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1: After some minor fab work, powder coating, and bending up some brake lines, our S&W fabricated 9-inch housing was looking good. Follow along as we show you how we filled it with a Moser center section and axles and Baer Brakes.



>>We protect and equip a bulletproof S&W Race Cars fabricated 9-inch housing with components from Moser Engineering and Baer Brakes



t sounds worse than it is. The title of this article could be considered by some as offensive or even constitute harassment. But after we stepped back and just looked at it, it was clear that

december 2016 | RPM Magazine

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offensive or not, it was dead on. We have a nice rear end, and we aren’t ashamed of it. In fact, we are pretty proud of it. With more than 1,500 horsepower on tap, we knew our

driveline needed to be up to the challenge. As a result, we started with a nearly indestructible S&W Race Cars fabricated chromoly 9-inch housing. After it had been prepped to the appropriate width to

Toby Brooks

fit the Ride Tech drop, it was nearly ready for powder coat. We added a trio of tabs for the brake lines as well as another set of tabs for the S&W wheelie bar and sent it off to BMC Powder Coat in Slaton,

2 2: The clues to a well-planned build are in the details. We planned out where the Fragola Performance bulkhead fittings would need to go and welded three tabs on prior to powder coating. 3: We then took the housing and the wheelie bar to BMC Powder Coating, where owner Steven Brosch and right hand man Wes Hamer got everything ready for coating.


Texas for some added beautification. Steven Brosch and Wes Hamer at BMC prepped and coated the housing a cool Stealth Gray Charcoal color, and when we got the housing back,

it was time for assembly. We selected a Moser Engineering through-bolt aluminum center section with a 40-spline spool and a 1350-series yoke. Although Moser offers

custom powder coating, we selected a raw aluminum finish. We also specified an aluminum Daytona pro/street pinion support and requested a 3.89 ratio gear, good for solid launches

with our Rossler 210 trans and 33inch tall Mickey Thompson street tires or Goodyear slicks, but also friendly on the interstate with our Gear Vendors overdrive engaged. After bolting

4 4: As the housing was away getting prettied up with powder coat, we readied the rest of the rear end for assembly. This aluminum throughbolt center section from Moser Engineering came fully assembled and ready to go with a 40-spline spool and a set of 3.89 gears. With our 33-inch tall rear tire and the Rossler 210 trans with Gear Vendors overdrive, we should be able to motor down the interstate at just below 2,000 rpm. Although the third member can be installed with silicone, we ordered a reusable gasket from eBay to keep things neater in the event we needed to pull it for a gear swap in the future. | december 2016



7: With the axles in position, the Baer billet retainer/ caliper bracket is carefully fished in place and secured with four 5/16-inch Allen bolts and Nyloc nuts. The housing can now be filled with gear lube to check for leaks.



5 & 6: Here you see the HUGE Moser 40-spline axle for the driver’s side along with the Baer Brakes billet retainer/ caliper mount. We Gun Koted the back side of the axle flange, then slid it in place in the housing.


december 2016 | RPM Magazine


8: With the bracket in place, we then installed the rotor and loosely mounted both of the Baer SS4+ Deep Stage calipers. These need to be centered on the rotor using the supplied shims. We’ll replace the hex bolts with Performance Engineering cup washers and Allen bolts, but the provided bolts will do for now. You can also see the black anodized Fragola bulkhead tee fitting installed. We are ready for plumbing.



up the third member, we then slid the enormous Moser 40-spline axles into place. To retain the axles, we popped open the boxes to our Baer Brakes dual caliper SS4+ Deep Stage rear brake setup. The trick machined Baer caliper brackets also serve as axle retainers, so we used some Performance Engineering fasteners and bolted them in place. With the third member

and axles in place in our freshly powder coated housing and the Baer Brakes calipers loosely mounted in place, we again pulled out our Brake Quip 1/4-inch stainless line and tools and promptly plumbed them up using Fragola Performance fttings. Utilizing the tabs we had already welded in place, we mounted the black anodized bulkhead fittings to the housing and carefully

9: Grabbing our tools from Brake Quip, we got ready to plumb the 4-caliper rear setup. Here from left to right you see the Brake Quip Brake Tube Pliers (top left), Professional Tube Bender (bottom middle), and stainless tubing cutter (top right). 10-12: We started off by plumbing two lines from the bulkhead tee up top over to the tees at the axle ends. Using our Brake Quip Professional Flaring Tool made the job a cinch. We then plumbed out to the calipers off of the outboard tee bulkheads.


F-3X S NEW -3 CE UX D WOF + E P! ER NP C 0 HS 0U OD 3,5 ! P PR H + 3,500

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13: The small bracket on our S&W housing made a perfect spot for a billet action cam mount.


14: With the wheelie bar coated, too, we installed the trick Philadelphia Racing Products billet wheelie bar wheel.

13 bent up the appropriate lines using the Brake Quip tubing bender. After securing the lines to the housing using some billet brake line clamps, our rear end was now plumbed and ready. Last up, we also fit up the S&W Race Cars wheelie bar on the new mounting tabs. Our housing came from S&W with two small lightweight tabs out back, but they were not suited for wheelie bar mounting. Rather than cut them off, we fabbed up a trick little ount for a billet action camera mount that we sourced from eBay. The end result is a cool little piece that can provide valuable footage following a future pass down the strip.


While we were finishing up the wheelie bar, we installed a cool billet wheel from Philadelphia Racing Products that looks somewhat like our one-off Budnik wheels. While we didn’t get as far along as we had hoped, we do have big plans to finish

up tinwork and chassis fab next month and finally get this entire chassis to BMC for coating. Then it will be off to paint, so hopefully sometime around the new year, the Horse will at long last be getting some color. Stay’s really starting to come together!

december 2016 | RPM Magazine


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16-12 Nice Rear End


16-12 Nice Rear End