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The Mosaic Centre Triple play of net zero, LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge

60 Atlantic Avenue

New life for an old industrial building

Advanced Research Complex Sleek lab and office meets exacting performance needs

Education Article

Vapour diffusion and condensation control in high-performance buildings

Bella Bella multi-unit Modular Passive House a pioneering effort

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Designing to be “environmentallyfriendly” doesn’t mean you have to compromise your vision. In the past, the design choice was limited, but no longer. As the leader in modular paving solutions, Unilock offers the widest selection of permeable products in the market today. Begin by choosing your size and then optimize your color, finish and texture. We will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

PROJECT: Mohawk College, Ancaster ON DESIGN: IBI Group LA PRODUCT: Thornbury™ Permeable

Permeable means rain water naturally flows between the specially-designed pavers and into the designed sub-base,

Thornbury™ Permeable Pavers- Random Bundle

Large Rectangle 13 ¾” x 16 ½” x 2 ¾” 350mm x 420mm x 70mm

Medium Rectangle 13 ¾” x 8 ¼” x 2 ¾” 350mm x 210mm x 70mm

Small Rectangle 6 ⅞” x 8 ¼” x 2 ¾” 173mm x 210mm x 70mm

2 sabMag - FALL 2016 Contact your Unilock Representative for samples, product information and to arrange a Lunch & Learn for your team.


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What makes a home livable to you?


Education Article

Vapour diffusion and condensation control in high-performance buildings


60 Atlantic Avenue


The Mosaic Centre


Advanced Research Complex


ECOHOUSE CANADA SECTION Bella Bella multi-unit

New life for an old industrial building Edmonton office goes for triple play of net zero, LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge Sleek lab and office meets exacting performance needs


Modular Passive House construction a pioneering effort

38 41

Prefab form kits for frost-protected shallow foundations Living roofs: The secrets to success The Helen Schuler Nature Centre


Interview with Greg Clarahan

Stade de Soccer de Montreal



issuE DON’T MISS next winter 2016 • Stade de Soccer de Montreal: Structural grid optimizes the dimensioning of the structure’s members to minimize waste • Macfo House: Beauty and efficiency in a kit • Emerging architects: The new generations’s approach to sustainable design • Special Supplement: 2017 Directory of Products and Services for Sustainable Building sabMag - FALL 2016



For optimum results specify Owens Corning EcoTouch® QuietZone® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Acoustic Insulation, the low density insulation specifically designed for acoustical applications. 1-800-GET-PINK® or visit owenscorning.ca

THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964 - 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. The colour PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning. © 2015 Owens Corning. 73% recycled content is based on the average recycled glass content in all Owens Corning fiberglass batts, rolls and unbonded loosefill insulation manufactured in Canada. SCS certified. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit ul.com/gg.


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Dedicated to high-performance building Publishing Partners:

Canada Green Building Council National Media Partner

editor’s note

our 10


ANNIVERSARY With this issue, SABMag celebrates its 10th birthday and enters its second decade of service

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to the Canadian green building industry. As such,

Publisher Don Griffith 800-520-6281, ext. 304, dgriffith@sabmagazine.com

it is a time for reflection both on where we have

Editor Jim Taggart, FRAIC 604-874-0195, architext@telus.net

declared mission has always been to document

come from and on where we are going. Our and present built projects of all kinds that repre-

MARKETING MANAGER Denis Manseau 800-520-6281, ext. 303, dmanseau@sabmagazine.com MARKETING account manager Patricia Abbas 416-438-7609, pabbas8@gmail.com Graphic Design Carine De Pauw 800-520-6281, ext. 308, cdepauw@sabmagazine.com


sent the leading edge of green building practice in Canada, and at the same time push the

envelope in terms of how we think about sustainability. When we launched SABMag in 2006, there were only a handful of LEED Platinum projects in the country and the launch of the Living Building Challenge was still several months away. Since then, we have witnessed the expansion of the LEED program to include a variety

Published by


of project types from small residential buildings to neighbourhood

81 Leduc St.,Gatineau,Qc J8X 3A7 800-520-6281, ext.304, 819-778-5040 Fax: 819-595-8553

developments, as well as existing building upgrades, and there are now LEED Platinum projects from coast to coast. We have also seen the completion of several Living Building challenge projects in BC,

Subscription/address changes: info@sabmagazine.com, 800-520-6281, ext. 304 Subscription prices Canada: [Taxes extra] PRINT


Alberta and Ontario, the first Environmental Building Declarations cataloguing the life cycle ecological impacts of buildings, and the introduction of the WELL Building Standard, designed to address issues of human health and wellbeing.

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German Passive House standard, and featured some of the first projects to be completed - including one in this issue. We have seen

ISSN 1911-4230 Copyright by Janam Publications Inc. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or reproduced without written permission. Views expressed are those of the authors exclusively.

how the raising of building performance standards brings with it the need for a more comprehensive understanding of envelope design, building acoustics and other technical disciplines. Meanwhile, new applications for mass wood construction herald a new generation

Publication Mail Agreement #40024961 Return undelivered Canadian address mail to: Janam Publications Inc., 81 Leduc St., Gatineau, Qc J8X 3A7

of buildings with low or no construction carbon footprint, but also demand new and innovative approaches to fabrication and assembly of components.

The print version of SABMag uses Rolland Enviro 100 Satin, a 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and EcoLogo. It is processed chlorine-free, FSC-recycled and is manufactured using biogas energy.

If there is a conclusion to be drawn from the past 10 years, it is that change is constant, the future is fiction until we turn it into reality, and that our vision, commitment and most importantly, participation is what will determine our success or failure. We thank all those design and construction professionals who have contributed their talents to the projects we have profiled, and their expertise to the many technical articles we have published. We look forward to continuing these relationships and to serving our readers as the next decade unfolds. Jim Taggart, FRAIC

Environmental savings for this issue:

64 Trees

240,625 litres water

2,621 kg waste


6,813 kg CO2 sabMag - FALL 2016


Architecture Canada | RAIC report The 2017 edition of the Moriyama RAIC International Prize officially launched By Maria Cook, RAIC Manager of Communications

International Prize in architecture for the Liyuan Library.

is already in use, rather than a

and Advocacy In 2012, the Chinese architect

new project or body of work, and

architects to aspire to interna-

that has been shown to improve

tional excellence.

its community.

The first edition of the prize

Li Xiaodong told the online mag-

In harmony with its natural

received submissions for proj-

azine Dezeen that "sustainability

environment, the Liyuan Library

ects in nine countries: Canada,

is a must" for new buildings in

met the spirit of the prize beauti-

China, France, Germany, Israel,

China. Otherwise, it's "the end of

fully with its focus on education,

Japan, South Korea, the United

the world.”

the local community, and eco-

Kingdom, and Tajikistan. The

nomic development. Li Xiaodong

jury had included RAIC Gold

went on to give well-attended

Medalists Bing Thom, Patricia

Located outside Beijing, its

talks in Montreal and Toronto.

Patkau, and Brian MacKay-Lyons.

sustainability features include a

The lecture series was recorded

Also on the jury were Maxime-

cooling system that draws cold

and can be viewed online at raic.

Alexis Frappier, winner of the

air from the surface of a lake and


RAIC’s 2013 Young Architect

The Liyuan Library

Raymond Moriyama presents the the Moriyama RAIC International Prize in architecture to Li Xiaodong.

pulls it up through the building,

Raymond Moriyama, a distin-

Award, British architect Edward

and 99 percent recyclable mate-

guished Canadian architect, and

Cullinan, and architect and chan-

rials. See raic.org for details.

Fellow of the Royal Architectural

cellor of the RAIC College of

The criteria for the winning

Institute of Canada [RAIC], part-

Fellows, Barry Johns.

project are that it be transforma-

nered with the RAIC Foundation

tive within its societal context

in 2014 to create the prize. The


and expressive of the humanistic

goal was to raise the interna-

Prize officially launched in early

With the 2017 edition of the RAIC


Two years later, in 2014, Li

values of justice, respect, equal-

tional stature of the RAIC and the

fall, the RAIC Foundation expects

Xiaodong became the inaugural

ity and inclusiveness. It is award-

Canadian architectural profes-

to see submissions of the highest

recipient of the Moriyama RAIC

ed specifically to a building that

sion and to encourage Canadian

quality from all over the globe.

LiteZone™ Glass Units win 2016 CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year

hand to receive the award at the Building Lasting Change 2016

and durability. The GoConex sys-

Gala Dinner on June 8 in Toron-

tem by Lewen Electronics was

to. The award was presented

the runner-up. By eliminating



the need to physically connect

by Shyam Ramrekha, Product

switches to lights and other loads,

Manager, UL Environment, who

this intuitive system reduces the

sponsored the Award this year.

economic costs and environmen-

Add your name to the distribu-

[See page 46 for interview with

tal impacts of wiring and electrical

tion list of the SABMag e-News.

Greg Clarahan].



Stay informed with SABMag e-News

boxes, savings hundreds of feet

Distributed monthly, the SABMag

Product submissions were

of wiring and dozens of electrical

e-News keeps you up-to-date on


assessed based on four key

boxes in a typical home installa-

news, seminars and events relat-

Glass Inc. has been named the

areas: sustainability, transpar-

tion. This system is more consum-

ed to high-performance building,

winner of the 2016 CaGBC Green

ency and verification, innovation,

er friendly, , thus reducing vapour

notifications about the Canadian

Building Product of the Year

and application. LiteZone™ Glass

barrier penetrations and improv-


Award for their LiteZone™ Glass

Units were chosen by the jury

ing energy efficiency. http://bit.

more. Reply to dgriffith@sab-

Units. The company was on-

based on energy performance



ADS IN THIS ISSUE 2 Unilock 4 Owens Corning 7 CertainTeed 8 Legalett Inc. 9 Greenscreen 13 Metl-Span

17 18 25 27

31 IIDEX Canada 33 Euroline Windows Inc. 38 Canadian Green Building Awards 39 Zehnder America

45 Canadian Directory for Sustainable Products and Services 47 Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute 48 Forbo



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CaGBC Inline Fiberglass TempeFF Ventilation Technologies Dryvit / Cascadia Windows and Doors / Britco LP/ Pomerleau




NEVER HEAR THE NEIGHBOURS SilentFX® QuickCut™ reduces sound transmission from adjacent spaces, creating the necessary quiet required for comfort and privacy. The noise-reducing gypsum and sound-dampening viscoelastic polymer combine to deliver superior acoustic performance without complex techniques. • Provide STC ratings of 50 and up • Score and Snap for faster installation • Lower labour costs Learn more about reducing noise with SilentFX QuickCut at certainteed.com/gypsum/acoustics.

Noise-Reducing Gypsum



AirRenew is the only drywall that improves indoor air quality by absorbing airborne formaldehyde.

GlasRoc® Exterior Sheathing’s patented technology provides a superior water and UV resistant surface for long term protection to weather exposure.

• Provides the highest level of protection for impact and abuse areas. • Enhanced moisture and mold resistance using M2Tech technology.

• Numerous fire resistance properties • Paperless glass mat • Mold resistant

Indoor Air Quality Gypsum

Exterior Sheathing

sabMag - FALL 2016



Career and Technology Centre at Lord Shaughnessy High School in Calgary wins CaGBC’s Greenest School in Canada 2016 The CaGBC and the Canada Coalition



Technology Centre [CTC] at Lord Shaughnessy High School


Ventilation Effectiveness, VOC

includes a map of Passive House

Reduction, Fundamental Material

projects in Canada, a directory


of certified Passive House profes-

Awareness, Beauty and Design,

sionals, a job board, a resource

Planning + Design, at ISOCARP's

centre, and a list of upcoming

International Congress in Durban,

courses and events, and other

South Africa.


SABMag now on phones and tablets Access






Ergonomics and Biophilia. mark.harris@teknion.com

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design awarded Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture

member benefits. http://www.


have named the Career and


It also has a new website which


in Calgary as the winner of the

phone or tablet through iTunes,

annual CaGBC Greenest School in

Pocketmag, or Google Play.

Canada competition for its “amazing Energy and Environmental Innovation program.” Launched

The ISOCARP Award For

in 2014, the competition publi-

Excellence rewards plans with

cizes schools which exemplify

a strong focus on sustainabili-

how sustainability can be woven

ty, innovation, regeneration and

into the infrastructure, culture

resilience. Zibi has also received

and curriculum.





Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Institute of Planners and the

Dubbeldam Architecture +


American Planning Association.

Design, a winner in the 2014 and

competition were the Argyle

Over the next 15 years, Zibi will

2016 Canadian Green Building

Alternative School in Winnipeg,

• http://apple.co/2cTFKhM

transform the long-vacant indus-

Awards, has been awarded the

and the Reynolds Secondary

• http://bit.ly/2cwdZv6

trial lands straddling Ottawa and

2016 Professional Prix de Rome

School in Victoria. More details:

• http://bit.ly/1FRGXKX

Gatineau into a complete water-

in Architecture from the Canada

front community that blends

Council for the Arts.

The runners up of the 2016 Greenest








CanPHI West is now Passive House Canada | Maison Passive Canada

Zibi receives prestigious international award for planning and design Zibi, a redevelopment project

ing the world's most sustainable community, has received the Passive





buildings, restaurants, pubs, mer-

Dubbeldam’s research entitled

chants and office spaces, out-

‘The Next Green – Innovation

door squares, recreational facili-

in Sustainable Housing’, which

ties, and a hotel. www.zibi.ca/


in the heart of the national capital with aspirations of becom-


low- and high-rise residential




and Germany to study passive

Teknion to pursue WELL certification for two showrooms

houses, Net-Zero Energy homes, regenerative



ings that produce more energy


International Society of City and

Teknion Corporation will pur-

than they consume], building-

Institute West [CanPHI West]

Regional Planners' [ISOCARP]

sue WELL Certification for its

integrated photovoltaics, and

is now officially Passive House

award of excellence for planning

New York and Toronto show-

responsive or ‘intelligent’ materi-

Canada - a national organiza-

and design.

rooms by the International WELL

als– all to stimulate a dialogue


about the role of sustainable


design as a generator for design

tion, with a mandate to acceler-

The award - the highest


ate nationwide adoption of the

bestowed by the organization


Passive House high-performance

- was presented to Zibi devel-

Stand-ard™ - which measures,


opers Windmill Developments

certifies and monitors features of

Follow Dubbeldam’s travels

Canada’s design and construc-



the built environment that affect

and documented research at

tion industry.



human health and well-being,




Unlimited partner



Institute™ its


excellence in architecture.

THE ICF Slab-on-Grade Forming Systems Faster, Better, More Cost Effective & Super-Insulated See details on page 38

Discover More at www.legalett.ca 8

sabMag - FALL 2016

Reinventing Green Building: Why Certification Systems Aren't Working and What We Can Do About It

New Beaumont Skake made of recycled rubber

Reinventing Green Building by Jerry


and engineer and LEED Fellow, is an insider’s of


critique certified

green buildings are failing to provide large-scale carbon reduction. Buildings produce 50% of the carbon emissions in the developed world. Yudelson's solutions feature a powerful data-driven strategy that leverages the latest cloud-based technologies to cut certification costs 90% and expand marketplace uptake to 50% of all buildings by 2025. 312 p., soft cover. Can$24.95. ISBN 978-0-86571-815-9, www.newsociety.com

Jacob-Freitag Just as the ideologies and techthe


spread from





9” exposure to-the-weather and only 40 panels per square to handle, rather than the usual 48. Euroshield® products contain 70% crumb rubber from tires and ap-proximately 95% recycled content. The company uses over 53% of the crumb rubber generated by Alberta crumb rubber processors to produce extended warranty coverage for its products

Authors: Marc Wilhelm Lennartz, Susanne



released the Beaumont Shake which has a

Euroshield® roofing. In August the company

New Architecture in Wood Forms and Structures


G.E.M. Inc., the manufacturer of Euroshield® recycled




against damage caused by hail up to two inches in diameter.

greenscreen® and Fat Pencil Studio release first SketchUp models for green facade products




place in Italy; so those of the second Renaissance


spreading outward from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is here in central Europe that cross laminated timber [CLT] was first produced, and computer numerically controlled [CNC] machines were first manufactured at an architectural scale. It is appropriate, therefore, that a

In a continuing effort to provide designers

book documenting the ‘New Architecture in

with the latest drawing and rendering tools,

Wood should emanate from this region of

greenscreen® has partnered with Fat Pencil

the world. The book compiles 24 interna-

Studio of Portland, OR in offering the first

tional projects which show, with 2-D and 3-D

SketchUp models for green facade products.

drawings, photos and text, what is possible

Product manufacturers that provide 3D mod-

using contemporary massive wood products

els help designers save time and money while

and computerized manufacturing. Publisher

giving immediacy to visual impacts that can

Birkhäuser, ISBN: 978-3-0356-0454-2, hard-

affect the final design. To view all of the 3D

cover 184 pages, Price: $70.00.

models, visit www.greenscreen.com.

Co n t i n u i n g Ed u cat ion B I M • R E VI T • Sketch Up Pl a n t i n g Gu i d elines sabMag - FALL 2016



What Makes a Home Livable to You? The way we live is changing. As both an architect and a resident of Vancouver, I am regularly confronted with how our cities are changing through urban densification and shifting demographics, to accessibility and affordable housing. I think about the smaller units we are building as a response to this change, and I find myself considering livability as an important factor in the design of multi-family units.

1 "Consider windows in your home as ever-changing wall portraits" [1].

By Kim Barnsley

Livability is difficult to characterize on the best of days, but is often defined as

As a part of our initial analysis, we identified key

survival expectancy or suitability for human living. I am sure there are some days

themes from the online responses such as: sunlight

when all of us look around and wonder if this increasingly noisy and busy world we

or daylight, fresh air, views, connection to nature,

live in is truly livable.

neighbourhood or community, proximity to transit and

In Vancouver, residential development and multi-family towers have been a

services, smaller/well-designed spaces/layout, secu-

prevalent part of the urban landscape for decades. Not so long ago, the dream of a

rity and privacy [quiet], indoor comfort, pets, friends

detached home began to disappear for many Vancouverites, as single-family hous-

and family, storage, personalization, flexibility, creative

ing stock diminishes and housing prices continue to rise to record-breaking heights.

spaces, and spaces that replace the single-family

We now live in increasingly smaller and more diverse housing types such as con-

garage [gear/tool storage and work space]. The most

dominiums, apartments, townhomes, and even micro-suites. This has become the

frequent themes cited in the responses were flexible

reality of urban living.

spaces, natural light and access to nature.

On the surface, Vancouver has been experiencing massive multi-family residen-

Using Watson Analytics, sentiment analysis con-

tial development, but we are also embarking on a cultural shift towards more effi-

firmed that most responses were positive [0.4 on a

cient living. If we must live smarter and smaller in our changing urban environment,

scale from -1.0 to +1.0]. Interestingly, older respondents

as an architect, I ask myself, how do we design spaces to support people through

were more positive about the idea of livability than

this shift? Well, we start by asking the question:

younger respondents.

What makes a home livable?

key themes on the most common social media plat-

Further analysis tracked trending patterns of these This query sparked the Livable Homes initiative launched by Perkins+Will. The

forms including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news

initiative surveys participants around the question ‘What makes a home livable to

sites. Natural light, one of the top three in the Livable

you?’ Developed as a publically accessible platform, livablehomes.perkinswill.com

Homes initiative, emerged as the most prevalent trend.

has received 140 posts from around the world. To date, most participants have been between the ages of 25 and 45 [69%], live in 2-3 person households [57%], and live in apartments or condominiums [47%] between 500 and 1,200 square feet [54%].


sabMag - FALL 2016

Read this article and take the quiz at: WWW.SABMAGAZINE-EDUCATION.INFO

Take approved SABMag continuing education courses for LEED AP credential maintenance.

to receive 1 Core Learning Unit.

1 Envelope renewal of the Belmont Building in Vancouver by RDH Building Science Inc. [http://bit.ly/2bm1G6L]. The varying vapour permeability of different insulation products, membranes, and other building materials adds complexity to wall assembly design [1]. [Photo courtesy RDH]


This education article is sponsored by: www.metlspan.com

Overview More stringent energy codes demand higher levels of insulation for external walls, and in many cases this means using exterior insulation, either as a substitute for traditional cavity insulation, or to supplement it. Additional insulation thickness and changes to the insulation location require additional consideration with regards to vapour diffusion and condensation control. The varying vapour permeability of different insulation products, membranes, and other building materials adds complexity to wall assembly design.


sabMag - FALL 2016

Some insulation materials, like mineral wool and fibreglass are vapour permeable, while others, like XPS, polyisocyanurate, and closed-cell spray foam are relatively impermeable. Energy codes are silent on this issue and building codes can be confusing in regard to the selection of exterior insulation and vapour diffusion control for walls. This article clarifies and provides guidance on vapour diffusion and condensation control in these new wall assemblies.


PERFORMANCE REDEFINED The use of insulated metal panels (IMPs) for building materials is on the rise. IMPs are an ideal solution to achieve the performance and durability necessary to compete in today’s demanding marketplace and comply with evolving energy codes. Metl-Span delivers high-quality, durable and energy-efficient solutions designed for unparalleled performance that stands the test of time.

For more information please call 905.547.5948 or contact marketing@metlspan.com



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sabMag - FALL 2016


OVER 25 YEARS OF PROVEN PERFORMANCE! Inline’s Fiberglass windows and doors have always broken new barriers when it comes to overall thermal performance. Now as time marches on and Inline’s products have been in the field for over a quarter century in locations from Egypt to Nunavut our Fiberglass Systems show no signs of deterioration in structure, stability or any other weakness from atmosphere or time. It might be time for you to evaluate a proven performer.

Please call with your ideas.


www.inlinefiberglass.com 1.866.566.5656 416.679.1171 18

sabMag - FALL 2016


60 Atlantic Avenue New life for an industrial building


The three-storey brick structure had undergone multiple alterations since its construction in 1898.

The renovation of 60 Atlantic Avenue in Toronto's Liberty Village is part of the ongoing transformation of this historic industrial zone in Toronto’s west end into a mixed-use neighbourhood. By Quadrangle

Originally built as a warehouse for St. David's Wine Grower's Co, it was taken over by the T. Eaton Company in 1922, and then in the 1990s it was converted into artists’ studios by Artscape, a not-for-profit urban development organization. Twenty years later, the exterior of the building was in rough shape and the interior was congested and convoluted. Outwardly, the aggregated effect of the many additions and alterations seemed to have compromised the integrity of the building, but more thorough investigations revealed that it still had great potential.

Design Objectives A comprehensive rehabilitation was proposed by the

East elevation

design team led by Quadrangle that would embrace the building’s history and physical character, while infusing it with a contemporary spirit. The vision was to create

Quadrangle transformed a historic warehouse into a contemporary mixed-use development, housing office and hospitality tenants. A new stair and two elevator cores visually unify the building, while also providing complete accessibility [1].

a lively commercial hub for the neighbourhood, with a particular focus on creative enterprises.

sabMag - FALL 2016


The Mosaic Centre Edmonton office goes for triple play of net zero, LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge

1 2 The Mosaic ‘Family’ comprises several employee-owned companies whose stated purpose is to create role model organizations that effect positive social change through business. In keeping with their philosophy, this 2,812m2 building provides the Mosaic Family not only with office space but employee amenities including a child-care facility, wellness centre, lounge areas, game rooms, a restaurant and an outdoor terrace. By Kent McKay The building also functions as a community hub and as an incubator for start-up businesses. Even those who simply rent a desk in the building have access to meeting rooms as well as the other employee amenities, while the restaurant, wellness centre and childcare are is open to members of the surrounding community. The project is pursuing both LEED Platinum and Living Building certification. The net zero energy requirement of the Living Building Challenge is a particularly ambitious target given Edmonton’s severe climate. This, and the realization of other performance goals required an integrated design process involving all members of the design and construction team.


sabMag - FALL 2016

SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM DESIGN AND PAYBACK THAT’LL BLOW YOU AWAY! Commercial and Industrial ERV’s ™ Featuring Dual Core Energy Recovery • 90% Sensible Efficiency & 70% Latent Recovery • Extreme Climate Performance • Frost Resistance to Eliminate Energy Robbing Defrost Strategies • Low Maintenance & Long Term Performance Tempeff North America products up to to Tempeff North America productsemploy employDual DualCore Core™™regenerative regenerativetechnology technology that offers up 90% sensible efficiency. Other available freezing 90% sensible efficiency. Other availabletechnologies technologiesoffer offermuch muchlower lowerefficiency efficiency below freezing design isis significantly significantly more to frost when recovery neededthe themost. most.The TheDual DualCore Core™™design duedue to frost when recovery is is needed more energy energy efficient in all conditions, paybackperiods periodsare areattractive. attractive.Find Findout outhow how you you can get the efficient in all conditions, soso thethepayback tempeffnorthamerica.com energy recovery to suit your needsatattempeffnorthamerica.com energy recovery to suit your needs


TurningUp Upthe theHeat Heat on on Energy Energy Recovery Turning Recovery



Custom Brick™




Dryvit Announces HDCI™

CasCadia WindoWs & doors Our products represent leading edge fiberglass innovations, engineered and detailed for unparalleled performance. Serving the institutional, residential and commercial industry sectors.

Dryvit is pleased to announce a new program for our Outsulation and Stratum Guard family of systems. HDCI is short for High Durability Continuous Insulation. Engineered to protect, it provides all the features and benefits from our traditional systems – PLUS a 20-year warranty for impact resistance.

Specify Dryvit’s HDCI, and if the wall is punctured*, Dryvit will repair it.


Outsulation® Systems are a trusted choice for architects, building owners and contractors who want a high performance, insulated cladding solution that can provide everything needed from a building code perspective, and a versatile appearance of stucco, limestone, brick or metal.


*Subject to Dryvit’s terms of warranty.

For more information call 1.800.263.3308 e-mail info@dryvit.ca

Photo: Paul Grdina Photography


cascadia 1/4 final ad.indd 1


12-02-13 8:38 AM



Less material waste, dramatically reduced timelines and a controlled off-site environment make Britco’s modular construction methods the greener, faster, smarter way to build. Talk to one of our Certified Passive House Consultants today for more information. WWW.POMERLEAU.CA ISO_9001-2008

britco.com sabMag - FALL 2016


Advanced Research Complex

The new Advanced Research Complex [ARC] at the University of Ottawa is the hub of cuttingedge Photonics and Geo-Sciences Research in Canada. Located on a tight urban site, the building houses two separate research programs – the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Advanced Photonics and the relocation of its Geo-Science department into state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition to the laboratories, the facility includes academic and student offices together with associated administrative spaces serving personnel from both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering.

Sleek lab and office meets exacting performance needs By COLE+Associates Architects Inc. The design of the ARC focuses on simplicity, elegance and durability.

The lobby opens up to the main hall which houses a 3MV

Drawing its architectonic expression from the stratification of rocks, the

Accelerator Mass Spectrometer device, the showpiece of the

mass of the building protrudes from the hill in a long, clean, linear fashion.

ARC’s research program. In keeping with the design mandate

The two wings of the building meet at the southwest corner of the site

to ‘put science on display’ the device is clearly visible from the

where a fully glazed two-storey main lobby extends to the sidewalk with

street. On the upper levels, meeting rooms are strategically

planter plinths for seating. This corner serves as the primary meeting place

located to facilitate collaboration between researchers and pro-

on all floor levels.

mote interdisciplinary interactions.

ELEVATION AT SOUTH-WEST CORNER [1]. Student lounge second floor [2].



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• International Keynote Speakers • Summits: Senior Living, Accessibility, Wellness, Women in Design, Passive House & more • 80+ CEU Accredited Seminars ranging from sustainable design to business leadership • Special Features, Tours & Events Register at www.iidexcanada.com

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connected 30,000 attendees & 1,600 exhibitors


Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building Wed.Nov.30 - Thu.Dec.1 #iidex16 iidexcanada.com

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— Passion for Passive

The Strongest, Most EnergyEfficient Window System in its Class ThermoPlus™ uses GENEO® window and door profiles by REHAU®. With its sophisticated chamber and seal design, and robust ROTO® multi-point locking hardware, ThermoPlus forms a superior barrier against wind, rain, and cold, making it the strongest, most energyefficient system in its class.

Now, a Certified Passive House Component! Recently, EuroLine Windows’ ThermoPlus PHC design achieved designation as a Certified Passive House Component from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. Look for our 4700-series ThermoPlus PHC windows bearing the Passive House logo. Perfect for your next Passive House, LEEDS or Net Zero Building project.

Endless Possibilities ThermoPlus is available in a wide range of products including: tilt & turn windows, French patio doors, tilt & glide doors, and more — designed to your specifications. Choose from a large variety of high quality, weather resistant acrylic finish foils − such as brushed metal and metallic powdercoat looks, solid colours and our EuroWood™ finishes. Combine them with an extensive line of accessories and glass options offering endless possibilities for design, style and configurations.


7th Biennial Technology Forum Thursday, October 20, 2016 Featuring experts in the fenestration and construction industry, speaking on topics related to Passive House technology, practices and requirements.

REGISTER ONLINE! Visit our website for all the details www.euroline-windows.com

1.800.337.8604 www.euroline-windows.com

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SABMag on high-performance housing

Bella Bella multi-unit Modular Passive House construction a pioneering effort

1 Stacked modules form the six staff housing units [1]. Newly completed building on site of former housing [2].

Bella Bella is a small community located on Campbell Island between the northern tip of Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii. Approximately 90% of its 1,500 residents belong to the Heiltsuk First Nation. By Peter Treuheit


sabMag - FALL 2016

SABMag on high-performance housing

Prefab form kits for frost-protected shallow foundations First published at Ecohome.net, which has a guide and videos for slab-on-grade construction. A slab-on-grade is a great alternative to a basement if you've got the space. Building with prefab kits make them easy and affordable. Rather than building wooden forms and taking them apart afterwards, a prefab slab-on-grade form kit uses shaped foam as the form itself. Once the top-rail metal fasteners are in place, no further bracing is required. This makes the installation much quicker by eliminating the steps of building forms and bracing them, then taking all that apart afterwards. Since prefab kits rest unsecured on the surface, they are also very easy to adjust for level and square. With a typical slab-on-grade [either kit or hand-built forms], the load of exterior walls is carried by the footing alone. An alternative option is a 'raft-slab' which has a uniform thickness.

Canadian form kit suppliers: Iso-Slab is a Quebec-based company that distributes slab kits across Canada. They provide EPS insulation forms, metal locking rail fasteners for the exterior edge, EPS board insulation for under the slab and exterior skirt insulation, all customized to each building design. Clients need to provide a soil sample and the company can provide stamped engineering documents Don't be put off by the higher cost of a kit over raw materials; the

if required.

speed at which you can put these together offsets that to the point where

Legalett is based in Cornwall, Ontario, and distributes EPS

it can easily be cheaper than building from scratch. With some soil condi-

raft-slab kits across Canada and the U.S. Stamped engineering

tions the raft-slab is likely the cheaper option of the two designs due to

documents and detailed construction and shop drawings are

the uniform distribution of weight.

provided; all assemblies are inspected before pouring concrete.

Sites with high water tables or soil with poor bearing capacity may

Due to the even distribution of weight and the ability to be built

incur significant additional costs in drainage, soil replacement and com-

on much softer ground, soil samples are not generally required

paction before an engineer will approve a project where the load rests

for engineering except in extreme cases.

only on a footing. By distributing the weight evenly, a raft-slab acts a bit

Polyform is another Quebec manufacturer with a product

like a snowshoe and can effectively 'float' on terrain that would otherwise

called Isomax, an EPS footing form only. Isomax is a 4� thick

be unsuitable for building.

form that includes skirt insulation. Soil samples and engineering

Some builders remain skeptical about frost-protected shallow founda-

documents must be provided by clients, as well as all additional

tions, but these concerns are unfounded. Any such failures are a result

materials for the interior of the slab. What Polyform offers is a

of poor engineering only and are not a fault with the concept. As with

bit of a hybrid between a full kit and hand-built forms.

any foundation, they simply need to be designed for their climate. When

Watch for more players getting into the game in the future

space allows for them, a slab-on-grade can be a better performing and

as this type of construction gains in popularity, but be careful of

more affordable alternative to building a basement.

going with knock-offs. There have been cases of builders trying to go it alone on this and coming up with poorly-engineered

Left : Securing reinforcement steel in a raft-slab with an air-heating system. Top: A metal fastener on the top rail holds the forms in place. Above right: Interior and exterior corner elements.


sabMag - FALL 2016

designs or the wrong density of foam that have led to building failures. Ask about warranties before signing any contracts.

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16 CAN 20 A


national spronsors

regional spronsors:

Enbridge and Inline Fiberglass



Visit the Awards section of our website for complete details on the winners. For details on sponsoring the Canadian Green Building Awards contact dgriffith@sabmagazine.com.

[1] Brian Hall [centre] of National Sponsor, the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute presents a National Award for the Skygarden House to client Ian Roland [left] and to architect Heather Dubbeldam, Dubbeldam Architecture + Design. [2] The team from Dialog accepts the Ontario Regional and Technical Award Winner certificate for the Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre [left to right]: Charles Marshall, Associate; Craig Applegath, Principal; Steve Sestic, Associate; Daria Khachi, Principal and Kim Jagger of National Sponsor Interface. [3] David Coole [right] of D.R. Coole Architecture Inc. receives the Atlantic Regional Award for the Dura House from Regional Sponsor Inline Fiberglass represented by Gary Mackin. [4] The team from Williamson Chong Architects receive a National Award for the Grange Triple Double House [left to right]: Donald Chong, Chris Routley, Betsy Williamson, Kim Jagger of National Sponsor Interface and Shane Williamson. [5] Solares Architecture receives a National Award for its Our House project [left to right]: Lilia Sosedova, Jered Gudbranson, Brian Hall of National Sponsor, the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Tom Knezic, Christine Lolley, Elyse Snyder, Josef Hanik, and Melodie Coneybeare. Our sincere thanks to all who entered the 2016 Canadian Green Building Awards.


sabMag - FALL 2016

Winning projects and teams recognized at the 2016 CaGBC National Conference, “Building Lasting Change” Five of the nine winning design teams were on hand in Toronto on June 6 to receive their Awards presented by our National sponsors: the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute [CPCI] and Interface; and by our Regional sponsors: Enbridge and Inline Fiberglass. Representatives of NSDA Architects for the National Winner: the Budzey Building, Aedifica for the Quebec Regional Winner: the Groupe Dynamite Atrium, HCMA Architecture + Design and Dub Architects for the National Winner: the Jasper Place Library, and the City of Fort St. John for the British Columbia Regional Winner: the Fort St. John Passive House. [Photos: Courtesy CaGBC].






YOUR QUICK-REFERENCE RESOURCE uVisit our on-line Directory to see hundreds of listings of companies which supply products and services for sustainable, high-performance building.


uCompanies are listed by Product Category and by LEED Category in cases where they have products which can potentially help a project earn LEED points. uAmong the listings are our partners – listed below – who are briefly described in the Directory and linked to their web sites for more detailed information.

OUR 2016 PARTNERS SITE | LANDSCAPING | RAINWATER HARVESTING >Busch Systems >greenscreen® >N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd. >Unilock >Wishbone Industries Ltd.

STRUCTURE & EXTERIOR ENVELOPE >Alumicor Building Excellence >Bailey Metal Products Ltd. >Dryvit Systems Canada >Engineered Assemblies >LiveRoof Ontario Inc. >Stonerox >Thames Valley Brick & Tile >Tremco

THERMAL & WINDOWS >Demilec: Heatlok Soya, PolarFoam Soya >Eco Insulating Glass Inc. >Pollard Windows Inc. >UNILUX Windows and Doors

INTERIOR FINISHES >Baillargeon Doors Inc. >CBR Products >CertainTeed AirRenew® M2Tech® >Columbia Forest Products >Dinoflex >Forbo Flooring Systems >Interface >Lynden Door >Nora Systems, Inc. >Olympia Tile International Inc. >Tectum >Shaw Contract Group

ELECTRICAL | PLUMBING | HVAC | RENEWABLES >Acuity Brands >Duravit >Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. >Sloan Valve >Taco Comfort Solutions

>Tate Access Floors >Termobuild >Uponor >Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. >Zehnder America Inc.

GREEN DESIGN SUPPORT + PROFESSIONALS >ATA Arctic to Antarctic Portable or Permanent Homes >Architek SBP Inc. >Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute >Cement Association of Canada >Eco Building Resource >Homesol Building Solutions Inc. >Fabriq architecture >Legacy Building Solutions >FABRIQ architecture >MetroCan Construction Ltd. >Pinwheel Building Supplies >SCS Global Services >Sweeny&Company Architects Inc.

Go to: http://sabmagazine.com/product-directory.html sabMag - FALL 2016


The Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI), the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) and the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) recently released Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in three key precast concrete product categories. The EPDs will allow architects, engineers, building owners, and other specifiers to better understand the environmental impacts of precast and prestressed concrete products. An EPD is an ISO-compliant and third-party verified, standardized and internationally recognized comprehensive tool for providing information on a product’s environmental impact. The precast concrete industry wide EPDs are now available for Architectural and Insulated Wall Panels, Structural Precast Concrete Products and Underground Precast Concrete Products. Download the precast concrete EPDs: www.sustainableprecast.ca | precast.org | pci.org

The members of CPCI, NPCA and PCI are proud partners of these two North American industry sustainability initiatives:



CPCI – Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute


CPCI_Canada sabMag - FALL 2016



creating better environments

New Colors Spring 2016!


Modular Striato tileS & PlankS!

59 colors. 4 coordinated sizes. endless possibilities. beautiful. durable. sustainable. hygienic. www.forboflooringNA.com 48

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