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LaceDarious Dunn

From the Hood to the Hardwood


A note from the editor: I would like to dedicate this corner to the ending of Black History Month. I attended the Black History parade recently and watched as the participants passed by with “Continuing the Journey” on their floats and vehicles. From the history lessons to my own struggles as a Black woman, I can’t help but to continue the journey. A little while back, I sat and watched as Judge James sentenced Senator Charles D. Jones to some time in prison. I listened as the judge spoke on how complex the rulings and objections had been. I also heard the judge compliment Jones on such a wonderful service to his community; something he had done for many years. The judge stated that none of us are perfect and sometimes the greatest people make the greatest mistakes. I agree, but sometimes it’s not really about the mistakes we make, it’s much deeper. As I fast forward to the wonderful event- the Black History Extravaganza that I attended on February 27, I was reminded in so many ways, to remember the struggle. It was a very emotional day, as the wonderful Evangelist Dorothy Norwood sang and spoke candidly about the Lord and about overcoming with the Lord. So many leaders in the community came out to offer their support and I must admit, it was overwhelming. As Blacks, we have come a long ways, with still a long way to go. Our mentalities have to change- the way we walk, talk, act and especially the way we see ourselves and react to one another. I can’t stress this enough. If we want change, we have to “Remember the Struggle” and remember that it still exists! Have we really overcome or have we just come over? It’s time to either wake up


or remain in the nightmare that has haunted us for years. God bless Senator Charles Jones, Doug, Rosalind and the rest of his family. Keep them lifted everyone. God is bigger than anything that we can ever face, but if we continue to turn our faces from what God is showing us, then how much do we expect to be done? Please continue the journey, because we are still traveling down the road of struggle, racism, oppression and self-denial. Realize who we are, but most importantly, whose we are! If you no longer think that it’s time for change, you better get a new watch! (These views expressed are those of my own. These are not the views of Roe City Lights as a whole. This is truly my thoughts and my corner.)



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The Word Of The Day By: Brother Vandy Jenkins

“A Prisoner For Preaching The Good News about Jesus Christ”

The Word of The Day comes from Philippians 2:14-16. (NLT): Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return, one will be proud that he/she did not run the race in vain and that his/her work was not useless. Our subject for today is: “Living for Christ.” From prison, The Apostle Paul states in a letter to the Church in Philippi, “To me, living means living for Christ.” As Christians, we are called to devote our lives to living for Christ. As Christians today, we must acknowledge that we owe everything to Christ, especially our salvation. As Christians we must realize and acknowledge that we belong to the Lord and we no longer live simply for ourselves but for Christ. As Christians, we share in the death and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and through Jesus we have a new identity. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. So as a believer, everything of value is found in Christ. Things of the world that once seemed important have lost their attraction and there is nothing that compares to the infinite value of knowing and living for Christ. So as I close with my message today- “Living for Christ”, I encourage Christians today to be devoted in living for Christ. We have to continue to press forward without complaining and arguing so that we all can experience the spiritual accomplishment through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have to continue to live clean and innocent lives as “shining lights” looking to Jesus- who is the Author and Finisher of our faith in this sin-darkened world, made perverse by sin. To be effective in soul- winning in today’s time and age, we as Christians have to live for Christ and have the Word in us because “the Word is able to give life to those dead in sin.” Amen. Thank you and May the grace of God be with you all.






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“BAYLOR” Romira Wilson

LaceDarious Dunn

From the Hood to the Hardwood

Monroe, La. is not known for basketball but it’s evident that we are a hidden jewel for talented basketball players. In every neighborhood there is a recreation center and in every recreation center, there is a young male who is dreaming of becoming a NBA player. I can mention a number of those once dreamers that have become professional, collegiate and even hood stars on the hardwood: Benoit Benjamin, Mike Smith, Shanderic Downs, Brandon Dean, Derrick Zimmerman, Anthony Reed, Terrence Henry, Keldric Porter, Maurice Bell, Kenneth Cooper, J. Jackson and Dimmer Crocket. In mentioning that, we have to look at one the most talented and promising players to come out of Monroe- LaceDarius Dunn. “Lace” as he is also called, comes from a neighborhood that is known for big ballers but not B ballers; yet, Lace has been able to navigate his way out of the hood by way of the hardwood. I had a chance to interview Lace and he gave me some insight on who he is in his own words:

RCL: What made you want to be a basketball player? Lace: It is in my genes- everyone in the family played ball. (Shout out to Chris Dunn!) RCL: Who was your biggest influence on and off the court? Lace: On the court, I study Kobe. Off the court, my family- especially my mother (hard worker) RCL: You went to a small private high school- Excelsior Christian- How was that experience? Lace: It was great. Thank you Mr. and Mr. Drumgole. I can’t forget to thank coach also; that’s my foundation. We won a championship my junior year and we put the school on the map. RCL: You played high school with your brother (Davarius Dunn) and won a championship- Is he the best guard you ever played with? Lace: That’s tough. I played with some great guards. He is #1 and Tweety Carter is 2nd (he laughs). RCL: Why did you choose Baylor and did you have any other college offers? Lace: Highly recruited- I chose Baylor because I wanted to go somewhere where I could make my own mark and help a struggling team turn things around. RCL: What kind of obstacles have you had to overcome? Lace: My biggest obstacle was leaving home and having to take responsibility. Leaving mom and putting my grown man own that is (laughing). RCL: Lace: RCL: Lace:

Who are your top three NBA players? Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Amire Stoudamire Do you think you can play in the NBA? I have the talent and know I can play at the next level. I’m prepared to do so.

RCL: What kind of advice would you give to upcoming players? Lace: Stay focused and work on your game. The enemy of great is good- which means- most players become good and don’t want to become great. RCL: Is there anything else you want to add that I didn’t ask? Lace: My love for basketball comes from the streets of Monroe; so, when I win- I win for all of us in the Roe.

LOCAL BEAUTY My name is Margie Nicole Vernon. I was born 10-02-87 in Independence, Louisana. I moved to Monroe, La at the age of 3. My early chihood education was Lincoln Elementary, Carver Elementary, MLK Middle, and Wossman High. I graduated in 2006 and left for Grambling state in the fall. I graduated in Criminal Justice on Dec. 17, 2010. While at Grambling state I was a member of Elite modeling troupe and Black Dynasty modeling troupe. As of now im working on a masters in Criminal Justice at Grambling State. My future goals as of now will be to graduate with my masters, move to Atlanta, Georgia, get married, start a family, and continue my career in law enforcement.


Showboat Business By: Marcus Baker I was conversing with a friend who was telling me about the classic. No, I am not talking about the Bayou Classic; I’m speaking of the Showboat Classic. I decided to do some research and I spoke with one of the creators of the Show Boat Classic. According to Mr. Lewey Mims Jr., the Show Boat was created by himself in 1998 and a friend of his- Berry Wilson- for fundraising for Wossman High School. Neither gentleman attended Wossman High School; yet, Mr. Mims Jr. (Ouchita High School grad) and Mr. Wilson wanted to help. Therefore, the Show Boat Classic was created. It’s interesting how something that started off as a fundraiser has morphed into a respectable spring board for young men who have the ambition of playing basketball on the collegiate level and further. The Show Boat is an area high school basketball game that takes the best high school seniors from all over the area and showcases their skills in the best of the best basketball game, slam dunk contest and three- point shoot out. They invite schools from the surrounding area and as far as Shreveport to Ferriday, Louisiana. Mr. Mims Jr. said the Show Boat Classic is for the community. They give donations to the schools, scholarships to the students and awards. The Show Boat has also inspired another classic that’s called the Tugboat Classic. Mr. Mims Jr. said the future of the Show Boat Classic is bright. He doesn’t ever see the light going out; it’s just going to get bigger and better. He also mentioned that he sponsored a recreational league for eight year old boys, called the Show Boat. He had eight players on the team; six of them never played before and they came in third place in the league. They lost by three point in the semi-finals. The Show Boat Classic is often imitated but never duplicated. The Show Boat Classic is always held at the end of March on Good Friday. If you are looking for a show, come out and support the Show Boat!


Picture from Black History Month Extravagnza at Long Wa Worship Center, celebrating Senator Charles Jones’ contribution to local black history.


It Goes “Downs” By: Katima Epting

It’s March Madness time!! As I interview basketball great, Shanderic Downs, I feel it in the air! Downs played for the one and only, Wossman Wildcats in high school. From there he played for UNC Charlotte on the collegiate level and took his game out of the country to Brazil, Chile, China, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and Finland. Wheww!! I know right? That’s what you call “Ball-innngg! Well, only stars can shine that brightly, but as brightly as he has been allowed to shine, he says that it came with him not doubting himself and staying humble, which he said is very vital to being a success. He said he often tells players that their attitude can determine so much for them. On various occasions, they never know who are in the stands watching them. “Nobody wants a player with a bad attitude, no matter how skilled/great the player is”, says Downs. Downs reflected on how he played with/against the older guys to prepare himself for the game. He said that he will tell anyone that it is not easy as most think it is. He tells how you have to be dedicated and persistent if you want to go far in basketball. He said that he often sees the recreational centers empty now, instead of them being full of young men who really want to go far in the game. He warns that video games won’t get it. They won’t constitute putting extra effort in, which is definitely needed if one wants to play on a professional level or just be the best at the game. He’s being realistic so that someone will know that it’s not as glamorous as it seems. Downs said that negativity was never an obstacle for him, because he used it as motivation; it’s what drove him to be his best. His motto is that “true players don’t make excuses, they make adjustments”. He also relates this to life. He said that excuses don’t make differences, change does. I asked Downs about his three top players in the NBA and he said that his three favorites are: Kobe, Lebron and Wade. His pick for March Madness is Duke. Downs is now coaching at Neville high school (2 years). He said after his ankle injury (which had him feeling handicap), he came home and worked. Even though he said the business side of the sport kind of made him lose his passion for the game, he’s definitely followed his dreams and made them come true, now he’s working hard to help other players be at their best. Congratulations Shanderic on all your success!

LOCAL BASKETBALL HEROES Beniot Benjamin Terrance Henry Brandon Wilson Terrance Braggs Randy Underwood Maurice Bell Theodis Tarver Calvin Hunter Jarrius Jackson Will Daniels Brandon Dean Johnny Hodge Keldric Porter Nick Haywood LaceDarius Dunn Ted Gipson Paul Milsap Jerald Honeycutt La’Darrin Williams Jontae Turpin Keenan Gaskin Kyle Jacobs Orrin Greer V’Angelo Smith Chris Oney Donald Perry Lonnie Copper Caezer Johnson Kenneth Copper Jamie Boley Raschard Boatner Rydell Harris Storm Warren Terry Martin Joshua Brown Scottie Thurman Aaron Branch Dwayne Lathan Hugh Mingo Mike Smith Anthony Reed Bryant Thomas Davarius Dunn Derrick Zimmerman Jamichichael Goodin Maurice Clark Shanderic Downs Terrance James William Howell

Carroll High Carroll High Carrol High Carroll High Carroll High Carroll High Carroll High Ouachita High Ouachita High Ouachita High Ouachita High Ouachita High Ouachita High Ouachita Parish Excelsior Christian Farmerville High Grambling Lab Grambling Lab Richwood High Neville High Neville High Neville High Neville High Neville High Reuben McCall High Reuben McCall High Reuben McCall High Richwood High Richwood High Richwood High Richwood High Richwood High Richwood High Richwood High Ruston High Ruston High West Monroe High West Monroe High West Monroe High West Monroe High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High Wossman High

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WHAT’S HAPPENING HEY HEY HEY , IT’S TIME FOR ME TO TELL YOU “WHAT’S HAPPENING? “ I had a blast in February and being that is Black History Month, you’ll know I had to attend some Black History events; I also went to L.A. for All Star weekend and I had a blast! I attended the Masquerade Ball and though I didn’t know who was who, I know everyone was having a wonderful time. Everyone was looking great of course. All Star weekend, I chilled with family and met rapper Chopper. I heard that Cap’s birthday bash was off the chain also. You know Thursday nights belong to BoBo’s Sports Bar & Grill and it’s always a Five-Star event with Silas and Dee White! Don’t forget Club X-Clusive on Fridays, Saturdays is Domino’s and Club Rozay and we all know Nuvo on Sundays. On a different note, I attended the Black History Parade so I could celebrate being me, if you know what I mean! It was great and this year’s theme was “Continuing the Journey”. The next day, I attended the Black History Extravaganza and I must admit, I was moved by the overwhelming performances and speeches given in support of Senator Charles D. Jones. Evangelist Dorothy Norwood tore it up! Also in attendance, was Rep. Rosalind Jones, Attorney Doug Jones, Judge Sharp, Rev. John Russell, Police Juror Pat Moore, Attorney James Ross, Attorney Louis Scott, Pastor C. Hunt, Pamela Saulsberry and many more! We all watched as Senator Jones gave a powerful message saying, “Don’t cry for me. Just remember my chains.” We will. It was a reality check and a perfect way to end my weekend- being enlightened and empowered after all the partying! Well, until next time- your girl Mashi Peree is signing off, telling everyone to Get Big, but Remember the Struggle, while you are doing so.


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On the Street by Big Hoot

On the day of Feburary 26, 2011 it was a beautiful day from the weather to the line up on washington St. & N 4th and on the corner of desiard and N 4th to the east gate shopping center was a non-stop line of beautiful black women, men & kids “continuing the journey” in the 2011 black herritage parade. To me it seems like every since Pres. Obama was elected a lot of more people has been standing up and proud to be black & loving the skin their in. On Feburary 26, it looked like more of a holiday then a parade. The black history parade has always been like a holiday to me as far as I can remember, from standing on the side of the street, just waitn on the parade and seeing so many black people to wishing I was on a float. And with the parade being around mardi gras time the black history parade is the closest thing to a Zulu parade for us as black people. Lets face it the Mardi Gras that comes down Louisville Ave in Monroe, LA. Seems like its not for us (blacks). Not being racist just being real, blacks are treated like we are not welcomed at the Mardi Gras in Monroe. So black brothers and sisters, it’s offical, the black herritage parade is offically a holiday in Monroe. Lets turn the parade into not only a historical event but our very own “Zulu Parade”. Mark next year on your calander for the 2012 black history, and lets make this celebration bigger ,better and blacker. “The Black Heratiage Parade” in Monroe, LA. aka our very own Zulu Parade, you read it here first people. Checkout music by Big Hoot at

RAN- D Melvin Underwood a*k*a* Ran- D is this edition’s local artist. Ran-D played basketball for the Bulldogs as shooting guard. From there, he went to Iowa Lake CC. where he graduated and continued on at Kansas Wesleyan University and from there he came back to Monroe to pursue his music career. Ran-D says he has rapped about five years or more. Right now, he is a solo artist but he has sharp business partners by his side- (Business Sponsor 1st & LAST (G)-label- entertainment part). His partners are Julian Tugler, Guru Davis & CEO Cotton (. 1st & LAST) and the (G) is Ran- D’s part. The rapper was born and raised on the East side of Booker T. He has hits “Taking my time” – (official video available on Youtube and Facebook), “I can’t complain” (single and video coming soon) and a hit with artist Lil Fred- “She Ain’t Scared”. Speaking of artist Lil Fred, Ran-D said that is who has helped him in music and is the major part of what he has accomplished. He said his community is also a major part of his success also. Ran-D said that he handles doubt like he did in basketball- kept competing and said that God is his motivation. He stated that if you are doing something, somebody will always have something to say, but he wants someone always saying something! Ran-D said that his biggest obstacle in basketball was the repetition it took to be great at the game and just knowing that being your best, it takes basically the same hard work, at the same thing everyday. Not being able to be satisfied with just being good is something else he has; he pushes for perfection. He said that advice to upcoming basketball players is put God first, obey parents/guardians and those who care to tell u right and make sure you get an education. For rapGod first, focus hard on career and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, respect authority and be committed and dedicated as far as writing and recording goes. His advice for everyone is “Let Go & Let God”. Michael Jordan, Iverson and Kobe Bryant are his favorite basketball stars. His favorite musicians are Curtis Mayfield, Tupac and Boosie. He said that if he signed to anyone, it would be Like It~R~Luv It or SoufMade Ent. He said that not wanting to feel the pain of failure is enough drive for basketball, life and rap even though he believes that- no pain, no gain and pain is weakness leaving the body. His pick for March Madness is Baylor! Yep, he’s root- root-rooting for the home team (Lace). Look out for Ran-D coming on a TV screen near you! Support all of our local artists because most won’t be local for long! Contact: (318)235-5139 or (318)799-3784 which is a 24 hour line


7 Tips for Building a More User-Friendly Music Website


Your website should be a place where visitors can easily listen to your music, buy your album, and check up on news and concert dates. Your site usability will influence whether a website visit ends in an album sale or the loss of a potential fan. Is your musician website userfriendly? 1. Put the Important Stuff on Your HomepageDecide what you want your fans to do first. Should they sign up to your email list? Listen to your music? Read your blog? Buy your album? Make sure that your highest priority actions are represented on your homepage. Also, make sure that your homepage is not cluttered with too many options. 2. Make it Easy to Buy Your Music and MerchGive your fans purchase options. Not everybody wants to use PayPal. Not everybody wants to use iTunes. Give your visitors 2 or 3 common purchase options so they can buy your music the way they are most comfortable doing. 3. Make it Easy to ReadNo fancy fonts. No tiny text. No dark colored text on a dark background or light text on a light background. Be mindful of grammar and spelling. Try to avoid large blocks of text. Readers tend to skim website content. Short paragraphs separated by a space will be easier for most readers. 4. Use Simple NavigationYou’re a musician not a department store. You don’t need 100 links in your navigation bar. Keep things simple and focus on your goals. Use simple wording that people understand. Use “Store” not “Tunes Shop” and “Contact” rather than “”Hollar at Us.” 5. Keep it UpdatedA website with out-of-date content can be confusing. If the last time you updated your concert calendar was 2003, some people will assume you are no longer playing music. If your last blog post was over 2 years ago, people will be hesitant to enter their credit card info on your site–because who knows if there’s anyone on the other end to ship out the CD. 6. No Auto-playLet your fans hit the play button. Music that automatically plays can be startling and annoying. Often people are already listening to music on their computer (there’s almost nothing worse than two songs playing at once). Give auto-play a rest and let your website visitors control the remote. 7. No Flash AnimationFlash animations are not supported by all computers and mobile devices and they can function poorly on slow internet connections. Animations can take a while to load and many folks would rather point their browser elsewhere then wait 20 seconds for a band website to load. Don’t risk losing sales just because you have a programmer buddy that knows how to make your logo spin around and catch fire. Keep it simple.

Lil Boosie went on the offensive relating to his first-degree murder charge, claiming that the East Baton Rogue Parish District Attorney was biased over disparaging comments the rapper made in a track just days before he was summoned in front of a grand jury. Lil Boosie’s lawyer Jason Williams claims D.A. Hillar Moore III filed the murder charge against the rapper 10 days within hearing the lyrics contained on the song “F**k ‘Em All.” Boosie name checks Moore and accuses the D.A. of having a vendetta for pursuing the drug and murder charge against the rapper, who is also a suspect in as many as five other slayings. On the track Boosie raps: “F**k the D.A. and the lawyers/your racist ass is going to hell/ You’ll probably be dead when I come out of jail ya old b**ch/ Your d**k can’t even get hard no more, b**ch you need to die/ and the prosecutor’s gay/I see that from a mile away” “Mr. Moore learned of these disparaging comments and within 10 days of hearing these remarks, he prepared a case against Torrence Hatch to bring before a grand jury when the individuals actually responsible for this crime had been in custody for quite some time,” Williams said in a motion filed requesting that Moore be removed from the case. At press time, Lil Boosie, who appeared shackled in court under heavy security last Thursday (February 17th), is being held on a first-degree murder charge for his alleged role in the shooting death of a local rival named Terry Boyd. Prosecutors claim Lil Boosie paid to have Boyd shot. Also charged in the case are Adrian Pittman and Michael “Marlo Mike,” who has been officially charged with six murders. Moore told Baton Rogue newspaper The Advocate that the case had nothing to do with revenge or race, just simple justice. “He’s calling me a racist. It (the criminal case against Hatch) has nothing to do with color,” Moore told The Advocate. “The indictment had nothing to do with a song. It has to do with dead bodies and victims.” The D.A. has not decided if they will seek the death penalty against Lil Boosie, born Torrance Hatch. A state judge is scheduled to rule on the motion on June 22nd. Courtesy of

Lil Wayne was met by officials with the DEA as he was deboarding a plane in Opa-Loca, Florida. According to reports, officials searched the rapper for guns, drugs or other contraband at the OpaLoca Airport. Wayne, who is on probation and cannot drink liquor, do any drugs or possess weapons for two years, was allowed to proceed after the search, which turned up nothing. In a previous interview with, Cash Money’s CEO, Slim said that Lil Wayne was surrounded by family members who would not let him fail, despite the rigid conditions of his probation. “Wayne is very smart and intelligent, trust me, he knows,” Ronald “Slim” Williams told prior to Lil Wayne’s encounter in Opa-Loca. “He knows what he has to do,” Williams said. “When he went down [for attempted possession of a weapon], we all went down. We are family and we hold each other up. That’s one thing about us. If you don’t know us, we are one big family and we stick together.”

Terius Gray, professionally known as rapper Juvenile, was arrested Saturday on possession of Marijuana charges and driving with a suspended license while in Louisiana. Sterlington Police reps said that the rapper was released after he posted $750 bond. Juvenile has been arrested and found guilty on the same set of charges in the past. According to published reports, the rapper was driving and pulled over. He then gave them a small bag of weed after they said they smelled the scent emanating from his vehicle. He’s due in court again on April 1, widely recognized as April Fools Day.

GRAVE’S CORNER “March Madness, when most folks think about March Madness, they think about basketball. Where I’m from, March Madness is really “March Madness”; that’s the month when you realize, all the money you got back at the end of January, you spent it in February and all these bills coming to slap you in the face. A lot of females realize, that guy they dumped right before Christmas, got back with them for Christmas just to do one thing- Hit that lick with you on that income tax. I’m just saying, think about it. How many people you know get back with they baby momma right when income tax time hit? Or, that chick go back to her man right when income tax time hit and in March, all madness breaks loose! Look at You got people on there for armed robbery, domestic violence, child support. I’m just saying. It’s all because of what? We was listening to Rick Ross, “Blowing Money Fast” baby, all during February. Income tax, can’t tell me nothing,

in the club stunting, drinks on me; smoking nothing but the top of the line Kush baby and in March, you back to the Reggie baby. We ain’t gone talk about April Showers cause it shole ain’t no flowers in May baby. So now I think about the madness of March; that’s why you have to be prepared for it for February. Stretch your money out; do something smart with it. You know what I mean? Fellows, if you behind on child support, don’t worry about it, they gone take it before you get it anyway but ladies be extra smart with your money. Put something up. Do something for the kids. I’m not saying don’t do nothing for yourself because you got to treat yourself right; if you don’t do yourself right, nobody else gone do you right. Ya dig? As for me, I’m sideways til’ the next time. Always think B.I.G.- Believe in God! Wanna holla at me? Hit me up: diggamanent@gmail. com or follow me on twitter: digga318. Stop the MADNESS man! Bow!

Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 4  
Roe City Lights Volume 1 Issue 4  

LaceDarius Dunn, Shonderic Downs, the Showboat Classic and so much more...