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Issue 86 - Summer 2017


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Hi and welcome to the Summer edition of S40 Local. Firstly I've received a lovely note from Jenny Tann, daughter of Philip Johnson.

Mobile: 07764 80 10 80 Email: paul@s40local.co.uk

'Thank you to Paul for your article in the July S40. 'Can we express our gratitude to our customers over the years and for their kind comments as well as sharing their memories of Johnson's ironmongers and of Phil's service, dedication and excellent advice across the years.


'It is sad that the doors are closing but they would have shut in January after Phil's sudden passing; so we want to say a special thank you to Richard for continuing to open the doors and serve the local community as Johnson's has done so for 129 years.'



Thank you for all the feedback and social media activity in response to the news about Johnsons. I'm not 100% sure when they will close the doors for the last time but we wish the family well for the future and there may still be time to call in for a last purchase and to say goodbye. It's school holiday time and like others we'll be taking a break, so they'll be six weeks between editons this time. Please bear this in mind if you want to get in touch, out next copy date is Friday 1 September.

Anyway, enjoy and have a great summer. Paul. t: 07764 801080 e: paul@s40local.co.uk



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Thank you to both of them for their enthusiasm and great attitude. I hope you like what they've done... the Bernie Clifton interview is excellent, the full version is online, as he simply wouldn't shut up by all accounts.



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This month we've got some contributions from Amy Richie and Jack Hutton, two Brookfield students who joined me for a weeks experience. They've contributed ideas, articles, layout and have helped me with some admin tasks I've been avoiding.



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The Interview Words: Amy Ritchie Layout: Jack Hutton Brookfield Work Experience Students

Upon a chance encounter at a Count Arthur Strong gig, I stumbled across the 70s variety entertainer Bernie Clifton and decided to find out a little more about the man behind the bird.


ernie, who started off singing in bathrooms as a 15 year old plumber, has done many rather interesting things over the course of his life, such as working with Lulu, being a door to door vacuum salesman, appearing on The Voice, and entertaining the Queen. Most people, however, know him for his roles in 70s TV shows Crackerjack and The Good Old Days, and his big yellow ostrich called Oswald which, according to Bernie, 'keeps getting slower'!

"Well I just stood there and I opened my mouth and started to sing, and this hush fell upon the audience" Page 4 www.s40local.co.uk

He appeared on The Voice last year after a life-long love affair with singing, which manifested itself after he got a job as a plumber. “When I was a lad, growing up in St. Helens, I was a plumber, and I was working on building sites in bathrooms. I used to sing my little heart out as a fifteen year old thinking ooh I've got to sing, and I could always sing, I was always a good singer, so that's why I started, I was singing singing singing, and then ultimately the comedy and the nonsense just arrived later.” Eventually, this led him to the stage, where as a 15 year boy, he got his first break in front of an audience. “The first time I got up on stage, it was a talent contest in St Helens, at the Theatre Royal, and I went along there with my mate Bernard, Moggie Moor he was called, he was Bernard Moor, and I was Bernard Quinn still am Bernard Quinn, and we sat on the front row, I was 15.” “The show was all about getting people out of the audience, and we were up on the stage like greyhounds out the slips. Bernard Moor held a mophead and pretended it was his girlfriend and told me to sing.” “Well I just stood there and I opened my mouth and started to sing, I could feel the goosebumps on the

back of my neck. Rosemary Clooney (Auntie to George!) had a huge hit in the fifties, with 'Half as much' and when I started to sing that this hush fell over the audience and I thought what is going on here, whatever it is, it's better than plumbing and that was it." "In terms of this rush of emotion,” he elaborated“ it's kind of addictive, you know once it's in you, feel it in your bones in your genes it's like, it's a great great feeling.” From here he first got his big break into comedy after an interesting job with Lulu. “I was doing a summer season in Jersey and people were flying out to see the turns and talent on there. Someone saw me and booked me to do a TV show with Lulu. When that was over someone dropped out of Crackerjack and somebody said, would you like to go onto Crackerjack? And I went yep, didn't think twice. I did four years on Crackerjack.” “It was a formative time of my career. At this time families would gather in the front room on a Friday night and the weekend would start, "It's Friday it's five to five... It's Crackerjack!". We'd do sketches and number one artists would come on the show, and at the end we'd do a medley that would involve the songs from the hit parade, I don't think we could do now could we?” He also did a Royal variety performance in the 1970s, “I met the Queen at the Royal Variety Show in 1979, it was very successful for me but, last year there was a reception at Buckingham Palace and I went along and

Bernie approaches much of life in this way, making the most of the moment, taking life now in his stride, approaching it with humour and a get up and go attitude, and is especially jokey about the subject of age. “You can call me as old as you like. I'm ancient. I'm a hundred and seven y'know. But I haven't looked after meself.” And when I kept accidentally calling him old, he replied with this. “Yeah. Keep saying old age. Old people. Old age. Old. Old age. Old age. Old age. Old age. Old people. Old age. Old age people. Aged people. Elderly. Antique. Redundant. Antique." A little more seriously he added “The whole world knows I'm 81. I don't care, funny thing is, when I was sixty, sixty five, I found I was hiding my age but once I got past sixty into the seventies I thought oh this is alright, you start to get a bit of respect. The trouble is that when you're young, you know nothing, but when you're old you know everything but no-one asks you.” “I've found with old people, asking them things after they've died you don't get the same reaction, the answers are much slower.” In the last few years, Bernie has been doing many different things. "After doing everything I did to get to The Voice audition and getting on the telly singing I said whatever comes up I'll say yes to, doesn't matter whatever it is.” “You never quite know what's around the corner, but I am a great one for trying to cram in a lot, I think if you've got an opportunity to do something, however trivial, just do it, grab the moment while you can. That would be my motto, I think 'grab the moment and keep on keeping on.' Life is for living isn't it.”

"I'm ancient. I'm a hundred and seven yknow. But I haven't looked after meself."

was introduced to her by a gentleman who said 'Your Majesty, this is Bernie Clifton, who entertained you at the Royal Variety show many years ago on an ostrich' and she went 'hmm ostrich,' and I said 'Yes Your Majesty, the ostrich is still performing, although he is much slower these days' and she said 'hmm slower. Isn't it funny how things get slower.' And off she went chuckling, absolutely delightful. Yeah great, great time, so that I suppose has gotta be top of my list hasn't it.” Due to his preoccupations with comedy, his singing took a backseat until a few years ago, when he got himself on the ex-BBC show The Voice. “I never actually told my family or my agent that I was doing the audition because they may have tried to talk me out of it and I thought I'd just go for it because I had the belief that it was the right thing for me.”

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Which is especially evident in the work he's doing, and has done in the last couple of years, like doing a Radio show called Liveish which goes out on Radio Sheffield every Saturday at one o'clock. As well as this he's branching out with many other things, writing an autobiography about his life and doing a summer season. “Well I'm actually writing a book,” he said “I'm thirty-thousand words into my life story, and I'm still only up to the seventies and I've got so many things that have happened to me and so many people I've met and so many places I've been to, in my life that I could've never imagined as a fifteen year old plumber in St Helens.” And he said about his summer season, which is coming up soon. “It's the first summer season I've done for twenty years and it's fantastic. It's at the Spa Theatre in Scarborough, three nights a week, starts on 24 July and it finishes at the end of August." He also appeared on Channel Four programme First Dates. “I love the programme First Dates, think it's fantastic, it's like being a fly on the wall. I have to tell you that watching the show when you're on it is not the same, I watched it from behind the sofa.” “Nevertheless, no regrets, but there was no spark there, between me and the lady that they paired me up with, but it was still an experience. It's what life's all about innit?”

Page 6 www.s40local.co.uk

"we called it a departure lounge, the mouse went in, ate all the food, had a poo and then ate its way out the cardboard"

Though he said that the lack of performance threw him a little. “I'm very vulnerable, when you're on stage it's an act, just mucking about and in the public you adopt a persona, you've got an alter ego, but when all that's wiped away, I couldn't go home and behave with my family the way I behave when I'm doing my shows. They wouldn't stand for it anyway, but that's another story. So to be exposed, if you like, to be revealed as the real you, the way you actually are, it wasn't easy. It wasn't bad at the time, but it wasn't easy to watch.” In a vulnerable moment he said “The happiest moment in my life would be finding a girl, getting married, and the saddest would be losing her to dementia fifteen years ago”. He and his wife lived in Barlow and he chooses to stay after all this time. Bernie expained why, “Agh, I love it, it was an absolute total accident, I was brought up in St

Helens in Lancashire and when I was 21 I had to go and do my national service in the RAF, and I ended up in a RAF camp in Doncaster. When I came out I stayed there, I met a Doncaster girl, and I stayed there.” “I got a job selling vacuum cleaners door to door and the firm opened a branch in Chesterfield. Because I'd got no ties I went to Chesterfield. On my first day I got in a van and they dropped me off outside a housing estate in Bolsover and I sold them all a washing machine.” “I went down this street and everybody ended up with a washing machine, so I thought 'I think I might stay in Derbyshire, and I did'. I put down roots here. We raised a family here, yer mam might remember a joke shop we had on Knifesmith Gate? and eventually bought a derelict farm in Barlow, that was thirty five years ago. It's a beautiful part of the world, absolutely love it, even though I'm a Lancastrian at heart, nevertheless I'm more of a dyed in the wall Derbyshire person now. I'm a very lucky boy, living where I live.” He now lives quite happily in an old cottage on a farm in Barlow. "I went flying last night, tripped over the cat." Bernie jokes "Not really, I went flying last night, I have a trusty microlite and fly an aeroplane as well, did you know that? I went out about half past eight last night, went for a little buzz around Barlow, which is brilliant. Lucky boy.”

The farm does have one problem, the amount of mice swarming around, but Bernie’s come up with a rather interesting way of dealing with them. “You know the first thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning is put the mice out that I've trapped. We've got these humane mouse traps, because I can't kill anything. We've got mice all over the place, and I know they're there, and I now lock everything up, if it's not locked up they'll have it. And one of thems eating a hole in the bottom of a door that leads Into my utility room and every morning I come out and I can see these little wood shavings it's trying to get in or get out.”

I've attached a large box to the trap so the mouse goes in and has a nice big space which we fill with chocolates, and put a little loo in the corner and a jacuzzi so it has a nice little night on its own before I release it out into the wild unscathed.” “However, the instructions also say you must release the mouse at least a quarter of a mile away. Well I'm not doing that at eleven o'clock at night or seven in the morning so I just take it down the bottom of the garden, they're probably back in the house before I am. I could take them in my microlite and drop them out, parachuting mice, just get a parachute out of a hankie and just take them up to fifteen hundred feet and say 'there you go'.” “The first modified mouse house we made we called the departure lounge, but the mouse went in, ate all the food, had a poo and then ate its way out the cardboard, so we've modified it again, this one we've called Shawshank Mickey. At the moment we've got the trap stuck into a cardboard box. The first thing I do in the morning is come out the bedroom and there's one of the traps on the landing, usually containing a mouse going 'hello', he goes out and I go downstairs and there's another one. I think I could do a great song about Shawshank Mickey.”

“So I've bought these two humane traps, they're anout about six inches long and about two inches square, and the mouse goes in and as it goes in, it hits a flap and the flap comes down behind it and it can't get out.”

Bernie can be seen at the Spa Theatre, Scarborough until 30 August and his CD 'The Voice of Bernie' is available from his website www.bernieclifton.co.uk.

“But the instructions say not to leave the mouse in for more than four hours or it will become traumatised and shocked, so I come up with a way to make it more comfortable.

Like what Bernie has to say? The text shown has been edited down, please visit www.s40local.co.uk for the full unedited Bernie interview.

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Brampton Food Market FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH (Excluding Jan & Aug) St Thomas’ Centre

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AUGUST 2017 Thu 10: Chesterfield Farmers’ Market 10am @ Market Place. Thu 10: Coffee Morning. 10am @ Rose Hill United Reformed Church. Thu 10: Creative Experiments. For ages 8 to 15 years. £5 per person per session 5 to 7pm. See luciemaycock.co.uk (+Thu 17 Aug) Fri 11: Learn Graffiti Art – 4 to 6pm. Stonegravels Parish Centre. See luciemaycock.co.uk Fri 11: Curry and Beer - Meet at the Rose and Crown at 7pm. St John’s, Walton Everyman Group. Call the church office on 01246 566205. Sat 12: Transition Chesterfield's Repair Café at Monkey Park between 10am and 3pm. Sat 12: West Studios Summer market. Come and browse stalls from creative businesses selling handmade crafts and goods including gifts and cards. 10am to 4pm @ West Studios Sheffield Road. Weststudios.co.uk Sat 12: Open Garden @ 70 Hawksley Avenue, Newbold. 11am to 4pm. £3 entry including refreshments. Come and see this little award winning tropical paradise right here in Chesterfield. Richard and Sharon raising funds for projects in Tsumeb, Chesterfields twin town in Namibia. Sat 12: Ashgate Hospicecare Summer Fair @ Ashgate Hospicecare. 11am to 4pm. Sat 12: Garden Party and stalls. At Holymoorside United Reformed Church 2 to 4 pm. Admission £3 to include cream tea.

Sat 12: Open Air Cinema Grease. An outdoor night at the movies with 'Grease' at Ashgate Hospicecare’s open air cinema. £10 suggested donation. 9 to 11pm. ashgatehospicecare.org.uk/ events/open-air-cinema Sun 13: Sunday Evening Brass Youlgrave Band @ The Whitworth Hotel, Darley Dale. Raffle, Auction, hot food & bar. Thu 17: Coffee Morning, 10am at Rose Hill United Reformed Church.

2nd Sept 7th Oct 10am - 1.30pm Sat 19: Parent & Kids Art Workshop. Parent + 1 child (any age): £5 (+£4 per additional child) 1 to 3pm. See luciemaycock.co.uk Sat 19: Hardwick Hall Summer Nights Outdoor Film Festival. Top Gun (12a) 7 to 11pm. summernightsfilm.co.uk/venues/ hardwick-hall/#screenings Sun 20: Whitwell Brass at Queens Park. 2 to 4pm.

Thu 17: Creative Experiments Arts Workshops. For ages 8 to 15 years. £5/person per session 5 to 7pm. See luciemaycock.co.uk

Sun 20: Sunday Evening Brass Bakewell Band @ The Whitworth Hotel, Darley Dale. Raffle, Auction, hot food & bar with great entertainment on a summers evening.

Thu 17: Chesterfield Jazz Club. Club Chesterfield, Chester Street, Chesterfield S40 1DL. 8:30pm.

21 Aug to 3 Sep: Holymoorside Scarecrow Trail. Well Dressing from Wed 23. All Welcome.

Fri 18: Learn Graffiti Art. For ages 12 to 19 years. £5/ person per session 4 to 6pm. See luciemaycock.co.uk

Thu 24: Coffee Morning. 10am @ Rose Hill United Reformed Church.

Fri 18: Hardwick Hall Summer Nights Outdoor Film Festival. La La Land (12a) 7 to 11pm. summernightsfilm.co.uk/venues/ hardwick-hall/#screenings Sat 19: Family Wildtime at Chatsworth House. 9:30am. Sat 19: Premier League Cricket Chesterfield v Swarkestone. Queen's Park 12.30pm start - free admission. Sat 19: Barlow Carnival. A week packed full of fun and entertainment for all the family. Parade at 2pm from Springfield Rd, finishing on the recreation ground activities include maypole dancing, cream teas, stalls, displays and classic cars. Barlowcarnival.co.uk

Fri 25 to Mon 28: "Holymoorside - Then and Now" An exhibition at Holymoorside United Reformed Church. Fri & Sat 1 to 4 pm. Sun & Mon 11am to 4pm. Free admission. Refreshments. Fri 25: Miniature Railway Rides @ Hady Hill. 11am to 3pm. Cdmes. co.uk Sat 26 to Tue 29 Aug: Flower Festival - Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice. All Saints Church, Church Street, Ashover S45 0AB. 10am to 5pm. Includes an Exhibition of Art, Scarecrow Trail & refreshments. Songs of Praise Service on Sun 27 Aug at 5pm. Free - donations accepted. Disabled access.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Valuation Days Chesterfield

St Thomas’ Centre Chatsworth Road, Brampton Chesterfield S40 3AW Tuesday 5 September Tuesday 10 October 10am to 12 noon


The Peel Centre High Street Dronfield S18 1PX Tuesday 12 September Tuesday 10 October 1 to 3pm Free specialist auction valuations of antiques, collectables, jewellery & medals.

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Twisted Spire Yoga

Fun & Friendly Hatha Yoga Classes in Chesterfield with Fully Qualified, Experienced & Insured Teacher.

Dave West BSc (Hons), P.G.C.E, BWY Yoga Teaching Diploma.

C LA S S E S Holymoorside Village Hall Holymoor Rd, S42 7DX Monday Evening 6pm to 7:30pm

Friend’s Meeting House Ashgate Road, S40 4AG Tuesday Evening 5:30pm to 7 pm Thursday Morning 10am to 11:30am Thursday Evening 6pm to 7:30pm

Email: TwistedSpireYoga@outlook.com


Sat 26: Premier League Cricket Chesterfield v Ticknall. Queen's Park 12.30pm start - free admission.

Sun 3: Hady Hill Miniature Railway Rides. 11am to 3pm. Cdmes.co.uk

Sat 26: Canal Cruise on the Madeline Trip boat - Midday to 3pm @ Hollingwood Hub.

Sun 3: Sunday Evening Brass - Masson Mills Band @ The Whitworth Hotel, Darley Dale. Raffle, Auction, hot food & bar.

Sun 27: Chesterfield Artisan Market. 10am to 4pm New Square. Featuring over 80 of the very finest artisan market traders. themarketco.co.uk Sun 27: District Highland Games – 10am to 4:30pm @ Matlock Farm Park Jaggers Lane, Matlock, DE4 5LH Thu 31: Coffee Morning. 10am @ Rose Hill United Reformed Church.


Fri 1 to Sun 3: Chatsworth County Fair – Chatsworth 9am to 6:30pm. Chatsworthcountryfair.co.uk Sat 2: Brampton Food Market @ St Thomas’ Centre. 10am. to 1:30pm. Sat 2: Autumn Show Holymoorside Horticultural Society. Holymoorside Village Hall 2:30 to 4:30pm. T: 01246 568000.

Sun 3: Ireland Colliery Band @ Queens Park. 2 to 4pm.

Tue 5: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. 10am to midday at St Thomas’ Centre. Wed 6: Chesterfield Civic Society AGM at 7.30pm at the St.Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road. All members and prospective members are invited to attend. Wed 6: Stella Exley - Camassia, Chris, Chelsea and Chaos. Holymoorside Horticultural Society. 8pm at the URC Meeting Room Holymoorside. T: 01246 568000. Thu 7 to Wed 10: Come and visit Elder Yard Chapel. A peaceful haven in the centre of Chesterfield open and free to explore as part of England’s heritage Festival. 10am to 4pm. heritageopenday.org.uk

Thu 7: Embroiderers Guild: Branch visit to Masson Mills as starting point for work for our next exhibition. T: 01246 275177. Visitors always welcome. Sat 9: Heritage Open Day at the Central Methodist Church, Saltergate. 10am to 4pm. Sat 9: Saturday Walk - Meet at the church car park for a walk at 9:30am. St John’s, Walton Everyman Group. Call the church office on 01246 566205. Sat 9: Premier League Cricket Chesterfield v Eckington. Queen's Park 12 noon start - free. Sun 10: Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band @ Queens Park. 2 to 4pm. Sun 10: ‘Education Sunday’ All Age Worship at The Gospel Mission, Old Rd, Brampton 10.45am. Students, teachers and all in education join and seek God’s will for the new school year. Sun 10: Sunday Evening Brass Creswell Band @ The Whitworth Hotel, Darley Dale. Raffle, Auction, hot food & bar with great entertainment.


Sunday Sept 24th at 10.30 am Refreshments after – all welcome

at the Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield NO SUNDAY SCHOOL OR EVENING BIBLE HOUR www.chesterfieldchristadelphians.org.uk Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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Sing Street (Comedy Drama Music Cert 12A)

Tuesday 12th September 8pm A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s looking to escape his strained family life, starts a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes. Charming cast, hummable tunes and irresistible optimism!

Love and Friendship (Comedy Drama Romance Cert U)

Friday 22nd September 7.30pm Based on Jane Austen’s novel - Lady Susan Vernon takes up residence at her in-laws’ estate and acts as matchmaker for her daughter Frederica - and herself too! Stars Kate Beckinsale with Stephen Fry.


Holymoorside Film

Holymoorside Village Hall S42 7DX. For more info: www.holymoorsidearts.co.uk or Tel: 01246 567118 / 01246 861997 Mon 11: Chesterfield Diabetes Group - Diabetes & Oral Health. Speaker - Julie Upton, Derbyshire Community Health Services. Education Centre, Chesterfield Royal Hospital at 7pm. Free. Chesterfield.diabetesukgroup.org FB: @chesterfielddiabetesukgroup Mon 11: Talk by Pete Lawton: The English Longbow. NE Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society. 7:30pm at St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road, Brampton. More info from Cliff at 01246 234212. Visitors most welcome. Mon 11 to Thu 14: Cricket Derbyshire 2nd XI v Nottinghamshire 2nd XI. Queen's Park 10.30am start - free. Tue 12: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. 1-3pm @ The Peel Centre, Dronfield. Tue 12 Sep The ills of Driven Grouse Shooting a talk by Dr Mark Avery.Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: Annunciation Church Parish Centre, Queen St. 7.30pm, £2.50 Refreshments. T: 01246 236930

Tue12: Holymoorside Film Club - Sing Street (Cert 12A) 7:30pm at Holymoorside Village Hall S42 7DX. holymoorsidearts.co.uk or T: 01246 567118. Tue 12: Chatsworth Seasonal Park Walks – 10am @ Chatsworth House. Sun 17: Shoebox Appeal 2017 Launch at The Gospel Mission, Old Rd. Brampton at 10.45am. Find out more about the planning for this year’s appeal. For all ages. Sat 16 Coffee Morning for “Your Local Air Ambulance” including children’s activity corner and stalls for cakes, books and brica-brac. 10 am – 12 noon at the Christadelphian Church, 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. www.chesterfieldchirstadelphians. org.uk Sun17: Phoenix Concert Band @ Queens Park. 2 to 4pm. Tue 19 to Fri 22: Specsavers County Championship - Derbyshire v Durham. Queen's Park 10.30am. Tickets from Visitor Info Centre or Derbyshire CCC.

Tue 19: Chesterfield & District Local History Society. ‘The Crich Tramway and Butterly Gangway’ by David Smith. 7:30pm at the United Reformed Church, Rose Hill. £2 Members free. Refreshments. Fri 22: Holymoorside Film Club - Love and Friendship (Cert U) 7:30pm at Holymoorside Village Hall S42 7DX. holymoorsidearts. co.uk or T: 01246 567118. Sat 23 & Sun 24: Reopening of Barrow Hill Roundhouse. The Roundhouse will open its doors for a steam gala following HLFfunded restoration. Barrowhill.org

Sat 23: An evening of celebration and praise with United Christian Voices at 7pm at Rose Hill United Reformed Church. Tickets £6, available at our Thursday Rose Hill Coffee Mornings. Sun 24: Chesterfield Artisan Market. 10am to 4pm New Square. 80 of the finest artisan market traders. themarketco.co.uk Sun 24: Hady Hill Miniature A C������� C����� Railway. 11am.W����’� Cdmes.co.uk


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S�. J���’� C�����, W����� S42 7LT

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.



What's On Tue 26: Final deadline for entries for The Chatsworth Rd. Festival Photographic Competition (Open to aged 18 & under). Theme ‘My Town’. Entries to The Gospel Mission Church prior to this date or on this date at any time between 10am and noon. e-mail: gospelmissionuk@aol.com Thu 28: Fairplay Tea Dance. 1 to 3pm. Fairplay Centre, Alexandra Rd West. £3 inclTea & Cake. Thu 28: Chatsworth Road Festival Photographic Exhibition at The Gospel Mission Church. 6 to 8pm. This year’s theme: ‘My Town’. The Mayor and Mayoress will be viewing the entries. Refreshments. Fri 29: All Star Events with Jan Molby - 7pm @ The Proact

Sat 30: Messy Church at St John's, Walton 3:30 to 5:30pm. A simple meal will be served towards the end of the session. For details: 01246 566205.

Fri 6: Merrie England by Chesterfield G&S Society. Ashover Parish Hall. See below. Sat 7: Brampton Food Market @ St Thomas’ Centre. 10am to 1:30pm.

OCTOBER Sun 1: Harvest Festival for the Community The Gospel Mission Church, Old Rd. 2.30pm. Prizes for the winners & certificates for the Chatsworth Rd. Festival Photographic Competition at 3.30pm by The Mayor. A buffet tea, 4pm an auction of Harvest goods in aid of Chesterfield Food Bank and Pathways. All welcome. Sun 1: Harvest Festival. Storrs Rd Methodist Church at 10:45am. Café-style with Rev Tracey Harris. Singing from 10.30. Gifts of Tools sent to Tools With A Mission or donations welcome.

Fri 29: Messy Church at Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre. ‘Harvest Toolbox’ in conjunction with Tools With a Mission. Crafts, Music, Games, Food & worship. 3.30 to 5.30. To book email storrsroad.messychurch@gmail. com or 01246 274021 by 22 Sep.

Wed 4: Chris Parsons - Places for Plants. Holymoorside Horticultural Society. 8pm at the URC Meeting Room Holymoorside. T: 01246 568000.

Sat 30: Coffee morning at Storrs Road Methodist Church 10.30 to 12 noon in aid of Tools With a Mission. All welcome.

Thu 5 to 8: Chatsworth Road Festival. Look out for events in and around the community. chatsworthrroadfestival.co.uk

Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society present

Sat 7: Chesterfield Cats Protection: Holymoorside Bazaar. Village Hall, Holymoor Road, Holymoorside. 10am-1pm, free. Refreshments, tombola, raffle, games, cake stall, home made crafts, plants, CP merchandise. T: 01246 802 919. Sat 7: Quiz Evening at Storrs Road Methodist Church at 7pm. Bring & share refreshments. Donations to Christian Aid. All welcome. Sat 7: Merrie England by Chesterfield G&S Society. Medway Centre, Bakewell. See below.

LATE IN FROM MONKEY PARK: Pop up restaurants on the dates below: 7/9, 21/9, 5/10 (Bhutanese), 19/10, 2/11 and 16/11 at 7.30pm different theme each night. Sat 7 Oct: AGM and residents' meeting midday to 2pm. Contact Monkey Park to book.

Ashover Parish Hall Fri 6th October at 7:30pm

Merrie England

Hasland Village Hall

by Edward German & Basil Hood


Medway Centre Bakewell Sat 7th October at 7:30pm Fri 13th & Sat 14th October at 7:30pm

Tickets: £10  01246 207893

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

our range of


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Are your feet sandal ready? Summer is round the corner.

Let us help!

Passionate about footcare

Our Services Include: • • • • • • •

Podiatric acupuncture Thickened nails Ingrowing nails Fungal nails Hard skin, especially around the heels Cracked heels Athletes foot

• • • • • • • •

Corns Verruca treatment Common foot problems Ageing feet Blisters Chilblains Toe deformities Insoles

Call TODAY to book your appointment.

Call us: 01246 620374 Email: louise@lph-footcare.co.uk


LPH Chiropody and Podiatry, 1st Floor, 1 Stand Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield S41 8SW

As part of our Heritage Awareness Programme, we would like to invite you to come along and enjoy music played on the pipe organ at St Thomas’ Church; one of the largest and versatile pipe organs in the county, believed to have been originally installed in the 1890s. Contact: Jane Simmonds Email: jane.stthomasbrampton@gmail.com St Thomas’ Church, Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 3AW

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A wealth of expertise on your doorstep We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Investment planning

• Retirement planning

• Inheritance Tax planning

For further details contact Peter Boardman on:

Tel: 01246 559616 Email: peter.boardman@sjpp.co.uk

Website: www.sjpp.co.uk/peterboardman

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Community This month’s cover illustration comes from Craig Burr, who has been homeless for two years. Previously he ran an IT company but circumstances conspired against him, relationships ended and he was left in debt, without a roof over his head. I was introduced to Craig via Betty Frost who runs a local, community art group at St Augustine’s Church, for people struggling with mental health or other wellbeing issues. Craig explained “When I first became homeless I became involved with other people in the same situation. This had a negative impact on me and I ended up hooked on Spice (formerly known as “ Legal Highs”). I realised that I needed to separate myself from that community and those influences, I found myself a place to sleep away from the group and came off the drugs.”


Craig Burr

“I initially went along to the art club as it was warm and there was always a coffee and biscuits” explains Craig. “I wasn’t there for the art, I’d never even drawn before and it took a while for me to feel comfortable with what I was doing. I never had any confidence in what I did, and was anxious about what people would think, but I stuck with it. It gives me a sense of escapism, and I’m hopeful that it might give me a way out of my situation and back into society. For me the art is about getting into the detail. Whilst I’m working I forget about things and lose myself in what I’m doing.” Craig describes his work as ‘artwork you can't glance at as you walk past’. The cover illustration is actual size, he works at an unbelievable level of detail, the more you look the more you see. He showed me a piece he’d started at 3:30 am that day, “I’ve had three attempts at this. I’ve had a picture of a rocket in my head where the launch pad is a stone viaduct and the control tower an old town” (The work was unfinished but already looked impressive). There is no preparatory drawing, Craig works directly in ink pen and so it only takes one mistake for him to have to start again. He has an incredible amount of patience. He also works from memory and never knows where he’ll end up when he starts a piece. “The Art club ran an exhibition in June, I had never shown my work to anyone outside the club so was worried about the response. I sold a few pieces and a guy who liked what I did commissioned a piece on the theme of trains.” The steam coming off the resulting train (all drawn from memory) is made up of all sorts of things : dinosaurs, whales, stags, birds, superheroes and much more. Again, the longer you look the more you see. Craig’s drawings are positive and show a strong sense of life, amazing when you consider his current situation. “I’m hoping my art can get me off the streets. I’ve been unable to get a place of my own and I hope to start earning from sales or commissions. My work is available to buy (contact Betty via the Gates Art Group) and will soon be on display at Brimington library.” Our cover is a commission from Craig, if you look really closely you might be able to spot a tiny Crooked Spire nestled in the windmill. To support Craig, we’re planning to auction off the original copy via our Facebook page, and also by email or phone. If you’d like to support him by bidding, please get in touch with me or see our Facebook page where we’ll keep the highest bid details. FB: S40Local e: Paul@s40local.co.uk m: 07764 801080 Page 18 www.s40local.co.uk

The Gates Art Club Betty Frost is a volunteer for Church on the Bus, a charity providing clothes, food and drink to homeless people in town. “I started the art group for people from Church on the Bus four years ago ,with money from our charity, the diocese,and a small grant from the council. We were based at "The Gates", in the town centre” explains Betty. “Two years ago we obtained a grant from the People's Health Trust,which allowed us to open the group to the community. We now run three sessions a week at St Augustine’s Church (on Derby Road) and have about 25 members.We are coming to the end of our funding this month and are looking for new sponsors as the group has become a lifeline for all its members.I personally have been amazed at the restorative power of group dynamics in the lives of people from very different backgrounds, who were often isolated before they joined us.The art brings us together and helps improve self-esteem , but the social side is the key element in improving people's well-being." The group held their first exhibition in June this year. It was very well received, and Craig’s work commanded a lot of attention.

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k i t c h e n s

b e d r o o m s


07966 426466

b e bd er do r oo m o s m s

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d a v i d



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p y a t t

Home Insurance


d e s i g n Sp fo ecia ro ld ve ea r 5 ls 0's

Are you paying too much for your policy?

If so call us now to see what savings we can make for you. The latest ’Household Premium Tracker’ published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) shows the average yearly premium for buildings cover is £263, contents are £135 and combined buildings & contents is £297. With access to a panel of 5* Defaqto Rated UK insurers offering fantastic deals, we carry out market comparisons, like an internet provider, with the added benefit of a friendly face and a real person to speak too. Sometimes the cost of your policy is pushed up with unnecessary options and automatic high cover limits. At Penk we research all options to help you find a policy that is suitable for you. Home Insurance is one of the best investments to protect your property and possessions against the unforeseen and unexpected, we always think won’t happen.

Insured with Saga, your bank or building society? Why pay more, contact Penk today! Page 20 www.s40local.co.uk

Getting a quote is easy, simply input your details via our website www.penkinsurance.co.uk and one of our team will contact you, call us on 01246 558844 or simply pop down and see us in person. Penk Insurance Your One Stop Insurance Shop

49-53 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2AL T: 01246 558844 E: admin@penkinsurance.com F: facebook.com/penkinsurance W: www.penkinsurance.co.uk

Half Half Page Page Landscape Landscape Advert Advert PLEASE PLEASE CHECK CHECK YOUR YOUR ADVERT ADVERT CAREFULLY CAREFULLY BEFORE BEFORE WEWE PUBLISH PUBLISH IT IT Changes Changes or Corrections or Corrections should should be marked be marked clearly clearly on this on proof. this proof. Please Please return return to ustoimmediately us immediately to ensure to ensure any revisions any revisions can be canmade be made priorprior to copy to copy deadlines. deadlines. Please Please notenote - There - There will be willsome be some variation variation between between the colours the colours shown shown on this on proof this proof and and the final the final printed printed version version

All artwork, All artwork, eithereither in printed in printed or electronic or electronic form,form, remains remains the property the property of Bannister of Bannister Publications Publications Limited. Limited. © 2015 © 2015

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Just Andrew

JustAndrew is a youtuber/aspiring director with 450 subscribers, working around the local area, whose entrancing vlogs are a glitch-infused wonder to behold. The vlogs, which he started doing in May of last year, consist of surprisingly good electronic music (not dance music, so calm down), timelapses, random cuts and weird artistic shots of buildings (which is definitely not a Casey Neistat rip-off at all). While he doesn't say much, instead saving his words for insightful comments such as 'I like these signs,' and 'We're at a food tasting festival, to see what we can taste.' The vlogs serve more as a diary for the world itself, showcasing the parts of life you might take for granted. While this

removal from anything human might seem rather counter-intuitive for a YouTube channel, I personally think this works in his favour, making it seem far more personal and intimate than if he did talk, almost as if he is letting you into snapshots of his life.

Words & Layout Amy Ritchie Brookfield Work Experience Student

He works in and around Chesterfield and is highlighting areas you'd recognise but wouldn't necessarily think about. It also works as a time capsule, keeping Chesterfield frozen, serving as a reminder to our generation. As if some lonely kid in the 2050s'will stumble across them one day. On a more positive note, as he posts about things like food festivals and Chatsworth, it's nice to see things like that illuminated in his rather interesting style, bringing local events to life.

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SUMMER SALE SUMMER SALE Now on at Toad Footwear Now on at Toad Footwear

toadfootwear.co.uk| |01246 01246 807177 toadfootwear.co.uk 807177 1-3 Stephenson Stephenson Place, S40 1XL 1-3 Place,Chesterfield, Chesterfield, S40 1XL

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If the unexpected happened: - Who would make decisions about your welfare? - What would happen to your money & property? - Who will look after your children? - Who will run your business?

Contact our friendly, local team to discuss our solutions to help answer these questions

01246 555111


BRM Solicitors, Gray Court, 99 Saltergate, ChesterďŹ eld, S40 1LD BRM Solicitors is a trading name of BRM Law Limited who are authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 597752

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Official government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the Mercedes-Benz range: urban 16.2(17.4)-72.4(3.9), extra urban 23.9(11.8)-88.3(3.2), combined 20.5(13.8)-134.5(2.1). CO2 emissions 322-48 g/km. Official EU-regulated test data are provided for comparison purposes and actual performance will depend on driving style, road conditions and other non-technical factors.

Summer Driving. The SLC Roadster. With sharpened styling, significantly optimised technology and an exciting new model line-up, JCT600 Mercedes-Benz of Chesterfield introduce the SLC Roadster. SLC 180 AMG Line Representative Example. Based on 10,000 miles per annum. 36 Monthly Payments of


Duration of Agreement

36 Months

Customer Deposit


Total Amount Payable**


On the Road Price


Purchase Activation Fee*


Retailer Deposit Contribution


Representative APR

5.6 %

Optional Purchase Payment*


Fixed Interest Rate

5.41 %

Amount of Credit


Excess Mileage Charge incl. VAT

15.6 pence per mile

Please contact us today to book a test drive. Finance offer based on a Mercedes-Benz Agility Agreement, on 10,000 miles per annum. Vehicle condition, excess mileage and other charges may apply. *Payable if you exercise the option to purchase the car. **Includes optional purchase payment and purchase activation fee. Orders/Credit approvals on selected models before 30.09.2017, registered by 31.12.2017, excluding Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 models. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Offers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Some combinations of features/options may not be available. Please contact your dealer for availability. Terms and conditions apply. Credit supplied subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK15 8BA. JCT600 (South Yorkshire) are a licensed credit broker and may introduce you to a limited number of lenders who may be able to help finance your purchase. These lenders may pay us a commission for the introduction. Model shown for illustration purposes only and may show optional extras. Prices, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions correct at time of going to print. Calls will be recorded for training purposes.

Mercedes-Benz of Chesterfield, Lockoford Lane, Chesterfield S41 7JB 0844 499 2348 www.mercedes-benzofchesterfield.co.uk Please mention S40 Local · Page 25

Jobs & Opportunities

After spending time with two young people on thier work experience they've suggested we include opportunities for young people in future editions. These may be College and University course details, volunteering services, or jobs with local employers and businesses. This edition we've looked for suitable content to show what we want to achieve. We would love to hear from providers who would like to share opportunities and offer content, so please do get in touch if you would like to submit content, talk to us or support the pages by advertising. We'd like to run a few adverts from suitable providers and over time we'll showcase each of you, letting people know what it is you do and how you do it. If you're interested please contact Paul on 07764 801080 or email: paul@s40local.co.uk

Jobs The Volunteer Centre Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire The Volunteer Centre Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire – is a local volunteering development agency working independently to support organisations from the voluntary, community and public sectors. In their core work they promote, support and develop volunteering and aim to make a positive impact on the quality of the volunteering experience for individual volunteers and organisations that work with them.

The Volunteer Centre believes that volunteering is integral to delivering and supporting a diverse range of services and activities that enrich communities. Volunteering builds community capacity and helps to create cohesive, resilient communities that are better able to meet the social and economic challenges they face. For more information on volunteering phone The Volunteer Centre on 01246 276777 or go to www.chesterfieldvc.org.uk Page 26 www.s40local.co.uk

Idea & Layout: Amy Ritchie & Jack Hutton Brookfield Work Experience Students

The Volunteer Centre is part of a national network of agencies concerned withvolunteers and volunteering – NCVO.


NCS National Citizen Service Once in a lifetime opportunity to create and build attitudes and skills for life. Throughout the four week programme, young people will challenge themselves to create friendships with others, take responsibility and become independent and reflect upon their journey. During the final two weeks they will have already built new friendships, become more confident and be ready for the social action phases for weeks three and four. This is when the fruits of their labour blossom and they implement these new skills and attitudes to design and deliver projects that will transform their community.


Chesterfield College

University of Derby

University of Sheffield

Infirmary Rd, Chesterfield S41 7NG

2 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL

Western Bank Sheffield S10 2TN

T: 01246 500500

T: 01246 210200

T: 0114 222 2000










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ea ls on

NE Ama W zing d


£138 A MONTH 60 MPG




£9,470.00 £1,320.00 £750.00 £NIL



£138.96 £3,235.50 £10,655.58 49 MONTHS


Brimington Road North, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, S41 9AJ. TEL: 01246 383944 www.stoneacre.co.uk



Cars shown for illustration purposes only. finance subject to status, Applicants must be 18 or over. guarantees/indemnities may be required. Autoworld act as a non-independent credit intermediary. We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your car. We are only able to offer finance products from these providers. A list of providers is available on request. Any lender or broker or intermediary we work with may pay us for introducing you to them. This figure is available on request. Fuel consumption figures (MPG) shown are taken from the manufacturer, they are obtained under specific test conditions, they may not be achieved under ‘real world’ driving conditions. However the figures serve as a means of comparing models of a similar type. Finance based on Personal Contract Purchase between 5000 & 6000 miles per annum, Excess mileage charges apply, available over 24, 36, 42 and 48 months. You will not own this vehicle until all payments are made. Prices correct at time of going to press.

Page 28 www.s40local.co.uk


ea ls on

NE Ama W zing d

£139 A MONTH


68 MPG



£8,380.00 £2,280.00 £139.00 £138.82 £8,241.00



£1,568.54 £3,285.00 £9,948.54 48 MONTHS 47 MONTHS


Sheffield Rd Chesterfield S41 8LF. 01246 572700 www.stoneacre.co.uk

6,000 5.0PPM 6.9% 5.84%



Cars shown for illustration purposes only. finance subject to status, Applicants must be 18 or over. guarantees/indemnities may be required. Autoworld act as a non-independent credit intermediary. We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your car. We are only able to offer finance products from these providers. A list of providers is available on request. Any lender or broker or intermediary we work with may pay us for introducing you to them. This figure is available on request. Fuel consumption figures (MPG) shown are taken from the manufacturer, they are obtained under specific test conditions, they may not be achieved under ‘real world’ driving conditions. However the figures serve as a means of comparing models of a similar type. Finance based on Personal Contract Purchase between 5000 & 6000 miles per annum, Excess mileage charges apply, available over 24, 36, 42 and 48 months. You will not own this vehicle until all payments are made. Prices correct at time of going to press.

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Enjoying living and working on and around Chatsworth Road.



his will be the seventh year the Chatsworth Road Festival takes place. Between Thu 5 and Sunday 8 October local groups, clubs, organisations, and businesses will put on events and promotions to celebrate where we live.

The festival is a bit unique as there’s no village green where we can meet, with bands playing, carnival parades, stalls, cakes and activities, so the guys who organise it refer to it as a ‘celebration’. There will be bunting I’m sure, hung by those taking part and you’re never likely to be more than six feet from a cake or two! It really is about promoting the businesses and organisations near to Chatsworth Road, about celebrating the variety and making people aware of what's on offer. The area is a real gem with great pubs, restaurants and an eclectic mix of shops that sell everything from wellingtons to wedding dresses and award-winning cakes to “fairtrade” coffee. We’ll be keeping you posted of events in next month’s edition and the festival website and social media sites contain all that’s known. You can always check out windows (yes real shop windows) and websites of businesses as their involvement grows.

A few things we know already are: • The Brampton Food Market on Saturday 7th October at the St Thomas’ Centre will again host a number of annual ‘pop-up’ stalls, plus the popular ‘Towers Tours’ • Collect an exclusively printed shoebox and buy some contents to send to a child in need at the OCC Shoebox Shopping Day. • Ashes Hair Salon will be holding a cake sale for Ashgate Hospice on the Thursday and Friday. • The Barrel Inn are holding a black-tie charity casino night on Saturday 7th October, raising funds for Nenna Kind Cancer Support based in Chesterfield • Blanc Occasion – recently voted 2016/17 “Best new store” - will host a fundraising fashion show on Wednesday 11 October in aid of the new Retreat at The Royal. To keep up to date visit FB: Chatsworth-Road-Festival (make sure it’s not the Hackney one though!) or call Howard Borrell on 01246 221400 or 0790 415 2743.

Be inspired by our range of kitchens

Expert advice and personal service guaranteed Family run business Complete design, supply, planning and installation service All work undertaken by our own, expert, time served craftsmen

456 Derby Road ChesterďŹ eld, S40 2EU

139 Moorland View Road Walton, S40 3DD

01246 271 727

01246 224 114


Kitchens of quality and distinction

Chesterfield’s Face & Body Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic

Permanent Laser Hair Removal OFFER ENDS AUGUST 31st 2017

Lip & Chin




Standard Bikini


Full Legs


Full Body (All Above)


Prices include all six treatments required *Patch Test required prior to treatment. Payment Plans available.

The Monroe Clinic, 41 Holywell Street, Chesterfield, S41 7SH t: 01246 466163 m: 07803 327 237 e: info@themonroeclinic.co.uk themonroeclinic.co.uk

Hygiene visit for healthy gums Orthodontics for straight teeth, both traditional and invisalign Sedation for nervous patients Cosmetic work Whitening available Warm and friendly welcome

Massage: Great for everyone. Great for relaxation, pain control and athletes/sports people. Serving our community at Chatsworth Chiropractic Clinic we have: Lianne Oldale BA(Hons) Msc, UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach, including sports massage. Michelle Carlisle, qualified in Swedish Massage and IHHT Sports Massage.

When you call ask about our discounts for NHS, Armed Forces Personnel & Full Time Students T: 01246 567 773 E: info@chatsworthchiro.co.uk 624 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3JX

All quotations are undertaken pre-treatment

Telephone 01246 232634 www.ferndaledental.co.uk 90 Saltergate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1LG

Page 32 www.s40local.co.uk

Registration No. 01960



White C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Drop Shadow Blue

Drop Shadow Grey

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:40 C100: M:74 Y:25INSURANCE K:50 MAKE HOLIDAY Yellow SECONDC:0ON YOUR LIST! M:0 Y:100 K:0

Book Holiday! Get Insurance!!!


Call P for q enk uote : (




M W O - N O 5. - P 30 FR EN pm I

I F Y O U ’ V E B O O K E D I T, C OC100: V EM:74 R Y:25I K:10 T!


49-53 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2AL - 01246 558844 admin@penkinsurance.com facebook.com/penkinsurance - www.penkinsurance.co.uk Authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (308744) Company Registration No 2278602




logo design

high quality digital & litho print

promotional products

company branding

wide format printing

roller banners

design for print

variable data printing

direct mail

01246 554562


business cards letterheads compliment slips flyers postcards posters price lists menus newsletters booklets brochures vouchers calendars stickers labels greeting cards notepads presentation folders banners roller banners pens key-rings bags usb memory sticks mouse mats mugs clothing and more

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Hard Hat Day @

St Thomas' Church Tower The flyer said 'Have you ever wondered what it feels like to view the world from a scaffolding platform?' I was invited along on a Hard Hat Tour of the work taking place at St Thomas' Church Tower. Heritage Lottery funded, the work is being done to secure the four pinnacles at the corners of the main church tower and remove an ageing old strap system that was installed in the past to secure the old stonework. It was a fascinating tour and with a difference. When I agreed to go I didn't think about how I'd be getting to the top! However the ladders up through the scaffold were soon despatched and the view from the top was one I'd not seen before ... and am unlikely to see again. The work is progressing well and Michael Sheppard, conservator, took us through the technicalities of the project which they expect to complete by the end of August. It was fantastic to see the view, (see pictures) before we climbed back down to terra-firma. Thanks to the team at St Thomas' Church for the invite.

Chesterfield Theatres Winding Wheel

Pomegranate Theatre

Pomegranate Screenings

14 Sep The Carpenters Story 15 Sep An Evening of Dirty Dancing 19 Sep Jason Manford: Work in Progress 21 Sep The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show 23 Sep Modern Jive Dance Event Charity Special 28 Sep Spotlight Comedy Club 29 Sep Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up and Rock 30 Sep A New Flame 1 Oct Paul Zerdin: All Mouth

7 Aug NT Live: Angels in America Millennium Approaches (Part 1) 8 Aug NT Live: Angels in America Perestroika (Part 2) 9 Aug RSC Live: Titus Andronicus (Cert TBS) 15 Aug Summer Play Season: Absent Friends (to 19 Aug) 22 Aug Summer Play Season: House Guests (to 26 Aug) 29 Aug Summer Play Season: Hobson’s Choice (to 2 Sep) 7 Sep Dial M For Murder (to 9 Sep) 10 Sep John le Carré: An Evening with George Smiley (to 11 Sep) 14 Sep Wilkie Collins’ The Ghost’s Touch! (to 16 Sep) 18 Sep Jazz: Nicola Farnon 19 Sep NT Live: Yerma 20 Sep Royal Opera Live: The Magic Flute 25 Sep Shirley Valentine (to 30 Sep)

10 10 11 11 12 3 3 5 10 10 11 13

Aug Aug Aug Aug Aug Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep

18 20 20 22 22

Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep

Ballroom Dancing at The Pomegranate Every Tuesday at 7.30pm

Spotlight Comedy Club at The Winding Wheel 3rd Thursday of the month

Pomegranate Theatre Corporation Street Chesterfield S41 7TX

Winding Wheel Holywell Street Chesterfield S41 7SA

Page 34 www.s40local.co.uk

Box Office: 01246 345 222 Email: box.office@chesterfield.gov.uk Web: www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Kedi Mad to be Normal (15) Whitney Can I Be Me (15) (to 12 Aug) The Book of Henry (12A) (to 12 Aug) Monster Island (PG) Cars 3 (U) (to 4 Sep) Dunkirk (Cert TBC) (to 6 Sep) A Man Called Ove (15) (to 6 Sep) Captain Underpants (U) The Final Portrait (15) (to 12 Sep) The Beguiled (15) (to 13 Sep) Dementia Friendly Film: Calamity Jane (U) Maudie (12A) (to 21 Sep) The Last Word (15) (to 21 Sep) The Odyssey (Cert TBC) (to 21 Sep) Interlude in Prague (15) (to 24 Sep) England is Mine (15) (to 23 Sep)

Please check with box office for times Located in the Visitor Information building in Rykneld Square. S40 Local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

FREE £75 Worth

boiler service with this advert*

*valid ‘till end August 2017

Blueflame has you covered. Take out one of our fantastic packages for complete peace of mind, knowing that all parts and labour are included.

Subject to free initial visual inspection


95th 8m. on £1per

• unlimited call outs • unlimited parts • all labour charges covered • annual boiler service

95h 3m. ont £1per

BOILER ONLY Silver Cover

As Silver plus • controls and thermostats • replacement radiators • hot and cold pipework incl. pumps • gas pipework • hot water cylinder and header tanks


• Combi swaps from £995 • Boiler upgrades from £1695 • Full heating central systems from £2465 • Industry approved power flushing £349 • No call out charges on boiler repairs • No call out charges on plumbing repairs • Finance available through Ideal4finance

As seen on BBC DIY SOS

Book your free boiler service today call 01246 200990 *Valid until end August 2017 subject to a free visual inspection and a 12 month contract. *2Terms and conditions apply.

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iving with dementia is a challenge but, as stated by the Alzheimers’ Society, it is possible to live well with dementia if there is understanding and action from the wider community. We are currently working towards becoming a dementia friendly church. We’re looking at how we run our services, our signage and premises and what social activity we can provide. Down Memory Lane is our monthly social singing group - similar to Alzheimers’ Society’s “Singing for the Brain”. We start with tea and biscuits, giving carers in particular a chance to chat to each other and those with dementia the opportunity to be involved in a safe and caring environment.

Our team of thirteen volunteers is experienced in coming alongside people with dementia and ensure there is lots of laughter and fun throughout the session. We sing for half an hour then have another cuppa, followed by more singing. We sing familiar, older songs, tongue twisters and rounds, designed to stimulate the memory and communication skills. We meet on the second Thursday of every month and there is a delicious Christmas lunch each December. Why not come along and give it a try? From 2pm – 4pm in the Main Hall, St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane, Walton S42 7LT. Our next session is on Thursday 10th August and we’d love to welcome you.



from Stephen’s memorial service. Smiles has built a hygiene block and a church in Rapa and an education project will begin there this September with the teacher being sponsored by St John’s.

Stephen Woodward was a Trustee and Educational Advisor to the foundation for many years and was instrumental in building a school, nursery, church and medical centre in the Roma village of Tileagd. People from St John’s, schools and the local community have helped Stephen out in Romania on these and other projects. Just before Stephen died in December 2015 he was working towards building a house in Rapa. Proceeds from our annual Smiles Christmas Market went towards starting this project as did the generous donations

Please join us at this year’s Smiles Christmas Market on the 18th November and help us to help the poorest of the poor. For more information or to get involved call the church office on 01246 566205.

mong the seven charities that we support – in prayer and by giving 10% of our income – is the Smiles Foundation.

This charity started in the late nineties, providing relief aid of food, clothing and medicines in Romania. For generations, the Roma people have lived in particularly poor conditions. Many still exist in extreme poverty with appalling housing, no sanitation, inadequate food, clothing and warmth and without schooling, medical or optical support.

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ur Guide unit meets at St John’s church and we do loads of fun stuff, like games, cooking, camping and community service. We all make a Guide promise, which helps us to remember to do our best, to help others and to develop our beliefs. It’s also something that links us with 10 million Guides across the world. We do go for guide interest badges, where we get to learn new things and develop our skills. Once we have earned them, we sew them on to our uniform. We also do challenge badges, which are really fun! We recently served cream teas to help raise money for Christian Aid. The night before the event, we made table decorations from vintage cups and saucers and fresh roses. On the day, we took people’s orders and served them hot drinks and scones.

at St John's

In May we did a pantomime for Rainbows, Brownies and people in the community. We raised about £300 for Ashgate hospice by doing this. We made the backdrops, props and costumes ourselves and learned all our lines! We also do lots of adventurous activities, such as paddle boarding and rafting (we managed to paddle board an entire mile!). This was done in support of Macmillan. We have great fun doing residentials and one time on a residential we went to a llama farm where we got to feed the animals and drink hot chocolate. We also like to have midnight feasts and keep our leaders awake all night!

Written collectively by 1st Brampton Moor Guides

St John's Church, Walton Back Lane, Chesterfield S42 7LT St John's Walton have approached S40 Local and design a regular two page spread to let you know what's going on at the church. Design by Peter Rodgers.

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The kids are playing! How do I keep them interested in English and Maths over the summer? Here are some fun ideas from Kip to help you… Mental Maths R Family shopping – give them a budget and see what meals they can come up with, dare you! R Compare prices for family tickets v individual tickets R Discounts? What was the original price/percentage/amount of discount? R Good old Slap! Learn times tables by placing the answers on pieces of paper stuck up around the house or garden. Call out the sum and the children run to ‘slap’ the answer using fly swats. Burns up energy whilst learning times tables!

Spelling & Reading R I spy A-Z See and Spell. Useful on long journeys! R Choose a series of books such as Harry Potter or Diary of a Wimpey Kid. Get them hooked and they’ll read all summer! R Adapt Slap and substitute words for numbers. Base your word choice on themes such as days of the week, months of the year, food or animals.

Writing R Ask your children to choose 3 different pictures, you can search online or cut them out from magazines, then ask them to write a story based on the pictures they chose. R You can adapt the writing activity by making it a bit harder! Give them a list of 10 words and ask them to write a story using all 10 words but keeping them in the same order as they appear on the list. Harder than you think if you mix nouns verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

Kip Supplied Activities R Find that 2017 Kip calendar stuffed in their Kip bag and have a go at the activities, a different one each month. Do you know the answers? R Check out the Kip McGrath UK Facebook page. All summer there will be new and varied games and activities, free and fun! Don’t forget that if you can slowly get them back into English and Maths before they go back to school in September, the loss of learning over the summer is significantly reduced and they go back raring to go. We know, that’s why we have our summer schools for the last two weeks of August! Call Jo on Tel: 01629 56611 or 01246 220224 for a free assessment or to join the summer schools. Above all, have a wonderful summer from Jo, Sarah and all the team at Kip McGrath Matlock & Chesterfield.

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.



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Are you looking to give your child the best start in life? We offer high quality, outstanding childcare at excellent prices. Excellence In Childcare is the ethos that our nurseries are built upon. The care provided is home from home and the learning and development is unique and planned for each individual child. All our nurseries are designed and built to the highest specifications, providing excellent learning resources for all ages.

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Windermere Road, Newbold, S41 8DU 01246 238826 cheekymonkeys@eic-group.co.uk

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Barlow Red ‘B’arrows? At local events near you this summer! “One of the premier aerobatic display teams, representing the speed, agility and precision of…” wait a minute there was a mistype in my Google search, this was the Red Arrows!

It sounds hilarious. The Barlow Red Barrows (BRBs) started in 2014 after David remembered seeing a group about 40 years ago in the Lake District. “It took me a while to find a like-minded group but we got together and entered the 2014 Barlow Carnival where we won £350 prize money which we split between Ashgate Hospice and Bluebell Wood” says David. Word spread about the good work the guys were doing and people started paying them to do carnivals and arena events, Simon from the BRB has cycled John O’Groats to Lands End raising funds, all money raised being donated to local charitable causes. They are doing a fantastic job raising money for charity causes, they’ve held black tie dinners and raised funds to support Lucas, a local boy who suffers from leukaemia and over the past four years have supported charities including Clic Sergeant who provide accommodation for children with cancer raising £3000, £5000 for Cry, a charity for cardiac risk in the young (14 to 35) and this year they are aiming to raise £6000 for Amy's House, who provide respite care for children with severe special needs.

Clearly, the Barlow Red Barrows have a lot to live up to… I went to meet David Johnston at the Tickled Trout, who set me straight. “We are a squadron, a bunch of 12 available pilots at the moment, fitness isn't important, we’re not actual pilots, we’re fuelled by beer, crisps and pickled eggs. Squadron HQ is right here at The Tickled Trout in Barlow. We’re ground based, moving at speed, a bunch of men dressed in blue tights, white shorts and red shirts dancing with red wheelbarrows and this year we’ll have smoking barrows, red, white and blue just like the real thing!”

Update: Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (PPG) Wednesday 24 May. NOTE: Future meetings will be be held at 4pm. The group welcomed four 6th Form, Year 12, students, the result of the PPG Chair liaising with schools in the centre's catchment. A member has visited the new Macmillan Unit at the Royal Hospital and it is hoped that a PPG Page 42 www.s40local.co.uk

The group now have roadies, music systems and perform to a lively commentary. They have a string of events booked and will be appearing at:

Barlow Carnival on 19 August Hope Show on 28 August Eyam Carnival on 2 September Look out for the BRB at one of the above events or perhaps book them for your event next year, and if you do see them please try and support them and the great job they do raising money for deserving local charities.

Group visit can be organised in the near future. A representative from Care 100 is speaking at the Informal Meeting on 23 August. The group have produced two information leaflets: ‘Helping the Medical Centre to Help You’ and ‘Making the Most of Your Appointment’ and will be incorporated into new patients Welcome Packs. We are working on a project to give information about the benefits of Walking and leading an active lifestyle. There are a number of Walking Groups around

Chesterfield for all abilities, these groups combine enjoyable exercise with a chance to chat to fellow walkers. A Display Book containing information about each project is available by the PPG Notice Board for patients. If you are interested in joining the PPG you are welcome to come along. The next informal Meeting is on Wed 23 August at 4pm at the Medical Centre. For further information please visit www.chatsworthroadmedicalcentre. nhs.uk or contact Ken Davis PPG Chair on 01246 568392.

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Cars shown for illustration purposes only. finance subject to status, Applicants must be 18 or over. guarantees/indemnities may be required. Autoworld act as a non-independent credit intermediary. We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your car. We are only able to offer finance products from these providers. A list of providers is available on request. Any lender or broker or intermediary we work with may pay us for introducing you to them. This figure is available on request. Fuel consumption figures (MPG) shown are taken from the manufacturer, they are obtained under specific test conditions, they may not be achieved under ‘real world’ driving conditions. However the figures serve as a means of comparing models of a similar type. Finance based on Personal Contract Purchase between 5000 & 6000 miles per annum, Excess mileage charges apply, available over 24, 36, 42 and 48 months. You will not own this vehicle until all payments are made. Prices correct at time of going to press.

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MERRIE ENGLAND Chesterfield G&S Society Chesterfield Gilbert and Sullivan Society has decided to ring the changes this year by staging Merrie England, composed by Edward German, at three different local venues in October. Written at the turn of the 19th century, the opera has been adapted and abridged by Society member Max Taylor, with this version being originally performed by Matlock G and S Society in 2012. Set in the 1590s in Windsor as the town anticipates the arrival of their May Queen and their monarch, Queen Elizabeth, the operetta features two Queens, two noblemen a lady of the royal household and a reclusive figure, centring on love, honour and duty. The cast features Judith Hill as Queen Elizabeth, Jo Howland as Bessie Throckmorton, Andrew Lockwood as Sir Walter Raleigh, Julie Currey as Jill all Alone, Max Taylor as The Earl of Essex and his granddaughter, Lizzy Blades, as the May Queen.

Directed by Nic Wilson, who plays Walter Wilkins the performance include an 8 piece orchestra with society accompanist Chris Flint, conducted by musical director Andrew Marples. To see if there's a happy ending, come and watch the show at Ashover Village Hall (7:30pm) 6 October, Bakewell Medway Centre 7 October and Hasland Village Hall on 13 and 14 October. Tickets (£10) are available from Carole Pilkington (01246 207893), Society members and Chesterfield VIC.

Open garden Sat 12 August

Entry is just £3 including refreshments and will help raise funds for projects in Tsumeb, Chesterfield's twin town in Namibia.

Richard and Sharon at 70 Hawksley Avenue, Newbold will be opening their gates to visitors from 11am to 4pm on 12 August.

Come and see this little award winning tropical paradise right here in Chesterfield.

A peaceful haven in the centre of Chesterfield will be open to explore as part of England’s favourite heritage festival. Elder Yard is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Chesterfield, and oldest nonconformist chapel in Derbyshire, is opening its doors on Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR.

Elder Yard Chapel Heritage Open Days Thu 7 to Sun 10 Sep (10am to 4pm)

A historic place of worship for Unitarians, whose open-minded approach to faith encompasses a wide variety of beliefs. The chapel, which is over 300 years old, was most recently one of the first in the town to progressively welcome same-sex marriages. There will be three lunchtime live music concerts on Thu, Fri and Sat

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(1 to 1:30pm) and a charity coffee morning with homemade cakes on Sat (10am to noon). A special celebratory service will be held on Sunday 10 Sep (3pm to 4pm) where everyone of any faith, or no faith, is welcome. Elder Yard Chapel was built in 1694 when the surrounding areas were a mixture of small alleyways and cottages for working people. It provided a meeting place for Presbyterians and the Congregationalists, who eventually set up their own places of worship, the remaining congregation became Unitarian and still is today after over 200 years. heritageopendays.org.uk



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S & P HEWITT (CONSTRUCTION) LTD Merry Christmas & Ha Family run business with over three decades of experience to all our customers! Friendly advice and a professional service Extensions New builds Stone work Refurbishments

Roofing Fascias & soffits Renovations Loft & Garage Conversions

Professional, reliable and honest builders. Would recommend their services. They were always on time, kept the site clean and tidy. They were considerate of our family life and their work ethics could not be faulted. Trusted Trader review: 09/02/2017.


Portfolio of previous projects & testimonials available on our website Excellent service; clear communications

T: 01246 559094

M: 07973 878274

Email: info@sphconstruction.co.uk Website: www.sphconstruction.co.uk

all aspects of the work and took care ar


Telephone: 01246 55 Please mention S40 Local · Page 47

Garden Tips 10 Garden Things

Garden Tips The Inspire Community Garden

The INSPIRE COMMUNITY GARDEN is continuing to develop and a pizza oven is in place towards the top of our plot. Our cropping this year has been very impressive. Why don’t you come to have a look at our garden and meet the volunteers involved in the project? We may be lucky and inspire you to get out our spade at home or, if you have the time, to join us and benefit from our crops. The entrance is via the bottom of the Ashgate Road Car Park (S40 4AA).

Picture: Robert Nixon Betts Words: Transition Chesterfield

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Second Early potato varieties will be ready to harvest now, depending upon when they were planted, they usually take about 16 weeks to produce a good crop. They can be lifted as you want them but if you notice slug holes in the crop it is better to lift them all before the damage worsens. Store only the undamaged tubers and use the others quickly.

Summer pruning of apple and pear trees can be done now. This helps them to keep their form and remain healthy without having congested growth.

Most hedges can be pruned or trimmed into shape now, bird nesting should be over, and this will give time for limited new growth before it slows down in autumn.

Keep sowing quick-maturing salad crops – rocket, radishes, mixed leaves and some lettuces are all candidates – they’ll go on growing until the first frosts. Several lettuce varieties including Winter Density, Great Lakes and Lambs lettuce (corn salad) will last through the winter.

If you’ve got empty patches of soil, consider sowing a green manure; this will cover the ground and put much needed nutrients back into the soil. This will stop weeds becoming established and is best dug in before it sets seed.

Several herbs can be sown at this time of year in a greenhouse or cold frame e.g. chervil, dill, parsley and coriander can be protected from frost this way and will crop during the late season and winter.

Pot up any strawberry runners that have rooted, or encourage them to do so by pinning them firmly to the ground and make sure they are watered in a dry spell.

Apart from gently pottering around the garden, this should be the time of year you can spend most time simply enjoying it; however, it's the time most plants, including weeds, also enjoy, so try to stop them setting seed – there's an old saying, 'one year’s seeding is seven years’ weeding'...

Keep feeding birds to attract them to the garden, where they will also hunt out damaging insects and larvae. A shallow pool is a great wildlife draw, with the possible added bonus of seeing blackbirds washing themselves in a comically Victorian fashion, constantly checking to make sure they're not being overlooked, and covered head-to-toe in black.

Wrought Iron Work Hand Rails • Benches Decking • Planters Curleys Products design and manufacture various benches, seats, planters and wrought iron work each individually designed and built for the customer. We aim to produce long lasting quality products at competitive prices to suit individual clients and their needs. JohnsonSurfacing.29810.c:Layout 1


Call: 0776 805 4906 or visit our website:



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anyone else? S p e c i aA l i sReputation t s i n Ta r m a c a d a With mfor S u raExcellence f areputation c i n g , B l o c k for P a-vexcellence iwhy n g & Gchoose r o u-nwhy d w o r choose k anyone s With else? Registered Office: Sebastian House ! 204 Ashgate Road ! Chesterfield S40 4AL ! Telephone: 01246 231871 ! Facsimile: 01246 275802 ! email: sales@johnsonsurfacing.co.uk

Family Owned Business - Established Over 25 Years Local Authority Approved - Over 39 Years Experience Local Authority Approved Domestic and Commercial Domestic & Commercial Tarmac/Asphalt Surfacing & Projects Block Paving Tarmac (Asphalt)Patios, Surfacing & Car Block Paving Driveways, Paths, Parks Resin Bonded & Resin Bound Surfacing Playgrounds, Tennis Courts Driveways, Patios, Car Parks & Playgrounds Vehicular Crossing (Dropped Kerbs) Dropped Kerbs Crossing) Free advice and estimates with(Vehicular a professional yet personal service. Free advice & estimates with a professional, yet personal service. Fax: 01246 275802 www.johnsonsurfacing.co.uk www.johnsonsurfacing.co.uk Sebastian House, 204 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield S40 4AL Email: sales@johnsonsurfacing.co.uk Sebastian House, 204 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield S40 4AL Email: sales@johnsonsurfacing.co.uk

Tel 01246 01246231871 231871 Tel:

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Regular Events Article


Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre 01246 345777/8 or visitchesterfield.info Tots Café at St Thomas' Centre 9:45 to 11:30am (term time). Informal get together for parents/carers. T: 01246 279916. StraightCurves Little Creatives: Mon & Fri 9:45 to 11am. For 2-4yrs olds with parents - take part in arty, crafty activity. E: info@straightcurves.co.uk T: 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Yoga for all abilities. 9:45 to 11am & 11:15 to 12:30pm. Walton Village Hall, Walton. T: 07930 338896 or E: stopbreatheyoga@gmail.com Monkey Park Events: Art Group. 10 to midday. Monkey Park Chester Street. T: 01246 235815. Zumba. St John's Church, Walton Back Lane S42 7LT. 10-11am. £5 per session. Young at Heart (social afternoon) - all welcome. 1:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. 1st Brampton Moor Brownies: Meet at Storrs Road Centre, starting 6pm (Term time). T: 01246 272678. All ability yoga classes. Holymoorside Village Hall. 6 to 7:30pm. New to yoga? You are welcome. Experienced, qualified & fully insured. E: TwistedSpireYoga@ outlook.com or FB: TwistedSpireYoga. Maison Mes Amis: Book Club. 1st Mon 7pm. Review the title of the month. Discuss in a comfortable atmosphere with like minded folk. T: 01246 768789. Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Chester Street Club, Phoenix Suite, Chesterfield. 7 to 8:30pm. Admission £3. Just come along. T: 0750 669 5208. Aurora Ladies' Choir: 7:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. RSPB Chesterfield Local Group: 1st Mon 7:15pm at Eastwood Hall, Rose Hill. Illustrated talks, refreshments, bird food sales. All welcome. (Not Aug) T: 07971 000331 or rspb.org.uk/groups/ chesterfield Lah di Dah – Ladies vocal harmony group. (not Bank Holidays) 7:30 to 9:30 pm Walton Village Hall. T: 01246 260903. Badminton at Hasland Hall School Sports Hall. 7:30 to 9pm except school holidays. Contact Margaret Link: 01246 235665. Guide Dogs Chesterfield: 3rd Mon 7:30pm at The Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road. New volunteers welcome. T: 07525 248740 E: guidedogschesterfield@hotmail.co.uk or FB - Guide Dogs Chesterfield. Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: noncontesting band - plays a variety of concerts. All abilities. Mon & Fri 7:45pm URC, Holymoorside. T: 01246 566691 or Enquiries@holymoorsideband.co.uk


Village Hall Pilates 9:15 to 10:15am and 10:30 to 11:30am St Marks, Brampton. 0777 351 6334 villagehallpilates.co.uk

Spire Laughter Club: Above Dent's Chemists at the Nenna Kind Cancer Drop In Centre 2pm. Yoga therapy with laughter - come laugh whilst improving your health and happiness. T: 01246 862790.

Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club: Tue & Thu 9.30am Wheatbridge Cafe, 36 Wheatbridge Road. 30 to 60 miles.  New riders welcome. T: 07734 506492. chesterfieldspirecyclingclub.co.uk

Holymoorside Women's Institute: 2nd Tue - 2 to 4pm at the United Reformed Church Schoolroom, Cottonmill Hill, Holymoorside. New Members warmly received. T: 01246 568360.

Yoga for all abilities. 9:45 to 11am & 11:15 to 12:30pm. Walton Village Hall, Walton. Karen: 07930 338896 or e: stopbreatheyoga@gmail.com

TimeOut a friendly community group meets 2 to 4pm at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Come for a chat, cuppa, games, bring a craft, help complete a jigsaw, surf the internet etc. T: 01246 274021. 

Zumba Gold - Fitness For 50+ Tues & Thu at 10am & 11am. Chester St Club. Easy, fun, friendly classes only £3.50 TONING after the 11am Thu class: Zumba with weights (50p extra). T: 07757 726239. Posh Pensioner Tuesdays @ Maison Mesamis. Pensioners enjoy lunch with us. £10 for two courses from a special menu and a glass of wine or beer. Book on 01246 768789. North East Derbyshire Downs Syndrome Group: 4th Tue. Arkwright Children's Centre, School Lane, Arkwright. 10am to noon. Not Aug. Families, carers & children meet together for activities & outings. T: 07500 814361 Cavendish Probus Club: Meeting for retired professionals and businessmen. 10am at The Old House, Loundsley Green S40 4RN. 3rd Tue. Enjoy speakers & good company. T: 01246 274806. Knit and Natter: 10am to 12:30pm at St Thomas' Centre. An informal gathering for people who enjoy doing craft. All ages, all abilities. T: 01246 279916. Thom's Blokes: 3rd Tue. 10am to noon. A meeting for men, talks, activities & regular outings. All men welcome. St Thomas’ Church Centre. T: 01246 231115. Tuesday Worship: St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Join us for Tuesday Worship from 11:30am to 12:15pm, followed by lunch in the Church Centre (£3). E: office@stjohnswalton.co.uk StraightCurves Crochete Clinic: 12:30 to 2:30pm Term Time & other times too! Develop your crochete skills - experienced tutor. E: info@ straightcurves.co.uk T: 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Badminton at Loundsley Green 1:30 to 3pm. T: 0746 542 1003. Tiger Tots: A stay and play baby/ toddler group. 1:30 to 3pm (term time) Holymoorside Village Hall. All welcome, £2 per family. Becky 07701 066801 Tuesday Whist. 2 to 4:30pm at Holymoorside Village Hall. T: 01246 568204. Chesterfield Railway Modellers: Tues afternoon 2pm and Thu eve 6pm at The Clocktower Offices (the old Staveley Works Head Office). T: 01246 234788.

Old Brampton and District WI: 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 4NF. New members and visitors warmly welcomed. T: 01246 239431. HNChelp, cancer support group. 2nd Tue. Meet at the Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd (excl Aug) 2 to 4pm. We welcome any patient, carer or any one affected by head and neck cancer. hnchelp.org.uk or T: 07950 599869. Danceworks dance studio for 4-15 year olds at Loundsley Green Community Centre. Ages 3-5yrs at 4-5pm, and 6+ at 5-6pm. T: 07581 140822 or ellystarbrook@mail.com or FB: Danceworks Loundsley Green. Chesterfield Flight Basketball Club, Whittington Green Community School, S419LG. Under 9 to 12s - 6 to 7pm. Under 14 to 16s - 6:30 to 8:30pm. Contact: amooney@chesterfieldflight. org.uk T: 0783 6591204 All ability yoga classes. Friend’s Meeting House, Ashgate Road. 5:30 to 7pm. Experienced, qualified & fully insured. Details see Monday event. Brownies: 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T:07910 858267. Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7pm, 7:10 pm to 8:10pm and 8:20 to 9:20 pm. St John's Church, Walton. Inspirations Theatre Company: Amateur dramatics group. Juniors (age 6 to 16) St Thomas Centre 6:30pm. Monthly fee. Free taster session. E: inspirationstc@ gmail.com or M: 0758 463 5932. Yoga All Abilities Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 7 to 8:30pm. T: 07791157672 - E: yogaforlife@live.co.uk Chesterfield Town WI: 1st Tue - 7pm Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill, S40 1LW. Fancy a giggle? Why not come and join? All welcome. chesterfieldtownwi. co.uk. Monkey Park Events: Spire Digital. 7pm. 2nd Tue. T: 01246 235815. Monkey Park, Chester Street. Dog obedience training: 7:15 to 8:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. Local book group meets monthly on Tuesday evening, books loaned from central library. Contact Millie on 07899790878 for more details.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Regular Events Article Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: 2nd Tue 7.30pm Annunciation Church Parish Centre, off Queen St, S40 4SF. Talks Sept to April. Access from Queen St. £2.50 incl. refreshments; Under 16s free. All welcome. T: 01246 236930.

Nightingale Probus: 1st Wed 10am to 12 Noon at The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road, Newbold. Activities theatre trips, outings, lunches, walking & scrabble etc. Contact Ruth Cable on 01246 450797.

Chesterfield & District Vegetable and Fruit Growers: 3rd Tue 7:30pm at the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Come and share your gardening experiences. T: 01246 569515 (Not Aug).

Walk and Talk. A sociable stroll every other Wed from Queens Park Leisure Centre, 10:15am at reception. For info call Chesterfield Borough Council Community Lifestyles 01246 345669.

TAI CHI: Authentic Wu Style Tai Chi from Shanghai, taught by an authorised instructor. 7:30pm - 8:30pm Parish Centre, Stonegravels. E: sharon.wall@ live.co.uk T: 01246 273795. Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society Rehearsals: 7.30 to 9.30pm. Operatic rooms, 5A Abercrombie St, Chesterfield. S41 7LW. Spring and Christmas concerts plus an October production. New singers welcome. T: 01246 277669. Chesterfield Garland/Clog Dancers: 7:30 to 9:30pm at Methodist Church Hall, Jaw Bones Hill. New female dancers and wo/men musicians welcome. T: 01246 207800. chesterfieldgarland.org.uk Chesterfield Cycle Campaign: Meetings 2nd Tue Chesterfield Community Centre off South Place near the coach station. 7.30pm. T: 01246 520820. Chesterfield Film Makers: If you’re interested in making videos. Walton Village Centre, 7:30pm. T: 01246 277349 or visit chesterfieldfilmmakers. weebly.com Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra 7:30-9:30pm. Players of orchestral instruments invited. Brass, percussion & strings. Ashgate Croft School (term time). T: 07985 603423 chesterfieldsymphonyorchestra@gmail.com Chesterfield Theatres: Tuesday Night Dances. At the Winding Wheel. 7:30 to 10.30pm. £4.85. General Knowledge Quiz. Rose & Crown, Old Road: Tuesday night - gallon of ale for the winner. Music quiz - last Sunday of each month, plus rolling cash prize. Tuesday Quiz Night at The Manor from 8:30pm. General knowledge with cash prizes to be won plus Play Your Cards Right. T: 01246 277760. bramptonmanor.com


Village Hall Pilates: 9:15 to 10.15am, 7:15 to 8:15pm. New class “Stretch and Core for Men” 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tue listing. StraightCurves Woolly Wednesdays: 10am to 12:30pm & 6:30 to 9pm. Bring any craft, have a good old natter - relaxed social craft session. E: info@straightcurves.co.uk T: 01246 807575.104 Saltergate, S40 1NE Qi Gong: 10 to 11:15am. Loundsley Green Comm. Centre T: 07910 858267.

British History Class: 10:30am at Chesterfield Library. T: 01246 276800. Monkey Park Events: U and I Photography Workshop. 10:30am. 2nd Wed. T: 01246 235815. Monkey Park, Chester Street. Bereavement Support Group Drop-in Coffee Morning. 2nd Wed. 10:30 to 11:30am Annunciation Church Parish Centre. Access through the car park entrance in Queen St. Chameleon UFO: (Unfinished objects) group.1pm to 4pm, £3 per session, bring your knitting, stitching, crochet or any unfinished projects. Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410. Monkey Park Events: Carers’ Group. 2nd Wed. 2pm. T: 01246 235815. Monkey Park, Chester Street. Holymoorside Craft Group: 2 to 4pm in the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Informal, welcoming group. Any crafting - papercraft, embroidery, knitting, sewing, drawing etc. T: 01246 569103. Excludes Jun, Jul & Aug. Walton Women's Institute: 4th Wed 2 to 4pm at St. John's Church Centre, Walton Back Lane. Book Group, Flower Arranging, Choir etc! New members & visitors welcome. T: 01246 209472 Knit & Natter: 2 to 4pm at Costa coffee opposite Wilkos and Tuesday 2 to 4pm Wetherspoons Bolsover, Pillar of Rock. No charge. All ages, all abilities, knitting and crochet, unfinished projects. Seated Exercise Class: Wish you were steadier on your feet? Want to improve your strength, balance? NHS approved Otago class. 2:30 to 3:30pm Holymoorside Village Hall. £3.60 T: 07757 726239. Wednesday Family Evenings @ Maison Mesamis. Kids Eat For Free! Adults choose from the Mid Week A La Carte Treat Menu & kids from the Mini Maison Menu (T’s & C’s). 5 to 7:30pm. T: 01246 768789 to book. Tramway Tavern Classic Album Night. We play NME's top 100 albums of all time, all night long. There is also a mini music picture quiz, highest score wins 2 pints. From 4pm. Beaver Scouts: 4:15 to 6pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. Dynamic Hatha yoga class - fast paced varied & challenging yoga style. Friend’s Meeting House, Ashgate Road. 5:30 to 7pm. Experienced, qualified & fully insured. Details see Monday event.

Holymoorside Tennis Club New members Welcome. Club Night 6pm and Social Tennis Sun/Tues 10am. T: 01246 566718. Cub Scouts: 6 to 7:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre T: 07910 858267. Chesterfield Fairtrade Group: 3rd Wed 6.30pm in Chesterfield Town Hall. New members always welcome. Promoting Fairtrade. T: 01246 455178. Chesterfield and District Soroptimists: 2nd & 4th Wed at Ringwood Hall Hotel 7.30pm. sigbi.org/chesterfield-anddistrict or T: 01246 209233. Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Hasland WM Club, Hampton Street. 7:30 to 8:30pm. £3. Just come along or T: 0750 669 5208. Cotton Mill Club: Activity club for young adults with learning difficulties. 7 to 9pm on the last Wed at Holymoorside United Reform Church School Room. T: 01246 566109. Jesterfield Juggling Club: 7 to 9pm at Walton Village Centre. All abilities - learn and share skills in all types of circus skills. £2/week adults & £1/under 16s welcome if accompanied. T: 07766 468 499 E: wfarrant@btinternet.com. Zumba, 6pm - 7pm at St John's Church Walton S42 7LT. £5 pay as you go. T: 0781 449 5088. Brampton Ladies Club: 7:15pm for 7:45pm start at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Term time. Speaker or social activity. T: 01246 272333. Free Voices Community Choir: The Friends Meeting House, Brockwell Lane - 7:15 to 9pm. A non-performing choir who sing for enjoyment. T: 01246 237937 or helend@uwclub.net Brampton Best Knitters: Come and meet for knitting, crochet, other handicrafts, a warm welcome and good company. £1 subs (optional). 7.30pm, Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road, Brampton. T: 07900 814715 for info. Bible Class: 7:30 to 8:30pm at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road. Topics for study and discussion. chesterfieldchristadelphians.org.uk Scouts: 7:30 to 9:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. HoneyBelles Ladies Choir. Rehearse at 7.45pm at St Mary’s Primary School, Cross Street. New members always welcome, no auditions. E: honeybelleschoir@gmail.com; FB thehoneybelles; honeybelles.co.uk Manor Band Mania @The Manor: Last Wed. T: 01246 277760 or bramptonmanor.com

Monkey Park Events: Digital Photography Club. 9.30am on the 2nd Wednesday.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Regular Events Article

Thursday Chesterfield Flea Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or visitchesterfield.info Chesterfield Farmer's Market: Every second Thursday. Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre 01246 345774 or visitchesterfield.info Village Hall Pilates: 9.15 am to 10.15 am (Term time) at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way. See Tuesday listing. Fit and Fab Keep Fit Class Holymoorside: A gentle exercise class to music. 9:30am to 10:30am in United Reform Church Holymoorside. All welcome. T: 0786 658 5575. Yoga. Mixed ability classes. Morning session 9:30-11am - £6. Evening session 7:30-9pm £33 for 6 week block. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07792 978880 . Coffee Morning. 10am @ Rose Hill United Reformed Church. Monkey Park Events: Story reading. 10.30 to 11.15am. Monkey Park, Chester Street. T: 01246 235815. TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health and relaxation. 10am at Wingerworth Church Centre, Long Edge Lane. E: sharon.wall@live.co.uk T: 01246 273795 All ability yoga classes. Friend’s Meeting House, Ashgate Road. 10 to 11:30am and 6 to 7:30pm. Details see Monday event. Central Methodist Toddler Group: Saltergate. 10 to 11:30am (term time). In the town centre this group is ideal for a break from shopping for you & your baby/toddler. £1.50 for adult & child; 50p per extra child. Drinks & biscuits.

CAMEO (Come and meet each other) at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. 2 to 4pm on 3rd Thu. Come along and meet new friends over tea and cake. All are welcome. £1. T: 01246 236042. Muy Thai: Martial arts training. 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7 pm (Term time) at The School Room, Old Brampton. See Tuesday listing for contact details. Behind the Scenes Tour: Explore Chesterfield Museum’s store room and find out how they preserve the collections. 2pm. Call to book. Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield: (ICCC) 6pm (Outdoor spring, summer & autumn) or 8pm pool sessions late autumn & winter). canoejmc@gmail. com, ichthuscanoeclub.co.uk or 01246 274021. St John's Ambulance Chesterfield Quad Division: Storrs Road Methodist Church during term time. Badgers and Cadets (5 to 18 year olds) from 6pm. Adults 18+ at 7:30pm. T: 01246 279132 or email chesterfield@derbyshire.sja. org.uk. StraightCurves Book Club: 7 to 8pm 3rd Thu. Relaxed club for book lovers more details see website. E: info@ straightcurves.co.uk T: 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Chesterfield E Townswomen's Guild: 2nd Thu of the month (exclept Aug). 2pm (Oct - Mar) 7pm (Apr - Sep). The Friends’ Meeting House, Ashgate Road. T: 01246 455110.

Chameleon ​Social Crochet: 10am to 1pm, £3 per session. ​Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410.

Two to Tango: Tango with Johana Pantera. The Riverside, Hollis Lane S41 7RE 7-8pm Beginners, 8-9pm Intermediates & 9-9.30pm Practica. All standards welcome.

Walking Back To Healthiness: Walking group meets at 10:30am at Holmebrook Valley Park, starting points may vary. To book 01246 345669.

The Rose Choir. ​Rehearsals 7​:​30​to 9:​30pm. No auditions. Just turn up. Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill (Term only)​

Rendezvous Group: 1st Thu. St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Rd. Seniors invited for activities followed by a light lunch. 10:30am to 1:30pm. £5 to cover costs. T: 01246 272333. Monkey Park Events: Book Club. 1pm. 1st Wed. T: 01246 235815. Monkey Park, Chester Street. Thursday Mixed Whist. 2 to 4:30pm at Holymoorside Village Hall. T: 01246 568204. Down Memory Lane. A social singing group for people living with dementia and their carers. 2 to 4pm every 2nd Thu at St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. T: 01246 566205. Monkey Park Events: Crochete Club, 2pm

Embroiderers' Guild Chesterfield Branch: 1st Thu. 7-9pm at The Saints Parish Centre, St. Mary's Gate, S41 7TJ. Visitors welcome. T: 01246 275177. Chesterfield Caledonian Badminton Club: at St Andrews United Reformed Church Hall, Newbold Road. 7 to 9pm. New adult members welcome, male and female. T: 01246 569225. Brampton Community Band: Musicians welcome - join and play folk dance music. 7.15 to 9.15 pm at Old Hall Junior School, Old Rd. bramptoncommunityband.org.uk, email: bcband@hotmail.co.uk or T: 01246 236805.

Chesterfield Photographic Society: Call Club T: Brian Davis 01246 275433. Inspirations Theatre Company: Amateur dramatics group. Seniors (16+). St Thomas Centre 7pm. Monthly fee. Free taster session. M: 0758 463 5932 or E: inspirationstc@gmail.com Monkey Park Events: Transition Chesterfield. 7pm. 2nd Thu. Monkey Park, Chester Street. T: 01246 235815. Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir: Practise at Ashgate Croft School, Ashgate Road from 7:15 to 9:30pm. Come & join us. T: 01246 202694. Jam Session: Do you play an instrument? Come play with the Chesterfield Jazz Club house band? Club Chesterfield, Chester St. £4. 1st Thu. 7:30pm. chesterfieldjazz.com. Walton Art Group: Term Time. 7.30 to 9.30 pm, meet at Walton Village Hall, Walton Back Lane. New members welcome. Phone Brenda on 01246 237481. Holymoorside Choral Society: practise in Holymoorside from 7:30 to 9:30pm. We sing a variety of music - new members welcome. Nerys Mansell 01246 569693. North East Derbyshire Field Club: 2nd Thu. Winter meets. 7:30pm St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton. Summer meetings, outings & walks. T: 01246 237622. Holymoorside Ladies Club: 7:45pm in Holymoorside Village Hall. Variety of speakers and activities. All welcome. Membership not necessary, just £2.50. Term time only. Call Anne 01246 566789. Village Hall Pilates: 7:45 to 8:45pm (Term time) at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tuesday listing for contact details. Chesterfield Jazz Club: Regular Jazz Night, Chester Street, S40 1DL. For details and tickets for gigs T: 07764 587 258 or chesterfieldjazz.com. Tramway Tavern - Beer Of Frankenstein. We take a perfectly good beer and make it awesome. We blend, dry hop, grogg and spice. Then it's down to a vote, is it "alive" or an "abomination!" Last Thu from 6pm.

Friday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre T:01246 345777/8 or visitchesterfield.info Parent & Toddler: All welcome. 9 to 11am. Loundsley Green Community Centre. T: 07910 858267. StraightCurves Little Creatives: 9:45 to 11am. See Monday listing. TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise. 10am Wingerworth Church sharon.wall@ live.co.uk 01246 273795

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

from this ... � 50 Year Product Guarantee � 10 Years Installation Guarantee � Trusted Trader � Free No Obligation Quotations � No job too Small

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� Fascia and Soffit full replacement specialists � Dry Verge Protection � Guttering repairs � Ridge tiles & pointing � Carports � Flat roofs

Dry Verge stems Protection Sy



Palace Roofline Ltd

“Quality is Our Priority”

01246 277215

Visit our showroom at 414 Chatsworth Road, Brampton, Chesterfield S40 3BQ

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Regular Events Article Chair Based Exercise: 10am to midday followed by a cuppa and a chat. £3. No need to book. St John's Walton, Walton Back Lane. Alzheimer’s Society: Carers Support Group. 2nd Fri. 10am to midday. The Pavillion, Queen’s Park. T: 01246 223366. Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Café. 4th Fri. 10am to midday. The Saints Parish Centre, St Mary's Gate, S41 7TJ. No December Café. T: 01246 223366. Children’s Craft Workshops Hands on activities for children aged 3-5 years. 11am and 2pm at Chesterfield Museum (Last Fri). Yoga for People Living with Cancer: Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 11:00am to 12:30pm. T: 0779 115 7672 or email: yogaforlife@live.co.uk Découpage: 1-3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre 07910 858267 . Knitting Group: Meetings in Cutthorpe Village Hall 1 to 3pm. £1. Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch etc, come and have a cup of tea and a natter! T: 01246 620314. Chesterfield & District Parkinson’s Branch 2pm (3rd Friday)St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane, Chesterfield. It’s a good social event and all Parkinson’s members are welcome. 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’) Scout Group: Join the adventure for 6 to 14 year olds in the Beaver, Cub or Scout Sections. Fri eve during term time. T: 01246 567409. Youth Club: 6 to 8pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre T: 07910 858267. Chameleon ​Shady Ladies​​Knit and N ​ ​ atter: 6pm until close, £4 per session. ​ Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410 Kids Friday Club: (KFC) For primary age kids, games, crafts, quizzes, bible stories, songs, drinks & biscuits. 6:15 to 7:30pm @ Walton Evangelical Church. Term Time. Fusion (for years 7,8 & 9). Games, crafts, short talk, quizzes, tuckshop, drinks & biscuits. 7:45 to 9pm @ Walton Evangelical Church. Term Time. Table Tennis Club at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road, Brampton. No meets in August. Restarts at 7.30pm on September 5th. £1 entry including refreshments. Chesterfield Flight Basketball Club, Newbold Outwood Academy, S418BA. Under 9 to 12s - 6:30 to 7:30pm. Under 14 to 16s - 6:30 to 8:30pm. Over 16 to adult - 8:30 to 9:30pm T: 0783 6591204 E: amooney@chesterfieldflight.org.uk The Chesterfield Art Club: 2nd & 4th Fri. Whitecotes School from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Worknights, Demonstration & Critiques. Visitors welcome at £3/session. For info T: Julie 01246 237291. (Not Aug or Dec).

Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: Non-contesting band. All abilities rehearsals Mon & Fri 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. Enquiries@ holymoorsideband.co.uk or 01246 566691/568745 Badminton: 8:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre Call 07910 858267. The Manor: Friday Live Music from 9pm see website. T: 01246 277760. brampton-manor.com

Saturday Dr Bike in Queen’s Park north car park on first Saturday of the month up to and including October. 9:30am to 1pm. Free cycle repairs - Just pay for any spares used, checks and time are free! Newbold Community Football Training: Badger Playing Fields, Newbold Back Lane, S40 4HG. 9:30/11:30am. For boys & girls of all abilities. 5 to 15 yrs. FA qualified coaches, 1st aiders, drinks/snacks. 01246 721940 or timsadlerfencepainting@hotmail.com Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre 01246 345777/8 or visitchesterfield.info Mystery Objects: A range of objects to identify 10am to 4pm. Chesterfield Museum. StraightCurves Untutored Life Drawing: 10am to 12.30pm (3rd Sun). Practise your skills without being overlooked relaxed untutored session. E: info@ straightcurves.co.uk T: 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Muy Thai. Martial Arts training for adults 10 to 11am followed by kids 11am to midday. Bolsover T: 07910 858267. Back to Netball: Have fun and get fit with over 14s. 10 to 11am at Loundsley Green Community Centre. All ages can play if supervised. £2.50 per session with the first free. T: 0785 422 4932. Story Telling: Stories for children aged 4-7 years at 11am and 2pm at Chesterfield Museum (1st Sat). Behind the Scenes Tour: Explore Chesterfield Museum’s store room and find out how they preserve the collections. 11am and 2pm. Call for date & bookings. Monkey Park Events: Lego Club 2-4pm. 1st Sat. T: 01246 235815. Monkey Park, Chester Street. Transition Chesterfield Repair Cafe. Upstairs at Monkey Park, Chester Street, S40 1DN. 2nd Saturday (Apr/Jun/Aug/ Oct/Dec) - 10am to 3pm. We'll do our best to fix any item. for free!

Sunday Open Day - Holymoorside Crown Green Bowling Club. 10am to midday. 3rd Sunday during the summer season. All welcome, coaching, light refreshments, tea & coffee, equipment provided, please wear flat-soled shoes or trainers. Info on 01246 568324. British Cycling Breeze Rides For women only. 3rd Sunday. www.goskyride.com/ Breeze/Index. T: 0772 588 5151. Church Services: 9am Holy Communion & 10:45am for All Ages. Refreshments after both. St John's, Walton Back Lane. Chesterfield Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) 9:30am - car park at Sainsbury’s (Rother Way) Guidance sessions for IAM associates, info & taster sessions for others interested. First Sun & following Sat. T: 01246 568894. Monkey Park Events: Breeze Ride. Short Cycle Rides for Women. 1st Sat at 10am. The Manor: Sunday Carvery 12-6pm & Live Music from 5pm. Call: 01246 277760.

YOUR EVENT NOT LISTED? Get in touch email:

paul@s40local.co.uk Sunday Lunch Club Midday to 3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road. A community project - nominal charge. Check for dates booking essential. T: Barbara May 01246 563126. Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel Services: 2nd Sunday at 3pm. Elder Way, S401UR. ukunitarians.org.uk/ chesterfield. Washington Whirligig Jazz Band: 1st Sun. The Rose & Crown. 4pm and 6pm. Gospel Hour: 6pm Christadelphian Church, Sheffield Road. Refreshments.. www.chesterfieldchristadelphians.org.uk Rainbow Whist: Holymoorside Community Centre. From 7 to 9pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month. T: 01246 568204. The Way: Walton Evangelical Church for those with learning difficulties & their carers. Refreshments 3pm, followed at 3.30 by a talk, games, quiz, singing & finish at 4.30. All welcome. First Sunday.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

M.J. Redford Building & Construction

Your Local Family Business Extensions & Alterations Roofing Patios & Driveways Building Maintenance No Job Too Small Quality Workmanship Reliable & Trustworthy Free Quotations Over 30 Years Experience


T: 01246 568700 M: 07774 150 177

Yew Tree Drive Chesterfield S40 3NB

Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital Holme Hall Medical Centre NHS Direct The Surgery @ Wheatbridge Call 111 – when it is less urgent than 999

01246 568 065 01246 277 271 01246 211 435 08 45 46 47 01246 277 287 111

Utility Services

BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

0800 800 151 0800 6783 105 0800 111 999 0800 783 4444


Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport) Noble 7 ‘til 7 Emergency Car Recovery

0845 748 4950 0871 200 2233 01246 272 749


Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

101 01246 209 164 01246 231 010 0800 1111


Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S40 Local

01246 345 345 01629 533 400 01246 345 777 0800 555 111 0345 123 33 33 01629 533190 01246 568 519


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Classifieds Article Graco Car Seats: £15 each Two Trilogic 15 to 36kg. Group 2/3. Good condition. Extend as child grows. T: 07764 801080.

Seascape Print: £70 John Lewis Seascape print 92x126cms i.e. large! Soft greys/ cream/slate blue. T: 01246 206760 (Brampton)

Tyres: £12 each 4 new tyres size 185/65 15", Maxxim brand. T: 01246 550809

Cambridge Record deck: £100 Includes A1 Mk 3 integrated amplifier and speakers for sale. VGC. Collect from Walton. T: 01246 235750 (Walton)

Book shelf: £20 Tall Book Self Size 6’ by Width 14” adjustable (to collect). T: 01246 550809 Books: £15 A selection of old books on Lead Mining in Derbyshire and Tin in Cornwall. 10 in quantity in reasonable condition. T: 01246 279348 Rotary Clothes Dryer: £6 Two at £6 each. T: 01246 550809

Dog Crate: £15 L24” x W19” x h 21” T: 01246 569171 (Somersall) Rucksacks: Karrimor Trail 30 L, wind tunnel, back cool system. Usual zipped storage. Rain cover. Blue, unused, excellent condition, £18; Karrimor Wind 25 L wind tunnel, back cool system. Usual zipped storage. Rain cover, hydration system, blue. Exl cond. as new, £15. T: 07902 267776 (Walton)

Various: Solid wood coffee table. 19" x 43" £20. Foot spa - unused £5. Orginal Buzz Liightyear toy £30 ono, 3 pairs of ladies shoes - size 5.5 as new £3 per pair. T: 07810 12562. Folding Beds: £10 each Two metal folding beds with matresses. Ideal guest beds. T: 07764 801080. WANTED: Land with planning permission. Is your garden or garage going unused? Looking for land in S40 that is suitable for a sustainable build. Contact Millie on 07899 790878.

Adverts for stuff under £200 are free, any item or ‘collection of items’ £200+ are £5, and larger adverts with a picture are price on application. Please contact paul@s40local.co.uk or call 07764 801080.

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p re s ti ge a n d s p o r t s ve h i c le s

LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3.0 TD6 HSE 2017 (17 Reg) 1,500 miles £61,993

AUDI A6 RS6 AVANT TFSI 4.0 V8 QUATTRO 2014 (64 Reg) 7k miles £59,993

PORSCHE 911 3.8 CARRERA 2S PDK 2010 (10 Reg) 49k miles £46,993

PORSCHE CAYENNE 3.0 D V6 TIP 2014 (14 Reg) 50k miles £30,993

MERCEDES ML350 3.0D BLUETEC AMG SPORT 2015 (15 Reg) 18k miles £29,493

PORSCHE CAYENNE 3.0D V6 TIP MASSIVE SPEC 2012 (12 Reg) 68k miles £26,993

LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 2.0 TD4 2015 (65 Reg) 31k miles £27,493

BMW 520D 2.0D SPORT MASSIVE SPEC 2015 (65 Reg) 23k miles £20,993

BMW 420D 2.0D LUXURY MASSIVE SPEC AUTO 2014 (64 Reg) 12k miles £19,993

VW TRANSPORTER 2.5 TDI PD SPORTLINE T30 2009 (59 Reg) 42k miles £17,993

ROVER MINI COOPER 1.3i 1996 (P reg) 48k miles £17,993

VOLVO XC 70 2.4 D5 SE LUX 2013 (62 Reg) 38k miles £16,493

MERCEDES CLA200 1.8 CDI SPORT 2014 (14 Reg) 51K miles £15,993

AUDI A6 3.0 TDI SE 2012 (12 Reg) 69k miles £13,993

VW PASSAT SPORT 2.0 TDI BLUEMOTION TECH 2014 (64 Reg) 16K miles AUTO £13,493

AUDI A6 3.0 TDI QUATTRO SE MASSIVE SPEC 2009 (59 Reg) 83k miles £8,993

For Hire!

Our Brand New VW Campervan

VW Campervan Hire Our brand new VW T6 California Ocean is available for the weekend or a longer break. Pick up Friday at 2pm and return Monday at 10am - ideal for a weekend escape to the country. Camp in luxury with a fully equipped T6 Ocean that sleeps and travels with four comfortably (isofix seats). Call us today for prices and availability on 01246 205529.

Viewings out of hours by arrangement please call.



oa d min gto nR Bri

email: rob@autoselectcars.co.uk

JE James

Finance from 3.99%

Tel: 01246 205529 Mobile: 07973 415073

No rth

Established over 19 years, we pride ourselves in carrying a premium selection of Prestige and Sports Cars. This advert features a small selection of our quality used vehicles. We also purchase quality marques - stock changes daily so please visit our web site or call for details.

ne ry La Potte est W

Rd Sheffield

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm • Pottery Lane West, Chesterfield S41 9BN.

Proact Stadium

CHESTERFIELD PLUMBING & HOME SERVICES “A Polite, Reliable Service” NO CALL OUT FEE NO VAT • Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small


Tel: 01246 205 000 Mob: 07971 447 040 7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN


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7 1

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Fill in the grid so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9, with no repetition.

4 2

2 4 5 1 7 8 3 6 9 1 6 9 5 3 4 2 7 8 7 3 8 2 6 9 1 5 4 6 5 2 9 8 7 4 3 1 8 7 1 3 4 5 9 2 6 4 9 3 6 1 2 7 8 5 5 2 6 7 9 1 8 4 3 3 1 4 8 2 6 5 9 7 9 8 7 4 5 3 6 1 2

3 9


Foot Health Practitioner Member of The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners


Fungal Nail Treatment & Nail Trimming Calluses & Corns Removed Ingrowing Toe Nails Full Foot Massages Full Feet Examination

Diabetic Foot Health Checks CRB Checked

01246 270393 07527 058601 Fully mobile service



Relieve Your Pain Release Your Body Realise Your Potential

T: 01246 556463 Alan: 07720 833 329 Oliver: 07768 054 906

Treatments Include: • Massage • Hypnotherapy • Osteopathy • Sports Massage • Reflexology • Alexander Technique • Acupuncture • Speech Therapy • Alexander Technique

T: 01246 768140 349 Chatsworth Rd, Brampton, S40 2BZ www.bramptontherapy.co.uk

gglazingservices@gmail.com Glazing Services Chesterfield Please mention S40 Local · Page 59



Hertalan 1.2mm Roofing System on 18mm OSB 3 Water Resistant Decking,Lay Board taken up Roof a Minimum 400mm 100mm Kooltherm K7 Insulation between Joists, Maintaining a 50mm Air Space between Underside of Decking and Top of Insulation, 52.5mm Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard and Skim Finish to Underside

150 x 50mm C24 Joists at 400mm c/s Bolted to existing Rafters with a 12mm Dia Bolt with Bulldog Timber Connector

Secure 150 x 50mm Timbers to Existing 75 x 50mm Rafters with12mm Dia Bolts at 900mm c/s, fit 100mm Kooltherm K7 between, Maintain 50mm Air Space between Top of Insulation and Underside of Felt, 52.5mm Kooltherm Insulated Plasterboard and Skim Finish





100 x 50mm Studs at 400mm c/s off 100 x 50mm Sole Plate with 100mm Rockwool between Vapour Check 42.5mm Kooltherm Insulated Plasterboard and Skim Finish

Plans drawn for all types of building work and submitted for local authority approval.

22mm Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade Chipboard on 150 x 50mm Joists at 450mm c/s


Form Door Opening with 150 x 100mm Reinforced Concrete Lintel Over with F.D a Minimum 150mm End Bearing Existing 175 x 100mm R.S.J S.D

F.D Cupb’d


100 x 50 mm Studds at 400mm c/s under Existing R.S.J, 100mm Rockwool between Studds, 12.5mm Plasterboard and Skim to each Face

Minimum 150mm Upstand with Lead Flashing Lead Soakers and Cover Flashing with a Minimum 150mm Upstand to Dormer Cheek

275 x 100mm C24

150 x 50mm Joists at 450mm c/s off Joist Hangers

Maintain a Minimum 50mm Air Space Between Underside of Roof Covering and Insulation


Opening Lights to Equal 1/20th Floor Area

High quality, reliable and efficient services

300mm Insulation Laid Between and Over Joists


Provide Trickle Ventilators with a Minimum Unrestricted Area of 8000mm sq to Window Fitted with Hit and Miss Shutters at a Minimum Height of 1.7m Above Finished Floor Level.

01246 203748 / 07757 737 283

Proposed Side Elevation


150 x 100mm Timber Lintel


Proposed Rear Elevation


25mm wide Ventilation strip to Full Length of Soffit

100 x 100mm Timber Props Secured to Purlin and Double 150 x 75mm Joists


P.V.C Cladding

This Drawing is for the Sole Purpose of Obtaining Building Regulation Approval Only All Critical Dimensions Shall be Established on Site All Workmanship and Materials to be to the Best of their Respective Kind All Work Shall be Carried Out in Accordance with Current British Standards and Codes of Practice The Builder Shall be Responsible for the Stability of the Structure During the Demolition/Construction Phases of the Project. (Including the Design and Installation of All Props).

200 x 100mm C24 Timber Connected Above Door Openingl with 6mm Steel Plate on One Side with 4 M16 Bolts in each Timber. Bolts to be Spaced at 65mm Vertically and 100mm Horizintally

Brickwork to Match Existing


Building work planned for 2017?

112mm p.v.c gutter 63mm Down Pipe

All First Floor Ceilings to have 12.5mm Plasterboard and Skim Finish

200 x 100mm C24 Timber Beam with a Minimum 100mm End Bearing


Opening Lights to be Draught Sealed. Seal Perimeter of Frames Externally with Mastic. Low E Glazing to Double Glazed Units with a Minimum of 16mm Air Space between Filled with Argon Gas to Achieve a Minimum ‘U’ Value of 1.6W/m2k. Glazing within 800mm of Floor Level to be Fitted with Safety Glass to BS 6201 1981. Stairway 188mm Rise 225 Going Minimum Width of Stairway 770mm Goings of Landings to be at Least the width of the Stairway No Opening in Stairway or Balistrade to Exceed 100mm Handrail to be Between 900 - 1m Above Pitch Line of Stairway Minimum Headroom 2m Measured Vertically off Pitch Line Wiring All Wiring to Comply with Part P of the Building Regulations Smoke Detectors to be Hard Wired and Interconnected.

Boiler Installations

Dining Room


(Monthly payment scheme available)

Section a.a

Code 4 Lead soakers and Flashing with a Minimum 150mm Upstand Cut into Existing W 150 x 50mm Pole Plate Rawl Bolted to W

2no 150 x 75mm C24 timbers Bolted Together Concrete with 25 x12mm 50mm Dia Bolts and Bulldog Timber 150 x 50mm SC4 Rafters at Support 400mm c/s Connectors at 900mm c/s to Purlin Props

150 x 50mm Joists sited next to Existing Ceiling Joists 450mm c/s

300mm Insulation Laid Between and Over Joists to Achieve a V Value alue of 0.16

25 deg Minimum








Bedroom 1

6 7

Steelw’k Encased in 2no Layers 12.5mm Fireline Boarding with Joints Staggered and Plaster Skim Finish

100 x 50mm SC4 Ceiling Joists at 400mm c/s Secured on Joist Hangers.



37.5mm Kingspan K17 Insulated Plasterb’d to Reveals

7 8





4 5 6 7

Maintain a Minimum 40mm Air Space Between Stack and Stud

8 9

10 11



Double Stud each side of Doorway with 150 x 100mm Head


Floor Joists Trimmed Around Stack Maintaining a 40mm Air Space between Masonry and Joists

Line Party Wall 50mm studs at 600mm c/s with Kooltherm K12 between, Vapour Check 12.5mm Plasterboard and skim Finish


Bedroom 3

Load Bearing Walls

100mm brickwork to outer leaf to match existing 50mm cavity 100mm lightweight thermal block to inner leaf stainless steell ties at 4/msq 225mm vert to closure New wall to be bonded to existing



Bedroom 4


Extg Floor Level

Floor Const 200 x 100mm C24 Timber Beam with a Minimum 100mm End Bearing 20mm Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade t & g Chipboard on 1200g D.P.M 75mm Kingspan TF70 100mm Concrete Slab on 1200g Radon Check with all Joints Tapped, T Continuous with External D.P.C on 25mm Sand Blinding on a Minimum 150mm Well Consolidated Clean Hardcore

100 x 50mm Strutting at Mid Span Secured to Floor Joists and Existing Ceiling Joists at Mid Span Line existing Gable Wall 50mm studs at 600mm c/s with Kooltherm K12 between, Vapour Check 12.5mm Plasterboard and skim Finish



100 x 100mm Purlin Prop


9 10 11


9 10 11

Complete Bathrooms Boiler & Gas Fire Servicing Floor & Wall Tiling Landlord Gas Safe Certificates 2


2 1


770 Wide

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

P.V.C Cladding,12.5mm Cement Particle Board, Vapour Check, 100mm Kooltherm K7 between 100 x 50mm Studs at 400mm c/s,42.5mm Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard and Skim Finish

Stephen Moody

275 x 100mm C24 Timber Connected Over Load Bearing Wall with 6mm Steel Plate on One Side with 4 M16 Bolts in each Timber. Bolts to be Spaced at 65mm Vertically and 600 100mm Horizintally

Line existing Gable Wall 50mm studs at 600mm c/s with Kooltherm K12 between, 42.5mm Kooltherm insulated plasterboard and skim Finish

100mm Dense Conc Blockw’k to G/L



Cavity Filled with Lean Mix Conc to Ground Level

100 x 50mm Strutting at Mid Span Secured to Floor Joists and Existing Ceiling Joists at Mid Span

600 x 225mm Conc Strip Foundations

Joist Layout

Proposed First Floor Plan

Stephen Moody Building Services

Proposed Loft Conversion at 6 The Lime Close, Matlock, DE4 3DT

T: 01246 568952 M: 07969 755 914 www.stephenmoody.co.uk

 From Rewires to Extra Sockets & Lighting  Inspection & Testing  Part P Approved  Free No Obligation Quote

Tel: 01246 454 612

100 x 100mm Post

Building Services Tel 01246 380879 Mobile 07969755914

Double 150 x 50mm Joists Bolted together with Bulldog Timber Connectors under Dormer Cheek

Proposed Second Floor Plan


Mr and Mrs Stewart


Elevations 1 : 100 Plan 1 : 50, Section a.a 1 : 25


21st August 2015


21/08/2 A

Title Existing Elevations, Plans and Section




Domestic Electrician

100 x 100mm Post


1000 Min

Existing Rafters increased in depth to 150mm, and Bolted to New 150 x 50mm Joist

Bedroom 2

150mm Dense Conc Blockw’k to G/L

Driveways Tree Felling Block Paving Hedges Ponds & Patios Dry Stone Walling Building Work Any Gardening Work Undertaken • No Job Too Small

Call Steve or Gareth on 0789 187 3820 Or 01246 230493 (evenings) Page 60 www.s40local.co.uk

A&H Paving Ltd

Call Tony on: t: 01246 207 046 m: 07890 657903

Block Paving Fencing Drainage Concrete Drop Kerbs Patios Tarmac DCC Registered All construction

Vernon Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 1EL

Please mention S40 Local · Page 61

CROSSWORD For a chance to win, send in your completed Crossword to us by Fri 8 September to S40 Local, Studio 1, West Studios, Sheffield Road, S41 7LL; or take a photo/scan it & email paul@s40local.co.uk (If more than one correct crossword is received, the winner will be chosen at random.) Across 1. Liners rights I find in Scottish county (13) 8. Police ran amok in China (9) 9. Wood remains in fire (3)




















10. Raised area in bridges (5) 11. Castle in Germany (7) 12. With which to undertake your evenings out (7,6) 15. Eddie and his debts are boring (7) 18. Bring it home as return taxi not available (5) 20. Covering for your head and floor (3) 21. First in line but single and not down (3,6) 22. Incorrectly states that premises are mixed with rents (13) Down 1. Short but great fellow in the police force (5) 2. Notice in Brazil but not on television (2,5) 3. Subordinate from Belgium (5)




Name: Address:

7. Ruined Turkish city (7) 12. Merit in the meantime (7) 13. Any of two or more atoms (7) 14. Firm after vehicle reverses on North American mammal (7) 16. Venetian magistrates (5) 17. Weapon used to pick pears (5) 18. Leaps up to small county (5) 19. Short of points on faces (5)

5. Brief machine-like and given to swimmers movements (7)

NOTE: In last month's answers the compiler acknowledges that

Page 62 www.s40local.co.uk

Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.


4. Grandparents include a number of Indian breads (5)

6. State amid a holiday in America (5)


the Brampton Cinema name was 'Coliseum', however the alternative more common version has been used to maintain symmetry.

Congratulations to Paul Keeton from Walton for successfully completing the July crossword, enjoy your prize and why not spend it locally! Last month’s answers below. H O R N S B R J U

















































OFFERS Blueflame Free boiler service when taking out an annual service plan with their advert. Car Air Con Services Regas just £30. Chatsworth Chiropractic Extra discounts for NHS, Emergency Services Staff and Full time students. iDeal Carpets Free underlay, gripper, door bar and delivery. Falcon yard Podiatry 10% off your first treatment with their advert. Ovenfresh Special offer 1st clean from £35.

Est.23 years

Newbold bedrooms ’Your’ local fitted bedroom specialist Trusted Trader reviews which speak for themselves:

This is the second time we have used Newbold Bedrooms...an excellent service from Philip. He listened to our ideas and provided his expert opinion to ensure the quality of the design met our requirements... Would recommend Newbold Bedroom without hesitation.

Reviewed on 27/02/2016

I was very impressed with the whole service from initial contact to finished product. There was no 'hard sell' and both Philip and Sean were polite and respectful and both turned up on the dates and times given.

Reviewed on 25/01/2016

A very friendly and professional service. Their quality of workmanship/products and respect for customers property is excellent.

Reviewed on 10/08/2015

Contact Philip for a no obligation quote

Tel: 01246 222 194 enquiries@newboldbedrooms.co.uk

36 St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield S417TH Open Mon to Sat 12 - 3pm


Polar Windows 20% off their range of Conservatories. The Monroe Clinic A range of offers on permanent laser hair removal.

Business Cards

Hello Blinds Three high quality vertical blinds from only £130.

With over 25 years experience you great service and competitive


Toad Footwear Offers throughout the range with their Summer Sale.

• Co pro ho • An • Op • Lan • Ac

Penk Insurance Special deals for over 50s on home insurance.

NOTE: This section only provides the highlights. Contact the business for full details. Where offers have terms and conditions these will be stated in the businesses’ adverts or can be discussed directly with the business making the offer. S40 Local accept no responsibility for any errors in the listings.



TEL: 01246 55 88 4


49-53 Chatsworth Road • Brampton

Garden Landscaping All Waste Removed specia l ra Drive & Patio Jet Washing for se tes All Jobs Considered n io citize r Garden Tidy-Ups All Female Team ns is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Penk Insurance General Lawn & Garden Bereavement Moves Maintenance Removal Of Unwanted Trees & Hedges Pruned & Shaped Furniture Fence & Shed Painting/Staining Waste Removal Garden Design Discreet & Reliable



t: 01246 725 427

m: 07413 806 959 Please mention S40 Local · Page 63

Business Cards



Paul Redfern Painting & Decorating Domestic and Commercial Insurance Work Undertaken Fully Insured Reliable & Recommended Based in Holymoorside email: paulredfern12@btinternet.com

Driving Instruction Throughout The Chesterfield Area

Mob: 0746 542 9568

E-mail: adammoon1969@gmail.com Brampton • Chesterfield

01246 279642 or 0773 436 2551

Bumper Scuff & Trim Air Conditioning service & rere-gas... Bumpers repaired & sprayed Alloy wheel & wheel arch scuffs Dent reduction & minor damage Plastic, vinyl & leather repairs Dash, seat & trim repairs FULLY MOBILE SERVICE with NO VAT


Call Steve on 07810 332 272 Send photo by email for quote



No Call Out Fee 24/7 All Work Guaranteed Formally the Drain Doctor

0773 8633446 Chesterfield


JC Property Services


Challenger Property Co. Ltd

Call us for a Fast Free Quote Trailer and Towbar Specialists since 1997. Local High Quality Service. Find us at: Unit 60, M1 Commerce Park Markham Lane, Chesterfield S44 5HS Accessories Shop · Now doing number plates.

• Kitchen / Bathrooms • Electrical Work Jamie: 07940 533844 • Plumbing Pj: 07766 732853 • Property Repairs info@challengerproperty.co.uk ericson building - draft v4 110317.pdf 2 17/03/2011 15:27:48 • Landscaping / Fencing Based in Chesterfield

01246 768894 www.derbyshiretowbars.com

Robert Windle Joinery & Handyman Services All Joinery Work Undertaken • General Repairs Glazing & uPVC Maintenance • New Locks Shelving • Picture Hanging and much more No job too small • Friendly, trusted, reliable & local

Phone: 07737 978 444

Email: rob@robertwindlejoinery.co.uk www.robertwindlejoinery.co.uk

Design Services (Chesterfield) Alan Hill

Architectural plans prepared Extensions & New Builds Barn Conversions & Alterations Planning & building regulations Walton based designserviceschesterfield@hotmail.com

Call Alan on: 01246 274008 or 07759 588578 Page 64 www.s40local.co.uk

Your Local Plumbing & Drainage Expert


• Established over 32 years. • Professional building service from design to completion. • All types of building work carried out. • Member of the Gold Card Scheme. Contact Stewart Gould Call 01246 567 168 Mob 07831 321 393 eMail sgould14@hotmail.com www.ericsonbuilders.co.uk

Business Cards Kevin Neave

9 Westfield Gardens Chesterfield, S40 3SN Brampton Home and Garden Services

01246 721 396 07928 145 017 neavethompsett@yahoo.co.uk

DGW Joinery Timed Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience All Types of Joinery Services Available For a Free Quote Call Derek 07851460759 Design & Build High Quality House Extension & Garden Designs

T: 0793 148 9801 Walton, Chesterfield





• Roofing • Maintenance • Drain Repairs • Insurance Work • Glass Fibre Roofing T: 01246 234737

M: 07900 248874

xx WORK FROM HOME xx - Full or part-time opportunities - 100% flexible hours - Full training given

CALL OR TEXT - LYNN 07341 337899

DGW JOINERY Time Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience All Types of Joinery Services Available For a free quote call Derek 07851 460759


• Father & daughter family-run business • 24 hour service with Private Chapel of Rest • Pre-Paid Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available Tel: 01246 566592 Mob: 07831 851 639 44 Loads Road, Holymoorside, Chesterfield S41 7EU www.birdsfuneralservices.co.uk

G H Painting & Decorating 10yrs experience Internal/external

OAP/Landlord Discounts Public Liability Insurance Contact Gary: 01246 827179 / 07400 576641 sarahngaryh@gmail.com

Nail cutting • Ingrown nails • Fungal nails Corns and Callus • Verrucas • Diabetic foot health Tel: 01246 203 624 Mob: 07977 098 312 Email: amandachalkfhp@gmail.com

Laura’s Nails & Beauty AT STUDIO ONE

Studio One, 1 Breckland Road, Walton, Chesterfield 01246 22 08 48 Bio Gel Nails OPI Gel Polish Manicure Pedicure

Waxing & Tinting St Tropez Spray Tan Massages Facials


High-level High-level professionals

20 years experience professionals Fully insured 20 experience ITyears ALL STACKS UP  20 years experience  20 IT ALL STACKS UP years experience  Fully All work British Standards 3998 Fully insured insured  All work  All wood re-cycling British Standards 3998 British Standards 3998  •Responsible 20work years experience Fully insured  Responsible wood re-cycling  Responsible Log furniturewood re-cycling  All Fully insured worklogsBritish Standards 3998  Log • Renewable energy at furniture Log furniture Renewable logs at work • 15% Renewable energy logs Standards at wood energy Allmoisture British 3998 Responsible re-cycling 15% moisture 15% moisture type offurniture hedging OurAll Values – Our customers,& tree work Log It all stacks up • Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The Our Values –chips Ourenvironment, customers,  Renewable • forOur play areas & garden mulch Wood energy at Their Trees, logs The environment, Safety,Trees, Positive Their Theoutcomes environment, Safety, Positive outcomes • Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture 15% outcomes moisture Safety, Positive 

Philip Heath NCH Arb

Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Philip Heath NCH Arb. Our Values – Our customers, 01246 568333 |803131 07800 803131 Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE 01246 568333 | 07800 ADVICE 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 01246 568333 | 07800The 803131 ADVICE Email: heathscapes@me.com AND Their Trees, environment, Email: heathscapes@me.com Email: heathscapes@me.com Email: heathscapes@me.com AND www.heathscapes.co.uk ESTIMATES Safety, Positive outcomes www.heathscapes.co.uk www.heathscapes.co.uk www.heathscapes.co.uk ESTIMATES

High-level High-level professionals professionals


Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Please mention S40 Local · Page 65 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 ADVICE

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Suppliers of made to measure Shutters. Some available in 2-3 week lead time. Custom colours available.

DECO interiors CARPETS





Ash g

St pt on m

ate Rd





rga te

interio rs

Rutl and Rd

mb eR d


Folj a

Contact us today to arrange your free home visit We will beat any genuine ‘like for like’ quote (Terms & Conditions Apply)

t: 01246 766 340 www.deco-interiors.co


Premium quality to suit all budgets.

West St

130 Saltergate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1NG


Deco Interiors is the area's premier store for your home. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience we listen to your needs and look to provide the product which is best for you. Customer service is at the heart of our business and we think it shines through.

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Come to us for

All IT SERVICES exlen.co.uk www.exlen.co.uk PC, Laptop & MAC sales ,repairs, and Upgrades. Fast professional service since 1997. Repairs for all brands available ex-stock . IT support for business or home In-store & on-site. Call out service covering all areas. Virus Removal, Data Recovery & more. networking and servers support and installation. Fujitsu i3 HP X360 TOUCH




8GB Ram, 1 TB hard drive HD Audio ,HD graphics DVD±RW, USB3,WIFI card reader Windows 10 .00

Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution 2MP Rear + 0.3MP Front Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth .00 Windows 10

Fujitsu i3 Gigabyte P17F V7-CF1

Fujitsu i3 ASUS Zenbook 13.3

Fujitsu i3 Lenovo

intel I3 4GB RAM 120 SSD drive. 15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10 .00

Intel QuadCORE, 4GB, 120SSD



lntel i5 Quad core 8 GB RAM 1 TB SSHD HARD Drive HD Audio HD Graphics DVD±RW, Windows 10


£449 intel i7. 8GB RAM ,1TB HDD 15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10



15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10 .00


EXLEN Technology Ltd. 01246 2 3 2 3 2 3 Unit 2, Chatsworth Business Park, Mon-Fri. 9:30-6 / Sat 10-5 172 Chatsworth Rd. Chesterfield. S40 2AR

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S40 Local - 86 summer 2017  

The community magazine for South West Chesterfield covering, Acorn Ridge, Ashgate, Brampton, Brookside, Holymoorside, Walton and Somersall.

S40 Local - 86 summer 2017  

The community magazine for South West Chesterfield covering, Acorn Ridge, Ashgate, Brampton, Brookside, Holymoorside, Walton and Somersall.

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