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Dear Friends, The high school experience is full of opportunities for parents and students alike. At Marin Catholic we are guided by our mission of faith, knowledge, and service, to help students thrive in this exciting time of their lives. What makes Marin Catholic unique is the relationships formed on campus. Each and every employee at Marin Catholic shares in the responsibility of nurturing our students’ welfare. We are dedicated to maintaining a dynamic, student-centered environment that affords our young women and men every opportunity to achieve excellence. Our students develop their spiritual lives through service to others. We do this by expressing our gospel values in teaching our students to act responsibly, think critically and express gratitude. Our mission-based approach nurtures confidence that will empower students, as informed and compassionate individuals, to find balance in their lives while positively impacting our world. While I invite you to begin your experience of Marin Catholic in the following pages, please do not stop there. Come to campus to see us in action and visit us online to learn more about experiencing our legacy of faith, knowledge, and service. God Bless,

Tim Navone President


“ ” High School can be a very stressful time, but at MC my teachers always made sure we stayed balanced. They encouraged me when I needed it, and they pushed me when they wanted me to do my best.

– Bridget Halligan ‘16

Excellence in Education n Established 1949

n Enrollment average: 730 n Average class size: 24

n 100% college acceptance

n O  ver 30 Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses n 48 athletic teams in 29 sports n Over 30 on-campus clubs n 2 8% of our student body receives tuition assistance


“” The broad offerings of Honors and AP Classes at MC has given me the opportunity to study, in depth, subjects that I really love.

– Ashley Hill ’16

The Heart of Academic Excellence: Our Faculty As teachers, counselors, advisors, coaches and activity moderators, the faculty and staff ensure each student finds his or her place within our community. Along with the development and enhancement of essential skills, the required course of study encourages exploration and self-reflection. Our students enroll in seven courses each semester, with an average class size of 24 students. Additional challenges are offered, at all grade levels, through our over 30 Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Check online for detailed information about AP and Honors courses and placement. (

Freshman Academic Program – A College Preparatory Course of Study n Algebra I or Algebra II (H) n Biology (H) n English 9 (H) n Global Studies (H) n Theology 9 n Italian or Spanish n Elective (H)–Honors program available

Electives Students enrich their education through our diversified elective program, offering courses such as Jazz Band, Choir, Acting, Music Technology and Computer Literacy.



Faith Matters at Marin Catholic Through our Campus Ministry program, students have the opportunity to grow in their own spirituality. The program allows students to share faith, joys, challenges, and questions in a supportive, intellectual environment. Campus Ministry offers a retreat program to help students build time into their lives for reflection, prayer and their relationship with God. Students grow to appreciate their gifts and talents and recognize the joy in using their blessings to serve others.

At Marin Catholic, we are given so many opportunities to both serve others and to An integral part of the educational experience at Marin Catholic is the community service component. Our Christian Service learning, as an educational grow deeper in our faith. concept, combines volunteer service with reflection This is what sets Marin and classroom connections in order to deepen understanding. The focus is on social justice and Catholic apart from any the responsibility each of us has to our community. other high school. Campus Ministry provides ample opportunity for

–Weston Kirby ’16

students to develop their faith. Students experience the mission of Marin Catholic through planning liturgies, participating in Mass, guiding and attending retreats and more.

Arts at Marin Catholic Students of all levels have a home in the Arts program. The Arts at Marin Catholic are vibrant and expansive. Students communicate using various forms, characterized by a clear sense of meaning, purpose and audience. Opportunities exist in 2D and 3D visual art, photography, performing arts and music. Expert instructors instill the fundamentals of art including technical information and historical and cultural background. Student musicians benefit from a multi-faceted approach that includes exposure to multiple styles and regular performing opportunities. Whether in Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Contemporary or Instrumental Music or any one of Marin Catholic’s music groups, students develop confidence through experience.


Teamwork Student Life Leadership opportunities abound on Marin Catholic’s campus. Whether students are interested in student government, sharing world cultures and languages, hiking, or helping others, Marin Catholic has something for everyone. Join the fun! Ping Pong, Mock Trial, Investment, Outdoors, Fair Trade, Girls League, and Ultimate Frisbee are just some examples of clubs that are offered.

Athletics By promoting teamwork, spirituality, competitiveness, and self-discipline, athletics at Marin Catholic provide student-athletes opportunities to experience success on the field and in the classroom. In addition to the regular league and section success, Marin Catholic teams also regularly rank at the top of the North Coast Section in academics. With 48 athletic teams competing in 29 different sports, Marin Catholic student-athletes are afforded opportunities for growth and success. Complementing our wide selection of teams, Marin Catholic athletes participate in a Strength and Conditioning Program, which implements the correct balance of weightlifting, core training, speed training, agility training, pylometric training, footwork, conditioning and flexibility. In addition, all athletes are enrolled in a comprehensive sports concussion assessment and management program. Both programs allow student-athletes to fully improve their athletic ability along with significantly decreasing the chance of injury.

Counseling and College Advising Students are supported by an assigned counselor whom they work with for the duration of their time at Marin Catholic. The consistency of this relationship allows the counselor to develop a genuine understanding of the student and his or her individual strengths and challenges. The counselor oversees each student’s academic and personal growth, while planning for the future of a college education. The counseling department provides additional services to students and families including: yearly standardized testing, student-parent academic and college prep nights, over 100 college representative visits per year, student course selection and college application workshops.

Academic Support Students with documented learning differences have the opportunity to meet with learning specialists in our Academic Support Center (ASC). Whether during an elective class or consultation sessions, students receive supplemental instruction that includes course-related study skills development. In teaching executive functioning skills and working individually with students, the ASC aims for students to become self-advocates and proficient learners as they prepare to move on to higher education. Students must qualify for this program at the time of admission.

College Placement 100% of Marin Catholic graduates are admitted to college each year, with 95% of the Class of 2016 attending four-year colleges or universities and 5% attending two-year colleges. Each year, students are accepted to world-renowned universities and receive prestigious appointments to military academies.

Join Us Admissions Process

Visit! For dates and program details, visiting the website is a great first step. Complete an Online Admissions Inquiry Form. Submitting an Inquiry guarantees you will stay informed throughout the admissions season. Apply Online – Applications are now available online. The application should be completed and submitted online by December 2, 2016.

Come See Us In Action! Students can experience Marin Catholic through our student visit program. Separately, parents are invited to join us for a parent tour and enjoy a small group tour with a focus on academics and campus life. Go to our “Visit MC” page on our website to register for these events. Attend our Open House – Get familiar with the campus, meet faculty, staff and Marin Catholic students and feel the energy of the Wildcats! October 23, 2016 – 11:00am to 1:30pm. No need to RSVP.

Thank you to Jennifer Skinner and Bill Schneider for photo contributions.

marin catholic 675 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Kentfield, CA 94904 • (415) 464-3810 •

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