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Limited Warranty At Rymax Lubricants, our high-quality products are engineered and produced confirm the Dutch and European legislations required, and following the high standards that we as a company set for ourselves. Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. That is why we feel confident to offer any consumer buying our product this limited warranty. Rymax Lubricants guarantees at the time of the sale, all lubricants are free of defective materials, failures in design or workmanship and are fit for use according to the written recommendations of Rymax Lubricants and/ or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in application for which one or more of the specifications set forth in the Product Data Sheets and product packaging are specified. Rymax Lubricants agrees to replace or repair, at its option and expense, parts that are damaged or caused to wear abnormally under intended use due to the failure of our lubricants to meet the specifications and standards as described on our product packaging or Product Data Sheet.

OUR RYMAX LUBRICANTS LIMITED WARRANTY APPLIES UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: • The engine or equipment must be operated (e.g., operating conditions, hours) and maintained (e.g. service intervals, authorized service provider) in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s requirements. Administration of this needs to be available. • When the damage is determined, consumers need to make a claim under this warranty by contacting Rymax Lubricants Headquarters, Delweg 8, 6902 PJ Zevenaar, The Netherlands. You can also send an e-mail to info@rymax-lubricants.com. This needs to be done within 30 days after discovery of the damage. • Consumer provides Rymax Lubricants with: › A proof of the purchase of the Rymax Lubricants product. › Documentation including the purchase, make, model and year of equipment, total operating hours, or miles. › Copies of service, maintenance and repair activities and costs. › A minimum of 10-ounce sample of the oil used at the time of the damage. › The possibility to examine the broken equipment by a Rymax Lubricants expert.

OUR RYMAX LUBRICANTS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY IF OR WHEN: • Products are not packaged by Rymax Lubricants or not sold by Rymax Lubricants or an authorized Rymax Lubricants distributor. • Lubricants have been used in conjunction with any other product or additive that has not been authorized for use by Rymax Lubricants. • Rymax Lubricants products are contaminated after leaving the Rymax Lubricants facilities or premises. Examples include contamination due to improper handling, re-packaging, storage or filtration and contamination from dirty dispensing equipment. • Lubricants are used in mechanically deficient equipment. Examples of deficient equipment include flawed or defective equipment due to abnormal operation, negligence, abuse, previous damage or improper modification, including use of components other than those from Rymax Lubricants. • Failure of equipment due to not following original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations for warranty coverage, including lubricants, maintenance and drain intervals, prior to the first usage of Rymax Lubricants products, or any other pre-existing condition or OEM defect unrelated to the use of Rymax Lubricants. • Repair or replacement of equipment is needed because of normal wear. • Failure of equipment when Rymax Lubricants products are not used in strict accordance with either the written recommendations of Rymax Lubricants or the OEM for warranty coverage. The consumer is solely responsible for determining a product’s suitability for a particular purpose and assumes all risks and liabilities when used other than in strict accordance with either the written recommendations by Rymax Lubricants or the OEM for warranty coverage. • Rymax Lubricants products are used in any manned aircraft or aviation application if they are not intended for that type of use. • Rymax Lubricants products that have been used for the purposes of racing. • The products are used after the recommended expiry date (five years after production date). This information is shown on the product. Rymax Lubricants is not liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages or costs such as towing, loss of vehicle or rental car expenses. Also, Rymax Lubricants makes no other warranties beyond the one described in this warranty. Rymax Lubricants guarantees consumers that successfully apply for this warranty, a compensation of maximum € 2.500.000 per case and a maximum of € 5.000.000 per year.

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