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16th June 2017 - Issue 7



Head’s Introduction

wonderful to see their enthusiasm, and they are just desperate to get started now.

The UK has been beset by another tragedy this week, and the tragedy at Grenfell Towers is in all of our thoughts. We were moved this morning in Chapel when two girls from Year 12 spoke about their reactions to the fire. Maria P, our Charity Prefect, asked the school for donations to support a charity which is providing basic necessities for the families of Grenfell Tower who have lost everything and Nahida U also shared her thoughts and feelings with the school. There was a meeting of full Council on Tuesday this week, and the members of Council were very pleased to hear about all the wonderful things that are going on at Roedean. The sheer breadth of the opportunities and activities is incredible, and I want to share my thanks for all the staff who work so hard to make these things happen for the girls. At the end of last week, we welcomed the members of staff who will be joining us at Roedean in September, and they were very excited about coming. Soon after, the 80 girls joining Years 7-10 next year were even more excited about it when we met them all and their parents on New Girls’ Day. It was

Roedean hosted an Oxbridge event on Tuesday, with Admissions Tutors from both Oxford and Cambridge, along with students from five state schools in the area and Roedean girls from Year 10 upwards. The pupils had the chance to ask questions about applying and what life is like at these universities. It was great that one of the panellists was Sherry J, who left Roedean two years ago to study Land Economy at Cambridge, and she was able to share her experiences. Today, there has been a huge UCAS event taking place for Year 12 with over 40 visiting speakers. I know the girls have found this extremely valuable, and I am grateful to Mr Homer for organising this important event. The performances of ‘Annie’ this week have been absolutely wonderful - congratulations to all of the girls and staff involved, but in particular to Mrs Stephens. It has been brilliant! The audiences left the theatre having been entertained and moved by a fantastic ensemble cast. I am looking forward to Roedean Musician of the Year on Monday next week, which will be a fantastic showcase of musical talent, with over twenty performers reaching the finals in the different categories. At the end of next week, Roedean Day promises to be a wonderful day of celebration. It will include two Prize Giving ceremonies, with our guest speaker, the celebrated travel writer

Noo Saro-Wiwa (OR), a variety of exhibitions, Old Roedeanians enjoying their reunion and sharing stories of their time at school, and Sports Day in the afternoon. It will be a day when the school comes together to celebrate the achievements of our community, and I hope that many parents will join us for the day. Good luck to those still taking GCSE and A Level examinations, and I wish you all a lovely exeat weekend and a good week to come!

Come and join us for the Roedean Race for Life Tuesday 27th June in the afternoon!

16th June 2017 - Issue 7

HEAD’S WEEKLY REVIEW Unsung heroes in the spotlight

Reflections on recent events in the UK

Each week, many wonderful things happen at Roedean, about which many in the school are perhaps unaware; this section of the weekly review is dedicated to ‘unsung heroes’, in order to draw our attention to these people and remind us that our community is special.

Loretta S, one of our Deputy Heads of School, along with Maria P and Nahida U, shared some thoughts with the school in Senior Assembly and in Chapel this week – what they said was both moving and thought-provoking:

Mrs Smiley, for wearing her name very well, tirelessly and quietly working to give the Foundation Year girls the best chance and support [NAN]

Cherry Tenquist (Yr9) for showing exceptional kindness to a girl in her year group who was in distress [AWH]

Loretta: ‘Terrorism and extremist attacks, up until recently, have always felt quite far away and quite distant. But over the past few months, they seem to be increasingly closer: firstly, it was Berlin, and it was Stockholm, and then it was Paris and it was even closer to home, and then it was London and Manchester, and it suddenly felt a lot more real. Borough Market and London Bridge are iconic places that will be very familiar to lots of us, many of us will have been there with our families, or even on school trips to the Houses of Parliament. And so, it’s difficult to know how to react to hearing such tragic news. Because, on one hand you want to honour those who died and their memory, and to show support for their families, with a period of reflection and mourning. But at the same time it is just so important that those extremists see that they’ll never win, and that they cannot stop our normal way of life.  In my opinion, an example of getting this balance perfectly right, was Ariana Grande, her team and everyone else who was involved with the One Love concert in Manchester. It was an extremely respectful tribute and an outpouring of love and emotion, but it was also a show of immense strength and solidarity, and it was above all exactly the opposite of what those extremists want – it was celebration of our freedom.’ Nahida: ‘I want to share something I read online yesterday and it was about something found charred in the debris by one of the firefighters. It was a piece of paper with a child’s handwriting, and the scribbled note said: “I cannot describe my feeling. I am very, very happy. I have a lot of ideas and plans. I have lots of dreams I want to achieve.” This heart-breaking note is a poignant symbol of the lives torn apart by this horrific fire, which has killed at least 17 people already. People have lost their belongings, their homes, their loved ones, and their hopes and dreams have been burned to the ground.

Pippa W, Darcey W, Eleanor F, Isobel S, Eloise G, Jemima G, Bea W and Annabel B – for leaping at the chance, without a second thought, of selling ice-creams for the Parents’ Guild at the Annie performances – it was honestly nothing to do with the prospect of free ice-cream! [RB]

In wake of every tragedy we’ve faced recently, the communities in England have really proved themselves in coming together and providing a support network, selflessly giving whatever they can to others. Everyone puts aside their prejudices and differences, they just offer love and warmth through local residents opening their homes to the victims of the tragedy, cafes and restaurants offering free food, and an overflow of donations so much so that people were turned away; this is similar to when the people of Manchester Page 2

gave an overwhelming response to the need for blood donations a few weeks ago. I believe the Grenfell tower fire is an example of pure humanity, and it really reflects the strength of the communities in England. But there is still so much that we, at Roedean, can do to rebuild the lives of those affected.’ Maria: ‘In the last couple of weeks England has faced death, sadness, attacks and 2 days ago an unexpected event. The Grenfell Tower was not just a building, but a home for 600 people. A home where parents have seen their children grow, where grandparents were visited by their grandchildren or newly married couples just moved in. A home that was shared and cared for. A home that now does not exist anymore. People died and loads of people were hurt. They lost everything and now they have to wake up every morning to fight in this new battle that they need to win even if they have no arms to fight with, or at least that is what some would say. But these people have something, they have bravery. Yes, their pain is real, but so is their hope. The hope that things will get better, the hope that now more than ever we as a community will be united and supportive. So for that, in support of the community in this difficult time, the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund has launched an appeal on behalf of the residents which Roedean will try to contribute too. There will be fundraising in Reception next week at lunchtime and I will raise money in a little event that I am organising for Roedean Day. Anyone who has any ideas or just needs someone to talk to please find me or email me or any members of our staff. I know these times are not the best and many people can be affected no matter the circumstances, so please do not feel afraid to talk. A last thought is something that I strongly believe all of us should embrace and I am hoping those people out there are doing it too is that the pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.’

Amelie Hurley on TV on Saturdays! Before half term, Amelie H (Yr8) filmed a series of eight Idents to run alongside The Kids Voice on ITV. This is now on every Saturday over the summer. She had a great time and really enjoyed working with the younger children; the director remarked that she was a “professional”! Look out for her on Saturday nights!

16th June 2017 - Issue 7


Vocal Masterclass with Susannah Greenan We were delighted to welcome Susannah Greenan back to Roedean to work with some of our best singing students from Years 7 to 12 on the presentation and performance of their songs.  Eighteen singers treated us to a wide range of music from Handel to Sondheim, and they found themselves enthused and inspired by Susannah’s ideas and suggestions, as she brought greater insight and colour into their interpretations.  Those singers who returned to perform in the teatime recital had made real progress and they delivered their songs with assurance and imagination.  Susannah was impressed by the high standard of singing throughout the day and said that it had been a joy to work with the students.  She also thanked Ray Maulkin for being such a wonderfully supportive accompanist.  It was an uplifting and hugely enjoyable day.  Congratulations to all who took part!

An OR in Parliament

Roedean Musician of the Year

Congratulations to Layla Moran, who last week won the Oxfordshire seat of Oxford West and Abingdon for the Liberal Democrats – she managed to overturn a Conservative majority of almost ten thousand votes, to win by just over 800, a swing of almost 15% away from the Tories. During her time at Roedean, Layla was jointly awarded the School Prize for Physics in 2000, and was one of the School Officers from 1999-2000, with a role as PR/Events Officer, along with Margot Hill-Landolt and Katherine Kerr. She achieved a Merit at Grade 7 Cello and also a Merit at Grade 8 Singing. In 1998, she was the recipient of the Sixth Form Honours Award. On leaving Roedean, she read Physics at Imperial College, London from 2000-2003. In 2005, she reported back, via the ORA Magazine, that she was teaching Physics and Maths at the International School in Brussels, and, in 2010, again via the ORA Magazine, she stood in the election for the Lib Dems in Battersea, but lost to the Conservative candidate. Congratulations on her brilliant achievement this time around!

On Monday next week, we look forward to hearing Roedean’s most talented musicians performing in Roedean Musician of the Year. These girls have got through to the finals of the different categories, after auditions over the past few weeks.

The girls in the first two categories will perform in the Chapel from 1:30 to 2:15, and the senior categories with the most experienced payers will begin at 4:30. Everyone is welcome – it will be a wonderful celebration of music!

Grade 2 & 3 Farah M F (Piano)



Alma S (Singing)



Jemima V (Treble Recorder) Muskrat Ramble

Kid Ory

Dione W (Flute)


Michael Rose

Hannah K (Singing)

The Path to the Moon

Eric Thiman

Alice B (Clarinet)



Sarah J (Harp)



Jess M (Drum kit)

Next to me

Emile Sande

Bonnie W (Singing)

I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls

Michael Balfe

Anamika N-W (Trumpet)

So What

Miles Davis

Eva P (Voice)

Now that I’ve seen her

Schönberg, Maltby, Boublil

Charlotte B (Harp)

Etude de concert


Eva F (Violin)

Black Eyes


Amelie S (Voice)

Voi Che Sapete


Megan S (Piano)

Prelude 1


Pearl Y (Piano)


Karen Tanaka

Katarina H (Violin)

La Folia


Lily L (Cello)


W H Squire

Ava D (Voice)

I’d Give My Life For You

Schönberg and Boublil

Joyce W (Piano)

Arabesque No. 1


Juliette L (Piano)



Freya S (Violin)

Violin Concerto in G minor (Adagio) Bruch

Gabriella Kaye (Clarinet)

Clarinet Concerto (Allegro)

Grade 4 & 5

Grade 6 & 7

News Girls’ Day On Wednesday this week we welcomed 80 girls who will be joining Roedean in September, along with over 130 parents. They all had a good look around, and there was a powerful sense of excitement about coming to Roedean in September. They saw the Houses, met members of staff, made contact with other girls, learnt about Roedean’s history, and even learnt a song in under 30 minutes and then performed it to their parents. It was a busy afternoon, but they left even more excited about September than they were when they arrived!DBA

Grade 8 and above

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16th June 2017 - Issue 7



Medals Galore for Roedean girls at the Sussex Schools’ Champs

19½ rounders vs St Christopher’s!

On Wednesday afternoon the U12A team played some excellent rounders against St Christopher’s. The girls batted first and scored an excellent 9½ rounders and then fielded well to keep St Christopher’s at 4½. The girls were set a challenge to score 10 rounders in their next batting innings, and they did exactly that. Roedean finished with a magnificent 19½ rounders beating St Christopher’s by more than 10 rounders. All of the girls should be really proud of their performance, both as batters and fielders. There were some brilliant catches from Liv B and Phoebe H, as well as some fantastic hits. It was a wonderful match to watch. IRO

Roedean girls mopped up the medals at the Sussex Schools’ Championships at K2 in Crawley on Saturday. U13A

U13 Rounders vs St Christopher’s On Wednesday, the U13 rounders squad were in action against St Christopher’s Hove. The first half was a really close affair, with St Christopher’s clocking 4½ rounders to Roedean’s 5. There were some stunning catches from Bonnie W, Scarlett R, and Olivia T.  The second half saw Ruby A and Scarlett R bat tremendously to take the game by 10 rounders to 8½. GCR

U14/U15 Rounders vs Hurst


Amber’s won 400m Gold! On Sunday, Amber A (Yr11) won gold at the South of England U20 Championships, competing in the 400m. She qualified fastest in the rounds on the previous day, and on Sunday she led from the front to take the U20 crown in a time of 55.05s. She was competing against girls 3 years older, and she has been invited to achieved another qualifying time for the Commonwealth Youth Games – she will find out next Monday if she has been selected for the England team for this major youth competition in the Bahamas next month. What an opportunity for Amber!

On a sunny Saturday morning a combined U14 and U15 team played rounders against Hurst. Roedean batted first and scored a strong 8 rounders. Roedean then fielded and managed to keep Hurst at a total of 8 rounders, so it was all to play for in the second innings. Roedean’s second batting innings was not as strong as their first, only scoring 2½ rounders, but they are to be commended on their fielding in the second innings. Unfortunately, Hurst left with the win, but all the girls should be congratulated for their efforts. The catch of the day went to Ella L (Yr9). IRO

Amber P (Yr11) won the Inter Girls’ Javelin with a season’s best of 33.78m. This particularly impressive, because she has a back injury at the moment, and it backs up her recent Gold medal in the Sussex County Championships. For the Junior Girls, Ada O (Yr8) comfortably won her 100m heat, before blazing to victory in a close fought final in a time of 13.34s. Tatum W (Yr8) also fought for her Gold medal in a thrilling 800m race, which she won in a personal best of 2:21.98s, improving her previous mark by more than a second. Meanwhile Ruby A (Yr8) came straight from winning a club netball tournament at the same venue to take Silver in the 200m in a time of 27.05s. She and Ada later teamed up to win a Silver medal as part of the 4x100m Relay. All the girls have been selected to represent Sussex in the South-East Schools’ InterCounties at Basingstoke in Hampshire next Saturday.  JJ WHAT’S COMING UP


Cricket Triangular Tournament

Mon 19 June

Roedean Musician of the Year Finals

Last Saturday, Roedean U14A cricket team hosted a triangular tournament. All of the teams played fantastic cricket. Mayfield’s batting was very impressive, Hurst showed an all-round outstanding display of cricket, and Roedean showed a lot of promise with their bowling. Although the day was very hot, the girls gained a lot of experience in preparation for their cricket tournament on Thursday 15th. A massive thank you to Hurstpierpoint College and Mayfield for making it an excellent tournament.

Tues 20 June


Wed 21 June

U12A & U13A & U12/13B Rounders vs Brighton College (H) U12B & C Cricket vs Cumnor House (H) U13 & U15 Aegon Tennis vs Burgess Hill (H)

Thur 22 June

U14 & U15 Tennis vs Hurst (H)

Ruby storms into the Surrey netball squad!

Fri 23 June

Introduction to the Sixth Form Event

Sat 24 June

ROEDEAN DAY – Prize Giving & Sports Day Duke of Edinburgh Silver Assessed Expedition

Sun 25 June

F24 Electric Car Event at Goodwood Motor Circuit Year 13 trip to Florence

Congratulations to Ruby A (Yr8) who has been selected for the Surrey Storms U14 squad after a four stage trial process which began with more than 300 netballers from all over the South East. Well done! We welcome contributions from all parts of the Roedean community. If you have something you would like featured in the Headmaster’s Weekly Review, please email: Page 4

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Heads weekly report 16 06 2017 v2  
Heads weekly report 16 06 2017 v2