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June 2015 

Diamonds became the object of desire for all women because of De Beers and its advertising campaign slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. The tradition of presenting a diamond engagement ring as a symbol of love has become widespread. De Beers world history of this luxury comes not only from its romantic side but also from a financial and industrial standpoint, because this is not just a jewelry company, but a true giant of the diamond industry.

Igor Korovitsyn is the head of “FindBizCoach”, a company which organizes workshops, seminars, master classes and other events. Igor and his

You can find interesting information about history of London, English literature, art exhibitions and cultural events in this issue. We love travelling and we are happy to share our impressions and experience in different countries and cities around the world.

Evelyn Dee Lane is originally from Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine and currently lives in London. She has

team propose that their main task is to provide an opportunity for anyone who wishes to develop their skills to learn from the best experts in their field of interest. We asked him to describe the usual working day of the CEO of the training company.

visited 59 countries with her performances and began studying music at an early age due to the insistence of her mother, who was also a music teacher. Now, she’s involved with favorite business that brings happiness, success and satisfaction into her life. 191

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Rutage # 3 - Russian London Lifestyle Magazine

Rutage # 3 - Russian London Lifestyle Magazine

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