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Issue 25 - November 2021

Cover Photography Robert Nixon Betts



Copy Date Friday 12th Nov

Hello and welcome to the November edition of S41 Local Magazine. At the time of writing this is it is a warm, sunny day in October! The kids are on the trampoline on the back garden and Bekah is cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Life could be worse. I am very happy to say we are once again welcoming work experience staff back in the Chesterfield Local office and have two fine, young, homosapiens with us at present, Jack and Maisie.

If you would like to advertise, list a classified item, tell us about your local event, contribute in any way or simply want to get in touch please see below. Mobile: 07716 014 002 Email: Simon@s41local.com Web: www.s41local.com Write to us: Simon Paterson S41 Local, West Studios, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL

Jack has just started his first year at univieristy and is writing us a series of articles on his running journey, from lockdown to all over the town!


Maisie has a passion for fashion and the environemnt so has written us a wonderul piece on the features and benefits of slow fashion.

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You can read their first articles in this months edition. The Knife Angel is currently in town and I highly reccommend taking the time to see it. For me, it was quite an emotional site and I have no doubt that this amazing piece of art has saved countless young lives up and down the country! A big thanks to Robert Nixon Betts for the stuninng photographs... I went on my first stag do in years last month! A group of teachers, IT specialists, designers and writers went to Manchester. We were all in bed for 11pm, haha! read all about it in this months edition. Our 'what's on' and 'regular events' pages are slowly building back up which means groups, clubs and community events are slowly returning to our beloved town, which is great. Please do get in touch with your good news stories, local events and groups, as we would love to see them in our next edition. Peace, love and positivity Simon, Bekah and the kids simon@s41local.com 07716 014002 Next edition: December Copy Date: Friday 12 November Delivered by: Sunday 5 December Page 2



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Issue 25 November 2021 Copy deadline for the November edition: FRIDAY 12th Nov With delivery by: Sun 5th December 2021

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QUALITY CARPET RANGES Fast Delivery, Expert Advice, Great Choice, Fitting Guarantee, plus No Extra Charge For Fitting Stair Carpet. Now that’s iDeal!



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Free Underlay, Gripper, Door Bar & Delivery

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www.newdivanman.co.uk Page 4


“Trying out grandad’s beds is so much fun!” – Ben

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Gift Guide



Gift Guide: Pt1 "Lets walk for our gifts" Words: Paul Chapman Images: Chesterfield's Independent Businesses


s I write it's just 11 weeks until Christmas Day. Each year I say 'I'll get things done nice and early this year' and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, the reality being that I find I've got no wrapping paper on Christmas Eve as I gather the random bundle of stuff I've pulled together over the last few days!

My wife's not like me. Planning starts early, gifts for family and friends bought from local shops over the counter and never a delivery in sight - in fact it could be said that you don't need next day delivery when you go to a shop and buy it - you get to take it home the same day!

We have some great local businesses in Chesterfield and it's our job to do all we can to support them. People moan about the state of the high street but then order everything online. People moan about parking charges but are happy to pay £4 for postage.

Page 6

This year, let's take a walk for our gifts. If you want to cut down on the leg-work take a visit to www.un-hampered.co.uk to find a selection of Chesterfield's fabulous independent businesses. We've been working on this with Defeye Creative and have some great plans for the New Year ... watch this space. Once you've got a good idea of the places you want to shop, pick out a place for lunch and you have your day planned.

Not only will the day be enjoyable but you will have done your bit for the local economy. Remember every pound you spend with an independent is likely to end up being reinvested back in a local business, and if every resident of Chesterfield spent £20 on gifts locally this Christmas that would plough £2.1 million back into the local economy. What's not to like?



Gifts don't always need to be the obvious, from this edition's advertisers we've put together some ideas for the festive seaaon.

From left to right: Chesterfield Coffee Co - Set a date for a treat, coffee & cake or lunch; Odyssey Greek Restaurant - Vouchers for a meal out for a well deserving loved one from £20.00; Ginspired - Tasting sets of 5 to 12 miniature bottles from £17.95; Zero Tatoo; Something to remember you everyday, vouchers from Zero Tattoo; Foto Booth - An excuse for a party antime with a full-length photo booth mirror; Ginspired - Snow globe orange and gingerbread liqueur £23.95.

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Money can’t buy happiness But it can buy tattoos Treat your loved ones with something to have forever! Contact us now to purchase your Gift Voucher*

Zero tattoo gallery www.zerotattoo.co.uk Tel: 01246 558275 Email: hello@zerotattoo.co.uk Unit 8 Market Place, Chesterfield S40 1AR

@zerotattoogallery @zerotattoogallery *T&Cs apply


For authentic Greek food, Odyssey contemporary Greek Restaurant is located in the heart of Chesterfield. Journey into Greek flavours, served in a traditional Mediterranean setting. Odyssey 1 Knifesmithgate Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1RF @odysseychesterfield

T: 01246 721573

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Autumn Walks & Winter Warmers Words & Images: Matt Darken (Ginspired)


t’s time to enjoy the beautiful cascade of golden, red and brown leaves that the wonderful Derbyshire countryside provides us with in autumn. Here at Ginspired we love to celebrate these rich, warming colours and flavours in our drinks too. After an autumn walk picking sloes and blackberries a good G&T is a deserved treat!

Tarquins British Blackberry and Whitby Bramble & Bay are high quality examples of blackberry gins. Featuring sweet red fruits and earthy herbal tones, they are beautifully balanced and delicious to enjoy on cosy evenings by the fire. For the perfect serve try mixing with a premium tonic (elderflower flavour if you prefer), a couple of fresh blackberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary to garnish.

As the nights draw in bonfire night is on the horizon and the all those gorgeous sweet and smokey aromas fill the air. We’re talking smoked rum, bonfire toffee in a glass! Three Tides and Burning Barn make intensely smoked rum - charred applewood, rich sweet molasses and burnt treacle. Fierce and complex yet somehow velvet smooth.

The Whitby Gin Bramble & Bay

Tarquins British Blackberry

Page 10

Match 20ml of smoked rum with 20ml Amaro, 10ml Campari and 10ml of pure maple syrup for a delicious smoked rum cocktail.

After being chilled to the bone on bonfire night we’re surely in need of a seriously good winter warmer. An indulgent and sophisticated single malt whisky is the only choice. The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve and Caol Ila 18yr are brimming with decadent, rich and complex character.

The multi award winning Dalmore is matured in American oak bourbon barrels, Oloroso Sherry casks and Cabernet Sauvignon barriques to create a whisky bursting with vanilla, cinnamon, red fruits, orange zest and dark chocolate, a dram to truly savour. For more tasty autumn tipples and festive treats visit Ginspired in the Market Hall to browse our wonderful selection of 600+ delicious drinks!

PS: be sure to check out our Christmas Gift Guide for more ideas from Ginspired. Ginspired, Stall 8 Market Hall, Chesterfield @ginspiredshop

Three Tides Smoked Dark Rum Burning Barn Smoked Rum www.s41local.com

The Dalmore Cigar Malt

Caol Ila 18 Years Single Malt



Mon-Sat 9am-5pm Follow us @ginspiredshop on Instagram and Facebook for more details and wonderful drinks

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Cover Artist

The Knife Angel Words: Press Release CBC Images: Robert Nixon Betts If you haven’t seen the famous ‘Knife Angel’ sculpture you’ve only got until Tuesday 26 October, currently on display at Rykneld Square (near the Visitor Information Centre) in Chesterfield town centre.

The impressive sculpture, made from over 100,000 seized blades, was specifically created to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour whilst solidifying our critical need for social change. Not only does the Angel act as a catalyst for turning the tide on violent and aggressive behaviour, but it also acts as a beautiful memorial designed to celebrate those lives that have been lost through these violent and thoughtless actions.

Created in collaboration with all 43 police forces, the Home Office, Anti-violence groups and hundreds of families who have been affected by knife crime, the monument is a symbol of the nation’s intolerance to violence and aggression. It was created by the British Ironwork Centre, by sculptor Alfie Bradley to highlight the impact knife crime has on people, families and communities.

For more details follow the local Safer Neighbourhood policing team on Facebook @ChesterfieldTownCentreSNT and Twitter @ChesterfieldSNT A huge thanks to Robert Nixon Betts for the fab images of the sculpture on this page and also this edition's cover.

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Check out our guide to Christmas shopping and festive entertainment: www.chesterfield.co.uk/christmas

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Your new look Holme Hall community store is now open

Fresh food, Fairtrade and friendly service

Holme Hall, Wardgate Way S40 4SL Page 16


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The Iron, the Stitch & the Wardrobe! Words: Maisie Cook Images: Adobe Stock

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educe. Reuse. Recycle. The same three words we’ve heard knocking about since the beginning of time. We all know cutting down on our meat consumption is the way forward, filtering that little bit of chicken nugget-disguised Quorn into our everyday meals to make it seem like less of a drastic lifestyle change. We all know the detrimental effects of using a plastic carrier bag for a pint of milk and some apples and then chucking it in the bin, whereas carrying our bright orange Bags for Life into the supermarket feels like we are doing our bit to save the burning planet, or rather, it’s the 10p plastic bag fee that fuels this healthy habit! We all know glass goes in the black box; cardboard, plastic, paper, tins in the blue bin; and food waste in the caddy. Much like an army regiment, we routinely file our unwanted rubbish into their designated compartments. But now, a new kid is on the block.

Slow fashion. As its name suggests, it revolves around the notion of fast fashion - buying and throwing away clothing that has been made and sold cheaply - but switches it into a more positive initiative.

Slow fashion can be embraced in a variety of different ways. To ease you into it, you may choose to give your local charity shops a visit. Whilst mooching round the Air Ambulance shop in town may smell vaguely like your grandma’s wardrobe, do not be put off, as I can assure you there are some real gems to be found in these wonder emporiums. Then, as you exit the shop, ecstatic and joyful with your £3 Bon Marche satin shirt (a particular favourite purchase of mine), you are hit with the greatest feeling of all - pride. You can give yourself a big pat on the back, for simultaneously saving the planet AND donating money to a worthy charity - go you! The only downside: when your 85-year-old grandma proclaims that she’d ‘quite fancy borrowing that blouse sometime’, you just have to smile and wave, content with the knowledge that, although you may look like an OAP, at least you’re a cool, environmentally friendly one. Other ways of going about it can prove far riskier. This method may be best left to when you’re home alone, just in case. Making sure to look left and right before you depart from the safety of your bedroom, dash quickly into the danger zone. You have arrived. Throw open the great wooden doors and peek inside, assessing the situation before you. six plaid shirts, two pairs of oversized jeans and a flat

cap, just as you suspected. You should grab them quick, before they arrive back. Rush back to the safety of your room. Mission complete. In all seriousness, if you couldn’t tell what I was describing there, raiding your parents’ wardrobes is a great way to be sustainable.

Although all the high street shops lead you to believe the latest fashion trends are being created right now, this is actually a lie. Those knitted sweater vests that are on the front page of every fashion magazine? They first became popular in the 1930s, before my grandma was even born, and remained a staple well into the 1980s, so chances are you’ll find one of those in your parents’ wardrobe, and you don’t even have to go anywhere for it ... apart from jeopardising your life by completing the trickiest stunt of all time, obviously! Slow fashion also values fair treatment for the workers who manufacture your clothes. Whilst an online order a day does seem to keep the sadness away, it doesn’t do any good for the labourers working tirelessly at machines. Behind some of the major, most well-known clothing giants of the 21st century, lurks a dark truth. Last year during the pandemic, reports claimed that some employees of the major brands were being paid a shocking £3.50 an hour whilst working in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and something tells me this wasn’t just the case during Covid times.

Buying from more ethical companies doesn’t have to be challenging. Just a short walk into the town centre and you will find H&M, which offers an impressive Conscious Products collection, including all your staples such as jeans, jackets, and t-shirts. Venture into Sheffield and Urban Outfitters offer a Vintage & Renewal range, preowned and repurposed clothing sitting alongside new products. Chesterfield can also boast Gorilla Garms, a vintage and branded clothing business on Vicar Lane. What I’m really trying to convey is, slow fashion doesn’t equate to outdated, uncool clothes, and they most certainly aren’t difficult to source. Simply being aware of the slow fashion movement is the first step, so there you go, I’ve helped you with that. Now, pay a visit to Oxfam, pick out a secondhand M&S jumper, a pair of navy-blue chinos originally from Gap and you’ll be the coolest, most sustainable, cat in Chesterfield!

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St. Modwen Homes Unveils Brand New Showhomes At Egstow Park Words & Images: St. Modwen Homes


omebuyers can now visualise themselves living at the popular Egstow Park development in Clay Cross, after St. Modwen Homes unveiled two brand new four-bedroom showhomes. If you’re looking for the perfect family home, the Garnet is an excellent choice. Alongside a statement floor-to-ceiling window, there’s a family room which is separate to the kitchen diner, providing an idyllic place to relax and unwind. Alternatively, the Becket is a four-bedroom home which is set across three storeys. With an open plan kitchen-diner and family room, this property feels incredibly light and airy.

unique. While surrounded by the landscapes of the Peaks, homeowners are still incredibly close to a range of amenities and transport links. The properties themselves really are beautiful, with lots of special features which add that ‘wow’ factor.

“The first phase of the development was incredibly popular, so we can’t wait for new customers to take a look around our new showhomes and select their favourite housetype. Those who register their interest now will be amongst the first to know when we have another release of homes in the coming months.”

Situated just six miles from the lively market town of Chesterfield, this charming development is perfect for those seeking a tranquil base that benefits from great amenities and transport links. During downtime, customers can expect to open their windows and delight in the breath-taking views of the surrounding area, affectionately known as ‘The Gateway to the Peak’, or enjoy a scenic walk along the Chesterfield Canal.

When it’s time to get to work, Egstow Park is conveniently located less than 10 miles from Junction 29 of the M1, while Chesterfield Railway Station can be reached in just under five miles. For those who work from home, there are a range of features to make life easier, including Hyperoptic internet, extra sockets and BT points. Jo Winston, Sales Director at St. Modwen Homes said: “There’s no denying that Egstow Park is

Page 20

If you want to find out more about the properties available or book an appointment to view the brand new showhomes, please contact the Sales team on see the website below. T: 0330 058 6510 www.stmodwenhomes.co.uk


We can get you moving to Egstow Park! Our ways to buy can make purchasing your new home even more affordable:

Part Exchange Max

Key Worker Offer

Help to Buy: Equity Loan (2021-2023)

Our brand new 4 bedroom Becket and Garnet showhomes are now open. Be the first to reserve on our exciting new phase of 3 & 4 bedroom homes. Prices from £210,995.

Call: 0330 058 6510 www.stmodwenhomes.co.uk Egstow Park, Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9AG *All ‘Ways to Buy’ offers advertised are available on selected plots only and are subject to standard terms and conditions. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, there is no cash alternative and St. Modwen Homes reserve the right to withdraw any of the advertised offers at any time. Prices and details are correct at the time of print. Images are for illustration purposes only.

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Nails & Beauty At Diverse Recruitment we don’t just wait for the phone to ring, we actively scout for positions that match your skill-set, passions and career goals.

Industrial Office & Commercial Sales & Development Engineering Mangerial Technical Marketing & Design

Lash Extensions | Lash Lift Gel Polish | Manicure Pedicure | Brows Acrylic Nails 07944 747 810 @AMQnailsandbeauty

In order for us to start working for YOU, send us your CV to: admin@diverse-recruitment.co.uk or call 01246 252 350 Coney Green Business Centre, Claycross, S45 9JW

Retro video games | Board games | MEXICAN CUISINE Pool | LIVE TV | BESPOKE Cocktails 30 Glumangate | Chesterfield | S40 1TX 07572 296830 | Darwinandbear22@gmail.com Page 22



Book a free valuation of your property through October or November and receive a FREE BOTTLE OF PROSECCO once the valuation has been completed*. BOOK NOW!


Chesterfield Branch: 01246 221039 Clay Cross Branch:

01246 251194 *Collection in branch required

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HOW TO BUILD A FINANCIAL PLAN Mark Jones, Managing Director of Jones & Co.

Building your own financial plan sounds quite daunting, right? Well, it really isn’t! If you’re prepared to invest a little ‘thinking’ time in putting a plan together, you’ll find it so much easier to manage your money in the long-term. What’s more, the sooner you have a plan and specific goals in place, the sooner you can make a success of your financial future. At Jones & Co we work with clients to create bespoke financial plans and there are three key areas to consider – this is the thinking time! Everyone can begin to plan their financial future by creating a plan, but it’s our job to turn your plan into a reality. Having an Independent Financial Advisor on hand to discuss your aspirations can really help you to focus and understand what’s important to you.

What goals would I like to achieve? As with most things in life, building wealth takes time and effort. You can’t expect to have enough money in the bank to either stop working or head off around the world after a couple years of saving and investing, unless you win the lottery of course!

plan to work out how much you will need to achieve the retirement you want.

What’s my next step? Remember that a financial plan isn't static. It must be reviewed regularly to make sure you’re always on track to reaching your goals. We meet on a regular basis with our clients to provide a comprehensive review of their financial plan. Again, it’s all part of what we do. So, once you’ve written your plan, pop and see us and we’ll provide you with expert feedback as to how you can further improve it. And if you simply don’t have the time (or inclination!) to draft a plan, make an appointment to speak with one of our experienced Independent Financial Advisors and we’ll create one together.

It’s our goal to help you maximise or sustain your wealth with bespoke financial advice. Arrange your FREE consultation today and let us help you build a financial plan that realises all of your ambitions.

What’s important to you? What are your ambitions? Write your answers down and consider what financial situation you need to be in to get there. Set your unique personal goals, write them down and then start to measure your progress as you work towards them. This will enable you to address any gaps and give you the focus required to achieve them. In short, it will help you realise your long-term financial success. What position am I in now? If you can take your potential future needs into account and ensure you have the finances available at the right time to cover them, then you can create a secure and stable financial future. We can help with this too.

We can use basic and detailed cash flow modelling forecast tools to work out what figures you need to aim for or if there might be any shortfalls in your income at a predetermined point in the future. This means we can address any issues before they happen. We can also simulate a post-retirement

Email: advice@ifajonesandco.uk, call 01246 550521 or simply pop into our offices at 27 Glumangate, Chesterfield S40 1TX. We look forward to seeing you!

Risk warnings: Pensions and investments go up or down in value and on encashment you could potentially get back less than originally invested. The contents of this article are for information only and do not constitute financial advice. Always seek professional guidance when investing in risk-based investments..

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Equity release allows you to have tax-free cash from your home for: Home improvements

Repaying debts/loans

Paying for holidays

Paying for care

Top-up income

Repaying mortgage

Helping out the family Call Simon Chalk & team, S40’s leading Equity Release specialists, for a FREE consultation by Phone, Zoom, or Safe Home Visit

CALL now! 01246 202 571


Equity released from your home will be secured against it. Laterliving now! Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Release My Equity Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


I My Running Diary Part 1: Lounging in Lockdown to Running with the Wind Words & Image: Jack Jerram

Pre-running Jack before he decided to get active again.

t was June 23rd 2020, my Lockdown 18th birthday and Day 93 of a whole new world! Boris Johnson had cancelled school, except for children of essential workers, as well as my A levels and the prospect of what this meant for my further education at university, was weighing heavily on my mind.

I’ve always been skinny and not prone to putting on weight but I felt sluggish due to over-eating and one too many fast food take-aways. I hadn’t used the hour outside suggested for exercise by the government but the night of my 18th – the start of adulthood – I decided to take responsibility for my mental and physical well-being. Competitive by nature, I was really missing playing matches at my tennis club and badminton with friends. The tennis club had recently opened again but restrictions meant that balls could only be handled by the server and close contact at the net was to be avoided; it just felt too restrictive and badminton courts were still closed. I wanted to take up a sport to fill the gap that was both competitive and independent. Recently, I’d watched a tv show based on an Anime novel called, Run with the Wind. It was about a boy who wanted to rekindle his passion for running after a knee injury ruined his chances of competing at the Hakone Ekiden race. This passion and dedication for running resonated with me so much so that I wanted to try it. After all, if I could no longer compete against others then I would challenge myself. On making my decision, I was eager to get started, however, thoughts of embarrassment plagued my mind. I felt intimidated. What if others saw my poor technique or heard my gasps for air? The feelings of inadequacy spiralled until I felt like a fraud for even attempting to run.

So, I slept on it! My mind was racing throughout the night, thinking of how to run without others watching me until I had a realisation, looking outside my own window! I would use the night to conceal myself! The next evening, I headed for Holmebrooke Valley Park. I waited until dusk and set off on my first run. It was not pleasant! I ran 2.3 miles, the route I had planned for myself, and had to stop 5 times. The time taken was 26 minutes and 43 seconds: I logged it on the app, Strava – I now had a time to beat, the challenge had begun! Arriving home, I was exhausted, in pain and couldn’t move for an hour but I now had incentive and felt a sense of achievement.

I continued to run every 4 or 5 days and gradually started to replace my equipment to improve my performance. First to get the chop, was my lanyard slim-line bag containing my phone; it obviously bounced around on my chest as I ran so it was replaced by a phone armband. Next up was a better running top, I was getting by with ordinary t-shirts but I needed a more light-weight, breathable top to stop me over-heating. Then I replaced my trainers. Once I knew that running was for me, I invested in a pair made Page 26


especially for the sport with cushioned soles. And finally, I bought calf compression socks to stop my shins feeling bruised after a run.

As August began and my A level results loomed ever more closely, I began running every day. Pent up anxiety dispelled as I ran with the wind but more often than not, the still heat of the summer. Running became easier and easier, my times became better and better. The effects on my mental health were considerable and positive. Research suggests that physical activity triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin which can improve mood. Dopamine is often called the ‘happy hormone’, a primary driver of the brain’s reward system. It spikes when we experience something pleasurable and for me, this had become running.

A levels results secured a place at university to study English Literature, I was happy and excited for the future but a little nervous about COVID and what this meant for lectures and studying.

I continued to run and feel the benefits; it had become a routine in my daily life.

Then, on September 16, I made my fastest time – 16 minutes and 21 seconds! This was ten minutes and 21 seconds faster than my starter time back in June. I was buzzing. I felt the benefits as soon as I started playing badminton with the university team: my cardio had improved significantly. Try as I might however, I couldn’t beat my best time; I couldn’t even match it as the months flew by. I tried to recreate what I ate, how I slept but to no avail and although I still loved running, I was starting to stagnate a little. I needed motivation which led me back to where this all began. Rewatching Run with the Wind the following January reminded me of how the characters were able to run their twelve-mile sections in the Hakone Ekiden. It was through their strict marathon training. I never considered marathon training, after all, I could barely run a year ago but now, I wanted a new challenge.

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Helping your business • Setting up your business • How to keep your records • Digital accounting • Making Tax Digital and VAT • What can I put through the business • Taking on employees • Raising business finance • Protecting key employees • Growing and selling the business

Helping you and your family • Personal tax planning • Insurance and asset protection • ISAs and investments • Saving for retirement • Inheritance tax planning • Trusts and passing on wealth • Wills and estate planning • Lasting Powers of Attorney • Help with Estates and Probate

For more information please contact Antony or Alex Fawbert on: Tel: 01246 276671 Email: admin@fawbertadams.co.uk

Fawbert Adams

Chartered Accountants • Financial Planners • Probate Practitioners 43 Clarence Road • Chesterfield • Derbyshire S40 1LQ


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Words & images: Simon Paterson


here comes a time in a man’s life where he goes from being super-pumped to be going on a stag do, to dreading he has to stay up past 11:00pm, or in my case, 10:00pm!

My Cousin, Becky Newton, is soon to be wed to Martyn Newton, same name, not related, hopefully! I’m hoping they double-barrel their surname to Newton-Newton. I’ll suggest when I see them.

Anyway, Martyn was kind enough to invite me on his stag do in Manchester, which I had no choice but to agree to, based on the fact that I like him and he’s the most sensible man I’ve ever met. He designs traffic lights. I pointed out in the past that they have already been designed, but still, he persists bless him. At first, I thought this traffic light story was a cover-up for his real job as an MI5 Spy, but after talking to him for an hour, I realised he definitely just designs traffic lights! So, the day came and I filled my backpack with 20 cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits! OK, what I really packed was two pairs of pyjamas, one Space Jam and one Rick & Morty, a large packet of Rennie’s, some hay fever tablets, a paperback copy of Dune, a packet of Tuc Sandwich Biscuits, a nice warm fleece, some walking boots (no one wants a twisted ankle in the pub), a packet of Top Trumps superhero edition and a couple of weather dependant outfits, sorted! I’d agreed to pick up Martyn on my way to Manchester so arrived as early as I could because it was the 6-weeks holidays, and I had multiple children in the house, some of which weren’t even mine! I made it to his house at about 1pm to find him designing traffic lights, so I took the opportunity to have an afternoon snooze on the Page 30

sofa whilst I waited. Afternoon snoozes are like gold dust, so you have to take your chance to get one in whenever you can!

We finally set off for Manchester, arriving early evening at the Air BNB to begin the most sensible stag night in the history of misplaced machoism. I quickly established myself with Martyn’s geeky mates by revealing I am also a geek, despite looking very cool! One of the gents had brought a games console that had over 2,000 retro video games on from our childhood. It didn’t take long for me to dish out some whoopings on Mario Kart (Snes version of course), cementing myself as the king of the gamers (almost). As the evening progressed, we had a standard kitchen party with alcohol, pizzas and magic cards. I was asleep by midnight!

I awoke early the next morning at around 6am and ventured downstairs into the kitchen to find four of the lads playing cards at the table! One would assume that they were up all-night boozing and gambling. Nothing could be further from the truth. They all had young children so like me, their body clocks were set to 5:30am. Rock and roll! By 8am I was wondering what had happened to best man as he was nowhere to be seen! It turns out his roommate was a world-class snorer, so he had left the house in favour of a hotel around the corner, funny!

We ventured into Manchester City Centre on the hunt for a hipster bar to consume breakfast. If it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s finding hipster places. My instinct led us to the Blues Kitchen, which is one of the coolest places I've been in. The food was almost as good as the décor!


The stag had pulled off a blinder and booked us at table 7 Lanes smack bang in the city centre. 7 Lanes is basically an adult play centre with retro arcades, a bowling alley, Smarts (darts), a karaoke booth, basketball challenge, shuffleboard, beer pong and other cool stuff to do whilst enjoying a burger and pint. I believe there is one in Sheffield if you want to check out a local 7 Lanes. I’d highly recommend it. Once we had eaten it was time to dress the stag up as Hulk Hogan, which if I’m honest, I was a little jealous of. I would have killed for that costume in 1990! Upon leaving 7 Lanes to go to the NQ64 Bar, The Ultimate Warrior was walking up the road. He's Hulk Hogan's nemesis, so naturally, a massive

fight broke out and someone got hit over the head with a chair after diving through a table! Of course, none of that happened, Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior exchanged pleasantries and we went on our way. Shame really!

We spent the next few hours playing more retro video games at the NQ64 Bar before spending the rest of the night walking about not being let in anywhere because everywhere was full. You’ve got to love city life! The following morning, we awoke early, again, and systematically cleaned the house leaving it in a better state than we found it! End of stag do.

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Compassionate & Caring When Harold Lilleker & Sons are trusted with your loved one this is how we do things. When a loved one passes away, your world turns upside down. During this time of grief, you need a compassionate helping hand that can take care of the funeral arrangements and help you bid a final goodbye to your dear one with respect and love.

Call: 01246 277095

T: 07827 298964

Fencing & decking | Painting & decorating Plumbing | Kitchens & bathrooms Garden Landscaping | Electrical General repairs

New 24hr taxi service with friendly & helpful drivers Book your local taxi now and get a FREE GIFT from your driver

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@rldmaintenance www.s41local.com



Discover our contemporary kitchens, explore our classic ranges Creative and affordable designs for your home We keep prices down and standards high by manufacturing our own range of beautiful kitchen and bedroom cabinets in our Nottinghamshire factory, with pride.

01246 550384 colourhill.co.uk 209 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield S40 2BA Open Mon to Sat 9am to 4pm


We are following health and safety guidelines with procedures in place and using PPE for each appointment.

Professional Ear Wax Removal Premier Hearing Care from a family business with over 50 years experience.

We offer effective ear wax removal services using specialist equipment to gently remove wax from the ear canal. Our audiologists are trained in three different methods; manual removal, micro-suction and irrigation.

Visit the Chesterfield Hearing Practice to arrange your 7-10 day FREE evaluation period. Trial a choice of new hearing aids prior to purchase, ensuring you make the correct decision for you.

Introducing the Oticon More™ Life ChangingTechnology!

Book a FREE consultation today at home or our surgery

Tel: 01246 901250 Email: advice@chesterfieldhearing.co.uk

19, Market Hall, Market Place, Chesterfield. S40 1AR www.chesterfieldhearing.co.uk Please Mention S41 Local

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What’s Aurora Choir About? Words: Dawn Kelly @ Aroura Choir


urora is a group of women who meet to learn and practice A Cappella songs each week. We have an extremely dedicated Operational Director, and an excellent Musical Director, to support and develop our skills. However, we are so much more than that: Aurora is a sisterhood, united by a love of singing, bonding over the joy and care we put into our music. We started out as a group interested in singing, but we have grown into a family ready to support each other through disappointments, sadness, happiness and achievements.

In March 2020 with COVID lockdown restrictions, we became unable to meet face-to-face. Like many other choirs our meetings had to be held virtually via Zoom, which was hard as we could not hear each other sing due to delays over the internet, but we kept going. During that time, with the help of Michael Dobbs of Woodborough Video, we managed to create a few virtual performances which can be accessed by the following YouTube links, via our website and the quick codes at the bottom of the page. youtu.be/CUpSDC97g9k youtu.be/-hs-BHowCbY youtu.be/5xUdRF5pwy0

Page 34


In May 2021, we began meeting again outdoors and even entertained a few passers-by. We were really overjoyed to be able to meet face to face for ’normal’ practice in our rehearsal venue on July 19 (2021). Born from a love of unaccompanied harmony singing, Aurora was founded by Dawn Kelly in 2006. The choir name was originally suggested by a friend, ‘Aurora’ being the Greek goddess of the Dawn. On 18 September 2021 Aurora was be 15 years old. We normally celebrate by giving a free concert with tea and cake for all who attend, but for the past two years we have been unable to celebrate in our usual way. However, the future looks bright and we look forward to our 16th birthday celebrations in 2022, and to performing in other concerts to support local charities. Aurora are always happy to recruit new members; there’s no need to read music, as songs can be learned by listening to teacher tracks. So if you or anyone you know is interested in joining our singing sisterhood, please feel free to make contact. You will quickly feel at ease by the very warm welcome and support you will receive. E: aurora.chesterfield@gmail.com www.aurora-chorus.org.uk

‘Aurora are a fabulous group of ladies who share their passion for singing with each other. Although we strive to be our best, there is no pressure put on us-the most important thing is that we have fun through our music and friendship. New members are always welcomed and soon feel part of our family! If you enjoy singing what are you waiting for? Come and join us-it’s one of the best things I ever did.’ Clare

Experience and ability to read music is not necessary!



‘I hadn't sung in a choir since I was at school, so I was full of trepidation. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and I realised that you don't have to be Maria Callas to sing with a choir. I practice when I'm cooking or doing the ironing. I have been a member of Aurora for 12 years and love performing at our concerts. Audiences are so appreciative and I think we sound quite good’.

'I wanted to meet people and I wanted to sing and I thought the best way of doing that was to join a choir. I've made lots of friends from different walks of life and the camaraderie is very good. It doesn't matter what's gone on that day, you start singing and it's all forgotten for a couple of hours. I find singing very therapeutic. I've got chronic asthma and my lung function has improved since I've been singing regularly' Jayne joined Aurora in 2015.

email: aurora.chesterfield@gmail.com www.aurora-chorus.org.uk

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What's On 'What's On' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes. If you have an event to list please just give us a call or preferably drop us an email to Paul at paul@s40local.co.uk

OCTOBER Abundance Project is ongoing at this time of year with many fruit trees ready for picking. Please don't let unwanted fruit go to waste - contact either with details of unwanted fruit or offers of help to pick. Polly 07779 111818 or Alison 07776 448486. E: abundance@ transitionchesterfield.org.uk Thu 21: Chesterfield Civic Society AGM and Talk By Philip Riden 'Still campaigning to make Chesterfield a better place to live' at the St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. Doors open 7pm. Members free. Visitors £2.00. Tue 26: Inspire Community Garden AGM. 7pm @ Monkey Park Community Hub (Off Chester street) upstairs or via Zoom. Contact via email info@ inspirecommunitygarden.org.uk Tue 26: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Not Here, Not Anywhere. International Solidarity against Fracking. Speakers from antifracking campaigns around the world. On Zoom. See FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance Wed 27: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Meeting of COP26 Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Alliance 7pm on Zoom. See FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Thu 28: Chesterfield Art Club Exhibition. Grace Chapel, 89 New Square, Chesterfield S40 1PH. 10am to 4pm. Exhibition coincides with the popular 1940s Market. T: Julie 01246 237291. Sat 30: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. 2pm Film Showing Loundsley Green Community Centre. David Attenborough's latest, followed by discussion. See FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Page Page 36 36

NOVEMBER Tue 2: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Monthly meeting – 7pm on Zoom. FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance Wed 3: Chesterfield RSPB Talk. Subject TBA. St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road @7pm. Open to anyone interested in the subject or the RSPB. Contact 01246 201663. Wed 3: Chesterfield and District Family History Society. Dena Fanshawe speaking on “The Road to Ypres.” Online @7:30pm. Details and to register e: secretary@cadfhs.org. Thu 4 to Wed 25: West Studios Exhibition. Local artist Michael Wharmsby. See weststudios.co.uk FB & IG: WestS41 Fri 5: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. November 12noon Fridays for the Future Climate Strike. Details to be confirmed. See FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. Fri 5: Fireworks Event. Chesterfield Borough Council and Chesterfield Football Club have partnered for this event to Stand Road. Gates 4:30pm, 7pm for fireworks and closed by 9pm. Fairground rides and food stalls. Entry £2 per person, parking at the technique Stadium for a £3 donation. Sat 6: The Centenary Poppy Ball. A special ball to mark the Centenary of the Royal British Legion organised by Chesterfield Scarsdale Rotary. The Technique Stadium, Chesterfield, tickets £30 including three course meal, swing music and dancing. T: 07971234022 or E: scarsdalepoppyball@gmail.com Sat 6: Chesterfield Climate Alliance. November 12noon Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. Assemble for march and rally at Town Hall, Rose Hill. Bring your banners! See FB: Chesterfield Climate Alliance Sun 7: Friends of Spital Cemetery Tour. 1pm with special attention to war graves and memorials in the Cemetery. 1pm - General tour starting at the bottom gate. Parking on Spital Lane or near chapels. Donation £5.

Wed 10: Chesterfield RSPB Midweek Trip. Idle Valley Notts wildlife Trust. Meet 9:30am. Call 01246 201663 for details. Thu 11: Annual Remembrance Service 2021. Organised by the Old Cestrefeldians' Trust, at West Studios (the Old Grammar School), Sheffield Road. 10.30am for the service conducted by fellow OC, the Rev. Ron Smith, to remember the 160 former Grammar School boys who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

Thu 11: Book Launch. Philip Riden gives a short talk on his latest work, Chesterfield Grammar School - Roll of Honour 1939 -1945 containing pen portraits of all the men listed on the relevant war memorial plaque. Signed copies £7.50 (incl. p&p) or £5 on the day. 11:30am at West Studios (the Old Grammar School), Sheffield Road. Sun14: A Remembrance Day Service. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. (nr. Serpent Motors) Brampton. 10:45am and observing, with all the nation, the two minute silence at 11:00am. Thu 18: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Pomegranate Theatre @7:30pm. For tickets 01246 345 222 or chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Thu 18: Chesterfield Jazz Club. The grand reopening will showcase 'A Salute to Humphrey Lyttleton' with Chris Hodgkins' ten piece band. Tickets www.ticketsource.co.uk/ wendykirkland. 8pm at The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road. Fri 19: The Tiger who Came to Tea. To Sunday 21 Nov Pomegranate Theatre. Direct from a smash hit West End season. Tickets 01246 345 222 or chesterfieldtheatres. co.uk Sat 20: Charity Christmas Market. 11am to 3pm St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Local produce, handmade cards, crafts, gifts, books, plants, toys & much more! Homemade refreshments served with a smile throughout the day. Please come and join us. Every pound you spend, goes to The Smiles Foundation. Lindsay T: 01246 234696.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

What's On Sat 20: Chesterfield RSPB Weekend Trip. Fairburn Ings. Meet 10am. Meet 9:30am. Call 01246 201663 for details.

Sat 11: Chesterfield RSPB Weekend Trip. Potteric Carr. Meet 10am. Meet 9:30am. Call 01246 201663 for details.

Sun 21: Shoebox Sunday Service. 10:45am @ The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road (nr. Serpent Motors ) Brampton. Working with friends at Rose Hill United Reformed Church to collect packed shoeboxes for children who will have so little this Christmas Please bring your box along to the service or go on-line to Samaritan’s Purse to choose items and send a box.

Sun 12: Friends of Spital Cemetery Tour. 1pm with special attention to Christmas stories. If possible, refreshments also on offer for this one. General tour starting at the bottom gate. Parking on Spital Lane or near chapels. Sensible footwear needed. Donation £5.

Sun 28: Winter Warmer. Join the Friends of Brushfield Park @ the Britannia Inn on Old Road from 2pm. A fun day; Brampton Band, food, Cakes, Creation Station, Face-painting, Santa’s Sleigh. Sun 28: Ed Byrne - If I'm Honest ... Winding Wheel Theatre @8pm. Tickets 01246 345 222 or chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

DECEMBER Wed 1: Chesterfield and District Family History Society. Christmas Social and Quiz. Online @7:30pm. Details and to register e: secretary@ cadfhs.org. Fri 3: Beauty and the Beast Pantomime. To Sunday 2 Jan 2022 Pomegranate Theatre. Starring West End, Pop Star & TV Personality Suzanne Shaw as Belle. Tickets 01246 345 222 or chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk Sat 4 to Thu 23: Santa Special Canal Cruises. A present for all children, adults get a seasonal drink & a mince pie or similar. All fares are £8 - booking essential. John Varley ll from Tapton Lock in Chesterfield on Sat & Sun, 4, 5,11,12,18 & 19 also, Wed 22 & Thu 23. To book 01629 533020. See chesterfield-canaltrust.org.uk for more detail. Mon 6: Chesterfield RSPB Talk. RSPB outings. St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road @7pm. Open to anyone interested in the subject or the RSPB. Contact 01246 201663.

Fri 31: New Year's Eve Party. Winding Wheel Theatre. 5 course dinner, top DJ, a night bubbling with elegance and style. Tickets 01246 345 222 or chesterfieldtheatres. co.uk

REGULAR EVENTS HONEY BELLES LADLES CHOIR Rehearsal at St John's at Walton from the beginning of September. They have been meeting on Zoom all through lockdown until June when they were kindly offered the use of the outdoor covered area at Matlock Farm Park. The donkeys have occasionally joined in! Contact: honeybelleschoir@ gmail.com

MONDAY CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO Face to Face class at Swanwick Memorial Hall, Old Whittingham S41 9JZ. 7:15 to 8:45pm. £7.50 - £8.50 . For details Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

TUESDAY CHESTERFIELD GARLAND DANCERS Starting back 5 October 2021. Methodist Church Hall, Jawbones Hill, Derby Road, S40 2TN from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: enquiry@ chesterfieldgarland.org.uk WEST STUDIOS LIFE DRAWING Classes with John King. First Tuesday. See weststudios.co.uk FB & IG: WestS41

THURSDAY ROBINSONS BOWLING CLUB Sessions now ceased from end October for the winter. Enquiries welcome for sessions restarting April 2022. Information from Marilyn Blackwell on 01246 270039 or marilyn@blackwell1.plus.com FB: @Robinson Bowls Club. THE PILATES STUDIO CHESTERFIELD Classes 9 to 9:50am, 10 to 10:50am & 11 to 11:50am at West Studios, Sheffield Road Chesterfield S41 7LL. T: 0789 1090746 E: rachel@ thepilatesstudiochesterfield.co.uk TRANSITION CHESTERFIELD MONTHLY MEETING 2nd Thursday from 7 to 9:30pm. E: hello@transitionchesterfield.org.uk for venue and more details.

FRIDAY ZUMBA GOLD Perfect for active older adults. Stay active, meet new people, have a coffee and some fun! 10:30am and 11:30am. St Thomas' Centre. £5, please book first class. Contact Adele on 07956 165287. CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO Zoom class only or 7 day recording is also available. 9:30 to 11am. £7.50 - £8.50. For details see Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk KFC (KIDS FRIDAY CLUB) For Primary ages. Every Friday in term time from 6 to 7pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. For details T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org FRIDAY CLUB FOR TEENS For teenagers in school years 7 to 9. 7:15 to 8:15pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. For details T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org THE CHESTERFIELD ART CLUB 2nd & 4th Friday at Walton Peak School from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Work nights, Demonstration & Critiques. Visitors welcome at £5/session. For info call Julie 01246 237291. (Not Aug or Dec).

Wed 8: Chesterfield RSPB Midweek Trip. Orgreave Lakes and nature reserve. Meet 9:30am. Call 01246 201663 for details. Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings. Page Page 38 38

ACTIVITIES DAY CENTRE FOR SENIORS Would you or someone in your family enjoy a small social, support group with tailored activities, nurse-led by highly experienced staff with Dementia care a speciality. Morning, afternoon snacks and two course lunch will all be included for the price of £40 for full the day, with half day options available and a free taster session for all. Activities include: reminiscence, music, games, crafts, art, chair based exercise, dominoes, cards and puzzles and social activities.


Call Alex and Donna for further information: 01246 557799 Hollingwood Community Room • Laburnum Street • Hollingwood • Chesterfield • S43 2JL

Pavements Brickwork Patios Driveways Decking and more!

Do and mestic indu wor strial ks und erta ken

Call us today on 07875 594434

E-mail - info@jetf info@jetfreshpowercleaning.co.uk www.jetfreshpowercleaning.co.uk Please Mention S41 Local

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TRANSITION CHESTERFIELD REPAIR CAFÉ 3rd Saturday of the month (20 Nov & 18 Dec). 10am to 12:30pm. Drop in sessions now starting up again – all types of household repair now available, including woodwork, sewing etc and cafe facilities open while session is being run. E: repairs@ transitionchesterfield. org.uk

FRIENDS OF SPITAL CEMETERY Monthly tours on second Sunday of the month at 1pm starting up again from this month. Ideally pre-book. Tours can be arranged at alternative times if preferred. Contact: spitalcemeterytours@ gmail.com

SUNDAY PETER & ST PAUL OLD BRAMPTON CHURCH Now holding Sunday services in Church again at 9:30am - everyone welcome. For details see www.oldbramptonchurch. org.uk

HOLYMOORSIDE RAINBOW WHIST Sunday: 2nd & 4th Sunday Holymoorside Village Hall @7pm. Other times and venues throughout the month. Contact Sue on 01246 278778 for details.

Tuesday 26 October 10:30am Pumpkin Carving. Limited spaces. £3.50 Booking required. Friday 29th October 7:30pm Music with John Gallagher. Donations to Monkey Park. Friday 5th November 3 to 4pm Childrens Bonfire Crafts. £2.50 per child. Booking required. Friday 12th November 7:30pm Barrie John International Spiritual Medium. £20.00 per ticket. Price includes pie and peas. Saturday 20th November 11am to 2pm Monkey Park Christmas Fayre. Free Event. Stalls, Tombola & Christmas Crafts. Friday 26th November 10:30am to Noon Charity Coffee Morning Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Books, toy sale, raffle. Every Friday in December 2 to 4pm Christmas Afternoon Teas. £9.95 Adults £7.95 Children. Saturday 4th December All day Christmas Crafts for Children. £3.50 per child Saturday 4th December 7:30pm Jazz Night - International Jazz Singer Georgia Brown. £Call

Monkey Park 128A Chester Street Chesterfield S40 1DN www.monkeypark.org.uk 01246 235815




10:30am at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Please see web for details. More information about Zoom and other online services can be found at dnemethodists.org. uk/worship-reflect-learn/ worship-online.html

Saturday 23 October 10:30am Pumpkin Carving. Limited spaces (also Tue 26). £3.50 Booking required.

£45 Any Gardening Work Undertaken • No Job Too Small

Call Steve or Gareth on 0789 187 3820 Or 01246 230493 (evenings) Page Page 40 40

To book email: manager@monkeypark.org.uk


Monkey Park Events

What's On

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Window & Door Repair Specialists

Est. 1982 Chesterfield

• Double Glazing Repairs • Failed Glass Replacement • Locks & Hinge Replacements • Door Repairs • Security Improvements • Free Quotes for all work • All Work Guaranteed Upgrade your security by replacing outdated locks with the latest anti-snap Ultion secure door locks.

M 0772 547 7769

E marklionwindows@gmail.com FB Lion Window repairs www.lionwindowrepairs.com Ashgate, Chesterfield Please Mention S41 Local

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The Happy News



Highfield Hall Primary School in Newbold, have a beautiful refurbished swimming pool and we think that's worth sharing!

Ruby is a member of the Chesterfield and District Athletic club and one of a group of throwers in ‘Jo’s Throw’ group. Ruby competed in the girls under 17 hammer competition at the Derbyshire County Championship competition on Sunday the of 12th September. With an awesome throw of 28.25 metres, she won gold and became the Derbyshire County girls under 17 hammer champion, something she had set as her goal at the beginning of the season. Ruby's mum Anna had this to say

Dr Bywaters, the Headteacher, said

“We’re so lucky to have the pool, but it was beginning to look quite tired and was in need of a lot of work to bring it up to date. It was definitely worth it, and it now looks amazing. All the children from taster sessions in Year 1 and then from Year 2 get to swim every other week, and now we can be as proud of the pool as we are of the children!”

As well as the building work, the school’s swimming teacher, Laura Screen, spent hours of her summer holiday painting the foyer, changing rooms and some of the pool itself to transform the whole building. Rhiannon, Macie, Ellie, Tyrell, Callum, Arlo, Imogen and Luca from Year 6 helped with the grand opening, and were the first pupils to see the new pool. They said,

"Ruby worked really hard for the title. During lockdown she received a grant to purchase her own hammer. She practiced her drills in the garden when the club couldn’t meet and now she trains three times a week and loves it! All whist studying for her GCSE's and now her A levels! Her coach, Joe, is fabulous and gives up so much of his time to coach his athletes and is a real mentor to Ruby." We asked Ruby why she chose the hammer?

“It’s different, it’s fun. There’s something quite calming about having the hammer swinging over your head and I am really happy I won the gold." Well done Ruby, we love to see it!

“It looked nothing like it used to. It was such an improvement. The new platform is so fancy. We can’t wait for our swimming lessons to begin.”

The pool is also used by Chesterfield Swimming Club in the evening, weekends and holidays, (https://www.chesterfieldsc.co.uk/) and Sammy Seals baby and toddler group on Thursdays and holidays (https://www.sammysseals.co.uk/), meaning that the whole community will benefit from the upgrade.

Page 42


LIFEHOUSE CHURCH CHARITY GOLF FUNDRAISER 37 golfers had a bit of fun on a golf course and raised £420 for Lifepoint, a charitable cause organised and ran by Lifehouse Church on Chatsworth Road, Brampton.

The money will be used to support vulnerable people in Chesterfield. Some of it will buy food hampers that are donated to families in Chesterfield through social services. These hampers are a lifeline for families struggling to meet their basic needs and will ensure that children eat during the school holidays when they are unable to access free school meals. Local teacher and social action hero at Lifehouse Church Fritz had this to say. "It was great to see so many returning faithful for our annual charity golf day and plenty of fresh faces as well. This is the largest group we have had together in well over a decade. Big thanks to Dean from JE James Cycles who donates raffle prizes every year and Fame Tate for donating a four ball at Stanedge Golf Club as a prize this year."

"Our world has plenty of needs at the moment, but I am glad we can support people in our town through their tough seasons. It can seem so difficult at times to make a difference in our world on our own, but I am always taken back by how easy it is to make a meaningful impact on our town when folk unite around a common cause or activity. If this event gets any more popular we are going to have to run it over a whole day, or, maybe even several days! Let’s see what we can do together in the future to dignify the hardship and suffering people go through in their lives."

LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER GIVES BACK TO THE NHS Local family man and talented photographer Matt Moore dontaed his time and skills to one lucky NHS frontline worker. We caught up him and he had this to say.

"Last year I decided that I would offer a free wedding photography package to any NHS worker who had worked during the Covid period. I did this for a few reasons; I am a frontline worker and I know the pressure the NHS were under at the time; my sister in law is a nurse at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital and worked directly on the Covid Units. She would tell me of the pressures and upset they were enduring. My Father in law contracted Covid during this period but was lucky to have the NHS to support him and he regained full health."

"After numerous entries the winners were chosen at random. The lucky, or should I say happy couple were Dan and Hannah (Hannah based at the Chestefield Royal Hospital) and their wedding was on the 3rd of September 2021." "It was the perfect day and I am so pleased I was able to be part of it. A big thank you to Dan and Hannah and to everyone at the NHS for all they do." And big thank you to Matt to for this act of kindness. We think you are just awesome!

Please Mention S41 Local

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Garden Tips

AUTUMN GARDENING TIPS Words: Transition Chesterfield Images: Robert Nixon Betts


f you have been organised enough to order barerooted trees or shrubs (local nurseries may have some, although the varieties will be limited), they should be delivered sometime this month. Plant them out as soon as possible – it is essential the roots don't dry out, so if you have to keep them for a few days, wrap them in some old sacking or something similar, and (very important) keep them out of the wind.

Prune established apple and pear trees; this can be done any time between leaf fall and buds bursting but early winter days are more likely to be mild and pleasant. Aim for an open, wine-glass shape, to allow air to circulate and fruit to form where it will receive maximum light.

Many perennials should now be cut down to ground level, although you can leave those with attractive seeds-heads if they’ve not been made tatty by the wind – grasses can be particularly effective for a few more weeks, especially if they get frosted, and seed-heads can attract birds. Lawns may still need occasional mowing; keep them clear of fallen leaves and rake out worm-casts. You can also lightly trim hedges to keep them tidy, but don't overdo it otherwise you'll be looking at bare patches all winter.

Sow over-wintering vegetables – cabbages, broad beans and peas are just some that will grow much faster in spring if they’ve had the chance to develop roots beforehand. Outside containers should be insulated before it gets consistently cold, by wrapping in bubble-wrap. Do this when it’s mild and not frosty, otherwise you’ll just seal in the frost.

Continue to check any bare soil for germinating weeds and deal with them; it's normally easier to get out all of a dandelion root out if the soil is wet. Digging over vegetable patches can be quite pleasant if the weather is good, with the possible added bonus of a robin watching to see if you turn up any worms. But try to avoid walking on wet soil, as this will compact it, then you'll need to dig it again.

If the birds have left you any holly berries which you want for Christmas decorations, protect them with fleece or a loosely fixed bag. If you have birdfeeders, keep them topped up (and provide fresh water as well); encouraging foraging birds, especially tits, will help deal with over-wintering pests and their eggs, as well as being great fun to watch. Mostly the colder months are about planning for next year, looking at catalogues and ordering seeds. No-one can predict what the weather will be like next week, let alone next year, so you'll have to assume it will be a normal summer – if only we knew what that was any more. Page 44

drivers wanted for airport transfers contract and local taxi work No Taxi Licence, no problem We will pay for your licence Full training provided Company cars available Uncapped earnings Flexible working hours Be your own boss

Join the G-Team today New 24hr Taxi Service with Friendly & Helpful Drivers Airport Transfer Service Call today and join Chesterfield’s fastest growing transport service

01246 27 27 27 11 Chatsworth Road | Chesterfield S40 2AJ

Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital Holme Hall Medical Centre The Surgery @ Wheatbridge NHS 111 – when it is less urgent than 999 COVID-19 Test

01246 568 065 01246 277 271 01246 211 435 01246 277 287 111 119

Utility Services

BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

0800 800 151 0800 6783 105 0800 111 999 0800 783 4444


Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport) Galaxy Travel (24 hour taxi service)

0845 748 4950 0871 200 2233 01246 27 27 27


Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

101 01246 209 164 01246 231 010 0800 1111


Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S41 Local

01246 345 345 01629 533 400 01246 345 777 0800 555 111 0345 123 33 33 01629 533190 07716 014002


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Classifieds Article Harris Twead Jacket: £35 Gents Edinburgh Woollen Mill jacket. Men's size 36" regular but fits 38". Worn maybe twice. Excellent condition. T: 07764 801080 (Brookside)

Epsom Printer: £49 ono Workforce WF_2830DWF. Purchased July 2021 for £89-99 + set of cartridges. Used 4/5 times only. T: 07780 826288

Subbuteo Team Edition: £25 Used once, as new. T: 07764 801080 (Brookside)

Fishing Chair: £Free Carp catch. Free to collect. T: 01246 232382

Dyson DC07: £50 Perfect working order, attachments, from a pet free & smoke free home. T: 07743 203586 (Whitecotes)

Dry Stone Walling: £40 Approximately 50 pieces of stone, various sizes. Including 1 large half round coping stone – collect from Ashgate. T: 01246 206154 (Ashgate)

Solid Wood Dining Chair: £40 Glenister of High Wycombe, excl cond, neutral colour chenille. T: 07743 203586 (Whitecotes) TV Stand: £15 Black glass two tier W70 x H40cm. Excl cond. T: 07743 203586 (Whitecotes) Pure Wool Rug: £65 Large (240 x 150cm) pure wool rug mainly red with multi coloured Aztec design. Good cond. From a pet & smoke free home. 240cm x 150cm. T: 07743 203586 (Whitecotes) Antique Brass Light: £20 Acrylic glass drops, ceiling fitting & bulbs. Perfect cond. W36 x D30cm. T: 07743 203586 (Whitecotes) Classical Sheet Music: £Offers 4 boxes of piano music. Offers welcome. Space needed after moving house. T: 01246913979 (after 6 pm) Small Aquarium: £15 10"W x 18"L x 10"H, holds approx. 26 ltrs. comes with Fluval filter & heater. T: 01246 566563 (Holymoorside) Steam Wallpaper Stripper: £15 Boxed, hardly used, 2000w element, 3.7m hose. T: 01246 206091 (Ashgate)

Side Table: £25 Ancient Mariner Mahogany magazine rack/side table: H21" x W10" x L21". T: 01246 566563 (Holymoorside) Wardrobe (1980's style): £15 3 drawers, mirrored cabinet and overhead section. Ideal for a child's bedroom or spare room. T: 01246 279815 (Walton) Aluminium Ladder: £60 Clima 735 - Double extension, domestic duty, 3.5m closed, 6.3m extended. T: 01246 206091 (Ashgate) Wood Loft Bed: £75 Single loft bed John Lewis, metal bed with desk under and seat/pull-out futon. T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate) Computer Desk: £30 Beech effect computer desk, pull-out keyboard & mouse shelves, 70cm D x 118cm W, fair condition, really solid. T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate)

Various: Leaf Shredder unused £6; Lambswool & leather coat, medium £18, Shopping trolley £6, 10 large Terracotta tiles, 10 large marble and 14 small tiles £25; Electric Double Wheel Bench Grinder £15; Set of scales £8. T: 01246 201123 (Walton) Trampoline: £50 6ft Techsport trampoline with safety nets. T: 07922 195427 Table & Chairs: £75 Priory brand dark oak oval drop leaf table & 6 chairs. T: 07922 195427 Telephone Table: £5 Priory brand dark oak telephone table. T: 07922 195427 Wanted: Old Copper Hot Water Cylinder To repurpose T: 07814 831765 Ladders: £40 2 section Aluminium Extending Ladders, 2 x 3.6m, good cond. T: 07887 726715 Trumeter Measuring Wheel: £20 Measures up to 9,999m. Telescopic shaft & carry case, good cond. T: 07887 726715 Table Tennis Table: £Free Full size indoor table free to any community group, as seen, to be collected. Contact Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre. T: 01246 232169 (Storrs Road)

Zanussi ZKG7125 Washer/ Dryer: £60 60cm wide, 85cm high and 63cm deep. Max. spin 1200rpm. Surplus due to house move. T: 01246 930722 (Walton)

Adverts for items (and groups of items) under £200 are free. Adverts for over £200 are £5 which we donate to Ashgate Hospice (picture items donation priced on request). Please contact: E: paul@s40local.co.uk or T: 07764 801080 Page 46


FREE £80 Worth

boiler service with this advert*

Central Heating Bronze Cover

We are seeking qualified Gas Safe Engineers to work with us. Please contact us on the number above if you are interested in being part of one of the fastest growing businesses in the area?

290a Chatsworth Road • Chesterfield S40 2BY 193202


• for new boilers under manufacturers warranty • annual boiler service • unlimited parts & labour on central heating system • hot water, cold water & gas pipework

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Combi swaps from £1595 Boiler upgrades from £2195 Boiler Smart Controls from £275 Central heating systems from £2795 Industry approved power flushing £395 Call us for all central heating repairs

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95h* 4.ont £1per m

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Boiler Only Silver Cover

95* 5.onth £1per m

As Silver Cover plus: • boiler controls & thermostats • replacement radiators • hot water, cold water & gas pipework • central heating pumps • hot water cylinder & header tanks


95* 0.onth £2per m

Comprehensive Gold Cover

*valid for 30 days

Sport Caldwell, then Lester, then Allen, then Sheridan! What did all these managers have in common, except that they all underperformed? The club had a different ethos and set up back then, which frankly wasn't fit for purpose for the long term. And I, like many Spireites, screamed the famous words “Keep the faith!” in blind hope after each new manager was announced, as the club plummeted down the leagues to the eventual relegation to where we are now - the National League. I do however believe these 3 words feel more believable now. Seriously, what else can you ask for from the club than what we have in place now? We cannot win every single game that's for sure but we can and do seem to learn from our limited errors, hence our current league position.


Words & Images: Michael South

Compare the differences from 2015-20 to now. Firstly, the buzz is definitely back.


et's not get bogged down by our first league defeat away against Woking, losing 1-3, or our 2-2 draw against Torquay at home 4 days previous. Yes, we threw away 2 late goals in both games. Yes, we didn't take all the points as expected. But at the time of writing, we are still second in the table, remember that! Who wouldn't have taken being in this position at the start of the season? In fact, by the time this has been published, we could be top again. Let's recap and stay focused on the master plan, our promotion back to the league two of football.

At present, we have played 9, won 5, drew 3 and crucially lost only 1. We still stand second in the National League, just a point behind Dagenham and Redbridge (whom we visit on 30th October). But fundamentally, this is football. I understand the frustration with the last two results and it is natural to feel disheartened with all the positivity we have experienced in the last 12 months on and off the field, with the Community Trust takeover, new gaffer and the new signings, but let's keep the faith. Things are different now. If anything, we are spoilt with the set up at the club. It's finally how it should be and is how many Spireites have dreamt it to be. That, however, may be the problem now. We expect the rewards to return which departed with Paul Cook back in 2015. Let's not jump the gun and get depressed now though. I can't see us being relegated this season, can you? In fact there's more chance of us gaining promotion than being relegated. Remember when Dean Saunders was plonked in charge after Cookie? Then he was replaced with Danny Wilson, later he was swapped with Gary Page 48

Secondly the kop has found its voice again. “We are top of the league!” has even been bellowing out loudly. That's not been heard for years!

Thirdly, we have some cracking players again, who clearly want to play and CAN play football.

Fourthly, and the best of all, a manager who is hungry for the prospect of League 2 football next season. Sat with my camera, pitch side, it gives me goosebumps hearing the chants, including "James Rowes barmy army!" and “James Rowe give us a wave” and my personal favourite, "Wake me up before you go go! Who needs Messi when you’ve got Kabongo!" Epic! Kabongo Tshimanga - the talisman.

We struck gold when we landed Asanti last season, now we have two goal-scoring machines. Okay, Asanti is still out injured but imagine the lineup and the score lines when both are named on the team sheets by James Rowe. The squad will improve even further.

Having only been here since August, signed from Boreham Wood for an undisclosed but an “amazing fee”, (madness to sell him in my opinion but as a Spireite, who am I to moan!?)The 24-yearold has already made his intentions known and has already become the National League's top scorer - bagging nine goals in nine games, including six in his last few starts. Tshimanga has been an instant crowd favourite as the chants prove. On match days though, he is a joy to watch. So, to conclude, let's keep the faith and enjoy the ride as it's showing to be one hell of a season if the first 9 games are anything to go by! COYB's!


Please Mention S41 Local

Page 49

Crossword Fancy £20 just for filling in our crossword? For your chance to win, send in your completed crossword to reach us by Friday 19 November 2021 to S40 Local, Studio 1, West Studios, Sheffield Road S41 7LL or take a photo/scan it & email paul@s40local.co.uk Congratulations to last month's winner Sarah Clarke from Holme Hall. Across





9. Buddhist monk having reached bliss (5) 10. Instrument beloved of the Zimmer man (10) 13. Went of intended (6) 14. Saint disassociates himself from the spittoon for medicine (6) 17. Gin threats are exhausting (10) 21. Dependable for development (5) 22. Delay in the Gateshead Journal (7) 23. Tree affected by the Dutch (3) 24. Steals scenes during shooting (5) 25. Show maturity surrounded by quiet worker (7) Down 1. Hurries along to sink with small buckets (8) 2. Natural cavities in bone eg. sinuses (5) 3. Welsh assistance in cricket dismissal (4,2) 4. In flight one is in exalted company (5) 5. Inn change gives opportunity of improving (9) Page 50




11 12





4. Summer first, then Spring, is nice in America (5)

8. A canal of convenience (7)



1. Cooked me instead (7)

7. A stag may be in the groove (3)





20 21

22 23





Address: Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.

Email: 6. Supporting wood or metal piece (4) 10. Possibly OK to pitch for such an extractor (9) 11. Woman given life jacket to the West (3)

Last month's answers.

12. Impulse in street and in court (8)





15. Sash for Japanese nobility (3)


16. Leave a politician after a short month (6) 18. Natives of Yorkshire and Scottish mongrels (5) 19. Feature goes round a round trap (5) 20. Help - it is a gamble (4)













































































Business Cards Abbeyhill Complete Electrical

Domestic Commercial Industrial

31 Abbeyhill Close Ashgate Chesterfield S41 7JL M: 07447 022 258 A: abbeyace1@gmail.com


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For Funerals Worth Remembering... Heather Peet Celebrant 07807 776 061 www.chesterfieldcelebrant.co.uk

As Fresh As A Daisy

Pram Cleaning & Refurbishment

Choose to reuse... stroll into the future... www.asfreshasadaisypramcleaning.com asfreshasadaisy.prams@gmail.com

07544 765823

MB Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Quality work Competitive prices Free estimates Call Matt on: 07841 389119

Your External Render Specialist T: 01246 277893 E: info@grend.co.uk M: 07549 512516 M: www.grend.co.uk Please Mention S41 Local

Page 51

The Window People are your local Derbyshire Trusted Trader offering High Quality Double Glazing at a fair price.



• Windows & Doors • Soffit & Fascia • Conservatories • Misted Units

• Warm Roofs • Flat Roofs • Repairs • Porches

Call today for a FREE no obligation quote

T: 01246 900 981

E: info@thewindowpeople.co.uk www.thewindowpeople.co.uk Page 52


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