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Issue no. 61 - March 2015

Battle of Chesterfield

Holymoorside Film

Queen’s Park

Kids’ Competition

An account of events from almost 750 years ago and how a small group have big plans to celebrate in 2016.

Meet the local community group who bring local cinema to the village hall through arts funding.

We talk to Cllr Amanda Serjeant to understand why the new centre is so important and how the build is progressing.

Send us your Spring pictures to win a gift voucher and enjoy a spring word search on our new kids’ page.

Your Business, Entertainment and Community Guide for Ashgate, Brampton, Brookside, Holymoorside, Somersall and Walton. Cover photography by Andy Robinson


Welcome to the Spring edition of S40 Local – we’re starting to leave behind the cold and welcome the new shoots of life appearing in the garden. In fact, local photographer, Robert Betts has captured the very essence of the season with this lovely shot of snowdrops emerging form the snow – thank you Robert. At S40 Local we’ve been doing some rejuvenation – we launched our new website last month, if you haven’t checked it out yet don’t forget to have a look at and be sure to subscribe for website updates. We’ve also taken a new approach to our articles, looking for more local interest and discovering new things to share with you – I hope you enjoy the read!

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Other things in this edition - a look back to 1266 and the Battle of Chesterfield (set to be celebrated next year), local authors Cid and Mo and their quest to get kids reading, as well as a look behind the scenes of the Holymoorside Film Society. We introduce our first kids page, sponsored by Pooky, with a chance of winning a £10 Pooky voucher for the under 8’s who send in their pictures of Spring! Enjoy and do get in touch with your thoughts, suggestions and website feedback! Hope the pancakes were good and don’t forget Mother’s Day on 15 March. Paul


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Write to us: S40 Local West Studios Sheffield Road Chesterfield S41 7LL

A huge thank you to Andrew Robinson for the cover photo this month, a really interesting perspective and beautiful photo of the ‘Growth’ sculpture on the Horns Bridge Island. He also went to photograph the Queen’s Park development to show what’s happening behind the fence – it supplements the article updating you on the exciting new developments down there. There has been controversy and negativity about the development, but after an interview with Amanda Serjeant I’m pleased to be living in an area that’s investing in our health and wellbeing, providing leisure facilities with access for all.


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Wall or nothing: The Men of Brampton Words: Nicola Chapman

It’s 1266, King Henry III is on the throne. The people living in Brampton, England are under the rule of King Henry, he’s an unpopular monarch, his foreign policies are expensive and he levies high taxes. He assumed the throne in 1216, aged 9 during the First Baron’s War and 50 years on we’re in the throes of the Second Baron’s War. With one of the last battles happening right here in Chesterfield, between King Henry III and the Baron, Robert de Ferrers, the 6th Earl of Derby. Described in some texts as a minor skirmish, it occurred after the decisive battle of Evesham where Simon de Montfort was killed, and was perhaps more of a mopping up exercise. We’ve pulled together an account from a variety of sources, but most notably a 1771 account by Mr Pegge to give you a taste of this Chesterfield Battle. Extracts from Pegge’s account: The local dignitaries involved in the battle were Baron Baldwin de Wake, in possession, but not in residence at the great Manor of Chesterfield and Robert Earl Ferrers. Robert was powerful in Derbyshire possessing the castle of Tutbury and Bolsover – he was one of the Barons opposed to the King – but after losing at the great battle of Evesham, Robert submitted to the King’s mercy, paid a large fine and was pardoned. This was granted upon condition that if he should at any time transgress he would be totally disinherited and lose his earldom. Robert de Ferrers wasn’t a man of his word and on receipt of his pardon he resumed his former course, neither paying the fine nor regarding the oath.

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In the Survey of Domesday, Cestrefeld, as it was known, is described as a hamlet of Newbold, which was ancient land belonging to the crown. Soon after the compilation of that Survey, the manor of Chesterfield was given to William Peverell. King Henry II seized this after William Peverell f led the kingdom, on account of the murder of the Earl of Chester. King John, in 1204, granted the manor of Chesterfeld, with Brimington and Whittington, and the whole wapentake (administrative area) of Scarsdale, to William Briwere. Isabel, one of the co-heiresses of William Briwere, the younger, brought this manor to Baldwin Wake through marriage. The next spring after Earl Robert had given his oath, a large party of his friends and followers convened at Duffield - the assembled were described as ‘people of no great account’ intent on plundering and ravaging the country. However, there were a lot of them and they were soon joined by malcontents of a more respectable character, Baron Baldwin de Wake amongst them. They took post at Chesterfield. The King, although not present, sent his men against them with great strength and surprised the rebels, falling upon them in their quarters and killing many. It is said that upon attack Robert de Ferrers was suffering gout, he hid in the church under sacks of wool and was given away by a treacherous woman and discovered. He was brought as a prisoner in irons to London where he remained in confinement for three years and in the end lost his lands and likewise his earldom.

Article As for Baron Baldwin de Wake, it is thought he missed the battle, away hunting at the time of the attack. Lucky you might assume, but he was forced to flee and joined other troublemakers where his party committed great outrages. He eventually surrendered and submitted to the King’s mercy, obtaining a pardon. Upon defection he lost the manor of Chesterfield and his lands, but upon his submission these lands were restored to him and continued in his family for some time. It is said that it was truly a surprise attack as many of the barons and knights were out hunting and not present during the battle – taking the opportunity to flee, avoiding the skirmish with the royalists. But it is not the royalists and the barons that hold the main interest, there is a substory and this is one of the ordinary folk, the men of Brampton. These parishioners, it is said, built part of the wall in the church of St Mary’s, and during the battle defended the wall, and the wall only, against the attack. It is believed they had no great axe to grind with either side in the battle but the Men of Brampton marched into town with the purpose of defending the walls of the Church. In Medieval times it was common for people from a specific part of town to both maintain a part of the town wall during peace time and be responsible for manning it during any fighting. It is said that the cost of repairing any damage would have fallen to these same men and that they refused to budge from this spot during the battle. Brampton 750 years ago would not be the Brampton we know of today, it would be the village we know as Old Brampton. And the march to town would have been along the route that is now Saltergate - no 10 minute trip in the car, but a march of some distance, through open countryside, tracks and trails. It occurred on 15 May 1266, Whitsun Eve, with the men joining together to protect the wall.

1266 was 6 years before the death of King Henry III, in 1272. He reigned for 56 years, making him the fourth longest reigning monarch in English history.

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Chesterfield at that time consisted of Newbold, Barlow, Whittington, Tupton, Boythorpe and Eckington. With no Ashgate or New Brampton there’d be little in the way of dwellings on route until they reached Chesterfield town centre, vastly different from the place we today call home. On arriving in town at the market place (Chesterfield having been granted a weekly market by King John, the father of Henry III, just 62 years earlier in 1204), they would continue their march to St Mary’s church (without its crooked spire, which didn’t appear until 1362 (ish)). The King John’s charter, which granted Chesterfield its market, in 1204, also made Chesterfield a free borough, marking its evolution from a village to a town. The group would have consisted of peasants – farmers, farm labourers, maybe a miller from a local mill, cobblers, tanners, tailors etc… and you can only imagine the scene as they reached the town, the noise, crowds, panic, deaths, homes being destroyed in the fighting, waged largely after dark lit only by burning buildings, and the men of Brampton there to defend the walls. Well held, the Men of Brampton.

Commemorative Events

A small group, led by Peter Gray from Brampton, is planning commemorative events to mark the 750th anniversary of the battle of Chesterfield in May 2016. Plans are very sketchy at present but activities in the town centre may include, re-enactments of the events at the church, a hog roast, markets and the group may be calling on the people of all areas, and communities, of Chesterfield to get involved… perhaps a march into town is called for? If you’d like to find out more or you’d like to help plan the events please email info@ And S40 Local will endeavour to keep you posted on their progress.

Award Winning Ales Visit the brewery shop to see our full range of bottled beers plus wines, whiskies, world beers and merchandise.

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Units 4 & 5, Chatsworth Business Park, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 2AR

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may not reflect real driving results. *Under current DVLA regulations there is no charge for Vehicle Excise Duty in the first year of registration and every subsequent year. Vehicle Fueland consumption figuresannually for Fiat rangeandinarempg (l/100km): Urban 49.6 (5.7) – 64.2 (4.4); Extra Urban 65.7 (4.3) – 91.1 (3.1); Excise Duty rates are reviewed by the500 government subject to change. Combined 58.9 (4.8) – 76.3 (3.7). CO2 emissions 113 – 90 g/km. Fuel consumption and CO2 figures based on standard EU tests for comparative purposes

and may not reflect real driving results. *Under current DVLA regulations there is no charge for Vehicle Excise Duty in the first year of registration and every subsequent year. Vehicle Excise Duty rates are reviewed annually by the government and are subject to change.

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Bursting with New Arrivals this February | 01246 807177 1-3 Stephenson Place, Chesterfield, S40 1XL

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What’s On





Spring Programme Friday 27 Feb 7.30pm Belle

History Drama Cert 15 Based on a real story of the mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral raised by her aristocratic great uncle in 18th century England.

Tuesday 10 March 8pm The Book Thief

WW2 Drama Cert. 12A Based on the award-winning best-selling novel by Markus Zusak.

Brampton Food Market

Saturday 7 March 10am to 1.30pm Come along and support local businesses. A great selection of freshly produced food from your favourite local businesses. A monthly event not to be missed.

Friday 27 March 7.30pm About Time

(excluding January and August)

Coffee bar open 10am-2pm

Romance Drama Cert. 12A A Richard Curtis film. Tim can travel in time & tries to get a girlfriend, but it’s not so easy! Membership available & guests welcome. Holymoorside Village Hall, S42 7DX. More details at or Or Tel: Ann 01246 567118 / Carole 01246 861997.

Saturday 14 February

Tuesday 17 February

Chesterfield Canal Trust: Tripboats. The John Varley will do a full day cruise, including lunch at Hollingwood Hub, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Tickets cost £25 and £20 (concessions). Booking essential. T: 01629 533020.

Traditional Pancake Day Races. Taking place in the drive of The Gospel Mission Congregational Church (nr Serpent Motors) beginning at 7pm. Free entry. All ages. Just turn up and register. Teams representing local businesses are welcome. E:

Holymoorside Film Showing - ‘My Fair Lady’. United Reformed Church invite you to the Village Hall Holymoorside. The film commences 1.45 p.m. Price £6 to include afternoon tea. Tickets available from B Turner (566109) and J Bramley (569025).

First Saturday of every month

Thursday 19 February Chesterfield Photographic Society: Four prints of different disciplines Non members always welcome, free entry. The Society meets weekly during the winter in the Lecture Theatre of Chesterfield Library at 7:30pm. T: 01246 567138.

St Thomas’ Centre Behind St Thomas’ Church Chatsworth Road Brampton S40 3AW

Tea Dance at The Fairplay Centre. Join us for tea, cake and music, 1-3pm, £3 entry fee. Parking at Mecca Bingo - charges apply. W: T: 01246 203963.

Friday 20 February Twin Oaks Hotel - Networking Mummies Derbyshire. 10-12noon FREE Networking event. Search for Networking Mummies Derbyshire on Facebook. This is a quiet bar, not a hired space so please confirm attendance with Ruth. T: 07557 386321 W:

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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What’s On Friday 20 February

Thursday 26 February

Saturday 7 March

Holymoorside and District History Society: AGM 7.30pm at Holymoorside Village Hall, cost £2 incl refreshments. Entry by ticket only. T: 01246 568101 W: www.

Chesterfield Photographic Society: Auction. Non members always welcome free entry. (CPS meet weekly, see 19 Feb) T: 01246 567138

Brampton Food Market 10am to 1.30pm at St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Rd, S40 3AW. T: 01246 279916 or email W:

Saturday 21 February Beetle Drive with Pea & Pie Supper. 7pm at Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre: Part of our 115th Church Anniversary Weekend Celebrations. All welcome. Tickets £6 (adults) £4 children (under 11) T: 01246 232169

Sunday 22 February Storrs Road Methodist Church Services celebrating our 115th Church Anniversary. All welcome: 10:45 am Worship 4 All service led by our minister Rev. Tracey Harris: 6.15 pm Church Anniversary Worship led by Mr. George Lewis.

Monday 23 Februrary Brampton Living History – ‘Millstones on the Moors’ Speaker: David Hey, Author of several historical books. Cost £2. Meet at 7:30pm, St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton.

Tuesday 24 February Hardwick Probus Club (Chesterfield): Speaker Mike Storr. ‘Comedians’ Meet at The Old House Loundsley Green at 10am. Contact Paul Broadhead. T: 01246 567278/07912 258674 E:

Wednesday 4 March Holymoorside Horticultural Society: Dr Peter Cooke. ‘Gardens of South Africa.’ United Reformed Church meeting room, Holymoorside at 8pm. T: 01246 568000 (Peter) / 01246 569059 (Trevor)

Thursday 5 March Chesterfield Photographic Society: Lecture “Ethiopia – Landscape, Wildlife & History” By Paul Bingham from Derby. Non members always welcome - free entry. (CPS meet weekly, see 19 Feb) T: 01246 567138. Chesterfield Embroiderer’s Guild: A Practical Workshop 7-9pm, The Saints Parish Centre, Chesterfield S41 7TJ. T: 01246 275177.

Friday 6 March Networking Mummies Derbyshire: Social Media Workshop Become social media savvy and get your business noticed. 10am12pm at the Fairplay Centre. £10. T: 07557386321 E: derbyshire@

Barn Dance 7pm Lounsley Green Community Centre with the Brampton Community Band: Chip supper included. Bring your own drinks. Tickets from Paul. T: 07753 605272.

Monday 9 March Chesterfield Diabetes Group ‘Getting the most from your Diabetes consultation’ Speaker: Beth Cooper & Michelle Denyer, Community Diabetes Nurses. 7:30pm, at The Education Centre, Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Tuesday 10 March Derbyshire Wildlife Trust 7.30pm at the Annunciation Church Parish Centre, Spencer St, Chesterfield, S40 4SD. Talks monthly. £2.50 incl. refreshments; U16s free. Everyone welcome. T: 01246 236930 (Angie) Civic Society Meeting – A talk by Peter Barber, Chesterfield Mural Artist 7:30pm, Eyre Chapel. T: 01246 566509 (Yvonne)

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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What’s On Thursday 12 March

Saturday 21 March

Thursday 26 March

Chesterfield Evening Townswomen AGM 7pm in the Friends’ Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road (please note new venue). T: 01246 455110

Spring Craft Fair Hand crafted gifts/shabby chic/ vintage/cakes/bags/children’s gifts/ cards/jewellery/tombola and much more. Free Admission. 10am-3pm. St Thomas’ Church and Centre. St Thomas’ Coffee bar will be open. T: 07540 407890 (Linda) E:

Chesterfield Photographic Society: Lecture “Realm of the Vikings” By our own Jonathan Ratnage. Non members always welcome free entry - weekly, see 19 Feb. T: 01246 567138

Chesterfield Photographic Society: Image Appreciation. Non members always welcome free entry - weekly, see 19 Feb. T: 01246 567138

Friday 13 March Table Tennis Tournament. Open to all abilities. Begins 7.00pm at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. (nr. Serpent Motors). Entry fee: £2. To Register Email:

Sunday 15 March Mothering Sunday Family Service The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. 10.45am. All age event led by The Revd. James Dickinson and there will be gifts for all the ladies present. Worship for All with Hilary Lyndon. 10:45am start but Worship Group will be singing from 10.30am at Storrs Road Methodist Church.

Thursday 19 March Chesterfield Photographic Society: Competition “Decisive moments” Print Open digital judged by David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP, BP3*. Non-members welcome, free entry - weekly, see 19 Feb. T: 01246 567138. Tea Dance at The Fairplay Centre Join us for tea, cake and music, 1-3pm, £3 entry fee. Car Parking at Mecca Bingo - charges apply. W: T: 01246 203963.

Spring Fayre The Gospel Mission Congregational Church. 2pm. Prepare for Easter as you visit the Easter themed stalls, make yourself an Easter Bonnet and join in the Grand Easter Parade. Prizes for the best Easter outfit. The Café Fayre is open all afternoon. Boythorpe Bowls Club Green Opening New members are offered a 50% reduction in joining fees. Tuition given to new players. T: 01246 236336

Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society: ‘SPRING INTO SONG’ Hasland Village Hall, Eastwood Park at 7:30pm. Tickets £7 from Chesterfield Tourist Info Office. T: 01246 418887

Saturday 28 March Coffee Morning at Holymoorside Village Hall 10am to Midday. In aid of Lifeboat Charity. Tombola, books, raffle, cake stall plus other stalls. T: 01246 566084. Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society: ‘SPRING INTO SONG’. St John’s Church, Walton 7.30pm. Tickets £7 available from Chesterfield Tourist Information Office. T: 01246 418887.

Tuesday 24 March Hardwick Probus Club (Chesterfield): Speaker Peter Kennet ‘The Vulcan Project - An Update’. The Old House Loundsley Green, 10am. T: 01246 567278 / 07912 258674 E:

Sunday 29 March The Old Road Palm Sunday Procession. Begins at the junction of Old Rd. and Old Hall Rd. at 10.45am and finishes at The Gospel Mission, Congregational Church. Join in or just come out to watch. Refreshments afterwards.

The Drawing Room Spring 2015 Courses

Based in West Studios on Sheffield Road, The Drawing Room offers a number of Daytime, Evening & Weekend Life Drawing courses & Clubs.

Friday 20 March Holymoorside & District History Society: “Hardwick Hall” by Denise Edwards 7.30pm Holymoorside Village Hall, cost £2 including refreshments. All welcome. www. T: 01246 568101.

Friday 27 March

Tel: 07901 873 636 West Studios Sheffield Road S41 7LL

Featuring sessions for both the experienced artist, and complete beginners, there’s something for everyone. Visit the website, or get in touch for more information.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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What’s On Monday 30 March

Friday 3 April

Brampton Living History: ‘My Memoirs as a Derbyshire Farrier’. Speaker: Mr Bradbury. A talk that will take you to the other side of the globe – literally. £2. 7:30pm, St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton.

‘The Last Hour’ A dramatic reminder of the last hour of Christ’s life, in words and music. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road at 2pm.

Wednesday 1 April

Brampton Food Market 10am to 1.30pm at St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Rd, S40 3AW. T: 01246 279916. E: admin@, W: www.

Holymoorside Horticultural Society: AGM. United Reformed Church meeting room, Holymoorside. 7.30 pm. T: 01246 568000 (Peter) / 01246 569059 (Trevor)

Thursday 2 April Chesterfield Photographic Society: A show by Matlock Camera Club. Non members always welcome free entry. (CPS meet weekly, see 19 Feb) T: 01246 567138. Chesterfield Embroiderer’s Guild: “Myanmar”, a talk by Barbara Meake. The Saints Parish Centre, 7-9pm. Chesterfield S41 7TJ (on St Marys Gate) T: 01246 275177

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Saturday 4 April

Easter Craft and Activity Morning. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. Join us between 11am and 12.30pm and help to create colourful displays that tell the Easter story. Ideal for children 4-11. All ages welcome. Refreshments. Holymoorside Horticultural Society: 2015 Open Spring Show. Holymoorside Village Hall 2.30 – 4.30pm (Staging from 10am). Daffodils, Spring Flowers, Floral Art, Children’s Classes and Homecraft. Schedules from the Holymoorside Village Shop. T: 01246 568000 (Peter) / 01246 569059 (Trevor)

Holymoorside Bowling Club: Family Bowling For boys & girls, Mums & Dads, in fact any young people of any age. Starts 10:30am at the Holymoorside Bowling Club, off Holymoor Road. Just turn up with flat soled shoes and suitable clothing for the day. All equipment and refreshments provided. For details T: John 01246 569585 or Ernie 01246 568324.

Sunday 5 April

Easter Morning Breakfast and Communion. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. 9.30am. Easter Morning Celebration. Begins outside The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. (nr Serpent Motors ) at 11am. All are then welcome to join the Easter Procession into church to see the empty tomb. Lively celebration, suitable for all the family. Includes craft activities for the children.

Thursday 9 April

Chesterfield Photographic Society: Group work Groups to show their work. Non members always welcome - free entry. Weekly, see 19 Feb. T: 01246 567138.

Winding Wheel

Pomegranate Theatre

17 Feb 18 Feb 21 Feb 25 Feb 26 Feb 27 Feb 28 Feb 4 Mar 8 Mar 10 Mar 11 Mar 13 Mar 14 Mar 15 Mar 18 Mar 19 Mar 20 Mar 21 Mar 25 Mar 25 Mar 26 Mar 27 Mar 28 Mar

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Magical Mozart by Candlelight Talk: The Great Sheffield Deer Park Rock n Roll Paradise Talk: A Taste of Cornwall Spotlight Comedy Club Paul Carrack Joe McElderry Talk: A world of Birds Sex in Suburbia Stewart Lee: A Room With a Stew Talk: To the Ends of the Earth Music: Roy Orbison and Friends Ken Dodd: Celebration of Happiness Show A Night of Stars Talk: Spinners of Fortune The Houghton Weavers Richard Herring: Lord of the Dance Settee Essence of Ireland Eddi Reader & Band Talk: Revelations from Creswell Crags Spotlight Comedy Club T.Rextasy Modern Jive Freestyle Ball

Pomegranate Theatre Corporation Street Chesterfield S41 7TX

Winding Wheel Holywell Street Chesterfield S41 7SA

Page 16

Rigoletto My Dog’s Got No Nose The Chuckle Brothers: The Chuckles of Oz And Then There Were None Talk: Pomegranate Playwrights on Tour Chinese New year Extravaganza Sleeping Beauty ENO: La Traviata - Live Satellite Broadcast (12A) NT Live: Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Live Satellite Broadcast (15) RSC: Love’s Labour’s Won (12A) Milkshake Live: Party Party Jazz: The Steel City Syncopators Royal Ballet Live: Swan Lake - Live Satellite Broadcast (12A) Bleak House Cats Jurassic Adventures

Pomegranate Screenings include: A Most Violent Year (15) • Big Hero Six (PG) • Birdman (15) • Selma (12A) St Vincent (12A) • Still the Enemy Within (15) • Testament of Youth (12A) The Foxcatcher (15) • The Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies (12A) • The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG) • Tinkerbell & The Legend of the Neverbeast (U) • Trash (15) • Whiplash (15) • Wild (15)

Box Office: 01246 345 222 email:

Please check with box office for times. NOTE: Tthe box office for both venues has moved to the Visitor Information building in Rykneld Square. Please check before attending any event. S40 Local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Walton Fish & Chips

• Traditional Fish & Chips • Kid’s Meals with drink & toy • Greek food including: ◦ Chargrilled Kebabs & Burgers ◦ Souvlaki Kebabs ◦ Moussaka ◦ Kleftico Lamb ◦ Greek Chicken Casserole ◦ Mediterranean Vegetables

5 Breckland Road, Moorland Shopping Centre, Walton, Chesterfield S40 3LJ

OPENING TIMES Monday: 5 - 9pm Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 2pm & 5 - 9pm Sunday: Closed rvonClose

Caerna Walton lical Evange Church


Fish and Chips

iew dV ad






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Telephone Orders Welcome! Free Customer Car Park!

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Tel: 01246 563914

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Brampton Therapy Centre

349 Chatsworth Road Brampton, S40 2BZ

Sports Massage Reflexology Hypnotherapy



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Main Benefits Landlord’s Insurance “When two of our business policies wereof ready for renewal we approached Penk Insurance for quotes. They were • Cover available for unoccupied 2nd one properties effective in securing deals properties, on both policies, provingand even holiday out homes cheaper and the second pointing areas where we were Annual and short termI’m cover available not correctly insured, so•although we paid more • Optional Loss of Rent Cover confident we are now appropriately covered.” • Landlord Contents Cover available Paul Chapman • Accidental Damage Extension available S40 Local.


TEL: 01246 55 88 44 or visit our office @

49-53 Chatsworth Road • Brampton • Chesterfield • Derbyshire • S40 2AL Penk Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Reading Allowed. Encouraging and celebrating reading for pleasure. Words: Nicola Chapman “Reading for pleasure is a more important determinant of a child’s future success than their family’s socio economic status” quotes the Department for Education.

And in support of reading, World Book Day on Thursday 5 March will celebrate authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) reading! Now in its 18th year and marked across the world, children of all ages will come together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily.

The project recognises that, to engage children, reading needs to be fun. It embraces the power of reading stories aloud to inspire children to read for themselves. The Headteacher at St John Fisher Primary, Sheffield was clearly impressed “It was a breakthrough. Without exception the children enjoyed the initiative and felt that they had developed greater confidence and a more positive attitude towards reading.” At the sessions Cid and Mo entertain the children with a story especially written for the occasion - The Janksters and the Creator of Magic! Lots of dressing up, superheros and dancing penguins!!

Reading stories to children is the ADVERT for reading. Books are intended to be FUN! If we read aloud, children will enjoy the experience and recognise this. Then, hopefully, they will read for pleasure themselves! By investing time in reading to children you invest in their future and

Local schools are getting involved and holding their own book celebrations and two inspirational local authors Cid and Mo, are holding their Reading Allowed workshops during the week.

We introduced you to Cid and Mo in the Winter 2014 edition of S40 Local. They are local authors and book champions whose quest is to capture the interest of young readers, particularly boys through their workshops for schools, clubs and societies and their Janksters books, which bridge the reading gap for six to ten year old boys. They will deliver their reading for pleasure project, Reading Allowed, to the children of Spire Juniors, Whitecotes Primary and William Rhodes Primary schools during World Book Week, on Monday 2 March.

Reading Allowed is a project set up to promote reading for pleasure and help address the problems of poor literacy skills. 15% of the working age population in England are at or below the level of literacy expected of an 11 year old. This means that 5.1 million people in the UK are unable to read a document such as a child’s school report. Page 20

• Role model reading as a fun activity • Improve their vocabulary • Help with their writing – sentence structure, grammar etc • Transport them to new places • Develop empathy • Encourage understanding of different cultures • Help to develop relationships and bonds with the reader • Promote reading for pleasure

So grab a book today and start reading aloud. Cid and Mo release their new book on 1 March - The Janksters and the Pesky Parrot! available on Amazon.

The pair are keen to support local schools, and if you’re interested they are offering a cost reduction to Derbyshire Primaries who book Reading Allowed for the next academic year.

To find out more please contact them on 07791 511740 or email: cidandmo@hotmail.

Choose Libby’s for your perfect Mother’s Day gift... ...Then come and join us in the cafe for one of our culinary delights.


The Store With More

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t: 01246 554562

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Holymoorside Film Words Paul Chapman Pictures Holymoorside Film


ith sophisticated home entertainment systems becoming more affordable and vast banks of films available for people to download or stream, you don’t have to leave your front room to watch a movie. However the members of Holymoorside Film will tell you that a cinema experience is more than just about the film. I talked recently to Ann Grinbergs, chair of Holymoorside and Walton Arts Festival Society - the film group is organised under the society’s umbrella. She told me “We enjoy sharing the performance together – there’s a real sense of friendship and community”. With around 70 members Holymoorside Film is in its 10th year and thriving. On the second Tuesday and 4th Friday of each month, Holymoorside Village Hall is transformed into a community cinema. Ann explained “the 4th Friday films are lighthearted and feel-good, starting at 7.30pm and followed by tea or coffee and biscuits. Midweek Movies, on Tuesdays, start a little later at 8.00pm and are slightly more challenging – including historical or real life dramas and occasional foreign language movies. We provide a glass of wine and nibbles before the film and people arrive early for a chat with friends.

Page 24

“Before each film we give a short presentation to give some background. People are interested to know about the actors, filming locations and snippets of film trivia.”

“To give you a feel for the types of films we screen, on a Tuesday recently we showed ‘Shadowlands’ our homage to director Richard Attenborough, while our 4th Friday Film was ‘Frozen’ and despite the weather over 30 people turned up, including two little girls dressed as Princess Anna. Our largest turnout was for ‘My Week with Marilyn’ when we had 73 in the audience. Other favourites have been ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’, ‘Made in Dagenham’ and ‘Les Choristes’ – a delightful subtitled French language film about a boys’ school choir. We’ve worked out that our average attendance is 36.” “Most members live in Holymoorside or Walton, but some are from further afield, including Wingerworth, Newbold and Ashover. People like that we are on the doorstep, and most are happier in the cosy environment of the village hall, preferring it to the hustle and bustle of large cinema chains.”

I was curious about how the licensing works, as the DVD’s I watch at home say I can’t show them publicly. “This is why we must operate with a membership. Although occasional

visitors are welcome we encourage people to join. Without membership we simply couldn’t exist. This is not about our costs – we are run by volunteers and are non-profit-making – but about the obligations of our screening licences.”

with friends and perhaps seeing a film on a large screen for the first time. The team of volunteers makes everyone feel welcome. They do a great job.”

Holymoorside Film began in 2006, when the Arts Festival Society was invited to be part of a Derbyshire County Council Arts subsidised initiative to establish cinema in rural locations, using hired equipment. Ann explained “as the project was so popular, when the trial ended, we decided to apply for arts grant funding for the purchase of our own projector and 3 metre screen, which were installed in the village hall by kind permission of Holymoorside and Walton Parish Council.”

What’s Ann’s favourite film and why? “I’ve just been to the cinema to see ‘The Theory of Everything’, the story of Stephen Hawkins, which was incredible. I know there has been a lot in the press recently but it really is that good. I completely forgot I was watching actors. Human interest films are my favourites. Wellmade British films can’t be bettered, we have a world class acting community - Maggie Smith in ‘The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie’ – we showed that recently - wonderful.”

To comply, there is a membership scheme with annual subscriptions usually payable in March for the new programme starting in September. There are two programmes – with a choice of midweek or 4th Friday membership – though many members join both. Single programme members can see 7 films for £20 or joining both will offer 13 films for £35.

How do you choose the films? “We consult members and suggest titles. We spend a lot of time researching on the International Movie Database. The IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content” explains Ann. “I’m proud to say that in the ten years, we’ve screened 110 films and the carefully selected titles mean we’ve never had to cancel a screening due to poor turnout”.

A loyal group of volunteers support with setting up the equipment, projection duties, film selection, front of house, membership administration and publicity and, very importantly, serving our complimentary refreshments on film nights!

Ann was keen to point out that Holymoorside Film is inclusive and friendly, it is open to all and there’s room for new members and for helpers. Members also enjoy discounts on local arts festival events which can be seen at

“The evenings are about more than just the film” says Ann, “people also enjoy the opportunity to meet neighbours, friends and new people. Often some have seen the film before, but it’s a different experience watching


Fri 27 February: ‘Belle’ the true story of the mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral, raised by her aristocratic great-uncle, the 1st Early of Mansfield, in 18th century England.

If the idea of a glass of wine and a movie on a Tuesday or a Friday night film with tea and chat appeals to you, give Ann and the film team a call on 01246 567118 / 861997.

Tue 19 March: ‘The Book Thief’ in World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. In the basement of her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents.

The Film Team responsible for hospitality and screening are (from left to right in the pic) Joan Holmes, Joan Hatchman, Ann Grinbergs, Carole Rainbird, Barbara Meeke, Robert Meeke and Paul Grinbergs.

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d p yinstallation

Denise and Stephen at Holymoorside

from this...


... to this

d a v i d 0 7 9 6 6

4 2 6 4 6 6

p y a t t •

c h e s t e r f i e l d

d e s i g n

w w w . d a v i d p y a t t . c o . u k

You’ve been noticed in print. Now make sure your customers can find you online.

Upgrade your business directory listing, £25 Silver and £95 Platinum.

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A wealth of expertise on your doorstep We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Investment planning

• Retirement planning

• Inheritance Tax planning

For further details contact Peter Boardman on:

Tel: 01246 559616 Email:


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Article Advertorial

Harry’s handwriting was so bad it could have given a drunken spider with 5 legs a run for its money! Sound familiar? Is it bad eye-hand coordination or does it mask another problem? Jo Linthwaite @ Kip McGrath

Harry had been struggling with English throughout junior school years but managed to disguise his weaknesses through coping mechanisms such as bad handwriting, help from friends, answering comprehension questions by quoting chunks of the text and hoping for the best! Now in year 10 he was a predicted grade E in English, despite his ability in reading. He had good ideas but found it really difficult to get them down on paper and being also weak in spelling and punctuation made it all worse. Harry really didn’t know where to start and any reference to different writing ‘styles’ for GCSE coursework left him floundering. Luckily Jo knew where to start! She designed an individual learning plan covering spelling, punctuation and

handwriting. As his confidence in these basics grew so did his ability to tackle descriptive and persuasive pieces. He could tackle GCSE questions and after a couple of months he got positive feedback not just from his English teacher but also his History and Geography teachers too. What a bonus! So how is Harry doing now? He has just had his latest English controlled assessment and the result? A magnificent B! So another triumph for a Kip student and a well-deserved cup of tea for Jo!! It is all in a day’s work for the tutors at Kip, but it makes a massive difference to the future lives of their students. Suddenly further education and career choices become a real possibility.

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.



01246 220224



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Call today for a FREE assessment


M ot h e r’s D ay - 15t h M a rc h e! sm il C a ll u s a n d m a ke y o u r M u m 10a m to 3pm * S DAY pic k up… OPE N ON MO TH ER’ *De live ry ava ilab le, cal l in to

Bouquets, Hand Tieds, Baskets ready or made to order. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Funeral Flowers & any other special occasion. Delivery Service Local & National.

Tel: 01246 559825 Rachel Tomlinson 19 West Bars, Chesterfield, S40 1AG



Queen’s Park: 2016

We talk to Amanda Serjeant from CBC about Chesterfield’s new Sports Centre due to open its doors early in 2016. Words: Nicola Chapman Images: Chesterfield Borough Council & Andrew Robinson With headlines like ‘UK among worst in Western Europe for level of overweight and obese people’ and ‘Obesity quadruples to nearly one billion in developing world’ we can see why encouraging participation in Sport and Leisure is important. And for Chesterfield this has an added importance as research shows less people in the town are engaging in sport and leisure than the national average. It’s on this basis that the council committed to investing in a new Queen’s Park Sports Centre. Amanda Serjeant (Executive Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism at Chesterfield Borough Council) explained “the provision of sport and leisure facilities Page 30

is not a mandatory requirement for councils and as budgets have got tighter many councils targeted this area to be cut. But based on the figures we’ve seen about Chesterfield’s activity levels, we didn’t believe this was the right approach. We also decided to keep the facility under council management and control. The aim is to provide access to sport and leisure facilities for as many people as possible, and with council control we can ensure more people have access to the facility by maintaining the option to ‘pay as you go’”. Regular users of the facilities will be aware of the problems at Queen’s Park, the run down changing rooms, missing tiles and cubicle curtains, chewed locker bracelets and a strange unpleasant smell, to name but a few.

Amanda explained “Most people agree that Queen’s Park Sport Centre is out of date and not fit for purpose. It wasn’t built as a leisure centre, it was built in the 60s as a swimming pool. In the 80s the dry side courts and the learner pool were added – that’s why there’s so many corridors, why the learner pool is separate from the main pool and the changing rooms sometimes

smell of drains. The original plumbing just wasn’t built to cope with the additional load we’ve added over the years.” “One of the reasons we opted for a new build, was that just to update the plumbing alone would cost over £1 million, it’s much more cost effective to build new”. And cost has been a major factor throughout.

“The current facility costs the council (and council tax payers) £1.2 million per year in subsidies, that is money we could spend elsewhere on services to support the town. We want to make sure we offer best value and the new facility has enabled cost efficiency measures to be built in. The current swimming pool has a high ceiling and is surrounded by glass, this makes it difficult to heat and the temperature difficult to regulate. Having the learner pool separate from the main pool means it is out of the line of sight, making it difficult for parents to watch their children and impossible for life-guards to monitor both pools, so it needs twice the number of life guards. The number of corridors and the layout of the changing rooms make it difficult and time consuming to clean and

the current facilities are not as accessible as we’d like them to be for people with disabilities”.

The planning of this project started over four years ago, working as equal partners with Chesterfield College.  A plan had been developed based on the available budget which would see a 6 lane swimming pool, 6 court sports hall and gym along with other sporting facilities. However, in September last year a grant application to Sport England resulted in a welcome windfall for the project - having bid for between £1million and £2million, the project was granted the maximum grant of £2million, enabling the project to expand the scope and provide even bigger and better facilities - increasing from 6 lanes to 8 lanes in the swimming pool and 6 courts to 8 courts dry side. The plan has always been to collaborate with Chesterfield College, “between the ages of 15 to 25 many people turn away from sport and leisure, so the collaboration was really important, but it also provided an essential funding stream. Before we agreed to the shared approach the

Continued Please mention S40 Local · Page 31

Article centre usage was reviewed and between the hours of 9am and 5pm many of the facilities were not in use. It’s a waste of money to manage and heat an empty facility and we saw an opportunity for the college to make use of the space. So during college hours the students enrolled on the sport and leisure courses will use the facilities for training and learning.” It’s perhaps worth underlining at this point that the college use will be by students studying sport; these students are already using the Queen’s Park centre during daytime and term time. The existing generic sports facilities will still remain at the college campus for general use. The injection of capital from Sport England means additional facilities will be available and provide a better balance of the shared space, it will be open and fully accessible to the public at all times and there will be ample space for the students alongside.      

Continued Page 32

The current Queen’s Park Sports Centre will remain open until the new centre is ready for the transition of services in early 2016; this in itself is a major benefit to the town. During many projects of this scale the public would lose access to the facility during refurbishment, which won’t happen here. In fact the council’s Sport and Leisure Manager, Mick Blythe is committed to improving the current offering and boosting membership, so that when the new centre opens it can transfer a strong programme of activities in the facilities and start to support the centre with funding as soon as possible. We’ve reintroduced the midwife sessions at the centre, increased the number of sports and fitness classes offered and we’re enjoying the highest number of direct debit members ever.” The £11.25 million centre is being paid for by £6.725 million from Chesterfield Borough Council, £2 million from Sport

PEACOCK INN 412 Chatsworth Road

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A W a rm , Fr ie n d ly At m os p h er e a w a it s y ou

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Peacock Eve n

ts 27 F eb H ea ve n s H ig h w ay 13 M ar Ta n ya A de le 27 M ar A n dy Jo n es

01246 275115

Open: 7 days Midday to Midnight HAPPY HOUR: Mon to Sat 2 to 7pm! Find us on Facebook

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Article England’s Strategic Facilities Fund, £25,000 from Squash England and £2.5 million from Chesterfield College, as part of a dual use agreement. Flexible, accessible and efficient - the new facilities and spaces will provide multiple options – moving walls and floors extend the use of the spaces, portable facilities, training rooms that can be used for classes, teaching and meeting rooms. Morgan Sindall, who also built the Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock, commenced work in September 2014.

The frame of the structure is out of the ground and in the next few weeks an on-site education centre for schools and young people will be opened – aimed at teaching them about the ecology, construction, sport and engineering work that goes in to a project like this and to inspire pupils to want to use the centre in he future. The building is due to open early 2016 and there still remains a public consultation to consider plans for the old site.

I use the facilities at Queen’s Park maybe once a week and with the changes hopefully I’ll be there more regularly.

Image: Andrew Robinson Page 34

Facilities will include: • An eight lane main swimming pool with spectator seating • A learner pool with moveable floor and children’s fun water features • An eight court sports hall with spectator seating • 80 station gym • Two glass back squash courts with moveable wall • Three training rooms • Freedom climbing • Village changing facilities with individual, disabled and family cubicles for swimmers • Changing facilities for other sports or activities • Activity studio space with portable crèche • Café and social space • Midwifery centre • Car parking for approximately 150 cars.

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Article Business Article

A 1st Class Opportunity Lucy Reeve joins the team at 1st Class Kitchens Words: Paul Chapman Pictures: 1st Class Kitchens

When Lucy Reeve walked into the 1st Class Kitchens showroom on Derby Road, she went in hoping to add some storage to their existing kitchen - little did she know she’d walk out with a new job. Lucy explained “I recently moved from Northamptonshire to be with my partner and we needed to rearrange the storage so I could fit all my stuff in. Our kitchen was supplied and fitted by 1st Class Kitchens so we popped down to order some new units. Helen and I

Page 36

were chatting and I asked if they knew of any vacancies locally for kitchen designers, and I was offered the job on the spot!”

1st Class Kitchens Ltd is owned and run by husband and wife team, Dave and Helen Oxley. Their second showroom in Walton at 139 Moorland View Road recently celebrated its 1st anniversary and they were considering extending the opening times at the showroom, so they offered Lucy a job. Lucy’s background is in kitchen and bathroom

design and for the last 10 years she’s been working with a number of businesses, from large retail chains to the smaller independent stores. “I much prefer working for the smaller bespoke business. I get the chance to see jobs through from beginning to end - greeting the customer, listening to requirements, surveying kitchens, suggesting design solutions which we walk through on computer screens and being involved in the final project management and delivery” explains Lucy. “People’s requirements are never the same, even in the same household” she adds, “I often feel a bit like a referee as couples consider solutions that are poles apart. Part of the enjoyment of the job for me is selecting products and designing a solution that keeps everyone happy. There may have to be a compromise here and there but I’ve not been beaten yet!” Lucy is settling in very quickly. “I’ve only been at the showroom for seven weeks but I’m finding my way around things. I love design, I soak up all the TV shows, Grand Designs, George Clarke etc and I take great inspiration from visits to design shows. I really enjoy attending the Grand Design show each year, there is so much to see and it’s exciting to bring those inspirations back with you.”

I asked Helen about the world of kitchens and how long projects are taking at the moment. “Projects are typically taking about six weeks but obviously this depends on design iterations. People can take a long time to get to the final solution but once we have an agreed design things happen quite quickly.”

“We are also about to embark on an update to the showroom at Walton so we’ll have some new displays in soon to give people new ideas and a bit of inspiration.

“One thing we’re seeing is a change in kitchen technology. The latest developments aren’t necessarily new products, but with the expensive cost of energy, energy efficiency is often at the top of people’s priority list. A++ rated appliances save energy in a number of ways, ovens are more thermally efficient, they warm up faster and hold the heat better, dishwashers use less water by recycling it, typically using 6 litres for a wash and not 12. Fridges and freezers are better insulated, this means you can now plan your fridge and oven side by side in your design if that’s right for you. “The bestselling appliances today are simple energy saving products, taps that provide instant boiling water in the exact quantity needed are really popular, as are waste disposals, as they reduce the amount of food waste in the house. There’s also a big increase in LED lighting. In fact all the lighting solutions we now provide are LED, and they operate at a fraction of the cost of the halogen down lighters.” So one last word from Lucy on the area that’s now home? “It’s great living so close to the Peak District, I’m in Brampton and the flexibility offered by this job allows me, my partner and my dog Penny the chance to explore everything the area has to offer. It’s so different to Northamptonshire which is very flat by comparison.” If you’re looking to update your kitchen, office or bedroom the Walton showroom now has extended opening hours from Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 5pm and on Saturday from 10am to 4pm, or visit the showroom at 456 Derby Road, Chesterfield.

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The Prince family have run the shop for 24 years and we pride ourselves on providing quality locally sourced produce. Beef from Ashover, Bakewell and Baslow, lambs home reared or within 5 miles of the farm and veg from surrounding counties.

Fishmonger on Thursday afternoon He travels from Grimsby to us every Thursday afternoon and sells fresh fish from our carpark.

At the Tea Rooms:

‘Pie Day Wednesdays’ with a minimum of 3 different pies on the menu

B5057 Darley Road ◊ Stonedge ◊ Ashover Chesterfield ◊ S45 0LW Call: 01246 590817

• Full English Breakfast til 11:30am. • Light Lunches. • Cream Teas. • 12 Varieties of tea available. • We use all our own produce, milk and cream from Tupton. • Our meats are sourced from fields all within 5 miles of the shop.

Farm Shop Opening Times:

Tea Room Opening Times:

Mon-Sat 8am ‘til 5pm Sun 10am ’til 4pm

Mon-Sat 9am ‘til 4pm Sun 10am ’til 4pm


and art to love.

Custom Picture Framing Professional Advice & Standards Anything Framed Custom Mirrors Swept & Ornate Frames DIY Framing Materials Frames made to any size

Brampton icture framing

11a Old Hall Road S40 3RG Call: 01246 554338

Page 38

Well Hidden. Worth Finding.

Extended Opening Times at Moorland View Road Showroom • Top quality at affordable prices. • Expert advice and personal service guaranteed. • Family run business. • Complete design, supply, planning and installation service. • All the work is undertaken by our own, expert, time served craftsman.

Showrooms: 456 Derby Road, Chesterfield S40 2EU. 139 Moorland View Road, Chesterfield S40 3PD.


01246 271727 01246 224114

Article Business Article

Jessica Jayne JJ’s Flowers Words: Paul Chapman Pictures: JJ

I’m sitting in the ‘old’ front room, and what is now the back room of the new flower shop on Chatsworth Road. I’m meeting JJ, or Jessica Jayne and her beagle, Benjamin to find out more about their new home. Until Jessica mentioned it, I hadn’t noticed how the shop stands forward of the adjoining terraces, and she explained it had been extended forward, turning the ‘front room’ into the ‘back room’! Jessica Jayne Hodgson, lives in Somersall and is daughter to Garry Hodgson who has owned Imperial Windows for 31 years. JJ’s isn’t a new business, celebrating its 2nd anniversary in March, she was previously located above Imperial Windows, her father’s premises at 3 Old Road. Over these last two years she has built up a loyal bunch of clients “it’s a really intimate and privileged experience to be involved in someone’s wedding and in the process of designing and supplying beautiful wedding displays, bouquets and flowers many of my clients have become friends.”

“I didn’t have a shop front before, because I had a different vision” explains Jessica, “I wanted to create a space you could get lost in and feel you were in a flower world. I was getting 90% of my work through recommendation and as wedding and funeral flowers are by appointment, the space worked for me. I supplied flowers for about 80 weddings last year from ‘The Studio’ and it was ideal for meeting people face to face and getting to know what customers wanted for their special day. I couldn’t quote for occasions like that over the phone, I like to meet people, as everyone’s design should be individual.

When 424 came up, where Moo Moo used to be, it gave me the opportunity to create both a shop front and consultation room. The ‘Flower Shop’ at the front is nice and cold for keeping Page 40

flowers fresh, it’s a good space to work in and there’s the opportunity to sell bunches of flowers over the counter and take orders for delivery. Then there’s the back room or ‘front room’ of the original house complete with front door and sash window, where I can hold cosy consultations and run flower arranging courses”, more on that later.

Mondays as stock arrives fresh from Holland on Tuesday. By Saturday evening the shop should be empty, with everything used for a pre-planned wedding or sold through the week, I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t be happy to receive.”

“The signage was inspired by a sign I saw on a restaurant ‘The Boathouse’ on a trip to Sydney to see my brother, I took a photo and when I returned went to visit Lyndsey at Bimbo who designed the new signage for JJs.” Floristry wasn’t Jessica’s first choice of career, her studies were in fashion and art but she soon realised Chesterfield wasn’t an easy place to earn a living in these fields so started working in hospitality. “I had jobs at Nonnas and The Peak Edge Hotel at the Red Lion at Stonedge. The team at Nonnas were great, it was like one big family, and I’m so grateful to Damian and the team at the Red Lion for the opportunities and support they’ve given me” says Jessica, “but I really wanted to get back into art in some way, I just wasn’t sure how.” Jessica decided to sign up to a one year floristry course, from here she got a full time job with a florist and four years on she has her own business.“I’ve had great support from the businesses along Chatsworth Road since I started up, we really need to work together to keep the area vibrant” she adds. “My desire is not to be a traditional florist but to offer something different. By focusing on weddings and funerals I feel I can express my love of flowers. Weddings are about the start of a new life together and I feel that at the end of life, when a loved one is no longer with us, it’s equally important to celebrate their life with a beautiful display of flowers” says Jessica.

Jessica is inspired by the vintage and country garden styles, peonies and hydrangeas are amongst her favourite flowers, but she’s just as happy to turn her hand to a variety of styles and trends and loves staying up to date with what’s going on with fashion, flowers and colours around the world. Is there an arrangement you’re most proud of? “I believe everything I produce should be a photo opportunity, but a recent wedding arrangement at Stancliffe Hall springs to mind. The client was blown away, ‘better than she could have imagined’ was how she described it, which was just breathtaking to hear.”

With such a perishable product I would imagine it’s difficult to avoid waste? “I’m realistic about stock, I don’t open Sundays and

You mentioned courses? “I’ll be running one, 2 hour class, a month to start with, prices are £45 per person and the dates are on my website. There’s space for nine people on each course and you take home what you make, plus there’s always a supply of tea, coffee and delicious cupcakes. It’s great for hen parties, time to share with Mum or friends. It’s about enjoying flowers and being able to dress your home nicely.”

Living locally, where are your favourite places? “For entertainment and a night out it has to be Nonnas. I’ve also been going to Dynasty for food since I was just three years old, the whole family love it there. To escape from it all I’ll probably come into the shop, the back room is a great place to gather your thoughts. I also find designing displays therapeutic so it’s a great place to come and relax... and of course there’s Benjamin to walk.” If you could change one thing about Chesterfield what would it be? “Parking, the town centre is suffering, the parking is too costly and it keeps people away, you don’t feel you can pop in during the day. Chatsworth Road suffers from a similar problem, the restrictions are too short. There are sections where you can’t park long enough to go for a coffee and get your haircut.” Being a florist you must be a difficult person to purchase flowers for? “I believe all girls like to receive flowers, I’ve never received a bunch and not got butterflies. I might be a tough cookie to crack in that department but as long as they weren’t picked up at the supermarket or petrol station I’d still be happy”. JJ’s Flowers 424 Chatsworth Road

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Dads and Lads Special

2 for 拢10!

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10 Garden Garden TipsThings

Garden Things for Spring Words: Colin Harrison 1. Plant out early potatoes; once the foliage starts to show, be prepared to cover it if a frost is forecast; most varieties will recover from a light frost but may be weakened, which could affect the yield. The cover can be as simple as a sheet of newspaper – anything as long as the foliage isn’t directly exposed to the freezing air will usually be fine at this time of year. 2. Plant onion sets and shallots. Birds sometimes think the tips are worms and pull them up; just push them back if this happens. To discourage the birds, run a few lines of black thread tightly over the bed.

3. Cut back dogwoods, willows, elders and winter flowering jasmine; also hard prune buddleias if not done yet.

4. If the weather is warm the lawn will start to grow, so if there’s a dry day give it a cut with the blades set fairly high. Petrol mowers can usually cope with longer, wetter grass but electrics may struggle, so try not to ever let it get too long. 5. Seed for most root crops can be sown now, although they will appreciate covering with a cloche or horticultural fleece – check the instructions on the packet. But on warm sunny days seedlings can easily overheat (especially with cloches) so bear that in mind. Some hardy salads can also be sown, e.g. radish, rocket and lettuce.

6. Weeds will start into growth, so try to prevent them getting a hold by regular weeding. At the same time you can prepare beds by lightly digging them over, incorporating any compost you have. 7. Dead head daffodils, letting the foliage die down naturally, then removing it when

Time for a service?

it starts to turn yellow. This is when the bulbs reserves of energy are restored, and it prepares for next year - tying it up prevents this happening efficiently, and doesn’t look nice.

8. There will be a lot more heat in the sun, so open greenhouse and conservatory doors if you have seedlings in them, so they don’t overheat. But clear sunny days often mean clear, chilly nights, so remember to close them again. 9. Last year was perfect for slugs and snails, so expect there to be lots this year. As it gets milder they will start to appear in the garden, so be prepared to combat them – there are lots of possible solutions (pellets, beer traps, copper bands) but, whatever you do, you’ll never be entirely rid of them, so concentrate your efforts on precious plants and small areas.

10. Plants in containers will appreciate a top dressing. Carefully remove an inch or so of soil and replace it with a new one suitable for containers; it might seem unnecessary to use different sorts of composts for different places but, especially with pots, the right sort makes a big difference. This is when the gardening year traditionally gets going, so there’s lots to do; keeping on top of it all is the key to success. However, it can be weather dependent - never worry if you can’t do something at the exact time articles like this say you should; relaxing and enjoying it is far more important; get round to things when you can. If you’re trying to get your children interested in gardening then all your good work could be undone by dragging them out into the cold and wet for several hours to do something that could well wait for a week or two.

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Curleys Products design and manufacture various benches, seats, planters and wrought iron work each individually designed and built for the customer. We aim to produce long lasting quality products at competitive prices to suit individual clients and their needs.

Wrought Iron Work Hand Rails • Benches Decking • Planters Visit our Showroom at the Britannia Inn

56 Old Hall Road, Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1HD

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Call: 0776 805 4906 or visit our website:

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Article Business News Brampton Barbers Brampton’s Traditional Barber Shop

Peacock Inn Refurbed and ready for business

Brampton Barbers at 167-169 Chatsworth Road or Chain Bar Cottages as they were until the late 1800s has undergone its latest change. Carl Hague has been busy with his scissors... with the wallpaper!

Following the improvements to the beer garden last year, Tim and Jennie from the Peacock Inn at 412 Chatsworth Road invited me down to check out the newly refurbished interior of the pub. Instantly noticeable as you walk in is the contemporary feel, yet it has stayed in touch with its roots and kept the snug feel of a traditional pub - comfortable yet classic.

Many of the wood panels have been removed, the fireplace in the bar has been opened up and there’s an open fire filled with logs, for when the weather turns cold, at the both ends of the pub.

One of the doors has been moved, which makes it easier to navigate through the pub and out to the beer garden. Carl, previously of Grade 1 Barbers, is now at the shop full time, bringing 17 years experience and his personal approach. Carl said “I’ve given the place a face-lift, we’ve given the interior a new look and I’ve got some comfortable new chairs. I’m really looking forward to welcoming old and meeting new local customers”. “The place was looking a bit dated, so we’ve replaced the bar top and completely redecorated. It has really lifted the interior and brought it up to date. Our regulars have been very positive about the changes” says Tim, “and we’re very happy too. People can call in to see for themselves, we’d love to pull them a pint or pour them a glass of wine.” The bars can also be booked for private functions or parties so if you’re in need of a venue give them a call on 01246 275115. Call in for a cut and why not take advantage of the Dads and Lads, two cuts for £10 deal.

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Article Community News Georgia Peskett: Remembering (self portrait) - featuring Somersall Park Georgia Peskett was previously based in Brampton Courtyard on Old Hall Road.

Her latest work is entitled ‘Remembering (Self Portrait)’ features a local landmark - a dreamy view of the stream that runs from Somersall into Walton Dam (shown below). You can see this oil painting together with one of Georgia’s etchings at the Harley Open Exhibition, Welbeck, Worksop S80 3LW between 14 February and 12 April. To see more of Georgia’s work which features travels across the globe together with inspiration from more local scenes, please take a look at www.

FOSP: Community Consultation

Have You Seen Bailey? Somersall

Friends of Somersall Park in conjunction with the council are beginning community consultation regarding the replacement of the play area. Four play companies have put forward proposals for the type of equipment to be used, should the group be successful in their bid for private funding.

This consultation will take place between 16th February and 31st March, with the group visiting local schools, community groups and churches to gather feedback. There will also be an online form with pictures of the proposals.

Missing since 16 January, can you help find Bailey, a male tabby from Somersall.

Visit www. uk to vote and have your say!

He has no bottom canine teeth and is almost completely deaf. He drinks a lot, looks younger than he really is and is very affectionate.

Allissa Charlesworth

Nightingale Probus Chesterfield

There will be a meeting on Sunday 1 March, 7pm at The Rose and Crown Pub, Brampton for those without internet access to vote.

He is really missed by his family, so if you have seen him or have any information please give them a call on 07831 617 979.

Nightingale Probus is a Ladies’ Group which meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at The Olde House at Loundsley Green, Newbold. Membership is available to any retired lady who lives in the Chesterfield area. To reflect the wide age range and interests of club members, talks and activities are extremely varied and eclectic. Regular social events include theatre trips, outings and lunches; we also have enthusiastic walking and scrabble groups and much, much more! Nightingale Probus also organise an annual holiday – this year we are visiting Norfolk.

New members will find a very warm welcome, so why not come along and meet us? To find out more about joining this friendly group, contact Debbie on 01246 767298 or Marilyn on 01246 222446.

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AUTOWORLD CHESTERFIELD Brimington Road North, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 9AJ. Tel: 01246 380991 WWW.AUTOWORLD.CO.UK

The Abarth Range starts from £14,560. Models shown: Abarth 500 Custom at £15,540 OTR including optional Cordolo Red paint (£660), 10 spoke alloys (£320) and the new Abarth 500C Custom at £17,540 OTR including optional Cordolo Red paint (£660), 17" 10 Spoke Diamond finish alloy wheels (£320). The official fuel consumption figures for the Abarth 500 range: Urban 33.2 – 33.6 mpg (8.4 – 8.5 l/km); Extra Urban 52.3 – 53.3 mpg (5.3 – 5.4 l/km); Combined 43.5 – 44.1 mpg (6.4 -6.5 l/km), CO2 emissions: 150 -155g/km. Fuel consumption and CO2 figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations and may not be representative of real-life driving conditions. Factors such as driving style, weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption.

Article Regular Events

Regular Events Weekly

Jog Derbyshire Groups @The Manor: All welcome. Mon 6 to 7pm, Wed 9:30 to 10:30am & Thurs 5 to 5:45pm. For details contact Brampton Manor on 01246 277760 or visit Monday Tots Café at St Thomas' Centre 10am to Midday (term time). An informal get together for parents/carers. T: 01246 279916. Monday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or Monday Young at Heart (social afternoon) - all welcome. 1:30 to 3:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Monday William Rhodes Primary & Nursery School Community Choir: 3:30 to 4:30pm, choir made up of children, staff, parents & the wider community. Enthusiasm is all you need. An ability to sing an advantage but not compulsory! Call Cindy Clark on 01246 234626. Monday 1st Brampton Moor Brownies: Meet at Storrs Road Centre, starting 6pm (Term time). Contact the Brownie guider on 01246 272678 for further details. Monday Aurora Ladies' Choir: 7:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Monday Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: non-contesting band - plays a variety of concerts. All abilities - rehearsals Monday & Friday 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. or 01246 566691/568745 1st Monday Maison Mes Amis: Book Club. The first Monday at Maison Mes Amis for their book club. Review the title of the month and then discuss in a comfortable atmosphere with like minded people. 7pm onwards. Call 01246 768789 for details and titles. 3rd Monday Guide Dogs Chesterfield: Meet 7:30pm at The Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road S40 2QT. We welcome new volunteers. For further info contact Gabbie Pattison on 07525 248740 (email: or via Facebook - Guide Dogs Chesterfield). 3rd Monday RSPB Chesterfield Local Group: 7:15 to 9:15pm at the Winding Wheel. Illustrated talks, refreshments, bird food sales. All welcome. Not Aug Contact: Alan Goddard 01246 230244 or visit Tuesday Badminton at Loundsley Green 1:30 to 3pm. For enquiries, contact Mrs Westwood on 01246 236831. Tuesday Linedancing: (Easy Intermediates) 3pm - 4.15pm, Prince's Sports Club @ the Manor, Brampton. Ideal for returners. New dance every 3-4 weeks.Contact Kathryn, 01246 569053 Tuesday (2nd Chatters Coffee Shop at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. 10am to midday. All welcome - toys available. No charge, & 4th) but a small donation helps cover costs - any remainder to charity. Info call 01246 231002 or email Tuesday (Term Pilates: 9:15am at St Mark’s Church, Brampton and 7:15pm at St John’s, Walton. email jane@ Time) or call: 0777 351 6334 Tuesday and Cycling day rides with Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club: Meet at Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Road, 9:25am. Suitable for Thursday new and experienced cyclists: 30-60 mile routes. Call Dave Scrivener 01246 455525, Steve Bright 0773 450 6492 or just turn up. Tuesday and Zumba Gold - Fitness For 50+ If you can walk, you can Zumba! Tues & Thurs at 10am & 11am. Chester St Club. Easy, fun, friendly Thursday classes only £3. Also TONING after the 11am Thurs class: Zumba with weights for just £1 extra. Call Jen on 07757 726239 Tuesday Knit and Natter: 10am to 12:30pm at St Thomas' Centre. An informal gathering for people who enjoy doing craft together. All ages, all abilities. Ring 01246 279916 for more information. Tuesday Chesterfield Railway Modellers: Tue afternoon 2pm (and Thu evening 6pm) at The Clocktower Offices (the old Staveley Works Head Office). Contact Darrell Clark for details on 01246 234788. Tuesday Tuesday Worship: St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Please join us for Tuesday Worship from 11:30am to 12:15pm, followed by lunch in the Church Centre (£3.00 per person). Email: Tuesday Tiger Tots: A stay and play baby/toddler group. 1:30 to 3pm (term time) Holymoorside Village Hall. Anyone welcome, £2 per family, call in and ask for Becky or call 07701 066801. (Term time only). Tuesday Spire Laughter Club: Takes place above Dent's Chemists at the Nenna Kind Cancer Drop In Centre at 2pm. Yoga therapy with laughter so why not come and laugh with us whilst improving your health and happiness. Call Karen for details on 01246 862790. Tuesday TimeOut a friendly community group meets 2 to 4pm at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Come along for a chat and a cuppa, play a few games, bring a craft, help complete a jigsaw, surf the internet etc. For info call: 01246 274021.  Tuesday Danceworks dance studio for 4-15 year olds at Loundsley Green Community Centre. Ages 3-5yrs at 4-5pm, and ages 6+ at 5-6pm. Call Elly on 07581 140822 or or on Facebook at Danceworks Loundsley Green. Tuesday Pregnancy Yoga Class: Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 5:30 to 7pm. For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email: Tuesday Brownies: 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Tuesday Dog obedience training: 7:15 to 8:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Tuesday TAI CHI: Authentic Wu Style Tai Chi from Shanghai, taught by an authorised instructor. 7:30pm - 8:30pm Parish Centre, Stonegravels. Contact: Tel:273795 Tuesday Chesterfield Garland/Clog Dancers: 7:30 to 9:30pm at Methodist Church Hall, Jaw Bones Hill, Chesterfield. New female dancers and wo/men musicians welcome. Call Barbara Wilson on 01246 207800 for further details or visit Tuesday Chesterfield Film Makers: If you’re interested in making videos. Walton Village Centre, 7:30 for 7:45 pm. For more details phone 01246 277349 or visit Tuesday Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra 7:30 to 9:30pm. Players of orchestral instruments are invited. Vacancies for brass, percussion & strings. Ashgate Croft School (term time). Call Dave on 07985 603423 or email ( Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.


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Regular Article Regular Events Events Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesdays (term Time) 1st Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Tuesday 3rd Tuesday 4th Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday (Term Time) Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday (Term Time) 1st Wednesday 1st Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 4th Wednesday Last Wednesday Last Wed Thursday

Rose & Crown, Old Road: General Knowledge Quiz. Every Tuesday night - gallon of ale for the winner. Music quiz - last Sunday of each month, gallon of ale for the winner & rolling cash prize for 100% score. Chesterfield Theatres: Tuesday Night Dances. At the Winding Wheel. 7:30pm-10.30pm. £4.85. Tuesday Quiz Night at The Manor from 8:30pm. General knowledge with cash prizes to be won plus Play Your Cards Right. Call: 01246 277760. Pilates: Class 6pm to 7pm at St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane. For more information please contact jane@villagehallpilates. or visit the website Chesterfield Town WI: 7pm in Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill, S40 1LW. Fancy a giggle why not come and join us. New members always welcome. For more info or Holymoorside Women's Institute: 2 to 4pm at the United Reformed Church Schoolroom, Cottonmill Hill, Holymoorside. New Members warmly received. Details ring Shirley Cotton on 01246 567396 or Margaret Copley on 01246 568360. Chesterfield Cycle Campaign: Meetings 7:30pm Market Hall, Meeting Room 1. Contact Alastair on 01246 520820. Old Brampton Women's Institute: 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 3NF. New members and visitors warmly welcomed. For more info ring Pat on 01246 2394431 or Jenny on 01246 557024. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: 7.30pm @ the Annunciation Church Parish Centre, Spencer St, Chesterfield, S40 4SD. Talks monthly. Pedestrian access from Queen St. £2.50 incl. refreshments; Under 16s free. Everyone welcome. Call Angie: 01246 236930 for info. Chesterfield & District Vegetable and Fruit Growers: 7:30pm at the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Come and share your gardening experiences, beginners welcome. Call John 01246 569515, Malcolm 01246 569948 (Not Aug). Thom's Blokes: 10am to noon. A meeting for men which includes talks, activities and regular outings to places of interest. All men welcome. St Thomas’ Church Centre. For info call David on 01246 231115 or 01246 853741. North East Derbyshire Downs Syndrome Group: Arkwright Children's Centre, School Lane, Arkwright. 10am to noon. Not August. Families, carers & children meet together for activities. Holiday time outings and trips. Call Rosie 07500 814361 or 01629 537692. Holymoorside Tennis Club New members Welcome. Club Night Wed 6pm and Social Tennis Sun/Tues 10am. Contact Ken Weir on 01246 566718. Pelican Cycles Winter Cycle Spinning: 7:30pm, at Queens Park Leisure Centre. Booking essential - Please contact sales@ or 01246 767078. Qi Gong: 10 to 11:15am. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Woolly Wednesdays: 10am to noon & 6:30 to 8:30pm - regular social crafting event in the Market Hall. For every craft that isn’t messy or noisy (as that gets in the way of talking & eating biscuits) Contact or 07976 845662. British History Class: 10:30am at Chesterfield Library. Contact Margaret Bargh for details on 01246 276800. Image and Colour UFO: (Unfinished objects) group.1pm to 4pm, £3 per session, bring your knitting, stitching, crochet or any other unfinished projects. Image & Colour Emporium, 413a Chatsworth Road. Call 07526 455410 for details. Holymoorside Craft Group: 2 to 4pm in the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Informal, welcoming group. Any crafting such as papercraft, embroidery, knitting, sewing, drawing etc. Call: Cynthia 01246 569103. No meet Jul or Aug. Beaver Scouts: 4:15 to 6pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Cub Scouts: 6 to 7:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Brampton Ladies Club: 7:15pm for 7:45pm start at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Meetings held every Wednesday during school term time with a speaker or social activity. Details 01246 272333. Free Voices Community Choir: The Friends Meeting House, Brockwell Lane - 7:15 to 9pm. We are a non-performing choir who sing for enjoyment. No need to be able to read music. Call Helen on 01246 237937 or Jesterfield Juggling Club: 7 to 9pm at Walton Village Centre. All abilities - learn and share skills in all types of circus skills. £2/ week adults & £1/under 16s - welcome if accompanied by an adult. Call 07766 468 499 or email Bible Class: 7:30 to 8:30pm at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. Topics presented for study and discussion. Visit our web site Scouts: 7:30 to 9:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details Brampton Best Knitters: Come and meet for knitting, crochet, other handicrafts, combined with a warm welcome and good company. £1 subs (optional). 7.30pm, Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road, Brampton. Call Suzanne on 07900 814715 for info. Pilates Class: 9:15 to 10:15am at St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane. For more information please contact jane@ or visit the website Green Drinks: An opportunity for like-minded people to get together for a fun, relaxed, interesting evening once a month. Starts at 7pm and the location varies so please check at Nightingale Probus: 10am to 12 Noon at The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road, Newbold.  Activities include theatre trips, outings, lunches, walking & scrabble groups & much, much more!  For info contact Debbie on 01246 767298 or Marilyn on 01246 222446. Cuppanatta Club from 10am at Java Coffee Company, come and have a cuppa and a natter and meet new friends. Java Coffee, 8 Stephenson Place. Call: 01246 274455. Chesterfield Fairtrade Group: 6.30pm in Chesterfield Town Hall. New members always welcome to help with events or attend meetings connected to promoting Fairtrade. Contact Jenie Lismore on 01246 455178. Brampton and Walton Townswomen: 10am to midday at St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. A friendly group who welcome new members. Feel free to come and visit. For more details call 01246 233179 or 01246 237363 or email bramptonwaltontg@ Walton Women's Institute: 2 to 4pm at St. John's Church Centre, Walton Back Lane. Activities include: Book Group, Flower Arranging, Choir and much more!  New members and visitors welcome.  Contacts Lynn Tel:01246 209472 and Rosemary Tel: 01246 201931. Cotton Mill Club: Activity club for young adults with learning difficulties. 7 to 9pm on the last Wednesday of each month at Holymoorside United Reform Church School Room. Call: B Turner on 01246 566109. Manor Band Mania @The Manor: For details contact The Manor on 01246 277760 or visit Chesterfield Flea Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

LONDON TOURS of Chesterfield (Est. 1984)

are booking now for ALL the WEST END SHOWS for Daytrips and Weekends from February onwards including:



including New shows

Sat Feb 21 - Sun Feb 22 Sat Mar 21 - Sun Mar 22 Sat Mar 28 - Sun Mar 29 Sat Apr 18 - Sun Apr 19 Say May 2 - Sun May 3 Sat Jun 20 - Sun Jun 21 onwards

CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY THE COMMITMENTS MISS SAIGON DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS etc Daytrips now booking: Sat Feb 28 Sat Mar 21 Sat Apr 11 Sat May 23 Sat Jun 13 Sat July 11 onwards CLASSICAL SPECTACULAR at the Royal Albert Hall Sat March 21-22 CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW Sat May 23 ASCOT LADIES DAY Thu June 18

LONDON LUXURY OVERNIGHT Staying at the 5* Waldorf Hotel, and including Afternoon Tea (some shows also available) Sun May 10 – Mon May 11 Sun July 10 – Mon July 11 onwards

OTHER UK And at Manchester... reduced price seats for BLOOD BROTHERS Wed Mar 4 2015 (Ticks £20) ANYTHING GOES Thu Apr 16 (Ticks £25) THE BODYGUARD Wed Dec 16 (Ticks £25)

WORLDWIDE AMSTERDAM & BULBFIELDS Coach & River Cruise Sat Apr 25 – Wed Apr 29 2015 5 cabins left KRAKOW Dates to be announced (poss Sept) BRUGES by EUROSTAR Sun May 17 – Wed May 20 2015 6 places left SORRENTO Including Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Fri June 26 – Fri July 3 2015 6 places left PARIS Sat Aug 15 – Wed Aug 19 VENICE (beautiful 4* hotel on the Grand Canal) Sun Oct 11 – Thu Oct 15 2015 ROME (4* central hotel) Thurs Oct 22 – Mon Oct 26 2015 NEW YORK 6 DAYS, 4NIGHTS! Excellent central hotel Sun Dec 6 – Fri Dec 11 2015 12 places left

Please telephone Gerry Johnson for further details or a brochure.

Call: 01246 862152 email:

Wingerworth Chesterfield • Visit our blog for latest deals Please mention S40 Local · Page 55

Article Regular Events Thursday (Term Time) Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursdays (Term Time) Every Thu (Term Time) 1st Thursday 1st Thursday 1st Thursday 2nd Thursday 2nd Thursday 2nd Thursday 2nd Thursday 3rd Thursday 3rd Thursday Last Thu Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Fridays (Term Time) Friday



Pilates: 9:15am at Holmebrook Valley Family Centre. email or call: 0777 351 6334 Fit and Fab Keep Fit Class Holymoorside: A gentle exercise class to music. 9:30am to 10:30am in United Reform Church Holymoorside. All welcome. Contact Tessa on 0786 658 5575. Yoga. Mixed ability classes. Morning session 9:30 to 11am - £6 per session. Evening session 7:30 to 9pm £33 for a 6 week block. Loundsley Green Community Centre. Call Rachel Armstrong on 07792 978880 for details or Central Methodist Toddler Group: Saltergate. 10 to 11:30am (term time). In the town centre this group is ideal for a break from shopping for you & your baby/toddler. £1.50 for 1 adult & 1 child; 50p per extra child. Drinks & biscuits included. Walking Back To Healthiness: Walking group meets at 10:30am at Holmebrook Valley Park, starting points may vary. To book please call Tina Hensey on 01246 345669. Muy Thai: Martial arts training. 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For info 07910 858267. Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield: (ICCC) meet 6pm (Outdoor Spring, Summer & early Autumn) or 8pm (pool sessions late Autumn & Winter). For info and the latest Club programme email, or call 01246 274021. Chesterfield Caledonian Badminton Club: at St Andrews United Reformed Church Hall, Newbold Road. 7 to 9pm. New adult members welcome, male and female. Contact Tony Gandy on 01246 569225. Brampton Community Band: Musicians welcome - join and play folk dance music. 7.00 to 9.00 pm at Old Hall Junior School, Old Rd. For more details, visit, email: or T: 01246 236805. Chesterfield Photographic Society: Contact the Club Secretary Brian Davis 01246 275433. Chesterfield Recorded Music Society: Parish Centre, Sheffield Road, Stonegravels. 7:15pm. We listen to and discuss mainly classical music and occasionally jazz and music from shows. Meetings Sept to June. Info from John Strange on 01246 416558. Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir: Practise at Ashgate Croft School, Ashgate Road from 7:15 to 9:30pm. We put on four concerts & a choral day each year. Come & join us. Call Lynda at 01246 202694. Holymoorside Choral Society: practise in Holymoorside from 7:30 to 9:30pm.  We sing a variety of music - new members always welcome. Please contact Nerys Mansell on 01246 569693 for more information. Holymoorside Ladies Club: 7:45pm in Holymoorside Village Hall. Variety of speakers and activities. All welcome. Membership not necessary, just £2.50. No meetings during school holidays. Call Anne 01246 566789. Pilates Classes: 6pm-7pm at The School Room, Old Brampton and 7.45pm - 8.45pm at St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane. For more information please contact or visit the website St John's Ambulance Chesterfield Quad Division: Meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church during term time. Badgers and Cadets (5 to 18 year olds) from 6pm. Adults 18+ at 7:30pm. Contact us on 01246 279132 or email Do you play an instrument? Would you like to play jazz with the Chesterfield Jazz Club house band? Come to the Jam Session, at Club Chesterfield, Chester St, S40 1DL. £4 on the door.7:30pm. or call Wendy on 07764 587258 for info. Rendezvous Group: St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. All seniors invited for activities followed by a light lunch. 10:30am to 1:30pm. £3.50 to cover costs. Details phone 01246 272333. Embroiderers' Guild Chesterfield Branch: 7-9pm at The Saints Parish Centre, St. Mary's Gate, Chesterfield, S41 7TJ.  Visitors welcome, for details call 01246 568228. 2nd Thursday Chesterfield Evening Townswomen's Guild: Meet on 2nd Thursday of the month (except August) 7pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield. For further info contact the Secretary on 01246 455110.  Alzheimers Society: Singing for the Brain. 2 to 4pm at St John's Church, Walton, Walton Back Lane, Chesterfield S42 7LT. For info call 01246 223366. Chesterfield Farmer's Market: Every second Thursday. For information please call Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre on 01246 345774 or visit The North East Derbyshire Field Club: Winter meetings - Sure Start Centre, Holme Hall Primary School, S40 4RL at 7:30pm. Summer meetings - walks & outings. Details call: 01246 268786. Friendship Group at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Held on the third Thursday of every month from 2pm-4pm. Come along and meet new friends over tea and home made cake. All are welcome. Contact Hazel on 01246 236042 for more information. Chesterfield Jazz Club: Regular Jazz Night, Chesterfield Jazz Club, Chester Street, Chesterfield S40 1DL. For details and tickets for gigs call 07764 587 258 / 07980 491 048 or online at Tramway Tavern: Jam Night. Last Thursday - 9pm at the Tramway Tavern on Chatsworth Road. Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or Parent & Toddler: All welcome! 9 to 11am. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For details 07910 858267. Zumba Gold Class: at St Thomas’ Church Centre, Chatsworth Road. Easy to follow, low impact moves for active older adults & those after a low intensity work out. 10 to 10:45am. £3.50 per class. Call Mike on 07852 979546. TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health and relaxation. 10am at Wingerworth Church Centre, Long Edge Lane. Contact: sharon. Tel:273795 Yoga for People Living with Cancer: Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 11:00am to12:30pm. For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email: Découpage: 1 to 3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Knitting Group: Meetings in Cutthorpe Village Hall between 1 and 3pm.  £1 per session, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch etc, come and have a cup of tea and a natter! Call Barbara Stringer on 01246 620314 or 07980 510591. 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’) Scout Group: Join the adventure for 6 to 14 year olds in the Beaver, Cub or Scout Sections. Meet Friday evenings during term time. Contact Ben Widdowson 01246 567409. Sportivate Badminton Chesterfield: Brookfield Community School Sports Hall. 9 - 15 year olds. Develop in an encouraging & supportive environment. Badminton England coaches. £4/week. Detail call Robin Harris 07811 214565 or Pam Rickerby 07584 624525. Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: non-contesting band - plays a variety of concerts. All abilities - rehearsals Monday & Friday 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. or 01246 566691/568745 Youth Club: 6 to 8pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.


Valuation Days Chesterfield Tuesday 10 March 10am to -1pm The St Thomas Church Centre Chatsworth Road Brampton Chesterfield S40 3AW

Hathersage Monday 23 March 10am to 12noon Hathersage Memorial Hall Oddfellows Road Hathersage S32 1DU Free specialist auction valuations of antiques & collectables. For further information please contact or call 0115 979 0000


Article Regular Events Friday

Knit and Natter: 6:30pm at the Image & Colour Emporium at 413a Chatsworth Road. Like-minded people meet for some knitting and a chat. Cost £3 includes coffee and a cake. Call Tracey on 07526 455410 for more information.


Table Tennis Club at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road, Brampton 7.30pm . £1 entry including refreshments.


Badminton: 8:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details.


The Manor: Friday Live Music from 9pm see website for detail. Call: 01246 277760.

2nd Friday

Alzheimer’s Society: Carers Support Group. 10am to midday. The Pavillion, Queen’s Park, Chesterfield S40 2ND. For info call 01246 223366.

Friday (2nd and 4th)

The Chesterfield Art Club: Meet at Whitecotes School from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Worknights, Demonstration & Critiques. Visitors welcome at £3/session. For further information contact Terry 01246 416565. (Not Aug or Dec).

4th Friday

Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Café. 10am to midday. The Saints Parish Centre, St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield S41 7TJ. No December Café. For info call 01246 223366.

Saturday Mornings

Newbold Community Football Training: Highfield Park, Newbold. 9:30/11:30am. Fun training for boys & girls. All abilities. 5 to 15 years. FA qualified coaches, 1st aiders, drinks/snacks. £2 Call Tim on 01246 277325 or


Muy Thai for Adults/Kids: Martial Arts training for adults 10 to 11am followed by kids 11am to midday. Located in Bolsover call 07910 858267 for details.


Back to Netball: Have fun and get fit with over 14s. 10 to 11am at Loundsley Green Community Centre. All ages can play if supervised. Only £2.50 per session with the first one free. Call Teresa on 0785 422 4932 for more info.


Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or

1st Saturday

Saturday Night Live: St John's Walton. A safe place to chill out with your friends for 11-18 year olds 7 to 10pm, ends at 8:30pm under 14s. Different themes. Regular activities & the Chill-out-zone! Everyone welcome. St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School: 9:30 to 10:30am at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road Chesterfield. Children aged 5 to 11 years Bible stories, crafts, music. Visit our web site


Church Services: 9 am Service of Holy Communion and 10:45 am Worship Service for All Ages. Refreshments after both services. All welcome. St John's Church Walton, Walton Back Lane.


The Manor: Sunday Carvery 12-6pm & Live Music from 5pm. Call: 01246 277760.


Gospel Hour: 6pm at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. Refreshments and a time to chat after service. Visit our web site


Sunday Lunch Club Midday to 3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road. Enjoy lunch with pudding and tea/ coffee. A community run project for a nominal charge (check for dates - not every week). To book call: Barbara May 01246 563126.

Sunday (Term time)

Sew Social 5:30 to 8pm in the Market Hall. A social crafting event with space for you to spread out and sew with me on hand for when you get stuck or need encouragement. Call or 07976 845 662.

1st Sunday

The Way at Walton Evangelical Church: 3 to 4:30pm. A group for adults with learning disabilities. Join us for tea & biscuits followed by a talk & activities such as craft, drama and singing. Carers welcome. Call: 0808 1082354.

1st Sunday

Southside Jazz Band: The Rose & Crown between 4pm and 6pm.

Sunday (2nd & 4th)

Rainbow Whist: Holymoorside Community Centre. From 7 to 9pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month. Anyone with the ability to play whist is welcome. For details contact Don on 01246 568204.

Every 3rd Sunday

British Cycling Breeze Rides For women only Sign on at For details call 0772 588 5151.

CLEANRIGHT CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING • Free Deodorising • No Silly Gimmicks • OAP Discounts • Furniture Removed & Replaced • Family Business - Est 1992

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ONLY use Top Brand Cleaning Products So that your Carpets will STAY CLEANER LONGER! Your Local Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

For Free Advice, Call Michael Cox 01246 211 112 or 07754 603 460 Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

M.J. Redford Building & Construction

Your Local Family Business Extensions & Alterations Roofing Building Maintenance No Job Too Small “The Price We Quality Workmanship Quote Is The Reliable & Trustworthy Price You Pay” No Hidden Free Quotations Extras Over 30 Years Experience


T: 01246 568700 M: 07774 150 177

Yew Tree Drive Chesterfield S40 3NB

Utility Services Transport



Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital Holme Hall Medical Centre NHS Direct The Surgery @ Wheatbridge Call 111 – when it is less urgent than 999

01246 568 065 01246 277 271 01246 211 435 08 45 46 47 01246 277 287 111

Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport) Noble 7 ‘til 7 Emergency Car Recovery

0845 748 4950 0871 200 2233 01246 272 749

BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S40 Local

0800 800 151 0800 6783 105 0800 111 999 0800 783 4444

101 01246 209 164 01246 231 010 0800 1111

01246 345 345 01629 533 400 01246 345 777 0800 555 111 0345 123 33 33 01629 533190 01246 568 519

Useful Numbers



Please mention S40 Local · Page 59


REQUEST A FREE QUOTATION 31 Shaftesbury Avenue, Ashgate, Chesterfield S40 1HN

John Tomlin


The complete oven cleaning specialist Get in touch now for all your oven cleaning needs:

• Oven • Range • AGA • BBQ • Microwave Domestic and industrial appliances completed.




£35 From

T: 01246 556244 M: 07875 594434 E: W: OVENFRESH 9 Collishaw Close, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0ES

Page 60


25 years of experience City & Guilds qualified

01246 731404 / 07583156305

... to this

from this ... 50 Year Product Guarantee 10 Years Installation Guarantee Trusted Trader Free No Obligation Quotations

Fascia and Soffit full replacement specialists Dry Verge Protection Guttering repairs Ridge tiles & pointing Carports No job too Small

Dry Verge stems Protection Sy


Palace Roofline Ltd

Quality is Always our Priority

01246 277215

414 Chatsworth Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 3BQ



( C O N S T R U C T I O N ) LT D

Family run business with over 33 years experience Friendly advice and a professional service Portfolio of previous projects and testimonials available Extensions New builds Stone work Refurbishments Roofing Fascias and soffits Renovations Loft and Garage Conversions

Telephone: 01246 559094

Mobile: 07973 878274

Email: Website:

Please mention S40 Local · Page 61

Classifieds Wire Dog Crate: £35ono Victorian 2 seater settee £90 ono Strong wire dog crate – two doors Cream good condition. - 30”d x 21.5”w x 24”h . VGC. T: 07743 158518 (Walton) T: 01246 232383 (Brampton) Junior bed: £30 Pedestal Desk: £27.50 Complete with mattress and two 1 year old. 120cm w x 44d x71.5h side rails. 55’’x27’’x8’’ (high) T: 01246 275356 (Newbold) T: 01246 231897 (Walton) Yamaha PSR-E303 Keyboard: £55 Included adapter and stand. VGC T: 01246 275356 (Newbold)

Stag Minstrel Wardrobe £40 69’’ high x 47’’ wide 2 doors, good condition T: 01246 231897 (Walton)

Manfrotto Tripod: £75ono Art 100 Profession tripod / camera stand – model #200 good condition. T: 01246 569567 (Walton) Compost Bin: £5 Green plastic compost bin with lid. Buyer collects. T: 01246 232642 (Walton)

Nokia C2-01 Phone: £25 Little used. Excl cond. Original box, instructions & charger. Usual Easter Craft Kits: £12 etc Mamas and Papas Pram: £60ono apps but no email facility. Craft kits including Make your own Navy blue and white pram, T: 01246 566286 (Somersall) Easter Bunny,Easter Mask, Sock pushchair and car seat set. Puppet, Bunting etc. T: Sheila on 0787 292 8560 35mm Slide Projector: £30ono T: 01246 566722 (Somersall) (Walton) For 35mm colour slides plus portable screen. Cardmaking Goodies: £30 Epson Printer: £25 T: 01246 275356 (Newbold) Assorted Card Blanks, Epson Stylus Photo 915 printer Embellishments,Paper Pads with card reader incl. 10 colour Mamas and Papas Travel Cot​£10 including Hunkydory, Craftwork and black ink cartridges and Good Condition Cards Anna Griffin etc. instructions. T: 01246 211829 (Walton) T: 01246 566722 (Somersall) T: 01246 566674 (Somersall) Nursery Furniture £100 ono Epson Printer: £25 Canon Fax-80: £10 Pine nursery furniture set Epson DX 4450 Printer/Scanner/ Telephone/fax machine - including including cot bed with storage Copier incl.12 colour and black ink 7 rolls of paper. drawer underneath, wardrobe with cartridges and instructions. T: 01246 566674 (Somersall) hanging rail and 2 drawers, chest T: 01246 566674 (Somersall) of drawers (4 large, 2 small) and 2 Samsung Galaxy fame: £40 matching wall shelves. Radiator Cabinet: £15 As new with leather case with box All in very good condition. 132cm Wide, 80cm High. White, charger £40. Collection from Walton. in good condition. T: 01246566701 after 6pm T: 01246 239874 or 07739 T: 07833 515909 130120 (Walton) Walking Trousers: £7.50 Basin & Taps: £12 Dark Green Regatta Walking Boys Kickers Desert Boots: £15 Vanity oval shaped wash basin. Trousers new label attached – Adlar suede boots in dark brown. White with gold coloured taps Waist 30” leg 32” Size UK1. Excellent condition complete with waste. Good T: 01246 569678 (Walton) hardly worn - just used for any condition. occasion when needing to look Bathroom Cabinet: £40 T: 07833 515909 smart. Large White Double mirrored Dolls pram: £6 door bathroom cabinet with three T: 01246 568519 (Brookside) Pink with shopping shelves 60cm w x 90cm h x 17cm carrier underneath. Suit age d. 3 plus. T: 01246 569678 (Walton) T: 07833 515909

Most classifieds are


Adverts for stuff under £200 are free, any item or ‘collection of items’ £200+ are £5, and larger adverts with a picture are price on application

email: or t: 07764 801080 or 01246 568 519

Newbold bedrooms

΄Your΄ local fitted bedroom specialist Trusted Trader reviews which speak for themselves:

“ “

Phone call day before fitting to arrange time. All aspects covered before and during fitting. Polite and pleasant. Very happy.

Reviewed on 19/08/2014 Excellent service from start to finish.

Reviewed on 18/08/2014


Est.23 years

Very patient, reliable, on time, always professional. Would recommend.


01246 203748 / 07757 737 283

High quality, reliable and efficient services Boiler Installations (Monthly payment scheme available)

Complete Bathrooms Boiler & Gas Fire Servicing Floor & Wall Tiling Landlord Gas Safe Certificates

Reviewed on 24/04/2014

Tel: 01246 222 194

36 St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield S417TH Open Mon to Sat 12 - 3pm

Tel 01246 206 775 Mobile 0779 633 2463 Page 64


Tree Felling Block Paving Fencing Hedges Ponds & Patios Dry Stone Walling Building Work


Pressure jet wash cleaning services Driveway cleaning Patio cleaning Block paving cleaning Graffiti and oil stain removal Latest commercial grade equi pment Independent water supply if required


Contact Philip for a no obligation quote

Firewood Logs Now For Sale

Any Gardening Work Undertaken • No job too small

Call Steve or Gareth on 0789 187 3820 Or 01246 230493 (evenings)

A&H Paving Ltd

Call Tony on: t: 01246 207 046 m: 07890 657903

Block Paving Fencing Drainage Concrete Drop Kerbs Patios Tarmac DCC Registered All construction

Vernon Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 1EL

Please mention S40 Local · Page 65

Confidence in a crisis...

Established 1986

French Polisher 4U @Barrdale Furniture Restorations

� Traditional French & spray polishing � Colour matching to existing furniture � Antique & modern furniture restoration � Heat & water resistant finishes � Free collection & delivery � Insurance work � Free written estimates

Tel: 01246 281689


Spring bikes for all riders


We are able to diagnose & fix your Laptop & PC Problems A SONY SPECIALIST



* Free Estimates Given * * No Fix No Fee * 9am till 9pm Mon to Sun



Tel: 01246 272 272 or 07930 683 117 Email:

Open: Mon • Tue • Thu • Fri • Sat 10:00 to 17.30 Wed • Sun CLOSED 416 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield S40 3BQ Page 66

EGYTEC 3 Raneld Mount Walton Chesterfield S403RE Phone: 01246 237465 Mobile: 07903224417 Website: Email:

Help When You Need IT! Situated in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Experience of providing support and repairs for a wide range of IT Equipment. You can bring your laptop or PC to our office or we can collect, fix and return it. If you are local to S40 we can arrange a home visit if preferred. We have a selection of used Laptops available and we carry a large stock of spare parts. Give us a call or email us with your make, model and problem and we will give you a price.

“Youssef” Your Local IT Technician

Business Cards

Alan Hill



• Slate Tiling Garden and Landscape • Flat Roofing Services • Guttering/Fascias • Repairs Complete maintenance of Rockeries and low maintenance gardens private and commercial estates • Chimney Stack/Pointing • 25gravel Years Experience Winter Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts • Leadwork • Free Quotes Grass and hedge cutting


Design Services (Chesterfield) Architectural plans prepared Extensions & New Builds Barn Conversions & Alterations Planning & building regulations Walton based

OAP discounts - CRB checked

01246 566419

Garden tidy ups

Turfing, seeding and planting

Drives and patios cleaned A Derbyshire Trusted Trader

Mobile: 07941 593483 Weed control and trees cut


7 Days A Week Service All Year Round

Call Alan on: 01246 274008 or 07759 588578



MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 WEB


Reliable, loyal and value for money cleaning services for both your home and business in Chesterfield, Mansfield and surrounding areas.

Call us for a Fast Free Quote Trailer and Towbar Specialists since 1997. Local High Quality Service. Find us at: Unit 60, M1 Commerce Park Markham Lane, Chesterfield S44 5HS Accessories Shop · Now doing number plates.

For a free no obligation quote please contact Hayley on: 07800 551 796 or email:

01246 768894

Clean Chimneys Do Not Catch Fire! Many insurance companies will now only insure if chimneys are cleaned annually and issued with an insurance certificate.

Zak Morgan

Chimney Sweeping Services A clean and professional service

07581 806 407


199 Somersall Lane, Chesterfield, S 4 0 3 N A . FULLY INSURED AND QUALIFIED

Greenlawn Greenlawn Greenlawn Greenlawn Services and Landscape Garden Services Landscape Garden Services Landscape Garden andand Complete maintenance of

Rockeries and low maintenance

low maintenance maintenance of andRockeries Complete maintenance Rockeries ofprivate maintenance lowgardens Complete estates& and commercial and gravel Services Landscape and Garden Complete maintenance private commercial estates estates gardens private and commercial gravel of estates private and commercial gravel• gardens Winter Maintenance contracts / fortnightlycutting GrassWeekly & low hedge Winter MaintenanceWinter maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts of maintenance Complete maintenance Rockeries and and hedge cutting checked - CRB OAP discounts& GardenGrass tidy •Weekly Turfing, seeding planting and hedge Grass Maintenance Winter checked - CRB discounts OAP ups contracts fortnightly / gardens estates commercial andcutting private gravel

Garden tidy ups and patios cleaned Weed control &Drives trees cut •discounts DrivesDrives &- CRB patios cleaned cleaned and patios checked OAP planting Turfing, seeding and contracts Trader / fortnightly A Derbyshire Weekly Trusted Trader A Derbyshire Garden design & new build Trusted specialists

Garden tidy ups

cutting and hedge Grass Maintenance Winter Turfing, seeding and planting

Weed control and trees cut tidy Garden trees cut and control Weed patios and Drives cutting specialists hedge andups Grass checked CRB -cleaned discounts OAP Artificial grass • Soft & hard landscapers

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round fencing & block paving and planting Decking, seeding Turfing, Trader A Derbyshire tidy ups Garden cleaned patios and Trusted Drives AND GARDEN CARE LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE CARE AND GARDEN LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE Tel: 01246 701 452 cut and trees controlseeding Weed planting and Turfing, A Derbyshire Trusted Trader

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round

385349MOBILE 07545 622 349 203622 TEL 01246 Mobile: 07545 622 349 07545 MOBILE 203 385 TEL 01246 cutAll and trees control Weed WEB 7 Days A Week Service Year Round WEB

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round



MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 MOBILE 07545 622 349 203 385 WEB 01246 TEL WEB

ic Electr


- From R ewir - Inspecti es to Extra socke ts/Lighti on ng - Part P A & Testing pproved - Free No Obligatio n Quote Get in touch: 07960 088 606 01246 454 612


• Established over 32 years. • Professional building service from design to completion. • All types of building work carried out. • Member of the Gold Card Scheme. Contact Stewart Gould Call 01246 567 168 Mob 07831 321 393 eMail

Paul Redfern Painting & Decorating Domestic and Commercial Insurance Work Undertaken Fully Insured Reliable & Recommended Based in Holymoorside email:

01246 279642 or 0773 436 2551 Please mention S40 Local · Page 67

Business Cards

Cabinets, shelving, flat packs, taps, pictures, lighting, tiling, small joinery and much more. No job too small. Reasonable prices • Top quality • Fully insured

01246 205006 07904 905617

(Wingerworth based) DGW Joinery Timed Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience Services JC Property Challenger of Property Co. Ltd Services Available All Types Joinery For a Free Quote Call Derek 07851460759 • Kitchen / Bathrooms • Electrical Work • Plumbing • Property Repairs • Landscaping / Fencing

Jamie: 07940 533844 Pj: 07766 732853 Based in Chesterfield

Damp or condensation problems? • Damp coursing • Wet Rot/ Dry Rot • Cellar tanking • Wall tie replacements • Condensation solutions • Woodworm infestations

Tel: 01246 411 567 Mob: 07798 933 011

David Shaw Builder All aspects of building & maintenance work undertaken.

• Commercial & Domestic Work • Extensions & Renovations • Conversions & New Build Tel: 01246 411 567 Mob: 07798 933 011



FREEZER CLEAN - Your Freezer / Fridge hygienically cleaned and defrosted. - Contents stored in insulated food boxes and kept fully frozen. - No preparation work and no wet floors!

Time Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience All Types of Joinery Services Available For a free quote call Derek 07851 460759 Email:

Andy Bray 07787 436523 (01246 569003 evenings)

Joinery & Handy Person Friendly Service Free Quotes Call 0773 797 8444 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 3BA

Rob’s Jobs

Steve Gentle Handyman Services


Established 1913 Father & daughter family-run business 24 hour service with Private Chapel of Rest Pre-Paid Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available Tel: 01246 566592 Mob: 07831 851 639 44 Loads Road, Holymoorside, Chesterfield S41 7EU

Page 68

Your Local Plumbing & Drainage Expert No Call Out Fee 24/7 All Work Guaranteed Formally the Drain Doctor

0773 8633446 Chesterfield


Mikes Corporate Travel A new concept of high quality and service

Michael McVeigh

Greetings Cards • Stationery ATM for most major banks Postal Services • Financial Services MoneyGram Agent Photocopying & Fax Service Foreign Currency & Travel Insurance


Up to 8 Passengers Any destination including airports, hospital appointments and shopping trips.

01246 207 612

Tel: 07923 505558 Email:

3 Breckland Road (Walton Shops) • Chesterfield S40 3LJ



High-level High-level professionals

20 years experience professionals  20 Fully insured experience ITyears ALL STACKS UP  20 years experience  20 IT ALL STACKS UP years experience  Fully All work British Standards 3998 Fully insured insured  All work  All wood re-cycling British Standards 3998 British Standards 3998  •Responsible 20work years experience Fully insured  Responsible wood re-cycling  Responsible Log furniturewood re-cycling  All •Renewable Fully insured worklogsBritish Standards 3998  Log  Log energy at furniture furniture  Renewable logs at work • 15% Renewable energy logs Standards at wood energy Allmoisture British 3998 Responsible re-cycling 15% moisture 15% moisture type • All of hedging & tree work Our Values – Our customers, Log furniture It all stacks up Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The Our Values –chips Ourenvironment, customers,  Renewable • forOur play areas & garden mulch Wood energy logs at Their Trees, The environment, Safety,Trees, Positive Their Theoutcomes environment, Safety, Positive outcomes • Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture 15% outcomes moisture Safety, Positive 

Philip Heath NCH Arb

Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Philip Heath NCH Arb. Our Values – Our customers, 01246 568333 |803131 07800 803131 Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE 01246 568333 | 07800 ADVICE 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 01246 568333 | 07800The 803131 ADVICE Email: AND Their Trees, environment, Email: Email: Email: AND ESTIMATES Safety, Positive outcomes ESTIMATES

Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email:

High-level High-level professionals professionals



House Proud

Cleaning Services

Sarah: 07872 383309 Julie: 07813 791012 Email:

Offers Blueflame Free boiler service when taking out an annual service plan with their advert. Brampton Barbers Dads and Lads Special - Two for £10. Car Air Con Air-con service/regas just £40. Call Steve on 07810 332272.

See our website for services & offers Carpets Cleaned from £20

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

0788 831 1162 Call or Txt

Ovenfresh Your first oven clean from £35. Peak Edge Hotel at The Red Lion Reduced room rates for certain events. See advert for details. Polar Windows 20% off Energy Efficient windows plus free upgrade to A rated windows.

Discover Bathrooms Extra discounts for NHS and Emergency Services Staff.

We will make your carpets clean & fresh

iDeal Carpets Free underlay, gripper, door bar and delivery.

Floor Depot Double divan, head board and mattress only £275. NOTE: This page only provides the highlights. Where offers have terms and conditions these will be stated in the businesses’ adverts or can be discussed directly with the business making the offer. S40 Local accept no responsibility for any errors in the listings.

Please mention S40 Local · Page 69


Love your oven on Mother’s Day!

• Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small

Friendly, professional, reliable & tidy Completely safe, gentle cleaning system End of tenancy and landlord cleaning Removes grease, fat & burnt on carbon deposits from: Ovens Filters Hobs Grills BBQs Ranges Extractors Microwaves AGAs


Tel: 01246 205 000 Mob: 07971 447 040

Call today to book in time for Mother’s Day

01246 211212 0800 840 7127

7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN

SUDOKU © Kevin Stone []

Kindly sponsored by iDeal Carpets, Chatsworth Road. Tel: 01246 270202

1 8

1 4 2

2 7 5 9

Page 70

6 4


2 7

5 9 7


3 5

1 8 4 6

8 7 5

5 6

Fill in the grid so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9, with no repetition. Last month’s solution below. 8


















































































• Ben de Lisi • Cerasa • Fantini • Majestic • Laufen • Aqualisa • Stonewood • Versace • Aqata • • Dansani • Villeroy & Boch • Adamsez • Victoria & Albert • Pelipal • Utopia • Aquavision • Ellis • • Wet Rooms • Walk-In Showers • Whirlpools • Steam Rooms • Digital Power Showers • • Designer Radiators • Wall & Floor Tiles • Granite • Travertine • Limestone • Lighting •

Bateman Court, Matlock Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1EE

Tel: 01629 813252

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Wide Range of tablets in stock from £49.99

Fast professional service. Repairs for all brands available ex-stock IT support for business or home In-store & on-site . Call out service covering all areas BroadBand & Networking installation, Virus Removal, Data Recovery & more

Hard Drives Motherboards Memory Monitors Graphic Cards

Acer 15.6” 4GB -500GB


HP 15.6” 4GB -500GB

9 £279 £24

15.6" LED WIFI , Web Cam Card Reader DVDRW, HDMI

15.6" LED WIFI , Web Cam Card Reader DVDRW, HDMI

HP ” 4GB -500GB Window 8,


Card Reader DVDRW,

24” Touchscreen PC windows 8.1 4GB 500GB Hard DRive


MORE HOT OFFERS IN STOCK . Exlen Frontira i3 8GB RAM, 1TB HARD Drive HD Audio , CORE i5 1GB CPU HD Graphics DVD±RW

£349 99 £3

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PC, Laptop & MAC repairs, Upgrades .Retail shop & Repair Centre .

Printers Cpus , Switches Routers Cables

Apple Ipad 2 9.7”


Feb 2015 price Guide - All prices include VAT E&O.E prices may change without notice .



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Unit 2A Chatsworth Business Park, 172 Chatsworth Rd. Chesterfield.S40 2AR

S40 local - 61 March 2015  

Community Magazine based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

S40 local - 61 March 2015  

Community Magazine based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.