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J.K. REYNOLDS 3 Coote Street South Melbourne VIC 3205


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OCTOBER, 1976.


VICE PRESIDENT Roger James, Phone: (Bus.) 850-2105 (A.H.) 842-3176

Kerry Reynolds, Phone: (A.H.) 85-3477



Ross NcKinnon, Phone: (Bus.) 579-1911 (A.H.) 24-5234

Vincent Jacbno, Phone: (Bus.) 560-6915 89-2808 (A.H.) NEwSLE'Il:'ER EDITOR

Garnet Luckins Phone: (Bus.) 267-3922 92-0198

Ken Foo Phone: (Bus.) 329-7846 (A.H.) 850-4773

Barbara Clearihan Phone: (Bus.) 42-1240 (A.H.) 99-5584

COMING EVENTS: September 19th 1976. Lakeland Hillclimb * further details on page 2 (Vice President's Report) OCTOBER 17th 1976. Spring meeting * Navigational trial and economy run. OCTOBER 26th 1976. General Meeting to be held at the Light Car Club, Queens Road, South Melbourne. commence 8.30pm SHARP. DECEMBER 5th 1976. Winton Motor Racing Circuit. By popular demand another Sports day has been arranged at the above venue. DECEMBER 14th.

Smacka's Place, 55 Chetwynd St.,

North Melbourne. Further details to be advised. ft

VICE PRESIDENT'S REPORT. With our President, Roger James, incapacitated due to the demanding preparation required on his Cooper Butler for Sandom, the President's Report has been substituted by this contribution, in my dual role as Vice President! Competition Secretary. Firstly I would like to comment briefly on our day at Winton on August 1st. As usual we had inclement weather to contend with, but nevertheless all but two of our forty one entrants arrived and judging by the comments all competitors and officials enjoyed the day. Being our first organized event'of this nature, we felt a little apprehensive about the outcome, however, on the whole things ran smoothly and the C.A.M.S. official in attendance filed an encouraging report. We could have done better had we been endowed with a few more officials, so next time we will be anxious to have more volunteers. Due to the enthusiasm displayed on the day, and since, the Committee has decided to have a similar day again at Winton on December 5th. Supplementary Regulations and entry forms will be included with the next newsletter. Before then, however, we have two other events to interest us. Next weekend at Lakeland a large number of our members will be showing their skills at hill-climbing. No •doubt for the majority of us it will be the first opportunity to compete at this venue, which is a picturesque setting in Old Gippsland Road, Lilydale. I understand Scruitineering will be held between 9am and 11am. and that practice runs will commence at lOam. Any members anxious to enter who have not yet done so, may complete an entry on the day by paying the prescribed late entry fee. Those members who have entered may expect Final Regulations governing the meeting in the mail this week. On October 17th we have organized an Economy Run. This will commence from The Shell Fairfield Superwash, 377 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield at 11am. Members are asked to arrive at the above Service Station between 11am and mid-day to commence the run which will conclude at Museum Motors, North Gisborrie. -

From the finish we shall move on to nearby Macedon where we plan to have a bar-b-que, so bring along your requirements and join the socialising. Perhaps I should mention that all roads to be used are bitumen and consequently stone chipping should be reduced to a minimum. Entries will be accepted on the day itself and a map provided to enable competitors to follow the prescribed route. Another interesting event of a somewhat different nature is the Triumph Sports Owners Association Annual Ball to be held at Luna Park on Tuesday, November 30th. Free rides on all the usual attractions, plus hot dogs, fairy floss and coffee, in addition to a steak and salad supper, are provided in the cost of the double ticket which is $20. S It is BYO and black tie. Anyone interested in forming a party or in being a member of a Porsche Club Group on the night should contact me after hours at 85-3477. NEW MEMBERS. We would like to welcome the following new members to the club. Brian Roper

1976 911

Alan Coleman Brian Cornell

1976 Targa 2.7

John Berry


Kevin Jarrnan

1975 Carga Carrera

Kevin Donnellan

1976 Turbo

Neil Williams

356 SC

1976 Carrera

vpgrp 1DT.rp

Winton Action Photos are now available from Official Club Photographer John Fox Phone: A.H. 836-6171 Bus. 83-4704

Prepare yourself for Summer events get your T-shirts now $6-50 (donation of 50c per I

shirt made to Club) Phone: Ken or Diana Foo, 329-7846 A.H. 850-4773.


PAST EVENTS. WINTON MOTOR PACING CIRCUIT. True to form we started this day with the Porsche Club's "perfect weather for driving" R A I N but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors or spectators. It is pleasing to see so many members willing enough to travel the distance and fight of f the elements to make an event such as this a greas success. A vote of thanks and congratulations is handed forward to Kerry Reynolds for the manner in which he organized and controlled the running of the various events. Thanks must also go .forward to the members competing for the way they organized their cars in correct numeical order to the assembly grid. The results of this event were:6 Cylinder

1st 2nd 3rd

Bruce Harris Kevin Jarman Jeff Dutton

Carrera 3.0 Carrera 2.7 Carrera RS

4 Cylinder

1st 2nd 3rd

John Edwards John Gregory Brian Clearihan

356 Speedster 356 B 912


1st 2nd 3rd

Diana P00 Rhonda Barnes Barbara Shepherd

Carrera 2.7 911 2.7 Carrera 3.0

The winner of the day Bruce Harris is featured on our Newsletter cover. The Club Championship points are as follows:1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th

14 points Bruce Harris 5 Kerry Reynolds 5 Kevin Jarman of 4 Jeff Dutton 4 Jimi Shepherd 3 Trevor Newnes Michael Stiliwell 3 Rex Broardbent 2 2 Michael Mansour 1 John Taylor 1 John Birk it

















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PORSCHE 924- SALES EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. July Production up 36%. Following an unexpected great demand for the Porsche 924, the Management of Porsche AG decided to increase the average daily production of 80 units in June to 109 in July this year. Although delivery of the new Porsche model really commenced only last February, 2351 units of this type were wold and registered on the domestic market during the first 5 months of 1976. Pending the final decision of the Federal Government, the importation of the 924 in 1977, even though right hand drive production will commence in January, is very much in doubt. Hence it would appear that the Government are likely to pursue the already established policy of Import Quotas. It is difficult to imagine how the importation of the 911 or, 924 could have any visible effect on the sales of Holdens or Fords. DRIVING THE 924. * Sovereign and effortless. The shape, thoroughly studied from an aerodynamic standpoint, is notable not only for low air resistance but also for low wind noise at high speeds. The top speed of 125 mph and good acceleration figures, even at higher speeds - third gear reaches above 90 mph - demonstrate that rapid, nonfatiguing long-distance trips may be included among the 924's advantages. Good engine noise suppression, straight tracking and excellent suspension comfort contribute considerably to this. A definite sport car advantage appears when refuellingthe normal 924 consumption lies above 20 mpg. ENGINE AND CHASSIS. * Rational design Porsche drew on mass production parts as much as possible for the 924 powerplant, in the manner of the 356. Apart from cutting production costs this also gives a customer the advantage of simplified maintenance and repair plus more available spares * Christophorus Feb. 1976 jK

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PORSCHE IN MOTOR SPORT. ON THE LOCAL SCENE. August 8th at Calder. We again saw Alan Hamilton driving his way to victory in the fabulous Jag Team Porsche 934 Turbo. Pete Geoghegan is currently leading the Prod. Sports Championship in his Laurex Porsche with Alan running a very close second. Bruce Spicer's Carrera RS, now being sponsered by Kodak is also performing very well at this stage. ON THE INTERNATION[1SCENE. The 1000 km De Dijon. This is a two day meeting. On Saturday a heat of the World Championship of Makes for Group 5 cars was run. Porsche took out the first fie places. By winning this heat they are assured of the Championship. On Sunday a heat of the World Sportscar Championship was run. This was also won by a Porsche Group 6 car. Porsche are so far in front'on points they cannot be beaten, thus giving them double World Championships. ON THE RALLY SCENE. Due to Dean Rainsfords unfortunate mishap during the first 7 kilometers of the Rally it makes it impossible for him to win the Australian Rally Championship but he cannot finish any worse than second. He will therefore abandon the last two heats of the Championship and his full efforts are being applied to preparing the car for the Southern Cross Rally. In effect this means that as a lone Privateer he he is taking on the full factory supported works teams of Datsun, Mitsubishi, Ford and General Motors but to name a few. An indication of the importance placed on this event is that Datsun for this one Rally have a budget of half a million dollars. GENERAL NEWS ITEMS. Trophy Presentations:. It would appear that not all members who compete in events are aware that the presentations of trophies takes place at the General Meeting following that particular event or events. It would be appreciated if thomembers who have won trophies could attend the General Meeting.


General News Items cont. HELMETS. Those members who wish to purchase helmets for the Lakeland Hiliclimb event can now do so by contacting Ken or Diana Foo at 329-7846. These helmets meet the Standards Specification No. 1698. Colours available are:White, Yellow, Black, Orange, Silver, Blue, Fade Red and Fade Yellow. The prices are:-

S.70 HA Open Face $20-75 X.7 HA

Full Face $30-75

To obtain this special price we must have orders for twelve helmets. ADVERTISING. As the cost of production of the Newsletter is rising, it has been decided that'advertising be sought. People wishing to advertise are advised to send a copy of their advertisment to the Newsletter Editor, 46 Pinnacle Cres., Bulleen. All advertisments will then go before the Committee for approval. The rates will be:

$75-00 half page per 12 months $ 100-00 full page per 12 months

SIX HOUR RELAY. It. was interesting to attend the 6 hour, Relay Race at Calder. The T.S.OA. organized and promoted this event with such other clubs competing as Austin Healey Clubs from Victoria, South Australia and N.S.W., T.S.O.A. of Victoria, S.A. and N.S.W., Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club, Jaguar Car Club, Bolwell Car Club of Aust. (S.A.), Ford Four Car Club, North ShOre Sporting Car Club (N.S.W.), Kieber Gemini Team, but to name a few. It has been Kerry Reynolds that the Porsche Club enter a team next year. The requirements are, C.A.M.S Licence, Roll Bar fitted to vehicles and regulation race apparell. NOTE FROM THE COMMITTEE. Would members wishing to sell goods at Club events please obtain approval from the Committee before doing so.

** ***** *********** * Deadline for all contributions and advertisments to be included in the November issue must be placed with the Newsletter Editor on or before the 25th October, 1976.

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