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elebrate with us 750 years since the Battle of Chesterfield on Sunday 15 May 2016.


Intro Hello and welcome to the May edition of S40 Local. In this edition we’ve dedicated four pages to the 15 May celebration of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Chesterfield, which includes a crib sheet for you about the battle to get up to speed! Over the last year we’ve been supporting the organisers with articles about the history, updates on the event and sponsorship. The team are all volunteers and have put in an incredible amount of work and time to plan a day they hope you will enjoy, and to mark the occasion in a memorable way. So please go along and support the event. Another community event in the local calendar is the Chatsworth Road Festival, from Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October. The committee (again all volunteers) are already gearing up to celebrate all that's good about living and working on and around Chatsworth Road: if you would like to get involved please do get in touch.

(Sunday 2 October) so the town will be full of activity. A really positive and exciting prospect and a great opportunity for businesses to host events and promotions and for people in the area to get out, meet neighbours and friends, and enjoy a celebration. Finally, we do have a winner of last month’s crossword competition; unfortunately I can't print their name as there was no phone number on the entry, so I need to pop round to their house to let them know first! Thank you to everyone who did enter and apologies for the two errors, we've checked and rechecked this month and it's OK! If you fancy winning a crisp £20 note have a go at the crossword on page 74. We’ve got two bank holidays to enjoy this month and there’s plenty going on, so I hope to see you at some of the events.​ Paul. t: 07764 801080 e:

This year the event coincides with the third Chesterfield Marathon

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The Battle of Chesterfield Your Guide to 15 May Words: Trevor the Ink

When was the Battle of Chesterfield fought?

The Second Barons' War. Which lasted from 1264 to 1267.

One of the resentful barons was the Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort. Simon and his allies were eventually able to force the King, under oath, to sign away some of the King’s royal rights. But Henry got the Pope to let him off the oath, and both sides raised armies and a fight began: the Second Barons’ War.

Who was fighting in the war?

Why were they fighting at Chesterfield?

Basically it was King Henry III and his allies, fighting against a group of his great lords and their allies.

In 1265 the barons lost the major battle of the war, at Evesham, where they were thoroughly defeated by the King's son

On May 15th 1266. Seven hundred and fifty years ago this year. Which war was the battle part of?

Why were they fighting a war? The clue is in the name: Second Barons' War. The barons were trying to limit the King's authority. Rewinding back a generation, King John (brother and successor to King Richard the Lionheart) had been forced by the barons to give up many of his rights. The agreement between the King and the barons was called the Magna Carta, signed in 1215. (You may remember the 800 year anniversary last year.) It meant the King was now subject to the law, instead of being above it. But King John had agreed to the Magna Carta under duress, and as soon as the pressure was off he started to cheat on the deal. This led to a rebellion by the barons - the First Barons’ War (1215-17). This war ended when King John died and the crown passed to his 10 year old son, King Henry III. A shorter version of the Magna Carta was reissued and there was peace for a while. But young Henry grew up and started to assert himself. Like his dad, he ignored clauses in the Magna Carta he didn't like, and like with his dad, this made the barons resentful. The King was able to keep things under control for a good while, but the situation finally got out of hand.

The men of Brampton were responsible for a section of wall by the churchyard – and in the battle that's where they went and 'would not suffer any others to come thither'. Edward. (Edward, aka 'long shanks', was later to become King Edward I, Hammer of the Scots – the English King in the film 'Braveheart'.) Simon de Montfort was killed in the fight and his allies were scattered. One of the major rebels was Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. After Evesham he got his allies and supporters together at his stronghold at Duffield, one of England's largest castles. They formed an army there. Another rebel, John d'Eyvil, set off from York bringing more forces to join de Ferrers. The King learnt of this and he sent his nephew, Henry of Almain, with an army to sort the rebels out. Henry's army seems to have been moving to intercept d'Eyvil's forces on their way south, before they could join up with de Ferrers. But meanwhile de Ferrers' men had moved north to Chesterfield to meet d’Eyvil. The three forces met at Chesterfield.

Continued over page

Repair full hastily to Chesterfield upon the 15th day of May. To

our right trusty and well-beloved knights, burgesses,

merchants, bordars, bondsmen and sundry other men of our lands and manors at Chesterfield, Brampton, Whittington, and Scarsdale, we send greetings.

Know ye well that we desire, will, and heartily pray you to repair

full hastily in best array of arms to our ville of Chesterfield, upon

the 15th day of May. And there to fortify and furnish the said ville and its walls, as you have anciently sworn according to the

charters granted you under oaths made before men and God. And there also to garnish the ville of with good men of arms and all manner of habiliment that pertain to war. And there to guard the ville of Chesterfield with hearts steadfast and true against all disturbers and hinderers of the said rights and liberties.

Assemble therefore at the place known as swine’s green in the market place of Chesterfield on the day appointed.

We charge that you In no wise faileth of our full faith credence and trust in you.

Given under the seal of Baldwin Wake, Lord of the Manor of Chesterfield.

(As channelled by S40Local.)


Translation into modern English: to New Square in the Market (the Dent’s end – which used

to be called Swine’s Green in days of yore) on Sunday 15th May

there to begin a day of music and amusements. Starts at 1 1:00.

Get the kids to dress up as medieval people (think Robin Hood) and witness the trial by combat at 13:30, and other event and attractions.

Celebrate one of our town’s claims to history!

Article Who fought in the battle? On the King's side there was Henry of Almain, who as well as being nephew of King Henry, was nephew of Simon de Montfort. With Henry there was also John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey. Both Henry and de Warenne had wavered in the their support for the King: John de Warenne had actually switched sides twice. Chief of the barons' side was Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. He had been given a pardon and released by the King after the battle of Evesham, but he reneged and quickly became a rebel again. On the barons' side were Baldwin Wake, who was Lord of Bourne in south Lincolnshire. His family had inherited lands around Chesterfield and so he was also lord of Chesterfield.


Also on the barons’ side was John d'Eyvil, a knight with lands in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Other names of rebels are Henry of Hastings, Sir George Caldwell, Sir John Clinton, Sir Roger Mandevil and Sir Richard Caldwell.

rebel that seems to have been captured. One story is that he was caught hiding under bales of wool in the church. Later versions say he was unable to get away because of gout, and was betrayed by a local woman. Earlier versions just say he was taken 'ignobly'. He was put in irons and taken to imprisonment at Windsor. One of Chesterfield's historical puzzles is whether it had any real walls in medieval times. There's evidence that there were walls in previous times, and a town our size would probably have had some defences, but quite where they were and how good they were is not really known. However it's said that the men of Brampton were responsible for a section of wall by the churchyard – and that in the battle that's where they went and they 'would not suffer any others to come thither'. Hard to know what that means. Was this part of a town wall? Was it just a low churchyard wall they looked after? Brampton (now known as Old Brampton) buried its dead at Chesterfield St Mary’s, and therefore had an area of the churchyard to themselves. Either way the Brampton men seem to have stuck together during the fight.

Chesterfield Who won?

The King's side won. But a lot of rebels got away. What happened in the battle?

We're not really sure! We have some snapshots of the battle rather than a full report. The King's men seemed to have surprised the rebels, some of whom were out hunting. According to one story the hunting party was attacked and there was a fight; according to another version the hunting party simply heard that the King's army was attacking the town and disappeared into the woods.


The attack on the town itself seems to have involved the use of covered wagons. It's not clear if these were used to sneak men into the town, or were used as protection when assaulting the defences. The King's men took the town and slaughtered many rebels. Somehow John d'Eyvil and a group of rebels managed to fight their way out, with d’Eyvil charging and unhorsing Gilbert Haunsard using a lance. Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, was caught by the King's men - the only major

What happened next? John d'Eyvil escaped and continued fighting and raiding for years – as much a brigand as a rebel. Baldwin Wake did likewise, and his lands, including Chesterfield were confiscated. But after a while he surrendered to the King and asked for pardon and his lands were restored. Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, forfeited his lands to the King’s son Edmund and his great castle at Duffield was pulled down so completely that its site was forgotten till it was rediscovered in the nineteenth century. De Ferrers was left with only a couple of manors and his family’s wealth and power were gone forever. Where there other battles in Chesterfield? Old books mention a battle by Lorsdmill Bridge, supposedly between Saxons and Danes, which was the origin of the place name "Dane's Yard". But people now think that this was really the “Dean's Yard” (a lot of local land was owned by the Dean of Lincoln), which is a much more likely origin. So, no, not really.

Join us to Celebrate

The Battle of Chesterfield

15 May 2016

New Market Square 11.00 Proclamation & announcement of the Opening of the Event 11.05 Music from Baldwin’s Wake 11.15 Cock & Magpie Morris/Chesterfield Garland Dancers 11.30 Swords of Mercia re-enactment with activities for children 12.00 Music from Baldwin’s Wake 12.15 Cock & Magpie/Chesterfield Garland Dancers 13.00 Mayor’s arrival & tour of New Square 13.30 Robert de Ferrers brought to trial by cart followed by Swords of Mercia re-enactment of Trial by Combat 14.00 Winners announcement of Library “Then & Now Competition” 14.00 ST Mary’s ring a quarter peal ‘Chesterfield Bob Major’ 14.05 Cock & Magpie/Chesterfield Garland Dancers 14.30 Music from Baldwin’s wake 15.00 Final proclamation & end of event Throughout the day there’ll be stalls & other attractions including: Town Crier; Cunning Woman (charms and protection from curses); Pedlars; Medieval Craft displays – Spinning, Wood Turning, Falconry; Ferret Handling; Nenna Kind Archery; Swords of Mercia display; Museum artefact display; Library Stall: “Design a Shield” Competition & Puppet Re-enactment of the Battle; launch of Medieval Walk Leaflet; Assembly Rooms: Derby Wargamers miniature recreation of the battle; Children’s games (including apple bobbing & both 3 and 9 Men’s Morris); Display of competition entries.

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SPRING MAY BANK HOLIDAY Sunday Carvery 12-4 and BBQ 4-8pm Live Music from 3pm Monday 30th May Big Top @ The Manor Circus workshop, balloon modelling, face painting and Fire show and Live Music with Alex Wallhead


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AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY Sunday 28th Carvery 12-4 and BBQ 4-8pm Live Music from 3pm Monday 29th Big Top @ The Manor Circus workshop, balloon modelling, face painting and Fire show and Live Music with Alex Wallhead

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What’s On


Brampton Food Market ST THOMAS’ BRAMPTON

Saturday 7 May Saturday 4 June 10am to 1:30pm May 2016 Tue 29: West Studios: Social Media Forum, “Creating Engaging Content/ Posts”, Free. 10-11:30am Sun 1 to Mon 2: Exhibition by members of The Chesterfield Art Club. Sun 11 am to 4 pm and Mon 2: 10 am to 4.30 pm at Ashover Parish Hall, Milken Lane, Ashover S45 0BA. The second day coincides with the village May Day Carnival. Mon 2: Chesterfield v Derbyshire Academy at Queen's Park in Mayor's Cup 10am start - admission free. Mon 2: Chesterfield v MCC at Queen's Park in Inspirepac Cup - 2pm start - admission free. Wed 4: New Zumba class: 6 to 7pm at St John's Church Walton S42 7LT. £5 pay as you go - no need to book. For more info call Lucy Burrell 0781 449 5088. Wed 4: Chesterfield CC's Annual Sporting Dinner at the Proact Stadium with Angus "Gus" Fraser and Chris Britten - tickets £40 from Mike Taylor 07790 777483. Wed 4: Holymoorside Horticultural Society: Patrick Harding – Landscapes, Ancient Sites and Spring Flowers in Southern Turkey. URC Meeting Room at 8pm. Contact: 01246 568000 or 01246 569059. Thu 5: Chesterfield Embroiderer’s Guild: Rummaging through Granny's drawers, Historical and Antique textiles. The Saints Parish Rooms, St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield at 7pm. For info T: 01246 275177. Fri 6 to Fri 3 Jun: Above the Line Exhibition by local artist Trish O’Brian and Charlotte Higgins. The exhibition is open to the public and free to enter. West Studios, Sheffield Road. Sat 7: Brampton Food Market – St Thomas’ Centre. See advert above.

Sat 7 to Sun 15 May: Walking Festival. People are encouraged to put on their walking boots for the tenth Chesterfield Area Walking Festival. 57 walks ranging from one to 34 miles. Most of the walks are also free. Book online at chesterfieldwalkingfestival., Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre in Rykneld Square or call 01246 345777 or 345778. Sat 7: Chesterfield v Rolleston at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12.30pm start - free. Sun 8: Chesterfield v Grimsby or Wickersley (provisional) at Queen's Park in ECB National 1pm start admission free. Sun 8: Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel Service: 3pm at Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR. Info on services from minister David Shaw T: 01433 630541 or or www.ukunitarians. Mon 9: NEDIAS: “From Sheffield Victoria to Chesterfield Central on the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway” by Ken Granger. North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeological Society - 7:30pm St Thomas’ church meeting room Chatsworth Road. £2. All welcome. Tue 10: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. See advert on page 11. Wed 11: Brampton and Walton Townswomen - Charity Morning with sale of hand-crafted items in aid of Ashgate Hospice and Arpillera (a sewing project based in Peru). St Thomas' Centre 10am to midday. £2 including refreshments. Raffle with at least 15 prizes! Homemade Cake & Produce Table. Thu 12: Chesterfield 50+ Inspired - Talks on Medical detection dog training and The Battle of Chesterfield celebrations. 10.15am to 12.15pm at the Council Chambers Chesterfield.

First Sat of the month (excluding Jan & Aug) St Thomas’ Centre (Behind St Thomas’ Church) Chatsworth Road Brampton S40 3AW

Thu 12: North East Derbyshire Field Club. Visit Old House Museum, Bakewell. Cost £9. Meet at the Town Hall for a 6.30 pm start. Booking essential contact Muriel Haslam for details on 01246 855245. Thu 12: Chesterfield Photographic Society Bakewell, Town/Riverscape. Meet at Tourist Info DE45 1DS Sat 14 & Sun 15: St John's Walton Centenary Celebration Weekend. See advert on page 37. Sat 14: St. Mark's Church, Brampton: Coffee Morning in Support of Christian Aid at St. Mark’s Church, St. Mark’s Road, Brampton S40 1DH. Saturday 14 May, 10am to 12pm. Free admission. Stalls including jewellery, cake, plant, bric-a-brac, raffle & rereshments. All proceeds will go to Christian Aid. Sat 14: Saturday Concerts 2016: Song recital (Kate Huddie & Andrew Marples). 11.45am to 12.30pm. Admission Free – retiring collection. Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel, Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR. Sun 15: Chesterfield 750 (Battle of Chesterfield event) - see website Sun 15 to Sat 21: Christian Aid Week: To support fundraising for Christian Aid and their work with people in poverty around the world, red envelopes will be distributed locally for collection during the week. Collection points for donations will also be at St Thomas’ church and centre. Sun 15: Whitsuntide Celebration Service at The Gospel Mission, Old Rd. (nr. Serpent Motors). Join us as we celebrate the birthday of the Christian Church. Suitable for all ages. Please bring along balloons, streamers etc to decorate the church. Start time 10.45am.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.


St Thomas’ Centre

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Tuesday 10 May Tuesday 07 June 10am to 12noon


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What’s On

Tue 17: Chesterfield & District Local History Society: Peter Newsham ‘Derbyshire Churches, Architecture and Archaeology’ 7:30pm at the United Reform Church, Rose Hill. Entry at the rear of the church. Admission £2. Tue 17: ‘Whit Walk’ Briefing Meeting. The Briefing Meeting for all churches intending to be involved in Chesterfield’s Procession of Witness ( Whit Walks ) will be held at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. (nr Serpent Motors). Everyone welcome. 7.30pm Tue 17: Holymoorside and District History Society: “Thornbridge Hall” by Mike Gildersleve. Holymoorside Village Hall, 7:30pm - £2. All welcome - call 01246 568101 or visit Fri 20: Holymoorside History Society: Lorraine Mayfield speaking on understanding heraldry Holymoorside Village Hall, 7:30pm - £2. Fri 20: Parkinson UK: Care 100 Demonstrations on Disability Equipment. 2pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. S42 7LT Fri 20: Free Social Media Forum: 10 to 11:30am. Come and discuss What Makes a Good Post. West Studios, Sheffield Road. This is open to all small businesses, artists and makers who want to get a better understanding of social media. Email or call 01246 500799 to reserve your place. Sat 21: North East Derbyshire Field Club. Visit to Bolsover Castle. Extra charge to view dressage demonstration, which club will arrange so contact Mick Upton on 207683. Meet at Pennine Way car park for a 10.30am start.

Sat 21: Chesterfield v Cutthorpe at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12.30pm start - admission free. Sat 21: Brit Bonanza 2 Fundraiser for Get Lilia Movin’ The Britannia Inn, Brampton, 1:30pm. Live Music, auction, raffle prizes, bouncy castle, food, etc. Sat 21: Straight CurvesSpring Open Day 10.30am - 2.30pm. Take a peek at some of what we have planned for Half Term and in the countdown to summer! Saltergate. Sun 22: Christian Aid Week Service at 10.45am at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church on Old Road. The Worship will be led by Mr. Chris Townsend and will be focusing on the plight of the people in Bangladesh following the floods. All proceeds to Christian Aid. Mon 23: Brampton Living History: Ian Morgan ‘Inspector Hopkins Discovery.’ 7:30pm St Thomas’ church meeting room Chatsworth Road. £2. All welcome. Thu 26: Chesterfield Photographic Society Landscape – Monsal Head, Meet outside Hobbs Café DE45 1NL. 7:30pm Sat 28 & Sun 29: Chesterfield Canal Festival: Including the International Waterways Association National Trailboat Festival at Staveley Town Basin. Dozens of trailboats will be moored in the basin and back towards Constitution Hill Bridge. Boat rides, canoeing, children’s rides, entertainment to include Drive a Digger, Bubble of Fun, Boats of Fun, Carz of Fun, Belly Dancers, Fire Eaters, a Ukulele band, Black Pig Border Morris and five bands. Plus stall, food and drink including a Real Ale bar. £3. Under 12s free.

Sat 28, Sun 29 & Mon 30: Derbyshire Open Arts at Monkey Park - 8 local artists exhibiting their work at Monkey Park over the bank holiday weekend. http://www. monkey-park-artists Sat 28, Sun 29 & Mon 30: Holymoorside Village Hall and URC Hall: Derbyshire Open Arts. 11am-5pm daily. Admission Free. 15 excellent local artists exhibiting a variety of work - some for sale. Refreshments available, including coffee, lunches and afternoon tea. Sat 28 to Sat 5 June: Spring Into Summer: Exhibition by 6 Artists at the Art Room, Barlow S18 7TE. 10am to 5pm daily. Contact anne@ for more info. Sat 28 & Sun 29 May: National Trailboat Festival. Staveley Town Lock. See page 43. Sat 28 May: The Brampton Market. See page 48. Sun 29 & Mon 30 May: Princes Sports Club: Open Weekend. See advert on page 27. Sun 29: Spring Bank Holiday Family Service in preparation for this year’s ‘Whit Walks’ at The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. (nr Serpent Motors ). Theme; ‘Love your neighbour’. 10.45am. Sun 29: Free Illustration Workshops with artist Anna Hargraves: 11am to 1pm. What Inspires You? These workshops are suitable for 2D artists, painters, illustrators, textile artists who want to work on developing their individual style. All skill levels and styles welcome. West Studios, Sheffield Road. Email or call 01246 500799 to reserve your place.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.


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What’s On


Celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the

Battle of Chesterfield Sunday 15 May 2016

New Market Square, Chesterfield

See pages 4-7 for more details

Sun 29: The Manor – Spring May Bank Holiday. Sunday Carvery 12 to 4pm and BBQ 4 to 8pm. Live music from 3pm. The Manor, Old Road, Brampton. Mon 30: ‘Whit Walks’. The Brampton section of the Procession of Witness (Whit Walks) will gather at the junction of Old Rd. and Chatsworth Rd at 9.15am to walk to the Town Hall to join the main Procession. There will be decorated floats, walking tableaux and goody bags for the children. Please come along and see us off or walk into town with us. Mon 30: Free Illustration Workshops with artist Anna Hargraves: 11am to 1pm. Developing Style Through Observation. These workshops are suitable for 2D artists, painters, illustrators, textile artists who want to work on developing their individual style. All skill levels and styles welcome. West Studios, Sheffield Road. Email or call 01246 500799 to reserve your place. Mon 30: Big Top @ The Manor. Circus Workshop, Balloon Modelling, Face Painting, Fire Show and Live Music. The Manor, Old Road, Brampton.

June 2016 Thu 2 to Sun 4 June: Peak Performance – Hello Dolly. See advert on page 21. Thu 2: Chesterfield Embroiderer’s Guild: Evening Workshop based on Kickstart. The Saints Parish Rooms, St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield at 7pm. For info T: 01246 275177.

Sat 4: Brampton Food Market – St Thomas’ Centre. See page 10 advert. Sat 4: Chesterfield v Ticknall at Queen's Park in Derbyshire Premier League 12.30pm start - admission free. Mon 6 to Wed 8: Peak Youth – Alice The Musical. See advert on page 19. Tue 7: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. See advert on page 11. Wed 8 Jun: Rotary Club of Chesterfield - Eckington Charity Classic Car & Bike Show. Renishaw Hall, Eckington, near Chesterfield (S21 3WB)​. 3 ​to 8pm. Fund raising for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, and Chesterfield’s Ashgate Hospicecare. Admission is £5 a vehicle. For more info​​contact Stuart Bradley on 01246 222777. Thu 9: North East Derbyshire Field Club: Walk from Cromford Wharf, along canal path to High Peak Junction and back. Meet at the Town Hall for a 6.30 pm start. Contact Mick Upton 207863 for details. Sat 11: St Thomas’ Garden Party. See advert on page 16. Sat 11: Chesterfield Photographic Society Sport/ Landscape Hovercraft (British Championships), Rother Valley Country Park, S26 5PQ – 10:30am. Sat 11 & Sun 12: Peak Model Railway Exhibition 2016 at the Agricultural Business Centre, Agricultural Way, Bakewell. 10am to 5pm. Adults £5, concessions & children £4, family £12. Contact David Harding 01246 271099 or visit

Sun 12: Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel Service: 3pm at Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR. Info on services from minister David Shaw T: 01433 630541 or or www.ukunitarians. Sun 12: Derbyshire v Yorkshire at Queen's Park in Royal London One Day Cup 10.30am start - tickets from Chesterfield's Visitor Information Centre or Derbyshire CCC. Sun 12: Service of Thanksgiving at The Gospel Mission, Old Rd. (nr Serpent Motors) to mark H.M. The Queen’s 90th birthday. 10.45am Led by Mr John Gascoyne, President of Christian Education: Chesterfield. Refreshments after. Tue 14: Civic Society Meeting - Talk by Godfrey Holmes on "Parking in Chesterfield". 7:30pm. Eyre Chapel, Newbold. Contact (01246) 566509 (Yvonne). Fri 17: Parkinson UK: Dave Grant (singer). 2pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. Sat 18: Holymoorside History Society: Outing, TBA. Sat 18: North East Derbyshire Field Club: Visit National Stone Centre, Wirksworth with a guided tour costing £4.50. Meet at Pennine Way car park for a 10.30 am start. Bring packed lunch. Contact Mick Upton 207863 for details. Sat 18: Saturday Concerts 2016: Piano Duets (David Mayo-Braiden & Andrew Marples). 11.45am to 12.30pm. Admission Free – retiring collection. Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel, Elder Way, Chesterfield, S40 1UR.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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t Tue 2.30pm o 12 t Sun m o 3p 12 t

A Catch of Awards!

Last year The Tickled Trout was put forward for some great awards. Receiving two fantastic accolades in the Westside Restaurant of the Year. Winning reader’s choice 2015 was only possible through the support of our customers. Thank-you!

The team at The Tickled Troud want to keep supplying great freshly cooked local produce to our followers for years to come, so we ask for your amazing support once again this year. Enjoyed your time at The Tickled Trout? Please vote for us at

Get us in the good food guide too, go to

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming events: Fancy your chances as a wine connoisseur? Try your luck at our ‘call my bluff’ wine tasting. Coming Soon! & Restaurant of the Year


Tickled Trout | 33 Valley Road | Barlow | Chesterfield S18 7SL t: 0114 289 1111 e: Pub closed Mondays except Bank Hols Tue to Thu 12pm to 2.30pm and 5 to 9pm Fri 12 to 2.30pm and 5 to 9.30pm Sat 12 to 2.30pm and 5 to 9.30pm Sun 12 to 3pm

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Two great new musicals from Peak Performance come to the Pomegranate Theatre. Peak Youth celebrates the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with a new production, Alice the Musical. Rev. Dodgson (the real Lewis Carroll) befriends young Alice who begs him to tell her a story. Out of the blue, a white rabbit hops past and the stage is filled with a variety of animals. As the story continues, Alice comes across a very uncooperative caterpillar who provides her with a magic mushroom to make her taller or shorter. Alice now approaches the duchess’s kitchen complete with a mad, grinning Cheshire Cat. The march Hare, Hatter and Dormouse settle down to a tea party but refuse to let Alice take tea. The Queen arrives but all she is interested in is her daily game of croquet. We meet all the familiar characters plus many new ones. The story ends with everyone disappearing and Alice alone on stage with Rev. Dodgson. 22 musical numbers including a barn dance, a waltz, a rap number and a quadrille ensure everyone is involved. Music is under the direction of Jon Davies with the choreography by Kaye Gilbert and Mike Spriggs takes charge of the production of the show. All tickets £10.

Hayley Heath (The Dutchess)

Alice the Musical

Marissa Thorpe (Young Alice) Hannah Fagan (Alice)

Words: Mike Spriggs

Page 18

Sean Fagan (Rev. Dodgson)

Dolly Levi sets the scene on a whirlwind race around New York at the turn of the century. Hello Dolly is the story of Dolly’s efforts to marry Horace Vandergelder, the well known half-millionaire, so that she can send his money circulating like rainwater as her late husband Ephraim taught her. On the way she succeeds in matching widow Mrs Molloy with Vandergelder’s head clerk Cornelius Hackle, and his assistant Barnaby to Minnie, who works in Mrs Molloy’s hat shop. They all get caught up in the great 14th Street Association Parade and then to the most expensive restaurant in town, The Harmonia gardens. Dolly is greeted by waiters in one of the most famous songs in musical comedy, ‘Hello Dolly’. With toe-tapping numbers throughout the show including ‘Put on Your Sunday Clothes’ and ‘Before the Parade Passes By’, a full orchestra, lavish sets and stunning costumes this promises to be a show to remember. All tickets £12.50.

Cast members

Hello Dolly

lidays o H k n a B y a M n Ope

Page 20

10am – 3pm Monday 2nd May 10am – 3pm ay Monday 30th M

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Chatsworth Road – meet the sales team! Emma



Carol Page 22


Established 1977

Ian – Blundells born and bred! Ian has been with Blundells 24 years and having undergone every aspect of estate agency has gained extensive knowledge of the property market. A director of the company with very much a hands on approach to valuing, marketing and customer care and nothing excites him more than a new instruction or a sale!

Register Now!

Jane – Number 1! Jane with lots (decades) of property experience manages both our shiny Chesterfield offices.The new Chatsworth Road branch which opened in January is superb for local sellers and buyers with free parking at the rear.The existing branch in the town centre on Glumangate is also undergoing full refurbishment which makes Jane’s offices the smartest in town...she’d love you to call in for a chat and a cuppa!

2nd July 2016

Emma – Valuation Expert! Emma lives in Chesterfied and is an expert in the area regarding property values. Emma is passionate about property and endeavours to provide a brilliant service, gives advice on staging homes and ensures she gets the best prices achievable for her clients.

Gemma – Number 2! Gemma, our assistant manager is what you would call a ‘multi skilled’ estate agent – She’s fantastic at negotiating , valuing, showing property, hand holding clients and basically getting the job done. Gemma loves working closely with clients and offering them a first class service.

Carol – A Walton Girl! Carol who lives in Walton is our dedicated property progressor and has an extensive financial background which is great when dealing with properties that are sold and approaching exchange and completion. Carol is extremely thorough, methodical, great at problem solving and gets the transactions over the line!

Experience. Knowledge. Service. Sales & Lettings 01246 544440 • 417 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield S40 3AD Please mention S40 Local · Page 23

Business Intro

A Club fit for a Prince

We chat with Stephen Prince the new custodian of Princes Sports Club, previously Brampton Manor Sports Club. Words: Paul Chapman


hysical Exercise plays an important part in your health and well-being, stimulating your body’s natural maintenance and repair system.

Fitting exercise into your daily life can be a challenge but with Princes Sports Club in the heart of the area, the facilities and the opportunity to exercise are within easy reach. Stephen Prince explains the other benefits of Princes “we’re different to mainstream gyms, more user friendly, relaxed and perhaps a little less competitive than others. Our female and older members love the place and appreciate the atmosphere, they feel comfortable and welcome. Being open 100 hours a week means different groups of people occupy the spaces throughout the day and at times to suit their schedules.” Stephen is the sole owner and formerly a member of Brampton Manor. He joined six years ago, and when Craig Lynch was looking at options for splitting the leisure business from the pub/ restaurant and beauty business, Stephen took over the leisure reins. “The name change was crucial and a club fit for a Prince – Princes – seemed ideal" he adds. Stephen inherited the staff, many of whom still run Princes Sports Club but he is also on hand every day to make sure things are ticking over nicely. Two key members of the team are Fai Purdy taking care of membership and Angie Preece, gym and studio manager. “The club’s a long term project for me and I set about making investments in the club and the building so it can run in future years. “I wasn’t looking to make huge changes, it was about freshening the place up and making sure everything worked as it should. We’ve drained and retiled parts of the swimming pool, installed a new sauna, updated the pool changing rooms and reestablishing an open family changing area. “We’ve replaced virtually all the equipment in the gym and cardio area, are refurbishing the 24

Page 24

spin bikes in the dedicated spinning room, in the squash courts we've laid new floors, replastered and installed glass doors. We’ve fixed the long standing roof leaks and installed a new gas supply to the squash court heaters" outlines Stephen. “Many of the club’s members have been with the club for years, we have families with three generations at the club. It’s a way of life for many, nipping in for a swim, spinning first thing in the morning, coffee in The Manor afterwards, the social side features as much as the exercise benefits. “We’ve around 1000 members and plenty of room for more. Some members use the same facilities every time they come, I’ve spoken to people who play squash regularly who didn’t know about the exercise studios or the dedicated spin room” says Stephen.

"Many of the clubs members have been with the club for years, it becomes a way of life" Stephen Prince. “If people want to take a look around we’re always willing to help and often what they think will be a five minute job lasts 45 minutes, they’re amazed by what they find, we like to think there is something for everyone.” The days at Princes tend to start with the early morning pre-work / school workouts, we have two or three classes in the studio, a spin session, early squash and the morning swimmers, “people are often waiting for us to open at 6am” Stephen explains. Things then quieten down and the members arrive around 10-11am for the morning pilates and yoga etc, and mothers taking advantage of the places in the crèche.

We get busy again around lunchtime with people taking squash courts and spin sessions, quieten down around mid-afternoon before the afterschool kids arrive and swimming lessons begin. Into the evening you get people after work coming again for classes, swimming and squash. So with the necessary repairs and maintenance taken care of, what are the plans for the future? “Things are progressing well, I have ideas around expanding the pool facilities, for the club to be a visitor attraction bringing people through the doors and we have plans to bring the outside areas back to life and to make us more cycle friendly.” If you fancy a try at Princes they offer day passes and are holding an Open Weekend over the May Bank Holiday at the end of May (Sun 29 and Mon 30, see advert overleaf for details). It might be the first step that makes regular exercise a part of your daily life. And that’s Stephen Prince's ultimate goal - Princes being part of your health schedule and greeting you as you call in each day. Princes Sports Club 107 Old Road S40 3QT

Page 26

Be your

Open Weekend Sun 29th & Mon 30th May Limited Open Weekend offers FAMILY 2 DAY PASS

ONLY £10



3 Months Membership Only £99.00 Limited availablity 3 Months Student Membership Only £70.00 Available May – September

Join us for... • Extra Taster Classes • Childrens Activities • New Spin Studio Our facilities: • • • • • •

Creche for Children from 6 Weeks Old 20m Pool Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi 4 Squash and Racketball Courts New Spinning Studio New Cross Training Studio

• • • • • •

Air Conditioned Weights Room Fully Equipped Cardio Room Table Tennis Air Conditioned Aerobic Studio Over 70 Classes a Week! Outdoor Tennis

TELEPHONE | 01246 200056 EMAIL | Princes Sports Club, Old Road, Brampton, Chesterfield S40 3QR


Only 1 months contract on direct debit memberships Please mention S40 Local · Page 27


Celebrating 10 Years in Derbyshire

Venues & Artists

Words & Pictures: DOA

Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery St Mary's


West Studios Sheffield Road

erbyshire Open Arts is up and running again this year over the Spring Bank Holiday from Saturday 28th until Monday 30th May

The weekend, celebrating its tenth year in 2016, brings together 294 artists from across Derbyshire who will exhibit their work in locations that cover the four corners of Derbyshire and the Peak District. More locally you can see works exhibited in the Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery, in S40's home at West Studios, Sheffield Road, at the Monkey Park Community Cafe on Chester Street and in Holymoorside Village Hall and the United Reformed Church, again in Holymoorside. At Holymoorside there will be a group of 14 artists taking part in the Village Hall and United Reform Church hall. There will be a range of arts and crafts including landscape and portrait painting, photography, printmaking, mixed media, artists books, ceramics, textiles and weaving. There will be some work in progress and the opportunity to have a portrait drawn. The event is supported by the Holymoorside Arts Festival and local volunteers provide excellent refreshments from morning coffee to light lunches and afternoon tea throughout the weekend. There is disabled access and ample parking at and adjoining the village hall. The venue will be open from 11am to 5pm Saturday, 10am to 5pm Sunday and Monday. Please visit our website www. where you will find information and contact details about the artists and also postcode and map locating the venues. Why not use the weekend as an excuse to take a tour of the Peak District. The Festival Arts programme can be found on

• Andy Rodgers (47) - Cards: Letters from Chesterfield • Group of four artists: (48) Barnes - Fallon Herrmann - Hodgkinson

• Sue Wharton (49) - Encaustic arts • Aspire-Art Natural Images (50) - A group of two artists. • Student Showcase (51) – including work of five students.

Monkey Park 128a Chester Street • Eight artists display their work (52)

Holymoorside Village Hall Holymoor Road • Olinda Everett (53) – Ceramics. • Jerry Daniel (54) – Photography. • Valda Sampson (55) - Paintings • Trudy Roe (56) – Etchings and monoprints etc • Caroline McFarlane (57) - Portraiture • Jennie Merriman (58) - Collograph • Darley Dale Print Workshop (59) – A group of four artists. • Jill Askey (60)- Textiles • Roger Allen (61) - Painting • Sarah EA Parkin (62) - Watercolour landscapes • Karen Herrick (63) - Textile/Mixed • Gwenda Culkin (64) - Textiles

United Reform Church Cotton Mill Hill Holymoorside • Sheila Baldock (65) - Watercolour • Geraldine Yvonne Smith (66) – Mixed Media • Ann Christina Robson (67) - Textiles Page 28






58 Please mention S40 Local 路 Page 29










62 Page 30





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Sell your HOME using our Internet Package From only


Including VAT Valuation, Photos, Floorplan, Rightmove, For Sale Board & EPC

Tel: 01246 276 276

Capital House, 27 Glumangate, Chesterfield, S40 1TX

Everyone Deserves Award-Winning Financial Advice Book your free consultation 01246 550521

We are Derbyshire’s top rated financial advice service with a modern approach to wealth management.



t John’s Walton has been a work in progress since the late 1880’s when the people of Walton attended services in a room loaned by Mrs J B Jebb of Walton Lodge, the widow of a former rector of St Thomas’ Church Brampton. This room served them well until, in 1888, two cottages at the corner of Walton Back Lane and the Chesterfield – Matlock turnpike road were acquired and altered to form a new daughter mission church within the parish of St Thomas’. On a blustery, wet Whit Sunday in 1889, St John’s was born and remained there until it was replaced by the new Walton Mission Church building on the opposite corner of

Walton Back Lane in 1916 at a cost of £762 13s 8d (around £400,000 today). The original cottage church was demolished for road widening in 1938. The new church building contained a beautiful, and some might say poignant, stained glass window. It was located at the chancel end of the church and was subsequently relocated to our present church building. The window was unveiled in 1918 and is a rare example of a window dedicated to a soldier killed in action. It commemorates Cptn William Mather Brabazon Jackson who served with the Sherwood Foresters and died in 1917 aged just 23. In 1946 there was light – literally – electric light. Before this the church was lit by oil lamps and torches. In 1958 the addition of a central heating system meant no more shivering near the coal fired boiler. Even so, the warmest place to be was standing near

The old mission church and Commemorative window unveiled in 1918. Page 34

one of the butane heaters at the back of church. A warm building it definitely was not! In the 1960’s there was a decline in numbers and morning services were reduced to one per month. In the 1970's there was, happily, a revival which probably coincided with the newly expanding housing estate in Walton. People started to trickle back to church and, in 1979, the weekly Sunday morning service was reinstated. 1983 saw the introduction of a monthly family service and a Mums and Toddlers service. As a result of increasing numbers of young families with children now attending, a building fund was started by the newly formed Church District Council which raised the £12,950 needed to add a porch, small kitchen, vestry and toilet to the growing church. An appeal was subsequently made to 1,246 households living within a mile of the church for donations towards the cost of furniture and fittings. This was well supported and total of £2,117.00 was realised. Bishop Cyril of Derby attended the service of thanksgiving for the completion of building works in October 1985. 1988 was an interesting year for the very popular children’s service, Carols Around the Crib. That Christmas Eve Canon John Rollinson inadvertently gave a whole new meaning to “Shine, Jesus, Shine”. The church was packed with children and parents, some even standing in the choir stalls and on the chancel steps. Cannon Rollinson was surrounded and managed to reverse into the newly acquired calor gas heater. Yes, dear reader, you know what

centre. Following discussions with architects and builders, it was agreed that the little church must be taken down and a new building be erected. The last service in the little mission church was held on Sunday 27th February 2005 and careful dismantling of the building started the next day. Building work began on 4th April and the next phase in our church life had begun.

Our present church with below, the new stained glass window.

commissioned to do the work. On a warm evening in June, the commemorative stone was laid by Joe Ward a long time member of the church. Five months later Bishop Peter led the dedication ceremony on 22nd November and declared the building open. 1996 welcomed Rev Andy Broom as Curate in Charge. Andy is fondly remembered for many things, not least of which is never being at a loss for words. When, at his welcome ceremony he was happens next. His robes burst into flames and several of the parents rushed to the rescue. Happily, the only damage was to his robes which showed the outline of the flames running up his back. Canon Rollinson survived unscathed and the children thought it was great fun. Despite requests from his excited audience to repeat the performance, he declined. 1992 saw our little church absolutely full to capacity as a result of an ever increasing congregation and the need to accommodate a thriving Sunday Club for young people. Following a parish wide day of prayer a decision was reached to build the church centre. With much prayer and two amazing “gift days” a total of £250,000 was raised and Tom Stockton, a builder from Holymoorside, was

The new Church building contained a beautiful, and some might say, poignant, stained glass window. handed the offertory plate holding the grand total of 3 one pound coins, he gave a wry grin and said, “Lord, it can only get better”. How right he was, for the onset of the new millennium in 2000 was marked, not only by a further growth in numbers attending but as a result of this, Walton became a parish in its own right – the first new parish to be created in the millennium. 2005 saw continued growth which meant that the little mission church was about to change beyond our wildest imaginings. After much prayer it was decided to extend the church and church

2006 saw the opening of the new church in July by Bishop Alistair of Derby. What a beautiful building it is with a contemporary stained glass chancel window designed by Rona Moody and other important fixtures designed and made or purchased by members of the congregation or local crafts people. The welcoming interior reflects the beauty and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside. We were not, however, finished. The final phase of our development comprised two meeting rooms, a crèche room, a much enlarged and better equipped kitchen, office space and an atrium joining up these rooms with the church. All of this work was completed in June 2010 and was mainly funded by several years of pledges from the congregation, plus a grant of £16,000 from Viridor and a few pledges from our local community. The cost of the total project, including the church, was a little over £1m – a bit different to the figures in 1916! Over the years God has built an exceedingly busy church on this site with two Sunday services at 9am and 10.45am, a Tuesday service at 11.30 am and various groups serving the community for toddlers, children, young people, men, women and seniors. This year we are celebrating 100 years of worship on the site with events throughout the year for church members and the community. All of us at St John’s pray that future generations will continue to take God’s work forward in our community from this church over the next 100 years and beyond. A little church that, like Topsy, just grew and grew.

Words: St John's Walton Please mention S40 Local · Page 35

Domestic & Commercial - Alarms - CCTV - Solar Simon Smith- Matlock Road, Walton T:01246 568626 - M: 07594 008 175 Page 36

Business Intro

09.05.15 to 09.05.16 Celebrating a year at 338 Chatsworth Road Words: Paul Chapman

I love the family and community that exists along Chatsworth Road, the way people get to know each other, the way they support each other in business and in life generally” says Carrie Churches from Embellish. “I moved to Chesterfield from Bristol with my boyfriend Luke Brobbin and I already feel like part of the family.”

Embellish opened its doors on 9 May 2015 and it’s been a crazy first year for them. If you don’t know them, they are based at 338 Chatsworth Road, the old building that was, for in excess of 40 years (we’re guessing here), Audrey M Carters. “When we got the keys we very quickly realised there was a lot to do” Carrie tells me. “The building hadn’t been updated for a long time and it was hidden from the road with a heavily covered front window. We stripped the entire room back to brick and set about refurbishing the place.” Carrie must be pleased with the results, the environment is stylish and with the large window frontage you can’t help but notice how busy the place is, especially at the weekend. Carrie was previously a holiday entertainer "I was one of those over-enthusiastic reps getting you off your sunbed to play beach volleyball or up dancing in the evening" she adds. She met her boyfriend, Luke in Cyprus when they were both doing the same job. They moved back to the UK together after 2 years of overseas work and decided to settle in Chesterfield. She then spent three years working for MAC cosmetics, in a Sheffield retailer, but she was interested in ‘doing’ rather than ‘selling’ so decided to give it a go on her own, leaving MAC in November. "I took some space above Maison Mes Amis and started to build my client list" says Carrie.

Page 38

"I had freelanced alongside my full time job before but hadn't worked much in Chesterfield. I was so happy and amazed at how quickly things snowballed. By January I needed another makeup artist which was when Lauren joined me. We had lots of customers asking if we did hair so I decided to take the leap and look for a bigger premises where we could be a 'one stop shop'."

“I’ve seen people come in with their head down and leave beaming. It’s a real boost to self confidence." Carrie uses social media to show her work, the Facebook site is visual and has worked fantastically for her, bringing in new clients as people post up their make up shots, they even have a selfie area in the salon! Women also like to chat which is great for spreading the word and brings new people into the salon. Carrie is a professional makeup artist and the services on offer at Embellish include makeup, hair and nails. "During the week we tend to be busy with hair, from colours and cuts to hair extensions and curly blowdrys. We also have a lot of wedding trials mid-week. On Fridays and at the weekend we are a one stop shop to make sure ladies look and feel glamorous whether it's for a night out, a wedding, birthday or any event for which people wish to look their best" enthuses Carrie. "We also have a nail technician on a Saturday, there's a real buzz about the place at the weekend, we like to help get the party started!

“We have a fantastic barber, Dan. Lots of gents come and have a cut whilst they wait for their partner, men like to look good too! "We hold a Makeup Masterclass once a month, which takes place over three evenings, and has been really successful. We’ve recently had a group of ladies travel from Northampton to spend the week at Casa and attend the class. This is about giving customers the ability to take home some of the skills we use, many people are taught how to apply their makeup as a teenager and stick to the same thing for years. We like to introduce new techniques and products to a wider audience through the classes.” Today the team at Embellish includes Jodie and Dan doing hair and barbering; Lilly, the junior hairdresser; Carrie, Lauren and Fiona the makeup artists, Bethany on reception and Terri doing nails on Saturday. They have recently been shortlisted as finalists for the 'Ido Wedding Industry Awards and have also been announced as finalists for the 'Chesterfield Retail Awards'. The team is off to a flying start and are awaiting your call! I’ll leave the final words to Luke, Carrie's partner “I’ve seen people come in with their head down and leave beaming. It’s a real boost to self confidence.” Embellish • 338 Chatsworth Road.

Please mention S40 Local · Page 39

Maxine and Andy Dore, Sheffield.

k i t c h e n s b e d r o o m s s t u di e s

d a v i d

design supply project management installation

p y a t t

07966 426466 chesterfield

d e s i g n

Today’s to-do list...

r - Design a new Flye - Get printing quotes % Deal 20 s - Advertise the new ow open on Sunday n re e’ w ow kn le op - Let pe sses locally re d ad 0 0 ,3 8 er ov - Deliver to

Or just let Half page advert only £95. To advertise with us call 07764 801080. Page 40

do it for you?









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Will Staveley Town Lock be completed in time for the Festival? Words: Chesterfield Canal Trust


he Chesterfield Canal Trust’s volunteer Work Party is striving valiantly to get everything completed, but bad weather and mechanical problems are making it really difficult. Work on the lock itself is almost complete. Only the coping stones and the lock gates need to be fitted. The gates have already been made by Hargreaves and are in their works in Halifax. The main problem is completing the 300 metres of canal below the lock, known as Hartington Harbour. This area has been, at best, ankle deep in mud and at worst totally flooded since November. The Trust’s ageing excavator, known as Denis, has developed frequent mechanical problems. JCB/ TCHarrison have been magnificent in lending support to the Trust in helping to fix these breakdowns. Trustee in charge of the volunteers, David Kiddy, said: “I am very proud of our volunteers. Many have come Page 42

to work four or five days a week throughout the winter, frequently working in atrocious conditions.” It is a popular misconception that all that needs to be finished is the lock itself, but David goes on to say: “We have to build the next bit of canal below the lock. We can’t just empty the water from the lock into a field and we need a space for boats to turn round.” This site and the canal belong to Derbyshire County Council. It is part of the Markham Vale development. The Chesterfield Canal Trust volunteers work under the direction of DCC engineers. Most of the visible work has been done by volunteers from the Trust, with occasional help from the volunteers of the Waterway Recovery Group. The bridge at the end of the lock, the bywash and the spill weir base were done by contractors. Everything else – the lock, the excavations, the walls, the L-shaped reinforcers, the blockwork, the brickwork – has all been done by volunteers.

The Chesterfield Canal Trust has invested around £100,000 so far in the project. Nearly half has come in donations, the rest has come from other activities like its tripboats, membership fees, sales etc. (As an example, a cubic metre of concrete costs over £80 and there are 300 cubic metres in the lock alone.) Markham Vale pays for the contractors and has paid for some of the blocks and concrete and all of the L-shaped reinforcers. The lock gates were bought with a grant from Veolia. The Trust is hosting the National Trailboat Festival on behalf of the Inland Waterways Association on May 28th and 29th (see opposite page). It is hoped that all the work will be done by then and that boats will be able to use the lock, turn in Hartington Harbour and come out again.


National Trailboat Festival Staveley 28 & 29 May Words: Chesterfield Canal Trust


he Chesterfield Canal Trust will be hosting the Inland Waterways Association National Trailboat Festival at Staveley Town Basin (S43 3XZ) on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May. There will be five tripboats in operation, including the brand new John Varley replacement, plus lots of entertainment, attractions and caterers. The main difference between the recent Canal Festivals held at Staveley and this one will be the number of boats. It is expected that dozens of trailboats will be moored in the basin and back towards Constitution Hill Bridge. Most will be decorated, creating a really colourful spectacle. Highlights will include a parade of illuminated boats on the Saturday night and a convoy of trailboats and tripboats right up to the River Rother in Chesterfield on Monday 30th May. It is hoped that the new Staveley Town Lock, built by the Trust’s volunteer Work Party, and a further 300 yards of canal beyond it, will be officially opened (see opposite page). The Festival will include Boat rides, Canoeing, Children’s rides, Learn to Drive a Digger, Bubble of Fun, Birds of Prey, Boats of Fun, Face Painting, Carz of Fun, a Climbing Wall, Belly Dancers, Fire Eaters, a Ukulele band, Black Pig Border Morris, Feet First and five bands, dozens of stalls plus food and drink including a Real Ale Bar run by Brampton Brewery. The Festival will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. Admission will be £3, free for Under 12s. There will be free parking nearby with blue badge parking onsite. The whole site is accessible to wheelchairs. Three of the tripboats have wheelchair lifts. For further information, or if you would like to have a stall or bring a boat, email or ring 01246 477569. Please mention S40 Local · Page 43

Business Update

Creating a Family Alastair Meikle brings us up to speed with progress at Monkey Park, Brampton's Community Interest Company. Words: Alastair Meikle


onkey Park cafe and bakery is situated in Brampton on the corner of Chester Street and Clifton Street in a former tile and bathroom showroom. A small group of local community activists had dreamt of opening a project like this for a number of years when an opportunity to move into the redundant building presented itself earlier in 2015. After several months of renovation the cafe and artisan bakery opened for business in October 2015. The business is structured as a ‘Community Interest Company’ which is a model designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. The directors volunteer their time and the cafe and bakery has created paid work for 8 local young people. The cafe and bakery are open from Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 4.30pm with a selection of cakes made on the premises. A choice of items for lunch including soup and ever popular focaccia from the bakery. As well as white and wholemeal rolls and loaves, sourdough is rapidly becoming the best seller! Coffee is sourced from ‘Twin Cafe’ which is another social enterprise in Sheffield with the raw beans coming from Sheffield’s twin town in Nicaragua with their profits being shared between the two cities.

Page 44

At the far end of the building is the small bike repair workshop which is open just on Saturdays at the moment although bikes for repair can be dropped off whenever the cafe is open. Virtually all repairs can be undertaken, if possible bikes will be repaired on the Saturday they are dropped off, if not they should be ready the following Saturday. The workshop also accepts donations of bikes which are refurbished and sold to support Monkey Park. There is usually a stock of up to a dozen available. Monkey Park supports cycling as a local sustainable travel solution and always has lots of local cycling information available. There are often members of Chesterfield Cycle Campaign and Brampton Bicycle Club in the cafe! The full range of Green Oil products are for sale in the cafe and bike workshop. Upstairs is Monkey Park Works, Chesterfield’s first co-work space. Since January 2016 there have been twelve desk spaces open and by the end of May this will be doubled and include a small meeting room too. For home workers and start up businesses it's a great, low cost way to work with a group of other diverse businesses in a friendly atmosphere. There is high speed internet access, A4 & A3 printing and lots of charging points! A lot of the renovation work has been completed by volunteers

and we want the space to be seen as a community resource. The cafe area and upstairs space are available at very reasonable rates for individuals and groups to hire when not open for normal business and we give a discount to groups promoting similar ideals. We want Monkey Park to be a base to reach out into the community to build a better Brampton. There are already a group of community organisers based at Monkey Park and we are compiling a Community Economic Development Plan in conjunction with local businesses. One of our first community projects has just started. A bid to ‘Pocket Parks’ which was successful which will enhance the park opposite with new surfaced paths, new benches and planting. All sorts of groups have sprung up at Monkey Park led by volunteers including a book club, photography club, crochet club, creative writing group and carers community meet ups. A ‘Walking for Health’ group leaves from the cafe once a month, Jog Derbyshire and a ladies ‘Breeze’ cycle ride too. Hoping you can pop in and see us soon! 128A Chester Street Brampton S40 1DW

The Chesterfield Hypnotherapy Rooms

Call Denise Nosrati on

07983 352 343 and receive a 20% reduction on all Hypnotherapy sessions during May.

Wanting to rid yourself of unwanted weight? Hypnosis is an effective way of enabling you to lose weight. Your mind will be re-programmed so it becomes automatic for you to eat healthy foods, at the right times, in the smaller amounts. To no longer see food as a comfort or something to do when bored or stressed. You will no longer obsess about food and only think about it when you are hungry. Often diets help in the short term but fail to be sustainable. At Chesterfield Hypnotherapy Rooms you’ll find the help that you need to make a real difference to your life.

Hypnotherapy can be effective for many issues including the following:

Other treatments available at Chesterfield Hypnotherapy Rooms include Reiki and Indian Head massage. There are also weekly meditation groups and workshops.


n on a ll H ctio du

Denise is a qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, a specialist in Hypnosis for Sports and a .. Re ay. Hypnoslimmer Consultant. M ns Durin ssio g Se

At Chesterfield Hypnotherapy Rooms you’ll find the help that you need to make those changes so much more easily in a calm and relaxing environment.

- Exercise motivation - Examination worries - Driving Test Nerves - Sleeping problems - Fears & Phobias - Blushing - Public speaking - Stress & Anxiety - Sports performance - Confidence building - Speech impediments - Nail biting & hair pulling


notherapy yp

With summer almost here, it’s time to start thinking about the positive changes you want to make the year.

Chesterfield Hyponotherapy Rooms • 126 Saltergate • Chesterfield S40 1NG Please mention S40 Local · Page 45

Local Day Care Support for Older Adults

Meeting your needs Some of the services we provide: - Opportunities to meet others and make new friends. - Trained staff to assist with all personal care needs. Including a bathing service upon request and a hairdresser on site. - Hot nutritious lunch and refreshments during the day. - Drop in service provided daily from 1 to 3 hours (offering flexibility to carers). - Age appropriate stimulating activities, including quizzes, arts and crafts, creative writing, gentle exersices, games, etc. Transpo We also have small specialised groups in rt may be the local area which provide support for a vailable people with dementia. T: 01246 274812 Fax: 01246 274931 E: Chesterfield Care Group Chesterfield Community Centre, Tontine Road, Chesterfield S40 1QU

Reg Charity No. 1055028 endorsed by Derbys. County Council & Clinical Commissioning Group

Page 46

and art to love. Custom Picture Framing Professional Advice & Standards Anything Framed Custom Mirrors Swept & Ornate Frames DIY Framing Materials Frames made to any size

Well Hidden. Worth Finding.

Brampton icture framing

Call: 01246 554338

11a Old Hall Road S40 3RG

Bespoke Service

Scenic Flooring Beautiful flooring @ bargain prices

30 Years Experience Family Run Amtico Flooring Specialist Karndean Centre In Store Carpets Vinyls Laminates Solid Wood Natural Flooring Buy Direct & Save £££££’s

Com ea our n nd see refur e bishe wly room d sh floor with sam owing th ple the s roughout tore.

Now supplying and fitting VARME underfloor heating systems!

KARNDEAN CENTRE NOW OPEN We will not be beaten on price

01246 551444

276 - 278 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 2BH

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Article News

Get Lilia Movin

Brampton Market

Lilia is a local little girl who lives on Vincent Crescent and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy due to a traumatic birth.

A few words from Jules Cooper who is part of the team bringing a trial outdoor market to the Britannia Inn on Sat 28 May from 8:30am.

Sat 21 May @ The Brit

Family friend Claire has been in touch to let us know they are holding a second fund-raising day at the Britannia in late May. The event called "get Lilia moving" was very successful last year and the money raised provided treatment for Lilia which has had fantastic results. The money raised from this years events will go towards therapy treatment in America. Liam (Lilias dad) is running in this years Chesterfield marathon and Amy (Lilia's Mum) is due to have their second child early May. Hosted by Becky Measures, the event takes place on Sat 21 May from 3 to 9pm and includes a whole host of bands, events, food and activities throughout the day. See for more info or just turn up on the day and give them some support.

Boxing 4 Heroes

Sun 1 May @ The Manor Charity Boxing comes to The Manor on Sun 1 May from 2pm to 7pm. The competitors start their journey with little and often no experience, and are taken through eight weeks of intensive training by fully certified coaches. On the day, the action is run in exactly the same way as pro fights with all the support that goes with it. Dress to impress and be part of an event that will be broadcast live by official media partners Spire Radio with entertainment in the ring between bouts from duo Tim and Simon, as they broadcast their Sunday Roadshow. Tickets are £20 through Eventbee ( event?eid=121440893 ), The Fitness Factory or Spire Radio. The event takes place in a marquee at The Manor, all to help raise funds for the charity Help for Heroes. Page 48

Sat 28 May @ The Brit “Folks often talk about a time when there were family-run fruit and veg shops in Brampton and what a shame it is now they’re gone. What they miss they say is not only the convenience - but the sociability and the chance of bumping into a neighbour for a chat. “On Saturday 28th May we’ll be piloting a new outdoor market in the heart of Brampton. Centred around Brampton’s own pop-up fruit and veg shop hosted outside the Britannia Inn, Brampton Market will offer high quality everyday provisions and special treats at affordable prices. “With artwork and signage by local artist, Pete Barber, there’ll be handmade bread, Derbyshire cheese, home-made cakes and pies, flowers and plants, banana fritters, chilli sauces, lashings of real ginger beer - oh and fresh fish from Grimsby. “Why are we doing it? We want to create a friendly outdoor space, open to all, offering quality affordable produce. We hope that Sat 28th will be the first of many markets, and we invite everyone to come and see what’s on offer, and tell us what they would like at future events. “It’s not about looking back or nostalgia for the past. Brampton Market will represent good things like local shopping, seasonal produce and a meeting place on a crossroads at the heart of where things happen.” If you have something tasty to sell or want to get involved call Jules on 07753 662612. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter @ BramptonMarket.

The Rose & Crown

CAMRA Pub of the Season Jon Leeming from Brampton Brewery has dropped me a line to say "Just in case you hadn't heard I am delighted to announce that The Rose & Crown has just been awarded Spring CAMRA Pub Of The Season by the local Chesterfield CAMRA Branch, so Congratulations go to Matt & The Team at the Rose." I'm starting to wonder whether I need to keep a dedicated space for the Brampton Brewery Awards. Congrats from S40 Local!

Award Winning Ales Visit the brewery shop to see our full range of bottled beers plus wines, whiskies, world beers and merchandise.

01246 221680

Units 4 & 5, Chatsworth Business Park, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 2AR Please mention S40 Local 路 Page 49

Article Advertorial

Well done Tom, we are so proud of you here at Kip! Jo Linthwaite (Kip McGrath)


ach story we write is about an actual child we have worked with at Kip. This is Tom’s story of success and may hold some ideas for you to help your child. Tom arrived at Kip 2 years ago, aged 8. He was a year behind in spelling and reading comprehension; punctuation was non-existent and his hand writing was almost illegible. His concentration was very poor, his self-esteem was very low and he found it hard to interact with the other children. His favourite avoidance activity was to play the clown! We designed an individual plan to focus on building his basic literacy skills and confidence. We used the whiteboard to practise making shapes and patterns. This improved his pen grip and hand-eye coordination. Slowly we began to see improvement in his hand writing. Tom enjoyed using the latest IT to improve his spelling and understanding of phonics – the different ways of spelling individual sounds. Using the computer helped him overcome his frustration as he could concentrate on the sounds rather than how to form the letters. Tom could read well but he found it hard to understand what he’d just read. Using different highlighter pens, the team at Kip helped him break down the readings into more manageable chunks. They did the same with questions, breaking each question into its parts – question word, nouns, and verb. This allowed him to process the information more easily.

At home Mum and Dad did their bit as well by playing shapes games, such as ‘drawing’ letters and number shapes on Tom’s back with a finger. He had to guess which one was being drawn. This improved his awareness of the shapes and where to start and finish them. For the first few months he was only able to complete 1 or 2 activities per session. Then slowly but surely Tom began to work more independently and see for himself how literacy wasn’t a great mystery after all! So why are we so proud of Tom? Well two years on, he is a year and a half ahead of his age with his reading comprehension; his spelling is spot on for his age and his hand writing is something to be proud of! The biggest change however, has been in his behaviour. He bounds into Kip full of enthusiasm which is replicated in school. He routinely completes 4 or 5 activities per session; such is the improvement in his confidence and concentration. He willingly has a go at everything and has a great relationship with the other children in his group. If you have a child like Tom in your family, why not bring them along to Jo at Kip for a free assessment and see them write their own success story in a few months time.

Call Jo on 01629 56611 or 01246 220224 for a FREE ASSESSMENT!

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.



01246 220224



Suite 2, 1st Floor, 67-77 Chatsworth Road, Brampton Chesterfield, S40 2AL Page 50

Call today for a FREE assessment

FREE boiler service worth £75 with this advert

Supply & Fit:

Solar Panels s Bathroom Suitiaetors Decorative Raeds Gas Fir

*valid ‘til end May 2016

Blueflame has you covered. Take out one of our fantastic packages for complete peace of mind, knowing that all parts and labour are included.

Subject to free initial visual inspection


95th 8m. on £1per

• unlimited call outs • unlimted parts • all labour charges covered • annual boiler service

95h 3m. ont £1per

BOILER ONLY Silver Cover

As Silver plus • controls and thermostats • replacement radiators • hot and cold pipework incl. pumps • gas pipework • hot water cylinder and header tanks


• Combi swaps from £995 • Boiler upgrades from £1695 • Full heating central systems from £2465 • Industry approved power flushing £349 • No call out charges on boiler repairs • No call out charges on plumbing repairs • Finance available through Ideal4finance

As seen on BBC DIY SOS

Book your free boiler service today call 01246 200990 *valid until end May 2016 subject to a free visual inspection and a 12 month contract. *2Terms and conditions apply.

Keeping Derbyshire Warm with over 26 years experience 290a Chatsworth Road • Chesterfield S40 2BY



Business Article Article

Equity Release S40 based Simon Chalk answers the key questions about releasing capital.


he value of your home, less any mortgage you may have, can be described as your “equity”.

More and more people aged 55+ are choosing to release some of this equity and turn it into tax-free cash. Equity release plans can be a popular way to do that, without having to move home. With 27 years’ experience in financial services, Simon Chalk a four times national award winner for equity release advising is here to answer your questions about releasing the money that is locked up in your home. I’m only 55, can I release equity? You can take a Lifetime Mortgage from age 55 (based on the youngest borrower if it's a joint application). You should bear in mind that the younger you are now, the longer the loan might run. Today’s 55 year old on average will live almost 35 years. A good adviser would explain by how much the loan will increase if you take the popular ‘rolled-up interest’ type of Lifetime Mortgage which does not require any monthly repayments. The younger borrower may have several decades ahead of them, so being cautious with spending the released money will help it last that much longer. My bank won’t lend to me as they say I’m too old! Is there a maximum age limit to take equity release? Actually, no. Unlike ordinary mortgages which many mature homeowners have had difficulty in obtaining in recent times, many Lifetime Mortgages have no upper age limit & the older you are - the more you can borrow.

Page 52

Although most of us slow down our spending habits as we grow older in later retirement, maintenance bills for the home don’t stop! Then there’s the possibility of needing a bit of hired-help with the chores such as cleaning, gardening & so on. Knowing that you won’t be prevented from releasing equity just because of your age, can be mightily reassuring when faced with these bills. So how much money can I release? The amount you can take depends on the value of your home and the age of the youngest borrower. Roughly speaking, 55 year olds may borrow around about 20% of their property value, increasing to around 35% at age 65, 40% at age 70 until the maximum sums settle at around 55% aged 84. An adviser will give you an accurate amount by also asking about your health and lifestyle. This is because several lenders offer larger sums to borrowers with certain medical history. Even having a spot of blood pressure, or taking medication can make a positive difference to the amount of cash on offer. How much will my monthly repayments be? There’s no monthly repayment on a Lifetime Mortgage; instead, the loan plus accrued interest at a fixed rate will be repaid on the sale of your home when the last borrower dies, or earlier moves into long term care. You can choose to make occasional or regular payments with some plans. Call Simon Chalk for a FREE consultation on 01246 202 571.

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All artwork, All artwork, eithereither in printed in printed or electronic or electronic form,form, remains remains the property the property of Bannister of Bannister Publications Publications Limited. Limited. © 2015 © 2015

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Catharine Jade


Relax, Indulge, Beautify & Spoil yourself I offer a wide range of traditional beauty treatments. Offers Include: · LVL Lashes £40

· Dermalogia Facial £30 · Gel Nails £17

See website for all treatments & prices

07873 474714 Catharine Jade Beauty Arkadia Too, Allendale, Wingerworth Chesterfield. S42 6PX Free parking outside salon


Foot Health Practitioner Member of The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners Fungal Nail Treatment & Nail Trimming Calluses & Corns Removed Ingrowing Toe Nails Full Foot Massages Full Feet Examination

Diabetic Foot Health Checks CRB Checked

01246 270393 07527 058601 Fully mobile service Page 54


For full details of all offers please visit our website:

High Quality Roller Blinds - Massive Range of Wooden Venetians Curtains - Metal Venetians - Specialist Perfect Fit

We also have amazing offers on Vertical Blinds From the very affordable:

3 VERTICAL BLINDS FOR ONLY拢99 inc. fitting* To the very best fabrics money can buy! BOOK YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT NOW

Call: 01246 558314 or Text/Call: 07593 160838

Please mention S40 Local 路 Page 55

*size restrictions apply, visit our website for full details.

Garden 10 Garden TipsThings


Garden Things for May

Words: Transition Chesterfield Pictures: Robert Nixon Betts

Being in the garden on any sunny day in May has to be one of life’s best experiences; the sun has real warmth and all around plants are shooting up. But a cautionary note: it’s still possible for there to be overnight frosts, especially in slightly more exposed areas, so be slightly cautious about putting out anything tender, or be prepared with some improvised shelter - it won’t need to be particularly robust as any frost will be light. The upside is that frost will only happen if the sky is clear, which makes for wonderful mornings… 1. As potato shoots appear do not forget to ‘earth up’ the growing potato shoots. This serves two purposes – young potato shoots do not like frosty weather, so cover over the shoots with soil for protection and it also helps to avoid young tubers from turning green with sunlight exposure. 2. Thin out raspberry shoots and prune gooseberries. As always, the idea with this sort of job is make an open framework with an even distribution of fruiting stems all getting a good supply of sunlight and air (often easier said than done). 3. Lots of more tender vegetables can be sown now: French and runner beans, courgette, cucumber, pumpkin and squash as well as cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli for harvesting in winter - they like a long growing season. 4. Towards the end of the month, plant out summer bedding plants. These are available from garden centres, but are often displayed earlier than they are sensibly planted out, so, if tempted, keep them in a shady place (protected from frost) and well-watered until they can go into the open garden. 5. If you’ve already sown tomatoes and courgettes inside, they can now go outside. As upright (cordon) tomatoes grow, keep an eye open for Page 56

any side-shoots that form in the angle between the main stem and branches and remove them. Towards the end of the month seeds for both can be sewn directly into the ground. 6. Prune spring-flowering shrubs after they have finished flowering, and remove any growth damaged by frost from evergreen shrubs. Check variegated ones for any where the leaves have reverted to plain green and remove those shoots completely. 7. Sow peas outside now with pea sticks in place early, and prepare supports for any other plants (e.g. climbing French and runner beans) that will need them later. 8. Lawns will now need regular mowing (use the clippings as a mulch), and keep on top of the weeding. Hedges will need clipping, but check for birds nests first, and if you’ve been feeding the birds in the winter, don’t stop – current thinking is that you should do it all year. 9. Garden pests will multiply rapidly in the warmer days, so check vulnerable plants, especially vegetables, and take swift action to deal with them. 10. Keep sowing salad crops (radishes, spring onions, lettuce etc.) and herbs (parsley, coriander, basil etc.) for regular harvesting. Organic Demonstration Community Garden Transition Chesterfield are pleased to announce the creation of a new Organic Demonstration Community Garden, called ‘The Inspire Community Garden’. Have a look at our website: If you are interested please join us to convert a wasteland in a very productive area. Email: info@

Curleys Products design and manufacture various benches, seats, planters and wrought iron work each individually designed and built for the customer. We aim to produce long lasting quality products at competitive prices to suit individual clients and their needs.

Wrought Iron Work Hand Rails • Benches Decking • Planters Visit our Showroom at

Unit 4 Thompson Street, Whittington, Chesterfield S41 9AR

Call: 0776 805 4906 or visit our website:

Glazing Services BEFORE

It may not be as expensive as you think!

For a Free Quote call: 01246 556463 Alan: 0772 0833 329 or Oliver: 0776 8054 906 AFTER

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Confidence in a crisis...

Established 1986

French Polisher 4U @Barrdale Furniture Restorations

� Traditional French & spray polishing � Colour matching to existing furniture � Antique & modern furniture restoration � Heat & water resistant finishes � Free collection & delivery � Insurance work � Free written estimates

Tel: 01246 281689

Newbold bedrooms

Est.23 years

΄Your΄ local fitted bedroom specialist Trusted Trader reviews which speak for themselves:

This is the second time we have used Newbold excellent service from Philip. He listened to our ideas and provided his expert opinion to ensure the quality of the design met our requirements... Would recommend Newbold Bedroom without hesitation.

Reviewed on 27/02/2016

I was very impressed with the whole service from initial contact to finished product. There was no 'hard sell' and both Philip and Sean were polite and respectful and both turned up on the dates and times given.

Reviewed on 25/01/2016

A very friendly and professional service. Their quality of workmanship/products and respect for customers property is excellent.

Contact Philip for a no obligation quote

Tel: 01246 222 194

Page 58

Reviewed on 10/08/2015

36 St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield S417TH Open Mon to Sat 12 - 3pm

t: 01246 554562

Unit 3 Chatsworth Business Park ▪ Chatsworth Road ▪ Chesterfield ▪ S40 2AS ▪

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Article Regular Events

Monday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or www. Tots Café at St Thomas' Centre 9:45 to 11:30am (term time). An informal get together for parents/carers. 01246 279916. Young at Heart (social afternoon) - all welcome. 1:30 to 3:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267. 1st Brampton Moor Brownies: Meet at Storrs Road Centre, starting 6pm (Term time). T: Brownie guider on 01246 272678. Maison Mes Amis: Book Club. The first Monday at Maison Mes Amis for their book club. Review the title of the month and then discuss in a comfortable atmosphere with like minded people. 7pm onwards. Call 01246 768789 for details and titles. Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Chester Street Club, Phoenix Suite, Chesterfield. 7 to 8:30pm. Admission £3. Just come along or call 0750 669 5208. Aurora Ladies' Choir: 7:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. RSPB Chesterfield Local Group: 1st Mon 7:15 to 9:15pm at Eastwood Hall, Rose Hill. Illustrated talks, refreshments, bird food sales. All welcome. (Not August) Contact: Steve Williams 07971 000331 or visit www. Lah di Dah – Ladies vocal harmony group meet every Monday (except Bank Holidays) 7.30 to 9.30 pm Walton Village Hall. Contact Lesley 01246 260903. Guide Dogs Chesterfield: 3rd Mon 7:30pm at The Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road. We welcome new volunteers. T: Gabbie Pattison on 07525 248740 (email: or via Facebook - Guide Dogs Chesterfield). Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: noncontesting band - plays a variety of concerts. All abilities. Mon & Fri 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. Enquiries@ or 01246 566691/568745.

Tuesday Village Hall Pilates 9:15 to 10:15am. St Marks, Brampton. 0777 351 6334 / Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club day rides: Tue & Thu meet 9.25am Queen's Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Rd. 30 - 60 miles. New riders always welcome. For details call Steve 07734 506492. www. Zumba Gold - Fitness For 50+ Tues & Thurs at 10am & 11am. Chester St Club. Easy, fun, friendly classes only £3.50 TONING after the 11am Thurs class: Zumba with weights for just 50p extra. Call Jen on 07757 726239 Chatters Coffee Shop at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. 2nd & 4th Tue. 10am to midday. All welcome - toys available. No charge, a small donation appreciated - remainder to charity. T: 01246 231002 or email

North East Derbyshire Downs Syndrome Group: 4th Tue. Arkwright Children's Centre, School Lane, Arkwright. 10am to noon. Not August. Families, carers & children meet together for activities, and outings/trips. Rosie T: 07500 814361 or 01629 537692. Badminton at Loundsley Green 1:30 to 3pm. For enquiries, contact Mrs Westwood on 01246 236831. Knit and Natter: 10am to 12:30pm at St Thomas' Centre. An informal gathering for people who enjoy doing craft together. All ages, all abilities. T: 1246 279916 for info. Thom's Blokes: 3rd Tue. 10am to noon. A meeting for men which includes talks, activities and regular outings to places of interest. All men welcome. St Thomas’ Church Centre. For info call David on 01246 231115 or 01246 853741. Tuesday Worship: St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. Please join us for Tuesday Worship from 11:30am to 12:15pm, followed by lunch in the Church Centre (£3.00 per person). Email: Tiger Tots: A stay and play baby/toddler group. 1:30 to 3pm (term time) Holymoorside Village Hall. Anyone welcome, £2 per family, call in and ask for Becky or call 07701 066801. (Term time only). Chesterfield Railway Modellers: Tues afternoon 2pm (and Thu evening 6pm) at The Clocktower Offices (the old Staveley Works Head Office). Contact Darrell Clark for details on 01246 234788. Spire Laughter Club: Above Dent's Chemists at the Nenna Kind Cancer Drop In Centre at 2pm. Yoga therapy with laughter - come and laugh with us whilst improving your health and happiness. Call Karen on 01246 862790. Holymoorside Women's Institute: 2nd Tue - 2 to 4pm at the United Reformed Church Schoolroom, Cottonmill Hill, Holymoorside. New Members warmly received. T: Margaret Copley on 01246 568360. TimeOut a friendly community group meets 2 to 4pm at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Come along for a chat, cuppa, games, bring a craft, help complete a jigsaw, surf the internet etc. T: 01246 274021.  Old Brampton and District WI: 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 3NF. New members and visitors warmly welcomed. For more info ring Pat on 01246 239431 or Jenny on 01246 557024. HNChelp, cancer support group. 2nd Tue. Meet at the Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd (excl August) from 2 to 4pm. We welcome any patient, carer or any one affected by head and neck cancer. or call or text 07950 599869. Danceworks dance studio for 4-15 year olds at Loundsley Green Community Centre. Ages 3-5yrs at 4-5pm, and 6+ at 5-6pm. T: Elly on 07581 140822 or ellystarbrook@ or on Facebook at Danceworks Loundsley Green. Brownies: 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7pm, 7:10 pm to 8:10pm and 8:20 to 9:20 pm all at St Johns Church, Walton.

Yoga All Abilities Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 7pm- 8:30pm For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email: Chesterfield Town WI: 1st Tue - 7pm in Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill, S40 1LW. Fancy a giggle? Why not come and join us? New members welcome. For more info or Dog obedience training: 7:15 to 8:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust: 2nd Tue 7.30pm Annunciation Church Parish Centre, off Queen St, Chesterfield, S40 4SF. Talks monthly Sept to April. Access from Queen St. £2.50 incl. refreshments; Under 16s free. All welcome. T: Angie on 01246 236930 Chesterfield & District Vegetable and Fruit Growers: 3rd Tue 7:30pm at the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Come and share your gardening experiences, beginners welcome. John: 01246 569515, Malcolm: 01246 569948 (Not Aug). TAI CHI: Authentic Wu Style Tai Chi from Shanghai, taught by an authorised instructor. 7:30pm - 8:30pm Parish Centre, Stonegravels. Contact: sharon.wall@live. Tel:273795 Chesterfield Garland/Clog Dancers: 7:30 to 9:30pm at Methodist Church Hall, Jaw Bones Hill. New female dancers and wo/men musicians welcome. T: Barbara Wilson on 01246 207800 for further details or visit www. Chesterfield Cycle Campaign: Meetings 2nd Tue 7:30pm Market Hall, Meeting Room 1. Contact Alastair on 01246 520820. Chesterfield Film Makers: If you’re interested in making videos. Walton Village Centre, 7:30 for 7:45 pm. For more details phone 01246 277349 or visit www. Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra 7:309:30pm. Players of orchestral instruments invited. Vacancies for brass, percussion & strings. Ashgate Croft School (term time). T: Dave on 07985 603423/E:chesterfieldsymph Chesterfield Theatres: Tuesday Night Dances. At the Winding Wheel. 7:30pm10.30pm. £4.85. General Knowledge Quiz. Rose & Crown, Old Road: Tuesday night - gallon of ale for the winner. Music quiz - last Sunday of each month, gallon of ale for the winner & rolling cash prize for 100% score. Tuesday Quiz Night at The Manor from 8:30pm. General knowledge with cash prizes to be won plus Play Your Cards Right. Call: 01246 277760.

Wednesday Village Hall Pilates: 9:15 to 10.15am, 7:15 to 8:15pm. New class “Stretch and Core for Men” 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm all at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tuesday listing for contact details.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

CHESTERFIELD PLUMBING & HOME SERVICES “A Polite, Reliable Service” NO CALL OUT FEE NO VAT • Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small


Tel: 01246 205 000 Mob: 07971 447 040 7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN

Driveways, Paths, Patio, Tarmac & Conservatory Cleaning








Free DEMO! No obligation At your address BEFORE st The mo ed Have your Driveway, Patio or Conservatory Cleaned with our c n ie r NEW Revolutionary Flat Surface Cleaner (NOT a Jetwash!)AFTER Expe AFTER ny Compa around


Visit our Website:

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Article Regular Events

Wednesday Terminus Bowling Club, Chatsworth Road. Open every Wednesday between 10am and 11am.  Come and try your skills at crown green bowling. Informal coaching equipment provided - free - all welcome. T: Andy Hoe: 07968 161 275 Qi Gong: 10 to 11:15am. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267. Woolly Wednesdays: 10am to 12:30pm & 6:30 to 9pm - regular social crafting. For crafts that aren't messy or noisy - that gets in the way of talking & eating cakes. Contact or 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE. Nightingale Probus: 1st Wed 10am to 12 Noon at The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road, Newbold.  Activities include theatre trips, outings, lunches, walking & scrabble groups & more!  For info T: Debbie 01246 767298 or Marilyn 01246 222446. British History Class: 10:30am at Chesterfield Library. Contact Margaret Bargh for details on 01246 276800. Bereavement Support Group Drop-in Coffee Morning. 2nd Wednesday. 10:30 to 11:30am at Annunciation Church Parish Centre. Access through the car park entrance in Queen St. Chameleon UFO: (Unfinished objects) group.1pm to 4pm, £3 per session, bring your knitting, stitching, crochet or any unfinished projects. Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410. Holymoorside Craft Group: 2 to 4pm in the Committee Room, Holymoorside Village Hall. Informal, welcoming group. Any crafting such as papercraft, embroidery, knitting, sewing, drawing etc. Call: Cynthia 01246 569103. No meet Jul or Aug. Walton Women's Institute: 4th Wed 2 to 4pm at St. John's Church Centre, Walton Back Lane. Book Group, Flower Arranging, Choir and much more!  New members and visitors welcome.  Contact Lynn: 01246 209472 / Rosemary: 01246 201931. Knit & Natter: 2 to 4pm at Costa coffee opposite Wilkos and Tuesday 2 to 4pm Wetherspoons Bolsover, Pillar of Rock. No charge. All ages, all abilities, knitting and crochet, unfinished projects. Seated Exercise Class: Wish you were steadier on your feet or could walk a bit further? Improve your strength, balance and co-ordination with this NHS approved Otago class. 2.30pm Holymoorside Village Hall. £3.30 T: Jen 07757 726239. Tramway Tavern Classic Album Night. We play NME's top 100 albums of all time, all night long. There is also a mini music picture quiz, highest score wins 2 pints. Every Wednesday from 4pm. Beaver Scouts: 4:15 to 6pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. Holymoorside Tennis Club New members Welcome. Club Night 6pm and Social Tennis Sun/Tues 10am. T: 01246 566718. Cub Scouts: 6 to 7:30pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details.

Chesterfield Fairtrade Group: 3rd Wed 6.30pm in Chesterfield Town Hall. New members always welcome to help with events or attend meetings connected to promoting Fairtrade. Contact Jenie Lismore on 01246 455178.

Monkey Park Events: Walking for health group, 1:30pm Usually Last Weds of the month.

Green Drinks: 1st Wed. An opportunity for like-minded people to get together for a fun, relaxed, interesting evening once a month. Starts at 7pm location varies so please check Chesterfield.


Chesterfield and District Soroptimists: 2nd & 4th Wed at Ringwood Hall Hotel 7.30pm. For info & joining details chesterfield-and-district or T: Jean Spencer on 01246 209233.

Chesterfield Farmer's Market: Every second Thursday. For information please call Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre on 01246 345774 or visit www.visitchesterfield. info

Joan's Line Dancing: Beginners class at Hasland WM Club, Hampton Street, Chesterfield. 7:30 to 8:30pm. Admission £3. Just come along or call 0750 669 5208. Cotton Mill Club: Activity club for young adults with learning difficulties. 7 to 9pm on the last Wednesday of each month at Holymoorside United Reform Church School Room. Call: B Turner on 01246 566109. Jesterfield Juggling Club: 7 to 9pm at Walton Village Centre. All abilities - learn and share skills in all types of circus skills. £2/ week adults & £1/under 16s - welcome if accompanied by an adult. Call 07766 468 499/ E: Zumba, NEW CLASS 6pm - 7pm at St John's Church Walton S42 7LT. £5 pay as you go. For info call Lucy Burrell T: 0781 449 5088. Brampton Ladies Club: 7:15pm for 7:45pm start at Storrs Road Methodist Church. Meetings held every Wednesday during school term time with a speaker or social activity. Details 01246 272333. Free Voices Community Choir: The Friends Meeting House, Brockwell Lane - 7:15 to 9pm. We are a non-performing choir who sing for enjoyment. No need to be able to read music. Call Helen on 01246 237937 or Pelican Cycles Summer Road Ride 6:30pm star at Pelican Cycles. For more detail on pace etc please contact sales@ or call 01246767078. Brampton Best Knitters: Come and meet for knitting, crochet, other handicrafts, combined with a warm welcome and good company. £1 subs (optional). 7.30pm, Rose and Crown, 104 Old Road, Brampton. Call Suzanne on 07900 814715 for info.

Manor Band Mania @The Manor: Last Wed. Call The Manor on 01246 277760 or visit

Chesterfield Flea Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or

Village Hall Pilates: 9.15 am to 10.15 am (Term time) at Holmebrook Valley Family Centre, Holmehall. See Tuesday listing. Fit and Fab Keep Fit Class Holymoorside: A gentle exercise class to music. 9:30am to 10:30am in United Reform Church Holymoorside. All welcome. Contact Tessa on 0786 658 5575. Yoga. Mixed ability classes. Morning session 9:30-11am - £6. Evening session 7:30-9pm £33 for 6 week block. Loundsley Green Community Centre. Call Rachel Armstrong on 07792 978880 for details or rachel@ TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health and relaxation. 10am at Wingerworth Church Centre, Long Edge Lane. Contact: sharon. T: 01246 273795 Central Methodist Toddler Group: Saltergate. 10 to 11:30am (term time). In the town centre this group is ideal for a break from shopping for you & your baby/toddler. £1.50 for adult & child; 50p per extra child. Drinks & biscuits. Chameleon ​Social Crochet: 10 to 1pm, £3 per session. ​Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410. Walking Back To Healthiness: Walking group meets at 10:30am at Holmebrook Valley Park, starting points may vary. To book call Tina Hensey: 01246 345669. Rendezvous Group: 1st Thu. St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. All seniors invited for activities followed by a light lunch. 10:30am to 1:30pm. £4 to cover costs. Details phone 01246 272333. Alzheimers Society: 2nd Thu. Singing for the Brain. 2-4pm at St John's Church, Walton, Chesterfield. T: 01246 223366. Monkey Park Events: Crochet Club, 2pm

Bible Class: 7:30 to 8:30pm at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road, Chesterfield. Topics presented for study and discussion. Visit our web site www.

CAMEO (Come and meet each other) at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. 2 to 4pm on 3rd Thu. Come along and meet new friends over tea and home made cake. All are welcome. £1 Contact Hazel on 01246 236042 for more information.

Scouts: 7:30 to 9:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details

Muy Thai: Martial arts training. 6 to 7:15pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For info 07910 858267.

HoneyBelles Ladies Choir. Rehearse at 7.45pm at Holymoorside Village Hall. New members always welcome, no auditions. We sing because we enjoy it. Info; FB

Village Hall Pilates: 6 to 7 pm (Term time) at The School Room, Old Brampton. See Tuesday listing for contact details.

Monkey Park Events: Digital Photography Club. 9.30am on the 2nd Wednesday.

Ichthus Canoe Club Chesterfield: (ICCC) meet 6pm (Outdoor Spring, Summer & early Autumn) or 8pm (pool sessions late Autumn & Winter). For info email canoejmc@gmail. com, or call 01246 274021.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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Article Regular Events

Thursday St John's Ambulance Chesterfield Quad Division: Meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church during term time. Badgers and Cadets (5 to 18 year olds) from 6pm. Adults 18+ at 7:30pm. T: 01246 279132 or email Chesterfield Evening Townswomen’s Guild: 2nd Thu. Excl August - 7pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield. For further info contact the Secretary on 01246 455110.

Tramway Tavern - Beer Of Frankenstein. We take a perfectly good beer and make it awesome. We blend, dry hop, grogg and spice, just because we can. Then it's down to a vote, is it "alive" or an "abomination!" Last Thu from 6pm! Monkey Park Events: Transition Chesterfield Meeting. 2nd Thursday of the month.

Friday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info Centre on 01246 345777/8 or www.

The Rose Choir. ​Rehearsals 7​:​30​to 9​:​30pm. No auditions. Just turn up. Chesterfield Studios, Rose Hill (Term time only).​

Parent & Toddler: All welcome! 9 to 11am. Loundsley Green Community Centre. For details 07910 858267.

Embroiderers' Guild Chesterfield Branch: 1st Thu. 7-9pm at The Saints Parish Centre, St. Mary's Gate, Chesterfield, S41 7TJ. Visitors welcome, for details call 01246 275177.

TAI CHI & Qigong: Gentle exercise for health & relaxation 10am Wingerworth Church 01246 273795

Chesterfield Caledonian Badminton Club: at St Andrews United Reformed Church Hall, Newbold Road. 7 to 9pm. New adult members welcome, male and female. Contact Tony Gandy on 01246 569225. Brampton Community Band: Musicians welcome - join and play folk dance music. 7.15 to 9.15 pm at Old Hall Junior School, Old Rd. For more details, visit, email: or T: 01246 236805. Chesterfield Photographic Society: Contact the Club Secretary Brian Davis 01246 275433. Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir: Practise at Ashgate Croft School, Ashgate Road from 7:15 to 9:30pm. We put on four concerts & a choral day each year. Come & join us. Call Lynda at 01246 202694. Jam Session: Do you play an instrument? Come and play jazz with the Chesterfield Jazz Club house band? Club Chesterfield, Chester St.£4 on the door.1st Thu. 7:30pm. T: Wendy on 07764 587258. Walton Art Group: Term Time. 7.30 to 9.30 pm, meet at Walton Village Hall, Walton Back Lane. New members welcome. Phone Brenda on 01246 237481 or Rosie on 01246 568321. Holymoorside Choral Society: practise in Holymoorside from 7:30 to 9:30pm. We sing a variety of music - new members always welcome. T: Nerys Mansell on 01246 569693 for info. The North East Derbyshire Field Club: 2nd Thursday. Winter meetings – St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton at 7.30pm. Summer meetings – outings and walks. For details contact 01246 237622. Holymoorside Ladies Club: 7:45pm in Holymoorside Village Hall. Variety of speakers and activities. All welcome. Membership not necessary, just £2.50. Term time only. Call Anne 01246 566789. Village Hall Pilates: 7:45 to 8:45pm (Term time) at St Johns Church, Walton. See Tuesday listing for contact details. Chesterfield Jazz Club: Regular Jazz Night, Chesterfield Jazz Club, Chester Street, S40 1DL. For details and tickets for gigs call 07764 587 258 / 07980 491 048 or online at

Alzheimer’s Society: Carers Support Group. 2nd Fri. 10am to midday. The Pavillion, Queen’s Park. T: 01246 223366. Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Café. 4th Fri. 10am to midday. The Saints Parish Centre, St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield S41 7TJ. No December Café. For info call 01246 223366.

Saturday Chesterfield Market: Call Chesterfield Visitor Info. Centre on 01246 345777/8 or Newbold Community Football Training: Badger Playing Fields, Newbold Back Lane, S40 4HG. 9:30/11:30am. For boys & girls of all abilities. 5 to 15 yrs. FA qualified coaches, 1st aiders, drinks/ snacks. £2 T: Tim on 01246 721940 or

Muy Thai. Martial Arts training for adults 10 to 11am followed by kids 11am to midday. Bolsover T: 07910 858267. Back to Netball: Have fun and get fit with over 14s. 10 to 11am at Loundsley Green Community Centre. All ages can play if supervised. Only £2.50 per session with the first one free. Call Teresa on 0785 422 4932. Monkey Park Events: Green Teas, 2pm on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Transition Chesterfield Repair Cafe. Upstairs at Monkey Park Social Enterprise, Chester Street, S40 1DN. 2nd Saturday (Apr/Jun/ Aug/Oct/Dec) - 10am to 3pm. We'll do our best to repair and fix any item.. for free!

Yoga for People Living with Cancer: Friends Meeting House Chesterfield 11:00am to 12:30pm. For further details please contact Pauline Nunn on 0779 115 7672 or email:


Finish Off Friday: A social crafting event for people to drop-in and craft to their heart’s content 12pm-3pm every Friday - £1 per hour inc. refreshments. Contact info@ or 01246 807575. 104 Saltergate, S40 1NE.

Church Services: 9am Holy Communion & 10:45am for All Ages. Refreshments after both. St John's, Walton Back Lane.

Découpage: 1-3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre 07910 858267 for details. Knitting Group: Meetings in Cutthorpe Village Hall between 1 and 3pm. £1 per session, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch etc, come and have a cup of tea and a natter! Call Barbara Stringer on 01246 620314 or 07980 510591. 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’) Scout Group: Join the adventure for 6 to 14 year olds in the Beaver, Cub or Scout Sections. Meet Friday evenings during term time. Contact Ben Widdowson 01246 567409. Youth Club: 6 to 8pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre 07910 858267 for details. Chameleon ​Shady Ladies​​Knit and ​N​atter: 6pm 'till close, £4 per session. ​Chameleon, 420 Chatsworth Road. T: 07526 455410 Table Tennis Club - The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Road, Brampton 7.30 to 9pm . £1 incl refreshment. The Chesterfield Art Club: 2nd & 4th Fri. Whitecotes School from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Worknights, Demonstration & Critiques. Visitors welcome at £3/session. For info T: Terry 01246 416565. (Not Aug or Dec). Holymoorside Band Rehearsals: Noncontesting band. All abilities - rehearsals Mon & Fri 7:45 to 9:45pm - United Reform Church, Holymoorside. Instruments available. Enquiries@holymoorsideband. or 01246 566691/568745 Badminton: 8:15 to 9:45pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre call 07910 858267 for details. The Manor: Friday Live Music from 9pm see website for detail. Call: 01246 277760.

British Cycling Breeze Rides For women only. 3rd Sunday. Sign on at www.goskyride. com/Breeze/Index. T: 0772 588 5151.

Sunday School: 9:30 to 10:30am at Christadelphian Church 19a Sheffield Road Chesterfield. Children aged 5 years and up. Bible stories, crafts, music. Visit our web site Monkey Park Events: Breeze Ride. Short Cycle Rides for Women, Usually 1st Saturday, 10am depart. Holymoorside Bowling Club: Open Days. 11am to 1pm every 3rd Sunday during the season. Come and try crown green bowling. Free coaching given, equipment & light refreshments. All welcome. Please wear flatsoled shoes. T: Ernie Barnes 01246 568324. The Manor: Sunday Carvery 12-6pm & Live Music from 5pm. Call: 01246 277760. Sunday Lunch Club Midday to 3pm. Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road. Enjoy lunch with pudding and tea/coffee. A community project nominal charge. Check for dates - booking essential.. T: Barbara May 01246 563126. The Way at Walton Evangelical Church: 1st Sun. 3 to 4:30pm. A group for adults with learning disabilities. Join us for tea & biscuits followed by a talk & activities such as craft, drama and singing. Carers welcome. Call: 01246 231002. Southside Jazz Band: 1st Sun. The Rose & Crown between 4pm and 6pm. Gospel Hour: 6pm Christadelphian Church, Sheffield Road. Refreshments after.www. Rainbow Whist: Holymoorside Community Centre. From 7 to 9pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month. Anyone with the ability to play whist is welcome. For details contact Don on 01246 568204.

Please check before attending any event as S40 local cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listings.

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Yew Tree Drive Chesterfield S40 3NB

Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital Holme Hall Medical Centre NHS Direct The Surgery @ Wheatbridge Call 111 – when it is less urgent than 999

01246 568 065 01246 277 271 01246 211 435 08 45 46 47 01246 277 287 111

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BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

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Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport) Noble 7 ‘til 7 Emergency Car Recovery

0845 748 4950 0871 200 2233 01246 272 749


Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

101 01246 209 164 01246 231 010 0800 1111


Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S40 Local

01246 345 345 01629 533 400 01246 345 777 0800 555 111 0345 123 33 33 01629 533190 01246 568 519


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Domestic Electrician From Rewires to Extra Sockets and Lighting Inspection & Testing Part P Approved Free No Obligation Quote

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Classifieds Uppababy Vista Travel System: includes carrycot, toddler seat, rain cover, insect net, carry case for cot, car seat adapters. In good working condition. Bought in 2012 so some signs of wear and tear. £200 ONO T: 07889501719 Aquaroll Roll 30 Litre: £15 T: 0751 908 4779 Aquaroll Waste Master: £20 T: 0751 908 4779 Caravan Awning: £100 Awning Trio Mexico Brown 16 Foot. T: 0751 908 4779 Cordless Phone: £15 For hard of hearing – immaculate condition with instruction book. T: 01246 233085 (Brampton) Mountain Bikes: £55 each Gents & ladies bikes, 26'' Alloy wheels. T: 01246 203303 Exercise Machine: £30 T: 01246 203303 Pair of Sun-loungers: £15 each T: 01246 203303 Bosch Washing Machine: £150 Maxx6 washing machine, A+++, 6 kg (still under 2 year parts and labour guarantee). T: 01246 568527 (Somersall) Garden Vacuum: £25 Black & Decker Garden vacuum GW35 1800w model. Good cond. T: 01246 568911 Mini CD & DAB Radio: £20 Sainsburys with speakers, remote control and manual. Good cond. T: 01246 568911 Tyre 155R 13: £20 Brand new complete wheel ‘sabre’. Never used, kept as spare for Caravan. T: 07432 830 499 (Walton)

Various Beauty Equipment Portable White Massage Couch £65; White Beauty Stool £39; Wooden Shelved Metal Beauty Trolley £60. All in good (as new) condition. T: 01246 203303 or 0785 7582079 (Ashgate) Laura Ashley lampshade: £5 16" diameter Gold colour – new. T: 01246 568911 Duplo: £20 Large amount with zoo set and train. Good cond. T: 01246 551170 Duplo: £20 Large bucket full of brick with farm set, figures, vehicles etc. Good cond. T: 01246 551170 Red Childs Bike: £15 Two wheeler with stabilisers – adjustable height. As new suit up to age 5. Cost over £60. T: 01246 551170 ‘Hoover’ Dustette Vacuum: £20. Inc attachments ideal for home or car valeting. T: 07432 830 499 (Walton) Freezer ‘Beko’ 3.1cu ft. Frost Free: £75 Upright freezer – Model ZA95P As new. T: 07432 830 499 (Walton) TV Stand: £20 Toughened glass, 2 Shelves. T: 07432 830 499 (Walton) Various 50 Tennis Balls (used, top quality for dogs) £12; Garden netting very fine mesh used on allotments 50m x 2m: £30 & 20m x 2m £12; Shade Sail Net for UV protection still boxed 10ft triangular £17 & 10ft Quadrilateral £25. T: 01246 568280.

Treadmill: £25 Coopers Treadmill model 9373, folds up for easy storage. Battery display unit. Good condition, little usage,with instructions. T: 07535 908635 (Walton) Gas Fire: £50 Burley 'Preston' Coal Effect Electric Fire. Brass Trim. Size 610mm H x 520W x 230D. T: 01246 205301 (Ashgate) VW Golf Roof Rails (MK 4): £10 T: 01246 233590 (Walton) Set of 16 Odhams Encyclopaedias. Dated from the early 1960s. Anyone interested in please get in touch. Offers over £5. T: 01246 233590 (Walton) Various: Kids Items: Little Tikes Kids Twin Slide & Climbing Frame (rrp £280) £50; Kids 3in1 Smart Trike Black & White (Suitable for 6m-3yrs) £30; Metal Kids Twin Swings & 2 person Glider Swing only 1yr old (for ages 3-8yrs) £25; Metal Single Kids Swing (For Ages 3-8yrs) £10. T: 07720 839410 (Walton) Tevion Mini Satellite System 28208ALD £15 T: 0751 908 4779 Fiamma Leveller for caravan 1 Pair £15 T: 0751 908 4779 Sylvanian Families: £40 ONO Bundle of Sylvanian Families including school, hospital, playground and motorbike - with 14 figures and accessories. As new condition. T: 07790 492439 (Brampton) FREE: Upright Piano To a good home. Must be collected from Haslland. T: 01246 568421 (Hasland)

Raleigh Alpha Bicycle: £30 Girls - Good cond. T: 01246 568911 Hardwood Garden Furniture: £150 ono 4ft Round Dining Table, 4 Chairs with arms & 2 Reclining chairs - all folding plus chair cushions and cover. Cost over £500 hardly used. T: 01246 566422 (Walton)

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WALTON POST OFFICE Greetings Cards • Stationery ATM for most major banks Postal Services • Financial Services MoneyGram Agent Photocopying & Fax Service Foreign Currency & Travel Insurance

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Timed Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience Services JC Property Challenger of Property Co. Ltd Services Available All Types Joinery For a Free Quote Call Derek 07851460759 • Kitchen / Bathrooms • Electrical Work • Plumbing • Property Repairs • Landscaping / Fencing


• Co pro ho • An • Op • Lan • Ac

Jamie: 07940 533844 Pj: 07766 732853 Based in Chesterfield

DGW JOINERY Time Served Carpenter & Joiner 40 Years Experience All Types of Joinery Services Available For a free quote call Derek 07851 460759


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Philip Heath NCH Arb

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Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Philip Heath NCH Arb. Our Values – Our customers, 01246 568333 |803131 07800 803131 Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE 01246 568333 | 07800 ADVICE 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 01246 568333 | 07800The 803131 ADVICE Email: AND Their Trees, environment, Email: Email: Email: ESTIMATES Safety, Positive outcomes AND ESTIMATES

Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email:


Established 1913 Father & daughter family-run business 24 hour service with Private Chapel of Rest Pre-Paid Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available Tel: 01246 566592 Mob: 07831 851 639 44 Loads Road, Holymoorside, Chesterfield S41 7EU


TEL: 01246 55 88 4

20 years experience professionals professionals  20 Fully insured experience ITyears ALL STACKS UP  20 years experience  20 IT ALL STACKS UP years experience  Fully All work British Standards 3998 Fully insured insured  All work  All Responsible wood re-cycling British Standards 3998 work British Standards 3998  • 20 years experience Fully insured  Responsible wood re-cycling  Responsible Log furniturewood re-cycling  All •Renewable Fully insured worklogsBritish Standards 3998  Log  Log energy at furniture furniture Renewable logs at work • 15% Renewable energy logs Standards at wood energy Allmoisture British 3998 Responsible re-cycling 15% moisture 15% moisture Penk & Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority type offurniture hedging tree work OurAll Values – Our customers, Log It all stacks up • Our Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The environment, Our Values – Our customers,  • Wood play areaslogs & garden mulch chips forTheir Renewable energy at Safety,Trees, Positive Their Theoutcomes environment,Trees, The environment, Safety, Positive outcomes • Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture 15% outcomes moisture Safety, Positive 



Bumper Scuff & Trim Air Conditioning service & re-gas... Bumpers repaired & sprayed Alloy wheel & wheel arch scuffs Dent reduction & minor damage Plastic, vinyl & leather repairs Dash, seat & trim repairs FULLY MOBILE SERVICE with NO VAT


Call Steve on 07810 332 272 Send photo by email for quote Please mention S40 Local · Page 71

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Holymoorside Milkman Mike Wildgoose Locally produced milk, eggs, cream & yogurt.

Tel. 01246 566186 Mobile. 0797 480 1604



Paul Redfern Painting & Decorating Domestic and Commercial Insurance Work Undertaken Fully Insured Reliable & Recommended Based in Holymoorside email:

01246 279642 or 0773 436 2551

Greenlawn Greenlawn Greenlawn Garden and Landscape Services Greenlawn and Landscape Services Garden Services Garden and Landscape Complete maintenance of

Rockeries and low maintenance

of and Complete maintenance Rockeries oflow maintenance low maintenance maintenance Complete estates& Services Rockeries commercial and private gravel gardens andestates Landscape and Garden Complete maintenance private commercial estates gardens private and commercial gravel of estates gardens private and commercial gravel Winter Maintenance contracts / fortnightly Weekly • Grassand & low hedge cutting Winter MaintenanceWinter maintenance contracts ofWeekly / fortnightly maintenance Complete maintenance Rockeries Grass and hedge cutting checked - CRB OAP discounts& Garden tidy ups • Turfing, seeding planting cutting and hedge Grass Maintenance Winter checked OAP discounts - CRB Weekly / fortnightly contracts estates commercial and gardens private gravel Garden tidy ups Drives and patios cleaned ups Garden tidy Weed control &Drives trees cutcleaned • DrivesOAP & patios cleaned and patios Grass and hedge CRB checked -Trader discounts Winter Maintenance seeding and planting Turfing,cutting contracts Weekly / fortnightly Turfing, seeding and planting Garden Trusted Trader A Derbyshire design & newA Derbyshire build Trusted specialists Weed control and trees cut ups tidyspecialists Garden cut trees control Weed patios cleaned and cutting hedge andand Grass checked - CRB OAP discounts Artifical grass • Soft andDrives hard landscapers 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round Supply & fit Decking, fencing & block pavingTrader planting seeding and Turfing, Trusted Derbyshire ups tidy Garden cleaned andApatios Drives AND GARDEN CARE LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE CARE AND LANDSCAPE AFFORDABLE Removal of waste Tel: 01246 701 452 cut A Derbyshire treesGARDEN and control Weed planting and seeding Turfing, Trusted Trader 349 622 07545 MOBILE 385 203 01246 TEL Mobile: 07545 622 349 MOBILE 07545 622 349 01246 203 TEL Timber &7 385 treesAcut control and Weed WEB Days Week Service All Year Round WEB

concrete posts 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round


Fencing Services Greenlawn Greenlawn Garden and Landscape Services Greenlawn

MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 MOBILE 07545 622 349 WEB385 TEL 01246 203 WEB

Garden and Landscape Services

• For all your fencing needs Services and Landscape Garden of Complete maintenance Rockeries and low maintenance • Timber Winter Maintenance contracts Weekly / fortnightly estates and commercial private gravel gardens of low maintenance maintenance and Complete Rockeries Grass and hedge cutting • Concrete Plynth & Posts OAP discounts - CRB checked estates commercial private andWinter gravel gardens Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts Garden tidy ups Drives and patios cleaned • Supply and Fit planting Maintenance Turfing, seeding and Winter contracts A Derbyshire Weekly / fortnightly cutting hedgeTrader and Trusted Grass - CRB checked discounts OAP • Old fencing removed Weed control and trees cut Grass and hedge checked - CRB tidy ups Gardencutting patios cleaned and Drives Tel: OAP discounts 01246 701 452 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round ups Garden tidy cleaned and patios Drives07545 planting seeding andMobile: Turfing, Trusted Trader A Derbyshire 622 349 AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPE AND GARDEN CARE

Complete maintenance of private and commercial estates

Rockeries and low maintenance gravel gardens

planting Turfing, seeding and trees cutA Derbyshire Trusted Trader control Weed and MOBILE 07545 622 349 Weed control and trees cut

TEL 01246 203 385

WEB 7 Days A Week Service All Year Round

7 Days A Week Service All Year Round


MOBILE 07545 622 349

• Slate Tiling Garden and Landscape • Flat Roofing Services • Guttering/Fascias • Repairs Complete maintenance of Rockeries and low maintenance gardens private and commercial estates • Chimney Stack/Pointing • 25gravel Years Experience Winter Maintenance Weekly / fortnightly contracts • Leadwork • Free Quotes Grass and hedge cutting


OAP discounts - CRB checked

01246 566419

Garden tidy ups

Turfing, seeding and planting

Drives and patios cleaned A Derbyshire Trusted Trader

Mobile: 07941 593483

Weed control and trees cut


7 Days A Week Service All Year Round


Damp or condensation problems? • Damp coursing MOBILE 07545 622 349 TEL 01246 203 385 WEB

• Wet Rot/ Dry Rot • Cellar tanking • Wall tie replacements • Condensation solutions • Woodworm infestations

Tel: 01246 411 567 Mob: 07798 933 011 Email:



Call us for a Fast Free Quote Trailer and Towbar Specialists since 1997. Local High Quality Service. Find us at: Unit 60, M1 Commerce Park Markham Lane, Chesterfield S44 5HS Accessories Shop · Now doing number plates.

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5 5


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1 3 8 2 9 7

Last month’s solution below.

4 6














































4 8 7








































8 1 9

Fill in the grid so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9, with no repetition.


5 2


1 5

5 8


Blueflame Free boiler service when taking out an annual service plan with their advert. Car Air Con Air-con service/regas just £40. Call Steve on 07810 332272. Catherine Jade Beauty LVL Lashes £40; Dermalogica Facial £30 and Gel Nails £17. Chesterfield Hyponotherapy 20% off all hyponoitherapy sessions during May. Discover Bathrooms Extra discounts for NHS and Emergency Services Staff.

Hello Blinds 3 Vertical Blinds, only £99 including Fitting. iDeal Carpets Free underlay, gripper, door bar and delivery. Jones & Co Independent Financial Advice Free Consultation. Ovenfresh Your first oven clean from £35. Polar Windows Fantastic Offers, see advert.

NOTE: This section only provides the highlights. Contact the business for full details. Where offers have terms and conditions these will be stated in the businesses’ adverts or can be discussed directly with the business making the offer. S40 Local accept no responsibility for any errors in the listings.

Princes Sports Club Open Weekend Limited Offers on day Passes and membership deals. Strada Sell your home with their internet package from £395. The Fox & Goose Free bottle of Prosecco when four dine from the Fish menu on Bank Holidays.


CROSSWORD For a chance to win ÂŁ20 in Cash, send in your completed Crossword to us by Monday 16 May. If we receive more than one correct crossword, the winner will be chosen at random. If you don't want to spoil your lovely copy of S40, then you can print one off from www., and send it to us at S40 Local, Studio 1, West Studios, Sheffield Road, S41 7LL, or take a photo/scan it and email it to






















1. Painting of retired schoolteacher (3,6) 6. Support for part of South American country (3)




8. Lady matriarch seen near Trafalgar Square (9,4) 10. Undo new stray (7) 11. Child and stream perhaps (5) 13. She is seventh in the year (4) 14. German man is a woman reportedly (4) 18. He or She shows kindness almost (5) 20. Discharge could be split up and turned into an argument (7) 21. Maybe greyhound tracks as opposed to racecourses are current challenges (5,8)



Name: Email:

Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.

3. I learn and secure a boost (9) 4. In Spain it led too (6)

Last month’s answers below.

5. King in Spain (3) 6. Impossible if it is too high (3) 7. Yes, Hal has changed his name (6) 9. Good for stopping and looking fit (3)

24. Pete and useless (3)

11. Latin dice is a ringer (9)

25. View outside shop is illuminating (9)

12. Racing away without clothes (9)


16. I managed around and imitated (6)

15. Stepped and shaped (6)

1. Not clearly obvious (6)

17. Little room if you fail in court (6)

2. Mother and child stick on bread (6,3)

19. Tune found in dairy (3) 22. No big bust is strange (3) 23. Time management system (1,1,1)

Page 74







E 8








































































I 20








S 22



G 10




O 19




S 12




O 21




H 24



E 18



O 16


B 11



Please mention S40 Local 路 Page 75

• Top quality at affordable prices. • Expert advice and personal service guaranteed. • Family run business. • Complete design, supply, planning and installation service. • All the work is undertaken by our own, expert, time served craftsman.

456 Derby Road, Chesterfield S40 2EU. 139 Moorland View Road, Chesterfield S40 3DD. Page 76

01246 271727 01246 224114

73 - May 2016  

The May edition of S40 Local, featuring the Battle of Chesterfield Celebration, 750 years on.

73 - May 2016  

The May edition of S40 Local, featuring the Battle of Chesterfield Celebration, 750 years on.