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_ Happy 40th Birthday Riviera

NEW FOR 2025

12 NEW European Grand Tours, including Grand Tour of Spain’s Andalucía: Seville, Granada & Malaga

10 days from £1,999pp | Departing March to October 2025

Grand Tour of Lake Garda, Venice and the Best of the Veneto

13 days from £2,299pp | Departing April to October 2025

7 NEW Worldwide Grand Tours, including Grand Journey from the Deep South to Route 66

18 days from £4,499pp | Departing March to September 2025

Grand Tour of Malaysia, Borneo & Singapore

16 days from £3,099pp | Departing February to October 2025

3 NEW Worldwide Tours

The Heart of India aboard the Deccan Odyssey

11 days from £5,999pp | Departing January to December 2025

Classic China

14 days from £3,399pp | Departing March to October 2025

Iconic National Parks of America

14 days from £3,699pp | Departing April to September 2025

3 NEW Ocean Cruises

Dubrovnik & Southern Croatia Yacht Cruise with Bosnia & Herzegovina

11 days from £2,499pp | Departing May to September 2025

Zadar and Islands of the North Yacht Cruise with Krka Waterfalls

9 days from £2,499pp | Departing May to September 2025

Split to Dubrovnik Yacht Cruise with Dalmatia & Plitvice Lakes

11 days from £2,499pp | Departing May to September 2025

5 NEW Combination Cruises, including Grand Cruise of the Rhine Gorge, Medieval Germany & Switzerland

18 days from £4,949pp | Departing August 2025

The Majestic Rhine, Heidelberg & Switzerland river cruise

15 days from £3,449pp | Departing April 2025

2 NEW river cruise ships

Riviera Radiance sailing on the Danube in 2025 with our biggest ever suites at 32sqm

Riviera Rose sailing on the Douro in 2025

Festive River Cruises 2025 NOW ON SALE

Enchanting Rhine and Yuletide Markets

5 days from £914pp | Departing December 2025

Venice Krka National Park Nuremberg Riviera Radiance Koblenz
2 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Welcome to another edition of our Discover magazine packed full of ideas to inspire your travelling plans – I hope, with Riviera! With spring well and truly upon us, we can look forward to some brighter days ahead, and the opportunity to explore some more of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

2024 is our special 40th anniversary year and we’d just love you to join us in our celebrations! The very first tour Riviera operated was to Paris, and whilst we no longer venture to the French capital by coach, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a fabulous holiday to the City of Light, travelling by Eurostar. During your 3-night tour, soak up the legendary sights, galleries and museums, as well as savouring the cuisine and ambience of this incredible city. Look out for details of how to enter our competition on page 27!

This year will also be an Olympic year, so we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on some of the cities that have hosted the games throughout their history. We’ll also take a closer look at our smaller group Signature tours, allowing you to immerse yourself a little deeper in the traditions and culture of our favourite places.

Over the years we’ve realised that a love of travel invariably links to a passion for food! The two are inextricably linked so read on to discover some of the world’s most recognisable dishes and where to enjoy them. Italy, synonymous of course with wonderful cuisine, will always be a Riviera favourite, and we delve into why Sicily makes such a great choice for a superb island holiday. And ever considered cruising? We’ll give you plenty of reasons to consider a holiday on the ocean waves and shine a light on our new themed river cruises, designed to inspire every passion.

Last year we were thrilled to announce our partnership with Practical Action, an international development group building thriving lives and livelihoods for people on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. Read more about their amazing work in Latin America, East and Southern Africa and South Asia. We also share a great story about some of our Riviera guests and their enterprising (and delicious) fundraising efforts for the Staffordshire branch of Samaritans. And last but by no means least, look out for details of the firmly established tradition – the Riviera 2025 calendar competition. We are already looking forward to receiving your entries!

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please do write to me at with your feedback.

With very best wishes

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4 Our Operations Director spills the beans on her travel career For the love of food 6 Dive in to the world’s most delicious dishes
hours in Lyon 10 Introducing France’s chic gastronomic capital
upon a theme… 12 Let your passion be inspired on one of our new themed river cruises
special 14 Discover our small group Signature collection Charity update 16 Learn about our partnership with Practical Action plus our guests’ fundraising for Staffordshire Samaritans
Greats 18 Go for gold in the world’s greatest Olympic cities Life on the ocean waves 22 5 great reasons to choose a yacht cruise Happy 40th birthday Riviera 26 We’re celebrating! Reflections on four decades of our history Spotlight on Venice 28 Why we’re always in the mood for this unique Italian city What a Grand Idea! 30 Introducing our brand new longer tours for 2024 & 2025 In high places 34 Dream big – the world’s greatest peaks Get in the know 38 Myth-busting and some of your most frequently asked questions answered Ask the expert 40 Discover why Sicily’s island paradise steals the show Calendar update 42 Our 2024 winners plus how to enter next year’s competition Find us online RivieraTravelUK On our cover Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux, France
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magazine are ABTA and ATOL protected. Departure dates, itineraries and prices given are correct at the time of going to print and are subject to change. or call our team on 01283 893120 @RivieraTravelUK
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A relative newbie, Noeleen joined us at the start of 2023. That aside, with a huge amount of industry experience, we were thrilled that she chose to bring her knowledge and passion for travel to Riviera. We caught up with our Operations Director to get the low-down on her travel journey and what she’s looking forward to most in the year ahead.

How did your career in travel begin?

It started many moons ago (twentytwo years in fact!) in business travel with a company called Lonsdale Travel, where I was a Business Travel Consultant working on the Capita Plc account. Here I gained experience of the aviation world, firstly domestic UK travel, then European flying and eventually around the world tickets and airfares. I stayed with the company for thirteen years at which point I had become their Customer Experience Manager, leading their business travel division. I saw many changes within that time, from acquisitions, office moves, ash clouds and of course all your normal travel disruptions!

From there I moved to an events company for a short while but instantly missed being in travel. An opportunity presented itself to work with the tour operator, Great Rail Journeys based in York, as their Head of Operations. From day one, I had a blast, and worked with them for seven years, becoming Operations Director, leading

the department for Operations, Tour Managers and Sales. I was given plenty of opportunity to travel and see the world, which was a real perk of the job!

What brought you to Riviera?

I left GRJ in 2022 to have my second child, and then joined Riviera Travel at the start of 2023. Having worked at an escorted tour operator like GRJ, it felt familiar, and Riviera is close to home which allows me to do a job I love and still be able to go back home each evening to my family. Riviera has a strong brand reputation, and the opportunity to work with them was not one I wanted to miss!

Tell us about your most memorable moments please!

Having had the opportunity to travel as much as I have, there are many memorable moments, but two always stand out.

I had an opportunity to travel on the Orient Express; this most certainly was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I travelled from London to Venice, where I got to stay in the Belmond Hotel Cipriani which was fabulous! A personal achievement and one I will never forget, was reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the views were breathtaking.

What do you think you’ve learnt from your time at Riviera?

I have been at Riviera for a year now – it has gone so quick! It is fair to say in any travel business, things are constantly changing and Riviera has taught me to not take everything so seriously and

to have fun along the way. The social aspect of the company makes it a great place to work, I am already looking forward to our annual summer event!

Where are your favourite places and why?

Gosh, there are many to choose from and for all different reasons.

Jamaica with my family must be at the top of the list. It is fun, vibrant, energetic, and just a great place to beof course the rum punch always helps. Switzerland for the beautiful scenery, you have to travel by rail here to appreciate the views. And finally, Rome for the architecture, history and romance!

What are you looking forward to most?

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for Riviera. I am excited to start the year with the team, deliver exceptional

4 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

guest experiences and most of all, enjoy taking our customers to some of the most amazing places in the world in our special anniversary year!

We have an incredible tour manager community who help us create these experiences. For many of our guests they may be the only ‘face’ of Riviera they come into contact with and they are an intrinsic part of what we do.

And if all goes well in 2024, it would only be fair to celebrate with a glass or two of fizz at the end of season!

What are your own holiday plans this year?

At the end of 2023 we invested in a tent, so I am looking forward to taking the girls camping this year (providing the UK weather is on our side!). We also have a family holiday to Cyprus booked where we will be celebrating a few weddings along the way.

If you were marooned on a desert island, who would you like with you and why?

Sounds very cliché but it would be with my husband and two girls; I never feel we get to spend enough time together as a family. l

Rome Glacier Express, Switzerland
SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 | 5
Grand Canal, Venice

of food love For the

The world’s best dishes and where to find them

Laughter is brightest where food is best. If the Irish proverb is right, then making time to enjoy good food sounds like the perfect recipe for life. Food is not just a necessity, it’s an experience, a culture, and an art. Travel and food are inextricably linked: if you’re a lover of one, it’s likely you’ll have more than a penchant for the other. Every corner of the world serves up its own unique flavours in cuisine that tells a story about its people, history, and traditions. Travel across continents with us to discover some of the best sweet and savoury recipes the world has to offer and where you’ll find them.

Pizza in Naples, Italy

If you don’t like pizza, then you’ve (probably) not been to Naples. This Neapolitan creation has transcended borders to become a global favourite, with a host of imitators following in the footsteps of the original margherita. But nothing beats the experience of having a traditional pizza in its birthplace. The simplicity of fresh ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes, creamy mozzarella di bufala, fresh basil, and a perfectly charred crust, is what makes it a culinary masterpiece. Trust us, pizza will never be the same again.

Pompeii, Capri and the Bay of Naples tour

April to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,199pp

6 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Sushi in Tokyo, Japan

Sushi, characterised by its delicate flavours and precise preparation, is a dish best served in Japan. Tokyo, with its world-renowned Tsukiji fish market, is the epicentre of the freshest and most exquisite sushi on the planet. To the untrained eye, this delicacy might just look like a little ball of rice with a piece of fish on top. But the perfect sushi requires patience and skill; a perfect balance of flavours and textures is created from meticulously prepared ingredients – and the experience of watching a skilled sushi chef at work is as satisfying as the taste of the sushi itself.

The Best of Japan tour

March to November 2024 & February to October 2025 13 days from £4,499pp

Peking Duck in Beijing, China

The ancient dish of Peking Duck originating from Beijing has been on the menu since the Imperial era. Deeply rooted in Chinese cuisine, at least 400 years old, this ancient recipe is traditionally made with seasoned meat roasted in a closed or hung oven. The result is a crispy, flavourful skin and succulent meat, often served with pancakes and sweet bean or plum sauce. Pass the chopsticks!

NEW FOR 2025

Classic China tour

March to October 2025 13 days from £3,399pp

Chakalaka in South Africa

Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish, often served with bread, stews, or curries. It’s a mix of onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans, and spices, simmered to a perfect blend of flavours. This vegetarian dish reflects the melting pot of South African cultures and is as vibrant and diverse as the country itself. Chakalaka is not only a staple in households but also a delicious symbol of unity and celebration.

South Africa tour

May to November 2024 & January to November 2025 16 days from £2,999pp

SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 | 7

Peka in Dalmatia, Croatia

Peka is a beloved traditional Croatian dish, typical of the Dalmatian region. This unique cooking method involves baking meat (usually lamb, veal, or octopus) with seasonal vegetables under a bell-like dome or ispod peke, often with potatoes and other Mediterranean herbs. The dish is lovingly cooked over embers for several hours, resulting in a mouthwatering and hearty dish. It’s a musttry when you’re visiting.

Split, Hvar & the Delights of Dalmatia yacht cruise

May to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,849pp

Croissant in Paris, France

The perfect accompaniment to a morning coffee, if you’ve ever tried to make a croissant, you’ll know just how tricky it is to get it right. A good croissant encases the fluffiest, buttery layers in the crispiest, flakiest crust that melts in the mouth. Paris, the heart of France, is where this pastry reaches perfection and the delicious aromas wafting from the city’s boulangeries are sure to tempt you inside when you’re exploring the French capital whether it’s breakfast time or not.

The Seine, Paris & Normandy river cruise

April to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,699pp

Paris tour

March to December 2024 & 2025

4 days from £479pp

Paella in Andalucía, Spain

Strictly speaking paella is a vibrant and flavourful rice dish from Valencia. But you’ll find it all over Spain in varying guises. It’s typically cooked in a large shallow pan and includes a variety of seafood, meats, and vegetables, with lively saffron and paprika providing its signature colour and taste. The key to a good paella is the socarrat - the crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pan.

Classical Spain tour

March to October 2024 & 2025

7 days from £899pp

Tagine in Marrakesh, Morocco

Tagine, named after the earthenware pot it’s cooked in, is a Moroccan stew that combines sweet and savoury flavours. Slow-cooked at low temperatures, it contains meat (often lamb or chicken), a variety of vegetables, and fragrant spices like cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. The result is a dish with tender meat and a sauce bursting with flavour.

Marrakesh tour

March to November 2024 & January to November 2025

6 days from £899pp

Gumbo in the Deep South, USA

The Deep South of the United States is the heart of Cajun cuisine, and gumbo is its most iconic dish. This hearty stew is a melting pot of cultures, blending West African, French, Spanish, and Native American influences. Whilst every family claims to have the best recipe, gumbo typically includes a strong-flavoured stock, meat or shellfish and the ‘holy trinity’ of vegetables – bell peppers, onions, and celery – served on a bed of rice.

Deep South USA Plus Texas tour

March to November 2024 & 2025

14 days from £3,599pp

Palak Paneer in Delhi, India

Palak Paneer is a beloved vegetarian dish that hails from the heart of India. This vibrant green Delhi staple is cherished for its smooth, creamy texture and aromatic spices. The dish consists of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cubes cooked in a smooth spinach sauce infused with ginger, garlic, and a blend of garam masala, cumin, and turmeric. Palak Paneer is often served with Indian bread like naan or with basmati rice, and perfectly captures the essence of North Indian cuisine.

Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal and Amritsar’s Golden Temple tour

March, October & November 2024 & January to November 2025 15 days from £2,649pp

8 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Baklava in Istanbul, Turkey

Perfect for the sweetest of teeth, Baklava, has been a favourite treat since the days of the Ottoman Empire. A mouthwatering pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, is a must-try when you’re out and about in Istanbul. Once prepared in the kitchens of the Topkapi Palace, this delicacy is a staple in Turkish cuisine, hailed for its richness and complex textures. It’s the closest your tastebuds will get to heaven on earth.

Istanbul, Ephesus & Troy tour

April to November 2024

7 days from £1,299pp

Fondue in the Alps, Switzerland

Not just a throwback to the ‘70s, fondue is a quintessential Swiss dish, embodying the simplicity and richness of classic Swiss cuisine. This communal dish involves melting cheese (and more cheese), typically Gruyère and Emmental, and enjoying it with a variety of dippers like crusty bread, vegetables, and sometimes meats. Fondue is not just about the food though; it’s a symbol of Swiss culture, emphasising sharing and togetherness and the Alps provide the perfect backdrop to cosy up with your nearest and dearest and dive into this warm, comforting dish.

Rhine Cruise to Switzerland river cruise

May to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,799pp

Switzerland, the Matterhorn & the Glacier Express tour

May to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,809pp

Switzerland’s Golden Pass Railway, Lake Geneva & Montreux tour

June to October 2024

8 days from £2,699pp

Wherever you find yourself next, there’ll be diverse culinary pleasures to discover so make time to enjoy them – and you’ll be all the happier for it.

SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 | 9

Lyon, Provençal Rhône & the Camargue river cruise

April to October 2024 & 2025

11 days from £2,699pp

In the heart of France, at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône, you’ll find Lyon, a sophisticated blend of history and gastronomy. There’s an air of timeless elegance woven into the cobblestones of its UNESCO-listed Old Town (just right for some unhurried wandering) while its curious traboules, and Michelin-starred bouchons add the je ne sais quoi. Like the perfect host, Lyon invites you to savour its rich tapestry of culture and culinary delights. How could you refuse?

Start your day with a croissant and a casual wander through Vieux Lyon – the Old Town, a lattice of enticing alleys that lead you to the Gothic and Renaissance splendour of St Jean Cathedral and its astronomical clock. (Not that you’re clock watching of course).

If you happen to lose your way en route, it’s a bonus – these labyrinthine streets were made for some unplanned exploration!

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
10 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |
Saône Riverbank

As you traverse the city’s famous traboules you’ll be transported back in time. These passageways are more than shortcuts, they’re historic landmarks that honour the city’s silk-weaving heritage and the earliest example is said to date from the 4th century. Lyon has more than 400, and as you explore the maze of corridors and hidden stairwells, you can only imagine the secrets they could tell – from illicit rendez-vous to French Resistance meetings during World War II.

Don’t miss the climb up Fourvière Hill. Once the capital of Roman Gaul, you’ll discover traces of Lyon’s Roman heritage here too, with a scattering of ruins as well as the superb amphitheatre. Whether you walk or take the funicular, the effort is worth it for the Basilica alone (an architectural gem containing intricate mosaics, crypts, and stunning stained glass), but you’ll also be treated to unmatched views of the city plus there’s the opportunity for an aromatic stroll through the rose gardens and treelined paths at the Parc des Hauteurs.


Take a wander into the bohemian La Croix-Rousse district with its historic weavers’ workshops and leafy squares. On the Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, you’ll find a daily market, packed with wheels of cheese and glossy olives plus more than its fair share of gourmet patisseries, galleries and chic wine bars.

Lyon is the self-proclaimed capital of gastronomy - a title no Lyonnais will let you forget. Lunch is sacred here so

make time for it. Dive into a bouchon (the quintessential Lyonnaise eatery) where you’ll be elbow-to-elbow with the locals. Here, it’s all about hearty fare: think saucisson brioché (the best sausage roll you’ve ever tasted), Bresse chicken and a generous helping of quenelles, paired with the local Burgundy.

Walk off your lunch with a stroll along the banks of the Rhône. Or for a cultural interlude with the likes of Rubens and Rembrandt, make a pit stop at the Musée des Beaux-Arts – you’ll find a range of works on show here from medieval knights on horses to contemporary abstract pieces that’ll have you pondering.


As dusk sets in, head to the Presqu’Île district for an aperitif and some people-watching in the restaurants and cafés of the lively Place des Terreaux. For dinner, whether it’s a high-end Michelin-starred affair or the chef’s recommendation in a cosy bistro, the meal will likely speak for itself. And as you stroll under the linden trees along the floodlit Place Bellecour, taking in the fine Napoleonic facades, you’ll end the evening feeling both well fed and perhaps a little more Lyonnaise than you did the day before. l

New for 2025

History & Art of the Rhône river cruise

April to October 2025

8 days from £1,799pp

Burgundy, the River Rhône & Provence river cruise

April to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,499pp

New for 2025

Gardens & Natural Beauty of the Rhône river cruise

April to August 2025

8 days from £1,899pp

Place des Jacobins Avignon City
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nce upon a T HEM E...

Discover our brand new Themed River Cruises for your next holiday story. Happy ending guaranteed.

Gardens & Natural Beauty of the Rhône river cruise

April, May, July & August 2025

8 days from £1,899pp

Music, Arts & Craft of Switzerland & the Rhine river cruise

May, July, August & October 2025

8 days from £2,149pp

Gastronomy of the Douro –from Portugal to Spain river cruise

April, July & August 2025

8 days from £2,099pp

Music of the Blue Danube river cruise

April, July, August & October 2025

8 days from £1,899pp

Art & History on the Danube river cruise

May, July, August & October 2025

8 days from £2,099pp

History & Art of the Rhône river cruise

April, May, July & October 2025

8 days from £1,799pp

12 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

sees the launch of our brand new Themed Cruises – providing the opportunity to delve a little deeper into your favourite interests through the eyes of insightful speakers and expert guides; from art, music, food and wine, gardens or history, you’ll be able to enjoy these extra-special cruises featuring carefully selected experiences specifically tailored to your passion - and perfectly designed for enthusiasts of every level.

Gardens & Natural Beauty of the Rhone

Perfect for nature buffs, gardening enthusiasts, or those who enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, this Rhône river cruise from Lyon to Avignon, through captivating French landscapes (think Burgundy’s vine-draped hills and Provence’s lavender scented fields) is a horticultural dream come true. In Lyon, the botanical gardens in the Parc de la Tête d'Or are rich in exotic plants, while Vienne's historic Jardin des Villes whispers stories of ages past through its Roman ruins. The views from Avignon's Rocher des Doms will sweep you off your feet, and if you’ve ever fancied a stroll through a living painting, now's your chance, as you explore the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh. And for drama, the spectacular Gorges de l'Ardèche, fringed by suspended gardens, never disappoints. Of course, no French escapade is complete without indulging in Burgundy's finest wines, so we’ll make time for that too. Santé!

Gastronomy of the Douro –from Portugal to Spain

One of the most dramatic of Europe’s great river valleys, embark on a cruise along the Douro and enjoy a culinary odyssey through Portugal and Spain. Far from your average cruise, our new themed version is packed with flavoursome adventure and locally-grown produce as we sail through sleepy

villages and medieval towns (all that exploration is sure to work up your appetite). From hearty cuisine to sweet almond treats and celebrated port wine, every stop offers new taste discoveries to indulge every cruising foodie. There’s the opportunity to uncover Porto's rich history (and enjoy a drop or two of the famous wine), indulge in tapas in Salamanca, as well as unwind in the Douro’s serene wilderness.

Art & History on the Danube

Now, imagine a journey down the Danube, where history is still very much alive and well in the present. Setting sail from Budapest to Vienna, we'll unveil the secrets of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria, along the way take in the dazzling palaces, ruined castles and ancient cathedrals that echo with tales of ages. Led by expert guides with more stories than your favourite history book you’ll be wowed by their knowledge and insight. By day we’ll be enjoying a treasure hunt through capitals rich in history and by night, you can relax on board with cultural entertainment, featuring everything from spirited Hungarian folklore to soothing classical music.

Music, Arts & Craft of Switzerland & the Rhine

Our new Rhine river cruise is an artistic, musical, and historical voyage through Switzerland's inspiring landscapes and Germany's mystical Black Forest. You don’t need to be an expert

(just a music lover) to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest composers the world has ever known. Get a glimpse into his genius with a visit to Beethoven's birthplace in Bonn and enjoy performances inspired by the Rhine’s natural beauty and folklore. Explore Strasbourg's rich past and marvel at the stunning landscapes that have long captivated artists and composers, from the majestic Rhine Gorge to Switzerland's snowy peaks. You’re sure to feel the same.

The Music of the Blue Danube

The Danube's musical legacy awaits on our new themed cruise, tracing the melodies of Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn as we sail in style along this mighty European waterway. Dive into the musical heritage of Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and Salzburg, enriched with live performances and guided tours that’ll inspire every classical music lover. And perhaps earn some new fans too. Special experiences include cruising through the pretty Nibelungengau immortalised in the music of Wagner and a behind-the-scenes visit to the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Back on board the music plays on with magnificent performances from a string quartet and a traditional Hungarian folklore show as well as classical music performances in Bratislava and Salzburg.

History & Art of the Rhône

You’ll find art and history flowing through our new Rhône cruise as elegantly as the river itself. Journey from Avignon to Lyon, basking in the colours, light and texture of landscapes that inspired Van Gogh and exploring medieval towns brimming with history and character. As you stroll Arles’ picturesque streets, there’s an Impressionist’s view to savour around every corner – don’t forget your sketch book! Visit Avignon's Palace of the Popes, incredible Roman ruins, and the remarkable Caverne du Pont d'Arc where one of the world’s oldest artistic treasures remains. Discover Beaune's medieval past and marvel at its 15th-century architecture, as well as the awe-inspiring rock formations and cave paintings of the Ardèche Gorges.

To explore our full range of Themed Cruises visit

L'Espace Van Gogh, Arles
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Port wine cellar, Porto

The idea behind our Signature Tours was to create a collection of upgraded small group tours with enhanced experiences added for a truly exceptional holiday – the kind of holiday that takes you deep under the skin of the places you’re travelling to, to spots only a local might know, so that you’re not just visiting a destination but living it too. On most of our tours you’ll enjoy the benefit of not just one, but two local guides, so the experience will be second to none.

We’ll never forget that whilst you’re travelling with a Riviera group, you’ll always be an individual and we want to deliver an exceptional holiday that’s personal to you. Our Signature Tours, allowing you even more flexibility and choice will ensure an incredibly memorable holiday that’s perfect for you. Lunch Sicilian-style whilst sampling the wines of Mount Etna or discover more about India’s tiger conservation from an expert. From riding the Las Vegas High Roller to cruising the exquisite Borromean Islands, you’ll have the opportunity to try something different, or learn something new with a whole host of exciting and imaginative experiences that’ll excite every explorer whatever your penchant.

With on average of 22 guests on our Signature tours – and a maximum of 25 – you’ll be travelling with a smaller

group of like-minded individuals than on our classic tours, creating a little more intimacy - yet you’ll find the typical sociable ambience of a Riviera holiday still pervades, and rest assured there’ll be the opportunity to make new friends. Every detail has been carefully curated by our team of experts: you’ll stay in excellent hand-picked hotels and enjoy the same included visits and guided tours as on our standard tours, but with the added benefit of some extra-special additions too. There’ll be wow moments to give you goosebumps, and truly ‘under the skin’ experiences that’ll allow you to feel totally immersed in the culture of the destination. What’s more you’ll enjoy the expert insight from two knowledgeable local guides on most tours, allowing for a much more personal service.

Aragan oil, Morocco
something special with our 14 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |
Wine Tasting, France

Up close with nature

What could be more thrilling than a walk on nature’s edge along the Colombia Icefield Skywalk or more wonderful than stargazing under a Costa Rican sky? From immersing yourself amongst world-famous African wildlife to enjoying the ethereal Mediterranean magic of the Blue Grotto or dramatic Italian landscapes in the spectacular Gargano National Park - for outdoor and wildlife lovers everywhere, discover some diverse and wonderful experiences in the most spectacular locations around the world that’ll bring you closer to nature.

Make musical memories

As well as the sights, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the inspirational sounds of some of the planet’s most wonderful cultures too. Hear the music of the great composers in their homelands - from Mozart in Salzburg or Sibelius in Finland, authentic Flamenco to the legendary sounds of the USA’s Deep South, delight in musical traditions from around the globe.

Culinary pleasures

Eat the most divine Neapolitan pizza in the city of its creation, or tuck into rustic Croatian fare at a charming farmhouse restaurant. Dress to impress as you dine in the refined ambience of a French chateau or discover Tallin’s famed beer on a fascinating brewery tour and tasting. Whatever your culinary persuasion, you’ll find a host of extra-special inclusions to whet all appetites!

Foodie, nature-lover, wine-buff - whatever floats your holiday boat, we’ve got thoughtfully planned experiences you’ll love, with a few surprises along the way too. From enhanced wine-tastings to unforgettable Michelin star dinners, there’ll be memories to savour. You won’t just be visiting some of the most spectacular destinations in the planet, you’ll be fully immersed in them. Sip a chilled aperitivo at the top of Lake Maggiore’s only Skybar or take a Sri Lankan high tea at the Grand Tea lounge in Nuwara Eliya – wherever you decide to go, our Signature tours will take your holiday experience to the next level.

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Singing the Blues, USA
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Colombia Icefield Skywalk, Canada Farmhouse lunch, Croatia


Whilst cruising recently on the Douro, our team spotted two of our guests, Judith and Sue, dipping out of a visit to Lamego (Judith tells me it was raining so we’ll let them off) to proofread a compilation of recipes. On further enquiry, we learnt that their 152-page collection had been put together to raise money for the Stafford branch of Samaritans. News of their enterprise quickly spread to the Riviera office who were keen to purchase a few copies too. We wanted to find out more about the background to their idea so met with Judith who spilled the beans (pardon the pun) on their fundraising project.

Although not a religious organisation, Samaritans was founded by a Londonbased vicar called Chad Varah, in 1953. Throughout his career Chad had offered counselling to his parishioners and wanted to do something more specific to help people contemplating suicide. The Samaritans charity has been in existence for 70 years, and now operates around 200 branches with 22,000 volunteers nationwide.

Last November the Stafford branch, with its team of 65 (all volunteers), celebrated its 60th anniversary. It costs approximately £20,000 a year to run the operation from their office in the Staffordshire county town, and consequently the volunteers are constantly on the lookout for fundraising opportunities. Whilst they usually plan an annual large-scale event, this year they decided to change tack with a handy recipe book.

We have 20 copies available to give away to lucky Discover magazine readers! To enter the draw, all you need to do is head to cookbookcomp to be in with a chance of winning, or point your phone camera at the QR code on this page. Terms & conditions apply.

Judith herself has been a volunteer for the charity for 30 years. With her husband a brewer, she arrived in Staffordshire in 1972, and recounts that when her boys went away to school, she went ‘looking for something to do’. Three decades later, and an MBE in tow (something she modestly forgot to mention, received from the Queen for her services to the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Featherstone as well as the Samaritans) she is still working for the charity regularly – although she says she can no longer manage the night shifts!

Alongside her, Sue, has been tirelessly fundraising for The Samaritans for many years too, and together with Judie and Laura, they have all worked over the past few months to compile and complete the project. The initial print run was for just 50 copies, but they were quickly sold, and further print runs

If you would like to contribute to their fundraising and purchase a copy (or several!) for £10 each, then please do make contact with us using the email address below, and we will pass on your request to Judith and her team who will contact you directly.

For all other enquiries about Samaritans including how to donate or volunteer, please visit their website

We never doubted what an interesting bunch you are! If you’ve got an

were needed. So far, they have sold more than 300 copies at local craft fairs and markets and raised over £3,500 – Judith happily tells me, considerably more than they ever expected!

The book has been lovingly put together with over 120 great ideas from their family and friends so it’s a real team effort. Nattily subtitled ‘Cocktails to Marmalade and Everything in Between’ it’s a clearly set out, easy-to-use little book, packed with delicious ideas, from simple mid-week suppers to imaginative twists on tried and tested favourites, mouth-watering veggie fare to sweet treats. Favourites so far include the Marmalade Chicken which can be made the day before and freezes brilliantly, easy-peasy Hedgehog Cake and goeswith-everything Tomato and Chilli Jam.

interesting story to share, we’d love to hear from you so please contact us at

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Last year, we proudly partnered with Practical Action, an international development group dedicated to building sustainable lives and livelihoods for those on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. With lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about them:

Founded in 1966, Practical Action has evolved to embody pragmatic, holistic, and systemic approaches to tackling poverty. Their founding beliefs still drive them today, making a difference by advocating for effective solutions and partnering with institutions to scale up change globally.

Together with communities and global partners like Riviera Travel, they develop real-world solutions, turning surviving into thriving and overcoming injustice, for women and other vulnerable groups. Like us, they envision societies and economies that benefit everyone, living within the planet’s means, and believe that innovation and cooperation can conquer any challenge.

Their work is super impactful: developing sustainable solutions for agriculture, water waste management, climate resilience, and clean energy. Sharing successful strategies to accelerate big change. To find out more about Practical Action and our partnership, or to make a donation, visit l

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Go for gold in some of the world’s best Olympic cities

2024 is all set to witness incredible sporting achievements by the world’s greatest athletes at this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. Whether you’re a sporting fanatic or happy to watch the action from the comfort of an armchair, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a whistle-stop tour around the world to some of the cities that have hosted these historic games. Everyone is a winner so on your marks.


The birthplace of the Olympics, Athens is the ultimate city where ancient history and modern vibrancy converge. Visitors can explore iconic sites like the Panathenaic Stadium from the first modern Olympics in 1896 and the impressive facilities from the 2004 Games, all amidst a jaw-dropping backdrop of the Acropolis and millennia of history.

Classic Greece tour

March to November

2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,529pp


Beijing, a city of ancient wonders like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, hosted the 2008 Olympics. The Games left a sporting legacy here with ultra-modern venues like the Bird’s Nest Stadium, showcasing Beijing’s rich history and its emergence as a global power.

Classic China tour NEW FOR 2025

March to October 2025

13 days from £3,399pp

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Sydney, known for its stunning harbour, beaches and Opera House, hosted the 2000 Olympics. Cosmopolitan and welcoming, you’ll find a laid-back atmosphere when you arrive down under in this sport-loving city, with its spectacular coastal backdrop and a bustling arts scene.

Australia tour NEW FOR 2025

January to November 2025

16 days from £4,399pp


Tokyo’s blend of ultra-modern and traditional makes it a fascinating Olympic city. The 1964 Games were symbolic of Japan’s post-war resurgence, while the 2020 Olympics, despite the challenges of the pandemic and being delayed by a year, showcased Tokyo’s futuristic landscapes, rich culture, and technological prowess.

The Best of Japan tour

April to November 2024 & February to November 2025

13 days from £4,399pp


Paris, the City of Light, hosts the Olympics for the third time in 2024 after its previous years in 1900 and 1924. Famed for its romantic boulevards, instantly recognisable landmarks, world-class art galleries and culinary excellence, no matter how many times you’ve visited, there’s always something new to discover in the French capital.

Paris tour March to December 2024 & 2025

4 days from £440pp

The Seine, Paris & Normandy river cruise

April to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,614pp


Calgary, with its stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 and are remembered for several iconic moments, including the debut of the Jamaican bobsleigh team, which inspired the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ Visitors can explore the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum and even try their hand at bobsledding or ski jumping at the Olympic Park!

Grand Journey on Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer & Alaskan Cruise

June to September 2024 & May to September 2025

16 days from £5,499pp

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Antwerp had the honour of hosting the Olympics in 1920, the first games held after World War I and included the introduction of the Olympic flag and the Olympic Oath. A rich history, vibrant culture, synonymous with Rubens and fine architecture, including a stunning cathedral and medieval buildings, provided a picturesque backdrop.

Bruges, Medieval Flanders, Amsterdam & the Dutch Bulbfields river cruise

April 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,949pp


Helsinki hosted the 1952 Olympics. Famed for its design, seafacing landscape, and reviving saunas, the Finnish capital is an eclectic mix of Nordic tradition, timeless beauty and under-stated chic. The city’s Olympic Stadium, set against a backdrop of lush greenery was designed to reflect Finland’s deep connection with both the sporting and natural worlds.

Helsinki, Tallinn & Riga tour

May to September

2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,159pp


The Egyptian capital has been the only African city to host the Youth Summer Olympics in 2021. World-famous for its ancient wonders, including the nearby Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, explore its renowned museums, particularly its archaeological museum, historic sites, and colourful markets where you can soak up local life.

Wonders of the Nile –The long cruise from Cairo

May to November 2024 & February to November 2025

11 days from £3,799pp


Rome, the Eternal City and birthplace of modern civilisation was a fitting host for the games of 1960. With treasures around every corner and some of the world’s most incredible ancient ruins including the Colosseum, Forum and Pantheon, wherever you wander you’ll feel the weight of history all around you.

Discover Italy –Turin, Venice & Rome tour

May & September 2024

8 days from £2,299pp

Classical Italy tour

May to September

2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,409pp

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Refined Heidelberg, with its elegant architectural backdrop and artistic heritage, played host to the Paralympic Games in 1972, held shortly after the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. This event was a significant milestone in the history of the Paralympic movement, showcasing athletic talent and promoting inclusivity in sports on a global stage.


The Olympics arrived in Amsterdam in 1928. Set amongst the city’s historic network of canals, colourful flower markets and rich artistic heritage contained in the Rijksmuseum, the city’s Olympic Stadium is a piece of sports history.

Rhine, Strasbourg & Heidelberg river cruise

April to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,799pp


In 1912 Stockholm, the Swedish capital, welcomed athletes to the games. This city of islands is renowned for its stunning waterfronts, historic Gamla Stan – old town, and innovative design and its Olympic Stadium is still in use today.

Stockholm & Copenhagen tour

June to September 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,399pp

Amsterdam, Kinderdijk & the Dutch Bulbfields river cruise

April 2024 & 2025

5 days from £1,049pp

Los Angeles

LA, a city where Hollywood glamour reigns supreme has twice played host to the Olympics in 1932 and 1984. Today a melting pot of culture and creativity, you can enjoy exploring its diverse neighbourhoods, sun-soaked beaches and landmarks like Sunset Strip and the Walk of Fame, synonymous with glitz and glamour. The city is busy preparing for 2028 when it’s once again set to play host. l

Classic California tour NEW FOR 2025

March to November 2025

14 days from £3,299pp

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ocean Life on the

reasons why a Riviera yacht cruise is always a good idea

Cast your cares away and set sail with us on a spectacular seafaring adventure aboard one of our luxury yachts. A class apart, our magnificent fleet promise a unique kind of holiday, and with smaller numbers on board you’ll enjoy a much more intimate and exclusive experience too. But if you’re new to cruising you might need a bit more encouragement to take the plunge.

Imagine the joy of swimming off the back of a gleaming yacht (as if it were your own) into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic or mooring up on a picturesque quayside and hopping easily ashore to wander medieval little towns steeped in history and ambience. Trust us, there are few better ways to enjoy your most relaxing holiday ever. But if you’re not yet persuaded, here’s some more compelling reasons to consider setting sail into the blue with Riviera:

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Unpack just the once

Cruising allows you to explore multiple destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking at each stop. Cruising aboard one of our luxury yachts in the Adriatic, as soon as you arrive on board your superb ship, you’ll be able to settle in and start unwinding. No time wasted. As your floating hotel sails from one port to another, you’ll be able to enjoy diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences in luxury and style – as well as convenience.

Explore Remote Locations

Some of our cruise itineraries take you to remote and exotic locations that might be difficult to reach otherwise. Our luxurious yachts are small which allows the ships to moor at smaller ports, so you can hop off and explore right away. And rest assured you’ll always be cruising safely – we have rigorous standards and procedures in place on board all our vessels, so all you need to do is worry about enjoying yourself.

Split, Dubrovnik & Splendours of Dalmatia yacht cruise

May to September 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,849pp

So much included

Our cruises include so much – from superb accommodation in a choice of cabin or suite and superb dining on board. You’ll also find excellent facilities on board to keep you amused – or simply flop into a sun lounger on deck and take in the views! Our expertly designed yacht itineraries are packed with a host of tours and visits all included in the price, so budgeting for your holiday is simpler and allows you to indulge without worrying about accumulating costs.

Split, Zadar & Secrets of the North yacht cruise

May to October 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,899pp

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Split, Hvar & the Delights of the Dalmatia yacht cruise

May to October 2024

8 days from £1,849pp

Don’t just take our


... here’s what some of our delighted guests had to say….

Culinary Delights

Dining on board our yachts will be a highlight of your holiday, and you'll be treated to a culinary experience that's second to none. In the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant with its contemporary elegance, sit back and enjoy the fabulous views as your professional crew serve locally inspired menus. Our yacht cruises include breakfast each morning to set you up for the day ahead and other select meals depending on the itinerary you've chosen; as we'll always be moored overnight, you'll have the opportunity to take an evening stroll to savour authentic cuisine in cosy onshore restaurants too whilst soaking up the ambience.

Everything was superb quality - the ship, the crew, the organisation, the food on board, our cabin - the trips ashore and swim stops.

Gillian, October 2023 – Split, Zadar & Secrets of the North Feefo

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Meet New People

Cruises are social by nature, giving you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, and on a Riviera cruise you’ll be in the company of passionate travellers just like you. A friendly, welcoming crew on board our yachts set a laid-back tone and the ambience is always social and informal. (T-shirts and shorts are the order of the

day – though you may prefer to dress up for dinner if you fancy it.) Whether it's at dinner, soaking up the sights ashore with your expert guide, enjoying drinks in the bar or while lounging on deck, you're likely to make plenty of new friends along the way.

Split, Rab & Undiscovered Islands of the North yacht cruise

May to September 2024 & 2025

8 days from £1,899pp

Sound like your kind of holiday?

Yes, ours too. Explore our ocean cruising collection at

Still not sure if cruising’s for you and you’d miss a stay ashore? Well in 2025 you don’t need to choose between them! For cruise enthusiasts and landlovers alike, you’ll be able to enjoy a holiday on land and at sea with one of our brand new Yacht & Tour packages. Cruise the dazzling Croatian coast and also enjoy a 2- or 3-night land tour, staying in hand-picked hotels, and taking in more of the region’s most incredible cities and natural wonders.

Wonderful holiday, every day was perfect. A very happy ship, delightful crew and Theo was an excellent Captain.

Patricia, August 2023 – Split, Rab & Undiscovered Islands of the North Feefo

It was a lovely trip, relaxing, interesting and informative with a good balance of free time and tours.

Laura, September 2023 – Split, Dubrovnik & the Splendours of Dalmatia Feefo

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Happy 40th birthday Riviera

This March Riviera turned 40. During four decades the travel industry has certainly faced its fair share of challenges so we think our milestone is definitely worth celebrating. Since we’re all feeling a bit reflective as we head towards our anniversary, we wanted to share some of our special memories.

We’re extraordinarily proud of our heritage; from humble beginnings with a handful of tents on a campsite in the south of France during the early 1980s, our founder Michael Wright, with his extraordinary passion for travel and history, created the largest escorted tour operator in the UK, and our ethos to provide an exceptional holiday experience to the world’s most fascinating destinations, that’s as educational as it is entertaining, all for the best value you’ll find anywhere, remains as strong as it ever was.

On 8th March 1984, the very first Riviera Travel coach tour to Paris ran in conjunction with the Burton Mail and of course even today, though

we’ve had to upscale a couple of times over the years, our head office remains in Burton-upon-Trent. Our first office, The Manor, was two small rooms in the upstairs of a lovely Georgian house; our reservations team (of 4!) worked alongside the office cat, who spent her days wandering between the marketplace and over and around the desks.

Remarkably whilst we now operate our Paris city break via Eurostar, the itinerary is largely unchanged, and we still work with some of the hotel partners we worked with decades ago. The first local paper we teamed up with was the Bucks Free Press and from there we began working with

numerous titles all over the country – from the Newcastle Chronicle & Journal to the Loughborough Echo, Southern Daily Echo to Western Mail, there was virtually no corner of the UK we weren’t working with. Michael would arrive at the paper’s offices with his briefcase crammed with maps and talk with infectious enthusiasm about our holidays for hours. From 3-night coach tours to Paris, in 1985 we started to operate to the Loire Valley and Le Touquet. Next came a Paris & Champagne tour which looking back was something quite avant-garde, with a 2-night stay in Paris with a guided tour, then 1 night in Reims, with its exceptional cathedral in the heart of Champagne country.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 26 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |




Lake Garda, Venice & Verona Tour Departures April to October 2024 & 2025 Venice, Split & Treasures of the North yacht cruise Departures May to October 2024 & 2025 days from £1,049pp days from £2,449pp
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Venice isn’t your usual run-of-themill city. It’s a place where the streets are made of water, and boats replace cars, giving ‘rush hour’ here a whole new meaning. Spread across 118 islands, Venice is the only city in the world where you can be surrounded by water, and still find yourself in a traffic jam. Its labyrinth of canals, bridges, and cool narrow alleyways, present an enticing challenge for anyone trying to navigate without a map (or with one, for that matter). But simply put, this charismatic Italian city is a floating masterpiece, so if you’ve not yet visited, add it your list to do it soon.

The city’s main artery, the Grand Canal, is a bustling waterway where gondolas and vaporettos (waterbuses) zip past centuries-old buildings that look like they’ve been plucked straight from a Renaissance building and dipped in gold and glitter. The showstopper, though, is Piazza San Marco, which could easily be mistaken for a film set, complete with its own stunning basilica. (And pigeons that seem to think they own the place). A stone’s throw away, the Doge’s Palace stands as a testament to Venice’s rich history, flaunting its intricate Gothic architecture. It’s a vivid reminder of the city’s former heydays when, as the commercial and cultural soul of the Mediterranean, it really was the place to be.

Venice isn’t just about gazing at old buildings though. It’s a living museum, still buzzing with creativity and flair. Having been a muse to everyone from Vivaldi to Hemingway, today the city plays host to the Venice Biennale and the Venice Film Festival, drawing in global crowds eager to soak up contemporary art and cinema. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Venice is in a constant battle with nature, wrestling with rising sea levels and the footfall of millions of visitors each year. Yet, despite these challenges, Venice manages to maintain its charm and character, a testament to the city’s resilience and enduring appeal.

Dining in Venice is an adventure in itself. The city serves up a seafoodcentric menu with Italian flair that’ll have you reconsidering everything you thought you knew about fish. Local eateries dish out cicchetti (Venetian tapas) perfect for those who can never decide what to order, accompanied by a glass of prosecco, because when in Venice, you drink like the Venetians do.

As night falls and the day-trippers retreat, Venice transforms. The city shakes off its tourist cloak and reveals its quieter, more mysterious side. It’s when the last gondola turns the corner, and the moonlight hits the canals to cast the city in a magical

glow. And though you’ll be sharing it with just a few thousand other night owls, it’ll feel like your very own secret. Venice is an enigma, a city of contrasts – historically rich yet facing modern challenges, crowded yet beautifully intimate. (If not a little bit soggy round the edges). It’s a place where there’s a new discovery around every corner, and even the most well-trodden paths have stories to tell. It’s a city that floats not just on water, but on dreams, drama, and an unshakable sense of its own spectacular uniqueness. Do visit. l

Piazza San Marco
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Venetian masks


Roll up, roll up, for our collection of Grand Tours launching in 2025. All you need is a sense of adventure for an experience that ticks all the boxes when you’re searching for an extraordinary holiday - we’re talking extra-special anniversary, birthday milestone or simply because you’ve deserved it. Our brand new, longer tours, ranging from 16 to 26 days, (capsule wardrobe recommended), offer a richer and more immersive travel experience with even deeper dives and broader leaps into the unknown. Because sometimes more is well, more.

30 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |
IDEA! SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 | 31


Grand Tour of PERU & THE AMAZO N

Our Grand Tour of Peru & the Amazon is your ticket to experiencing the best of this fascinating country that’ll grab your attention (and refuse to let go). In a place where history and modernity collide, you'll get to explore everything from the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, a treasure trove of ancient Incan ruins perched high in the mountains and shrouded in mystery, to the Peruvian Amazon basin, where you'll spend two nights in an eco-lodge surrounded by some seriously stunning nature. The Andes are something else – they're not just any mountain range but the second highest in the world, complete with snow-capped volcanoes and rushing rivers. Down on the altiplano, you’ll find a landscape that feels like it’s from another time, dotted with traditional thatched houses and herds of llamas. Guaranteed to make you smile.


If you’re contemplating a trip to the other side of the planet, then it may as well be a big one. Our all-encompassing Antipodean adventure to the lands down under – New Zealand and Australia – is certainly that. Cinematic views where endless plains meet snow-capped mountainbacked lakes, glaciers and giant forests, the list goes on. Travelling by aeroplane, coach, train, helicopter and ship (this is an adventure after all) we’ll discover what makes New Zealand such an incredible place, leaving an indelible mark on all its visitors. There’s the opportunity to learn about its history, taste its famous wines and feel immersed in traditional Maori culture too. We’ll get under the skin of its most beloved cities – Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown – all with their own unique style and flavour. And in Australia, from koala close-ups to penguin parades, you’ll get to experience the beautiful beaches, bustling cities and laid-back lifestyle this continentsized country is famous for.

Enjoy a can’t-believe-I’m-really here moment as you set eyes on the white sails of Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge and lose yourself in chic Melbourne’s winding alleys and cosy cafés.

Departing January, April & May 2025 | 26 days from £7,299pp

Cape Town

32 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Lake Titicaca is another highlight. It's not every day you get to see the highest navigable lake in the world, glowing a brilliant blue and stretching as far as the eye can see and where the Uros people live on floating reed islands. But Peru isn't just about the past. It’s also home to some of the best food in South America. You've got to try the ceviche – and if you're feeling brave, maybe even the guinea pig. And don't get us started on the potatoes; there are over thirty types to try! With its mix of incredible history, stunning landscapes, delicious food, and the genuinely kind people you’ll meet along the way, Peru has all the ingredients you need for the grandest of tours.

Departing January, April & May 2025 | 16 days from £4,299pp

Grand Tour of S OUTH AFRICA

‘A world in one country’ is probably a good place to begin a Grand Tour and on our new South African extravaganza you’ll get to experience it all. From the cultural hub of Johannesburg to Cape Town’s natural wonders, we’ll journey through national parks where the wildlife is just as incredible as the views, past colossal mountain peaks and verdant valleys producing top-notch wines, taking in the local flavours of quirky towns and villages along the way.

Stories from a specialist guide will shine a light on the legendary Zulu War battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift whilst South Africa's epic landscapes come alive on a journey along Chapman’s Peak Drive through the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, the famous Route 62 and Panorama Route.

Enjoy the sights and scents of the country's varied flora and fauna on visits to Featherbed and Swartberg Nature Reserves, whilst your tastebuds will appreciate visits to some of Wineland’s bestknown wineries. Botanical Gardens don’t come much grander than Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch. Acclaimed as one of the finest on the globe, sprawling the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, its 582 hectares contain many rare and endangered plant species. And in legendary Kruger National Park there’s every chance you’ll encounter the Big Five during a full day's game drive in search of lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. Life-affirming stuff.

Departing February to November 2025 20 days from £3,699pp

Grand Journey from the DEEP SOUTH TO ROUT E 66

Studio B, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Graceland. Big names synonymous with the southern USA’s immense musical heritage, and when it comes to classic tours, few adventures are bigger than our new American road trip through the Deep South and along Route 66. You’ll get to experience the USA’s unique culture, music and charm as well as retrace some of the most momentous events in the country’s history. The Deep South resonates with the sounds of the South – rock n’ roll, the blues and country – and you’ll hear them all in their birthplace, Nashville. We’ll travel to New Orleans, a city which swings to the beats of its legendary jazz bands and get under the skin of its atmospheric French Quarter which’ll be revealed through the eyes of a local expert. In The Big Easy, its unique Creole and Cajun cuisine is not to be missed – plenty of spicy peppers and fresh seafood – this is the mouthwatering taste of the South. See where history was made at some of the USA’s most world-famous sites – where JFK was assassinated in Dallas and Martin Luther King in Memphis, as well as the location of the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio and the Space Race at Mission Control in NASA'S Johnson Space Centre, Houston. The big adventure continues on ‘the Main Street of America’, a part of the iconic Route 66, stopping to enjoy its quirky American sights – shops and diners, and the alien landscapes of the Petrified Forest National Park, a colourful wood of petrified trees that are over 200 million years old. And of course, there’s few things grander than the incredible, red-layered rocks of the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the world - a mindboggling series of shapes, colours and glaring desert light, once seen never forgotten.

Departing March, May & September 2025 | 18 days from £4,499pp

Discover our entire range of Grand Tours at

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I n a world where mountains stand as silent sentinels of time, each peak tells its own tale, each a giant character in the Earth’s epic evolutionary story. Alluring, mystical, monumental – we take a look at some of the planet’s mightiest landmarks, Mother Nature’s own cathedrals, inviting us to explore, dream and discover.

34 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Uluru: The Red Giant of the Outback

In the heart of Australia's Red Centre stands Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock, an immense sandstone monolith that is much more than a spectacular natural wonder. Sacred to the indigenous Anangu people, Uluru's ochre-red hues, which dramatically change from dawn to dusk, narrate the ancient tales of creation and existence according to Aboriginal lore. As you walk at its foot, in the shadow of this huge rock, you can't help but feel the spiritual resonance that permeates the air, a reminder of the deep connection between land and culture.

Highlights of Australia

NEW for 2025

January to November 2025

17 days from £4,999pp

Huayna Picchu: The Inca's Stairway to the Sky

Perched above the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu looms large, keeping watch over ancient secrets. Its precipitous pathways and stairs, carved directly into rock, offer a

heart-pounding ascent that rewards the brave (and the energetic if you’re not taking the public transport option) with panoramic views of the once-lost Incan city below. This Peruvian peak's allure isn't just in its breathtaking vistas but in the intimate glimpse it provides into the ingenuity and spirit of the Incan civilisation.

Peru Tour

October 2024

April & October 2025

13 days from £3,499pp

Uluru Huayna Picchu
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Table Mountain: Cape Town's Iconic Backdrop

Dominating Cape Town’s skyline, Table Mountain is a flat-topped marvel - its unique silhouette, visible from miles around, has captivated visitors for centuries. A journey to its summit, whether by foot or cable car, reveals a stunning world of biodiversity - a floral kingdom unlike any other, nestled within the city's limits. Once you’ve made it to the top, the mountain's plateau offers a serene space to gaze upon the urban sprawl and azure waters that define Cape Town's stunning geography.

South Africa – with optional Rovos Rail Extension

January to November 2024

& January to November 2025

16 days from £2,999pp

18 days with extension from £5,299pp

Matterhorn: The Alpine Icon

The Matterhorn, with its distinctive pyramid shape, is synonymous with the Swiss Alps (as well as the triangular shaped Swiss chocolate). Straddling the border between Switzerland and Italy, its solitary peak has become an emblem of the rugged beauty and allure of the mountains.

Etna: Europe's Tallest Volcano

Rising above the Italian island of Sicily, Mount Etna is a testament to the earth's fiery power. As Europe's highest and most active volcano, Etna's landscapes are ever-changing, sculpted by frequent eruptions and lava flows. Its fertile slopes cradle lush vineyards and fragrant orchards, while ancient myths speak of Cyclops and gods within its smoking craters.

Sicily Tour

April to October 2024

Climbing the Matterhorn is a rite of passage for mountaineers, a journey through a challenging terrain of steep ridges and sharp rocks in often unpredictable weather. The Matterhorn's shadow casts a spell of wonder and adventure that draws people from around the world.

Switzerland, the Matterhorn & the Glacier Express

May to October 2024 & May to October 2025

8 days from £1,809pp

8 days from £1,499pp

El Capitan: The Climber's Mecca

In the heart of California's Yosemite National Park stands El Capitan, a granite giant that commands respect and awe from all who see it. For rock climbers, El Cap is the ultimate challenge, a 3,000-foot vertical face that tests physical strength, mental

Atlas Mountains: Africa's Rugged Range

Stretching across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, the Atlas Mountains are a world apart from the bustling cities, colourful markets and serene beaches of North Africa. Home to Berber tribes, the range is a tapestry of verdant valleys, stark peaks, and ancient villages where time seems to have stood still. A journey through the Atlas Mountains reveals not just the natural beauty of its landscapes but also the rich cultural heritage of its people, offering a glimpse into a way of life that has endured for centuries.

stamina, and technical skill. The rock's smooth, sheer walls have been the setting for some of the most significant achievements in climbing, a testament to human determination and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Classic California

March to November 2025

14 days from £3,299pp

California & the Golden West

March to November 2024

14 days from £3,299pp

Table Mountain Atlas Mountains
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El Capitan

Fuji: Japan's Sacred Summit

Mount Fuji, with its near-perfect conical shape, is more than Japan's highest peak; it's a symbol of beauty, endurance, and tranquillity. Revered as a sacred site, Fuji has inspired artists, poets, and pilgrims since time immemorial and its snowcapped visage, often framed by cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, embodies the serenity and power of the landscape. Climbing Fuji, especially to witness the sunrise from its summit, is a spiritual journey that typifies the Japanese concept of harmony with nature.

Icons of Japan

NEW for 2025

March November 2025

10 days from £2,999pp

February to November 2024 & January to November 2025

6 days from £859pp

Marrakesh & the Atlas Mountains
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Get in the KNOW

When it comes to planning a holiday, there’s a few things that you might not know or be a little unsure of. Booking your trip is an important decision and we want you to have all the facts (no myths) when you choose to travel with us. To clear up any doubts you might have about our tours, cruises and solo adventures, let’s look at some of the most-asked questions we get, and give you a definitive answer. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


The price looks expensive!

Always bear in mind, the price you pay includes everything you need! We are confident that all our holidays offer unbeatable value for money, and you won’t find the same quality for less with any other operator. We always include scheduled flights and transfers from a choice of regional airports at no additional supplement and checked luggage. Carefully selected hotels in great locations are included on our tours (always with breakfast and select meals) whilst on our river cruises you’ll enjoy superb accommodation in spacious cabins or suites, as well as a full-board, fine dining experience, executed in the utmost style.

In addition, you’ll find our expertly planned itineraries always include a host of fascinating visits and insightful guided tours with local experts, so you’ll get the very most out of your holiday. And that includes on our ocean cruises too. Whether you’re cruising or on one of our tours, you’ll have the reassurance of a Riviera Cruise Director or Tour Manager on hand to assist and offer advice throughout your holiday too.

On a river cruise will I have to pay extra for drinks?

No. You’ll enjoy a free Superior drinks package on all European river cruises, so all you need to do is relax with your favourite tipple and take in the views.

Will there be a window in my cabin?

On all our ships, cabins will have a window included in the price you pay. Middle and upper deck cabins include a French balcony, whilst suites on the upper deck include a balcony, to admire the ever-changing scenery.

Will I have to sit with others at mealtimes?

You have the flexibility to choose. You can sit with others or without – it’s always up to you.

Will I have to dress up for mealtimes?

Unlike the typical ocean cruise, you’ll find there isn’t a formal dress code on board. You don’t need to dress up unless you want to.

Will it be claustrophobic on board?

There’s a maximum of just 169 guests on board a river cruise ship and there’s lots of communal spaces, including a fabulous sun deck, bar and restaurants so you’ll never feel claustrophobic. Cabins are also spacious – amongst the largest on any river cruise ship on European waterways. And seasickness is generally not a problem either as there are no waves!

Will there be evening entertainment?

Every evening you’ll enjoy evening entertainment on board our river cruises. From quizzes to a lively Hungarian folklore show and a classical string quartet recital, never fear, you’ll be kept amused!

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Will I be forced to do every excursion and not be able to explore by myself?

You can absolutely choose to do your own thing should you so wish. Unlike ocean cruises, river ships often dock in the heart of the cities and towns you’re visiting, allowing you to head out as soon as the ship is moored. Occasionally, according to the holiday itinerary, you might have to get the coach with the group to the next destination but then you can certainly explore by yourself.

Will I have enough time in each place?

We’ve crafted itineraries to ensure you enjoy the optimum time at each destination, and there will be plenty of time to explore and relax. Plus, river cruise ships aren’t like ocean cruise ships – you can hop on and off much more quickly, so you have more time at the destination.


I don’t fancy a big ocean cruise, can I still ocean cruise with Riviera?

Absolutely you can. Our smallest yacht exploring the Croatian coastline holds just 30 guests, allowing you to access the smaller ports and enjoy swim stops in secluded bays. Our smallest tall ships have just 83 cabins. Our ocean-going ‘small ship’ has 630 cabins, which is a lot smaller than the 3,000 cabins on a big ocean cruise liner, so you’ll get a far more intimate, ‘boutique’ feel on board.

Why would I choose a yacht cruise over a larger cruise ship experience?

Where do we start! Our yacht cruises hold a maximum of just 38 guests so from the moment you step on board you’ll find a relaxed, sociable yet intimate ambience. Our ships moor at the smaller ports, allowing you to hop off and explore straight away, and there’s the opportunity to swim off the back of the vessel in secluded bays and idyllic coves should you wish. There’s little formality on board, shorts and t-shirts are the order of the day, plus, all yachts are moored overnight, so you can also enjoy local cuisine or an evening stroll ashore.


Will I need to dine alone on a Solo tour?

Not unless you want to! Whilst our Solo holidays are certainly not a matchmaking service, the welcome dinner is the chance to mingle with your fellow guests and we find that travellers often dine together when meals aren’t provided. Your Tour Manager will ensure you never dine alone (unless you choose to).

Can I travel with a group of friends on a Solo holiday?

If you’d like to travel as a larger group of more than two, we’d recommend our regular tours. This is so that all solo travellers integrate, which is all part of the holiday fun.

What is the likely age range of the group?

Usually, it’s over 50s on our solo holidays, but age is just a number of course – everyone is welcome!

Where will I meet the Tour Manager on a Solo holiday?

On most occasions the Tour Manager will meet you at the airport, check in with you and accompany you on the flight. Where this isn’t possible, a Riviera team member will greet you at the airport, help you check in and introduce you to other members in the group. If you’re travelling by Eurostar, the Tour Manager will be travelling with you on the train.

How many people will I be travelling with on a Solo holiday?

The average size of our groups is 25 people, although this can vary depending on how popular the destination is. For ocean cruising – it depends on your ship size. Our yacht cruises have a maximum of 19 cabins, so on a Solo cruise, just 19 guests. l

Here’s hoping we’ve set your mind at rest and cleared a few things up. For more information you can also visit our website

Will I get to experience the local cuisine?

Yes. Our chefs present imaginative, seasonal menus using local ingredients, inspired by the places we visit. On our ocean yacht cruises, with select meals included, you’ll also have the option to enjoy the local cuisine in restaurants and eateries ashore independently.

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We could tell you that Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, with a fabulously rich history and superbly preserved relics from every era combined with unparalleled natural beauty. It’s a pretty good start. But if that’s not enough to tempt you to visit this idyllic island paradise, which feels like it enjoys life at a slower pace than the rest of Italy, then a bit more insight might be what’s needed. For the whole truth (and nothing but, of course) we asked one of the European Product team, Mattia, for an expert – and Italian – opinion on our Signature Sicily tour.

days from £1,859pp SIGNATURE Sicily small group tour Departing April to
2024 and April to October 2025
40 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |


There really is something for everyone on this tour, where no day is the same and every destination is a highlight. From Greek Temples to incredibly well-preserved Roman mosaics, bustling coastal towns and cities to the natural beauty of Mount Etna, a holiday to Sicily appeals to both history and nature lovers alike.


We often visit Sicily to keep an eye on supplier quality – these tend to be short, hectic trips where we try to see as many hotels and suppliers as possible, however last year I got to experience a Signature Sicily tour in its entirety.

It was a real eye-opener! Experiencing the whole itinerary made me realise why so many people opt for this tour with us year after year. As one of our Tour Managers mentioned to me, in many other areas, tours include one or two highlights of a particularly high standard, but in Sicily, every single day is a highlight, as there are so many varied, high-quality vestiges of its past.

I was particularly impressed with the Roman Villa at Piazza Armerina. I had heard and read so much about it before going, but nothing quite compares to seeing how well-preserved the Roman mosaics are, and the sheer size of the


The Signature experiences on this tour are designed to give customers the opportunity to try some of the very best local food and drinks.

My favourite was the wine tasting and lunch on the slopes of Mount Etna. The setting is beautiful and it’s not very often we get to include wine tastings on the slopes of an active volcano! The quality of the food and wine served here is second to none, the owners are extremely passionate about what they do and what they have built over the years in such an unusual setting, and it really shows.

Best served with a pastry for a real Sicilian experience! Antica Cafetteria in Siracusa was my favourite spot for granita – this is the best way to start a day exploring this magnificent town.

site. Walking around the villa, you can imagine how the owners experienced it in all its grandeur over 1,500 years ago, and thanks to our expert local guide, you will get a real feel of how they used to live and entertain.

One thing which will surprise many people is just how different Sicily can be from mainland Italy – the food is noticeably different, with an emphasis on locally available food like swordfish, the people are of course different, as many Sicilians consider themselves a separate entity, (our Sicilian Operations Manager, Claudia, will vouch for this!) and even the flora is different, with its ubiquitous prickly pears.


When in Sicily... make sure you try a local favourite, granita. This fruity iced treat is great on a hot summer’s day.

For full details about all our Sicily holidays, including Signature tours, Solo holidays and cruises please visit our website l

Agrigento – Valley of Temples Granita Siracusa Mount Etna
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Congratulations to our Photo Competition WINNERS

We would like to extend a huge thank you from the whole team to all our guests who entered our photo competition, and a special mention goes to our 12 winning entries that together have created our 2024 calendar – a pictorial triumph once again we think! As ever we were overwhelmed with the quality of the many hundreds of images we received – from incredible wildlife, mesmerising landscapes, and exquisite architecture amongst a host of other life-affirming moments captured for posterity.

Peter Johnson's winning photograph taken in San Gimignano, on our Florence & Tuscany tour
WINNERS 42 SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 |

Producing the calendar is now firmly a Riviera tradition, reminding us exactly why we love doing what we do. We might put it together, but it’s very much your calendar – a wonderful recollection of your holiday memories in some of the world’s most amazing places. From picture-perfect medieval towns to awe-inspiring natural wonders, mind-blowing Roman legacies to humorous anecdotes caught on camera, it’s a joy and a privilege to share your personal experiences on our holidays and we can’t wait to see what this year brings for the 2025 edition!

Gracing the cover for 2024 is the winning shot taken by Peter Johnson whilst in San Gimignano on our Florence & Tuscany tour.

‘We had arrived in San Gimignano after a drive from Volterra. Within a few minutes’ walk from the coach drop-off point we had stunning views over the surrounding countryside. This scene just spoke Tuscany to me…and is a wonderful reminder of the day

If you fancy winning a Riviera Travel voucher to put towards your next holiday, as well as having your photograph feature in our 2025 calendar, then make sure you enter this year’s competition.

All details on how to enter can be found at

we spent in San Gimignano. We soon left the busy centre behind, to enjoy a glass of wine in the Rocca followed by lunch in a little restaurant in a quiet sidestreet.’

Brilliantly capturing the very essence of Tuscany, its dreamy landscape of wine-draped gentle slopes surrounding a sleepy hilltop hamlet certainly sets an inspirational scene – and one most of us no doubt, would love to visit.

Portofino “After a relaxing boat trip from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino, we started our exploration by ascending the hill opposite the village. On the way up to the castle there were many wonderful views of the fishing village with its boats, colourful houses and waterfront restaurants. This photograph brings back memories of that special day.” Peter Geoffrey Johnson Lucca, Portofino & the Cinque Terre tour 1 Sat 17 Mon 2 Sun 18 Tues 3 Mon Public Holiday (Ireland) 19 Wed 4 Tues 20 Thurs 5 Wed 21 Fri 6 Thurs 22 Sat 7 Fri 23 Sun 8 Sat 24 Mon 9 Sun 25 Tues 10 Mon 26 Wed 11 Tues 27 Thurs 12 Wed 28 Fri 13 Thurs 29 Sat 14 Fri 30 Sun 15 Sat Trooping the Colour 16 Sun Father’s Day June 2024 Call 01283 901099 or visit Lucca, Portofino & the Cinque Terre 8-day tour from £1,539PP No distance at all separates Lucca and Pisa from Portofino, the Cinque Terre and Genoa, but the treasures they offer make for a diverse experience. You may also like... Sardinia: Alghero, Costa Smeralda & Corsica 8-day tour from £1,429PP SPRING 2024 | 01283 893120 | 43

holiday collection inspiring Discover our

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