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ROGUE NATION FOUNDATION New Secretary of Community Integration Appointed Cheryl Gillson (left), was recently named the new Secretary of Community Integration for the Rogue Nation Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1989 by the founders of the Rogue Nation. It’s made up of a group of like-minded rogues that seek out and support charities in their community. The Foundation’s mission is to seek out or create opportunities that benefit the community whether it be putting on a public event or supporting a local charity. “It’s about community integration,” said 21 year old Cheryl. Charities supported by the Rogue Nation Foundation include: American Red Cross, Food Banks, Zoos, Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer Research, National Guard Family Relief, City Parks, Humane Society, Law School Scholarships, Children’s hospital, and Community Centers.

SAM ADAMS AND ROGUE NATION FOUNDATION SPONSOR BEER JOURNALISM AWARDS Rogue Nation Foundation Assists Salmon Nation Two nations, the Rogue Nation and Salmon Nation, came together with the goal of improving our neighborhoods, watersheds, and promoting environmentally responsible use of our natural resources. Both Nations stretch across arbitrary boundaries and include citizens who believe in integrating themselves into their community by allying themselves with tribes, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, loggers, factory workers, soldiers, and urban dwellers--all working together. To help meet their goals, Rogue Ales created Salmon Nation Ale and donated a portion of the sales to help fund the organization. The Ale is a dryhopped red ale, reddish in color with a hoppy, sprucy finish. The bottle was debuted during the 2006 Salmon Nation Block Party in Portland, OR.

The Food Bank worked with Rogue during the 12th Annual Bones and Brew. The Food Bank recovers food from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and government sources. It then distributes that food to regional food banks. Bob Morris, Director of the Oregon Food Bank accepted a check from the Rogue Nation Foundation for $5,000 to help feed the needy in Oregon. Rogue was also a sponsor of the Tuna Tourney held in Newport that also benefitted the Oregon Food Bank. The goal of the event was for Tuna fishermen to donate the day’s catch to the food bank. The Rogue Nation Foundation hosted an after party for all the fishermen at the newly opened House of Spirits--hot dogs, BBQ oysters, and Rogue ales.

Sam Adams’ Jim Koch , Tony Galea, and Rogue Ales’ Brett Joyce (photo courtesy of Gregg Wiggins). The Rogue Nation Foundation not only supports its local communities, it supports the community of beer writers at large by sponsoring the Beer Journalism Awards with Samuel Adams. This is a letter from one of the Award winners, Tony Galea:

To Rogue, I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to [Jack Joyce] and the Rogue family for sponsoring the Beer Journalism Awards. Rogue ales have always been favorites of mine, especially the dry hopped red. My experience in Denver at this past GABF will be a fond memory I will have for the rest of my life. I especially enjoyed our dinner Saturday night. My only regret was we had to leave as early as we did. I have attached a photo of us on stage. If you recall, the laughter was because Jim Koch was trying to get me to cover up the Brooklyn logo. If you use the picture for anything official, please credit Gregg Wiggins, a fellow writer who graciously provided me with it. Thanks again and give me a holler if you’re ever in the upstate New York area. Tony Galea

PAGE 2 100% PURE ROGUE Number 25, 2007


ANIMALS HONORARY CITIZENS OF THE ROGUE NATION The Oregon Zoo partnered with Rogue during the Great American Distiller’s Festival this summer. They did a fantastic job helping us pull the event off by bringing volunteers and going above and beyond to help make the event a success. The Rogue Nation Foundation donated $7500 and threw the volunteers a party (below). The money will go towards bringing new attractions to the Oregon Zoo. Rogue will also participate in the Zoo Brew festival occuring on May 19, 2007.


We know you’ve seen them, or heard about them on the news. You know, the stupid, almost unbelievable stories of stuff that our fellow Homo sapiens do that just make you want to shake your head and have a beer. Tired of Portion Control... Citing a “code of honor” acquired during 26 years in the Air Force, retired pilot Ralph Paul, 54, decided in March that he would not pay for the $15.99 Shrimp and Scallop Verdura at Angellino’s restaurant in Palm Harbor, Fla., because it contained only five small shrimp and five scallops. After he complained unsuccessfully and walked out, the restaurant sent sheriff’s deputies after him, and he was charged with misdemeanor fraud. Paul insisted to a St. Petersburg Times reporter that he couldn’t look himself in the mirror if he had paid, or even negotiated a settlement, so he hired a $500-an-hour New York lawyer and, in a one-day trial in October before a restive jury, he was acquitted. [St. Petersburg Times, 10-5-06]

Well Golleee Sheriff... And actor Andy Griffith filed a lawsuit in November demanding that the former William Fenrick change his legal name back from “Andy Griffith,” which he admitted he acquired only to help himself get elected sheriff of Grant County, Wis. (he lost). [Minneapolis Star, 12-4-06]

Political Correctness, in the News... The Department of Enterprise, Trade and investi-

ment in Belfast, Northern Ireland, banned the use of the term “brainstorming” and decreed that the staff will use the term “thought showers” since the former term might be offensive to some people with brain injuries. [Observer, 6-26-05] Police in Britain are being told to limit their use of wanted posters because the posters might violate the privacy of those wanted by the police. [Chicago Sun-Times, 5-22-06] Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, NH banned the word “freshman” as “oppressive” and “non-inclusive”. [American Enterpriste, March 2006] In Australia, the federal attorney general’s office ruled that eyesight and medical tests required of flight crews and airtraffic controllers could no longer be given because they vilolate the country’s anti-discrimination laws. [Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Sept. 2006]

Government Tax Dollars at Work The Center for Disease Control has been busy counting the number of Americans with Edentulism. No, it’s not a fatal disease or a genetic disorder. It’s the number of toothless Americans in the US. West Virgina is in first place, beating out Kentucky., with 43%

of its residents having lost 6 or more teeth to gum disease or tooth decay. [American Demographics, June 2006] A civic group in Vienna, Austria, gathered 157,000 signatures on petitions in May and presented them to city officials to encourage a government program toward cleaner streets. Under the proposal, the government would assign the populace the task of counting and mapping dog droppings as a first step to greater penalties for owners who fail to clean up after their mutts. [ABC News-AP, 9-15-06] The chosen professional interest of biologist David Scholnick of Pacific University (Forest Grove, Ore.) is in how shrimp act when they get an infection, which he gauged by building a tiny treadmill in order to run crustaceans through their paces to measure blood lactate levels. “As far as I know,” Scholnick told in October, “this is the first time that shrimp have been exercised on a treadmill.” To increase the shrimps’ stress, Scholnick designed tiny backpacks out of duct tape but still found that healthy shrimp could go for about an hour without fatigue. [, 10-18-06]

News from the Rogue Cyber-Nation

To: Rogue Brewery Subject: Rogue Baking Company Hi I’m Amie Soltis, Pastry chef and owner of Rogue Baking Company in Stratford CT. I wanted to introduce myself, and also express my love for your beer!!! My partner/boyfriend and I started our bakery about a year ago. Our menu was to be a little bit out of the ordinary, and even the basic items to be better than anyone elses. We decided on the name Rogue for a few reasons. We want our name and our unique product line to stand out and give that extra impression that we do things differently than your typical bakery, and also because of our love for your company. We actually got together beacause of a conversation about Rogue Chocolate Stout. We even use a few of the beers at the Bakery, including Choclate Stout, Hazelnut Nectar, and the Chipolte Ale. I would like you to encourage you to check out our website at, and feel free to e-mail me back with any comments. Thanks for your time and WONDERFUL beer! --Amie Soltis

To: Rogue Brewery Subject: Manifesto

To: Stacey Maier Subject: Rogue Brewer

I just want to let you know I appreciate you and your quality products. It’s incredible to not only feel the passion you have to make quality brew, but also taste it. Thank you, thank you. Your Beer Manifesto page is a wonderful read and couldn’t be more true. Cheers! --Josh Chandler

Hi Stacey, Just wanted to tell you how thoroughly relieved I was to find Rogue Brewer Ale on tap today at The Gingerman in midtown Manhattan.Normally, I’d be thrilled or excited or calling in suddenly sick to spend the rest of the day draining the keg, but it’s been a rough stretch of too much work and too much bs, and I’m pretty sure the only thing that could have made me slide onto this barstool with this much enthusiasm for life is the miracle you call Brewer Ale. In this pint glass the world makes sense again, and I for one am relieved. --Trevor

To: Rogue Brewery Subject: Many Thanks to Rogue My husband won a trip to your brewery back in May and we were absolutely delighted to visit your brewery in Newport, Oregon. The hospitality and comradery of the people of Rogue and the city of Newport was astounding and refreshing. The people and food were wonderful. And best of all, the beer was great! As new homebrewers, my husband and I have gleaming hopes to some day brew beer as good as Rogue.To all of you at Rogue and in the Rogue Nation, we raise our glass! --Erica and Rick Hadlock, Cleveland, Ohio

To: Rogue Brewery Subject: Hazelnut Brown Nectar Dear good people at Rogue, I would like to share with you my picture and ask why you would place a likeness of me on your bottle. Not that I mind, I love your beer, just thought you might find this as humorous as we do. --Seth Staples, Bozeman, MT PAGE 3 100% PURE ROGUE Number 25, 2007

Rogue’s World Class Products 2006 World Beer Championships San Francisco 60th P.O.P. Awards World Beer Championships, ran by the Beverage Testing Institute, distinguished seventeen of Rogue’s ales and three Tracktown Ales for awards, including five World Champions:

Rogue Ales: American Amber – World Champion Hazelnut Brown Nectar – World Champion Imperial India Pale Ale – World Champion Morimoto Black Obi – World Champion

Smoke Ale – World Champion Juniper Pale Ale – Gold Medal Old Crustacean – Gold Medal Brutal Bitter – Gold Medal Dad’s Little Helper – Silver Medal Morimoto Soba Ale – Silver Medal Dead Guy Ale – Silver Medal Uber Pilsner – Silver Medal Chipotle Ale – Silver Medal Younger’s Special Bitter – Silver Medal FestiveAle – Silver Medal Oregon Golden Ale – Silver Medal Kell’s Irish Lager – Bronze Medal

Rogue Ales Brewery was recognized at the 2006 Point of Purchase Show with 6 awards for excellence and creativity. Begun in 1946 by a group of advertisers, marketrs, and artists, the SF P.O.P Show is the oldest event of its kind in the US. Rogue won 1st and 2nd Place for two of their 12oz bottle labels--Santa’s Private Reserve and Dead Guy Ale. First Place in the Shelf Talker and Decal category went to the Rogue Nation bumper sticker tied with Dreyer’s Ice Cream. The Point of Purchase Show included entries from Anheuser Busch, Sony, Adidas, Williams Sonoma, HP, Boston Market, Gallo, Diageo, Chateau St. Michele, 20th Century Fox, Kendall Jackson, Symantec, Universal Studios, I-Tunes, Sharper Image, Beringer Wines, Timberland, Carlo Rossi, and Warner Brothers films. Wouldn’t the judges of the competition be impressed to find out that the creativity behind the products comes from RAID (Rogue Ales International Designs) and was developed at their new state of the art facility in Portland, OR. Normally this area is off-limits due the sensitivity of product design and the security needed to keep it from our competition...but since you are all citizens of the Nation, you deserved a sneek peek at the studio.

Shelf Talkers and Decals 1st Place Rogue Ales Bumper Sticker

Back Cards, Stack Cards, Case Cards

Eugene City Brewery Track Town Ales: Track Town Imperial Red – Gold Medal Track Town Honey Orange Wheat – Silver Medal Track Town Altbier – Silver Medal

1st Place Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale Back Card 2nd Place Rogue Ales Santa’s Private Reserve Shelf Talker

Great International Beer Competition The 10th Annual Great International Beer Competition was held in Rhode Island and hosted over 4300 beer drinkers with brews from over 80 breweries. Rogue Ales earned three medals at this years competition.

American Amber Ale - 3rd Place Juniper Pale Ale - 3rd Place Eugene City Brewery Track Town Honey Orange Wheat - 3rd Place

Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival Rogue Ales earned a 3rd Place Medal in Sweden at Scandandavian’s Largest Beer Event -- The Stockhold Beer and Whiskey Festival. Rogue’s Chipotle Ales was one of only nine US beers to place at the festival.


Number 25, 2007

3rd Place Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale Tattoo

Specialty Packaging Above: RAID Studios

1st Place Rogue ‘s Santa’s Private Reserve 12oz 2nd Place Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale 12oz

Read beer industry news articles at WWW.ROGUEWIRESERVICE.COM or sign up for our E-News services.

Beverage and Industry News: A product of Rogue Nation

Georgia Sunday Beer Sales a Longshot: Sunday beer and wine sales is the kind of issue Georgia’s conservative policy-makers say is dead on arrival when the General Assembly reconvenes in 2007. Nobody wants to consider allowing beer and wine sales at stores on Sunday for fear of rousing preachers, teetotalers, and other Georgians who think the Lord’s Day shouldn’t include a trip to the grocery store for a six-pack of tall boys. In the meantime Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals of the Catholic Church will continue to send their altar boys to the liquor store on weekdays to stock up on inventory in preparation for Sunday Communion. [Atlanta Journal Constitution Dec. 12, 2006]

Ancient Beer Bottles Found A number of old beer bottles were found in the vaults of Wrothington’s White Shield brewery in Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire (below), now owned by Molson Coors. Some of the bottles are over 130 years old. The oldest bottle is 137-years old, bottled in 1869. That beer is Harry Ratcliff’s Ale and was brewed to commemorate a son being born into the Ratcliff family, which was later part of the Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton breweries in the late 1800’s.

NATIONAL CALENDAR 4th Annual Beerapalooza Beer and Cheese Tasting

Feb. 14

Rogue Ales Public House in San Francisco. Hosted by Sheana Davis of Epicurean Connection.

Call 415-362-7880 for more information and tickets.

Feb. 14

Beer and Choclate Tasting Rogue Ales Distillery and Public House in Portland, OR. Hosted by Fred Eckhardt.

Call 503-222-5910 for more information and tickets.

China Beer Rush?

1st Annual Brewer’s Memorial Ale Festival

Diageo PLC, the world’s largest liquor makers and owners of Guinness, plans to make its first acquisition in China by buying shares in Sichuan Swelfun Co., the nation’s oldest distiller of the white spirit known as “baiju.” [Beer Business Daily Dec. 5, 2006]

May 18-19

Rogue Ales Brewery in Newport, OR.

Call 541-867-3660 for more information.

Experimental Beer Festival June 23-24 Portland Oregon. The 1st Annual Experimental Beer Festival.

Call 503-241-3800 for more information.

A-B, like the country it resides in, continues to act the part of diplomat and negotiator on the world stage by agreeing to import Corona into China. Grupo Modelo announced that Anheuser-Busch would begin importing Modelo’s beers into China starting January 2007. August Busch IV said this new arrangement would help to “significantly increase the sales of Corona in China.” This deal was made on the heels of an announcement in August of 2006 that Grupo Modelo would begin to distribute Tsingtao in Mexico by the end of the year. The fact that Anheuser-Busch is an investor in both Grupo Modelo and Tsingtao was purely coincidental. [National Beer Wholesalers Associaiton Dec. 12, 2006] Microbrewed Ales from the Rogue Nation are now being exported to China. Rogue began exporting its ales 15 years ago with a shipment to Japan. Including China, they now export to 10 countries. [Rogue Wire Service]

Dr. George Philliskirk, beer expert and Chief Executive of the Beer Academy said the Ratcliff’s Ale aged well and tastes good.

Oregon Brewers Festival

Cellaring beer in the same manner that wine is cellarred is nothing new, however it has recently recieved more attention as breweries in the US continue to produce high alcohol ales made to age. [from the Publican, Dec. 12, 2006)

Rogue Ales recently starting selling Vertical Tastings of it’s XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine. The tasting includes 9 bottles: - Three 7oz bottles- 1997, 1999, 2000 - Three 12oz bottles- 2002, 2003, 2004 - Three 750ml bottles- 2005, 2006, 2007 The package will retail for $100 + shipping and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Contact your local beer distributor for more information.

Portland, OR The largest beer festival in the Northwest.

13th Annual Bones and Brew Festival

July 26-29

Aug. 11-12

Pearl District in Portland, OR. Call 503-241-3800 for more information.

3rd Annual Great American Distillery Festival Portland, OR.

Aug. 25-26

Call 503-241-3800 for more information.

5th Annual Gathering Newport, OR The largest surf competition in Oregon.

Sep. 8-9

Call 541-867-3660 for more information.

Go to WWW.ROGUE.COM for more details on these and other events. PAGE 5 100% PURE ROGUE

Number 25, 2007

IST BISHOP OF THE CHURCH OF THE SACRED CASK Mark Pritchard, from the Order of our Lady of Malted Barley in Queensland Australia, was ordained on December 28th. His selection was primarily based upon the fact that he could curse in Latin. Prior to the ceremony held in Newport, OR, Mark undertook a Pilgrimage that began in Portland, OR on the hallowed ground of the Henry Weinhardt’s Brewery, now a bar named Henry’s 100. His sojourn included stops at Jim’s Fruit and Beer stand, the Woodsman Lounge, Holy Toledo Bar, and the Yaquina Bar before, with heavy tongue and struggling liver, he arrived at Beer Mecca. “The Church of the Sacred Cask,” said his Holiness, “ is a church for anyone who needs to belong but can’t make the commitment. It is a Church for the Churchless. Our goal is to create a common place for people of all faiths and no faith to come together and celebrate the miracle of Beer.”



Where is the Nation? Located to the left of boredom and to the right of responsibility, the World Headquarters of the Rogue Nation is on the Coast of Oregon in the town of Newport. Currently the Nation has 10 Embassies and numerous outposts around the world.

“It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” “Anonymous Writings of a Rogue Citizen circa 1990”

Declaration of Interd

We, the undersigned Rogues, with ton

with the inherent power derived from w

declare the intent to form a Micro-Na

alliance without borders, its citizenry po

allegiance to the Rogue within, unfette commonly-accepted bullshit, or rules

We hold these truths to be self-evide

equal, that they are endowed with ce

these are Freedom of Expression, Varie

Beer with Taste. — That to secure the

among Men, deriving their just powers

— That whenever any Form of Govern Expression, Quality, or Fun, it is the

to abolish it, and to institute new Go

Sameness and Lack of Multiple Ingred

It’s true, after 15 years of bottling and exporting beer made for the Japanese market, Americans will finally be able to purchase the bottles in the US. Starting in January there will be three bottles previously only available in Japan: Red Fox Ale, White Crane Ale, and Buckwheat Ale. Over the years Rogue has made some other Japanese bottles including Dragon Ale, Brown Bear, Chocolate Bear, Mint Flavored Beer, World Burp Beer, Phred Phucker Ale, Wide Awake Phred, Blizzard Ale, and the unusual Chitose Hascup Malt Liquor. Check them out in the Roguesonian Museum Heritage Cultural Center and Beerquarium. All of the beer destined for Japan is distributed through our partner Phred Kaufman who owns EZO Importers.

and Passion for its Citizens, it is their r

Government, and to provide new Guard

been the patient sufferance of these R

which requires them to alter their form

Johnny Beer “So you want to be a member of the Rogue Nation? We’re looking for leaders, not followers. People who reform, not conform. Citizens who refuse to accept the status quo. Is that you? Then sign up, take the pledge, and join the Revolution! Citizens can join by visitng their local Embassy or online at” — Big Al, Prez of Rogue Nation

Definition: Political Correctness ‘A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.’ -Anonymous PAGE 6 100% PURE ROGUE Number 25, 2007

We, therefore, the New Citizens of the

Assembled, do, in the Name, and by A

solemnly publish and declare, That

Outposts, and Protected Colonies are

Independent, that they are Absolved f

Laws, Limitations, Expectations, Trad

Independent Nation, they have full P

Quo, conclude Peace with Like-Mind

Commerce, and to do all other Irrespo

which an Independent Nation may of r

Declaration, we mutually pledge to e

reality, but continue to Dare, Risk, Dre

NATION 19 years after declaring its Interdependence, a Nation born in a basement will celebrate the anniversary of its Revolution.

In the Beginning...A group of like-minded Rogues got together to start a new brewery. In March of 1988 a Revolution in beer began in the basement of the Rogue Public House in Ashland Oregon. One of the founders of Rogue ended up stuck in Newport, OR on the coast for three days and, after enjoying the hospitality of the locals, named the small stretch of coast the land of Barley and Hops and decided to open a second brewpub. Mo Neime offered her garage with one condition--help your community when times are goodThus the dependence First Brewery in Ashland next Rogue Outpost was ngues firmly planted in our cheeks and created with a 15 bbl brew within and the Laws of Hops and Barley, system in a garage and a promise to be a good neighbor. Beer drinkers soon discovered the heavenly ales being produced and ation — the Rogue Nation — a global came to worship at the Rogue Nation Pub on the bay. In 1992 the ossessing an unswerving, responsible brewsystem was moved across the bay, where a marine repair shop ered by limitations imposed by others, was converted into the Rogue Brewery. Today Rogue produces totally lacking in reason. over 27 different ales distributed in all 49 states and exported to 10 different countries (Rogue now owns 50% of the craft market in Guam!). And after 18 years and 10,000 brews, John Maier, Rogue ent, that all Rogues are not created Brewmaster and Prophet of Pacman yeast, is still hand-making ertain unalienable Rights, that among each batch. ety, Absence of BS, and the pursuit of

ese rights, Governments are instituted

s from the consent of the Consumers,

nment becomes destructive of Taste, Right of the Consumers to alter or

overnment. But when a long train of

dients reduces Variety to Consumers

right, it is their duty, to throw off such

Today the Rogue Nation has a museum, a library, a university, a newspaper, a film company, record company, coins and currency, passports, national ID cards, stamps, license plates, a flag, a constitution, uniforms, shoes, a creamery, a national past time, a literary journal, a bakery, a chef laureate, a bull, a pledge and boxer shorts—all the indicia of a Nation which should lead to the approval of our pending application to join the UN.

ds for their future security. — Such has

Rogues; and such is now the necessity

NEW DEPARTMENT OF BS RATIFIED BY ROGUE NATIONAL CONGRESS The Rogue National Congress approved the creation of a new Department in response to increased levels of BS occurring in international trade relations between the Rogue Nation and other countries. Jim Cline, the Director of BS for the Rogue Nation, has appointed longtime Citizen Brett Joyce as the Commissioner of BS to run the day-to-day operations. “I was born in the Rogue Nation,” said Joyce, “and my first job was cleaning kegs for the Brewery. So, I’m honored to be selected for this position and promise to speak softly and carry a big shovel.” Joyce will primarily be monitoring national levels of BS and adjusting the BS Depth Threat Level (currently Orange).

JOAN JOYCE APPOINTED AMBASSADORSHIP OF GUAM Joan Joyce, a nativeof Guam, was appointed to be the Rogue Nation liason. Since her appointment, Joan has single-handedly opened up the country to allow the import of Rogue Ales. She was so successful that Rogue now owns 50% of the craft beer market in Guam. Her marketing skills have even landed Rogue a prime location to display a neon—right downtown! We thank Joan for her efforts and look forward to her future diplomatic breakthroughs.

mer Systems of Government.


e Rogue Nation, in General Congress,

Authority of all Wrong Thinking People,

June Schultz, born in Shanghai, has been appointed to be Rogue’s liason with China. Her first act was to pick up the phone and convince the powers that be to try Rogue. June convinced them that with 12+ ingredients Rogue was an excellent source of fiber and nutrition. Her argument worked and Rogue recently shipped 140 cases of American made ale. “We like to think of it as spreading democracy one beer at a time.,” said Schultz.

t the Rogue Nation, its Embassies,

e, and of Right ought to be Free and

from all Allegiance to Any Country, its

ditions, or BS; and that as a Free and

Power to levy War against the Status

ded Peoples and Countries, establish

onsible and Illogical Acts and Things

right do. — And for the support of this

each other to keep one foot firmly in


The first ales produced by the Rogue Nation’s Brewery were Oregon Golden Ale, Shakespeare Stout, and American Amber



Number 25, 2007

IN OTHER NEWS... Every year Men’s Journal selects the top 25 Beers in America. In 2006 Bruatal Bitter was #9.

Rogue Brutal Bitter

1 of 10 Best Beers

in America

“Rogue is one of the pioneers of the West Coast extreme beer scene, in which brewers take standard beer styles and add more: more hops, more malt, more alcohol. A lot of these beers have all the charm of fresh lead paint (Rogue’s absurdly overhopped Imperial IPA is a prime example). But despite the intimidating name, Brutal Bitter is not one of those beers. It’s a British “bitter,” a lightly hoppy ale that’s apparently shocking to the English palate but crisp and clean to American tongues. Of course, this bold, copper-colored bitter is amped up — it’s a Rogue, after all — but just to the point of ideal drinkability.”

MICRODISTILLERIES TAKE HOLD IN ROGUE NATION Rogue Spirits was established in 2003 with a potstill located in a storage room of the Rogue Embassy in Portland, OR. A second distillery opened this past summer in its own building called the House of Spirits. Since then both distilleries have quadrupled capacity to meet growing demand for their products: White Rum, Dark Rum, Hazelnut Rum, Spruce Gin. In Portland, Oregon’s first and only rum distillery, a 100 gallon copper pot still was installed, as well as additional space to store the Jack Daniels Whiskey barrels used to age the rums. In Newport, a third still was installed at the Rogue House of Spirits. The 150 gallon hand-crafted Vendome copper pot still produces the first ever Spruce Gin.

For more information on Rogue Spirits visit

Elk Swim the Bay for a Beer! Newport, OR-Three Bull Elk were recently seen swimming across the Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon towards the Rogue Ales Brewery. They entered the bay from the Rogue National Game Preserve at low tide for what they probably thought would be an easy crossing. Rogue Nation citizens lined the brewery parking lot with binoculars and cameras to cheer them on. “I’ve been desperate for a Rogue Ale before,” said local resident Don Ho, “but I don’t think I’d swim the bay for one unless it was free.” After six hours of slogging in the mud and swimming against the incoming tide, the Elk finally gave up and turned back to shore.



Number 25, 2007


2006 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Hood to Coast relay race. In order for this race to be sanctioned by the Rogue Nation it had to be 50% fun, 40% entertainment, and only 10% pain. Race organizers encouraged participants to dress up their chase vehicles, along with themselves, and celebrate at big party on the beach at the finish line. So, in essence, racers were running to party. President Big Al Jorgensen officially sanctioned the race during a ceremony in which he brought his favorite Lazy Boy recliner, remained seated the whole time, and had French fries and beer served to the crowd. 2006 entries included the following teams: Dead on Arrival, Blister Sisters, The Fit Fat and Elderly, I Hurt You Hurt We All Hurt, Call Me a Cab, Shut Your Pie Hole and Run, Too Stupid to Walk, and the Rogue Nation Sponsored team Dead Men Running. Once again the Rogue Nation team was successful in not finishing in the top 25. Congratulations guys, you’ve made your Nation proud!

ROGUE HUNTER ARRRESTED Ray Jeans, Production Manager for Rogue Ales Brewery, (left) was arrested for hunting in the Rogue Nation Game Preserve. When questioned he said he was creating a demo video to pitch his new show titled “Man vs. Mammal” wherein he is dropped in the Cascade Mtns. and left to fend for himself for a week with nothing but a case of Rogue Brutal Bitter and a bottle opener. “The show,” said Jeans, “features how a Rogue can survive in the wild.” To catch the elk pictured, Ray made a trap with empty beer bottles, shoestring, and some Brutal Bitter as bait. “I had to pour some beer onto the ground to attract the animal,” said Ray the Deerhunter Jeans.“I hadn’t eaten in 2 days, but it was still a tough decision to make.” Ray credits his time keeping the bottling line at the brewery running as teaching him how to use what’s at hand to survive. Ray was released from the Rogue jail and fined $1000 and 300 hours of community service in the Rogue Nation Foundation.

Hippie or Prophet? No trip to the Northwest is complete without stopping at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland, OR. It’s dark, it’s dingy, and it’s smoker friendly. Upon entering you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a Pub...a REAL pub where beer reigns supreme and yuppies run screaming to the nearest Applebees. And reigning over it all is Don Younger. Often times you’ll see him holding up the end of the bar, a lovely lady likely sitting beside him, with a constant stream of fans, friends, and beer geeks stopping to say hi, or kiss the ring. They stop because there is no one person who has done more for the microbrew industry in Oregon, and some argue the Nation, than Don. He scoffed at the notion that he was a visionary. “A romantic, definitely,” he said with a wink at the dark haired woman sitting beside him. “I had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to drink good beer and meet women so I opened a bar.” 30 years later that bar is still open and Don is still sitting upon his stool. To celebrate he decided to have a week-long anniversary celebration. Friends from around the world came to visit including the Northern Wales Formation Drinking Team. Professional and amateur breweries paid homage by producing one-off specialty beers just for his celebration. The party really heated up on Wednesday night with the tapping of beer created by John Maier, Brewmaster of Rogue Ales. Younger’s Imperial Special Bitter is the big brother of YSB ale. The legendary YSB (Younger’s Special Bitter) is brewed by Rogue as the Horse Brass’ house beer and also sold across the country. The Imperial version is a very smooth, light on the tongue ale, with a 7.2% ABV that is “unnoticeable until the morning after,” said Don. The celebrations included a Halloween party, a pub crawl, a gaggle of Brits, and unending live bands. On Sunday, the last day of the party, the Horse Brass song (yes, they have a theme song) was sung like a hymnal at the Church of Beer and Don Younger, long grey hair and rheumy eyes that held the wisdom of ages, looked like a prophet. My mother used to tell me that God could be anyone, anytime, anywhere. Maybe he is that old fella sitting at the end of the bar, a cigarette in one hand and a YSB in the other. You never know. To 30 more years!

Younger’s Imperial Special Bitter was a special ale made by John just for the special occasion. It was available on tap and in ceramic bottles. [Photo courtesy of Celebrator Beer News]

18 Years, 10,000 Brews, 1 Brewer On May 18, 1989 John maier brewed the 1st batch of Rogue Ales. On November 14th, he brewed the 10,000th batch at the Rogue Ales Brewery. Rogue began as a brew pub in Ashland, OR in 1988. The first brewery was in the pub’s basement and then relocated to a garage on the Yaquina Bayfront in Newport. And through it all was Rogue Brewmaster John “More Hops” Maier. Over 18 years he has created and brewed 40+ different ales including: American Amber, Brutal Bitter, Chipotle Ale, Chocolate Stout, Dad’s Little Helper, Dead Guy Ale, Half-e-Weizen, HazelNut Brown Nectar, Festivale, Honey Cream Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, Imperial Stout, Juniper Pale Ale, Kells Irish Lager, Mocha Porter, Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale, Morimoto Imperial Pilsner, Morimoto Soba Ale, Old Crustacean Barleywine, Oregon Golden Ale, Saint Rogue Red, Santa’s Private Reserve, Shakespeare Stout, Smoke Ale, Uberfest Pilsner, Younger’s Special Bitter, Oyster Cloyster Stout, Mogul Madness, Love & Hoppiness, Monk Madness, Glen, SchwartzBier, Skull Splitter, Integrity IPA, Imperial Porter, Artisan Lager, Charlie, Coho Harvest Ale, Cran-NCherry, Kriek, McRogue Scotch Ale, Rogue-N-Berry, Rose Festival Ale, Squak Valley IPA, Waterfront Lager, and many more. Born in Riverside, CA in 1955, John was employed by Hughes Aircraft Co. as a Senior Electronic Technician where he worked on the F-14 Tomcat Radar System. In the Fall of 1986, John attended the Siebel Institute of Technology and graduated from their 50th course in Brewing Technology. That same year he brewed a Barleywine that won the American Homebrewer Association’s Homebrewer of the Year Award. He worked as Assistant Brewmaster at the Alaskan Brewery before coming to Rogue. So what style is the special Brew 10,000? “It’s not any style,”said John, “but it’ll be good.” It’s made with 7 ingredients: Vienna, French Special Aroma, and Maris Otter Pale Ale Malts; Yakima Summit and German Saphir Hops, Free Range Coastal Waters and Top Fermenting Pacman Yeast. No chemicals, preservatives, or additives were added. It has a big earthy malt flavor balanced by lingering hoppiness, with hints of citrus--22 Plato, 78 AA, 60 IBU, 30 Lovibond. The brew will be packaged in 750 ml Black ceramic bottles with swingtop closures. 10,000 serigraphed bottles will be produced and available at select retailers across the country. When asked if he has considered retirement after 18 years and 10,000 brews John said, “This is what I was born to do. I’m looking forward to 10,000 more.” PAGE 9 100% PURE ROGUE

Number 25, 2007

Ales. I was dressed in my business apparel—shorts, athletic T-shirt, flip-flops. Jack, who was a lawyer for 15 years and an executive for Nike for six years before opening his brewery in 1988, was dressed pretty much the same, after coming from the YMCA gym. Another good sign was his car: like mine, it was rather dated, dusty, and cluttered with his life and business. He showed me a brief tour of downtown Portland, a gorgeous place, reminding me of San Francisco, but somewhat like Milwaukee in that it had very old drinking establishments on every corner. Jack has his own pub (Rogue Nation) in a Soho-like area just off from the main downtown. Otherworldly beers pour from his spouts while his kitchen dishes up first-rate pub cuisine. Above, are offices for his young staff of go-getters, the heart of his business.

Rogue Nation Debuts Literary Journal Join us as we ‘Dare, Risk, Dream’ with Rogue Ales By Dell Franklin The Rogue Voice has found a second home in Oregon. Jack Joyce, founder and president of Rogue Ales, the nation’s largest microbrewery based in Newport, Oregon, found our paper amusing, inspiring and in character with his own Rogue Nation image, philosophy, and quality beers. So he flew me up to his home turf near Portland to find out just how joyously deranged I really am. Before meeting Jack, though, I retouched base at the Portland Airport with that city’s foremost rogue and outrageous character, Frank Peters, a still strapping, 63year-old blond hunk, world-class senior basketball player, notorious degenerate and womanizer who currently owns and operates a crew of 15 girls at his Grand Cafe nightclub on the wrong side of the Willamette River that separates it from the more opulent downtown. Peters, who held a single balloon to welcome me at the airport after a 43-year separation, sometimes carries around a book entitled “How to Deal with Your Oversized Penis” and makes sure to place it over his snoozing face whenever he flies somewhere. Peters, who once played for and managed the Portland Maverick baseball team, ran for mayor on the outlaw platform, (he received around 20 votes), and his nightclub sports hundreds of framed and life-sized photos of himself. After a few drinks at his bar, he took me on a tour of strip clubs (something unheard of in San Luis Obispo County). In the morning I helped Frank count the booty from the legalized slot machines in his establishment, and later I was picked up out front by Jack Joyce of Rogue

PAGE 10 100% PURE ROGUE Number 25, 2007

A bartender, cab driver and low-level laborer most of my life, I was treated with class and dignity, hallmarks of Rogue Nation. I suppose, with Nike, image is everything, but with Rogue Nation, substance and attitude is everything, combined with their image of “going against the grain and creating their own image.” You have to feel something in your gut, and I felt it, and so did they. Rogue Nation and Rogue Ales will, in the future, be part of the Rogue Voice, and visa versa. They will advertise with us and hopefully lend us a little badly needed business guidance, for we are new in this milieu and hungry to learn from experienced mentors like Jack. We will try and enlighten locals as to the superior quality of Rogue Ales, which sports the same pledge to individuality, personality, and boldness as our journal. For more information on Rogue Nation, visit www. and click on the “Rogue Nation” link. Hopefully, this labor of love will become more than a small county rag, but will find a larger audience in pockets of Oregon and Washington and Northern California (we already send copies to City Lights Book Store in San Francisco), and wherever Rogue Ales sells beer — in 48 states and eight countries. Before I headed home, Jack handed me a few bumper stickers, which say it all: “DARE, RISK, DREAM.” We’re going for it. Join us.

1st Annual Brewer’s Memorial Ale Festival The 1st Annual Brewer’s Memorial Ale Festival will be held on May 18th and 19th on the Oregon Coast in Newport. This festival was created in memory of Brewer, the faithful companion of Rogue Brewmaster John Maier, who passed away on May 19th, 2006. Brewer grew up in the brewery and eventually rose to the rank of CFO of Rogue Ales. There will be 50+ Micro-brews, Seafood and BBQ, handmade crafts, and live music. The event wil be held inside the Rogue Ales Brewery located on the Yaquina Bay. Sponsored by KG Specialties, proceeds from this 21 and over event will benefit dogs through the Humane Societies of Oregon. Microbreweries include Terminal Gravity, Astoria Brewing, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Mia and Pia’s, Mt Hood Brewing, New Old Lompoc Brewery, Oregon Trail Brewery, Roots Organic Brewing, Silver Moon Brewing, Tucks Brewery, Siletz Ales, Issaquah Brewhouse, Laurelwood Public House, Salmon Creek Brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery, Off the Rail Brewery, Eugene City Brewery’s Tracktown Ales, Rogue Ales, Russian River Brewery, Allagash, and more. Live music will include Tom Varley, Whiskey Robbers, Hoodoo Johnson and Etouffee. Dog friendly: There will also be dog friendly areas, Dog Olympics, and even a Dog Wash. Event details at www. For more information or if you wish to volunteer, call Robin Winfield at 503-241-3800 x115.

4th Annual Beerapalooza Beer and Cheese Dinner Beerapalooza 2007 will once again feature a Beer and Cheese Dinner at the San Francisco Rogue Public House on February 14th (yes, we know that’s Valentine’s day). With a little help from Sheana Davis of Epicurean Connection and our Pub Manager Dan Pearson, it’s sure to out do last year. Beerapalooza is made up of lots of beer events such as the Toronado Barley Wine Festival and the IPA tasting at The Bistro. So, bring your sweetheart for the Beer and Cheese Tasting and check out the other events during Beerapalooza from February 10–18, 2007. Tickets are available by calling 415-362-7880.

Q&A Does it snow at the Brewery?

Not very often, a couple times a decade if we’re lucky. So when opportunites arise to do snow activities--like snow angels, you go for it. The Assistant Director of the Roguesonian Museum Cultural Heritage Center and Beerquarium, Chris Garrett (right), saw an opportunity when some beer foam spilled onto the brewery floor, so he stripped down and made some beer angels.

Where can I get Rogue Cheese? Throughout the US and the World! Rogue Nation Embassies stock the Chocolate Stout Cheddar in their duty-free shops but because cheese made with Rogue’s ales is so popular it’s often on back order. Dave Gremmels, owner of Rogue Creamery Cheese, says the Chocolate Stout Cheddar is flying off the shelves, so he’s created a new product called Morimoto Soba Chedder cheese using Rogue’s Morimoto Soba Ale. It’s a very mild creamy chedder with hints of fruit. Ask for Morimoto Soba Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Stout Cheddar anyplace gourmet cheese is sold.

Is it true with all the Brewery construction you had to relocate the bathrooms outside? No, although the ventilation would have been better. What you might have seen was some of the replaced items sitting out front before they were hauled off. But being that the location was Rogue, some patrons thought it was our quirky way creating new seating out front...some places use benches, why wouldn’t Rogue use a toilet? Thus the picture to the right was taken. To some it may look like a recreation of Auguste Rodins famous statue “The Thinker”, and with 20+Rogues on tap--ya have to sit somewhere to decide which to order!

Is Rogue opening a Beer Spa? No, but that’s not as crazy as it sounds. A pack of beer spas have opened in the last decade in the hills and lowlands of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. These spas promise health, wellness and the chance to bathe in your favorite suds. One hotel and spa owner believes that beer has certain advantages: its good for the skin, because of the vitamins and the yeast. There is even a brewery, Starkenberg, in Tarrenz, that fills a swimming pool with barrels and barrels of its own Pilsner. Although the idea of swimming in beer is a fantasy of many beer lovers, we consider it a waste of a good ale, at least Rogue ales.

Is Rogue root beer good for your teeth? We’re not dentists, so we can’t say for sure, but J. Anthony von Fraunhofer, Ph.D. of the University at Baltimore says that root beer is the safest soft drink for your teeth, it causes the least damage to your enamel. It has lower levels of the acidic flavor additives that erodes the outer coating of your teeth. In response to this announcement an all natural Root Beer is now being brewed at the Eugene City Brewery Embassy in Eugene, Oregon.

Can Rogue be used as gasoline for a car? Not at this time but with all the alternative fuel research, you never know. For instance, this last year in Europe, biofuel made from wine was sold at gas stations. The plan started as a bail out for winemakers who were awash with a surplus of wine. Wineries such as Bordeaux and Cotes were paid 4 cents per liter for their surplus, which was then distilled into ethanol. So why the huge wine surplus? More people are drinking Rogue, of course.[BusinessWeek Online, June 26, 2006]

Late Breaking News Spruce Gin Honored as Best American Made Gin at World Spirits Competition. NEWPORT, OR., Dec. 29, 2006 – Rogue Spirits’ Spruce Gin won a Bronze medal at the 2006 World Spirits Competition and was the only American Gin to win an award. The first place award went to Broker’s Gin of England. The World Spirits Competition is the largest beverage competition in the world. Each product is tasted by a panel of industry professionals representing all areas of the globe. Each judge tastes the products behind closed doors and does not see the packaging or know the brand name. Rogue Spirits’ Spruce Gin is made with 14 ingredients: spruce, cucumbers, angelica root, orange peel, coriander, lemon peel, ginger, orris root, grains of paradise, tangerine, juniper berries, yeast, corn and free range coastal water. Spruce Gin is distilled at the Rogue House of Spirits in Newport, Oregon in a 150 gallon Vendome copper pot still. The distillery opened in June of 2006 and is operated by Rogue’s master distiller John Couchot. It is the first product to be distilled at the facility and the first Gin produced by Rogue Spirits.

Rogue Opens Outpost in the Oregon Coast Aquarium The newest Rogue Outpost opened on January 6th, 2007. The new Pub will be open during regular Aquarium hours throughout the year and will serve sit down meals, a variety of Rogue Ales, and feature a children’s menu.

Eugene City Brewery Home to ESPN and University of Oregon Bastketball Coach Ernie Kent of the highly ranked Oregon Ducks continues to meet every Tusday at the Eugene City Brewery, home of Tracktown Ales, through the rest of the season. The ESPN radio show is called the Duck Sports Rap and is hosted by Jerri Allen. Call 541-345-4155 for more info.

Phil, former Rogue brewer, creating art or pondering what to drink? PAGE 11 100% PURE ROGUE Number 25, 2007

Rogue Wearables Dead Guy - $17 16oz, set of 4

Dead Guy Baseball Hat - $16 Sizes: Flexfit, pre-curved visor Color: Black Only

Uberfest - $32 16oz, set of 4 Short Sleeve Tees - $20 100% cotton Sizes: LG, XL Colors: Black, Red, White Rogue Nation Dri-Duck Canvas Hat - $18 Colors: Black, Saddle Sizes: Adjustable

Rogue Spirits Fidel hat - $16 Sizes: Adjustable

Sizes: XXL - $22 Colors: Black

Skull Splitter Tee - $20 100% cotton Sizes: LG, XL Colors: White

Rogue Trucker - $18 Color: Blue with White mesh Size: Adjustable

XS Goblet - $20 12oz, set of 2

Chipotle - $20 16oz, set of 2

Kells - $17 16oz, set of 4

Wolf Eel Tee - $20 100% cotton Sizes: LG, XL Colors: Gray, Black

Kells Floater Spoon & Gift Box - $6 Rogue Nation Tee - $20 Colors: White, Black, Navy Sizes: LG, XL, (2XL $22)


100% Pure Rogue, No. 25, 2007  

100% Pure Rogue

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