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February 13th, 2010 11-4 pm ALL BREWERIES. ALL OREGON. FREE. Hosted by the Oregon Brewer’s Guild.

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Zwickel (Money) Commonly used in southern Germany and Austria, a popular term for a coin with the imprinted unit “2�, for example, the 2-mark piece or 2euro coin.

Zwickel (Textile) A wedge of fabric that is inserted into a garment.

Zwickel (Cerebrum) A wedgeshaped part of the cerebrum, which contains the visual cortex.

Zwickel (Architecture) Triangular area in the architecture of arches and vaults.

Zwickel (Space planning) A small corner of a seemingly beplanten area.

Zwickelbier (Beer) An unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer.

Zwickel (Welding) In the pipe industry, the melting point of intersection of two lines.

Zwickel (Food) German-Romanian dish of red beet and horseradish.

Zwickeltag (Structure) A common term in Austria for a bridge or Fenstertag.

Klaus Zwickel (Person) Former chairman of IG Metall.

Wolfgang Zwickel (Person) German theologian.

Dรกniel Zwickl (Athlete) Hungarian (table) tennis player.

Helmut Zwickl (Person) Austrian journalist and author.

Zwickel (Beer Thing) A German word for the sampling port mounted on the outside of the fermenting tank. Used for assessing the brew’s progress during fermentation. Also the place from which Rogue Ales, Green Dragon brews, and Track Town creations will be poured during Zwickelmania.

Zwickelmania is the 2nd Annual Oregon Brewery Tour event hosted by the Oregon Brewers Guild. For one day only, enjoy FREE statewide brewery tours. This is your chance to meet the brewers, tour the breweries, and sample the best of Oregon beer. Hop on the Rogue Farms Zwickel tour bus in Portland, or the Peabody white school bus in Eugene.

ZWICKELMANIA EVENT Saturday, February 13th From 11-4 pm

John Maier with one of his Zwickels.

Visit John and his Zwickel: Brewers on the Bay 2320 OSU Drive, Newport, Oregon TOURS: Hourly, from 11-4 p.m.

Nate Sampson with his Zwickel.

Visit Nate and his Zwickel: Eugene City Brewery 844 Olive Street, Eugene, Oregon TOURS: Hourly, from 11-4 p.m.

The as yet unseen Green Dragon Zwickel.

Visit the Oregon Brew Crew and their Zwickel: The Green Dragon 928 SE 9th Ave. Portland, Oregon TOURS: Hourly, from 11-4 p.m.

Breweries have Zwickels... Stills have parrot’s beaks.

Visit The Tin Man: Portland Pub and Distillery 1339 NW Flanders, Portland, Oregon TOURS: Hourly, from 11-4 p.m.

Breweries have Zwickels... Stills have parrot’s beaks.

Visit Tracy: House of Spirits Distillery 2122 Marine Science Dr., Newport, Oregon TOURS: Hourly, from 11-4 p.m.

Zwickel Crawl around Portland in the Rogue Farms bus! BUS LOOP: THE GREEN DRAGON - 928 SE 9th St. THE PILSNER ROOM - 0309 SW Montgomery ROCK BOTTOM BREWERY - 206 SW Morrison St. MCMENAMINS CRYSTAL BREWERY - 1332 W. Burnside St. DESCHUTES BREWERY - 210 NW 11th Ave ROGUE PUBLIC HOUSE - 1339 NW Flanders BRIDGEPORT BREW PUB - 1313 NW Marshall St. LUCKY LAB - 1945 NW Quimby NEW OLD LOMPOC BREWING CO. - 3901-B N Williams Bus will make the loop from 11-5 p.m.

Zwickel Crawl around Track Town in a school bus! BUS LOOP: LANE EVENTS CENTER - 796 W 13th Ave (PARK YOUR CAR AND RIDE THE BUS) MCMENAMINS HIGH STREET BREWERY - 1243 High Street EUGENE CITY BREWERY - 844 Olive St. NINKASI BREWING CO - 272 Van Buren St. OAKSHIRE BREWING - 1055 Madera St. HOP VALLEY BREWING - 980 Kruse Way, Springfield, OR Bus will make the loop from 11-5 p.m.

End Zwickelmania on the Oregon Coast. Brewers on the Bay will have hourly tours, including a guided walking tour to Rogue House of Spirits.* *Rogue House of Spirits does not have a Zwickel. It does have Rogue Spruce Gin, Rogue Pink Gin, Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey, and Rogue Hazelnut Rum.

WARNING: Zwickelmania event requires participants to wear close toed shoes while touring breweries. (Drinking hats are optional.)

Happy Hour For Your Feet Brew Shoes are styled like slip-on cruisers, with collapseable heel for slip-on like comfort. Described as performance casual, they are water and stain-resistant and have elastic gores for good flex while walking. For those wet pub floors, the shoes have slip resistant outsoles in a Rogue 22oz bottle shaped pattern. The pliable, full-grain leather uppers are hued in Rogue Ale inspired colors:

Juniper Pale Ale Smoke Ale Hazelnut Brown Ale Mocha Porter Shakespeare Stout

take it easy footwear

SIZES 7-13. Find them here:,,, and at the Rogue e-store:


What is a Zwickel?