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the Putley Press April - May 2012 Issue No. 51

VILLAGE CONTACTS CHURCH Team Vicar: Rev. Howard Mayell

07906 841893

Churchwardens: Wayne Kippasto

07527 776808

VILLAGE HALL MANAGEMENT: Nigel Sweet (Chair) 01531 670610 Josephine Felton (Secretary) 01531 670425

Organist: Hilda Hawcutt

01531 634050

BROWNIES: Annette Embrey

01531 670771

GUIDES: Pam Park

01531 636089

Parochial Church Council: Sue Tyrrell (Chair) 01531 670580 Elizabeth Hunter (Secretary) 01531 670980 Sam Rolinson (Treasurer) 01531 670264 Ray Hunter (Assistant Treasurer) 01531 670244 PARISH COUNCIL Kay Harris (Chair) Nigel Rolinson Graham Blandford Dermot Daly Jake Herbst Jackie Denman Elena Beaumont

WI: Irene Rogers (Chair) 01531 890254 Melissa Hawker (Secretary) 01531 670420 DARBY & JOAN CLUB: Judy Deane Anne Blandford

01531-670778 01531-670783 01531-670274 01531-670248 01531-670315 01531-670544 01531-670783

01531 670020 01531 670274

COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICER: Alison Dore 07970 602338 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: Josephine & Simon Felton 01531 670425

Clerk to the Parish Council: Rex Gardner 07879 430346

PUTLEY VILLAGE WEBSITE: Please note: to guard against identity fraud, this magazine will not publish individuals’ home addresses.

The Putley Press is published jointly by Putley Parish Council and Putley Parochial Church Council. It is published and delivered once every two months. We welcome all news (space permitting), and we rely on you, the readers, to provide items of local interest for your magazine. Please send the editor ( any items of interest, achievements, or news of Putley events and activities for publication issue no.52 June-July 2012 by 15th May 2012 - with prior notice in case of last minute items. (Submissions by email only, please - pieces of paper get lost!) Advertisers should please contact the advertising manager (email, tel: 01531 670537) to enquire about rates or place adverts.


Titanic Tea Party!!

Red Cross Week 6-12 May 2012


o commemorate 100 years of the sinking of the Titanic, Cara Rhodes is having a fundraising tea party at St Peter’s Church House, Hereford (opposite the Shire Hall), Saturday 14th April, 10am 1pm. There will be homemade cakes and a continuous showing of a 30 minute film The Lost Film of the Titanic, showing original 1912 footage and survivors stories (courtesy of railwayrecollections,com). All welcome!


e need your help during this year’s Red Cross Week. If you would be prepared to shake a bucket, organise a small fund-raising event or donate books for our book sale in All Saints, Hereford on 15-19 May, we would love to hear from you. Please British Red Cross on 01432 373020.

HAVE A CUP OF TEA AND CELEBRATE THE DIAMOND JUBILIEE! This summer Marie Curie Cancer Care is calling on all tea lovers again in Herefordshire to put the kettle on in support of local Marie Curie Nurses.

By getting together with friends, family or neighbours and holding a tea party of your own you can ensure this care can continue in Herefordshire.

Are you celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year with a street party, garden party or just with a group of friends? Why not join in with people across the country celebrating this milestone and raise funds at the same time for Marie Curie?

Please register today online at www. or call 08700 340 040 for your free Tea Party fundraising pack.

This year alone Marie Curie’s local nurses will look to provide free care and support to nearly 100 terminally ill patients and their families in Herefordshire – yet there are more and more who need this support.


More Dormice in Putley


ormice are supposed to be a woodland mammal but in Putley they continue to be found in unlikely places!

Cut patches of scrub in winter only as above. However this could be providing a crucial part of the dormouse territory so if the scrub is to be permanently removed it would be wise to take advice as dormice are a European Protected Species.

Some of you will remember that we put up dormouse survey tubes around the hedges of Dragon Orchard in 2010.All of the roadside hedge tubes were removed late 2010 to allow for hedge-cutting. In the autumn of 2011, I checked the remaining tubes and found 3 dormouse nests in 3 of the tubes.

Most tree felling and coppicing is covered under the Forestry Commission Licence and so the licence conditions should make reference to dormice in this area. And most importantly, keep feeding the birds appropriate food in the summer- not only will this help birds but you may be lucky enough to have a small furry visitor to your bird table as 2 of our Putley residents did in 2010!

As with so many of our local dormice sightings, this is not particularly close to a sizable wood, so it highlights the importance of our hedgerows and scrub for this endangered and protected mammal. Perhaps the dormice using the Dragon Orchard tubes are partial to a little fermented apple juice!

If anyone would like any further information about dormice or would like to see a nest or even have a survey undertaken, please do contact one of the Putley Wildlife Advisory and Action Group.

Some tips to help to prevent harm to Putleys dormice... Cut hedges only when dormice are not likely to be using them between end of November and February inclusive. Dormice hibernate on the ground so will not be harmed then. Garden hedges can be cut outside of this time if you check that no nests are evident (A small ball of woven grass type material)

A Further message from Kate Wollen: A live dormouse was found by a cat near Dragon Orchard last weekend and rescued and placed carefully in a dormouse box complete with nest as it appeared to be quite well after its ordeal. These rare and endangered small mammals really do like our tall hedges and scrub in Putley!

Children’s bird-box making event Wednesday 11th April 10.00am and 12.00. To be held at Court Farm Barn, Aylton, All materials and tools will be provided. To book a place or for further details please contact Pete Johnson on 01531670075. 4

PUTLEY PARISH HALL A.G.M. will be held on Thursday 3rd May 2012 at 7.00 p.m., followed by the monthly meeting. We need another Trustee to help accelerate improvements which still need to be made to the hall. Or if you would like to hear how your hall is run, make any suggestions or to raise any queries the current Trustees would be very happy to see you at the Meeting.

Appeal for equipment If anyone has an upright fridge freezer they don’t want we’d be most grateful. The freezer bit has packed up on the old one, which originally came free and secondhand from a student house in Swansea, so it has done its time. A large screen for showing films and slides. We are always asked if we can supply one when we book a film/slide event as the speakers find it difficult to cram one into their car.

Whalebone. This February evening was a wonderful musical evening with musicians who really knew how to play the guitar and the fiddle. No singing but lots of laughter and delicious “eats” in the interval. This event raised about £200 for hall funds.

Finally a set of step ladders would be useful. We have to fetch them from home to change a light bulb.

Old Herefordshire on Film. Another successful evening in March bringing back memories particularly to the farming families in the audience.

Josephine Felton (Secretary to PPHMC) 01531 670425

Big Apple lunches on 7th May. This is our next fund-raiser and we will be phoning round the village to ask (very nicely!) for salads as usual.

Congratulations To our WI Quiz Team, Frances, Janet, Sarah & Josephine, who won the final of the competition to become Herefordshire champions!


Putley Parish Council Clerk’s view January to March 2012 A very important date for your diaries. Wednesday 30th May 2012 is the date Putley Parish Council has set for the Annual Open Parish meeting. I’m told there is usually a very low turn out for these annual meetings, and indeed last year one wasn’t held, which was my fault when I took over as Clerk to the Council. I would encourage, implore, and even beseech you (that shows the benefit of a Grammar School education in the 1960s!) to attend this. You are paying money known as the precept, which you will see listed on your new Council Tax forms, to the Parish Council to spend for the benefit of the Parish. If you want to know what your Council is doing with that money, then please turn up to the meeting, which will be at 19:30 in Putley Village Hall. That’s WEDNESDAY 30th MAY at 19:30. You will also hear from each Councillor who holds any responsibilities on the Council about what they do and what they have done over the last 12 months, and have the opportunity to ask questions of them. Hopefully, your Frome Ward Councillor Mrs Patricia Morgan will also be there to give her side of the last 12 months, and maybe also explain what central Government are doing to give more power to Parish Councils. There may also be a non-Councillor report, too, from someone. The agenda will be created by Council Chairman Mrs Kay Harris, and posted on the notice boards in May at least a working week before the meeting (probably Friday 18th or thereabouts). So watch out for that. You will I hope have seen the warning signs of approaching an area where children may be playing that have now been installed on the 3 roads leading to the green. That’s one example of the work being done by the Council. A number of you continue to raise concerns with me about the light pollution, which is apparent from the new Alexander Park Leisure and Golf complex off the A438. This issue is still being investigated by the Planning Enforcement officer, and tests are being carried out to see if there is a breach of the planning consent. The night sky is especially being impacted for those of us who like to see the stars.

Please also remember that you are welcome to attend any scheduled Parish Council meeting, which take place usually on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 19:30 in the Village Hall meeting room. There is always a pre-meeting slot for any Parishioner to bring an issue or item of interest to the Council’s notice, but please remember that any item you bring in that slot before the meeting starts cannot be discussed by Council in the formal part of the meeting itself unless it also appears as an agenda item. It may have to be deferred to the next Council meeting to allow it to be put on the agenda. Alternatively, let me know at least a week before a meeting and I can add it to the agenda in time. It’s YOUR Parish and YOUR Council working for you. Draft meeting minutes are available on the notice board, and the approved minutes will be loaded up in the Putley website available at . Any issues you want to raise with your Council should be sent either to me by e-mail at or by letter. NOT by ‘phone, please, as those messages can get distorted in the retelling (Chinese whispers!!) Now for those of us who marvel at how young minds work … SUNDAY One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alex standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large plaque. It was covered with names and small American flags mounted on either side of it. The 6-year-old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stood beside the little boy, and said quietly, “Good morning Alex.” “Good morning Pastor,” he replied, still focused on the plaque. “Pastor, what is this?” The pastor said, “Well son, it’s a memorial to all the young men and women who died in the services.” Soberly, they just stood together, staring at the large plaque. Finally, little Alex’s voice, barely audible and trembling with fear asked: “Which service, the 8:00 or the 10:30?” Rex Gardner mob: 07879 430 346 e-mail:


Report from County Councillor Patricia Morgan Putley - March 2012

populated areas. To check if these new announcements affect you, visit: http://

Budget meeting The Council has debated the budget for 2012/13. It would be fair to say that the pressures are substantial but in line with the comprehensive spending review the funding from central government is reduced. There is £9.3m worth of savings in the new budget following on from £10m in the previous year. The administration has agreed to take the Government Grant equivalent to 2.5% increase in Council tax. There will be no Council Tax increase for the second year running.

• The complex procurement process is well on track and is moving onto detailed discussions. It is anticipated that Borders Broadband will be one of the first UK pilot projects to be contracted, with the preferred infrastructure supplier to be announced this May. It is likely that work on the ground will start in the Autumn 2012.

Broadband update The work to secure decent Broadband for the County continues. Of particular note

• Borders Broadband has submitted an “Expression of Interest” to DEFRA on behalf of communities in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire in order to access funding of £20m ear-marked for the most remote rural areas of the country to access high-speed broadband.

• Herefordshire and Gloucestershire County Councils have announced significant investment (£13.5m) in rural broadband. • To help the argument for investment, more than 10,000 businesses and households in the two counties have completed a questionnaire on broadband use and demand. Early results show a high level of dissatisfaction with current services, a strong desire to use the internet much more than currently possible and a high recognition that broadband is essential for modern living.

• Up to date information about the Borders Broadband project is available on-line. Recently added information includes:

• In addition to the Borders Broadband project which is focused on the most rural parts of the counties, BT continues to announce its own plans to boost access to high-speed broadband in the more highly

For more information visit:

- Case studies

- Update of frequently asked questions

- A guide to broadband services

- Recent press releases

Kind regards, Patricia


Our Vicar Writes... surprisingly slow to believe the truth, and also that the authorities of Israel were very anxious to disprove the fact of the resurrection in any way they could: yet the truth remains – Jesus Christ is alive and through faith in him all may live in the glory of heaven. Consider how the resurrection of Jesus is accompanied with glory and majesty. The Gospels tell us that there was a great earthquake, and that an Angel of the lord came down from heaven and rolled away the stone at the door of the tomb and sat upon it. Jesus rose with a renewed body, and yet a body that was real and material and as St John writes all his followers will have a glorious body and be like him. “Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet be made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” 1 John 3 v 2 Easter then is a time of real joy and thanksgiving; a time when we give thanks to God for his gracious and undeserved mercy that allows each one of us to face the prospect of eternity with a sure hope in our future place in the presence of Almighty God. It is one of the real joys of this year that as we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen we have a Monarch who has that sure and certain hope in the resurrected Lord Jesus that strengthens and upholds all his disciples. It can only be hoped that her example of faith and commitment will be a catalyst for renewal within her family, those in government and for the rest of the population. In the mean time I encourage you to take time out to consider your understanding of just who Jesus is and what he means to you, to those you love and indeed to all of humanity. Yours in Christ Jesus Howard

Dear Friends The first week of this month is of primary importance in the Christian calendar and to all believers as we take that most important of journeys from the triumphant entry of Jesus down the slopes of Gethsemene into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday; then onwards to the final supper with the disciples in the upper room, leading to the washing of the disciples feet, followed once more by a return to hillside of Gethsemene leading to those dark hours of agony in prayer, betrayal leading to trial mockery and then of death on a cross; moving on then out into the glorious wonder of resurrection on Easter Sunday. This is a journey we all have to take in memory of those events for you cannot fully appreciate the joy of resurrection without going through the rest of Holy Week. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the principle truths of the Christian faith, a foundation stone that is highlighted in all four Gospels. The resurrection is the seal of God’s great work of redemption, the proof that Jesus has paid the debt owed by you me and all of humanity – without his rising from the dead you or I could never be sure that our ransom had been completely paid; as it says in St Pauls first letter to Corinth “And if Christ had not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins” 1 Corinthians 15 v 17 Thankfully all Christians may say along with St Paul: “Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died – more than that, who was raised to life- is at the right hand of God, and is also interceding for us.” Romans 8 v 34 As you read the account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Gospels it comes over very clearly that the friends of Jesus were




Editors Voice Well you found me! It was not my intention to confuse anyone but this issue had a lot to get in. We seem to have an action packed few months in and around the village. Starting this week with the launch of the Trumpet Art Trail over the Easter Holidays. May starts with Big Apple, Putley Village Hall AGM, the launch of the Putley Church 100 club and ending with Putley Parish Council Open Meeting. Then we are launched into the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the first weekend of June. Putley and Aylton have a weekend of celebrations for the whole community to join in with. Start getting in the mood by using the template on the middle pages to make your own bunting to decorate your home, have fun! Kay

Putley Diamond Jubilee Legacy There have been three meetings now where members of our community have got together to organise events to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The programme can be seen on page14. However, everyone who attended were keen to have a lasting legacy to celebrate the occasion and place Putley’s mark in the community for future generations. It was brought to the attention of those attending that the Parish Hall has never had a sign to identify it, so this in mind the group have come up with the idea of an engraved large stone. On this stone will also have marks of anyone who wishes to leave an impression for the future.

A stone mason is being employed to craft the stone then hold a couple of workshops where the children of the parish can chisel their name or mark into the stone. Tim Beaumont is co-ordinating this but needs to raise funds so this worthwhile project can be realised. There will be a few fund raising activities to help with this so please dig deep and support this project in anyway you can. Contact Tim Beaumont for further details on 01531 670801




PUTLEY AND AYLTON DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS SATURDAY JUNE 3RD Come and join the party atmosphere in Aylton with their 1950’s Tea Party. Live entertainment, Tea and Cakes and more SUNDAY JUNE 4TH A family service will be held at Court Farm Barn for all From 12.00pm the Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch will be held in Putley Green. Bring and share a lunch with our neighbours. Have fun in the sun, (we hope). A bar will be available in the village hall, old fashioned games in the field and screening of the Thames Jubilee Pagent so you don’t have to miss out on the national celebrations. MONDAY JUNE 5TH The Queen will be lighting the first in a chain of beacons that will be lit over the whole country. We are hopeful that Putley will be one of the 2012 beacons to light up the sky.

For more details on these events please contact the co-ordinators below Rebecca Jones 50’s Tea Party 670250 Sue Tyrrell Jubilee Big Lunch 670580 Putley Beacon Wayne Kippasto 07527776808




An excellent Cookery Session was held in the Village Hall at the end of February. This Session again followed our ‘International’ theme and gave us a second taster of CHINESE cookery, using noodles as a base. Penny Parkman led this Session and we gave her many, many thanks for teaching the children so ably. The young people of Putley are very fortunate to have someone as skilled as Penny prepared to give her time and energy to our cookery sessions.

Here is your chance to have some fun and support your local church at the same time. Putley Church is starting a ‘100 Club’ draw. Assuming that we can sell 100 tickets at £5 a time, the first prize will be £150, with three other prizes of £60, £25, & £15 every month. To be in it and win it you need to comit to twelve months participation. The draw will take place monthly as near as possible to the first Monday of the month, starting (hopefully) in May. Look out for our ‘flier’ with more details or ring SUE TYRRELL (01531 670 5800) for a copy of the Constitution

SUE TYRRELL Organiser.

You don’t have to live within the Parish so you can invlove your friends and relations in this worthwhile draw. A second prize win would cover their costs, a first prize win would put a very big smile on their face.


Lent Charity Appeal on behalf of Local Community Larders can be exchanged for food. For example, in 2011 well over 100 boxes of food were collected from the larders by social workers and the like for delivery to families in crisis.

This year’s Lent charity appeal is for the local community larders run by the churches in Hereford Diocese. The community larders are food banks that provide bags of food to those in urgent need. The larders are based in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, and Leominster (and one might soon be started in Ledbury). Every week they supply emergency food parcels to families in serious and sudden hardship and who for whatever reason are unable to afford food. A simple example of a family in such need would be one in which both partners used to work but one of them is made unemployed. Such families are suddenly in great difficulty as they may still have all the expenses of modern living, such as a mortgage, car, and costs associated with children.

You are invited to join in this work by donating tinned food such as meat, potatoes, and rice pudding, as well as jars of coffee and packets of dried milk. Bring or send any donations to the church family service on Sunday 1 April (10:30 am). What we collect will then be delivered to the nearest community larder. For details or collection of donations contact either Wayne Kippasto (tel. 07527776808) or John Rhodes (tel. 670015).

The community larders operate through referrals from various agencies, such as local clergy. These agencies issue a voucher that



Walking for Health. The closest thing to perfect Exercise! Your local group will support you every step of the way and provide:

Did you know that walking can…. Make you feel good, give you more energy, reduce stress, and help you sleep better. Walking helps keep you heart strong, can help reduce blood pressure, and can help manage your weight, diabetes and osteoporosis . Environmental psychologists now rate the positive benefits of “ Biophilia Effect” where connecting with nature is known to lessen the stresses and strains of everyday life.

• Led health walks for absolute beginners • Trained walk leaders • Other people to walk with • A health questionnaire at the start of the walk • Safe routes

Almost everyone can walk, anywhere, any time ….and it’s free! You do not need any specialist equipment. Walking in a group is a great way to start and to stay motivated. You can start slowly and build up gently You can make friends and discover new places to walk in your own neighbourhood.

• Children/dogs need to be accompanied by responsible adult. If you would like to join a group, or attend our two hour FREE training to lead a walk in your area, we would love to hear from you. Please contact “Let’s Walk Herefordshire” co-ordinator at: or call us on 01432 261 864

Walking for Health has more than 600 health walk groups across England. Here in beautiful Herefordshire we have a timetable of short walks across the county, timetable available on our website or contact below.


ART TRAIL Finally (depending in which direction you start the trail) you will find Stuart Houghton Pottery at Little Marcle, Stuart will be opening his pottery to the public so you can see where he works, learn more about equipment and technique, see and buy the finished pots and have a go yourself !

Following the successful launch of the Trumpet Art Trail in December, we are excited to announce our next one, taking place 6th-9th April over the Easter weekend. The Art Trail is a collaborative event that takes place over a number of different venues and this year we are pleased to welcome Once Upon a Tree at Dragon Orchard to the trail.

All venues will be open 10am-4pm throughout the Art Trail. More information, including a full artist line up and trail map can be found on the website: www.

So, what will you find along the Art Trail? If you were to start at the newly opened Timber Store Gallery at Canon Frome, situated on a working farm, the gallery showcases furniture made by Guy Butcher in the adjoining workshop, along with selected beautiful, practical objects and art from both Herefordshire and throughout the U.K. Next stop is Trumpet Corner Art Studios and Tea Room, at the Trumpet Crossroads, where a selection of guest artists will be exhibiting, including Herefordshire and Wye Valley Life magazine’s Martin Griffiths showing his latest collection of paintings and photography. The Tea Room will be open throughout the Art Trail for morning coffee, light lunches and homemade cakes (we recommend the courgette cake!) Then head on to Once Upon a Tree at Putley, where there will be cider and perry tasting in the shop and also their delicious new cider and perry chocolates, alongside demonstrations and work from local artists. On the Easter Saturday there will additional fun for children, with lots of apple-related activities, and an Easter hunt around the orchard.



Ledbury Naturalists Field Club

Field Survey 2011 - Putley Common - February 2012 Introduction


The site chosen for the 2011 club survey was Putley Common. Putley is one of the first parishes in Herefordshire to have a Parish Biodiversity Action Plan written by Gabe Cook, an M.Sc. Advocacy for Sustainable Development student, in 2008. The need for such a plan was identified in Putley’s Parish Plan and following this, the Putley Wildlife and Advisory Group (PWAAG) was formed. The group recognised the need to manage the Common to benefit its flora and fauna. In particular, it wanted to know what flora and fauna were present in order to decide on the best way to manage and maintain it. To achieve this PWAAG asked Ledbury Naturalists Field Club for expert advice and help. There had been a previous survey of the Common’s flora in 1996 by Aberystwyth University and the area is listed as a “Special Wildlife Site” by Hereford Nature Trust.

With a management plan, the Common could be further improved and maintained for the future. Any work undertaken should bear in mind the rich variety of flora and fauna present and be carried out at the last damaging time, such as cutting grass or grazing after the flowers have set seed and with woodland work being done in the winter when plants are dormant and there are no nesting birds. In these times of rapidly disappearing natural habitats, the PWAAG are to be encouraged in their aim of enhancing this area by good management and maintaining it for future generations. NOTE: The whole report can be seen on www. The common’s future is also being discussed at Parish Council.

The Common covers about four hectares, and is registered as a Special Wildlife Site Results All species found were recorded. In summary the following numbers of species were noted. Flowers 116 Grasses Sedges Rushes 24 Trees 28 Fungi Mosses Ferns 44 Birds 34 Mammals and other Vertebrates 13 Insects and Invertebrates 109 21

Count yourself in with the ‘I Count’ Card the must have card for Carers in Herefordshire


erefordshire Carers Support believes that Carers should be proud of the valuable work they do and that they deserve a little extra in recognition of that role. Many other organisations agree and offer concessions for Carers. However businesses often ask to see proof in order to access their discount.

The ‘I Count’ Card is free but you need to register first as a Carer with Herefordshire Carers Support. Registration is very simple, visit the Herefordshire Carers Support website and do it on line www. or call Rachel on 01432 356068 Herefordshire Carers Support Canal Road, Hereford HR1 2EA Tel: 01432 356068 Fax: 01432 356149 Email: info@herefordshirecaressupport.

The ‘I Count’ Card, issued by Herefordshire Carers Support, provides Carers with an easy way to identify themselves as Carers. It is the same size as a credit card and fits easily into a wallet or pocket. It entitles Carers to discounts from some local suppliers such as Halo Leisure, the Yeleni Support Centre, and Kidwells Solicitors to name but a few. The ‘I Count’ Card has also been used by Carers accompanying the person they care for, to get in free to various local and national attractions such as The Courtyard, Hereford, National Trust properties and the London Eye.

Herefordshire Carers Support is a registered charity providing practical support and advice to the carer community in the county. Charity No. 1051774 - Company No. 3032478 - Supported by Herefordshire Council.


from experience we know the maintenance costs are huge. The products are therefore to be avoided at all costs. If you feel you need added security we suggest you approach a recommended alarm company.

ALARM COMPANIES We have had recent reports of Security/ Alarm companies cold calling, offering a free site survey and risk assessment of your property so you can see exactly how the system will work. This of course enables them to enter your property and put pressure on you to purchase a security system. Having spoken to Trading Standards they confirm that you should not engage with companies who cold-call to sell alarms as these are more often than not a CON. The usual presentation is that the cost is very low but

Kind Regards, CSO Alison Dore Ledbury Rural Local Policing Team West Mercia Police Mobile No: 07970 602338

LAST POSTBOX COLLECTION TIMES (Mon-Sat only) Putley Green 3.15pm (Sats, 10am); Putley Common 10am (Sats 7.15am); Putley Court 9am (Sats 8am); Pool End 9.15am Mon-Sat. POST OFFICE service is available at the Village Hall from 1pm to 3pm on Mondays BUS TIMETABLES Between PUTLEY and LEDBURY Schooldays only, dep. Putley 8.02am. arr. Ledbury Market Ho 8.25am also Tuesdays & Saturdays only: dep. Putley V’ge Hall 9.58am., Putley Common 10.01am. arr.Ledbury Market Ho 10.15am dep. Ledbury Memorial 12.45pm. arr. Putley Common 12.59pm, Village Hall 1.02pm Between PUTLEY and HEREFORD, Wednesdays only dep. Putley Village Hall 10am., Putley Common 10.08am. arr. Hereford Shire Hall 10.45am dep. Hereford Shire Hall 1.20pm., arr. Putley Common 1.57pm, Putley Village Hall 2.05pm For further information on public transport in Herefordshire: trains from Ledbury station: - public transport


Putley Perpetual Calendar 2012 Month April

Date 5th



Maunday Thursday

6th-9th Trumpet Art Trail



Good Friday


Once Upon A Tree – Children’s day


Easter Sunday


Bank Holiday Easter Monday


Bird Box Building

Pete 670075


Village Hall AGM

Josephine 670425

Hannah 670263

6th-7th Big Apple



Olympic torch through Ledbury


Parish Council Open Meeting

Kay 670778


50’s Jubilee Tea Party, Aylton

Rebecca 670250


Family Church Service, Court Farm Barn

John 670015

Putley Big Jubilee Lunch, Putley Green

Sue 670580

Jubilee Beacon

Wayne 07527776808


For all your printing requirements, big and small... • business stationery • brochures • self publish books • banners and canvasses contact David Pealing 01531 670943

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