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Cover Image: Ian Geary

Hi and welcome to our summer edition.

This is also edition 140 and 14 full years of S40 Local. It's great that we’re still going strong and still enjoying doing it. I particularly love producing the articles, meeting people and seeing what’s positive in the community around me. Recently, I was cycling to the studio and passed the skate park, two guys were sweeping up and bagging litter. No one asked them to and they weren't being paid to do it, they were just doing it to keep the place clean to make sure they and their kids could skate safely. If you know who the guys are, please give them a pat on the back and a thank you, it’s people like them who make our home town a better place to live – thanks guys.

Something else that caught my eye this month was a phrase in an article about Youth Hostel Association closures, 'society has succumbed to the proverbial fate of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.' Wow, this is so true, we need to focus on the value we get from things, the YHA is one of those things that is worth so much more than the bricks and mortar it's made of.

The news about the uncertain future for Wilko is unsettling for our town centre as well as the individuals involved. They are looking at options as we go to print but closure is a possibility. The cut price end of the retail market is flooded with competitors, only time will tell if a rescue plan is found. We need to remember the value to our town of having a selection of great physical shops and vote with our feet and our wallets.

On a more positive note, we have some fab articles in this edition, a new local walk, and last month we had the most crossword entries of any month – thank you all for your entries!

Enjoy the summer and whatever you do remember to support the fabulous Chesterfield independent businesses when you can.

See you in the Autumn.

Paul Chapman

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A Cover Collaboration

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Ian Geary

It's a first, a cover collaboration! A fine art cover accompanied with verse (opposite), a joint venture between Ian Geary and Leonie Martin.

Still Life with Sea Holly is the first in a collaborative series by local artist Ian Geary and author/poet Leonie Martin. The two happen to be neighbours on Hunters Walk (off Saltergate). The idea to work together came about after Ian approached Leonie, having noticed her written work in various Derbyshire publications, including S40, Reflections Magazine, anthologies by the former Wingerworth Wordsmiths, as well as Chesterfield Museum’s Chesterfield in Lockdown exhibition in the Assembly Rooms earlier this year.

Ian Explained, "I was drawn to the imagery and style Leonie uses to explore various themes in her free verse poetry – how she combines the ancient with the modern, the local with the universal – to surprise the reader and get them thinking. In the past I have written short accompanying notes for my paintings, but wanted something more engaging, so was delighted when Leonie agreed to work with me in a collaborative venture that will combine my images with her words."

Initially they will use some of Ian’s existing paintings as a starting point – the idea being that each of these will stimulate a new piece of written work, offering surprising new insights. Once she has finished her current MA Creative Writing at The University of Sheffield, Leonie is particularly keen to respond to new artworks from Ian which combine and contrast Chesterfield’s ancient and modern landscape and culture.

Leonie said, "I’m excited to be collaborating with Ian on this series! Although we are both relative ‘incomers’ to Chesterfield, we have a passion for our town, its heritage and warm community spirit. In these challenging post-pandemic times, I believe art and creativity can help bring us together without diluting or erasing our unique gifts and talents – together, we can create something more than the sum of our parts.

"This first poem in the series is an intentionally light-hearted response to Ian’s painting: Still Life with Sea Holly, reflecting the (hopefully) more relaxed summer pace of life – though some readers may note a more serious underlying theme around climate change. Each of the poems in this series will respond to its accompanying artwork with different layers of meaning: accessible and open to individual interpretation, whilst rooted in our Chesterfield landscape and culture." Ultimately, Ian and Leonie would like to present their shared work in an exhibition or in book format. Watch this space! For enquiries or further info please use the contacts below.

Ian Geary: iangearyartist@yahoo.co.uk iangearyartist

Leonie Martin: leonie.martin@me.com leonie.martin.writer

Page 4 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Cover Art

Still Life with Sea Holly

And if, by chance, you see the tide roll in over Queen’s Park cricket pitch one August afternoon: grab your candy stripe deckchair, pick up your bucket and spade, go find a shady spot on Boythorpe Hill to watch the Brampton boats sail byAnd if you find shells in your shoes while that pesky Saltergate Seagull snaffles your sandwiches, you’ll know this Chesterfield life is anything but still: with or without sea holly!

Image: Ian Geary

Words: ©Leonie Martin 2023

A response to Ian Geary’s painting of the same name.

Ian Geary

A Chesterfield-based artist working in oils and acrylic mediums. He has been influenced by the following last words from his tutor as he left the Sheffield College of Art some years ago: “Don’t paint what you see. Paint what you feel.” He now believes he might finally be taking some notice of these words. He is basically a realistic painter influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles but strives to get original ideas into his paintings. He likes to start with a theme and constructs a composition around this, developing the painting from a very graphic beginning. His ideas often gravitate to a still-life like format with objects distributed in a design that often ignores the conventional rules of perspective. He hopes his paintings are interesting to look at, that they hold attention, and in some way reflect what he feels about the subject. He is also influenced by these words of Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-1226): "He who works with his hands is a labourer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."

Leonie Martin

A Chesterfield based freelance writer, Writing for Wellbeing workshop facilitator, poet and author of fiction and non-fiction works. She has had short stories and poetry published in anthologies and online platforms. Drawing on experience as a writer on the Arts Council England funded ‘Writing Ambitions- Derbyshire Residencies Scheme’ in 2017 Leonie has since facilitated regular Writing for Wellbeing workshops at Chesterfield Library and bespoke writing workshops for a range of Derbyshire community groups. She worked as Shadow Writer on The Elder Tree project with Writing East Midlands during 2021 and with Chesterfield Museum: encouraging residents to write about and share their experiences of Lockdown. As part of her current MA Creative Writing at The University of Sheffield, Leonie is researching and writing a poetry pamphlet and novel inspired by a collection of 15th-century woodcut images representing the life of St Lydwina of Schiedam – a Dutch peasant girl whose fall whilst ice skating at the age of fifteen precipitated four decades of mysterious illness, believed to be multiple sclerosis. Leonie’s prose and poetry consider how we might distinguish ‘harmony’ from ‘disorder’ in the human person, and the wider implications of failing to recognise the difference.

Ian Geary: iangearyartist@yahoo.co.uk iangearyartist
Page 6 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Cover Art
Leonie Martin: leonie.martin@me.com leonie.martin.writer
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Sue @ Tapton
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Meet Kevin and Bronwyn, a couple with a passion for community, yoga and mindfulness. Their new business Kula will (hopefully) be open at 7 Mansfield Road, Hasland by the time you read this, offering a relaxing, simple space to escape the everyday, take a yoga class, a mindfulness session or just meet and be one of the community that the couple want to invite into their new home.

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as community, clan, or tribe, sometimes used by the yoga community to denote the sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice. It aligns perfectly with what the pair are looking to achieve.

Bronwyn has been teaching yoga locally for over a year now. At the core of her teaching is creating the space to slow down, listen and press reset on both body and mind.

"As well as the yoga and mindfulness classes we’ll be hosting other well-being related events,” explains Kevin. “Our business is a Social Enterprise and everything we do will be for the benefit of the community. We're in the process of converting the business to a Community Interest Company (CIC). Once approved, Kula's assets are locked, meaning everything the business owns are protected for the benefit of the community."

"Our paid for classes will help subsidise others and allow us to run regular pay-what-you-can classes, opening up yoga to more people. We want to make

mobility and wellbeing available to as many people as possible."

Bronwyn wanted to create a space she hadn't quite found. "I didn't feel like I fitted in to these spaces. And I'm really looking forward to cultivating the studio I wish I had as a beginner student.

"We're trying to create a space that feels welcoming. Also, safe practice is so important. "It's not all about the harder faster yoga, we don't want people being pushed to the point of injury. Yes, there will always be a challenge in the sessions but that's not the expectation of Kula. "Kula is a place to take time out. Time for you. To calm down after a day's work and learn to selfregulate."

After her Yoga Teacher Training she again started to look how she felt and how she could live more intentionally, slowing down brings joy and now wants to share this process with people.

She jokes that "I'm quite a simple being really, I love cold, snowy, icy mountains."

Kevin started practicing meditation in 2013 and found it instantly beneficial, he’s completed a tenday silent Vipassana course where over the ten days he would do eight hours of silent meditation

Page 10 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Business Intro
Words: Paul Chapman Image: Bronwyn - Lizzie Henshaw Image: Kevin - Jade Sellick

each day. "It was extremely intense," he adds, "it changed my outlook on life and helped clarify all sorts of things."

Kevin adds, "we want to give people the tools to look after their own well-being, five or ten minutes each morning can be a game changer."

I met Kevin and Bronwyn at Slow Social, a network group set up to bring the creative community together, and I can see how this slots nicely into the ethos behind Kula.

Classes start in August, with the full timetable going live in September, look out for the official launch event, head over to their socials for details. Bronwyn already offers classes at Spital so will be relocating these to Kula, and as mentioned earlier, they will be complimenting their classes with a variety of courses from other teachers. Their website and socials will contain a timetable of events so be sure to give them a follow.

If this appeals, their Crowdfunder is live until the end of August. Despite having raised most the funds to start themselves, they need help with the final push to get up and running.

I must admit that as I get older movement doesn’t seem to be what it was, I’ve never been particularly flexible but the idea of a yoga class to help with my flexibility and improve my health for the years

ahead does seem interesting. I might have to rock up and see how I get on.

As I put the ipad down after chatting with Kevin, he told me that he’s part Turkish. "In Turkey, there is a concept known as ‘askida ekmek', which means hanging bread, it's an Ottoman tradition where those who are able to buy an extra loaf of bread at the bakery, which gets passed onto someone in need."

"It’s like gifting a coffee here in the UK, it kind of sums up what we are trying to do with the studio, paying students help allow for the free sessions and widening of access."

I really like the sound of Kula, it feels fresh and inclusive. I can’t wait to see the space and who knows, I might even bump into you on a class… I really am that badly co-ordinated! And if you want to give them a try scan the QR code below for a chance to win six months free yoga!



www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/kula-chesterfield gritandgrace_uk

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With over 20 years experience in the building trade we can create your perfect garden retreat, guaranteed. Contact us today and let us deliver your dream.

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Indie To The Core

140 editions and a change in the way I think

Words & Images: Paul Chapman

Yes that's right, 140 editions! This really should be 14 years but after our first year we decided to be a little different and do ten editions a year and not 12 (allows me to have some time off!) and then with COVID we missed some, so from our first edition in April 2009, we get to Summer 2023.

I'm quite proud of that, a small business surviving for 14 years and still going strong, hopefully I'll make 14 more. I'm sure AI and the online world will try and have a say in that but, people still like to hold a magazine and flick the pages to see what's going on.

There are a few businesses that have been part of S40 Local from the very beginning, think about that, what a great advert itself for advertising with S40 Local! And we now have S41 Local which allows people to reach a much larger audience across Chesterfield.

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who's ever advertised with me, your support is always appreciated and never taken for granted. Happy birthday'ish to me.

But it isn't quite as simple as just doing what I do for 14 years. I've worked with a bunch of fabulous small independent businesses, I'm one myself so I can relate.

Thing is, I never realised how much it would effect me! For example (I'm going to mention bikes again so please forgive me), my son has outgrown his old bike and it's time for a new one.

I started looking around, I could nip up to JE James pick up one from them, they're local and independent, but the brands they sell aren't local. Uhm... can I improve on this? There is a local independent business called Cotic Cycles, they're now based at Sheepbridge and make some lovely bikes,

Page 14 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Birthdays

there's also Sonder, the in house brand of Alpkit, another indie business, one that's growing fast, based on the edge of the Peak District, their first store opened in Hathersage, Derbyshire.

In the end budget dictated a trip to Alpkit. I'm directly supporting the business, went to see them face to face in Hathersage, had a discussion about what was needed, took on board some great advice and after purchasing a frame (pictured) it kind of gave me a nice warm feeling.

But hang on that leaves an old bike to sell, well perhaps not? The sustainable switch in my head tells me to just buy a frame, swap the components from his old bike and pop the old frame up for sale.

How times have changed, the first two considerations I make are, can I get it from a local independent business and can I reduce my impact on mother earth.

I told you, I've got 'indie' bad.

Recently whilst reading the website newthinking.com. I spotted an article by Danni Paston, she owns a retail, bricks and mortar store up the road in Rotherham. They sell 'fun fashion, alt style, pop culture, hot clothing brands, awesome accessories, delicious goodies and highly collectible collectibles', sounds like they're worth a visit.

Her article walks through the issues faced by the high street in any town but a couple of comments struck home.

'Residential, food & beverages, leisure, and business, all need to find equal space in our new town centres. Each offers different motivations for people to visit a town centre and will contribute to sustained footfall that empty retail units do not. It may be jarring, but what’s better for a town centre's survival—a block of apartments, or a derelict department store? Let’s not mince our words, those department stores

that have moved or closed for good in a problem town centre, are never coming back.

'On that point, and as painful as it may be, most high streets need to let go of familiar high street names. When a Primark, John Lewis or Marks & Spencer leaves your town centre, do not mourn them. They’re the boyfriend or girlfriend who dumped you as soon as a new exciting partner gave them the eye. In this case, one with a bigger house, a massive car park and more people enjoying their facilities each day…

'Let the developers turn it into apartments - if there are some small units with reasonable rents and small indie businesses so much the better.'

'Let's not mourn, our town centres', I like this phrase, our town centres are no longer homogenious, they're each unique, different history, scenery, industry, independents and people - I think that's something to celebrate and enjoy.

Want to find an indie Chesterfield business? Check out UnhamperedChesterfield for a list that's ever evolving.

Independent businesses mentioned.








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You want value for money, quality finish and choice. You want time spent on quality designs.

You want to deal with a local, independent company you can trust with over 25 years experience.

You need SKC Kitchens.

SKC Kitchens & Bedrooms, 29 West Bars, Chesterfield S40 1AG

T: 01246 208973

E: leigh@skc-kitchensandbedrooms.co.uk


Kitchens & Bedrooms

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The Ancient Chapel of Newbold

Words: Lisa Hopkinson

Images: The New Figaro

The following article describing a walk from town along the Holme Brook to Eyre’s Chapel in Newbold was published in The New Figaro, a comic paper of the time, in 1915 by an unknown author. It describes a landscape and landmarks still familiar today though some (the Drill Hall at Ashgate) have been sadly demolished and Brockwell Lane

no longer crosses the Holme Brook. We love the disparaging remarks about Newbold and mercenary builders!

Thanks to the very helpful librarians at the local studies section of Chesterfield Library. Reproduced by Lisa Hopkinson.

Page 18 www.chesterfieldlocal.com

Pilgramages in Chesterfield District

No. 7: The Ancient Chapel of Newbold

Newbold is not one of the prettiest of the many ancient parishes within easy reach of Chesterfield, but it is believed to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest – excepting of course Chesterfield – but like so many of the ancient Manors still existing of which the Scarsdale Hundred was comprised, Newbold has lingered on through the centuries, content to live its own tortuous life, regardless of the progressive tendencies that have renewed old townships, and made many new ones in modern times.

To reach this old-world Township – for we must not repeat the offence committed by many unwary chroniclers and say “Parish” for Newbold is said to have been a Township long before Chesterfield rose to that dignity – we may take the road which leads from Holywell Cross, and proceed in almost direct route, a matter of two miles, or we may take the pleasanter way and cross the meadow footpaths, one of which may be reached by way of Newbold Back Lane, the other by way of Brockwell.

For our pilgrimage today let us take the pleasanter paths, and finding ourselves at the Drill Hall, avoid the downward turn to Ashgate and take the road which leads to Brockwell and the Holme Brooke. The walk is a pleasant one, and the view obtained of the western and southwestern hills, and the reaches of upper Brampton and Walton are both pleasing and unique, but we must not linger too long on our way for we have a most interesting object in view, that will well repay us for our journey.

When we have arrived at the Holme Brook the Brockwell Lane comes to an abrupt end, for the brook bars the way. A small wooden bridge is the only means available for crossing, unless one does not mind wading through the stream, which travellers in the ages past have done because it was a customary thing to do, for this is an ancient ford. ‘Ford’ is old English for road across a shallow brook or stream and ‘Brock’ is old English for badger or polecat, hence Brockwell Ford may mean a place where badgers or polecats once abounded in a wild state, which is very likely for the district has all the appearance of having been once a very wild one, and a natural haunt for both fur and feather in the days of our forefathers.

The extract from a 1921 OS map opposite shows the Drill Hall on Ashgate Road (below the

L in Chesterfield)and Brockwell Lane running diagonally which crosses the Holme Brook at Brockwell Ford and continues to Cutthorpe (where the old bridleway leading to Holmebrook Valley Park retains the name Brockwell Lane). Eyre’s chapel is towards the top left of the map. We do not cross this brook, but turn to the right, and over a stile to a footpath which leads us towards Newbold, and the ancient Chapel which we see when we reach the top of the rising ground. The Chapel stands quite alone in the middle of what was once a burial ground, having many tombstones and sacred monuments dotted over its surface, that was as late as the seventeenth century. During the reign of William III, all the tombstones were destroyed or removed, the chapel nearly destroyed, and as a place of worship made useless. A certain Rhodes Hibbert of Newbold, placed on record the fact that the ancient tombstones were carried away by mercenary builders, and used in the erection of some of the houses in the vicinity, some of them being used as door jambs, lintels, mantel pieces and steps.

The Chapel is of the greatest antiquity, and is believed to be on the original site, even if its foundations are not the same foundations upon which the original Chapel stood at Domesday, and there are certain indications that the Chapel at Newbold was the mother Church of Chesterfield. If that is so, the child has indeed outgrown the parent, both in bulk of building and prosperity.

For many centuries the Chapel has been the burial place of the ‘Eyres’ of Newbold and Padley, and of the Holme, from which homestead the Holme Brook takes its name.

The Chapel is a plain building (pictured on the folowing page), with an inside area of thirty-six feed by sixteen, the windows are square headed ones of two lights each, the main doorway is of the same pattern and the four corners of the building are ornamented with pinnacles.

The most interesting feature of the Chapel is the priests’ doorway on the south side, this is of very small dimension, being only five feet three inches high, and two feet broad, the top is formed of a semi-circular stone ornamented with flowing foliage, much defaced. Several of the stones forming the door jambs also bear traces of the original sculpture, a kind of horse shoe moulding. The walls, too, contain stones that have unmistakeable signs on them showing

Page 19 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

that they have been used in a former erection, and are of the early Norman period. The interior of the Chapel is now entirely desolate, very little furniture being left.

The Chapel was restored some thirty years ago by the representative of the Eyres, to whom the Chapel belongs, and a plain simple stone cross was erected close to the west end of the Chapel, and on it pedestal base may see sculptured the simple words:

Vincent Thomas Eyre

Arthur Henry Eyre

Ferdinand John Eyre


The stone cross is all that bears witness in that ancient burial ground of the generations of a once famous family of high-spirited and loyal Derbyshire men and women, and the Chapel a standing monument of the days when Newbold was the seat of a powerful and vigorous Lord, surrounded by his retainers and tenantry, where they worshipped in their own fashion the God of their fathers.

A future article will consider possible locations for the lost Norman manor house from which Newbold, described in the Domesday Book, got its name.

Page 20 www.chesterfieldlocal.com History
01246 277215 www.palaceroofline.co.uk 414 Chatsworth Road, Brampton, Chester eld S40 3BQ Summertime Home Projects Wet Ridge Carp ts Fascias Re-Roofs Leadw k Dry Verge Chimneys Flat Roofs Dry Ridge Palace Roofline Ltd “Quality is Our Priority”

Laterliving now!

At last I get It!

Words: Paul Chapman

Irecently met up with Kaye Wallis from Laterlivingnow! at their home-office in Brampton, to see how things are going. Now bear with me here, it was only whilst chatting with Kaye that I got the name, after all these years; it’s about enjoying your years in later life, but doing it now!

Laterlivingnow! are equity release experts in their field, are extremely well respected across the country, have achieved numerous awards, and with recent new joins to the team, offer nationwide services. Equity release is a financial product that allows homeowners, typically 55 or older, to access the equity tied up in their property without having to sell it or move out. It's a way for people to release some of the value stored in their homes and turn it into cash, which can be used to supplement their retirement income or fund other expenses.

Laterlivingnow! are a team of six, their base is Chesterfield and Kaye joined in January as Relationship Director. Previously in new-build property, she is also partner to Simon Chalk the MD of Laterlivingnow!

Simon helped shape the rules that make equity release safe, by serving on the Equity Release Council’s Standards Board, and is a SOLLA Advisory Board Member, having specialised in equity release for over 20 years.

I asked Kaye for the typical use people put their released capital to. "At the moment, the rising cost-of-living is at the top of most client agendas, with people topping up pension income being a common use; people can create a lump sum pot that they drawdown from when they need a bit of money.

"People also use the capital to pay for care services later in life, it might allow someone to stay in their home with care coming in to assist. It maybe that children need a hand with a deposit for their first home.

"Equity release is an enabler for so many things –it can be a way of helping children now, rather than waiting until you are gone.

"If you don’t have children or dependents to inherit your estate, equity release is an excellent way to enjoy your capital whilst you are still fit and able."

Kaye was keen to point out that Equity Release isn’t right for everyone – they always consider alternative ways of helping clients, and if there could be a negative impact on any benefits they might be entitled to.

The released capital is subject to interest, with options to pay some or all of it, or to let it roll-up and increase the loan balance, which is eventually repaid when the property is sold – usually following your death, or move into care. The older you are, the more you can release, with some lenders going to 50% of the property value, Kaye informed me.

Laterlivingnow! have a handy calculator on their website that shows how much you can borrow, without having to leave your personal details, so nobody will contact you unless you want them to.

If you are considering equity release, give Laterlivingnow! a call, an initial phone call is all it takes to establish your options and to learn if it may be right for you, or not.

Laterlivingnow! are all about local, a small team that started in Chesterfield, they love supporting local Businesses. As well as living locally and working together Kaye and Simon are due to marry in October. "Loving local businesses as we do," says Kaye, "we’ve tried to keep everything associated with the wedding local and as S40 as we can. The venue is The Peak Edge Hotel, wines from Hattersley’s of Bakewell, bridesmaid dress from Blanc, flowers from Fresh Ideas, hairstyles by Harleys, Simon’s outfit from Ingman’s, and the allimportant wedding dress is from Nora Eve."

Before his 35-years working in Financial Services, Simon worked in the adventure gear trade, and as such his love of the outdoors has stuck. Chesterfield makes a great base from which to explore the UK and most of their weekends are spent away in their campervan with dog, Jess. One thing I noted about Jess, is that she has her very own fan page on the website, being the company’s very own ‘Head of Client Welcoming!”

Be sure to give Simon, Kaye and of course Jess a smile if you see them out and about around Brampton.

T: 01246 202571

E: info@laterlivingnow.com www.laterlivingnow.com

Page 22 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Business
Top-up income Repaying mortgage Repaying debts/loans Helping out the family Paying for care Home improvements Paying for holidays Equity released from your home will be secured against it. Laterliving now! Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Release My Equity Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Equity Release Homeowner over 55? t: 01246 202 571 w: www.laterlivingnow.com e: info@laterlivingnow.com Equity release allows you to have tax-free cash from your home for: Call your local Equity Release specialist today, for a FREE consultation by Phone, Video-Call, or Home Visit. Page 23 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Not Quite...

In the countryside walk!

Words & images: Paul Chapman

Asummer walk, by the time this is back from print the nettles will be receding and this makes a great walk... But one that never really makes it to the open countryside. This route follows footpaths, bridleways and tracks, gates and some uphill sections, but not a single stile!

This walk starts at Storrs Road car park and covers just over 5 miles. It should take about two hours at a decent pace.

• From the car park, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right along Storrs Road. Turn left up Upper Moor Street and then turn right at the end. Follow the path behind Brookfield School classrooms and up between two hedges with the school buildings on the left and the sports fields on the right.

• At the end you enter an open field. Turn right across the field taking the diagonal path towards the grey fencing and on towards the coppice.

• Pass between the edge of the school grounds and the end of the coppice and head left up the field with open views of the countryside to your right. Reach the top of the coppice and go through the metal kissing gate. Turn immediately right and walk along the top of the field.

• Reaching a gate pass through the squeeze stile and head along the gravel path to your right.

• Pass through the gate (1) and continue along the path ignoring the left-hand junction, until you reach a T junction.

• Turn right, head to Ashgate Road, then turn left and after about 75m turn right along Woodnook Lane bridleway to Linacre.

• Continue down the path for around half a mile until you see two metal gates just before the woods (2). Turn right through the gate then just a short distance down on the left there is a telegraph pole, drop down left here through the coppice, down some steps and over the wooden (3) footbridge.

• Turn immediately right along the wide track across the bottom of the field to reach another small gate in the corner (4). Follow the path with the fence on the left.

• Reach the stream again and cross over the stepping stones (5). Go through the kissing gate and across the bottom of the woods. Continue round the edge of the field.

• At the end on the right cross another wooden footbridge (6) and turn left. After a short distance take the left fork on the path, following the river and continue through the woods until you reach another bridge (7). Turn left on to this bridge to take you in to Holmebrook Valley Park.

• Head slightly right (8) to reach the side of the lake. Walk part way round the lake with the

water on your right until you reach a cobbled gulley, Turn left before the cobbles and continue straight on across the grass with the wire fence on your right.

• If you look left, where the steps are, you can see Redball sculpture by Colin Rosewhich, part of the Art Trail.

• Reach the gravel path and go slightly left past the bench and then right down the hill.

• Follow this gravel path for some distance until you reach a junction of paths. Turn slightly right (don’t follow the sign to the car park) staying on the main path.

• At the end, cross another wooden footbridge (9), turn left to walk under the graffiti painted bridge (10 &11) and head towards Loundsley Green park.

• Continue along the path around the park (12). After a short distance you’ll see the skate park and shops on your right hand side.

• Keep following the path on the edge of the park until you reach the road, Pennine Way.

• Head straight over the road and follow the footpath signed to the town centre (13), cross a concrete footbridge. This short tarmac path takes you to another road, cross over and carry on the path. If you’re really lucky you might see Kingfishers along this section of the river.

Page 24 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Walk
Page 25 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine 5 6 8

• Reach another bridge (14), cross this and follow the short road to arrive on Ashgate Road just down from the Co-op.

• At the end of the driveway, opposite Ashbrook House, turn right up Ashgate Road.

• Cross the road and turn left when you reach the Inkerman Cottages (just before 308 Ashgate Rd).

• Walk through Inkerman park, ignoring the right hand fork, keep left.

• Turn left at the end of the park and walk until you reach a street. Turn right down a public footpath (15) with a fence and wall on either side and further down you will see Old Hall School on your Left.

• At Old Hall Road, turn right and head up the road, past Brampton Manor. Cross Ashgate Avenue and then cross Old Hall Road at the central crossing island. Go left down the small street just before 286 Old Hall Rd.

• Continue straight down this small track (16) as it becomes an alleyway and keep going until you get to Spruce Close. Cross here and walk past Westfield Infants School and along Vincent Crescent, then turn left at the end until you’re back at Storrs Road where the walk ends.

Page 26 www.chesterfieldlocal.com 13 11 14 10 15 9 Walk
Courtesy OS Open Maps 13 11 14 10 15 9 5 6 8


Words & images: Paul Chapman

Why don't you just switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead?

Remember that? It was a show on the BBC which ran for 42 series between August 1973 and April 1995. It delivered exactly what the name suggested, things to do, to make, to play etc, things that got you active and away from the TV. I suppose today it would have to be altered to 'switch off your phone' but as we hit the summer holidays I've picked four local'ish activities that could keep you busy for a bit and mentally stimulated ... yes, eating fish and chips on a canal boat is mentally stimulating!

No 1: A Fish & Chip or Afternoon Tea Cruise

Between now and the end of September you can board a narrow boat at Tapton Lock and enjoy either an afternoon or evening Fish & Chip cruise along the Chesterfield canal. You could also have Afternoon Tea, whichever takes your fancy.

Prices vary from £20.50 to £23 if you visit the link below you'll find all the details on timings and locations etc. Anchors Aweigh!

No 2: Bike Ride & Evening Pizza

Ok, this is logistically a bit of a challenge but if you can get the family and bikes out to Bakewell you can park up and enjoy a ride along the traffic free Monsall Trail.

The old railway line runs for 9.5 miles from Coombs Road in Bakewell to Blackwell Mill rising 460 feet (no it's not flat). Riding through the tunnels is described as 'one of the cycling highlights of Great Britain' and it's on our doorstep. You can hire bikes at Hassop Station and the return trip from Hassop to the old station at Millers Dale is just 10.3 miles.

The highlight of this one for me, is that if you do this in the early evening, you can enjoy pizza and a pint from Hassop Station Cafe as they stay open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday evenings in the school holidays. Allez Allez.

No 3: Open Top Bus Tour of the Peak District

New this year is a service from local operator Stagecoach offering an open top bus ride around the Peak District.

You can sit back and enjoy the scenery from a grandstand view as the open top bus takes you to Chatsworth, Baslow, Calver, Hassop Station, Bakewell, Ashford in the Water and Pilsley.

Day tickets are £6 and buses run every 30 minutes, you're free to hop on and hop off as many times as you’d like. There are two buses leaving Chesterfield train station at 9:10 and 9:40am passing Brookfield at 9:24 and 9:54am. The last buses back to Chesterfield from Chatsworth House is at 5:49 and 6:19pm. Ding ding.

No 4: Walk & Picnic

We have so many options to walk from the door in Chesterfield. The walk we've included in this edition takes us from Storrs Road, through Linacre and Holmebrook, skirting through woodland, open countryside, through farms and past reservoirs all, not bad without having to travel.

We also have a number of walks on our website, Wigley, Stanedge, Holymoorside, Linacre and Westwick Lane. Just go to chesterfieldlocal.com and search on 'walk'.

Wait for the sun to shine, pack a picnic, you can even source local produce for your picnic and enjoy a bit of nature. Leave only footsteps!

Page 28 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Out & About

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm for enquiries & appointments

Bespoke Framing Service

Original Art & Prints

DIY Framing Materials: Pre-mitred Wooden Moulding Cut to Size Mounts & Glass

01246 554338




11a Old Hall Road, S40 3RG






Continues at Dotique Peak Village


296 Chatsworth Road

Chesterfield S40 2BY

Tel: 01246 498536

Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm

Sun Closed


Rowlsey • Matlock DE4 2JE

Tel: 01629 818755

Mon - Sat 10am to 5:30pm

Sun 10am to 5pm



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Reading Corner

Where Ravens Circle


“In 991, Vikings sail up the Blackwater Estuary and attack Maldon in Essex. Inside the church of St Mary the Virgin, a priest and a group of women anxiously await the outcome of the battle. In 1979, Dr Emma Stuart, a genealogist in London, is asked by a client from Denmark to trace a Viking ancestor. An eleventh-century whetstone found on his farm has a puzzling inscription. She decides to investigate. Then, when her mother inherits a sixteenth century house in Norwich from an unknown relative, Emma's research suggests possible links to her own past that began in a church at the Battle of Maldon.”

‘Where Ravens Circle’ is the fourth novel by local author Gaynor Lynn Taylor. Her first three books are thrillers, but this is her first historical love story. Her passion for writing tales from the past started in Scarthin Books in Cromford where she once found an old travelogue. “I like to make links between the past and present day,” says Gaynor.

“It was in a history book that I came across a Norwegian Earl called Eric, and decided to make him the main man in ‘Where Ravens Circle’.”

Download Amazon UK and search for ‘WhereRavens Circle’. Click on the cover to read the first eight chapters. An e-book is also available.

Books may also be bought for £10 from Gaynor. All proceeds are to go to charitable causes.

Page 30 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Books
Three books to seek out with a local connection.

Clowne at War - WW1 Clowne Local History Society

Researched by Rita Mellor and produced in conjunction with the Clowne Local History Society, 'Clowne at War WWI' contains additional names and background information added to original research, and is now available to purchase.

There are 105 men and boys named on the Memorial from the first World War with the youngest aged 17 and the oldest 38.

These men served in 30 different regiments/ services and were active across all the areas of the First World War from Gallipoli through France and Belgium with battle names that are now familiar to us, Mons, Ypres, Passchendaele and many more.

It is a story for Clowne families and relatives of the fallen that is at last told in some detail with many photos of the men culled from newspaper archives and military records.

The publication has been made possible by support from Cllr Natalie Hoy Derbyshire Council and from Capital Refractories of Clowne.

There is ongoing research into this area by Clowne Local History Society and we give our thanks here to Barlborough Heritage who have strongly supported our research efforts, and potential new names for the Memorial are still being found and will be documented.

The book can be purchased for £15 directly from the Clowne Local History Society through their facebook site or call 01246 819173.

The next task for the group are the WW2 names.


Rocket the Rabbit


Gareth, you might remember, worked with me at S40 Local for a few years but today lives with his wife and children in the seaside town of Torbay, South Devon. 'Rocket the Rabbit' is his first children's book.

Alongside writing and illustrating fun, heartwarming children’s stories, he spends his days as a Youth Worker.

Always eager to explore the creative arts Gareth is also a published songwriter, graphic designer and even built and designed Campervans. He also spent some time working as a teacher before writing his first set of children’s books.

“Rocket was a rabbit with an extraordinary mind, He had a heart for adventure, and he was wonderfully kind.

"Despite his fears and insecurities, upon hearing the news that the Burrows were soon to be destroyed, Rocket hesitantly steps up to give the whole rabbit clan a chance of survival. A timeless, heart-warming story bound to make you smile, chuckle, and most importantly, leave you feeling that little bit braver."

Rocket the Rabbit, Gareth’s eagerly-awaited Children’s book, was described as a ‘tribute to all dreamers’, making it a fitting introduction to the industry - but rest assured, there’s plenty more to come.

Rocket the Rabbit is available to purchase from Amazon for £7.99 plus postage.

Search Amazon for:


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Our audiologists are trained in three different methods; manual removal, micro-suction and irrigation.

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a choice of new hearing aids prior to purchase, ensuring you make the correct decision for you. Professional Ear Wax Removal
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They're Prison-Wall Wizards

Edge Hill University has crowned a team from Brookfield the winners of its national Maths Challenge competition 2022/23.

Eighty-five teams from across the country entered the competition, with 12 teams making it through to the grand final, held at the University’s Ormskirk campus on Tuesday 4 July.

The winning ‘Pythagoras Prospects’ team from Brookfield was comprised of math wizzes Toby Barnett, George Reddish, Felix Cooke, Benjamin Rowbottom and Harry Collins.

The Year 9 students embraced a series of maths challenges by answering tough questions which were designed to develop their creativity, decision-making and subject knowledge, with all

finalists presenting their solutions to a panel of expert judges at Edge Hill University.

Solving a geometry-based problem about Mr Escape-not’s solution to find ways to secure a prison facility, the first-place winners from Brookfield received a £50 Amazon voucher each, a maths book and a certificate.

Emma Treves, Teacher of Maths at the school, said: “Each member of the team rose to the challenge of exploring challenging and unfamiliar Maths beyond their curriculum, they were dedicated throughout and supported each other. It has been a privilege and pleasure to see them thrive. Everyone at Brookfield is very proud of their achievement.”

Huge Thanks

We'd like to give a huge thanks to Moon Randall for the contributions to S40 Local over the 2022/23 school year.

Moon has been a key member of the S40 Local Brookfield team and responsible for most of the text you've seen on these pages.

Thanks Moon from S40 Local and we wish you all the best for the next stage of your educational journey.

Brookfield Community School www.brookfieldcs.org.uk @BCSch brookfield_cs/
Page 34 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Brookfield News
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No One Expects ...

When ploughing through a novel or text I am often caught unaware by a serious plot change. This can be true in films and documentaries - as well as in life.

When watching or reading Game of Thrones, no one expected or predicted The Red Wedding. I recall my shock reading Lord of the Rings when Boromir was killed by the Orcs, in lives cut short popular culture is peppered by shock events - the death of Buddy Holly by example.

Last week we closed our small unit shop in the Market Hall and moved back into the Open Air Market with a stall on Thursdays and Saturdays. It is where we started and where most of you encountered us in the first place.

This was an unexpected turn for us, but it is far from the end of the story and we have more to do, but we are hoping that the plot change in the next few weeks will be fun and lively. We are on the hunt for a new premises but have not yet secured what we think we need.

But for now, your access to books and booksellers should be sufficiently sated by Chesterfield’s significant Open Air Market on Thursdays and Saturdays.

For our part, last Thursday it was back to our roots and we returned with stunning weather and renewed vigour and it was great to see so many of you.

The simple truth, and this is a pleasure to write, is that we have been very touched and appreciative of your loyalty and support. We have heard your love of the shop, we have seen your desire to read, and we will do all we can to secure premises for the long term.

We continue to have the Facebook page: Brockwell Books of Chesterfield and we would urge you to keep your eyes open there.

Oh and as for the market stall - we are indulging your love of Chesterfield in other ways too… we are including a wide range of Pearson’s Pottery, have a fair amount of Dems glass and to reflect the wider Derbyshire traditions we also have a good spattering of studio pottery too…

Books and pottery and glassware - not much else one could want for a relaxed evening at home or a lazy weekend in the garden or in the conservatory. Hope to see you all soon and do spread the word. Chesterfield Market - by far the best market in Derbyshire and we would argue - one of the largest and best across the East Midlands and more.

Brockwell Books, Chesterfield Market Place, Chesterfield S40 1AR (Thursday & Saturday)

Brockwell Books of Chesterfield


in The Market Place, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1AR
Thursdays & Saturdays
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Half a Hope to Win & Lose

Words: Maggie Kellman

Image: Mike Chenery

Mike Chenery takes on a Peak District half marathon raising funds for a great local cause. The play equipment at St David's Rise Park in Walton has been locked now for months as it is unsafe to use. Thankfully local residents have formed ‘The Friends of St David’s Rise Park’ to raise funds for a new play area. In July this year, Mike Chenery, a member of the group, took on a personal challenge dubbed “Half a Hope to Win & Lose” – a sponsored half marathon over the Peak District - starting in Hope, scaling over 2,300ft ascent along a route with Win Hill as the first summit and Lose Hill as the last before descending back into Hope.

Mike started his running by completing the couch to 5k program during lockdown as a way of getting more exercise during the COVID restrictions, at the same time his mother also started running. In October 2021 Mike and his Mum ran their first run together unaware of the tragic year they would have ahead of them. On 28 February 2022 his mother was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and sadly passed away on Christmas day of the same year. During this time Mike struggled to come terms with the rapid decline in his mother’s health and subsequent death, through counselling he discovered running was an excellent coping strategy.

Mike said "I know my Mum would have loved a new park to take her grandkids to, so it seems fitting that I can do this to help raise these much needed funds.

"During the run I felt great until 9 miles in, after leaving Edale and heading up Mam Tor I was exhausted. I was really feeling the loss of my Mum but the support from my partner, friends and everyone who sponsored me kept me going, so much so I managed a sprint down Lose Hill into Hope for the finish.”

"I know I'm repeating myself, but the support from everyone really has been astounding, it actually created a little bit of pressure leading up to the run. I enjoyed the run and the support during was great but the last 4 miles were the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced for sure.

"Thanks to my partner, without whom, I wouldn’t have been able to train properly, and thanks to my friend who got up early and walked the route a few hours in front in case I needed help.

"The total raised is amazing and I still can’t believe people's generosity, it’s brilliant."

Mike's biggest, hardest, and steepest challenge to date, was successfully completed, in July. His 'Half a Hope to Win & Lose' had a modest target of £400, to date he has smashed this with £1,365 kindly donated.

If you'd like to add to the total and help towards the install of a smart new park please visit the link below, or scan the QR code, and if you’d like to know more about the Friends of St David’s Rise Park please contact the group on the email: Friends.of.St.Davids.Rise.Park@outlook.com

www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ halfahope2winandlose

Page 42 www.chesterfieldlocal.com

Now one of the most recognisable tribute bands in the world, SUPREME QUEEN continue to take things to a whole different level, with their homage to the halcyon days of one of the planet’s greatest ever rock bands.

Since their formation in the nineties, SUPREME QUEEN have played to hundreds of thousands of Queen fans across the world, headlining at major events including St. Tropez’s International Queen Convention, where they played to 10,000 people. Courtesy of Maria at MP Promotions we have a pair of tickets to give away!

Tickets are available to purchase from SupremeQueen.co.uk, but to be in with a chance of picking a pair of free tickets:

• Email QUEEN to paul@s40local.co.uk

• Text QUEEN to 07764 801080

• Complete the form below, and send to: Supreme Queen Giveaway, S40 Local, West Studios S2, Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield S41 7LL.

Please get your details or forms to arrive with us by close of play Thursday 31 August 2023.

As always, a huge thanks to Maria at MP Promotions for supplying the tickets to giveaway. You will need to make your own way to the venue. Tickets are also available to purchase from the site below.

Visit: supremequeen.co.uk

Name: Tel:


Email: Info


No correspondence
be entered into.
will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.
Ticket Giveaway Page 43 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Tapton Lock Festival

Returns 9 & 10 September

Words & Images: Junction Arts

Now in its eleventh year, organisers have confirmed that the popular Tapton Lock Festival will return this September with a host of new activities and entertainment for families to enjoy.

The free annual event is organised by Junction Arts and Derbyshire County Council, with the aim of bringing families and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, promoting better health and wellbeing. During the weekend the Chesterfield Canal comes alive with outdoor theatre, music and dance, arts and crafts workshops, stalls, ‘have a go’ canoes, boat rides and much more.

Family favourites such as the brilliant bubbleologist, circus skills and climbing wall will return but there’ll also be some new entertainment for 2023 including performances and workshops from Bollywood dancers, African drummers and the Babbling Vagabonds Magical Market Stall! Visitors will also be able to try their hand at Lego printing, and greenwood crafts or get greenfingered in a seed workshop.

Junction Arts Coordinator Jane Wells said: “Tapton Lock Festival brings together the arts and the outdoors to create an event that is inclusive and accessible to all. It encourages communities to come together and enjoy the beautiful canal walkways that are on our doorstep. Working with Derbyshire Countryside Services, each year we aim to bring back the popular activities but also introduce something new… This year we’re excited to have new performers and activities that will bring even more colour and vibrancy to the festival.

“At Junction Arts, our aim is to build stronger communities through the arts and The Tapton Lock Festival is a great example of this! The festival raises awareness of the area along the Chesterfield Canal and the network of footpaths and cycleways, encouraging people to spend more time in nature with family and friends becoming healthier and happier.”

As part of the festival Junction Arts has commissioned an ‘artist in residence’ at Chesterfield Football Club to work with a small group of young people who attend Thr1ve, a social prescribing group for young people, part of the Club’s Spireites Trust.

Tapton Lock Festival is a free event that takes place around the Tapton Lock Visitor Centre on the 9 and 10 September from 11am until 4pm daily. For more information visit and follow as below.



What's On
Page 44 www.chesterfieldlocal.com
Page 45 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

'What's On' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes. If you have an event to list, please just drop an email to Paul as below.



Inspired to Stitch Exhibition

Until Sat 16 Sep

An exhibition of embroidery inspired by Chesterfield Parish Church. Mon to Sat 10am to 4pm. The Parish Church of St Mary & All Saints, Chesterfield S40 1XJ

Level Centre: Public Open Exhibition

Until Fri 1 September

Come and vote for your favourite artwork in our Public Open Exhibition! After a national call out, the 22 shortlisted pieces will be on display at LEVEL over the summer. Level Centre, Old Station Cl, Rowsley DE4 2EL See levelcentre.com

Level Centre: Water Portals

8 Sep to 5 Jan 2014

An interactive digital journey exploring the microscopic world of water. Discover the beautiful microbes that live in our rivers, lakes and seas, and understand the crucial roles they play in creating a healthy world.

Level Centre, Old Station Cl, Rowsley DE4 2EL See levelcentre.com

Level Centre: GLISTEN Fest

19 to 23 September

A sparkly, sensory festival filled with light and sound. Our first GLISTEN Fest has been designed to ignite the senses, inspire creativity and create memories that can be shared with family, friends and carers.


Wed 16: Newlands Community Centre

Open Day

All are welcome to drop in for tea, biscuits and a welcoming chat. We look forward to hearing residents' suggestions for events and groups at the centre. 9:30am to 12:30 at Newlands Community Centre, Newland Dale, Chesterfield S41 7QG. E: jillhancock@ outlook.com or M: 07746 668 257.

Tue 15/16/17: Children's Holiday Club

For all young children. Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 4NF. For details contact 01246 274481.

Sat 19: Open Day - Chesterfield Fire Station 11 am to 3pm. Spire Walk Business Park, Braidwood Way, Chesterfield S40 2WH

Mon 21: CADLHS Tread a walk along the River Hipper

Talk by Richard Dillon. The River Hipper from its source to its junction with the River Rother. Chesterfield and Local History Society. All meetings at St Thomas Centre at 7:30pm. Members free Visitors £3 Refreshments.

Mon 21: Transition Chesterfield AGM 7pm at the Spire Saints Centre, St Mary's Gate. All welcome. Contact hello@ transitionchesterfield.org.uk for more information.

Tue 22 to Thu 24: 25ish Anniversary Summer School.

The Studio Theatre, West Studios. Watch facebook for info. FB: @ pomegranateyouththeatre

Wed 23: The Little Mermaid

Tickets £19. The Winding Wheel. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Wed 23 to Sat 26: St Thomas’ Golden St

Folks Summer

A series of holiday at home events from 23 to 26 August. Wed 23: (£5) Midday, Soup, bread & cake; 1pm Craft making cards; 2pm Tea & biscuits; 2:30 Music

Appreciation. Thu 24: (£5) Midday, Floral Crafts; 1pm Bacon butties, 2pm Chair based activity; 3:15pm Tea & biscuits. Fri 25: (£5) Midday, Soup, bread & cake, 1pm Floor games, 2pm Tea & Biscuits; 2:30pm Floor games. Sat 26: (£15) Midday trip to Pipes in the Peaks, home for 4pm. All places will need to be booked for any event or all of them. Call Christine on 07887 480247 or e: christinemacpherson56@ gmail.com

Sun 27: Chesterfield Artisan Market Market Place. See themarketco.co.uk


Fri 1: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day 10am at Dronfield Hall Barn. See Advert.

Sat 2: National Youth Jazz Orchestra

Presents: Blue Note

Tickets £28/£25. The Winding Wheel. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sat 2: Autumn Flower & Vegetable Show Holymoorside village hall. 2.30 to 4.30pm. Staging from 10am to 1pm. For schedules

T: 01246 569059 or 01246 568000.

Sat 2: Spadgerfest The Third

The Spotted Frog, Chatsworth Road From 1 to 9pm. See advert for details.

Sun 3: Chesterfield Vegan Market See rainbowmonkeyevents.co.uk

Sun 3: Supreme Queen

The Dome, Doncaster. See ticket giveaway.

PleasecheckbeforeattendinganyeventasS40localcannotbeheldresponsibleforanyerrorsinthelistings. What's On
FINE ART AUCTIONEERS FREE VALUATIONS Come along to meet one of our experts for free auction valuations of antiques, collectables, jewellery and medals. CHESTERFIELD DRONFIELD Tuesday Friday 5 September 1 September 3 October 6 October 10am to 12 noon 10am to 1pm The St Thomas’ Dron eld Hall Barn Church Centre High Street Chatsworth Road Dron eld S40 3AW S18 1PX 0115 979 0000 www.mellorsandkirk.com MELLORS & KIRK £49 Page 47 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Sun 3: Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain

Tickets £19. The Winding Wheel. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Mon 4: Chesterfield RSPB Lecture

David White: Breeding Bird Survey. 7:15pm @St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Road, S40 3AW. Members £4; non-members £5. Refreshments. T: 01246 201663.

Tue 5: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day

10am at St Thomas Centre. See Advert.

Wed 6: Holymoorside Horticultural Society Meeting

Holymoorside URC meeting room. Sheffield Botanical Gardens. 7:45pm all welcome. Contact Trevor Gee on 01246 569059.

Fri 8: Public Image Ltd

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Fri 8: The Magic of Dance - Ian Waite & Vincent Simone

Tickets £29. The Winding Wheel. www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Sat 9 to Sun 10: Tapton Lock Festival

See article and advert.

Sun 10: Chesterfield Record Fair Market Place. See FB: aarecordfairs

Sun 10: Centenary Gala Concert

Celebrate 100 years of the Winding Wheel. Performance from nine theatre schools, performing arts companies, compared by Tony Rudd and appearance from Bernie Clifton. Tickets £19.20 from www. chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk/100

Mon 11 to Fri 15: A Century Of Cinema

Celebrating 100 years of the Winding Wheel. Screening of classic fiilms at The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield. See chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk

Mon 11: NEDIAS Local Heritage Meeting

The historic CEGB coal fired power stations on the River Trent by Ian Mitchell. 7:30pm at St Thomas' Centre. More info from Cliff at 07582 848 973.

Wed 13: Chesterfield RSPB Walk

Waverley at 10am. For info T: 01246 201663. For info T: 01246 201663.

Wed 13: Ed Byrne

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Fri 15: Nepalese Golf Day

10am at Stanedge Golf Club to raise funds to rebuild a school in Nepal, destroyed by the earthquake. Contact Lee on 07889 684388 for details.

Fri 15: Brampton Brewery Tour

One for the beer lovers. A fascinating trip through the history of Chesterfield's much loved Brampton Brewery. Enjoy two beers included in the tour price of £10. A fab evening at the Bierhuis, Brampton Brewery, Chatsworth Rd, S40 2AR. Call 01246 221680 to book.

Fri 15 & Sat 16: Peddler Market Street food, drinks, crafts, stalls & Music. New Square, Chesterfield. See socials Peddlermkt.

Sat 16: Chesterfield RSPB Field Trip YWT North Cave at 10am. For info T: 01246 201663.

Sat 16: Charity Coffee Morning

10am to midday at Chesterfield Christadelphien Church, Sheffield Road. See advert.

Mon 18: CADLHS

Spireites from Saltergate to Sheffield Road A Chesterfield FC Chronicle, talk by Phil Tooley. Chesterfield and Local History Society. All meetings at St Thomas' Centre at 7:30pm. Members free Visitors £3 Refreshments.

Thu 21: Grieve Well Bereavement support group week of 1 of 6 week course at St Thomas' Centre, Chatsworth Road. See advert.

Sun 24: Songs of Praise

6pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way S40 4NF. For details contact 01246 274481.

Sun 24: Chesterfield Artisan Market Market Place. See themarketco.co.uk

Wed 27: Josie Long

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Fri 29: Macmillan Coffee Morning

10am @The Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club, Hawksley Avenue, Chesterfield. Sat 30: The Hoosiers

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Sat 30 Sep: Ruby Wax - I'm Not as Well ... Winding Wheel Theatre @7:30pm. See chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk


Sun 1: Chesterfield Vegan Market

See rainbowmonkeyevents.co.uk

Sun 1: Apple Day

1 to 5pm at Monkey Park (indoors and in the park). Transition Chesterfield's day of apple related fun, apple pressing, apple recipe skill-shares etc.

Mon 2: Chesterfield RSPB Lecture

Speaker Ron Marshall; A Scottish Tour. 7:15pm @St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Rd, S40 3AW. Members £4; non-members £5. Refreshments. T: 01246 201663.

Tue 3: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day

10am at St Thomas Centre. See Advert.

Wed 4 to Sat 7: Calendar Girls - The Musical

Bolsover Drama Group present the musical based upon the true story of a small Yorkshire Women's Institute's artistic charity fundraiser. The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover. Tickets £9 (Conc £8) from bolsoverdramagroup.org

Fri 6: Mellors & Kirk Valuation Day

10am at Dronfield Hall Barn. See Advert.

Fri 6: Hard-Fi

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Sat 7: Munya Chawawa

The Leadmill, Sheffield. See leadmill.co.uk

Sun 8: Chesterfield Record Fair Market Place. See FB: aarecordfairs

Mon 9 Oct: NEDIAS Local Heritage Meeting

“Riddings oil refinery, Alfreton, 1848. 175 years ago this year - Britain’s and the world’s first refinery, believe it or not!”

7:30pm at St Thomas Centre. More info from Cliff at 07582 848 973.

Tue 10: Wheatbridge Surgery Patient

Participation Group

12 midday at Wheatbridge Surgery - All patients welcome.

Wed 11: Chesterfield RSPB Walk

Eastern Moors 10am. T: 01246 201663.

Thu 12: Charity Ladies' Fashion Evening Designer Sale - 6 to 8pm @The Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club Hawksley Avenue, Chesterfield. Tickets on the door.

Sat 14: Autumn Fayre

2 to 4pm @St Peter and St Paul, Old Brampton (Timings TBC).

Mon 16: CADLHS Mining in Derbyshire

Talk by Byron Machin. Chesterfield and Local History Society. All meetings at St Thomas' Centre at 7:30pm. Members free, visitors £3, refreshments.

What's On

Regular Events


PILATES GROUP: 9:15 to 10:15am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also Tue 6 to 7pm & 7:15pm to 8:15pm & Wed 9:30 to 10:30am. Call Judy to book: 07779 266057.

MEN’S SNOOKER: Friendly group of men, over 60 & are looking for others to join us. 9:30 to 11:30am at Newbold Working Men’s Club, Thirlmere Road, Newbold. T: 01246 232169.

SILVER SOCIAL: Chat, a drink, a snack and join in the quiz. Over 50s welcome. No cost - but donations appreciated. An accessible event. 10am to midday at Monkey Park, Chester Street, Brampton. See www.monkeypark.org.uk

ANCIENT HISTORY CLASS: The Age of Spartacus. examining the turmoil & civil wars of the late Roman Republic. From 11 Sept. 10:15am to 12:15pm. Meeting Room Chesterfield Indoor Market Hall. T: Gary 07980 910896.

READING GROUP: 10:30am for an hour in The Hub, Low Pavement, Chesterfield. We read short stories and poetry, all materials provided free. james@dva.org.uk or 07743 514934.

ZUMBA GOLD/TONING: 11am to midday @The Parish Centre Stonegravels, also Fri. Pre-book only call Teresa 07740 202042.

DANCE ABILITY AND RACKET SPORTS: Fun, relaxed sessions for adults 18+ with additional needs. 3 to 4pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

DANCING WITH DEMENTIA: A fun, relaxed dance session for people living with dementia and their carers 1 to 2:45pm @Queens Park Sports Centre £4 carers free 01246 345555.

CHESTERFIELD GAMES SOCIETY: 7 to 10pm @ The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Also every 2nd & 4th Wed 7 to 10pm. T: 01246 209433 for info.

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Face to Face class at Swanwick Memorial Hall, Old Whittington S41 9JZ. 7:15 to 8:45pm. £7.50 - £8.50. Details Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

MINERVA WOMEN’S CHORUS: Enquiries warmly welcomed from singers with some experience. 7.30pm at St. John’s Church, Walton to rehearse unaccompanied songs for fun and performance. We’d love to meet you!

www.minervachorus.co.uk T:01246 567118

BADMINTON: A friendly group meeting at The Outward Academy, Highfield Lane. 7:30 to 9:30pm. Welcoming new players of mixed ability, but not beginners. Call Terry 0772 546129 or e: chrisf546@gmail.com


CHOIR: A mixed voice choir of 30 members. Rehearsals 7:30 to 9pm at Brimington Common Methodist Chapel, Manor Road, Brimington Common S43 1NU. Julie Hunt: 01246 238143.

HOLYMOORSIDE BAND: Rehearsals in Holymoorside URC church on Mon & Frid 8 to 9:30pm. Vacancies throughout the band. Instruments available. T: Andy on 07875 283131 or email: andybooker31@icloud.com


COMMUNITY COFFEE MORNING: Storrs Road Church Centre. 3rd Tuesday of the month 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Come along for a chat and a cuppa. No charge but donation welcome.

ZUMBA GOLD: Low impact exercise to music. Suitable for older exercisers. Tuesday and Thursday, 10am and 11am both days. Chester Street Club. For details call Jen 07985 549427.


10am to 12 noon @Cutthorpe Village Hall. Come and enjoy a relaxing morning. T: 07305 461604.

HOLY COMMUNION SAID: 9:30am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

ST HELEN'S TAI CHI CLASS: 10:30 to 11:45am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. £2 per week. Call Veronica to book: 01246 237526.

HOLMEHALL LET'S WALK TOGETHER: Friendly group, walks lasting 30 to 60 mins at a gentle pace followed by a chat and a drink. Fortnightly. 10.30am @Holmehall Community Hub at 41 Mercaston Close S40 4UE. T: 01246 498080 or holmehallunite@gmail.com

OLD BRAMPTON AND DISTRICT WI: 2nd Tuesday each month 2 to 4pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way, S40 4NF. A very friendly group of ladies who would make you very welcome. Come for a visit!

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Rosehill Church Hall Chesterfield Studios, Soresby St. Ideal for leading a more active lifestyle in a friendly group whilst exercising to music. T: Debbie 07413 068092.

RENEW WELLBEING 42: St John's Church, Walton every Tue 2-4pm. This is a space to get together over a cuppa where it is ok not to feel ok. All are welcome to join our small and friendly group. Call Cathy on 07815796612 for details.

AFTERNOON WHIST: 2 to 4:30pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. T: Julie on 07732 395278 or Susan on 01142 2621548. £3 per person. All welcome.

THOM’S BLOKES: A monthly meeting for men on the 3rd Tue of the month. St Thomas’ Church Centre, Chatsworth Rd. Talks, outings, fun & friendship. All welcome. Call Robin Dawson 01246 550445 or Tony Witham 01246 206820.

TEA AND TOAST TUESDAYS: Holy Trinity Church Newbold, Road. 9 to midday. Everyone welcome. No charge. Join us for refreshment and friendship. Call Rev. Jilly Hancock 01246 465656.

TUESDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 11am St John's Church, Walton. For more info see www. stjohnswalton.co.uk

PILATES: Holymoorside Class. 3pm at Holymoorside Village Hall, Holymoor Road S42 7DX. T: 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@ gmail.com FB: @tayloredpilates23

CHESTERFIELD PSYCHIC STUDY GROUP: 2nd Tuesday, Meet 6:30pm, talks at 7:15pm at Chesterfield Community Centre, South Place S40 1QU. .Light refreshments. All welcome. For info see www.cpsg.uk or call: 01246 277364.

CHESTERFIELD GARLAND DANCERS: Methodist Church Hall, Jawbones Hill, Derby Road, S40 2TN from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: enquiry@ chesterfieldgarland.org.uk

WEST STUDIOS LIFE DRAWING: Classes with John King. First Tuesday of the month. See weststudios.co.uk FB & IG: WestS41

CHESTERFIELD PHILATELIC SOCIETY: 2 to 4pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels 2nd Tue of the month. £15 per year membership Call John: 07845 770442 for more info.


LOUNDSLEY GREEN CHURCH COMMUNITY: Every Wed from 10am to 12:30pm. A warm, free space for all with tea/coffee & biscuits etc.

EASTWOOD LADIES PROBUS CLUB: 10am @1866 Lounge at the Technique Stadium. 2nd Wed. Speakers covering various topics, social events and a warm welcome. For info T: 01246 272193 or email yvonne3849.@sky.com

WALKING GROUP: 10:15am from Chesterfield to catch a bus to start the walk. Call Veronica to book 01246 237526 or E: vonhage2@gmail.com

BRITISH HISTORY CLASS: The Norman King. Examining the reign of William the Conquerer & his successors. From 13 Sept. 10:30am to 12:30am. Meeting Room Chesterfield Indoor Market Hall. T: Margaret 01246 276800

HUNLOKE GARDENS WALK WITH US GROUP: Refreshments & purchase fresh produce.

10:30am The cabins Hunloke Community Gardens, Church St South S40 2TF. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk

MONKEY PARK STAY & PLAY: 10:30am to 11:30am Stay and play for under 5s and their grown-ups. Just a £1 donation. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

ROCK CHOIR: St. John’s Walton, 11am and Whittington Moor Methodist Church, Mondays 7:30pm. www.rockchoir.co.uk

STAY & PLAY: For children and parents - babies up to 5 years old. Term time only. 1:30 to 3pm at Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

WALTON WOMEN'S INSTITUTE: WOMEN'S Come and join us. 4th Wed at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane 2pm. Jan to November. T: 01246 272039.

KNITTING CLUB: 2 to 4pm. Costa Coffee @ Ravenside Retail Park opposite M&S. No charge, just buy a drink. T: 0771 9763866

HOLYMOORSIDE CRAFT GROUP: An informal and friendly group The Village Hall, Committee room 2 to 4pm. All welcome. Cynthia: 01246 569250.

BRAMPTON LADIES CLUB: Brampton Ladies Club meet at Storrs Road Methodist Church, Storrs Road. New members welcome. Talks, demonstrations, social activities, quizzes & special events. 2 to 4pm term time. T: 01246 566435.

HOLYMOORSIDE TRAINING BAND: Calling all brass and percussion players, new & old. Rehearsals 6:30pm at United Reformed Church, Holymoorside. Instruments provided if required. Call 07874 014179 or e: enquiries@ holymoorsideband.co.uk

• SPACE-SAVING – MAXIMISE GARAGE HEADROOM • SECURITY-ENABLED AUTO-LOCKING SYSTEM • CHOICE OF 21 COLOURS TO MATCH YOUR HOME • REMOVAL AND RECYCLING OF YOUR OLD DOOR • DEDICATED GAROLLA AFTER-CARE TEAM T: 01246 700 142 Lines are open 7 days a week 9.8 out of 10 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 / 5,000 reviews From our door, to yours. GAROLLA.CO.UK Get your Garage into Shape! Upgrade your garage this summer into a space to be proud of. PRICES START AT £895 (OPENINGS UP TO 2.4M/55MM WHITE SLATS) BEFORE AFTER FREE FITTING PAYMENT ON INSTALLATION Page 51 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine

Regular Events

LAURA CLOWES SCHOOL OF DANCING: The Parish Centre Stonegravels 5 to 9pm & Sat 9am to 1:30pm. T: Laura to book 07714 223722.

THE BRAMPTON SESSIONS: Revelling in rich musical traditions. Live, acoustic music sessions featuring local musicians. First Weds, 7:30pm St Thomas Centre S40 3AW. £2 FB: Search ' Brampton Sessions' or M: 07739 084478


7:30 to 9:30pm Chesterfield FC Stadium. A different hobby each time help improve mental health & wellbeing. E: hthobbytalk@gmail.com

BLOW THE COBWEBS AWAY: Recorder group - all abilities welcome. 7:30pm St Leonard's Mission, Spital. T: 01246 563224.

FREEVOICES COMMUNITY CHOIR: The Friends Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road. 7:30 to 9:15pm. £4. Term time. Contact free. voices@yahoo.co.uk or T: 01246 237937.

HONEY BELLES LADIES CHOIR: St John’s Church, Walton Back Lane 8pm. Available for events. Contact honeybelleschoir@gmail.com


ROBINSONS BOWLING CLUB: Taster sessions for beginners 9.30 to 11.30 am. Enquiries contact Marilyn on 01246 270039 or marilyn@ blackwell1.plus.com FB: @Robinson Bowls Club.

THE PILATES STUDIO CHESTERFIELD: Classes 9 to 9:50am, 10 to 10:50am & 11 to 11:50am at West Studios, Sheffield Road Chesterfield S41 7LL. T: 0789 1090746 E: rachel@ thepilatesstudiochesterfield.co.uk

ART GROUP: 9:30 to 11:30am @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. No instructor. £3 per week, tea coffee & biscuits. T: 01246 209433.

WE ARE ONE: Friendly community choir looking for new Members. No experience necessary. Thu mornings at Derby Road Methodist Church. T: Andrea for details: 07947 040548 or andreasmall@naturalvoice.net


GUILD: 10am to midday @ Market Hall Meeting Rooms. Speakers, lunch club, quizzes, excursions. New members welcome. T: 01246 207496

COSY CUBS: BABY & TODDLER GROUP: Messy play, rhymes, story time, friends, toys & refreshments. 10 to 11am @Umbrellas Cosy Hub, Burns Close, S40 2SW. (Term time only).

CHESTERFIELD LITTERSORTERS: 10 to 11.30am. Join our team of friendly volunteers who collect, sort, count and report the single use waste from parks and on our walk/cycle routes. Equipment provided. 2nd Thursday. E: membership@transitionchesterfield.org.uk. See www.transitionchesterfield.org.uk/littersorters

PILATES: Walton Class. 10:30am at The Village Hall, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. Contact Tamara on 07570 456642, E: tayloredpilates@gmail. com FB: @tayloredpilates23

HOLY TRINITY BADMINTON GROUP: 1 to 3pm @ The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Email Bernard for info & to book E: bernardandjean@hotmail.co.uk


GROUP: 10 to 11:30am, Babies, pre-school Toddlers, Mums, Dads, Grand-parents or carers. Varied activities: snacks, toys, craft tables, singing. 01246 690005 or dnemethodists.org.uk Term time only.

HOLMEBROOK VALLEY PARK WALK WITH US GROUP: 10:30am for a 45 to 60 min walk including open water, woodlands & meadows. Cafe (top car park) Holmebrook Valley Park, Watermeadow Lane, S41 8XP. T: 01246 345669 or E: tina.hensey@chesterfield.gov.uk


FOOTBALL: Over 50's, 10am to 11am at Hasland Park. T: 07767324583

MONKEY PARK BOOK CLUB: First Thursday of the month, book club, 1pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

MONKEY PARK CRAFT CLUB: Every Thursday, craft club crochet and knitters welcome, 2pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other): Friendship group meeting every third Thu 2 to 4pm at St John's Church, Walton Back Lane. £2. Activities, speakers, games, fun, tea and cake. All welcome.

DOWN MEMORY LANE: A social singing activity for people living with dementia and their carers. 2 to 4pm on 2nd Thur of the month at St. John’s Church, Walton Back Lane in the main hall.

YOGA CLASS: 6 to 7:45pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. Contact Helen to book E: helenapol@hotmail.com


REHEARSAL: 7:15 to 9:30pm at Central Methodist Church in Chesterfield. E: publicity@ chestphilchoir.org.uk

CHESTERFIELD EMBROIDERERS: 1st Thu (except August) at 7pm in the Saints Parish Centre. Open to all people with a love of everything textile related. E: chesterfieldembroiderers@gmail.com

HOLYMOORSIDE CHORAL SOCIETY: Friendly choir meets in Holymoorside URC 7:30 to 9:30pm. MD Andrew Marples. New singers always welcome. No audition. To arrange a visit call Sue 07989 305577 Info: www. holymoorsidechoral.co.uk

ROSE CHOIR: Singing every genre of music and we welcome all abilities. Chesterfield Studios from 7:30 to 9:30pm. E: info@chesterfieldstudios. co.uk for more info.

OPEN FOLK NIGHT: Hosted by Brampton Community Band. Third Thurs. 7:30 to 9:30pm @ Victoria Inn, Victoria Street. T: 07971400219.

ICHTHUS CANOE CLUB CHESTERFIELD: Outdoor evening programme, sessions at Matlock Bath, Chesterfield Canal or Walton Dam. Monthly Saturday evening pool sessions at Sharley Park. E: canoejmc@gmail.com or ichthuscanoeclub.co.uk

PILATES: Improvers level. Walton St John's Church @7:45pm. Call Clare: 07990 771155.

CHESTERFIELD JAZZ CLUB: Third Thursday of the month. Olde House, Loundsley Green Rd S40 4RN. Tickets: Visitor Info Centre, Rykneld Way; Parsons & Dunn, Chatsworth Rd; online bit.ly/ cfieldjazz Call 07764 587258 for info.


HOLYMOORSIDE BOWLING CLUB: Want to try out bowling? Come along Friday - 10 to 12pm. Refreshments & all bowling equipment provided. A friendly club, all welcome, of any age, who simply wants to have a go. T: 07794 078552.

ZUMBA GOLD: Perfect for active older adults. Stay active, meet new people, have a coffee and some fun! 10:30am @ St Thomas' Centre. £5, please book first class. Call Adele on 07956 165287.

SLOW SOCIAL: 10:30 to 11:30am. 3rd Friday. Check website for venues. Free Networking event for freelancers & independent businesses. To register www.slowsocial.co

CHESTERFIELD YOGA STUDIO: Zoom class only or 7-day recordings are also available. 9:30 to 11am. £7.50 - £8.50. For details see Chesterfieldyogastudio.co.uk

LUNCH-TIME SERVICES: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate. 12:15 to 12:45pm. All welcome.

KEEP FIT CLASS FOR MATURE MOVERS: 2 to 3pm @ Holymoorside Village Hall. Combination of Sit & Stay Fit exercises, standing exercises, dance moves. Improve balance & strength. Friendly group. T: 07413 068092.

FITSTEPS: 6 to 8pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. T: Laura to book 07714 223722.

KFC (KIDS FRIDAY CLUB): For primary ages. Term time 6 to 7pm Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

FRIDAY CLUB FOR TEENS: For teenagers in school years 7 to 9. 7:15 to 8:15pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. For details T: 01246 231002. waltonchurch.org

REFUGEES FROM REALITY GROUP: 7:30 to 10:30pm @The Parish Centre Stonegravels. See refugeesfromreality.co.uk for more info.

CHESTERFIELD ART CLUB: 2nd & 4th Friday Whittington Moor Methodist Church Hall, Scarsdale Road, S41 8NA. Worknights, demonstrations & critiques. All welcome £3/£5 (not Aug & Dec) T: 07850 064478.


TRANSITION CHESTERFIELD REPAIR CAFÉ: 3rd Sat. 10am to 12:30pm @ Chesterfield Baptist Church, Cross Street, S40 4ST. Drop-in sessions – all types of repairs, woodwork, sewing etc. Cafe. E: repairs@transitionchesterfield.org.uk

DR BIKE: 1st Saturday. Checks, adjustments and repairs to your bike for free. 9:30am to 1pm at the storage containers in the car park at Queen’s park. See FB: ChesterfieldDrBike or inclusivepedals.org.uk


MONKEY PARK SEWING CLUB: First & third Saturday of the month, sewing club, 10:30am to 12:30pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street. monkeypark.org.uk

MONKEY PARK CHILDREN’S ART CLUB: First and third Saturday of the month, children’s art club, 11am. Monkey Park, Chester Street.

MONKEY PARK LEGO CLUB: First Saturday of the month, children’s art club, 1 to 3pm. Monkey Park, Chester Street.

SATURDAY NIGHT WHIST: Walton Village Hall, Walton Back Lane, S42 7LT. Semi partner whist from 7 to 9:30 pm. £3 per session. Refreshments. All welcome. T: 01246 278778.


CARSINGTON WATER BIRDING FOR BEGINNERS: Free walks held on the first Sunday of the month. Booking advisable. Call 0330 678 0701. ST JOHNS WALTON: SUNDAY SERVICES

9am & 10:45am. Info see stjohnswalton.co.uk


MOTORISTS (IAMRoadSmart) 9:30am, Chesterfield Canal Hollingwood Hub S43 2PF - Guidance sessions for IAM Associates, info & taster sessions. First Sun & following Sat. T: (Sec) 01246 488750.

PETER & ST PAUL OLD BRAMPTON CHURCH: Now holding Sunday services in Church again at 9:30am - everyone welcome. Details see www.oldbramptonchurch.org.uk

HOLY COMMUNION / MORNING WORSHIP: 9:45am Loundsley Green Church, Pennine Way.

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:30am at Storrs Road Methodist Church. More info on Zoom and online services can be found at dnemethodists.org.uk/ worship-reflect-learn/worship-online

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: Central Methodist Church, Saltergate at 10:30am. All welcome. For details: www.dnemethodists.org.uk

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP: 10:45am for regular morning worship. The Gospel Mission Congregational Church, Old Rd. Brampton.

FRIENDS OF SPITAL CEMETERY TOURS: 2nd Sun at 1pm from Spital Cemetery lodge at entrance at bottom of Hady Hill. Pre-book. Tours arranged at alternative times. Suggested donation £5. E: spitalcemeterytours@gmail.com

THE WAY: 1st Sunday. 3 to 4:30pm at Walton Evangelical Church, Moorland View Road. A church based group for adults with additional needs and their carers. Tea/coffee, biscuits, activities and a very warm welcome. T: 1246 231002 or see waltonchurch.org

MESSY CHURCH FOR ALL THE FAMILY: 4 to 6pm. Last Sunday of the month. The Parish Centre Stonegravels. To book call Jilly: 07746 668257.

HOLYMOORSIDE RAINBOW WHIST: 2nd & 4th Sunday Holymoorside Village Hall @7pm. Other times & venues. Call Sue: 01246 278778.


AURORA A CAPPELLA: (Home of Harmony) is a female A Cappella choir. Come and join us! Experience and ability to read music is not necessary. We look forward to hearing from you. T: 01246 863175 / 07810 892978, e: aurora. chesterfield@gmail.com or aurora-chorus.org.uk

3RD BRAMPTON SCOUTS, CUBS, BEAVERS & SQUIRRELS: Monday Beavers (6 to 8 years), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 5:30 to 6:30pm. Friday Squirrels (4 to 6), 5:15 to 6pm, Beavers (6 to 8), 5:30 to 6:30pm, Cubs (8 to 10.5), 6 to 7pm and Scouts (10.5 to 14), 7:30 to 9pm. Open to both boys & Girls. St Thomas’ Centre, Chatsworth Rd. T: 01246 567409.

RAINBOWS & BROWNIES: Brownie's meetings across the county on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thu (weekly). Guides and Rangers meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (weekly). See girlguiding.org.uk for details and to join up.

HAVE YOUR SAY CHESTERFIELD COMMUNITY GROUP: For residents of Abercrombie/ Chesterfield Conservation Area & Stonegravels. Get in touch to be kept up to date. E: HYSchesterfieldcommunity@protonmail.com T: 07471 420352.

'Regular Events' events in S40 Local and S41 Local are delivered free to 14,500 homes. If you have an event to list, please just drop an email to Paul: paul@s40local.co.uk

A&H Paving Ltd Block Paving Fencing Drainage Concrete Drop Kerbs Patios Tarmac DCC Registered All construction Vernon Road • Brampton • Chesterfield S40 1EL Call Tony on: t: 01246 207 046 m: 07890 657903


Words: Transition Chesterfield

Images: Robert Nixon Betts

• Second Early potato varieties will be ready to harvest now, depending upon when they were planted. They usually take about 16 weeks to produce a good crop. They can be lifted as you want them, but if you notice slug holes in the crop it is better to lift them all before the damage worsens. Store only the undamaged tubers and use the others quickly.

• Summer pruning of apple and pear trees can be done now. This helps them to keep their form and remain healthy without having congested growth.

• Most hedges can be pruned or trimmed into shape now, bird nesting should be over and this will give time for limited new growth before it slows down in autumn.

• Keep sowing quick-maturing salad crops –rocket, radishes, mixed leaves and some lettuces are all candidates – they’ll go on growing until the first frosts. Several lettuce varieties including Winter Density, Great Lakes and Lambs lettuce (corn salad) will last through the winter.

• If you’ve got empty patches of soil, consider sowing a green manure; this will cover the ground and put much needed nutrients back into the soil. This will stop weeds becoming established and is best dug in before it sets seed.

• Several herbs can be sown at this time of year in a greenhouse or cold frame e.g. chervil, dill, parsley and coriander can be protected from frost this way and will crop during the late season and winter.

• Pot up any strawberry runners that have rooted or encourage them to do so by pinning them firmly to the ground and make sure they are watered in a dry spell.

• Apart from gently pottering around the garden, this should be the time of year you can spend most time simply enjoying it; however, it's the time most plants, including weeds, also enjoy, so try to stop them setting seed – there's an old saying, 'one year’s seeding is seven year's weeding'...

• Keep feeding birds to attract them to the garden, where they will also hunt out damaging insects and larvae. A shallow pool is a great wildlife draw, with the possible added bonus of seeing blackbirds washing themselves in a comically Victorian fashion, constantly checking to make sure they're not being overlooked, and covered head-to-toe in black.

Walton Landscapes Full Landscaping • Drives • Patios • Fencing • Turfing • Gates Garden Design Service Available Contact Dave Trickett on 07800 575220 or 01246 233811 Walton Landscapes • Walton Road • Chesterfield www.waltonlandscapes.weebly.com Established 45 Years Take a look at our previous and current projects at: bit.ly/sdhodgson Email: sd.hodgson@yahoo.co.uk • Renovations • Brickwork • Fully Insured • References on Request • Free Quotations • Insurance Work • Structural Work • Plans Drawn • Roofing • New Builds • Stone Work • Extensions S D Hodgson Builders 07444 124285 07387 003805 Brampton · Chesterfield S D Hodgson Builders | Stone Specialist Page 55 Please Mention S40 Local Magazine
To arrange a visit for a free no obligation quote call ... M: 07971 447040 Porter Stairlifts • Walton • Chester eld CHESTERFIELD PLUMBING & HOME SERVICES LOCAL WALTON TRADESMAN FAST EMERGENCY RESPONSE 7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN • Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small Mob: 07971 447 040 “A Polite, Reliable Service” NO CALL OUT FEE NO VAT www.midlandsdesign-landscaping.co.uk Page 56 www.chesterfieldlocal.com
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Leather Recliner Chair: £75

Dark brown, good quality, includes footstool. VGC.

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B&Q Pro 10" Table Saw: £75 Includes stand.

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MacAllister Router & Table: £25

T: 0789 634 2084 (Whitecotes)

Mattress Protector: £15 Brand new single mattress protector plus pillow protector and single blue fitted sheet.

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Exercise Bike: £50 Pro Fitness, Recumbent Folding model. Virtually unused. Instruction booklet.

T: 01246 906820 (Acorn Ridge)

John Lewis Exercise Bike: £200

At least 10 years old but in perfect condition. Photo on request.

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Oriental Bedside Cabinets: £199

A pair of oriental styled red bedside cabinets, boxed, still current items on Wayfair selling at £500, brand new and unused.

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Gold's Gym Exercise Bike: £8 Folding exercise bike for easy storage. Display shows, speed, time, distance and calories, with auto on/off switch. Includes instruction manual. VGC. Hardly used.

T: 0783 351 5909 (Walton)

Junior Billiard Table: £25 Size: L: 36” (91cm) x W: 19.5” (50cm) x H: 8” (20cm). Includes 2 cues (36”), 1 set of balls and 1 moulded triangle. Brand new (in box - TGS Ltd).

T: 0788 968 4400 (Walton)

Rogz Gear Control Lead: £20 Red lead, with ShocLoc, 80cm long. Brand new. Bought for dog sitting duties but never used.

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Wedding Dress: £140 Size 16/18 adjustable, A line sweetheart strapless white chiffon with crystals.

T: 0736 638 6201

Bridesmaid/Prom Dress: £100 Size 6/8/10 A-line tiered, purple with sequins and net underskirt.

Reel to Reel Tape recorders: £25

A choice of three reel to reel tape recorders, with spare tape reels all in working order. £25 each.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer: £125 ono

MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer

AF400UK RRP £249 less than 6 months old. Includes drawer liners, tins, recipe book.

T: 0779 049 2439 (Brampton)

Mamas & Papas Cot: £20 Converts into 1st bed. Like new. Bought for grandchild.

T: 0787 730 0863 (Newbold)

Two Bookcases £180 Two lightwood (Eyres) bookcases (approx. 6ft 6" high x 2ft 7")

T: 0772 197 8733

Singer Sewing Machine: £40 ono

Model 457 stylist, zip zag. Call for details.

T: 01246 569274 (Brookside)

T: 01246 274705

Rupert Annual: £30 No 72 from 1972. Illustrations by John Harold. Collectors item in excellent condition.

T: 01246 569274 (Brookside)

Wine Glasses: TBC

Set of 3 wine glasses to commemorate the Queen's visit to the Remploy factory in 1985.

Text: 0778 084 4761

Adverts for items (and groups of items) under £200 are free. Adverts for over £200 are £5 which we donate to Ashgate Hospice (picture items donation priced on request).

Please contact:

E: paul@s40local.co.uk

T: 07764 801080

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Page 59

M: 07834 859875

E: john@green eldpestcontrol.co.uk

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As the 2023/24 football season prepares to kick off I take a look back at the pre-season matches and ask, will 2024 be the year Chesterfield Football Club finally return to the football league?

Since 2018 the Spireites have been fighting it out to get back into League Two and last season proved that they are within touching distance of achieving it by their defeat in the playoff final at Wembley. But before all that the club needed to get back into the field and stretch their legs in preparation for that upcoming task… again.

First up came our annual visit to nearby Matlock Town. This went well for us as we not only showcased a couple of cracking new signings in Will Grigg and new keeper Harry Tyrer but it was

the first time ex Gladiator Jesurun Uchegbulam played against his former club since his move to the club last season. We won the game 9-0 with a very convincing performance. Mandeville, Dobra and Grigg all bagged two goals while Colclough, White and a tralist got the rest. Next came another pre-season regular, Alfreton Town away. That ended with a 5-1 win to the Spireites with goals coming from Maguire, Dobra, Grigg and two from Quigley. Then came the first of the two home games against Sheffield, Wednesday and United. Rather predictably we lost both games but to be honest not as many goals were conceded as I was expecting. This is partly due to Chesterfield playing reasonably well and defending better than alot were anticipating, as they are two bigger clubs compared to us. But for the Sheff Wed game, at

Page 62 www.chesterfieldlocal.com Sport
Words & Images: Michael South

least King got on the score sheet. Incidentally that game was also Drew Talbot's long awaited testimonial game. Shame he didn't play but at least the game finally went ahead for him. Also, speaking of legends returning, it was nice to see Sir Jack of Lester back at the ground with the Blades as part of their coaching staff. Next up came Derby, the last of the three home ties. Just like the Sheffield Utd game Derby brought a fair few supporters along as both games were near enough sell outs for the visiting teams, which is great news for the old club coffers which will be needed for this season's new signings I'm sure. On the pitch, though Derby inevitably won, but again not by much, just one goal in it. Following this came another away fixture at Paul Cook's old club, Accrington. “If I don't drink lots of milk….” yeah that always takes me back too whenever Accrington gets mentioned, anyway the score. Chesterfield won 3-2 with goals coming from Banks, Dobra and Colclough. Lastly came Bristol Rovers away and that ended in a 2-0 defeat.

So, as the start of the season draws near and we welcome Dorking on the 5 August I can't help but wonder how it'll all pan out. Sure there will be some who say we are favorites and this is the best form and set up the club have ever been in, especially the calibre of new players on a three year deal brought in preparation for the challenge. And I've heard others say “now Wrexham and Notts Co have been promoted we are going to walk this league!” but for me (cover your ears dead hard Spireites) it's NOT a given. We have a cracking line up of talent and as every team knows and has to cope with, there is one small word that scares me. Injuries. This hit me, as I was sitting photographing the Derby game. Griggs was pegging it down the field to try and link up to a through ball, running towards the keeper, when a defender slid in and tackled him and as he got up, he started hobbling for a bit but luckily shuck it off. Then it dawned on me. “He best not get injured, it's only the preseason!” And this goes for all our players. We don't have the biggest squad so I guess it just boils down to luck, so fingers crossed and hope for the best. I’m sure my fears will sort themselves out, once we start netting the goals and winning the games, this will all distract me as we climb the table. It's been a long hard five seasons or so in this league but I'm certain we will make damn sure we’re up there fighting for the title! COYB’s!

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High-level professionals Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131

HEATHSCAPES ARBORISTS High-level professionals


NCH Arb.

Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131

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Email: heathscapes@me.com www.heathscapes.co.uk

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IT ALL STACKS UP 20 years experience Fully insured All work British
Renewable energy
at 15% moisture
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wood re-cycling
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Philip Heath
01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email: heathscapes@me.com
ARBORISTS High-level professionals Philip Heath
NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email: heathscapes@me.com www.heathscapes.co.uk
ADVICE AND ESTIMATES Our Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The environment, Safety, Positive outcomes IT ALL STACKS UP 20 years experience Fully insured
work British Standards
Responsible wood re-cycling Log furniture Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture
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Fancy £20 just for filling in our crossword?

For your chance to win, send in your completed crossword to reach us by Friday 1 September 2023 to S40 Local, Studio 2, West Studios, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield S41 7LL or take a photo/scan it to paul@s40local.co.uk


1. Capital and port of Angola (6)

4. Celebrity has one step (5)

9. German bread (4)

11. A comprehensive range of colours (8)

12. German composer 1685-1750 (4)

13. Bowling pins (3)

14. Tennis champion to run Army Day (4,6)

16. Settles racing tyres (13)

18. Outer space for two people (6,4)

20. Determined at tennis (3)

21. Town in west Czech Republic (4)

23. Movement of part of play with question after it (8)

24. Indian ritual drink (4)

25 & 26. A ginger leaf cultivated by the Brexit campaigner (5 & 6) Down

2. Neat code assembled for humorous account (8)

3. Throwing mud at Ordnance Survey reference point (5)

5. Monastery or convent (5)

6. Country where rain prevails (4)

7. Extinct large bird (3)

8. Footballer recoups less than a dollar (7,4)

10. Address ten for her mate, say, but not now (7,3)

11. Numerical data (10)

13. Knowledge could get you one in London (4)

15. Segmented polyp stage of certain jellyfish (8)

17. Revelry, profusion and disturbance (4)

18. Remove someone's trousers as a joke (5)

19. Popular name of an Argentinian President's wife (5)

20. Four are left at this stage (4)

22. Letters attached to an unpaid official (3)

Congratulations to Graham from Brampton who picks up the £20 prize for the last editions crossword. Last month's answers.

Name: Tel: Address: Email: Info will only be used for contacting the winner, and will not be passed on, etc.
L O O K I N G G L A S S O U S U I P S S A T I S F Y M A L T A T B U S B I M P L A N E T P O R T I A R C H O O U L O R K N E Y P E N C I L P H M A E O A E R M I N E S C O R E R R Y I S O E D T U N I C P A R S L E Y Y A E E A L C T H E R O Y A L M I L E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Page 66 Crossword
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