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Intro So I'm back from my weekend at the Eroica Britannia Vintage Cycling & Family Festival in Bakewell. It rained consistently for the entire week running up to the event but a little rain doesn't dampen the British spirit. We pulled out the umbrellas and wellies and got on with it. The rain held off over the main two days and the sun shone... occasionally! The event was a great achievement for the team that put on the festival: the five main organisers, the staff on the ground, the 4x4's pulling the caravans and campers into place and the guys with the tanker sucking up the puddles, all working tirelessly to do a great job. I did the short 'tourist' route, which was just brill, taking in some of the best views of the White Peak from the bunting clad streets of Bakewell to the view from Bretton Edge. The crowd of riders stopping to take photos at the Headstone Viaduct over the River Wye was so thick you had to get off and push your bike through. Passing through Tideswell and Eyam we felt like Tour de France riders as the crowds cheered our arrival, then after a quick beer at Thornbridge Hall onto the final leg back to the festival site, more clapping and cheering greeted us as we completed our ride in style. The festival had something for everyone, stands selling all sorts of cycling kit and bikes, a fun fair, cinema, kids areas, a beach, loads of food and the odd bar or two. A number of Chesterfield based

f S40Local

businesses could be recognised and everywhere was busy. The Aviva Women's Tour brought even more cyclists to Chesterfield town centre on the Friday of the Eroica Festival, that stage being won by Lizzie Armistead from Otley, who later went on to win the five day stage race. The impact on our area of the visiting fans and attendees at Bakewell and Chesterfield can't be overlooked, 1000's of people spending time and money in the towns. I can't wait until next year and huge thanks to my riding partner, Steve 'the butchers boy' Rippin (pictured) resplendent on his butchers bike, apron and flags flying, sausages proudly displayed in the basket and mad keen to overtake as many riders as possible! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this edition. Please drop me an email, give me a call or you can even put pen to paper if you have anything to share. Paul. t: 07764 801080 e:


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Westfield: The End of an Era

We talk to retiring head teacher, Paula Kingdon, as she prepares for her final leavers assembly. Words: Paul Chapman Picture: Children at Westfield School


t’s the end of an era at Westfield school as Mrs Kingdon, who started working at the school in 1976, retires on the 21 July, after 40 years!

Paula, as she’d prefer me to call her (I’m a little uncomfortable about this, she’ll always be Mrs Kingdon to me!), has played an integral role in the lives of many local people and multiple generations of the same family, so we couldn’t let this pass without going to talk to her and marking the occasion. It was lovely to see her, she was as welcoming as ever, and even though we were doing our best to get you the latest gossip… she considered her words carefully and diplomatically, maintaining her professionalism throughout. But she’s clearly emotional about leaving the job, school, community and the people that she’s dedicated 40 years of her life to. Westfield was her first job as an NQT, fresh out of teacher training college in Sheffield. “I joined when Mrs Hehir was the head teacher, I was newly qualified and scared about the prospect of taking full responsibility for a whole group of children for an entire year. Luckily for me, Elaine Graham, my teaching assistant, was a tremendous support, helping me through and showing me the ropes. “Mrs Hehir’s school was structured, it was in the days before the National Curriculum, where schools were pretty much left to their own devices. There was

a clear timetable of lessons and a structure around what was taught, which made it much easier to join as a new starter – it was the Westfield Way! “When Mrs Hehir left, she was succeeded by Mrs Mo Wilson. Mo came from an inner city school in Derby at a time of changing trends in education, with parents seen as partners in the learning journey. Mo believed in community and parental involvement and introduced class assemblies, encouraged people into the school and started the PFA. “At this time, I became deputy head and was deputy throughout Mo Wilson’s leadership and under Mrs Judy Hardwick. Sadly Judy passed away last year. "Judy supported and further developed the 'Westfield Way', she was an organised and passionate teacher who implemented many of the structures I would later take over and evolve. “When Judy left in 1995 I became acting head. The governors advertised the role twice, but I didn’t feel ready to apply and the role wasn’t filled. It was Easter time and the school received notification of an Ofsted inspection in July (teachers out there, can you believe you used to get 3 months’ notice!). As acting head I lead the Ofsted preparations and when they next advertised the role my confidence had grown, partly thanks to the Ofsted preparations, and I applied. I was interviewed and appointed on Friday 6 July, the week prior to the Ofsted inspection". Brought up in the Westfield way, Paula embraced and evolved the principles laid down by her predecessors. The people recruited along the way have been people who were also willing to embrace these principles, Paula is extremely proud and grateful for their dedication and support. Paula explained “My philosophy has always been children first, whilst being considerate to the staff. Westfield has always had a strong team spirit, but I realise now that I have

underestimated the true impact on the children of the mutual support the staff team give to each other. Having that strong and supportive team provides the children with a positive and supportive atmosphere in which to learn”. Paula admitted “I’m struggling to look forward to not being here, and at the moment, the only advantage I can see is that, as a Liverpool season ticket holder, I’ll be able to go to midweek games!” “I’ve always lived in Sheffield but I’m integrated into the community here and it will be a huge wrench for me not to be involved in people’s lives, and frankly I’m petrified about September. But I know it’s the right time for the school and I’m hoping it’s also the right time for me. There are some really big changes coming down the line in education and I think the school needs someone who can see those changes through, someone with the energy to embrace the change. I do think there are exciting times ahead for Westfield and I’m very comfortable leaving the school in the capable hands of Rachel Risorto, who taught here previously – it means I don’t have to worry about the people I’m leaving behind”. “Without wanting to sound like someone on X Factor, I’ve loved this job, it’s a unique position to be involved in the families of this community. People entrust their child to me, a stranger, and I see those children grow; nervously delivering lines in their first class assembly, they blossom into confident children prepared and ready for the next stage of their learning journey, it’s a privileged job”. “So we’re holding a leavers assembly, which I’m really hoping my Mum will be able to come to. It will be the first time she’s been over to the school and it would mean a great deal to me if she could be there”. Paula will also be sharing her last day with Caroline Soar who started in 1995 and Jane Heath who’s been at Westfield for 6 years and have both supported Paula in developing and nurturing so many local children in their early years education. Before we left, I had to ask Paula about Westfield’s reputation for opening whatever the weather… she smiled slightly embarrassed, putting it down to having so many teachers living within walking distance of the school, and modestly reminded us that it wasn’t a perfect record, they’ve closed the school on at least 3 occasions! She declined to mention that even though the teachers are close, she still travels in from Sheffield, which to me does some sum up the dedication she’s given to this community and her job!

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For our family and so many others, Paula Kingdon is Westfield, and has been for as long as we can remember. She is always there, both emotionally and physically, caring and ready to chat and to ask about whole extended families that she’s known in years gone

by. Paula’s focus has always been on the children that pass through Westfield’s doors but also ensures that the school is at the heart of the community and that everyone who has a link with Westfield continues to maintain this, no matter how much time passes. We’ll all really miss her and her morning hugs but wish

her all the best for her retirement, with plenty of time now to put herself first and to focus on family, friends, holidays and her beloved Liverpool FC!" Helen Barlow, (Pupil and Parent)

So that’s what Paula told us. And here’s what some of the people who know her told us…

I was at Westfield from 1981 to 1984. I remember being in Reception and Paula was a 3rd year teacher (now year 2). Being so little I remember finding her very scary. However, when I was eventually taught by her in the 3rd year she was anything but!

Move forwards to 2005 and my eldest daughter started at Westfield, Paula now head teacher. She was there every morning to open the main doors to let the children in, childminding the babies in their buggies! I remember at my daughter's leaving assembly feeling quite sad and Paula saying the grown ups always think this is the last time they'll be at Westfield but somehow or other another baby comes along and they end up back in the school! Not me, I thought. How wrong was I and how right was Paula! Ten years later and it's September 2015 and my youngest daughter starts at Westfield! And ten years later Paula is still there every morning opening the doors to welcome the children, always with a smile on her face. I'm quite sad my youngest will not get to spend all her three years under Paula's leadership and it will be very strange in September not to see her unlocking those doors day after day. One small kind gesture I remember recently. It was the Christmas concerts and my daughter was so upset and sat on her teacher's knee throughout the whole concert. I wasn't there, but her dad was, and on telling me I rang the school and spoke to Paula. She said she had taken my little girl into the office and spoken to her and given her a sticker to cheer her up. She just has a certain way of reassuring parents that all is ok. It definitely is the end of an era for Westfield.” Sarah Witham (Pupil and Parent)

I went to the school as a mature but very ‘scared’ student, 16 years ago! I never left the school as it became my ‘2nd home’- I felt safe there, and the staff became part of my family! I have never taught in any other school apart from on teaching practices, but I have never felt the need to leave! Paula has not only been ‘Head Teacher’ to me but became my friend! We have shared many a ‘laugh’ outside school as well as in!

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paula for several years in my role as Chair of the PFA at Westfield. I can honestly say that volunteering alongside someone so committed to Westfield has been the reason I have happily given so much time. Her energy and dedication is infectious and the fact that she’s there sweeping the floor, wiping tables and washing up at the end of so many events is testimony to the phenomenal amount of love she has for the school. I remember after the Christmas fair last year, long after the crowds had departed, we were washing out the chocolate fondue machine and I turned the tap the wrong way. Instead of switching it off, I turned it on full power, literally drenching her in a mix of scolding water and watered down chocolate, as the water bounced off the dome of the machine. She was still laughing when I wiped the drips off her nose with the elbow of my jumper, which was the only part of us not covered in sticky gloop. I shall chortle about that for a long time to come!” Hannah Leaning (Parent and Chair of PFA)

Paula is a generous and kind hearted individual who sees potential in everyone, even when they don't see it themselves. I have worked at Westfield, with Paula, for 21 years and she has had more faith in me and my ability to succeed, than almost anyone else in my life, particularly myself. For that, I will be eternally grateful" One other thing I have been continually grateful to Paula for, or the last 21 years, is her ability and willingness to step in and clear up sick..... As everyone at Westfield knows, I don't do sick!!!" Kate Bartram (Teacher)

She took me skiing 3 times just to prove I COULD do it! She watched patiently as I fell off the ski lift…times many! It still isn’t my favourite sport but I would never have attempted many things like this in the last 16 years without her help or the confidence she has given me to move forward in my own personal life! I could share many stories with you and enlighten you a little more about her lovely, kind, generous and

sincere nature - again, in and out of school! We talk in school in jest about ‘The Westfield Experience’ but that’s why so many parents enjoy coming back to Westfield with their younger siblings! The school will move into a new era when she leaves, she will be very sadly missed by the children and parents, but most of all - the staff!” Hayley Clarke (Teacher)

Whitecotes Primary School Happy & Successful Children

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NOW OPEN Funded places available for 3 & 4 year olds Please contact us for more information

 Whitecotes Lane, Chesterfield S40 31J  01246 234381

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What’s On

June 2016

July 2016

Sat 25: Chesterfield v Quarndon at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12:30pm start - admission free. Sat 25: Macular Support Group: Afternoon Tea. Holymoorside URC Meeting room. Tickets £4.50 from Barbara on 01246 566109. Sat 25 & Sun 26: Summer Exhibition by The Chesterfield Art Club 10 am to 4:30 pm. @ Cavendish Village Hall, School Lane, Beeley DE4 2NU. Held in conjunction with Beeley in Bloom Open Gardens. Sun 26: Chesterfield v Denby at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12:30pm start - admission free. Mon 27: Brampton Living History: Bob Massey ‘Sherwood’s Robbers.’ 7:30pm St Thomas’ church meeting room Chatsworth Road. £2. All welcome. Thu 30: “A bike! A bike! My kingdom for a bike!” The Handlebards Described by none other than Sir Ian McKellen as “uproariously funny”, the four-strong all-male HandleBards present Shakespeare’s plays as you’ve never seen them before fast-paced, irreverent and bicyclepowered. 6:30 for 7pm start. Monkey Park, Chester Street.

Fri 1: Messy Church at Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre: From 3:30 to 5:15pm. An afternoon of fun, games, crafts with a short worship session and food after. Theme ‘Team Jesus’. All ages welcome but all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please book your place as soon as possible by email – or telephone 01246 274021. Sat 2: Summer Fair @ Westfield Infants School. All the usual fun of the fair from 2 to 4pm. T ​ his year's theme is Space, there's fun and games for all the family... plus beer and Pimms for the parents. Westfield Infants, Vincent Crescent, Brampton. Sat 2: Brampton Food Market: See page 10. Sat 2: Blundells Sparkle Night Walk: Chesterfield Proact Stadium from 7:30pm. 10k circular route. Lots of entertainment including UV tunnels, fire eaters, dancers, bands and lots more. £15 to enter and includes a t-shirt and flashing bunny ears. Register www.ashgatehospicecare.

Sat 2: Phoenix Concert Band: 15th Year Anniversary. Marked with a celebratory concert featuring the famous Warsaw Concerto at Hasland Village Hall. Tickets may be obtained from Hasland Chiropody in Hasland village, or for more info call Elaine Rudge T: 01246 279521 (all answer phone messages returned). Follow on Facebook or visit www. Sat 2: 75th Anniversary Celebration Concert by Holymoorside Choral Society at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane at 7:30pm under their conductor Andrew Marples. Guests will be the NE Derbyshire Music Centre flute and clarinet choirs with strawberry cream cake and soft drinks in the interval. Tickets £8 (£2 under 12's ) available from Claire T: 01246 274296 or any choir member. Sun 3: The gardens at Park Hall, Walton Back Lane, will be open to the public on Sunday 3rd July from 2 to 5:30pm. Entry £4 children up to 12 free. Teas. All proceeds to Ashgate Hospice and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. Sun 3: Derbyshire Falcons v Northamptonshire Steelbacks at Queen's Park in NatWest T20 Blast 2.30pm. Tickets from Chesterfield's Visitor Info Centre or Derbyshire CCC.

e Welcooumr FEATURED EVENT to

Family Service for all ages “Walking with God” Sunday July 31st - 5pm Followed by Refreshments

At The Christadelphian Church, 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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What’s On

CONTACT 01246 566 205

July 2016 Mon 4 to Thu 7: Derbyshire v Northamptonshire at Queen's Park in Specsavers County Championship 11am. Tickets from Chesterfield's Visitor Information Centre or Derbyshire CCC. Mon 4: Chesterfield RSPB: Lecture. Nature- an illustrated talk by Mathew Capper. Then group AGM. For group details please see groups/Chesterfield Mon 7: Home Business Presentation. The Manor. See page 47. Sun 3: Phoenix Concert Band ‘Musical Landscapes’ Summer Concert at Hasland Village Hall Eastwood Park. A musical tour around the globe with a special guest appearance by Andrew ”Lofty” Lofthouse of the Royal Air Force Squadronaires, and the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. 7:30pm. Tickets £5 T: 01773 779487 or from Hasland Chiropody, 38 Mansfield Road, Hasland T: 01246 279521. Wed 6: Holymoorside Horticultural Society: Vin Aldred - Spray Chrysanthemums. URC Meeting Room at 8pm. Contact: 01246 568000 or 01246 569059. Thu 7: Chesterfield Embroiderer’s Guild: Machine embroidery Jo Beaty. The Saints Parish Rooms, St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield at 7pm. For info T: 01246 275177. Thu 7: North East Derbyshire Field Club visit to Eyam. Walk to Riley Graves. Meet at the Town Hall to share cars at 6:30pm. Contact 01246 237622. Fri 8: Chesterfield Art Club “What are we trying to say?” Talk by artists Maggie & Brian Robinson. 7:15pm at Whitecotes School, Whitecotes Lane, S40 3HJ. Visitors £5.

Walton Back Lane, Walton

2 DAYS OF FUN, LAUGHTER, ACTIVITIES AND GAMES FOR THIRD AGERS Thursday 21 & Friday 22 July 10am - 4pm. £3 per day Inc. lunch & refreshments.



Join us at St John’s Church

Sat 9 & Sun 10: Chesterfield Photographic Society 60s Weekend Trains and Recreators (Tickets needed in advance) Butterley Railway Centre Swannick DE5 3QZ, 10:30am.

Sun 10: Derbyshire Falcons v Yorkshire Vikings at Queen's Park in NatWest T20 Blast 2:30pm. Tickets from Chesterfield's Visitor Information Centre or Derbyshire CCC.

Sat 9: The 9th Brampton Potteries Festival to be opened by The Mayor near Serpent Motors at 49 Old Road at 12.00 noon. The theme is ‘Beatrix Potter & Other Greats’. There will be displays in gardens, businesses & local schools on and around Old Rd. and Gospel Mission Church from midday to 4pm. During the afternoon there will be a Summer Fayre at The Gospel Mission Church from 12:30 to 2:30pm. Ploughman’s Lunches, homemade cakes will be served in the church & Afternoon Tea from 2:30pm.

Wed 13: Chesterfield RSPB: Field Trip. Midweek walk at the Longshaw Estate. For group details please see

Sun 10: Last day for Hog Roast Tickey Giveaway entries! See page 30. Sun 10: The 9th Brampton Potteries Festival 10am to 4pm. Displays in gardens, local businesses and schools and in The Gospel Mission Church on Old Rd. Light refreshments available in the church during the afternoon. Sun 10: Potteries Festival Service at 10:45am at The Gospel Mission Church, Old Road (nr. Serpent Motors) . The Service, led by Chris Townsend, Following the Service a ‘Big Picnic’ will be held at 12:30pm in the church drive (inside church if wet ). Everyone welcome. Bring enough for yourself and one other. Sun 10: Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel Service: 3pm at Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR. Info on services from minister David Shaw T: 01433 630541 or or www.ukunitarians.

Thu 14: Tea Dance at Fairplay Centre. 1 to 3pm at Alexandra Road West, Chesterfield, S40 1NP. Thu 14: Chesterfield 50+ Inspired Group Open Meeting & AGM. Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team and CBC update on activities around the town. 10:15am to 12:15pm Council Chambers, Chesterfield Town Hall. Fri 15: Ashgate Hospicecare Golf Day: Chesterfield Golf Club from 8:20am. Four Ball Stableford competition. Team entry is £240 and includes a three-course meal and wine. Call 01246 233404 for more info. Fri 15: Parkinson UK: Alex John (singer). 2pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. S42 7LT Sat 16: The Annual Hog Roast: The Manor. See page 29. Sat 16: Chesterfield v Eckington at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12:30pm start - admission free. Sun 17: Heroica Ashgate Hospice Ride. See page 29. Sun 17: The Inkerman Buzz: The Inkerman Park from 11 to 3pm. “A lovely free day out”.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Tuesday 26 July, 10am - 4pm Free admission • Market stalls, games, refreshments and fun fair • Crooked spire open day - trips up the church tower • Entertainment including: medieval dragon, knights and ladies, medieval encampment, court jester, medieval beggars, goblin and big bad medieval wolf Tel: 01246 345777

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What’s On

Holiday Club July 27, 28 & 29 for ages 5-11 years

“Wilderness Wanderings” Exciting stories about the journey to the promised land

July 2016

Phone 07851 018 179 to book in All helpers DBS registered At The Christadelphian Church, 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield

Sat East Derbyshire � ��23: ��North ��visit � �� Field Club to�Renishaw Hall ����������� ��

Sun 31: Family Service @Walking with God' See page 10.

�������� Sun 17: Heroica Hospice Ride: ���� Gardens �� and Museum. ������� Cost �� Ashgate Hospicecare. A 25, 50 concession £5.50. Meet �� at�� Pennine or 100 mile cycle ride around the Way car park at 10.30 am to share Peak District, starting and finishing cars.!"���#$%#&&�"�%�#$�%'&( Contact 01246 237622. Sat 6 & Sun 7: Chesterfield � �)*+,+����,��+����-��,�,.��/������ at Ashgate Hospicecare. Register Photographic Society Vintage ��� 24: Chesterfield Photographic �Sun � ,��,.��0��1+�������� ,�� Steam Vehicles, Silver Band Society Remembrance Gardens/ 1� $� � � �,�,.�� .�+�,����0.+��� .��*. 45& Entertainers, etc. Cromford Steam 2 at Sun 17: Worship4All Café Style Monuments/River, National & Rally, Highacres Farm, DE55 6DB. ���&.���+����$���� .��,���+��� #Memorial Storrs Road Methodist Church led Arboretum, Alrewas – �3 �&� ' ' % 3 � 8:30am. 6 7��%#�2��� �2 �����,��-��8�+� by Rev Tracey Harris at 10:45am. Meet ��at Café DE13 7AR, 10am The worship group will be singing ����.��0������&����+�,���� Mon 8: Home Business Sun 24: Vintage and Quirky: The from 10:30am. Presentation. See page 47. Handmade Event, The Cavendish Mon 18 to Fri 22: 'The Good the Hall, Edensor, 10 am to 5pm. Be Tue 9: Mellor & Kirk Valuation Day. 999:*.��,���+���*.�+�,����0.+���:���:�8 Bad & the Arty' A heroes and inspired by another collection of See page 15. villains themed art exhibition our favourite finds. Distinctive, Sat 13: Chesterfield v Sandiacre created by young people aged 10 handmade loveliness presented Town at Queen's Park in to 17 years����� old. Donut Creative by our handpicked designers and Derbyshire Premier League ������ ��� Arts Studio, Springbank Road (off makers. Home bake Pop-up cafe . 12:30pm start - admission free Foljambe Road), S40 1NL. Sun 24: Cream Teas: Sun 14: Elder Yard Unitarian Mon 18: Home Business Holymoorside Village Hall from Chapel Service: 3pm at Elder Way, Presentation. See page 47. 2 to 4pm. Raising funds for S40 1UR. Info from minister David A.D.I. Funds 4 School (Gambia) Thu 21 & Fri 22: Seniors Summer Shaw T: 01433 630541 or davidw. supporting an impoverished Celebration: Walton St John's. See Nursery/Primary school in Ghana page 12. Mon 15: Home Business Town, The Gambia. Fri 22: Parkinson's UK Chesterfield Presentation. See page 47. Tue 26: Chesterfield Medieval Fun & District Branch present Fri 19: Parkinson UK: Alan Day. See page 13. Washington Whirligig Jazz Band. Dearman from Barnardo's. 2pm St John's Church, Walton Back 27 to 29: Holiday Club. See advert at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane, Chesterfield S42 7LT. Starts avove. Lane. S42 7LT. 7:30pm and tickets are £8 incl. Sat 30 & Sun 31: Byways Open Sun 21: Chesterfield Photographic refreshments. Tickets from: Linda Garden, 1 to 4:30pm at 7a Society Gardens, Plants, Macro. Shaw (01246 570453) or Anne Brookfield Avenue, S40 3NX. 2015 Harrogate Harlow Carr Royal Thompson (01246 566448). winners of Chesterfield in Bloom Horticultural Society. Meet at Sat 23: Garden Party. Best Front Garden, Joint winners reception HG3 1UE. 10:30am. Holymoorside URC from 2pm. of Best Back Garden over 80sqm, Sun 21: Friends of Somersall Park: 2nd place in Best Hanging Basket Sat 23: Saturday Concerts 2016: Picnic in the Park. See page 44. and Best Container Garden. Tea Viola recital (Neil Clarke & Peter and cakes available. Admission £3, Malcolm). 11:45am to 12:30pm. children free. Proceeds to National Admission Free – retiring Garden Scheme Charities and collection. Elder Yard Unitarian Ashgate Hospice. Chapel, Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR. Sat 30: Chesterfield v Ockbrook & Borrowash at Queen's Park Sat 23: Holymoorside Horticultural in Derbyshire Premier League Society: Summer Show. 12:30pm start - admission free. Holymoorside Village Hall. 2:30 to 4:30pm. Contact: 01246 568000 or 01246 569059.

August 2016

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.


St Thomas’ Centre

Chatsworth Rd, Brampton Chesterfield, S40 3AW

Tuesday 9 August 10am to 12noon


The Auction House

Gregory Street Nottingham, NG7 2NL

Every Saturday 9am to 12noon Other days by Appointment

Free Specialist auction valuations of antiques, collectables, jewellery & medals.

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One Hundred Years Ago: 1 July 1916, France Words: Trevor The Ink


hey were given a giant bacon sandwich and a mug of tea; tea with a shot of rum for those that wanted one. They had names like Ernest, Albert, Wilfred, Hubert, Horace: names like your great grandad’s mates used to have, though most were in their twenties. They’d come from places like Brampton, Hasland, Holymoorside; from Wingerworth and Whittington; from Staveley; from Bakewell and Buxton, Matlock and Clay Cross, even from Whaley Bridge. But the largest group came from Chesterfield. In peacetime they’d had jobs like miner, railway worker, pottery furnace man, shop clerk. Many just described themselves as ‘labourer’. They’d earned their living at places now long gone: Broad Oaks Foundry, Wheatbridge Potteries, Boythorpe Colliery; Lincoln Boiler Works, and the Chesterfield Brewery. Today though, the 1st of July 1916, they were soldiers of the Sherwoods, men of the 6th Battalion. Volunteers, all of them. They were in France, waiting in the pre-dawn dark in the support trenches, carrying their own load of equipment and a rifle, but also carrying extra supplies for the men who would attack in the forward waves, the 5th and 7th Sherwoods. They were loaded with ammunition boxes, medical dressings, picks and shovels, rolls of barbed wires, and bags of grenades carried on stretchers. So much weight that they sank up to their knees, even their waists, in the muddy flooded communication trenches as they moved to their assigned positions. But at least it wasn’t raining.

Page 16

At 7:30am the British artillery, which had been bombarding the enemy lines - just 400 yards away - for seven whole days, switched its fire onto more distant targets. In the advanced trenches officers and men of the leaving waves of the 5th and 7th battalions looked at their watches and prepared themselves. Behind them the men of the 6th lifted their loads and made ready to move to the jumping off trenches for their turn to go over the top. The whistles blew. You know what happened next? Or you think you do? You’re mostly right, of course. In fact the 6th Battalion, one of the last waves of men due to go across, got off relatively lightly. Only 170 killed and wounded that day. The 5th and 7th lost far more than that. It was a horrible day for the Sherwoods, despite the medals earned. A horrible day for the British Army; more than 57,000 casualties, 19,240 dead. A horrible day for the 6th, too, and their friends and families back home. It was the 1st of July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. One hundred years ago this month: a day we should remember, even now, even in Chesterfield. So here’s to all the Harrys, the Alberts, the Ernests; the Toms, the Sidneys, the Walters, the Herberts, the Franks. And to all the other men of the Sherwoods who died that awful day, now so long ago. If you'd like to find out what happened to the Sherwoods at the first day of the Somme, you can read the full article on our website www.

Penk Holiday & Travel Insurance Are you planning ahead for your big summer getaway? If so make us your 1st port of call for a scorching deal on your Travel Insurance. From Sunning yourself in Spain, Family fun in Florida, Cruising the Caribbean or Sight Seeing in the States @ Penks we have it covered! We have access to a panel of insurers offering fantastic cover for both single trips and annual cover with no age restrictions and up to 98% of medical conditions are covered. Benefits include cover for cancellation, medical expenses & personal accident, personal belongings and travel delay to name but a few. With cover starting from as little as £25.00 for a couple travelling to Europe for 1 week don’t miss out on some great savings! Page 18

NOW OPEN MON-FRI 9-5:30PM [From 4/4/16]

Simply visit our new website where you can get an instant quote and buy online or pop down and see one of our experienced team who will be happy to help you. Penk Insurance Your One Stop Insurance Shop 49-53 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2AL T: 01246 558844 E: F: W:

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Business Intro

Derbyshire Pride. Italian Inspiration.

We catch up with the team at The Tickled Trout, Barlow. Words: Paul Chapman


hris Mapp’s family are Barlow born and bred, and grew up with The Trout as his local, so when it came up for a sale a few years ago he decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. The pub was fully refurbished from top to bottom and contains comfortable dining areas, a cosy bar, open fires, a more formal dining area plus a private dining room upstairs that is bookable and free to hire for parties of less than 30, giving you a personal space in which to relax. The environment is easy going, pub dining. Good food, good service and a sourcing strategy that supports the businesses and suppliers that surround them (check out the supplier map opposite). Seven Hills Bakery at Hunters Bar supply speciality breads, Highfield House Farm’s Sunday beef is very popular, tea and coffee from Northern Tea Merchants. Although the fish isn’t quite so local, Derbyshire not having any oceans, it's brought up each day from Cornwall. I’m meeting manager Tom Schofield to understand what’s new and how the Trout became Tickled. “Chris (pictured opposite) is a trained chef and has spent time in high end kitchens such as the Greenhouse, Marcus Wareing’s Petrus and Paul Ainsworth’s Number 6 at Padstow. So although The Tickled Trout is still very much a village pub, it has great food at its heart. “Chris wanted to give something back and put the pub at the centre of the village again and the response from the locals has been fantastic” says Tom. “We were recently awarded Westside Magazine’s Gastro Pub of the Year, to say we’re very pleased with the result is an understatement. “The team here are local and have been with us since the outset, the kitchen team includes chefs, fresh from school who are studying locally, supported by Chris. “Our strapline ‘Derbyshire Pride Italian Inspiration’ describes the ethos behind our menu, but we’re not an Italian restaurant... we

Page 20

also offer more traditional choices but with an Italian twist. The Derbyshire Pride Menu has Sirloin Steaks (sourced from Highfield House farm), The TT Chicken Burger, Derbyshire Two-Beef or not Two-Beef Burgers, Derbyshire Pie with various fillings each day plus other options and the daily specials.” “We have a bits and bobs tapas style option and a pizza deal all day Tuesdays, £15 for 2 pizzas. The pizzas have been so popular that we’ve introduced it as a lunch option and not many people know, but we also do takeaway pizzas”.

Fancy giving it a go... Trout Tickling is the art of rubbing the underbelly of a trout to induce the trout into a trance, so you can easily throw it onto the nearest bit of dry land! I joked about a white, red and green Vespa driving around delivering pizzas. “We don’t do delivery but we have discussed that very idea many times” replied Tom. “We want everyone who steps into the Tickled Trout to come back time and time again, and this applies to both customers and suppliers alike” explains Tom. If you’re looking for an opportunity to call up and see what the Tickled Trout has to offer, lunch times are really relaxed, or you could check out their website for their many events. A highlight is the Cyder and Food event on 18 August, “The owner of Aspall Cyder is coming in to see us and will be doing a talk on matching ciders and food for the perfect taste combination” enthuses Tom. And August is the Barlow Carnival when the Tickled Trout will be open for what promises to be a busy weekend. It might just be a great time to call in for lunch and a drink.

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Page 22

Join us for Lunc h

Tue to Sat 12 to 2.30pm Sun 12 to 3pm


Tickled Trout | 33 Valley Road | Barlow | Chesterfield S18 7SL t: 0114 289 1111 e: Pub closed Mondays except Bank Hols Tue to Thu 12pm to 2.30pm and 5 to 9pm Fri 12 to 2.30pm and 5 to 9.30pm Sat 12 to 2.30pm and 5 to 9.30pm Sun 12 to 3pm

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Community News

Beatrix is The Potter for Brampton! The Brampton Potteries Festival Words & Pictures: Chris Townsend


he Brampton Potteries Festival, now in its ninth year, has become part of the summer scene in the Old Road area. The Festival is a celebration of an area where once potteries were the major employer. Each year local residents, schools and businesses have shown depths of artistic talent by using pots and other materials to create scenes linked to a chosen theme. In past years, themes have included ‘The Circus’, ‘Children’s Nursery Rhymes’ and ‘Potty Britain’ but this year the Festival will have a somewhat literary flavour. Helen Beatrix Potter was born In July 1866 and grew up to be a remarkable children’s storyteller. Amongst other works her ‘Tales of Peter Rabbit’ became legendary and not just for the writing alone. Children down the generations have loved the stories but also the illustrations and it is from those illustrations that we hope those entering the Potteries Festival will take their cue. To broaden the choice and scope we are including entries based on other writers who celebrate significant anniversaries this year. Charlotte Bronte was born in 1816, Roald Dahl in 1916, H.G. Wells died in 1946 and of course the world’s most renowned poet and playwright William Shakespeare died four hundred years ago this Spring. The Potteries Festival will take place on Saturday 9th July, when The Mayor and Mayoress will open the Festival outside number 49 Old Road (near Serpent Motors) at 12.00 noon. It continues on Sunday 11th July with a Festival Service at The Gospel Mission Church at 10:45am and a Big Picnic outside the church at 12:30pm. There will be items of Brampton Pottery on display in the church as well as a brief history of the Pottery firms that dominated the area. Entries are already coming in and the organisers expect many more. If you wish to take part or for further information, contact, Pictures: From top clockwise. The staff of Silver Scissors show their interpretation of 'Potty Britain’ to The Mayor and Mayoress. (Prince William, Kate with George and the then newborn Charlotte); They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace….but where’s Alice?; Even The Minions get in on the act. ‘Potty Britain’ indeed!; Is it Bill or is it Ben? Only little weed knows the answer; Old Hall School’s display of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Below: The Pearly King and Queen of Brampton!

Page 24

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Elizabeth and John New Whittington

design supply project management installation

k i t c h e n s b e d r o o m s s t u di e s

d a v i d

07966 426466 chesterfield

p y a t t

d e s i g n

Our GCC Registered Chiropractors: - Lyn Bryce - Kirsten MacGregor - Michelle Marsh

Plus our new Massage therapists. - Lianne, an experienced Sports Massage Therapist - David, who focuses on gentle remedial massage.

*10% off Massage appointments with David Mason in June & July on surrender of this advert. Only one per person.

Tel: 01246 567 773 E: 624 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3JX Page 26

Registration No. 01960

siness Here.

...Helping you be your best in 2016

Your Bu

Capital House, 27 Glumangate, Chesterfield, S40 1TX

Everyone Deserves Award-Winning Financial Advice Book your free consultation 01246 550521

We are Derbyshire’s top rated financial advice service with a modern approach to wealth management.

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Business Update

It's all about the Food. We pop up Pudding Pie Hill to meet Craig Spall, the new chef at The Fox & Goose. Words: Paul Chapman


he Fox & Goose is sat on Pudding Pie Hill and offers a panoramic view of Chesterfield and beyond and the food offered is pretty special and so it should be being located on Pudding Pie Hill!

Chef Craig Spall is taking the venue to another level with his culinary delights. Aged forty one, and originating from Grimsby North East Lincolnshire, he’s passionate about the food he serves. Craig’s father was his greatest inspiration, cooking up food on the Grimsby trawlers. Craig has followed in his father’s path but focusing on boutique menu selections. Craig started his career from the roots of the kitchen, his first job was working as a pot washer in an Italian restaurant and then moving to be a Commis chef (trainee) at the same establishment. Craig’s twenty seven year career has taken him to restaurants in France and London, head chef of boutique hotels and he has cooked for the rich and famous. Craig says ‘I really enjoyed my time as Head Chef in the south of France, based in Provence, the French are obsessed with culinary delights.’ When Craig is dining out his favourite dish would be Confit Duck Leg with French style cassoulet and other French classics. When Craig isn’t working and preparing food he spends his time visiting food markets and sampling the food that’s on offer locally. Craig has been instrumental in introducing the Bank Holiday Fish and Fizz menu inspired by his Grimsby roots. He has been serving some pretty special dishes that have gone down well at the Fox & Goose. Every Bank Holiday at The Fox & Goose, every four people dining receive a complimentary bottle of fizz. Check out the recent food reviews from Sticky Beak Blog which has given the Fox rave reviews after a Bank Holiday dinner. Page 28

When asked what Craig loves about running the kitchen at The Fox and Goose he replies ‘I like the whole atmosphere and the easy going nature of the staff and the kitchen team, we are like a small family, we look out for one another and it’s great that (where possible) all our food is locally sourced.” From Tuesday to Thursday lunchtime every week you can enjoy The Silver Fox’s three course lunch for just £9.95. “Our visitors over the age of 55 are always telling us that there is too much food, so this offer is especially for them, small portions of good quality, tasty food. In addition to this we always have on offer the Landlord's lunch menu” says Craig. “During the week the Fox offers Pub Classics including a deal for two steaks and a bottle of wine all day every Thursday and Friday or alternatively Fish and Chips for two for just £25. “Fridays and Saturdays we offer an à la carte menu and new special dishes put together by myself and the team, and on Sundays we’re renowned for our beautiful Sunday Lunch” says Craig, “all accompanied by an exciting drinks offer with a huge variety of gins and spirits along with Cask Ales and some fantastically tasty locally brewed beers.” If you’ve never been to the Fox & Goose or simply haven’t been for a while, with the introduction of the new menu it might just be the right time to reacquaint yourself. Also they offer a loyalty card to receive money off vouchers and if you join the VIP Priority events booking list you’ll get early invites to events at all venues. Pudding Pie Hill, Wigley, Derbyshire S42 7JJ


Manor The

Est. 1599

• Coffee House • Pub & Dining • • Functions & Weddings •


In aid of


FESTIVAL WEEKEND SATURDAY 16TH JULY FROM 2PM ‘TIL LATE MAIN & ACOUSTIC STAGE FEATURING • Just Alfie • Origin • Ben Miles • Shambles • Alex Wallhead • Jambusters • Zazu • Escape Plan • Offenders


Heroica Hospice Ride


• Cycle Festival for all the family • Celebrate at the finish line the completion of 100, 50 and 25 miles • Live Music, Outside Bars, Inflatable’s for the Kids • Raffle to win a Titan Bike worth over £1500!

Buy tickets online at: For more information Call 01246 237555 The Manor, Old Road, Brampton, Chesterfield S40 3QR


Hog Roast Ticket Giveaway

Customer Copy: Quarter Page Port


Changes or Corrections should b Please return to us immediately to prior to copy deadlines.

Please - There will be some The team at The Manor are kindly giving away five sets of Family VIP tickets for the Hognote Roast shown on this proof and the final p which takes place on Saturday 16th July*.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of picking up a ticket is:

email quote S40-Hog16 do it by Sunday 10 July

All artwork, either in printed or electronic fo of Bannister Publications Limited. Š 2016

VIP guests receive free Food and Drink and can enjoy the live music which starts at 2pm and there is entertainment for all the family with giant slides, rides for the kids and much more. *T's & C's Apply.


S & P HEWITT (CONSTRUCTION) LTD Family run business with over three decades of experience Friendly advice and a professional service

Extensions New builds Stone work Refurbishments

Roofing Fascias & soffits Renovations Loft & Garage Conversions

These builders in my opinion are the best in the business! Hard workers, no bad langauge and left each day after a sweep, clean and a tidy of tools. I would definitely recommend. Reviewed 21/03/2016 Excellent work! Friendly & obliging workers. Recommend whole heartedly! Reviewed 26/11/2015

Portfolio of previous projects & testimonials available on our website

T: 01246 559094

M: 07973 878274

Email: Website: Page 30


First Class Service and support. Sales, repairs and upgrades.

Exlen Frontira i5 The Frontier i5 is designed To be a value for money powerful and versatile System for any task. For home use, business or As a Gaming PC with ease of upgradability .





e 19


lntel i5 Quad core 8 GB RAM 1 TB SSHD HARD Drive HD Audio HD Graphics DVD±RW, Windows 10


Monitor is not included .

24” HD Monitors from only £99 extra

Fujitsu Apple Ipadi32 32GB 3G

Fujitsu i3 MSI

ms yste r Play PC Se, Work o 1

Ho for

FujitsuiMac i3 i5 Apple Intel Quad core, 8 GB Ram, 1TB HD as new condition

As new Condition . Intel i7 , 8GB RAM , GTX 950


17.3” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , 1TB hard drive DVD±RW, USB3, card reader Windows 10

A5 Powerful 1.5Ghz dual-core Two Cameras Up to 10 hours of battery life. 3G unlocked 720p HD video recording. .00

Fujitsu i3 Fujitsu

Fujitsu i3 Toshiba

Fujitsu i3 Lenovo

intel Quad core 1 TB Hard drive.

Intel QUAD CORE, 8GB, 500 GB




£449 intel i3. 8GB RAM ,500GB HDD

15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10 .00


EXLEN Technology Ltd.

15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10 .00


Unit 2, Chatsworth Business Park, 172 Chatsworth Rd. Chesterfield. S40 2AR

15.6” LED, WIFI, WEB CAM HD Audio , HD Graphics DVD±RW, USB3 card reader, Windows 10 .00




Mon-Fri. 9:30-6 / Sat 10-4

MON- FRI 9 - 5:30 / SAT 10- 5

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Still Poles apart in terms of Innovation! Polar Windows Words: Mike Snow (Reflections Magazine)


r and Mrs Jameson from Darley Dale approached Polar Windows with a view to having an orangery, which would perhaps overcome the traditional disadvantages of a conservatory. The regular complaint about ‘standard’ conservatories is that they are too hot in summer and too cold in winter and, as such, are not universally useable as ‘live in’ rooms. Adrian Bradley, Retail Contracts Manager at Polar Windows, is avidly intent at keeping in touch with the latest trends in innovative systems, and was quick to offer The Jamesons an alternative proposal, which, he believed, would fulfil their dreams. He knew they really wanted a conservatory that felt more like a room… a living room, perhaps? He knew he could help! For a modern, contemporary crossover between a conservatory and extension then the ‘must have’ product is the Ultraframe Livinroom – and this was Adrian’s recommendation! The Livinroom offers the best of both worlds combining the light and sky of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension. The Livinroom adds a whole new dynamic to the space, giving it a ‘real room/living room’ feel. The Livinroom uses the well-proven Ultraframe Classic roof system, then adds an engineered steel framing system internally, which is plastered to give a perimeter ceiling

Page 32

all the way round the Classic roof. The A-rated self-cleaning, anti-glare glass has a special coating, which keeps the sun out in summer yet retains the heat in winter. One of the main benefits of the Livinroom is that it conceals the join between the roof and the walls of the conservatory, which improves the look, aesthetics and insulation of the construction. It also allows for the installation of internal spot lighting, and has the capacity to incorporate the guttering and cornice of the structure. The Livinroom adds strength which also helps to protect it against winter weather conditions. All the steelwork and wiring are hidden, and the interior can be further enhanced with the use of lighting within the plasterboard, and is suitable to use with bi-folding and French doors. Externally the aluminium Cornice, available in a wide range of colours, can be used to add to the visual effect. Mr & Mrs Jameson are delighted with their new ‘acquisition’. “The Livinroom frame adds extra space to our home and welcomes more natural light,” she says. “It has a modern, airy feel and its increased insulation has resolved all of the common temperature regulation issues, meaning it can be used as much in winter as summer.” The Livinroom comes with a holistic 10 year guarantee. For further details see advert opposite.

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Fund Raiser

Raising Funds for Macmillan Cancer Centre Blanc and Trendco join forces to raise money for a great local cause.


lanc & Trendco Nottingham are teaming up to host a charity Fashion Show in aid of the new Macmillan Centre in Chesterfield.

Together with Trendco Nottingham, who will be providing the wigs for the models, Blanc will put on a stylish show that every fashionista will love.

The charity evening is being held at the PROACT, Chesterfield Football Club on the 22nd September 2016 and the hosts hope to raise lots of money for the new £2.5 million project which is due to open later this year.

Trendco Nottingham meet, on a daily basis, chemotherapy patients who will benefit from the new centre in Chesterfield. “When I found out that a new Macmillan Centre was being built in Chesterfield I knew I had to help raise as much money as possible. I meet women every day who rely on Macmillan whilst going through a tough period in their lives.” said Nicola Moore, Trendco Nottingham’s manager.

The Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre is an exciting new development giving people with cancer in North and North East Derbyshire vital treatment, care and support in one purpose-built centre providing joined up services closer to home. Currently, cancer care and treatment is provided in different locations across the hospital site. Blanc of 131 Chatsworth Road is now in its sixth year and owner Anne-Marie is excited to be holding her largest show yet. "When we first opened in 2011 we wanted to bring a bit of London sparkle and glamour to Chesterfield, which we did by stocking brands that weren’t available in our region. We continue to source labels and brands that you can’t buy without a trip to the capital" says Anne-Marie. "We have something for everyone and it's not all evening wear, for instance our range of tops starts from just £21 and our 'Amazing Woman' jeans couldn't have a better name because everyone who buys a pair, or two, agrees they are amazing! Coupled with a simple top and their effortless style shines through, from a coffee with the girls to the theatre you will look amazing. We will be showcasing our extensive range at the show."

Blanc & Trendco Nottingham Presents


Sally Bee, a TV chef, nutritionist and healthy living enthusiast will be a special guest at the show. Sally has a rare heart condition which has resulted in her losing her hair so she has now chosen to wear wigs. “As an ambassador for Trendco, I am very excited to be a special guest at the Fashion Show. Since starting to wear wigs, I am a great believer in treating wigs like a normal accessory; handbag, hat etc." The Fashion Show is being held at The Proact, Chesterfield Football Club on the 22nd September. Tickets for the event are £10 and can be bought from Blanc 131 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield (01246 767454) or Trendco Nottingham, 40 Friar Lane, Notts (0115 947 5316). For more information on the Macmillan Fashion Show, please contact Anne-Marie from Blanc Couture on 01246 767454/style@ or Nicola Moore from Trendco Nottingham on 0115 947 5316/

In aid of Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre

22nd September 2016 The Proact Chesterfield Football Club Sheffield Road Chesterfield S41 8NZ

7pm 7:45pm 9pm 9:30pm Midnight

Doors Show Starts Special Guest: Sally Bee Raffle Disco Carriages

Tickets: £10 (Incl complimentary drink) Ticket sales via Nicola Moore on 0115 947 5316 or from Blanc at 131 Chatsworth Road 01246 767454. All ticket proceeds to Macmillan Centre.

Blanc & Trendco Nottingham Presents

In aid of Chesterfield Royal MacMillan Cancer Centre

22nd September 2016 The Proact Chesterfield Football Club Sheffield Road Chesterfield S412 8NZ

blanc 131 chatsworth road chesterfield s40 2ap free parking outside tel: 01246 767454

PEN NOW O M -5:30P 9 I R F ON



4/ [From 4/

49-53 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2AL - 01246 558844 -

t: 01246 554562

Unit 3 Chatsworth Business Park ▪ Chatsworth Road ▪ Chesterfield ▪ S40 2AS ▪ Page 36


£129 A MONTH £129 DEPOSIT 60




NEW Hyundai i10

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE Cash price £7,885 Customer Deposit £129.99 Amount to Finance £7,751.01 47 Monthly Payments £129.98 Final Payment £3,013 Duration 49 Months


Brimington Road North, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, North Derbyshire S41 9AJ. 383895

Total Payable £9,252.05 First Instalment of £129.98 REPRESENTATIVE APR 6.9%APR Interest rate (Fixed) 3.56% Miles per annum 6,000 Excess mileage charge 14.9p

Cars shown for illustration purposes only. finance subject to status, Applicants must be 18 or over. guarantees/indemnities may be required. Autoworld act as a non-independent credit intermediary. We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your car. We are only able to offer finance products from these providers. A list of providers is available on request. Any lender or broker or intermediary we work with may pay us for introducing you to them. This figure is available on request. Fuel consumption figures (MPG) shown are taken from the manufacturer, they are obtained under specific test conditions, they may not be achieved under ‘real world’ driving conditions. However the figures serve as a means of comparing models of a similar type. Finance based on Personal Contract Purchase between 5000 & 6000 miles per annum, Excess mileage charges apply, available over 24, 36, 42 and 48 months. You will not own this vehicle until all payments are made. ^Finance Price only includes £355 Autoworld Deposit Support applied.


Quirkpop, Standard Lamps, Me and Mr Jones Words: Dave Banks


he quintet, “Me and Mr Jones” (two percussionists, a vocalista, a guitarist and a standard lamp named Stan) have popped out of very different musical backgrounds in the Chesterfield area and are now playing local festivals. They aspire to harmony. They wear either tweed or bandanas. They like hitting things. They’re middle aged. They take pride in performing their own musical “quirkpop”. It all started at Hasland Theatre. Louise, Dave, Rob and Mr Jones had taken roles in a variety of the theatre’s productions, including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, House of Games and Uncle Vanya. But during the musical extravaganza that was Oh! What a Lovely War, in November 2014, they discovered a mutual love of singing. The eponymous Mr Jones (percussion, keyboard, voice) was a stalwart of the Chesterfield band “Under the Sun” and had enjoyed a short period of fame with his George Michael act on Stars in their Eyes. Louise (vocals) had worked on the technical

production of several West End musicals; Dave (guitar) - a hard-core folkie - had just returned, enthused to the eyebrows, from a song-writing course in Devon; Rob (hitting things) was notorious as one of north-east Derbyshire’s greatest Alice Cooper and Ian Dury fans. “Me and Mr Jones” was conceived and born (no, let’s forget that image!) with the assistance of Garage Band in a front room in Ashgate... where new life was breathed into old songs, videos were cobbled together and new songs were rapidly composed and recorded. The original duo expanded to the current four members and we started playing folk evenings at The Peacock and the Dronfield Coach and Horses, and open mic evenings at The Matlock Bath Fishpond and the Neptune. More importantly, we became comfortable with our style of music. Although we all have rather different musical tastes, we found that we enjoyed playing harmony-rich, somewhat quirky pop music - and we’re not ashamed to admit it. We

travel light - we get bored with bands that take 30 minutes to set up their electrical paraphernalia - so we rely on a trio of voices, an acoustic guitar and a battery of cajon and congas. We are also proud that a good 85% of what we play is our own original music - the few covers we perform are resurrections of half-forgotten classics - our favourites being Georgie Girl (The Seekers) and Senses Working Overtime (XTC). “Me and Mr Jones” have just released Skyscraper Eyes, an album of our music (with some songs co-written with and featuring the Norwegian bassist Bjørn Frengstad from The Sedatives). You can hear it at https://meandmrjones. You can find our videos on YouTube, search Me and Mr Jones Chesterfield and, best of all, you can come and hear “Me and Mr Jones” (under the sultry light of Stan’s 60W bulb) play at the Derbyshire Food and Drink Fairs (Kedleston and, during 24th/25th September, Bakewell) and the IWA Staveley Trailboat Festival. Pictures: Left - “Me and Mr Jones” (and Stan) at The Anchor - photo courtesy of Harry Simpson; above The album Skyscraper Eyes, photo courtesy of Trousers! records.

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A wealth of expertise on your doorstep We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Investment planning

• Retirement planning

• Inheritance Tax planning

For further details contact Peter Boardman on:

Tel: 01246 559616 Email:


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Article Advertorial

A local council upholds what we have known at Kip all along! Jo Linthwaite (Kip McGrath) Barnsley council in South Yorkshire has become the first in England to shorten the summer holiday to five weeks. (Sunday Mail June 4th 2016). It said ‘’a shorter summer break was better because too many weeks off may lead to ‘learning loss’ and affect attainment’’. Its decision was based on ‘’sound research evidence that shows the maximum length of the summer break should be no more than five weeks for the best educational outcomes’’. We have always known at Kip that children move ‘backwards’ after a long break for a holiday and that it can take a few weeks to get them back up to where they were before the holidays. That is why we offer a summer school during the last two weeks of August! We open for 6 sessions in that time and find that our students hold what they have already learned but also move forward as well, so that when they get back into the new school year they are further ahead than many of their peers. Going to school in the holidays may not seem fun to us parents and grandparents as we remember our own sun filled summer holidays, but today’s youngsters are under a lot of pressure and the words…’I’m bored’ are ones we often hear towards the end of the long break. It's hard to keep them entertained! At Kip our learning styles are so different from their regular school. Our students are encouraged to tackle things that they think

they can’t do and to see errors as the chance to learn something new. We see a massive increase in personal confidence and a willingness to ‘have a go’. Our programmes are tailored to focus on specifics, so one student might be doing grammar and punctuation and another comprehension and reading exercises, or fractions in Maths; in effect an individual learning programme. Another benefit of our summer school is that each student gets a FREE assessment in English and Maths so you know exactly where they start from in both subjects. At the end you can actually measure their progress definitively. That’s why so many of our students want to stay with us after summer school ends, they enjoy it so much, and their parents love their progress in the short time. Parents, Grandparents, Carers and teachers in the new classes all comment on the difference in achievement and self-confidence of our students after a short time at Kip. We have an average increase in achievement of 2 years in just 6 months for our students, and for our GCSE students a full two grades upwards after a year with us. So if you want your children to maintain their enthusiasm for returning to school and ‘hit the ground running’ in their new classes, then call Jo and get details of this year’s summer school and how to get your FREE assessment. Tel: Jo on 01246 220224

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.



01246 220224



Suite 2, 1st Floor, 67-77 Chatsworth Road, Brampton Chesterfield, S40 2AL Page 40

Call today for a FREE assessment

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All artwork, All artwork, eithereither in printed in printed or electronic or electronic form,form, remains remains the property the property of Bannister of Bannister Publications Publications Limited. Limited. © 2015 © 2015

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Foot Health Practitioner Member of The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Fungal Nail Treatment & Nail Trimming Calluses & Corns Removed Ingrowing Toe Nails Full Foot Massages Full Feet Examination

Diabetic Foot Health Checks CRB Checked

01246 270393 07527 058601 Fully mobile service

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Community News Snailcycle LE2JOG Plus We received a note from fundraisers Gayle and Martin Andrew about their plans to raise money for Ashgate Hospice and Medecins Sans Frontieres. "We are Gayle and Martin Andrew, two retired doctors from Brampton, Chesterfield and love cycle touring. We are cycling from St Agnes on the Scilly Isles (the most southerly inhabited part of the British Isles) to Skaw, the most northerly spot on Unst in the Shetland Isles. A total of 1200 miles cycling plus seven ferry journeys. We will pass through the iconic Lands’ End and John O’Groats route and continue up the Orkney and Shetland Isles. "We call ourselves Snailcycle as we are of a certain age and won't be the fastest- we shall take a slightly less direct route to allow us to cycle on quieter rural roads and we will be camping most of the time, carrying our tents - hence the house on our backs! We aim to do about 50 miles per day, and anticipate taking about five weeks.  "Our aim is to raise money and awareness for Ashgate Hospice and Medecins Sans Frontieres "Ashgate Hospice is well known locally, as a local GP Martin has experience of Ashgate’s services and without exception patients and their families have been full of praise for

the caring supportive staff and the care they provide supporting people towards the end of their lives.

Friends of Somersall Park Picnic in the Park 21 August 2016

"We're also supporting Medecins Sans Frontiers who provide essential medical care to populations in some of the most troubled parts of the world. "They have been in the headlines recently in Syria and also in West Africa where they were the main people battling the Ebola epidemic. "Currently they have staff in Syria, South Sudan and the Yemen at huge personal risk facing regular bombing of MSF hospitals and several staff have been killed recently. "We are both doctors and feel humbled by the bravery of MSF staff. "Our website includes a blog showing our progress, and there are links to our JustGiving page, if people would like to donate." As we write they've covered about 700 miles and are in the Scottish Borders, good weather and great people along the way supporting with several campsites giving them free camping and donations.

The Friends of Somersall Park are planning an event in the summer for all the family. Their facebook event reads... "Come and join us for family fun in the park! Bring your picnic and blanket and head down to Somersall for an afternoon of fun and community. Various sporting activities for kids of all ages... Come along and help us bring the community together - meet friends old and new, play a bit of rounders, paddle in the stream... A fun afternoon for all who love Somersall. Everyone is invited!" The event is planned for 1pm and I'm sure the list of activities will grow and grow as the event nears. Join their facebook group and let them know you're coming or if you can help with activities associated with kids sports or a summer picnic get in touch. As I write there are 18 families going and 62 interested, so join them and make your plans. Cucumber sandwiches I think for me...

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Award Winning Ales Visit the brewery shop to see our full range of bottled beers plus wines, whiskies, world beers and merchandise.

01246 221680

Units 4 & 5, Chatsworth Business Park, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 2AR Please mention S40 Local ¡ Page 45

Community News Holymoorside Preschool Serving the village for over 50 years. The preschool at Holymoorside village hall was founded over 50 years ago by parents and villagers to provide a way of meeting other families and for children to make friends. It has since become a huge part of village life, sometimes with generations of the same families coming through. Of course, preschools have changed considerably over this time and they have kept up to date with the changes, training and qualifications. As such they have gained a reputation for being a professional respected childcare provider. The little preschool has always been a thriving and popular setting. They are friendly, relaxed and welcoming and understand how important stability and familiarity is for children. "We are very proud of our zero staff turnover; in fact the team; Sandra, Diane, Brenda and Linda have worked together for 25 years! We are rooted in the village community and actively encourage children to be aware of their local and wider surroundings to help them understand the world" says Ellena Outram, committee member at the preschool.

"We are a charity based at the village hall in Holymoorside and during our recent (2016) Ofsted inspection we were awarded a “good� rating. "We take children from 2 to 5 years old and cover the Early Years Foundation Stage with all of our children, keeping the emphasis on encouragement, engagement and fun. Our experienced team believe this is the best way to help the children learn and to nurture their emotional and personal development. "Recently we had a week of celebrations, for the Queen's 90th birthday. We ran activities in such a way that our young children would engage and understand, whilst encouraging pride in their country and community. We hung flags and bunting which made the hall look very patriotic and really set the scene. We then carried out various activities during the week to learn about the Queen, her childhood, her life, family and the service she has given to the country. "During these activities the children attended a daily birthday party where they wore fancy dress costumes including the crowns and cloaks made during the sessions using lots of different materials. They played with the wooden castle and joined in role play

can you help

train& coach young cyclists?

Page 46

games while talking about what it would be like to live in a palace or castle. They had great fun working together to build castles with cardboard boxes and blocks to create tall towers which they then pushed over and started again! Finally, we made a large castle collage using coloured paper adding soldiers, a flag and the queen. So all in all a very busy, enjoyable and educational week, which we and all the children loved! "Due to a number of our current 4 year olds moving onto school in September we have a few vacancies. If you are thinking about sending your child to a preschool setting and like the sound of our ethos, why not call us on 07505 011076 to arrange a visit." Village Hall, Holymoorside Chesterfield S42 7EB T: 07505 011076 or 01246 568515 (out of hours) 8.30am - 1pm Mon,Tue, Wed & Fri Ofsted Reg Number: 206796

If so we need your help at the Brampton Bicycle Club! T: Paul on 07764 801080 E:

COME AND FIND OUT ABOUT AN EXCITING, REWARDING AND DIFFERENT WAY OF WORKING! Full-time or Part-time? The choice is yours. MONDAY 4 & 18 JULY MONDAY 8 & 15 AUGUST 7:15pm for 7:30pm - 8:30pm

HOME-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PRESENTATION The Upstairs Dining Room, The Manor at Brampton 107 Old Road, Chesterfield, S40 3QR

IF YOU WANT: - An Extra Income - Financial Freedom - To Build Your Own Business - More Spare Time - Personal Development - To Help Others - To Meet New People - Pension Options - To Leave A Legacy Then we’re here to show you how. SPEAKERS: Lynn Wigfield Business Development Manager. Diane Evans Health & Wellness Advisor.



07341 337899 - Lynn 07411 042849 - Diane

Forever Living Products UK Limited, Longbridge Manor, Warwick CV34 6RB UK Members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). It is illegal for a promotor or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achievable.

Community News Rotary Satellite: A new club for working people History has been made with the largest expansion of Rotary in Chesterfield for 36 years. A new satellite club has been established by the Rotary Club of Chesterfield, offering a new way of doing Rotary for busy younger professionals. The first ten founder members of the newly formed Rotary Satellite Club of Chesterfield (Central) were inducted into Rotary International by Chesterfield Rotary president Ian Gaunt at the club’s monthly meeting held at Brampton Manor, Chesterfield, on Wed 25 May 2016. A further four founder members are to be inducted next month. New chairman is independent financial advisor, Peter Blant, who said: “My aim as Chairman is to get the group established and set the foundations for this group to prosper in the future. I have always been a strong supporter of the Rotary movement but have not been able to commit the time during normal working hours.” “The new group has been designed to cater for people who work and may struggle to commit to a weekly lunchtime meeting so we intend meeting monthly on the last Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm so people can attend on their way home from work. The meetings are very upbeat with lots of energy and good ideas

Pheonix Band 15 Years of Success being shared. It has been a great way to make new friends and contacts from the local business community.” “Our main objective is to support local causes in our community and make a difference whilst having fun. Next week we will be providing stewards for the Chesterfield Rotary organised Eckington Classic Car & Bike Show at Renishaw Hall in aid of Ashgate Hospicecare, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.” Also attending the historic induction ceremony were representatives from Rotary District 1220, and members of the Chesterfield club, all there to welcome the new Rotarians into the worldwide movement of Rotary International and wish the new club well. The last significant expansion of Rotary in Chesterfield was in 1980 when the Chesterfield Rotary Club was instrumental in setting up the Rotary Club of Chesterfield Scarsdale. For more information about the Rotary Satellite Club of Chesterfield (Central) contact its secretary John.nettleship@ or ring 01246 555111.

The Phoenix Concert Band are proud to celebrate their 15th anniversary this summer with a concert featuring the Warsaw Concerto as its centrepiece. The concert takes place on 2nd July at Hasland Village Hall and will feature the wonderful piano soloist Christopher Miggells who is a Nottinghamshire based pianist, recording artist and composer. In 2014 his solo piano recordings achieved the No 1 position in the ReverbNation classical charts and he has performed at worldrenowned stages, and at special events such as The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Originally founded by husband and wife team Geraint and Frances Jones in August 2001, band membership is approx 30, with rehearsals on Friday evening at the Methodist Church in Hasland. Sadly this concert will be the last opportunity to hear the band under the baton of George Morton who has been the Musical Director for the past 4 years and they wish him every success with his future career. At the same time they are looking forward to welcoming his local successor Matt Appleyard. The band will be participating in the summer concerts, in the bandstand in the Queen's Park, and will then be preparing their winter programme. Visit phoenixband. net or follow them on Facebook for information or to enquire about joining. Tickets for the July concert are on sale now and can be obtained from Hasland Chiropody or T: Elaine Rudge on 01246 279521.

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Bespoke Service

Scenic Flooring Beautiful flooring @ bargain prices

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276 - 278 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 2BH

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Business News Brampton Brewery Beer & Stuff We start off this month with some news of an excellent fundraising effort by Sarah, one of the Staff at the Rose & Crown. You may remember that as part of the St Georges Beer Festival at the Rose in April, Sarah bravely volunteered to have her long locks chopped off to raise funds for Ashgate Hospice. She did this and raised over £2000 for Ashgate. The picture shows Sarah presenting the cheque to Lynn Jones from Ashgate Hospice. The Brampton Brewery referendum beers (as see on BBC TV!) have gone very well and have been brewed weekly, so they should be available in the final run up to Referendum Day - sales wise it is neck and neck. We'll let you know if the beer sales matched the result in the summer edition. Talking of new beers - they have only gone and produced another one! This was showcased at the recent Chesterfield Canal Festival and went down a storm, named 'Brindley Bitter' after James Brindley who was born in Derbyshire and was one of the main Engineers involved in the early Canal construction projects. The Beer is a 4.1% Best Bitter style, a bit sweeter than Brampton Best and is definitely moreish. The beer was recently delivered to both the Tramway Tavern & the Rose & Crown so expect to see it around for a while.

Age Partnership Award Season Simon Chalk, local Equity Release expert, is a finalist at the British Mortgage Awards 7 July in London. He's hoping to collect his 5th award in 9 years as 'Best Equity Release Adviser' at a prestigious evening gala dinner. Good luck Simon from all at S40 Local!

JJ's Flowers I Do Award Winner Jessica Hodgson from Chatsworth Road's JJ's Flowers came home from the I Do Weddings Awards Ceremony held at the ballroom at Sheffield City Hall with a rather large smile and an I Do Weddings Award. "The early mornings, the late nights, the sleepless nights, the planning, planning again and planning again, the stresses of the fresh produce the right colour, the right quality, the fashion trends. All worth it. "The love I have for the job I can never describe, I feel like the luckiest woman alive, but more than anything I feel lucky to have worked for amazing brides and grooms who made this possible - without you I wouldn't have won 'Wedding Florist of the year Nottinghamshire and Derbyshite 2016." JJ's Flowers is located at 424 Chatsworth Road. Check out her website:

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Garden 10 Garden TipsThings

Garden Things for July Words: Transition Chesterfield Picture: Robert Nixon Betts

3. Check for signs of disease on plants prone to them, i.e. blight on tomatoes, clematis wilt or apple scab, and treat accordingly. 4. Keep watering all plants in containers (indoor and outdoor), and feed them regularly. Anything in grow-bags (especially tomatoes) are prone to problems if watered erratically, so try to have a routine; aim to keep the soil moist but not wet. Plants transpire water all the time, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking if the suns not shining plants won’t need watering – any breeze or wind will also increase the amount they use. 5.

There’s quite a lot to do in the garden around now, but pottering around it in summer is one of the rewards for the effort put in over the rest of the year - don’t look on it as work but as relaxation. As well as routine things like mowing the grass and weeding, here are ten other things that may be necessary (depending on what you grow):

A lot of vegetables should be maturing about now; keep an eye on them, as unreliable weather may cause some to bolt (i.e. form flowers and seeds) - harvest these before this happens, which usually renders them useless anyway. Allow a plant or two to flower if you want to collect seeds, which is what you do with peas and beans anyway.

6. Check tomatoes regularly and pinch out any 1. Now is the time to think about harvesting your shoots between branches and the stem, which first early potatoes. It requires a little luck and can appear with astonishing speed. You can good judgement, but if the flowers have dropped use these as cuttings; just put them in water it should be fine. If you try to lift a root too early until roots appear then pot them up. you may get a fraction of the yield that you would enjoy if you had waited a few weeks. As 7. Take lots of pictures of the garden, especially early potatoes don’t store well, it is better to parts which you think could be improved. That leave them in the ground and take only what way, you’ll have a good reference to use when you can use. Wait too long, though, and the you come to think about moving things or tubers may lose their ‘new season’ flavour. buying new plants, and with digital cameras it doesn’t cost anything to take lots of pictures 2. If you have to water, do so in the evening anyway! when there will be less evaporation and the water has a chance to soak into the soil. Using 8. There may still be some vegetable plantlets in a hose is more efficient than a sprinkler as garden centres, so it’s not too late to plant some the water can be directed exactly where it is for harvesting this year. But check that they're needed; giving the ground a good soaking not too leggy and and been well looked after – once a week is better than a less thorough one weedy looking seedlings rarely recover. every day, which encourages roots to form 9. Salads generally mature quite quickly, so you near the surface. It’s more important that fruit can sow some every week or two to provide a and vegetables are kept well-watered than succession of crops – ‘little and often’ is the best ornamental plants, some of which produce a way. Most leaf crops, spring onions, radish and better display when slightly stressed anyway. even beetroot can still be planted. Children like to see instant results, so use these as a way of introducing them to gardening. 10. If your strawberry patch is over three years old, it will begin to run out of steam, producing fewer fruits and possibly getting disease. Luckily, they will provide their own replacements in the form of runners. Cut about 10cm of garden wire and bend it into a ‘U’ shape. Use this pin to peg the runners into 10cm pots of soil and leave for about six weeks until they are rooted. The new Inspire Community Garden continues to be developed. Please see the website: www. for up-to-date information. Page 52

Curleys Products design and manufacture various benches, seats, planters and wrought iron work each individually designed and built for the customer. We aim to produce long lasting quality products at competitive prices to suit individual clients and their needs.

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Newbold bedrooms

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΄Your΄ local fitted bedroom specialist Trusted Trader reviews which speak for themselves:

This is the second time we have used Newbold excellent service from Philip. He listened to our ideas and provided his expert opinion to ensure the quality of the design met our requirements... Would recommend Newbold Bedroom without hesitation.

Reviewed on 27/02/2016

I was very impressed with the whole service from initial contact to finished product. There was no 'hard sell' and both Philip and Sean were polite and respectful and both turned up on the dates and times given.

Reviewed on 25/01/2016

A very friendly and professional service. Their quality of workmanship/products and respect for customers property is excellent.

Contact Philip for a no obligation quote

Tel: 01246 222 194

Reviewed on 10/08/2015

36 St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield S417TH Open Mon to Sat 12 - 3pm

Confidence in a crisis...

Established 1986

French Polisher 4U @Barrdale Furniture Restorations

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Book your free boiler service today call 01246 200990 *valid until end July 2016 subject to a free visual inspection and a 12 month contract. *2Terms and conditions apply.

Keeping Derbyshire Warm with over 26 years experience 290a Chatsworth Road • Chesterfield S40 2BY



Article Regular Events

Monday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or www. Tots Café at St Thomas' Centre 9:45 to 11:30am (term time). An informal get together for parents/carers. 01246 279916. Young at Heart (social afternoon) - all welcome. 1:30 to 3:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267. 1st Brampton Moor Brownies: Meet at Storrs Road Centre, starting 6pm (Term time). T: Brownie guider on 01246 272678. Maison Mes Amis: Book Club. The first Monday at Maison Mes Amis for their book club. Review the title of the month and then discuss in a comfortable atmosphere with like minded people. 7pm onwards. Call 01246 768789 for details and titles. Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Chester Street Club, Phoenix Suite, Chesterfield. 7 to 8:30pm. Admission £3. Just come along or call 0750 669 5208. Aurora Ladies' Choir: 7:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. RSPB Chesterfield Local Group: 1st Mon 7:15 to 9:15pm at Eastwood Hall, Rose Hill. Illustrated talks, refreshments, bird food sales. All welcome. (Not August) Contact: Steve Williams 07971 000331 or visit www. Lah di Dah – Ladies vocal harmony group meet every Monday (except Bank Holidays) 7.30 to 9.30 pm Walton Village Hall. Contact Lesley 01246 260903. Guide Dogs Chesterfield: 3rd Mon 7:30pm at The Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road. We welcome new volunteers. T: Gabbie Pattison on 07525 248740 (email: or via Facebook - Guide Dogs Chesterfield). Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: noncontesting band - plays a variety of concerts. All abilities. Mon & Fri 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. Enquiries@ or 01246 566691/568745.

Tuesday Village Hall Pilates 9:15 to 10:15am. St Marks, Brampton. 0777 351 6334 / Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club day rides: Tue & Thu meet 9.25am Queen's Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Rd. 30 - 60 miles. New riders always welcome. For details call Steve 07734 506492. www. Zumba Gold - Fitness For 50+ Tues & Thurs at 10am & 11am. Chester St Club. Easy, fun, friendly classes only £3.50 TONING after the 11am Thurs class: Zumba with weights for just 50p extra. Call Jen on 07757 726239 Posh Pensioner Tuesdays @ Maison Mesamis. Pensioners enjoy lunch with us. £10 for two courses from a special menu and a glass of wine, or half a beer. T: 01246 768789 to book.

North East Derbyshire Downs Syndrome Group: 4th Tue. Arkwright Children's Centre, School Lane, Arkwright. 10am to noon. Not August. Families, carers & children meet together for activities, and outings/trips. Rosie T: 07500 814361 or 01629 537692. Badminton at Loundsley Green 1:30 to 3pm. For enquiries, contact Mrs Westwood on 01246 236831. Knit and Natter: 10am to 12:30pm at St Thomas' Centre. An informal gathering for people who enjoy doing craft together. All ages, all abilities. T: 1246 279916 for info. Thom's Blokes: 3rd Tue. 10am to noon. A meeting for men which includes talks, activities and regular outings to places of interest. All men welcome. St Thomas’ Church Centre. For info call David on 01246 231115 or 01246 853741. Tuesday Worship: St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Please join us for Tuesday Worship from 11:30am to 12:15pm, followed by lunch in the Church Centre (£3.00 per person). Email: Tiger Tots: A stay and play baby/toddler group. 1:30 to 3pm (term time) Holymoorside Village Hall. Anyone welcome, £2 per family, call in and ask for Becky or call 07701 066801. (Term time only). Chesterfield Railway Modellers: Tues afternoon 2pm (and Thu evening 6pm) at The Clocktower Offices (the old Staveley Works Head Office). Contact Darrell Clark for details on 01246 234788. Spire Laughter Club: Above Dent's Chemists at the Nenna Kind Cancer Drop In Centre at 2pm. Yoga therapy with laughter - come and laugh with us whilst improving your health and happiness. Call Karen on 01246 862790. Holymoorside Women's Institute: 2nd Tue - 2 to 4pm at the United Reformed Church Schoolroom, Cottonmill Hill, Holymoorside. New Members warmly received. T: Margaret Copley on 01246 568360. TimeOut a friendly community group meets 2 to 4pm at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Come along for a chat, cuppa, games, bring a craft, help complete a jigsaw, surf the internet etc. T: 01246 274021.  Old Brampton and District WI: 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 3NF. New members and visitors warmly welcomed. For more info ring Pat on 01246 239431 or Jenny on 01246 557024. HNChelp, cancer support group. 2nd Tue. Meet at the Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd (excl August) from 2 to 4pm. We welcome any patient, carer or any one affected by head and neck cancer. or call or text 07950 599869. Danceworks dance studio for 4-15 year olds at Loundsley Green Community Centre. Ages 3-5yrs at 4-5pm, and 6+ at 5-6pm. T: Elly on 07581 140822 or ellystarbrook@ or on Facebook at Danceworks Loundsley Green. Brownies: 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7pm, 7:10 pm to 8:10pm and 8:20 to 9:20 pm all at St Johns Church, Walton.

Yoga All Abilities Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 7pm- 8:30pm For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email: Chesterfield Town WI: 1st Tue - 7pm in Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill, S40 1LW. Fancy a giggle? Why not come and join us? New members welcome. For more info or Dog obedience training: 7:15 to 8:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: 2nd Tue 7.30pm Annunciation Church Parish Centre, off Queen St, Chesterfield, S40 4SF. Talks monthly Sept to April. Access from Queen St. £2.50 incl. refreshments; Under 16s free. All welcome. T: Angie on 01246 236930 Chesterfield & District Vegetable and Fruit Growers: 3rd Tue 7:30pm at the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Come and share your gardening experiences, beginners welcome. John: 01246 569515, Malcolm: 01246 569948 (Not Aug). TAI CHI: Authentic Wu Style Tai Chi from Shanghai, taught by an authorised instructor. 7:30pm - 8:30pm Parish Centre, Stonegravels. Contact: sharon.wall@live. Tel:273795 Chesterfield Garland/Clog Dancers: 7:30 to 9:30pm at Methodist Church Hall, Jaw Bones Hill. New female dancers and wo/men musicians welcome. T: Barbara Wilson on 01246 207800 for further details or visit www. Chesterfield Cycle Campaign: Meetings 2nd Tue 7:30pm Market Hall, Meeting Room 1. Contact Alastair on 01246 520820. Chesterfield Film Makers: If you’re interested in making videos. Walton Village Centre, 7:30 for 7:45 pm. For more details phone 01246 277349 or visit www. Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra 7:309:30pm. Players of orchestral instruments invited. Vacancies for brass, percussion & strings. Ashgate Croft School (term time). T: Dave on 07985 603423/E:chesterfieldsymph Chesterfield Theatres: Tuesday Night Dances. At the Winding Wheel. 7:30 to 10.30pm. £4.85. General Knowledge Quiz. Rose & Crown, Old Road: Tuesday night - gallon of ale for the winner. Music quiz - last Sunday of each month, gallon of ale for the winner & rolling cash prize for 100% score. Tuesday Quiz Night at The Manor from 8:30pm. General knowledge with cash prizes to be won plus Play Your Cards Right. Call: 01246 277760.

Wednesday Village Hall Pilates: 9:15 to 10.15am, 7:15 to 8:15pm. New class “Stretch and Core for Men” 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm all at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tuesday listing for contact details.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

Driveways, Paths, Patio, Tarmac & Conservatory Cleaning








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Visit our Website:

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Article Regular Events

Wednesday Terminus Bowling Club, Chatsworth Road. Open every Wednesday between 10am and 11am.  Come and try your skills at crown green bowling. Informal coaching equipment provided - free - all welcome. T: Andy Hoe: 07968 161 275 Qi Gong: 10 to 11:15am. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267. Woolly Wednesdays: 10am to 12:30pm & 6:30 to 9pm - regular social crafting. For crafts that aren't messy or noisy - that gets in the way of talking & eating cakes. Contact or 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Nightingale Probus: 1st Wed 10am to 12 Noon at The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road, Newbold.  Activities include theatre trips, outings, lunches, walking & scrabble groups & more!  For info T: Debbie 01246 767298 or Marilyn 01246 222446. British History Class: 10:30am at Chesterfield Library. Contact Margaret Bargh for details on 01246 276800. Bereavement Support Group Drop-in Coffee Morning. 2nd Wednesday. 10:30 to 11:30am at Annunciation Church Parish Centre. Access through the car park entrance in Queen St. Chameleon UFO: (Unfinished objects) group.1pm to 4pm, £3 per session, bring your knitting, stitching, crochet or any unfinished projects. Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410. Holymoorside Craft Group: 2 to 4pm in the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Informal, welcoming group. Any crafting such as papercraft, embroidery, knitting, sewing, drawing etc. Call: Cynthia 01246 569103. No meeting in June, July or August. Walton Women's Institute: 4th Wed 2 to 4pm at St. John's Church Centre, Walton Back Lane. Book Group, Flower Arranging, Choir and much more!  New members and visitors welcome. Contact Lynn: 01246 209472 or Diana: 01246 566780. Knit & Natter: 2 to 4pm at Costa coffee opposite Wilkos and Tuesday 2 to 4pm Wetherspoons Bolsover, Pillar of Rock. No charge. All ages, all abilities, knitting and crochet, unfinished projects. Seated Exercise Class: Wish you were steadier on your feet or could walk a bit further? Improve your strength, balance and co-ordination with this NHS approved Otago class. 2.30pm Holymoorside Village Hall. £3.30 T: Jen 07757 726239.

Holymoorside Tennis Club New members Welcome. Club Night 6pm and Social Tennis Sun/Tues 10am. T: 01246 566718. Cub Scouts: 6 to 7:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Chesterfield Fairtrade Group: 3rd Wed 6.30pm in Chesterfield Town Hall. New members always welcome to help with events or attend meetings connected to promoting Fairtrade. Contact Jenie Lismore on 01246 455178. Green Drinks: 1st Wed. An opportunity for like-minded people to get together for a fun, relaxed, interesting evening once a month. Starts at 7pm location varies so please check Chesterfield. Chesterfield and District Soroptimists: 2nd & 4th Wed at Ringwood Hall Hotel 7.30pm. For info & joining details chesterfield-and-district or T: Jean Spencer on 01246 209233. Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Hasland WM Club, Hampton Street, Chesterfield. 7:30 to 8:30pm. Admission £3. Just come along or call 0750 669 5208. Cotton Mill Club: Activity club for young adults with learning difficulties. 7 to 9pm on the last Wednesday of each month at Holymoorside United Reform Church School Room. Call: B Turner on 01246 566109. Jesterfield Juggling Club: 7 to 9pm at Walton Village Centre. All abilities - learn and share skills in all types of circus skills. £2/ week adults & £1/under 16s - welcome if accompanied by an adult. Call 07766 468 499/ E: Zumba, NEW CLASS 6pm - 7pm at St John's Church Walton S42 7LT. £5 pay as you go. For info call Lucy Burrell T: 0781 449 5088. Brampton Ladies Club: 7:15pm for 7:45pm start at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Meetings held every Wednesday during school term time with a speaker or social activity. Details 01246 272333. Free Voices Community Choir: The Friends Meeting House, Brockwell Lane - 7:15 to 9pm. We are a non-performing choir who sing for enjoyment. No need to be able to read music. Call Helen on 01246 237937 or Pelican Cycles Summer Road Ride 6:30pm star at Pelican Cycles. For more detail on pace etc please contact sales@ or call 01246767078.

Wednesday Family Evenings @ Maison Mesamis. Kids Eat For Free! Adults choose from the Mid Week A La Carte Treat Menu and kids from the Mini Maison Menu (T’s & C’s apply). Tables from 5 to 7:30pm. T: 01246 768789 to book.

Brampton Best Knitters: Come and meet for knitting, crochet, other handicrafts, combined with a warm welcome and good company. £1 subs (optional). 7.30pm, Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road, Brampton. Call Suzanne on 07900 814715 for info.

Tramway Tavern Classic Album Night. We play NME's top 100 albums of all time, all night long. There is also a mini music picture quiz, highest score wins 2 pints. Every Wednesday from 4pm.

Bible Class: 7:30 to 8:30pm at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. Topics presented for study and discussion. Visit our web site www.

Beaver Scouts: 4:15 to 6pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details.

Scouts: 7:30 to 9:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details

HoneyBelles Ladies Choir. Rehearse at 7.45pm at Holymoorside Village Hall. New members always welcome, no auditions. We sing because we enjoy it. Info; FB thehoneybelles. Monkey Park Events: Digital Photography Club. 9.30am on the 2nd Wednesday. Monkey Park Events: Walking for health group, 1:30pm Usually Last Weds of the month. Manor Band Mania @The Manor: Last Wed. Call The Manor on 01246 277760 or visit


Chesterfield Flea Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or Chesterfield Farmer's Market: Every second Thursday. For information please call Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre on 01246 345774 or visit www.visitchesterfield. info Village Hall Pilates: 9.15 am to 10.15 am (Term time) at Holmebrook Valley Family Centre, Holmehall. See Tuesday listing. Fit and Fab Keep Fit Class Holymoorside: A gentle exercise class to music. 9:30am to 10:30am in United Reform Church Holymoorside. All welcome. Contact Tessa on 0786 658 5575. Yoga. Mixed ability classes. Morning session 9:30-11am - £6. Evening session 7:30-9pm £33 for 6 week block. Loundsley Green Community Centre. Call Rachel Armstrong on 07792 978880 for details or rachel@ TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health and relaxation. 10am at Wingerworth Church Centre, Long Edge Lane. Contact: sharon. T: 01246 273795 Central Methodist Toddler Group: Saltergate. 10 to 11:30am (term time). In the town centre this group is ideal for a break from shopping for you & your baby/toddler. £1.50 for adult & child; 50p per extra child. Drinks & biscuits. Chameleon ​Social Crochet: 10 to 1pm, £3 per session. ​Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410. Walking Back To Healthiness: Walking group meets at 10:30am at Holmebrook Valley Park, starting points may vary. To book call Tina Hensey: 01246 345669. Rendezvous Group: 1st Thu. St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. All seniors invited for activities followed by a light lunch. 10:30am to 1:30pm. £4 to cover costs. Details phone 01246 272333. Alzheimers Society: 2nd Thu. Singing for the Brain. 2-4pm at St John's Church, Walton, Chesterfield. T: 01246 223366. Monkey Park Events: Crochet Club, 2pm CAMEO (Come and meet each other) at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. 2 to 4pm on 3rd Thu. Come along and meet new friends over tea and home made cake. All are welcome. £1 Contact Hazel on 01246 236042 for more information. Muy Thai: Martial arts training. 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For info 07910 858267. Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7 pm (Term time) at The School Room, Old Brampton. See Tuesday listing for contact details.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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Palace Roofline Ltd

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414 Chatsworth Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 3BQ

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Article Regular Events

Thursday Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield: (ICCC) meet 6pm (Outdoor Spring, Summer & early Autumn) or 8pm (pool sessions late Autumn & Winter). For info email canoejmc@gmail. com, or call 01246 274021. St John's Ambulance Chesterfield Quad Division: Meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church during term time. Badgers and Cadets (5 to 18 year olds) from 6pm. Adults 18+ at 7:30pm. T: 01246 279132 or email Chesterfield Evening Townswomen’s Guild: 2nd Thu. Excl August - 7pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield. For further info contact the Secretary on 01246 455110. The Rose Choir. ​Rehearsals 7​:​30​to 9​:​30pm. No auditions. Just turn up. Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill (Term time only).​ Embroiderers' Guild Chesterfield Branch: 1st Thu. 7-9pm at The Saints Parish Centre, St. Mary's Gate, Chesterfield, S41 7TJ.  Visitors welcome, for details call 01246 275177. Chesterfield Caledonian Badminton Club: at St Andrews United Reformed Church Hall, Newbold Road. 7 to 9pm. New adult members welcome, male and female. Contact Tony Gandy on 01246 569225. Brampton Community Band: Musicians welcome - join and play folk dance music. 7.15 to 9.15 pm at Old Hall Junior School, Old Rd. For more details, visit, email: or T: 01246 236805. Chesterfield Photographic Society: Contact the Club Secretary Brian Davis 01246 275433. Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir: Practise at Ashgate Croft School, Ashgate Road from 7:15 to 9:30pm. We put on four concerts & a choral day each year. Come & join us. Call Lynda at 01246 202694. Jam Session: Do you play an instrument? Come and play jazz with the Chesterfield Jazz Club house band? Club Chesterfield, Chester St.£4 on the door.1st Thu. 7:30pm. T: Wendy on 07764 587258. Walton Art Group: Term Time. 7.30 to 9.30 pm, meet at Walton Village Hall, Walton Back Lane. New members welcome. Phone Brenda on 01246 237481 or Rosie on 01246 568321. Holymoorside Choral Society: practise in Holymoorside from 7:30 to 9:30pm.  We sing a variety of music - new members always welcome. T: Nerys Mansell on 01246 569693 for info. The North East Derbyshire Field Club: 2nd Thursday. Winter meetings – St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton at 7.30pm. Summer meetings – outings and walks. For details contact 01246 237622. Holymoorside Ladies Club: 7:45pm in Holymoorside Village Hall. Variety of speakers and activities. All welcome. Membership not necessary, just £2.50. Term time only. Call Anne 01246 566789. Village Hall Pilates: 7:45 to 8:45pm (Term time) at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tuesday listing for contact details.

Chesterfield Jazz Club: Regular Jazz Night, Chesterfield Jazz Club, Chester Street, S40 1DL. For details and tickets for gigs call 07764 587 258 / 07980 491 048 or online at

The Manor: Friday Live Music from 9pm see website for detail. Call: 01246 277760.

Tramway Tavern - Beer Of Frankenstein. We take a perfectly good beer and make it awesome. We blend, dry hop, grogg and spice, just because we can. Then it's down to a vote, is it "alive" or an "abomination!" Last Thu from 6pm!

Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or

Monkey Park Events: Transition Chesterfield Meeting. 2nd Thursday of the month.


Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or www. Parent & Toddler: All welcome! 9 to 11am. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For details 07910 858267. TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health & relaxation 10am Wingerworth Church 01246 273795 Alzheimer’s Society: Carers Support Group. 2nd Fri. 10am to midday. The Pavillion, Queen’s Park. T: 01246 223366. Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Café. 4th Fri. 10am to midday. The Saints Parish Centre, St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield S41 7TJ. No December Café. For info call 01246 223366. Yoga for People Living with Cancer: Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 11:00am to 12:30pm. For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email: Finish Off Friday: A social crafting event for people to drop-in and craft to their heart’s content 12pm-3pm every Friday - £1 per hour inc. refreshments. Contact info@ or 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Découpage: 1-3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre 07910 858267 for details. Knitting Group: Meetings in Cutthorpe Village Hall between 1 and 3pm. £1 per session, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch etc, come and have a cup of tea and a natter! Call Barbara Stringer on 01246 620314 or 07980 510591. 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’) Scout Group: Join the adventure for 6 to 14 year olds in the Beaver, Cub or Scout Sections. Meet Friday evenings during term time. Contact Ben Widdowson 01246 567409. Youth Club: 6 to 8pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre 07910 858267 for details. Chameleon ​Shady Ladies​​Knit and ​N​atter: 6pm 'till close, £4 per session. ​Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410 Table Tennis Club - The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road, Brampton 7.30 to 9pm . £1 incl refreshment. The Chesterfield Art Club: 2nd & 4th Fri. Whitecotes School from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Worknights, Demonstration & Critiques. Visitors welcome at £3/session. For info T: Julie 01246 237291. (Not Aug or Dec). Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: Noncontesting band. All abilities - rehearsals Mon & Fri 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. Enquiries@holymoorsideband. or 01246 566691/568745 Badminton: 8:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details.

Saturday Newbold Community Football Training: Badger Playing Fields, Newbold Back Lane, S40 4HG. 9:30/11:30am. For boys & girls of all abilities. 5 to 15 yrs. FA qualified coaches, 1st aiders, drinks/ snacks. £2 T: Tim on 01246 721940 or

Muy Thai. Martial Arts training for adults 10 to 11am followed by kids 11am to midday. Bolsover T: 07910 858267. Back to Netball: Have fun and get fit with over 14s. 10 to 11am at Loundsley Green Community Centre. All ages can play if supervised. Only £2.50 per session with the first one free. Call Teresa on 0785 422 4932. Monkey Park Events: Green Teas, 2pm on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Transition Chesterfield Repair Cafe. Upstairs at Monkey Park Social Enterprise, Chester Street, S40 1DN. 2nd Saturday (Apr/Jun/ Aug/Oct/Dec) - 10am to 3pm. We'll do our best to repair and fix any item.. for free!

Sunday British Cycling Breeze Rides For women only. 3rd Sunday. Sign on at www.goskyride. com/Breeze/Index. T: 0772 588 5151. Church Services: 9am Holy Communion & 10:45am for All Ages. Refreshments after both. St John's, Walton Back Lane. Sunday School: 9:30 to 10:30am at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road Chesterfield. Children aged 5 years and up. Bible stories, crafts, music. Visit our web site Monkey Park Events: Breeze Ride. Short Cycle Rides for Women, Usually 1st Saturday, 10am depart. Holymoorside Bowling Club: Open Days. 11am to 1pm every 3rd Sunday during the season. Come and try crown green bowling. Free coaching given, equipment & light refreshments. All welcome. Please wear flatsoled shoes. T: Ernie Barnes 01246 568324. The Manor: Sunday Carvery 12-6pm & Live Music from 5pm. Call: 01246 277760. Sunday Lunch Club Midday to 3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road. Enjoy lunch with pudding and tea/coffee. A community project nominal charge. Check for dates - booking essential.. T: Barbara May 01246 563126. The Way at Walton Evangelical Church: 1st Sun. 3 to 4:30pm. A group for adults with learning disabilities. Join us for tea & biscuits followed by a talk & activities such as craft, drama and singing. Carers welcome. Call: 01246 231002. Southside Jazz Band: 1st Sun. The Rose & Crown between 4pm and 6pm. Gospel Hour: 6pm Christadelphian Church, Sheffield Road. Refreshments after.www. Rainbow Whist: Holymoorside Community Centre. From 7 to 9pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month. Anyone with the ability to play whist is welcome. For details contact Don on 01246 568204.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

M.J. Redford Building & Construction

Your Local Family Business Extensions & Alterations Roofing Building Maintenance No Job Too Small “The Price We Quality Workmanship Quote Is The Reliable & Trustworthy Price You Pay” No Hidden Free Quotations Extras Over 30 Years Experience


T: 01246 568700 M: 07774 150 177

Yew Tree Drive Chesterfield S40 3NB

Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital Holme Hall Medical Centre NHS Direct The Surgery @ Wheatbridge Call 111 – when it is less urgent than 999

01246 568 065 01246 277 271 01246 211 435 08 45 46 47 01246 277 287 111

Utility Services

BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

0800 800 151 0800 6783 105 0800 111 999 0800 783 4444


Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport) Noble 7 ‘til 7 Emergency Car Recovery

0845 748 4950 0871 200 2233 01246 272 749


Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

101 01246 209 164 01246 231 010 0800 1111


Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S40 Local

01246 345 345 01629 533 400 01246 345 777 0800 555 111 0345 123 33 33 01629 533190 01246 568 519


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Domestic Electrician From Rewires to Extra Sockets and Lighting Inspection & Testing Part P Approved Free No Obligation Quote

Mob: 07960 088 606 Tel: 01246 454 612


01246 203748 / 07757 737 283

High quality, reliable and efficient services Boiler Installations (Monthly payment scheme available)

Complete Bathrooms Boiler & Gas Fire Servicing Floor & Wall Tiling Landlord Gas Safe Certificates




Driveways Tree Felling Block Paving Hedges Ponds & Patios Dry Stone Walling Building Work Any Gardening Work Undertaken • No Job Too Small

Call Steve or Gareth on 0789 187 3820 Or 01246 230493 (evenings) Page 62

A&H Paving Ltd

Call Tony on: t: 01246 207 046 m: 07890 657903

Block Paving Fencing Drainage Concrete Drop Kerbs Patios Tarmac DCC Registered All construction

Vernon Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 1EL Please mention S40 Local · Page 63

Classifieds Water Collection Tank: £55 ono 6' Height x 3'7" Diameter (Holds 400 Gallons) T: 01246 566421 (Walton) Pool/snooker table: £25 6‘ x 3’ full set of ball’s and cues good condition. T: 01246 270316 (Walton) Electric Fire: £50 Burley 'Preston' Coal Effect Electric Fire. Brass Trim. Size 610mmH, 520mmW, 230mmD. T: 01246 205301 (Ashgate) 104 White wedding chair covers: £85 ono. Elegant, stylish, professionally made in substantial, sateen finish material. Drape beautifully! 4 pleats in 'skirt' of cover. Clean, easy iron. T: 01246 568067 Hoover dishwasher: £60 Full sized white dishwasher HED 6612-80. Excl cond. New kitchen forces sale. T: 07743 774102 Children’s See Saw: £5 Rocker style see saw. Plus Slide suitable for 2 years upwards £5; Sand & water table with cover £10. T: 01246 568405 (Somersall)

Gas Fire: £30 ono Used home flame gas fire made by Valor. Black/brass. Full working order. T: 0779 222 0064 (Derby Road)

Nursing Chair: £50 Dutalier Rocking/Glider Nursing Chair. Oak wood, Beige upholstery. Good condition. T: 07790 492439

Baby Item Bundle: £150 Mothercare Cotbed; Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser & Feeding Set; Mama's & Papa's Matching Nursery Bedding Set & Curtains, PlayMat & bath; Gro Egg Room Thermometer; Rear View Car Mirror (Boxed) plus other items. T: 0772 083 9410 (Walton)

Free: Bird Cage Large bird cage measuring 60cms wide 39 cms deep and 65 cms high Collection only. T: 01246 224535 (Walton)

Bedside tables: £15 Pair of 3 drawer bedside tables, good condition. D36 x W37.5 x H59. T: 0798 162 0839 (Ashgate Road) Bedside tables: £20 Pair of 3 drawer bedside tables, good cond. D41 x W44 x H64. T: 0798 162 0839 (Ashgate Road) Wooden Doll’s House: £25 Like new and very attractive. Full of wooden furniture, craft shop bought. T: 01246 551170 (Brampton) Bucket of Duplo: £12 Like new. Big Lego. T: 01246 551170 (Brampton)

Under Counter Fridge: £50 Nearly new guaranteed until Feb 2018. T: 01246 568881 (Walton)

Childs Giant Mountain Bike: £30 Unisex 4-9 years (once off stabilizers); full suspension, 5 gears and alloy frame. T: 01246 569310 (Walton)

Dining Chairs: £60 ono Six honey pine dining chairs with terracotta seat covering two with arms. T: 0779 222 0064 (Derby Road)

Childs Wetsuit: £5 Full length summer wetsuit unisex (black, grey and red) for child 5-7 years (roughly). T: 01246 569310 (Walton)

Pine Tables & Chairs: £180ono Solid Pine Table and 4 chairs VGC. 5’6” x 2’8” x H 2’ 7”. £180 ono T: 078123 96327 or 01246 551162 (Buyer collects Ashgate)

Fuel Effect Gas Fire: £40 Input 6.9Kw. Complete with brass grate and surround. T: 01246 569506 M:07745 336773

Assorted Jigsaws: £3 each 1000 pieces each. Various humorous subjects. All complete made once. T: 01246 202428 (Brampton)

Most classifieds are


Conservatory Furniture: £200 3 piece comprising 3 seater sofa, 2 chairs one of which is high backed complete with blue/green cushions. Matching round top bamboo table (1.5m dia) approx. T: 01246 569506 M:07745 336773

Free: Galvanised Dustbin Incinerator. Collection only. T: 01246 224535 (Walton) Electric Rotary Lawnmower: £25 MacAllister 15inch,1600w with mulching attachment. Used as secondary mower. T: 01246 566422 (Walton) Victorian Sideboard: £60 Solid and carved mahogany two drawer and two cupboard sideboard (98x55x150cm). Buyer collects. T: 01246 566782 Fridge Freezer: £45 Frost free white. T: 01246 767469 White Chest of Drawers: £18 T: 01246 767469 Garden Wind Spinner: £5 Decorative, copper garden ornament. T: 01246 767469 Various: 24" Samsung flat screen LED TV £75; 5 drawer Ikea medium wood cabinet with shelf. 19" x 19" x 54" H. Excl cond. £40; Schreiber medium oak oval extending dining table & 4 chairs Excl cond. 60's style £50; Two spindle back kitchen dining chairs - dark wood £5 each; 1950's electric clothes boiler £20. T: 01246 232067 or M: 0774 320 3586 (Walton) WANTED: Reliable Home Help Home help required. Must be reliable and flexible. Hours to be arranged. Walton area. T: 01246 568581

Adverts for stuff under £200 are free, any item or ‘collection of items’ £200+ are £5, and larger adverts with a picture are price on application.

email: or call 07764 801080

Business Cards



• Slate Tiling Garden and Landscape • Flat Roofing Services • Guttering/Fascias • Repairs Complete maintenance of Rockeries and low maintenance private and commercial estates gravel gardens • Chimney Stack/Pointing • 25 Years Experience Winter Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts • Leadwork • Free Quotes Grass and hedge cutting


OAP discounts - CRB checked

01246 566419

Garden tidy ups

Turfing, seeding and planting

Drives and patios cleaned A Derbyshire Trusted Trader

Mobile: 07941 593483 Weed control and trees cut


7 Days A Week Service All Year Round


Design Services (Chesterfield)

MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 WEB

Alan Hill

Architectutal plans prepared Extensions & New Builds Barn Conversions & Alterations Planning & building regulations Walton based

Call Alan on: 01246 274008 or 07759 588578

Advertise with us. 07764 80 10 80

- Boiler Installations - Bathrooms - Annual Servicing - Landlord Certificates - All Aspects of Plumbing & Heating Undertaken - All Areas Covered


Jamie Allen 07583 163 504

/ /S40PlumbingandHeating

G H Painting & Decorating 10yrs experience Internal/external

Your Local Plumbing & Drainage Expert

OAP/Landlord Discounts Public Liability Insurance

0773 8633446

Contact Gary: 01246 827179 / 07400 576641

No Call Out Fee 24/7 All Work Guaranteed Formally the Drain Doctor Chesterfield

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Business Cards



Absolute Car Travel

Michael McVeigh

• Furniture Removed & Replaced • • OAP Discounts • Family Business - Est 1992 •

Executive Driver

From 1 to 8 Passengers Any destination. Full Day Booking. Executive Car. In Car Wi-Fi

Tel: 07759 070 990

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed GE T A We ONLY use Top Brand Cleaning Products FREE So that your Carpets will STAY CLEANER LONGER E T O U Q Y Cleanright Chesterfield TODA Your Local Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner For Free Advice, Call Michael Cox 01246 211 112 or 07754 603 460

Email: DGW Joinery Timed Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience Services JC Property Challenger of Property Co. Ltd Services Available All Types Joinery For a Free Quote Call Derek 07851460759 • Kitchen / Bathrooms • Electrical Work • Plumbing • Property Repairs • Landscaping / Fencing

With over 25 years experience you great service and competitive


• Co pro ho • An • Op • Lan • Ac

Jamie: 07940 533844 Pj: 07766 732853 Based in Chesterfield

DGW JOINERY Time Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience All Types of Joinery Services Available For a free quote call Derek 07851 460759


High-level High-level professionals

Philip Heath NCH Arb

49-53 Chatsworth Road • Brampton

Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Philip Heath NCH Arb. Our Values – Our customers, 01246 568333 |803131 07800 803131 Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE 01246 568333 | 07800 ADVICE 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 01246 568333 | 07800The 803131 ADVICE Email: AND Their Trees, environment, Email: Email: Email: ESTIMATES Safety, Positive outcomes AND ESTIMATES

Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email:


Established 1913 Father & daughter family-run business 24 hour service with Private Chapel of Rest Pre-Paid Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available Tel: 01246 566592 Mob: 07831 851 639 44 Loads Road, Holymoorside, Chesterfield S41 7EU


TEL: 01246 55 88

20 years experience professionals professionals  20 Fully insured experience ITyears ALL STACKS UP  20 years experience  20 IT ALL STACKS UP years experience  Fully All work British Standards 3998 Fully insured insured  All work  All Responsible wood re-cycling British Standards 3998 work British Standards 3998  • 20 years experience Fully insured  Responsible wood re-cycling  Responsible Log furniturewood re-cycling  All •Renewable Fully insured worklogsBritish Standards 3998  Log  Log energy at furniture furniture Renewable logs at work • 15% Renewable energy logs Standards at wood energy Allmoisture British 3998 Responsible re-cycling 15% moisture 15% moisture Penk & Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority type offurniture hedging tree work OurAll Values – Our customers, Log It all stacks up • Our Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The environment, Our Values – Our customers,  • Wood play areaslogs & garden mulch chips forTheir Renewable energy at Safety,Trees, Positive Their Theoutcomes environment,Trees, The environment, Safety, Positive outcomes • Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture 15% outcomes moisture Safety, Positive 



Bumper Scuff & Trim Air Conditioning service & re-gas... Bumpers repaired & sprayed Alloy wheel & wheel arch scuffs Dent reduction & minor damage Plastic, vinyl & leather repairs Dash, seat & trim repairs FULLY MOBILE SERVICE with NO VAT


Call Steve on 07810 332 272 Send photo by email for quote Please mention S40 Local · Page 67

Business Cards

Greenlawn Greenlawn Greenlawn Garden and Landscape Services Greenlawn


and Landscape Services Garden Services Garden and Landscape

Complete maintenance of Rockeries and low maintenance of and Complete maintenance Rockeries oflow maintenance maintenance Complete estates Rockeries and commercial private gravel gardens and low maintenance private and commercial estates gravel gardens estates gardenscontracts private and commercial gravel Winter Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly Winter Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts of low maintenance and Complete maintenance Rockeries Grass and hedge cutting OAP discounts - CRB checked cutting hedge and Grass Maintenance Winter checked CRB discounts OAP / fortnightly contracts Weekly private and commercial estates gravel gardens Garden tidy ups Drives and patios cleaned Garden tidy ups Drives and patios cleaned Grass and hedge CRB checked -Trader discounts OAP Winter Maintenance seeding and planting Turfing,cutting contracts Trusted A Derbyshire Weekly / fortnightly Turfing, seeding and planting A Derbyshire Trusted Trader cut ups control and treesOAP tidy Weed Garden trees cut control Weed patios cleaned andchecked Drives cutting hedge andand Grass - CRB discounts

and Landscape CompleteGarden maintenance of private & Services commercial estates Winter maintenance • Grass & hedge cutting Garden tidy ups • Turfing, seeding & planting Weed control & trees cut • Drives & patios cleaned Garden design & new build specialists Artifical grass specialists • Soft and hard landscapers 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round Decking, fencing & block pavingTrader planting Turfing, Trusted Derbyshire ups seeding and Garden tidy cleaned andApatios Drives AND GARDEN CARE LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE CARE AND LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE Tel: 01246 701 452 cut A Derbyshire treesGARDEN and control Weed planting and seeding Turfing, Trusted Trader 385349MOBILE 07545 622 349 203622 TEL 01246 Mobile: 07545 622 349 07545 MOBILE 203 385 TEL 01246 treesAcut Weed control and WEB 7 Days Week Service All Year Round WEB


MOBILE 07545 622 349

Domestic and Commercial Insurance Work Undertaken Fully Insured Reliable & Recommended Based in Holymoorside email:

01246 279642 or 0773 436 2551

Call us for a Fast Free Quote Trailer and Towbar Specialists since 1997. Local High Quality Service. Find us at: UnitSupply 60, M1 Commerce & fit Park Markham Lane, Chesterfield S44 5HS Removal waste Accessories Shop · Now doingof number plates.

Timber & 01246 768894 concrete posts

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round

MOBILE 07545 622 349 WEB385 TEL 01246 203 Paul Redfern WEB Painting & Decorating


Fencing Services Greenlawn Greenlawn Garden and Landscape Services Greenlawn Garden and Landscape Services

• For all your fencing needs • Timber • Concrete Plynth & Posts • Supply and Fit planting Maintenance Turfing, seeding and Winter contracts / fortnightly A Derbyshire cutting hedgeTrader and Trusted Grass - CRB checked discounts OAP • OldWeekly fencing removed Weed control and trees cut Grass and hedge checked - CRB tidy ups Gardencutting patios cleaned and Drives Tel: OAP discounts 01246 701 452 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round ups Garden tidy cleaned and patios Drives07545 planting seeding andMobile: Turfing, Trusted Trader A Derbyshire 622 349 AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPE AND GARDEN CARE

Complete maintenance of private and commercial estates

Rockeries and low maintenance

gravel gardens and Landscape Services Garden maintenance of Complete Rockeries and low maintenance contracts Weekly / fortnightly estates and commercial private gravel gardens of Complete maintenance Rockeries and low maintenance Grass and hedge cutting OAP discounts - CRB checked estates commercial private andWinter gravel gardens Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts Garden tidy ups Drives and patios cleaned

Winter Maintenance

planting Turfing, seeding and trees cutA Derbyshire Trusted Trader control Weed and MOBILE 07545 622 349 Weed control and trees cut

TEL 01246 203 385

WEB 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round


OFFERS Blueflame Free boiler service when taking out an annual service plan with their advert.

MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 WEB WEB


Discover Bathrooms Extra discounts for NHS and Emergency Services Staff.

Ovenfresh Your first oven clean from £35.

Brampton Therapy £5 off your first treatment.

Hello Blinds 3 Vertical Blinds, only £99 including Fitting.

Nail Candy Moroccon Tan, Biosculpture Gel Nails & Toes just £50 during July 2016.

Car Air Con Air-con service/regas just £40. Call Steve on 07810 332272.

iDeal Carpets Free underlay, gripper,door bar and delivery.

Polar Windows 20% off conservatories. See advert.

Chatsworth Chiroprators 10% off massage with David Mason.

Jones & Co Independent Financial Advice Free Consultation.

Toad Footwear Summer Sale - There's no better time than now to grab a bargain.

NOTE: This section only provides the highlights. Contact the business for full details. Where offers have terms and conditions these will be stated in the businesses’ adverts or can be discussed directly with the business making the offer. S40 Local accept no responsibility for any errors in the listings.

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CHESTERFIELD PLUMBING & HOME SERVICES “A Polite, Reliable Service” NO CALL OUT FEE NO VAT • Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small


Tel: 01246 205 000 Mob: 07971 447 040 7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN

SUDOKU 8 1 4




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4 5 7 9

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1 3

7 4 6 2




















































































5 3

9 6

6 7 8 4

Fill in the grid so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9, with no repetition.

4 8

Please mention S40 Local · Page 69

CROSSWORD For a chance to win ÂŁ20 in Cash, send in your completed Crossword to us by Monday 18 July. If we receive more than one correct crossword, the winner will be chosen at random. Congratulations to June's winner, Carol Allen from Holymoorside.




If you don't want to spoil your lovely copy of S40 Local, then you can print one off from www., and send it to us at S40 Local, Studio 1, West Studios, Sheffield Road, S41 7LL, or take a photo/scan it and email




8. Between points copy features not visible without mirrors (5) 11. Place where no cat is inside a big one (8) 13. Measurement the goalkeeper commands (4) 14. No bookings for this famous striker and now anchorman (4,7) 16. Catherine Jones takes Greek letter (4)









14 15 17

1. Caesar's comments that he came and had a look round and took over the place (4,4,4) 6. Even USA repairs such roads (7)



19 20






Address: Email:

Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.

17. Well brought up but lacking refinement (5,3)

4. Express an opening (4)

20. Arrangement of monks (5)

7. Delighted to be cast (9)

22. Late vehicles (7)

9. Valuers begin differently to supply (9)




10. Black, Red and Dead (3)






12. Willowy tree (5)






23. Renowned engineer who adopted lesley and ginger (5,7)


5. Loosen up by breaking it (3)

Last month’s answers below. I

2. You will jump with it when Eastern European is alongside (5)

16. Animal farm (3) 18. Bowler, Sailor and name of Charlie (5)

3. Just short of a Bureau for some French (3)

19. Canadian Indian People (4)


22. The whole animal (3)







15. Soar to cover tree and be showy (6)

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1. It is possible when sailor hides in disgusting surroundings (6)

21. Go on it to score one (3)



























































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• Top quality at affordable prices. • Expert advice and personal service guaranteed. • Family run business. • Complete design, supply, planning and installation service. • All the work is undertaken by our own, expert, time served craftsman.

456 Derby Road, Chesterfield S40 2EU. 139 Moorland View Road, Chesterfield S40 3DD.

01246 271727 01246 224114

75 - July 2016  

The latest edition of S40 Local.

75 - July 2016  

The latest edition of S40 Local.