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Cover Photography Dave Towndrow



with working from home, catch up with 1st Class Kitchens, Walton Landscapes and new quirky business, Barepots.

Hi and welcome to our Winter edition!

Yet again we've taken the decision to hold our print as nonessential businesses knuckle down, close up and help with the task of seeing off the pandemic.

We talk to The Elm Foundation charity, have an update from Brookfield (written when children were still attending school), a round up of events at Chesterfield Football Club, plus all the usual news etc. We have no What's On or regular events as meet ups are not happening so please bear with us until we can bring you these details again.

We won't be delivering until we feel it is safe to do so, to ensure the safety of everyone handling S40 & S41 Local. So, rather than twiddling our thumbs, we've combined all contributions and editorial we've had so far from both S40 and S41 Local into a single, combined, online edition.

Please take a look and be sure to tell people that our online copy is there to read plus all editorial is on our easy to read website.

We have some interesting reading and a huge thanks goes to Dave Towndrow for allowing us to use his great cover photo taken on the cycle route through the old Avenue site. We've included a description of the route so you can experience the same sunrise... although you'll need an early start, and we can't guarantee the same weather!

All being well, we'll be printing in the Spring so please stay in touch and let us know what's happening. Stay safe,

Paul (S40 - 07764 801080) Simon (S41 - 07716 014002)

We have reflection on 2020, tips on how to reduce your plastic waste, ways to repair rather than dispose, tips on how to cope

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Issue no. 115 - November 2020



ISSUE 115 - NOVEMBER 2020 The community magazine for Acorn Ridge, Ashgate, Brampton, Brookside, Holymoorside, Somersall & Walton

"Deep dive and saturate ourselves in some going forward achievables"


ey up, duck!

G+8RF8M phrase. 1. Hello! â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ey up, duck, owâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tha?â&#x20AC;&#x2122; is a friendly nongender-specific way to say, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Hi, how are you?â&#x20AC;&#x2122; [< from Saxon ducas - term of respect]




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Celebrate the beauty of a small, PART 1 local, independent business Check out our ideas for gifts with us, seek them out and from local stores ... not the spend a Fiver with them during Internet - do your bit for the Fiver Fest taking place between local economy and possibly 10 and 24 October. the planet.

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Businesses Catch up with new business Oculi Opticians, Ginspired, new services from Ingman's Cobblers, the latest from The Cafe at Libby's and meet cover artist Me & Thee.

ROTARY QUIZ NIGHT online! Enjoy the annual Rotary Community Quiz from the comfort of your own home whilst supporting local charities.

& Issue no. 12 - Winter 2020

Issue no. 12 - Winter 2020

ISSUE 17 - AUTUMN 2020


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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Cover illustration: Dave Elsom Cover illustration: Dave Elsom

Cover illustration Amy Marples

Cover Photography Dave Towndrow

Friday 19 Febuary 2021 Copy Date Sunday 14 March 2021 Delivery Complete Note: All dependent on COVID advice and restrictions from Government. &






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Issue 19 - December 2020




Cover Illustration Defeye Creative



Beat the streets

Barbrook stone circle





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Cover Illustration Mike Sklavenitis

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ast year Charlotte Higgins from the Derbyshire Voluntary Action group approached me to discuss a book they were putting together to capture people’s response and thoughts to COVID across the county. Below is my offer, plus a few paragraphs to get to January 2021! I’m writing this on 31 Oct, Halloween. No trick or treaters this year, our street is doing a pumpkin trail for children to see from the pavement, sweets in baskets at the end of driveways... all not normal.

Stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS, hands, face, space, stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS ...

It didn’t feel like it some days, but I suppose I’ve been one of the lucky ones, when lockdown started it was a bit of fun, the house we live in is large enough to cope with the four or us, we have desk space and access to IT, my wife and I can work from home and the kids can access the school systems to do their class work, they were really pleased about that!

What next?

It didn’t feel so bad.

Text & Images: Paul Chapman

That first weekend seems an age ago. We often do park run on Saturday mornings so, as we couldn’t do the normal, my son and I lapped the garden - I don’t know how many times, until Strava told us we’d done 5k... it’s not a big garden. I’m self-employed and run a local magazine, S40 Local, which had to stop for three editions, it’s well-loved but not classed as essential and I didn’t want to ask my delivery team to go out. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make and I’d qualify for the government payment scheme for self-employed people so that would cover some of the lost income. My son mastered the unicycle and did every Joe Wicks class, my daughter did many of them and her guitar skills improved massively, and they slowly wore the grass away on the back garden, playing each day as the sun scorched us. My wife spent all day working and I supported various schemes in the area and set about looking at another business idea I’d had for a while. Rainbows, clapping for the NHS, Zoom, camping in the garden, walks every night, #hrp_challenge to give me focus, short cycle rides alone, Open Signs, hand sanitiser, masks … just a few of the things that became important.

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What was underlined, was how lucky we were. Many people in the area needed help. People vulnerable or those self-isolating struggled to get food and supplies, and businesses and volunteers stepped up to unsure people could access the necessary services. We did a few deliveries for the local convenience store. We quickly found out how difficult it was to arrange food deliveries, as my mum, in Nottingham, who was selfisolating, needed food and had to order an emergency delivery from a supermarket! Seven months on and we face another month of lockdown, but this time, with schools, colleges and universities still open, but nonessential businesses to close, a difficult one for me as we approach Christmas. I really feel for small businesses and independent retailers, many of our small retailers did quite well as lockdown hit but were abandoned by many as things returned to normal and people flooded back to the supermarkets, we support the independents as we always have but it sometimes feels as though we’re in the minority, come on people play fair. The flow of information about the virus since this thing started has been so poor, rumours, news, social media all making it so difficult to know what the right thing to do was ... and is! What started in a market in China has spread to every corner of the world in six months, the fix for it still unknown, I feel for Eyam and how they responded to the plague 355 years ago. I’ve put out three editions of S40 Local since things started up and I’m just about to start the Christmas edition. I have no idea at the moment if it will actually go to print and what it will contain, no church services, no Christmas tree festivals, no Christmas markets, not normal. I am starting to feel that there really isn’t an end in sight, we’re starting to learn how to live with this thing and no one knows for how long? It’s all starting to feel a bit like a dystopian George Orwell novel but let’s hope for an ending a bit more uplifting, and dare I say it ... Disney! Page 8

So, 23 Jan 2021, and we’re another three months on, and so much has changed. Back in lockdown again but a vaccination now being rolled out … my mother has had her jab, but we’re still not allowed to go visit her. Last time we saw her was before Christmas for a walk to Wollaton Park, a hot chocolate and sausage roll sat on the benches, it was extremely cold I seem to recall. S40 Local is back on hold and home schooling is back, this time with some online live classes but I think the kids are getting bored of things, other than a walk with a single friend and a ride on the bikes nothing is happening. It can’t be good for their mental wellbeing.

I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, feeling positive after a bit of local exercise, how many times I’ve been along Westwick Lane recently must be a high number! Frustrated at those ‘adapting the rules’ to fit themselves, simply delaying recovery for us all, then back to positive again as we look at ways to support the local businesses via our social media pages and get some great feedback. I can’t be unique in this constant flow of emotion? It won’t be long before it will be a year since this all started for real with lockdown 1 (on my birthday) so lets hope that lockdown 3 is the last, and with us all acting sensibly and respecting those around us, we can return to the ‘normal’ soon.

My thoughts are with anyone who has lost a loved one to this virus, and to all who are still unwell, here's to a speedy recovery. We'll keep you posted on progress of the COVID book and as soon as we know it's available we'll let you know. Stay well and stay safe.

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Reflection Text: Simon Patterson Images: Simon Patterson & Paul Chapman


ike most of the UK population 2020 really took its toll on our family mentally, financially, and physically. From the magazine being paused, lockdowns imposed and COVID cases in the family, it hasn't been easy, for any of us... With the impact, COVID-19 has had on us all it's easy to overlook all the good that has been going on in the world and how we have all pulled together, not only as a town, but as a nation.

As the vaccine rolls out, and we look to the future with a renewed hope, I thought now would be the perfect time to reflect on the very best of humanity over the last 12 months. So, here are my top positive 2020 news stories.

Captain Sir Tom Moore: At the tender age of 99, Captain Tom began walking laps of his garden in an attempt to raise ÂŁ1000 for the NHS. Sir Tom instantly won the hearts of the nation resulting in him raising over 38 million pounds!

The weekly claps: We were all reminded just how important the NHS is and how fortunate we are to have it. As a show of appreciation, the nation stood on their doorsteps and clapped their hearts out every Thursday for the heroes of the NHS. Birthdays: Birthdays became less about presents and more about creative ways to connect with

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loved ones, reminding us that the most important things in life are friends and family.

Music: Musicians used social media to give us personal, at-home concerts, raising money for their chosen charities. Joe Wicks: The positivity juggernaut that is Joe Wicks took up the mantle of P.E. Teacher keeping the nation healthy with his daily fitness class on YouTube Environment: Renewable energy had a record year with the UK setting records for going without coal-fired energy for the longest time since the industrial revolution. Pollution was vastly reduced having a positive impact the world over. Shop local: The residents of Chesterfield pulled together to 'shop local' and have become more mindful of where they spend their money and the positive impact it can have on our local economy

Shining a light on all the kindness, compassion, and resilience we possess as a nation has had a positive impact on my mindset and my outlook for 2021. I hope it does the same for you. Peace, love, and positivity Simon

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bramptonmanor.co.uk/lockdown-offers Brampton Manor, Old Road, Brampton, Chesterfield S40 3QR

Call 01246 237555 www.bramptonmanor.co.uk

Cover Photo

Meet Dave. He Rides Bikes. Words: Dave Towndrow Image: Paul Chapman


Back in 1988 after breaking my back in a car accident it was time to stop putting things off and start doing stuff," says Dave.

"I bought my first mountain bike, a Muddy Fox Pathfinder, and from then on, I was hooked. "The cover image was snapped on an early morning ride during lockdown as I took my daily exercise. It was from the section of boardwalk through the Avenue site."

By day Dave works at Chesterfield's longest established independent menswear shop, Zebra, but once the shop is closed he'll be found linking together bits of gravel track across the county and is an active member of Rother Valley Riders Mountainbike Club who can be found on Facebook. Thanks to Dave for the fantastic capture.

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Out & About

The Avenue Route


e had some great feedback from the cycle route we featured in our Summer edition, so following Dave's cover shot we've covered the 18 mile route that will take you to the very spot from which he captured the fabulous sunrise. See our map over the page.

The route is about 18 miles, Strava says it's 30% paved, 69% dirt, 1% unclassified and it should take just over 2 hours to get round at a good pace, or simply slow down and enjoy it. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

• This ride starts from the junction with Bobbin Mill Lane and Walton Road, near Morrisons (1). • Head down Bobbin Mill Lane and at the end take a left and head over the road to take the cycle lane through the old Walton Works site. At the end proceed along Goytside Road until you reach Boythorpe Road.

• Cross by using the pedestrian crossing (2) and either take the cycle track along the northside of Queens Park or go straight through the park to reach Park Road. • Cross and head along the shared path towards the skatepark, go slight right at the fork, around the edge of the car park to B&Q. • Use the Pelican crossing towards Perrys car dealership then follow the dual use footpath along Derby Road and over the crossing (4).

• Straight over the crossing, down the short road and pick up the Rother Valley Washlands trail that takes you through to Storforth Lane.

• Turn left (5) staying on the pavement and immediately after the bridge, cross the lane (6) and take the short path to reach Ingleton Road, North Terrace, Traffic Terrace, Railway Terrace, Midland Terrace and back onto Ingleton Road where it becomes a gravel climb. • At the top turn right (7), over the lower gate and head straight up to the top of the gravel track, then follow the trail through the Avenue Reclamation site, keep left (8) at any choices and you should end up at another lowered gate as you reach Mill Lane (9). • Turn left and go under the bridge, it’s usually quite muddy and grim here so take care. Leave the bridge and follow the short tarmac climb up Mill Lane to reach North Wingfield Road (10).

• Turn left, then immediately right down Chapmans Lane, take care on this small section of road. • At the end of the road continue on the shared trail and around the edge of Grassmoor Country Park, stay left at the first junction.

• Follow this path round and past the car park, then continue round and at the fork, go left under the bridge (11) and climb up the Five Pits Trail. As you reach Wolfie Pond on your left, stay right (12) on the trail. • At the top cross Williamthorpe Road and press on along the trail, staying right at the next slight fork to drop downhill followed by a short climb where you make a sharp left turn back on yourself (13), there’s a sign pointing straight ahead to Tibshelf – you don’t want this so be sure to turn and head to Holmewood.

• Stay on the trail crossing Tibshelf Road (14), then after a short distance Heath Road (15), you’re about halfway now, follow the signs until you reach Heath Road again, turn right over the bridge and back onto the trail on the left down the side of a fence, be watchful as it’s easy to lose the trail here. • After a while you reach an open grassed area, go left at the crossroad (there is a map on the left, look out for this), at the next sharp corner stay right and around the two ponds at Muster Brook.

• Left at the wooden bridge, stay right and follow the climb up hill to turn right at the top. • Shortly along this section, on the left is the Williamthorpe Adventure Trail (16), a purposebuilt mountain bike trail which brings you back onto the main track, where opposite, there is a second section on the right which brings you back to the bottom of the trail you’ve just climbed after the bridge. • Back onto the main trail stick straight on until you cross Chesterfield Road (17).

• Continue on the trail back to Wolfie Pond where you joined the Five Pits Trail earlier (12).

• From here you simply need to retrace your steps to return back through the Avenue site and eventually back to Walton Road.

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Tips for plastic free living Words: Greg Hewitt Images: Adobe

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ith the pandemic and Government restrictions continuing to affect how we live our lives for at least the next few months, we can turn our focus to what is within our sphere of control. One thing firmly within our control is how much single plastic we use. Whilst it is unrealistic to expect to eliminate all plastic waste from your household, a few swaps can dramatically reduce your contribution to the mass of plastic clogging our rivers and oceans. Karl Deakin from Plastic Free Chesterfield shared some tips for reducing plastic waste in five aspects of everyday life.


A huge way of reducing single use plastic consumption is to cook meals from scratch rather than buy ready meals, which invariably come served in plastic. Also consider getting your fruit and veg from a market stall or local shop, such as Ibbotsons on Chesterfield Market or Mansfield Road, Hasland, rather than a supermarket. Although the supermarket chains are reducing unnecessary packaging, far too much fruit and veg is still sold in plastic. Avoid one pot yoghurts and desserts and either buy bigger items or make your own dessert and store in containers. When it comes to leftovers, use wax wraps rather than cling film.

Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Environment Drinking

Astonishingly, most tea bags contain plastic. Although the major producers are taking steps to move away from this, check online to see if your favourite brand is plastic free (PG Tips is; Yorkshire Tea and Tetley aren’t (yet)). Or maybe even try loose tea - Northern Tea Merchants and Cup & Saucer are two great local businesses where you can purchase loose leaves.

On our Plastic Free Chesterfield litter picks, we find the biggest single use plastic waste offenders are drinks bottles. Carry a reusable drinks bottle and use free refill stations when you’re out and about (refill.org.uk).


The obvious tip here is to take your own bags to the shops and reuse them. The other big swap is to REFILL. Move to buying refills of toiletries, household products, condiments, herbs and dry foods.

This will save you pounds as well as plastic. Check out Waste Not Want Not (subject to lockdown restrictions) or Steph’s Sustainable Stuff on the market. Steph also operates a local delivery service. Also in town, the Cheese Factor are happy to pop your cheese in your own reusable container, cutting down on cling film and singleuse plastic packaging.

Washing & bathing

The truly dedicated can go completely plastic free in the bathroom. But even one or two swaps will make a big difference to your plastic waste. Try shampoo or conditioner bars instead of buying plastic bottles (or refill them). Another local business - Elsie Moss Botanical - has a great range of handcrafted soaps for face, body and hair. Use bamboo or silk dental floss. You can also order your loo roll from one of many plastic free toilet roll companies online (e.g. whogivesacrap. org and oranethicallife.co.uk).


Use washing up cloths made of materials like loofah instead of plastic-lined washing up pads. Also, use alternative (e.g. wooden) scourer brushes instead of plastic-lined scourer pads. Another good swap is dishwasher powder, again, these are available from Steph’s Sustainable Stuff so you can support local to boot. This is a mere taster of the kinds of things you can do to live a more plastic free life. For many more tips and swaps, take a look at Plastic Free Chesterfield’s website. Page 22

Some of these tips take more time than the convenience of grabbing a ready-made solution off the shelf. But remind yourself why you are doing this. If we continue to consume single use plastic at current rates, pictures such as the river shown will become all too common. A conscious effort and a few small changes can make a huge difference.



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Don’t despair! Repair. Words: Paul Chapman and Margaret Hersee Image: Paul Chapman


ou've probably seen ‘The Repair Shop” on the TV but personal experiences are a bit trickier I find ... but there's often as many tears, mainly from injuries caused by sharp knives or saws! Take this example, we’ve recently had one of those capsule coffee machines which has been leaking from the front of the machine, it appears there isn’t sufficient pressure on the capsule anymore to break the seal properly, the result – a weak cup of coffee and a pool of hot water under the machine.

We go to the web and find out if it can be fixed, we speak to ‘tech support’ at the manufacturers and they kindly send out some genuine capsules … we’ve been using metal ones that you refill to do a little bit and reduce our plastic use. No change when we try the new ones, so we can have the machine repaired for a base price of £75 I think it was, plus we need to send it back which will probably be £10, so £85 all in. We’re offered a new machine with 100 capsules from the manufacturer for £79, uhm so that’s less than the repair! We say we’ll get back to them.

A quick conversation and we agree to using the cafetiere and will do without the machine, ah, “we’ll lose the milk ‘frother’ which we use occasionally”, I point out. A trip to the shed with the machine under my arm and I emerge with the ‘frother’ mounted on a piece of wood and the rest of the machine somewhat destroyed… why don’t they just put normal screws on things so we can get access, taking an angle grinder to gain access to a small kitchen appliance seems a bit extreme but I’m happy with the result and feel a bit like I’ve won over the large corp who wanted me to spend more money and throw the old machine away. I suppose from a repair perspective I’ve only achieved a 50/50 win, but it still feels good. Page 26

This is a personal reflection on a repair but the guys at Transition Chesterfield take this a step further. They run repair cafes where they'll take a look at your [old] broken items and do their best to help you fix and repair them. I caught up with Margaret Hersee from Transition Chesterfield to learn a little more about what they get up to and how it all works.

"Our aim in running a Repair Cafe is to create a space where people can meet to have a go themselves. Our enthusiastic helpers with their variety of skills are able to provide assistance. With the advent of COVID, social events are no longer possible but we have aimed to provide alternative interim arrangements.

"When restrictions are less tight we can offer an appointment arrangement with items quarantined beforehand. Whilst heavier restrictions are in place we can offer some alternatives, we may be able to suggest a suitable local repairer, we can offer advice if you are stuck with a repair (please supply photos), maybe via Zoom, or if we think a repair is feasible, you can arrange to drop off the item so that a local fixer can take a look." Please contact Margaret in the first instance on repairs@transitionchesterfield.org.uk

"Any repairs that we undertake are recorded and added to a national database. This is used to pressurise governments to recognise the value of repair. This involves working with business to offer affordable repairs and to move away from built in obsolescence. We need a Right to Repair law in the UK particularly now that we have left the EU." Good luck with your repairs, I like Margaret's suggestion that Reduce, Reuse, Recycle should perhaps be extended to Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle.


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Mother's Day

Shop Online

www.libbysofchesterfield.co.uk 01246 229999 479 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3AD


Working from home and home schooling Ten top tips to make life easier Words: Simon Paterson Images: Adobe Stock With most schools closed for the foreseeable future, like me, many of us will have to balance working from home and homeschooling. And, like me, will be finding this somewhat 'challenging'. So, how do you balance working from home and home education?

The answer is with great difficulty, but with these top tips, we hope it makes your life a little easier and everyone a little happier. Continued over page.

Wellbeing Don't try to recreate the full school day

Be flexible

Kids aren't in class learning from the minute you drop them off to the moment you pick them up. They have breaks, dinner, walk between lessons, and daydream (don't we all). So, don't worry about making them work for 5-6 hours per day. Two hours of focussed learning around your own work on a one-to-one basis can be just as impactful as 5-6 hours in a group lesson.

If you work a standard 9 to 5 job, then why not do an hour of home learning at 8am, one on your lunch and one after work. That's three hours of private tuition!

Utilise online resources There are 1000's of videos on Youtube.com on, literally, every subject in the world. Do a little bit of research and planning in the evening and save some videos to your playlist that you feel will connect with your child, are aimed at their level, and most importantly, inspire and engageâ&#x20AC;Ś The BBC has some fantastic online sessions called BBC Bitesize that are well structured and enjoyable. Empowerment If you are supervising your own children, you simply won't be able to complete your own work! Encourage independent learning by teaching them how to log in and navigate various websites that have great educational resources available. Be present. The key to homeschooling is quality, not quantity Preparation is key to achieving this. What little time you have around your own work to 'teach' should be structured and focussed on a learning outcome. It's always good to do a reflection at the end of each session with your children. Ask for the main takeaway from the lesson, what went well, and what would be better if? Social time The main reason (most of us) liked school was because our mates were there. Humans are social creatures and none more so than children. Arrange a suitable time with other parents where the kids can Zoom each other to talk about what they have learned and make plans for the summer. Better yet, get them to deliver to each other their favourite lesson of the day.

Teach what you know Running a local publication I possess a reasonable number of skills from graphic design, to creative writing and accounting. Think about the skills you have that you can pass on to your children. I'm sure they would love to learn what mummy and/or daddy does at work. You are not in this alone Talk to other parents. Ask them for advice, what's working with their routine, and where to find the best online sessions. Of course, every child is different and so is their environment, but if it's working for your child's best friend, the chances are it may work for yoursâ&#x20AC;Ś Play to their strengths We all love doing stuff we are good at! When it comes to independent learning set them work that plays to their strengths. Evangeline absolutely loves writing and art. I asked her to write me a short story involving a dog, a princess, a forest, and her best friend. When she finished it, I asked her to draw a front cover for it if we were to publish it as a book. Granted, all of this is easier said than done, especially if you have more than two kids and limited access to online resources, but I hope if people take advantage of even a few of these tips it might make everyone's day a little less stressful and a wee bit more productive. For more info see NHS and MIND links to their mental wellbeing pages.

New skills Have you always wanted to learn graphic design, the guitar, how to use the PlayStation? Why not learn some new skills together. It's a great way of bonding with your child and demonstrating that learning is a lifelong skill. Evangeline (age 10) and I (age 41) are currently learning how to play guitar.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up your payments - Some of the above products/services may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Ferro Financial Ltd is an appointed representative of PRIMIS Mortgage Network, a trading name of First Complete Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Website: www.ferrofinancial.co.uk ∙ Address: 47 Oakfield Avenue, Chestefield, S40 3LE


Evolution Health and Fitness is located at Landal Darwin Forest, an award winning lodge holiday park 4 miles from Matlock and 8 miles from Chesterfield. The exclusive centre is the perfect place to burn off some calories in the gym, enjoy a refreshing swim or relax in the spa area. Members also receive 10% off treatments at the Beauty Rooms.

Memberships now available. Join before the 31st January and pay no joining fee. Quote S40. Peak: £37 per month (Concessions: £31 per month) Off Peak: £28 per month (Concessions: £24 per month)

Tel: 01629 736222 | www.evolutionhf.co.uk Page 34


Landal Darwin Forest, Darley Moor, Two Dales, Matlock, DE4 5PL

E. HAAG JEWELLERS 5 Cavendish Street, Chesterfield, S40 1XA


01246 233 064 Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

Page 35

Business News

2021st Class

We catch up with Helen and Dave at 1st Class Kitchens Words: Edited & with courtesy of Mike Snow at Reflections Magazine Images: 1st Class Kitchens


st Class Kitchens, on Derby Road, is owned and managed by husbandand-wife team Dave and Helen Oxley from Walton. Dave and Helen pride themselves on putting the customer 1st in everything they do, from the design and layout of your new kitchen, to the quality of products and appliances used, through to the end-to-end project management of the works and installation, they have it all covered.

1st Class Kitchens are keen to use British made products wherever they can, and they have recently been highly impressed by the quality that supplier, Marpatt, offers. Like 1st Class Kitchens, Marpatt is a family owned and run business who have recently celebrated 30 years supplying the best innovative doors and design lead kitchens.

"Marpatt kitchens are designed by people with a passion for what they do," explains Dave, "the attention to detail is second to none and they carefully source all materials from sustainable forests. "They have what seems like an endless choice of kitchen designs – from minimalist, sleek and contemporary to classic, traditional styles that withstand the test of time."

Helen and Dave, take time to understand what it is a customer wants from their kitchen. When it comes to how we use our kitchen space it varies widely and the pair love to do all they can to create designs, layouts and flows that work for each customer or family. "Each kitchen we design is built around the individual customers’ requirements, we’ve got over 30 years’ experience between us and all designs are agreed using Computer Aided Design tools so we can share the final vision to iron out any issues and be totally confident before any work starts," says Helen. Page 36


Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

Page 37

Business News Alongside Marpatt, 1st Class Kitchens supply Burbidge kitchens, another British maker and they have a range of the best appliances on the market from Neff, Bosch and Siemens. Add to this a vast range of granite and laminate worktops and you can be sure that Helen and Dave can design a look and feel to suit the requirements of even the most discerning customer. As family time becomes more important, people want to maximise the space in which they socialise in their homes, and many people are converting two rooms into one large open plan kitchen-dining-living space. 1st Class Kitchens have all the expertise to undertake the necessary building work for these projects. "We can oversee the project management of all jobs, every step of the way, to include any building regs, and all the necessary trades. We can call on our wide team of skilled tradesmen to complete the job and we guarantee that it will always be to the highest of standards," boasts Dave.

At the current time Helen and Dave are keen to point out that all kitchen installations are undertaken with the most rigorous health and safety measures in place, and fully compliant with the latest guidelines with regard to COVID-19. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to see how your plans for a new heart of the home could be planned out for 2021, be sure to contact 1st Class Kitchens where Helen and Dave look forward to helping you towards your dream kitchen. 1st Class Kitchens 456 Derby Road Chesterfield S40 2EU T: 01246 271727

www.1stclasskitchensltd.co.uk Page 38


Kitchens Designed with you and your family in mind

Unique design & project management throughout Expert advice & personal service Family run business

456 Derby Road Chesterfield, S40 2EU 01246 271727 Info@1stclasskitchens.co.uk


Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Just how good are your investments?


t’s a question we always ask any new client who already has an investment and/or pension portfolio. The answer at present, based on the improvement of the markets from March 2020, is: “it’s actually doing pretty good thanks.”

Here at Jones & Co, ‘pretty good’ can mean many things – good, poor or really poor – when you compare this in relative terms against the correct benchmarks. So, ‘pretty good’ may actually be ‘pretty bad’. We approach our analysis with an open mind and qualify a fund, or funds merit, with fact. If your fund or funds haven’t performed well, we will prove it. Here’s how. A second opinion on your investments Getting a second opinion is something many of us wouldn’t hesitate to do in various aspects of our lives. And, as we start a new year, we recommend getting a second opinion on your portfolio. We are registered users of the Financial Express platform, an independent analytical tool that enables advisors to carry out detailed analysis and bespoke construction of client portfolios. Mark Jones is also a certified accredited user of Financial Express, which has been achieved by taking an appropriate exam. This means Mark holds an advanced understanding of fund analysis and how to use the tool to its full potential. Having access to Financial Express offers numerous benefits, not least because it takes out the guesswork. It enables us to present a document that substantiates and gives you, our client, the facts. You don’t just have to take our word for it, it’s there in black and white.

have been rewarded with the right return for the risks you are exposed to. We will explain in detail about asset classes, correlation of funds, and take your social and ethical preferences into account. We can provide answers and, more importantly, we can substantiate them. It’s science, not opinion. Only last week, we ran an analysis for an individual who had two separate pensions. One large pension which was in the client’s own words was “doing fantastic” and a smaller one that “might be worth moving to something else.” We looked at both pensions and, based on the risk verses return analysis the performance of both came out below the comparable benchmark. Furthermore, it was in fact the smaller pension that had performed better on the 'risk v. return' spectrum, simply because the level of risk exposed to was much lower. We subsequently suggested an alternative solution based on my Financial Express analysis and the individual was delighted. Change is inevitable. So, why not start 2021 with a change and let us analyse your current investments, free of charge, and see what changes could be made for the better? There’s nothing to lose either way, whether you believe your portfolio is doing great or not so great. There’s never been a more imperative time to evaluate your investments. We’re pleased to say that all of our team of financial planners are licensed uses of Financial Express and will be available to offer this free service. Email: mark@ifajonesandco.uk, or call 01246 550521 to arrange a COVID safe discussion.

Put your portfolio to the test, for free Put us to the test with a free analysis. Take a look at your portfolio right now. Chances are, despite the world turning upside down in 2020, it has delivered a positive return over the last 12 months. If it hasn’t, that’s even more reason to review the quality. You may have received a positive increase, which is absolutely great. The question once more is, how great? And how positive?. Let us test your portfolio using Financial Express and compare likefor-like funds at the same level of risk. It’s science, not opinion As well as utilising Financial Express, it’s our job to comprehend the risk you have taken, or are willing to take, to get the returns you want. We can do this by studying the asset allocation of the overall investment and review efficient frontier charts to enable us to comment on if you

Mark Jones Dip PFS MCISI Managing director of Jones & Co. Jones & Co, 27 Glumangate, Chesterfield S40 1TX


Risk warnings: Pensions and investments go up or down in value and on encashment you could potentially get back less than originally invested. The contents of this article are for information only and do not constitute financial advice. Always seek professional guidance when investing in risk-based investments. The analysis service is free from charge. If a recommendation is required any cost applicable will be discussed up front so that you can decide if you wish to proceed. We will not make a recommendation unless we have justification that we may be able to offer a better solution to you.

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Page 41

RY 11, 2021



COVID-19 Pandemic leads to more halk ofpeople Laterlivingnow, considering the local specialist in equity says that switching to advising clients remotely during Equity Release erent lockdowns, has made the equity release market

ore accessible - without compromising the company’s

Simon Chalk of Laterlivingnow, the local specialist els of personal service.

in equity release, says that switching to advising clients remotely during the different lockdowns, has made the equity release market even more down accessible and there was plenty of appetite among clients - without compromising the company’s such as Zoom, Microsoft ace phone-calls high levels or of video-calls personal service.

aid equity release borrowers were responding well to

WhatsApp and Skype. Simon said equity release borrowers were

responding well to the lockdown and there was

Equity release allows you to have tax-free cash from your home for: "Other popular reasons for Teams, WhatsApp and Skype. eowners seeking to use the money tied up in their

of by appetite among clients to embrace m beingplenty put off the inability to currently hold home

phone-calls or video-calls such as ever, Zoom,with Microsoft he equity release market is busier than over-

Far from being put off by the inability to currently hold home visits, the equity release market is busier than ever, with over-55 homeowners mple, many people help and support seeking to useare thelooking money to tied up in their properties all manner projects and financial needs. withof the crippling milies to as finance they struggle

Home improvements

ies to finance all manner of projects and needs.

Paying for holidays

example, manywith people are looking to helprates encesFor of the pandemic, record low interest and support theirannually families as theytime struggle with the r life (from just 2.34% at the of writing)

Top-up income

crippling financial consequences of the pandemic, tracting them to a Lifetime Mortgage. with record low interest rates fixed for life (from just 2.34% annually at the time of writing) often e Coronavirus hitMortgage. jobs hard, attractingoutbreak them to ahaving Lifetime

Helping out the family

ingnowWith hasthe also found more people having taking advantage of Coronavirus outbreak hit jobs

"Other popular reasons for equity release

equity release include home improvements, topping-up income, income, repaying debtsloans, and loans, paying repaying debtsfor and paying Paying care for for care careand andclearing clearingoutstanding outstanding mortgages" mortgages." Repaying mortgage include home improvements, topping-up Repaying debts/loans

SIMON CHALK MD Laterlivingnow offers a free initial consultation,

SimonMicrosoft Chalk MD by phone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp,

Teams, and when Release Governmentspecialists, allows it; a ‘Safe Call Simon Chalk & team, S40’s leading Equity Home Visit’. "Being small makes usby Laterlivingnow offers a free and initiallocal consultation, for afrom FREE consultation by Phone, Zoom, or Safe Home Visit oftypically Lifetime Mortgagethen offers. phone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft strength Teams, modest ‘drawdown’ initial sum type £10,000 to Many easily accessible," said Simon. "Another ble ‘income’ that a ‘drawdown’ type of Lifetime hard, Laterlivingnow has also found more people

taking advantage of theaflexible ‘income’ that55a to homeowner over ge offers. Many plans enable

plans enable a homeowner over 55 to take a modest initial sum from typically £10,000 then to rds. “This can provide lifeline toas someone who has withdraw smaller asums from little as £2,000 a ade redundant, or has a business struggling under time afterwards.

and when Government from allows it; a ‘Safe Home the big firms that is our independence Visit’. "Being small and local makes us easily advertise on TV, meaning we can advise on the accessible," said Simon. "Another strength is our whole of the market Release, not Just independence from thefor bigEquity firms that advertise on TV, we can advise on the whole of one ormeaning two lenders”. the market for Equity Release, not just one or two lenders".

CALL now! 01246 202 571

w smaller sums from as little as £2,000 a time

www.laterlivingnow.com|info@laterlivingnow.com been made redundant, or has a business struggling

wn” Simon "Thisexplained. can provide a lifeline to someone who has

explained. as alsounder been lockdown," an increaseSimon in enquiries from people The dedicated team at Laterlivingnow are Equity from your be secured against Laterliving now!team Ltd isatan Appointed Representative There alsorural been anhome increase in enquiries from it. The dedicated Laterlivingnow are to move toreleased ahas more setting, orwill enjoying the trend particularly excited, having been named as peopleofseeking move to Ltd, a more rural setting, and regulated ReleasetoMy Equity which is authorised the Financial Authority particularlybyexcited, havingConduct been named as finalists cation’ holidays. The popular Lifetime Mortgage can be finalists in the annual Equity Release Awards or enjoying the trend for ‘staycation’ holidays. in the annual Equity Release Awards 2020. The n a property that you wish Mortgage to buy, not only oneonina 2020. The delayed ‘virtual’ ceremony takes place The popular Lifetime can be on taken

ou already ownthat andyou live. property wish to buy, not only on one in

which you already own and live.

delayed ‘virtual’ ceremony takes place on Thursday January 28th, and we hope on Thursday January 28th,that andLaterlivingnow we hope that brings the trophy back to Derbyshire! Laterlivingnow brings the trophy back to Derbyshire!

and advice on whether equity release could be formation and advice For oninformation whether equity worth investigating for you, call or visit Laterlivingnow. e could be worth investigating for you, call Chesterfield 01246 202 571 or visit www.laterlivingnow.com vingnow on Chesterfield 01246 202 571 Page 42



Equity release allows you to have tax-free cash from your home for: Home improvements

Repaying debts/loans

Paying for holidays

Paying for care

Top-up income

Repaying mortgage

Helping out the family Call Simon Chalk & team, S40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading Equity Release specialists, for a FREE consultation by Phone, Zoom, or Safe Home Visit

CALL now! 01246 202 571


Equity released from your home will be secured against it. Laterliving now! Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Release My Equity Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

and art to love.

ORDER ONLINE Due to social distancing and high order volumes we cannot currently take visits from the public without prior arrangement. Please call or email us to be added to our waiting list - however, our website is open for business and collection is available for all frames and accessories. • Custom Picture Framing • Professional Advice & Standards • Anything Framed • Custom Mirrors • Swept & Ornate Frames • DIY Framing Materials • Frames made to any size

Brampton icture framing

Call: 01246 554338

11a Old Hall Road S40 3RG www.bramptonframing.com

PERSONALISED GIFTS USING YOUR OWN IMAGES! • Mugs • Coasters • Bottles • Mouse Mats • Notebooks • Bags • Aprons • Cushions • Umbrellas • Pet Mats • and more!

minuteman-press-chesterfield.myshopify.com @bUniqueChesterfield Page 44



The choice for a better financial future. COVID-19 has brought an abundance of worry to us all, in one way or another. This year more than ever, the security of your finances is critical. YOUR 5-STEP FINANCIAL FUTURE





Whatever it is that you’re looking for, get in touch for a no obligation, COVID secure meeting. Call us direct on 01246 959 977 or if you prefer, find out more online www.sovereign-chesterfield.co.uk Sovereign Wealth LLP is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group’s website www.sjp.co.uk products.


Already got an advisor? The Sovereign Chesterfield team would love the opportunity to discuss your current financial plans to ensure your money is working as

Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

hard as it could possibly be. Page 45


The Elm Foundation Freedom from domestic abuse

Words: Simon Paterson & The Elm Foundation


ounded in 1985 as North Derbyshire Women’s Aid, Chesterfield’s first women’s refuge was opened. Now, operating as the Elm Foundation it has provided a safe haven for 100’s of women, men and children from all over the UK, suffering domestic abuse.

improved self-esteem and confidence, as well as educating young people about what constitutes abuse and how to keep safe. Through education and awareness, the Elm Foundation aim to reduce the number of cases of domestic violence and support our young people who fall victim to it.

Domestic abuse takes on many forms including physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse.

"For the future, we are looking at providing a service to ‘ young people who harm’. This is to provide sessions to both the young person and working with the family, to address the early abusive behaviours.

4.2% of men will experience domestic abuse at sometime in their lives, whilst the figure is almost doubled for women, with one woman killed on average every three days.

The Elm Foundation represents a safe, welcoming, supportive place for any man, woman or child affected by domestic abuse. They are a charitable organisation, who operate outside of the statutory sector (police, social services) offering an independent, confidential service to both male and female clients. The Elm Foundation has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in 1985 and offer an extensive range of services, all free at the point of access:

• Three women’s refuges, taking up to 22 women and their children • One male refuge providing accommodation for three men and their children

We asked Helen Mitchell – Head of Operations at the Elm Foundation, what the future holds for her and the team? She had this to say:

"We will be expanding our work in schools (COVID permitting) to raise awareness of healthy relationships and offering sessions to focus on the most vulnerable. "We will be looking, if funding allows, to increase our domestic abuse awareness raising with health care providers and local groups and businesses." The Elm Foundation's funding is limited and they rely heavily on donations from the selfless communities of Chesterfield.

If you would like to volunteer and/or donate, please contact the team.

• An advice centre open for drop ins and a dedicated support line

01246 540464 info@theelmfoundation.org.uk www.justgiving.com/the-elm-foundation

• Therapeutic services: counselling, mindfulness, Rieki and art therapy for children and adults

ELM 3 to 70470 will donate £3

• Solicitor and CAB appointments

• Community outreach team covering North Derbyshire

Like most things in life prevention is better than cure, so the team at the Elm Foundation are on a mission to educate our future generations. With a comprehensive schools programme, work focuses on safety within relationships, online activity,

You can also donate by text: just text ELM followed by the amount you wish to donate e.g ELM 5 to 70470 will donate £5

Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £3 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text ELMNOINFO 3 to 70470

theelmfoundation.co.uk | 08000 198 668 Page 46


BASIC NECESSITIES DRIVE The Elm Foundation Freedom from domestic abuse

We are seeking donations for refuge clients and those receiving community support. Unfortuantely we are not able to take any second hand items. New items as listed below would be very much appreciated Bedding l duvets l pillows l duvets covers & pillow cases bath towels & hand towels l tea shirts l jumpers l hoodies leggings l bottoms l pyjamas l slippers dressing gowns Crockery sets l pan sets l cutlery sets l chopping boards cooking implements l dish cloths l tea towel l hand towel dusters l dust pan & brush l toilet brushes l cleaning products l towels & bedding Please call 01246 540464 for details on drop off locations

Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

Page 47


The New Normal We have all had to adapt to the ‘new normal’ over this past year particularly our children and their education. Once more Kip has adapted to the situation with a unique online option for when the schools are closed. We thought you might be interested in finding out how they have achieved this continuous progress for their students. In normal times Kip offers Maths and English tuition to children from the ages of 6 to 16. Our sessions hold a maximum of four students who are working independently under the watchful eye of a qualified teacher who is on hand to encourage, support and teach to progress further. This model has seen massive improvements in students’ levels of English and Maths right through to GCSE.

to check that they are doing it right, they have a special button which holds up a hand which waves at the tutor. The tutor then can speak to them directly and give whatever assistance they require. As with the ‘normal’ Kip session they have explanations, tutor support and individual learning time. Once schools reopen the students can transition back into the centre which adds the social element to their learning situations. We looked at the benefits to our students using this online teaching method during the first lockdown and found that… 1.

Parents had back up with home schooling (we were happy to help the student with school assigned work if they and their parents were struggling).

When the schools were locked down, Kip introduced online learning, but not in a form the students would have been familiar with from their schools’ style of online learning.


Parents knew they had a regular time for the lessons and that their child was supported by a qualified teacher who is up to date with the national curriculum requirements.

So how is Kip different?


The students didn’t slip further behind, in fact several of the first lockdown students progressed so far that upon returning to school they were ahead of their expected levels and consequently have been able to stop coming to Kip (but we are there if they ever need us in the future!)

Each student has their own password and log in for their laptop which needs a webcam and super-fast broadband. This allows them to get the exact same tuition, face to face online, as if they were face to face in the centre, with each student working through an individual lesson plan. The tutor has a maximum of three students online, but the students can’t see or hear each other so they are ‘safeguarding secure’. The tutor speaks to each student individually and, as in the classroom at Kip, the student is on the exact same learning pathway, tailored to their individual needs. If they get stuck, need reassurance, support or just

A student leaving us because they don’t need us any more is a win/ win situation. They move on and we can open up another space for a new student! If you want to let us help your child’s educational progress call Jo for a free assessment on: 01246 220224 or 01629 56611

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.



01246 220224



Suite 2, 1st Floor, 67-77 Chatsworth Road, Brampton Chesterfield, S40 2AL www.kipmcgrath.co.uk/chesterfield-west

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Call today for a FREE assessment


Fascias & Soffiits • Guttering • Carports • Ridge Tiles • Flat Roofs

25 Yea

r Pro Guaraduct ntee

Fibreglass Flat Roofs

Dry Ridge Tile System


Felt Roofing System

The ultimate, tough and modern system.

Cantilever and lean to carports. Various colours and sizes available.

Maintenance free ridge tiles with a 20 year guarantee.

Traditional three layer, high tensile felt roofing system with a solar paint finish.

Local and Friendly Company

Derbyshire Trusted Trader

50 Years Product Guarantee

Free No Obligation Quotation

10 Years Installation Guarantee

No Job Too Small

Which Trusted Trader

Palace Roofline Ltd @PalaceRoofline

t: 01246 277215


Visit our showroom: 414 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield S40 3BQ

Brookfield News

Brookfield News We include a couple of articles submitted before lockdown 3 hit us. Text & Images: Brookfield Journalism Group

How does a pandemic impact school life? - an insight into my transition to year twelve. Are the congested corridors and the rush as the bell rings stories of the past? Because of one way systems, year group bubbling and different timetables for different year groups, Brookfield students may have found corridors and stairways a lot quieter and calmer. With each year group being allocated different areas within the school even the necessary travel between classes is lessened. Other precautions in place include, hand sanitiser dispensers across the school, forward facing classrooms and social distancing between staff and other year group bubbles. But how does any of this alter life as a student? For the most part, not that much. Year group bubbles mean that I am never too far from any of my friends when we’re in different lessons. Combine that with the fact it is not only the pandemic that has brought changes for me, but also the transition to sixth form. Any precautions may seem much more subtle with a transition from year eleven to sixth form which brings new faces, new form groups and new subjects anyway. Perhaps what’s most important is what has our school managed to preserve? We’ve been able to return to in person learning, allowing classes and classroom communication to return to a normal. We’re lucky to be able to see our friends everyday and with many new people coming to sixth form, I’ve been able to meet new people and make new friends. Something impactful to many, is the return of routine and structure. And even some extracurricular activities have been able to run. In conclusion, whilst the pandemic has brought changes to almost all aspects of our lives, it is good to be back in the school building and have some normality returned to us, within the weird world that coronavirus has created for us. Anja Raine

Young Enterprise Young Enterprise is a key BE enrichment opportunity for Brookfield students, allowing them to create and carry out their own business and sell their products to the general public. Involvement in Young Enterprise allows students to gain experience, to prepare them for future jobs, and not to mention that it looks great on a CV! With many BE enrichments postponed or cancelled this year due to COVID 19 restrictions, Young Enterprise is one out of the few that have been given the green light. This year’s Y12’s are being supported by Miss New and Mr Walsh who are holding meetings every week to determine their final product, discuss objectives they have in mind, and how they will sell the product whilst still obeying COVID rules and restrictions; however, it’s still early days for this project. Brookfield have had much success with the Young Enterprise Scheme; Urban Jars who took part in last year’s Young Enterprise proved to be very successful, achieving the ‘Financial Development Award’ and claimed first place for the ‘Journey Award’ at the Young Enterprise National Final. They sold decorative glass jars containing a wide range of magnificent plants, that highlighted their message of looking after the environment. During the competition, they taught the importance of gardening to young children and even visited local primary schools to achieve this. At the end of the journey in the competition, Urban Jars won ‘Derbyshire Company of The Year’ and went on to represent the county at the ‘East Midlands Company of The Year’ to claim runners-up. Even through lockdown, Urban Jars carried on their business by delivering their products to customers in the local area. Phoebe Spacie

www.brookfield.derbyshire.sch.uk Page 50

Cables accessories & managment Data & networking - Heating & ventilation Industrial controls - Lamps & tubes Lighting luminaries - Switchgear & distribution Test equipment - Tools & fixings Wiring accessories GSM Electrical Supplies Unit 17C, Whitting Valley Rd, Chesterfield, S41 9EY sales@gsmsupplies.co.uk gsmsupplies.co.uk 01246 488938 Page 52


The Window People are your local Derbyshire Trusted Trader offering High Quality Double Glazing at a fair price.



• Windows Windows & & Doors Doors • Soffit Soffit & & Fascia Fascia • Conservatories Conservatories • Misted Misted Units Units

• Warm Roofs Warm Roofs • Flat Flat Roofs Roofs • Repairs Repairs • Porches Porches



Applies to any installation or order fitted or placed TO 30% OFF duringPRE-CHRISTMAS January and FebruaryINSTALLATIONS 2021. Call for a and FREE no obligation quote quote Call for details a FREE no obligation

T: T: 01246 01246 900 900 981 981

E: E: info@thewindowpeople.co.uk info@thewindowpeople.co.uk www.thewindowpeople.co.uk www.thewindowpeople.co.uk

Page 53

Business Intro


Welcome, at last to Abi Motais, and her new venture. Words: Paul Chapman Images: Abi Motais


ockdown effects people in many ways, but I suspect very few decide to start up a new business! Abi Motais is one such person, her new business barepotshop produces handmade pots with the female form promoting body positivity. “It all started when I had a play of some clay in my friend’s workshop and decided to make a tit pot, this was July 2020. So here we are, a lockdown hobby turned into a small pottery business all from my lil’ old bedroom,” says Abi.

By day Abi works as a teaching assistant in a local primary school and also works part time in a bar. She explains “my dream is to hopefully one day make this a full-time thing. I am still learning new things every day in the world of ceramics and what it takes to be a business owner - it's so stressful. I have a long way to go with Bare Pots but so grateful at where it is already.” Before Christmas Abi approached us to help raise awareness of a raffle she was organising, but missed our deadline. It was to raise funds for CoppaFeel! (coppafeel. org) a charity dedicated to helping people understand their boobs and how it could save their life. CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity, on a mission to educate and remind people to get to know their boobs and catch breast cancer early. Abi produces her pots in small batches of 8 to 10, which vary in size, colour or might even be seasonal limited-edition pots and she also offers custom pots from time to time. You can specify what your pot looks like, the size, colour, tattoos, piercings, imperfections, patterns anything your heart desires.

Page 54

Abi’s original pots were made with air drying clay, hand painted with acrylics and finished with a water-based varnish. They were not waterproof or food safe. So if you wanted to put a plant in, you had to keep the plant in its original nursery pot, take out to water and pop it back in when dry, so more suited to plants such as cacti or succulents. Today Abi has transitioned to ceramics and produces a range of hand sculptured stoneware handleless mugs which are delightful but need a little care to be kept out of the dishwasher. All the mugs are unique and may include the odd flaw, but this is what makes them perfectly imperfect.

Abi is keen to ensure her business is kind to the environment too. Her packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, the bubble wrap and packing are plastic free and dissolve in water plus the tape used is plastic free paper tape and the stickers are made from recyclable Kraft paper.

“This year has been a crazy one,” says Abi. “I always wanted to own my own business but never in my life did I think I would be sat here, running a ceramics business, with beautiful people who want to buy MY art! “I can not thank you all enough for having the faith, patience and support throughout my startup.” You'll find barepotshop at: www.barepots.co.uk barepotshop


Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

Page 55

“The team here at Pinewood Estate Agents are so pleased and overwhelmed

“The teamthat here at Pinewood Estate Agents are pleased overwhelmed our customers and clients felt they wanted to so nominate us forand this amazing award but then to go onfelt andthey win the Business the Year is absolutely that our customers and clients wanted toofnominate us for this amazamazing, we are happy. like Business to say a big thank you to everyone, ing award but then toallgosoon andI would win the of the Year is absolutely it’s been a really hard year for the whole town but this has put a smile on our amazing, we are all so happy. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, faces. Thank You.” it’s been a really hard year for the whole town but this has put a smile on our Stacey Thank Davies-Bowler faces. You.”

Stacey Davies-Bowler

Page 56


Scenic Flooring A bespoke service by a family run business Your local designer floor specialists

          

Expert advice on all flooring 35 Years Experience Our carpets range from £4.99 to £100 sqm Free gripper, door bar & delivery Vinyls, Laminates & Solid Wood Natural Flooring & Amtico Flooring Specialist Blinds supplied and fitted We supply & fit Varme underfloor heating systems New first floor showrooms Next day delivery on most stock Shop from home service

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Reading for Wellbeing Chesterfield Shared Reading facilitates FREE Reading for Wellbeing sessions every Monday afternoon 2 to 3pm online via Zoom, bringing people together through great poems or stories to talk, laugh and share from the comfort of home. No pressure to talk or read. Each session is facilitated by a trained volunteer Reader Leader from national charity www.thereader.org.uk. You’ll need access to Zoom, previous participants have also found a comfy chair and a cuppa quite helpful! Contact chesterfieldsharedreading@gmail.com with any queries or to book a taster session.

At Diverse Recruitment justwait waitforfor phone to ring! At Diverse Recruitmentwe wedon’t don’t just thethe phone to ring! Derbyshire author Leonie Martin is now offering At Diverse Recruitment we don’t just wait for the phone to ring! We actively scout forpositions positions that match youryour skill-set, We actively scout for that match skill-set, a choice of two monthly dates on Zoom for her We actively scout for positions that match your skill-set, passionsand and career passions careergoals. goals. passions and career goals. regular online Writing for Wellbeing workshops: In order for us to start working for YOU, send us your CV to: In order for to us start to startworking working for us your CV to:CV to: In order for us forYOU, YOU,send send us your on the first Saturday and first Wednesday each info@diverse-recruitment.co.uk or or call call 01246 01246 252350 252350 info@diverse-recruitment.co.uk month 11am-1pm. Both workshops will include admin@diverse-recruitment.co.uk info@diverse-recruitment.co.uk or call 01246 252350 the same engaging writing activities on a different theme each month, offering an opportunity to share your work within a safe and relaxing ‘virtual’ space. You’ll need access to Zoom along with your preferred writing materials. The cost for each 2-hour workshop is £10. 01246 252 350

Booking via Eventbrite and contact Leonie by email leonie.martin@me.com for booking details.

01246 252 350

01246 252 350

At present the Brampton Food Market is closed but we are pleased to say that we are still trading by running our Traidcraft stall from home. Cupboard basics: toilet rolls, handwash, tea and coffee, dried fruit, nuts, cereal, pasta, rice, biscuits, chocolate etc and greetings cards. Greetings cards and presents can be purchased or ordered by us from Traidcraft. Go to www.traidcraftshop.co.uk for more details. We offer home delivery/collection at no charge which will strictly adhere to the current social distancing guidelines. Payments can be made by BACS, cheque, or cash. Guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers

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Contact us on 01246 566257 / 07817 573283 or at alisonjanew@sky.com to continue Fighting Poverty Through Trade. Alison and Graham Wells Voluntary Reps for Traidcraft plc. www.chesterfieldlocal.co.uk


The Café at Libby’s All your homemade favourites TAKEAWAY ONLY AT PRESENT Follow us on Instagram & Facebook

The Cafe at Libby's 479 Chatsworth Road, ChesterfieldS40 3AD

Based on Baslow Road, providing locally sourced produce. Currently open every day. Midday to 5pm. The Yews Baslow Road Chesterfield S42 7BN

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We are following health and safety guidelines with procedures in place and using PPE for each appointment.

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You could benefit from trying out the latest hearing instruments with no fee and no commitment to purchase. Visit the Chesterfield Hearing Practice to arrange your 10 day FREE evaluation period. Offering you the opportunity to test your new hearing aids prior to purchase.

Book a FREE consultation today

Tel: 01246 901250

Email: advice@chesterfieldhearing.co.uk

We Offer:

NHS trained staff Over 50 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience Safe ear wax removal Tinnitus advice Free home visits Independent choice OPN

Main dealer

19, Market Hall Market Place Chesterfield S40 1AR www.chesterfieldhearing.co.uk


If the unexpected happened: - Who would make decisions about your welfare? - What would happen to your money & property? - Who will look after your children? - Who will run your business?

Contact our friendly, local team to discuss our solutions to help answer these questions

01246 555111


BRM Solicitors, Gray Court, 99 Saltergate, ChesterďŹ eld, S40 1LD BRM Solicitors is a trading name of BRM Law Limited who are authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 597752

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Behind The Business

Walton Landscapes We meet Dave Trickett Text: Paul Chapman Images: Walton Landscaoes

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s a new year starts maybe your plans for 2021 include a new driveway or landscaped garden? We catch up with Dave Trickett, the man behind Walton Landscapes to learn a little more about him and his business.

We met Dave back in our December 2019 edition but that was to talk about his charity work raising over £130k for local charities over the years after losing his young daughter to cancer inspired him to help those who might suffer in the future. Today we focus on what he does, landscaping and his business. “I started working at mum and dad’s nursery at 64 Walton Road when I was about eight years old,” says Dave. “This was home to dad’s nursery which he started outside of his day job in the local press. Dad retired early and the nursery became a fulltime job for him, many will remember the nursery on Walton Road, always busy and stocked with the latest seasonal plants, Dad sold the land in later years, but I have many happy memories working and getting my hands dirty.” Dave left school and started at Tapton Park’s nursery working for the council in the parks department. “It was a great place to start a fulltime job, but they wanted me to move into a maintenance role which I wasn’t happy to do so I left and found a new part time job working at Baslow.

“I started filling the additional hours with my own work and it wasn’t long before I needed to drop the job and work for myself fulltime, that was 1977 and saw the start of over 40 years working for myself.” In the early days it was just Dave, working on landscaping and maintenance, taking on both small and large jobs, he remembers taking on a large job on Somersall Lane in his early days wondering if it was too much but completing the work with no problems and boosting his selfconfidence along the way.

Dave has witnessed quite a lot of change in the area, when he set up on his own it coincided with a large boom in building as the Walton and surrounding estates were developed. His business grew and after pulling in additional people to help when needed, he eventually settled with ten staff but today is happy to be just himself and workmate Jacob. I asked what the mainstay of his work was? “I do all aspects of landscaping, but it tends to be more the hard landscaping elements, patios, walls, driveways, all sorts of different driveways.

“We’ve recently done a few jobs using real stone cobbles, not laid on a hardcore base with sand but set on a fully mortared base. It’s a modern version

of the traditional cobble stone, and once it’s down, it’s down! It’s more time consuming but worth the final look, each block put down individually, no need to maintain it other than a quick jet wash every couple of years and it’s so hard wearing.

“The materials we use really do look great now and the designs will easily stand the test of time.” Dave can also, maintain your driveway once complete, ensuring things are cleaned and sealed ensures your driveway stays looking great for years to come.

Walton Landscapes will offer a complete service, discussing your needs, understanding what you want and putting together a design and solution that will work for you. They can draw up plans and love nothing more than taking care of the endto-end job to include any necessary turfing and planting that’s needed.

“People are wanting completely maintenance free gardens,” explains Dave, “driveways and paving, borders covered with mesh, planted and gravelled so there isn’t any need to turn the soil. Many people don’t have any spare time and simply want things to look great all year round.”

Has the last year seen any changes in people’s requirements for outdoor space? “Not really,” answers Dave. “The drive for outdoor living and extending the living space into the garden started five or six years ago, we’ve seen more wanting to do the same this year, but many were lucky enough to have established an area that worked for them and were able to spend time outdoors this summer enjoying their gardens.” Dave was keen to add that he prefers to use small, local, independent suppliers and has built up some strong relationships in the area. One thing he added, which I loved to hear, was “I’ve been trading for over 40 years and in that time have advertised occasionally, but I can honestly say that I’ve never had a response as good as that I’ve seen advertising with S40 Local, every time the advert goes out, I’m out quoting and love the fact that it’s all local work for the great costumers on my doorstep.”

And I didn’t even prompt him for that, thanks Dave! If you’re looking for a new driveway or some landscaping work give Dave a call, he did add that “I might not be the cheapest, but you can be sure of an excellent job and we will not disappoint.” T: 07800 575220 or 012465 233811 www.waltonlandscapes.weebly.com

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Garden Tips

Winter Garden Tips Words: Transition Chesterfeld Picture: Robert Nixon Betts

1. Many people put their plot to sleep for the winter. They clear out the vegetables that have finished in the autumn and leave it empty doing nothing until the spring. But it is still possible to leave some root crops in the ground, removing them when needed for the table. These include beetroot, carrots, parsnips and turnips. 2. Have you thought of covering your plot with a membrane? e.g. black plastic, weed control fabric or anything that removes light, perhaps even old carpet. This prevents weeds growing and much goodness leeching away out of the soil. 3. It is a good time to deep clean and sharpen all of the tools lying in the shed. A thin film of oil appropriately used is recommended for steel tools put away for the winter too. 4. Outdoor, sowing broad beans is still possible if you choose a hardy variety like ‘Super Aquadulce’. 5. A greenhouse or windowsill can give you a tremendous start to the year if, before the end of December, you sow such things as peppers (sweet & chilli), tomatoes & onions from seed. 6. This is the time of year to begin to plan for next year, send off for the new season’s seed and nursery catalogues. Some time can also be usefully spent looking through the hundreds of company websites and searching the internet to find interesting and new varieties. Don’t be overambitious though - only plan for plants where there’s space. 7. Winter is the best time to dig heavy ground, incorporating manure or compost. If you have a decent sized area, don’t try to do it all at once you’ve got a good couple of months to finish it all. 8. Keep everywhere clear of debris, which can harbour diseases and harmful organisms. But try not to be too fussy; old logs and pile of leaves tucked away somewhere are excellent overwintering spots for essential wildlife. 9. Reduce the watering of houseplants and mist them regularly to stop them drying out in the central heating. The ideal is to keep them clustered together in an unheated but light room. 10. Make leaf mould at this time. Although some leaves begin to fall in September, the time when the bulk of fallen leaves are available is at the end of November and into December. Make a clamp with four posts and chicken wire into a container, and put all of the leaves you can collect within it. This weed free soil conditioner is best spread on the ground later in the year.

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Full Landscaping • Drives • Patios • Fencing • Turfing • Gates Garden Design Service Available

Contact Dave Trickett on 07800 575220 or 01246 233811 Walton Landscapes • Walton Road • Chesterfield www.waltonlandscapes.weebly.com

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Compassionate & Caring When Harold Lilleker & Sons are trusted with your loved one this is how we do things. When a loved one passes away, your world turns upside down. During this time of grief, you need a compassionate helping hand that can take care of the funeral arrangements and help you bid a ďŹ nal goodbye to your dear one with respect and love.

Call: 01246 277095 Presently Recruiting Call for details

Willowstone Caring At The Heart Of Your Home


Chesterfield | Dronfield | South Sheffield We provide high standards of care, which is why we only provide a minimum of one hour calls by fully trained and DBS checked carers. We work in partnership with clients and their families to promote their independence and keep them safe in their home.

Long term conditions | Dementia | Rehabilitation End of life care | Companionship | Respite care

M: 07933 753165 jade97ashmore@gmail.com 133 Baden Powell Road S40 2RL Page 66

care@willowstonecare.co.uk www.willowstonecare.co.uk

Call today for a free, no obligation assessment of needs!


Tel 01246 488712

As we see a glimmer of light on the horizon and the world looks forward to welcoming visitors again, we at Il Mondo look to the future with a spirit of optimism. Travel will return and we are ready, recharged and revitalised. Whatever you want from your next holiday whether it will be to Explore or Discover, Relax and Unwind, in the UK or overseas, we can help to create the perfect holiday for you. From ideas and planning, to managing the finer details, we will take care of you and your every need. Whilst restrictions are in place please call or email to arrange an appointment in our spacious COVID secure office. Book with confidence. Your local travel agent for the big brands.


t: 01246 588653 m: 07980 926852 P7512 e: hello@ilmondotravel.co.uk @ILMONDOTRAVEL KEEPING BUSINESS LOCAL

Il Mondo Travel 131 Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40 2AP www.ilmondotravel.co.uk

CHESTERFIELD PLUMBING & HOME SERVICES “A Polite, Reliable Service” NO CALL OUT FEE NO VAT • Bathrooms, showers & kitchen installations • Leaks & repairs • No job too small


Tel: 01246 205 000 Mob: 07971 447 040 7 Redgrove Way • Walton • Chesterfield S40 3JN

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M.J. Redford Building & Construction

Your Local Family Business Extensions & Alterations Roofing Patios & Driveways Building Maintenance No Job Too Small

Quality Workmanship Reliable & Trustworthy Free Quotations Over 30 Years Experience

T: 01246 568700 M: 07774 150 177


Chatsworth Road Chesterfield S40


Chatsworth Road Medical Centre Chesterfield Royal Hospital COVID-19 Test Holme Hall Medical Centre The Surgery @ Wheatbridge NHS 111 – when it is less urgent than 999

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Utility Services

BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water – Severn Trent

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Galaxy Travel Noble 7 ‘til 7 Emergency Car Recovery Train Times / Enquiries Traveline (Public Transport)

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Chesterfield Police Non Emergency Citizens Advice Bureau Relate NSPCC Childline

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Chesterfield Borough Council Chesterfield Central Library Chesterfield Tourist Information Crimestoppers Divisional Community Police Contact Derbyshire County Council S40 Local

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Private Investigator

UKS Investigations

Private Investigation Services local to the Chesterfield area: Surveillance Matrimonial Investigations Tracing Missing People Process Serving Local Enquiries Professional and Discreet

01246 792020


4 Napier Court, Chesterfield S43 4PZ

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Domestic & commercial properties

SH Painting & Decorating

Painting & Decorating Cladding Spray painting Fencing Floor laying Joinery From painting and decorating to whole house renovations Contact Shaun on: 07917108620 | shaunhll5@gmail.com Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Classifieds Article Wooden Cupboard: £35 Hand made Wooden Cupboard. In Pale wood. 3 shelves, 76x60x33cm. Good cond. T: 07899 755362 (Ashgate). Karcher Power Washer: £60 Never used. £10 will be donated to Ashgate Hospicecare. T: 01246 558692 (Brockwell) Delta Manta Rowing Machine: £50 Smooth roller mounted action, vinyl padded seat, adjustable hydraulic resistance, pivoting foot plates. T: 07947 430133 (Walton) Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine: £45 Red, Bought 2019, hardly used, cost new £80. T: 07720 631428 (Holymoorside) Careco Pedal Exercise: £15 Digital display unwanted gift. T: 01246 569274 (Brookside) Electric Foot Massager: £15 T: 01246 569274 (Brookside)

Radley Handbag: £25 Cream, double zip. Medium length handles (Dust bag cleaner & cloth). Good cond. Also Radley Purse: £10 Pink zip purse. Sections for cards and notes. Middle section for coins. T: 01246 568911 (Holymoorside) Miele Vacuum Cleaner: £50 Power plus 5000 cylinder mocel with attachments. Excl cond. T: 01246 568911 (Holymoorside) Vintage Kenwood Mixer: £110 ono Chef 1960’s model A701A. Liquidiser, mixing bowl, dough hook, beater/ whisk, wire balloon. Excl working cond. T: 01246 569274 (Brookside) Mattel Hot Wheels Starter Set: £10 2 Hot wheels cars and instructions. T: 01246 569274 (Brookside) Zamberlan Walking Boots: £45 Womens size 5.5/6 ,waxed Italian leather uppers, vibram soles. VGC. T: 01246 566286 (Somersall)

Waterproof Over Trousers: £12 Henri Lloyd waterproof overtrousers, taped seams and zipped lower legs. Size M, inside leg 30.5 " / 77cm. Forest green. Unused. T: 01246 566286 (Somersall) Wild Country Gore tex Mitts: £15 Size M, fleece lined, red + blue with adj. wrist straps. T: 01246 566286 (Somersall) GCSE AQA Books NEW: £4 each Grade 9-1 Exams. Macbeth - Text Guide & Workbook; Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Text Guide & Workbook; An Inspector Calls - Text Guide; Unseen Poetry - Poetry Guide; Power & Conflict - Poetry Guide; English Language - Workbook; GCSE AQA English Language - Complete Revision & Practice £5.50; Business Studies - Revision Guide (used) £3. T: 07762 416747 (Walton)

Adverts for items under £200 are all free, any item or ‘group of items’ £200+ are £5 which we donate to Ashgate Hospice (picture items donation priced on request). Please contact: E: paul@s40local.co.uk or T: 07764 801080

Next Leather Sofa £495 ono

We are a small family-run Accountancy practice based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, who specialise in: • Sole Trader Accounts • Tax Returns • VAT • Corporation Tax Submissions • Payroll • Limited company annual accounts We offer a very professional service with a personal touch and pride ourselves on customer care.

Large brown settee, no rips or scratches. Excellent condition, Buyer to collect and it's a solid heavy settee so will need two people. 203cm wide x 92cm deep x 82cm high.

T: 07929 984759 (Walton) Page 72


Your Escape Starts Here

Online Date Check − Plan with our Road Trip Ideas

VW Campervan or Motorhome Hire Autoselect Campervan Hire, Pottery Lane West T6/T6.1 Campervans and VW Crafter Motorhomes from £359

Available to book now

HIRE CHARGES VW T6/T6.1 Low Season Mid Season High Season

£359 Short week/Long weekend £395 Short week/Long weekend £449 Short week/Long weekend

HIRE CHARGES VW CRAFTER Low Season Mid Season High Season

£449 Short week/Long weekend £495 Short week/Long weekend £595 Short week/Long weekend

£495 Full Week £630 Full Week £725 Full week £559 Full week £695 Full week £895 Full week

Weekend hire commences Friday midday to Monday 10am, a short week (same price as weekend) from Monday midday to Friday 10am and full week is Friday midday to Friday 10am.

Call us today to start your adventure!

C am p e rva n Hire

Tel: 01246 205529 Mobile: 07966 321309

E: info@autoseletcampervanhire.co.uk

www.autoselectcampervanhire.co.uk Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

Autoselect Campervan Hire • Pottery Lane West • Chesterfield S41 9BN


Giving back to the community Chesterfield FC Women Words & images: Sadie Henson (Chesterfield FC Women) Chesterfield FC Women are proud to be supporting Chesterfield Food Bank.

"This is such an amazing local charity and it has never felt more appropriate for us as a club to give back to our local community," says Sadie.

In October the club held a collection at Chesterfield Rugby Club where the senior team were in action. Sadie says "We have been trying to hold a collection once a month at our senior team home games and training too, when we are able to do so. For the home games, we offered free entry to those who bring a donation. "When speaking to the food bank, it was a real eye opener as to how many families rely on their services and families in such hardship that canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even afford basics such as sanitary products.

"We know that it has been particularly difficult recently for our local foodbanks and we just wanted to show our community that we will support them where we can.

"We'd like to pass on our thanks to everyone who donated to our collections and enabled us to provide such a great selection to the Chesterfield Foodbank." Pictured are the junior team helping pack the collection. Page 74




WINNER! Christmas Competition Winners Over Christmas we ran a competition in conjunction with Lumberjack Games of Walton and Adorn Jewellers of The Shambles, Chesterfield.

We had three lucky winners who picked up two packs of board games from Lumberjack and a Christmas Pudding Tree decoration from Adorn. We dropped off to one winner Henry Husband and managed to convince him to let us get a photo, shown right.

Henry's family were extremely pleased and passed on their thanks, I'd also like to say a huge thanks to both Gareth and Laura Jo from Adorn for supporting us and a thanks to everyone who entered. Enjoy the games Henry.

Raising Funds for Marley

Rebecca Bristowe from Brampton works for the NHS and is helping raise funds for Marley Powell, the son of Rebecca’s close friends Rosie-Mae Walton and Wes Powell. Marley suffers from Type 1 SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), a rare genetic disorder which means he has no use of any of the muscles in his body and needs constant care as he can’t move his limbs. Rebecca, together with Lucy Pheasant, organised a raffle before Christmas to help raise £25,000 which is needed for the family to travel to America for a treatment called Zolgensma.

Marley’s NHS treatment sees him having injections every two weeks, but unless an improvement is seen soon they will be stopped after six months.

“This awful disorder also affects Marley’s respiratory system,” says Rebecca. “Marley has an awful lot of machinery to help with his breathing and even help to suck the mucus when he is coughing as he cannot move it himself. Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

"Marleys' mum, Rosie has spoken to people in America whose children have undergone the treatment and have seen a massive improvement. "Without this treatment Marley has a chance of dying before his second birthday as he has the most severe case of the disorder.” Marley's family is planning a truck pull for 2021 and is constantly fund raising via Marley’s justgiving page.

"We have lots of amazing people who have donated some great prizes to the raffle, for which we are really thankful but here is still a long way to go to reach our target,” says Rebecca.

If you’d like to help please see Marley’s page on Facebook. Use the link: bit.ly/2XHMWUf

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01246 203748 / 07757 737 283

High quality, reliable and efficient services

Domestic Electrician  From Rewires to Extra Sockets & Lighting  Inspection & Testing  Part P Approved  Free No Obligation Quote

Boiler Installations (Monthly payment scheme available)

Complete Bathrooms Boiler & Gas Fire Servicing Floor & Wall Tiling Landlord Gas Safe Certificates

Tel: 01246 454 612




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All types of Installation work Design + Project Managment Testing Domestic & Commercial Industrial CCTV Fire Alarm Electric Gates Vehicle Charging

M: 07763 259841 T: 01246 568518

E: andy@fletcherwoodelectrical.co.uk Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Chesterfield Football Club Moving on up... Words & images: Michael South


ince my last page the Spireites have had a positive turnaround in results on the pitch. Against Notts Co however, in his only game in charge of the Spireites (as the hunt for Pemberton's replacement was on), caretaker manager John Dungworth took charge of what will be remembered as the infamous 3-2 defeat.

All looked promising and we were on course to win 2-1, right up until the 90th minute, when the inevitable happened. We switched off. In the dying minutes we managed to drop all 3 points and conceded 2 late goals in the final minute of added time. This, however, turned out to be our last defeat and a positive turning point at the club. Welcome James Rowe! On Friday 27th November I had the privilege of bearing witness to the unveiling of Chesterfield FC's new manager James Rowe, at the Technique Stadium. James is the 7th official manager since Paul Cook's departure in 2015. The 37-year-old came across as motivated and eager to get the club back to where we belong, in the football league. Like Paul Cook, James comes to the club as pretty much an unknown manager. This, in my mind, is good thing as it shows he has the desire to succeed. Some might say it's a risk as he has limited managerial experience but not me, as his first crop of results clearly speak for themselves.

James came from Gloucester City who he managed from 2019 and who sat quite comfortably at the top of the National League North, winning 7 out of their first 10 games of the season. Prior to this James was Aldershot's assistant manager for 3 years from 2016-19. Rowe's assistant manager at Chesterfield will be George Foster. George also follows Rowe from Gloucester City and who was Mansfield Town's ex-player and ex-manager, but I'll not mention the M word again!

Chesterfield's first game under Rowe came the following day from his press conference, away at Weymouth. The game ended with a 2-1 win for us with new striker Akwasi Asante (28) scoring on his debut after following Rowe from Gloucester to the club.

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In fact Asante was announced to the press as Rowe's first signing on the same day as Rowe, which shows a clear plan of wanting to improve the club and to hit the ground running by both Rowe and the board. Four more signings quickly followed, including George Carline, again from Gloucester City, Tom Whelan, Jack McCourt and Joel Taylor.

Rowe's second game (and first home game) ended 0-0 against Aldershot. His third game away at Sutton United - who were second placed in the league when we visited - ended with an impressive 1-0 win for Rowe which was achieved with a goal from Hollis. The clear stand out game for me and the best game seen at the Technique for a long time, was the 6-0 demolishing against Barnet. Asante, after only being at the club for 2 weeks, netted his first hat-trick in the game. With new players and new management Chesterfield seemed to have what it takes to play attractive, passionate football again and to also keep clean sheets! The only thing missing are the fans. To sit pitch-side and photograph a CFC side playing this whilst witnessing a quality performance feels surreal to say the least. Without any noise from the stands, the chants or the passion, the ground sounds eerie and empty. Without the fans to share this upturn in fortune feels strange, the soul of the club is missing. Added to which the club's home FA Trophy win against Brackley Town after penalties clearly needed the fans back to share it. When fans can return, I can't wait for the bounce to be heard and for the raw emotion to be felt again, like when Cookie was here. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just bounce if you love the Town! Just bounce...â&#x20AC;? It is very clear that Asante will be a Kop favourite if he keeps up his goal scoring for us.

But (for now) we shall cheer the Blues on from the comfort of our homes and look forward to the roar of the crowd as 2021 progresses and a semblance of normality returns. COYB's!


Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Strada Estates are a locally owned Estate Agency with five star Google reviews and a friendly professional service

High street business of the year nominee 2020

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or undecided, we can help Call: 01246 276276 or email: office@stradaestates.co.uk

Window & Door Repair Specialists

Est. 1982 Chesterfield

• Double Glazing Repairs • Failed Glass Replacement • Locks & Hinge Replacements • Door Repairs • Security Improvements • Free Quotes for all work • All Work Guaranteed Upgrade your security by replacing outdated locks with the latest anti-snap Ultion secure door locks.

M 0772 547 7769

E marklionwindows@gmail.com FB Lion Window repairs www.lionwindowrepairs.com Ashgate, Chesterfield Page 80


Business Cards

Is this space empty?

Abbeyhill Complete Electrical

Domestic Commercial Industrial

31 Abbeyhill Close Ashgate Chesterfield S41 7JL M: 07447 022 258 A: abbeyace1@gmail.com

Or is it waiting for your advert?

Paul 07764 801080 paul@s40local.co.uk Simon 07716 014002 simon@s41local.com www.chesterfieldlocal.co.uk Supporting Chesterfieldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Independent Businesses

As Fresh As A Daisy

Pram Cleaning & Refurbishment

Choose to reuse... stroll into the future... www.asfreshasadaisypramcleaning.com asfreshasadaisy.prams@gmail.com

07544 765823

For Funerals Worth Remembering... Heather Peet Celebrant 07807 776 061 www.chesterfieldcelebrant.co.uk

MB Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Quality work Competitive prices Free estimates Call Matt on: 07841 389119

Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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Business Cards





• Roofing • Maintenance • Drain Repairs • Insurance Work • Glass Fibre Roofing T: 01246 234737

Fully COVID-19 Compliant

M: 07900 248874

Full foot treatment for just £30 Westfield and other insurance approved Telephone: 07858 029039

Dale Montague Electrical LTD DOMESTIC • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL PAT Testing • Inspection & Testing • Maintenance

T: 01246 453094 M: 07891 217981 E: Dalemontagueelectrical@outlook.com www.DME-LTD.co.uk


Handley Tree Care

Specialists in all aspects of tree & hedge work • All waste removed • Tree felling & pruning • Hedges trimmed & reduced • Fully qualified & insured • Over 20 years experience • Stump removal • Log sales

Philip Heath NCH Arb

Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE Philip Heath NCH Arb. Our Values – Our customers, 01246 568333 |803131 07800 803131 Philip Heath NCH Arb. FREE 01246 568333 | 07800 ADVICE 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 01246 568333 | 07800The 803131 ADVICE Email: heathscapes@me.com AND Their Trees, environment, Email: heathscapes@me.com Email: heathscapes@me.com Email: heathscapes@me.com www.heathscapes.co.uk ESTIMATES Safety, Positive outcomes AND www.heathscapes.co.uk www.heathscapes.co.uk www.heathscapes.co.uk ESTIMATES

T: 01246 410411 M: 07855 928385 E: nigel_handley@hotmail.co.uk

Philip Heath NCH Arb. 01246 568333 | 07800 803131 Email: heathscapes@me.com www.heathscapes.co.uk

High-level High-level professionals professionals




Robert Windle Joinery & Handyman Services

t: 01246 203 768 m: 0750 2933671

All Joinery Work Undertaken • General Repairs Glazing & uPVC Maintenance • New Locks Shelving • Picture Hanging and much more

Mick Barratt e: milkman-mick@live.co.uk


No job too small • Friendly, trusted, reliable & local

Phone: 07737 978 444

Delivering glass & supermarket style cartons... Early enough in the morning for you to start your day!

Design Services (Chesterfield)

Email: rob@robertwindlejoinery.co.uk www.robertwindlejoinery.co.uk

C.G. Roberts Decorators

Alan Hill

Architectural plans prepared Extensions & New Builds Barn Conversions & Alterations Planning & building regulations Walton • Chesterfield

Email: designserviceschesterfield@hotmail.com

Call Alan on 07759 588578 Page 82

High-level High-level professionals

20 years experience professionals  20 Fully insured experience ITyears ALL STACKS UP  20 years experience  20 IT ALL STACKS UP years experience  Fully All work British Standards 3998 Fully insured insured   All wood re-cycling All work British Standards 3998 British Standards 3998  •Responsible 20work years experience Fully insured  Responsible wood re-cycling  Responsible Log furniturewood re-cycling  All •Renewable Fully insured worklogsBritish Standards 3998  Log  Log energy at furniture furniture Renewable logs at work • 15% Renewable energy logs Standards at wood energy Allmoisture British 3998 Responsible re-cycling 15% moisture 15% moisture type • All of hedging & tree work Our Values – Our customers, Log furniture It all stacks up Our Values – Our customers, Their Trees, The environment, OurWood Values –chips Our customers,  Renewable • forTheir play areaslogs &environment, garden mulch energy at Trees, The Safety,Trees, Positive Their Theoutcomes environment, Safety, Positive outcomes • Renewable energy logs at 15% moisture 15% outcomes moisture Safety, Positive 


Your Local Painting Specialist 30 Years Experience Call Chris on:

01246 567 273 07753 539598 Walton Chesterfield S40 www.cgrobertsdecorators.co.uk

Business Cards

M.J. Wildgoose

Locally produced milk in traditonal bottles. We deliver to Holymoorside, Walton, Ashgate, Brampton & Eastmoor.

Ladywood Farm Milkman

Tel. 01246 566186 Mobile. 0797 480 1604

E: suzannewildgoose@gmail.com

Paul Redfern Painting & Decorating

Domestic & Commercial Insurance Work Undertaken Fully Insured Reliable & Recommended

E: paulredfern12@btinternet.com

01246 279642 or 0773 436 2551


â&#x20AC;˘ Father & daughter family-run business â&#x20AC;˘ 24 hour service with Private Chapel of Rest â&#x20AC;˘ Pre-Paid Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available Tel: 01246 566592 Mob: 07831 851 639 44 Loads Road, Holymoorside, Chesterfield S42 7EU www.birdsfuneralservices.co.uk

Nail cutting â&#x20AC;˘ Ingrown nails â&#x20AC;˘ Fungal nails Corns and Callus â&#x20AC;˘ Verrucas â&#x20AC;˘ Diabetic foot health

Sean Wallis 07483 864467

Tel: 01246 460040 swallistutoring@gmail.com Mob: 07977 098 312 Email: amandachalkfhp@gmail.com

2637083635177922 Mathematics 7292674263708363 Tuition and Support 51779227292674263 GCSE, A-level, General Numeracy 7083635177922729 2674263708363517 Sean Wallis 07483 864467 E: swallistutoring@gmail.com 7922729267426370 www.mathstutorchesterfield.co.uk 83635177922729267

G H Painting & Decorating 10yrs experience Internal/external

OAP/Landlord Discounts Public Liability Insurance



Contact Gary: 01246 827179 / 07400 576641 sarahngaryh@gmail.com


ChesterďŹ eld VW Specialist Your local Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda & Seat Specialists


SERVICE Local collection & delivery service available



01246 768894

07976 930772

Book now with our Volkswagen and Audi Trained Technicians

Call us for a Fast Free Quote

T: 07846 533196

Local High Quality Service. Find us at: Unit 60, M1 Commerce Park Markham Lane, Chesterfield S44 5HS

www.chesterďŹ eldvwspecialist.co.uk Info@chesterďŹ eldvwspecialist.co.uk

ChesterďŹ eld VW Specialist 77 to 79 Circular Road, Avenue 5 Storforth Lane Trading Estate ChesterďŹ eld, S41 0SN

Accessories Shop ¡ Now doing number plates. www.derbyshiretowbars.com

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Page 83

Crossword Unfortunately another edition with no crossword prize! COVID restricts movement so it will have to be for fun only this edition. Congratulations do go to Susan Moss of Linacre for correctly filling in the December crossword and sending it in.

Enjoy you prize and please try to spend it with one of our many local independent businesses. Clues to this edition are below. Across 1. In printing without finishing lines (8)

9. Inventor who took a lift with Redding (4) 8. Cat or butterfly (13)

9. Nicks after search and English tradition (4,3,5) 14. He is not a good forecaster (7,2,4)

19. Postponing a mistake on the green (7,2,3) 24. Thanet seaside is without sensation (13)

25. The key to good education in Connecticut (4) 26. I'm going into property assessment (8) Down 1. Home of the badger (4)

2. Athlete whose statue is outside the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki (5) 3. Due to the step, oches at darts provide time (5) 4. Austrian psychiatrist (5)

6. Voter in search for Mexican golfer (7) 7. Identical leaf mess (8)

10. You dig it and it flows (3)

11. When it falls you are out (3)

12. Cost, insurance, freight (1,1,1,)

13. Sudden revelation on 6th January (8) 15. Reverse quarrel to drain limit (7) 16. Maori get-together (3)

17. One dashing innings starts such an event (1,1,1,) 18. Italian pair (3)

20. It can pickle meat and blow up (5) 21. Everyone takes part in music (5)

22. Madagascan mammal or depression in a bone (5) 23. Stupor changes chopper (4)

For answers to last month's crossword please see below. S W O R D


















































Page 84


























13 14








22 23





S & P HEWITT (CONSTRUCTION) LTD Family-run business with over three decades of experience Friendly advice and a professional service

Extensions New builds Stone work Refurbishments

Roofing Fascias & soffits Renovations Loft & Garage Conversions

Sean and Pete responded quickly to a request for a tiled roof inspection. After carrying out a thorough inside and outside survey they gave the roof a clean bill of health. Nice to come across honest people who don't 'make work for themselves' where more is required. Well done. Trusted Trader review: 07/02/2018. Professional, reliable and honest builders. Would recommend their services. They were always on time, kept the site clean and tidy. They were considerate of our family life and their work ethics could not be faulted. Trusted Trader review: 09/02/2017.

Portfolio of previous projects & testimonials available on our website

T: 01246 559094

M: 07973 878274

Email: info@sphconstruction.co.uk Website: www.sphconstruction.co.uk

Please Mention S40 & S41 Local

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T: 07827 298964

Fencing & decking | Painting & decorating Plumbing | Kitchens & bathrooms Garden Landscaping | Electrical General repairs

To arrange a visit for a free no obligation quote call ...

M: 07971 447040 T: 01246 205000 Porter Stairlifts • Walton • Chesterfield



S D Hodgson Builders

SD Hodgson

07444 124285 07879 897167 Brampton · Chesterfield

Builders | Stone Specialist

• Roofing • New Builds • Stone Work • Extensions

• Renovations • Brickwork • Fully Insured • References on Request

• Free Quotations • Insurance Work • Structural Work • Plans Drawn

Take a look at our previous and current projects at: bit.ly/sdhodgson Email: sd.hodgson@yahoo.co.uk Page 86


FREE £80 Worth

boiler service with this advert*

*valid until end January 2021

Blueflame has you covered. Take out one of our fantastic packages for complete peace of mind, knowing that all parts and labour are included.

Central Heating Bronze Cover


• for new boilers under manufacturers warranty • annual boiler service • unlimited parts & labour on central heating system • hot & cold pipework


Combi swaps from £1495 Boiler upgrades from £2195 Central heating systems from £2795 Industry approved power flushing £395 Call us for all central heating repairs

• unlimited call outs • unlimited parts • unlimited labour • annual boiler service

95h* 3.ont £1per m

h us 95 Fl er £3 w

Po m o Fr

Other Heating Services Include

Boiler Only Silver Cover

95* 4.onth £1per m

As Silver plus • boiler controls & thermostats • replacement radiators • hot water, cold water & gas pipework • central heating pumps • hot water cylinder & header tanks


95* 9.onth £1per m

Comprehensive Gold Cover

Book your free boiler service today call 01246 200990 *Valid until end January 2021 subject to a free visual inspection and a 12 month contract. *2Terms and conditions apply.

Join Our Team!

We are seeking qualified Gas Safe Engineers to work with us. Please contact us on the number above if you are interested in being part of one of the fastest growing businesses in the area?

290a Chatsworth Road • Chesterfield S40 2BY



Kitchens Designed with you and your family in mind

Unique design & project management throughout Expert advice & personal service Family run business

456 Derby Road Chesterfield, S40 2EU 01246 271727 Info@1stclasskitchens.co.uk


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S40 & S41 Local - Winter 2021  

A combined online copy of both S40 Local and S41 Local during COVID restrictions. Content includes: Both Simon and I reflect on 2020. We...

S40 & S41 Local - Winter 2021  

A combined online copy of both S40 Local and S41 Local during COVID restrictions. Content includes: Both Simon and I reflect on 2020. We...

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