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the Putley Press Aug - Sept 2012 Issue No. 53

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Editors Voice Well we have passed the summer solstice without much sunshine to date and all the celebrations that we were looking forward to in the last issue have come and gone with the exception of the Olympics. Where does time go?

this could be the final issue. My last request is for you to let me know by the 15th August 2012 what your thoughts on the Putley Press are. To help you I have come up with a few questions that may help shape your opinion:

I hope you don’t mind but I have forgone the bus timetable and perpetual calendar just for this issue so that we can view as many of the photographic memories of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations as possible. If you wish to see these photographs in colour view them on the village website If you have anymore that you wish to share please email them to Robin Jones so that he can display them in our own Putley Diamond Jubilee Album. We have a few interesting articles in this issue. Jackie Denman is calling for footpath volunteers and thoughts on new bridle paths for traffic free riding, in response to the Paths for Communities National Grant Scheme. Howard tackles the issue of legalised ‘gay’ marriage and views of the Church of England. David Pealing is airing his observations on the poor weather and its effects on our honey bee population and honey production. So some great reading from the small ‘mag’!

Is the Putley Press a valuable resource to our community?

Would you like to see it continue?

How often should the Putley Press be printed, e.g. every other month, every three months, six months?

Should we sell space for all adverts and press releases even if they are a charity?

Should it just be a church newsletter?

Should it be self funding?

Should we just publish it on the website and only issue hard copies to those without access to a computer?

If we have enough people keen to keep the Putley Press going could we have more than one editor to share the responsibilities?

Well I am sure you can formulate your own opinions but please share them with me so that at our next meeting we can make some important decisions.

Finally I would like to say thank you to you all for all your kind comments and support since I have taken over as editor to the Putley Press. However, I am bidding you farewell as editor. Due to family and other commitments I feel I am unable to continue as editor without compromising the standard you expect from each issue. I was only temporary and already have completed a year! The Putely Press coordinators are meeting soon to discuss how to continue with the Putley Press in its present form. Changes will happen although we are unsure what they may be but whichever way it goes, if it is to continue, an Editor is required, otherwise

Have a great summer and look after each other. Best wishes Kay (0797 347 8086)


Congratulations Jackie

27th Annual EXHIBITION & SALE OF ART By Local Artists

Jackie Denman was deservedly honoured with an Excellence in Food and Drink Award presented by Her Majesty’s LordLieutenant of Herefordshire, The Countess of Darnley. The awards have been issued in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the recipients were presented with their accolades in front of hundreds during Hereford’s Diamond Day on July 11th at King George Vth Playing Fields. Jackie’s award acknowledges her commitment to raising the awareness of the role of apples in the UK and Herefordshire and especially around the Marcle Ridge, with the setting up of the Big Apple in 1989. She has served her community tirelessly in the past and still in the present as Parish Clerk and now Parish Councillor and Chair of Governors at John Maisefield High School. She is an active member of Putley W.I. and has been involved in the mapping of local foods project for the Committee for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). Thank you Jackie and many congratulations.

Plus Artist in Residence, Marina Strangward Hopelands, Weobley Village Hall Saturday 25 – Monday 27 August 10.00 am – 5.00 pm daily Refreshments Light Lunches Entrance £2.00 In aid of the Friends of Weobley Parish Church



You are all invited to Putley Court’s 300th Birthday Party to be held on

To Sue and Peter Tyrrell, Pam and Ken Trehearne, Josephine and Simon Felton, Rebecca and Ian Jones, Kate West, Julia Baird, Wayne Kippasto, Katia and Jake Herbst, Penny Keble-White, David Harris, Robin and Marion Jones, Rob Turner, Tim Beaumont, John and Alice Rhodes, Tim Parkman, Simon and Hannah Day, as key co-ordinators for Aylton and Putley’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Not forgetting everyone from our parishes that helped, supported, provided food and drink, drank and ate, got wet, smiled, laughed, decorated, cleared up and appeared to have a great time, A BIG THANK YOU TOO!

Saturday, 8th September, 6pm-9pm in the conservatory and our beautiful gardens (if the sun shines!) Dance to The Not So Big Band Tickets £10 to include your first drink and a light supper, Children under 12 free. Proceeds will be shared between the Air Ambulance and St Michael’s Hospice Tickets can be obtained from all residents of Putley Court or ring 01531 67033 to reserve yours.

With much appreciation Kay xxx


Our Vicar Writes... are worried about some of the opposition to this move or the tone of the debate, let me just say, whether you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or straight: your freedom to love who you choose is a fundamental right in a liberal society – and you will always have our support.”

Dear Friends International Development Secretary MP Andrew Mitchell says that only pensioners are opposed to gay marriage, and even they will change their mind once it is explained properly; he supports same-sex marriage and says that the majority of every age group except the over-65s was in favour, he also adds: “If you explain to the over-65s that it’s civil marriage – not inflicting a view on the church – there is a narrow majority in favour.”

David Cameron and a number of senior Conservative politicians, including the Home Secretary, also back same-sex marriage. The Justice Minister Nick Herbert, who is in a civil partnership, has said he has “never felt more distant” from the Church over the issue, accusing them of “intolerant” language.

In an interview with the New Statesman, he made his views very clear by stating: “. “I’m a supporter of gay marriage.If you look at the polling that’s been done, every cohort is in favour of gay marriage apart from the over-65s.”

The idea of your freedom to love who you choose is a fundamental right in a liberal society is fully covered by a Civil Partnership and there is no need for that to be taken further, indeed the question about human rights seems to come over as very one sided as the rights of many are being overlooked in the pressure from politicians for us to conform to their ideas about marriage. The Church of England has warned same-sex marriage would be one of the biggest threats to the established role of the Church of England since the reign of Henry VIII, condemning plans as “divisive”, “legally flawed” and “essentially ideological”.

His comments come as the coalition considers changing the law to allow couples of the same sex to marry in the same way as heterosexuals. There is opposition to these proposals by many Conservative MPs and by the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that same-sex marriage must “happen now” and claimed opponents will not stop the coalition changing the law, he further states:

.In the marriage service it says:

“I fought for equal marriage before I was in Government, and I’m even more committed to making it happen now – as a Liberal Democrat and as Deputy Prime Minister.”

The Bible teaches us that marriage is a gift of God in creation and a means of his grace, a holy mystery in which man and woman become one flesh. It is God’s purpose that, as husband and wife give themselves to each other in love throughout their lives, they shall be united in that love as Christ is united with his Church. Marriage is given, that husband

He also suggests that opposition to the change will not stop the eventual introduction of same-sex marriage. Mr Clegg went on to say: “And to those who


and wife may comfort and help each other, living faithfully together in need and in plenty, in sorrow and in joy. It is given, that with delight and tenderness they may know each other in love, and, through the joy of their bodily union, may strengthen the union of their hearts and lives. It is given as the foundation of family life in which children may be born and nurtured in accordance with God’s will, to his praise and glory.


Procreation, the perpetuation of the human race, is one of the prime purposes of marriage. Genesis 1:28 says, “And God blessed them; and God said to them, ‘be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it’.” Children are to be born of parents who are married to each other. The home is the basic unit of society and is ordained of God.












Putley Village Hall 7.30pm First Tuesday of every Month Teenagers particularly welcome

This is not about gay people and where they stand in the community nor about how society recognises their relationships for that issue has as I have said been dealt with in society with the advent of Civil Partnerships; rather it is about what ‘marriage ’ means, which deals with issues beyond the law of the land. Besides which many in the gay community have no problem about the issue as a Civil Partnership dots the I’s and crosses the T’s where their relationships are concerned: it is an issue of what constitutes a marriage.

PCC MEETING 8th August WORSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING 6th September LMDG MEETING 7th September Curious Blend Coffee Morning Wellington Heath Village Hall 30th August 27th September 2012 10.00 til 12.00

Everyone of course has to make up their own minds on these issues, but I believe that ‘Marriage’ is and should be between a man and a woman.

The Diocesan Conference at Harper Adams was a great time of fellowship and learning; don’t tale my word for it; ask Jackie Sampson and Anne Blandford [Newhouse Farm]

Yours in Christ Jesus Howard

Other Diary Dates 20th August Morning Prayer at Yatton 27th September Deanery Synod 13th October Harvest Thanksgiving

Prayer Group 9.30am Every Wednesday Christ Church Wellington Heath


Bishop of Hereford to visit Putley Church “On Sunday 23rd September at 3.30 p.m. the Bishop of Hereford, the Right Reverend Anthony Priddis, is coming to Putley Church to consecrate a new area of the churchyard. We are delighted that the Hereford Singers will be with us.  Please come to welcome them all.  There will be an opportunity to meet Bishop Anthony and his wife, Kathy, at tea after the service.”

Services for August - September 5th August 10.30am Family Service J.Rhodes 3.30pm Baptism of Daisy Summer HM 12th August 9.30am Communion N.Berry 18th August 2.00pm Wedding Blessing HM 19th August 9.30am Communion HM 26th August 3.30pm Evening Service HU 2nd September 10.30am Family Service J.Rhodes 9th September 9.30am Communion R.Harrison 16th September 9.30am Communion ER 23rd September 3.30pm Dedication of Graveyard Extension With Bishop Anthony & HM 30th September 3.30pm Family Service J.Rhodes I wish to express my thanks to everyone for their kind offers of help in covering my travelling after the demise of my car through an accident on the 6th July; and also for the kind offers of assistance to get me properly back on the road Howard

Howard and John enjoying Putley’s Jubilee Celebrations

Putley Church 100 Club Winners in the June draw were:First prize (£100) ticket no. 36. Second prize (£30) ticket no. 39.   Winners in the July draw were:First prize (£100) ticket no. 10. Second prize (£30) ticket no.47.   Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who are taking part in the 100 Club scheme. Commiserations to everyone who has not won yet - next time?   SUE TYRRELL Organiser

New Family Service starting in September Putley Church is introducing an innovation in September. Appreciating that young people are busy and committed to other activities on a Sunday morning, we will be organising an all-age Service on the 5th Sunday in the Parish Hall at 3.30 p.m. The first one will be on September 30th to be followed by a Bring and Share Tea and Home-made Entertainment. Please come along to enjoy the service, share the tea and join in the entertainment. All ages are welcome (for details contact John Rhodes tel. 670015).


St Michael’s Hospice needs your support this summer Venus Challenge14th September, (The women only 10k midnight walk.) Online entries for Venus Challenge are now open and for the first time girls over the age of 12 can take part too. Visit for more information.

Hospice Fete on 18th August The fete runs from 1pm ‘til 4pm and is being held in the grounds of St Michael’s Hospice. There will be vintage tractors, a bouncy castle, go-karts, Morris Men, face painting, hook-a-duck, cake stalls and lots more.

Every single penny you donate to the Hospice stays in Herefordshire directly for the benefit of local people. It doesn’t get added to a national pot which is spent around the UK; it helps the Hospice provide specialist services to patients, their families and friends at one of their greatest times of need. Thank you for your continued support.


Putley Women’s Institute and informative evening. (for more information see and

Pampered Chef Meets The WI June’s meeting was a Pampered Chef party in the parish hall. For those of you who have never been to one of these, this is a company who sell all manner of wonderful cooking equipment, baking dishes, knives, gadgets etc. In order to demonstrate these to the best advantage, the representative cooks up some dishes for the audience to eat – the result was delicious! Quite a few people were tempted to buy, and the WI will receive a gift for hosting the party which will be raffled at the next meeting.

Walking off all that food… We don’t normally meet in August, but in order to hit our target for the Big Walk, Little Splash! initiative, we are hoping to meet up for a walk and a swim at some stage over the summer – if and when it happens! September and October’s meetings are still being planned. Information will be sent out as soon as things are more definite.

More Food – For Thought As Well This Time! We had hoped that by July we would be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dragon Orchard by kind permission of Ann Stanier for our summer party. But the ground has been so very wet that instead of a marquee in the grounds, we all had to fit into Ann’s house, which as there were 24 people for a sit down three-course meal was quite a feat! Organised with military precision by Ann, Julie and Katia, everyone contributed a dish, all sourced locally, to create a delicious spread. Fran Robinson who chairs the Ledbury Food Group came to update us on the CPRE’s Making Local Food Work programme which began in 2009 to map the local food web. The WI had taken part in a workshop to explore issues around this, and many of us were keen to know their findings and to read the report which was finally published earlier this year. The statistics Fran gave us were very interesting and she explained how “buying local” supports so many more people than you might imagine, how it is in fact the lynch pin of the local economy. Questions were asked about issues such as the big supermarkets gaining a foothold in the town, whether parking charges deterred visitors and what the Food Group hoped to do in the future. It was a very enjoyable

If any of this sounds like something you would enjoy too, you are very welcome to come and join us for an evening before you decide whether to become a member. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm, usually in Putley Village Hall . Just give Melissa Hawker on 01531 670420 or Irene Rogers on 01531 890254 a call.


Test your stamina, or opt for a gentler challenge, to raise money for the British Red Cross by entering the Hope Valley run Get into training for the Hope Valley Run, in Herefordshire – a great way to keep fit and raise money for people in need. This year’s event, which takes place on Sunday, 30 September, will feature not only the established, multi-terrain 8 mile route but also a 4 mile fun run. Individuals can also choose to form a team to compete in either run.

Enter online at or contact the Hereford office for an entry form, telephone no. 01432 373020. A non-refundable deposit of £12 affiliated/£14 non-affiliated is required for the 8 mile run and £10 for the fun run. All money raised will go towards Red Cross services to help people in crisis in the local community.

The eight-mile timed race has been a regular feature of the Red Cross fundraising calendar. There are hills to test your stamina, long stretches to build up speed and some beautiful scenery to take in on the way as the route snakes through fields, woodland and along ash paths.

Jogging dates will be arranged for those who wish to test the route before the race. For details contact Ronnie Scully on: 01432 860295 or email ronnie@pagets-spring.

This year’s entrants will have the challenge of trying to beat the impressive record of 52.4 minutes set in 2011. The four mile route takes place on the back of popular demand. Like the longer route it will take in woodland trails and keep road running to a minimum. Organiser Ronnie Scully says: “This is the seventh year we have held this ever more popular event. Entries have increased year on year, and with the introduction of a team element to this year’s event we hope this trend will continue.” All entrants must be over 16. The races start from Woolhope Village Hall, at 11am and 11.15am respectively, on Sunday, 30 September, doors to the hall open at 9.30am. Bags can be left in a supervised store during the race and there will be a kitchen providing hot and cold refreshments


HM Queen Elizabeth II visiting the Herefordshire Orchard Topic Group with the Big Apple Display. July 11th 2012. Jakie Denman from Putley in the foreground.


Bees in Putley

observations in a Wet & Cold Spring & Early Summer work at lower temperatures but once the bee reached the flowers they were wet and cold too and had no nectar or pollen. So the wild bees stayed at home and fed on their own earlier stores, stopped feeding their young and stopped the queen from laying eggs. This is why we have seen so few wild or bumble bees this year. They are returning now though.

If you are a bee, Putley is a good place to be a bee! • There are orchards, lots of deciduous woods – every tree is a giant flower they produce pollen or nectar so there is an almost constant source of food for bees during the spring summer and autumn. •

The farming in Putley with old orchards and permanent pasture means there are a large number of wild insect pollinators such as bumblebees – these insects carry out a lot of pollination of Putley’s orchards in a good year. In a commercial orchard in many other parts of the UK growers must organise beekeepers to site their hives in the orchards during blossom or there is a measurable loss of pollination and fruit set. 2012 has been a very different year and has highlighted just how important bees are to one of our main industries – growing apples, pears and plums. The year began with such a warm March that bees were out collecting nectar and pollen very early. The first tree to appear with both is the pussy willow in Feb/March – planting a pussy willow near to a hive helps bees establish in the Spring as they have a ready source of food – nectar gives them just energy and pollen protein and many other nutrients. The early warmth in March and plenty of early flowers woke many bees up from winter early and they began their year. A normal year in Putley begins with willow, then plums, pears, apples, May (hawthorn) and then there is a gap until the clovers in June and bramble appears in July / August. In Putley we have woods full of chestnut trees with flowers out now which helps to bridge the gap. This year the rain and cold has stopped the bee colonies – both hives and wild – from developing. They could not feed as it was too cold to travel – the bees are dependent on a minimum air temperature to get their muscles working. Wild bees can


Honeybees were a little luckier as they may have been fed by the keepers, if so they repaid this by swarming as soon as the weather was a little warmer and then the new queens were not able to mate and resume egg laying in the original hive.

This year there will be little English honey as it was not being produced in the main times – May and July.

When the blossom appeared on dessert apple trees it was cold and wet and pollination poor. At the same time the oilseed rape was in flower – the bee’s equivalent of a Big Mac – all the nectar and pollen they can cram in and all easy to get to. The first bees to find rape will indicate to the other bees and they will advance on the field together – flying up to 3 miles back to the hive with their loads.

If an apple orchard is in flower at the same time some honey bees will work this but if the weather is poor and they get only an odd few hours of sun then when the bees are hungry and they have young in the hive that need feeding they will be drawn to the rape for easy pickings.

The hive at Dragon Orchard is surrounded by a mixed dessert orchard of many varieties of apples and other top fruit and the fruit set looks good. Many other dessert orchards are poor. The close proximity of other varieties – there are about 40 or 50 different varieties in a small area means that the bees are carrying a wide variety of pollen from one flower to the next. Orchards with pollinators that were all in blossom together appear to have fared well this year.

Honey Trivia

Most years we rely on nature for pollination in Putley – this year it was not available. This year having hives close to orchard trees appears to have helped the bees pollinate in the short time available between rain showers. Other factors will have affected the fruit set too – not just bee pollination. Some growers have said the poor conditions last year weakened apple trees and contributed to a poor apple set. What can we do to help in our gardens? Because bees are having such a bad time – can we please help them by not cutting flowers in lawns and grass if we don’t need to. Churchyards and lawns would have been cut with a scythe or sickle before lawnmowers and it would have been a much kinder place for wildlife. The figures below show just how many flowers are required by bees for pollination. Take a look at your garden – how many spoons of honey would a bee make there? A cherry grower near Hereford buys colonies of wild bees and locks them in the tunnels while cherry trees are in blossom with honeybees nearby.


How many flowers must honey bees tap to make one pound of honey? Two million.

How many flowers does a honey bee have to visit to gather a load of pollen? 1500 flowers.

How far does a hive of bees fly to bring you one pound of honey? Over 55,000 miles.

How large an area does a honey bee have to cover to collect a load of pollen? Approximately 12 square miles.

How much honey does the average worker honey bee make in her lifetime? 1/12 teaspoon.

How heavy is a load of pollen? Approximately 10 mg.

How fast does a honey bee fly? About 15 miles per hour.

How much honey would it take to fuel a bee’s flight around the world? About one ounce

How long does a worker honey bee live? Approximately 42-45 days in peak season.

FACT: Bee pollen is high in DNA & RNA

How long have bees been producing honey from flowering plants? 10-20 million years.

FACT: Honey bees make flakes of wax no larger than a pin head It takes 500,000 flakes of wax to make one pound of bees wax.

How many kilograms of honey do bees have to consume to make one kilogram of bees wax? Eighteen kilograms of honey, almost 40 lbs of honey.

How many wings does a honey bee have? Four.

Neighbourhood and Farmwatchers 27th June at 0130 hrs a farmer in the Redcastle Farm area of Bosbury/Canon Frome, disturbed a Green Landrover Discovery - Reg: N380X*S with two male occupants on board. The vehicle had a large lamp on top, and the occupants were shining the light across fields and farm buildings. Definitely one to keep an eye out for. If seen (likely to be in the early hours of the morning) please report to the Police immediately on 101 on OIS: 367-S-280612

CSO Alison Dore

Please be extra vigilant for a Green Rover 420, VRM P6-- MBY seen in suspicious circumstances in the Bodenham area on 26 June at approx 1500hrs. The vehicle had three occupants and was seen hanging around on drives and properties.

For emergencies or Crime in progress - 999

On behalf of the Ledbury Local Policing Team members LPO Lyn Dunlop CSO David Alexander CSO Heather Mika Tel: 07970 602338 To report an incident to the Police – 101

Crime stoppers - 0800 111 555

If seen, please call us immediately on 101 quoting Incident number: 152-N-270612


Report from County Councillor Patricia Morgan Putley - July 2012

What a summer? We certainly have not had the weather but we have had action. The Golden Jubilee Celebrations have been amazing. The Queen has been to Hereford. Andy Murray nearly won Wimbleton. The Olympics will start in about two weeks time. Perhaps the sun will come out in August.

Changes to the local health social care system The Health and Social Care Act 2012 will mean important changes to the health and social care system within the County. Much has been said about these changes but they are now happening with speed and as far as I can see the Herefordshire health community is viewing this positively and getting on with the changes.

Council, Clinical Commission Group, Wye Valley Trust, 2gether, Business Board, Third Sector, Healthwatch and the Police. It is early days but I am hopeful that this “working together” will deliver some good results and in particular ensure better use of the huge amount of public money that is used in this area of work. Public Health responsibilities will transfer from the NHS to the Council from 2013. HealthLinks will become HealthWatch which will be the new consumer champion for both health and social care in the county.

Amey Herefordshire Council’s current partnership with Amey delivers a wide range of services which includes highways, parks, public rights of way, building services, technical consultancy, as well as a range of ancillary services such as catering and printing.

Key points are • Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (GP’s) will take over responsibility for commissioning the majority of local health services from Herefordshire NHS (PCT) from April 2013. This will mean a change in the relationship between the Council and Herefordshire NHS. • Herefordshire Council continues to be responsible for commissioning social services many of which are provided by Wye Valley NHS Trust. It has been good to hear the latest from the Government on how older people and more vulnerable people should be supported and cared for but very disappointing that the funding has still to be sorted. The lack of adequate funding is a huge issue for the Council. • The new Health and Wellbeing Board has been operating in shadow form since April 2012. It will hold to account and influence the whole health and wellbeing system. I chair this Board and it is made up of representatives from Herefordshire

The contracts for these services were originally agreed in 2003 and are now coming to the end of their ten-year term. Herefordshire’s partnership with Amey has been in place since 2006 and this has successfully improved the standard of service and delivered savings. A major procurement exercise will now take place over the next 12 months which will result in new contracts for these services. However, until the new contracts are in place, it’s business as normal with Amey maintaining responsibility for delivering the full range of services throughout the procurement process. Have a good summer. Kind regards, PatriciaCllr Patricia Morgan, telephone 01531 640243, email uk. Little Leadon, Fromes Hill, Nr Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1HT


Putley Parish Council

Clerk’s view June and July 2012 Annual Open Parish meeting: Well, it’s been and gone on 30th May. From my point of view, the open session was disappointing in that only 3 Parishioners turned up to hear George Thompson as main speaker, Kate Wollen, and Sally Webster, all talking about matters to do with Putley Common and the potential for the Council in conjunction with the Parish taking over management of the Common, and the flora and fauna that are present and may need careful consideration. Those Parishioners present raised some interesting questions and took part fully in discussions on the topic. After the speakers had finished, and before the Councillors’ reports were read, the hall was empty. In Woolhope, we usually have 30+ parishioners attending to listen to a speaker and hear reports from the Councillors with varying responsibilities, including the Chairman, reading their reports of activities over the last 12 months. Their activities, of course, include making decisions on how to spend YOUR money, otherwise known as the precept. These sessions very often raise good (sometimes heated) debate over issues in the Parish that parishioners want dealt with. They are very useful sessions and opportunities to meet your representatives on the Parish Council, and I really would encourage you to attend next year. Enough of that for now, anyway Annual Parish Council meeting: On the same evening, the Parish Council held their Annual Council meeting to elect Chairman, vice-Chairman and all other Councillors with responsibilities for 2012/2013. Here is a summary: Role



Mrs Kay Harris


Nigel Rolinson

Parish Emergency Coordinator

Nigel Rolinson

Parish Footpaths Officer

Mrs Jackie Denman

Parish Cluster Group representative

Ms Elena Beaumont

HALC Executive representative

Mrs Kay Harris as point of contact

Parish Hall representative

Jake Herbst

Finance Monitor

Dermot Daly

Councillor vacancy: Sadly for the Council, and indeed the Parish, Graham Blandford resigned from the Council at the Annual meeting. I understand Graham has served on the Council for several years. He carries a lot of experience and knowledge of the Parish and matters relating to the Parish. He will be sorely missed and our thanks to Graham for all he has done for the Parish. On a brighter note for us, Graham has kindly agreed to continue in his role as Lengthsman Administrator until someone else can be found to take the role on, scheduling work for the Lengthsman to carry out such as clearing ditches, drains and grips etc. etc. If you are interested in joining the Council, please let Kay Harris or myself know. We can give you more information about what’s involved and how much time generally required. Alternatively, come to the next meeting. Future meetings: The next meeting is scheduled for September 11th (later than usual because I’m on holiday!). There is no meeting schedule for August. Don’t forget, if there is anything you want to bring to the Council’s attention there is a slot just for you. Rather than a 15-minute slot before the meeting starts, I have been advised by HALC that it is a better idea to have a specific agenda item, which will be item 3 on each Putley agenda, so that issues can be discussed as part of the formal meeting. There is no meeting scheduled for August. The next meeting is on September 12th at 19:30 in the Village Hall meeting room. Black refuse sacks: Hereford Council has announced that there will be no more deliveries of black refuse sacks. We will all in future be responsible for buying our own rolls of sacks. Apparently this move across the County will lead to an annual saving to Herefordshire Council of £200,000. Not inconsiderable, I suppose, but it may make life more difficult for some. I am in contact with Herefordshire Waste Management to see if their supplier has any surplus stocks, which the Parish may be able to bulk buy at low prices as the supplier has obviously now lost the contract. It will be on the agenda for discussion at the next Council meeting in September. There are, of course, many suppliers such as Supermarkets at cheap prices, but they may not be as strong and there are strict regulations on the types of sack that the Council will pick up. If you are on the Internet, then you can find more information at: environmental-protection/waste-management/blacksacks/

The story doesn’t end there, though, as all Councillors are responsible for attending meetings (including possibly outside the Parish) and agreeing how to resolve any Parish issues.


This is a “beta” site, which means it’s under development, but the information on it is accurate. Community Transport: Fownhope Parish has come up with yet another initiative. They already have their own library and refreshments at their Memorial Hall, staffed by volunteers. They also have the monthly bus service to Ross-on-Wye. Their new initiative has more of an impact on Putley in that they have applied for a grant to start a monthly bus service from Fownhope to Ledbury, picking up through Woolhope and Ledbury. Putley Parish Council has supported the application for the grant. Useful Contacts: Finally, in case you have issues that you want to chase yourselves, here is a list of useful Herefordshire Council contacts: Write to Herefordshire Council at: Brockington, 35 Hafod Road, Hereford HR1 1SH Email: Main switchboard - 01432 260000 Customer services - 01432 260500 Other contact numbers: Services

Contact number


01432 260333

Blue Badge

01432 261619

Building Control

01432 261940

Council Tax

01432 260360

Dogs Wardens

01432 261761

Environmental Health and Trading Standards

01432 261761


01432 261800

Home Point

01432 260300


01432 261600

Penalty Charge Notice

01432 260400

Pest Control

01432 261761


01432 260386

Public Transport

01432 260211

Registry Office (Births, deaths & Marriages)

01432 260565

Transport (Schools)

01432 260924

Waste Management

01432 260051

Any issues you want to raise with your Parish Council should be sent to me by e-mail at putleyclerk@ or by letter. NOT by ‘phone, please, as those messages can get distorted in the retelling (Chinese whispers!!) Now, for those older members of the Parish amongst you … Older Than Dirt Quiz: Count all the ones that you remember, not the ones you were told about. Ratings are at the bottom. • Sweet cigarettes • Coffee shops with juke boxes • Home milk delivery in glass bottles • Party lines on the telephone • (explain THAT one to the kids of today … Party? Where?) • Newsreels before the film, cartoons between the films, always 2 films shown (usually a “B” film and the main film) • TV test card patterns that came on at night after the last show and were there until TV shows started again (there were only 2 channels, if you were fortunate) • Peashooters • 78 rpm records • 45 RPM records • Hi-fi’s • Metal ice trays with levers • Blue flashbulbs • Cork popguns • Wash tub wringers If you remembered 0-3 = you’re still young. Lucky you! If you remembered 3-6 = you’re getting older. If you remembered 7-10 = don’t tell your age. If you remembered 11-14 = you’re positively ancient! I must be ‘positively ancient’, but those memories are still some of the best parts of my life. Rex Gardner mob: 07879 430 346 e-mail:



Footpaths volunteer walk leader. Fownhope and Tarrington have set up their own groups. If anyone is interested in the idea of Putley having its own group, or in becoming its leader, then please let me know and I can tell you more about it.

Three items here, all to do with opportunities to enjoy and improve the footpaths and other access in our Parish. Keeping an eye on our footpaths We are lucky enough to have thirteen different Rights of Way in Putley, giving access through the fields, orchards and woodland that make up our surroundings. Responsibility for managing and maintaining this network is set out in law, with different aspects falling to landowners and the Highway Authority (in Herefordshire, Amey hold a contract to act on behalf of Herefordshire Council). This is quite complicated and advice is often required. Parish Councils have been asked to play a part in monitoring the condition of the Rights of Way and carrying out minor management tasks. Successful management also depends on responsible users.

Finally! Paths for Communities A new national grant scheme, has been launched to make improvements to Rights of Way that will encourage use by a range of different users. Horseriders have been identified as one of the user groups that might benefit. As we have so many riders in Putley, and so few opportunities for traffic free riding, this might be an opportunity to think about whether there are any possible routes that could be upgraded for access on horseback. This would require a willing landowner or landowners, who would be prepared to contemplate giving permissive access or having a footpath across their land upgraded to a bridleway. The fund will remain open until March 2014, but realistically thinking needs to start now to get an application in by the end of 2012. Again, if anyone is interested, then please get in touch for further details of the scheme.

In the past, Putley Parish Council carried out a comprehensive survey of all our footpaths and a number of improvements were made. Over time, there has been some deterioration in the condition of some boundary crossings, especially stiles, and signing. We’d like to recruit a team of people who can keep an eye on a particular stretch of footpath so that, in partnership with landowners and Amey, we can make gradual improvements. We know that many paths are walked on a regular basis by parishioners, so this shouldn’t be particularly demanding. If you think you can help, then please get in touch with Jackie Denman (01531 670544). (At the suggestion of one of our landowners, we made a rule last time to avoid a situation where landowners were monitoring their own footpaths and I’d like to stick to this please.)

Jackie Denman, Parish Footpath Officer (tel. 01531 670544)

Walking for Health We’ve been invited to help increase walking opportunities for health and well-being by encouraging gentle walks, run by local people for local people. Training and insurance are available for us to have our own local



Hereford Cathedral A taste of whats on in August. For further information on these and events until October visit

Oscar Romero). £5 per session / £18 series. Cathedral Barn 10.30 am - noon. 01432 374225 to book.

AUGUST Until the end of August Hereford’s copy of the 1217 Magna Carta will be on display in the Mappa Mundi & Chained Library Exhibition. Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm (last admission 4.30 pm). Cafe and shop also open for visitors.

Thursday 9 August The first of four Family Fun Days, held on successive Thursdays in August, which will include drop-in activities for all the family. 10 am – 3.30 pm

Tuesday 7 August Lunchtime recitals start following the break for the Three Choirs Festival until the end of September (other than 11 September due to the evening Gala recital). 1.15-2 pm

Sunday 12 August The Evening Hour; a service of prayer for healing and wholeness with words and music from Iona and Taizé and time for quiet reflection; all are welcome. The service is held on the second Sunday of each month. 5.30 pm

Tuesday 7 August The first of a four week course looking at four modern martys (Maximilian Kolbe, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King and

Fridays in August Jubilee jazz in the Chapter House Garden with the opportunity to buy lunch from the Cloister Cafe. 1.15-2 pm


For all your printing requirements, big and small... • business stationery • brochures • self publish books • banners and canvasses contact David Pealing 01531 670943

w w w.sever npr

Moth and Bat Survey at Putley Common

two nationally rare moths recorded! The focus this time was mainly on moths but a few pipistrelle bats were detected flying over the Common.

The weather changed just in time for us to have a very successful few hours surveying moths on the Common the evening of Friday 20th July. The rain held off and a group of 10 of us were able to run a dozen or so moth ‘traps’ on various parts of the Common, including both the wooded sections and the more open flora-rich areas. We used a combination of battery, generator and mains electricity to run the lamps used to attract the moths. The most exciting part though was seeing and identifying some of the stunning moths – some large, some tiny - that landed on a white sheet placed under a tripodmounted lamp.

A very big thank you to Fiona, Graham, Brian and Linzi for providing us with mains electricity. Special thanks to Fiona for the endless rounds of tea, coffee and hospitality. Thanks also to the expert group of moth enthusiasts who gave us the benefit of their know-how. The next Moth and Bat Survey on Putley Common will take place at 8.30 pm on Friday 10th August. Please bring a torch and join us there.

The overall results are being collated by Robin Hemming who heads up the Herefordshire Butterfly Conservation group and Putley Wildlife Action and Advisory Group but the stars of the evening were two nationally scarce moths: Ruddy Carpet and White-line Snout. Not a bad result given the survey took place over 2-3 hours (rather than a whole night) and certainly an indication of just how rich and unique the habitat is.

Sally Webster


Putley’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations June 3rd & 4th 2012


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