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The Mustang Maniacs were a loud bunch while cheering for the Lady Mustangs at last week’s Area Tournament were Ty Brown, Cody Lively, Shawn Roland, Brooke Holcomb, Zayne Erickson, Mustang Susie (Taryn Wofford), Colten Browning and Colby Eaker.

Allen City Council holds monthly meeting The March meeting for the town of Allen was held on Monday, March 3. After the discussion of minutes and claims, Allen Bryant presented the town audit for fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. During that period the town received $210,670 in taxes, $121, 931 in grant revenue and other income totaled $401,157. Expenditures for that same period totaled $315,931.

The audit was approved. Cindy Davis was approved as the new member of the Allen Library Board. The bulk of the rest of the meeting dealt with the fire department. It was approved to apply for funds to purchase 5 more sets of bunker gear, new tires for the grass rig. The purchase of a new truck to use as a grass rig was discussed and the board will get with County Com-

missioner Gary Starns about department in New York was the month of February there the procedure for lease pur- approved to join the unit. were 29 citations written for chasing an item through the Police chief Cowboy Sancontinued Page 3 frameworks of the County ford, gave his report. During fire tax money. It was noted that seven new fire hydrants would soon be installed, as the preconstruction meeting will be held Friday at City Hall. A new firefighter was added to the department. Cody Stoliker, who originally was a firefighter in a volunteer

Allen Students Dominate at County Livestock Show The Allen FFA and 4-H Club made their presence felt at the Pontotoc County Spring Livestock Show by bringing home numbers titles and placing. With 28 students showing, the two groups had 12 students make the Premium Sale, and had five Breed Champions, one Reserve Grand Overall and one Grand Overall. T he students and their placings were: Britten Wallace – 2nd place Goat, and 6th place Goat Jessi Merriman – 1st place Goat, and 1 st place Cross Pig Colton Howard – 3rd place Swine Caden Howard – Reserve Breed Champ Duroc Barrow, and 4th Overall Cross Barrow K aylee Ford – 4 th place Cross Swine, and 2nd place York Swine

Allen School Bond Passes Decisively

Brittnie Johnson – 3rd place Hampshire Swine Tagus Howard – 3rd place Hampshire Swine, and 4th place Cross Swine J ensen Peay – Breed Champion Berkshire Gilt, and 4th place Hamp Emma Peay – Breed Champion Spot Gilt, and 4th place Hamp Kylie Nemecek – 3rd place Cross Swine

Meysa Dohlman – 2nd place Berk Gilt Kylie Nemecek – 3rd place Cross Gilt S am Brown – 2 nd place Goat Kathryn Brown – 4th place Goat Taylor Johnson – 3rd place Goat, 4th place Goat Taylor Tollett – 1st place Goat

Ansley Tollett – 4th place Goat James Barlow – 5th place Doe, and 8th place Goat Alyssa Maloy – 3rd place Goat L uke Maloy – 4 th place Goat Jesse Rinehart – 3rd place Doe Goat Kinlee Cundiff – Grand Champion Doe Goat M eagan Beavert – Re-

serve Grand Champion Ewe Lamb, and Breed Champion Shropshire Lamb R io Jones – 2 nd place Sheep T rent Fronterhouse – Champion Hampshire Ewe M a d i s o n D o h l m a n – Champion Natural Ewe Tyler Jarrett – 8 th place Steer Tanner Jarrett – 10th place Steer

As always, Allen voters gave a great show of support for the local school as they passed both bond proposals by a generous margin during Tuesday’s election. P roposition 1 was for $100,000 to be used for updating technology at the local school. The measure passed 177 to 9; 186 votes were casted. Proposition 2 was a bond for $150,000 to be used for the purchase and maintenance of transportation Congratulation to the Allen FFA and 4-H members who made the Premium Sale at the Spring Livestock Show. Pictured equipment. It passed 180 are (front) Kaylee Ford, Luke Maloy, Sam Brown, and Caden Howard; (middle) FFA advisor Tyler Spencer, Rio Jones, to 11, with 191 votes re- Kinlee Cundiff, Taylor Tollett, and 4-H leader April Whitehead; and (back) Tyler Jarrett, Jessi Merriman, Britten Wallace, Meagan Beavert and Jesse Rinehart. corded.

C ountry Comments


by Bill Robinson, Publisher

Dayna has been working on our taxes recently, a job she greatly enjoys. We always look forward to paying taxes because our government spends the money so wisely. We are always looking for helpful tax hints and columnist Dave Barry is one of our favorite sources. He writes . . .

Top-of-the-line tax advice from an expert

It’s time for my annual tax-advice column, which always draws an enthusiastic response from grateful readers. “Dear Dave, “ goes a typical letter. “Last year, following your advice, I was able to receive a large tax refund simply by claiming a $43,000 business deduction for ‘paste.’ I am currently chained to a wall in federal prison, but they tell me that, with good behavior, in 25 years they’ll remove the skull screws. Thanks a lot!” Yes, helping people is what this column is all about. That’s why today I’m going to start by answering a question that taxpayers are constantly asking, namely: “When writing a letter to the IRS, should I use hyphens?” Not if you can help it. I base this advice on a Washington Post news item, sent in by alert reader Bob Pack, concerning an internal memo distributed by the IRS counsel’s finance and management division. This memo, according to The Post, stated that the deputy chief counsel, Marlene Gross, “does not want to receive any memorandums, letters, etc. with hyphenated words.” This was followed by a second memo, which stated that Gross “does not want hyphenated words in letters, memos, unless it is at the end of the sentence.” The Post item does not say why the deputy chief counsel feels so strongly about hyphens. But it’s quite common for people to develop hostility toward certain punctuation marks. I myself fly into a homicidal rage when I see business names featuring apostrophes on either side of the letter “n, “ such as “The Chew ‘n’ Swallow Cafe.” Many historians believe the 1970 U.S. invasion of Cambodia was a direct result of the fact that Richard Nixon received a memo containing a semicolon. The important thing for you, the taxpayer, to remember is that if you write a letter to the IRS finance and management division, and you MUST use a hyphen, you should place it at the end of the sentence, as shown in these two example sentences provided by the American Association Of Tax Accountants Wearing Suits: WRONG: “You fat-heads will never catch me!” RIGHT: “You’ll never catch me, fat-heads!” Speaking of finance and management, I have here an Associated Press story, sent in by many alert readers, concerning a congressional audit of the IRS. The key finding, according

Kinlee Cundiff, 6th grade student at Allen Schools, won the title of Grand Champion with her boer doe at last week’s Pontotoc County Junior Livestock Show. Kinlee is the daughter of John and Lisa Cundiff; granddaughter of Kenny and Debbie Cundiff and Tim and Brenda Robertson. With three goats in the show, Kinlee earned 1st and 2nd places in Class 5, and rd 3 in Class 7. A total of 87 does were shown in all classes. With her 1st place doe, purchased from Tommy Milligan in Perry, Oklahoma, Kinlee entered the Premium Sale on Saturday evening where she earned $1500 in base money from LLL Logistics. Add-on premiums will increase her final total.

Brittnie Johnson, and her hamp pig during the Pontotoc County show.

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Country Comments THE ALLEN ADVOCATE, MARCH 6, 2014--PAGE 3

to the story, was that the IRS “cannot properly keep track of the $1.4 trillion it collects each year.” Isn’t that ironic, taxpayers? The IRS -- the very same agency that expects you to maintain detailed records of everything but your toenail clippings -- can’t keep track of $1.4 trillion! Although I’m sure there’s a good reason for this. They probably have their hands full at the IRS, what with this hyphen crisis. But enough about punctuation. Let’s answer some other common taxpayer questions, using the popular Q-and-A format. Q. Are you saying that, as a taxpayer, I don’t have to maintain detailed records of my toenail clippings? A. Not if they account for 4.7 percent or less of your Adjusted Gross Bodily Debris, which you are of course required to report quarterly on Form 2038-YUK (not available) unless you are a single taxpayer filing jointly or vice versa, whichever comes first. Q. Are we EVER going to have a federal tax system that regular people can understand? A. Our top political leaders have all voiced strong support for this idea. Q. So you’re saying it will never happen? A. Right. Q. At 9 a.m. today, I made large cash contributions to both major political parties. As of 1:30 this afternoon, the federal government had still not enacted special tax-break legislation just for me. What kind of country is this? A. Unfortunately, because of the high demand, the federal government can no longer provide “same-day service, “ but if you do not see action by noon tomorrow, you should contact your personal congressperson; or, if you are staying in the Lincoln Bedroom, simply stomp on the floor. Q. I have been trying without success since 1962 to get through on the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Hot Line. I understand that the IRS now also has a help site on the Internet. A. That is correct. Now, in addition to failing to receive help by phone, taxpayers can fail to receive additional help by trying unsuccessfully to connect with the IRS World Wide Web site at http://www. Q. When you write columns like this, don’t you worry that the IRS is going to get ticked off and audit you with an electron microscope? A. No, because the guys and gals at the IRS are a fun bunch, and they know I’m just kidding around. “Ha-ha, “ is their reaction, unless they work in the finance and management division, where their reaction, if they know what’s good for them, is “Ha ha.” —CC— This week’s weather makes it the perfect time to share the following story. How many of you own a pair of galoshes? In fact, when is the last time you heard that name? The interesting thing is that they are making a comeback. It was a miserable day, cold rain on old snow, and inside Grand Central Terminal, a young man named Justin Levy was sitting high up in an armchair, getting his shoes shined. They were good shoes. “They cost me $250,” said Mr. Levy. But they were soaked.

Mr. Levy was trying to get them “fixed.” “I ought to buy boots,” he said, “nothing too expensive.” Why not galoshes? “Gawhat?” said Mr. Levy. The galosh concept was explained. “You put them on over your shoes?” he said. “OK, maybe.” The shoeshine stand had a small pile of boxed galoshes for sale: Totes and Tingley’s at about $25. Mr. Levy paid $4 for the shine, glanced at the galoshes—and decided to go look for a taxi. The galosh lost its allure. Mothers used to yell at kids to wear them. For 40 years, kids have refused. Yet nothing yells galosh like sloppy weather, and this year’s has been so sloppy that galosh visionaries believe April showers may finally be coming their way. “People don’t wear overshoes unless they absolutely have to,” admits Bruce McCollum, president of Tingley Rubber Co. in South Plainfield, N.J. His grandfather, who sold the first stretch-rubber rubbers 80 years ago, wouldn’t have approved that remark, but he’d applaud Tingley’s latest January-to-January galosh sales: up 65%. “Overshoes are fresh in people’s minds,” says Tingley’s marketing manager, Jim Towey, who puts nonfarm galosh sales in the tens of thousands. He sees climatechange-conscious wholesalers stocking up for next year. “Weather helps,” Mr. Towey says. What hurts: sneakers, rubber soles, rubber boots, hiking boots—and dorkiness. The galosh-dork association turns trendy people who wear high-class shoes into puddle jumpers. Tom Chisena was bucking the trend, and the crowd, in Brooklyn’s slush one day, wearing sneakers under his Tingley extra-wides. “You get your feet wet, you get sick,” said Mr. Chisena, who is 67 years old and retired. His challenge is getting galoshes on over sneakers. “You bend, yank,” Mr. Chisena said. In standard practice, a sneakered foot is first placed inside a plastic bag, enabling it to slide into a galosh. Mr. Chisena rejects the technique in favor of a long-term solution: “Put your sneakers into your galoshes once, and keep them there.” That makes more sense than those clunky hiking boots he

sees all over. “Who hikes in the city?” said Mr. Chisena, hiking toward the B train. “It’s like cars. Everybody’s a Pathfinder, an Explorer. I’m walking to the subway.” While Mr. Chisena’s modern galoshes evolved in America, they’re linguistically Gallic and culturally Slavic. Russians wear felt valenki indoors. Outdoors, they cover their valenki with galoshi. “The Galosh,” by Mikhail Zoshchenko, is about a man who loses a galosh on a train. Romain Gary wrote of a boy who proves his love for a girl by eating a galosh. In 1972, the Soviet Union deployed a new antiballistic missile: the ABM-1 Galosh. Galoshes rose to stardom in the U.S. in 1936, when Fred Astaire told Ginger Rogers, “You ought to be wearing galoshes,” just before they sang “A Fine Romance.” But by the 1980s, the galosh was dying. Tingley didn’t retool when shoe styles changed, making things worse. You can’t jam square toes into pointy galoshes. With unprotected pedestrian activity rife in cities, a galosh revival is afoot. It began in the ‘90s when Woody Nash, a New York bond trader, fell down some stairs while wearing “unsightly” rubbers over wingtips. “I thought, there’s got to be a better way,” he says. He went to Scott Hardy, a Vermont friend, who sewed a nylon upper onto a thick sole and sold it as the Neos. Mr. Hardy says he solved “the problem of making overshoes look good.” So far, though, his big fashion hit is a brand extension for postal workers. Gary Friedland, a former advertising man in Brooklyn, wasn’t thinking fashion in 2007 when he went into natural rubber dog boots. You don’t buy his brand by the pair; they sell in sets of four to protect from salt. Pawz is now “the world leader in disposable dog booties,” says Mr. Friedland. He knew he had a winner when he took a prototype for a walk: “People said, ‘Hey! A dog in galoshes! Red galoshes!’” More dogs are wearing galoshes this year than women are. Women used to carry “drizzle boots” in their handbags. Now they wear boots and carry shoes in their handbags. Rebecca Miller, a Chicago galosh champion, wants women to put the shoes back on. She manufactures

the Shuella, a folding plastic “shoe umbrella.” “I am the answer for women and galoshes,” says Ms. Miller. “Galoshes were so reasonable. Why did they have to go away?” Ms. Miller wasn’t thinking fashion, either, when she designed the Shuella, but Johan Ringdal was when he came up with Swims. Mr. Ringdal is 31 and lives in Norway, where the galosh, he says, “is an old-guy accessory.” But while he was studying art in New York, it struck him that its demise would be “a terrible thing for shoemaking.” So Mr. Ringdal set out to make galoshes cool. Swims cost about $95, come in red and orange as well as black, and have a lining that shines your shoes while you walk. They’re on sale in stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Allen Edmonds, not at shoeshine stands. Mr. Ringdal says, “I want to create some fun.” Will youth go for the galosh? Based on an informal man-in-the-slush survey, the answer is: maybe, with reservations. A husband and wife walked into a Manhattan shoe store on a nasty day. They were in their 30s. He said he was a banker. She wore boots and wanted him to have boots, too. He wore a wool coat over a dark suit, and Italian loafers under a pair of Tingley’s. “They’re so ugly,” said the woman. Said the man, “You can’t go to meetings in boots.” The wife said, “Your socks get wet.” Said the husband, “Boots won’t fit in my attaché case.” Such an eloquent defender of the overshoe is rare in the slush. Yet when the young man was asked his name, he stiffened. “When I get my name in The Wall Street Journal,” he said, hurrying his wife out of the store, “it’s not going to be because I’m wearing galoshes.” —Barry Newman Wall Street Journal —CC— And since taxes are on my mind this week, I wanted to share my favorite story . . . A guy walked into the tax collector’s office with a huge bandage on his nose. “Had an accident?” asked the tax agent. “No,” answered the man. “I’ve been paying through it for so long, it gave way under the strain.” —CC—

Today In History . . .

Storm winds of tyranny blew across Texas in early 1836. In those days the region was a part of Mexico, where General Santa Anna had seized power and made himself dictator. Texans weren’t willing to submit to his rule, so Santa Anna marched north with an army. In San Antonio a small band gathered to make their stand at the Alamo, an old Spanish mission turned into a fort. They were tough characters, men who had settled a wild frontier. With them was the famous Davy Crockett from Tennessee. The Mexican army arrived and demanded the Alamo’s surrender. The Texans answered with a cannon shot. Santa Anna ordered a red flag raised, a signal meaning “We will take no prisoners.” Colonel William Travis, commander of the Alamo, dispatched messengers bearing appeals for reinforcements. “Our flag still waves proudly from the walls,” he wrote. “I shall never surrender nor retreat . . . Victory or death!” Only 32 men made their way through the enemy lines to join the Texans at the Alamo. That brought the number of defenders to about 189. The Mexican army, meanwhile, swelled to perhaps 5,000. Legend says that Travis called his men together, drew a line in the dust with his sword, and announced that those who wanted to stay and fight should step over the line. Every man but one crossed over. The attack came early the next morning, on March 6, 1836. For a while, the Texans managed to hold the Mexican army back, but soon Santa Anna’s soldiers swarmed over the walls. All of the Alamo’s defenders were killed. The Texans weren’t finished. On April 21, troops commanded by Sam Houston attacked and broke Santa Anna’s army. “Remember the Alamo!” was their battle


Threads of Life by Cleo Emerson LeVally

Saw in the newspapers that more than 600 Coon Hunters from 26 states met the 2nd week in February to compete for large prizes in this sport. Reading this story brought back lot of memories for me. When I was in High School, A. P. Boyd, a farmer brought into town a wagon load of cured hides for sale. It was out of season for hunting Racoons. These hides had been cured and dressed. He wanted to sell them. I do remember that he was asking 30 cents each

Coon Hunting

for the hides. There was a Game Warden there who also went coon hunting in season and he priced his hides at 35 cents each when he sold them. I think his name was Chilly Compton. These names may be wrong but they are as I remember them today. Well, since it was out of season, the farmer was arrested. A trial was held. Six farmers were chosen as jurors. After evidence was presented the jurors went out to deliberate and came

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F C E L E B R AT I O N : S P

back with a not guilty verdict. Chilly Compton owned a hardware store in town and he received a lot of criticism for the arrest he had made and people began to quit trading at his store. He eventually sold out and left town. I also remember that sometimes high school boys would come to school with skunk smell on them. This

was a result of these coon hunts that found something other than coons to track down. I had another experience with coon hunting when I was a photographer. I was called out one night to photograph some coon hunters who were getting ready to go out on a hunt. Two of the men had donkeys that they took on these hunts and

they wanted some pictures of them running with the dogs who were used for the hunt. These donkeys never stopped for a fence after the hunt got underway and the owners waned some pictures of their donkeys jumping the fence after the dogs. It was fun and a new experience for me. It was almost as good as being called out by the local sheriff when he went out to break up a still. Those trips make another good story.

Service Friday for Wakeitha Williams G raveside services for Wakeitha Mae “Keitha� Williams, 56, of Allen are 2:00 p.m. Friday, March 7th, at the Coleman Cemetery, Rev. Steve Wilburn will officiate. Family and friends may call at the Allen Chapel from 3:00 p.m. Thursday until service time. M s . Wi l l i a m s d i e d Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at an Ada hospital. She was born October 24, 1957 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Gene E. and Leota P. Kirkwood Williams. She attended school in Oklahoma City and Allen. Ms. Williams was of the Pentecostal faith. S urvivors include her parents, Gene and Leota Williams of Allen; her children, Michelle Rowsey and husband Steve of Allen, Melvin Leroy Thomas and wife Charlene of Ada, and Cher Coker and Steven Coker, both of Prague; three brothers, Thomas Williams, Tim Williams and



Paul Williams, all of Allen; three sisters, Jean Tiger, Allen, Loeta Stick, Ada, and LaJuana Ledbetter of Ada; and 11 grandchildren. Bearers will be her three brothers, Thomas Williams,

Tim Williams and Paul Williams along with Jacob Williams, Jonathan Alexander and Steve Rowsey. Arrangements are under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home, Ada.

Ruth Gardner Passes Away Ruth Gardner Reppond passed away on March 3, 2014 in Farmerville, Louisiana. Born December 16, 1922 in Allen, she was the daughter of W.W. and Elsie (Kimp) Gardner. She graduated from Allen High School in 1941. Survivors include her sister, JoeAnn Hogue of Allen, and several nieces and nephews.

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Week of March 10th Monday Sloppy Joes on Bun, Oven Sweet Potato Fries, Baked Beans, Mayo/Salad Dressing, Pineapple Chunks/Mandarin Oranges, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Tuesday Loaded Baked Potatoes with Ham, Broccoli & Cheese Soup, Okra & Tomatoes, Oyster Crackers, Salsa, Margarine/Butter, Applesauce, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Wednesday Pot Roast with Vegetables, Tossed Salad, Whole Wheat Roll, Salad Dressing, Margarine/Butter, Coconut Cream Pie, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Thursday Crusted Oven Fried Chicken, Ratatouille, Au Gratin Potatoes, Dinner Roll, Margarine/Butter, Angel Food Cake with Whipped Topping, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Friday Navy Beans with Ham, Tomatoes/Zucchini, Oven Fried Okra, Cornbread, Margarine/Butter, German Chocolate Cake, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea

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WHERE CHICKASAW CULTURE COMES FULL CIRCLE. Celebrate Spring with two weeks of discovery, games and fun! Planting the Three Sisters signals the new season: a garden of corn, beans and squash together. Enjoy this world-class attraction, outside and in! Ä Ä€Ĺ? Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ? ÄĄÄƒÄ†Ĺ? Ĺ? Ĺ?Ä‘Ĺ?Ä†Ä‰Ä€ÄĄÄ‡Ä‚Ä‚ÄĄÄˆ Ä ÄƒÄ€

UNI_13-CNC-80_SpringCelebration.indd 4

2/27/14 10:22 AM

cry—a cry that still reminds Americans of unyielding courage and sacrifice for freedom. Other Highlights In History This Week . . . 1836 – A Mexican army overwhelms the defenders of the Alamo. 1857 – The Supreme Court rules in its infamous Dred Scott decision that blacks are not citizens and that Congress cannot prohibit slavery in U.S. territories. 1896 – Charles King tests his “horseless carriage� in Detroit, becoming the first person to drive a car in Motor City. 1930 – Clarence Birdseye begins to sell prepackaged frozen food in Springfield, Massachusetts. 1951 – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg go on trial for spying for the Soviet Union during World War II. Thought For The Week . . . The God of surprises strikes again . . . God does that for the faithful. Just when the womb gets too old for babies, Sarai gets pregnant. Just when the failure is too great for grace, David is pardoned . . . The Lesson? Three words. Don’t give up . . . Is the road long? Don’t stop. Is the night black? Don’t quit. God is watching. For all you know right at this moment . . . the check may be in the mail. The apology may be in the making. The job contract may be on the desk. Don’t quit. For if you do, you may miss the answer to your prayers. Max Lucado


One Pharmacist’s View I was asked the other day why I hadn’t written any more about the persecuted chickens of Key West. Well, as you may know they are not that bad off. My attention came to these birds several years ago while I was visiting this tourist mecca and my family was eating at one of the famous sidewalk cafes on Duval Street. The waiter was all dressed up and the table had a white cloth but that didn’t stop what they call a gypsy rooster from hopping up on our table to see what we were having to eat. Our waiter wasted no time scolding and shooing the freeloading guest away. The man let me know the chickens are “protected” and they can do nothing about them. Later at my hotel I pushed the up button on my poolside elevator and when the doors opened a hen walked in with me. When the doors opened she

Chickens in Key West & Edmond

walked out, seemingly sure of herself and where she was going. I was amazed. She went one direction and I went the other. Obviously Key West was a place where the Chicken could cross the road and his motives would not be questioned. The next day I noticed that chickens were all over the place so I did some research. Chickens came to Key West from Cuba. In the late 1800s about half the population of this area was Cuban and the kind of chicks imported were called “Cubalayas.” Chicken fighting was outlawed in the 1970s and the fighting Cubalayas found themselves out of work. After a few years their owners had died off and in general the birds became Key West’s homeless Gypsy chickens. They roamed the town at will and did quite well.

Light from God’s Word

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ “Preacher, I don’t believe God exists or that he created our world!” “Well, then congratulations, unbeliever, you have more blind faith than this preacher!” If you do not believe that God created our world, then what do you believe regarding how it came to exist? Are we to conclude that it created itself? Can that which does not exist create that which does exist? Surely not, from nothing comes nothing! Remember your multiplication tables – “Zero times zero equals zero!” Can a house build itself? Who in his right mind would argue that a house can build itself? We all know that the fact that a house exists is proof that there was a builder! If you believe that it is impossible for a house

to build itself, how can you believe that our world can create itself? Comparing a house to our world, a house is a very simple thing and our world is in creditability much more complicated and intricate!! If a house gives proof of a designer and builder, how much greater is the evidence that our world gives proof of a designer and builder?! The inspired writer declared, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.” (Hebrews 3:4) How can anyone truly believe that God has not created everything? The Apostle Paul wrote that men are “without excuse” for not recognizing that God exists because God has made it plain to them by the creation He has made. And, that God’s wrath is “revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.” (Romans 1:18-20) Let’s not blindly follow along with godless men, mimicking their foolish words and denying the truth.

Of course the chickens were seen as pests by many residents and pretty soon the city fathers were being called on to outlaw the pesky neighborhood pests. A chicken catcher was hired, pens were purchased but after one month the catcher reported that after catching a few birds some scoundrels had set them free. He had only 3 to show for his efforts. It was then the city dads discovered they had pro-chicken-freedomfighters working on behalf of these downtrodden foul—the chickens found they had friends in high places and the people of Key West discovered itself in two camps. You were either for the chickens or against them. The dedicated chickenloving-freedom-fighters won most of the rounds and after many feisty battles in city hall here is what they did. A certain number of chickens would be allowed to stay but 500 or so per year would be deported to the mainland and kept in a chicken paradise (at least that’s what they told the chickens). The chicken heaven is located near Orlando and furnishes housing, all you can eat, places

to roost and a chicken community center. Let us fast forward to the present day and go to the City of Edmond. Edmond is a bastion of much zoning, higher-income neat-nicks and liberal Republicans. Some may wonder just what a liberal republican is. They are thought to be conservative in their political ideology but believe in global warming and fresh eggs. A recent story in The Daily Oklahoman blows the whistle on these fresh egg eating chicken lovers. It seems some are harboring their own small herds of laying hens illegally in back yards. The chickens, I sup-

pose, are warned to be quiet and not to cackle whenever they lay an egg but I know it’s hard to keep a working hen quiet. Unlike the laid back and content Key West Chickens, the Chicks of Edmond live a nightmare of being found out—all the while doing only what their sponsors placed them there to do. The chicken code enforcers of Edmond needs to lighten up and you can be sure this reporter will keep his eye on this developing story. Congratulations to our Allen Girls on a great basketball season and as always, let me remind you to go to church this Sunday. Wayne Bullard, DPh

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Out & About

Out & about visiting with her grandmother Juanita Hamilton this past weekend was Jordan Hamilton of Wetumka. —O&A— Carl and June Vinson enjoyed a weekend visit from their daughter Rhonda and Jay Pachucki of Oklahoma City. Also visiting was Gerald Vinson of Trinity, Texas who was out & about to spend time with his mother, Geneva Vinson. Lora and Nathan Dow of Issaquah, Washington spent time at the Vinson home, too. —O&A— Traveling to Ada this past week for a visit with their uncle and aunt, C.C. and Lou Manuel, were Martha Files, Paul Evett, Scotty Files and Betty Finney. Joining in the visit were Charles Manuel and Mike Odom, both of Ada. —O&A— Don Milner of Oklahoma City was out & about last Friday, visiting his hometown of Allen. He reported enjoying the slower pace of life here compared to OKC. Mr. Milner stopped first at the home of Bobbie Milner to catch up on family news and Donna Wainscott dropped by during her lunch hour. Then it was on to the Allen Nutrition Site for a visit with Debbie Milner and hear the latest about her husband, Lynn. There he enjoyed lunch, sharing a table with Brenda Allen and visited with Ed Clark and John; leaving he ran into Bruce Roark for a quick visit on the sidewalk. Leaving downtown, he drove to Idle Time to view a new trailer of interest and visit classmates and friends, Dale, Tommy and Doug Peay. What a great time mixing business and “old times.” Lastly, he stopped in on the Francis Road at the home of nephew Lynn Milner who is awaiting a kidney transplant then, as the sun was setting low, he headed west toward OKC. —O&A— Arlene Rinehart was honored Saturday on her 65th birthday by going to Ada to her favorite place to eat along with family. Mary Harman, Allen, was the high point winner in her Senior 1-D Division of Enjoying the party were Peachie and Mike Cross, PaBarrel Racers and was awarded a trophy-saddle at the Saturday night, February tricia Spray, Krista Cham Dustin, Brian Dustin, Shane 22nd, banquet held in Eufaula. Mary had ridden and accumulated points during Rinehart, Bradley Rinehart, Jami Morrison-Rinehart, the past year to earn this honor. Sponsoring the saddle was the Rafter J Ranch, Brandon Johnson, Layne Cross, Lesley Rinehart, Willis owned by Jack and D’Ann Jensen of Allen. Mary wants to thank Jack and D’Ann Rinehart, and Natalie Johnson, Kadence, Logan, Broady, for their support of the NBHA-06. Pictured here with Mary is division sponsor Blade, Jake and Shaylynne. —O&A— Jack Jensen. Todd and Leah Tidwell of Norman were out & about recently, bringing dinner and enjoying a weekend with her Gary S. Nuckols parents, Bill and Glendene Griffin. CUSTOM TRIM 606 E. Poplar They spent the night and then took Bill and Glendene to Giacomo’s in McAlester on Saturday night. Holdenville —O&A— Out & about spending time with their grandmother, Glenda Ferguson, were Jayden, Abree and Daycie. —O&A— Wayne and Pat Bullard, accompanied by Rod Bailey of Black Rock and Fred and Theda Ellis of Oklahoma City, drove over to Centrahoma and dined on some delicious catfish at the Centrahoma Café. The food was delicious and a good visit followed. Call for an estimate - 405-712-0145 —O&A—

Mary Harman wins Trophy Saddle

Done Right Metal Roofs

Don was born and raised in Warren, Ohio. When he was only 17, he moved to California and that’s where he met Mom. They were married for more than 29 years. He was a great Dad and took my older brother and me on weekend fishing trips. We moved back to Oklahoma to care for my Grandma – and liked it so much we stayed. Dad worked for years in heating and air-conditioning and eventually opened his own successful business. He was intelligent, funny and loved to ride his Harley.Dad was hurt in a motorcycle accident, and he never recovered. It didn’t surprise any of us to find out that he signed up to be a donor. We miss his quiet strength and brilliant humor. Organ, eye and tissue donation saves lives. Please make your decision to donate life, and then tell your family! Register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor on your Oklahoma driver’s license or state ID card, or register online at If you don’t have a license, or state ID card, and do not have internet access, call 800-826-LIFE (5433), and ask for a donor registration card.

City Council from Page 1 speeding, 7 no insurance, 2 taxes due the state, 2 no drivers license, 1 domestic assault and battery and served one county warrant. Total of citations written was $4,720 of which a little over $3,800 has already been paid. An update was given on the new gate and fence that is being constructed for the cemetery and board member Mike Todd is going to wire the entrance for new lighting. Drainage work is still ongoing and will for some time. Board member Joy Anderson would like to remind everyone to please take their trash dumpsters away from the curb as soon as possible after trash pick up on Thursdays.


Just hanging out at the Livestock Show before their time to enter the ring were Kaylee Ford, Madison Dohlman, Trent Fronterhouse, Emma Peay and Kylie Nemecek.

Out & About Allen

Joe and Mary Taylor and boys hosted a recent birthday party for Agnes Taylor. David Taylor, Melissa and Peggy attended and David’s birthday was also celebrated. A lso attending were Wayne and Benita Cooksey and Dora Wilson of Ada. —O&A— R usshel Chancey celebrated her birthday on February 28th, and was honored with a family dinner on Saturday evening, February 29th. Enjoying the meal were Russhel and Phillip Chancey, Dax and Rex of Edmond, and her parents, Kenny and Johnna Shires.

—O&A— Tommy and Carolyn Sanders enjoyed watching their grandson Dylan in a recent baseball game at East Central University, Ada. Dylan plays left field for the Hillsdale College Saints and they took on the ECU Tigers. Also attending the game were Billy Monday, Linda

Monday and Brenda Brady, all from Stonewall. —O&A— E arl and Patty Pinigar, accompanied by Monte and Brenda Johnson, traveled to Tecumseh this week to attend funeral services for Jimmy Brown. Mr. Brown lost his life in an automobile accident.

Gerty Bingo

Gerty Community Association will be hosting Bingo this Saturday March 8, 2014. The concession menu will be soup, crackers, cornbread, dessert and drink for $5.00. There will be two blackouts held.

Congratulations Rio Jones, Allen BPA Member Rio Jones, a Senior BPA member at Allen High, has qualified for State Leadership Conference for placing in the top 20 in the state for Basic Office Systems & Procedures online testing. The State Leadership Conference had to be postponed due to the weather this week but will be rescheduled and Rio will have a chance to compete to represent Allen High School at National Leadership Conference again this year. She traveled to Orlando, Florida last year and competed in the Integrated Office Applications exam.  This year the National Leadership Conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana in May.

Allen School Menu Week of March 10th

Monday Breakfast – Donuts, Fruit, Milk, Juice Lunch – Grilled Hot Dogs, French Fries, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Tuesday Breakfast – Biscuits, Gravy, Fruit, Milk, Juice Lunch – Roasted Chicken, Golden Carrots, Dinner Roll, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Wednesday Breakfast – Yogurt Parfaits, Fruit, Milk, Juice Lunch – Chicken Burritos, Refried Beans, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Thursday Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Patty, Toast, Fruit, Milk, Juice Lunch – Honey Glazed Ham, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Friday Breakfast – Biscuits, Gravy, Fruit, Milk, Juice Lunch – Pizza, Tossed Salad, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water

J.B.’s Lumber & Ace Home Center Sale Prices Good June 12-16, 2013

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Lady Mustangs exit playoffs with Friday loss Allen girls fall to Arkoma in second round of area tournament

By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Lady Mustangs exited Class A’s area tournament on Friday afternoon. This marked the second year in a row Coach Jeremy Strong’s team reached the second round of the Area losers’ bracket before bowing out of post-season play. “We’ve got to get over the Friday hump,” the Allen head coach said. “We were two wins away from going to State. I hope next year we came put it together and win those Area games.” Allen opened the Area Tournament with a Thursday afternoon game at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. The Lady Mustangs mowed down the Webbers Falls Lady Warriors 53-36 in the elimination contest.

Charlea Leonard and Sandra Rowsey fueled Allen’s 16-point victory. Leonard poured in a game-high 17 points. The sophomore also snared a game-best 16 rebounds. Rowsey was also a force for the Lady Mustangs as she tallied 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. The rest of Allen’s scoring included Alison Sells and Faith Caldwell with 5 points each, Hannah Heck with 4 points and Miranda Raney with 3. Kennedy Prentice and Alycia Evans rounded out the scoring with 2 points each. Allen raced off to a 16-4 lead in the first quarter. The Lady Mustangs went to halftime with a 25-16 advantage. The Lady Mustangs matched the Lady Warriors’ 14 points in the third quarter to make it a 39-30 contest. Allen then put the game on ice by

outscoring Webbers Falls 14-6 in the fourth period. The effort sealed the 53-36 victory for the Lady Mustangs.

slow defensively and offensively,” said Coach Strong. “Arkoma was a step quicker and a really good team. It took us a little while to adjust to their game. Once we did that, we were able to battle back and make a game of it. We got to within 6 points early in the fourth quarter. We just could not get over the hump and catch them. We ended up losing by 12.” Arkoma was a near-perfect 9 for 10 at the free throw line in the fourth quarter. The clutch foul shooting was crucial in holding off Allen’s comeback bid. Allen finishes the season with a record of 16-10 against some strong com-

petition. “I am proud of the girls and the year we had,” he said. “We had a few ups and downs but they always came out and played hard. We will lose two seniors from this team, Sandra Rowsey and Ashley Cross. They will be missed, but we should get back a bunch of girls. The core is there to have a strong team the next two seasons. Our goal next season will be getting over that second day, that Friday hump, at the Area Tournament. We want to go to state!” --Area Tournament @ Southeastern (Durant) Thursday, Feb 27 Consolation quarter-final

Allen 53, Webbers Falls 36 Allen – 16 – 9 – 14 – 14 – (53) WF – 4 – 12 – 14 – 6 – (36) Allen scoring: Charlea Leonard 17, Sondra Rowsey 15, Alison Sells 5, Faith Caldwell 5, Hannah Heck 4, Miranda Raney 3, Kennedy Prentice 2 and Alysia Evans 2. --Consolation semi-final Arkoma 65, Allen 53 Allen – 10 – 9 – 19 – 15 – (53) Ark – 20 – 15 – 11 – 19 – (65) Allen scoring: Sondra Rowsey 20, Charlea Leonard 17, Alison Sells 6, Miranda Raney 6, Kennedy Prentice 2 and Hannah Heck 2. Regional Allen 47, Boswell 22 Caddo 47, Allen 29 --Area Allen 53, Webbers Falls 36 Arkoma 65, Allen 53

“We played well and did what we needed to do to win,” said Coach Strong. “We executed our offense early and built that 16-4 lead in the first quarter. They (Lady Indians) made a little run at us and got back into the game a little. We had gotten away from our fame for some reason. But we put it back together and finished strong to get the win.” On Friday, Allen ran into the very talented Arkoma Lady Mustangs in another elimination showdown. The Allen girls scored 53 points again, but this time it was not enough for victory. Arkoma ripped the nets for 65 points to secure a 12point victory at 65-53. Arkoma took a 20-10 lead in the first quarter. The advantage swelled to 35-19 at the break. In the third quarter, Allen picked up the pace and outscored Arkoma 19-11 to cut the deficit to 46-38. Arkoma responded in the fourth quarter by outscoring Allen 19-15. The result was the 12-point final margin of victory at 65-53. Allen’s scoring assault was once again led by Sandra Rowsey and Charlea Leonard. Rowsey scored 20 points and Leonard followed with 17. They were the only two Allen players to score in double figures. Alison Sells and Miranda Raney tallied 6 points each while Kennedy Prentice and Hannah Heck had 2 points each. “We started out pretty Faith Caldwell and the Lady Mustangs had a great season but it came to an end with a loss to Arkoma on Friday.

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Kylie Nemecek and Jessi Merriman are pictured at the Pontotoc County Spring Livestock show.

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John & Leah Exchange Vows

DIRECT: 580-372-0200 GS2Raney

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Alaina Spurlock of Allen are pleased to announce the marriage of their son, John L. Spurlock, to SeanLeah (Leah) D. Ools, daughter of Mr. Sean Ools of Crowder, Oklahoma and Jenny McKibben of Quinton, Oklahoma. The wedding was held at The Church of God of Prophecy in Allen on Saturday January 25, 2014 at 11:00 am. The reception followed at Quality Inn Reception Hall in Ada,

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Oklahoma. The wedding was officiated by Pastor Ed Rutherford of Allen. Attendants of the wedding were Maid of Honor, Stephanie Bish; Best Man, Mike Spurlock of Allen; first bridesmaid, Justice (Molly) Ools of Eufaula; first groomsman, Eric Sanchez of Allen; second bridesmaid, Julee Jewell of Konawa; second groomsman, Josh McNeely of Allen; flower girl, Serenity Ools of Eufaula; ushers were Christian Johnson of Lafayette, Louisiana and Chace Alexander of Allen, Oklahoma. The reception luncheon included several choices; served were potato soup, vegetable soup, chili with all the topping, an assortment of crackers and great cornbread. A wonderful meal on a winter’s day. The music was provided by John Roan of Ada. The couple left the reception in route to Dallas where they stayed the first night then caught a


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FCCLA members go to Capitol

Seven members of the Allen High School Chapter of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) recently participated in the 2014 FACS Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol. During their visit members advocated for Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) and highlighted the success of our local Allen High School FACS Department and FCCLA Chapter. FCCLA officers attending included Emilee Costner, Taryn Wofford, Tessa Black, Amery Dickerson, Tiffany Johnson, Taylor Johnson, and Grace Laden.    Tessa Black and Amery Dickerson were also selected to compete in the 2014 FCCLA Spotlight "  % on Projects competition at the capitol. Fifteen (15) # # schools were selected to   $ compete and highlight their & 11  projects. Tessa and Amery placed first out of all the schools with their project on   Traffic Safety that included all Pre-K through   (! #!   educating th 12 grade students at Allen  ) School on the importance     11  

 &     of wearing their seat belts, ' %      helmets, and not texting while driving. Tessa and will now represent  '$" Amery Oklahoma FCCLA at the %"$%"$ " 2014 National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, &)      Texas this summer.



flight to DisneyWorld where they honeymooned for a week, returning on February 2nd. DisneyWorld had a special treat for them in their room when they got there. They received a card and photo frame from Mickey and Minnie congratulating on their wedding. The groom is a 2010 graduate of Allen High School; he is now attending Gordon Cooper Vocational Center studying Aviation Technologies. He intends to continue to pursue that field and follow in his father’s foots step as a career. Leah Ools attended ECU for two years and will continue her education either at OBU or online courses for the near future. The couple is making their home in Shawnee, Oklahoma.




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GIVE AN OKLAHOMA VETERAN THE CHANCE TO BE HONORED. Your tax-deductible donation to OKLAHOMA HONOR FLIGHTS will help transport Oklahoma veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices. For more information on how to donate, visit or call (405) 259-9000

Emergency Road Service

Tessa Black and Amery Dickerson were also selected to compete in the 2014 FCCLA Spotlight on Projects competition at the capitol.

Pre-K Students of the Week Pre-K Student of the Week from Mrs. Mills’ class is J.R. Wofford. J.R. was born July 2nd in Texas. His family is his Momma, Daddy, Bubba and lots of critters. J.R.’s favorite book is about dinasours; his favorite foods are bananas and cereal. His favorite pets are Little D and Christopher; his friends are his Bubba, Mommy and Daddy. J.R. likes to go to school! Someday he wants to shoot Bubba’s BB gun. He is excited about school!

A Special Thanks to You the People of Allen When I was told that John and Leah wanted to get married in January, I panicked guessing at what it would take to put on a wedding. Many of the members of my church, and even some Allen residents who are not members of this church, and also some friends from Olive Branch Church in Ada, went to work making food and also loaning me the roasters to warm the food. I was blessed with the donation of the potato soup, blessed with the donation of the beef soup, and blessed with the donation of the cornbread. A couple to the ladies from the Church of God of Prophecy told me that since I did not have relatives here to help with the wedding that the church would help, but I had no idea of the aid that I would be receiving. All the help and aid I was about to have laid out in front of me, starting on January 22nd after our Wednesday service, was astonishing. To my amazement, I saw people who had worked all day Wednesday and that had to work the following day, Thursday, stay and work tirelessly to decorate our church. They stayed until midnight and had to drive home and work on that Thursday. Then some of these same people showed up at the Quality Inn after they had worked Thursday and helped to decorate the reception hall. Once again a very late night and then they had work Friday and they also got up early and attended the wedding and reception. Oh how this blessed me and humbled me to the core. Watching God work through all of these people to do this for my family, crumbled a hardness that had over the years formed in my heart. I want to thank each one of you who helped, aided, prayed, and attended this event. You will never know the depths in which I was touched. The cliché “Your Church Family”, never really meant that much to me before. I have been in many churches where the words are said but no action was ever put behind them. Sometimes it seemed as though they were hollow and were said just because they sounded good. The words now have a substance to them I never before understood. I want to say that the actions of this body of believers, the Town of Allen, and friends in Ada, renewed my faith and has shown the hand of God to me once again in my life. I saw each of you in some manner show me kindness and work to put on a wedding for a person who was not born into this church or even this town. Yet the people of Allen and Ada stepped up and showed the love of Christ is alive and working here. Forever touched by your kindness, Ronald and Alaina Spurlock

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Pre-K Student of the Week from Mrs. Laxton’s class is Emma Michelle Smith. Emma was born September 23, 2008 in Norman, Oklahoma. Her family is Mom, Tagus, Keith, Dad, Presleigh, Chandler, Owen and Reece Emma’s favorite book is Tinkerbell; she doesn’t know what her favorite food is. Her friends are Alyssa, Kelly, McKinna, Saree, Stevie and Tara. Emma likes to ride in the boat and jet ski. Someday she wants play with her friends. Emma is excited about toys, earrings and necklaces.

2014 Lady Mustangs SlowPitch Softball Schedule

March 3@ Maud 4:30 March 6@ Wanette 4:30 March 7@ Vanoss w/Mill Creek 4:00 March 10-11RWB Conf. Tourney @ Wanette March 13-14 @ Vanoss Tourney March 24Stonewall 4:00 March 25@ Stratford 4:30 March 31Asher 4:30 April 3-4 JH Wanette Tourney April 7@ Stuart 4:00 April 10




April 11-12

308 West Broadway – Allen 3 bedroom brick, 1 1/2 bath plus office, detatched garage on large double lot


301 S. Boston – Allen

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Stratford Tourney

April 14Maud


April 15Stratford


April 21Wanette


April 24-25Districts


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BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME ON 5 ACRES — 4 Bed, 3 bath with 2 dining and living areas, 3 fireplaces, in ground pool with pool house. 19853 CR 1570. $325,000 MLS#50891 ***** 46 ACRES — Come relax at this 2 bed 1 bath home with a cozy front porch. Enjoy the outdoors while sitting by the pond. 18330 CR 3470 in Roff. $145,000 MLS#50836 ***** 3 BED 2 BATH — on 10 acres. Fabulous horse place. 40x30 shop, 5 stalls, loafing shed. $250,000. MLS#50616 ***** 3 BED 2 BATH — on 10 Acres with a pond. 3802 US Hwy 377. $89,000 REDUCED $79,000. MLS#50534 ***** 3 BED 1 BATH — 413 S. Sydney, Francis. $34,900 MLS#50442 *****


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2 BED 2 BATH — With a walkout basement. 1616 Keith Road (CR 3540) $80,000 MLS#50082 ***** PARADISE HILL LOTS — Starting at $30,000 ***** 22.68 ACRES in beautiful Paradise Hills. $90,720 MLS#50154 ***** 7.85 ACRES in Paradise Hills. $62,000 MLS#50178 ***** 130 ACRES — Come build your dream home on this beautiful 180 acres in Paradise Hills. $645,000 MLS#50158 ***** GREAT BUILDING LOTS at Lake Hills, lake lots and other lots avaiable. Will Build to Suit

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Crusing with the Army

How About a Free Cruise? By James Morse When I arrived in Japan in August 1954, the Army sent me to a camp on the lower east slope of Mount Fujiyama to be the doctor for the tank battalion that earlier had settled into a collection of tar-papered shacks. The remainder of its division was still in Korea, so far back in the hills that tanks had no room to stretch their legs. Camp Fuji, which had earlier been used as a training site for the Japanese Army, had enough room for us even to hold tank races. It was now over a year since the Armistice had been signed, so later that fall the Army brought the rest of the 24th Infantry Division from Korea to join us in a series of similar camps on the Japanese main island. Officers and senior enlisted men could now apply to bring their dependents from the States. I hoped to have my wife and baby over by the end of February. Then soon after Christmas, we were shocked to hear that the Department of Defense had decided to send the entire 24th Division back to Korea and, since it would now be stationed on reasonably flat land near the west coast, we tankers would be going along. Unfortunately, the terms of the Armistice did not allow any additional weapons to be imported into Korea, and we would be leaving our own tanks behind and picking up from the Marines some battleweary old M-46s. The even older M-4s had already been turned over to the Koreans. The Marine division was being moved to California. Our trucks and jeeps and about half of our approximately 500-man battalion would be moved from Yokohama to Inchon in an LST (Landing Ship, Tank). The remainder, including the “brass,” would fly. It had


se, M.D

Mor es Otto


be equally nutritious. After a week of almost straight sausage patties, they swore to the colonel that they were ready to straighten up and soldier right (if they could just be allowed back in the mess hall). Beyond that, the only variety we officers had with our meals was the peanut butter we shared to smear on those tasteless c-ration crackers. Two lieutenants, who had been roommates back in West Point, were known peanut butter addicts and had rescued a gallon can of it from being turned back in when ones mess hall was shut down at Camp Fuji. As a reward for their continued resourcefulness, both eventually became generals. (I last saw the three-star shortly before his retirement as commander of Fort Hood. He assured me that in recent years he had seldom eaten peanut butter more than once a day.) Over all, it was a pleasant journey, especially the three days we spent sailing slowly between the main islands on what was called the Inland Sea. The water was as smooth as a lake, and we ate lunch every day out on the sunny deck. This ended abruptly, however, when late on the third day we sailed out into the Yellow Sea and the ship began to roll from side to side. Still, the results might not have been so uncomfortable for us inexperienced travelers had the cooks not decided to provide us with some variety that evening. Begging rice off the crew, they cooked it up in a steam kettle. Unfortunately, they didn’t stop there but began to open and dump into the rice dozens of cans of c-rations of all kinds. By the time they had finished, our supper looked (and tasted) like slop. I tried to eat it, but before I could finish my share, I had to hurry out on deck to lean over the rail and donate it all to the fishes.

Admittedly outside of a few group calisthenics, there wasn’t much entertainment provided. Sleeping seemed to be the default activity for most people. I myself managed to take both morning and afternoon naps and still get to sleep by 9:00 p.m. each night. Once we were out on the open sea, some of our crack pistol marksmen were allowed to demonstrate their skill by firing at empty ration cans tossed into the air. The rest of us could only watch. Still, compared to what

others before us had experienced during World War II and the first year of the Korean War when they had run that ship up on a string of hostile beaches, we had it easy. When on the seventh morning we landed at Inchon harbor and they opened the big bow doors, no one was shooting at us. My Mississippi jeep driver and I drove out and calmly joined the column of vehicles moving north.

Service Saturday for Reva Turner Reva Turner, 93, of Holdenville passed away on March

4, 2014 in Okemah, Oklahoma. A visitation is scheduled on Friday, March 7th, from 5:00-7:00 PM at the HudsonPhillips Hospitality Cafe. A funeral service has been scheduled for 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 8th, at the Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home Chapel in Holdenville, Oklahoma. Her great-grandsons Chance Dean and Slater Bonner will officiate. Pallbearers will be Tony Dean, Mark Dean, Chance Dean, Seth Dean, Blayne Turner, Slater Bonner, Jarret Bonner, and Turner Dean. Interment will follow at the Holdenville Cemetery in Holdenville, Oklahoma. Reva was born on March 31, 1920 in the Noon Springs area near Calvin, Oklahoma to Ed and Della (Roberts) Smith. She attended school at Noon Springs. She was a longtime member of the Banner Baptist Church of Horntown. She enjoyed cooking and canning, with her specialty being pickles. More than anything, she enjoyed going to softball games to watch her grandchildren play. Spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren was so important to Reva. She loved them dearly. She assisted on their family farm north of Horntown from 1937 to 1984 before moving to Holdenville. Preceding her in death are her parents, husband Cecil (October 25, 2002), siblings Archie and Duel Smith and her twin sister Marie Morrow. Survivors include her children, Sue Dean and husband Bobby of Okemah, and Jerry Turner and wife Ellen of Arp, Texas; grandchildren Kristal Bonner and husband Jeff of Whitesboro, Texas, Tony Dean and wife Monica of Okemah, Mark Dean of Okemah, and Blayne Turner of Austin, Texas; great-grandchildren Chance Dean of Okemah, Seth Dean of Okemah, Slater Bonner and Jarret Bonner of Whitesboro, Texas, Turner Dean of Okemah, and Keigan Bonner of Whitesboro, Texas; brother J. D. Smith and wife Muriel of Mustang and sister Ina Lee Stringfellow and husband Lloyd of Holdenville; as well as a host of other nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends. Services are under the direction of Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home of Holdenville.

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GROWING UP WITH REAL PEOPLE is a collection of stories written by Dr. James O. Morse about the events surrounding his life while growing up in Calvin, Oklahoma. It is filled with many memories - some heartwarming - others heartbreaking. .

E, M.D

to :Old


a collec PLE is about L PEO se O. Mor up in g . James e growin life whil any memories m ed with g. in ak bre rs heart


ea ad no id rse, I h to deliver k e o’cloc ough yet to en not cold downhill on a g coastin t that ent abou be differ my father ’s, of d n eorge is d frie mmy. G e yet, Ji

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been some four years since LSTs had been needed for an amphibious landing, but meanwhile they had been used to haul cargo around the islands and to Korea. For that they didn’t need combat sailors, and most of those ships were being operated by Japanese civilian crews. I suspect many of their officers had had duty in the Japanese Navy. They certainly didn’t go out of their way to make our voyage more comfortable. (I’m not sure the American Navy would have either). While the Japanese officers ate meals prepared in a galley and served at tables, we American officers (two captains and seven first lieutenants) ate the same c-rations that the enlisted soldiers did. At least, the crew did allow our cooks to heat our canned rations in their steam kettles three times a day. That certainly helped make the sausage patties more palatable. These, packed four to the can in grease, were generally everyone’s least favorite selection among all the varieties of c-rations, especially if there was no heat available to warm them enough to permit the grease to be drained off. Actually, two at a meal wouldn’t have been at all bad had there just been some eggs, beans, or biscuits and gravy to go with them. Shortly before sailing, we had reclaimed our ten prisoners from the Yokohama stockade and confined them to a forward compartment. They, of course, ate last and, not surprisingly, usually found their choice limited to--you guessed it--sausage patties. By the third day out, they were begging the doctor to certify that they were being fed an unhealthy diet and should be guaranteed some variety. I could only say that I could find nothing in the regulations about variety. As packed, all varieties of c-rations were assumed to



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Hughes Co Court Records FELONIES belt; failure to comply with compulChristopher Frank Ada—driving sory insurance law motor vehicle while under the influTina Carter—speeding 1-10 mph ence of alcohol over limit Jeffery Scott Bray—larceny from Donnie Joe Cooper—failure to the house comply with compulsory insurance Richard Grant Newland—driving law; no seat belt motor vehicle while under the influTyler Joseph Cox—no seat belt ence of alcohol aggravated Lillard Franklin Edwards—speedRusty Ray Rambo—possession ing 1-10 mph over limit 100 Esubstance Main - Ada - (580)332-0457 controlled dangerous Richard Vannoy Garner—no seat Open Monday - Friday 10 to belt5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 MISDEMEANORS Thomas D. Gordon—speeding Harry Ervan Bennett—assault & 21-25 mph over limit battery Steven Craig Holmes II—transKerry Wayne Cowell—unlawful porting open container-beer possession of drug paraphernalia John Richard Hooper—failure to All Repairs in Shop Vanville Perry II—attempting to wear Done seat belt elude police officer Nicole Lynn Howard—speeding Dustin Rammage—driving motor 11-15 mph over limit vehicle while under the influence of Keri Dayle Johnson—speeding alcohol aggravated 26-30 mph over limit 100 E Main - Ada - (580)332-0457 TRAFFIC Stephen Dewayne Kilgore—no Judith L. Monday Alewine—operating belt Saturday 10 to 5 Open - Friday 10 seat to 5:30 motor vehicle without valid driver’s King—front seat passenger not license wearing seat belt Cody Lane Carpitcher—no seat David Keith Little—speeding 1-10

mph over limit Brittanie Tyree Mansfield—operating motor vehicle without valid driver’s license Robert Goodwin Mattioda—operating motor vehicle without valid driver’s license; transporting open container-beer Randall Dole McGuire—transporting open container-beer Seth Ryan McLean—speeding 31-35 mph over limit Richard Grant Newland—transporting open container-beer; operating motor vehicle without valid Oklahoma operator’s license Jamar Obrien Oakley—speeding 1-10 mph over limit; no seat belt Mack James Pierce—no seat belt Ricardo Leon Ramos—speeding 36 or more mph over limit Shannon Redway—ransporting open container-beer Tommie Leann Reed—no seat belt Angela Faye Reich—no seat belt Robert Wayne Rhodes Jr.— speeding 1-10 mph over limit Larry D. Sanders—failure to comply with compulsory insurance law; Most installed while you wait driving under suspension-2nd offense; no seat belt; displaying driver’s license that has been suspended, revoked or cancelled Cody Joe Sanford—no seat belt Garland Shed—failure to comply 100 E Main - Ada - (580)332-0457 with compulsory insurance law Open Monday - Friday 10 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 Sarah Renee Simpson—no seat belt—front seat passenger Lori Smith—failure to comply with compulsory insurance law; failure to obtain registration & title within 30 days of purchase Keith L. Walton—no seat belt— ZONES: 1,2,3,4 front seat passenger Caryssa Michelle Watson—speedfor week of March 2, 2014 ing 1-10 mph overedlimit 2x2 ads may run anywhere in your newspaper. Don’t forget to remind your classifi department to download the line ads for this week at ZONES: 1,2,3,4 - CHOOSE THE AD SIZE CLOSEST TO YOUR COLUMN WIDTH

1350 sq ft. well maintained 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, central h/a, large fenced-in back yard, detached double covered carport, storage bldg reduced to

We Buy Gold!! Diamond Shop

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Diamond Shop


308 West Broadway – Allen 3 bedroom brick, 1 1/2 bath plus office, detatched garage on large double lot


301 S. Boston – Allen

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IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY 2x2 ads may run anywhere in your newspaper. Don’t forget to remind your classified department to OKLAHOMA STATE OF Case No. PB-2014-05 download the line ads for this week at In the Matter of the Estate of BETTYE McLEOD, Deceased. - CHOOSE THE AD SIZE CLOSEST TO YOUR COLUMN WIDTH Anyone having interest in a 1936 Auto Car, VIN#U9036989, contact Thomas GoCREDITORS G Painlessly® with THERA-GESIC. NOTICE TO ® GoDate: G Painlessly THERA-GESIC. O. Hudson, 580-332-7785. Sale March 14,with 2014. To the Creditors of Bettye McLeod, Deceased. (Published in The Allen Advocate on February 27, March 6 and 13, 2014) Maximum strengthare required to All creditors having claims against Bettye McLeod, Deceased, analgesic creme present the same with a description of all security interests andfor other collateral Maximum strength analgesic temporary from: Hawkins, (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim,relief to Brenda creme for temporary relief from: Joint and Muscle Personal Representative of the Estate of Bettye •McLeod, Deceased, to the • Joint and Muscle soreness ® soreness Go Painlessly with THERA-GESIC. law office of Deresa Gray, P.O. Box G 1463, 314 S. Broadway, Ste. 211, Ada, • Arthritis ® Go Painlessly G with THERA-GESIC. • Arthritis • Back aches Oklahoma 74820, addressed to Deresa Gray, Attorney for Personal Represen• Back aches tative of the Estate of Bettye McLeod, Deceased, on orstrength before the following Maximum presentment date of May 6, 2014 or the same will be forever barred. analgesic creme for Maximum strength analgesic Dated this 24 day of February, 2014. temporary relief from: creme for temporary relief from: • Joint ands)Muscle Brenda Hawkins • Joint and Muscle soreness soreness Personal Representative • Arthritis • Arthritis of the Estate of • Back aches • Bettye Back aches McLeod, Deceased s) Deresa Gray, OBA#19110 Attorney for Personal Representative P.O. Box 1463 Ada, OK 74821-1463 580/272-9300 580/272-9301 FAX (Published in The Allen Advocate on February 27 and March 6, 2014)

for week of March 2, 2014


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. PB-2012-102 In the Matter of the Estate of LEROY GRANT KEY, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR ORDER ALLOWING FINAL ACCOUNT DISTRIBUTION, AND DISCHARGE Notice is hereby given that Barbara Jobe Flowers, Personal Representative of the Estate of Leroy Grant Key, Deceased, having filed in this Court the accounting of the administration of said Estate, the hearing has been fixed by the Court for the 24th day of March, 2014, at 8:30 o’clock A.M., in Courtroom #315, Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma. All persons interested in said Estate are notified then and there to appear and show cause, if any they have, why the Office Visit & All said account should not be settled and Testing Only $199 allowed. IN THE DISTRICT COURT DATED this 28th day of February, WITHIN AND FOR 2014. PONTOTOC COUNTY Erectile Dysfunction is Not Caused by Aging s) Thomas S. Landrith STATE OF OKLAHOMA STAY IN CONTROL ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Judge of the District Court No. PB-2010-14 Offi ce Visit &toAll90 min. • 30 min, 1 hr, or up • ED Treatment by licensed James Rob Neal, PLLC In the MatterArkansas of the Physicians Estate of NATHAN LEE BURRIS, Deceased. OUR PHYSICIANS OFFER Testing Only $199 Attorney at Law NOTICE OFprescription HEARING FINAL ACCOUNT, PETITION FOR ORDER PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS TO • Our medications P.O. Box 1628 FIT YOUR NEEDS. when the pills and DETERMINATION ALLOWINGwork FINAL ACCOUNT, OF HEIRSHIP, FINAL herbals fail. • Private and discreet. Ada, OK 74821-1628 SETTLEMENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DISCHARGE Erectile Dysfunction is Not Aging • NoCaused Surgery, noby pills, no • See results on your first visit (580) 332-5579 NOTICE IS or HEREBY GIVEN that Margaret Lois Burris, Personal Represenherbals. your first visit is free STAY IN CONTROL ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (Published in The Allen Advocate tative of the Estate of Nathan Lee Burris, Deceased, having fi led in this Court GUARANTEED. • Discreet STD Testing • 30 min, 1 hr, or up to 90 min. • Treatment by licensed on March 6 and 13, 2014) available. • ED Works forthe just about any her Final Account of administration of said Estate, her Petition for Order Arkansas condition Physiciansincluding OUR PHYSICIANS OFFER medical For more informationand & to Discharge Allowing Final Account, Determination of Heirship, Distribution PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS TO • Our prescription medications diabetes, prostate problems, schedule your private exam FIT NEEDS. of said Personal Representative, the hearing ofYOUR the work theetc. pills and heartwhen surgery, with our same doctorshas callbeen now! set by the herbalsfor fail.Thursday, the 20th day • Private and discreet. Judge of this Court of March, 2014 at 11:00 o’clock IN THE DISTRICT COURT • No Surgery, no pills, no • See results on your first visit a.m. at the Pontotoc County District Courtroom, Pontotoc County Courthouse, Men’s Clinic herbals. or your first visit isOklahoma free WITHIN AND FOR located in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, andTulsa, all Testing persons GUARANTEED. Walk-Ins Welcome | 415 South • Harvard, OK 74135 interested in Discreet STD PONTOTOC COUNTY City area call 405-445-5955 |available. Tulsaand area show call 918-884-6045 said Estate Oklahoma are notifi then and there appear cause, if any they • Works fored justto about any STATE OF OKLAHOMA medical condition including For and moreallowed, information to have, why said Account should not be settled the& heirs of said Case No. CV-2014-41 diabetes, prostate problems, schedule your private exam deceased determined, saidetc. Estate distributed and the Personal Representative heart surgery, with our doctors call now! In the Matter of the Application of discharged. HUNTER LEE RIPPY, a minor, by th DATED this the 24 day of February, Men’s 2014. Clinic Oklahoma JENNIFER McCLURE, his Parent and Thomas S. Landrith Walk-Ins Welcome | 415 South Harvard, Tulsa, OK 74135 Next Friend, to Change His Name Judge of the District Court Oklahoma City area call 405-445-5955 | Tulsa area call 918-884-6045 NOTICE OF FILING PETITION Kenneth R. Johnson FOR CHANGE OF NAME 130 East 14th St., Drawer 1690 Ada, OK 74820 580/332-2558 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Attorney for Personal Representative Take notice that HUNTER LEE (Published in The Allen Advocate on February 27 and March 6, 2014) RIPPY, a minor, by Jennifer McClure, his Parent and Next Friend, pursuant to 12 O.S.§1632 et seq, has filed in the above Court a Petition to have his name changed from HUNTER LEE RIPPY, to HUNTER LEE McCLURE, IN THE DISTRICT COURT and that the same will be heard by IN AND FOR the undersigned Judge of the District PONTOTOC COUNTY Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, STATE OF OKLAHOMA on the 24th day of March, 2014, at 9:00 FD-2014-36 o’clock a.m., in the District Courtroom In the Matter of the Dissolution of the Marriage of Caleb Orie Owen, of the Pontotoc County Courthouse Petitioner located in Ada, Oklahoma, and that and any person may file a written protest Shana Michelle Atherton, Respondent. in the case prior to the date set for the NOTICE BY PUBLICATION hearing or they may appear and show THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Shana Michelle Atherton cause why said name change should Take notice that you have been sued in the above named Court by the said not be made by the Court. Petitioner, Caleb Orie Owen, for a divorce. Petitioner alleges that a state of Thomas S. Landrith complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties Judge of the District Court hereto which has completely destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage of Prepared by: the parties and rendered its continuation impossible. You must answer said s ) P r e s t o n S a u l D r a p e r, Petition on or before April 21, 2014, or said Petition will be taken as true and OBA#19797 a judgment will be rendered for Petitioner granting him a decree of divorce. Sweeney, Draper & Christopher, Witness my hand and the seal of this Court this March 5 2014. PLLC KAREN DUNNIGAN, Court Clerk P.O. Box 190 (SEAL) Ada, Oklahoma 74821 By: __(Pat Weaver)__ (580) 332-7200 – Fax (580) 332Deputy Court Clerk 7201 Caleb Orie Owen Attorneys for Petitioners Pro Se (Published in The Allen Advocate 14043 CR 1558 on March 6, 2014) Ada, Oklahoma 74820 (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 6, 13 and 20, 2014)






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