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Oman Name: Mia Year: 7 House: 1 Mia is an energetic student with a bright and engaging personality. Since joining Roedean in September she has become an integral part of her tutor, year group and wider community. She fills any room with her enthusiastic smile and positive character. Her experiences in Oman have evidently influenced her positively as an individual. Notably, giving her a confidence to challenge herself and to strive in new environments. She is always happy to share her memories with the tutor group and share her wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects. Mr Greg Wilson, Tutor

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My name is Mia, I live in Brighton. I am in Year 7 and I joined Roedean in September. My family and I chose Roedean because we thought it looked like a very good, academically focused school. My first impressions of Roedean were that it was a very big school and that I’d get lost a lot of the time, but I also thought it was very friendly because everyone was so nice. My favourite subject is Drama and English because I love to write and perform to people. The food at Roedean is amazing, it is delicious! There is always different options like vegetarian or vegan. I am in House One and after school we chat whilst eating our afternoon tea, and sometimes we even get a board game out and play it. I do a few co-curricular activities such as Creative writing and Art gallery. My favourite thing to do at Roedean is to hang out with my friends at lunchtime because it gives us a chance to catch up. Mia

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IBP عمان/Oman - Mia (Year 7)  

IBP عمان/Oman - Mia (Year 7)