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Hate it or Love itThe Bulldogs Are on Top


A note from the editor: Don’t Forget to Remember Me (By: Katima Epting) When I was younger, my dad introduced me to softball, a game I just didn’t like; but as time went by, I fell in love with it. I played in the summer leagues on the North side of town. We had the cleanest dugouts, beautiful fields, concession stands, clean restrooms and all we needed for comfort for us, the opposing teams and the fans. Well, in high school (Wossman), I decided that I wanted to play softball, but there was one problem- We didn’t have a softball team! Step s were taken, including getting a petition with plenty signatures and we not only got the softball team back that Wossman didn’t have for years, but we got to compete and had an awesome team, being that a lot of girls were playing for the first time(S/O to the Lady Wildcats of ’95-’96)! Well, we didn’t have the beautiful field that I was use to on the North side, nor did we have the restrooms, the clean or secure dug outs or. Well, really we didn’t have much at all, except somewhere to play ball. It wasn’t good for the visitors either. I’ve been away from Wossman for almost 15 years and a recent visit to the facility showed me that nothing has changed. It saddens me to say this, but the sign displaying “Home of the Lady Wildcats” may be the prettiest thing over there. I am pleading with all elected officials who can help with this, to please help our schools on the South. These individuals deserve safe and clean facilities and concession stands- just the simple things that would make such a big difference. I’m pleading for Carroll as well. We are all equal and I’m not criticizing,


just bringing some things to the light!

The South needs your help and your attention. Show our children that their worth is priceless. Most don’t know who to ask for help or how to ask for help; so, God has given me the opportunity to do it for them. All I am asking is that you don’t forget to remember me! By me, I mean the South Side of Monroe. I’m betting that I can depend on you; I’m hoping I don’t lose! (These views expressed are those of my own. These are not the views of Roe City Lights as a whole. This is truly my thoughts and my corner.)


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The Word Of The Day By: Brother Vandy Jenkins

“A Prisoner For Preaching The Good News about Jesus Christ” The Word comes from John 15:5 (NLT)

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. The title of my message is-“United in Christ we stand, divided we fall”. In John Chapter 15, Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure. It was the disciples last night together with Jesus on the way to Gethsemane before his death. Jesus knew that the next day, He would be giving His life for his friends and for the sins of the whole world. In John Chapter 15:5, Jesus is instructing his disciples to remain in close fellowship with him. In other words- a relationship is what Jesus wanted with his disciples, his followers. That means we need to come together and unite in him. Now, the word- unite, means to join or to come together for a common purpose. Another example of the word unite means merging or adhering together to form a unit, like the visible living body of Christ today- The Church. Now in the last sentence- in verse 5, Jesus states: “For, apart from me, you can do nothing.” Jesus said this, because without him- you can do nothing. In order for Christians to sustain a genuine spiritual life in this world, Believers must remain intimately united in Jesus Christ and not divided. As I close with my message-“United in Christ We Stand and Divide we Fall”- I want to encourage Christians today to stay in a close relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer is that, we as Christians continue to stay united in Christ and to love one another and to continue encouraging one another so we can be fruitful and be a blessing to someone in need. Thank you and May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all.











Hate it or Love it- The Bulldogs Are on Top by Katima Epting

Carroll won! Carroll won!!- is all you could hear echoing from one end on the twin cities to the other! The Bulldogs are 2011 State Champions and it has not gone unnoticed. I had the liberty of speaking with Carroll’s head coach- Jesse Burnette and he said that this victory was very satisfying because of the previous championship that was lost on last year. Many felt that Carroll could not pull out a victory because they had eight seniors on last year’s team and only two this year. He said that doubt had increased because of the number of young players on the team, but the team only got better and better, maturing more and more as the season progressed. Coach Burnette said that they grew more and more support game by game- win by win (not saying that they didn’t have support from the start) and they eventually proved the doubters wrong. They had some disappointments, but the toughest (Coach Burnette recalls) was the lost to Madison High School in Tallulah, which was a district game. The team really felt they should’ve won that game after playing so hard; so, it was a tough loss. Speaking of tough times- Coach Burnette says that he and the rest of the coaching staff teach their team to be men in times of difficulties. He said that coaching is not always just coaching; there are times when he becomes a father figure for the young men. The young men are mentored and disciplined, which makes a big difference in any ball club. The method of discipline for the Bulldogs instilled a fear of not being on the team, something none of the young men wanted, which displayed a determination and dedication from the team and contributed to their being a better ball club.

The team was more of a family and though everyone was not always on the same page, they resolved their differences as family. The seniors Xavier Lee and Sammie Ceasar really stepped up according to Coach Burnette. He said that the two seniors really demonstrated leadership, which helped the coaches by their doing so. Carroll proved to everyone that they wanted the victory when in the fourth quarter, down by 12 points, they suddenly closed in; then tied the game and the rest is history, because from then on- Carroll took it on home!! He said the fans were such a big part in the victory, because they cheered the Bulldogs on like never seen before; needless to say, Carroll’s fans and fans from every where were elated at the Bulldogs’ victory. (I’m a wildcat and I was even excited!) Coach Burnette said that the support after the victory left him and the team speechless; he said it was overwhelming to see the superintendent, other school board members, band, administration and more fans after the ride home, all waiting at the school at about 9:30-10:00 p.m. That didn’t end the celebration for the Bulldogs; Coach Burnette said that the team had events all week, doing things as much as two and three times a day. Oh, I’m not finished yet! The Bulldog alumni got together and owned the weekend- All Star Weekend (which topped it off). Coach Burnette said that there will be a lot of expectations for next year. He still wants his team to stay focused even with them being champions, because even though there are no guarantees, he is hoping for another victory. As for now though, Coach Burnette, Coach Antonio Howard, Coach Adrian Wilson and Coach Mykill Chatman are taking it

all in and enjoying the sweet taste of victory, along with the champions (Carroll High School Bulldogs), the fans and the rest of North Louisiana! Coach Burnette has a message for his team: “I’m real proud of you. We had a remarkable run and I enjoyed every minute- the good, the bad, the wins and the losses. Let’s stay together, work hard and see what happens in the long run.” He also wants to thank all the supporters/fans for all of the overwhelming support and love shown to the ball club. Who let the dogs out? I don’t know, but somebody wasn’t playing when they did. I just think that next year somebody better take heed to that “Beware of the Dog” sign!! We at Roe City Lights just want to say, “Congratulations Carroll Bulldogs on your championship and all that has come with it!! You deserve it!”



DOING IT UP NORTH LIKE THEY DO IT DOWN SOUTH By: Katima Epting You may know Ronnie Washington- the Richwood great or the extraordinary NFL linebacker that was also called the “Headache” or the “Big Pill” because of the hard hits he brought on the field, but what else do you know about Ronnie Washington? He not only is an extraordinary athlete, but he is also one of 8 members on ULM’s Athletic Board, a ULM Hall of Famer and an exceptional business man. Mr. Washington was born in Monroe and came back to make a difference here and show others that they can make things happen just like he has. He has his own Boudin establishment in which he serves 8 tasty flavors- Cajun (pork and Jalapeño), Chicken, Beef, Crawfish, Shrimp, Sweet Italian, Andouille (new flavor!) and Turkey (made upon request). He is also serving up seafood gumbo, stuff Cornish hens, chicken, pork chop and even turkey on the menu (all food served meaty and w/ plenty of rice). Mr. Washington admits that this is not an overnight business; as a matter of fact, the preparation for his establishment took about 15-20 years- buying products, taking different business classes and more. He said that going into business was actually more challenging than his NFL career. Washington admits that doors are going to be closed but believing in one’s self, believing in what you are doing and doing the proper research will eventually ensure that doors open. He said that there is a formula for success and that is- the more you put into what you want out of life, the more you get out of it. Washington said that you should never quit; at least that’s the way he’s approached life. He said he didn’t take no for an answer. He said that he doesn’t believe in the word “No”! His aggressiveness and determination was God-given he says- natural. He gives God credit first and foremost for all he has acquired and he also says that he had to do his part. “Being a single parent of FIVE (children that he raised from a very young age) is hard enough” he said, but doing so and running a business is another challenge- one that he is up to and succeeding at. He said that his six year old even helps with the business. He said that his success only proves that anyone can make it if they are determined enough, persistent enough and most importantly, if they put God first. With his product being served in the Airport at the Sports City Bar & Grill, on North 7th Street at the Sports City Bar & Grill and at his business at 1502 South 2nd Street, he is serving up nothing but the best quality in food and service. He can be reached at 318-387-9985 or 318-512-9610. His food is being shipped all over the United States and I hear it’s excellent! I’m going to try some immediately. I can’t taste it for you; so, you better try some too! Check this out- he even accepts the EBT card for some foods!! Mr. Washington is doing it up North like they’re doing it down South- Serving that FIYAH!!

POLITICS Elementary

Swayze Elementary- Students performing at or above grade level- 41% and school performance score is 80.6% Clara Hall- Students performing at or above grade level—49% and school performance is 79.7 Robinson- Students performing at or above grade level41% and school performance is 71.7

Middle School “The Ongoing Miseducation of the Negro ” By: Marcus Baker

First of all, I would like to apologize to the RCL reader because this particular section is reserved for politicians but unfortunately, I was unable to secure the interview with our perspective interviewee- school board member, Mr. Verbon Muhammad- due to deadline restraints. I decided to give the readers insight into our education system in the city of Monroe. While preparing to interview Mr. Muhammad, I came across some startling information in reference to our education system. It has been said that education is the key that ends all woos, downs and lows; so, shouldn’t those in stewardship of the education system make sure the education system that’s in place, work for the children? Well, according to the Louisiana Department of Education, Louisiana’s goal is for every school in the state to have a School Performance Score (SPS) of 120 by the year 2014, which seems very unlikely due to the very large percentage of the schools in Louisiana not performing at or above grade level. In Ouachita Parish the education system is performing very poorly, especially the majority of Black schools. Here is a look at a few schools from elementary, middle and high schools that we should be alarmed about:

Students performing at or above Grade level Richwood- 49.4% SPScore- 74.9 (academic watch) Carroll Jr. High- 47% SPScore- 64.2 (academic watch) MLK Jr. High- 43% SPScore- 66.1 (academic watch)

High School

Students performing at or above Grade level Wossman- 54% SPScore- 81.3 Richwood- 44.1% (school on academic watch) Carroll- 43.1% (school on academic watch) These scores are alarming and saddened me greatly. We have three years to bring these schools up to standard; therefore, Mrs. Harris and the Monroe City School Board have to stop fighting amongst each other and focus on the needs of our children in the education system. The children are our future, but right now- the future’s looking dim for our children.


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“Cardia Jackson- Beating the Odds” By: Marcus Baker

In life, we all are faced with odds and it’s difficult when one knows that the odds are gravely against him/her. It is less than a tenth (0.008) percentage of high school athletes that have a chance of being drafted in the NFL; yet, we have an institution - Wossman High School in our midst, that has produced three impact players who entered into the league to date- Pat Williams, Brady James and the newest- Cardia Jackson- Super Bowl champion. I was privileged to speak with Mr. Jackson and the first question I asked was how he got started playing football. He said that like any other child, he played hot ball in the back yard, but Coach Maurice Pollard influenced him to play organized football. He said the coach saw him one day on Berg Jones Lane getting ready to go to the pool and asked him his name and what school he attended. He said that the coach told him that he’s a great linebacker and that led to the beginning of his interest in football. Jackson grew up on the tough streets of Berg Jones Lane. He attended MLK Jr. High, where he first started playing organized ball. From there, he attended Wossman High School. At Wossman he got his first taste of fame (starting all 4 years of high school). Everyone showed him love because he was a star athlete. After shining at Wossman, he was highly recruited by major colleges but chose to attend ULM. His mother was sick and he wanted to be close to home where he could help out with his family. After accepting ULM- there was a little conflict: In his freshman year the streets of the Roe were calling him. He had to make a choice- the streets or the grid iron (football field). Ultimately, Jackson chose football. Refocusing allowed him to become the leading tackler of the Sunbelt Conference. Jackson feels this gave him notoriety in his junior year of high school. He once had eighteen tackles in one game against a top SCC conference team- Ole Miss. After a great career at ULM, Mr. Jackson entered the draft but wasn’t drafted initially but he didn’t give up. He knew the odds were against him but he also knew that he was an NFL caliber player. Jackson became a free agent and was picked up by the St. Louis Rams and eventually cut. He moved to Texas working construction and Green Bay Packers’ personnel called him and he worked out with them, but was cut again. Two days before Christmas, the Buffalo Bills called and after a workout- yes, he was cut again. The following Monday, the Packers called him again and signed Jackson to a 3 year deal and now Roe City has a Super bowl Champion- Cardia Jackson- that beat the odds!

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On the Street by Big Hoot

I understand for a retail store clerk that the personnel use of “profiling” tactics is to determining which customers are most likely to steal. But at M.G.G. formerly W.G.G. every black person that comes threw their doors is profiled as a thief even little kids. Its very shocking after the whole 9\11 tragedy that they would even have the audacity to racial profile anyone. And to think this is a store in our community where people go & spend their hard earned money to be treated like anything other then a human being. I observed one day in the store a clerk calling an elderly lady a b***h after she told him she didn`t receive her correct change back. They cheats kids and elder people out of their money everyday and when something is said about it are the customer ask for their money back the clerk refuses makes an argument and calls the authorities when the situation really gets heated. And now your under arrest for swb “shopping while black”. But I blame us people because with out us there`s no store and with no store there`s no them. Mgg is not the only one but the main one people. And until they show respect for the everday customers in my community, my money is going to stay in my pocket. Checkout music by Big Hoot at

I know you thought you were dreaming and so did I, while watching Dream Life Ent. tear the Hall down with their performance, especially the hit single“Make it Roll When You Step. The six man line up includes Lotteaux (a.k.a. Mr. Make it Happen), MoJo, BlaxxMel, Ace MacFly, C-Love-4-da-Track (CEO) and last but not least, Slim Gutta. Even though the group says that they’ve already experienced some negative aspects of the business, they are determined to stay focused on the success that lies before them and use the negativity as fuel to that fire. Dream Life Ent. is actually a combination of two groups- P.O.W. and Dream Life that formed in February of last year. They classify Dream Life as more of a group of individuals whose cohesiveness is strong enough to be one. They are preparing for individual projects but are doing so as a family. They express how important loyalty is within the group, saying if one eats, they all eat. The group welcomes help but does not necessarily need it, because they believe that home should be taken care of by home. They work hard for themselves, being their own promoting team, own sponsors, own booking agents and more. The group prides themselves off of being not only rap artists, but entertainers, making it larger than rap. Dream life has a big advantage being they have no amateurs and are built on wisdom, but the biggest advantage they feel they could ever have is placing God ahead of all they do. Doors have open to the group that way and they just haven’t been standing looking at the doors open; they’ve run right through them! Dream Life will be one of the first local artists to perform to a live band. On April 29, Dream Life will be performing “Kiss My Swag” at Club Kiss (downtown Monroe) along with other hits like- “How we do it”, “Make it Roll”, “Doing Me” and “Can’t Get Nothing”. Advice from Dream Life to other aspiring artists is: do research, know yourself, target your audience, stay diligent and don’t feel bad if you find you have to create your own demand. A year from now Dream Life says that they will have Monroe on the map for North Monroe as New Orleans did for the South. Check them out on You Tube and Face Book. Email:, or call: 318.235.2828. The group is available for shows, bachelorette parties, charity/fundraising events and more. The name may be Dream Life, but their talent is definitely real! If you are sleeping on this group, you better wake up!

INDUSTRY INSIDER Are You an Artist or Just Someone Who Plays Music? by SCOTT JAMES Many of us use the term ‘independent artist’ or ‘recording artist’ to describe ourselves, but are we really artists, or are we just people who play music? To answer that question we need to decide what it means to be an artist. Many of us grew up in an environment where we were only taught what art means at a superficial level. Maybe our first definition of an artist was someone who was really good at making realistic paintings or drawings or maybe someone who made weird abstract creations that were supposedly only understood by special people. Perhaps we made a vague translation of those ideas and applied them to music in some way and that’s as far as we got. So what does it mean to be an artist? I think that’s a question worth asking – often. The answer will likely change and evolve for you over time. It’s not one of those words you can just look up in the dictionary, assimilate and forget about. I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about this myself. As of right now, here’s what I’ve got: An artist creates from an internal frame of reference. They don’t look around to see what’s cool or popular and act out of the hope for validation. They believe in their ability to create something meaningful from their own unique experiences and view of the world. Their drive to create is more important than their desire not to fail. They operate under the premise that what they say and do matters. A lot of creative people act as though they can say or do whatever they want because it doesn’t really affect anyone in the end anyway. These people are not artists. True artists see opportunity to create art everywhere in their lives. They step back and see possibilities instead of just facts. They imagine new, beautiful and interesting outcomes and dream about ways to make them happen – even if they seem crazy or unrealistic. They take responsibility for making things happen in the real world. An artist can be a singer, a photographer, a painter, or a teacher, a judge, or a waiter. All it requires is a heart, some courage and some creativity. Sometimes being an artist is about protecting something beautiful and sometimes it’s about creating something beautiful. I have a friend who’s spent some time on tour with Billy Joel. She said that one time he spontaneously decided to play a couple’s wedding reception for 4 hours because he happened to be staying at the hotel where it was held! Probably blew their minds. I’m sure they will never, ever forget that and it’s impossible to know what that meant to them, but I’m sure it was profound. Those are the things that artists live for. Artists give voices to the voiceless – because they can. Artists blow people’s minds – because they can. Artists change people’s lives – because they can. They can do things that other people don’t do because they’re looking for things that other people can’t see and seeing things that other people can’t, or don’t imagine. They live in a world of possibility beyond the boundaries that most people accept and then they use their vision to create beautiful things in the real world. Artists are not defined by their technical ability. A poor musician can be a great artist. What makes an artist is that they create and preserve beauty in ways that most people would never think of. An artist is someone who sees life itself as the venue for their creativity. It doesn’t start and end within a song. For a true artist, a song is just part of a bigger work of art. It’s not just about filling up seats or making people move. It’s about how what they do really affects people. Sometimes art is about changing the world. Sometimes it’s about helping someone get over the loss of a loved one. Other times it’s about making someone smile, or helping someone believe in something that they had given up on. There are a lot of tools to create art. You’ve got music. You may not be Billy Joel… but to someone you are. What are you going to do about it?


A wild fight broke out inside of an East Saint Louis nightclub after a performance featuring rapper Webbie, resulting in a security guard being wounded, as gunfight erupted inside the club. According to police reports, Webbie was in town and at the nightclub when a fight broke out inside of Blackmon’s Plaza earlier this morning (April 3rd). Over 40 State Police officers arrived on the scene after receiving calls that a huge fight was taking place inside of the club, while two additional fights were taking place outside of the club. Police said that two security guards were attempting to control the crowd. When one of the guards used his weapon to strike one of the patrons fighting, his gun discharged, striking another security by accident. Local police officers in East Saint Louis are outraged, according to The Belleville News-Democrat. Only three local East Saint Louis police officers were on duty to patrol the entire city of 25,000 people, due to budgetary constraints. During the melee at Blackmon’s, fights broke out a two other clubs, Club Flava and The Mansion. According to Mayor Alvin L. Parks, Blackmon’s will temporarily lose its liquor license, as police investigate the incident. Courtesy of

DJ Megatron was killed close to a week ago, and the popular HipHop star’s family is now asking that a killer come to the authorities in the name of justice. Sharon Carpenter of New York’s PIX11 interviewed the family of the spin doctor and got their reflections of his life. Corey “D.J. Megatron” McGriff will be laid to rest on Tuesday April 5.

Hip-Hop group The Black Eyed Peas have teamed with Aeropostale to producproduced a limited edition T-Shirt aimed at raising money for charity. The Grammy Award winning group has created a limited edition run of T-Shirts that will benefit The Black Eyed Peas’ Peapod Foundation, which helps find shelter, healthcare and education for children in need worldwide. “We are thrilled to partner with Aeropostale in raising awareness and funds for our Peapod Foundation,” said BEP member “The Foundation works to encourage change for social issues affecting children worldwide. The Peapod Foundation provides tools and mentors encouraging children to express themselves through music and art.” According to sources, Aeropostale has already pledged $100,000 to the Peas’ Peopod Foundation. “Aeropostale has a long history of giving back to those who need it most. The Black Eyed Peas, with their innovative music and devotion to kids’ causes through their Peapod Foundation, are the perfect partners for this campaign,” says Scott K. Birnbaum, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce at Aeropostale, Inc. Anyone who purchases the limited edition T-Shirt at an Aeropostale store is automatically entered into a contest for a chance to win a trip to meet The Black Eyed Peas at an upcoming concert.

GRAVE’S CORNER “What’s up? What it do? We back in this thang again and this time I want to talk to you about listening- listening to your O.G.’s and when I say O.G., I mean exactly what it says- Original Gangsters. When I say Gangster, it ain’t got to be a gangster from the street; you can be a gangster about whatever it is that you do. If you cut hair, you can be a gangster about cutting hair. If you are washing cars, you can be a gangster about washing cars. If you are a cook at Burger King, you be a gangster about cooking. See one thing about the original gangsters, they took pride in whatever they did and they demanded their respect; so, if you have the privilege of talking to an O.G., listen to the O.G. There is not a better teacher in the world than experience. Let’s say for instance, you’re on the job for a little while, this old cat comes up to you- talking to youbasically putting you under his wings- tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. You looking at him like- ‘Man, I’m grown too. Back the way you did things is not the way we do things now.’ The thing is they’ve been where you’ve been, whether it was twenty years ago or five years ago- Just listen to them! You don’t have to do exactly what they say; as a matter of fact, you can do the opposite of what they say and watch what happens. A lot of people get advice confused with hating. ‘What he telling me that for? Man, I know what I’m doing.’ And that person is far from hating. That person is taking time out of their busy schedule to give you advice. Maybe that person’s seeing you doing the same thing they did and it took them years to figure out what was going on and they see that youngster doing it and want to let that youngster we don’t listen. Let’s take it to the hood for a minute. You’ll know some of the O.G.’s- riding around back in the days with the tricky trucks, the drop tops, beating down the block- coming around with the Kango’s the FUBU’s. You know what I’m talking about, coming in the club know- ‘Hey, it’s a better way to do it, an easier way to do it and

more efficient way to do it.’ But making it rain. They don’t like five dollar bills and now most of them in jail. The ones out of jail, around here washing cars, delivering newspapers- In other words- they got an honest job and they see you coming down the block, beating up the block, candy paint, big 26’s rolling. They pull you to the side and say, ‘Hey dog, what you doing ain’t right. You might want to take your money and invest in you a business, buy you a couple of rent houses- get out the game while you got a chance to’, but what you do? ‘That old cat don’t know what he talking about. He just see I’m doing it better than he did.’ No, he just see you not listening like he should’ve listened back then. Once again, experience is the best teacher in the world. O.G.’s don’t just have to be men. I know a lot of women who are O.G.’s. For instance, your mom is an O.G. especially if your mom was a single parent like my mom. They have been through it and seen it all and all they want for you is to not go through what they or others went through. All I’m telling you guys to do is Listen, listen, listen! Pull any O.G. to the side and the first thing they’ll tell you is, ‘man, I should’ve listened. On the cool, you don’t have to listen; you can just look and learn. Seven- eight years ago, you couldn’t tell ME nothing. I’m running around in this thang just doing it- pocket full of money. O.G.’s tried to tell me what to do with my money. Man, this my money; I’m getting this everyday homey. I’m doing me and what happened? Bam! Got caught up! I start listening to the O.G.’s then. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late. It’s just like a train track- Stop, look, listen and live! I’m sideways ‘til the next time but before I go- shout out to all the O.G.s that ever helped me, gave me advice and got the diggaman back on the right track. You want to holla at me- Email me: diggamanent@ or if you need me to D.J. your next event, call me: 318.599.9802 and remember always think B.I.G. Believe in God! Peace!

APRIL 15-16, 2011

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Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 6  
Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 6  

Carroll High School is State Champions