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the Putley Press February - April 2013 Issue No. 55


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CHURCH Team Vicar: Rev. Howard Mayell

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Churchwardens: Wayne Kippasto

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VILLAGE HALL MANAGEMENT: Nigel Sweet (Chair) 01531 670610 Josephine Felton (Secretary) 01531 670425

Organist: Hilda Hawcutt

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BROWNIES: Annette Embrey

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GUIDES: Pam Park

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Parochial Church Council: Sue Tyrrell (Chair) 01531 670580 Elizabeth Hunter (Secretary) 01531 670980 Sam Rolinson (Treasurer) 01531 670264 Ray Hunter (Assistant Treasurer) 01531 670244

WI: Irene Rogers (Chair) 01531 890254 Melissa Hawker (Secretary) 01531 670420 DARBY & JOAN CLUB: Judy Deane Anne Blandford

PARISH COUNCIL Kay Harris (Chair) 01531-670778 Nigel Rolinson 01531-670783 Alice Rhodes Dermot Daly 01531-670248 Jake Herbst 01531-670315 Jackie Denman 01531-670544 Elena Rolinson 01531-670783

01531 670020 01531 670274

COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICER: Alison Dore 07970 602338 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: Josephine & Simon Felton 01531 670425

Clerk to the Parish Council: Rex Gardner 07879 430346


One thousand and one apologies, for the late arrival of this issue. I was slightly hindered by the lesson I learned…..Do not knock a glass of red wine over your laptop! I hope the flyer with some imminent events on bridged a small gap. Well, welcome to 2013 (seems a year away already). I trust that you are all well and keeping on smiling in spite of the fantastic weather we are experiencing! The snow gave a welcome break to the mud. The children enjoyed the extra day at the weekend with lots of sledging going on in the Harris household. The snowy lanes did cause a problem with the school buses which I did try and get a more definitive answer than ‘it’s up to the driver when he gets there,’ which I got from one bus company, the other did not even have the decency to answer the phone. Anyway, Herefordshire Transport Department was very helpful and allowed me to print their response, which you can read on Page 5. Spring is definitely on its way with the snowdrops, even daffodils are budding, and

the beginning of spring time charity events. With that in mind the front cover may look a bit strange but I thought you could challenge yourself to see how many composite words or sayings you can think of that has ‘spring’ in them. I have given you one and I’ll give you one more…..springboard. Now get thinking. As I mentioned before, we are looking for ways to help support the costs of printing of the Putley Press. I plan to put on two family bingo nights in the village hall, dates to be confirmed, so look out for the posters. Anyone who would like to help, please contact me on 01531-670778. I hope you enjoy this issue and as always I will be so happy to receive any contributions to its pages, be it a joke, a story, a picture or photograph, some memories anything would be fantastic. Best wishes and see you again in May – this time on time! Kay

Please note: to guard against identity fraud, this magazine will not publish individuals’ home addresses.

The Putley Press is published jointly by Putley Parish Council and Putley Parochial Church Council. It is published and delivered once every two months. We welcome all news (space permitting), and we rely on you, the readers, to provide items of local interest for your magazine. Please send the editor ( any items of interest, achievements, or news of Putley events and activities for publication issue no.56 May-July 2013 by 15th April 2013 - with prior notice in case of last minute items. (Submissions by email only, please - pieces of paper get lost!) Advertisers should please contact the advertising administrator Kay Harris (email, tel: 01531 670778) to enquire about rates or place adverts.


LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? Bored of the same New Year’s detox diets or resolutions that never make it past January? This year, make a New Year’s resolution that will last by taking part in Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal 2013 and make a difference in your local community. This February and March the charity will be holding their annual daffodil collections all over Herefordshire, encouraging local people to make a donation for a daffodil pin as a sign of their support. The funds raised are crucial to ensure our Marie Curie Nurses are able to continue their work in local communities caring for terminally ill patients and their families in their own homes. We need your help to make the 2013 Great Daffodil Appeal bigger and better! If you can spare an hour or two at a collection local to you or if you want to find out where you local collection is, please get in touch with the Herefordshire fundraising office on 0117 942 7132 or email


DEAL SIGNED TO BRING FASTER BROADBAND TO RURAL AREAS Herefordshire Council, Gloucestershire County Council and BT have signed a £56.6m deal which should enable 90 per cent of homes and businesses in the two counties to have access to fibre broadband by the end of 2016, with the ultimate aim to provide access to broadband speeds of 24 megabits per second (Mbps) or above for all who want it by 2018. The aim of the councils’ partnership is to have a majority of homes and businesses covered by this project able to enjoy speeds of 30 Mbps or more, and all areas will receive a minimum of 2Mbps. The project is a joint initiative between national government and the two authorities to address the challenge of bringing broadband to rural areas to support local businesses and enable households to access services. Homes and businesses that are harder to reach with a fixed fibre line will be connected using alternative new broadband technologies. Also, Herefordshire Council has allocated additional financial support for businesses and homes that can demonstrate a need for faster speeds. There will now be a period of planning carried out by BT, with work expected to start on the ground during the second half of next year and being completed by the end of 2016. For more information on the Borders Broadband project visit broadband.


School Buses in Putley in the Snow I attempted to gain some clarity from the two bus companies, schools and council regarding the school buses using the lanes when it is snowing. As a parish we can now salt and grit junctions manually and have contracted, for the first time, George Day, to apply salt by means of a spreader, for which we have had some very positive feed back. However the buses still didn’t use the salted lanes even though they were informed. I can understand their reluctance and the safety of the children is foremost. So the only definitive result I can give you is, if in doubt get the children to the main roads. However, I found Herefordshire Council transport department to be very helpful and have included their responses to my questions. (permission given for print) Kay Harris (Chair to Putley Parish Council) Correspondence from Dave Baldwin Transport Co-ordinator: tel 01432 260937 mob 07792 880935: dbaldwin@herefordshire Initially of course School Head Teachers’ declare on the website where schools are closed. Our communication system FOR TRANSPORT in adverse weather is as follows. All bus operators (Ace /DRM) are tasked with informing us on bad weather days of part routes or routes they are unable to perform. In reality not every operator is able to assess a route until they get to the area and then it is not always possible for the driver to communicate that decision to us. As a department we communicate what is known as follows. Information is put on the above website ‘schools alert’ page and simultaneously sent as a twitter message as soon as able. Parents are encouraged to follow us on twitter. This was happening from 07:00 this morning and will continue like this all week. I acknowledge no messages were posted on the above routes this

morning. I have asked Ace Coaches & DRM to comment. Both will contact this office tomorrow but it remains unclear if any info will be known until the drivers arrive at scene. THEREFORE FOR BOTH THESE ROUTES: IF IN DOUBT RIDERS MUST GET TO THE MAIN ROAD FOR PICK UP. (either poole end A438 OR A4172 NB THE AFTERNOON DROP IS ALWAYS TO THE SAME PLACE UNLESS CHANGES CAN BE COMMUNICATED). Please note: • Drivers make the decision on routes. • Parents have responsibility to ‘wait’ with riders ensuring they are collected • Parents/ Students are encouraged to have an emergency plan of action for if transport fails to run. • schooltransportupdates.aspx for the latest emergency information . • Follow us On twitter under www.twitter. com/hfdsschools or hfdscouncil Bus Routes and times when snow and ice prevents bus access to village. Ashperton Academy Primary School • AM Route Ledbury-Trumpet-Poole End (08:23/08:33) –Trumpet-Preston Cross roundabout turn back- NEW pick up on A4172 near lane to Lillands (08:38)_NEW pick up near Aylton turn (08.40) then Pixley Court-Trumpet – School • PM Reverse of above route. Aylton turn about 15:30 and Poole End about 15:40 John Masefield High School • The DRM bus to John Masefield is Poole End 07:55 and will be at the Aylton lane end on the A4172 about 5 minutes later as bus journeys to Preston Cross and then on A449 to Ledbury.


10.00 til 12.00

Church News & Notices

There is a very good booklet on the bookstall about prayer written by Christopher which I highly recommend to help you in this aspect of your walk of faith.

Dear Friends The turn of the year saw the deaths of two retired priests both of whom had a tremendous impact for good on the faith community of our Team Ministry and in every other place where they lived and proclaimed the Gospel.

As a church we need to come to grips with the command of love and in order to do that there are a whole host of ways you can be helped and Lent is a period set aside in the churches calendar to do just that. How then are you facing up to the prospect of Lent which comes upon us this in the middle

Canon John Atkinson was held in high regard for the way he worked in our churches across the Team with gentleness, good humour and Yorkshire common sense and wisdom, and it was always a joy to have him in the congregation encouraging both me and others with his gentle smile and strong support, it is no wonder that so many travelled to St Michael’s Ledbury for his Thanksgiving service on the 25th January.

of this month? Do you worry about what you might consider giving up in this period of abstinence or is it something that never bothers you? Lent has historically been a time for giving up things: during this forty day period as we remember the forty days that Jesus endured in the desert and where at the end of that time he was tempted by Satan.

Canon Christopher Martineau was a man apart, not just for his long life, but for his quiet strong faith; he had an aura of holiness that reminded me very much of such people as Basil Hume, just his presence in a room raised the spiritual temperature by many degrees; he was regularly in attendance at the mid week communions in St Michaels up to two months before he died and it was a great privilege to share in many conversations after communion, it was during a number of these talks that he shared his great sadness that there were so few who come to these 8.30am services.

There are those who will tell you that they give up such things as chocolate or cakes or alcohol; but does that really cut the mustard, for is that not just paying lip service to the idea of fast and abstinence. Of course there is some benefit for your health to take such measures, but it does little for your spiritual well being. When Jesus went through his time of fast there was a clear spiritual dimension to the exercise, it was a time for him to commune without distraction with his Heavenly Father. With that in mind it should encourage us to use this time in the same way [no I don’t mean you have to go off to the desert, though the idea of some sun would not go amiss] rather to take time out to pray and seek a closer communion with the Living God.

The base of Christophers strong faith was quite simply ‘Love’; God’s love for his people and for all his creation, and the love that we should return to him as the one who has both made and redeemed us; and also the love that we should show to one another in a response to Jesus’ command to live this life of love.


Instead of giving up food just for the sake of it, make a list of spiritual things that you can take on; give extra space in your diary to pray, worship and read your Bible: perhaps you might like to consider joining a Bible Study Group or come to the 8.30am communion services on Tuesday and Wednesdays or the 10.30am Communion on Fridays in St Katherine’s.

Other Diary Events 2013 1st February AYLTON QUIZ EVENING 13th February Ash Wednesday 11.00am Holy Communion at Pixley 7.00pm Holy Communion at Much Marcle 7.30pm Holy Communion at Wellington Heath BIBLE STUDY GROUP

Add to this a greater take up of the call to love that Christopher Martineau was such a great advocate for: look around you to discover the needs that are there in the community, despite the lovely area in which we live you do not have to scratch the surface that much before you find some deep seated need.

2nd March Diocesan Synod Tuesdays Meeting 8th March th LMDG th

12 ,MOTHERING 26 February 2013 10th March SUNDAY th th th 12Putley , 26 Worship March 2013 Committee 14 March

Prayer Group

Yours in Christ Jesus 9.30am Howard


Wellington Heath Tuesdays th 12 , 26 February 2013 Detailsthfrom thRev Howard Mayell 12 Tel: , STUDY 2607906841893 MarchGROUP 2013 BIBLE 9.30am Tuesdays Wellington Heath

Every Wednesday Christ Church Wellington Heath


Prayer Group

9.30am Every Wednesday Christ Church Wellington Heath

12th, 26th February 2013

Prayer Group

Details Howard Mayell 12thfrom , 26thRev March 2013

9.30am Every Wednesday Christ Church Wellington Curious Blend Heath

9.30am Wellington Heath

Tel: 07906841893


Details from Rev Howard Mayell

Coffee Morning Wellington Heath Village Hall 28th February

Tel: 07906841893 24TH March Palm Sunday 9.30am Communion Much Marcle 9.30am Communion Wellington Heath 11.00amEASTER Communion Aylton SERVICES 11.00am Communion Pixley 3.30pm Evensong Putley

10.00 til 12.00 Curious Blend Coffee Morning Wellington Heath Village Hall 28th February


24 March Palm Sunday CIDER GROUP LENT LUNCH 9.30am Communion Much Marcle 28th March Maundy Thursday

Other Diary Events 2013

9.30am Communion Wellington Heath 10.30amTuesday Chrism Eucharist 26th Aylton February 11.00am Communion at the Cathedral atCommunion the home of 11.00am Communion Pixley EASTER SERVICES 3.00am Holy Putley 3.30pm Evensong Graham andatPutley Ann Blandford 7.30pm Devotion Wellington Heath

10.00 til 12.00

1st February AYLTON Curious Blend QUIZ EVENING Coffee Morning Village Hall 13thWellington FebruaryHeath Ash Wednesday th February 28 Other Diary 2013 11.00am HolyEvents Communion at Pixley 10.00 til 12.00 1st February AYLTON 7.00pm Holy Communion QUIZ EVENING at Much Marcle 13th February 7.30pm Ash HolyWednesday Communion 11.00am Holy Communion at Wellington Heath at Pixley Other Diary Events nd 2 March Diocesan Synod2013 7.00pm Holy Communion

TH New House Farm, Putley March Palm Sunday 24 28th th March Maundy Thursday

Tel: 01531 670274 29 March GoodMuch Friday 9.30am Communion Marcle 10.30am Chrism Eucharist 10.30am Procession of Witness Ledbury 9.30am Communion Wellington Heath at the Cathedral 2.00pm Devotion Much Marcle 11.00am Communion Aylton 3.00am Holy Communion Putley 2.00pm Putley 7.30pm Devotion Devotion at Wellington 11.00am Communion Pixley Heath 3.15pm Devotion Aylton 3.30pm Evensong Putley 3.15pm Devotion Wellington Heath


29th March Good Friday 31 March Easter Sunday 2.00pm Devotion Much Marcle 10.30am Chrism Eucharist

th 28 Maundy Thursday 10.30am Procession of Witness Ledbury st March

9.30am Communion Much Marcle



C t

Services for February, March, April 3rd February 10.30 Family Service HU 10th February 9.30am Communion HM 17th February 9.30am Communion ER 24th February 3.30pm Evensong HU

EASTER SERVICES 24TH March Palm Sunday 9.30am Communion Much Marcle 9.30am Communion Wellington Heath 11.00am Communion Aylton 11.00am Communion Pixley 3.30pm Evensong Putley

3rd March 10.30 Family Service HU 10th March 9.30am Communion R.Harrison 17th March 9.30am Communion HM 24th March 3.30pm Evensong J.Rhodes 28th March MAUNDY THURSDAY 3.00pm Communion with Derby & Joan Club HM 29th March GOOD FRIDAY 2.00pm Devotion ER 31st March EASTER SUNDAY 9.30am Communion J.Stewart

28th March Maundy Thursday 10.30am Chrism Eucharist at the Cathedral 3.00am Holy Communion Putley 7.30pm Devotion at Wellington Heath

29th March Good Friday 10.30am Procession of Witness Ledbury 2.00pm Devotion Much Marcle 2.00pm Devotion Putley 3.15pm Devotion Aylton 3.15pm Devotion Wellington Heath

31st March Easter Sunday 9.30am Communion Much Marcle 9.30am Communion Putley 9.30am Communion Wellington Heath 11.00am Communion Yatton 11.00am Communion Aylton 11.00am Communion Pixley 3.30pm Communion Putley

7th April 10.30 Family Service 14th April 9.30am Communion 21st April 9.30am Communion 28th April 3.30pm Evensong

Putley Church 100 Club Recent winning numbers in the 100 Club draw were: November 42 = £100, 36 = £30 December 51 = £100, 7 = £30 January 41 = £100, 18 = £30 Congratulations to these lucky winners - will it be your turn next time? 8


Village News A Choir in Putley...

Blossomtime in Putley

The idea... • A group of friends from in and around Putley would like to start a choir. • We want to sing songs past and present, classical, contemporary, folk and jazz from all over the world • So far 11 people have expressed interest. We need at least 25 • We will meet in Putley Village Hall. • The only requirements are commitment and that you are not tone deaf. • We believe it is essential to have a choir master to manage the choir. • We aim to meet term time only. • There will be a small charge to cover cost of hall hire and choir master fees

Watch out for details of the programme for this year’s Blossomtime in Putley, which will be taking place on Sunday 5th and Sunday 6th May. Final decisions on the programme will take place after Putley Press has gone to press, but we are expecting something along the lines of previous years. The full programme will be available on by the end of March. We would welcome extra help over the weekend, so if you would like to get involved in any way then please get in touch with Jackie Denman on 01531 670544. Plenty of opportunities for Big Apple volunteers, as well as helping out local organisations who will be fundraising over the weekend.

Making it happen... • If you are interested please email or phone 01531 670 315 leaving your name and contact number. • If there is sufficient interest we will advertise for/find a choir master. • Assuming successful recruitment we will meet(including the choir master) to: • agree rehearsal days and times; • discuss repertoire and performance dates.

Putley Footpaths We are still on the lookout for a few more people who would like to get involved in keeping an eye on the fantastic network of footpaths that we have in Putley. We’re considering what could be done in the parish to raise the profile of footpaths, to make sure that they are kept in good condition and also to make sure that everyone is very clear about exactly where they can walk.

A date for your Diary

Suggestions so far include: • Getting together a few local people to undertake an initial survey of what sort of shape the paths are in, walking each footpath in the parish together, noting where there may be opportunities to improve the quality of signs, waymarking, stiles, gates and control of vegetation etc.. • Where possible, letting landowners know when a path over their land will be walked, so that they can join in if they wish

THE PUTLEY LUNCHEON will be held on SUNDAY 16th JUNE at 12.00 MD in the lovely gardens at PUTLEY COURT This event has been re-instated this year after time out in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. For further information telephone Sue Tyrrell (670 580). 10

Making simple information available to landowners about their responsibilities for stiles and gates, and ways in which Herefordshire Council/Amey may be able to help with improvements. Inviting individuals to walk one footpath on a regular basis (many people do this already) to keep an eye out for any problems Arranging a programme of walks, perhaps monthly, to give everyone an opportunity to walk together and explore their local paths Including a route for a short local walk in each issue of Putley Press – invite guest contributions of favourite walks.

• •

my Mother Taught Me by highly recommended speaker Sue Lamberton A visit to Pixley Berries – hopefully at just the right time to see how they produce their delicious blackcurrant juice! A fashion show put on by Connections of Ledbury – showcasing upcycled fashion Just in time for Christmas, a craft evening making decorations led by two of our own talented members

Once the list is complete and we have dates for all these event, they will be listed on the Putley website. Or you are welcome to call the numbers below to find out more.

We’d like to be ready to make a start on some of these things as soon as the ground dries out a bit and we welcome the spring sunshine. So if you have any more thoughts, or would like to help, then please let me know.

Our next meeting on Wednesday 13th February should be really fascinating. In June 1953 there was an Ox Roast in the centre of Ledbury to celebrate the Coronation. Norman Stanier is going to show a film of the preparations for the day, and the event itself – carnival procession and all. He will also tell us about plans to recreate this event in June this year. If you would like to know more, please do come along to the Parish Hall at 7.45pm.

Jackie Denman Putley Parish Council Footpath Officer 01531 670544 Putley Women’s Institute

Interested in Joining the WI? We always welcome new members, and you can come along as a guest for the first few sessions to see whether the WI is for you. Just ask any of our members, or contact Melissa Hawker on 01531 670420, email, or Sarah Anslow on 01531 660400, email We would love to see you.

I’m not sure how other WI’s ‘think up’ and organise their programme for the year, but here at Putley we are very democratic! Being one of the smaller WI’s – 20 members on the books at the moment – we therefore only have a small committee and it didn’t seem fair to ask them to come up with all the ideas and organize everything. So we ask the members themselves to generate ideas for speakers, activities or outings to fill our calendar. This has worked really well as it means we end up with a more varied calendar and there is bound to be something that appeals to each and every member.

Litter Picking Sunday 24th February, Village Litterpick Meet at Putley Village Hall at 11am Litterpickers and bin bags provided. All help gratefully accepted! If you can’t make that day but can help on another day, please phone Kate on 01531 670834.

2013 is no exception. The events list isn’t quite complete but on offer this year so far are: • Our own Gardener’s Question Time • A talk entitled Medical Myths 11

and lavatories; extension of the central heating and hot water systems; extra built on storage; new rear access doors and extended lobby. 2. The above grant is for between £100,000 and £500,000 and Putley would need at least £120,000 to carry out the work. The application is in three stages and the initial one will enable the funding bodies to tell us if we have a chance or not. Stage 2 releases some money to refine the bid, e.g. payment of professionals and then Stage 3 would be the full amount to complete the project. The process would take about a year. 3. Improvements to the hall will encourage new users. Internet Access. Herefordshire is undergoing improvement to rural broadband under the recently EU approved British initiative so Silver Surfers classes could be held. Business hire would be encouraged. Sport and Fitness. A Herefordshire council initiative to increase sport in village halls could mean more classes such as zumba and pilates (belly-dancing is still going strong!) and the badminton expanded. Mother and Toddler Group. An enquiry has been made about using the hall once a week for such a group which really emphasises the need for improved facilities. Other Users. Hall bookings have increased greatly since the initial heating and insulation was done and groups as diverse as the Soil Association, Pony Club, W.I., PPC, Biodiversity Group, Youth Group, Belly dancing, Big Apple and Post Office have all used the hall this year. In addition we have had christening, wedding, birthday and Christmas parties and our own fund-raising events such as the Wye Theatre, and Huntley Film Archive. Revamped facilities will give us a hall for even more exciting events.

PUTLEY PARISH HALL Dates for your Diary Friday 22nd February 2013 7.00 p.m. “Farming Life on Film” presented by Huntley Film Archives WW2 fundamentally changed British farming, the drive for maximisation of output developed the non-organic, intensive techniques we are only just shaking off now. From the world of horse motive power to early tractors life on the land has changed over the 20th Century. Tickets: £10 Adults, £6.00 children under 16, to include refreshments. Drinks available - Raffle This event is being organised to fund-raise for the Phase 2 hall refurbishment. We hope you will support and enjoy it. Tickets and enquiries: Josephine Felton 01531 670425, Pam Trehearne 01531 670316 Jake Herbst 01531 670315 Reaching Communities Grant Meeting 29th November 2012 The Committee would like to thank everyone who came, sent apologies, or represented other organisations at the wellattended meeting held in November to rally support for our next grant application. 1. Jake Herbst (PPHMC) outlined work carried out so far to improve the main hall and kitchen. It was explained that the Phase 2 application would be slightly different from the very original plans, partly because some needs have changed, e.g. the Post Office room doubles up as a small meeting room. Improvements are urgently needed to the roof, bar

To assist with this task Mary Fielding from Little Marcle has agreed to join the existing small sub-Committee and the three of us will do our best to convince the funding bodies of Putley’s needs. 12


Community Policing Updates uk/register-to-receive-watch-messages.html

Recently Inspector Bob Barnett gave an excellent presentation on local policing and promised to send links to some websites dealing with various aspects of crime prevention.

Inspector Barnett also talked about the drive to recruit Special Constables in local areas. If someone in your area is willing to put themselves forward as a Special Constable to work within your Parish, West Mercia will cover the cost of ongoing training, supervision, uniform etc. More information can be found at -

Specific oil theft - crime prevention information - http://www.westmercia.police. uk/advice-centre/home-and-garden-security/ heating-and-diesel-oil-theft.html West Mercia’s general advice centre - that covers a huge array of different subjects and how to make your home safer etc - http://www.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact HALC or your local policing team HALC Office: 01432 353492

The dot mailer email communication system - where you can register to receive alerts on various aspects of crime and policing in your area - http://www.westmercia.police.

Democracy First: 01432 355701 Email:

Putley Housing needs Survey Result 2012 Conclusions

(Note from the Editor: This is a cut and paste of the actual document. The full document can be read on

In July 2012, Herefordshire Council’s Homes and Community Services Division commissioned a housing needs survey for the parish of Putley. The survey is designed to assess the need for affordable housing over the next three years, as a statutory duty to assess housing needs under the Housing Act 1985 and forms part of the rolling programme of surveys across the county.


Planning Applications are now dealt with on-line. If you are interested, the web-site is at planning/searchplanningapplications.aspx and gives you search options to look for new/old/ existing applications by postcode, reference no. etc. etc.

The next meetings to be scheduled are: Wednesday 7th February 2013 Wednesday 6th March Wednesday 3rd April

Sometime in March/April there will be the Annual Open Parish meeting to which all are invited. I was very disappointed to see such a poor turnout last year, especially as your Councillors had taken the time and trouble to write their annual reports on their activities during the last 12 months. Please come along this year. We may have a speaker again, as well as the Council reports and an open session for you to raise any matters. The date will be advertised nearer the time on the notice boards and web-site.

As usual, meetings are expected to take place in the Village Hall meeting room starting at 19:30 and will include time for Parishioners to raise any matters for discussion. Remember that any matters you want to raise with your Parish Council could also be sent to me by e-mail at or by letter. NOT by ‘phone, please, as those messages can get distorted in the retelling (Chinese whispers!!) November 2012 to January 2013 update: As usual, there was no meeting in January.

Questionnaires were mailed out to all households in the parish of Putley, a total of 105, who were requested to return them if they foresaw a need for affordable housing in the next three years.

I would like to convey my thanks on behalf of the Parish to Graham Blandford for organising the gritting of the bus route through Putley, although perhaps the children going to school on the bus might disagree!

The survey found 3 households from the parish that would need affordable accommodation in the next 3 years – the need is for 2 × one-bed and 1 × three-bed dwellings.

Mike Pudge in Woolhope also brought the Woolhope small spreader over the Cockshoot to Putley Common gritting as he went.

Census figures show that in 2001 less than 4 household spaces1 were vacant and none were either being used as second homes or holiday accommodation in the parish of Putley. Recent Council Tax records show that there are currently no long or short term empty properties.

Future meetings: Parish Council meetings are not fixed in stone, so if you want to attend a meeting always check on the notice boards outside the Parish Hall and at Putley Common where the next agenda will confirm the date and location of the next meeting and the topics being covered.

Introduction •

Putley Parish Council

Clerk’s view November 2012 to January 2013

2 of the 3 households found to have an affordable need within the parish provided a choice of alternative areas within Herefordshire that they would also be prepared to move to.

Putley operates a “self-help” scheme as many of you will know, and Graham currently leads the managing of that. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with gritting using the supplies held in the Parish. Contact any Councillor or Graham if you can help in bad weather. At the November meeting, Putley Parish Council adopted the new Code of Conduct issued by Herefordshire Council. If you are really short of things to do, I can send you a copy (when I get around to doing “stuff ” on the Putley web-site, I might even load it up there for everyone to read). Just let me know.


Parish Finances: As at 7th December 2012, the Parish current account held a balance of £3,892.43. The current budget tracker for Putley Parish Council at 20th January 2013, including unreconciled items, is: INCOME Item Lengthsman grant scheme Precept Festival Housing (Play Area grass cutting contribution) Putley Press (advertising - 50% to PCC, 50% to Putley Press) Putley Parochial Church Council (50% Putley Press costs) Miscellaneous Input required from reserve fund

Budget 1,125.00 4,500.00 502.00 75.00 465.00  

Income TOTAL (-ve = under-receipted)


Carried over from last year (and also included in correct year) VAT EXPENDITURE Item Clerk expenses Clerk salary Data Protection External audit Internal Audit Subscriptions Insurance Play Area grass cutting Lengthsman Loan - PWLB Parish Cluster Group membership Play Area Insurance share Miscellaneous HMRC - PAYE for Clerk @ 20% Training Putley Press Putley Parish Hall hire Election costs

Balanced TOTAL (-ve = over budget) Carried over from last year (and also included in correct year) VAT



281.25 -

Budget 200.00 1,388.00 35.00 350.00 70.00 140.00 390.00 400.00 1,125.00 1,316.00 50.00 347.00 250.00 930.00 120.00 1,000.00

Expenditure TOTAL (-ve = over-spent)

2012/2013 Actual Variance 843.75 -281.25 4,500.00 502.00 -75.00 410.50 -54.50 -

8,111.00 -1,444.00      

2012/2013 Actual Variance 88.61 111.39 1,156.80 231.20 35.00 120.00 230.00 60.00 10.00 172.07 -32.07 225.00 165.00 384.00 16.00 214.50 910.50 1,316.02 -0.02 50.00 5.30 -5.30 260.20 86.80 250.00 587.00 343.00 100.00 20.00 1,000.00 4,724.50 1,531.75 844.28 169.40


Report from County Councillor Patricia Morgan Putley – January 2013

Council Budget 2013/14 Work is ongoing to agree the 2013/14 budget for the Council. Finances are extremely tight. Funding from central government continues, as it has done over the past years, to reduce as various grants are cut or have just been removed. The Council has made substantial savings over the past years but it is getting more and more difficult to find better ways of working and savings without cutting or reducing front line services. Along with other Councils the pressures in adult social care continues to increase. Adult social care spend in Herefordshire is about one third of the total budget so pressures here have a huge impact on the rest of the budget. That said most people would agree that this is exactly where money should be spent. There are going to be some very difficult choices both this year and in following years.

The latest proposal is that the Frome ward will be in effect split in two. Bishops Frome and surrounding areas will join up with Cradley and surrounding areas and be called the Frome ward and the rest of the ward will become the Ashperton ward with some additional parishes added.

Highways The weather has been very hard on the roads over the past years and I am very aware that some roads particularly the minor ones are in dire need of proper resurfacing. I know the pot holes and drainage issues do seem never ending but please keep reporting them either to the parish clerk or

Wishing you all the best for 2013 kind regards Patricia

As you will understand while I support the principle above I am not particularly pleased at this substantial change and am concerned how Bishop’s Frome and Cradley fit together. It is unlikely that these proposals will change now but I have suggested that the names are changed so that they are more relevant to each ward. My suggestion is that the Frome ward is called Bishop’s Frome and Cradley and that the Ashperton ward is called Burley Gate, Newtown and Trumpet reflecting the major junctions within this large area.

Ward Boundaries The Local Government Boundary Commission has been looking at the ward boundaries within Herefordshire with the objective of making all the wards more equal in size, and reducing the number of Councillors and where practicable making all wards single member wards. It is important that wards are reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain appropriate and relevant. Any changes would be effective at the next election in 2015.

Rex Gardner mob: 07879 430 346 e-mail:



Parish Council and Community Website

Record Office opening hours There is a forthcoming reduction of Herefordshire Record Office’s opening hours from 1 April 2013. This is to allow staff to prepare 17,500 boxes, 10,000 volumes and 3,000 maps for their relocation to new premises in 2014.

For your information there has just been a relaunch of the “Parish Councils and the Community” website which provides a wealth of information to the public on a whole raft of topics. The website contains a number of frequently asked questions, if you click on each question the answer is provided in a drop down form.

The public searchroom will be open for 1 week per month (Monday to Saturday 9:15 – 4:45 each day) – details will be available on our website . At all times, enquiries via telephone, letter or email will continue to be answered.

You can find the website at: government-citizens-and-rights/democracy/ council-parish-town-council-andcouncillors/

Throughout this preparation period we will continue to receive deposits from parish councils, but would ask that you notify us in advance, and refer you also to the leaflet “Keeping the records of parish councils” which can be found on our website.

If you have any questions on this or any suggestions how we might further improve it, please do let me know. With Kind Regards Anthony Bush PARISH LIAISON AND RURAL SERVICES OFFICER Sustainable Communities Team


If you have any queries, please contact staff at the record office on 01432 260750. Yours faithfully, ELIZABETH SEMPER O’KEEFE COLLECTIONS AND ARCHIVES MANAGER


Flicks at Lady Emily Hall, Tarrington, Spring 2013

The Wye Theatre Company presents a

March 16th – A Royal Affair (15) (Borderlines Festival)

January 19th – A Private Function (15)

Walkies with your best friend! Wags and Wellies is a 5km sponsored dog walk in aid of St Michael’s Hospice. Starting and finishing at Wyevale Garden Centre, Hereford, you are invited to walk around the parish of Breinton; a midpoint refreshment stop is offered at Breinton Village Hall. When you have completed the walk you will receive a doggy treat and a St Michael’s Hospice dog tag.

AT PUTLEY PARISH HALL SATURDAY 16th MARCH at 7.30pm TICKETS £10, including nibbles. Drinks available - Raffle Tickets from Josephine Felton 670425 or Mary Fielding 670389 or online at

Plenty of entertainment is planned at Wyevale making this a fun day for all the family (with two legs or four!). Entry prices do apply, please check the website for full details: Wags and Wellies takes place on Sunday 17th March with registration from 10am, the walk starts at 11am. For further information contact the Events Team on 01432 851000

Proceeds in aid of Putley Parish Hall

1947 in a small town in England. The war has been won two years ago, but there’s still rationing of meat. When Princess Elizabeth is going to marry, a group of businessmen wants to impress (or probably bribe) the local government by giving a big party. They want to slaughter an illegally raised pig for this event. Unfortunately someone steals the pig.

A young queen, who is married to an insane king, falls secretly in love with her physician and together they start a revolution that changes a nation forever. Dialogue is in English and Danish, with sub-titles. April 13th – Skyfall (12a)

Written by Alan Bennett, starring Michael Palin, Maggie Smith and Denholm Elliott.

James Bond is back ! Starring Daniel Craig, this is the 23rd adventure and 007’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. AS MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

February 16th – West Side Story (PG ) 1961 musical about two youngsters, from rival New York gangs, who fall in love. A classic film, taking Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet theme and setting it in 1950’s New York.

The supporting cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Judie Dench

It won 10 Oscars when first released and stars Natalie Wood, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno and Richard Beymer.

May 18th – Quartet (12a) Cissy, Wilf, and Reg are all retired members of an operatic quartet, living in Beecham House, a retirement home for gifted musicians, who put on a concert on Giuseppe Verdi’s birthday every year. However, the arrival of the fourth member of the quartet, and Reg’s ex-wife, Jean, results in old rivalries and theatrical temperaments and it becomes unclear if the show will or will not go on.

The very memorable music was written by Leonard Bernstein. March 9th – Anna Karenina (12a) (Borderlines Festival)

And finally from the Parish Clerk…

Set in late-19th-century Russia high-society, the aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a lifechanging affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.

In church I heard a lady in the pew next to me saying a prayer. It was so sweet and sincere that I just had to share with you:-

Based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, the screenplay was written by Tom Stoppard.

“Dear Lord, This has been a tough two or three years. You have taken my favourite actor Patrick Swayze, my favourite musician Michael Jackson, my favourite Blues Singer Amy Winehouse, my favourite actress Elizabeth Taylor, and now my favourite singer Whitney Houston. I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, John Bercow, & David Cameron.”

Starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law, this production switches fluidly between a stage setting to the real world, and back again with sometimes disconcerting rapidity !

Directed by Dustin Hoffman, the film stars Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon.

Films will start at 7:30pm and will include a half-time interval for refreshments, including wine, and an opportunity to chat ! If you need any help getting to the films, or could offer help to set up, serve teas etc, please give me a call on 01432 890720 or e-mail . John Tallis



LAST POSTBOX COLLECTION TIMES (Mon-Sat only) Putley Green 3.15pm (Sats, 10am); Putley Common 10am (Sats 7.15am); Putley Court 9am (Sats 8am); Pool End 9.15am Mon-Sat. POST OFFICE service is available at the Village Hall from 1pm to 3pm on Mondays

BUS TIMETABLES Between PUTLEY and LEDBURY Schooldays only, dep. Putley 8.02am. arr. Ledbury Market Ho 8.25am also Tuesdays & Saturdays only: dep. Putley V’ge Hall 9.58am., Putley Common 10.01am. arr.Ledbury Market Ho 10.15am dep. Ledbury Memorial 12.45pm. arr. Putley Common 12.59pm, Village Hall 1.02pm Between PUTLEY and HEREFORD, Wednesdays only dep. Putley Village Hall 10am., Putley Common 10.08am. arr. Hereford Shire Hall 10.45am dep. Hereford Shire Hall 1.20pm., arr. Putley Common 1.57pm, Putley Village Hall 2.05pm Buses from POOL END to HEREFORD and LEDBURY Minor changes to Mondays to Fridays daytime service. Winter timetable introduced on Sunday service and will operate between Hereford and Ledbury only.

For all your printing requirements,

depart to Ledbury Mon-Sat am. (7.53 school hols only), 8.58, (9.23 Sat only), 9.43, 10.43,

big and small...

11.43 pm. 12.43, 1.43, 2.43, (3.43-3.53 school days), 4.43, 5.43, 6.13, 7.43, 9.43, (11.43 Fri & Sat only) Sun am. 10.21, 11.21, pm. 12.21, 1.21, 2.21, 3.21, 4.21, 5.21, 6.21

• business stationery

return from Ledbury (Memorial) Mon-Sat am. (8.25 not Sat), 9.40, 10.10, 11.10, pm.

• brochures

12.10, 1.10, 2.10, 3.10, 5.10, (5.40 Sat only), 6.40, 8.10, (10.40 Fri & Sat only)

• self publish books

Sun am. 9.15, 10.20, 11.20, pm. 12.20, 1.20, 2.20, 3.20, 4.20, 5.20 depart to Hereford Mon-Sat am. (7.00 not Sat), 8.05, (8.35 Sat only), 9.50, 10.20, 11.20,

• banners and canvasses

pm. 12.20, 1.20, 2.20, 3.20, 5.20, (5.52 Sat only), 6.50, 8.20, (10.50 Fri & Sat only) Sun am. 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, pm. 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 4.30, 5.30 return from Hereford (Shire Hall, stand 3) Mon-Sat am. 8.32, (9.02 Sat only), 9.22,

contact David Pealing 01531 670943

w w w. s e ve r n p r i n t . c o. u k

10.22, 11.22, pm. 12.22, 1.22, 2.22, 3.22, 4.22, 5.22, 5.52, 7.22, 9.22, (11.22 Fri & Sat only) Sun am. 10.02, 11.02, pm. 12.02, 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02, 5.02, 6.02 For further information on public transport in Herefordshire: trains from Ledbury station: -



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February to April 2013

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