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-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations;

. With all due protocol having been observed, good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to start by thanking both Sean and Jaclyn for their hard work and dedication these past two years, both during their Vice Presidential and Presidential years. Sean’s passion for Round Table is legendary, and possibly only matched by Jaclyn’s love of all things Table. On behalf of the Association, I would like to call them forward to receive a small token of gratitude, and to thank them both for all that they have done for the Round Table family this past year. Instead of standing here making promises I can’t keep, I would like instead to make you a challenge. Don’t compromise. Don’t stand back. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Don’t put it off till next time, or next week, or next year. Don’t waste a single one of those 24 hours in a day. You can’t save them up, you can’t stop them out, and you can’t buy them back. Be creative. Think out of the box. Push yourself. Find new ways every day to make a change. If you are not happy with the way something is done, then suggest a solution. Apple Inc. said it perfectly in an advertisement: Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of the rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. The only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forwards. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

-To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country; -To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objects by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities

My goals are simple this year. Communication, Trust, Tools. We don’t communicate enough. We don’t prepare enough by giving our Tablers the tools with which to Table. Trust in the Brand and the guys leading the Association is vital. Yes, we will make enemies. Yes, there will be those who resist change because the current status quo suits them. But you know what? Like all best families, we have our share of eccentrics, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and family disagreements. But at the end of the day, we are all one family. I leave you with this thought: the future is something which everyone reaches at the same steady rate of 60mins every hour, regardless of who they are, where they live, and what they do. What are you doing with yours? Thank you.


RTSA President 2019/2020




Good afternoon,


Greg Wilmot here, the Chairman of Grahamstown 11. I was encouraged to write a few thoughts about attending my first ARTSA and submit it to RTSA PRO. So, here goes...

Starting as Chairman for Grahamstown 2019 and seeing that ARTSA was in the Western Cape, I saw it as a golden opportunity to represent Grahamstown 11 and to take my Tabling experience to the next level. I was in the fortunate position to be able to leave my wife and son safe with her family in Simonstown while I "dipped my toe" into the dark and fabled waters of ARTSA just up the West Coast. I had no idea what to expect, had no idea where I was staying, and was concerned whether my liver would have the stamina to last the three days and nights. In the past, Grahamstown 11 has not been a very well traveled Table with only the stalwart Grant "Puffy" Gordon having been our sole representative at ARTSA for the last couple of years. With few people to get reliable information from, I had to trust Puffy's reassurances that "it will be fun" and "you will meet lots of people". Thankfully, my peers at the EP Area AGM a while earlier, had given me the same positive assurances about "fun" and "lots of people". I was now more excited but still more than a little apprehensive! In neither respect was Puffy nor the guys from EP wrong; what ensued was endless fun and I continually met new people right up until the last evening. So, how did it all go down?

In short, it was like going to a really big party where you see all you’re really good old friends again, only most of the people you only just met and you are best friends already; while you have a drink in both hands and are dressed like a pirate... The Hard Core Hut on the first night was a myriad of colour, noise, swashbuckling, laughter, flowing rum (or was it brandy?), pin-swapping, and lots of "Aaargh, me matey!" I don't think I have met so many people in such a short space of time and felt quite so welcomed and simultaneously overwhelmed by such a large group of people with one sole purpose; Round Table!

Now, if ever there was a template of how to run a good Table meeting, the mix of ceremony, business, and chaos at the AGM was the perfect example. It was lekker to see everyone decked-out in their jackets, ties, chain-of-office, and sunglasses (for more than a few people). It was a slick and strict affair with all the 'hard work' having been done at the Forums the previous day. There were excellent speeches with just the right amount of sentiment and some good laughs coming from the occasional chirp and the Gumtree 13 contingent; "shirting the baboon" still has me chuckling. It was great to see new Tablers inducted and to hear from the Exec about their experiences of travel, deliberation, and balancing family, work, and table. The President's Banquet was another similar highlight where dress, decorum, and ceremony were mixed with good humour and high spirits. Again, excellent speeches anchored all attendees and reminded everyone of their commitment to adopt, adapt, and improve wherever they can. It was incredible to hear about the exploits of people from Hartswater to Golden East, from Paarl to Mpumalanga; everyone a Tabler and each committed to fellowship and making South Africa a beautiful and better place. All credit must go to the Western province Area for choosing Club Mykonos as it was the ideal setting; Aside from some unexpected loadshedding that impeded registration on Thursday evening, everything seemed, from the outside at least, to have run smoothly. The accommodation was clean and well kept, I could walk everywhere (purely to save on petrol...?) and the facilities more than met the needs of such an event. I cannot wait to register for ARTSA 2020 and I will be working hard to twist a few arms in Grahamstown 11 to ensure that we have an even greater representation. I have walked away with a much closer bond to my friends in EP Area and now cannot wait to meet up in Somerset East in a couple of weeks’ time. I also cannot wait to share stories of inspiration with my fellow Tablers in Grahamstown 11 and to wear a Rondel with pride knowing that so many other people do just the same thing right across Southern Africa and the globe. Bring on ARTSA 2020! Kind regards,

Greg Wilmot Grahamstown 11 Chairman

Needless to say, I felt a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow with a hangover the next day but a boerie roll and a "regmaaker" at lunch time had me ready and raring to go for that evening's Area Food Tables. I must confess to being a bit of a 'foodie' and enjoy some fine dining but I was in absolute awe at what each Area was able to cook-up and present so beautifully. The evening was a real highlight of my ARTSA experience as each Area pulled out all the stops to put together multiple courses of weird, funny, and absolutely delicious food for the swarming masses. I was blown away by the finesse and imagination of each food table and practically had to roll myself away having gorged myself on ostrich, kreef, vile chilli vodka, lamb, boerwors, wraps, melktertjies, calamari, mopane worms, gin, mini pancakes, venison and so much more. With a few beers under my belt, I had an early night as I knew there was important business to attend to at the following morning's AGM.



Komga Round Table 135 has always been dedicated and mindful of our small proud Komga community and always try to help wherever we can, however small or big it may be. This month through the efforts of Jarred Shaw our vice chairman we managed to contribute table sponsored shirts with the Komga Table logo attached to the Tails rugby club based in the location who took part in the Easter rugby tournament 2019. We hope to continue fostering this special relationship between the Tails rugby club and Round Table so this definitely won’t be last time we contribute to them! This was an excellent means used to get the name of Table out the surrounding community Earlier in the first quarter of this year we learned through the Church of Jesus Christ in the Komga location that an elderly lady was in dire need of a wheelchair to help her move around and do her daily business. Upon hearing this we decided to pay a visit to her small dwelling in the location and to our dismay found out that she was using a plastic chair with two bicycle wheels attached to each side to move around. After witnessing the situation for ourselves we unanimously agreed to purchase for her a brand new wheelchair! One cannot explain the gratitude and thanks that Mama Mia (as she is known in the location) gave us tablers with tears rolling down her cheeks as she accepted this unexpected donation. She will remain forever thank to table. Secretary and P.R.O.

Denver Ballantyne 5|Page


Once our Club was finally chartered and standing on its own two feet, the chaps decided to start a project which would encourage more Tablers from around the Area to come visit us. The Raft Race was born around 1983, and is still going strong. The Rules There are only a few rules for the raft race: no engines or motors; no walking on the bottom of the river to push the raft; no boats or canoes; and Alex/Kenton 210 can’t win. The Trophies Over the years the original trophies either broke or went missing, so when we upgraded our Clubhouse in the early 2000’s, we used a leftover block of wood from our new bar as the Winner’s trophy. Each winning Club has a plaque attached with their Club pin.

Alex/Kenton 210


Raft a c e

The other trophy is the Best-Looking Raft award. This was put together, in the spirit of raft building, using scrap bits and pieces. A rectangular brass flower pot, a small wooden house, and a block of wood make up the trophy. The Race Track Depending on the tide (yes, Vaalies, we have incoming and outgoing tides, unlike those dams you like so much inland), the raft race starts underneath the Kariega Bridge or from the Kariega slipway. The distance is only about 500m but it feels like 5km! The Race The Race itself normally starts at around 9am on the Saturday morning of our Induction Dinner weekend (last weekend of January every year). The clubs have the chance to assemble their rafts and get them on the water, lining up roughly in a line. Once the race is started, the clubs then row like anything to win the race. Much fun is had with flour bombs, rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, sabotage and other playful sport whilst on the water. The supporters walk along the towpath along the riverbank and scream for their teams to win. The After-party Once the race is over, and the rafts are loaded up on vehicles, we all head to our Clubhouse for a much needed cold beverage or two. The fires are ready for a braai, and the trophies are handed out by the incoming Chairman. We normally give it a good go before locking up the Clubhouse around 3pm in order for the chaps to get dressed in time for the Induction Dinner. A lot of Clubs have a saying: if our club attends the raft race weekend, the year ahead for the club will be amazing! It really is a bucket-list item!

Marco Taljaard 6|Page


Having joined Round Table Golden East 181 only very recently, I was surprised to be nominated by my fellow Tabler’s to participate as a mandated delegate in this year’s national conference, ARTSA 2019. I had doubts that I wouldn’t have experience, or ideas, or confidence to adequately contribute. My trepidation was soothed by a few factors, not least that the chosen venue was Club Mykonos in Langebaan. My friends and brothers in RTGE 181 made sure I was thoroughly briefed so that my first ARTSA would be meaningful and successful – not only for my personal experience but also from the perspective of RTGE 181’s agenda. From the moment we departed for Cape Town airport, the enthusiasm of Tablers was palpable everywhere. The branding and camaraderie was vibrant and alluring and I enjoyed watching non-tabler young men and women craning their necks to see who these energetic and, dare I say it, respectably behaving young folk were that were everywhere to be seen. Although I had been briefed, I was not quite expecting to be doing ‘Tabling’ 24/7. As soon as we bumped into friends from other Tables, the negotiating started. I was bombarded with questions and ideas and suggestions and advice and, and, and. But I lapped it all up. Every person I spoke to just wanted to find ways to work together for the betterment of our communities. Politics, religion, business and the economy were the furthest ‘problems’ on people’s minds. It was refreshing and motivating, if not a little ruffling. I thought, on more than occasion, “How are these guys going to achieve all this?” By the end of the weekend I had no doubts that the phrase “Get it done” isn’t just talk with Tablers. I was delighted to meet so many wonderful people, and to be treated like an old friend by complete strangers! I was equally delighted to meet folk from so many walks of life and representing so many nations, it felt like I was back in my old UN job. What I found most inspiring about this global melting pot scenario was just how willing people from around the world were to discuss supporting local Round Table projects and initiatives. This can only be testament to the powerful impression that Round Table Southern Africa has made through results-drive action and international relationship management. On the formalities, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is mostly due to my late registration thus not receiving the 45 day pack, but the format of the forums meant I was quickly able to pick up the core agenda points and engage other Tablers in the forum from a more confident position. Who let the donkey in the room? Speaking of Donkeys, I let a man stab me in the chest with a Buffalo. And then I had to greet his shoe’s heel. Most reasonable!



The AGM was excellent, and actually it was quite enjoyable. I think the format itself is a winning one, and Barry’s speech was a winner. Why do they call the out coming President Vis-vingers? The venue really made the event feel authentically Greek because once again, they let loose another emphysema-riddled donkey into the room, as well as a giant, limping, T-Rex. He must have been the first 41’er. Oh, and our refreshments ‘Runner’ was broken in the Hard Core hut the night before so we had to dash out to collect our own ‘reg maakers’. Rob Crosby has recovered now and is a front runner for our RTGE 181 Bent Penny.

All in all, the President’s Formal dinner was most enjoyable. The MC was excellent. I think he’s name was Ninja, but now he’s a 41’er, some say, we should call him Injured. The evening was well planned and executed and our wives had a great time being invited to attend. I was impressed with the projects and Table awards, and I’m quite sure that our RTGE 181 Boikanyo Bug project will be represented at next year’s President’s Gala evening. I have participated in conferences around the world for a number of years, and with this in mind it bares mentioning that ARTSA 2019 was one of the best organised events I’ve attended, not only in South Africa but globally. I think that the local organising committee planned the conference perfectly, and from Round table Golden East 181, we congratulate Brink and his team on a job well done. I don’t know if ARTSA 2019 was a success or not – only because it was my first one, but from my perspective and the feedback I’ve been given by other more experienced attendees, it was brilliant. I will be back. I would also like to make special mention to thank my Table chairman Mr Ian Vogt and his family for so graciously hosting my wife and I in their holiday chalet, and for guiding me through all the necessary protocols and procedures. I had to type this out, my dictation software couldn’t hear me. Turns out I have ARTSA Laryngitis. Who knew that was a thing?!

Gareth Coats 8|Page


Thanks White River 64 to all the kids and parents who showed up for a beautiful day full of games, laughter, treats, and EGGS!!! We had the Easter egg hunt on Hannes de Kock Farm outside White River best we could (unbelievable how good kids are at searching), we had games scattered all over the Farm yard, face painting, a cookie decorating station, an amazing treat stand, and we even had the Table dads joining the search on quad bikes and almost had more fun than the kids. White river 64 strongly believes in Family values and making your family apart of Table. Congratulations to Hannes De kock and Annalien de Kock for pulling of a successful family day We hope to make this day annual social.

Gert vd Westhuisen




The show then still did its normal shows in Kenton-on-Sea during that December. Sponsorships were given, donations collected, and through all this enough money was raised for the school in Klipfontein to be built. The school is still operating at full capacity, and we recently spent money and time with them to paint, fix the yard, add a much needed play area and assist with maintenance and repairs.

Our Melodrama, Kenton Capers, was always the project designed to uplift our local community. Over the last 42 years we have managed to raise a substantial amount of money and used it to help build the Town Hall, schools, retirement homes and soup kitchens.

Once the school was completed, we found that we still had money over, so the Bushken Pre-Primary School was chosen as the next project, and we helped them secure new premises opposite the Kenton Primary School, and helped them build new classrooms. Both schools are doing very well and we are proud to associate ourselves with them.

.In 1990, it was decided that a pre-primary school was needed for the Klipfontein Community, just outside of Bushmansrivermouth (across the river from Kenton-on-Sea). The plans were drawn up and the project costed out. Kenton Capers 1990 took the show on tour, showing in Salem at the Town Hall, as well as the Grahamstown Arts Festival.

Guillym Theron Alex/Kenton 210 10 | P a g e


ARTSA 2019 they said, it will be fun they said! Little did we know that we will be going to the most amazing, life changing event of our lives!!! What started as just talking around the braai, to putting everything in motion and arranging flights, accommodation, car hire and most importantly hoping there would be enough money for beers. Finally we were on our way! On the way to the airport we all dually confirmed that none of us actually got any sleep as the excitement was just too much. We constantly kept on confirming with each other whether we had ordered enough pins, banners and shirts and most importantly if we packed them, regularly checking our bags just to confirm. Proud to be Tablers and wanting the public to see that we are a team, WE ARE BORDER, we decided to dress alike, and stepped out in our brand new matching Table shirts and kit. We felt like Giants roaming around the airport. You could feel the atmosphere inside the airplane which had about 15 Border Area Tablers on, it was electric. The feeling only a true Tabler will understand. We arrived at ARTSA, spirits still running through the roof, with one objective in mind… Meet as many new brothers as possible! We proceeded to enjoy great fellowship and enjoyed one hell of a “Pirate Party”. The Friday morning was equally exciting attending all the Forums and learning so much more about our great organisation. That afternoon was the famous Area Food Tables, a highlight of our trip. Every food table was well presented and with so much creativity, OH! And the tastes and flavours in most dishes were out of this world! Constantly going back to STNOFS Area especially for those delicious Bobotie Bombs. Saturday morning we attended which was hands down the most interesting AGM of our table careers due to the nature of its sheer size and professionalism. That evening we dressed to impress wearing our best Tuxedos to the Presidents Banquet Dinner. We were completely in awe as the proceedings went on and so much honour, respect and grace were bestowed on so many of our brothers. As much as it was funny, as was it emotional, but so wonderful. Sunday morning we drove back, mostly sad and in silence as we reflected on a life changing experience. Never before could we have even imagined how great our Organisation really is if it was not for ARTSA. When asked, everyone only had one thing to say… “I want to Table harder” We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing experience of our lives. Without question we will see you at ARTSA 2020 Mpumalanga! Until then, give it Rondels!!! Mr President – Congratulations Alan, you are the man for the job and we support you 100% From all of us at Gonubie RT 182, cheers for now! Yours in Table Colin Kemp Vice–Chairman GRT 182 Border Area Treasurer

11 | P a g e


Catch phrases were key when the NNCA joined their forces at the 2019 ARTSA in the Western Province. Represented by Durban 2, Richards Bay 200, Ballito 221 and Umhlathuze 261. Phrases like; #soosboude, WP jou lekker ding, #bababeersepap and 'some say...’ took Langebaan by storm. Fellowship has been the focus of our area throughout 2018/2019 where our #soosboude initiative was born. There is nothing closer than 'boude' and this was evident at every event on the itinerary. The NNCA cast started their journey on board a British Airways flight, to the delight of many on board guests. After touch down and some Forum attendance by the powers that be, the dress up Pirate evening kick started the weekend with 'warm-up-quick feet- bravery-juices' whilst getting our 'Aaargh' on. Like bulldogs in a bag we searched through the crowds to find our twinning area, the Northern Cape. What a delight to find a NCA tabler or leg around every corner. 2019/2020 Area Chairman, Attie Naude ensured that there were many familiar faces. Though safety in numbers is a reality, our jolly legs spared no time branding all and sundry with their NNCA #soosboude sexy leg stickers. The tablers on the other hand set their sails to have a cold one, exchange some pins and meet up with familiar faces and old friends for the first time. Friday came around with the wink of an eye and Forums were at the order of the day, the tablers and legs spent the remainder of the day mincing around from restaurant to restaurant with tabling friends and taking in all that this beautiful landscape had to offer. By late afternoon the playground was open once again, when the Area Food Tables set the mood for the evening. Sporting our NNCA #soosboude jump suits the legs full heartedly took advantage of each food table's offerings, whilst the tablers exchanged their shirts for thirst with various tables. The Hard-core Hut never disappoints and NNCA members were spotted, dancing to live entertainment and DJ Splashy, making use of each opportunity to plait with fellow tablers till the wee hours of the morning.

12 | P a g e


Saturday came knocking and though slightly quieter than the days before, the NNCA's spirits were still high. Whilst the tablers settled in to the AGM, the legs made their way to the Pool Party. Summonsed by the entertainment crew to start the karaoke with "Sweet by Pshyco", it was evident that our spirit flames were not yet doused by all that ARTSA had to offer. Fuelled with sweet-shots, finger foods and an accidental aerial show by the Flacons, the tanks were full our tablers and legs were ready to have a blast. Dressed to the nines, all dapper and proud - the President's banquet reiterated what being a tabler is all about. Noteworthy moments for us as an area were most definitely our sheer excitement at the official handover to our 2019/2020 ARTSA Treasurer, Francois Minnie and our 19/20 Area Chairman, Kevin Boonzaaier. Further exhilaration for the NNCA, the nomination for project of the Year -Ballito 221's Guinness World Record Attempt Braai, not to mention the jaw dropping projects that have been convened throughout 2018/2019 by tablers across the country. Past President Spidey Knepshuld's award created goose bumps and teary eyes were all around with the axing of the 41'ers. Incoming President Alan Malan's mike drop speech left many with food for thought and enough reason to continue striving for excellence. Once concluded, one final spin through the Hard-Core Hut flagged the end of our 2019 ARTSA journey. Western Province have raised the bar and we congratulate them on a record book ARTSA , it's safe to say that the NNCA tablers and legs were present and proud and we are most definitely counting the days to the 2020 ARTSA in Mpumalanga. Whether we flip it, fly it, stick it, tag it or share it, the Natal North Coast Area gets the rondel out there #soosboude.

NNCA pro Martin vd Linde 13 | P a g e


Riaan Marais At the Welkom 40 Melodrama funds disbursement night on 4th April made a donation of 40 loaves of bread to Agape. The Welkom 40 sandwich project is made possible by Albany Bread Virginia that partnered with Welkom 40 to weekly provide 40 loaves of bread to be donated to schools and old-age homes in Matjhabeng. In photo: Riaan Marais, Eddie Brytenbach, Robby du Plessis, Riaan Vernooy, Rubin Proos, Johan Barnard, Johan Hardy, Bennie van der Westhuisen, Hennie Brytenbach, Stephan Theunissen, Wian Nel.

A bit thank you to Hennie and Eddie Breytenbach and the team which took our Sandwich Project to the next level, they successfully negotiate with Albany Bread Virginia to provide 80 loaves of bread to 'Mevrou Presidents Styen' Old Age Home in Odendaalsrus on a weekly basis. This weekly disbursement ables the home to save more than R6000 every month. #allabboutcompassion

On Thursday 4th April Round Table Welkom 40 had the Melodrama Disbursement Night at the Goldfields 204 major projects community centre. The Welkom 41ers raised over R200000 at their Melodrama last year at Goldfield Casino. Welkom 40 donated R20000 to Goldfield Hospice. In Photo: Riaan Vernooy, Bennie van der Westhuisen, Riaan Marais, Hennie Brytenbach, Marli Young, Ray Goodsell, Eddie Brytenbach, Wian Nel, Johan Barnard, Rubin Proos, Igor Scheurkogel, Robby du Plessis

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Walvis Bay 36 had their Induction dinner for 2019 on the 5th of April 2019. Lana and I arrived just in time to dress and be on time for the induction dinner. Thanks to Leigh and Nikki for hosting us in Walvisbay. The induction dinner was held at Iris Boutique Hotel and Restaurant the mood was set with a clear view over the lagoon and this made for some proper ambiance. The decor was great with a rustic fireplace which was classy to say the least. Leigh Westerdale the outgoing Chairman of WB36 ensured that all tablers where seated before the evening started. MC for the night Jens van Vuuren called to order and took us through the program. It was great to have the presence of the 41’ers felt at the induction dinner. The incoming chairman of Welwitschia 213 had a seat at their table and they had a blast but with Richard van der Meer and Werner Bachman it can only be a great evening. The outgoing chairman gave an encouraging speech and highlighting what the year was for WB36. The incoming chairman Steven Peak was inducted as Walvisbay 36 chairman for the table year 2019-2020. Steven in his speech made mention of comradery and fellowship not just with his own club members but all of Namibia area, these were encouraging words that we all have the same vision and that petty things should let us loose that vision. The Walvisbay 36 council for 2019-2020 was announced as follows: Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer IRO/PRO & Constitutional Adv.


Steven Peak Ricardo von Stein Byron Westerdale Jens van Vuuren Leigh Westerdale

41’ers Altus Viljoen got bid farewell in to the dark unknown with his cane to support him, he was also accepted as Walvisbay 36’s honorary member for the year. The Sgt took his turn to lighten the mood while dealing with the offenders he had spotted throughout the night. The dinner drew to a close and as per tradition at Walvisbay 36 induction dinner the newly inducted chairman’s house gets given a once over by all who wishes to attend. Thanks Walvisbay 36 for hosting us as Welwitschia 213 at your induction dinner. Steven and the rest your council may this be a great year of growth and furtherance of the projects that have already gained successes in the past. Most importantly have fun gents in all you do… Leigh and Nikki thanks for hosting us for the weekend…ons mak weer so…

Amize Adams

15 | P a g e


A single mother from Henneman in the Free State reached out to Welkom 40 to help with the burden of putting food on the table for her son and dad that has been retrenched. Welkom 40 aims to touch the lives of Matjhabeng Community even if it is just to lighten the load of life for a couple of days.

On Thursday 4th April Round Table Welkom 40 had the Melodrama Disbursement Night at the Goldfields 204 major projects community centre. The Welkom 41ers raised over R200000 at their Melodrama last year at Goldfield Casino. Welkom 40 donated R10000 to Eden Hope and Care. In Photo: Riaan Vernooy, Bennie van der Westhuisen, Riaan Marais, Hennie Brytenbach, Gert de Necker, Annelie van Rensburg, Jan van Rensburg, Eddie Brytenbach, Wian Nel, Johan Barnard, Rubin Proos, Igor Scheurkogel, Robby du Plessis.

Tafelronde Welkom 40 wil graag baie dankie se aan Goldfields Casino wat dit moontlik gemaak het vir die Tafelronde se 41ers om hul Gatsby Melodrama te kon doen. Die sukses van meer as R200000 wat ingesamel was by die melodrama in November 2018 sou nie moontlik gewees het as die saal nie geborg was deur Goldfields Casino. In die photo Riaan Marais, Coba Swart (FAMSA) Augusta Steyn (Bilndesorg), Joe Ralepeli (Life Line), Tilla du Preez (Geestesgesondheid), Bennie van der Westhuisen, Johan Barnard, Wian Nel, Rubin Proos, Stephan Theunissen, Igor Scheurkogel, Eddie Brytenbach, Hennie Brytenbach, Robby du Plessis, Riaan Vernooy

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My First ARTSA started a few months prior to ARSTA with the stories of previous ARTSA’s. They say that no good story starts with a salad and in this case, it was definitely true as I listened to ARTSA stories. The very first thing that caught my attention was the Fellowship between new old friends and listening to the stories being told about Fellowship at ARTSA did not do it any justice as you get a much more in depth understanding of the level of Local and International fellowship that this organisation makes possible. ARTSA even started on the way to ARTSA in the airport. Walking through O.R Tambo on my way to board my plane I came across a few Tablers in their Natural Habitat, the bar at a small shop, at the airport. Just by wearing a Rondel, it opened the conversation with a quick Castle Lite in my hand before I board. I consider myself as a seasoned conversation starter and this was the first time in my life that a conversation flowed so fast and naturally. Fellowship. I proceeded to then board the plane and fly for the first time in my life and I get this overwhelming gratitude for this GREAT Young Men’s organisation. Round Table enabled me to experience old experiences for the first time. I landed in Cape Town with this immense party vibe streaming through my veins, as if I am on my way to meet a Celebrity for the first time. I felt like introducing myself to ARTSA as soon as I arrived at Club Mykonos, “Hi…. I’ve heard so much about you.” ARTSA took me in with open arms and after registrations the fun began. I can only Describe ARTSA as the BEST experience in my Table Career as well as my personal, much less significant, career. The first night started with a Pin collection competition between me and one of my fellow Tablers. This was a great way to start ARTSA as you get to know everyone very fast. The stakes were high for this competition as we were competing for an Ice-Cold Beer. There were so many things that happened during the weekend, as I type this, I catch myself every 5 minutes just daydreaming and missing that weekend. I was aware there was Post-ARTSA vibes, but it feels more like withdrawal symptoms from ARTSA. In conclusion, ARTSA 2019 was an absolute eye opener to the Fellowship that this organisation grants you as well as the Information and insights that you receive is World Class. ARTSA 2020 will definitely be one for the books and I cannot wait to see all of my old new brothers again. Thank you RTSA for making this possible. YIT,

Brian Rossouw White River 64 Secretary

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Ma Joyce's home is place of refuge for about disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities that their families cannot take care of them. She receives no government support and does it all just thought the support of the local community. Welkom 40 donated 20 loaves of bread over the Easter weekend to help her feed the people in the house.

In die gees van Menseregtedag 21 Maart het Tafelronte Welkom 40 Ăą rolstoel oorhandig aan Mev Christie Foggitwat sukkel om rond te beweeg. Al wat sy wil doen is om in die ruin rond te kan beweeg en die son teen haar gesig te voel en Welkom 40 het die geleentheid met ope arms aangevat om tannie te help om die mooi in die lewe te ervaar.

Tafeleronde Welkom 40 bou OP hulle voortdurende doel om verandering in die gemeenskap te bring in Matjhabeng. Op 7 Maart het Welkom 40 R20000 aan Huis Nyala geskenk van die R400000 wat hulle met die Welkom 40 en Goldfields 204 se Melodrama ingesamel het. In foto Christa Wessels, Naomi de Lange Riaan Marais en Jurgen Schoeman

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After a nine-hour drive from Port Elizabeth to my very first ARTSA 2019, which also ought to be my induction as a tabler. The unknown manifested as we drove closer to the said destination, although I had been informed of the proceedings by those who had been present to previous ARTSA's. It had become a reality upon arrival that the atmosphere was nothing but that of brotherhood and unity. Registration went smoothly and we were issued with our regalia. Suddenly, I felt like I was part of the team - All 700 hundred or more of them. Jubilant was the vibe. Once we were taken into our respective establishment, we waltzed into the food tent. This is where we met more tablers and their partners as they displayed their food in the most embellished form. From spectacular hors d'oeuvres, antipastos, Karoo treats coupled with traditional Boere eateries and fresh produce. The ambiance was nothing but fabulous. As we indulged on all that was on offer, the music in the background tempted some, including myself, to show off some of our dance floor moves. As they say, "moves like Jagger". The following Saturday morning saw me being inducted amongst other two tablers under the Presidency of Mr. Sean Trautmann. I was honoured that our area’s own Mr Alan Malan were able to pin my RTSA pin. Now the feeling was so real. This was indeed happening. As I sat inside this lecture-type like seating and participating in voting processes, every time raising my PE 142 Board, I was one of the guys. Around mid-day that afternoon we dispersed into our splendid cribs with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean of this Greek inspired village named Club Mykonos. Architectural delight for most. What an entertainer’s dream. Later that evening we were the crème de la crème in our black ties to the Presidential Banquet. As we were strutting in, we were offered palatable welcome bubbles which were a great treat. The evening proceeded with so much grandness and detailed deco. The evening ended with more mingling, dancing and pin exchanges which is an old standing tradition of Round Table. Next up, is Mpumalanga. The excitement is spooning!

Theo Klaas PE West 142

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The 41ers of Round Table Welkom 40 and Goldfields 204 Melodrama in November 2018 raised more than R400 00 for the Matjhabeng Community. Round Table Welkom 40 their first disbursement of the money raised on 7 March 2019 to CLAWS at their first business meeting of the new Chairperson Riaan Marais. In photo. Jurgen Schoeman, Cindy Bortnowski, Rochelle Howard, Riaan Marais

To ensure that Welkom 40 works well together as a team #allaboutfellowship is key to that success. Leon Bruns one of Welkom 40 pipeliners, who is one of the owners of Whistler Rum Distillery (the only one in the Free State) just outside Riebeeckstad hosted the Welkom 40 Tablers on 17 Wednesday. Welkom 40 smoked some chicken wings and had an insightful tour of the distillery to learn how he and his team make their #All African Rum

Round Table Welkom 40 showed up in full force at the Jawitz annual blood drive on the 28th of March. More than half of the tablers donated. In foto Eddie Brytenbach, Stephan Theunissen, Hennie Brytenbach, Bennue van der Westhuizen, Riaan Marias, Herman Louw, Johan Barnard, Riaan Vernooy, Igor Scheurkogel & Pieter Botha Apart from Round Table's commitment to the community and being a helping hand they also care about their own families. On Saturday 16th of March Welkom 40 had a social event to strengthen the bond between the tablers and their families. Each tabler had to bring a bottle of gin to taste. The children had great fun on the jumping castle with certain tabler’s partners being a target of the children to ensure he also experienced the fun of a jumping castle. 20 | P a g e


What a big JOL!! ARTSA 2019 Langebaan was fantastic, we enjoyed it and had so much fun as an area and each person attending had so much Gees and fun. To the WP gents, ladies and everyone that had a hand in the organizing, it was world class. To Brink and his team especially, it’s one that will always be close to all our hearts. Thank you for a world class ARTSA. MPU as an area is super excited about the future for our area and have some big boots to fill for ARTSA 2020. That being said I believe the vibe and overall gees in RTSA is contagious at the moment and we will build on this to ensure we host a fantastic ARTSA 2020 in Sabie. See you all at ARTSA 2020

Werner Swanepoel Barbeton 67

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Round Table Welkom 40 made a R5000 donation to SPCA at their annual golf fundraiser. This donation is part of the funds that were raised by the 2018 41ers Melodrama at Goldfields Casino In Picture: Igor Scheurkogel, Riaan Vernooy, Rubin Proos, Stephan Theunnissen, Johan Barnard, Jurgen Schoeman, Robby du Plessis, Pieter Botha, Riaan Marais, Maureen Nel and Salome Geyser.

The Welkom 40 'FOMO' tablers who stayed behind in Welkom that could not attend ARTSA decided to have their own 'Mini-ARTSA' at outgoing 41er Pieter Botha's house. The tablers of Welkom 40 always make sure that where they go they take the 'Hardcore Hut' with them even if it is in someone's backyard #allaboutfellowship

The 22nd of March 2019 Welkom 40 broke the record or being the most liked Round Table in Southern Africa. They have already surpassed ARTSA by more than a 100 likes. Well done to the tablers from RT Welkom 40 for all the tremendous work for being involved in the Matjhabeng community in central Free State and using social media to broaden their impact.

With the huge developments with the Welkom 40 Sandwich Project to provide two old age homes and one school in Welkom with a weekly disbursement of bread sponsored from Albany Virginia they continue to change lives with their additional 40 loaves they get to help the pupil of Welkom Volkskool. 22 | P a g e


Welkom 40 had very successful public relations year, first taking the Free State Area PRO award and then at the annual ARTSA in Langebaan, Western Cape took the award for the biggest contributions to the Inkundla Magazine.

Once upon a time, there were a few Tablers from RT177 Port Alfred who lived in Kenton-on-Sea. They would ride up and down for Meetings and Projects for a few years before they decided to start their own Club in Kenton. At the same time, a few of their friends started up a Club in Alexandria, which is about 25km away from Kenton-on-Sea. After both Clubs applied to the RTSA Association Council for official accreditation, it was decided that it would not be feasible to have two Clubs in such small towns, and the Kenton-on-Sea Tablers all moved to the Alexandria Club. Round Table 210 Alexandria held its inaugural meeting on 28th August 1976, and received their Charter on 28th January 1977. The Charter Dinner was held in Alexandria, and the three-course meal cost each diner R5.00 – wine was R1.25 per bottle and beer was an amazing R0.65 a bottle. At our peak, we had 23 members, but most years we averaged about 15 – with roughly half coming from Kenton, and the other half from Alexandria. Meetings were held in a room off of the Alexandria Hotel in the main street of Alexandria for many years until in 1983, the lease was obtained from the then Municipality for the current Clubhouse on Middlebeach, Kenton-on-Sea. In 1987, Davy Malan (Alan’s Dad) was Chairman, and the Club attended ARTSA and formally obtained a name change for the Club – most of the members were now from Kenton-on-Sea, and the name was changed to reflect that. Round Table 210 Alex/Kenton was the name chosen – one of only a few double-barrelled Club names in RTSA. For many years we twinned with RT10 Pinetown and RT110 Joubertina – sadly both have closed over the years. We also twinned with RT210 Jena (RT Germany) for many years, but they have become very inactive as a Club in later years. We are still in touch with many of the 41’ers who have been members of our Club, and most of them still live in Kenton or the surrounding area. The one project which has been going since we started, is our Melodrama called Kenton Capers – hosted every second year (every even numbered year). We recently held our 20th Season.

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Understanding the Membership Decline We are all aware that Round Table Southern Africa has suffered a massive drop in membership numbers over the last 2 decades. From a heyday of 3,000 members and being one of the big 3 associations, we find ourselves today with less than 950 members and at number 11 in membership count in the larger RTI world. We have all heard stories of ARTSA being attended by 2000+ members and we are all tired of the 41ers telling us stories of the membership numbers back in the day. But that is no more – And we must understand why The statistics tell us that the average tabler is 33 years old and has a steady and reliable income. There are many professionals as well as many small business owners in the ranks. From Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we know that the final level relates to self-actualisation where one’s full potential is unlocked. A significant element of this final hierarchy is helping in charitable causes and to give back to your community. In the average society, this can take up to 2 or 3 generations when starting from a base of poverty. These are the men that become tablers. We see this above profile being accurate when looking at the historical trends of Round Table Southern Africa. Our association is 70 years old and in our initial 50 years of existence we created 270 tables. In the last 20 years, we have only created 5 new tables and closed countless of the old ones. The initial boom in membership growth can easily be tied with the economic resurgence of the country after World War II and more especially the rise of the Afrikaner specifically in South Africa and Namibia. The mining boom in South Africa in the 1950’s and 1960’s created 218 tables spread throughout our country, focussing on mining towns such as Springs, Brakpan, Vereeniging, Welkom, Stilfontein, Carletonville and many more. The sudden influx of wealth in these towns, along with the need for self-actualisation was one of the key drivers to the initial explosion in membership in Round Table. Similar trends are seen in the rest of the world: India’s growth explosion is tied to their economic resurgence in the last 20 years; Nigeria’s relatively stable period has sown the seeds for the first table to be chartered there; and The massive growth in interest and membership in Eastern European countries are seen which is due to the economic stability seen in the region after the end of the cold war.

The recent history of South Africa explains the membership decrease to a large amount. Mining closures, job reductions due to automation and emigration leads the causes for the decrease in the membership of Round Table. American think tank, the PEW Institute, reports that over 900,000 people have left South Africa since 1990 – most of these are younger and highly skilled professionals i.e. the profile of a tabler. We all either have lost a friend or an acquaintance to emigration whom would make a great Tabler. Many of these emigrating members are second generation tablers who then go on to be the architects of establishing Round Table in other countries. In the last 20 years, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of members in Tables which is in mining towns where many of these tables have in fact closed. The ‘brain drain’ has led to a reduction in members in the larger cities, specifically in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Had it not been for this mass emigration, our numbers would easily be double where we are now. To date, we have not seen a massive reduction in the number of farmers in the country, but current proposed legislation could impact this portion of the Tabling community very hard. This could potentially result in the emigration of many of the current members, especially in the tables located in farming communities. In order to curb the outflow of members, some tables and areas have relaxed their membership entry requirements in a push of quantity over quality. These strategies will fail in the longer term, but the damage is done by then as the Tabler base is weakened. Looking forward, by understanding the reason for the reduction of our Tabler numbers, we are in a better position to address this reduction by focussing our recruitment efforts efficiently. We need to target the correct member initially, by considering Maslow’s hierarchy – Someone needs to be on or close to the final level of self-actualisation on the ladder to be an effective Tabler. We will see a change in demographics in Round Table Southern Africa as the second generation of non-white members are about to turn 18. These members will be some of the first to reach the self-actualisation level on the hierarchy of needs which provides us an opportunity to not only grow in membership but in diversity as well.

Graham Cornelissen

*NOTE* - This article is based on an opinion and view of the history of RTSA and South Africa and is based on his own understanding.

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Swakopmund 145 had their Induction dinner for 2019 on the 6 th of April 2019. A Special induction dinner Welwitschia 213 was honoured to attend. This was Swakopmund 145’s 50 th induction dinner and they went all out. Held at The Swakopmund Strand Hotel at the waterfront it was bound to be a prestigious affair. With Walvisbay 36’s induction dinner held the previous night the 36’s gents ensured that we have a party bus for the for trip to Swakop and it was let me just say interesting…lol… On our arrival the red carpet was out and 145 lived up to their promise of prestige. The tables where filled and it was great to see the 41’er attendance in their masses. The evening was glamorous and well done to SWK145 for the efforts that went in. The décor and tables were top shelf and so to the food. The MC a 41’er of 145 and past Namibian Area Chairman Antoni van Wyk did his job well and ensured that matters were dealt with swiftly at a time so swiftly that he had to add to the agenda as it was going to fast… a well delivered speech to the ladies who looked breath taking the night. The fun part was seeing Hanro Du Plessis the Outgoing Chairman handing over the Chairman’s gong to himself as the Incoming Chairman, but don’t worry, the Incoming Area Chairman assisted with this to ensure that protocol is observed at all times.

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The Swakopmund 145 council for 2019-2020 was announced as follows: Chairman & Constitutional Adv. - Hanro Duplesis Vice Chairman & Secretary - Harry Rence Treasurer & IRO/PRO - Stephan van der Westhuizen It was a great evening and even more so seeing the 41’ers of Swakopmund 145 in full force at the induction dinner. Swakopmund 145 I can see you going from strength to strength with the backing the Namibian Area and your 41’ers it can only get better gents. Thanks Swakopmund 145 for hosting Welwitschia 213 at your induction dinner the Majiedt’s and Adams’ does appreciate your hospitality. Hanro and the rest your council may this be a great year of new ideas and good luck with all your endeavours. Most importantly have fun gents.It was time to head back as the party bus arrived on time and even though we tried to convince the Ladies to join the rest of the tablers at the Swakopmund clubhouse (trust me Leigh and Jens tried their best) the party bus was strict and zero tolerance was shown by the driver(…and some other counter parts…) we drove back to Walvis bay and Leigh and I took some time to reflect on a lot of topics till early morning hours. Swakopmund looking forward to your 50th Birthday Bash I know it will be epic…

Amize Adams Welwitschia 213 IRO PRO 2019-2020Secretary 2019-2020

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It was always going to be a bucket list ARTSA for us, Peninsula 77 guys, as it was the first time in fourteen years that ARTSA was being held in our province, the Western Province! Club Mykonos in Langebaan was to be the venue and five of us had organized accommodation nearby. We were looking forward to connecting and bonding with our fellow brothers and sisters from all over Southern Africa and the world! & that is what we did! The Hardcore Hut on Friday night was full of a diversity of Tablers, both from Southern African countries and abroad and it was here that we met one another, exchanged pins, had a few beverages and got to know each other better. It was there that long-lasting friendships were forged and memories were made. This fellowship amongst young men and goodwill for international relationships are core to the values of Round Table Southern Africa and Round Table International alike. In the build-up to ARTSA during the week we, Peninsula 77 Round Table, met for fellowship at Forester’s Arms in Newlands where we had pizza and beer with two international guests to our Table, Ravi from Nepal and Martin from Germany. They also attended the meeting at our clubhouse at the Round Table Belvedere Community Centre in Rondebosch the following night (Wednesday). We had a lot of ‘gees’ at our meeting on Wednesday and one could feel that ‘ARTSA was in the air’! We were obviously looking forward to attending and joining in on the fun! Both Ravi and Martin had arrived at ARTSA on the Thursday and they had attended the Pirate Party so we met up with them on arrival at the Hardcore Hut on the Friday and enjoyed the festivities together and it was great fun! Even though I missed the 41er’s whisky tasting on the Friday, I still managed to hear all of the speeches at the AGM including; Corne’s 41er’s speech. I must say that with three South Africans on the Round Table International Committee, millions of rands worth of charity projects completed each year, the Inkundla publication having been so well lauded in recent years, Round Table Southern Africa’s Rondel Friday translated to Round Table International’s version of the same idea globally and the general camaraderie between Tablers and strength of relationships within Table; Round Table Southern Africa is in a very strong position at this present time. There is so much future potential for charity work to be done here in Southern Africa as well! While it was nice to be recognized for my service and dedication over the years it was not about ego or self-gain. It was rather coming from the perspective that to give is to receive; that through service to others you are actually serving self. Perhaps it is more of a spiritual realization as to how one can contribute and give back to society, by being a humanitarian and hence being able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with seeing others rise from poverty and by knowing that you have been able to lend a helping hand and do your bit to continue that progress and goodwill where it is so desperately needed in society. For five years I was doing the social media marketing for Peninsula 77, Round Table including managing and updating three Facebook pages, a Twitter and Instagram account and spearheading the social media marketing campaigns when it came to the Noddy Charity Christmas Party and other fundraising initiatives too. I convened Winter Knights for about four years through which we managed to get the corporates on board (Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay clothing and Toyota) with big donations annually as well as building a tower of cans and sharing all of the blankets, clothing, food, toiletries and canned goods plus non-perishable food items from the public with the local homeless shelters in Claremont, Cape Town.

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When I said my name and Table number at the President’s Banquet at ARTSA 2019 on the Saturday night, it might have been fitting to add that Round Table has been inter-generational in our family. My dad was a member at Somerset West and then started the Noddy Party at Peninsula 77 Round Table in Rondebosch when he relocated back to Cape Town. For many years we ran around as kids behind the scenes at Noddy Parties and both of my parents imbued notions of charity and giving to others/ those in need to us. Whenever we had spare fresh bread left in a loaf we would drive around until we felt that we were guided to give it to a particular person in need. My uncle and brother were also Tablers before me at Peninsula 77 and I became a Tabler several years ago after participating in the fundraisers and events for a few years prior to becoming an official member. What I would have said is that it is my passion to uplift others and to give back in society by means of supporting charity projects, community development drives and social upliftment initiatives. My soul thrives within its passion-filled purpose whenever I have the ability to make positive, proactive change in society either through NPO work, NGO work or charity projects or via social media marketing for NPO’s and especially within the context of Southern Africa which is somewhat of a spiritual home to me. It is for this reason that I am planning on continuing the good work and service either as a 41er or as a Rotarian well into the future. While Peninsula 77 have managed to fundraise +-R200k for charity projects annually, the Rotary Club of Claremont benefit by R6 million each year from the Cape Town Cycle Tour alone as their major annual fundraiser. It is therefore a next-level experiential dimension and opportunity in terms of depth, scope and possibility of charity projects via Rotary for the future which is unisex, multi-cultural and open to all ages. I also enjoy the fellowship and gees at club level and will continue to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie at Peninsula 77 in Rondebosch, Cape Town for some time to come as a 41er. There is a great bunch of guys here at the club who will take it into the next decade and as such, I will continue to recruit and invite possible newcomers and keen would-be pipe-liners and hence future Tablers to Peninsula 77. A big thanks to all the Round Tablers that I have met along the way in my Round Table career both local and international. Highlights would include the many wonderful charity projects we have been involved in during the last several years, attending the 77 Numbers Euromeeting in Hannover, Germany and of course attending ARTSA 2019 as well!

Yours in Table, Thomas du Plooy Peninsula 77 Round Table 41er

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Mr President, honourable guests, fellow ASSCO 2018/2019 Members and Tablers,

Martin Bester’s “Vir die Liefde” Tour:

It gives me great satisfaction to reflect on the period to date and what has been done within the Branding and Strategic Planning Portfolio for the period in question.

Several Tables within Bushveld, Mpumalanga and STNOFS partnered with Jacaranda FM and Martin Bester’s “Vir die Liefde” Tour as the preferred charity during the run of shows to collect and distribute all blankets collected. Round Table was actively involved at 11 shows and collected and mostly distributed:

The RTSA Constitution and its supporting documentation gives a broad strokes guideline as to what the position of Branding Manager entails and as such this report is structured according to these key concepts. 2. Alliance Projects Winter Knights

 

1 757 blankets R24 000 in food

Toyota Southern Africa

Nothing burns like the cold! Round Table Southern Africa’s only National Alignment project for the period 2018/2019. It is my privilege to announce that as an Association we raised and contributed to our communities to the extent of:

Toyota Southern Africa has estimated that blankets, clothing and non-perishable items to the value R500 000 were collected and distributed through bins placed at over 190 dealerships across Southern Africa. However, based on the reporting from Tables and Areas within Southern Africa certain concerns have to be addressed within the partnership, including:  

Boxes / posters and selfie boards that never arrived at the Dealerships from the Toyota Distribution Centre. That certain Dealerships either didn’t know of the initiative or approached it nonchalantly/with complete disinterest.

Toyota Southern Africa has again shown interest to partner with RTSA in 2019 and the above-mentioned concerns will accordingly be considered during the consultation process. 1. Publicise the Association Association Theme - #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable The RTSA 2018/2019 theme was officially launched on 01 July 2018 as part of the #100DC and was generally well received.

In addition to the standard Winter Knights format as run by Tables and Areas, the following supporting projects / partnerships in this regard have to be detailed: Martin Bester’s “Vir die Liefde” Tour: Several Tables within Bushveld, Mpumalanga and STNOFS partnered with Jacaranda FM and Martin Bester’s “Vir die Liefde” Tour as the preferred charity during the run of shows to collect and distribute all blankets collected. Round Table was actively involved at 11 shows and collected and mostly distributed:  

1 757 blankets R24 000 in food

The theme goal was two pronged:  External (public) o A results driven social network strategy that advertised our key aspects to the public and both prospective members / corporate sponsors.  Internal o The question was asked: Why is Joe Tabler, our biggest Rondel wearing asset, not promoting us? As such the theme was created as a tool to reignite Joe Tabler’s passion and to get Joe to Table outside the four walls of his clubhouse.

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Publicity achieved:

Club Analysis

Our biggest branding tool still is our Rondel wearing members but several other avenues stand out within how the Association as a whole achieved brand awareness:

A club analysis is done every quarter based on Table / Area Chairman Reports submitted every quarter to gauge the state of the Association on the following aspects: branding spent, social media impact, charitable funds raised, charitable funds distributed and man-hours invested by the Association.

Radio: The Namibia Area continued their beneficial Winter Knights partnership with Radio wave, and within South Africa we continue dominating the airwaves with Kagiso Media, who owns, amongst others, stations like Jacaranda FM and OFM. With the driving power and connections of the Round Table Gauteng Area a very beneficial relationship was created with PRIMEDIA which resulted in a monthly rotating billboard across the greater Johannesburg / Pretoria Metros. At the time of the writing of this report a proposal had been submitted to PRIMEDIA to receive similar exposure in other major city hubs across South Africa.

Below is a table that shows the total charitable funds raised and distributed by the Association as at 28 February 2019. The table does not include the value of the man-hours reported on, but those figures are kept on file for statistical reference.

As an Association we have also started a targeted marketing campaign aimed at our club’s gender and age demographic which included avenues like banner ads on Superbru. This report also serves to summarise the amount spent on Branding as per the Table / Area Chairmen’s Report as at 28 February 2019. Our members’ branding spend has increased by 24% compared to the same period last year (2018: R372 029).

3. Strategic Plan The #100DC With due consideration of the various issues raised during the Table Forums at ARTSA 2018, as an Association, we proposed a concentrated multi-pronged approach with the following objectives: • • • • 1. Assimilate Information

Focus-on-Joe Re-establish the sense of loyalty and devotion Drive membership campaigns Create public awareness (with the help of all the Area and Table PRO’s)

The campaign was an attempt to use the following honest voluntary small steps to start re-motivating Joe and expand membership:

Regalia Committee The Regalia Committee to date has received 121 applications compared to the 62 as received in the corresponding period last year. The overwhelming majority of applications were approved outright whilst the bulk of those applications that did fall foul of the RTSA Corporate Identity Guide, on first submission, were accordingly corrected by the relevant applicants based on the Regalia Committees proposals. The Regalia Committee really appreciates the effort and understanding by those applicants in this regard.

30 | P a g e


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Introduction of 2018 Theme New Membership Campaigns: Project-and-Guest Night New Membership Campaigns: Impending 41ers - Replace yourself Joe Tabler: National questionnaire Joe Tabler: Aims and Objects discussions Joe Tabler: Networking opportunities through “I know a Tabler” platform

7. Joe Tabler: Networking opportunities through “I know a Tabler” platform

Some of the steps were met with mixed reviews, especially those dealing with new membership. However, upon explanation that four out of the six steps dealt with #ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP #TOTALROUNDTABLE current membership internally and that new members still had to go through each relevant Table’s membership approval process all fears were laid to rest.

Some of the steps were met with mixed reviews, especially those dealing with new membership. However, upon explanation that four out of the six steps dealt with current membership internally and that new members still had to go through each relevant Table’s membership approval process all fears were laid to rest.

In addition, the social media channels were also utilised to once a week promote at least one of the fourteen Area’s social media pages.

At the time of this report, the national questionnaire is still a work in progress and will be circulated to our members in due course.

It has been a great year where I have learned (1) a lot from my fellow Tablers (2) that the best ideas are floated at Area Conferences and (3) that your job fills your pocket but that Round Table fills your soul!

4. Social Networking Our social media footprint growth as an Association has grown compared to the comparative period of the previous term (February 2018: 12 212) Area Border Bushveld Drakensberg Eastern Province Free State Gauteng Mpumalanga Namibia Natal North Coast Natal South Coast Northern Cape South Cape STNOFS Western Province Toyota SA / Martin Bester

Facebook 6 519 5 982 2 568 3 066 7 253 7 822 6 494 3 933 5 030 4 625 2 989 3 267 4 442 7 357 71 347

Growth 524 2 134 218 545 3 527 967 605 444 868 479 499 433 452 613 12 308

I’ve had the privilege of working with some greatly talented Tablers during this reporting period and a special mention has to go out to:   

Paul Hoeksema (RT Mosselbaai 32); Sarel Ras (Pretoria 87); and Marno Bezuidenhout (Phalaborwa 170).

Your willingness to creatively assist with designs in promoting Round Table Southern Africa has not gone unnoticed! As I close off I have to acknowledge the real champs of 2018/2019 – the 14 Area PRO’s that acted as the branding conduits to the rest of the Association! All our successes were because of your unfaltering support! Gents, I’m forever in your debt! In closing, to my beautiful wife, Lia, and our two kids, Sebastiaan and Gitte-Mari, that understood and supported me when I had to give up precious family time to attend to another Round Table e-mail or reading of a report. I am because you love me unconditionally! Honourable President, I hereby move my report for adoption. Yours in Table

Round Table Southern Africa, as the driving force behind the concept of #rondelfriday, lead the charge on two important campaigns in this regard:  


Arno Kotze Round Table Pretoria 136 - Regalia Officer 2019 Round Table Southern Africa - Branding Manager & Strategic Planner 2018/2019

#breaktheinternet #RTIRondelFriday

Proud to say that Round Table Southern Africa had a leading role behind the scenes of the #RTIRondelFriday campaign which again just proved the passion of the Rondel across the globe! Our appreciation goes out to the RTI Board 2018/2019 for their support in adopting and promoting this concept. The Round Table Southern Africa social media channels were put to good and active use with several promotional videos (in line with the Association theme) being published during the period in question.

31 | P a g e


All our marketing and branding implementations were received well. We can Thank Arno Kotze our Branding and Strategic planner with all the Area PROs for executing the plan with a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm I had the duty that was more of a privilege to visit all 14 Areas in my tenure together with Jaclyn We also in my capacity as President got to go to many functions and meet wonderful new friends: Bi Area WP and South Cape 47 International meeting Tri Area NSCA/NNCA/Drak 2nd Exec STNOFS Winter conference 2nd ASSCO and Carletonville 50th Bi Area Border and EP RTI World Meeting 2018 Tri Area STNOFS/FS/NC Tri Area B/M/G WP Spring conference and 3rd Exec 3rd ASSCO and Kroonstad melodrama East London No1 70th Fishing Boogie and Nam AGM STNOFS AGM Bushveld 60th AGM 47 International meeting



Villiersdorp Mol, Belgium Port Edward Ventersdorp Carletonville Fort Beaufort Negombo Sri Lanka Hartswater Mookgopong Paternoster Kroonstad East London Walvis Bay Boskop Dam Haanetsburg Potchefstroom

Thank you to all who picked us up at the airport and home hosted us during the year. It truly was special. I still believe that Bi and Tri areas are the way to go. So many more people attending and getting to experience out of area fellowship. Executive and ASSCO Meetings: All Exec meetings and ASSCOs were held for the year and I would like to thank the Tables and Areas that hosted us. We managed on a whole to save a bit due to the fact that these Tables and Areas went the extra mile to accommodate our needs. Thank you. As for the meetings, we had some tough ones. Hard call had to be made on behalf of our members and I thank each of the Association council members for rolling with the punches and turning negatives into positives. A true sign of great leadership across the board. I would like to thank all the members of the ASSCO for the effort and time taken to attend the ASSCO meetings. Although you volunteered to take on your portfolio, I would like to thank you for the hard work and commitment shown during the year and for your patience during the long ASSCO meetings.

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Our year started straight out the blocks in ARTSA Upington 2018. We as an Association council were handed a well-oiled machine from Past President Andrew Lea and his team. It was my vision to encompass the fantastic work and foundation and build on it without drastically changing the long term goals of Round Table Southern Africa. Our goal was to market the brand of RTSA and in doing soon turn our members into the best brand ambassadors out there. The saying went “how do you know he is a young proud Tabler? He tells you�


Please allow me this opportunity to address you as the President of Round Table Southern Africa.


Gentleman of Round Table Southern Africa,

Fundraising: In the 2018/2019 year Round Table Southern Africa managed to raise and distribute 17.5 Million Rand all with 1041 members. In Closing: Believe in yourself and believe in Round Table and what it stands for. You can achieve anything you want to in this Association. The choice is yours. Remember though that it is up to all us shareholders of this Association to uphold our Aims and Objectives and ensure that the movement remains on the right path. Within this Organisation of Canadian and Cypriot, Frenchman and Fin, Jew and Arab, Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown can sit down together, chat, discuss, argue and fight with words, yet retain that fellowship and friendship we all cherish. We will be demonstrating that unity of mind and through that embraces men of goodwill throughout the world. If we the young men of the world, in some practical measure can demonstrate while we are young, the brotherhood of man, the unity of nations, classes and creeds, then as we grow older, we shall live the same traditions and change the world. I would like to recite a poem read by Bing Rehnquist, President of Kinsmen Canada at ARTSA 1983 Years ago I met a man, an ordinary sort, Interested in many things, his job, his house and sport. As the years went flying by, I came by chance to see, He’d grown to be a fuller man, a better soul than me.His home and job is still the dearest to his heart, but he has looked at life again and decided to take part. He no longer stands beside the road and let life pass him by. He steps right up and joins right in. He now can reach the sky. His friendships mean much more to him, he’s not afraid to lend a hand. He cares about this land of ours and about his fellowman. He has spent his leisure hours doing many different deeds, and all around this beautiful; land he has sown many seeds. Building tall, some men can make but, oh, to meet a man, that by his love and service work builds a better land. I’d like you all to meet him, and I can oblige you here today. Turn around and shake his hand….. He’s the Tabler on your right! It has been an honour to be the President of Round Table Southern Africa, Table outside the four walls of your clubhouse To all members, Respect each other’s time, Match each other’s effort, Keep your word, always be honest, and Stay consistent Give it Rondels! I thank you. I hereby move my report forward for adoption

Sean aka “Here Comes Mongo” Trautmann RTSA President 2018/2019

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Winter Knights Gentleman, Winter Knights is our own project and it is fantastic to see the growth of this project from year to year. Together with the likes of Toyota, radio wave in Namibia and Martin Bester from OFM with the “vir die Liefde tour” RTSA was able to raise and donate 2, 5 Million A special word of congratulations must go to Namibia and the STNOFS Area who contributed massively



To the Executive council If there are still people perceiving the Executive council as they are the ivory tower then they are truly wrong. These gentlemen bleed Round Table. From the day you take office till the last you are on the job 24/7 and these specific gentlemen are in a class of their own. True knights of the realm of Round Table here to serve Association with everything they have to offer. I salute you.

In Alex/Kenton 210 we have two floating trophies, the rules of which often lead to heated debates at Table meetings. The Social Pot The social pot is a small stainless steel three-legged pot on a wooden base. We aren’t too sure when the pot was bought or donated, but our 41’ers reckon it was there from the start of the Club. The idea behind the pot in a nutshell, is that the pot needs to move at least once a month; the holder needs to invite the whole Club with wives and kids; it can be any social occasion but not one that was already organised such as a project; and the holder doesn’t have to tell the new recipient he has it – often it is a “surprise” you find in your spare wheel compartment or in your cooler box or even your wife’s handbag. Needless to say, our current holder of the pot has had it for a number of months now, and is facing a possible raid on his house soon by everyone. The Social Cross The social cross is almost as old as the pot, and is a wooden replica of our Club logo, the Diaz Cross. It stands about 30cm high, which is also great for hiding it in the new recipient’s belongings or vehicle after the evening. The rules are slightly different to the pot: the holder and his wife invites the intended recipient and wife, with the previous holder and his wife, and a witness and his wife. The occasion can be anything from a cup of coffee to a full on dinner party. The cross should also move at least once a month. And again, the current holder has so enjoyed having the cross that it is due to be raided by the club soon! The challenge with the two trophies is that our club actually spends a lot of time having parties, braais, dinners and drinks together, so to find the time to swop trophies is a bit of a challenge!

Alan Malan Alex/Kenton 210 34 | P a g e


ARTSA 2019 held at the Club Mykonos resort during the 10th to the 15th of April was a well anticipated event. Early morning hours after a mission to get everything loaded and fit in our vehicle we started off by road to Langebaan from Windhoek Namibia. 1454km to destination it was going to be a long road with just me and Lana and the Haval packed to the brim with items for the Namibian Area Food Tables from décor to meat to delicacies of different cultures. Ernst and Rene who also drove had the rest of what we needed for the food tables. An Entertaining drive we had with Nam tablers making sure we knew what we missed via WhatsApp because we didn’t fly down, they had time for sightseeing and the lot. While road works and stoppages made road a little longer than expected we arrived in Langebaan and made it to our accommodation about 7km from Mykonos. Unpacking was the next step and help was afforded by Adrian one of our housemates for the duration of the stay. A well-deserved rest for a few hours and it was on.

ARTSA Langebaan 10-15 April 2019.

I was fortunate enough to attend the 4th ASSCO for 2018-2019. The gentleman had a strict and quick meeting informative and to the point. After this it was time to dress up for the Pirate themed party, my crutch was ready with sword in the side and eye patch on The Adams’s ,Ihlenfeldt’s , Minnie’s and Basson van Rooyen was ready for action and we headed to the Hard Core Hut. Pirates and skeletons and one or 2 disco mania dress ups the fellowship was great and the Hard Core hut was a blast. Forums were at the order of the day the Friday from early morning with informative sessions that helped even those who thought they knew everything. The hashing out of motions and dissecting of meanings and purposes of said motions and rules was enlightening. A quick chat with other Area’s around a pizza for lunch it was time for the food table’s prep and the Haval was loaded again. Ernst was a saviour and Nam Area was able to prep food in his miniature fire place with 8 to 10 people in the kitchen it was a rush to get everything done. Big thanks to the members of Nam Area who worked hard to have the food tables made and ready for the judges. The ladies (Fabiana, Sabina, Fawzia and Ilana) looked stunning in their traditional wear and show cases the Baster, Oshiwambo and Nama cultural dresses. The tables looked great and the food was done despite the mishaps and rules of open fires we had to at hear to. Namibian Food Tables had 3 main dishes 1. “Kerrie Afval and rice”, 2. Pap and Worse (Namibian Championship Boere worse) with Chakalaka and 3. Kappana with salsa and vetkoek. The sides were Embes, Narras, Mupane worms, Ginger beer and Nam Brewery Beers, Kajangs, Sheep fat spread and homemade bread and A Smiley that was devoured and the skeleton became a companion for someone…I won’t say who…packing up done swiftly by the Nam Area tablers and we were able to enjoy the night till early morning hours.

35 | P a g e


AGM started and Saturday morning with delegates taking seats a T-Rex dinosaur made its appearance in the meeting and Gumtree also made their appearance. The meeting was run with ease and with most of the motions already hashed out it was quickly dealt with. The AGM was done and the Hard core hut was closed for the presidents Banquet. The Ladies looked stunning and the white gloves were prominent. The awards were handed out. Congratulations to Hochland 154 on their certificate for Medic Rush as project of the year. It would have been nice if all awards were done in this fashion, allowing those who were close to winning to be awarded for their efforts. Just food for thought…The evening was filled with fellowship and fun with the T-Rex getting allot of attention. For most this was the last night of fun and fellowship and for some of us a meeting was still looming on Sunday. It was great fun and allowed for a reconnect with old friends met for the first time at ARTSA. I am truly proud of the Organization we are part of a Band of Brothers who has the same ideal even though we come from different back grounds. Congrats to the ARTSA convenor for an ARTSA well done and +/- 700 registrations. To the outgoing Exec thank you for a great 2018-2019 table year for your efforts and time spent to ensure that we are well looked after in the association. To the Incoming Exec, Congrats on your appointments and may you have a great year ahead and lets go from strength to strength. May your bonds grow stronger and take the Association to new heights. Special congratulations to a Spidey Knepsheld it takes a special kind of person to serve this association for 20 year and congrats on being awarded the Louis Marchesi Award. Spidey “jy’s a Yster my maat…” being a 41’er doesn’t mean you should fade away as you know…this goes for all 41’ers… Andrew Lea you too…lol… The Adams Fam had a long trip back and with some hold ups at the Namibian boarder we arrived safely in Namibia. From Namibia Area ( the area with their own country as so often referred to ) Thanks to all who made the effort to attend ARTSA for those who couldn’t make it…what can I say…You Missed an Epic one…To our House mates , François and Monese Minnie, Adrian and Wanri Ihlenfeldt and Basson van Rooyen it was great sharing a house with you guys and even better to have grown a bond with you awesome people for Adams’s you are part of our Family (whether you like it or not…lol...)

Amize Adams Welwitschia 213 Secretary 2019-2020 IRO/PRO 2019-2020 Treasurer 2019-2020

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Welcome to each and every one to the bucket list ARTSA of Round Tables of Southern Africa. We as convening committee sat down and devised a plan to host the most remarkable ARTSA that Tablers ever experienced, we look at venues across the Western Province and found there is no better venue than Club Mykonos (Langebaan), situated in the heart of the West Coast, with the Santorini background and the sound of the ocean, this will be the bucket list ARTSA everyone was seeking for. With hard work in the background, we managed an affordable registration fee of only R750/person. Our aim was to attract as many Tablers as possible, we knew that having a 100% attendance was not possible. Our budget was prepared for a conservative 500 and am I proud to say that we exceeded our expectations with a long shot! I am proud to announce that our attendees is 710 people at the cost of R750/person. Which makes this surely a record on Artsa books. Seeing that we are situated on the west coast (which is a small drinking community, with a fishing problem) sponsors are not freely available. In spite of this, Club Mykonos resort with the help of John Kilroe and Liana Brand and also the Casino came to the party and offered us this amazing venue. I need to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their contribution, without their support we would not be able to host this prestige event. I am proud to say that we have hosted the most cost effective and most attended Artsa for the last 10 years and believe that everybody that attended will go home with fond memories and fellowship. The most important part of my speech I have left for last. I need to thank the following people for their contribution to the success of Artsa2019. I would like to call them forward to hand them a small token of appreciation .It's people this these that makes tabling worthwhile. Werner van Lil -Co Convenor Arthur Thomas-Lizelle Thomas - Regalia Ernie Petersen-Madre Peterson - Owen Frye tour Roy Adam- Tresourier Spidey Knephseld- Web genie. Jason Hopgood -Heinrich Swart -Go to guys. Geraldine Scheepers, which is not here, want to thank you for your hard work with, designing and making videos. While they making their way forward, a Table without legs is not a table, I would like to call Marilize Human (my lovely beautiful wife)thank you for your support not only for this event, but over the last 13years of my tabling career, jy is my rots en steen pilaar.Baie dankie. Thank you each and everybody for your continue support and believe in me as convenor. Thanks for the hard work, late hours behind the scene to make it happen. Thank you one's again for attending Artsa2019. Mr President, I hereby move for the adoption of my report. Thank you

Brink Human Saldanha226 ARTSA 2019 Convenor 37 | P a g e


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Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla April Issue 2019  

Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla April Issue 2019  

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