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Cool features for your hot summer months!......................... A wild wheel-standing nitroused AC Cobra and an over-the-top 6th gen Monte Carlo


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july 2018 | RPM Magazine | july 2018


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july 2018 | RPM Magazine

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B story by

Toby Brooks

photos by

TJ Barkley and Shannon Swindoll

each City, Texas’ Lamar Swindoll, Jr. had had enough. After more than two decades racing everything from door cars to pro stock to dragsters and everything in between along with his dad and uncles, he was ready to take a break from racing. Wife Shannon knew better.

“For how long this time?” she asked, knowing full well that once drag racing is in a person’s veins, it is a difficult—if not impossible—addiction to shake. “Sure enough, as Christmas was approaching in 2016, my dad and I both saw a Facebook post for a ’71 Camaro project for sale in Wyoming,” Lamar, Jr. admitted. Given | july 2018




SUBTLE CLUES Swindoll’s Camaro is devoid of wild graphics, huge rear meats, a massive scoop, or any other look-at-me stuff, but the massive rear wing, fender-dumper headers, and carb hat poking through the lift-off hood provide ample evidence that it means business.

the fact that the Southeast Texas family never got to see snow and the car was deep in the heart of the Rockies, it seemed like a perfect excuse to hitch up the trailer and take a fun family excursion to experience winter—not to mention come home with the latest project car. The Swindolls battled ice and snow-covered roads, temps as low as -24 degrees, and were forced to seek shelter more than

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

once during the trip, but made some great memories. And while the car was a bit rough around the edges, as Lamar, Jr. tells it, it was a great start and a solid foundation at the right price. And just like that, Lamar Swindoll, Jr.’s break from racing was over. In a big way. “Along with my cousin Kevin Massey, I built a street/grudge race Camaro 18 years ago that we called “Goldust,” Swindoll

said. “This build was a tribute to that car, and just a couple months after we got it, I decided that I wanted to get it done in time for the 2017 Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas,” he added. It was on. Once the Camaro made its way back to Beach City, it was a pull-out-all-the-stops, no-holds-barred, build-a-beautyin-a-hurry effort that resulted from a starting point of little more than a bare | july 2018



SITTIN’ PRETTY The sweet second-gen sits just right thanks to a Rick Stevens Race Cars chromoly backhalf with a bulletproof fabricated 9-inch rear and AFCO shocks tuned by Mark Menscer in the rear. Meanwhile, up front, the low-slung stance is a product of TRZ dropped spindles and another pair of AFCOs.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

chassis with remnants of a body in December 2016 to a fully complete, strip-ready knockout just 10 months later. The first order of business was to get the crusty shell and bare chromoly blasted off and prepped for finishing. This was no problem for Swindoll, who owns an industrial coating business. The chassis was then delivered to Rick Stevens Race Cars (RSRC), where a custom 4-link and AFCO double-adjustable shocks by Mark

Menscer were used to suspend the fully fortified Fab-9 housing. Strange 40-spline axles and Mark Williams 3.89 gears were selected, and assembly was adeptly handled by Ricky Howell. Strange disc binders were also installed to handle stopping chores. Meanwhile, up front, the RSRC gang installed a pair of TRZ 1.5-inch dropped spindles along with AFCO double-adjustable shocks and Strange 4-piston disc | july 2018



OFF THE SHELF The massive rear wing and dual chutes may appear to be overkill, but keeping a smalltire car with more than 2,200 hp shiny side up and slowing from another low 4-second pass necessitated their inclusion—not to mention it all looks killer hanging off the back of the clean Camaro.

brakes. With the chassis work finally complete, Swindoll then handled paint work himself, but not before fitting and installing lightweight fiberglass replacement parts from Unlimited Products, including trunk, doors, hood, front end, and bumpers. A custom fab-


ricated aluminum rear spoiler was also installed and the car was rolled into the spray booth. Swindoll then laid down a rich Sherwin Williams Gold Metallic basecoat/ clearcoat paint job, and Goldust 2.0 was finally beginning to take shape. It’s one thing


B ELT D R I V E SYST EM Patented High Torq Drive™ reinforced belt runs dry, spins with less friction than timing chains or gear drives and absorbs harmonics. Kit hardware is all Grade 8 Allen and Torx™ design. Cam timing is externally adjustable. 2 Piece Pulley is infinitely adjustable ±10°. Solid Pulley is adjustable ±8° in 2° increments. Crank Pulley is heat-treated steel and incorporates a High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration. Hard coated Billet Aluminum Upper Pulley features patented High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration. Teflon® coated vacuum cam and crank seals. Accessories available to run distributor drives, fuel pumps or oil pumps off front of cam. For product videos and information, visit us at or call us at 732-901-1800


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

to have a car that looks good, but quite another to have one that can blast the eighthmile to the tune of 4.30s through the mufflers. With that in mind, Swindoll tapped Lubbock, Texas-based Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop to put together a punishing 572

cubic inch tall deck big block Chevy with all the modern go-fast goodies. A Callies 4.500 stroke crank was selected to swing GRP aluminum rods and Diamond 10:1 compression pistons. A top-secret grind COMP Cams bumpstick is spun via a Jesel belt drive,

while Morel roller lifters and Manton pushrods articulate with the Jesel shaft-mounted roller rockers. A pair of heavily massaged Slick Rick/Brodix SR-20 aluminum cylinder heads top the block and an equally reworked Edelbrock SV 632

Win Big.

Trick Flow’s PowerPort ® 365 aluminum cylinder heads were designed and built for you to win races. These extreme performance race heads for big block Chevy engines flow a massive 424 cfm @ .900" lift. The high-strength castings can withstand enormous amounts of compression and RPM. Rectangular-shaped 365cc CNC Competition Ported runners, 119cc heart-shaped chambers, CNC bowl blended valve seat transitions, 24° intake valve angles with 4° side cants, and the highest quality valvetrain components help make PowerPort 365 heads the best choice for your car. Use PowerPort 365 heads on your engine and turn your goal of winning into reality! Dyno Results PowerPort 365

Test Engine: 13.86:1 compression 572 c.i.d. with Trick Flow PowerPort® 365 cylinder heads (TFS-4141T804-C02), solid roller camshaft (285°/298° duration @ .050"; .900"/.828" lift; 114° lobe separation), 1.8/1.7 ratio shaft mount roller rocker arms, Trick Flow R-Series intake manifold (TFS-41400111), Holley Gen 3 Ultra Dominator 1,425 cfm carburetor, Trick Flow by Stainless Works headers (TFS-DBBC238250), 3½" dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, Q16 racing fuel.

1807RPCT | july 2018


Some parts are not legal for sale or use on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

GO FOR THE GOLD (PRO)CHARGE IT UP The potent 572 ci mill was built by Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop and features a F1X ProCharger that has been dialed in to push 28 pounds of boost with plans for more. The combo was good for an impressive 2,250 horsepower and 1,485 ft/lbs of torque.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

LAMAR SWINDOLL, JR.’S SMALL TIRE 1971 CHEVY CAMARO Chassis Type & Mods: Round tube chromoly back half by Rick Stevens Race Cars. Suspension & Brakes: FRONT: TRZ 1.5-inch drop spindles with AFCO double-adjustable shocks by Mark Menscer. REAR: Custom 4-link with AFCO double-adjustable shocks by Mark Menscer and Strange 4-piston disc brakes. Body & Paint: Sherwin Williams basecoat/clearcoat Gold Metallic prepped by the crew at Swindoll Industrial Services & painted by owner. Unlimited Products fiberglass trunk, doors, hood, front end, and bumpers and Optic Armour Lexan windows. Custom fabricated rear spoiler. Dashboard graphics by Johnny C. Carpenter. Engine: 572 ci tall deck BBC built by Scoggin-Dickey Raceshop. 4.500 bore with 4.500 stroke, fully balanced and blueprinted. Callies forged crankshaft with GRP aluminum connecting rods and Diamond 10:1 pistons. COMP Cams top secret grind custom soild roller camshaft with Morel .903 roller lifters. Manton pushrods and Jesel belt drive. Slick Rick/ Brodix aluminum cylinder heads with Jesel shaft rockers. aluminum intake has been crowned with a free flowing APD blow-through carb on alcohol. Pressurizing the induction system is a huge ProCharger F1X12 supercharger spun via a billet Racedrive mount. The setup is good for 28 pounds of boost most recently, and Swindoll has plans for more.

Ignition chores are handled by a stateof-the-art MSD Grid system and MSD 8 box, while exhaust duties are managed by a cool set of stainless fabricated fender-dump headers by Rick Stevens. The 2 ¼-inch primaries actually feature eight individual 2 ½-inch mufflers, giving the car the look of a lot of many

contemporary rides with fender-dumped pipes but without the ear-piercing sound. Backing the potent Rat is a Mark Micke/M&M Transmissions TH-400 with a billet stall converter. A 4-inch aluminum drive shaft has been equipped with Strange billet yokes for durability—critical in handling the mill’s

Induction & Fuel Delivery: Edelbrock by Slick Rick SV 632 intake with APD blow-through billet carb on alcohol. APD belt-drive mechanical fuel pump. Power Adder: ProCharger F1X-12 blower with Racedrive making 28 pounds of boost (so far!). Electronics & Ignition: MSD Grid ignition system with MSD-8 box. Exhaust: 2 ¼-2 ½-inch custom stainless headers by Rick Stevens. Eight individual 2 ½-inch stainless mufflers. Transmission & Driveline: Mark Micke-built GM TH-400 transmission with FTI Billet converter. Randy’s 4-inch aluminum driveshaft with Strange 1350 billet yokes. Differential: Custom fabricated Fab-9 housing with Strange 40-spline axles and Mark Williams 3.89 gears. Assembled by Rocky Howell. | july 2018


2,250 hp (@8,400 RPM) and 1,485 ft./lbs. of torque (@7,100 RPM). Tires and wheels for the clean Chevy consist of 15x3.5-inch V-Series hoops


with Mickey Thompson 26x4.5-15 skins up front and 15x13inch double beadlocked wheels with MT 275 radials out back. The interior of the Camaro is relatively spartan,

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

with an Unlimited Products carbon seat providing lightweight comfort, a B&M billet shifter handling gear changes, and a Racepak digital dash relaying all the critical data.

Rick Stevens also handled the killer carbon work inside, and a full set of durable yet lightweight Optic Armor Lexan replacement windows help to further reduce the Chevy’s heft. The

CAGEY COMPETITOR The cockpit of the Camaro features clean cagework and a neatly installed tin and carbon fiber interior. The painted dash has been adorned with some cool airbrushed faux AC controls & vents and badging, but don’t worry, the Racepak digital display is legit.


XX WWF-F3 -3 EE SS NN EE C U D C OODU ! RR PP PP H + 0 000+ H ! ,5,5 33

(913) (913) 338-2886 338-2886 ••

Our more Ourindustry-leading, industry-leading,extremely extremelyrugged ruggedsuperchargers superchargershave havehelped helpedcustomers customerswin win more records and championships over the past 15 years than every direct competitor combined. records and championships over the past 15 years than every direct competitor combined. No next level. Nomatter matteryour yourclass classofofchoice, choice,call callusustoday todaytototake takeyour yourracing racingand andwinning winningtotothe the next level. | july 2018



SHP LS NEXT PRO (NEW) • Made from superior strength 220 BHN Cast Iron • Full skirt design for use with OE type oil pans and windage trays • Standard LS 9.240” deck height • Bore sizes from 4.000” to 4.185” • Lifter oil crossover with restrictor provision • Priority main oiling • Steel 4-bolt main caps with upgraded ARP main studs • 6-bolt per cylinder capability

RACE SERIES LS 10° 368cc CNC • RMR Aluminum Alloy • High flowing 368cc CNC oval ports • 10° x 4° canted valves w/ reverse intake & exhaust location • Machined with 2.300” x 1.600” valve job • Copper valve seat material • 6-bolt per cylinder capability • Optional 38cc – 57cc CNC combustion chamber Q U A L I T Y. S T R E N G T H . P E R F O R M A N C E . S I N C E 1 9 8 1 .

248.362.1188 | DARTHEADS.COM


july 2018 | RPM Magazine



Swindoll, Jr. rolled the car out in time for the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas after just a 10-month build. While the Texas-based racer says the car isn’t quite where he wants it yet, it has still clocked a 4.36 at 173 mph on less than 20 runs at press time.

cool body color painted dash has been dolled up with the addition of airbrushed emblems, trim, and even faux A/C vents thanks to the skills of Johnny C. Carpenter. Although the car only had a couple of shakedown passes on it prior to the Street Car Super Nats, it emerged from the trailer in Nevada ready to rock and roll. Mission accomplished. If you’ve ever built a car of this caliber, you know that doesn’t just happen without plan-

ning, commitment, and oodles of hard work and late nights. Swindoll is quick to credit the people who made his lofty goal a reality, including his two daughters, his mom and dad, and countless friends and family. But maybe most importantly, Lamar is thankful to his wife Shannon. After all, she knew better than to believe that her husband was really done racing. So what if it isn’t diamonds, Shannon. Enjoy the gold. | july 2018


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1 800 2300 3030 1-800-230-3030



july2018 | RPM Magazine

story and photos by

Ryk Lee Waddell


hen you mention the word Viper, it conjures up all kinds of images. One of many poisonous, slithering reptiles, a car alarm,

and to most people even remotely familiar with performance cars, a ten-cylinder, front engine, rear wheel drive, two seater. From its inception in 1988 until the first production vehicle rolled off of

the assembly line in 1992, Chrysler had aspirations of producing a vehicle that would rival and surpass the Ford Cobra, and of course, GM’s Corvette. With the platform well under de-

sign, the first Dodge Viper—referred to as a Generation 1— sported an 8.0 liter V-10 that produced over 400 horsepower. The gradual development of the supercar’s pedigree continued through | july2018



a total of four different versions during its evolution. Production ended in 2017 with the Generation 5, having an 8.4 liter V-10 that produced 650 brute horsepower. The Atlanta area is large, with a wealth of street cars. However, because of the enormous ground to cover, turning up some of the more over-the-top, outside-thebox example cars can be


tough. Enter Sean O’Grady of Atlanta Street Cars. Sean is in the thick of the high horsepower street scene of the Atlanta area and wanted to introduce us to Ned Dunphy, the owner of a 2014 Dodge Viper T/A that just might fit the bill. After Sean and my initial conversation regarding the Viper, he immediately set the wheels in motion for us to meet with Ned and the

july2018 | RPM Magazine

owner of Vengeance Racing, Ron Mowen, who created the design and build of the car. Rolling up in an industrial park, close to Lake Lanier, I found the T/A Orange Dodge Viper poised and sitting patiently. Right off the bat, the eye-catching stance of the Dodge Viper T/A hits you in the face. A stunning silhouette in the glistening Georgia sun. Nice, fat 10.5�

SLIPPERY SNAKE More than meets the eye…about 1300 horsepower more than a stock 2014 Viper! | july2018


TIMELESS LINES What’s not to love about the styling of the Viper? It was sad to see production of the American supercar cease in 2017.

Mickey Thompson drag radials are tucked up into the rear fender wells, and mounted on a pair of sinister black beadlock wheels. But what really gives this every day driver away is the Simpson chute hanging off the back. Yes, I said daily driver. When Ned dresses for work,


july2018 | RPM Magazine

he dawns on a suit and tie and climbs into his Viper and drives it to work in downtown Atlanta, during rush hour traffic—a 2,000plus horse machine, regularly street driven. Insane, you say? That is only part of the enjoyment and satisfaction of owning such a wild beast. Any given weekend, he

SNAKE BITTEN | july2018



july2018 | RPM Magazine


TIGHT FIT Squeezing a stock V10 into the underhood space of a Viper is a challenge in itself, now try modifying one. We’d really love to show you more of the turbo and piping configuration of the car, but we just couldn’t get our camera in there. You’ll just have to trust us. The entire crew at Vengeance Racing has signed the Viper, which is a current ½-mile mph record holder.

can be seen driving the car to a drag strip, changing tires, taking the parachute out of the trunk, mounting it, making passes and then driving the car back home at the end of the day. “My obsession with horsepower started during childhood,” explained Ned. “We started off with go carts, my brother and I. My dad put a governor on the carts, though, but we quickly found a way to override it when he wasn’t around. We used a piece of string that you would pull over your shoulder.” With the seed well planted, by high school, Ned started buying cars of his own and modifying those. The Viper, as with many people, had always been a dream car for Ned, and as his professional career advanced he was able to obtain the means to make his dream car a reality. The car was bought from a local Dodge dealership in late 2014 with | july2018



only 4,000 miles on the odometer. “Immediately, we took the Viper to the drag strip,” he said with a smile. “That evening we made approximately 30 passes, maxing out what we could do with the cars performance.


ALMOST FACTORY The roll cage was integrated into the interior of the Viper and is hardly noticeable. Fingertip controls for boost, traction and engine management are located in the center console. A 500 HP shot of nitrous just adds to the fun.

Frankly, I was already getting used to it.” Ned decided to take the car to a half-mile race and Vengeance Racing was there. His stock Viper was doing 140 and 144 mph passes as he watched

july2018 | RPM Magazine

the Vengeance cars run 175, 180, and 200 mph. “I wanted to do that!” he exclaimed. Following the event, Ned reached out to Ron at Vengeance who pointed out that they were a GM-based


Chassis & Suspension: Stock chassis with custom roll cage integrated into the factory interior. MCS adjustable coil overs front and rear. Calvo Motorsports rear upper control arms, custom made to allow for 15” wheel combo. Body & Paint: Stock panels and factory T/A Orange paint. Engine: LME-built 513 cubic inch 10 cylinder engine. Darton sleeves and girdles, Callies CCW ultra billet crank. Diamond pistons. CNC ported and polished heads with ARP studs. Gen 4 Viper intake manifold. Rev Inconel exhaust valves, Rev custom hollow Intake valves, Manley pushrods. V V T delete. Trend Performance heavy duty wrist pins, Oliver billet connecting rods. Jesel roller rockers with custom-made rocker arms. Custom ground camshaft. Engine can safely spin 8,000 rpms due to solid lifters and dry sump oil system. Power Adders: Twin Precision Turbo 76mm turbos with custom made air-to-water intercooler including 10 gallon ice tank and pumps in trunk of car. Gen IV Viper metal intake manifold was custom painted T/A Orange to match the car by Alan Greer of Driven Collision of Smyrna, GA and plumbed by Nitrous Outlet for direct injection for up to 500hp shot. Turbo kit, entire build fabricated and completed by Vengeance Racing Electronics: Pro EFI 128 electronic control unit with full data logging and tune on the fly capabilities. Boost control knob located inside driver’s center console with capabilities for traction, boost and engine management modes 1-5. Otherwise all stock electronics still work including driver center console screen and stock dash configuration and gauges. Transmission: Tremec 6060 rebuilt once by RPM Transmissions to repair 2nd gear and reverse lock out solenoid. Clutch is RPS carbon triple disc recently refaced and rebuilt. Rated up to 1,500 hp. Rear Differential: 9-inch rear end with 3.00 gears, coupled to The Drive Shaft Shop heavy duty 1/2 shafts and upgraded drive shaft. Tires & Wheels: Forged Line Custom Viper Front Wheels: 18” X 6” Wheels. BelaK Industrial Calvo Motorsports Beadlock Rear Wheels: 15” X 12”. M&H Racemaster Front Tires:185 50 R18.

Special Thanks: The entire build from start in 2015 until present has been 100% fabricated, built, tuned and maintained by Vengeance Racing owner Ron Mowen of Cumming, GA. Master fabricator, foreman Jey Clegg has turned this stock 640 hp Viper into a street car/race car that sits in traffic all day long with no issues and then heads to the track to uphold the 1/4 mile Gen 5 Viper manual transmission World Record and go 1/2 mile racing. race shop, and that they didn’t do Vipers. After a lengthy and positive discussion, though, a meeting was arranged to bring the Viper in for an evaluation. Ned took the Viper up to Vengeance and they put the car up on the lift for their technicians to look at. “I remember Ron asking his techs if they wanted to do this thing. The techs

gave the nod, so we took a chance on each other—they did their first Viper and this was my first highly-modified car. These guys have fueled my obsession,” Ned said with a smile. The project started mid-2015 and was a slow and meticulous process. By spring 2016 initial test hits were made, which were followed by more mods and | july2018



july2018 | RPM Magazine

SNAKE BITTEN FRESH ROAST Mickey Thompson drag radials are mounted on a pair of BelaK Industry wheels, and lighting the sticky Mickeys is accomplished at will with 2,000 ponies under the hood. The removable Simpson ‘chute out back is a dead giveaway this is no average Dodge.

tuning. Over the past three years, the car has continued its metamorphosis into what you see here today. “When I go to the strip, when I go to a car show, when I go anywhere, the Viper is unique all by itself. Now make it an orange Vi-

per, now make it a twin-turbo orange Viper and it gets plenty of attention, anywhere I go. I might not be the fastest, biggest car there, but I often get the most attention. I love when everyone walks up to the car and takes pictures, looking at it, wanting to talk

about it, all of that stuff.” admits Ned. The first pass over 200 miles per hour was, to date, the most unique experience in the Viper. It was Dallas, Texas in the fall of 2017, when he first felt the intoxication of breaking the | july2018



Ned Dunphy (L) and Ron Mowen (R) pose by the Viper T/A.

COLD BLOODED This custom air to water turbo cooling system is also quite stealth being located to the right rear inside the back hatch. 200 mile per hour barrier. “Putting your foot down, being slammed into the back of the seat during the launch while feeling the boost of the turbochargers come in as the gear changes are perfectly timed was exhilarating,” he recalled. “When I crossed the finish line, there is a timing booth there. I saw the guys with a certain look on their faces and one had a t-shirt hid-

den behind his back. I knew that I had just broken the 200 mph mark on that pass. That was a very special moment,” he added. Everyone at Vengeance has had a hand in helping build the car, the tuning or the servicing of the car. Even when Ned goes to a half mile event, the Vengeance guys are helping to ice the car down, fuel it, check the tire pressure,

giving the car the once over. Anything that needs attention, they are right there. The fastest pass that Ned and the Viper have made to date is 212.66 miles per hour. That’s on a 10.5” Drag Radial tire with a manual transmission during a half-mile pass. That spells out a Gen 5 Viper World Record. With no plans to stop there, though,

Ned said he would be ecstatic with a 220 mph pass and exuberant with anything over 225 this season. His sights are set on a 230 in the future, though, as there are more “top secret” additions planned for the Viper down the road and plans are to continue to run the car in ½-mile events. RPM was one of the first mags several years back to cover the Texas

Mile events that started a whole new generation of horsepower junkies. Well, there is new race format exploding across the country… half-mile racing. So sit down, strap in and hold on as we bring you some of the baddest half-mile cars in the country! Starting with Ned Dunphy’s wild orange twin turbo Viper.



VP East


VP South

(GA) (706) 335-3355 I

For assistance with fuel selection and tuning, contact VP Tech Support today!

VP Midwest (IN)

(812) 466-1175 I

VP Central


(210) 635-7744 I or 812-878-2025

VP West

(CA) (951) 696-5100 I

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july2018 | RPM Magazine

The latest technology for your Big Block Chevy 3D milling

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Wrist Pins • High quality 2.500'' pin further reduces reciprocating weight • Carbon steel wire locks included

7 1 4 - 8 9 8 - 9 7 6 3 • i n f o @ j e p i s t o n s . c o m • w w w. j e p i s t o n s . c o m | july2018






story and photos by


here is a sickness that runs rampant in the gearhead community, and to date no one has been able to find a cure. I’ve written about it many times


(December 2016 RPM – “When Is Enough Actually Enough”), and even our very own Toby Brooks wrote about it in the January 2018 feature on my Pro Street Camaro. Toby called it Gearheadia Performancia Hemoautomotivus, but in

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

simple terms, it’s a terminal condition most often referred to as the “Gearhead Bug.” Recently, one of my buddies was selected to be on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. Before filming, we worked ex-

tremely hard on his car to prepare it for some crazy no prep street racing. A few upgrades, a lot of hours and a killer tune-up later, we performed some serious testing at various tracks, streets, and airstrips. He left for the show with a

solid 7.90 car that is tagged and insured. Sorry for being so vague on the car, owner and upgrades, but the details of this journey cannot be shared until after the episode airs on TV. However, I can then share the juicy details of the

2 1

experience, along with the insane high-horsepower cars that joined him on the journey. Before the upgrades, my buddy’s car ran an extremely consistent 8.20-8.23 pass after pass. Prior to the show filming, he was finally content with where his car was after years of tinkering and racing. He was one of the rare ones who found his formula for success and was going to be happy maintaining that recipe. The elusive pink unicorn

called contentment was finally spotted! After numerous conversations with him, I was happy that someone I knew had actually achieved that level of contentment with their car. “Enough was actually enough” for him, and I was quite envious of my buddy for achieving this Zen-like level of peace with his car. But as we all know too well, that peace is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. It wasn’t long before

it was clear he’d been bitten by the “Bug” again. Upon returning home from filming, it only took one day for him to send me a picture of the new engine he had planned to build, along with a text that said, “JT, we have a lot of work to do.” His new vision is not just an upgrade, but a complete metamorphosis of the engine bay contents. Very much like the Hulk when he gets

1: Bigger, better, faster, stronger. These are the symptoms that lead us to more horsepower. It’s the powerful urge from within that tells us to NEVER be content. Sometimes though, we should just LEAVE IT ALONE! mad, the once-consistent and tamed beast would soon become an unruly monster requiring much attention and testing. A change of this magnitude will affect the entire car, including weight transfer and suspension loading. The journey will no doubt be a hard one to endure, but if we get this beast tamed and controllable again, no one will be safe! If money was not an object, all that would be at stake here

2: In business, this word is a curse. In a relationship it is a recipe for failure. But in drag racing and high horsepower street cars it should become the ultimate goal. Without contentment, you will surely fall into the money pit of horsepower. is time. That is not the case, though, and there will be many sacrifices, garage sales, and a ton of overtime required to make this dream a reality. I feel fortunate that for a very brief moment in time, I was an eyewitness to the elusive pink unicorn called contentment, as fleeting as it may be. Very few of us have the ability (or desire) to battle the symptoms of the “Gearhead Bug” and its money-burning side

effects. The search for a cure will continue, but it’s unlikely it will be discovered anytime soon. As for my buddy, his encounter with the pink unicorn was so short lived that perhaps I was hallucinating or had only dreamed of seeing it. While I was writing this article, he called to inform me he completely changed his original plans for the upgrade and fed it a dose of steroids and growth hormones.


HIGH PERFORMANCE RACE PISTONS! TRUSTED BY TODAYS TOP RACERS! Through nearly 40 years of hard work and dedication to superior product development, Ross Racing Pistons has become a global name in high performance racing components.

Ross Racing Pistons can be found under the hood of Big Chief’s “Crowmod” and Doc’s “Street Beast” from The Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, as well as Top PDRA Pro-Boost Racers like Melanie Salemi, Todd Tutterow and the entire Galot Motorsports Race Team! @rosspistons ONLINE

310.536.0100 WWW.ROSSPISTONS.COM | july 2018





3: Leaving a perfectly performing automobile alone is as an elusive of a concept as the possibility of an Area 51.

4: I am thinking of starting a club for gearheads that helps us all achieve an inner peace with our cars. The moment we feel the urge to make an upgrade, we need to consult at least three senior members of our group who will either try to talk us out of the upgrade, or run to our shop really fast to lend a hand.


Add ground speed to any Racepak V-Net recorder or dash, utilizing our new GPS Ground Speed module. • Requires no externally mounting rpm sensor pick-up • Requires no calibration or special programming • V-Net plug and play installation simplicity



july 2018 | RPM Magazine

Once again, he’s been bitten by the “Bug” and is following a path that leads to one very addictive place – more horsepower. Only time will tell if he ever becomes “one with his car” again, or if that elusive condition known as contentment actually exists. One thing is for certain, though, the moment I witness it, I will be sure to share it with all of you. Until next time – keep wrenching!


5: Look closely at how PEACE is spelled in Peace of Mind. It would be a refreshing feeling to actually be at peace with where our cars are at when it comes to performance.

6 6: The Pink Unicorn Of Contentment is so rare that he could not be captured even for this photo. His more common friend the White Unicorn jumped in to hide his identity. There are people out there who swear they have been abducted by aliens. I am one of the very few who have EVER witnessed someone actually finding the Pink Unicorn. For as brief and fleeting as it was, it DID HAPPEN! | july 2018


story by

George Pich


ur hot rods come in all brands, shapes, sizes, configurations and looks. Hopefully, we as individuals choose the style or look we desire based on what we see as beauty as opposed to what some others may think. With the past 10 years seeing a wave of “patina” and “rat” being used in describing the exterior appearance of builds around the world, it wasn’t long before Oklahoma’s Paul Witty fell


photos by

Patrick Williams

in love with the look for his own wild 1960 Ford Falcon. And on top of satisfying his own taste, it sure does turn a lot of heads, especially since it has a 526-inch Ford big block between the rails and a 14-71 Roots blower poking through the hood! “I have been racing since the day I got my driver’s license,” Witty said with a smile. By age 17, he would take his V6-powered truck down to the midnight drags at the local drag strip in Tulsa

july 2018 | RPM Magazine | july 2018




july 2018 | RPM Magazine

and make passes. As time passed, he found two-wheeled horsepower and built a Honda 954RR into a 10 second street bike. He moved on to the GM brand but returned to his blue oval roots when he bought a 2003 Ford Lightning pickup to modify. After the pickup was demolished in accident, a 2009 GT500 Mustang filled the

void and Witty tuned it up to 750 rwhp and 10-second ETs at the strip. Eventually, the Falcon would enter the picture and would take Witty to a new level, however, he managed to find another 2003 Ford Lightning and build a street rod to fill in for more tame street drives as needed. Witty picked the Falcon up on a trade deal with a friend

back in 2012. “I was doing some work for a buddy,” says Witty, “and the car happened to be sitting in the way. I couldn’t believe its beauty when I saw it, and he offered to let me have it if I would do something with it.” The car was bone stock and was minus the engine and interior. Although solid body wise, the floorpans were pretty much

TETNUS BOOSTER, ANYONE? The combination of wear and tear meets big power is exactly what Paul Witty envisioned with his ’60 Falcon build. Out back, sans rear bumper, the S&W fabricated Ford 9-inch with Strange coilovers is clearly visible, while the massive 14/71 huffer and Enderle injection towers above the hood on the front end of the car.





AVAILABLE AT | july 2018


FALCON GUTS The Falcon cockpit is definitely all to do with the business of going fast. Custom tinwork replaces the factory interior components which were long gone by the time Witty stumbled across the car while doing some work for a friend.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine


gone. “After rolling the car into my garage and gutting it out, I designed a chassis jig out of some lumber and started building,” he added. Witty had some solid insight into building a car from watching his dad progress on his tube chassis ’64 Fairlane, and about six months later his project rolled out of the garage, ready to make some hits. The body is actually all original steel with only minor

modifications to the rear quarter panel openings. The paint, too, is the original offthe-assembly-line 1960 skin that over the years has developed a smooth rusty patina. The ‘paint’, says Witty, draws lots of attention. “I painted the stripe up the hood and had a local artist lay down some sweet old school lines on the hood. All the original glass has been replaced with Lexan, however the doors



H-Series performance bearings have high crush for better seating

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WEATHERED... and quarter windows remain functional.” Witty constructed the mild steel round tube chassis on that jig he built to SFI 25.4 spec and had it NHRA certified to run as quick as 7.50 in the quarter-mile. Power wise, the car started out as a naturally aspirated 572-inch big block Ford running very consistent 8.80s in the quarter, however, as often (actually almost always) happens, that just wasn’t enough. Witty wanted more. He pulled the intake, plumbed up an NOS Fogger system, and started learning how to tune nitrous. “After a couple of burnt pistons, I finally had a handle on it and broke into the 7s,” he said. “I had been telling myself and others for a couple years that the look of the car was

FOUR-DIGIT FORD POWER The Big-n-Ugly towers above the Ford’s engine bay, and Witty peeks around the large injector scoop to see the tree on the starting line. The Roots-blown big block Ford comes in at a tick under 2,000hp! A special Eliminator Products intake was used to mate the A-460 heads to the blower.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine






Chassis Type & Mods: Mild steel round tube chassis built to SFI 25.4 spec and NHRA certified to 7.50 or slower 1/4 mile ET. Suspension: Front suspension is a Strange strut setup with Strange disc brakes. Rear suspension is a 4-link design with anti-roll bar and Strange double adjustable coilovers with Strange disc brakes. Body & Paint: Body is all original steel with only minor modifications to the rear wheel well openings. All glass has been replaced with Lexan including the still functional 1/4 windows. Paint is what remains of original 1960 color with a smooth rusty patina that draws lots of attention. Owner painted the stripe up the hood and had a local artist Gooch Freehand Pinstriping lay down some old school lines on the hood. Engine: 526 cubic inch Big block Ford using an Eliminator Ultra 385 series block to build off of. The A-460 heads are custom ordered pieces from TEA with 2.350IN and 1.880ex valves with CNC 360cc runners. A custom ground COMP cam with .839” was used. Eliminator Products intake that bolts to the A-460 heads and has a top for the Roots blower. Peterson external belt drive oil pump, custom Jeff Johnson 2-piece aluminum oil pan. Enderle 990 fuel pump with -16 AN inlet line to the hat and port nozzles. Rotating Assembly: Rotating assembly by C&C Motorsports with a Velasco billet crank, Venolia aluminum rods and JE pistons with a compression ratio of 11.5:1. Induction & Power Adder: Carbon fiber Big-n-Ugly injector hat with 3-5 1/2-inch butterflies. Littlefield 14/71 Roots blower 30% overdriven, Teflon and Nylatron stripped rotors, retro discharge setting on a custom set back plate. Electronics & Ignition: MSD grid system with 7730 controller and 7720 ignition with a HVC II coil. Taylor 10.4mm race wires. Transmission: Bruno’s BRT convertor drive with a FTI 10-inch pro mod convertor and a Lenco 3 speed transmission. Rear Differential: Strange Ultra Case with 4.11 pro gears and 40-spline axles in a custom fabbed S&W Race Cars Ford 9” housing. Performance: 7.46 @ 186 quarter-mile “peddling off the line with a wounded trans!”



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SPECIAL THANKS “I would like to give a big thanks to my wife and kids for all there help and understanding. There’s not very many times you will see me out without them by my side helping. My dad for all his help and motivation along the way. Thanks to Mark Elliot Fabrication for all your help getting the suspension dialed in to make this thing stick and run straight every pass. Stanley Morton Machine for being always quick and helpful in getting the machine work perfect. Also, all my friends who come to the track to help and support me: Andy, Kason, Turbo, Chris, and any others that have lent a hand. I am extremely proud of the car I have built and appreciate all the fans and followers who dig the car as much as I do.”


ad e R his T

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Tel: 248-362-1145 | july 2018


刀椀瘀攀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀

䴀甀氀琀椀ⴀ䘀甀渀挀琀椀漀渀愀氀 唀渀氀椀洀椀琀攀搀 倀漀猀猀椀戀椀氀椀琀椀攀猀 䄀嘀䄀䬀 䴀愀砀䐀甀琀礀 䘀氀攀砀 吀漀漀氀 䬀椀琀 ∠ ㌀ⴀ椀渀ⴀ㨀 刀椀瘀攀琀Ⰰ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ⬀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀 ∠ 䘀氀攀砀椀戀氀攀 栀愀渀搀氀攀猀 昀漀爀 攀愀猀礀 猀琀漀爀愀最攀      眀椀琀栀漀甀琀 氀漀漀猀椀渀最 愀渀礀 氀攀瘀攀爀愀最攀⸀  ∠ 唀渀椀焀甀攀 儀甀椀挀欀匀眀椀琀挀栀 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀 昀漀爀    爀愀瀀椀搀 昀甀渀挀琀椀漀渀愀氀 挀栀愀渀最攀 ∠ 䠀攀愀瘀礀 搀甀琀礀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀椀渀最 猀琀愀椀渀氀攀猀猀    昀愀猀   昀愀猀琀攀渀攀爀猀 愀渀搀 猀琀爀甀挀琀甀爀愀氀 昀愀猀琀攀渀攀爀猀

刀椀瘀攀琀 ㄀⼀㐀ᴠ ⠀㘀⸀㐀洀洀⤀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 一甀琀 ㄀⼀㈀ᴠ  ⼀ 䴀㄀㈀ 刀椀瘀攀琀 匀琀甀搀 㔀⼀㄀㘀ᴠ ⼀ 䴀㠀 

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刀䤀䐀䜀䔀䜀䄀吀䔀 吀伀伀䰀匀 ☀ 吀䔀䌀䠀

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

just begging for a blower and Big-n-Ugly hat, and last year I was finally able to make that happen.” After the heavy duty transform from nitrous to boost, Witty soon found the week point and changed out

his busted up Powerglide with a Bruno/Lenco setup for 2018. The boosted monster you see here is a 526 cubic inch big block Ford using an Eliminator Ultra 385 series block as a base. The rotating

assembly is a package by C&C Motorsports with a Velasco billet crank, Venolia aluminum rods, and JE pistons that comes in with a compression ratio at 11.5:1. A-460 heads are custom ordered pieces

from TEA with 2.350-inch intake and 1.880-inch exhaust valves and CNC 360 cc runners. A-custom ground COMP cam with a whopping .839-inch lift motivates the valves. The intake is a new release

from Eliminator that bolts to the A-460 heads and has a top for the Roots blower. A Peterson external belt drive oil pump supplies oil from the custom Jeff Johnson two-piece aluminum oil pan and Methanol

...WARRIOR LEGAL...MOSTLY. Note the legit, VALID (until 2019) tag… imagine this pulling alongside on your way to the ice cream shop with the kids! Although this Falcon flies, the wing serves an entirely opposite purpose – to keep the powerful bird of prey grounded at high speeds!

CLASSY CHASSIS The tube chassis was homebuilt by Witty and is certified to SFI 25.4 specifications. | july 2018



HEAT ’EM AND HOOK The pre-forced induction Powerglide transmission was found to be the weak link, so Witty replaced it with a Bruno/Lenco converter drive 3-speed. is pumped off the cam driven Enderle 990 pump from a -16 inlet line to the hat and port nozzles. The Littlefield 14/71 Roots blower with Teflon and Nylatron stripped rotors is 30% overdriven, and bumps


the power number to just a tick under the 2,000 hp mark. Topping everything off is, of course, that carbon Big-nUgly injector hat with 3-5 1/2-inch butterflies. An MSD Grid system with 7730

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

controller and 7720 ignition with a HVC II coil is paired with Taylor 10.4mm race wires. Backing the bad blown big block Ford is a Bruno’s BRT convertor drive with a FTI 10-inch Pro | july 2018



THE FAMILY THAT FLIES TOGETHER... Driving and racing the car is a family affair for Paul.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

Mod converter and a Lenco 3-speed transmission. Out back, a fabricated S&W Race Cars 9-inch is equipped with a Strange Ultra Case, 4.11 pro gears, and 40-spline axles, and is suspended by a 4-link with anti-roll bar and

Strange double adjustable coilovers. Witty runs the car mostly in Outlaw big tire and No Prep heads-up events, and with the new trans there’s no doubt that the car will get even deeper into the 7-second zone, and do so pass after

pass. So if you’re in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and hungry for something on the wild side that’s a bit outside the box, check out Paul Witty’s weathered 1960 Falcon. But be warned: appearances can be very misleading. | february2018


story by

Toby B rooks photos by

E thereal F ilm P hotography



cary. Demonic. Evil. Just the mere mention of the word demon is enough to send shivers down a grown man’s spine. The supernatural being long thought to be a tormentor in hell or a minion of Satan himself is more than just a terrifying figure in both religion and the occult. Less other-worldly, the Demon was also once a variant of the Dodge Dart. Available in 1971 and 1972, the car was essentially a Dodge Duster with Dodge Dart front sheetmetal and was marketed as a performance offering with an available 340 ci small-block pushing 275 hp (dropping off to 240 hp due to emissions restrictions for 1972). With the

brief two-year run, the Demon came and went, making it a relatively rare blip in Mopar history. That scarcity is precisely what makes a solid Demon still heavily sought after in the street machine market even today, and it is precisely the reason Terry, Mississippi-based body and paint shop owner Michael Strahan decided his most recent creation would be based on the sleek A-body. “I’ve been racing and working on cars for 35 years,” Strahan said. “I’m a die-hard Mopar fan, so I knew right up front it had to be a Mopar,” he added. And like most of us, the longer we are in the game, the more we begin to understand exactly what we want for that next build. “I wanted it to be competi-

THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS Just the fact that it is a legit Dodge Demon makes Strahan’s build unique, since the classic Mopar body style was only produced for two years. But what truly sets this build apart is the craftsmanship and attention to fit and finish all the way around.


july2018 | RPM Magazine | july2018


tive, lightweight, and powered by a blown Hemi,� he said. Sounds like a pretty good formula for success to us, Michael. First up, Strahan oversaw the building of the massive 526 ci Keith Black Hemi mill. A 4.25-inch


july2018 | RPM Magazine

stroke Sonny Bryant billet crank was partnered with GRP 7.10-inch aluminum rods and Diamond 11.7:1 compression pistons, while a COMP solid roller cam was selected to manage the valvetrain. A Keith Black gear drive spins the

cam while Smith Brothers moly pushrods articulate with the top end, where BAE Stage 5 aluminum heads have been fitted with BAE Stage 5 1.5 Red roller rocker arms. Induction is nothing new-agey or cutting-edge, but rather the


LOW DOWN DIRTY DEMON The wicked stance is courtesy of a full chromoly 25.1-spec Wizard Race Cars tube chassis with Strange struts up front and a custom 4-link out back. Rolling stock consists of spindle mount Weld Racing skinnys up front and massive16x16 double beadlocked Spin Werks wheels with Mickey Thompson tires in rear. | july2018



BIG, BAD, and BLOWN A 2,000-horse 526 ci Keith Black Hemi now sits between the fabricated strut bars. The elephant motor breathes easily with BAE Stage 5 aluminum heads and a massive 14/71 Littlefield supercharger spun at 30over, and the Enderle injection setup ensures that the MSD-sparked fires are well fed.


july2018 | RPM Magazine

tried-and-true 14/71 Littlefield high-helix blower with Enderle 990 mechanical injection and a Big-n-Ugly scoop. The sinister black finish does add additional cool factor, but the big blower, overdriven by 33%, is far from being just for show.

Ignition for the Elephant motor consists of an MSD Pro Mag 44 with an MSD 7730 Grid controller. Exhaust is handled by a pair of 2.5-inch nickel-plated zoomies fabricated by the crew at Wizard Race Cars in Holden, Louisiana (more on Wizard

later). Backing the KB is a Bruno/ Lenco automatic transmission that features a Bruno billet valve body and a BTE 6,000 rpm-stall converter. A PST carbon fiber driveshaft sends the power back to the custom fabricated 9.5-inch rear that has been loaded up with a | july2018



july2018 | RPM Magazine

POSSESSION MICHAEL STRAHAN’S 1971 DODGE DEMON Chassis Type & Mods: SFI 25.1-spec chromoly full tube chassis by Wizard Race Cars. Suspension & Brakes: FRONT: Strange struts with single-adjustable shocks and Wilwood disc brakes. REAR: Custom 4-link with Strange double-adjustable shocks and Wilwood disc brakes. Body & Paint: Factory steel cowl, roof, rockers, quarter panels, and rear body. Fiberglass rear bumper, doors, hood, and front clip by Glass Tek. Painted and prepped by Custom Paint & Fabrication with graphics by Paul Miller at Killer Airbrush Design. PPG Radiance Pure Gold with satin black stripe and red, white, and gray highlights. Custom fabricated rear spoiler by Wizard Race Cars. Engine: 526 ci Keith Black Hemi with BAE Stage 5 aluminum Fat Head cylinder heads with Stage 5 1.5 red roller rocker arms. Bryant 4.25-inch stroke crankshaft with GRP 7.10-inch billet connecting rods and Diamond 11.7:1 compression pistons. COMP solid roller camshaft (.785 intake/.760 exhaust) with COMP roller lifters and Smith Brothers chromoly pushrods. ARP studs and fasteners throughout. Dan Olson aluminum oil pan with 12-quart oiling system. Keith Black gear drive. Induction & Fuel Delivery: Enderle 990 mechanical injection system. Power Adder: 14/71 Littlefield high-helix supercharger overdriven 33%. Electronics & Ignition: MSD Pro Mag 44 with MSD 7730 Grid box. Exhaust: Custom Wizard Race Cars-fabricated 2.5-inch nickel-plated zoomie headers. Transmission & Driveline: Bruno/Lenco automatic transmission with 1.48 first gear/1.11 second gear. BTE 6,000 rpm stall converter. Mezeire billet flexplate. PST carbon fiber driveshaft. Differential: Mark Williams fabricated 9.5-inch housing with full floater and 40-spline axles. 4.57 gears. Tires & Wheels: FRONT: 18x3.5 Weld Racing wheels with 26x4.5-18 tires. REAR: 16x16 Spin Werks double-beadlocked wheels with 34.5x17-16 tires. Performance: We’ll see…brand spankin’ new build!


SO SMOOTH Mark Williams floater, 40-spline axles, and 4.57 gears. Chassis and suspension on the Dodge were adeptly handled by Wizard Race Cars, starting with an SFI-certified 25.1-spec full tube chromoly skeleton outfitted with Strange single-adjustable struts up front and a custom 4-link with Strange double-adjustable shocks out

back. Workmanship on the car is off the charts, and attention to detail rivals that of any concours-caliber show car. Rolling stock for the Demon consists of a pair of spindle-mount polished Weld Racing 18x3 wheels with 25-inch tires up front and massive 16x16 polished double beadlocked Spin Werks hoops with 34.5x17-16 tires out back. Stopping

No wrap here! Show car-quality metallic gold paint is accented by cool factory-style graphics and a number of trick airbrushed and hand-applied details. Meanwhile, raceonly tricks like Lexan windows prove this Mopar isn’t just a beauty queen.


The largest cap on the market!

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268 Geiger Road • Philadelphia , PA 19115 Phone: (215) 969-3550 Fax: (215) 969-3548 Email: | july2018



chores are handled by a matched set of 4-piston disc brakes perched on each corner. Paint and body was handled by Strahan’s own Custom Paint & Fabrication. Beginning with factory steel roof, rear quarters, rockers, and rear body, the


CPF team seamlessly integrated Glass Tek replacement fiberglass pieces, including the hood, front clip, doors, and bumpers before prepping and spraying the entire car with a timeless PPG Radiance Pure Gold. Satin black was used for a factory-style side stripe and hood black-

july2018 | RPM Magazine

FLAWLESS EXECUTION The details on the Demon don’t stop inside, where the carbon fiber and chromoly cockpit have been expertly fabbed to perfection by the Wizard crew. High tech pieces like a Racepak digital dash and data logger system, Pro Cube II delay box, and an MSD Grid ignition have been cleanly installed for troublefree operation, and a full complement of DJ Safety equipment keeps Strahan protected from harm. | july2018



july2018 | RPM Magazine

POSSESSION out treatment before Paul Miller of Killer Airbrush Design added a number of cool touches throughout the build. The car was also outfitted with lightweight Lexan replacement windows and a custom fabricated rear wing was added by Wizard Race Cars to finish the exterior off. Inside, this minion of the devil is all business, featuring a single carbon fiber seat by Wizard along with a full complement of safety equipment from DJ Safety. A Speedwire system was integrated with a Racepak digital dash and V300 data logger to keep tabs on performance data run after run. Wizard also handled the super clean install of the full carbon

fiber interior, including tubs, floor, trunk, and door panels. In total, the build took three years but Strahan is thrilled with the end result. In fact, the car is so new, that our photoshoot took place just as the crew at Wizard was finishing the last few details before Strahan came to pick it up and it has yet to make its first pass down the track. Hopes are high that the brand spanking-new Demon will be fully sorted and competitive quickly as Strahan races it at a variety of regional tracks this summer and beyond. So competitors, you are officially on notice: this Demon will soon be flying like a bat out of hell!

800-626-1828 Bill Taylor Enterprises 2 Memphis Avenue • Mt. Pleasant, MS 38649 Some Parts Not Legal for Sale or Use on Pollution-Controlled Vehicles


Top Sportsman / Top Dragster FEATURES: New BTE Magnum SFI Approved Case, Ringless Vasco Turbo Spline Input Shaft, Mega Racing Band, Two Ring Servo, Performance Servo Spring, Coated Deep Aluminum Pan, BTE Straight Cut Gear set (Available in 1.80, 1.98, and 1.69 ratios), Roller Tail housing/Rear Cover, New BTE High Volume Pump, Roller Governor Support, 10 clutch drum, BTE Top Sportsman High Pressure Transbrake Valve body, Dyno-tested.

$359599 Bracket Powerglide FEATURES: 1.76 Gear set with 4340 forged output shaft and housing, Steel Clutch Hub w/ 5 clutch pack, Rebuilt Pump, Two ring servo, BTE Bracket Transbrake Valve body, Kevlar lined Band, Dyno-tested.

$84995 | july2018


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o matter what your brand preference, there’s no denying that the Mustang is one of the top choices to modify for street or strip. And this 2004 turbo’d

Coyote swap Stang of Arizona’s Phillip Barrentine is a solid contender in the AZ street car race scene, running in 28x10.5 non-W drags, no prep classes as well as list races in AZ, where he sits #4 on the list. It was nine years

ago when Barrentine found his pristine ’04 Stang, and it had just 30,000 miles on it. Barely broken in. Coincidentally, it was nine years ago when he also started racing. I mean, who doesn’t buy a Mustang and almost immediately hit

the dragstrip with it? As with most, Barrentine quickly became bored with the power of the car and started in on mods. As time passed and the need for speed grew and grew, instead of swapping out his beloved Mustang for

With Pro Line Racing Engines and Diamond pistons, Q80 Racing team resets quarter-mile doorslammer record at 5.46 seconds and 272mph “Diamond’s contributions have been invaluable.” Doug Patton, Pro Line Racing Engines

Diamond’s turbo pistons make big power and combat heat and pressure. • Forged from 2618 aluminum with Herculean pin bosses that accomodate tough TP-1 or H13 tool steel piston pins • Lower skirt rigidity maintained by full-circumference designs that boast the strongest-known stiffening ribs • Hard-coat anodizing, ceramic crowns, and moly skirt coatings available • Fastest turnaround time on custom pistons Questions? Knowledgeable Tech Support: M-F, 9AM-5PM EST


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

Call today: 586.792.6620 or visit

story by

Stan Smith

photos by

Will McDougle | july 2018



Aside from the ’glass cowl hood, this horse looks tame from the front.

something quicker and faster, Phillip stuck with the car he wanted – and the first car he ever went down the dragstrip in – instead, he swapped the motor. Barrentine just couldn’t bring himself to do the now popular LS swap, and instead went with a Ford Coyote, and added in a whole bunch of boost. From the outside, especially running the small tire, the Mustang looks stock, but a closer look reveals that the

car was definitely purpose built. It still has its factory bright red paint, but a hot rod flat black painted 4-inch cowl fiberglass hood was added. Along with the chassis being stiffened as needed, a rollcage certified for 8.50 ETs in the ¼-mile was fabricated, installed and painted Plum Crazy purple by Jesse Fishel out of Tucson. Even though the plan was to run a smaller “non W” tire, Barrentine still felt it was best to

Soft Line Kits Now Available!

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Our kits have options for different solenoids, nozzles, and jets because we know every racecar is NOT the same!

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july 2018 | RPM Magazine



…and then there’s the chute hangin’ off the back. | july 2018



This Stang was built for small tire racing along with no prep style events.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

go with a mini tub and in doing so sacrificed the rear seat of the car. Most of the non-essential factory interior parts were tossed with the exception of the factory dash, however, only the dash skeleton remains and all functions have been moved to a center console that sits beside the driver. A pair of race buckets replace the cushy factory seats as Barrentine didn’t plan on many cross country drives.

Front suspension was swapped out for a complete rundown of Team Z stuff including k-member, a-arms and caster camber plates, and Strange 10 way adjustable struts and a Flaming River steering rack were also used. Out back, a coilover conversion was completed and Strange shocks are bolted to a fortified 8.8 differential with 33 spline axles, spool, 4.30 gears and Strange brakes.


Barrentine lines up to test the latest mods. That massive turbo is tough to hide!

Chassis Engineering’s Four-Link Suspension and Subframe Kits

(Square & Round Tube Avilable) • Mandrel bent 2” X 3” frame rails, .083” or .120” • 1-3/4” x .134” round tube rails • 1-3/4” or 1-5/8” x .083” chromoly rails • Adjustable lower shock mounts • Strange Engineering aluminum coil overs with springs • Four-link of your choice • 4130 chromoly rod ends • Drive shaft loop • Bolt-on diagonal link • Upper shock cross member

NOTES: Rear end housing not included. Fabricated 9” and Dana housings available. Available welded or unwelded.

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The chassis prof30esyesioarnas ls for over

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A little photo editing by ace shooter Will McDougle shows what’s lurking under the hood. There’s no hiding that big turbo!

Originally, the 2004 Stang would have been powered by a Ford Modular or “mod” motor, however, the newer Coyote platform quickly became known for building big power, being tough, and not costing an arm and leg to do so—so that was the only way to go for Barrentine.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

A stock 2013 Coyote block was sleeved with Darton sleeves with braced deck support. Mahle 10.1 pistons are pinned to billet I-beam Oliver rods that rotate on a factory forged crank. Oil squirter block off/ deletes were installed and ARP mains and head studs were used.

Locked-out Boss 302 cams were installed and stock 2011-14 heads were ported by Bret Barber at Racers’ Edge and assembled with +1mm Ferrea valves and springs and Manley tool steel retainers. Air Flow Solutions ported the Holley EFI intake manifold. All machine | july 2018




Barrentine chose to keep his Ford all Ford and go with a Coyote swap, then added some serious boost. The absolutely cool Holley EFI intake was ported by Air Flow Solutions, while the turbo system was designed and built by Jeremy Staggs at Big Time Custom & Performance in Tucson, AZ.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine


If you look really close you can see the fans and rad placed flat/down-facing at the front right of the engine compartment. work was done by Racers Edge in Tucson, however, Barrentine himself assembled the engine. A single 76mm/96 billet

wheel Borg Warner T6 1.32 AR turbo pumps copious amounts boost through the small block and the system was designed

and built by close friend and shop owner Jeremy Staggs at Big Time Custom & Performance in Tucson. A Vasco two-

speed Powerglide with PTC 9-inch converter built by Mike’s Transmissions backs the boosted mill and a Holley HP EFI

system was installed on the car with cO2 boost. “It’s actually pretty much plug and play, and pretty simple,” Barrentine said




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The interior was stripped of stuff that was just taking up space or adding weight, or both! The molded factory dash is just a skeleton and most of the buttons and switches and have been moved to a center console sitting behind the TCI billet ratchet shifter. Out back is clean as can be without the backseat in the way.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

of the car’s electronics. Over the course of building the car, Barrentine has had a lot of support. “My sponsors are not just sponsors but they are my friends

that have helped build the car from the beginning,” he added. “I’d like to thank SNP Innovations Gabe Salazar, Big Time Custom & Performance and Customs

Jeremy Staggs, Racers Edge Bret Barber, Mikes Transmissions Mike Stewart, Justin Woolison, Jesse Fishel and Stephen Hughes. Keeping in mind that Barrentine runs


The Mustang is plated and ready for street drives or strip drives. Without the front grille installed, not much is left to the imagination.

Chassis: 8.50-certified cage. Factory firewall with tube front end. Rear mini tub. Fuel cell mounted under the trunk with sheet metal floor by Justin Woolison. Suspension: Team Z front suspension including K-member, A-arms, and caster/camber plates. Strange 10-way struts and Flaming River steering rack. Rear coil over conversion. Body & Paint: Factory red paint with a hot rod flat black painted 4-inch cowl hood. Plum crazy purple painted engine bay and cage, flat black floor. All paint work done by Jesse Fishel. Engine: Coyote swap. 2013 Coyote block. Darton sleeved with braced deck support, oil squirter deletes, ARP head studs ARP main studs, Mahle 10:1 pistons, billet I-beam Oliver rods and factory forged crank. MMR crank billet trigger. MMR rear main billet cover. Locked out Boss 302 cams intake and exhaust. Air Flow Solutions ported Holley intake manifold. All machine work was done by Racers’ Edge in Tucson. Owner assembled. Power Adder: Single 76/96 billet wheel Borg Warner T6 1.32 AR turbo. Turbo kit was designed and built by Jeremy Staggs at Big Time Custom & Performance in Tucson, AZ. Electronics & Ignition: Plug-and-play Holley HP EFI system with c02 boost control tuned by SNP Innovations/Gabe Salazar. Transmission: Vasco two speed Powerglide with 9 inch PTC converter built by Mikes Transmissions.. Differential: 8.8 differential with 33-spline axles, spool and 4.30 gears. Strange brakes. Performance: 5.60 @ 127mp in the eighth-mile (“tomorrow that will change though…”). Division/Class Run: Small tire 28x10.5 non-W, no prep classes as well as list races hosted by AZ no prep where Barrentine sits #4 on the list. | july 2018



The Stang has no problem running mid 5-second ETs in the eighth… but when the clocks are off it’s anybody’s guess. A 28 x 10.5 (no W here) Mickey Thompson ET Drag slick just barely fills the wheelwell of the Mustang.

a lot of no-time events, (so basically you can take numbers with a grain of salt) he told us that his quickest eighth-mile hit to date in the Mustang is 5.60 at 127, but he also quickly added, “tomorrow that will change!”

It’s not a secret anymore!

The Strongest Pushrods in the World!

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july 2018 | RPM Magazine


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SPEED READING story and photos by

Chuck Scott

>>We perform the quickest and simplest RPM Magazine install project to date


nybody who has ever driven a car with a simple suction cup to the windshield GPS unit has been struck by how accurate the GPS MPH reading is compared to

the car’s speedometer. If your GPS displays a different speed from your car’s speedometer, you had better not rely on your car’s reading to keep from getting a ticket, because it’s the one that’s wrong. Our

friends at Holley EFI have taken the simplicity of GPS based speed and made it plug and play for the Holley EFI 7-inch touchscreen dash. There’s not a lot I can tell you about this little device except that



july 2018 | RPM Magazine

it works. If you have a Holley dash unit and want the easiest way to monitor vehicle speed, you’ve found it. We already have a driveshaft sensor and even a front wheel speed senor on the project car,



1: The directions tell you to stick the magnetic base GPS antenna on your roof or anywhere that has a clear sight of the sky. Since the 4 Lug Thug is a convertible, we decided to stick it on the cowl panel. A slot was drilled into the Bondo- filled cowl panel wide enough to fit the USB plug through.

2 3

2 & 3: Some urethane bumper repair was mixed up to fill the hole back in around the wire. We used the bumper repair filler mainly because there was some in the paint cabinet and it looked like it would work.

but a plug and play GPS that can also display your longitude and latitude, direction of travel, elevation and speed for $62, how could we not plug one in?


4: Now that the USB cable from the GPS antenna was routed inside the car, I located one of the 2 USB plugs from the Holley EFI 7-inch touchscreen display and plugged the GPS cable into it. Installation complete! | july 2018


RPM PROJECT CAR 6: If you have an earlier version of the dash firmware, you may need to update it to allow the GPS to be active. To do that, you will need to download the latest version from the Holley website onto a USB memory stick and upload it to the dash unit by Holley’s instructions. Ours didn’t need anything to start working. I just turned it on in the dash’s menu. To do that, I entered the menu screen and selected “configuration.”

5 5: With the USB antenna connected, you can now reinstall the touch panel and move on to configuring the system for your new added GPS functionality. Just hit the “menu” button on the touch panel to begin.






Fastener Kit

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1981 - 1987 CUTLASS


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#192: Harwood 10- piece quarter-turn kit is ideal for installing lift-off hoods, deck lids, front ends, etc.






$604 LIFT-OFF #20101: $368

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#B12501: $572


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

C L E A R OR T I N T E D ( G R E Y ) Tinted not available for Windshields

BUMPER WITH 3” SPOILER #23050: $298


World’s Fastest Door Slammers Rely On Crane cams

Wooo Nation's Keith Berry drove his Z06 Corvette to victory at the 2016 “Lights Out 7” event at South Georgia Motorsport Park. His 4.500 inch bore-space, Small Block Chevy engine was built by Pro Line Racing LLC, using a Crane Cams custom-made, tool steel WoooDoo WoooDooo™ Cam.

MATCH-UP ulti THE ultimate Tool Steel Cams

8620 Steel Billet Cams

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Through hardened heat treat For 4.500”–5.300” bore spacing Any journal size, any firing order Resistant to surface wear, twist and deflection • Ability to withstand high loads

• Lightest, strongest, most ratio-accurate • Stud mounted • Built from extruded aluminum billet • Full-roller fulcrum • Heat treated steel roller tip

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Copper plated carburized steel Custom profiles available Standard or large journal sizes Precision ground to close tolerances • Standard or special firing order

• Heavy duty roller wheels • Drop-in vertical tie bar • Precision matched needle bearings • Surface finished billet 8620 steel body • Bearing Focused Oiling™ | july 2018


7 7 & 8: Next, I selected “Dash Configuration” then picked the “vehicle” tab at the top. In the section labeled “Speed/ Odometer Source.” I chose “GPS Speed” from the drop down. Hit “OK” and any factory Holley preset screen with an odometer came alive from the GPS signal.



july 2018 | RPM Magazine



9 & 10: To add your speed on other screens that do not already have an odometer or to add other GPS info like elevation, you can just add a gauge to any screen using the “customize� option from the menu. Then go to the screen you want to add the gauge and touch any open space on the screen to do so.


12 11, 12, & 13: Now that the GPS has been activated, the GPS options will be in your list of values to monitor. Choose what you want and then what type of gauge you want it to be. Here, I picked digital for a simple numbers only display. Analog or Bargraph would make cool odometers too if you have room.

13 | july 2018




16 14, 15, & 16: Once the new gauge is added, you can touch it to move its location on the screen or customize it to change the size, what the display reads, the color of the foreground or background, and more. The customization is near limitless. You can even upload your Holley EFI own backgrounds if you really want to get creative. 866.464.6553


Competition Series Racing Module Assemblies are designed for drag racing. Scirocco–Style Modules are engineered and designed for the Professional and Sportsman racer alike. Featherweight Racing Module Assemblies are built for Sportsman and Bracket racers using a super lightweight radiator that features a 1� core.



july 2018 | RPM Magazine

1.800.691.2667 | | july 2018







story and photos by

Chuck Scott

>>We add eight wideband O2 sensors and eight EGTs from Innovate Motorsports to Project 4 Lug Thug’s Holley Dominator EFI system


n heads-up drag racing, data is king. The smallest detail could be the difference in a fast car and a pile of destroyed parts. With 4 Lug’s small block nitrous motor, we shove a good bit of nitrous down the intake manifold with a simple plate system but have complete control over the fuel and timing in every cylinder with the

Holley Dominator EFI. We can go in and add or take away fuel and timing in each hole at any point of a pass. With all of that potential control, how can we know when to do what to keep the motor happy? We do what nitrous racers do: we read the plugs after each pass. To get an accurate read on our plugs, we have to tow the car to the lanes with new

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of hot lap race nights. With 30 minutes or less at times to get the car towed back to our pit and back to the lanes for the next round, there isn’t much time to get the headers cooled off enough to swap out all the plugs and make tuning changes. Fortunately, Project 4 Lug Thug is equipped with Holley Dominator EFI with more channels of data logging than any For more information visit


plugs, do the burnout and make the pass, shut the car off at the stripe, tow it back to the pits and pull all the plugs. Doing that old tried and true data collection costs 8 plugs per pass at about $15 per pass for fresh plugs. Then there is the question of what part of the run does the plug reading show: the end, the average or the cumulative? Then we get to our frequent issue

1 1: The first task is to find a suitable location for each oxygen sensor. The trick here is to find a spot for each one that is close to an equal distance from the cylinder head but doesn’t block access to the spark plugs. You also must mount the sensors in the tops of the pipes (between the 9:00 & 3:00 position) so that condensation doesn’t settle on the sensor inside the pipe. I marked each sensor location with a marker so Matt Goins at Tick Performance can weld in the mounting bungs.

2 2: The EGT sensors need to be as close to the head as possible but putting them at the top isn’t necessary since condensation doesn’t bother EGTs. Up top at the header flanges would definitely hurt spark plug access so ours will have to go underneath. 3: My stainless TIG skills have much to be improved and a single pinhole in the weld can result in skewed AFR readings. So luckily my racing buddies at Tick Performance aren’t far away across the state line in Mount Airy North Carolina. Matt Goins, owner and driver of the Step Child Camaro (quickest Ysi blown car on earth) easily TIGed all 16 bungs to Thug’s wild headers. I told Matt there was no need to backpurge, since the entire headers were built without back-purge already, so Matt made quick work of the job.

3 racer could ever use. We already have a wideband sensor after the collectors on each side but there are just two wideband controllers built into the Dominator. So what to do if we want one in every primary pipe? Innovate Motorsports

has their very popular wideband controller, the LC-2. I used its predecessor, the LC-1, more than 15 years ago. The LC-2 is used by a wide variety of car enthusiasts to monitor every type of engine imaginable and either displayed on

an Innovate gauge or logged with Innovate’s own data logging software. We are going to use eight of them and use the LC-2’s 5v analog output to send the information to the Holley EFI internal data logger. We can even set | july 2018




4 4 & 5: It’s always a treat to drop in on the guys at Tick since they are always up to something cool. With Matt’s fabrication skills and their CNC machining capabilities, they are constantly making cool parts for their customers. When I was there, owner Jonathan Atkins was tuning a new Camaro on the dyno. Sitting high and proud, I spied a Tick crafted intake mounted air to water intercooler. The intercooler sandwiches between the upper and lower sections of a Holley LS manifold.


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warning outputs to alert the driver to overly lean or rich conditions, or use it to trigger other functions in the Dominator like timing retards or to shut off the nitrous to avoid engine damage. So if we have oxygen sensors on every cylinder, why would we need exhaust gas temperature sensors? Although EGTs can indicate fueling, it isn’t a very reliable way to tune fuel. Timing will also affect the temperature of the exhaust. Let’s say you have a cold cylinder, is it because the timing is high and less fuel

is burning in the pipe, is it because the tune is rich and the extra fuel is cooling the cylinder or is it really lean and not making enough power to make any heat? If you have O2 sensors in each pipe we can take the fuel variables out by either answering that it’s rich or lean. Even better, if the fueling is right, we can get an idea about our timing. With O2 sensors and EGTs together we can watch for changes once the tune is dialed in with the help of plug reading. Maybe to the point of rarely having to pull plugs, or not at all.


6 6, 7, & 8: The HBX-1 from Innovate Motorsports is an O2 extender/heat sink that protects the oxygen sensor from the extreme heat of the exhaust. They become necessary when the sensor is mounted closer to the head for quicker response and especially from the lit candles of a nitrous car. The Bosch oxygen sensor is designed to operate with exhaust gasses less than 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and with less than 900 degrees at the sensor housing. Any hotter will cause an error signal and can even damage the sensor. The HBX-1 takes the sensor out of the direct heat and helps dissipate the heat in the sensor housing to the outside air. When welding the bungs onto the exhaust, you must clock the bung so that when the HBX-1 is installed, the dot on the wrench hex points at the incoming exhaust flow. This puts the inlet hole of the HBX-1 into the incoming gasses. It goes in this hole and exits the bottom allowing the O2 sensor to taste the exhaust.

‘14 - ‘17 C7 ZO6





7 ‘14 - ‘17 C OR S


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9 9: Matt put the EGT bungs right at the header flanges on the bottom side. This will keep them out of the way and since they don’t need maintenance or calibration, they can stay tucked away out of sight. allowing the O2 sensor to taste the exhaust.

10, 11, & 12: It is important to set the depth of the EGT probes all the same for accurate temperature comparisons. We are leaving them slightly under full tight until they are on the car so they can be turned for best clearance, so a mark was put at each nut on the probes (once the depth is set) so we can make sure they are the same once they are tightened down in the car.


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JE_BBC_RPM_2015_Layout 1 8/11/15 2:29 PM Page 1

13: I like to use a label maker to identify every cable by the cylinder number but on the EGT leads a permanent marker pen is used on the very ends since that’s all that will be peeking out of the mounting board.

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7 1 4 - 8 9 8 - 9 7 6 3 • i n f o @ j e p i s t o n s . c o m • w w w. j e p i s t o n s . c o m

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RPM PROJECT CAR 14: We need pretty big holes to pass the connectors for the wideband O2 sensors through the firewall so we used a pair of Earl’s Seals-It grommets on each side of the motor to keep the firewall sealed off. Even though they have a smaller hole, they stretch plenty big enough to pass through the larger connectors and then tighten back up around the four wideband cables and four EGT leads each.


15: Adding a gaggle of widebands to the project car is like Christmas in June. With the eight Innovate sensors for the individual primary tubes and then the two Holley NTK widebands after each collector, we have a total of 10 oxygen sensors on the car. The ECU will still use the two main sensors to make closed loop corrections, but we will also have emergency fail safe outputs triggered by the eight individual cylinder sensors in case something goes wrong with an injector.


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16: To control the eight EGT sensors, we use two of the Innovate Motorsports TC-4 Plus 4-channel thermocouple amplifiers. These are available as a kit that includes the four EGT sensors. We used two kits to cover all eight cylinders. The TC-4 Plus can send out the data signal through the serial in and out to other Innovate products or in our case, four analog 5v outputs of the Holley Dominator ECU. A piece of ABS plastic is cut and bent to fill the unused real estate hidden by the car’s dash. On the square of ABS also resides a terminal strip and ground bus bar.


17: Instead of traditional relays supplying power for the eight wideband controllers and two 4-channel thermocouple amplifiers, we went with MSD’s 4-output solid state relay. A solid state relay provides remote switching like a traditional relay but without any internal moving parts and associated flyback voltage. Solid state relays also react quicker, allowing them to be pulse-width modulated like by a progressive nitrous controller. The MSD unit is super handy with a single power in and four outs that can be switched by either power or ground. There is built-in overload protection with status LEDs. If the overload is thrown, you simply cycle the switched input to reset. Each of the four outputs are good to 20 amps each. If these would have been available when we wired the car, we would have used a couple of them instead of the relay panel and separate single solid state relays for the nitrous system for a more compact wiring layout.


18: The MSD solid state relay and eight Innovate wideband controllers were mounted on another sheet of ABS plastic that will go above the cage dash bar. On the backside of the LC-2 wideband board, the serial in and out cables are tied up since they won’t be used and the cables that connect to the O2 sensors are directed to the corner where the sensor cables will connect. | july 2018



20: Every cable on each end is labeled so there is no chance any will get mixed up. Imagine seeing that cylinder 6 is too rich and you pull fuel out but the cable was switched with cylinder 7 so you lean out the wrong hole.


19: Most of the wiring was done sitting at my desk before it was taken out to the shop. The LC-2 controllers come with a long sleeved cable containing the power, ground and two 5v output wires. Since we were mounting them all together almost all of the cable sleeve was removed and each wire ran to its destination on the board. The extra brown 5v output wire will not be used so it is clipped short and will be taped off so they don’t contact anything. The yellow 5v output wires will be routed to the terminal strip on the other board where they will meet with the Holley EFI wiring harness.


21: To take advantage of all the inputs and outputs of the Holley Dominator, you have to have connectors for the additional ECU receptacles. Before, we were only using the Dominator’s J1 and J2 input and output ports. To add 16 more channels of 5v logging we picked up the necessary J3 and J4 harness kits from Holley. We used eight unused pinned wires from the J4 harness kit to pin out the J3 connector for the eight O2 sensor signal wires and used the J4 harness for the eight EGT signal 5v inputs. That still leaves us with a few more inputs open in each connector and a bunch of outputs that can be controlled by the Dominator. The bonus is that also gave us the multi-map selector switch. The 4-position keyed switch lets you select from four different tunes before start up. Say you are in the lanes and the car before you spins. You can flip the switch to a less aggressive pre-saved tune before firing up to do your burnout. Pretty trick stuff!

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21 | july 2018




22: Instead of using the same power cables that feed the relay board, fuse panel, and other accessories, we ran a dedicated 8-gauge power and ground all the way back to the GO Lithium batteries that will only be used on the Innovate LC-2s and TC-4 Plus boxes. Not sharing power and ground cables with noise producing devices cuts down on chances of interference.


july 2018 | RPM Magazine

23: The 2 pre-wired ABS panels are installed in the last remaining space behind the dash and the rest of the wiring job can be completed. With the dash easily removed with 2 Quik-Latch minis, the wiring can be comfortably done siting in the passenger seat.

24: I had originally planned to use the terminal strip to connect both the LC-2s and the TC-4s’ 5v outputs to the Holley EFI harnesses. While I was hooking them up I realized I didn’t need it for the TC-4 boxes since they have their own terminals. I removed eight of the sections from the terminal strip and scooted it over to the right some. This saved space and cut down on connections. The terminals on the TC-4s are tightened down with a small flat head screw driver.




TSV Technology

25: While it may look like Darth Vader’s bathroom, the car’s electronics are wired quite simple so that changes and troubleshooting can be easily done.

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RPM PROJECT CAR 27: Under the hood, the LC-2 wideband connectors are held in place by brackets made from aluminum flat stock. The cables on the sensors will reach inside the car but the sensors need to be calibrated regularly in racing applications so it is easier to have them where they can be disconnected easily and the sensors can be removed from the headers without having to twist the cable up when you unscrew them from the bungs.



26:In 18 seconds flat, the VFN dash can be popped on and everything is covered except the Holley 7-inch touchscreen display. 28 & 29: You aren’t supposed to cut the O2 sensor wires to shorten the cables but we didn’t want the extra length coiled up in the engine bay. So we removed the heat resistant wire cover past the high heat area of the headers and folded the extra wire up to the right length. Fabric friction tape was used to wrap the wires up tight. Now we can easily perform the free air calibration by just snipping a couple zip ties and removing the sensors.




Stay tuned next month when we show you how to set up the inputs for the eight new Innovate

july 2018 | RPM Magazine

Motorsports wideband O2 sensors and EGTs in the Holley EFI software, and put it all to good use.


Innovate Motorsports 800.348.3037

Holley EFI 866.464.6553

MSD Performance 888.258.3835 | july 2018



1: After three solid months in our shop attending to piddly details on the front end and door handles, we loaded our project car up for a 25+ hour haul to Dayton, Ohio. Although the trip was long, we finally arrived and left the car in the capable hands of pro street legend Scott Sullivan.


PART 44 >>Tinkering on the little stuff sure can take a lot of time!



f you’ve been trying to follow our pro street Mustang build in the pages of RPM, you know it has been a quiet few months since the last time we checked in. Back in April, not much had been going on since bringing the car back to our shop in December. As with any project of this magnitude,

story by

sometimes it is necessary to take a step back, re-evaluate, and allow the pocketbook just a moment to catch its breath before going on to the next step of the build, and that’s precisely what we’ve been doing. However, in the meantime, there were a few odds and ends that needed attention and required a little more

some thought and some time, so we decided to give them a stab before loading the car up and heading east for body and paint. The first order of business was to remount the once-flipoff front end using a sleeved Delrin mount. The treework for the front end was largely rebuilt except for the front-most nose

Toby Brooks

piece, and new mounts for the hood hinges were crafted using pieces designed in-house and cut at Caprock Cutting Solutions. The cool laser-cut pieces add style and are relatively lightweight, and after the treework and fenders are finished, the front clip will remove with just four quick pins and four

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TOLL FREE 1-877-469-7440 LOKAR.COM (865) 824-9767 • FAX (865) 824-9761 • CATALOG@LOKAR.COM • TECH@LOKAR.COM


2: Our first attempt to re-engineer the front clip mount just beneath the radiator was a failure. We sourced these black anodized billet aluminum handlebar brackets off eBay thinking they would look cool while allowing plenty of adjustability for proper gapping, etc. Unfortunately, they not only looked clunky and out of place, they were clearly too puny for the job we had in mind. Back to the drawing board.


3: With a more durable solution in mind, we designed these double-shear lower tabs using drawing software and had Caprock Cutting Solutions cut them out on their laser table. The brackets will weld to the lower tree mount and then bolt to a male “spear” that will then slide into the lower frame rail tubes. We had a local machine shop turn down some Delrin bushings to ensure a quiet, scratch-free install when putting the nose in place.



4: The new lower brackets are laser cut with the Horse’s angry eyes, and although they will be mostly covered by the 2013-2014 Ford Mustang fascia, they add a cool look that is less obtrusive than anything else we’ve tried. Here you can also see the upper treework completed and the hinge mounts for the RingBrothers billet hood hinges loosely bolted up.

5, 6, & 7: Braddy’s Custom had already handled the body work to graft in the donor sheetmetal from a Fiat Barchetta for the unique door handles, but we still needed to get them to actually operate the door. Using our Miller Syncrowave 210, we welded up some aluminum backer brackets to hold them in place and then used a tunnel ram throttle linkage kit we bought off eBay to get the European handles to actuate our Ford doors. They now work great and look super sleek without the hassles of shaved doors.


6 7 | july2018



8: It’s no secret that things haven’t exactly gone according to plan on our build, but after we loaded the car and all the parts up and prepared to head east toward Dayton, Ohio, we were greeted with a full double rainbow. Maybe things are starting to turn? Quick Latch minis. Satisfied that we had done all we could and ready to see some more substantial progress, we loaded the car up along with all the necessary parts for paint and headed


9 & 10: Can you believe that after a 25 hour drive straight through the night, we forgot to take even a single picture of the drop off or the car in the shop? True story. Despite our gaffe, Scott got to work on the fenders and had the driver’s side in progress at press time. Painstakingly spot welding, blowing cool, grinding smooth, and repeating the process across the entirety of the seam will ensure a clean, warp-free panel that needs minimal filler prior to paint.

some 1,200 miles east to Dayton, Ohio, where pro street legend Scott Sullivan awaited its arrival. Sullivan was one of the originators of the pro street movement and has been doing awesome

july2018 | RPM Magazine

paint and killer graphics for the better part of four decades. At press time, he had already started fabrication work on the Mustang’s stretched front fenders and plans are for him to finish all prep

work, paint, and graphics on the car over the course of the coming weeks and months before we come get it and begin plumbing and wiring. Stay tuned... we might just finish this car yet!

SOURCES Caprock Cutting Solutions 806.782.1641

Scott Sullivan 937.657.6669

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RPM Magazine July 2018  

THE RIDES Possession…This wild Dodge Demon is nasty, angry, and hell-bent on speed! Go for the Gold…You’re either first or you’re last…and...

RPM Magazine July 2018  

THE RIDES Possession…This wild Dodge Demon is nasty, angry, and hell-bent on speed! Go for the Gold…You’re either first or you’re last…and...