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My name is Olivia. I am Polish, was born in Portugal, am ¼ Russian and have lived in 6 countries. My first language is Polish but I feel more comfortable talking in English, as my whole life I’ve been going to International, American and British schools. After we visited Roedean, I knew that this was my dream school. My first impressions were that it was an amazing, prestigious, bright, all-rounded school filled with many opportunities, as well as a caring and kind community. My favourite subject is English because I have an amazing teacher, who makes people feel very passionate the subject. The food at Roedean is very good; you have a variety of different meals to choose from, as well as amazing desserts! The House staff are wonderful and caring and whenever you have a problem they are always there to give you a cup of tea and support. I always enjoy the diverse activities we have in House 4 such as book club, glee night, pancake night and toastie night. I do a lot of private lessons such as singing, piano, dance and LAMDA. There are so many activities to choose from and my goal is to start going to some other clubs such as choir, Year 7&8 singers, fitness, and table tennis. There are many trips available to boarders on the weekend such as ice skating, gokarting and recently the Harry Potter Experience. My favourite thing about Roedean is the community and the people. I really love Roedean and I am extremely happy that I chose it to be my home for the next few years.

Name: Olivia Year: 8 House: 4 Scan to view Olivia’s interview in English

Olivia has settled really well and enjoys being a boarder. She is an outgoing pupil and gets involved in all the activities within the House and also enjoys the shopping trip at the weekends. Olivia keeps herself busy by practicing the piano and writing her own songs all with a positive attitude. Mrs Jayne Leckie, House 4


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IBP Polska/Poland - Olivia (Year 8)  

IBP Polska/Poland - Olivia (Year 8)