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I N F O R M AT I O N PA C K A G E Flemingdon Health Centre is proud to announce the official launch of the. . .

Diabetes Prevention CARE KIT Finally, we know where we stand.

November 30, 2010

H O W TO C O N TA C T U S: MAIN SITE CONTACT INFORMATION  10 Gateway Boulevard, Don Mills, ON M3C 3A1   416.429.4991 Ext.217 or 416.803.2813  416.429.9731

SATELLITE SITE CONTACT INFORMATION  5 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 357, Toronto, ON M2J 2Z1   416.640.5298

Photography by: Shumaila Yasmin and Azza Abbaro

Every One Matters

South Asian Diabetes Prevention Care Kit - Background Information