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Can a Chiropractor Help with Your Headaches The answer to that question is a definite yes. Most headaches are tension related or migraine. There is also a newer classification called cervicogenic headaches. Frequent tension headaches can be very debilitating but help is out there. These headaches are characterized by having a feeling of constriction on both sides or all around your head. Migraines, on the other hand are more periodic and more severe. They are usually confined to one side of the head and can cause nausea, lack of appetite or visual experiences called auras. The newer classification of headache, the cervicogenic, is muscular-skeletal in nature and may be related to a migraine headache. This particular type of headache will often go undiagnosed at this time due to the newness of its classification. Most adults, throughout the world get headaches. Some get them regularly. This common physical complaint usually will lead to the patient treating themselves rather than professional help. Reports say that approximately fifty million people in the United States get headaches regularly. This is not necessarily a sign of some underlying condition but none the less, they are troublesome. They can be very debilitating and can account for frequent absence from work. The majority of people who suffer from these headaches will reach for the standard over-the-counter analgesic remedies that are available. The problem with this is the fact that many of these nonprescription medications can cause interactions with your prescribed medication and render them inactive or even over active. If an analgesic is taken on a daily basis, there can also be instances of rebound headaches on the days that you do not take them. Relieving the cause of the headache it the objective. Fort Collins Chiropractic doctor care can relieve the cause and allow the headache patient to rid themselves of frequent medications that they may have been taking. Over-the-counter medications often are increased in frequency or dose to compensate for the dependence on them. A chiropractic adjustment can be very effective in the treatment of chronic, recurring headache and often will be more helpful than hands full of pills. By adjusting spinal abnormalities with hands on manipulation, the chiropractor can relieve the pain and even though not particularly remove the stress from a patient's life, but can relieve some of the effects of that stress. Fort Collins chiropractic doctor care is a save and dependable source of relief for whatever type headache you may be suffering from. This is especially true in the case of a cervicogenic headache that may not actually involve actual muscle tension. The manual adjustment of the spine appears to remove or lessen the force that contributes to many people's headaches. By doing an adjustment of the spinal abnormalities, the chiropractor can get your body signals moving in the proper direction. Keeping your spine aligned is a vital part of a pain free, active life. There is no need to become dependent on overthe-counter medications when a visit with your chiropractor may well be the only solution you need.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Your Headaches  

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