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Getting what you Need after Work Injuries Preventing work injuries is not just the goal of the employer, but also the employee. While workman's compensation laws are in place in every state, they can be complicated and often difficult to claim. Most employers will do everything they can to prevent workman's compensation claims to prevent their fees from increasing. This however, does not stop injuries from happening. Injuries from work can range from a stiff neck to broken bones and worse. Carpal tunnel is possible with continuous repetitive movement and can occur not only in the dominant hand, but in both hands. If you are loading or unloading, there is the risk of back, head, neck or other injuries. All of these things need to be medically addressed. Often we forget that chiropractic care may be exactly what is needed to restore mobility in some of these instances. While Fort Collins chiropractors do not set bones that are broken, they can certainly help with a lot of other muscular-skeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel or back strain. A combination of chiropractor treatment and rehabilitation will get an employee back to work much more quickly than with the more expensive care given by the medical doctor and will cost a lot less. There are many different types of rehabilitative modalities.      

Ultrasound gait training Neuromuscular education Manual massage Passive therapy Active therapy

These are just a few of the methods that successful rehabilitation will use. Teaching proper body mechanics and conditioning to the potential causes of accidents and injuries will help prevent such work injuries from occurring. These can all be instituted by a chiropractor. A Fort Collins Chiropractic doctor is a medical professional who will treat and diagnose problems with the nervous system and muscular-skeletal system. By using traditional diagnostic methods such as x-rays, laboratory studies or MRI and hands on manipulation, the chiropractor can establish both a diagnosis and forms of treatment necessary to regain full function. A reputable chiropractor will refer the patient to a medical doctor if the results of the testing show that it is something beyond their knowledge base. A chiropractor does not prescribe medications nor do they do surgery. Hands-on manipulation is the key to their successful treatment of many work injuries. Partial dislocations of joints can be treated well by a chiropractor. These injuries are called subluxation and can be handled by your Fort Collins Chiropractic doctor. Work injuries should not result in any out of pocket expenses for the patient. Your claim for workman's compensation should pay it all. Your chiropractic staff will help you fill out your paperwork to get the bills paid in a timely fashion. Further treatment may be necessary at some point, such as revisits, etc. and if properly filed as related to the work injury they too will be covered by your state's laws. It is important to familiarize yourself with your workman's compensation laws or have someone explain them to you.

Getting what you Need after Work Injuries  
Getting what you Need after Work Injuries  

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