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A note from the editor: (By: Katima Epting)

Momma said: “Forget Your Haters” My mother use to always tell me that I wouldn’t be liked by everyone, no matter who I am or what I have. I learned this later on. There are some people that don’t even know you but don’t like you. The thing is though- why worry about that? If you did nothing to make a person feel that way, then what can you do to change the way he/she feels? - Nothing. All you can do is pray for people and yourself. Too many are walking around with their heads down because of what someone else feels about them. What a big mistake! First of all, what is God telling you? Are you even listening to the Lord or is He being drowned out by the whispers and laughter of others? No one else can save you or do you like God, but yet we tend to make others our God by allowing them to control our emotions. If the only time you’re happy is when someone else has given you their approval, then you may be in for one long ride. Stop letting the word “Hater” have so much power in your life and laugh at it. Rebuke the evil that opposes you, because as long as you let others control your emotions, you’re going to stay on a roller coaster ride. Jesus had haters; so, what makes us so big that we can’t have any? They play a part in our lives as Judas did in Jesus’ life. He helped Jesus fulfill His purpose; so, all the bad that Judas did was turned around for our good; let that be the case in your life. Let all the bad that your haters are doing, be turned around for good in your life. The only way that this can happen is by the grace of God. You have to stay praying and obey what God is telling you to do. Believe what God is saying to you and about you and ignore people. We all want this wonderful life, but we are not willing to sacrifice for that. You have to give up on trying to impress this world if you want to please God, because you are going to find that you sure can’t do both. Stop worrying about who’s driving what and you’re not; who’s staying in what and you’re not; who’s wearing

what and you’re not and focus on the job that God has called you to do. Focus on the beautiful things that He has in store for you. Let others continue to laugh and talk about you, as you push forward in the Lord; then, soonyou’ll have the last laugh. You’ll have the last laugh, because you’ll finally have joy and the key to success- knowing who you are and most importantly, whose you are! If you don’t know who you are, talk to God. He’ll help you find the YOU that He created you to be. If you do know who you are and whose you are- Act like it! Stop letting petty people cause you major problems. This is something we all have to tell ourselves. This is how I give myself a pep talk, because even when we are not sure of ourselves or others- we can be sure of one thing: God does not change and He’s always in control! Stop being a puppet and letting everyone pull your string when they want to do so. Underneath all the trash that people have said about you and all the bad things that you’ve grown to believe about yourself, there is a wonderful treasure waiting to be found and shared with those who will appreciate it. I not only say forgive your haters- but I say forget them! You have too much of your Father’s business to take care of. Don’t miss the big picture for staring at the frame. Life is short and unpredictable. Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s more to life than your haters, but if you don’t hurry up and realize that, your haters will be your life and you will be robbed of it completely! Happy Mother’s Day to my mother- Martha Epting and all the wonderful mothers!



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The Word Of The Day By: Brother Vandy Jenkins

“A Prisoner For Preaching The Good News about Jesus Christ” The word comes from Psalms 46:1, 10-11. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Verses 10, 11: Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah In this edition of Roe City Lights, I want to use “When Tragedy Strikes” as a topic. Tragedy strikes the deepest when it hits when we least expect it, ripping apart our sense of security and shaking us with feelings of loss and vulnerability. What are we to think and feel when our own lives are touched by events of cataclysmic proportions? Will we lose all hope or will we experience as others have, that there are ways to survive and even grow when we face natural disasters, catastrophic accidents and violence? Well, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I’ve stopped by today to drop this in your gumbo: Every now and then, you may have earthquakes in your life but you don’t have to have heartquakes. Natural disasters, catastrophic event and violent tragedies are sudden and unexpected and are destructive events resulting in widespread loss of life and property. In spite of all our efforts to make the world a safer place for ourselves and our children, it is marked by violence, disasters and catastrophes. As children of God, there is still hope “when tragedy strikes”. We have the greatest hope through Jesus Christ because we can walk in confidence, because our hope has been strengthened through adversity. Survivors who have gone through tragedies are more humble and hopeful because of what they have endured. They can truly sing with the Psalmist- “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Remember this: Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah (Psalm 46:1, 10-11). As I close with my message, remember that we can use the painful resistance of tragedy to strengthen our faith with God and for the path ahead of our lives. Thank you and may the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all- always.













No one can stop the disasters of nature. God does what He wants to and all we can do is pray for His mercy. We saw this late early Wednesday of last week when a storm hit Northeast Louisiana- that also affected other nearby areas. Many families knew of the storm and though it was no “Katrina”, they did not expect a storm of such magnitude; if so, many would have prepared for the worst. RCL went out to hear from a few of many residents that were affected by the storm. Many say they learned of the storm when they woke up in the middle of the night to flooded homes and no power. Going to South 10th street, we witnessed the remnants of the storm. There were tree branches and all kinds of debris left behind, not to mention the long line of valuables lined along the street, that were damaged by the flood waters. I spoke with 10th Street residents Brittney Ojide and Andrea Fobbs, who have been in their home (1604 South 10th) for only one month. There is also a one and four year old who were asleep during the rushing in of the flood waters into the home. They have a large truck fortunately, that sits high off the ground and it helped with the evacuating. The mother said that she strongly believes that the pumps were not on. She said that it is hard to strive and try to keep what you have just to lose it all and get absolutely no assistance, except a clean up kit. The residents said they called 411 and found out that the area had not been declared a disaster area yet. They bowed their heads as they described the financial strain that they’re now enduring from having to pay for hotel fees (in which they said the landlord helped to pay for- for two of the days). They said that some have now left the area and they witnessed an elderly lady being taken out by boat. They said that no one has come to even drive down the street and see the damage left behind. They lost the refrigerator, furniture, cleaning supplies, food and more and said that the smell was almost unbearable in the home. They said they have no idea how they’re going to make it. Money has run out according to the ladies and they said that whatever items that can be used for a household would be greatly appreciated. The contact info for this family is: (318) 789-5585 or (318) 388-0682.

Going next door to an elderly resident, I spoke with Mrs.Willie D. Williams, who said she watched the weather report, but didn’t know that it was going to be as bad as it was. She said that in the past, the City would have come out and cleaned ditches or something, but this time it was nothing done. She said that she often rakes her own ditch and sees a lot of debris as she walks and often wonders who needs to be seen to get the ditches cleaned out even though she is familiar with the city’s doing so. She said she is 66 years old and is out almost everyday raking and cleaning her area. She said that her whole house was flooded and she had to throw out a lot with more to go. She was one of the blessed ones, being that she has insurance (even though she only had it on her house and not contents) but she said it has to be bad for those who couldn’t afford insurance or didn’t have it. She said she just happened to have had sand bags from two years ago and is so glad that she didn’t get rid of them. She spoke of how quickly the water came in and how she witnessed her contents floating in her home. Williams said it was a sight but she stayed indoors and didn’t bother to leave until the next morning. She said that the drainage issue needs to be addressed, saying usually she saw that assistance from the city. She said it is desperately needed because she feels that this is a part of why the flooding affected the homes as badly as it did. Moving on to Grammont Street, Resident Kennedy Woods spoke of the same events. He said that he is thankful that the power went out, because of electric cords on the floor, saying that his family could’ve been dead. His wife Patricia Woods said it looked like a river when she used the flashlight to see the water inside and out. She said she tried to gather things, not knowing if evacuation was going to be necessary. Mrs. Woods said that they got on the highest thing that they could get up on and just stuck it out for the rest of the night. She said that it is a waiting situation with the insurance company. The area has been declared as a disaster area and she said that the news did provide information on seeking help but no help has been offered or any word from the City as of yet and her husband works for the City. On the other hand, her job has been so helpful with trying to help. She said that if the insurance company comes through then it will be a blessing but if not, they will have to tough it out. The family just said their goodbyes to their son Malcolm who is going to serve in Iraq for a year. Mrs. Woods said it is all overwhelming.

Citizens feel that something more needs to be done so it won’t take disasters to get attention in certain areas. So many compare certain areas in Monroe to a step child- neglected and treated poorly. No one is pointing fingers, because honestly, all fingers need to be freed to lend a hand, but our leaders know and understand their responsibilities fully and when God places one in a position to help, he/she will be held accountable for not doing so. To whom much is given, much is required and much is not really “much” if you are doing the job that you have solemnly sworn to do. People choose leaders for direction, but where is Monroe headed if we can’t pull together for those who need it most? The strong in this area (like all areas) must bear the infirmities of the weak; for the least ones are just as important, if not more important, than the rest. One City, One Future- right? Let’s make that a way of life and then maybe we will see the crime rate, umemployment rate, drop out rate, teen pregnancy rate and even suicide rate decrease. We have to be more than good writers and orators or even good “actors”. It is time that we get real about the issues that we face here in Northeast Louisiana and start treating all sides as if they are a part of this wonderful city we call Monroe. Let’s pull together for a change and for a change, we’ll see things pull together. There are people crying out Leaders. Will you answer? It’s been a long time coming- “Come change, Come!”

DELTA FEST 2011 We, at Roe City Lights would like to thank the City of Monroe for welcoming us so warmly at the city’s Delta Fest. I, Katima Epting would especially like to thank Rod Washington for all the help that he gave during the time of the Delta Fest. I was able to speak with Producer Tony Miller, who said that the city of Monroe treated him very well. He is from Chicago and lives in Vegas but said that the southern hospitality that he received in Monroe made him feel right at home. I also spoke with Avant, C. Clout and others who said that they really appreciated the treatment they received in Monroe. The performances were great, (despite what you may have heard) and Comedian Bruce Bruce was hilarious! B.J. Bell and Rob Lloyd were excellent hosts and the proposal of Grave to his fiancé was icing on the cake. RCL was able to get exclusive interviews, photos and just basic conversations which gave extensive info on all the artists. It was one of the best days that I’ve experienced in Monroe; from the events that morning to the after party- Delta Fest 2011 was the Best!!



There are so many issues that our politicians have to deal with and so many constituents that are seeking change. Councilman Eddie Clark says he knows this all too well. Being born and raised in Monroe, La. Clark said that he has been sensitive to the needs of his community. He attended Carroll High School and from there he attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and obtained his degree with an undergraduate degree in biology. He said that he has always been motivated to serve people because he has always been one to do so and try to uplift others. He said the council position really presented itself at a good time and is a great way to allow him to serve his community. He said that it is a way that he could be a voice for the South Side of Monroe in City Hall. He said that amongst his duties, he makes sure that he is representing the interests and needs of the citizens of District 5. He said that he has handled calls about uncut grass, trash pick up, making sure police calls are prompt and getting attention to the dilapidated homes on the South Side of Monroe. He said that he’s gone as far as standing in ditches to get the messages he needs to get across. He says that he’s not the type of politician to just relay messages for the city government;

he does what it takes to make sure that the needs of his constituents are being met. He feels that the South Monroe area has always been sort of neglected; therefore, he has gone as far as standing in ditches to get messages across of how much attention is needed on a matter. He said that any leader faces opposition of some sort, but it doesn’t stop him. Clark says he keeps pushing and wants his constituents to know that he is not detached from their concerns and he is always working on their behalf, to make sure the needs of the citizens of District 5 are foremost. Being that the majority vote rules, he says that sometimes it is difficult not to face a challenge when presenting new ideas but he doesn’t quit. He says that he is willing to continue to fight for the interests of his constituents. Speaking on the flood issue, he says that even though people do have responsibility in clean up, the city government does also. Clark says that when it comes to proper maintenance of some areas, it is just not happening. He said he feels that it took a crisis like the flood and people losing valuables to shed light on what others have been crying out about for a while; the City needs to do better in the cleaning of ditches, unclogging culverts, drainage and so much more and says this has been a constant battle cry since he’s been elected. He says the city maintains that the pumps were working the night before the flood but some in his district do not believe this. He says that he is advising the people of his district to call him when they have issues he needs to get involved with, come and show your support or voice opinions at community meetings. He says that though we are all busy, we are in this together and it’s going to take everyone together to make a change. Clark says it is disheartening to look out and see how no one is really attending meetings accept like three or four people. He says that he is very accessible and welcomes calls and that he considers none as complaints. He says that he’s created a District 5 hotline, in which the City of Monroe has never had. The number is (318)791-1566. He says that he also created a position in which he pays for himself with his city council check- a field assistance position, in which Ms. Earline Bryant goes out and gathers information regarding the concerns of the people. He’s always welcoming new ideas, being that he doesn’t have all the answers. We need to get involved with the affairs of our city. Faith without works is dead!


Best Buy (By: Katima Epting) Local business owner, Cordell Blockson is going into his 25th year as a business man. He is owner of the popular local restaurant- Best Buy on 2952 Renwick St. in the Booker T area, where he actually grew up. Blockson’s roots are on Pine Street and he attended Carroll High School. He was unfortunately kicked out of Carroll but went to Job Core where he took up a trade in heavy equipment, working as a crane operator and eventually supervisor. Nineteen years later, he went into business for himself and has not turned back since. He recalls being told how he wasn’t going to make it since all he had known was what he learned in his trade from the age of 18 to 37. He said he knew very little to nothing about owning his own business, but that didn’t stop him from having faith that he could do it. He opened up two restaurants in Oregon and a night club and was also Oregon’s first black boxing promoter- according to the entrepreneur. He’s run Best Buy since 1993 (two months into moving back home) and has given back to the community by feeding the needy at Christmas and every day (if someone is really in need), Thanksgiving, conducting toy drives and even sponsoring his high school (CHS- state champions). It is a blacked owned establishment but he welcomes any one to come and enjoy the tasty and variety of foods on his everyday menu. There are different menus everyday; so, there will always be a choice of what one can order and enjoy. Some of the popular foods on the menu include: the Godzilla Burger, fried pork chops, fried chicken, candy yams, mustard greens, cornbread and more, but what is a meal without Kool-Aid? Yes, he even has that too! Best Buy is also responsible for the catering of the 2011 Delta Fest where the artists were fed and gave compliments to the chef- Courtney Blockson and the Best Buy Crew. Best Buy is a great restaurant, with dine in or pick up service. With a great menu, great service and great prices, it’s no wonder why Mr. Blockson named his establishment- BEST BUY. If you haven’t visited the restaurant before, get on over there! They say you never miss what you never had, but in this case you will be missing some of the best down home cooking you’ve never had.



On the Street by Big Hoot

Okay black people, listen up, let me talk to you for a second. Its a phrase thats been going around for years that we need to put to rest. The phrase is ”Real Ni**a.” I admit, I’m guilty of using the term in the past but now its really watered down, and it’s an invented phrase, which is suppose to be denoting to the authenticity of a black man. You get caught snatching a lady purse and end up in jail, what you say. “I’m a real n***a dog, she was sliping.” Yes, you are a real nigga, alright.... really stupid. We tend to praise negativity and look down on the positive things around us because we`re afraid someone might say he/she is not a ”real n***a” or ”keeping it real.” When in all actuality, its just a phrase thats hindering us from reaching our goals as black people so instead of me being “real” to your ignorance, I`ll just be myself, it’s much more easier. SN: “Homies a turn phony & real n****s turn to busters”(2pac shakur) Checkout music by Big Hoot at

“Big Al” Cherry By: Katima Epting

It was a Carroll High School talent show, in which he and two others had attempted to sing the Temptations’ “Silent Night”. He remembers the mistakes of the two before him that got them laughed at and his attempt to make up for this- with his now solo performance. He remembers failing at this attempt and being so embarrassed because of this- so embarrassed that this was one of the motivating factors that led to his leaving the choir for two years before returning his senior year. Who is he? He is Al Cherry who is now a gospel extraordinaire! Cherry said that after getting back into the choir, he obtained a scholarship to college. He recalls the year 2000 being the first time that he went into the studio, and he felt something special. He said it made him feel that even though he wasn’t the best singer, speaker or rapper, he was the best entertainer. He said that he didn’t have the best life coming up, coming from a broken home and though there were difficulties with him and his parents, they overcame them. He accepted that they may not be perfect, but they are perfect for him. He said that he and his father are now best friends. He considers the wonderful woman that his father married as his second mother. He said that as strangely as it sounds, they are all one big happy family and his mother, 2nd mother and father all pull together to help. He recalls a time when he felt like he didn’t want to go on and knowing that God had a plan for him, having his grandmother, challenging conversations at school, being waited on by others at school just so they could be touched by him in some way and knowing he was needed- helped him to keep on. Cherry compares himself to Moses when God told him to speak. He says that God just said, “use your mouth and let me work in you/through you”. He also compares his life to that of Clark Kent/SuperMan, in his being a rapper and teacher, but he is getting it done. Cherry feels he is doing what is best even though there are larger audiences for mainstream rappers (in which he respects also). He just feels that sometimes people take the work one does for the Lord for granted, while it is truly the most vital work that one can do. He’s just released his new album “The Balancing Act” in which he says he is more vulnerable on and more real; the album really touches on personal, heartfelt topics. He feels so blessed to be used since he is one who personally knows the struggle. I just attended one of his concerts and witnessed the way he grabbed the crowds’ attention and kept it until it was over. He is touching masses and at one point, it didn’t seem to be a dry eye in the building. He says it is easy to get on stage and point fingers at everyone else or lie to everyone but he did what most wouldn’t and that is be real to and about himself in front of numerous people. He spoke on how he overcame self-destruction by the grace of God. If you have been sleeping on Cherry, I advise you to get your 5 hour energy shots, because this man is a great person, mentor, teacher and artist touching many lives; I can’t forget- a great entertainer! If you’ve never seen a performance, come and check him out. His next performance is May 6 at Rayville High School (Reality Check- Area wide youth rally) and May 28th, he’ll be in Shreveport at the Christian Faith Church. His albums “The Opening Act” and “The Balancing Act” can be purchased at the Family Christian store, behind the mall, located by Firestone. For booking info: or call 318.376.4671. He is available for speaking/ministry or performing. We need to start supporting our artists that are out here doing the Lords work too. It’s a blessing to be a blessing. Try it today!


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Monroe has a semi-pro football team and they go by the name of the Louisiana Patriots. Headed by owner Vernon Mills and three professional and hometown athletes Johnathan Wilhite, Cardia Jackson and “Boo” Robinson, the Louisiana Patriots demand respect and recognition. This is the team’s first year in Monroe, but they have already made a name, winning two championships in the two seasons they’ve already played. They are looking to go undefeated still in the championship realm with a record of losing only four games in two seasons (22 of 26). The dynamic team was initially named the semi-Twin City Patriots and won both the Long Star and Bayou Conferences. They’ve been invited to the National Championship in Homestead, Florida twice but couldn’t raise enough funds to go, but this year will be different! Out of 500 teams, the Patriots are ranked number 7 in the nation (as of 2010). Owner Vernon Mills is from Baton Rouge, La. but played ball at what is now ULM. He played from 1976-’81 where he was a starting running back and is known as one of the original Crow’s Boys (John David Crow- 1957 Heisman winner). He also played in the UFL for the Denver Gold. He said that because of the team’s ability, they’re coming into this season with a lot of expectations and that is including support from the fans here in Monroe and the surrounding areas. They’ll be playing in the top conference this year- the PSFL which is a much bigger league. There are four divisions and the Patriots are the Central Division. They play by NFL rules also. The league has its own scouting agency and attorneys. Mills says that people don’t know how big this is. This team is one of the best and Monroe gets to witness this according to Mills. The Patriot’s motto is: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” You can also view the team’s mission statement, schedule, accomplishments and so much more by going to the website: or contact Vernon Mills at 318.613.4662/Katherine Mills- 318.613.4661. Also check out for more. I smell victory Monroe; so, let’s go out and root, root, root for the home team! Look out for all the talent that we’ve already grown to love from our local high schools in the past, now playing for the Patriots. We now have something else in Monroe to be proud of. Let’s show them all our support! La. PatriotsRCL welcomes you as well as Roe City! Three’s a charm; so, let’s get it! Leggooo!!

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LOCAL BEAUTY KIERSTEN DAVIS Graduated from neville high school class of 2010. Currently works as the secretary @ Mt. Olivet Baptist Church , where I am an active member .. I plan on goin to ulm nxt fall to major in elementary education .. Follow me on twitter @ KoCandyy or look me up on fb .

GRAVE’S CORNER “After nine years, seven months and two weeks, America has finally killed Bin Laden. The Bible says that we are supposed to rejoice in death and everybody was rejoicing when we got that news. It costs America trillions of dollars and a lot of families lost loved ones behind this one guy- Bin Laden. I mean think about it- we had a whole war behind this man- trying to catch him and never could catch him. He kept ducking off in them da** caves. I, for one is glad that he is dead and I’m gonna keep it really 100, I believe in the old law- you kill one of mine and I kill two of yours. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but hey- it is what it is and the announcement couldn’t have come at a better time after we had this dumb a** millionaire keep questioning the United States President about if he’s a United States citizen or not; Bam!! He put that in his face and less than a week later he comes back again- Bin Laden’s dead and walks off with swag off this planet. I mean, what’s next? Me personally, I hope he comes back and makes an announcement and says that gas has gone back down to $1.43 a gallon, but until then I’ll take Bin Laden’s death as a victory for the whole United States of America. It’s hard to believe that almost ten years ago this one person changed lives of Americans forever and now that he is gone you best believe that there is someone else out there ready to take his place and do it bigger and better than he did it; so, all I can tell you to do is pray and keep God first. Until the next time, I’m side ways. Holla at me: Until then, think B.I.G. Believe In God. I’m out this thang. Bow!!!”

Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 8  
Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 8  

Detla Worst/Delta Fest, Louisiana Patriots, Eddie Clark, and more