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A note from the editor: THE TRUE MEANING (By: Katima Epting)

I would like to dedicate this article to Jesus- the true reason for Easter and the Resurrection- which enabled it to even be a holiday. When I think of Easter, I recall my childhood memories of church, baskets, new outfit, jelly beans (shoes- for you new shcoolers), the dying of Easter eggs and the popular egg hunts- and I have to wonder if that ever overshadowed the true reason for the holiday. It was only until I got older that I accepted the deeper reason for the acknowledgement of that day. His death on the cross is something that I relate to in my personal life; being there were times that I was spiritually dead. I didn’t know how not to be an enemy to God nor myself. I sinned unintentionally and intentionally. I had good intentions but somehow, I seemed to have kept falling short. I realized throughout life, I would keep falling short and that’s when I realized the importance of my Savior. I learned and was saddened of His death but I rejoiced when I learned of His Resurrection. How wonderful it is to know that I committed a crime, couldn’t pay the price and had an intercessor to step in and pay the cost for me! Death was wrapped up in a box but when the gift was opened, eternal LIFE was inside. God is a good God that delivered such a great gift. I now think of Easter as a day of accomplishment, victory and truth. I can still share my childhood memories of the jellybeans (shoes) and use them to step in following Jesus’ footsteps. I’ll relate the dye to the covering of the blood that Jesus has placed upon my life and Jesus holds me up when times get rough and carries me. I relate the eggs to the way I need to seek more and more everyday to find a way to become more like Jesus. I relate the new out


fit to the new spirit that I need to wear as a person who is now saved. The celebration behind Easter is the reason that we can overcome the world; even though we have trials and tribulations, He has overcome the world, which gives us the power to do so. Celebrate, dye the eggs, hide the eggs, buy the baskets, buy the outfits and watch the bunny hop, but don’t let any of that overshadow the true reason we celebrate the holiday. The actual date of the Resurrection is debated but the fact that Jesus is alive and a Savior is not up for debate to me. I give God all the praise, the honor and the glory and for Easter- I just observe a day in which God proved to the world, like so many times before- that He specializes in the impossible- even raising the dead. Happy Easter! R.I.P. Angela Davis and God bless her wonderful family/friends. (These views expressed are those of my own. These are not the views of Roe City Lights as a whole. This is truly my thoughts and my corner.)



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The Word Of The Day By: Brother Vandy Jenkins

“A Prisoner For Preaching The Good News about Jesus Christ” The Word Of The Day come from Ephesians 4:22-24 (NLT) throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception. Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy. Our subject for today is: “Out with the Old and in with the New”. In this Easter edition of Roe City Lights, I want to talk to the Saints on the subject of “Out with the Old and in with the New” as it pertains to Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. When people become believers in Christ, they are joined to Jesus Christ and begin to share in his experience and benefits, including his death and resurrection. Their old life dies with Christ and they rise to new life by his power within them. (Romans 6:3-4 Or have you forgotten that when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death? We died and were buried with Christ by baptism and just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, we now also may live new lives.) This is all the work of God, who transforms us by His Spirit. Our minds are renewed (Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think; then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect). Our desires and actions change and our new lives begin to reflect the fruit of God’s Spirit and in this new life, we become different people, gradually growing into the likeness of Christ. Also as Christians, we are responsible for living out Christ’s death and resurrection. We are to turn away from our old life that was full of darkness and embrace a new life full of light. As I close with my message today “Out with the Old and in with the New” -Believers must actively turn from their old lives to live in a new way that pleases God, because as God’s people we are called to a way of life that is different from that of the people living in the world. Amen. Thank you and may the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you always.












A police chief is either appointed or elected. While maintaining allegiance to his/her municipality, a police chief’s duties consist of designing, overseeing, managing and evaluating all law enforcement activities within their jurisdiction. They usually report directly to the mayor of the city. The police chief is responsible for directing and the planning of all activities of the police department personnel under him. He also has to design and implement different law enforcement programs for the community, along with maintaining field control in community emergencies. Our newly assigned police chief in Monroe is Chief Quentin Holmes. He was selected over seven other candidates for the job, by Mayor Mayo. Chief Holmes has been employed with the police department for over 25 years and has worked in the patrol and detective divisions. Former Chief Schleuter was placed on leave in February of last year and the city hasn’t had a chief since then, until now. The other seven candidates were retired State Trooper Cam Douglas, Major Don Bartley, interim Chief Herbert Otwell, Detective Charles Roark, Captain Hank Smith, Cpl. Charles Johnson and Cpl. Glenn Kramel. Before the selection, Mayor Mayo stated that he was looking for creativeness in a police chief and one who was community oriented; considering the prior experience of Chief Holmes, he has selected the man for the job. The chief has many issues to deal with and has already begun making changes. He has to deal with furlough issues, help improve the budget and still work it all out where things will run smoothly for the department. He also has accreditation matters being he and Mayor Mayo are seeking to get the agency to meet national accreditation standards.

Being that the budget is a restricted one, Chief Holmes will definitely need to be ingenious. He will have to become basically, a state of the art chief of police and make changes to the customary way things have been done. He will have to (of course) build strong community ties, in order to increase community involvement and improve on the relationship with the community. Chief Holmes is very qualified for the job, being he has internal experience on being a productive leader and community involvement experience. Only a little while into the position/job, Chief Holmes has already decided to make some changes, which include: police shifts changing from 10 hours to 12 (which gives officers a 3 day weekend), assigning to each city councilman- an officer for increased information on city happenings and assigning some personnel to different positions. Holmes wants to improve on the department’s community ties by using social media even. It is very important that we ask questions that concern our community. We have to know things like how the police chief plans to improve the community involvement with police officers, how the chief plans on improving the relationships between the police and community, how the chief plans on handling the rising issue of racial profiling and more. Our city officials are selected and elected to perform tasks that will benefit their community and most are more than willing to do so; but, they need to know all of the ills of the community in order to provide a cure. Chief Holmes is our newly selected law enforcement official and has made himself available in press conferences and so forth; so,

form your questions and suggestions for the betterment of our community. I’m looking forward to better relationships in the community and I know you are too. Roe City Lights would like to personally congratulate the Chief on his new position and wants the readers to know that we will have answers to most of your questions directed to our new chief soon. The police headquarters is now in the public safety annex on 165, the new home of Chief Holmes. We are hopeful that the city of Monroe’s Police Department will have the necessary changes made to increase the productivity of our city as a whole.


“OTIS CHISLEY-Still fighting ” By: Katima Epring

Otis Chisley is a community activist and President of Monroe/Ouachita branch of the NAACP. He has been a member since 1971, working his way up to president. The organization was organized by Blacks as well as whites and does not discriminate against who can be members. The organization has approximately 75 members here locally. Chisley said that the organization was designed for people of color and that all people are people of color. The NAACP has been a vital part of history locally and nationally, handling many discriminatory issues. It has been a focal point for most of the civil rights’ litigation accomplishments. He feels that most feel that we as a people have arrived; therefore, many are now downplaying the significance of the NAACP. He states that “we” have not arrived and are not equal and that this should never be forgotten. He reflected on the efforts and accomplishments of the organization throughout history and says this is evidence of the significance of the NAACP. Chisley said that so many battles have been won by the NAACP that the media hasn’t even published; therefore, many don’t even know how vital the agency was and still is today. He said getting rid of the rebel flag from over city Hall and getting the Parish Police Jury to start

honoring the King Holiday is amongst many of the organization’s accomplishments that he is proud of. The organization meets on the last Thursday of each month at Emily P. Robinson from 6:30 to 7:30 and Chisley is inviting every one to attend. He wants citizens to become more involved in their community by voting, attending community meetings and more. He stresses the importance of becoming more aware of community issues by reading local papers more, searching the internet and asking more questions to those in leadership positions. The organization usually handles complaints by first seeing if the complaint filed is legitimate. He said that people usually complain but don’t want to sign their name, and when this occurs, the organization will refuse to handle the matter. The organization is composed of lawyers, doctors, working and nonworking people and encourages others to join. We are strong as we believe and as wise as we allow ourselves to be. When you get a good thing like the NAACP, you must not let it deteriorate, once it is felt that one has reached a certain degree of accomplishment. The same way the organization has been a vessel in the past, it will be in the future; so, just because we have a feeling of victory, it doesn’t mean that the battle has been won. Support your local and national civil rights organizations and become more involved in keeping them alive.


SOUNDS LIKE HOLLY WOOD (By: Katima Epting) Vivid colors, beautiful apparel, extraordinary accessories, big bright smiles, attention demanding shoes and mad swag- sounds like Hollywood huh? Well, that is exactly how you’ll feel walking in Holly’s in the East Gate Shopping Center (3152 Louisville Ave). I was amazed at the breathtaking beauty that I encountered when I entered the store, not to mention the wonderful bright smile and personality that greeted me from Mrs. Holly Dixon. Ms. Holly must be short for Hollywood because her store has the some of the best apparel around! Holly started her business with a 1,500 dollar loan that her grandmother cosigned for her, in which she paid back in three months. She first had a beauty salon and 3 years later, opened a clothing store because she had always desired to be a fashion designer and this was certainly in that arena. She is from Franklin, Louisiana but has lived in Monroe for ten years, making her mark in fashion and beauty. She has about 26 years into the business and has been in her current location for about six years. Even though there were obstacles and financial struggles, Holly didn’t give up and she still stands today, selling the best of the best for all occasions: weddings, proms, church attire and more, with items such as dresses, bridal wear, children’s wear, dress suits, men suits accessories, shoes and more, including excellent customer service. The sizes range from 2-30 in clothing; so, that should cover about everyone and if she doesn’t have it in the store, she’ll gladly order it for you. Holly strongly believes that the recipe for success, first and foremost, is placing God in the center of whatever it is that one is seeking to do, being ambitious, persevering, committed and definitely having a love for what you do. She said that it is important to stay focus and be willing to sacrifice, knowing that you will have to give up some things, in order to get the best out of life. She discovered in her own life that giving up some things helped to move her along on the ladder of success. Even though she has long hours now dedicated to her establishment; she feels it is all worth it. Holly wants her previous and future customers to know that Holly’s is a Black owned business (welcoming everyone), striving to help improve and promote leadership, style and fashion, with excellent customer service, great merchandise where she continues to strive in a successful business where God can be glorified. I say she’s definitely there! If you haven’t shopped with Holly, what are you waiting for? Hollywood has never been this close to Monroe and the surrounding areas. Come shop with Holly’s and ask somebody to go on and roll the red carpet out; trust me, you’ll look the part!



On the Street by Big Hoot

Earlier this week, a discussion came up and a young lady asked me “why black men don’t go to chruch.” My first response was that`s a good question. Me personally, I believe that God can work inside or outside of the church. Church is actually the people and not a building where the pastor’s cadillac is parked at. I feel that no man or woman can hand you the blessings of God, with or without assembling in chruch. But as for me, I will not follow no man that has no direction. If a black man chooses not to be under any other man tutelage, then so be it. If he chooses to study God’s words on his own, then it’s cool with me. I feel that we should be LOVING GOD and not religion by first cleaning their heart, mind, body and spirit. It’s the 21st century and the bible is not rocket science and I don’t need a pimp with a divinity degree to interpert it for me. Only a slave could accept the “leadership” of a man who is taking a plantation religion and feeding it to people who already claim to be free. But there are some black men that cannot be led by another man period and to give his hard earned money to a pastor that talks about everything but the truth is why some- not all black men don’t go to chruch. Checkout music by Big Hoot at

Beautiful, blessed, humble and downright soothing with her voice- artist Tawanna Tarvin has had a long road but change has finally come. Tawanna has been singing since she was a child and recalls her first performance for a crowd, being at the age of seven, at the Empower Church of Deliverance. She also recalls singing for her alma mater- Wossman High School and winning 1st place (her first talent show win). At the age of 15, Tarvin performed on the national televised show- The Bobby Jones Gospel Show. She has also appeared on the Word Network where guests like Bishop T.D. Jakes also appeared. Tarvin says that her mother has been a big support and motivator in her life. Her mom kept pushing her to be her best, even though she knew how shy Tawanna was. One of the biggest accomplishments that came from the motivation and God’s grace, is her being selected- in the 20 out of 15 to 20,000 people on season 3 of Sunday’s Best. She also was in the ten finalists and was blessed to sing along with Gospel greats- Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and Donald McClurkin. Tarvin said that her road has not been easy but God has been there all the way. She said that many times she was told “no” and there were many times that she wanted to just give up but God wouldn’t allow it. She said that she has gotten many things that some people only dream of and it is all because of what she asked God for in faith. She is a living witness of God answering those who ask things for Him in faith. She said that it is true that you may not get what you want when you want it, but God will bless you right on time. She said when God has your back, it doesn’t matter who says “no” to you. Tarvin is still working on her music career but is really focused on her T.V. show in the works- “Taste of Heaven Music and Variety Show”. She said that it is a Gospel based show that will give artists the opportunity to display their talents. She believes that there is so much undiscovered talent in Monroe that people have yet to witness. She said that she really wants more community support, not just for her, but for everyone. She is pleading for our community to support each other more and stop the division. Tarvin said that she wants to do so much to give back to her community. She says that she’s gotten so much support from her community and would like to thank everyone for it all. She is more than an artist; she is also a minister and is available for either one. Her contact info is: (booking manager) Ms. Shirley Allen- or Tawanna talked of how someone’s life can depend on the gifts inside of us and I agree, because her gift has certainly changed so many livesincluding mine. Make sure you are on the lookout for this wonderful artist. TawannaIt’s already done!


INTERN OPPORTUNITY!!! Do you have an interest in gaining experience and acquiring knowledge in the urban marketing and advertising industry? Team Bayou Management is seeking smart, passionate college students that have a strong work ethic , but are fun and easy to work with on a daily basis. Are you self motivated, like a creative atmosphere, and have a desire to help our clients succeed? Interest in hip hop and living in the Monroe area is a plus.

“JONATHAN WILHITE- Reaching Great Heights” By: Katima Epting

5-11, 185 pound cornerback, Jonathan Wilhite is an extraordinary athlete and person who is right here from the Roe. Wilhite attended Ouachita High School where he went on from there to a junior college- Butler County in Kansas. He then attended Auburn University in Alabama and from there, went on –in 2008 to being selected in the 4th round draft selection, to the New England Patriots. Wilhite said that he had always had dreams as a little boy of what he wanted to do. He gives credit to his older brothers, Chris and Raymond for inspiring him to play football. Even though Wilhite was overwhelmed by the success, he is still very humble about it all. He feels blessed to be able to make a career out of playing a sport that he has so much love for. He said that the experience has opened his eyes to the political and business part of the sport as well. He has always had the support of his family and reflects back to a time that he didn’t even want to attend college. He said that it was his family’s encouragement, but most importantly, the grace of God that pushed him to the next level. He said that also, not being the best on the field when he made it to college and still being the one drafted let him know how it was the work of God; therefore, he says that God is 100% responsible for his success. God, His family depending on him and knowing that there is someone else, (especially kids) watching him, has helped to keep him focused. Wilhite says that one’s attitude determines a lot in life. He said that not having a good attitude towards getting his education set him back and was an eye opener for him when he saw that he had to go to a junior college. He said that he is glad that he was given the chance that he had after it all though. He now knows that if you know better, you do better. Wilhite’s advice to others is to listen to the advice of those who know best and work hard at what you want to do or become, saying that you somewhat have to become your own brand. He is now head coach of a semi-pro team here locally- the Louisiana Patriots, while there is a lock out right now. He said the team gives former players a second chance at doing what they love. The guys are looked at by scouts also. What a wonderful opportunity and what a wonderful young man. He may have fallen short at some point in life, but I say that Jonathan “Will” reach great “Height(s)”! He is more evidence that Monroe really does produce great people who do great things!

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2s. Freaky Friday & Wildout Saturdays for







Being an independent artist doesn’t mean you need to take the word ‘Independent’ too literally. Chances are, you’re missing big opportunities to take your career to new levels if you’re not actively looking for chances to join forces with other artists and industry pros. A piece of something big is worth a lot more than all of little or nothing. If you feel like you’re bashing your head against the wall trying to get people to your shows or to buy your music on your own then changing your approach can make all the difference in the world. What could you create if you partnered with the right people? For example, I have a friend who’s planning a regular monthly gig at a venue here in Los Angeles. Her husband is a world-class magician. They have friends who are world-class comedians. There’s no law that says you can’t put on a show with musicians, magicians and comedians! Personally, I can’t wait to see these shows. I’ll go to every one. Any one of the performers individually would put on an excellent show, but combined it’s a must see. It’s an event. More people will come and people will stay longer. The audience gets more, the performers get more and the club owners get more. It creates a synergy. It becomes a combination of forces that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. Internet marketers are another great example. They form networks whereby they promote each other’s products to their mailing lists. The ones who do really well are the ones who find a tight group of compatible partners and generously help promote them and give them value. They know that if they help each other they can do much better than they could on their own. When was the last time you sent out an email to your mailing list asking them to check out another artist’s new CD? I believe that in the future, there will be much more co-operation between independent artists. Some day in the not-too-distant future there will be a growing number of artists who offer commission to other artists for helping them sell their music….and they will sell more music!

Former No Limit Records ‘soldier’ Skull Duggery has been sentenced to six years in prison, after police found violent child pornography on his laptop during a raid, which also yielded guns and drugs. According to Baton Rogue newspaper The Advocate, the rapper will begin his prison sentence on May 2nd, after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors on Monday (April 11th).

Smart artists in today’s economy always keep an eye out for other bands and artists who ‘get it’ and are also looking to connect and give value to other bands. A lot of good can come when the right people get together.

Police raided the 40-year-old rapper’s house in Baton Rogue in September of 2009 and found movies and images depicting the rape and sexual abuse of children on his laptop.

With that spirit in mind, I’ve reached out to some amazing people and asked them to be a part of my blog at We’re now going to feature daily content that covers everything from fitness to contract law to marketing to website tips and a whole lot more. I’m really excited because the blog is going to become so much more than I could ever make of it on my own.

They also found a cache of guns and marijuana in the rapper’s home.

I hope you can find your own opportunities to form exciting new partnerships with other friends, artists and professionals inside and outside the music business. You just might be able to create something that’s more inspired and exciting than you previously thought possible!

Skull Duggery, born Andrew Jordan, recorded several albums for No Limit Records before leaving the label in 1999. He pleaded guilty to one count of pornography involving juveniles, one count of illegal weapons possession with a dangerous substance. Courtesy of

Investigators may have a substantial lead in the grizzly December 2010 slaying of New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty. Police believe 24-year-old Brandon Singleton may have information about the double slaying and seek him for questioning. The 28-year-old female rapper, who was once signed to Cash Money Records, was shot at least 18 times on December 20th 2010 in New Orleans, East. Magnolia Shorty, born Renetta Lowe and a companion named Jerome Hampton were in the car when an unknown gunman open fired, killing both instantly. Cash Money’s CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams and superstar rapper Lil Wayne were among the hundreds of mourners who attended Magnolia Shorty’s funeral in December.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony issued an exclusive statement regarding the abrupt departure of founding member Krayzie Bone. In the statement, the remaining group members recognize the loss of Krayzie Bone, but also state that the group will continue on. “Let’s be clear, Bone Thugs n Harmony the band/brand did not and does not break up. A single member has parted ways on another mission in life and we wish him love and success,” a spokes person told exclusively. “BTNH World Wide the brand continues to functions 307 days a year globally, and will continue to do so with respect to its business partners and the great Fan Family.” The group members will continue to perform as well, they relayed in the statement. “Come see one of our dynamic live band concerts in a city or country near you this coming May through September 2011,” the statement concluded.

GRAVE’S CORNER “Internet gangsters- thumb thugging, you know the good guys that turn bad in front of the www. Whatever .com, especially Face book, Twitter and OMG- Don’t give them a video and put it up on YouTube- Mannn!! It’s just not the fellows. It’s a shame and sometimes embarrassing, how people can take what is meant to help us and turn it into something that can hurt us. Let’s take MySpace. Facebook and Twitter for example- Me, myself- I use it as a promotional tool, just like a lot of other people do. Also, I use it as a way to meet up with old friends I haven’t seen in a while and keep in touch with people I haven’t seen in a while. It’s cool to put up pictures, videos and you know, just really see what’s going on in somebody else’s life, but what I really don’t like is when you are looking through your time line and you see someone has posted something negative- Man, such and such did this, when you see me- say it to my face, yeah I know what you do and she did this- he did that. Man, move around with that; and what I really don’t like is when they saying something about somebody and you know the situation they’re talking about and they don’t have the balls to say their name. You got a problem with somebody and you know who it is- Man, say their name. That’s what a typical internet gangster does. They’ll talk about a situation that everybody know about but really don’t give a d**m about and just sit back and wait to read the comment s that some messy mf gonna put on there. Man, we’re too grown for that- You know what I mean? Some of this stuff is leading to fights and fights can lead to other things. When it all boils down to it, it’s not worth it at all. Through time, I’ve come up with the perfect solution for that. If you see

somebody on there doing stuff you don’t like, just delete there a**. On Face Book, it’s a button called ‘Remove as Friend’it’s a great button. Twitter has a button called Blocked; I love that button as well. I wish they would come up with something called ‘internet I.D.’- You know when somebody type something, it’ll show exactly who and where it came from ; got to be these new school gangsters. Oh, trust me, the O.G.’s that I know- half of them don’t have a laptop. They don’t even know how to work a computer, never the less a Face Book page. Plus, a real gangster ain’t gone tell you what they gone do; they’re just gone sit back and do it. Woo, now I got that off my chest, let’s focus on what it is coming up. It’s Easter. It’s not time to go shopping and buy your kids outfits; it’s not time to hit the club up and make it do what it do. It’s time to give praise and thanks to the man above for giving His life and blood so that we all can be here and live as one in this world- Alright? We all know how to sign in on Face Book; we all know how to Tweet a lil bit and most know how to upload videos and edit them and all that good stuff; but be honest, when is the last time you read a Bible? When is the last time you told the man above- Thank you for letting me be able to sit here and read this article? Thank you for letting me be on Face Book? Thank you for letting me breathe to see another day? Let’s all just get focused man and think about Easter for what it is- Giving praise and thanks to the man above- Alright? On that note, I’m sideways. I’m about to pick up my Bible and read a lil bit. Want to holla at me? Email me: Til the next time, I’m sideways baby.

APRIL 15-16, 2011

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Roe City Lights Voulme 1 Issue 7  
Roe City Lights Voulme 1 Issue 7  

New Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes, Otis Chisley, Holly's, Tawanna Tarvin, Jonathan Wilhite, and much more.