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Inside: Prof. Alexis Lau addresses rising sea levels and extreme weather events Global Change Institute achieves world’s highest sustainability ratings Panyu mixed-use project the beneficiary of Arquitectonica know-how The art of Hong Kong’s architecture on display at 14th Venice Biennale 10 Design devlops roadmap towards a more ecologically responsible city

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14th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, Malaysia

14th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, Malaysia



報導 9

Citi $50 Billion Climate Change Investment Initiative In 2007, Citi set a landmark goal to direct $50 billion over 10 years to activities that mitigate climate change.The scope of this initiative includes internal operational projects as well as financing for alternative energy, energy efficiency, investments in clean technology, and lending for green affordable housing and other community assets. On 23 April Citi announced that they have reached this goal three years early, directing $53.85 billion to these initiatives through the end of the year. Citi Director of Corporate Sustainability, Bruce Schlein, said: “The reaching of the $50 billion goal is something we can all be proud, and especially the numerous teams and individuals at Citi who contributed.While we're very proud of what we've accomplished, we know there is still much more to be done. We are now preparing to establish a new environmental finance target, which would include climate mitigation activities as well as other financing to support the environment and help communities and cities adapt to our changing climate.”

Generation of tidal energy in China edges closer The large-scale generation of clean, renewable energy from the ocean’s tides has moved one step closer with the news that the Chinese National Energy Administration has commissioned an economic assessment into the viability of building a Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) facility off the east coast of China. The potential facility would involve the construction of a dam stretching 60-100 km perpendicular to the Chinese coast between Xiamen and Shantou, and in the entrance to the Bohai Sea.The dam would capture power from the tide through a network of 4,000 turbines that would generate up to 15 gigawatts of energy.This is the equivalent of six large coal or gas power stations and would provide energy for more than ten million homes. A consortium of eight Dutch companies, including ARCADIS, is leading the development of this new, patented technology with the Chinese Government, known as the POWER

How coal-fired power plants can slash pollution In May, the Associated Press reported that, three years ago the operators of one of the nation's dirtiest coal-fired power plants warned of "immediate and devastating" consequences from the Obama administration's push to clean up pollution from coal. Faced with cutting sulphur dioxide pollution by 80% in less than a year, lawyers for EME Homer City Generation L.P. sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to block the rule, saying it would cause it grave harm and bring a painful spike in electricity bills. But, none of those dire predictions came to pass. Instead, the massive western Pennsylvania power plant is expected in a few years to turn from one of the worst polluters in the country to a model for how coal-fired power plants can slash pollution. For more than 40 years, Homer City has spewed sulphur dioxide from two of its three units completely unchecked, and still does because it is largely exempt from federal air pollution laws passed years after it was built in 1969. Last year, the facility released 114,245 tons of sulphur dioxide, more than all of the power plants in neighbouring New York combined. The owners of the power plant have committed to install $750 million worth of pollution control equipment by 2016 that will make deeper cuts in sulphur than the rule it once opposed.The EPA estimates that about 30% of the coal-fired units in the U.S. are operating without scrubbers, pollution control equipment to control not only for sulphur dioxide, but also mercury, a toxic metal that will be controlled for the first time from power plants next year.

Programme. Following a series of feasibility projects over the past three years which have demonstrated the proof of the principle and assessed potential locations, the current economic assessment will look at the design and construction costs which are estimated to be in the region of US$40 billion. In addition to China, a number of other coastal locations around the world have been identified as having potential for dynamic tidal power. These include the Korean Peninsula and in the North Sea off the coast of the UK and Northern Europe. The Chinese economic assessment is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. If successful, the next stage is the testing and final design with the project potentially being completed by 2020. More information at:, or:


Benoy designs green for Taiwan High Speed Rail Benoy has unveiled the design for Taiwan High Speed Rail’s (THSR) Hsin Chu Station Mall. Presented at the recent contract signing for the scheme, the practice revealed a green architectural design that melds into the landscape of the site. THSR appointed Benoy to conceive a low density retail project which would also deliver a green environment to benefit the community of Hsin Chu and surrounding residential developments. Following the current trend to create more diverse and vibrant transportation hubs, the development will be built on a 30,000m2 site directly connected to the Hsin Chu High Speed Rail Station.

water collection, grey water recycling and solar power have all been integrated into the design. The North-East angled plots act to mitigate the windy climate and the landscape will be drawn up to the roof of the low-rise retail buildings to create multi-functional green spaces. The three-dimensional retail experience has preserved a large portion of the landscape for the users. The green slope design will be accessible from ground level and transformed into outlets for dining, restaurants and entertainment. The landscaped scheme will also feature an amphitheater and eight cinema houses alongside the retail offer.

Benoy’s design has prominently featured environmentally-friendly initiatives to support THSR’s green vision. Sustainable building materials, sun shading, green roof insulation, rain

Best practices for river restoration and waterfront development

Ultra-luxury hotel to crown Guangzhou’s tallest building

Atkins has completed a plan for the Dongliang River restoration and landscape design which creates a new ecological leisure destination in Chongqing, China and mitigates existing environmental risks such as flooding and poor water quality. Chongqing has 29 million inhabitants and it is hoped the enhanced river landscape will also encourage new waves of tourists that will help bring growth and regenerate the surrounding district. It is one of the first projects in China initiated to tackle the major urban problem of water contamination and ecology civilisation which is gaining increasing political and social importance both at the city and Central government level. Dr Yufeng Guo, Atkins’ director for water engineering in China, said:“Development of the Chongqing area meant that the city needed a design strategy for dealing with flood and poor water quality issues affecting the central Dongliang river. This was a heavy engineering task but it had to be handled sensitively as our other prime directive was to ensure the waterway evolved into an attractive urban feature. The scheme will include support facilities for activities such as water sports, fishing and rock climbing. We also aim to establish a cultural waterfront development and a visitor centre along the riparian landscape, ensuring the whole area is walkable and cycle-friendly.”

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® continues its assertive global expansion with the announcement of Rosewood Guangzhou scheduled to open in 2017. Rosewood Guangzhou guests will have an eagle’s eye view of the metropolis with the hotel occupying the top 16 floors and podium of the 530m Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre currently under development. This will be Guangzhou’s tallest building, amongst the 10 highest in the world, and is expected to have the fastest high-speed elevators in the world at 20 metres per second. The ultra-luxury hotel will feature 251 guestrooms at a minimum size of 55m2 and 355 Rosewood Residences, 23 of which will be duplex apartments. Rosewood Guangzhou will offer seven food and beverage venues, and open-air dining and entertainment spaces will abound. Of the nine private dining rooms in the Chinese restaurant, three will be free-standing outdoor garden villas. On the 107th floor, a contemporary, cosmopolitan restaurant and a sky bar with cigar humidor area and fully equipped wine corner and cellar, will incorporate both indoor and outdoor space. The bar will have the distinction of being the highest situated bar in mainland China.

Hyatt announces Hyatt City Of Dreams Manila In June, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation (Melco Crown Philippines) announced that a Hyatt affiliate and Melco Crown Philippines have entered into a management agreement for Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, which will consist of two hotel towers and is expected to open in 2014. Set to feature 365 guestrooms, City of Dreams Manila is strategically located in the gateway of Entertainment City overlooking the Manila Bay area. Boasting easy access to Manila’s business district, as well as ‘SM Mall of Asia,’ Hyatt City of Dreams Manila will cater to both business and leisure guests given its proximity to entertainment, dining and shopping options.

報導 11

Pomeroy Studio scoops green design awards May 2014 was a month of celebration at Pomeroy Studio as the practice won a number of green accolades, including the Singapore Building and Construction Authority’s [BCA] Green Mark Platinum Award for B house – the first operational carbon negative landed property in Singapore, which is scheduled to commence construction imminently. The B House, led by Jason Pomeroy and supported by Associate Principal Yoshi Shimada, is a house that pushes the envelope of passive green design to optimize natural light and ventilation and drastically reduces energy and water consumption to the point of being almost zero carbon. But the installation of PV cells to the roof, equating to under 1.5% of the building budget, makes it carbon negative – generating more energy than the house occupants can consume. Despite its far-reaching green design, the house is the same cost of average landed bungalows in the vicinity. At the BCA ceremony on 22 May, Pomeroy Studio’s Sustainability Consultant, Deepshi Bhogal, said: “We’re delighted to see B House receive the recognition it deserves in order to demonstrate to developers and designers that the key to zero carbon design is a return to passive design with optimized environmental performance.”

Linden Comansa tower crane atop The Royal Garden Luxury hotel The Royal Garden is located in Kowloon, an urban district with one of the highest densities of population of the world. This 5-star hotel is surrounded by narrow streets crowded with people and traffic.This environment presented a great challenge for the company Teamfield Building Contractors, responsible for the extension works of the hotel, which will grow from the current 12 floors to 15 floors by the end of 2014. Due to the requirements of the project, it was necessary to have a tower crane on the roof, but the height of the building and the narrow streets surrounding the hotel were quite an impediment to erect it.The 10CJ140 tower crane from Linden Comansa, was the obvious choice. Its modular and lightweight sections and components ensured a quick and easy erection, and by its technical features (maximum load of 8 tons), the crane was the ideal for the work on the roof. Proficiency Equipment Operation Manager, Paul HH Hung, said: "Teamwork between all stakeholders has been fundamental to come up with the best solution. In addition, we have had to negotiate with the authorities and managed a very tight plan. The experience has been a little stressful but very satisfactory for all parties". More information at:

Introducing the new Forbo Allura LVT collection Forbo's new European designed Allura LVT collection presents the ultimate finesse in realistic wood and stone designs that have been made with high-end production techniques to create the most realistic and natural look and feel in luxury vinyl tiles. A breadth of sustainable criteria makes Allura a preferred choice of responsible designers. It is phthalate free and utilises recycled raw materials, and it is produced by using green energy in efficient manufacturing environments that can boast 100% recycling capability. Forbo Allura LVT keeps looking good without additional polish or frequent maintenance intervals and is easy to maintain. It also boasts Impeccable dimensional stability and flawless installation. The new Allura LVT collection is a perfect fit for any interior. To learn more, contact:


報導 13

BIG designs museum for luxury Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet Swiss luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet has choosen BIG to expand its historic headquarters. The 2.400m2 pavilion will be a striking landmark to precision seamlessly integrated into the local landscape - reuniting the buildings with the undulating fields of the valley. BIG created an intertwined spiral shaped pavilion which is conceived as a storyline for the visitors; blending old and new and guiding the visitor through a linear sequence of spaces and events, from the entrance through lounges, galleries and workshops, to the attic of the heritage building in the workshop where it all began. BIG Founding Partner, Bjarke Ingels, said: “Watchmaking, like architecture is the art and science of invigorating inanimate matter with intelligence and performance. It is the art of imbuing metals and minerals with energy, movement, intelligence and measure; to bring it to life in the form of telling time. Unlike most machines and most buildings today that have a disconnect between the body and the mind, the hardware and the software, for the Maison des Fondateurs we have attempted to completely integrate the geometry and the performance, the form and the function, the space and the structure, the interior and the exterior in a symbiotic hole.”

2014 International Union of Architects (UIA) Gold Medal I.M. Pei has been awarded the 2014 UIA Gold Medal, being selected from sixty-two nominees in twenty-two countries. The gold medal prize recognizes a living architect for his or her achievements as well as contributions to society and is one of the highest honours awarded to an architect by his or her peers. Pei is the eleventh architect to be awarded the prize since its inception in 1984.The award is bestowed at each triennial congress. Pass medalists include Alvaro Siza (2011),Tadao Ando (2005) and Renzo Piano (2002). Born in China and educated at Harvard, Pei has contributed groundbreaking architecture around the world with a portfolio that includes Hong Kong’s Bank of China tower, Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and most notably, a glass pyramid for Paris’s Louvre Museum. His previous accolades include the American Institute of A rc h i t e c t s ( A I A ) G o l d Medal (1979), Pritzker Prize Laureate (1983) and Lifetime Achievement Award from Cooper-Hewett, National Design Museum 2003. The 2014 UIA congress will be held from 3–7 August in Durban, South Africa.

RICS Hong Kong 6th Annual Conference The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) held its sixth Hong Kong annual conference in May. With the theme of ‘Integration: Where Do the Opportunities Lie?’. Renowned international and local speakers came together to discuss the importance of integration in the development of Hong Kong, with a particular focus on integration with neighbouring regions and the role Hong Kong will play. Director of Property of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Michael J Moir, said: “Integration of Hong Kong and the rest of the Pearl River Delta has always been inevitable, largely as a result of the region’s geography. Further integration can create opportunities for businesses in Hong Kong to acquire land for growth in ways previously not possible. Ultimately, Hong Kong’s relationship with neighbouring cities such as Guangzhou can certainly be a complementary one.” Chairman of RICS Hong Kong, Dr Daniel Ho, said: "Urban Development in Hong Kong is very important to Hong Kong's international image as a city and Hong Kong’s competitiveness. As an international city, Hong Kong should focus on integration with our neighbours while keeping an international perspective. Taking our limited resources into consideration, we should also consider how to create opportunities through cooperation with neighbouring cities as this regional integration occurs.”

Quality Building Award 2014 On 6 June, Quality Building Award (QBA) welcomed The Honourable Leung Chun Ying, GBM, GBS, JP, The Chief Executive of HKSAR, as Guest of Honour at the QBA 2014 Award Presentation Ceremony. Under the theme of ‘Collaboration for Quality’, QBA 2014 had received overwhelming participation and nominations. In order to distinguish the best project among all the Grand Award Winners, QBA 2014 presented the Quality Excellence Award to The New Campuses of Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee). QBA 2014 Jury Panel Chairman, Frank Chan, JP, said:“The competition was incredibly fierce this year. Narrowing down the winners for every category was truly a daunting task. The amount of meticulous planning, execution and teamwork it takes to create a quality building is truly monumental. I am proud to have had a chance to serve in promoting quality excellence and upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the building industry.” A comprehensive report will be published in the August issue of this magazine.

Chivas18 Architecture and Design Awards 2014 Chivas Regal is a leading premium Scotch Whisky, renowned for its smoothness and honeyed, rich taste. Chivas Regal 18 was created in 1997 as a unique blend of whiskies matured for a minimum of 18 years, hand-selected for exceptional richness. The result is a sophisticated, luxurious Scotch whisky in the Super Premium blended sector. To complement professionals of the architecture industry for their dedication and ingenuity, Chivas18 organised the inaugural Chivas18 Architecture and Design Awards in 2014. Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Hong Kong, Xavier Beysecker, said: “Chivas 18 and architectural masterpieces share the unique ingenuity of blending natural science and art. We have received 40 entries for the year’s competition, a truly remarkable achievement. I would like to extend my gratitude to all contestants for their participation and to our venerable panel judges and the media for their support.We owe the success of the event to each one of them.”


Make designs Wanda Reign Hotel facade in Wuhan

Knight Frank launches Vancouver House

The Wanda Group commissioned Make Architects to design the unique facade for the recently opened Wanda Reign Hotel in Wuhan, the most populous city in central China and a major transportation hub.The design of the luxury hotel facade is characterised by a compilation of 902 hexagonal modules which create the effect of multiple windows as ‘eyes' looking out over the city from the guest rooms. Each hexagonal module is composed of highly reflective aluminium and angled in both plan and section to protect the rooms from solar gain and create a dynamic texture on the surface of the building. Insulated silver aluminium cladding panels are arranged between the modules and LED lighting is integrated into each hexagon, adding the dramatic texture effect of the building at night. Located beside a river, the changing skyline adds vibrant colours to the exterior of the hotel over the reflective hexagonal modules. More information at:

On behalf of Westbank, a leading North American residential developer, Knight Frank has launched Vancouver House, at 1460 Howe Street in the centre of Beach District in Vancouver, conveniently situated near Yaletown sky train station. Located in one of the world’s most lively and alluring cities and with enviable waterfront access, residents will be surrounded by blue skies, vast seas and mountains, enjoying views of either False Creek, the maritime heart of the city, or English Bay with its sublime vistas of open ocean, the Gulf Islands, and Stanley. Designed by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, the 52-storey Vancouver House features 388 luxury units and is packaged with the latest eco-friendly technologies, being awarded the world’s first LEED Platinum-certification. Apartment sizes range from 29 to 147m2 and amenities include a nearly 1,400m2 foot health club, butler services, world-class hotel facilities and a, 24-hour concierge service. Prices start at C$300,000. For further information contact:

報導 15

Zaha Hadid Architects designs for City of Dreams

Cat® B15 rugged Smartphone makes APAC debut

Melco Crown Entertainment, in May, unveiled the project details and architectural design of the fifth hotel tower at City of Dreams, the Company’s flagship property in Cotai targeting the premium segment. Mr. Lawrence Ho, Co-Chairman and CEO of Melco Crown Entertainment, said:“The Company is proud to announce its partnership with the award-winning, internationally renowned Dame Zaha Hadid on the design of the new hotel tower, which will add a truly iconic landmark to the Cotai skyline.This year marks the fifth anniversary of our flagship resort City of Dreams.Today’s unveiling ceremony of the new hotel tower represents another key milestone for our World-class integrated resort.”

Brightstar, one of the world’s largest wireless distribution companies, has announced that it will be bringing the ‘built tough made smart’ Cat® B15 smartphone to Hong Kong, through retailers Broadway and Image Digital, and which is ideally suited for those who spend their time living or working outside. The Cat B15 smartphone is the most robust device in the market today. Designed especially for use in harsh environments with a large 4-inch multi-touch screen with wet finger tracking, the phone is also dustproof and scratch resistant. It can survive a fall from 1.8 m and be submerged under one meter of water for up to thirty minutes. The unit comes with a 2000mAh removable battery with talk time of up to 16.3 hours, equipped with Android Jelly Bean, a dual core 1 GHz processor and dual SIM.All the functions of the Cat B15 have been combined with the standard of the Cat brand for a lasting, industry leading and highquality design.The device is protected by silver anodized aluminium and shock absorbent rubber, reinforcing its durability, enabling the 1.8m drop.

Development of the new hotel commenced in 2013; the project is expected to open in early 2017. With 40 floors and a GFA of 150,000m 2 , the tower will house approximately 780 guestrooms, suites and sky villas.The rectangular outline of the site is extruded as a monolithic block with a series of voids which carve through the centre of the tower, merging traditional architectural elements of roof, wall and ceiling to create a sculptural form that defines many of the hotel’s internal public spaces. The tower’s design resolves the many complex programs for the hotel within a single cohesive envelope and combines dramatic public spaces and generous guest rooms with innovative engineering and formal cohesion.

Traxon lights up the Huangpu River in Shanghai Located in the Shanghai Hongkou district, the Shanghai International Harbour Terminal covers an area of 550,000m2, which stretches about 800 meters along the Huangpu river waterfront near the Bund. It will play an integral role as the city grows into one of the key shipping and transportation hubs of Asia in the coming years. The East meets West design concept captures the traditional characteristics of Shanghai Bund while echoing the modern style of surrounding buildings. Dynamic lighting is used to present this concept via a combination of urban music and architecture. 220 sets of customized Traxon String RGB in 16PXL and 24PXL were constructed for flowing lighting effects to simulate playing piano keys on the building’s façade. 11 e:cue Video Micro Converters have been used to achieve the video-to-light media façade application with specific theme updates. The use of 85 compact e:cue Butlers, 41 Moxa ioLogic E1212 and Lighting Application Suite enable complex lighting scenarios to be easily programmed and remote controlled. A set of 6 e:cue Glass Touch T12 and 6 Butler XT were installed in each building to allow independent lighting effects as well as central lighting control of all five buildings.

New book provides insight into Hong Kong contemporary art Renowned Hong Kong architect and artist William Lim is delighted to announce the launch of his new book ‘The No Colors · Living Collection in Hong Kong’ in May at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Documenting his wide-ranging collection of multi-media works by some 50 contemporary Hong Kong artists, this vibrant and informative new publication with full-colour illustrations and in-depth essays by leading international art experts, provides a unique insight into contemporary art in Hong Kong today. Lim discovered his love for art at an early age. Ten years ago he began collecting art systematically, focusing on works by emerging contemporary artists from Hong Kong. His private art collection, which he opened to the public during the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 art fair, is now considered one of the city’s cultural highlights. Lim says:“By sharing my collection through the publication of this book, I hope that more people can discover the art produced by some very exceptional artists, and I wish to record this pivotal moment in the development of Hong Kong contemporary art.”

Recently concluded APCREC6 hailed a success Over 320 professionals representing the whole commercial property value chain, gathered at the Hyatt Regency Chongqing for the 6th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum China 2014 (APCREC6), with the theme of “Taking Advantage of Re-Streamlining Finance, Understanding Essence of Re-Shaping Retail, Perfecting Skill of Omni-Channel Revolution”. 33% of attendees were property owners and developers; 21% from capital investment agencies; 23% were from the hotel and retailer sectors; 8% were from architecture and landscape design and engineering agencies; with the remainder being software or solution providers and consultants. On the second day of the conference, two parallel streams, "Re-Shaping" Retail and "Re-streamlining" Finance, the hot topics of discussion.APCREC7 will be held in May 2015. More information at:

J Plus Hotel completes HK$10 million makeover Successful conclusion of R+T Asia 10th anniversary event R+T Asia 2014 has concluded with a record number exceeding 21,000 professional visitors from around the world. Located in Shanghai, the most prosperous city in China, R+T Asia brings together an outstanding gathering of business leaders and overseas buyers.This unique show connects the world and creates more business opportunity for exhibitors. China has the world’s fastest growing consumer market for perishable food and pharmaceutical products. Together with the huge market demand for the infrastructure of cold chain storages, these factors increase the need for refrigerator and rapid rolling doors. Thus, since 2013 the doors and gates market has been the most promising sector. This year, 40% of the visitors were decision-makers and 68% of the visitors said they have buying plans within the next 12 months. Exhibitors appreciate the R+T Asia’s strict control on the quality of attendees, which guarantees a high quantity of professional visitors. More information at:

In May, J Plus Hotel by YOO, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, was re-launched with a dramatic new ‘Urban Renaissance’ façade and introduces a fresh ‘street art’ twist to the existing building and a relocated street level main entrance and lobby, now prominently located on Pennington Street, Causeway Bay. Utilising the new creative tools of today’s hip, cool designers, the spray can and street art,YOO has retrospectively added architectural detailing to a structure previously devoid of external features, resulting in architectural heritage where none previously existed. J Plus Hotel by YOO General Manager, Vivian Chau, said: “In celebration of our first multi-award winning decade, this iconic address is now redefined and refreshed for the future.”


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HKCRWA Awards for Excellence in Concrete Repair & Waterproofing 2014

Entries close 6 September, 2014 For more information and to obtain the Entry Form, please contact Monita Luk at or phone +852 2865 5872.


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01-21 SEPTEMBER 2014 Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens, is an exposition curated by Pomeroy Studio that consists of 3 integrated components focused on skyrise greenery: ‘The Exhibition’, ‘The Discussion’, ‘The Installation’. Held at the National Design Centre (NDC) from September 1-21, the public event will showcase global design projects, engage students in research and dialogue, and activate the NDC’s roof terrace through ‘Transitional ___’ by Shophouse & Co, their travelling creative platform that brings life to various spaces around the city. In conjunction with Singapore Green Building Week 2014 and supported by the DesignSingapore Council, the exhibition and related events are conceived to celebrate the incorporation of greenery and open spaces within buildings for social interaction.




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