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NUMBER THIRTY 2012 The Official Organ of the Rogue Nation

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ABOUT THE COVER: A map of Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon where we grow hops, pumpkins, rye, honey, hazelnuts, roses, Potbellied Pigs, Royal Palm Turkeys and Free Range Chicks. Come pay us a visit! Call 503-838-9813 or see

ABOUT THE BACK COVER: A map of Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon where we grow Risk™ and Dare™ 2-row malting barley and steep, germinate, kiln, smoke and roast our DIY Farmstead Floor Malts. INSIDE: 2 ���������������������� Commentary 3 ���������������������� Rogue Nation Q & A 4 ���������������������� Harvest 5 ���������������������� Winter 6 ���������������������� Why I Drink at Lunch 7 ���������������������� Rogue Nation News Network 8 ���������������������� Events 9 ���������������������� Athletes 10 �������������������� Crass Commercialization 12 �������������������� Industry News 13 �������������������� What’s New 14 �������������������� CLASSIFIED ADS 15 �������������������� Cyber Rogue 16 �������������������� Food / Agriculture 17 �������������������� Big Barrels 18 �������������������� Fall Harvest 19 �������������������� Awards 20 �������������������� Back Cover

Who’s responsible? Publisher: Justin Anderson Editors in Chief: Jack Joyce & Brett Joyce The Proofers: Dennis Newman, Risa Meynarez, Stacey Maier Multimedia: Stephanie Prange Department of Agriculture: John Coleman, Scot Laney, Doc McAllister, Keven Christiansen Australian bureau chief: Peter “Dog” Donaghy Hawaiian bureau chief: Bill Brooks Japan bureau chief: Phred Kauffman Technical Support: Justin Anderson Circulation: 263,144

I am sitting up here, enjoying a 20 oz. Imperial pint with my friends, reading about this “boom box” guy who as mayor of New York City seeks to limit sales of beverages that have over 25 calories per 8 oz. serving. The rationale appears to be that too many calories are making too many New Yorkers obese, and that these individual choices have an overall impact on health care costs. Alcohol is exempt for now, but if you don’t believe it’s next I have a New York bridge to sell you. The largest cost of these types of nanny rules is individual freedom. There is no

price on our freedom. Speaking of Alcohol, you can be sure every drop of Rogue Spirits are distilled at our distillery in Newport, Oregon. I read in Whiskey Advocate that Bulleit and Van Winkle distilleries only exist on paper. Knob Creek is made by Beam Inc., which also produces Old Crow, Old GrandDad, Booker’s, Baker’s and Basil Hayden’s. There is no acquired whiskey for Rogue. We are not a label on someone else’s mash and distillation. We are ground to glass, Terroir to table. We grow spirits as farmers, mashers, fermenters, millers, maltsters, smokers and ocean agers. Some don’t care where their products come from. We care. We know whiskey does not grow on trees, or that a distillery can only exist on paper. We are not a nondistilling producer; not a half-year old distiller selling 14 year old product. Come to the distillery in Newport, where you can watch us make it and taste it.

1 Brewer, 1 Brewery, 15,000 Brews Rogue Ales Brewmaster, John Maier, has completed his Fifteen Thousand brew! Rogue released Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale, a Belgian Stout, in a ceramic swing top bottle hand numbered and signed by John Maier. Only 1,515 bottles were released, each with a certificate of authenticity.

WANT TO SIGN UP OR SIGN UP A BUDDY? Email: Fax: (541) 867-3260 Mail: 2320 OSU Drive, Newport, OR 97365

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John Maier signs one of his limited release bottles. A Coors slogan, “Turn it loose,” was translated into Spanish where it was read as “Suffer from diarrhea”

Q&A Q. It’s August already and we have not seen your Pumpkin Patch Ale on the shelves or taps. You grow your own pumpkins and still are late to the party. What’s up? A. We did not realize Halloween was August 31st this year. And Thanksgiving moved to September. A. John is allergic to canned pumpkin.

BEARD TOUR  2012 

A. The pumpkins went on strike during July. A. We couldn’t afford the payola Mother Nature requested. A. The pumpkins refused to take growth hormones. A. We planted the wrong kind of pumpkins...again. A. With full unemployment, we couldn’t find anyone to harvest. A. We thought fresh pumpkins came from the USA.

June 21st:

AHA Convention - Seattle, WA

July 26th-27th:

Oregon Brewer’s Festival - Portland, OR

September 8

Rogue Ales Public House - Astoria, Oregon

A. Beer is what it eats - Eat fresh, be fresh. Eat canned, be canned.

September 9:

Tillamook Oregon

A. If you grow, you know.

September 10:

Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport, OR

A. We have learned from our mistake. Santa’s will be ready on Labor Day - Merry Christmas.

September 11:

Yachats Community Park - Yachats, OR

September 12:

Sea Lion Caves - Florence, OR

September 13:

West Coast Game Park Safari - Bandon, OR

September 14:

Amgen People’s Coast Classic Finish Line - Brookings, OR

September 15:

Redwood National Park, Crescent City CA

September 16:

Fort Bragg, CA

September 17:

Ukiah, CA

September 19:

Santa Rosa, CA

September 20:

Cook’s Valley Patriot Gas Station - Leggett, CA (CANCELLED)

September 21:

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA

September 22:

Rogue Ales Public House - San Francisco, CA

October 6:

Whiskerino Competition - Petalma, CA

November 11th:

Beard Team USA National Championships - Las Vegas, NV

Rogue Nation Elections Select nominees for the Rogue Nation General Election have been featured throughout this issue 100% Pure Rogue. Rogue Nation members may vote in our election at the Rogue Nation facebook page. The Rogue Nation is an intergalactic alliance without borders. Its citizens possess an unwavering allegiance to the Rogue within. A Rogue take risks, works hard, pursues the long shot, is not fettered by limitations imposed by others or rules totally lacking in reason and blazes a fiery trail. Rogues have one foot in reality, but they are, nonetheless, led by their dreams. 34 positions are on the ballot including: • President of Vice • Wardrobe Consultant to the President • Ambassadors to multiple national and international outposts • Director of Dept. of Chickens The Rogue Nation has embassies, farms, stills, breweries, sports teams, stamps, currencies, zero crime rate, balanced budget, voting by mail, university, scholarships, no taxes, open foreign policy, mass transit,

KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good” slogan came off as “eat your fingers off” in a Chinese ad.


recycling, uniforms, Navy, term limits, no King or Queen (yet), fuel production, traffic, police, judges, rules, root beer, health insurance, soup kitchen, cabinet, bank, job fairs, export/import, Bailout Program, Consumer Protection Agency, citizenship card, newspaper, official bird, chef, Poet Laureate, taxi, gambling, bingo, trivia, bulls, cheese, shoe manufacturing, sprinkler system, flag, bridges, free speech, ports, Capital, white and brown Chatoe, museum, library, film company, record company, passports, national ID cards, license plates, flag, constitution, creamery, national pastime, literary journal, bakery, Hopyard, pledge and boxer shorts. DARE.RISK.DREAM

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Terroir to Table

The Wetter the Better

It was hard work, but worth it. In just a few weeks, we went from a 42-acre Hopyard filled with bines and cones, to rows of empty trellises and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. The 2012 harvest of our seven varieties started with our Revolution Hops in late August. As the sun rose over the Willamette River, farmhands and tractors went to work bottom cutting the bines from the ground, then top cutting them from the wires.

As the Freedom hops were coming in, Rogue Brewmaster John (More Hops) Maier dropped by to check on the harvest and personally select the hops he’d use for this year’s batch of Rogue Farms Wet Hop Ale. Touching, smelling and even diving into a big ‘ole pile gave John the kind of insights and inspiration that you’d never get from buying hops off of store shelves.

Just a few moments and 237 feet later, the bines were loaded into the picker where the hop cones were stripped away. Then the cones were separated and sorted of any leftover debris through a series of conveyor belts, dribble belts and fans.

John went back to the Brewery in Newport with 3,000 pounds of fresh Freedom Hops for Wet Hop Ale.

Out the other end came nice clean cones which we kilned, cooled for 24 hours, baled and then wrapped in hand stitched burlap bags. Just as one variety of hops was headed to the baler, another variety was going into the picker. This went on 24/7 until all seven varieties were resting quietly in their burlap bedding.

Tree to Table

It’s in the Bag On the other side of Mt. Hood at the Rogue Barley Farm, we harvested over 200 acres of DareTM and RiskTM Barley.

John Maier picks the best aroma hops for his Wet Hop Ale.

Lance Kirk, of Kirk Family Filberts, loved every minute of it. “Let Mother Nature rattle those trees,” he said.

You can never be too sure about the development of the barley until all is said and done. It only takes one hot spell, wildfire, hail storm or flock of Canada Geese to seriously damage the fields. So after reaping, threshing and winnowing are finished and the barley is in the bags – there’s a huge sigh of relief. It also helps that the kernels hit all the right conditions for plumpness, protein levels and moisture.

When the winds died down, Lance and his crew began the harvest by raking the nuts into rows, sweeping them off the ground, and then trucking them to the on site processing facility. Because of the long spell of dry weather we’ve had, the Kirk’s hazelnuts are unusually dry and clean. That’s a good sign, because 99% of America’s hazelnuts are grown in Oregon. The Hazelnut Harvest motors down the trail

Page 4 — 100% PURE ROGUE

Fall blew into the 98-acre Rogue Hazelnut Orchard during the first week of October with several days of strong, gusty winds. Had you been there, you’d have seen nuts dropping by the hundreds, and heard the soft “thud” they make as the hit the orchard floor.

As Lance marveled over the quality of this year’s hazelnut crop, we were thinking of how they’d taste in our next batch of Hazelnut Spice Rum.

Schweppes Tonic Water had an ad translated to “Schweppes Toilet Water” in Italy


Ground to Glass

Feed The Honeybees

As the combines cleared away the last of our Dare™ spring malting barley, Doc McAllister was already hard at work on next year’s crop. Doc was busy preparing the field for our 2013 crop of Risk™ 2-row winter malting barley. Preparation takes about six weeks. We water the field to soften the soil, plow it to a depth of about 8 inches, disc it to break up large clumps, and harrow it to create a fine, smooth texture. When you’re done with harrowing, it takes several more days to drill the seeds into the soil. This is how the journey from Ground to Glass begins. Our Risk™ winter malting barley loves being planted in the fall at Rogue Farms in the Tygh Valley Appellation. The temperatures are cool and the soil is moist, perfect conditions for the Risk™ barley to set down roots and emerge through the earth. Over the winter, the tiny shoots will be protected by a light blanket of snow.

We sometimes forget that honeybees are the world’s tiniest livestock. And like other livestock, there are seasons when they can graze freely sampling the flavors of the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. Then there are seasons when they need our help to stay well fed. For the Rogue Farms Honeybees the feeding season is just starting. All their wild sources of food have gone dormant for the winter. The Rogue Nation Under Secretary of Agriculture: Department Bee, Josh Cronin, visits the hives at least once a week to top off the supplies of sugar syrup and pollen cakes. Without this help, the honeybees would either die of starvation or succumb to diseases. We’re not going to let that happen. We love our honeybees.

After planting the Risk™ barley, Doc got to work preparing another field for next spring’s planting of the Dare™ 2-row malting barley.

Josh has also been playing doctor to the bees, medicating them and the hives against mites and fungal diseases.

No wonder Doc says fall is the busiest time of year at Rogue Farms. When you grow it, you know it.

This year’s crop of 514 pounds of Rogue Farms Honey was of excellent quality and made some terrific Rogue Farms 19 Original Colonies Mead. So next spring we’ll expand our apiary of 19 hives with another 150 hives. In the meantime, Josh will be busy building 300 hives and thousands of frames to hold the honeycombs.

Doc McAllister studying the soil where we’ll plant the 2013 Risk™ barley.

Barley to Bar

Josh checking up on the health of the honeybees

Wheat Comes To The Hopyard

During barley harvest, we also finished construction on our Farmstead Malt House. For almost a year and a half we have been micro malting our own barley at a secret urban floor malting facility at 1001 SE 9th Ave in Portland, Oregon.

Next door at the Rogue Farms 42-acre Hopyard, we ran the plow between the hop rows and planted a cover crop of winter wheat.

Floor Malting is an extension of our commitment to know and share the origin and provenance of our Rogue-grown ingredients. We can now grow, steep, couch, germinate, dry, kiln, smoke and roast our barley on-site at the Farm. Brewmaster John Maier has already begun working on a proprietary series of roasts and smoked malts that will be used to brew and distill future Rogue Ales, Porters, Stouts, Lagers and Spirits.

The cover will protect the hop bines from erosion during the rainy season. Winter flooding is fairly common at the Hopyard. It’s one of the reasons we have such rich soil. But as anyone who remembers January’s Flood Of The Century, sometimes our bines need all the protection they can get.

RogueHopyard Sully caught in the act of snacking on the winter wheat cover.

Ford had a problem with their Pinto sales in Brazil, with “Pinto” being slang for tiny male genitals.

Page 5 — Nov 2012

W H Y D R IN K AT LUN C H ? Haggling for Pints CONCH KEY, FLORIDA – Carolyn Dukeshire, 62, known as “Sea Hag” has been charged with fatally shooting a man who refused to give her a beer. Dukeshire, a fisherwoman, is being held without bond in the Monroe County Detention Center.

Help! I’ve Fallen and I can’t get a beer COLUMBIA, TN – 67 year old man called 9-1-1 nine times in an attempt to a get a ride to buy some beer. Brooks eventually hung up, but dispatchers called the number back, got his location and dispatched officers who ultimately arrested Brooks. Authorities told Brooks if he cooperated, he would receive just a citation, but Brooks denied making the calls and claimed he didn’t have a telephone.

Alcohol is Good for Worms A research study conducted by Steven Clarke, a UCLA professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and his team has found that tiny amounts of alcohol more than doubled the life span of a tiny worm known as Caenorhabditis elegans, which is often used in aging studies.

It’s Not You, it’s Me A young woman in Medford, Oregon, tried to purchase alcohol using the clerk’s own stolen drivers license as ID. “That’s not you: it’s me,” said the clerk. The woman said something about looking for her purse and left the store.. She has not been seen since.

You’re Doing it Wrong An 18-year-old man reportedly shot himself in the penis and testicles at a party last Thursday in Port St. Lucie, Florida while he was cleaning a recently purchased gun. Michael Smeriglio initially told police that he had been shot by someone while walking down the street, but police said he changed his story after questioning, according to WKMG Local 6.

Brews and Screws Cannon Beach Hardware & Public House combines two manly pastimes into one business venture. Memorial Day Weekend 2010, the Dewey Family opened their store, with the bar tucked away in a back corner. In the 2 years since, another wing has been appended with a full bar, kitchen, TVs and expanded seating. Page 6 — 100% PURE ROGUE

Nominated: Minister of Logistics Every organization needs a Minister of Logistics - Someone to keep things running and the beer flowing. Although this isn’t a position officially listed, I would like to petition that it be added - Who else will oversee all aspects of operations for the President and ensure they run smoothly? Surely not the President of Vice, we all know that is a joke of a position - Just ask Dan Quayle or Joe Biden. The Minister of Logistics will oversee all of your underlings to ensure smooth operations: scheduling, travel, hops growing, “..dolphin chicken feeding, dolphin spotting, slug sorting, spotting, slug rose blooming, and more! I will even make sure snorting, rose your outer and under ware are made in the USA. blooming...” Minister of Logistics is the logical choice, you will wonder how you ever got by without one! -Heather Singmaster


Approximately 7.5% of all office documents get lost.


Rogue Nation News Network

Rogue Ales & Spirits leads A MEDIA REVOLUTION! Staffed 24-hours a day, 6.5 days a week by a dedicated staff in Rogue’s World Headquarters in Newport, Oregon and in bureaus worldwide; Rogue Nation News Network REACHES people through social media, websites, floppy disks, USB ports, digital platforms, place-based media, direct mail, e-mails, Rogue Publishing, Rogue Radio and Rogue TV. RNNN was created for the people of the Rogue Nation, providing up to the milli-minute political, farmstead, brewing, milling, malting, harrowing, mashing, distilling, husbandry and bottling news. The Network serves the Rogue Nation and its citizens who populate outposts and embassies in 50 states and 32 countries. Join our Media Revolution! We rely on a global team of semi-professional social media experts as well as thousands of beer, spirit, food and flavor connoisseurs. Contribute to RNNN on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn,, and Google+. You can also contact our International News Desk by sending an e-mail to

Meet Our Multiplatform team Executive Producer and Managing Editor, The Ax, has a double masters and is working on her P.H.D. in media. Stephanie Prange, Dennis Newman and Risa Meynarez keep us up to date on all happenings in the Rogue Nation.

Tucson Bureau Chief, CDN Newman is a news veteran from Atlanta’s CNN Headline News with thirty years of experience. Looking to acquire higher education and earn his G.E.D., Dennis moved to Oregon and then Tucson to work at RNNN. Editor-in-residence, Rosie Meynarez comes to us from Turner Broadcasting’s TBS and TNT. She has been loaned to RNNN as part of a workrelease program The Rogue Nation has negotiated with the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

Nominated: Vice President of Awesome Ryan Jones is hearby nominating himself for Vice President of Awesome. “Only a rogue like myself would go and create my own title in an election year. Well that and because Ambassador to Pennsylvania (the Quaker state) wasn’t available. Probably for good reason. I mean look at me. The boutineer from a wedding I was in is made of hops and barley. Never mind the viking helmet!”

RogueNationHQ “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant” - Parker ball point pen ad, incorrectly translated in Mexico.

Page 7 — Nov 2012


Brewer Would be Proud Rogue Ale’s 6th Annual Brewer’s Memorial Ale Festival, the largest dog-beer festival in the world, raised over $10,000 for Oregon dog charities May 18th20th, 2012. Proceeds from the event benefited Oregon Coast Therapy Animals, Central Coast Humane Society, Lincoln County Animal Shelter and Friends of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. More than 3,000 humans and 1,200 of their best friends attended the festival created in memory of Brewer, the faithful black lab companion of Rogue Brewmaster John “More Hops” Maier, who passed away on May 20th, 2006 at the dog-age of 81. Brewer grew up in the brewery and eventually rose to the rank of Chairman of the Board at Rogue Ales - A position he still holds to this day. Rogue Nation Ambassador Leah Hansen and her dad Mike, hiked 600 miles raising over $5,000 with a $2,500 matched contribution from Rogue for Help Every Little Paw (H.E.L.P.), A non-profit that pays for veterinary services, low-cost spay and neuter programs and provides food for companion animals in need. Leah and Mike arrived just in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony and were the first attendees through the gates. Leah also MC’d the festival’s Doggie Olympics - The premier precursor event to the Track and Field Olympic Trials.

Rogue Nation Meeting at Sturgis The Rogue Nation Motorcycle Club held its annual meeting at the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This year’s gathering highlighted four main issues, the upcoming 2012 Rogue Nation Elections, our ongoing application with the United Nations, John Maier’s beard and the status of Rogue Nation tattoo subsidies. The Rogue Nation voted to uphold the 2-century old decision to offer a subsidy for all those who receive Rogue tattoos at Sturgis. Photos of the tattoos can be found at the Rogue Nation Museum in Newport, OR - Which currently houses over 300 pieces of Rogue art. Rogue Ales & Spirits was also in attendance to ensure the estimated 600,000 participants had access to world-class beer & spirits all week long. Rogue set up shop at the Sturgis Liquor Store and sampled a variety of Rogue Ales including American Amber, Yellow Snow IPA, Dead Guy Ale and Dead Guy Whiskey.

Patch to Batch Because we refuse to use canned, pureed or foreign pumpkins, we grow two varieties of our own, Leroy-oLantern & Sugar, on a micro pumpkin patch adjacent to our Hopyard in Independence, Oregon.

Barley’s Angels Barley’s Angel’s “for women only” event at the Rogue Hop Farm in Independence, Oregon attracted leading women experts in the craft beer industry and topped off the Chatoe Rogue & Farmstead Brewery 2012 Summer Lecture Series. The all-day food and brew exploration featured leading beer experts Julia Hertz, Teri Fahrendorf and Lisa Morrison. Teri Fahrendorf, award-winning Master Brewer and Founder of the Pink Boots Society, shared her experience with “Craft Beer Vacationing Tips and Tricks”, during a noon lunch and social. Julia Herz, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director, Certified Cicerone and award-winning home brewer, broadened attendees awareness of how food flavors can either be complimented by a beer or become a total train wreck in your mouth. Lisa Morrison, journalist, radio personality, beer goddess and author of “Craft Beer of the Pacific Northwest”, brought unique flavor to the day with a tasting experience demonstrating how powerfully glassware can change the taste and flavor experience of savoring a great beer. The Rogue Hop Farm brings leading experts in terroir and craft beer to the farm for monthly lectures each summer. This year’s series included GYO workshops in bee keeping, vegetable canning and artisan soap-making. Williamette Riverkeepers also visited and delivered a workshop.

We harvested over 5500 pounds of the Sugar Pumpkins by hand, which were cut, harvested, chopped, roasted and used to brew this year’s Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale. The Leroy-o-Lanterns are perfect for carving, so we invited the local community to come out and pick a pumpkin. Over 300 kids came out to get their Rogue Pumpkin while the parents got to sit back, watch the kids search for the perfect pumpkin and relax with a pint of Pumpkin Patch Ale.

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Teri Fahrendorf was among the speakers at the Rogue Farm Proving fear as a motivator, Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.


Celebrating Oregon’s Hop Heritage

Sig Hansen Comes to Independence

Thousands gathered in Independence, Oregon, the Historic Hop Capital of the World, for the Rogue Independence Hop & Heritage Festival. The festival celebrates the end of the hops harvest and the three centuries old hops growing culture of this vibrant farm town on the Willamette River. There were fireworks, homebrewing contests, lawn mowers races, pet parades, ghost walks, hot air balloon rides, cookie competition, concerts, a Rogue beer garden, and longboard races from downtown Independence to Rogue Farms. A century ago, Independence grew more hops than anywhere else in world. Rogue Farms is proud to carry on this heritage.

From Terroir To Table, Rogue Farms Grows

Captain Sig Hansen shows off his Northwestern Ale Seafaring Rogue Sig Hansen returned to Independence, Oregon - The birthplace of the Grow Your Own Revolution - To regale audiences with his story of how a crabber became a reality show star. Sig appears on Deadliest Catch and Rogue honors him with his own beer, Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale.

A Proprietary Palate of Origin

Homebrewing at Rogue

Dare™ 2-row spring malting barley

Alluvial, Freedom,

Risk™ 2-row winter malting barley

Independent, Liberty,

Good Chit Pale Farmstead Floor Malt

Newport, Rebel and

Maier Munich Farmstead Malt Maier Caramel Malt Roasted Farmstead Barley

Revolution Aroma Hops Rogue Smoked Hops Dream Pumpkins Dream Rye

Whiskey Oak Smoked Farmstead Malt

Rogue Farms Honey

Roasted Chocolate Farmstead Malt

Farmstead Smoked Jalapenos

Roasted Black Farmstead Malt

Estate Roasted Hazelnuts

We grow beer and spirits from farm fresh ingredients, not ingredients off the store shelf.

Rice paper does not have any rice in it.

After 122 homebrew batches on the Rogue Nano system, Green Dragon Brew Crew President, John Heasley is turning over the reins to Rich Hawthorne. Rich comes John Heasley has brewed 122 batches on the Nano system. highly recommended by John after over two years of brewing together on the nano system. John brewed the first batch, Finally! IPA, on the Nano system in October 2009. Since then, he has led the Green Dragon Brew Crew through 122 batches brewed with over 40 different homebrewers. The Green Dragon Brew Crew is made up of three homebrew clubs: the Oregon Brew Crew, Strange Brew, and PDX Brewers. For many homebrewers, it is a dream to brew their own recipes on a larger scale brewing system. Not only do members of the three homebrewing clubs have the opportunity to do just that, but their beers are poured on tap at the Green Dragon for friends, family, and fellow homebrew enthusiasts to enjoy. At the end of the day the club receives 100% of the proceeds from each pint poured.

Page 9 — Nov 2012

Yellow Snow Yellow Snow IPA is available in two special packages this season, making this brew the perfect companion during ski season and a great gift to share with family and friends for the Holidays. Back by popular demand is the Yellow Snow IPA 5 Liter Can, featuring a “Pull and Turn” tapping system that makes this IPA easy to share. Also look for Yellow Snow 64oz serigraphed growlers, a special edition to the Rogue Growler family that includes Dead Guy Ale and American Amber Ale. Yellow Snow IPA is also available in serigraphed 22oz bottles, 12oz six packs, and on draft. This IPA boasts a hoppy, fruity aroma, medium body, and lingering bitterness that won it the Gold Medal at the 2011 World Beer Championships. Yellow Snow IPA uses 7 Ingredients: Cara Foam, Melanoiden & Great Western 2-Row Malts; Amarillo and Perle Hops; Free Range Coastal Waters & Pacman Yeast.

Specs: 15º PLATO, 70 IBU, 76 AA, 14º Lovibond

Santa’s Private Reserve Rogue Ales’ Santa’s Private Reserve comes equipped with built in nightlights –glistening snowflakes that GLOW-IN-THE-DARK. Dedicated to the Chris Kringle in each of us, Santa’s Private Reserve is brewed in small batches, and available nationwide for the holiday season. The spent grain from brewing Santa’s Private Reserve is fed to Rogue, a baby reindeer we adopted who lives at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, WA, neighbor to the Rogue Issaquah Brewhouse. The spent grain keeps Rogue healthy and strong so he can pull Santa’s sleigh! A 2009 World Beer Championship Gold Medal winner, Santa’s Private Reserve is a double-hopped red ale and is a reddish-copper color with a roasty, malt flavor and a well balanced, spruce finish.

Specs: 13º PLATO, 65 IBU, 73.1 AA, 26.75º L

Juniper Pale Ale Juniper Pale Ale is part of the Rogue family of gourmet, made-for-food beers, named “Best Beer to Pair with Turkey” by the National Turkey Federation. It pairs so well, in fact, that we named one of our Hop Farm’s free range turkeys Juniper in its honor. A pale ale, Juniper is saffron in color with a smooth malt balance. It has a floral aroma with a dry spicy finish from whole juniper berries. Juniper Pale Ale is a 6-time gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships and is available all year long.

Specs: 13º PLATO, 34 IBU, 77 AA, 3.2º Lovibond

Lighten Up This St. Patrick

Who says you can’t have craft beer on Day? You can with Rogue Irish Lager, Irish style beer available on draft and serigraphed bottles February and Ma

Rogue Irish Lager is the craft choice f Day. Enjoy it alone or make a Black an Tan- Rogue Irish Lager is designed to float Guinness Rogue Irish Lager has gained worldwide acclaim, winning a Gold at the Australian Beer Awards and 8 medals at the World Beer Championships. Judges described it as having, “…sweetish aromas, followed through with a full malty and rounded palate that finishes with a hint of hop bitters.” Rogue Irish Lager is brewed with 9 ingredients: Great Western 2-Row, Great Western Pale, Crystal -15, Wheat & Acidulated Malts; Sterling & Perle hops; Czech Pilsner Yeast, and Free Range Coastal Water. Specs: 12º PLATO, 28 IBU, 75 AA, 9.8º Lovibond

k’s Day

n St. Patrick’s , a true d in 22oz arch 2013.

Chocolate Stout Rogue Chocolate Stout 22oz special edition bottles are back for Valentine’s Day 2013 in a newly designed “Valentine Red” serigraphed bottle. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone. These limited release bottles will be available nationwide in January and February only. Chocolate Stout draft and classic 22oz bottles are available year round. Chocolate Stout is ebony colored with a rich creamy head. 10 ingredients make up this brew: Great Western 2-Row, Crystal 135- 165, & Chocolate Malts; Perle & Cascade Hops; Rolled Oats, Roasted Barley, Natural Chocolate Flavoring, Free Range Coastal Water and Pacman Yeast. Specs: 15º PLATO, 69 IBU, 77 AA, 135º Lovibond

for St. Patty’s nd o

Double Chocolate Stout The Valentine’s Day lineup gets bigger and better with Rogue Double Chocolate Stout, debuting for the holiday in a limited release red 750ml painted bottle. This beer will be released exclusively at Rogue pubs and through during the Valentine’s occasion, making it the ultimate gift for chocolate lovers. Double Chocolate Stout is an evolution of Chocolate Stout, brewed with 10 ingredients: C120, Chocolate and Great Western 2-Row Malts; Cascade and Perle Hops, Rolled Oats, Honey, Natural Chocolate Flavoring, Rogue’s Pacman Yeast and Free Range Coastal Water. Specs: 22º PLATO, 50 IBU, 74 AA, 135º Lovibond

Page 11 —Nov 2012

IN D US T R Y N EW S Texas Terroir

Two in the Busch

They say the indigenous grain, water and climate make Kentucky the only birthplace of good bourbon. A few Texans, however, beg to differ. Firestone & Robertson, which opened in Fort Worth this spring, is betting big on the promise of Texas terroir.

Anheuser-Busch wholesaler Grey Eagle Distributors has agreed to buy Illinois Distribution Co., another A-B wholesaler based in Belleville, Illinois. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. It would allow Maryland Heights, Missouri-based Grey Eagle The first whiskey producer in the north of the state- to acquire Illinois Distributing’s assets and sales and Texas’ fifth overall- it’s the only distillery using territory. An approval by A-B is required and is expected by the end of the year. The purchase would Texas aged yeast culled from the state tree, the add 2.6 million cases to Grey Eagle’s business, which pecan. “We’ve got a very distinctly Texas productalready sells about 7 million cases of beer per year. aged in this climate, using only Texas ingredients,” Grey Eagle will keep Illinois Distributing’s operations says founding partner Leonard Firestone. in Belleville. The first of that homegrown bourbon went into Tops in Hops barrels in March, and Firestone and his partner, former finance man Troy Robertson, are hoping it Washington held on to its position as the top hops will be ready to bottle in the next two years. In the grower, followed by Oregon and Idaho. Virtually all meantime they’ve be showing off their blending of the hops grown in the U.S. come from these three skills in their first official product. Capped in states. boot-leather scraps and called TX, it’s a mixture of What the numbers don’t tell you is that most of whiskeys imported from, well, Kentucky. Washington’s crop is high alpha hops, the varieties Empire Building that add lots of bitterness to beer, but not much of aroma or flavor. Most of Washington’s crop is Heineken will pay $4.6 billion for Fraser & Neave’s contracted to large industrial brewers. 39.7% of Asia Pacific Breweries. This will bring Heineken’s stake in the company to 95%. APB Oregon’s climate is better suited for aroma owns Tiger and Bintang, which account for nearly varieties, the hops desired by craft brewers. These half the beer market in Singapore, Malaysia and are the varieties that give beer flavor, aroma and Indonesia. some bitterness. It’s why we grow our GYO aroma varieties in Oregon instead of Washington.

British Cider from Chicago MillerCoors’ Crispin Cider Co. is set to launch Fox Barrel English Perry cider in the U.S. English Perry is Fox Barrel’s variation of pear cider-making, inspired by an uncommon pear cider style that originated in the British Midlands. Chicago’s Crispin Cider Co. also just launched Fox Barrel Pear Naked (5.3% abv) to test markets—it will initially be available at Whole Foods, with distribution expected to expand over the next few months.

All Aboard Following its recent $20-billion acquisition of the 50% stake in Mexico’s Grupo Modelo that it didn’t already own, Anheuser-Busch InBev will name Modelo vice chairman Maria Asunción Aramburuzabala and vice president Valentín Díez Morodo to its board, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. Both are also on the board of Mexico City-based Modelo. Neither A-B InBev or Modelo has confirmed the report, but they jointly stated that two new A-B board members will invest $1.5 billion from selling their Modelo shares into A-B InBev shares, delivered within five years via a deferred share instrument.

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Also not in the numbers is the overall shift from alpha to aroma hops. Some 2,600 acres of alpha hops were removed from production and replaced with 2,800 acres of aroma hops. That’s a response to the growing interest in craft beer.

Streaks on the China... French Spirits Company, Belvedere, has struck a deal with its creditors in which some of its brands could be sold, or its loans converted into shares, diluting the stakes of existing shareholders. Belvedere is in debt to the tune of $697 million, after purchasing Marie Brizard in 2006.

Anheuser-Busch to Close Kursk In a statement by the ABI Russian unit, InBev said the group has no other option in the current beer market than to shut down Kursk Brewery in Russia. Russian government alcohol regulations have added tax hikes and advertising restrictions. Kursk Brewery’s output dropped 30% in 2011. Following the shut down, 50 of the 275 employees are expected to remain with the company, moving to other locations.

Boston Investment Firm Buys Utah Craft Brewer Boston investment firm, Fireman Capital Partners is making a “major investment” in Salt Lake City brewer Utah Beers. According to the story the investment will “support the expansion of the Squatters and Wasatch brewer’s distribution, marketing and brew pub.

Molson Coors Redesigns Grolsch Packaging Canada-based, Molson Coors will replace Grolsch’s 27.5cl bottle with a 33cl size. Grolsch and Grolsch Blonde bottles will also have their glassware replaced in the redesign. The redesigned branding will feature a new font with green and red accent and T-bars, along with the Grolsch “G” symbol.

Iron Chef in the Big Apple Morimoto’s long-delayed bistro, Tribeca Canvas, opens this fall in New York City. The menu features Morimoto’s take on comfort food, Asian-style. Japenese ingredients will be used to create dishes such as mac and cheese, onion soup dumplings and crab ravioli. 313 Church St. New York, NY Morimoto now has restaurants in New York, Philadelphia, Napa, Hawaii, Japan and Mexico.

Crab King Dungeness Crab season reeled in an estimated catch of about 14.2-million pounds, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. Newport Oregon, the Dungeness Crab Capital of the World, pulled in the largest haul of 4-million pounds, bringing in $11-million dollars.

How You Like Them Apples? MillerCoors has released a new brand, Redd’s Apple Ale. Billed as ‘a golden ale brewed with apple flavors’, Redd’s is expected to compete against beer alternatives like Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day

W h a t ’s N e w Still Here Distilling, brewing and drinking in Newport, Oregon has been a tradition for the last three centuries. Beginning with the rum trade and the Prohibition smuggling era, drinking has always been important to the coast. Rogue Spirits will continue to support this with its new 500 gallon custom-made Vendome Still. The new copper pot has traveled from Kentucky, where it was handcrafted by Vendome Copper and Brass. It may have been built in Kentucky but it will work in Oregon, creating award winning, multi-ingredient small batch artisan spirits. Rogue Spirits original two copper pots were handcrafted by a merchant marine named Bill VanBoyen. Currently active today the original two classic Stills are at the Rogue Distillery and Public House in downtown Portland. Rogue Spirits creates award winning multi-ingredient small batch spirits since 2003, earning over 100 awards internationally. Rogue distills, smokes, smiths, and bottles all of our spirits with our own two hands. If you have questions about our ingredients or creation process, please contact us. Visit our web site at for more information.

The new 500 gallon still in Newport

Late Breaking News

Hazelnut Spice Rum, Spruce Gin and Dead Guy Whiskey.

Naked Pint Authors at Rogue’s Green Dragon

Hazelnut is Gold Again

Saturday, October 13th, The Naked Pint authors, Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune ( visited Rogue’s Green Dragon to chat with the community over beers and hand out signed copies of their new book.

Hazelnut Brown Nectar earned a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for the second consecutive year. Hazelnut Brown Nectar is one of Rogue’s most decorated ales, with more than 50 medals in international competition.

A Great Foundation Along with creating World Class Products in World Class Packages, Rogue believes in Community Integration. The Rogue Tito Beveridge’s Beverages Foundation supports people in need and worthy organizations regularly. The Tito Beveridge, of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, attended the Great Foundation’s donations include The American American Distiller’s Festival this year, giving a presentation Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Habitat to a sold out crowd at the Tiffany Center in Portland, Oregon. for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Tito, along with Lee Medoff, the founder of the Oregon Boy Scouts of America, OMSI, Oregon Zoo, Distillers Guild, spoke about their experiences and expertise Make A Wish, MercyCorps, Doernbecher of the craft distilling industry. Children’s Hospital, Meals On Wheels, Special The Great American Distiller’s Festival is a gathering of more Olymics, The Humane Society, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Oregon Coast Therapy than 40 craft distilleries from across the nation coming to Animals, Newport Police Foundation, Wounded meet in Portland, Oregon, the mecca of craft distilling. For Warrior Project, Oregon National Guard and two days distillers, bartenders, mixologists and craft spirits enthusiasts gathered to share their passion and products with Buckman Arts School. each other. It takes 20 lbs. of grain to produce a fifth of booze.

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location for a wedding. Take your vows and start your new life together with an experience you’ll never forget. Spaces for 2013 are already filling up. For more information please call Natascha at 503-838-9813, or visit our Weddings page on

Morimoto Soba Ale Cheddar and Chocolate Stout Cheddar are available at the Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop and online store, all Rogue Ales Public Houses, as well as select gourmet retailers nationwide. Historic Hop baskets, as used in Independence’s centuries-old tradition of farming hops. Online at Give the Gift of Rogue - Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays or birthdays or… We have a slew of gift ideas at Holiday-Gift-Packs. ANYTHING you can think of from rubbers to tuna to hop cheese to brew shoes to hop baskets (and some T’s, hats, and glasswear) Visit

WANTED Seeking Women Barley’s Angels™ seeking women to Take Back the Beer ™. Join the explosive global movement of women exploring and sharing craft beer, with chapters in 5 countries. Find or start a chapter in your area at PIGS, let me give your pigs) a good home. Accepting strays, male or female, and full litters. Bacon for sale. Call 541-8673660 HOES, for my farm. If you have some 2nd hand to sell please contact at The Grace of Our Lord church seeks a new Lord for worship. Candidates must be monotheistic in nature with at least 3,000 years of experience. Absolutely NO animal or human sacrifice must be required. Deities that do not forbid bacon or alcohol are preferred. No confusing trinities or disparate gospels will be considered. If you think that you are right god for the job, please send resume, cover letter, and sample holy text. No applications will be accepted by burning bush or divine revelation.

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PLACE AN AD! Ads appear in print AND online at E-MAIL 24/7:

Now On, and


Dear Rogue Chocolate Stout,

RENTALS Rogue Bed ‘N Beer

Fully furnished apartments above the Rogue Ales Public House on the Bayfront in Newport, OR. Call the landlord for nightly or weekly rental. Pets free, children require deposit.

Rogue Hop ‘N Bed

3590 Wigrich Rd.. Independence, OR 97351 The Hop ‘N Bed is Chatoe Rogue’s 100+ year old farm house available to guests for overnight stays and events. Visit for more details. Please contact Natasha Cronin at 503-838-9813 for rates and reservations, or email ncronin@ The James And Franny Coleman Conference Center If you’re looking for a place to hold an event, consider the “old barn” at the Hopyard. This beautifully rustic facility has been converted into a conference center and has already hosted weddings, concerts and other events. We just dedicated it to James and Franny Coleman, pioneers of Oregon and the Willamette Valley Hops industry. The Colemans planted one of the state’s first hopyards in 1867 and the family has been growing hops ever since.

EVENTS Eat, Drink and be Married The Rogue Hopyard is one of the prettiest locations in Oregon and maybe the best

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You are everything I could have asked for and more. I love the way you smell, the way you taste, and the way you make me feel. Before I met you my days were dull and colorless, now when I see you I light up with joy. You are my one and only true love. -Your Valentine

“I wanna read this with a beer in hand.” – Charlie Papazian

EMPLOYMENT We have jobs - Some existing, some new, for hard core unemployables who understand: We do not plan, budget or waste time on getting bigger. We only wish to get better. Failure is encouraged - Even if you suck at one position, you may be perfect for another. You will be interviewed by a decision maker. Ties are not recommended for the interview, nor slacks, nor jackets. All of which are banned by our dress code - Or would be if we had one. Aggressive people appear to do well here. Passive aggressive Not so well. DARE. RISK. DREAM. If you would like to be considered for employment, your resume and a copy of your college or high school transcript should be sent by snail mail to: Rogue Nation World Headquarters Attn: Jack Joyce 2320 OSU Drive Newport, OR 97365 Idlepress Web Design & Development Name Your Own Price special until December 1, 2012. Professional & Affordable web design with full support. Get your business online today!

0.56 ml is lost in a beer drinker’s facial hair

Cyber Rogue I have been a huge fan of Rogue for many years. A few years ago you even mentioned me in your newsletter because I helped get Yard House to serve your beers. The only thing I love more than Rogue is the environment. That is why I am not too happy to see you supporting the Hansen’s. The world’s fisheries are on the verge of total collapse and it’s all thanks to thoughtless people like the Hansen’s who feel natural resources are here to be exploited for profit. You also support Morimoto, a thoughtless man who refuses to stop serving the almost extinct Atlantic bluefin tuna. Dear Rogue, I don’t know if you remember I told you about an ancient sculpture at a museum in Mexico. Well, it was 4 to 6 years ago, I went to Xalapa, a city in the state of Veracruz and I visited the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa. There I was interested on one sculpture and I took a picture of it. Is the only picture I took that day. Find it attached.

I urge you to watch ”The End of the Line” so that you can learn more about the fate of our oceans. Rogue should be celebrating eco-rogues, such as Paul Watson/Sea Shepherd as well as Earth First! Thank you for your kind consideration. -Ranko

Sadly, it is going to take about 30# less advertiser to be able to conquer the entire advertising route. That will necessitate, again, very sadly, some reduction in the consumption of Farm products by the billboard. But it will be done wisely - No less time at the Farm, just fewer products per visit.

Of course by that time I had no idea of Rogue Ales. There are many representations on the ancient Mexican sculptures.. But I had never seen this one... is a very unique version. Is amazing the similarity to your dead guy.

Since I managed the 10K in altitude, I am still going to have Kevin perform artwork on my leg, wonderfully to the horror of my kids. I must sell a shotgun to afford my new wheels for my bike, with the leftover $ paying for the body art. But I did do myself one up - Greaseladen chain-ring tattoos on my right calf, and bloody impressions of crank teeth on the left.

Enjoy it... Disfrutando el Sabor del Tiempo . . . -Jaime Andreu Galván Recently found some of your ales in a specialist shop in London, UK. With reference to the Hazelnut Brown Nectar, WOW!!!!, It was like drinking a Newky Brown with added hazelnut (Newky Brown is better known as Newcastle Brown Ale). Congratulations on brewing and releasing this ale. I am looking forward to sampling other ales in your range whenever I see them at the ale shop. One thing I would like sorted though is the alcohol percentage on the bottle somewhere. I am pleased that a lot more US breweries are now brewing real ales instead of “beer” that (until recently) equated to “lager”.

Here is photo documentation of the fact that the Farm has ascended to heights heretofore unseen. At Mumbo summit (we called it Mount Doom, spelled “dumb”), the Rogue Farms made it to 6520’, after earlier being even higher at 6868’. Excess heat and corpulence prevented additional heights of glory, but it is a fact that the Farm was advertised to the uninitiated along 97 miles and almost 11000’ of California byways.

What a weekend. Cycling has certainly a sick definition of fun. I think I need to pull out my Tiki shirt tomorrow... Dead Guy Ale Tale Gate Chili. Created by Rogue Nation Members, Phil PastaMan & Pork Chop Jordan Robbins


I only hope that sales of your ales are on par with sales in the UK. -Taz Eastwood The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card!

-David Rogue is now available in Shenzhen China. I had my first pint here. It is awesome! And has a growing following. Just thought you’d be interested in a USA export to China! By the way, we drink it at George & Dragon British Pub. Cheers! -Alan

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A g r icu lt u r e

Turkeys! Chicks! Runaway Pigs! Species Identity Issues! Stuffing, a Royal Palm Turkey chick is abandoned by her mother Juniper. One of our Free Range Chicks Nancy comes to her rescue and adopts Stuffing as one of her own. Stuffing becomes temporarily confused when she recognizes something familiar in her turkey biological father, Tom.

one of them leaves a pile of poop outside the door to Natascha’s office.

Juniper raises concerns when she disappears for several weeks. But redeem herself by returning with a new brood of five turkey chicks. Nearly full grown, they stick together as they greet visitors to the Hopyard. Nancy takes the Mother Of The Year Award when she hatches several baby chicks in August. Stuffing, now an adult, comes back to Nancy and helps her adoptive mother guard the brood.

Juniper leads a Thanksgiving parade.

Nominated: Ambassador to Sweden

Mother Hen of the Year, Nancy’s, brood.

Bored with the wet weather and life in the pig pen, Potbellied Pigs Voo and Doo carry out several escape attempts. In a particularly egregious act of defiance,

“There are no one else here, that dares to ride the roads I do. I follow my twisted mind and finds new paths that never been used before.

“There are no one else here, that dares to ride the roads I do. ” -Mats Bjorkman Stuffing and his adopted mommy, Nancy.

Voo and Doo fattening themselves up.

Rogue Knows Seafood

I’m building the Dead Guy Ride during this winter, a 1966 VW Type 3 Fastback....a ratstyled car dedicated to the best beer and brewery in the world. My life is my hunt for new things I visit brewers, pubs and stores around Scandinavia and parts of northern Europe. Sweden is my pocket...know well how it works here. Rock’n’roll folks.”


A Recipe From Your President

panceta slices, and S. Wallace Edwards & Sons Boil Oysters In Beer. “Surry Farms” Jowciale, were presented with Sofi awards in the Meat, Seafood & Pate category Brutal IPA is best. at the NASFT Summer Fancy Foods Show in You want the beer to boil up in the can through the Washington, D.C. oyster. After 15 minutes of boiling you remove and Rogue has been a part of the fishing community shuck. Now don’t put in the oysters until the beer is in Newport, Oregon for centuries. Our first pub boiling. I cook 3 at a time. on Bayfront Boulevard – with its brewery out back in the garage – is in the heart of Newport’s As you shuck, put the oysters in hot butter and garlic. No limit on the garlic. Serve hot. working seafood district.

This year’s Sofi awards (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation), headed by an international panel of specialty food retailers, foodservice professionals and journalists confirm Rogue Knows Seafood by conferring a much coveted Sofi Award to Rogue Ales for its outstanding, dolphin-safe, hand-caught, Newport-gathered, canned Albacore Tuna. Rogue Tuna, along with Fermin Iberico smoked

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We grew up in Newport and our first customers were our neighborhood fishermen and seafood processors across the street from the brewery. Decades of sitting together, sharing great food fresh from the ocean, and drinking glasses of uniquely crafted beer explains why our Lagers, Porters, Stouts and Ales are designed to pair with Seafood.

Yummy for the tummy!

Rogue Nation President Steve Swann

From sea to sea, farm to home and bottom land to bar, Rogue knows and grows Ales, Spirits and Seafood. Limited Quantities of Rogue Albacore Tuna can be purchased at or by calling Brandon at (503) 241-3800.

New additions to Webster’s Dictionary: mancave, f-bomb, sexting, and craft beer

B ig B a r r e ls


inn g e B e 1: Th

Our big barrels were three centuries in the making – it seemed longer. The story begins with six Oregon White Oak trees named Tom, Matilda, Ada, John, Betty and George born in the 1890’s in the Coast Range between the Rogue Hopyard in Independence, OR and our Brewery in Newport, OR.


2: Milli

At Monroe Oak, the logs for the big barrels are hand selected by the Monroe Brothers and Rick DeFerrari of Oregon Barrel Works. Aged for 1-2 months, the logs are bucked and milled to 7½ feet long, 6 inches wide and 2¾ inches deep.


3: Kilni

After five months in the kiln at more than 140°F, the lumber reaches a moisture level of 14%. They are ready to be transformed into Rogue Big Barrels.

ping o o H eB , g Th n : i t 7 s a o ising, T


Aga ( g n i n egin

5: R a

ng i t n i o J 4:

The big barrels are assembled for the first time, a step known as “mise en rose” or “raising the barrel.” Jointing is the art of beveling each stave that forms the outside of the barrel. Jointers cut the wood eight times to perfect the shape as coopers check and recheck the bevel by hand with a wooden caliper.


em s s A l a n 6: Fi

Meanwhile, a fire fueled by more Oregon White Oak toasts the insides of the barrels, caramelizing the wood and releasing the natural flavors and seasonings. Toasting takes 16 hours and heat the wood to 350°F. As the barrels toast, coopers slip hand shaped galvanized steel hoops over the barrels and pound them into place. The staves, now flexible because of the heat, are tightened by cinching the hoops. This creates the barrels’ curved shape. The coopers build the top and bottom of the barrel, known as the heads, with more white oak. Wooden dowels and dried cattail reeds hold the pieces together. The heads are measured, cut and reshaped by the master cooper for a water-tight fit. The finished Big Barrels stand 7½ feet tall and 6½ feet in diameter.

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds!

Finally, the Big Barrels are seasoned with the flavors of Rogue. They travel to the Rogue Hopyard in Independence - Home of our seven varieties of aroma hops, pumpkins, rye, hazelnuts, jalapenos, corn, honeybees, Free Range Chicks, turkeys and Potbellied Pigs - To soak up the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. Next stop is our Barley Farm to take in the terroir of the Tygh Valley Appellation where Rogue grows Risk™ and Dare™ malting barley and creates artisan floor malts at the Farmstead Malt House. Then they venture back through their birthplace in the Coast Range to the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon. The barrels, named Chuck and Nate, are ocean aging in the Rogue Brewery Wood Room, absorbing the terroir of bay, ocean and beer of Yaquina Bay. Soon they’ll be filled with world class Rogue ales and enriching the beer with the unique terroir of the wood.

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F a ll H a r v e st

Field of Dream

Introducing our first rye beer - Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye. Brewed with the GYO Certified Dream Rye from our farm in Independence, Oregon and tested in our Farmstead Brewery. Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye is a taste of the rich alluvial soils, magical combination of sun and rain, and the cooling breezes of the Van Duzer corridor that define the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. Rogue Dream Rye will be harvested in August, and Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye will be available in bottles and on draft in November. Look for Rogue Rye Whiskey in 2013.

Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye: Brewed with a unique set of 10 ingredients; Rogue Farms GYO Dream™ Rye, Flaked Rye, Breiss Black Prinz, Weyermann Smoked, C40, Rogue Farms DIY Dare™ and Risk™ Malts, Rogue Farms GYO Independent Hops, Free Range Coastal Water and Weizen Yeast.

Specs: 16.5° Plato – 35 IBU – 75 AA - 130° Lovibond.

19 Original Colonies Drive into Rogue Farms at Independence, Oregon and you’ll be greeted by a line of beehives standing at attention. Here lives a tiny civilization of honeybees busily collecting pollen and nectar, and filling the supers with pure honey. This is the origin of Rogue Farms 19 Original Colonies Mead. The Rogue honeybees spend their days sampling the flavors of the farm and absorbing the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. From blackberries, raspberries and cherries; to woodruff, lavender and pumpkins; to rye, corn and Rogue’s seven varieties of GYO aroma hops - The honey they produce is a taste of the terroir of the Wigrich Appellation. And so is Rogue Farms 19 Original Colonies Mead .

Rogue Farms 19 Original Colonies Mead: Mead is the original fermented beverage. Centuries before the cultivation of barley, hunter-gatherer tribes made mead from honey and water. 19 Original Colonies Mead is brewed with Rogue Hopyard Honey, Wild Flower Honey, Jasmine Silver Tip Green Tea Leaves, Wyeast Pasteur Champagne Yeast & Free Range Coastal Water

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A Rogue bee takes a dip into the local vegetation Almost half the newspapers in the world are published in the United States and Canada!

Aw a r d s Whiskey Wins


Rogue Spirits was awarded five medals at the World Spirits Competition, including a gold medal for their Single Malt Whiskey. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition held its 12th annual competition at the hotel Nikko this year. A record number of entries, 1215 products from 61 countries, were evaluated by 34 of the finest palates from the spirits industry. These judging panels were comprised of spirits experts from noted restaurants and hotels, well known spirits journalists from major national media, spirits buyers for large purveyors, and spirits consultants.

Rogue Spruce Gin was awarded a Platinum medal at the World Beverage Competition in Geneva, Switzerland and named “World’s Best Gin.” Spruce Gin is pot distilled from 11 botanicals: spruce, cucumber, angelica root, orange peel, coriander, lemon peel, ginger, orris root, grains of paradise, tangerine, and juniper berries. Spruce is one of the fastest growing and most prolific evergreens found in the Oregon Coast range, also home to our free range coastal water. The World Beverage Competition is the largest and oldest spirits competition in the world. Each year more than 20,000 beverage brands from around the globe compete.

Champion Athlete to Champion Brewer Christina Canto, Rogue’s Track Town Brewer, grew up in Boulder, Colorado where she was all-conference swimming and gymnastic medalist at Niwot High School and a Colorado gymnastic champion. She has also lived in Las Vegas, Corvallis (to attend Oregon State University), New Hampshire, Costa Rica and New Zealand.

Rogue Farms Single Malt Whiskey is made using RiskTM Barley grown on Rogue’s Micro Barley Farm in the Tygh Valley Appellation. At the brewery, Rogue Brewmaster John Maier brews the Single Malt wort and then ferments it by adding distillers yeast. After fermentation, the wort is transported across the parking lot to the nearby House of Spirits where the Single Malt wort is distilled and barrel aged, creating Single Malt Whiskey.

2012 Critical Acclaim Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale: Gold- World Beer Championships

She loves dancing, singing karaoke, travelling, brewing, drinking beer and her 9-year old best friend, a dog named Eva. Christina hasn’t won any karaoke awards but Rogue’s Track Town is having an impressive awards season. Track Town Ales scored a gold medal at the World Beer Championships for 200 Meter Ale, a Northwest style IPA. In addition, Track Town’s Triple Jump Pale Ale earned a Silver medal at the World Beer Championships and Track Town’s Porcini Scotch Ale was just named Pacific Northwest Champion by the United States Beer Tasting Championship.

Christina Canto Surveys her domain


Parnold Almer Scores!

Chipotle Ale: Gold- World Beer Championships

You won’t be surprised that Rogue’s Buckman Botanical Brewmaster, Danny Connors has phenomenally good taste. He uses his extraordinary taste-palate to cook up fabulous food like a Chicken Colorado featuring Rogue Smoke Ale, Cayenne Pepper and Cumin. Out of the kitchen and the brewery, Danny is also an athlete with a passion for soccer. At the University of Portland he was an ESPN, All-Region Academic Soccer champion. Now, Danny is bringing home the Gold at the World Beer Championships for Buckman Botanical Brewery.

Santa’s Private Reserve Ale: GoldWorld Beer Championships Chocolate Stout: World’s Best Sweet Stout- World Beer Awards Brutal IPA: World’s Best IPA- World Beer Awards Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout: World’s Best Oatmeal Stout- WBA

Buckman’s Parnold Almer scores with the title Northwest Champ at the U.S. Beer Tasting Championships. The World Beer Championships (WBC) and the United States Beer Tasting Championships (USBTC) are two of the most prestigious beer judging competitions and their awards are highly sought after by craft brewers.

Rogue Farms OREgasmic Ale: Pale Ale Winner- International Beer Awards Hazelnut Brown Nectar: GoldMondiale de le Biere Voofoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale-First Place- Beverage Dynamics Packaging Awards

Track Town has now earned a total of 10 World Beer Championships gold medals and 12 awards from the United States Beer Tasting Championships. Way to go Track Town Brewery and Christina Canto. Christina says she is interested in brewing a Chai Porter or an Imperial IPA. Stay tuned!

Buckman Brewery’s Danny Connors

Americans eat 45 million turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Danny says he experiments outside his time at Buckman with his own homebrews and is inspired with new ideas by talking shop with other home brewers. Danny shared with 100% that you may want to keep an eye out for fruity flavors introduced in brews from the Buckman Botanical Brewery. Keep your senses primed and ready for a new Buckman Botanical Brewery Brew from Danny in the Spring.


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100% Pure Rogue issue 30  

100% Pure Rogue issue #30

100% Pure Rogue issue 30  

100% Pure Rogue issue #30