theodorakis ‘13 Tyler Theodorakis ‘13 is a student at the University of Delaware and a member of the University of Delaware Co-Ed Cheer Team. In January the team traveled to Orlando, FL to compete in the UCA College National Cheerleading competition. The University of Delaware team placed 2nd in the nation in their division. Tyler has been a cheerleader on the University of Delaware Co-Ed Cheer Team for four years.

Nic DeCaire ‘98 Nic DeCaire is the founder and owner of Fusion Fitness in Newark, DE. A gym whose mission is being not only a fitness center, but also a community where people can do business together. In 2006 at the age of 25, he opened the business, which just celebrated its ten year anniversary. Through his efforts Fusion Fitness became a philanthropic force. DeCaire, the gym, and its members have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. Its largest undertaking is the handicapped-accessible playground for the base of the Newark Reservoir. He also helped set up Fusion Inclusion, a program for children and adults who are unable to run. Runners push those unable to run in wheelchairs, which allows them to participate in local 5ks all the way up to marathons.


Alumni News

Al Carter ’84 Al Carter ’84 won the Grand Sport class victory with co-driver Steven Phillips in the four-hour Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 240, the headliner of the Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix. He drove No. 99 for Automatic Racing. This is his first Continental Tire Challenge win.

3v3 Soccer Saint Mark’s Alumni Association hosted the first annual 3v3 Soccer Tournament on July 15. Over 500 people attended the event which involved players age 4-50. Winners of each tournament bracket qualified to attend a regional competition to compete for a place in the national finals at Disney World. Members of the Saint Mark’s soccer team participated as referees for all games and members of the Class of 2018 operated the concession stands and provided information about joining the Saint Mark’s community. A special thanks to tournament organizers Tom Antonelli ‘96, Jim Lennon ‘91, and Luke Dominica ‘05.

If you are a Saint Mark’s alum and have a life event or story to share or have a story about a Saint Mark’s alum, please send the name, graduation year, high quality photo, and story to: pcurcio@stmarkshs.net for consideration in future Postmark issues.

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2017 Saint Mark’s Retirees Congratulations and many thanks for your years of service at Saint Mark’s High School. You will be greatly missed. Happy Retirement and God Bless.

Peter Good

Geraldine Talley



Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Years at Saint Mark’s High School

Saint Mark’s Remembers Riley Boright, Class of 2008 Jerome Cierniak

Uncle of Krysia Tramont, Saint Mark’s math teacher

Charles Culnane

Father of Cathy Culnane, Saint Mark’s social studies teacher

Joseph Cartwright

Husband of Angel Cartwright, Saint Mark’s cafeteria staff

Zach Deal, Class of 2008

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Nephew of Chris Flanigan, Saint Mark’s finance department

June Dorn

Former Saint Mark’s English teacher

Chuck Fischer

Former Saint Mark’s chemistry teacher and husband of Linda Fischer, former Saint Mark’s Technology Director

Michael McKeefery

Former Saint Mark’s teacher

Anne (Reilly) Newcomb, Class of 1976

Daughter of Barbara Reilly, former Saint Mark’s English teacher

Roy Peters

Father-in-law of Francis Corrigan, Saint Mark’s Assistant Principal

Ron Stacey

Former Saint Mark’s Theology teacher

Stephen Szewczyk, Class of 2003 Vinnie Scott Former Saint Mark’s teacher and coach

If you know of a Saint Mark’s alum who has died, please send the name and graduation year to: pcurcio@stmarkshs.net. 24





Bishop Hyle Founders Society ($10,000+) Anonymous Crystal Trust Dr. Patricia M. Curtin ‘76 and Mr. Thomas M. White Mr. and Mrs. James Groff Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde Mr. Stephen L. Hyde and Mrs. Lisa Hyde ‘77 Mrs. Margaret McCaffery ‘73 Mr. Mike and Mrs.Linda McRath Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Theresa Morrin Bishop Mardaga Benefactors Society ($7,500 - $9,999) Horizon Services, Inc. Bishop Saltarelli Society ($5,000 - $7,499) Ms. Katherine Margaret Bushey ‘02 Mrs. Kathleen Degli Obizzi Mr. Robert D. Mosch Jr. Rush Uniform Inc. The San Francisco Foundation Father Delaney Leadership Society ($3,500 - $4,999) Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists, P.A. Dr. Kaz Dr. Anne Marie Smith ‘73 Ph.D. Nathan Speare Foundation Mr. A. Spartan Club ($2,500 - $3,499) Cassidy Painting Inc. Ms. M. Kathleen Phillips-Giles ‘75 Progressive Software Computing Inc. Summit Mechanical, Inc. Saint Mark’s Patron Society ($1,000 - $2,499) Mr. Eduardo G. Agra Mr. Louis ‘82 and Mrs. Gina Alessandrini Alpine & Rafetto Orthodontics, P.A. American Masonry Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Mr. Gregory A. Baffone Ms. Celeste Barr Mr. Martin ‘81 and Mrs. Andrea Szafranski Booth ‘81 C.E. Solutions Christ the Teacher School Mr. Ross Christoph ‘75 Dr. Lynn M. Collins ‘80 CulinArt, Inc.


Dr. and Mrs. William Cummings Mr. Guido DeAscanis III Diamond State Party Rentals Mr. Joseph N. DiStefano Mr. Timothy Downey Ms. Mary F. Dugan ‘91 Famous Taverns Mr. Peter Ferrante ‘00 Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Kathryn Fisher Mr. Joseph Fleming Follett’s Saint Mark’s Bookstore Formal Affairs of Delaware Inc. Rev. William F. Graney Mr. David B. Greytak Mr. Donald J. Hofmann Jr. ‘75 Mr. Gregory E. Homan ‘77 Home Team Marketing, LLC Dr. Gordon C. Honig Ms. Lisa M. Jaeger ‘80 Mr. Jonathan F. Kolle Mrs. Kathleen Monagle ‘84 and Mr. Stewart Lee Mr. John and Mrs.Angela Ludman Mr. Victor and Mrs. Deanna Marcelo The McConnell Family Foundation Mr. Jeffery Paul Mey Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lucia Michlovich Mr. Gary Watkins Mrs. Shannon Valentine ‘77 Mr. Brian T. Murray ‘75 NKS Distributors Inc. Mrs. Lynne Paller ‘87 Mr. James ’84 and Mrs. Annmarie ‘90 Paoli Pike Creek Pub Mr. Michael and Mrs. Joanne Pohlen Rawlins Orthodontics Mr. Thomas N . Rosa Mr. Robert J. RushiII ‘90 Saint Mark’s Parent Association Mr. Dennis M. Salter ‘79 Mr. Jeffrey A. Santoro ‘87 Mr. Donald and Mrs. Suzanne Sawyer Seasons Pizza & Restaurant, Inc. Shone Lumber Co. Ms. Sandra Shupe Mr. Robert and Mrs. Christina Sonchen Stoltzfu RV & Marine Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kara Swasey Ms. Shannon Valentino ‘91

WSFS Bank Rachel Ali Club ($500 - $999) 94 WIP Sports Radio Acme Markets Anonymous Mr. Gary Barber Mr. Richard A. Bayhan Mr. Alan Burkhard Carman Ford Lincoln Mrs. Ann Carney Mr. Marc Chapdelaine Sherri Ciancutti Photography Mr. Robert W. Cook ‘73 Mr. Leonard ‘83 and Mrs. Barbra Creswell Mr. Peter Crivelli Mr. Peter and Mrs. Tina Curcio Ms. Eileen Curtin ‘78 Mr. Carl C. Danberg Esq. ‘82 Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Annette Day Mr. John D. DelCollo ‘76 Mr. Thomas ‘ 80 and Mrs. Theresa DeMatteis Dental Associates of Delaware Mr. Martin G. Desmond ‘74 Mrs. JoAnn C. DiOssi ‘85 Mr. Lucas James Dominica ‘05 Mr. Michael ‘79 and Mrs. Lisa Deprisco Donlon ‘81 Mrs. Yvette Drazich ‘81 Mrs. Margaret ‘80 and Mr. Dennis Fish Mr. Michael and Mrs. Marilyn Freda Mr. Gregory H. Gac ‘73 Mrs. Betsy Gibb ‘84 Good Apple Digital Mr. Paul and Mrs. Deb Hartwick Mr. Donald S. Hicks Ms. Kelly Anne Holdren ‘10 Mr. Keith and Mrs. Mary Holmburg Mr. James A. Horty Rev. Msgr. Steven Hurley INRG of Delaware Insight Consulting Group Mr. Donald R. James ‘83 Mr. George P. Kaufmann Jr. Mrs. Cathleen Kleinschmidt ‘78 Ms. Diane Kuczmarski Mr. Patrick LaFrankie Ms. Mary L. Lanshe ‘82 Mr. Thomas J. Lemon ‘73 Mr. James Michael Lennon Esq. ‘91 Dr. Michael Lenz Mr. Roger and Mrs. Patricia Malatesta Mr. Kurt Manal

Matthew’s Formalwear & Tailors Dr. Kevin McCardle ‘73 Mr. Chris McCartan ‘80 Mr. Robert Francis Minnehan Mr. Daniel J. Monagle III ‘80 Thomas Monahan Private Investigations Dr. Daniel P. Moore M.D. ‘80 Ms. Christine Morris ‘93 Mr. Thomas Parkins Payroll Management Assistance Promotions Plus, Inc. Mr. Pablo Rodarte Mr. Richard D. Sanderson ‘76 Dr. Trevor Scheff Mr. John R. Sinko ‘79 Mr. Matthew W. Smith Mr. Francis Spagnolo Saint Mark’s Class of 1986 Mr. William Steigman Mr. Thomas Strab Twin Oaks Tree Service Walt Disney World Ms. Lindsay Wheeler Ms. Paula Witherow Mr. Jeffrey Raymond Wolters ‘84 Mrs. Valerie B. Wright ‘99 Principal’s Club ($250 - $499) A-1 Sanitation Service, Inc. ABHA Architects, Inc. Ms. Maryann Aloise ArcBest Mrs. Carol L. Backer Mr. James Baran ‘77 Mr. Paul Bauernschmidt and Mrs. Mary E. Baurenschmidt Dr. Basilio and Mrs. Amelia Bautista Mr. M. Scott Baylis ‘82 Mr. Richard M. Bea ‘76 Dr. Leonard Beck Belfint, Lyons & Shuman, P.A. Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects Mrs. Mary Liz Biddle Mr. Mark Blake Mrs. Barbara R. Brown ‘74 Chez Nicole Hair and Nail Salon Mr. Randal and Mrs. Roberta Coleman Mrs. Sarah Collins ‘75 Mrs. Pamela Colmery ‘88 Mrs. Sheila Colosi Mr. Michael S. Comer ‘86 Mr. Michael D. Connelly

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Corrigan Ms. Tracy Crowely Ms. Cathy Crumlish Mrs. Catherine Culnane Mr. Joseph A. Dawson ‘73 Mr. John Nicolas DeCaire ‘98 Deerfield Wines Mr. Mark W. Delmonte ‘80 Mrs. Laura Rae DelPercio ‘80 Mr. Vincent A. D’Ippolito Jr. ‘87 Mr. Neal J. Donaldson ‘91 Mr. Drew A. Dorak ‘74 Dougherty Insurance & Financial Services LLC Mrs. Anne Marie Eanes ‘75 EDiS Company Mr. Roy N. Eissmann Ms. Rebecca Farabaugh ‘84 Mr. Henry Gambacorta Ms. Edith Gambacorta ‘77 Mr. Shawn M. Garvin ‘84 Mr. Patrick Groves, Sr. ’86 and Mrs. Denise Kosek Groves ‘81 Mrs. Christianne Haggerty ‘89 Mrs. Margaret M. Hannum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Harkins Mr. Douglas A. De Hart Jr. ‘75 Mr. James R. Hedrick ‘73 Her Game Mrs. Mary Ann Hiles Mrs. Alice Hoffman Mr. Richard Houtz Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Penny Husbands Ms. Regina A. Iorii ‘79 Mr. Jamie F. Iudica ‘94 Cmdr. Michael J. Jaeger ‘84 Mrs. Julianna and Mr. Stephen Jerger Mr. Theodore Joachimowski Mrs. Lisa Johnston ‘84 Mr. Francis Jones Esq. ‘75 Jostens Dr. Calvin L. Keeler Jr. Kelly’s Sports, Ltd. Mr. Steven Kempczynski Mr. Daniel Kempski ‘86 Kings Creek Golf Club Mrs. Clarice Kwasnieski ‘77 Mr. Ting Pui Lai ‘94 Mr. Thomas LaPenta Ms. Peggy Miller Lashbrook ‘74 Ms. Laurie Lattomus Mrs. Carolyn Lohr ‘81 Mr. Brock Madison Long ‘13 Ms. Ruth Anne Mayer Mr. Joseph A. McNesby Jr.

Mealey Funeral Homes & Crematory Mr. Gregory Melasecca Mr. Jack Michael Mr. George Theodore Milyo Jr. ‘86 Mr. Thomas Moore Jr. ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moore Ms. Barbara Morrell Mrs. Peggy Marie Morrissey ‘73 Mr. John Michael Mouser Mr. Paul Murphy Mr. Anthony V. Muzzi ‘84 Mr. Salvatore Anthony Muzzi ‘75 Mr. Denis O’Flynn O’Brien Mr. Eric Palm Mr. Domenic Papa Mr. David Patch Mr. David Pettoruto Mr. Robert A. Phillips’83 Mr. Robert F. Phillips Mr. Chad Pisorchik Mr. Daniel Protokowicz Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Kenneth Ralsten Miss Carol Ripken Miss Charisse L. Rodgers ‘86 Mr. William A. Rohrer ‘92 Mrs. Cindy B. Ryan Mr. Matthew Ryan ‘84 Mrs. Agnes M. Saxton ‘90 Mr. Ming Shao Mr. Frank J. Shelton ‘87 Ms. Tracey Sibol Mrs. Lindsey Christine Slijepcevic ‘01 Star Building Services INC Mr. Henry B.Steenkamer Ms. Stephanie Ann Strocko ‘01 Mr. Tim and Mrs. Lisa Theodorakis Mr. Don C. Tomovich Mr. Guy Townsend III ‘85 Mrs. Krysia Tramont ‘87 Dr. Stephanie J. Traynor ‘89 Tri-State The Roofers Mr. David H. Vones ‘74 Mrs. Colleen M. Wallace ‘89 Mrs. Tammy Lynne Walls Walter’s Steakhouse Washington College Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sharon Wasko Mrs. Patricia M. Westergard ‘87 Mr. James L. Whitney Ms. Kari Ann Widdoes ‘03 Spartan Club ($100 - $249) Accent Music Mrs. Denise Adams ‘79 Albero, Kupferman & Associates, LLC Mr. William S. Alessandrini


Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini ‘11 Mrs. Debra Allen ‘76 Ms. Michelle Amadio ‘85 Ambient Heating and Cooling Mr. Thomas Antonelli ‘96 Drs. Kert and Amy Anzilotti Mrs. Dina Haines Appleby ‘80 Artisans Gifts and More Ashby Hospitality Group Mrs. Kristen Axtell Mr. Bruce Bair Mr. John J. Baldo ‘81 Mr. David Balint Jr. Mr. David Balint Bancroft Construction Company Bank of America Mr. Bud and Mrs. Terri Barker Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Michele Bartasius Mrs. Anne S. Barto ‘76 Mr. Stephen Baston ‘75 Mrs. Michelle A. Beale ‘76 Ms. Jessica B. Beebe ‘05 Mr. G. Scott Bell Mr. Stephen Bescript Blue Rocks Mr. Kristian Bonitatibus Mrs. Mary Beth Bonvetti ‘83 Mr. Arthur Bookout ‘99 Mrs. Christina M. Bowen ‘94 Mrs. Mary Boyle Mrs. Maureen Boyle Mr. Edward Brackin ‘88 Mr. Robert L. Brown Mr. James A. Browne Jr. Ms. Mairead Elizabeth Browne ‘09 Mrs. Laura Burbage ‘81 Mrs. Jennifer Rae Burlew ‘89 Burton Construction Company Mrs. Mary Ann Burton Cafe Napoli Caffe Gelato Camp Bow Wow Mr. William F. Carello Mr. David and Mrs. Lisa Carey Mr. Alan Carlsen Ms. Patricia Carlson ‘88 Mr. Jeffrey Carney ‘00 Carpe Vita Home Care Mr. Frank Cephous III ‘80 Mr. Scott Chaffin Mr. Philip T. Chicosky ‘82 Mr. Neal Christoph ‘76 Ms. Raffaela Ciabattoni Mr. Travis L. Ciriaco ‘92 Ms. Brittany Michele Clark ‘06 Dr. Stacy Cohen


Mr. Randal Coleman Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Pamela Collins Concord Pet Food and Supplies Mrs. Jennifer E. Connolly ‘89 Mr. John W. Constantinou Mrs. Joelle Cordrey ‘96 Ms. Peggy Craven ‘81 Crazy Coatings Mr. Anthony M. Cristofich ‘73 Mr. Charles Cuprill Mr. Matthew Curtis ‘88 Mrs. Paula Darch ‘91 Mr. Daniel Davis ‘00 Mr. Stephen J. Dawson ‘76 Mr. Joseph Day DE Rush Soccer Dr. Louis P. DeAngelo Deerfield Golf Club Ralph G. Degli Obizzi & Sons, Inc. Mr. Mark A. DegliObizzi Sr. Mr. Robert Paul DeMasi Jr. ‘09 Ms. Claire DeMatteis ‘83 Dr. Michael and Mrs. Lisa DePietro Mr. Doug Deveney ‘89 Mrs. Mary Diehl ‘76 Rev. Charles C. Dillingham Ms. Kendra DiOrio Mrs. Mary Kristin Dominica Ms. Erin Patricia Donovan ‘75 Ms. Maureen Donovan ‘83 Mr. Gregory Dorak ‘81 Dove Run Liquors Dover Downs Dr. Edward T. Doyle Jr. Bear Trap Dunes Mr. David B. DuPlessis Mrs. Theresa A. Dzik ‘86 Mr. Roy and Mrs. Kimberley Eissmann Mr. James Brian Eller Ms. Regina Elliott Mr. Greg Engelmann Mr. Colin Brant England ‘01 Ms. Lindsay Marie Fanelli ‘01 Mr. Claude Faulkner Mr. John and Mrs. Marie Fiorelli Mr. John G. Fleming Mrs. Marie Flynn ‘80 Mr. Casey ‘11 and Mrs. Lauren Forman ‘12 Mrs. Dale Freund Mrs. Monika S. Fulton ‘77 Mrs. Marion Gebhart Mr. David Gilardi Dr. Tom Gildea and Nancy Weinstein Mrs. Jocelyn Gilmour ‘90

Mr. Joseph A. Girardi ‘75 Ms. Patricia Anne Glenn ‘74 Mr. Peter Good Mrs. Margaret Grande-Hohman ‘76 Mrs. Marie C. Graney ‘73 Mr. Frank W. Grant ‘75 Ms. Rachel Eliza Griffiths ‘96 H Day Spa Mr. Jamie A. Hagan III Ms. Monica Hahn ‘79 Mrs. Julia Hahn’79 Mr. Michael J. Hamill ‘75 Mr. KennethE. Hardy’76 Mr. William F. Harkins Mr. John C. and Mrs. Becky Harrington Mrs. Frances Hart Mr. Tole J. Hart ‘81 Mrs. Deborah Hermansader ‘89 Mrs. Catherine M. Hines ‘73 Mr. Johan Hohman Mr. William K. Hohman’00 Mr. Sean Philip Holden ‘01 Mr. Michael Hollick ‘91 Mr. Hans Holm ’76 Mr. Christopher R. Homan ‘83 Mr. Jeffrey Honer ‘96 Rev. Msgr. John P. Hopkins Mr. Michael Hoppe Mr. H. Rodney Husfelt Mr. Peter M. Hyde ‘77 Mrs. Sherri Inglis Mr. W. Bruce Ingram Jack’s Country Maid Deli Mrs. Patricia Johnson ‘83 Deacon Patrick Johnston Ms. Lynn A. Joos ‘74 Dr. Robert Kacmarcik Jr. ‘87 Mr. Edward F. Kafader Mr. Paul W. Kaufman Esq. ‘96 Ms. Julianne Ashley Kelley ‘11 Ms. Samantha Jacqueline Kelley ‘08 Mrs. Mary R. Kennard ‘77 The Kenny Family Foundation Mrs. Dolores Kmiecik-Graham Mr. Timothy Krajewski Mr. Edward Kruzienski ‘06 Ms. Mary Pat Kwoka ‘84 Mrs. Denise Lane Ms. Marlene Lang Sgt. Richard Thomas LaRocca ‘01 Mr. Scott Lechner ‘85 Mr. Thomas F. Lee Mr. Steve Lenderman Ms. Michelle Leone Mrs. Carol Lorenzut ‘75 Mrs. Catherine Lungen

Mr. Gwynn and Mrs. Carol Lyell Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mary Macchione Ms. Gisela Macias Mr. Charles Donovan MacLeod Mrs. Anna M. Madonna Mrs. Lisa A. Magnuson ‘76 Mr. Dominic J. Maida III ‘00 Mrs. Ellen Joy Major ‘96 Mrs. Linda B. Malone Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Tara Manal Mrs. Sandy S. Manno Mrs. Linda Manthey ‘85 Mr. John Alexander Marine ‘13 Mr. John J. Marine ‘75 Mrs. Leslie D. Marra ‘76 Ms. Mary E. Maslar Mr. Willam and Mrs. Geraldine McCabe Mrs. M. Diane McCormick Mr. Peter D. McGivney ‘04 Mrs. Christine McGovern ‘81 Ms. Ann McManus Ms. Billie Meisel Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Rebecca Melvin Mrs. Erica Lynne Meme ‘99 Mr. Edward Mendez Mrs. Margaret Menton ‘74 Mr. Robert Michael Michlovich ‘03 Middletown Veterinary Hospital Mike’s Country Maid Deli MiniMad, Inc. Dr. Daniel J. Monagle Jr. Ms. Carol Moore Mr. Phillip Moran Mr. John C. Moye Jr. ‘76 Mr. James Withrow Ms. Kelly Marie Muldoon ‘06 Mrs. Joanne Muniz ‘76 Mr. Pasquale L. Muzzi Ms. Donna M. Myers ‘75 Dr. Pavanandan Naicker Mrs. Kathleen D. Neal Mr. Jack Neill ‘96 Mrs. Mary Ann Nickerson ‘76 Nickle Electric Mr. Ralph Michael Nigro Ms. Erika Nizborski ‘06 Ms. Cathleen Noonan Mr. William F. Northey Sr. Ms. Patricia Nowaczyk’81 Ms. Barbara Nyland Mrs. Karen Lynn O’Brien ‘85 Ms. Jennifer Marie O’Brien ‘01 Mrs. Lucy M. Barranco O’Donnell ‘73 Mr. Corey David Olsen ‘09 Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Lori Pala Mr. Jeffrey Pala ‘87

Ms. Megan Palmer Mrs. Maria Panella Mr. John and Mrs. Joanne Panico Mr. Nicholas D. Papanicolas ‘91 Mrs. Eileen Paulson ‘81 Mrs. Maria C. Pautler ‘81 Paws for Life Mrs. Erin Peart-Willcox ‘82 Mrs. Helen Petruccelli ‘76 Mrs. Lauren A. Petrusky Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Soul Mrs. Joan Piasio ‘76 Mr. Edward J. Pochomis Mr. Hommy Poursaied Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Julie Prushinski Mr. David and Mrs. Gina Psenicska Mrs. Mary Ann Quinn Mrs. Nancy Ragan Mr. Anthony Rash Red Lion Veterinary Hospital Mrs. Barbara Reilly Ms. Joanne Reilly Mr. Frank Reno ‘89 Mr. Michael Renshaw ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rex Mr. John R. Richards Mr. Leif Erik Ringoen ‘86 Mr. Michael Rose ‘74 Mrs. Susan Rowlyk-Beccaria ‘91 Ms. Rachel Anne Rurak ‘08 Ms. Kathleen K. Russo Mrs. Anne Marie Russo Mrs. Susan M. Ryan ‘82 Mr. William F. Sadowski ‘86 The Saint Mark’s Psychology Club Salon Rispoli Mr. Nicholas Francis Sanna Mr. Peter Santoro ‘99 Mrs. Patricia Schneider Ms. Carmella Schultz Mr. Joseph Sciarra ‘80 Mrs. Teresa Seeman ‘76 Mr. Dale Seemans ‘87 Sheridan Auto Group Mr. Albert Shields Ms. Christina Showalter ‘81 Ms. Julia Simpson Mr. Marc Skurla ‘93 Mr. Wayne S. Smeigh Mrs. Anne Smith ‘74 Mrs. Nancy A. Smith ‘75 Ms. Karen Smith-McCune Mrs. Monica Sneddon ‘75 Ms. Patrice Soares Mrs. Geralyn Spagnolo ‘81

Mrs. Meri Ann Spears ‘74 St. Mary Magdalen School Mr. Jonathan Stahl ‘85 Mr. Ronald Staib Mr. William James Starkey ‘92 Mr. Eric Matthew Starrett ‘01 Mrs. Sherry Stephens ‘76 Mr. Scott R. Stevens ‘87 Ms. Anita Stofa Mr. Rob Stofa Dr. Raymond R. Strocko Ms. Margaret Stroz Mr. Javier and Mrs. Virginia Suarez Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Teri Suddard Mrs. Jean A. Sukeena Mr. Arthur J. Sullivan Jr. ‘76 Mr. Bill Sullivan III Mrs. Marilou Szymanski Esq. ‘73 Mrs. Geraldine Talley Mr. Keith Andrew Tarburton ‘88 Tastefully Simple Taylor Guitar Mrs. Terre A. Taylor ‘87 Mr. James M. Thompson ‘85 Town and Country Mr. John B. Tucker Jr. Mr. Kevin Perry Turner ‘05 Ms. Nicole M. Urban ‘04 The Vanguard Group Mr. Charles James Vincelette II Mr. James Vogel W. L. Gore/Elixir Strings Ms. Jean Wadman Mrs. Deirdre Walsh ‘80 Mrs. Karen Marie Warrington ‘87 Ms. Kelly Ann Wascheck ‘81 Ms. Ann Marie White ‘15 Mr. Joseph White ‘16 Ms. Mary Bridget White ‘13 Ms. Christine Marie Whitfield ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Wickersham Mr. John Phillip Wilson Mrs. Nancy Wilson Mr. Thomas Wilson Jr. Mrs. Marie Wilson Mrs. Angela Woo Mrs. Doris Yowell Green – White – Gold Club ($1 - $99) Mrs. Michele Adams ‘84 Mrs. Jennifer Agostino Mr. Sylvester D. Aiello Mrs. Kelly Albanese-Bedder ‘96 Alex and Ani Mrs. Linda Anguish Mr. Arthur Annone


Mrs. Renee J. Anson ‘91 Mr. Leslie Peter Antalffy ‘76 Mr. Timothy J. Aube ‘87 Mrs. Sandy August ‘99 Ms. Cynthia Avery Back Creek Golf Club Mr. John Baldino Mrs. Jennifer Balint Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sheri Barber Mr. Joseph Barranco Mr. Raymond F. Barto Ms. Katherine E. Bartosik ‘98 Mr. Chet Benham Mrs. Jessica D. Berkley ‘95 Mr. John Bialecki Mrs. Rose M. Blanton Ms. Karen M. Bloch Ph.D. ‘81 Mr. Christopher J. Blum ‘86 Mrs. Danette P. Boone ‘76 Mrs. Carole Bowen Mrs. Misty L. Boyle Mrs. Ellen Brannen Mr. Gerald R. Brannen ‘85 Breakthru Beverage of Delaware Ms. Elizabeth Brooks Mrs. Marianne F. Brown Mrs. Terry Renee Browne ‘90 B-Tan Tanning Salon Mr. John F. Bubel Sr. Mr. David and Mrs. Kimberly Burnham Mr. Richard John Burns ‘01 Ms. Joanne S. Burton ‘81 Café Valentina Mr. Joseph Capaldi Jr. Ms. Dawn Carey Mr. Edward Carpenter Mr. Peter B. Carpenter ‘76 Mrs. Cynthia Carter-Wedgewood Ms. Darlene L. Cartwright ‘84 Ms. Grace Casey Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Mr. Bruce Cavanaugh ‘96 Mr. Joseph Centrone Charcoal Pit Mrs. Margaret Christoph Clean Pro Detail Center Mr. Robert Colmery ‘88 Mr. James M. Connors ‘76 Mrs. Kristin Corbett ‘93 Mrs. Ginny Craig Crossroads Mr. Donald G. Cubbage Ms. Darlene Cummings Mr. Scott Cummings Mr. John Alexander Daly ‘16 Mr. Bernard J. Daney Mr. James Davis


Mrs. Karen Dawson Ms. Lisa Deaven ‘76 Ms. Janet DeChristie Mr. Charles and Mrs. Ann DeFelice Mr. Timothy F. Dempsey ‘76 Mrs. Mary Dempsey Mr. Daniel H. Derick ‘76 Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Diana Mrs. Judith M. DiFrancesco Mrs. Linda M. DiLouie ‘76 Mr. Brian D. DiSabatino Ms. Erin Louise Dodd ‘09 Mrs. Danielle Marie Dohl ‘91 Mrs. Maureen Donnelly ‘76 Ms. Evelyn Claire Dougherty ‘74 Ms. Rebecca A. Dougherty ‘86 Mr. Kenneth J. Dowd Ms. Barbara A. Dudek Mrs. Laurie K. Durbano ‘79 Mr. Christopher R. Ennis ‘96 Ms. Wynne Esbitt Mrs. Catherine Marie Etherington Mrs. Karen Ewing ‘76 Mr. Stephen Facciolo ‘86 Ms. Gail Ferguson Ms. Lindsay Marie Fernandes ‘03 Mrs. Claire Finfrock ‘82 Mr. Robert Fish Mrs. Beth Fitzgerald Mrs. Joan W. Flanagan Mrs. Christine Flanigan Mr. Kevin Flanigan ‘79 Mr. James Forester ‘99 Mrs. Theresa Fou Mrs. Ellen Franco ‘76 Mrs. Anne M. Frati ‘86 Frazzberry Frozen Yogurt Ms. Theresa Garrod George & Sons’ Seafood Mrs. Christine A. Gilbert ‘86 Mrs. Jamie M. Gilley ‘94 Mr. Craig Daniel Gillund ‘02 Giodano’s Restaurant and Sports Bar Ms. Margaret Girard Mr. George and Mrs. Jodi Glew Mrs. Dawn Marie Goeringer ‘76 Mr. Dominic Gonzon Goodshop Ms. Lisa A. Goss ‘81 Mr. Mark D. Gouge Mr. Michael F. Grady ‘82 Ms. Andrea Graham ‘76 Great Escape Mr. Joseph Grey Sr. Sr. Sandra Grieco, IHM Mr. Nikolaus and Mrs. Sandra Grieshaber

Grotto Pizza Mr. Jim Grusemeyer Hagley Museum and Library Mrs. Deborah L. Hardos ‘76 Mrs. Marie Harkins ‘81 Mrs. Maureen S. Harris ‘74 Mrs. Barbara Harris Mr. Charles E. Harrison Harry’s Hospitality Group Mrs. Jane M. Hart Mr. Mark R. Heissenbuttel Mrs. Brande L. Heitz ‘92 Hilton, Wilmington/Christiana Hockessin Athletic Club Mrs. Maribeth M. Hoelmer Mr. Michael Holland Mrs. Marie Holliday ‘84 Mrs. Maryanne Holzapfel ‘78 Mr. Michael Homiak ‘85 Ms. Robin Howard ‘76 Mr. Larry D. Hudson Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Hughes Ms. Theresa Hughes Mr. George Harrison Hull Jr. ‘05 Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson ‘96 Mrs. Beth Hyland IronPigs Charities Deacon William J. Johnston Jr. Mr. Aaron Craig Jones ‘09 Dr. Michele Marie Karpovich ‘80 Mr. Michael Kemske Mr. John J. Kielar ‘06 Ms. Patricia Ann Kirkpatrick ‘77 Ms. Annette Kissel Mr. Ronald Kline Klondike Kate’s Mr. Dean Koontz La Casa Pasta Restaurant Mr. Richard W. Ladd Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Lee Ann Ladics Ms. Jennifer LaFrankie Mr. Auchie Laudreman Ms. Megan Elizabeth Lee ‘12 Mr. Daniel J. Lehane ‘85 Mrs. Matilda Linett ‘78 Longwood Gardens Mr. Chris and Mrs. Maria Lougheed Mrs. Paula A. Luckring ‘76 Mrs. Emily Jane Lyons ‘92 Mr. Clifford Madsen Mr. Robert Maegerle ‘87 Magic Car Wash Mr. Richard Mahoney Mr. Charles Thomas Malewski ‘10 Maplecrest Civic Association Ms. Mary E. Marinari ‘76 Ms. Judith Martelli

Maryland Jockey Club Ms. Lauren Marie Master ‘12 Maureen’s Hair Salon & Day Spa Mrs. Suzanne McCann Mrs. Heather McCarty Dr. Timothy J. McCormick ‘08 Mr. Dennis J. McCullin Mrs. Donna McGonigle Ms. Alissa McGrisken Mrs. Georgine McGuirk Ms. Clare McKeown ‘81 Ms. Doreen McLucas Ms. Marianna J. McSweeney ‘77 Mrs. Sharon K. Merriman-Nai ‘76 Mrs. Maria Merritt Mrs. Mimi Micale-Panchisin and Mr. Anthony Panchisin Michael’s Restaurant & Pub Mrs. Mary Kay Micucio Ms. Yvonne Miley Mrs. Laurie Miriello ‘79 Ms. Diana L. Mooney Mrs. Monica Moore ‘05 Ms. Monica Lisa Moore ‘86 Mr. Gregory Thomas Morrin ‘09 Mrs. Elizabeth Mousley Mr. Richard Mroz Mr. Thomas Mulry ‘76 Mr. Christopher B. Muscara ‘02 Mrs. Christine Napelbaum ‘74 Natural Nails Salon Dr. John F. Neill Sr. Ms. Janet Nevitt Mr. Vincent Lorenzo Nicastro ‘11 Ms. Mary Kathryn Nickel ‘80 Mr. Carlos L. Nieves Nino’s Pizza Ristorante Italiano Mr. Scott Nyland Ms. Lori Oberhausen Mrs. Carol O’Connor ‘74 Mr. John and Mrs. Wendy O’Connor Mr. Joseph O’Donnell Mrs. Yvette Anne O’Donnell Mr. Michael G. Oller Sr. Ms. Amy P. O’Neill ‘89 Mr. Brian K. O’Shaughnessy ‘12 Mr. Raymond James Otlowski ‘07 Outback Steakhouse Painting with a Twist Mrs. Katherine Parks ‘84 Mrs. Mary Pellechio ‘76 Perry Anthony’s Salon and Spa Mr. Michael J. Prosceno Mrs. Elaine K. Rathmanner Mr. John Raytick ‘74

Mr. William Reid Mr. William R. Reidinger Mrs. Raelynn E. Remy ‘87 Mr. John Rice ‘76 Mr. Herman and Mrs. Pamela Richardson Rita’s Water Ice Mr. Joseph E. Roach Jr. Rodan & Fields Mrs. Sarah Rogozinski Ron Eastburn Florist Mr. Raymond Roszak ‘76 Mr. David M. Rurak Mr. Erik William Russell ‘07 Mrs. Sonja Ryan ‘75 Ryan’s Beach Store Mr. Jonathan Edward Salacuse ‘06 Mr. Gary Santora ‘85 Mr. Robert L. Sassa Sr. Michele Kacmarcik Savin ‘84 Ms. Amber Elizabeth Saxton ‘12 Mr. Guido Schiavi Mrs. Janet J. Schneider ‘97 Sr. Mary Ann Schroeder Ms. Kelsey Noelle Sedlacek ‘11 Mrs. Lynne Seydell Mrs. Karen M. Sgroi ‘90 Mr. Denis P. Shaffer Mr. Jonathan Robert Shavor ‘11 Dr. Mary Jean Shimane ‘90 Mr. Wells Johnson Shu ‘06 Ms. Gail Simpson Ms. Sharon Singer Mrs. Audrey Sinko Mr. Eugene J. Sinko Mr. Timothy Allen Sinko ‘85 Mr. Eric Sisofo ‘93 Mrs. Cheryl Skurla Mr. Michael Smagala Sr. ‘78 Mr. Brian Smith Mrs. Nancy Smith Ms. Elaine C. Smythe ‘76 Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Sommermann ‘00 Mrs. Terry Spadaro Mrs. Diane Sparks ‘84 Mr. James R. Spillan Jr. Mr. Felix M. and Mrs. Isabelle C. Spitelle Mrs. Ann Marie Stafford ‘75 State Line Liquors Mr. Thomas G. Steenkamer ‘76 Mrs. Stephanie Stellini-Turner ‘87 Ms. Janice E. Stenger ‘81 Mr. Glenn M. Stevens ‘92 Mr. Brian Matthew Stine ‘06 Mr. Bob Stofa, Sr.

Mrs. Ann H. Strusowski ‘73 Mr. Javier Suarez Mrs. M. Cynthia Sublett II Mr. Oliver Vince Suddard Jr. Mr. Jamie Sulzman Sr. M. Redempta Sweeney, IHM Ms. M. Joyce Tannian ‘83 Mr. Darrell Tatman ‘76 Ms. Lori Taylor Mrs. Eileen M. Taylor ‘79 Ms. D. Sue Taylor Ms. Brooke Michelle Thielemann ‘11 Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson Mrs. Patricia L. Tigani ‘78 Timothy’s of Newark Tony & Dominic’s Pizzeria Tony’s Cafe Ms. Nichole Traynor Mrs. Anita M. Trexler ‘76 Mr. Wayne Trimble Mr. Charlie Tucci Tyler’s Restaurant Ms. Michelle Nicole Udinski ‘01 Mrs. Ann Urbanik ‘04 Mrs. Liisa A. Walker ‘83 Mr. Joshan Jih-Han Wang ‘15 Mr. Paul C. Warrant II Mr. Richard Weiant Mrs. Marian ‘88 and Mr. Jack Weir Mrs. Donna Welsh ‘80 Mr. Jeff Wenrich Mrs. Kimberly Jo Werla ‘81 Ms. Julie Patricia Williams ‘08 Ms. Caroline Wills Wilmington & Western Railroad Ms. Sheryl Wilson Mr. Robert T. Wisniewski ‘77 Mrs. Denise M. Wolfe ‘76 Mr. Warren Dextor Wood Jr. ‘09 Woodside Creamery Mrs. Dianne Worton Mrs. Kathleen Young ‘86 Mrs. Penni Day Zimmerman ‘91 Mrs. Shelly Zirkle ‘81 Legacy Gifts The following donors have pledged support beyond the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 and are members of the Saint Mark’s Legacy Society. Mr. Michael D. Connelly Dr. Patricia Mary Curtin M.D. ‘76 and Mr. Thomas M. White Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Theresa DeMatteis Mr. Peter Ferrante ‘00


Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Kathryn Fisher Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Marilyn Freda Mr. Stephen L. Hyde and Mrs. Lisa Hyde ‘77 Mrs. Kathleen ‘84 and Mr. Stewart Lee Mr. Christopher R. Locke Esq. Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly Mr. Joseph A. McNesby Jr. Mr. Jeffery Paul Mey Mr. Robert D. Mosch Jr. Mr. Brian T. Murray Mr. Thomas N. Rosa Mr. Jeffrey A.Santoro Mr. Donald and Mrs. Suzanne Sawyer Mr. Robert and Mrs. Christina Sonchen Mr. Gary Watkins Tribute Gifts These individuals were honored or remembered by contributions to Saint Mark’s during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. Mr. Jeremy Acosta ‘07 Mr. Louis Gene Alessandrini Ms. Rachel Ali Mr. Jack Carney Cornerstone Classes Mr. Peter Emmet Curtin Mrs. Pauline DeAscanis Mr. Ralph Degli Obizzi Mr. RobertGlenn Ms. Julie Groff ‘84 Mr. Eugene Homan Mrs. Mary Hughes Hoppe Mr. Douglas S. McGrath ’86 Mr. Michael McKeefery Mr. Keith Milan ’99 Mr. Robert O. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Phillips Mr. James Michael Pohlen ‘84 Mr. Robert J. Rathmanner Mrs. Barbara Reilly Mrs. Anne Reilly Newcomb ’76 Mr. John and Mrs. Joyce Ruddick Ms. Mary O’Neil Rush ‘76 Mr. Napolean Salameda ‘84 Mr. David M. Salter Mr. John Talley Mr. Mark Weaver ‘05 and Mr. Matt Weaver ‘03 Ms. Jody T. Withrow ‘75


The Honor Roll of Donors includes gifts received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the list. If your name has been omitted or it was spelled incorrectly, please accept our sincere apologies and contact the Advancement Office so we can correct our records.

Calendar Dates

December 2017 12/2 12/2 & 12/3

“The Rockets” Beef & Beer 8th Grade HSPT


Saint Nick at Saint Mark’s


Christmas Concert

January 2018 1/29

Catholic Schools Week

February 2018 2/9-2/10 2/22

One Act Plays Blood Drive

March 2018 3/13 & 3/15

7th Grade HSPT Prep Course


Blue Gold Fashion Show


7th Grade HSPT

April 2018 4/21 4/27-4/29

SAC Casino Night & Sports Auction Spring Musical


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