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Planetarium Environmentally-responsive architecture on earth

Ronald McDonald


Designed for economy and healing



A re-think will get us there



Set to make strides sabMag - FALL 2015


Large and small squares, planks and skinny planks.

EM551, EM552 and EM553 in Broad

A G AT E WAY T O C R E AT I VI T Y Nature shows us how to enliven the spirit and awaken our senses from the ground up. It is the very root of creativity. Invite it inside and witness the beauty of possibility. Introducing the Equal Measure™ Collection.

A Foundation For Beautiful Thinking. 2

sabMag - FALL 2015

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14 Ronald McDonald House

'House in a garden' designed for economy and healing

21 Montreal Planetarium

35 21

Environmentally-responsive architecture on Earth

26 Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre Form and materials promote ecological responsibility

32 Passive House

Set to make strides

35 Sustainable Suburbs A re-think will get us there

39 Social Sustainability in Practice

Designing the physical and social aspects of a community

44 Green Products and Materials In LEED v4 and beyond

46 Interview with Julie Scarcella

14 T’IT’Q’ET Community Hall + Health Centre

issuE DON’T MISS next winter 2015/16 T'IT'Q'ET Community Hall and Health Centre New centre achieves high energy and functional efficiency Blacksmith Lofts Forgotten industrial building preserved for modern living Sustainability at the Neighbourhood Scale Enlarging the sustainable footprint PLUS ... The SABMag 2016 Directory of Products and Services for Sustainable, High-Performance Building

Cover: Montreal Planetarium. Photo: Stephan Bruger. sabMag - FALL 2015


A better way to make ends meet.

Professionals who specify and install Uponor PEX plumbing and hydronic piping report faster installation times, savings on materials costs, fewer callbacks and greater peace of mind. Exceptional products, tools and support. Uponor. Tested in the lab and proven in the field.

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sabMag - FALL 2015


Dedicated to high-performance building LEED EDUCATION PROVIDER

Member Canada Green Building Council


SABMag is a proud member and official media partner of the Canada Green Building Council.


10 Years On

August 29 marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the superstorm

Publisher Don Griffith 800-520-6281, ext. 304,

that devastated the city of New Orleans, destroying its levees and flooding

Editor Jim Taggart, FRAIC 604-874-0195,

claimed more than 1,400 lives and displaced tens of thousands of people -

80% of its land area. This civil engineering disaster, the largest in US history, many of whom have chosen never to return.

MARKETING MANAGER Denis Manseau 800-520-6281, ext. 303,

The aftermath quickly exposed the lack of preparedness at the state and

Senior Account Manager Patricia Abbas 416-438-7609,

federal levels, the inequities in social policies and the logistical shortcomings

Graphic Design Carine De Pauw 800-520-6281, ext. 308,

beginning to thrive in a re-imagined New Orleans, the anniversary is cause for

of rescue and relief efforts. While those who have recovered, and are now celebration. For many however, little has changed. In the New York Times article commemorating the event, Campbell Robert-

Published by

son and Richard Fausset write:“Old inequities have proved to be resilient. The 81 Leduc St.,Gatineau,Qc J8X 3A7 800-520-6281, ext.304, 819-778-5040 Fax: 819-595-8553

child poverty rate [about 40 percent] and the overall poverty rate [close to 30 percent] are almost unchanged from 2000. “

Subscription/address changes:, 800-520-6281, ext. 304

“The ability of many residents to afford

Subscription prices Canada: [Taxes extra]

low wages — is more compromised than

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before. In a recent ranking of 300 Ameri-

housing — in a city of escalating rents and

DIGITAL $19.95 $34.95 $54.95

can cities by income inequality based on census data, New Orleans came in second, a gap that falls starkly along racial lines.”

ISSN 1911-4230

Recent statistics indicate that the median

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income of black households is 54% lower than that of white households.

Publication Mail Agreement #40024961

All this serves to reinforce the arguments

Return undelivered Canadian address mail to: Janam Publications Inc., 81 Leduc St., Gatineau, Qc J8X 3A7


put forward by Darryl Condon in this issue of SABMag. Extreme weather events and

other manifestations of climate change are an inescapable part of our future, The print version of SABMag uses Rolland Enviro 100 Satin, a 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and EcoLogo. It is processed chlorine-free, FSC-recycled and is manufactured using biogas energy.

and we must broaden our thinking from a narrow focus on mitigation to include environmental adaptation and community resilience. As Condon puts it: “A building constructed above the flood plain is an ‘ark’ of sorts that will see some of us safely to the point when the waters subside, but the important question is whether all species [or sectors of society] will be invited aboard.”

Jim Taggart, FRAIC


Environmental savings for this issue:

77 Trees

275,795 litres water

4,022 kg waste

9,805 kg CO2 sabMag - FALL 2015


news opportunities,”

ing features that impact human

The new agreement between

Technology professor Carlo Ratti,


explains Thomas Auer, managing

health and wellbeing, through air,

GBCI and the CaGBC will bol-

are behind the use of photonic

director of Transsolar and pro-

water, nourishment, light, fitness,

ster the adoption of WELL in

membranes to reflect solar radia-

fessor at the Technical University

comfort and mind. Grounded in a

Canada by aligning the business

tion to help reduce extreme tem-

of Munich. While cooling at zero

body of medical research, WELL


peratures with zero energy cost

energy cost may seem an impos-

explores the connection between

used to implement WELL in the

and zero water demand.



sible idea, it turns out that there

the buildings and the health and

U.S. with the demands of the

“Greenhouses let in the sun’s

is a way of achieving this by

wellness of the people in them,

Canadian market. The CaGBC

short wave radiation, while trap-

harnessing the extreme low tem-

WELL measures attributes of the

has a longstanding relationship

ping long wave radiation. As a

perature of the universe. A spe-

built environment by looking at

with both USGBC and GBCI, the

result, temperatures increase.

cial kind of ‘photonic’ material

seven Concepts and over 100

certification body for USGBC’s

Now imagine doing exactly the

or surface can be designed to

Features that address behaviour,

LEED green building program,

opposite: finding a material that

reflect nearly all incoming sun-

design and operations. It com-

partnering to deliver LEED in

would reflect incoming short

light while also sending its heat

plements other green building

Canada. To date, there are more

wave radiation from the sun,

to the sky, and thus the cold

rating systems such as LEED.

than 5,300 LEED projects in

while letting the earth radiate to

of space, as infrared light. This

Canada, amounting to more than

outer space.

sky-facing surface can thus stay

79 million gross square metres


several degrees below air tem-

of space, making Canada the top

cooling – something we could

perature entirely on its own, even

producer of LEED projects out-

call a cool-house,” says Carlo

under direct sunlight, thus pro-

side of the U.S.

Ratti, founder of Carlo Ratti

viding shade and cooling.






Covering large areas of a city

the Massachusetts Institute of

might not be practical – but cov-

Technology. Theoretically, if one

ering courtyards and public pla-

were able to cover a large urban

zas might be a feasible option.

area in an optimized material we





Forbo Flooring Systems enters distribution agreement with Centura Tile Forbo

could reach temperatures below zero even during the summer. In reality, today’s membranes can achieve decreases in temperature of several degrees. “The demonstration project in Paris explores different types of




announced a distribution agree-

Green Business Certification Inc. and Canada Green Building Council to advance the WELL Building Standard®

ment on certain commercial vinyl line which Forbo currently does WELL



not carry in the Canadian market.

building owners and employers

Forbo Flooring Canada Corp,

to know their space is performing

part of the Swiss Forbo Group,

as intended to support human

will continue to market and dis-

membranes and uses advanced

Green Business Certification

health and wellness. WELL can

tribute their core focus products,

computer simulations to evaluate

Inc. [GBCI] and the Canada

be applied across all building

such as their flagship Marmoleum

what the overall effect would be

Green Building Council [CaGBC]

types and is currently optimized

sheet and tile linoleum products,

in Paris,” explains Thomas Auer,

have agreed to promote and

for commercial and institution-

their Flotex sheet and tile textile

managing director of Transsolar



al projects. WELL is adminis-

products, their Eternal Wood and

and professor at the Technical

Standard [WELL] in Canada. The

tered by the International WELL

Step vinyl products, their Allura

University of Munich.

WELL Building Standard is a per-

Building Institute™ [IWBI] and

HQ Luxury Vinyl Tile products

“In the coming years, new syn-

formance-based system for mea-

is third-party certified by GBCI.

and their complete offering of

thetic membranes will open up

suring, certifying and monitor-

Entrance Matting solutions.




Sustainable Forestry Initiative Wood is a renewable, durable resource. Using wood products from responsibly managed forests in green building is key to keeping forests as forests. Third-party forest certification standards, like SFI, are a proof-point that wood comes from responsibly managed forests that have been managed for mulitple environmental, social and economic values — today and into the future. Learn more at sabMag - FALL 2015


news Athena Impact software incorporates latest environmental data for concrete

only system that fully complies with LEED v4 technical requirements, GreenGlobes, and others.

lower than those of the reference

Free Athena Institute life cycle

NRMCA, along with the Portland

building by specified percentag-

assessment [LCA] software for

Cement Association [PCA], com-

es, the design is credited towards

buildings now includes the most

missioned Athena to include the

green building certification.

current environmental impact

most recent impact data.

data for cement and concrete.

IE for Buildings results have

In addition to the EPD and

already demonstrated compli-

In addition to aforementioned

The Athena Sustainable Materials



ance with LEED v4, showing that

products, Forbo manufacturers a

Institute recently launched the

crete, the new release of IE for

impacts for a concrete building

wider range of products which do



Buildings includes a tutorial on

can be more than 10 % lower

not fit Forbo’s own strategy for

Estimator for Buildings software

how to define a custom prod-

when using concrete products

the Canadian market, but which

[IE for Buildings] with the most

uct and an updated cement

with higher volumes of fly ash

complement Centura’s resilient

current environmental impact

profile based on research from

and slag cement. Generally, con-

offering. Part of Centura’s Forbo

data for concrete and cement.

the Concrete Sustainability Hub

crete products designed to have


at the Massachusetts Institute



the most current environmen-

Technology. Designers and own-

including global warming poten-

vinyl sheet product line in three

tal impact data published in the

ers often use IE for Buildings

tial and smog formation, among

different modern colour groups,



to demonstrate compliance for

several others, can readily meet

and various compact and acous-

Product Declaration [EPD] and

impact reduction in LEED v4. The

the impact reduction targets

tic heterogeneous vinyl sheet



process involves conducting an

specified in LEED v4 and other

products such as Sarlon, a safe-

for concrete published by the

LCA to measure the environmen-

standards. The Athena software

ty vinyl range called Surestep

US-based National Ready Mixed

tal impacts for a "reference build-

can be downloaded at www.

Star and even a vinyl for wet

Concrete Association [NRMCA].

ing" and then conducting an LCA The NRMCA EPD


on the "proposed building" to

and Benchmark reports can be

Sarlibain. Info: www.forbofloor-

become the industry standard for

compare impacts. If the impacts

downloaded at

conducting building LCAs, is the

for the proposed building are


offering are Nordstar Evolve, a phthlalate-free



room [wall] application called












We've Brought Sustainability to the Next Level

Ottawa Archive and Library Facility

Barry J. Hobin & Associates + Shoaltz and Zaback Architects in Association

Morrison Hershfield is a North American Leader in engineering design. Utilizing the newest of sustainable technologies, Morrison Hershfield helps our clients to integrate LEED Version 4 in the design of high performance green buildings optimized to benefit the environment, human health, and the community. Morrison Hershfield's multi-disciplinary engineering services can help you with your next building project. Our sustainable building services typically include: Expert LEED Facilitation Energy Modeling and Simulation Carbon Footprinting & Verification Building Science & Façade Engineering


sabMag - FALL 2015

Life Cycle Assessment Whole Building Commissioning Code & Life Safety

Constructive Thinkers


CaGBC announces winner of the 2015 Green Building Product of the Year

Building Resilient Communities

The DIRTT Enzo™ interior wall system in the Perkins+Will Vancouver office. Courtesy Perkins+Will. © Mariko Reed. The Canada Green Building

The runner-run products are:

Council [CaGBC] announced the

• GlasCurtain Inc. for the cre-

winner and runners-up of its first

ation of a fibreglass framing prod-

annual Green Building Product of

uct for glass curtains that offers

the Year Award during its nation-

better energy performance than

al conference in Vancouver, on

conventional aluminum framing,

June 2-4.

while increasing the lifespan of

The inaugural winner is DIRTT Environmental Solutions for its

assemblies by reducing expansion and contraction.

interior wall system, Enzo™. The



GlasCurtain Inc. for the creation

Community-scale planning and development for a more resilient urban landscape Thursday OcTOber 1 2015 Daniels spectrum, toronto Hear from 15 international & local experts on cuttingedge projects and inspiring case studies including: ■ Eric Corey Freed, organicarcHitect on living communities challenge ■ Coert Zachariasse, Dutch Green Building council, on the 20|20 cradle to cradle industrial park ■ Anna Siefken, Green Building alliance, on pittsburgh’s 2030 District

of a fibreglass framing product

For information & to register:

for glazed curtain walls, and MSL Fibre for its SONOclimat eco4®, a rigid insulation panel. The award was presented by sponsor David


Fung, Board Vice Chair of the CSA Group. Product



assessed based on sustainabil-

• MSL Fibre for its SONOclimat

ity, transparency and verifica-

eco4®, a rigid insulation panel

tion, innovation, and application.

that provides a continuous insu-

The jury of experts from across

lation sheathing layer for wood

Canada chose DIRTT’s Enzo line

frame construction, made from

of prefabricated modular building

100% recycled wood fibres that

interiors due to its ingenuity and

are 100% recyclable at the end

application, particularly to health-

of its life.

care facilities which require products that deliver space adapta-


tions, acoustical quality, privacy, infection control, and economy. DIRTT completed a life-cycle assessment [LCA] for the product,


created a global Product Category Rule [PCR], and had a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration [EPD] completed.



Sustainable-Buildings-Canada sabMag - FALL 2015


BOOKS management as an opportunity to enhance site design. The book has three main parts: first, Culture of Innovation: Fostering

it outlines five amenity-focused

Ingenuity; Regenerative Design:

goals that might be highlighted


As the winner of the Award,

Architecture Finds its Place in

in a project: education, recre-

Tossed around liberally, the word

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Nature; The Future of Cities:

ation, safety, public relations,

is an all-but necessary ingredi-

has the right to use a CaGBC

Sustaining Life; and The Future

and aesthetic appeal. Next, it

ent in building proposals, politi-

Product of the Year crest on its

Face of High-Performance Design.

focuses on techniques for eco-

cal statements and the like. The


logically sustainable stormwater

ambitions embodied in this prac-

website. It should be noted that

clear: “the architect can become

management that complement

tice are good. But omnipresence

no product can be pre-approved

an agent of change, capable of

the amenity goals. Finally, it fea-

can create meaninglessness, a

building things that guide others

tures case studies of projects

dire truth given that so much

toward more responsible behav-

which implement principles of

remains unsustainable.

ucts contribute to LEED projects

iour”, [but] “We cannot in good

artful rainwater design. http://

on a case-by-case basis. Info:

conscience exhort our clients to

do things we ourselves would not

296 pages, 8x10, colour, 220

do.” Peter walks the talk like few

photos. Hard cover: US $80; soft

others in the sustainability move-

US $45, same for e-book. 2015,

ment - and ‘Busby: Architecture’s

ISBN: 9781610910514

marketing materials and product

as contributing to LEED credits regardless of designation; prod-

Acclaimed architect Peter Busby's new book shows a future where buildings and cities contribute to nature




New Edges’ exhorts everyone of us to do the same. 262 pages, 9”x11” 262 pages fully illustrated in colour, $49.95.



Sustainable Residential Architecture Reviewed

2015, ISBN 978-0-9827749-3-9.









A guide to treating stormwater as a design element

As a term, if not in practice,

Writer Winnipeg



Republic Architecture Inc.

Custom Brick™




Dryvit Announces HDCI™ Dryvit is pleased to announce a new program for our Outsulation and Stratum Guard family of systems. HDCI is short for High Durability Continuous Insulation. Engineered to protect, it provides all the features and benefits from our traditional systems – PLUS a 20-year warranty for impact resistance.

Peter Busby, the award-winning architect and winner of the 2014 RAIC Gold Medal, has been

Specify Dryvit’s HDCI, and if the wall is punctured*, Dryvit will repair it.

an innovator in sustainable building design since opening his architectural practice in Vancouver over 30 years ago. In his new book, Busby: Architecture's New

In Artful Rainwater Design:

Edges, he directs his experience


and observations to forecast a

Stormwater, landscape architec-

future in which architecture will

ture experts Stuart Echols and

create buildings and cities that

Eliza Pennypacker show how to

will sustain life.

better manage heavy rain and

Busby upper



works of






the runoff to save money, miti-


gate flood damage, and bring

firm Perkins+Will which is per-

more beauty into our cities.

haps THE leader in sustainable

It explores how to design

design and thinking. Some of the

creative yet practical landscapes

issues covered in the book are:

that treat on-site stormwater


sabMag - FALL 2015

Outsulation® Systems are a trusted choice for architects, building owners and contractors who want a high performance, insulated cladding solution that can provide everything needed from a building code perspective, and a versatile appearance of stucco, limestone, brick or metal.


*Subject to Dryvit’s terms of warranty.

For more information call 1.800.263.3308 e-mail

EVENTS Green Building Festival, October 1, TORONTO Green



operations, technologies, and materials. Only $149

To be more than a platitude

for a

sustainability must go beyond

limited time. http://sbcana-

sponsored by the Concrete

the superficial, must even disrupt.

Council of Canada.

Enter Ana M. Alvarez’s Sustainable


Building science information about material selection

Residential Architecture [Firefly Books, 2014]. Heavy and gleaming, the book appears to be exactly what's needed: an in-depth exploration of sustainable architecture that gives the real thing mass appeal. But while a picture is worth a thousand words, some-

bly Wolfgang Feyferlik’s Stockner House and FLOAT Architecture's Oregon Watershed – a positively Thoureauvian retreat. But as a view of sustainable architecture, the book is limited, featur-

times you need a paragraph. On

ing single-family homes and cot-

that count this book falls short.

tages less alluring but compara-

From its scant introduction to

ble to an average shelter-mag.




Sustainability goes beyond ship-

tions, Alvarez's text is so thin as

ping containers and pre-fabrica-

to leave the guessing as to what

tion. Lovers of true sustainability

makes these buildings sustainable. Without much on which to base a

will have to look elsewhere. Firefly Books, 400 pages, Hard

reading, what stands out is what's

cover witrh jacket, $45.00. EAN:

missing, including heritage re-use


and multi-family residences. Some

ISBN: 1770854479.

lovely works are included, nota-

North American

and how to apply building

Passive House Network

science principles to construct

Conference, October

resilient, durable, energy effi-


cient and healthy buildings.

Focus on An Introduction

$139 + tax per seminar: 10:00

to Passive House, Advanced

am to 2:00 pm; lunch provid-

Passive House Techniques,


and Policy and Regulation.


International speakers, trade show and project tours. www.

CityAge: Build the Future, October 8 –9, Toronto

Material Selection




Matters Seminar Series,

els to unlock the value of

TORONTO - September 23


Ottawa - October 22

new infrastructure, and pro-

London – December 10

mote economic development.

Presented Science







International speakers. www.

Award-winning, LEED® Platinum Certified design Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, LEED® Consulting - University of Waterloo – Environment 3


Our energy management team specializes in making buildings run more efficiently. Our comprehensive energy studies can show you how to save money in the long term and start reducing your carbon footprint.


sabMag - FALL 2015


Sustainable Design

Showcase The 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games

The recent Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games provided a showcase for Canadian athletes, and at the same time a showcase for Canadian green design. Five of the facilities built for the Games were awarded LEED certification prior to the opening ceremonies on July 15. Among the sustainable design strategies featured in these facilities are green roofs, diversion of site waste from landfills and incineration, the use of geothermal energy, and property irrigation using rainwater stored in underground cisterns.

The LEED-Gold certified projects: Markham Pan Am Centre – B + H Architects

The centrepiece of the Markham Pan Am Centre is the 10-lane Olympic pool, complete with adjustable floor that accommodates a range of activities. Demand-operated ventilation, high capacity air-side heat recovery, sophisticated building automation, effective thermal insulation and advanced lighting were but a few of the design solutions implemented on this project. Due to the impressive results achieved through building systems integration and the design team’s close collaboration with engineers and stakeholders, this project surpassed its mandated goal of LEED® Silver, achieving LEED® Gold certification. In addition, the City of Markham is adding a large photovoltaic array on the roof – a feature that the design anticipated and allowed for through structural fortification and electrical infrastructure. Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre - NORR Architects

Originally conceived as the Pan Am venue for water polo, the Markham Pan Am Centre evolved over the course of its programming into the field house that would host badminton, table tennis and Parapan table tennis events during the games. After the games, the Centre serves as a community recreation centre that can contain 12 badminton courts – or six volleyball courts and two basketball courts – in addition to a two-level fitness centre and a wide range of multi-purpose rooms.

The largest facility constructed for the Games, the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre [TPASC] is designed to provide world-class training facilities and a venue to host national and international competitions. It is also home to the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario [CSIO], which provides science and sport performance services to high-performance athletes and their coaches. Now the Games have concluded, the facility will become a joint campus-community recreation space for university students and Toronto residents to use and enjoy, while giving youth a place where they can train, play, gather and compete. The Aquatics Centre includes two internationally sanctioned 50-metre, ten-lane swimming pools; a warm-up pool; a 5-metre deep diving tank with 3-, 5-, 7.5- and 10-metre platforms; and dry-land training facilities with dive pits and trampolines.


sabMag - FALL 2015

Ronald McDonald

House House in a garden designed for economy and healing

Ronald McDonald House Toronto provides a ‘home away from home’ for families with seriously ill children who are receiving care at the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children but live outside the Greater Toronto Area. The new House is designed to encourage a sense of normalcy for the children and their families, providing an environment where ‘kids can be kids’ to the fullest extent possible. It is a place of comfort, security and refuge. by Robert Davies

1 14

sabMag - FALL 2015

canadian diRectoRY

of SuStainabLe and

pRoductS SeRviceS

YouR quick-RefeRence ReSouRce Visit our on-line Directory to see hundreds of listings of companies which supply products and services for sustainable, highperformance building.

Companies are listed by Product Category and by LEED Category in cases where they have products which can potentially help a project earn LEED points.

Among the listings are our partners – listed below – who are briefly described in the Directory and linked to their web sites for more detailed information. our partners Site | LandScaping | RainwateR haRveSting >Wishbone Industries Ltd.

StRuctuRe & exteRioR enveLope >Alumicor Building Excellence >Dryvit Systems Canada >Firestone Building Products >Liveroof Ontario Inc. >N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd. >Stonerox >Tremco

theRmaL & windowS >Clearstream Architectural Glass >Demilec: Heatlok Soya, PolarFoam Soya >Dryvit Systems Canada >Fraser Shading Systems Inc. >Icynene Insulation >Inline Fiberglass Ltd. >Pollard Windows >UNILUX Windows and Doors >Velux

inteRioR finiSheS >CBR Products >Forbo Linoleum Inc. >Interface >Keilhauer >Mapei >Nora Systems, Inc. >Olympia Tile International Inc. >Portes Baillargeon Doors Inc. >Tate Access Floors >Tectum Acoustical Roof Deck, Wall and Ceiling Panels

>Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. >Sloan Valve >Taco >Tate Access Floors >Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. >Zehnder America Incorporated

gReen deSign SuppoRt + pRofeSSionaLS

>Architek SBP Inc. >Cement Association of Canada >Cornerstone Architecture >CPCI Certified Plants eLectRicaL | pLumbing | >CSA Group hvac | RenewabLeS >Diamond Schmitt Architects >Acuity Brands >EcoAmmo Sustainable >Bullfrog Power Inc. Consulting Inc. >Canplas >FABRIQ architecture >Cristal Controls >Homesol Building Solutions Inc. >Duravit >MetroCan Construction Ltd. >GE Industrial >Morrison Hershfield >GE Lighting >Read Jones Christoffersen >Marathon International/Baxi >Sweeny&Company Architects Inc. >Marathon International/Eternal >WSP Global Inc.

watch for the 2016 canadian directory of Sustainable products and Services in the next issue [winter 2015/16] of Sabmag. sabMag - FALL 2015


We would like to thank the Sponsors of



sabMag - FALL 2015


Montreal Planetarium

Star-gazing building demonstrates environmentally-responsive architecture on Earth

Located within Montreal’s iconic Olympic Park complex, this project was the winning entry in a two-stage international competition. The project brief called for an intervention that would humanize the rather bleak site, which included an existing underground parking structure adjacent to the Olympic stadium. Together with the nearby Botanical Gardens, Insectarium and Biodome, the Planetarium is part of Montreal's 'Space for Life', the largest concentration of natural science museums in Canada.

By Marc Chenouda, M. Arch. 2

sabMag - FALL 2015


SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM DESIGN AND PAYBACK THAT’LL BLOW YOU AWAY! Commercial and Industrial ERV’s ™ Featuring Dual Core Energy Recovery • 90% Sensible Efficiency & 70% Latent Recovery • Extreme Climate Performance • Frost Resistance to Eliminate Energy Robbing Defrost Strategies • Low Maintenance & Long Term Performance Tempeff North America products up to to Tempeff North America productsemploy employDual DualCore Core™™regenerative regenerativetechnology technology that offers up 90% sensible efficiency. Other available freezing 90% sensible efficiency. Other availabletechnologies technologiesoffer offermuch muchlower lowerefficiency efficiency below freezing ™ ™ design isis significantly significantly more to frost when recovery neededthe themost. most.The TheDual DualCore Core design duedue to frost when recovery is is needed more energy energy efficient in all conditions, paybackperiods periodsare areattractive. attractive.Find Findout outhow how you you can get the efficient in all conditions, soso thethepayback energy recovery to suit your energy recovery to suit your needs


TurningUp Upthe theHeat Heat on on Energy Energy Recovery Turning Recovery



BARBARA MITCHELL FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE Form and materials promote ecological responsibility BY Richard Prins

The two-storey, 1,031 m2 building includes a gymnasium, an over-

The new facility is located on a brownfield site, opposite an

sized community ‘living room’, a daycare and administration areas, as

existing community park. The design team positioned the build-

well as classrooms and meeting rooms for its various in-house and

ing’s community spaces and exterior courtyard to face the park

outreach activities.

and so encourage its greater use. Existing trees were retained to

In addition to its social mission, the Salvation Army also promotes

protect against the prevailing winter winds, while new indigenous

environmental stewardship in its building projects, striving to balance

landscaping has reduced the area of hard surface and minimized

its global ecological responsibilities with its activities in local commu-

storm water run-off and soil erosion.

nities. Thus it supported the idea of an integrated design process and

Efficiency and flexibility were primary drivers of the design, both

the creation of a BIM model, that enabled the design team to perform

to minimize capital cost and operating energy by reducing the

various types of comparative analysis including a full life cycle assess-

overall area of the building. Washrooms and mechanical services

ment of building materials and components.

are located in a central core, with open concept meeting, teaching and support spaces arranged around the perimeter to maximize the opportunities for natural light and ventilation.


sabMag - FALL 2015

International Keynotes, Best of Workplace Feature, 3 Summits: Healthcare, Wellness and Accessibility, 350+ Seminars, Tours, Awards, Parties and More. Be Inspired

The best products, projects and ideas.

Be Connected

30,000 attendees & 1,600 exhibitors.

Be Informed

Stimulating keynotes, seminars and tours.

Be at IIDEXCanada 2015

Wednesday, December 2 – Thursday, December 3 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building #iidex15

IIDEXCanada is part of The Buildings Show, North America’s largest exposition, networking and educational event for design, construction and real estate, including:

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Passive House set to make strides

Energy efficiency is not the only consideration in designing sustainable buildings, but most would say that it's at the top of the list. Even with the programs and rating systems that we have in place to improve energy efficiency, one could argue that the market has not made high energy efficiency a prime goal. By Rob Bernhardt

That is changing rapidly. Public policy imperatives and mar-

The fundamentals of Passive House are simplicity of structure

ket demand are combining to drive Passive House projects in

and systems: a simple but beautiful form, and smaller and simple

Canada to a new level. The first such projects in Canada were

mechanical systems that are carefully commissioned, monitored

single-family homes, duplexes or triplexes. Now a small market

and controlled. Those who have designed or built a Passive House

strata has been completed, mid-sized MURBs are under con-

project know that such ultra-low energy buildings are simple and

struction, and reports indicate high rises are being designed.

economic, providing superior comfort and air quality.

Admittedly a bit of a misnomer since it applies to all types of

Passive House building has matured in Europe, and North

buildings, Passive House requires a building to achieve defined

American jurisdictions are starting to take notice. New York City is

outcomes related to efficiency and quality. A detailed energy

promoting Passive House buildings and has recently been rewarded

model incorporating site-specific climatic and other data reli-

with the start of a 26-storey student residence for Cornell Tech

ably predicts actual building energy use after occupancy. A

[see sidebar] . The City of Vancouver’s Green Building Policy for

number of post-occupancy studies confirm that performance

Rezoning recognizes Passive House certification as an equivalent

gaps between predicted and actual energy use are largely

compliance path to LEED/ASHRAE [

unknown with Passive House buildings certified by the Passive


House Institute based in Darmstadt, Germany.

PROCESS-AND-REQUIREMENTS.pdf]. As a leading jurisdiction,

The stringent Passive House standard requires efficiencies to be incorporated in the design from the concept stage on, rather

Vancouver is the site of a number of Passive House MURBs presently under construction or in design.

than fitted in after the fact. As building designers say, radical

The first market strata in Canada, the North Park Passive

efficiency becomes affordable when it is baked in but not if it

House in Victoria, is a six-unit apartment. Developed by Bernhardt

is sprinkled on. For example, one of the most important factors

Contracting Ltd., the units were snapped up by buyers and gener-

is building form – a low envelope area to enclosed volume ratio

ated a list of potential buyers for future projects. The small increase

is required.

in design and construction costs were passed on to the owners who

This is relatively straightforward for large buildings which

will benefit from the low strata fees and operating costs a Passive

are inherently efficient, but requires discipline in designing a

House building provides. A business case study involving this proj-

single-family house or small MURB. Care is taken to avoid ther-

ect outlines how the economics of high-performance buildings can

mal bridges by, for example, eliminating exposed slab edges.

work for both the developer and the owner [

Windows and doors are very high quality, and the entire building


envelope is well insulated. Building systems such as hot water, ventilation and plug loads are designed to be inherently efficient.



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“Building enclosure failures are the most common cause of missed energy targets, durability issues, and health and comfort problems. ” John Straube, Ph.D., P.Eng. Harnessing the evolving body of knowledge about the impacts of materials on our communities is integral to improving the science and art of architecture and engineering. The Material Selection Matters Seminars will provide up-to-date building science information about material selection and how to apply building science principles to construct resilient, durable, energy efficient and healthy buildings. These half-day seminars will be held in cities across Canada in 2015-2016.

For cities and dates across Canada and to register:

PRICE: $139 + tax per seminar SEMINAR TIME: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Presented by:


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SUBURBS A re-think will get us there

In 2011, for the first time in nearly a century, the rate of urban population growth outpaced suburban growth, reversing a trend that began with the invention of the automobile. In metropolitan areas, the majority of construction activity has now shifted to what planners call the “urban core” while the demand for large single-family homes in the suburbs is declining. One might reasonably ask “How does this shift affect suburban areas?” By Dermot Sweeny

Over the years, the suburbs have evoked a particular way of


life—one of tranquil, tree-lined streets, active community centres, parks, and shopping centres. They promised privacy, space, and proximity to nature. Today, however, these same suburbs are in many ways impoverishing their inhabitants. As the suburbs have spread further from urban cores, the disproportionate drive to build more roads and sell more cars and houses has led to rising costs for public infrastructure and a decline in the use of public transport. Ever increasing maintenance costs are now being borne by fewer people. We can no longer afford to enhance or even maintain infrastructure that is five 10 times more expensive per capita than that in urban centres. Simultaneously, running and maintaining a private vehicle is an ever-increasing expense and long distance commuting cuts more and more deeply into our free time. Thus, public transit has become a necessity for many suburban residents, yet, sprawl has ensured that public transit is inefficient, expensive to operate and increasingly slow. Transit systems are heavily subsidized and public investment in new capital projects falls further behind demand. Can we imagine transformative, sustainable solutions to these problems?

2 To date, sustainability has focused primarily on the performance of specific buildings, most often those located in urban areas. Compared to cities, suburban areas are still under-developed, and, for that reason, potentially much easier to remediate. Many have not covered their natural watercourses; which can therefore be reclaimed as the basis for continuous landscape corridors. Moreover, low rise buildings and surface parking typically have fewer and shallower foundations, and are less disruptive to soil hydrology. The greatest challenge to sustainable suburban development is increasing land values relative to current values and urban areas. Conventional planning practices, which promote car dependency, isolation of uses, formulaic development practices, and a never-ending supply of land have ensured that suburban land has remained inexpensive.

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ROXUL NA HEAD OFFICE - New 25,000 square foot two-storey development uses Inline Fiberglass Ltd.


235 FITCH STREET SENIORS RESIDENCE - New 50,000 square foot three-storey residential project uses Inline Fiberglass Ltd.


VALUE THROUGH INNOVATION The Fiberglass reinforced polymer window frames in these projects are engineered to exhibit superior thermal values, durability and excellent dimensional stability. They are designed to meet the energy demand in SB10 and SB12 code requirments.

Call us to discuss your next project. www.inlinefi 1.866.566.5656 38 sabMag - FALL 2015


Finding a way to design the physical and social aspects of a community

Social Sustainability in Practice 1

By Darryl Condon

2 Today, it is the task of averting drastic climate change that might be described as an experiment – a vast social experiment in decision-making and democratic action. Success in that endeavor will not be determined primarily by large technological fixes, though many will be needed along the way. Just as decisive to the outcome is whether our social relationships, cultural beliefs, and political customs will allow for the kind of changes that are necessary. That is why the climate crisis is as much a social as a biophysical challenge, and why the solutions will have to be driven by a fuller quest for global justice than has hitherto been tolerated or imagined.

- Andrew Ross, from Bird on Fire

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15 CAN 20 A

Winning projects and teams recognized at CaGBC National Conference The Awards presentation of the 2015 Canadian Green Building Awards, the annual program of Sustainable Architecture & Building [SABMag] and the Canada Green Building Council, took place in Vancouver on June 2 during the national conference of the CaGBC. The winning design teams of the eight selected projects received their certificates from our sponsors Interface, the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute, and Uponor.

창 WWW.SABMAGAZINE.COM Visit the Awards section of our website for complete details on the winners. For details on sponsoring the Canadian Green Building Awards contact 1








[1] The winning team of the Surrey Civic Centre, [left to right] Michael McDonald of Kasian Architects, Aubrey Kelly of Surrey City Development Corporation, and Chei-wei Tai of Moriyama & Teshima Architects, receiving their Award certificates from Doug Carter of Armtec representing sponsor the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute [CPCI]. [2] George Cotaras of Fowler Bauld & Mitchell Architects receives the Award certificate for the Halifax Central Library on behalf of his firm and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects from Nadine Gudz representing sponsor Interface. [3] The client and design team of the winning Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office in Vancouver, [left to right] Sandy Treagus of Mountain Equipment Co-op and Greg Piccini, Ron Clay and Hugh Cochlin of Proscenium Architecture + Interiors Inc. receiving their Award certificate from Brian Hall of sponsor the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute [CPCI]. [4] Larry Cook [left] and Larry Adams of NSDA Architects receive their Award certificate from Nadine Gudz representing sponsor Interface for the Kwayatsut Tower in Vancouver. [5] The client and design team receiving their Award certificates for the Sechelt Hospital and Expansion Renovations [l to r]: Glen Garrick of Fraser Health, Doug Carter of Armtec presenting for sponsor the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute [CPCI], Susan Gushe of Perkins+Will Canada [and on behalf of the Farrow Partnership], and Larry Harder of Fraser Health. [6] Penny Martyn [left] of University of British Columbia and Jana Foit [centre] of Perkins+Will Canada accept their Award certificates from Nadine Gudz representing sponsor Interface for the Earth Sciences Building at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. [7] Stuart Elgie [left] of Stantec receives the Award certificate from Brian Hall of sponsor the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute [CPCI] for the George Brown College Waterfront Campus in Toronto completed by Stantec Architecture | KPMB Architects in Joint Venture. [8] Chris Phillips [left] and Steven Gray of Greening Homes Ltd. receive their Award certificate for the winning residential project, the Beechwood Deep Energy Retrofit in Toronto, from Nadine Gudz representing sponsor Interface.

Our sincere thanks to all who entered the 2015 Canadian Green Building Awards.

sabMag - FALL 2015


Green products

and materials


As most green building professionals in Canada now know, demand for products and materials with third-party verification is growing, and this trend will continue well into the foreseeable future. By Mark Hutchinson

LEED-certified projects, such as the LEED Platinum Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, will demand more third-party verified products and materials once LEED v4 is adopted. Architect: Perkins+Will. Photo: Martin Tessler.

The change is being driven in part by programs like LEED and the Living

one of their top three obstacles to building green. The

Building Challenge, which are putting greater emphasis on reducing the envi-

same survey found that Canadian firms were expecting

ronmental and health impacts of materials. This is where third party verification

to grow their green practices from one third in 2014 to

comes in, as it is a natural requirement for such programs. The building construc-

one half by 2017.

tion industry is also taking notice and turning to safer, more sustainable options. Inherent in any significant change is a lag time while the market adapts.

LEED v4 leading the charge

However, before the full impact of LEED v4 was even felt last year, the industry

The good news is that LEED v4 helps provide a

was already recognizing the potential. In the CaGBC’s 2014 joint report with

framework for understanding and assessing materials.

McGraw Hill Construction titled Canada Green Building Trends: Benefits Driving

It establishes the broader elements to consider, includ-

the New and Retrofit Market, it was found that 29% of contractors surveyed said

ing impacts on health and the environment, as well as

they considered the lack of products or solutions available in their market to be

responsible extraction and sourcing.


sabMag - FALL 2015


With Julie Scarcella Julie Scarcella, founder of EcoSpex [] has been on a seven-year mission to create and launch her company: an on-line tool to help design and construction professionals quickly find sustainable, energy-efficient and heathy products.

´´You've been working on EcoSpex for quite a while. Why do you think it is important? We have found that less than 5% of purchasers and specifiers in the construction industry trust sustainable product information supplied by manufacturers, and only about 20% trust that coming from conferences, associations and industry peers. This lack of trust impedes green building.

´´What is the cost and when will EcoSpex be ready?

EcoSpex ends the procurement dilemma by

There are three listing options for product manufactures: Basic, Standard

offering the design, construction and utility sectors

and Premium Verified, with the verified and standard listings being heavily

access to an online tool that simplifies sourcing and

subsidized by our IESO [formally The Ontario Power Authority] contract,

specifying [sustainable, healthy, energy and water

reducing the listing from $4,500 to $1,750 for the first product, and $900

products and systems]. It helps industry profession-

for a second product. A savings of 60%.

als quickly find products which have been thirdparty verified.

The tool will go live in Q1 of 2016 as long as we have 200 manufacturers in the system. Before turning on the lights we want to ensure our users

Information is collected from manufactures claims

access to a diversity of products and systems in EcoSpex. For the utility

and are vetted by internal and external technical

sector, our service offering is typically a customized solution, so pricing

experts. The EcoSpex verification team evaluates

may vary.

data through a comprehensive Verification Process for accuracy, validity, relevance, and completeness.

´´EcoSpex is also working on Toolkits for design professionals. What

WE are the middle man between our users and the

will they offer?

manufactures. Users access the data for free in a centralized

The Toolkits will reduce the effort required by designers to create LEED v4 in-house documents for projects, and achieve a higher level of knowledge.

source of trusted product data via its online plat-

Toolkit #1 - Green Building Rating System Support LEED v4

form — providing peace of mind and cutting the

Toolkit #2 - Sustainable, Healthy and Technical Product Database

product research time by up to 90%.

Toolkit #3 – Product Material Resource Library Toolkit #4 – Specification Performance Requirements linked to LEED v4 Toolkit #5 – Energy-efficient products linked to incentive programs

´´What will the Toolkits offer that is not already available from other sources? The Toolkits are a single, all-in-one resource to support design firms in their understanding and use of LEED v4, including: digital documents developed in standardized guidelines that reflect a multi-discipline approach; a solid understanding of key issues/barriers for LEED v4; access to peer review/ trusted templates; improved productivity; and short cuts to compliance.

´´What are their cost and when will they be available? The Toolkit pricing will be ready by the end of September and reregistration has commenced for design firms wanting to access early bird rates. EcoSpex is working with a number of technical experts in North America as peer review to help support our templates and development of the toolkits. ecospex toolkits: up-to-date digital information to improve productivity and win more bids.


sabMag - FALL 2015

Three of the toolkits research is being conducted by Ryerson University, with support from the Ontario Centre of Excellence.



In accordance with ISO 14025

Place de l’Escarpement, Quebec City, QC – LEED Gold Certified Architect: Pierre Martin Architecte

EPDs are third party verified (certified) reports published by product manufacturers that provide quality assured and comparable information regarding environmental performance of their products or system. The CaGBC LEED v4 Rating System and Architecture 2030 are emphasizing the demand for EPDs, by addressing transparency in environmental lifecycle impacts and the selection of building products with improved lifecycles. North American Precast Concrete associations are working together with ASTM International and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute to achieve a third party- verified EPD; providing comprehensive, uniform, and transparent details about a product’s composition and environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. Available in the fall of 2014.

Ask insightful questions before making decisions. Expect transparency. For your free copies of the Life Cycle Assessment of Precast Concrete and the CPCI Sustainable Plant Program contact CPCI at: or (877) 937-2724 or visit

196 Bronson Avenue, Suite 100 Ottawa, ON K1R6H4 sabMag - FALL 2015 47

creating better environments


Modular Striato tileS & PlankS!

59 colors. 4 coordinated sizes. endless possibilities. beautiful. durable. sustainable. hygienic. 48

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