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The community magazine for Ashgate, Brushfield, Brockwell, Cutthorpe, Highfield, Linacre, Loundsley Green, Piccadilly and Upper Newbold

ISSUE 40 May 2023
Cover image: Laura Dye

Editors letter

Hello, you are currently reading the May edition of S41 Local Magazine, I am sure you already knew that!

Today is my birthday (22nd of April) which means I am in a particularly good mood. So far, I have had breakfast in bed, some new tennis trainers, chocolate, a Steven Bartlett personal growth diary (Bekah is trying to tell me something) and watched the tennis highlights on YouTube. I have had worse mornings!

I have now lived in Chesterfield for precisely 44 years. This got me thinking, why not ask artificial intelligence chatbot, Chat GPT, for reasons to live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and if they are good, I’ll stay a bit longer.

'Chesterfield has a distinctive character with unique sites to explore, such as the famous crooked spire of St Mary and All Saints Church, the Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery, and the Revolution House.

It has a vibrant market that dates back to the 12th century and offers a variety of goods and services, from fresh produce and flowers to antiques and crafts.

It has a convenient location that allows easy access to the Peak District National Park, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, and Manchester by road or rail.

It has a rich cultural and sporting heritage, with venues such as the Pomegranate Theatre, the Winding Wheel Centre, and the football stadium.

It has a strong sense of community and civic pride, with events such as Eat in the Park, and the Chesterfield in Bloom competition.'

Based on this I have decided to stay a bit longer. Splendid work, AI.

I caught up with my old tennis friends recently from Queen's Park Tennis Club where I used to play and coach over food and drinks at Einstein's. One of them was full of praises for the magazine.

"I love the events pages; I circle all the things I want to do for the month, so I am never bored.”

It’s nice to know I am not the only who does this. Thanks for the feedback and top tip, Baz.

Anyway, that’s your lot from me. Have a flick through and get circling.

Peace, love and positivity

Simon, Bekah, Eva and Florie

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He held your hand when you learned to walk.

He held you upright as you pedalled alone. His taxi awaits your call.

He’s always there for you.

Time for a little thank you.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

• • •
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Laura Dye

Images, style & books

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Laura Dye

Laura Dye is our cover photographer for this edition; she’s lived in Chesterfield all her life and has a passion for taking a slightly off camber look at the normal, or even the mundane, and making it look interesting.

Thanks to Laura for taking time away from her fulltime admin job to meet up at West Studios and talk life and photos.

"I’ve always enjoyed photography; my partner is a photographer and has encouraged me to indulge myself," says Laura.

I first met Laura through Laura Jo at Adorn Jewellers, Laura had taken a product photo that we used in Adorn’s advert and was quite excited when her image appeared in S40 Local and online. I took a browse of Laura’s beautiful Instagram account and suggested we meet up for a chat.

Laura also runs a local book club, with her friend Hannah, which is going from strength to strength.

"It’s through the book club that I met Laura Jo," says Laura. “She asked if I’d do some product shots, and has asked me to go back and do some spring images. I’ve also worked with Matt at Ginspired to get some images together for him.

"I’ve loved working with the two businesses, their approach to their work fits with my style of photography.

"I really enjoy trying to capture a moment in time, perhaps adding romance to the image somehow, as I've said, trying to make the mundane interesting. I love nature, it inspires me, my photos used for the book club are carefully staged, most have a natural feel to them. I like to place the book in the centre of a stage."

Laura’s Instagram feeds are cleverly stylised, many of her product-based images create a scene, a moment, something visually interesting within the confines of a small space, something that catches the eye. "I suppose it was during lockdown that this became a focus for me, we were all trapped at home so creating these images was great fun.

"I love to go for a coffee, sit for a while and then capture the feel of the place. I find that by being still for a moment, I feel the sense of calm and can better capture that moment."

Laura admits to not being attracted to the techie side of photography, it’s much more about the composition, whether the image is taken on her phone or larger format DSLR camera. She also likes to get results and surprisingly says she’s not that patient! She is keen to encourage all of us to pick up our phones and capture moments.

"I've done a number of business photoshoots for Adorn, Ginspired and Luna & Willow Candle Co. I met Laura Jo from Adorn at the book club, which I run with Hannah, from Luna & Willow. I like the way the book club has created links, relationships and has developed its own community," explains Laura. "We all love Chesterfield and are passionate about showcasing the best that town has to offer, and the independent businesses within it."

"At the club meets we feature products from independent businesses, we make recommendations to each other suggesting perfect for gifts for Valentines for instance. It’s about encouraging people to think more locally and visit the shops in and around town."

The book club has over 20 members and meets regularly at Chandlers. "It started in August 2022, many of my friends felt a bit lonely after COVID and I just wanted to get a small group together as the Winter months approached.

"It’s been great to establish the group and see people coming along for our meetings, it’s a relaxed comfortable place to spend a few hours."

Laura has also dabbled with blog writing so maybe we can hope for text to accompany her images? I asked about her favourite image. "I love flowers, each image must have a strong sense of subject. A picture I really love was taken in a pub garden whilst we were in Lindisfarne. It’s just part of the View. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with a scene, but underwhelmed with the resulting photo - focus on one part of it and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve."

I’m looking forward to following Laura’s progress, her Instagram feeds deliver a romantic snippet of the life around us.

x.thepomegranatebookclub x.laurajanephotography x.lovelanguage Cover Art Page 6 www.s41local.com
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"It's easy to be overwhelmed with a scene but how often are we under whelmed with the result"

Huge Spring offers


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Barre & Yoga... What's that then?

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Amy Gear

Fancy getting fit, increasing flexibility, and building strength? Amy Gear at Chesterfield Barre & Yoga might just be able to help. I popped in for a chat at her new (ish) studio at 622 Chatsworth Road (the studio space above Londis) and to learn a bit about Barre & Yoga.

"Barre is a fun, full body workout suitable for all levels of ability and no dance experience is required!

"We use light weights mixed with high repitations to get our muscle to absolute fatigue and experience the much loved Barre Burn.

"Barre is dynamic, empowering, strong and low impact, meaning it's great for the hips, shoulders and spine.

"We work at our own pace and rest when we need to, gone are the days of boring, rigid, perfectionist, inaccessible workouts.

"Our yoga classes consist of either Vinyasa Yoga or Yin Yoga, again both suitable for all levels of ability depending on what you want to achieve out of your class.

"Vinyasa Yoga is an active style of yoga that matches movement and breath together. You'll work into standing and seated poses to challenge your strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. You'll also work towards a calmer state of mind.

"Yin Yoga is more of a slower practice but it can still be very intense, you'll use your own body weight and props to experience longer holds (3 to 5 minutes) in an all floor based sequence, applying a gentle pressure to the target areas, usually the hips and spine. This pressure will increase over time, it is when this pressure is released that the healing qualities of yin are absorbed into the body, shifting stuck, stagnant energy and working into the joints, ligaments and tendons making them stronger.

"This is a really great body maintenance practice." Amy runs classes seven days a week, check out her online timetable for details. Right now, she is offering 3 classes for £15 which allows you to book sessions for three weeks running to give it a go.

"Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before, we don’t expect people to be amazing from day one but are here to help you progress, to tailor things to your abilities and long term to see results in your flexibility and strength.

"If you’re interested to see what we do, book a session, come along, and give it a try. We’ll make you welcome and I’m sure we’ll see you back again."


Business Intro Page 10 www.s41local.com
*BARRE *YIN YOGA *VINYASA & PREGNANCY YOGA & YOGA BARRE S T U D I O I N T R O CHESTERFIELD O F F E R 3 C L A S S E S 622 Chatsworth Rd. S40 3JX chesterfield.barre.yoga.studio chesterfield.barre.yoga.studio Get Strong Get Results Feel Empowered Love Your Workouts £ 1 5 Page 11 Please Mention S41 Local

How can we create connectedness and belonging in our neighbourhoods?

To tackle loneliness and isolation we need a flourishing of neighbourhood based groups, projects, events and activities, that can create connectedness and belonging.

Connectedness Workshops

 Exploring what loneliness and isolation means.

 Sharing ideas on how to create connectedness.

 Building a supportive network of neighbourhood organisers.

Happening throughout the year, in various locations. Free

Next dates

Clay Cross

Wednesday 3rd May 2023 10-12.30pm

The Hub at Gladstone Buildings, Broadleys, Clay Cross S45 9JN


Saturday 13th May 2023 10-12.30pm

The Hub @ Low Pavement, No 61 New Square, S40 1PA

Book a place by emailing James: james@dva.org.uk

CONNECTED is a project that supports anyone who is organising something where they live. Find out more...

 Visit our website: www.feelingconnected.org.uk

 Join the conversation on facebook: @FeelingConnectedDVA.

Join us if...

 You are passionate about bringing people together.

 You have an idea and want support to get started.

 You are already organising a community activity or event.

 You are just thinking about getting involved locally.

 You have experience to share and support to offer.

CONNECTED in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire

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Cycle Chesterfield

Chesterfield Cycling Festival 2 to 10 June 2023

Cycle Chesterfield are a group of about 200 members who have a love of cycling, some are activists, some commuters, some are racers, some just ride with the kids every now and then, but what they do is act as an advocacy group to improve cycling infrastructure across the town. They were previously the Chesterfield Cycle Campaign but recently rebranded. The group have been active in suggesting and championing the East West Cycle route that will see dedicated cycling infrastructure running from the junction of Holymoor Road and Chatsworth Road right through town to the hospital. Work has started, and much of the infrastructure is already in place, such as the bridge linking the paths behind Ravenside Retail Park to the Railway Station. During this phase we'll see new sections

of the two way lane along Chatsworth Road and the path through Somersall Park/Walton Dam. Once complete it will enable cyclists and pedestrians to move around in a traffic free, and safer environment, and thankfully, provide a much cleaner less muddy route across the park and dam!

To coincide with national Bike Week from 3 to 11 June this year, the group are excited to announce Chesterfield's first ever Festival of Cycling. The aim is to encourage more people to get out on their bikes for essential or leisure journeys. One element of this will be promoting and exploring some of the excellent cycle routes around Chesterfield giving people who are keen to get on their bikes information and confidence to find these traffic free routes.

at the Chatsworth Road Festival 2013

Check out cyclinguk.org/bikeweek for information about bike week, they also have a number of challenges; burn 100 calories by cycling, there's a chart showing you what you'll need to do based on your weight etc; save £100 by cycling to work, or build up to a big challenge and cycle 100 miles. Back in Chesterfield, if you want to get involved with Cycle Chesterfield, membership is just £5 for an adult, £10 for a family (two adults and two children). If you're a rider and would like to assist on any of the planned rides, or have an idea for another ride to add to the programme please get in touch. You could volunteer to lead a ride, be a joint leader, act as back marker, or just come along to share your knowledge and interest in our area.

If you are interested in helping please contact Martin Farr at rides@cyclechesterfield.org in the next couple of weeks.

A copy of the provisional programme is shown on the right, and look out for times and more details on social media.




Chesterfield Cycling Festival

Fri 12 & Sat 13 May

• Cycling display & information in the Pavements shopping centre

Fri 2 June

• Adapted cycling - Queen's Park

• Friday night ride

Sat 3 June

• Dr Bike free repairs - Queen's Park

• Five Pits Trail ride

• Bicycle film night

Sun 4 June

• Art Trail ride

Mon 5 June

• Holmebrook Valley ride with chip shop stop

Wed 7 June

• Dr Bike free repairs - Langer Field

Sat 10 June

• 40 mile loop ride

Sun 11 June

• Dr Bike free repairsHollingwood Hub

Sun 2 July

• Ben Vernon Charity Ride

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All offers advertised are only available on selected developments and plots, and are subject to standard terms and conditions. There is no cash alternative and St. Modwen Homes reserve the right to withdraw any of the advertised offers at any time. Prices and details are correct at the time of send. Images are for illustration purposes only. *Part Exchange is available on selected development and plots only, and is subject to our standard terms and conditions. Part Exchange is not available with any other offer and can be withdrawn at any time. You will have a guaranteed buyer, as long as you fit the eligibility criteria. Full terms and conditions are available on our website https://stmodwenhomes.co.uk/terms-conditions/ House to sell? Let us make it easy for you with Part Exchange. We’re your guaranteed buyer - so you can sell with ease No risk of broken chains - so your sale won’t get held up No middleman - so you can say goodbye to estate agent fees 3 & 4 bedroom homes from £264,995 Egstow Park, Clay Cross, S45 9FN Visit our Homebuyer Hub or call 0330 058 6510 stmodwenhomes.co.uk Page 17 Please Mention S41 Local

GR Glazing

Celebrates 10 years in business

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: GR Glazing

Ten years ago, three events took place; King Richard’s the 3rd's remains were found under a car park in Leicester, Alex Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United and Gareth Richards started GR Glazing! I caught up with Gareth over lunch at the Olde House Pub to find out more about the man who has fitted more windows than I’ve had power naps, and that’s a lot. After leaving school Gareth joined the army as a Royal Engineer, where he developed a strong technical skillset and grew into a disciplined and ambitious young man. Leaving the forces Gareth sourced a job curtain walling, completing an NVQ and honing his skills and trade.

"Originally, I was fabricating in the factory and then an opportunity came up to do an NVQ and go out fitting. I’ve never been one to pass up an opportunity, so I jumped at the chance. I did a couple of years as a fitter and then went to work with a friend who'd set up his own business fitting windows," says Gareth.

Travelling up and down the country meant less time with his family, so he decided to set up his own, local business.

"After a few years, I thought, you know what, I'm going to make a run at it myself. I was working

long hours up and the down the country and wanted to see more of Maizie (Gareth and Sarah’s first child) so I asked Sarah what’s in the bank. She said 'about two and a half grand.' I said right, I am going to buy a van, went on eBay and bid on a Ford Jumbo for 14 hundred quid, and won it. When I realised, I had to collect it from Cornwall, I wasn’t that happy I won!" laughs Gareth.

In his new van that only took him seven hours to drive home, Gareth Launched GR Glazing.

"To pay the bills I started subcontracting a few days per week whilst GR Glazing was still growing. It took a good couple of years before I was able to go it alone. To any young un’s reading this, success doesn’t happen overnight, keep plugging away day after day and eventually, it will come," assures Gareth.

Gareth has a natural rapport with people, he’s good a talker and a great laugh. Most of his business comes from word of mouth, and recommendations from his previous customers. He has no salespeople, relying on his solid reputation to bring in the work. His wife Sarah does the paperwork, invoicing, tax, plans the jobs and keeps Gareth's spending in check! Together they make an effective team.

Business News Page 18 www.s41local.com

Ten years is a long time to be in business Gareth, what changes have you noticed in the industry? "We are doing a lot more building work since ‘permitted development’ came in. People can have, essentially, what is an extension on the back of their homes depending on floor plans and space available. This is a shift from conservatory’s which can be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We are building modern, clean structures that are flooded with light and used all year round, great for people who are looking to 'improve, don’t move'," advises Gareth. Keen to know more about Gareth’s entrepreneurial journey I asked Gareth what has been his biggest challenge to date? "Obviously Covid was tough for all of us. We had to rely on doing outside work such as fascias and soffits following the regulations and guidelines, but the biggest challenge was setting up a showroom. Using it to store stock, sell from and be onsite working was just too much. In the end, we closed it. Keeping our costs down and things simple means we can offer the best products and service at a great price because our overheads are low," says Gareth. When Gareth isn’t working, he loves nothing more than spending time with his girls.

"Maizie and Minnie love football, both girls playing in the Hasland Junior teams. Minnie is a goalkeeper just like her dad was before he got old! All they want to do is play football which I love. Like most parents, my free time is spent ferrying the kids about to classes and practice. I wouldn’t have it any other way," smiles Gareth.

I asked Gareth what’s been the highlights of the past ten years? "It has to be marrying my wife at the Crooked Spire with my two girls Maizie and Minnie there."

What a wonderful way to end the conversation and it tells us everything we need to know about Gareth and GR Glazing.

For a free quote, chat or advice you contact Gareth at GR Glazing on:

T: 07549 512546

E: office@grglazing.co.uk GR Glazing

www.grglazing.co.uk GR Glazing 2 Regent Gardens, Canal Wharf Chesterfield S41 7NR T: 07549 512516 E: office@grglazing.co.uk
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Derbyshire Open Arts

27 to 29 May 2023

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Derbyshire Open Arts

Over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May artists across Derbyshire will again come together in destinations across the county to exhibit their work and share their passion for art in locations from front rooms to church halls, and it makes an enjoyable and unique way to spend some time over the long weekend.

The event is in its 16th year and sees 208 artists displaying their work in 72 venues across Derbyshire.

The closest is a group of ten artists displaying their work at Holymoorside Village Hall where the team will offer reasonably priced refreshments for charity. There is also a smaller group in the United Reform Church across the road and one artist in their own studio in Holymoorside. There will also be exhibits from a number of artists at West Studios, Sheffield Road.

Sarah Parkin, Holymoorside, co-ordinatior, provided the list of people exhibiting this year at the Village Hall.

• Jerry Daniels - Photography (1 Wallpaper)

• Susan Dodds (2 Sea Scape)

• Peter Gill (3 Stanage)

• Jo Keogh

• Caroline McFarlane (4 Bandsman)

• Sarah Parkin (5 Peak Tor in snow)

• Trudy Roe (6 Coasters)

• Valda Sampson (7 Trees)

• Alison Smith (8 Silver jewellery)

• William Vaudin (9 Herman Rickety)

Open hours 10am to 5pm over the three days and there is full disabled access at Holymoorside Village Hall, Holymoor Road, Holymoorside S427DX.

You can obtain a full run down of the artists and venues from the website below.


For more details please contact Sarah Parkin, Holymoorside coordinator, on 07957 484977.

Exhibitions Page 20 www.s41local.com
Page 21 Please Mention S41 Local

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: Adobe Stock

Asbestos can feel scary but it doesn’t need to be, not if you have the correct measures in place. Prior to purchasing our current property, we contacted the team at Derbyshire Asbestos Control as we knew that the property had Artexed ceilings that could contain asbestos.

When I contacted Derbyshire Asbestos Control about testing the Artexed ceilings they were nothing short of brilliant. A P402-qualified surveyor went out the following working day to the property and explained everything to the current property owners, setting their minds at rest. They delicately took small samples from each of the ceilings, being extra careful not to leave a visible trace. Within a couple of days, they got back to us with the lab results, and we were pleased to hear that there was no asbestos present. We were then able to go ahead and purchase the property, safe in the knowledge that no asbestos was in our beautiful new home.

I recently caught up with Matthew Hannan one of the directors of Derbyshire Asbestos Control as I was keen to learn more about the dangers of asbestos, and how to manage and remove it. Chatting with Matt I learnt that there are three types of asbestos; blue, brown, and white all found in the UK. One of which was still being installed in properties as late as 1999 and can be lurking anywhere in the home from floor tiles to light switches and ceilings. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious illnesses such as pulmonary hypertension, malignant mesothelioma and even lung cancer.

I asked Matt why Asbestos was so commonly used as a building material? “Asbestos, before we understood the dangers, was a product widely used for its strength, flexibility, durability and was cheap to manufacture on a large scale. Sadly, we now know the true cost of the product,” says Matt.

Page 22 www.s41local.com

So, how many buildings in Chesterfield could potentially contain asbestos? “Any building built before 1999 might contain Asbestos and all commercial buildings must have an asbestos management plan,” states Matthew. Ok, so let’s say I have just started a small business and obtained some premises and I contact you, what happens next? “We come out and complete a desktop study and work out the age of the building to anticipate what we may come across, so we have the right equipment on site etc. If you are refurbishing the property, you will need a refurbishment survey by law. We will enter the property, take samples, and send them off to the lab. We then produce a full survey report, with UKAS lab results including material and risk assessments, we will give you recommendations and actions based on the findings to suit your legal and financial requirements. We will then create or update your asbestos management plan to mitigate risk based on your removals plan. With you following the asbestos management plan you will be able to keep the risk to minimal,” say Matt confidently.

I asked Matt, how do you know if you have asbestos in your home? “A little knowledge is dangerous, and it is too difficult to tell by looking at things such as plasterboard, floor tiles etc. We say if in doubt, have it tested, asbestos was used in the construction of millions of properties with the boom being between 1945 and 1999. If your property is Victorian it is less likely to contain asbestos than a house built in the 70s to 80s, having said that, you did the right thing getting yours tested as there had been work carried out in the property in the 80s," says Matt.

How long have you been working in the Asbestos industry? “Between us (the directors) we have over 21 years' experience, are fully insured and have a Waste carriers' licence. We have seen and done it all and we absolutely love what we do. I sleep very

well at night knowing that the work we do has a positive impact on the people and local businesses in Chesterfield,” say Matt.

If somebody is concerned that they may have asbestos in their home or business, what should they do? “Just give us a call. We don’t charge anything for a chat or advice and would love to hear from you,” says Matt.

Do you take on any size property or client? “We assess and manage asbestos in buildings as small as garages and as a big as schools. We also conduct land surveys, testing soil for asbestos. We take on any and every job as morally and ethically it is the right thing to do,” says Matt.

If you need any advice and/or guidance on anything asbestos related, please don’t hesitate to contact Derbyshire Asbestos Control using the details below.

T: 01246 903446

E: admin@asbestos-control.com



Page 23 Please Mention S41 Local

Gift To Help

Words: Paul Chapman

Image: The Cheese Factor

The Cheese Factor join a simple scheme to help out those less fortunate.

At times things can feel a little depressing, but a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Earlier this year Leanne, partner of Simon Davidson from The Cheese Factor in the marketplace, saw a facebook post as she scrolled. It was about a pay forward initiative that allowed people to 'gift' a hot drink or sandwich to someone in need, and it struck a chord with the pair of them. They sprang into action and 'Gift To Help' was born, it allows people to easily 'gift' a coffee or sandwich etc and people in need can call in to The Cheese Factor when they need a warm drink or food and pick up one for free - no questions. It was during the recent cold spell, and Simon and the team loved the idea and started thinking about a soft launch and gentle roll out… until market neighbour Ed Fordham posted that he donated food and drink to those in need on a particularly cold night.

The Cheese Factor decided to put plans in motion immediately and created a simple flyer and set about their launch. Destination Chesterfield and the Derbyshire Times got hold of the story and things escalated very quickly.

“Gift to Help has been so well received,” says Simon. “People can buy a voucher which we put behind the counter for anyone to come in and claim a warm drink or a sandwich, they can also take a voucher or token and hand it to someone they know who might benefit. The tokens have no monetary value, they can only be exchanged in store for food and drinks.”

“Response has been fantastic, and we’re pleased to offer a simple scheme that can help those

less fortunate than ourselves. I know Monkey Park in Brampton offer a similar scheme and it’s something that has crossed the Atlantic, starting in the coffee shops of the Canada and the USA.”

In addition, Simon has been chatting to freelance videographers Shreya Jha and Brandan Lansbury, who have made a short film which highlights some of the issues faced by homeless people in Chesterfield. Scan the QR code below to see the film.

Thanks from the team at S40 Local to The Cheese Factor for helping make a difference and also to Shreya and Brandan for their informative film.

Gift to Help! We have started an initiative where you can buy a drink, sandwich or a treat for someone in need. Just ask to buy a ‘Gift to Help’. 10 Market Hall • Chester eld S40 1AR | T: 01246 201203 | M: 07970 281717 | www.cheese-factor.co.uk | cheesefactorchester eld
News Page 24 www.s41local.com
www.cheese-factor.co.uk 10 Market Hall • Chester eld S40 1AR T: 01246 201203 | M: 07970 281717 E: sales@cheese-factor.co.uk the cheese factor... we`re much more than just cheese! Although we love it so much, we do have over 130 to ‘cheese’ from! We also sell olives, fresh bread, pork pies, pastries, pickles & relishes, honey, snacks... Sandwiches & drinks to go... A selection of wines & beers. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best local, French & continental products. Chesterfield’s best loved, family owned & run cheesemonger. H EDLEY’S LANDSCAPE S Any Gardening Work Undertaken • No Job Too Small Call Steve or Gareth on 0789 187 3820 Or 01246 230493 (evenings) Page 25 Please Mention S41 Local

200 Years of History

Rose Hill United Reformed Church (URC)

Words: Liz Frear

Images: Rose Hill URC

At the end of May 2023, the congregation at Rose Hill United Reformed Church will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the opening of the building on the corner of Rose Hill and Soresby Street. It was on 29 May 1823 that the Independent (Non-Conformist) congregation held the first service in their new chapel on Soresby Street.

They moved from the small Blue Meeting House chapel in Frogatt's Yard off Low Pavements (now demolished) where they had worshiped since 1788. As their numbers had increased, a plot of land had been purchased from Joshua Jebb of Walton and the first stone was laid on 6 September 1822. The total cost of the land and building was £1403 (around £228,066 today) and included two school rooms, a vestry and a small burial ground.

It is now a landmark, Grade 2 listed building on Rose Hill which has been extended and developed over the years. While the outside of the main building remains almost unchanged the changes inside have reflected it’s 200 year history. As numbers expanded in the 19th century, a balcony was added in 1834 and by 1851 there was seating for 560 people and it was enlarged again in 1860, with separate Sunday School premises opened in Marsden Street. In 1872 the chapel was renamed Soresby Street Congregational Church.

In 1956 a major extension saw the addition of the Eastwood Memorial Hall on the west side of the chapel which provided a large hall, kitchen and several meeting rooms used for the Sunday

School as the premises in Marsden Street were sold. This part of the site is now leased to Chesterfield Studios and houses the Rose Theatre and a flourishing dance and drama centre.

As the size of the congregation fell in the 20th century the balcony was removed and major internal changes were made after Soresby Street merged with Brampton Congregational and Avenue Road chapels in 1967. In 1972 the merged churches became part of the United Reformed Church known as Rose Hill URC. In more recent years many changes were made to adapt the church building to give easier access and use for community as well as worship purposes.

Chesterfield Civic Society have arranged a blue plaque to commemorate the church’s history and a special celebration service will be held on Sunday 28 May. From Thursday 25 May, when the Mayor of Chesterfield will open a Flower Festival, the church will be open to the public until Spring Bank Holiday Monday 29 May.

Sadly, Sunday 3 September will see the Final Service to be held at Rose Hill URC as the church will be closing as it requires more extensive, expensive repairs to its roof than can be afforded. After which the fate of the building, is uncertain.

Rose Hill United Reformed Church

22 Soresby Street

Chesterfield S40 1JN rosehillurc

Page 26 www.s41local.com

We are following health and safety guidelines with procedures in place and using PPE for each appointment.

Professional Ear Wax Removal

We offer effective ear wax removal services using specialist equipment to gently remove wax from the ear canal.


Visit the Chesterfield Hearing Practice to arrange your 7-10 day FREE evaluation period.

Trial a choice of new hearing aids prior to purchase, ensuring you make the correct decision for you.

Our audiologists are trained in three different methods; manual removal, micro-suction and irrigation.


Contact Philip for a no obligation quote 01246 222194 enquiries@newboldbedrooms.co.uk Unit 5 • Dock walk Boythorpe • Chester eld newboldbedrooms.co.uk Newbold bedrooms New life for old bedrooms! 114 REFLECTIONS 114 November 2018 THE DIRECTORY REFLECTIONS NOV 18.indb 114 Book a FREE consultation today at home or our surgery Tel: 01246 901250 Email: advice@chesterfieldhearing.co.uk 19, Market Hall, Market Place, Chesterfield. S40 1AR www.chesterfieldhearing.co.uk
Hearing Care from a family business with over 50 years experience.
the Oticon More™ Life ChangingTechnology! PLEASE NOTE
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Chesterfield’s Whit Walk is Back!

Monday 29 May

After an enforced absence of three years, Chesterfield churches’ colourful Spring Bank Holiday Monday Procession of Witness is on again. Bands are booked and preparations are underway.

This year’s theme, following the Coronation earlier in the month will be “King of Kings”.

The event will begin at 9:45 am with an open-air service on Rose Hill. The Walk is scheduled to commence around 10:15 am led by the Mayoral party. This year, the route has been changed to bring the event to a wider audience, through the Market Place and along Vicar Lane, returning to the town hall via Burlington Street and High Street for the closing ceremony. Rose Hill URC church will be open for refreshments.

In the church calendar, Whitsuntide is the festival that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit in power upon the disciples of Jesus at the Jewish feast of Pentecost. Their subsequent witness for Christ spread throughout the known world. The Procession is a symbolic “going out into the world” by the local churches in memory of the event that was, in essence, the birth of the Christian Church.

The Walk is held on Spring Bank Holiday Monday because it is the nearest British public holiday to Whitsuntide. This year it happens to fall on the 29 May, which coincides with the weekend of both the festival and the 200th anniversary of the URC church at Rose Hill which has supported the event since the Walk began 173 years ago. After two years of Covid and a further year with no Bank Holiday Monday at all, it is good to be able to celebrate again and bring a little hope and happiness to dispel some of the gloom of recent times.

Words: David Botham (President of Christian Education, Chesterfield)

Bee Squared

Words: David Stanners

Did you know that 90% of bees in the UK are solitary bees? This means that they don’t have a hive to return to and so to keep going they need to ‘refuel’ via nectar-producing flowers every few metres.

Bees are vital to life as we know it. They provide an essential service, pollinating our own food source and animal feed crops, as well as trees and flowers that support wildlife. Modern gardens are often empty of fuel stops so we need to introduce more bee friendly plants at regular intervals around the area.

Holymoorside and Walton Parish Council has embraced a project started by Hazelmere Parish Council, Buckinghamshire in 2021. The idea is to encourage the planting of wildflowers seeds across the community that will help our bees and other pollinators. A free packet of wildflower seeds was distributed to every household (about 1000) with the Parish newsletter in March with enough seeds in each packet to make a square metre display of wildflowers - a ‘Bee Square’. Residents have been invited to mark the location of their patch on the Parish Council website. You too can join this exciting project by planting your own wildflower seeds in a square metre patch or in a few large pots, then share with us your efforts by asking to be added to our Bee Squared Map. Visit the Holymoorside and Walton Parish website at the bottom of the text.

Scroll down to the Interactive Bee Squared Map and click on the button to ask to be added to the map. A lot more information about bees and pollinators can be found here also, don’t forget to spread the word on social media too. Let’s make our community colourful this summer and buzzing with bees!


News Page 28 www.s41local.com

We know how di cult it is to say goodbye to your beloved pet, especially if they have been part of your family for a long time.

We are dedicated to providing a personalised and caring service to all pets, big and small. Plus we only o er certi ed individual cremations to ensure you can mark their passing with the appropriate level of dignity and respect.

Upgrade your security by replacing outdated locks with the latest anti-snap Ultion secure door locks. M 0772 547 7769 E marklionwindows@gmail.com FB Lion Window repairs www.lionwindowrepairs.com Ashgate, Chesterfield Window & Door Repair Specialists • Double Glazing Repairs • Failed Glass Replacement • Locks & Hinge Replacements • Door Repairs • Security Improvements • Free Quotes for all work • All Work Guaranteed Est. 1982 Chesterfield No separation, minimal stress. CONTACT US: www.chesterfieldpetcrem.com T: 01246 914 111 Out of hours: 07817 468948 Chesterfield Pet Crematorium Units 2E & F, Church View Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9HA
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The Power of Books

There is something very special about sitting down of an evening in a comfy chair and taking a book in your hand. You know at that point you are relaxing. Opening the cover, turning the pages and reading the words or admiring the pictures and images is itself an act of relaxation. But it is also an act of exploration. You might be renewing your knowledge of a topic; you might be reading a story for the very first time – but it is a good thing.

Book, the means whereby we have shared individual learning, knowledge and imagination and placed it into the hands of someone else. This conveyance of knowledge, of ideas, of beauty is really quite special and it continues to this day. I'm often asked if books are going out of fashion –there is certainly no evidence of this at face value. There are other means of learning information, of sharing knowledge – but for choice, self-taught, or learning at your own pace, the book continues to win. If your are not sure you can go back and check. If its a story or a poem, you can re-read it. If it’s a book of art you can view it again and again or see new and hidden elements. Indeed when it comes to shared experience, we still enjoy the act of one or two people reading a poem or play to us. The act of that shared experience itself adding to our memory. It has the good fortune to see several times the poet Adrian Mitchell and without a doubt his performance of his own poetry was what made it memorable…

If you haven’t read it I would urge you to go find it… he takes the charmed life of the 1950’s and infuses it with the fears of science and the cold war

and creates an image of boys becoming men, and how terrifying that is…

'Where are they now, the heroes of furrypaged books and comics brighter than life which packed my ink-lined desk in days when BOP meant Boys' Own Paper, where are they anyway?

Where is Percy F. Westerman? Where are H. L. Gee and Arthur Mee?

Where is Edgar Rice (the Warlord of Mars) Burroughs, the Bumper Fun Book and the Wag's Handbook? Where is the Wonder Book of Reptiles? Where the hell is the Boy's Book of Bacteriological Warfare?'

To read these words aloud I hear my own voice, but also recalls my memory of seeing Adrian Mitchell, the author, read this poem to the audience of the event I was at.

Last week a lady came to the shop to buy some picture books and some poetry books. She was buying for her father. He has dementia and she wanted images of places he had been to and poems that he knew. Her aim was that the shared experience of her going through those images would recall his travels of his earlier life, and her voice reading poems he knew would recall his enjoyment of poems he knew. This is the power of books, of words and of each other.

When we read a book and see an image, we create a memory – it is seared into our brain – and books, voices, music act as a trigger to bring them back to us.

So whatever your purpose, learning, relaxation, pleasure, or even time with an ageing parent or friend, there are many roles for a book – they are all valid, all different, and each individual to us.

See you soon, Ed Fordham, Proprietor.

Brockwell Books of Chesterfield can be found in The Market Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1AR.

BROC KWELL BOOKS OF C HESTERFIELD Located in The Market Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S40 1AR
Advertorial Page 30 www.s41local.com

Compassionate & Caring

When Harold Lilleker & Sons are trusted with your loved one this is how we do things. When a loved one passes away, your world turns upside down. During this time of grief, you need a compassionate helping hand that can take care of the funeral arrangements and help you bid a final goodbye to your dear one with respect and love.

Call: 01246 277095 Page 31 Please Mention S41 Local

Don’t Miss It!

The Chesterfield Postcard Show Opening Weekend!

Words: Junction Arts

Images: Ian Geary

The Chesterfield Postcard Show opens on the 9 May, a unique exhibition of postcardsize works of art that have been created by established artists and members of the local community.

To celebrate the launch of this year’s show there will be a special opening weekend on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May at West Studios, which will include a free print workshop and refreshments. So, as well as enjoying the artwork on display, you can make your own!

The Chesterfield Postcard Show is organised by Junction Arts and local artist Dave Elsom. It allows creatives, communities, and up-and-coming artists to show their work in a professional exhibition.

This year’s show is entitled ‘Wish You Were Here’ and celebrates the importance of getting creative and its impact on people’s self-esteem and well-being.

said: “We’ve had a great response this year, with entries from professional artists in the UK and further afield as well as from members of our local community. I love receiving these mini works of art, every single entry makes you smile, and I can’t wait to see them all on display.”

Key dates:

The Chesterfield Postcard Show: 9 to 19 May @West Studios

Opening Weekend & Print Workshop: 13 & 14 May 10:30am to 2:30pm @West Studios

The exhibition and the opening weekend event are free to attend and open to all. Pieces will be available to buy during the exhibition to raise money to support local arts charity Junction Arts and their work within the community.

For more information visit: www.junctionarts.org

Page 32 www.s41local.com

Children's Festival

A New Children’s Festival For Chesterfield!

Words & Images: Junction Arts

This summer a new children’s festival is coming to Chesterfield, a free weekend of fun for families that will include music, theatre, storytelling, dance, and art workshops.

The Chesterfield Children’s Festival is being organised by award-winning arts charity, Junction Arts and will celebrate the joy of childhood, imagination, and play. It will take place in Queen’s Park on the 29th and 30th of July and promises to bring colour and excitement to Chesterfield during the summer holidays.

The two-day event will focus on arts and culture, with a number of acts and activities taking place over the weekend. Entertainment announced so far includes a silent disco tour, an interactive game zone, a comedy club, a circus, storytime yoga, tie-dye workshops, face-painting and a brass band that plays everyone’s favourite Disney tunes!

Music and live theatre will take place in and around the town centre during the festival weekend, the full line-up will be announced in June.

Junction Arts will also commission a new artwork on the themes of childhood, play and games to celebrate the launch of the festival. Three local primary schools in Chesterfield and surrounding areas will work with the artist during several engagement sessions in the spring to deliver the art.

Junction Arts Project Coordinator, Jemma Burton said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Chesterfield Children’s Festival, a weekend that’s all about fun with live performances and lots of opportunities to get creative. We have secured lots of high-quality acts already, but we’ll be announcing more very soon!

“Everyone is welcome, there’s no need to register or buy a ticket, families can simply turn up, get involved in the workshops or just enjoy the entertainment on offer. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Junction Arts hope that this will become a much-loved annual event for the town, inspiring children and young people for generations to come.

The Chesterfield Children’s Festival will take place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July, from 10am to 4pm daily.

For more information visit: www.junctionarts.org

Page 33 Please Mention S41 Local

'What's On' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes. If you have an event to list, please just drop us an email to: paul@s40local.co.uk


Mon 1: Spring Exhibition by Chesterfield

Art Club 10am to 4 pm. Parish Hall, Milken Lane, Ashover S45 0BS. Exhibition coincides with Village May Day Carnival.

Tue 2: Chesterfield and District Family History Society - Victorian Housing Conditions

Dennis Hill speaking on line and at St Thomas’ Centre, Brampton at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome. For details and to register please contact secretary@cadfhs.org

Tue 2: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. See www.mellorsandkirk.co.uk

Tue 2: Coronation Tea Dance

Celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. The Ashby “Little” Big Band with six musicians and a singer will play a mix of ballroom & sequence at the special event. 2:30 to 5:30pm @The Winding Wheel. Tickets £7.50. T: 01246 345222 or visit www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Wed 3: Holymoorside Horticultural SocietyPeople Plants Pleasure and Passion

A talk by Don Witton. 7:30pm URC meeting room Cotton Mill Hill Holymoorside. T: 01246 568000 for details.

Fri 5: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day

See www.mellorsandkirk.co.uk

Fri 5: Chesterfield RSPB Field Trip - Flash Lane

8pm to spot the nightjars and woodcocks. For info T: 01246 201663.

Sat 6 May: Coronation of King Charles III

Sat 6: Coronation Celebration @Vicar lane

A celebration for shoppers & visitors to enjoy! 10am to 3pm, families can pull up a deckchair on the green in St James’ Square which will be laid out amongst some family favourite giant games! Vicar Lane will be showing the Coronation Service live on their big screen which is due to begin at 11am. Activities, stilt walkers, face painters & royal themed entertainers, bringing a sense of joy to Steeplegate & Vicar Lane. Details see vicarlaneshoppingcentre.co.uk/whats_on

Sun 7: Holymoorside 10k

10:30am start to this great annual event. For details see www.holymoorside10k.co.uk

A Cappella Women’s Chorus www.minervachorus.co.uk

E: minervachorus@gmail.com

Sun 7: Come & Try Bowls at Robinson at Bowls, Walton Dam

Drop by for a Taster session between 12 noon until 5 pm. Please wear flat shoes and we will lend you the bowls. All ages welcome. See FB Robinson Bowls Club.

Mon 8: Coronation Bank Holiday

Mon 8: NEDIAS Heritage Talk - The Great Little Trains of Wales

By Alastair Clark at St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road. Info from cliff@nedias. co.uk. All welcome - non-members £3.

Tue 9 to Fri 19: Postcard Show Chesterfield's annual exhibition of mini masterpieces. See your own work exhibited. West Studios, Sheffield Road. Visit junctionarts.org for details on how to get involved.

Wed 10: Chesterfield RSPB Midweek walkAvenue Washlands

10am Start. For info T: 01246 201663.

Sat 13 & Sun 14: Chesterfield Postcard Show Open Weekend

10:30am to 2:30pm @ West Studios, Sheffield Road. See junctionarts.org

Thu 11: Rhys James

The Leadmill, Sheffield. www.leadmill.co.uk

LOVE TO SING? We’d love to hear from you Get in touch to arrange a visit Mondays 7.30pm - 9.30pm
What's On
Early bird registration open until the 31st May Sun 17th September 2023 Early Bird Open Now Race Licence No: 2022-42460 Registered charity 1031192 www.blythehousehospice.org.uk/event/chatsworth-10k Page 35 Please Mention S41 Local

Chesterfield area walking festival


Sat 13: Paul Young - Behind The Lens Winding Wheel. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Thu 11 to Sat 13: Anyone for Breakfast?

A merry comedy of marital mishaps.

Tickets £9 (conc's £8). The Assembly Rooms, Hill Top, Bolsover S44 6NG. See bolsoverdramagroup.org

Fri 12 & Sat 13 : Cycling Display & Info

The Pavements shopping centre. Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Mon 15: CADLHS

Renishaw Hall & the Sitwells

Talk by Christine Beevers. Chesterfield & District Local History Society. All meetings at St Thomas Centre at 7:30pm. Members free Visitors £3 Refreshments.

Wed 17: Josh Berry

The Leadmill, Sheffield. www.leadmill.co.uk

Thu 18 to Sat 20: Rail Ale Festival

Three days of fantastic entertainment and all those beers, ciders & gins. Tickets from £8 from railalefestival.com. Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre, Campbell Drive, Barrow Hill Chesterfield, S43 2PR

Thu 18: NT Live - Best of Enemies (12) The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Thu 18: Chesterfield Jazz Club

Dean Masser, Sax

7:30pm @The Olde House S40 4RN. Tickets £12.50. www.chesterfieldjazz.co.uk

Fri 19: Tim Vine

Winding Wheel. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sat 20: EYFS Open Day @Walton Peak Flying High Primary & Nursery Academy. Sat 20: Scouting For Girls. Uttoxeter Racecourse. Visit: bit.ly/ S40SCOUTINGFORGIRLS

Sat 20: Chesterfield and District Family History Society Annual Fair 2023

“Who Do You Think You Are”. Theme ‘Old and Curious Occupations’ Displays, free talks, genealogy help desk. St Thomas’ Centre Brampton. 10am to 4pm. £3

Sun 21: Crafters Bazaar

10am to 4pm on Chesterfield Market. The place to buy and sell surplus art and craft materials. Bag a crafty bargain or make cash from your stash! Stall bookings £10. E: CraftersBazaar@transitionchesterfield. org.uk. For more info transitionchesterfield. org.uk/craftersbazaar

Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Road, S40 3AW. Admission is open to all, members £4; non-members £5. Refreshments. T: 01246 201663.

Wed 24: Simon Brodkin

The Leadmill, Sheffield. www.leadmill.co.uk

Fri 26: Songs from Stage and Screen

A concert by Chesterfield G&S Society. 7.30pm @Holy Trinity Church, Newbold Rd, S41 7PG. Tickets £12 on the door or visit chesterfieldgs.co.uk.

Sat 27: Ami Evans @The Fox & Goose

See FB: FoxandGooseChesterfield

Mon 29: Spring Bank Holiday

Mon 29: Chesterfield Whit Walk 9:45am start on Rose Hill. See article.


Fri 2 June: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day. See www.mellorsandkirk.co.uk

Fri 2: Adapted cycling @ Queen's Park Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

What's On
21 May 2023 Booking essential, contact: 01246 345777 www.visitchesterfield.info/walking-festival
13 -


Fri 2: Friday Night Ride

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sat 3 & Sun 4: Step by Step Art Workshop

With Karen berisford. Sat 10am to 5pm & Sun 10:30am to 5:30pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. For more information please visit www.stepbystepart.co.uk

Sat 3: Dr Bike free repairs @ Queen's Park

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sat 3: Five Pits Trail Ride

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sat 3: Bicycle Film Night

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sun 4: Art Trail Ride

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Mon 5: Holmebrook Valley ride with chips

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Mon 5: Chesterfield RSPB Lecture - Birds of Metropolitan Vancouver.

Frank Wharram. 7:15pm @St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Road, S40 3AW. Members £4; non-members £5. Refreshments. T: 01246 201663.

Wed 7: Holymoorside Horticultural Society

Dahlias from tuber to showbench

A talk by Ian Sutherland. 7:30pm URC meeting room Cotton Mill Hill Holymoorside. T: 01246 568000 for details.

Wed 7: Chesterfield RSPB Midweek walk - Blackmoor

Start at 10am. For info T: 01246 201663.

Wed 7: Dr Bike Free Repairs Langer Field. Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sat 10: 40 Mile Loop Ride

Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sun 11: Dr Bike Free Repairs

Hollingwood Hub. Part of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival. See chesterfieldcc.org.uk

Sun 11 to Wed 14: Chesterfield Festival of Cricket

Why not take a picnic and enjoy the cricket action as a family? Derbyshire take on Yorkshire. Queen’s Park, Chesterfield. See cricket.derbyshireccc.com.

Thu 15: Dirty Dusting

The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Thu 15: Chesterfield Jazz - Vimala Rowe, Vocals.

Chesterfield Jazz Club 7:30pm @The Olde House, Loundsley Green Road S40 4RN. Tickets £12.50. www.chesterfieldjazz.co.uk

Sat 17: Chesterfield RSPB Field TripRSPB St Aiden’s Reserve

Start at 10am. For info T: 01246 201663.

Sun 18: Father's Day

Sun 18: Chesterfield Festival of Cricket

Why not take a picnic and enjoy the cricket action as a family? Vitality Blast - Yorkshire Vikings. Queen’s Park, Chesterfield. See cricket.derbyshireccc.com.

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What's On

Clean Bandit have consistently pushed the boundaries of modern pop with their diverse blend of electronic, dancehall, classical, R&B and pop. Their breakthrough success came in 2014 with the single ‘Rather Be’, feat. Jess Glynne, a Grammy award-winning worldwide hit that has now surpassed 10 million global sales. They have also worked with Sean Paul, Anne Marie and Demi Lovato, notching nine UK top five singles!

Tickets are available to purchase from Ticketmaster but courtesy of Maria at MP Promotions we have a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky reader. To be in with a chance of picking up the tickets:

• Email BANDIT to paul@s40local.co.uk

• Text BANDIT to 07764 801080

• Complete the form below, and send to: Clean Bandit Giveaway, S40 Local, West Studios S2, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL.

Please get your details or forms to arrive with us by close of play Friday 16 June 2023.

As always, a huge thanks to Maria at MP Promotions for supplying the tickets to giveaway.

You will need to make your own way to the venue. Tickets are also available to purchase from the link below from £57.40.

Visit: bit.ly/S40cleanbandit

T's and C's apply. No correspondence will be entered into. Name: Tel: Address: Email: Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc. BANDIT
Ticket Giveaway Page 39 Please Mention S41 Local

Regular Events


PILATES GROUP: 9:15 to 10:15am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also Tue 6 to 7pm & 7:15pm to 8:15pm & Wed 9:30 to 10:30am. Call Judy to book: 07779 266057.

MEN’S SNOOKER: Friendly group of men, over 60, meet weekly & are looking for others to join us. 9:30 to 11:30am at Newbold Working Men’s Club, Thirlmere Road, Newbold. T: 01246 232169.

SILVER SOCIAL: Chat, a drink, a snack and join in the quiz. Over 50s welcome. No cost - but donations appreciated. An accessible event. 10am to midday at Monkey Park, Chester Street, Brampton. See www.monkeypark.org.uk

READING GROUP: 10:30am for an hour in The Hub, Low Pavement, Chesterfield. We read short stories and poetry, all materials provided free. james@dva.org.uk or 07743 514934.

ZUMBA GOLD/TONING: 11am to midday @ The Parish Centre Stonegravels, also Fri. Prebook only call Teresa 07740 202042.

DANCE ABILITY AND RACKET SPORTS: Fun, relaxed sessions for adults 18+ with additional needs. 1 to 2:45pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

DANCING WITH DEMENTIA: A fun, relaxed dance session for people living with dementia and their carers 1 to 2:45pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

GAMES SOCIETY: 7 to 10pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also every 2nd and 4th Wed 7 to 10pm Call 01246 209433 for more info.

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Face to Face class at Swanwick Memorial Hall, Old Whittington S41 9JZ. 7:15 to 8:45pm. £7.50 - £8.50. Details Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

MINERVA WOMEN’S CHORUS: Enquiries warmly welcomed from singers with some experience. 7.30pm at St. John’s Church, Walton to rehearse unaccompanied songs for fun and performance. We’d love to meet you! www.minervachorus.co.uk T:01246 567118


CHOIR: A mixed voice choir of 30 members. Rehearsals 7:30 to 9pm at Brimington Common Methodist Chapel, Manor Road, Brimington Common S43 1NU. Julie Hunt: 01246 238143.

HOLYMOORSIDE BAND: Rehearsals in Holymoorside URC church on Mon & Frid 8 to 9:30pm. Vacancies throughout the band. Instruments available. Contact Andy Booker for details on 07875 283131 or email: andybooker31@icloud.com

TUESDAY COMMUNITY COFFEE MORNING: Storrs Road Church Centre. 3rd Tuesday of the month 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Come along for a chat and a cuppa. No charge but donation welcome.

ZUMBA GOLD: Low impact exercise to music. Suitable for older exercisers. Tuesday and Thursday, 10am and 11am both days. Chester Street Club. For details call Jen on 07757 726239.

THE CUTTHORPE ART GROUP: Weekly meetings 10am to 12 noon @Cutthorpe Village Hall. Come along & enjoy a relaxing morning. Call Wendy 07305 461604.

HOLY COMMUNION SAID: 9:30am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

TAI CHI CLASS: 10:30 to 11:45am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. £2 per week. Call Veronica to book: 01246 237526.

HOLME HALL LET'S WALK TOGETHER. Friendly group walks lasting 30 to 60 mins at a gentle pace followed by a chat and a drink. Fortnightly. 10.30am @ Holme Hall Community Hub at 41 Mercaston Close S40 4UE. T: 01246 498080 or holmehallunite@gmail.com

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Rosehill Church Hall Chesterfield Studios, Soresby St. Ideal for leading a more active lifestyle in a friendly group whilst exercising to music. T: Debbie 07413 068092.

RENEW WELLBEING 42: St Johns church Walton every Tuesday 2-4pm. This is a space to get together over a cuppa where is is ok not to feel ok. All are welcome to join our small and friendly group. Call Cathy on 07815796612 for details.

AFTERNOON WHIST: 2 to 4:30pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. T: Julie on 07732 395278 or Susan on 01142 2621548. £3 per person. All welcome.

THOM’S BLOKES: A monthly meeting for men on the third Tuesday of each month, at St Thomas’ Church Centre, Chatsworth Rd. Talks, outings, fun & friendship. All welcome. For info call Robin Dawson 01246 550445 or Tony Witham 01246 206820.

TEA AND TOAST TUESDAYS: Holy Trinity Church Newbold, Road. 9 to midday. Everyone welcome. No charge. Come and join us for refreshment and friendship. Call Rev. Jilly Hancock 01246 465656.

TUESDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 11am St Johns Church, Walton. For more info see www. stjohnswalton.co.uk

PILATES: Holymoorside Class. 3pm at Holymoorside Village Hall, Holymoor Road S42 7DX. T: 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@ gmail.com FB: @tayloredpilates23

CHESTERFIELD GARLAND DANCERS: Methodist Church Hall, Jawbones Hill, Derby Road, S40 2TN from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: enquiry@chesterfieldgarland.org.uk

WEST STUDIOS LIFE DRAWING: Classes with John King. First Tuesday of the month. See weststudios.co.uk FB & IG: WestS41

CHESTERFIELD PHILATELIC SOCIETY: CHESTERFIELD PHILATELIC SOCIETY: 2 to 40pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels 2nd Tue of the month. £15 per year membership Call John: 07845 770442 for more info.


LOUNDSLEY GREEN CHURCH COMMUNITY: Every Wednesday between 10am and 12:30pm. A warm, free space to all with tea / coffee & biscuits etc.

EASTWOOD LADIES PROBUS CLUB: 10am @1866 Lounge at the Technique Stadium. 2nd Wed. A range of speakers covering various topics, social events with a warm welcome members. For info T: 01246 272193 or email yvonne3849.@sky.com

WALKING GROUP: 10:15am meet in Chesterfield to catch a bus to start the walk. Call Veronica to book 01246 237526 or E: vonhage2@gmail.com

HUNLOKE GARDENS WALK WITH US GROUP: Enjoy this hidden gem on short walk. Refreshments & purchase fresh produce.

10:30am The cabins Hunloke Community Gardens, Church St South S40 2TF. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk

MONKEY PARK STAY & PLAY: 10:30am to 11:30am Stay and play for under 5s and their grown-ups. Just a £1 donation. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

ROCK CHOIR: St. John’s Walton, 11am and Whittington Moor Methodist Church, Mondays 7:30pm. www.rockchoir.co.uk

STAY & PLAY: For children and parents - babies up to 5 years old. Term time only. 1:30 to 3pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

HOLYMOORSIDE CRAFT GROUP: An informal and friendly group meeting every week in the Village Hall, Committee room 2 to 4pm. All welcome. Details from Cynthia on 01246 569250.

BRAMPTON LADIES CLUB: Brampton Ladies Club meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church, Storrs Road. New members welcome. Talks, demonstrations, social activities, quizzes & special events. 2 to 4pm term time. T: 01246 566435.

LAURA CLOWES SCHOOL OF DANCING: The Parish Centre Stonegravels 5 to 8pm & Sat 9am to 3pm. T: Laura to book 07714 223722.

HOLYMOORSIDE TRAINING BAND: Calling all brass and percussion players, new & old. Rehearsals 6:30pm at United Reformed Church, Holymoorside. Instruments Provided if required. Call 07874 014179 or e: enquiries@ holymoorsideband.co.uk

THE BRAMPTON SESSIONS: Revelling in rich musical traditions. Live, acoustic music sessions featuring local musicians. First Weds, 7:30pm St Thomas Centre S40 3AW. £2 FB: Search ' Brampton Sessions' or M: 07739 084478

Page 47 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine Page 41 Please Mention S41 Local

HOBBY TALK FORTNIGHTLY MEN’S GROUP: 7:30 to 9:30pm at Chesterfield FC Stadium. A different hobby at each meeting helping improve mental health & wellbeing. E: hthobbytalk@ gmail.com

BLOW THE COBWEBS AWAY: Recorder group - all abilities welcome. 7:30pm St Leonard's Mission, Spital. T: 01246 563224.

FREEVOICES COMMUNITY CHOIR: The Friends Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road. 7:30 to 9:15pm. £4. Term time. Contact free. voices@yahoo.co.uk or T: 01246 237937.

HONEY BELLES LADIES CHOIR: St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane 8pm. Available for events. Contact honeybelleschoir@gmail.com


ROBINSONS BOWLING CLUB: Enquiries contact Marilyn Blackwell on 01246 270039 or marilyn@blackwell1.plus.com FB: @ Robinson Bowls Club.


Classes 9 to 9:50am, 10 to 10:50am & 11 to 11:50am at West Studios, Sheffield Road Chesterfield S41 7LL. T: 0789 1090746 E: rachel@thepilatesstudiochesterfield.co.uk

ART GROUP: 9:30 to 11:30am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. No instructor. £3 per week, tea coffee & biscuits. T: 01246 209433.

WE ARE ONE: Friendly community choir looking for new Members. From 27 April. No experience necessary. Thu mornings at Derby Road Methodist Church. T: Andrea for details: 07947 040548 or andreasmall@naturalvoice.net


GUILD: 10am to midday @ Market Hall Meeting Rooms. Speakers, lunch club, quizzes, excursions. New members welcome. T: 01246 207496

COSY CUBS: BABY & TODDLER GROUP: Messy play, rhymes, story time, friends, toys & refreshments. 10 to 11am @Umbrellas Cosy Hub, Burns Close, S40 2SW. (Term time only).

CHESTERFIELD LITTERSORTERS: 10 to 11.30am. Join our team of friendly volunteers who collect, sort, count and report the single use waste that ends up as litter in parks and on our walk/cycle routes. Equipment provided. 2nd Thursday. E: membership@ transitionchesterfield.org.uk. www. transitionchesterfield.org.uk/littersorters

PILATES: Walton Class. 10:30am at The Village Hall, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. Contact Tamara on 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@ gmail.com FB: @tayloredpilates23


GROUP: 10 to 11:30am, Babies, pre-school Toddlers, Mums, Dads, Grand-parents or carers. Varied activities: snacks, toys, craft tables, singing. 01246 690005 or dnemethodists.org. uk Term time only.

HOLMEBROOK VALLEY PARK WALK WITH US GROUP: 10:30am for a 45 to 60 min walk including open water, woodlands & meadows. Cafe (top car park) Holmebrook Valley Park, Watermeadow Lane, S41 8XP. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk

BADMINTON GROUP: 1 to 3pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Contact Bernard for info and to book E: bernardandjean@hotmail.co.uk

MONKEY PARK BOOK CLUB: First Thursday of the month, book club, 1pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

MONKEY PARK CRAFT CLUB: Every Thursday, craft club crochet and knitters welcome, 2pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark. org.uk

CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other): Friendship group meeting every third Thu 2 to 4pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. £2. Activities, speakers, games, fun, tea and cake. All welcome.

DOWN MEMORY LANE: A social singing activity for people living with dementia and their carers. 2 to 4pm on 2nd Thursday of the month at St. John’s church Walton in the main hall.

YOGA CLASS: 6 to 7:15pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Contact Helen to book E: helenapol@hotmail.com

CHESTERFIELD EMBROIDERERS: 1st Thu (except August) at 7pm in the Saints Parish Centre. Open to all people with a love of everything textile related. E: chesterfieldembroiderers@gmail.com

HOLYMOORSIDE CHORAL SOCIETY: Friendly choir meets in Holymoorside URC 7:30 to 9:30pm. MD Andrew Marples. New singers always welcome. No audition. To arrange a visit call Sue 07989 305577 Info: www. holymoorsidechoral.co.uk

OPEN FOLK NIGHT: Hosted by Brampton Community Band. Third Thursday of the month 7:30 to 9:30pm @ Victoria Inn, Victoria Street. T: 07971400219.

ICHTHUS CANOE CLUB CHESTERFIELD: Outdoor evening programme, sessions at Matlock Bath, Chesterfield Canal or Walton Dam. Monthly Saturday even pool sessions at Sharley Park. E: canoejmc@gmail.com or ichthuscanoeclub.co.uk

PILATES PILATES: Improvers level. Walton St John's Church @7:45pm. Contact Clare: 07990 771155.

CHESTERFIELD JAZZ CLUB: Third Thursday of the month. Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd S40 4RN. Tickets: Visitor Info Centre, Rykneld Way; Parsons & Dunn, Chatsworth Rd; online bit.ly/cfieldjazz Call 07764 587258 for info.


HOLYMOORSIDE BOWLING CLUB: Want to try out bowling? Come along Friday - 10 to 12pm. Refreshments & all bowling equipment provided. A friendly club, all welcome, of any age, who simply wants to have a go. T: 07794 078552.

ZUMBA GOLD: Perfect for active older adults. Stay active, meet new people, have a coffee and some fun! 10:30am @ St Thomas' Centre. £5, please book first class. Call Adele on 07956 165287.

QUEENS PARK BUGGY WALK: Ideal for parents/ carers of little ones. 10:30am Queens Park Sports Centre reception for 45-60 minute walk. Return to the cafe for drinks & chat. T: 01246 345669 or e: Tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Zoom class only or 7-day recordings are also available. 9:30 to 11am. £7.50 - £8.50. For details see Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

LUNCH-TIME SERVICES: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate. 12:15 to 12:45pm. All welcome.

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. Combination of Sit and Stay Fit exercises, standing exercises including dance moves. Improve strength & balance in a friendly group. T: Debbie 07413 068092.

FITSTEPS: 6 to 8pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. T: Laura to book 07714 223722. KFC (KIDS FRIDAY CLUB): For primary ages. Term time 6 to 7pm Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

FRIDAY CLUB FOR TEENS: For teenagers in school years 7 to 9. 7:15 to 8:15pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. For details T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

REFUGEES FROM REALITY GROUP GROUP: 7:30 to 10:30pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. See refugeesfromreality.co.uk for more info.

CHESTERFIELD ART CLUB: 2nd & 4th Friday Whittington Moor Methodist Church Hall, Scarsdale Road, S41 8NA. Worknights, demonstrations & critiques. All welcome £3/£5 (not Aug & Dec) T: 07850 064478.


DR BIKE: 1st Saturday. Checks, adjustments and repairs to your bike for free. 9:30am to 1pm at the storage containers in the car park at Queen’s park. See FB: ChesterfieldDrBike or inclusivepedals.org.uk

TRANSITION CHESTERFIELD REPAIR CAFÉ: 3rd Sat. 10am to 12:30pm @ Chesterfield Baptist Church, Cross Street, S40 4ST. Drop-in sessions – all types of repair available, woodwork, sewing etc and cafe facilities open while session is being run. E: repairs@ transitionchesterfield.org.uk

Regular Events

MONKEY PARK SEWING CLUB: First & third Saturday of the month, sewing club, 10:30am to 12:30pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

MONKEY PARK CHILDREN’S ART CLUB: First and third Saturday of the month, children’s art club, 11am. Monkey Park, Chester Street.

MONKEY PARK LEGO CLUB: First Saturday of the month, children’s art club, 1 to 3pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street.

SATURDAY NIGHT WHIST: Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road, 7 to approx 9.30pm, £2.50 per person. Refreshments. All welcome. T: 01246 278778.


CARSINGTON WATER BIRDING FOR BEGINNERS: Free walks held on the first Sunday of the month. Booking advisable. Call 0330 678 0701.

ST JOHNS WALTON: SUNDAY SERVICES 9am and 10:45am. For more info see www. stjohnswalton.co.uk


MOTORISTS (IAMRoadSmart) 9:30am, Chesterfield Canal Hollingwood Hub S43 2PF - Guidance sessions for IAM Associates, info & taster sessions. First Sun & following Sat. T: (Sec) 01246 488750.

PETER & ST PAUL OLD BRAMPTON CHURCH: Now holding Sunday services in Church again at 9:30am - everyone welcome. Details see www.oldbramptonchurch.org.uk

HOLY COMMUNION / MORNING WORSHIP: 9:45am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:30am at Storrs Road Methodist Church. More info on Zoom and online services can be found at dnemethodists. org.uk/worship-reflect-learn/worship-online

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate at 10:30am. All are welcome. For details: dnemethodists.org.uk

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 10:45am for regular morning worship. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. Brampton.

DANCE ABILITY: Fun, relaxed dance sessions for 18+ with additional needs. 12:15pm @ Queens Park Sports Centre. £4 Carers free 01246 345555.


2nd Sun at 1pm from Spital Cemetery lodge at entrance at bottom of Hady Hill. Pre-book. Tours arranged at alternative times. Suggested donation £5. E: spitalcemeterytours@gmail.com

MESSY CHURCH: 4 to 6pm on the last Sunday of the month starting back 26th February 2023 @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. For all the family. To book call Jilly: 07746 668257.

Regular Events

HOLYMOORSIDE RAINBOW WHIST: HOLYMOORSIDE 2nd & 4th Sunday Holymoorside Village Hall @7pm. Other times & venues. Call Sue: 01246 278778.


AURORA A CAPPELLA: (Home of Harmony) is a female A Cappella choir. Come and join us! Experience and ability to read music is not necessary. We look forward to hearing from you. T: 01246 863175 / 07810 892978, e: aurora.chesterfield@gmail.com or aurorachorus.org.uk

3RD BRAMPTON SCOUTS, CUBS, BEAVERS & SQUIRRELS: Monday Beavers (6 to 8 years), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 5:30 to 6:30pm. Friday Squirrels (4 to 6), 5:15 to 6pm, Beavers (6 to 8), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 6 to 7pm and Scouts (10.5 to 14), 7:30 to 9pm. All open to both boys & Girls. St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Rd. T: Ben on 01246 567409.

RAINBOWS & BROWNIES: Brownie's meetings across the county on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thu (weekly). Guides and Rangers meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (weekly). See girlguiding.org.uk for details and to join up.


Garden Tips

Words: Transition Chesterfield

Images: Robert Nixon Betts

Being in the garden on any sunny day in May has to be one of life’s best experiences; the sun has real warmth and all around plants are shooting up. But a cautionary note: it’s still possible for there to be overnight frosts, especially in slightly more exposed areas, so be cautious about putting out anything tender, or be prepared with some improvised shelter - it won’t need to be particularly robust as any frost will be light. The upside is that frost will only happen if the sky is clear, which makes for wonderful mornings…

As potato shoots appear do not forget to ‘earth up’ the growing shoots. This serves two purposes – young potato shoots do not like frosty weather, so cover over the shoots with soil for protection, and it also helps to avoid young tubers from turning green with sunlight exposure.

Thin out raspberry shoots and prune gooseberries. As always, the idea with this sort of job is make an open framework with an even distribution of fruiting stems all getting a good supply of sunlight and air (often easier said than done).

Lots of more tender vegetables can be sown now: French and runner beans, courgette, cucumber, pumpkin and squash as well as cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli for harvesting in winter - they like a long growing season.

Towards the end of the month, plant out summer bedding plants. These are available from garden centres but are often displayed earlier than they are sensibly planted out, so, if tempted, keep them in a shady place (protected from frost) and well-watered until they can go into the open garden.

If you’ve already sown tomatoes and courgettes inside, they can now go outside. As upright (cordon) tomatoes

grow, keep an eye open for any side-shoots that form in the angle between the main stem and branches and remove them. Towards the end of the month, seeds for both can be sown directly into the ground.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs after they have finished flowering and remove any growth damaged by frost from evergreen shrubs. Check variegated ones for any where the leaves have reverted to plain green and remove those shoots completely.

Sow peas outside now with pea sticks in place early and prepare supports for any other plants (e.g. climbing French and runner beans) that will need them later.

Lawns will now need regular mowing (use the clippings as a mulch) and keep on top of the weeding. Hedges will need clipping, but check for birds' nests first, and if you’ve been feeding the birds in the winter, don’t stop – current thinking is that you should do it all year.

It's that time of year when spring bulbs are now beyond their best, but as they fade the tidy gardener can't resist the temptation to 'tidy them'. Once the flowers have faded you can cut the head off the flower if you want to, don't cut back the leaves until they are completely yellow, and don't tie them up either, the leaves need to continue to produce chlorophyll (food), the leaf needs exposure to as much light as possible, the bulb needs the energy in the leaf to be reabsorbed into the bulb ready for next year. Once your leaves have completely withered your bulb is now dormant, so you can lift them if you need to thin them out or move clumps that are too big to new areas, they don't generally need feeding they're very self-sufficient.

Keep sowing salad crops (radishes, spring onions, lettuce etc.) and herbs (parsley, coriander, basil etc.) for regular harvesting.

Garden Tips
Page 44 www.s41local.com

Parker Knoll 3-Piece Suite: £500

Henley 2 seater sofa and 2 armchairs in Callas Antique fabric. Less than 3 years old. Over £3000 new.

T: 07896 309819 (Ashgate)

TV Cabinet & Coffee Tables: £100

TV cabinet with a matching set of three coffee tables in walnut. Purchased from Eyres.

T: 07884 580000 (Walton)

Table Tennis Table: £100 Good condition. Indoor and outdoor use. Buyer collects.

T: 01246 272710 (Walton)

Double Mattress: £27

Double bed mattress, firm, good condition.T: 07756 935925 (Walton)

Round Coffee Table: £30

Solid oak with a self underneath.

T: 07756 935925 (Walton)

Kitchen Sink: £35

Stainless steel, one & a half bowl with taps & stopper.

T: 07756 935925 (Walton)

Upright Piano: £100

Zender compact modern upright piano (7 octave).

T: 07896 309819 (Ashgate)

TV Unit: £40

Mahogany hexagonal TV unit with one shelf. T: 07896 309819 (Ashgate)

Two Bookcases: £60

Two dark wood bookcases (approx. 4ft high). T: 07896 309819 (Ashgate)

Coffee Table: £80

Solid dark oak rectangular coffee table with shelf.

T: 07896 309819 (Ashgate)

Stabilisers: £10

Rebound semi-flexible bike stabilisers, little used. Please leave a message. T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate)

Children's wetsuits: £10 each 12 years and Small, light use. Full length. Leave a message.

T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate)

Wetboots: £5

Size 2 & 5. £5 a pair. Please leave a message. T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate)

Gill Buoyancy Aids: £20 each

Large, Youth and Small, as new. Please leave a message.

T: 01246 555257 (Ashgate)

Garden Slate: £Free to collect Formerly covered nine square feet. Bagged ready to go.

T: 07562 361114 (Chesterfield)

Large Dog Crate: £25

Good cond. 2 x 3ft with base & cover. Suitable for puppies & adult dogs in the house or car.

T: 01246 569693 (Brookside)

30 Porcelain Floor Tiles: £25

Excess to requirements. 'River' pattern tiles, pale & dark cream in a wavy pattern. 30 x 60cms. £25 for thirty or £1 each.

T: 01246 569693 (Brookside)

Various: £Various

Extending wooden dining table and four chars £50; Two conservatory chairs £50; Two new stacking single beds, cost £700 from Ponsfords, will accept £100 each; Display cabinet 122 x 94 x 30cm £70; 1950s China cabinet 124 x 92 x 39cm £100; Gold covered footstool £50; Home office mid-brown £70.

T: 07714 465158

Stepper: £50ono

Sportstech VC300 German engineered 2 in 1 stepper & vertical climber. Very strong construction, highly rated machine ideal for a HIT workout plus cardio. As New.

Text: 07597 598643

Small TV: £20 ono

Bedroom TV with snooze facility, working.T: 07368 254526

iMac: £50 ono

With speakers and keyboard.

T: 07368 254526

Clarinet: £1800 ono

Bflat Howarth

S2 in excellent condition.

T: 01246 238143 (Brampton)

Eden Power Chair: £300

Excellent Condition. Maximum user weight 135 kg. Call to arrange a viewing.

T: 01246 467470

Adverts for items (and groups of items) under £200 are free. Adverts for over £200 are £5 which we donate to Ashgate Hospice (picture items donation priced on request).

Please contact:

E: paul@s40local.co.uk

T: 07764 801080

Page 46 www.s41local.com
Bumper scuffs Alloy wheels Paintwork scratches Dents Professional quality paintwork repairs at a fraction of traditional body shop costs Quick Convenient Fully Guaranteed For your free estimate: Contact us on 07584 343 917 or 0800 028 7878 Whitting Valley Road,Chesterfield S41 9EY www.chipsaway.co.uk Pet Crem NEXT EDITION SEE YOUR BUSINESS HERE AdVERTISE WITH US Prices start at just £35 T: 07716 014002 E: simon@s41local.com www.s41local.com Prices start at just £39 T:07716 014002 E: simon@s41local.com www.s41local.com Page 47 Please Mention S41 Local

Fancy £20 just for filling in our crossword?

For your chance to win, send in your completed crossword to reach us by Friday 10 March 2023 to S40 Local, Studio 2, West Studios, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL or take a photo/scan it to paul@s40local. co.uk


1. Law in County Durham (3)

4. Small piece in horse’s mouth (3)

7. Welsh Valley (3)

10. Singer Chris (3)

11. Italian television channel (1,1,1)

12. Code for Haifa airport (3)

13. Skill from Garfunkel (3)

14. Unknown Doctor (3)

15. Perform in part of a play (3)

16. Laugh out loud in text (1,1,1)

18. Nineteenth letter of Greek alphabet (3)

19. Christian name of brutal former Ugandan leader (3)

20. A sixth century Chinese ‘ism’ (3)

21. Code for Copenhagen airport (3)

23. French denial (3)

24. For example, nothing but self (3)

25. Northern England meadowland (3)

27. Plural of experts (5)

28. Flying service (1,1,1)

29. The reserve gets back on transport (3)

30. Short commercials (3)

32. East in France (3)

33. Mr Mayall, late comedian (3)

34. A foot around is wide (3)

35. Small deer or fish (3)

36. Mr Hartford, former footballer (3)

37. Anger in Dublin perhaps (3)

39. Nothing for the French (3)

40. Young boy (3)

42. Affirmation of voter (3)

43. Sister with habit (3)

44. European fighter aircraft (1,1,1)

45. Clear and catch (3)

46. A positive answer (3)

47. Porcine home (3)


1. Basin strainer used in lengthy rail trip (13 or 5-8)

2. Poetic shortening of over (3)

3. Romans would take it from London to Wroxeter (7,6)

4. Cricketing colours at sport venues (7,6)

5. Engaging couple recycling when in Rio (5,3,5)

6. I factor villas into construction of African wonder (8,5)

7. Such care least expected of literary works (8,5)

8. Watford Football Club (1,1,1)

9. A local derby or perhaps a very good wedding (5,2,3,3)

17. Bishop of Bayeux in the mideleventh century (3)



Congratulations to Megan from Brampton who picks up the £20 prize for the last editions crossword. Last month's answers.

Professional Golfers’ Association (1,1,1) National Union of Students (1,1,1) 31. The German plural (3) 38. American whiskey grain (3)
Name: Tel: Address: Email: Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Crossword
41. Back of the ship (3)
C A L E N D A R G I R L S L O E D A U I I S C H I U M L U R E X N A G I A A T T O R C H N A T A L I E E N I E E A T O C H A S T A T I O N S I T M N T R A I T O R H I P P O W S A A E A T O P T I C T A B A S C O O O H E E T U D A N D I E D I N M O N T Page 48 www.s41local.com
MB Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Quality work Competitive prices Free estimates Call Matt on: 07841 389119 Jamie: 07940 533844 Pj: 07766 732853 rslpropertys@gmail.com Chesterfield Based • NAPIT Membership • Fully Insured R S L Property Services rslpropertyservices Professional & discreet service for domestic & commercial customers M: 07834 859875 E: john@green eldpestcontrol.co.uk www.green eldpestcontrol.co.uk Business cards FOR SERVICES WWW.UNHAMPERED-CHESTERFIELD.CO.UK Page 49 Please Mention S41 Local


Did we make Wembley?

Welcome back my fellow Spireites. And first off, WOW! Can you believe it? At the time of writing (due to the magazine's printing deadline) I'm forced to leave the CFC promotion story hanging on a knife edge at the eleventh hour. So as you read this, having just played Bromley (22 April) you will ALL indeed know the playoff finalists. Hopefully the Spireites made it to Wembley?

The playoff final this year is played on May 13 and it'll be nearly ten years since Cookie last took the Spireites to Wembley in the Johnstone Paint Trophy. Ok we lost, but winning promotion back to the football league will surely heal the wounds for Paul Cook and restore CFC to where they belong, the football league.

The Playoffs

One thing is for certain though as I type this, the Spireites have confirmed their playoff place with recent wins, and the two home games v Eastleigh and Torquay were such a pleasure to witness. No, I'll be honest. The last 25 minutes of the Eastleigh game was a pleasure. The first half was not the best, it was awful to be fair, but that's the beauty of football I guess, and the reason we keep returning to it. Things can and did change on a sixpence when at 2-0 down at half time (with both goals ironically being scored by ex Spireites Mitchell and Carter) the team returned to the field for the second half with a more positive mindset which may have come from a right royal roasting from Paul Cook in the dressing room which surprisingly

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included a change in formation. And that plan B actually worked! The masterful Colclough netted two and Dallas became the supersub by winning the game from the bench in the 95th minute with a wondrous left footed strike 20 yards out, all with a good old fashioned 4-4-2 formation. That formation with two strikers starting up front continued at the following Torquay home tie 3 days later, with Dallas starting the game too. This ended with him bagging his first hatrick for the Spireites as the game concluded 5-1, the highest home goal scoring game of the season. The other two goals came from the boots of Banks and Mandeville. The atmosphere in those one and a half games was electric. Nearly on a par with the FA Cup 3rd round home game against West Brom. But then Bromley happened. I was going to gloss over that 2-0 away defeat, but I guess it's worth mentioning the fact that teams like Bromley who will probably end up in the playoffs too, need to be beaten. If we can't win against them then winning the playoff final is a tall order. Anyway, in other news.

I'm proud beyond words to announce "Ernie! Heartfelt

Recollections of the Footballing Legend Ernie Moss" a new book about club legend Ernie Moss has been produced and is set for release on 12 June. It's a book remembering Ernie written by Stephen Poxon which is a collection of memories by the footballing community who knew Ernie throughout his life, including; players, managers, fans, family and friends. The book includes a selection of my photography I took of Ernie and his family during his latter years at event's which include; The unveiling of Ernie Moss Way, Once Upon a Smile Charity matches and Ernie's 70th birthday celebrations. You can preorder the book now on Amazon so get it ordered! All money from the book goes to two charities. The Jeff Astle Trust and The Ernie Moss Memorial Foundation.

Another club legend Drew Talbot returns with his boots this year for his long overdue testimonial game the club has announced. The opponents have yet to be officially confirmed but any betting man would wager it's going to be Sheffield Wednesday, his other former club, so watch this space for more details!

Right, back to the now. Do you think Chesterfield FC will be playing League Two football next season? Or is ANOTHER season in the National League on the cards? Winning promotion at Wembley is a possibility and one we should hold on to. Reaching it will give the fans a great day out in the capital city at the very least. But winning it would be fantastic! So COYB's!

Words & Images: Michael South

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