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Chiropractic Help for Runners Sports injuries can reach into any venue. While you may think that weight lifting would create more back issues than running, this is not the case at all. The stress on the joints of the pelvis, knees, back and the ankles are prevalent among runners. While other weight bearing sports see many of these injuries as well, chiropractors see more runners. A Doctor of Chiropractic will use many of the same diagnostic studies as those used by the medical professional but the treatment is very different. Fort Collins hiropractors do not prescribe medications or perform surgery. They use treatment modalities that attempt to get the body functioning the way it is supposed to. These treatments can offer some relief for people with a variety of stress injuries from running. Injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, shoulder issues, headaches and back pain can be addressed by the chiropractor. There are chiropractors who are specifically certified for sports chiropractic care. If you are an athlete, it would best suit your needs to find one of these certified chiropractors to address your injury. Not only do they treat the injuries from running, but they can recommend exercises and drills that can prevent future injuries. This is the goal of both the chiropractor and the patient. Some may feel that back pain is the major complaint given by runners or tri-athletes, but complaints vary from the head down to the feet. The small bones of the feet can be affected by the impact of running, especially if the runners are not wearing the correct shoes. The variety of injuries is huge and preventing them is the main goal. Although with the stress on the bodies being what it is with runners the key to good health is prevention. It doesn't matter if you are a jogger, sprinter or someone using a treadmill, there may well be challenges to your body as a result of the repetitive training. The constant pounding can manifest itself with pain on the bottom of the feet, shin splints and knee pain. The most common forms of injuries are those caused by RMI (repetitive motion injuries). Although running itself can cause injury, some of the other factors include the surface that the runners are using. If the surface is too hard, if the shoes are worn out or improperly fitted to your foot you need to modify your training. Do not increase your mileage too quickly, as this will also cause some issues. The feet are the overall most important factor in preventing back pain or leg pain. The heel of the foot is the shock absorber that sends the shock to the foot and up the leg. The heel needs to be firm but have some cushion. Without proper techniques, the muscles of the other parts of the body will have to work overtime, thus creating pain and/or injury. Fort Collins Chiropractors adjustment with carefully controlled pressure can restore joints to normal position and motion. Scar tissue that exists between the running muscles can be best removed using active release. This type of treatment usually causes dramatic and immediate results. This treatment was designed specifically for these types of injuries.

Chiropractic Help for Runners  

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