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To promote a new release The new releases which are used in the music video “never again” by trey songs The new music release which are by trey songs is “you deserve” this is to raise awareness for this new music video release and also get the maximum of likes as possible for that music video also new releases promotes other singles or albums of trey songs such as “never again” this is another music video which promotes another music video release as at the bottom of this new music video release there is a new music video which has not been released but you can watch a premier. Also before the official music is played at from o.00 to 0.29 there is an advert on how you can download chapter 5 on ITunes this Is another way of promoting a new release.

To create a visual representation of the artist This music video Never again does create visual representation of the artist as on the music video it clearly shows the artist appearing visually on the music video singing. This video has also been seen by the world visually as anyone can access You tube and watch the music video from any part of the world, this music video also shows how the artists songs are represented. This music has been represented with high beats and has been taken place in natural place where there is trees and greenery area and two cars slowly moving and a few people walking all happening in the background this is shown in the music video at 1:16. The style of the artist which has been portrayed in this music video “never again� is thick silver chain on his neck, earrings on his ears and wearing a leather coat which has lots of badges on it this all can be clearly seen in the music video at 1:17, this type of clothing is may be worn in order to make the artist stand out and also reinvent themselves.

To extend the playability of and provide additional income from a song This is a music video “Never again" can be downloaded on

ITunes as when the official music video “never again” is been played there is an advert before it on how you can download it on ITunes, also trey songs are frequently played on music channels to gain popularity, money can also be gained as income when artist websites has adverts on his music. The purpose of having extended playability and additional income from music video is so that the artist is noticed in the public's eye, which then starts to sell their music video and then they gain a profit, Trey songs which can be downloaded on I tunes promotes the artist and keeps the artist known by the public and that is how the music video by “Trey songs" sell.

Creating Synergy Trey songs has been used in the film queen of media which creates synergy as the artist Trey ties in with the film making of queen of media this film making promotes the artists Treys music videos and also promotes the film " Queen of media". Two media sectors tie in together to promote and raise awareness of their film and music. Trey was also seen on Lincoln Heights show on the “relative unknown� episode this is another way of promoting the show and the artist.

To be art in their own right The music video “never again” does create an visual image which is memorable and also creates a mystery as the lyrics of the song is very powerful and also very emotional he talks about the past on the first part of the music video how they would take a walk home together and he cant stop thinking about her this is shows how memorable it was for them but also creates us emotion as we feel pity because it was a past this is shown in the music video at 0:55 to 1:15. The music video is how he will never see her again and never hold her again this makes us feel very emotional as it is like a story with a sad ending to it you can see this emotion when he sees himself with her but then second minute later she's not there. He says “will never ever see her again” at 1:30 in the music video. The purpose to be art in their own right is to make the music video look different to other music videos but also to gain popularity and raise awareness of the artists songs.

Music Channels Trey songs are always shown on music channels such as kiss TV and Mtv as it is quite a well known artist. The purpose of Trey songs being played on music channels is to raise awareness and gain publicity of the artist. And also shows the artist in a positive light but more than this the artist is more well known by his music being played on music channels.

Direct CD/ Special edition CD/DVD The music video “never again� can be purchased on CDs and they also may have a special edition Cds of Trey songs this shows that the music video can raise awareness but also gain profit by selling the CDs to customers, the purpose of this is to promote the artists songs by raising awareness, and also gain profit by selling his songs on cds and also having special edition CDs.

Streaming websites Streaming websites are websites such as YouTube, all of trey songs can be accessed on YouTube every person can access it as it is a free website and can be used in any parts of the world. The purpose of this is anyone can view it on YouTube as it is used worldwide and it is also free of cost. The official video never again can be seen on YouTube. Here is the link on YouTube of the music video “never again”

Artists Websites Trey songs has a website of its own, this shows that the official music video “never again� can be accessed at anytime this raises awareness of the music video. the purpose of this is to promote the artist and raise awareness of his songs through the artists website, on it you will find all of the trey songs which can be listened to and also can give your feedback on it. Another advantage is on the artist websites you can find the latest news about trey songs this shows more enthusiasm of gaining the publics attention.

Downloads (legal and illegal) Downloads (legal and illegal) is when you download music from websites, I tunes is a legal which is a free download where the music video “never again� can downloaded on Itunes, as there are adverts on YouTube before the official trey songs start this is precisely shown from 0:00 to 0:29. But there are some websites which are illegal such as pirate bay, were you can download trey songs but it can be in serious danger to you as it is illegal, cause viruses on your computer and also if caught using an illegal website to download music they may be in serious trouble.

Record Label The music video is shown in the record label as the music video has an huge impact on the label, they manage everything for the artist as they pay for recording the record of the artist, selling the artist’s music, they are also in charge of making the artist look good in terms of style and techniques this is shown in the music video at 1:17 as you can see the clothing which the record label has decided he is wearing leather jacket with lots of badges on it, silver long chain and earnings on his ears you also see his hand moving from the one side to another to bring the emotion out . Atlantic record label is a label for this music video “never again� and this label is very well known and famous, as it has been taken over by Warner music group which is one of the major record labels.

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